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Terms of Reference For the post of SITE MANAGER (Global Fund Round 9 !I"# T!

E $R%&E'T The Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM) has approved Round-9 I! Gran" for #a$is"an %hi&h %ill be i'ple'en"ed b( )a"ional AIDS *on"rol #ro+ra' ()A*#) and )ai ,inda+i Trus" (),T) as #rin&ipal Re&ipien"s (#Rs)(SR )a'e) is one of "he Sub-Re&ipien"s of "his pro.e&", re/uired "o i'ple'en" a&"ivi"ies under ob.e&"ive 0 - Scale up comprehensive HIV prevention and harm reduction services to 28,000 IDUs, 8,600 spouses and partners of IDUs in 24 selected districts of Sindh and Pun a! Provinces - (SR )a'e) %ill be i'ple'en"in+ "he pro.e&" a&"ivi"ies in (Dis"ri&"s)Spec(f(c Act()(t(es 0- Supervise i'ple'en"a"ion of pro.e&" rela"ed a&"ivi"ies a" "he pro.e&" si"e and oversee finan&ial 'ana+e'en" of "he pro.e&"1- Develop 'on"hl( %or$ plans and repor"s of "he pro.e&" a&"ivi"ies for "he sub'ission "o head offi&e2- *ondu&" re+ular advo&a&( sessions %i"h $e( s"a$eholders a" pro.e&" si"e offi&e 3- Revie% and verif( da"a &olle&"ed b( "he 4u"rea&h 5or$ers (4R5s) as %ell as &o'pu"eri6ed da"a7- 8nsure dail( da"a en"r( b( "he desi+na"ed s"aff in pro.e&" MIS9- *arr( ou" &oordina"ion and &o''uni&a"ion %i"h "he pro.e&" si"e s"aff "hrou+h or+ani6in+ re+ular 'ee"in+s:- Main"ain re&ord of all pro.e&" rela"ed 'ee"in+s, dele+a"ions and visi"s e"&;- Revie% dail( repor"s of 4R5s "o iden"if( field rela"ed issues and provide feedba&$ "o "he field s"aff9- !erif( s"o&$s, +enera"e de'ands and spo" &he&$ supplies of "he &o''odi"ies and phar'a&eu"i&al produ&"s on re+ular basis0<- Main"ain +ood &on"a&" and rela"ionship %i"h lo&al poli&e, +overn'en" au"hori"ies and si+nifi&an" 'e'bers of "he &o''uni"( 00- Main"ain an upda"ed re&ord of &on"a&"s of all poli&e s"a"ions, la% enfor&in+ a+en&ies, DMG 'e'bers, lo&al poli"i&al=reli+ious leaders, 'edi&al professionals and o"her rela"ed Govern'en" Depar"'en"01- Re+ularl( 'oni"or pro.e&" a&"ivi"ies "o iden"if( +aps and %ea$nesses, "o verif( "he resul"s a+ains" se" "ar+e"s and "o a&&ess servi&e deliver( needs 02- 8nsure proper u"ili6a"ion, repair and 'ain"enan&e of &api"al asse"s provided "o "he pro.e&" si"e03- 8nsure proper and effe&"ive i'ple'en"a"ion of ad'inis"ra"ive pro&edures-

07- *ondu&" periodi& perfor'an&e revie% and evalua"ion of pro.e&" si"e s"affE*$E'TE+ %,T$,TS To 'ana+e and i'ple'en" "he pro.e&" in an effe&"ive and effi&ien" 'anner in a&&ordan&e %i"h "he s"ipula"ed ob.e&"ives and "i'e fra'e +,RATI%N The ini"ial appoin"'en" period %ill be for 13 'on"hs %i"h 2 'on"hs proba"ionThe appoin"'en" 'a( be e>"ended sub.e&" "o perfor'an&e assess'en"s and fundin+-,A.IFI'ATI%NS/S$E'IA.I0E+ 1N%2.E+GE/E*$ERIEN'E RE-,IRE+ Mas"ers=ba&helors de+ree in So&ial S&ien&es or relevan" field 2 "o 7 (ears e>perien&e of %or$in+ in "he develop'en" se&"or #referen&e %ill be +iven "o &andida"es havin+ served in an )G4 providin+ har' redu&"ion and I! preven"ion servi&es for in.e&"in+ dru+ users #roven in"erpersonal s$ills and e>perien&e in %or$in+ effe&"ivel( in an independen" &apa&i"( and as a 'e'ber of a "ea' Buildin+ and pro'o"in+ par"nerships a&ross "he 4r+ani6a"ion and be(ond Fa'iliari"( %i"h "he Global Fund #ro&esses, +uidelines and i'ple'en"a"ion 'e&hanis's S"ron+ &on&ep"ual, anal("i&al and reasonin+ s$ills De'ons"ra"ed fle>ibili"( and openness in respondin+ "o &han+in+ %or$ priori"ies and environ'en" De'ons"ra"ed s$ill "o %or$ effe&"ivel( and diplo'a"i&all( %i"h +overn'en" a+en&ies, )G4s, in"erna"ional a+en&ies, and "he priva"e se&"or-