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Flexible eye

trackers for
studies of real
world objects.

X120 Eye Tracker

Tobii X120 Eye Tracker
magazines, products and shopping shel- collect eye tracking data simultaneously
ves. Or of similar scenes that are best with complementary test procedures.
presented on a projection screen or TV. It
is used for studying user experiences and High tracking quality
usability of handheld devices. Scientific High accuracy and excellent head
uses include psychological studies where movement compensation provides you
stimuli need to be presented on a project- with high quality data throughout your
ion screen and infant studies that involve entire population. Tobii eye trackers track
real world objects. basically everyone, regardless of ethnic
Experience how people origin, age, glasses or contact lenses.
look at physical objects or A technological leap Drift compensation guarantees high
The Tobii X120 is taking eye tracking stu- tolerance to varying light conditions.
scenes. Achieve objective dies of real world objects and scenes to
results time and cost the next level. It allows for twice as much Tobii Studio™
efficiently, without need for head movement and is twice as fast and Tobii Studio gathers eye gaze and other
expertise. Technology from accurate as its predecessor, the Tobii data in real time and provides compre-
X50. It also allows for even more flexible hensive analysis tools. Alternatively you
Tobii makes eye tracking setups such as non-centered and angled can use any other eye tracking enabled
easy and fully automatic. geometries and setups with multiple eye analysis application. Please see our
trackers synchronized together. Tobii X120 separate product leaflet for more infor-
Get a visual advantage offers complete non-intrusiveness and is mation on Tobii Studio.
With eye tracking solutions from Tobii you even easier to mount and use. It can be
can measure unfiltered and spontaneous run at either 60 or 120 Hz data rate depen- Tobii Software Development Kit
human reactions and responses. Obtain ding on the need for fine-grained data. Tobii SDK allows you to easily create
deep insights into behavior or how to your own applications. Please request
optimize the impact of a design. Easily, Easy to use our separate product description for
accurately and without distraction from Hardware configuration is easy and more information on the Tobii SDK.
intrusive machinery. automated calibration routines remove
the need to physically measure the setup Hardware accessories
Flexible setup options geometry. Tracking is fully automatic and The Tobii X120 Eye Tracker is shipped
The Tobii X120 Eye Tracker is a stand- started by issuing a simple command. with a sturdy case for transportation.
alone eye tracking unit designed for eye Advanced technology and software saves Different stand solutions can be provided
tracking studies relative to any surface. you the need for expertise. Large studies to facilitate specific setups.
It enables a variety of stimuli can be conducted in a timely, cost-
setups such as a TV or other efficient manner. Technical specification
displays, a projection screen
Tobii X120 Eye Tracker
or a physical object or scene. Non-intrusive
Accuracy 0.5 degree
It is our most flexible system, The Tobii X120 Eye Tracker is packaged
Drift < 0.3 degree
recommended for studies into one unit with no moving “tracking
Data rate 60 Hz 120 Hz
that require particular setups. devices” that might impact the subject.
Freedom of 44x22x30 30x22x30
Large freedom of head movement allows head movement cm cm
Studies of real world objects respondents to move freely and behave Binocular tracking Yes
The Tobii X120 Eye Tracker is ideal for naturally. You can perform long and Eye tracking server Embedded
visual testing of physical brochures, accurate studies without fatigue and Weight ~3 kg (7 lbs)

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