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CHAPTER 1 Another day has come. Like normal days, after waking up, I take a bath, change into my uniform, eat my breakfast and take those bitter medicines. Im Choi Jinri, but Im known as Sulli, Im 19. I don't have any friends, well I had once, but eventually they left me, because I am rich thats why they want to be friends with me, I don't trust other people except my nanny. My nanny who took care of me after my mom died. My dad? Well, hes busy with our business sometimes I thought he had forgotten that he have a daughter, he changed woman almost every day.. Judging from it could I trust men? Hell no!. Im actually sick, but only me and my nanny knows it. Im also a top student, I study well, of course its all that I can do. Every student were afraid of me, Im harmless though. another thing is I love to sing.. Music is my life, and also I play piano. and not to mention I love dancing also, but I need to give it up, I might end up killing myself the doctor said. I was sitting on my chair, and writing some notes on my notebook when my phone suddenly rings. And I saw the name APPA flashing on my phone "Appa?" I answered it. "are you busy? Can you please come to my office ?" my dad said. "oh... Okay, just give me a minute" I answered him. I suddenly stand up from my chair. And went towards the office of my dad. and yes hes here.. We own the school thats why. After a few minutes I reached the door of his office. I heard that there were some people talking inside Im wondering who is it. I then knock the door and open it. "Appa Im here" I said. Then 5 persons look at me and two seems like an uncle is with them. I bow in respect to them "who the hell are they? And wasting my time" I said to myself and faking a smile and then stand beside my father. "Oh. Anyway this is my daughter.. her name is Sulli," my father introduced me. I smiled at them fake of course. but now Im wondering what does my father have in his mind for calling me here.. "annyeong! We are SHINee" they said in unison. "huh?" "shinee?" I said to them curiously. And they all laughed at me. "Sulli, they are SHINee" My father said. and I look at him.. "Appa I don't know them" I said shyly. "hahahahaha I think it was the first time we meet a person that don't know us" a guy with a blonde hair said. "Im sorry" I lowered my head, I hate to act like this. I was really wondering who are these guys. Then my father touch his ipad and searched something on the internet

then show it to me.."I guess this will help you know them" my father said to me. oh soo they are idols. and they were the one sing that song. I said to myself. As I watch the music video of lucifer. "Im sorry for not recognizing you, its just that Im not fond of watching TV or music." I said to them "Ani!, don't believe her. She actually loves music, she dance and sings well, its just that, I don't know whats with her" my father said to them and they laughed. Minhos POV "don't believe her. She loves music, she dance and sings well, its just that, I don't know whats with her" the school director said to us and we laughed. This girl Is interesting, "I guess we need to introduce our self to her" I suggested. "hello, Im Minho." I introduce my self to her. "hello, Im the maknae of the group, My name is Taemin" Taemin introduce his self, "Hi, Im key. Nice to meet you" and then, "Hello, Im the leader Onew" Onew hyung introduce his self and lastly Jonghyun-hyung "Hi, sulli.. Im Jonghyung but you can call me jjong oppa, nice to meet you". And she smiled at us. Just by looking at her I know she was just faking it. Sullis POV

Tsssk. I don't care who you are. I just want to leave now. I said to myself. "Sulli, SHINee from now on will be attending our school, because of their hectic schedule they had transferred here and its also because our school was the nearest school from their dorm... so I personally want you to be their guide and to be with them always I know Student here were afraid of you, thats why if you were with them no one will be disturbing them" my father said. "WHAT??" I said loudly. "You heard me right?" my father said. "Ne" I answered him .. why the hell it should be me? I hate them. My father clearly knows my attitude.

-Then after the conversation they all left the office, Sulli went out with shinee, they will start attending class tomorrow. Actually, its only Minho, Taemin and Key who will be attending the school, because Onew and Jjong were both graduates, they were just their to accompany their dongsaeng. Sulli was really pissed. She directly went to her room, and then SHINee left also.

SHINees Dorm

Onews POV

School starts tomorrow. Are you ready?" I asked the three. "Of course. With Sulli, Gosh!, shes really pretty" Taemin said while smiling. "Yeah. Shes kinda mysterious.. Imagine that she don't know us?, Its Daebak!!" Key said in amazement. "Well Minho?" I asked him who is sitting in the couch and remains to be silent. Well whats new? It would surprise us if Minho talks a lot. "Okay this week we will be free of schedule, so make sure you spend youre time at school, understand?" I said to them..

Minhos POV Im sitting on the couch.. But I cant get my mind off to that Sulli girl, well maybe its just because she doesn't know us and its really new, finally there is someone that doesn't have interest on us. But I saw her fake smiles. I bet shes not willing to help her father. hmmm I think Ill be enjoying my school life now. No ones POV At around 8pm they receive a text message from their manager. "Be at school exactly 7 am tomorrow, and also you need to meet Miss Sulli Choi at the parking lot. Remember don't go out of the van if shes not around to avoid your fans from bothering you guys. I want you to enjoy your school life. But remember, youre bringing the name of SHINee and SM so, be good, okay? I wont be at the dorm today so rest." their manager texted. Sullis House Sullis POV AHHHHH! I hate it. Why do the heck I need to be their guide? Aish dad. I hate you. I look stupid earlier for not knowing them. I was now staring at the window of my room, trying to ask why these is happening to me, theyre bothering my life. I was busy looking at the beauty of the moon, when suddenly my phone rings. "Yobo-seo?" I answered it. "Hi Miss

Sulli, its me Onew" gasp What do they need now? Why bothering me? "oh.. May I ask what can I do for you?" I ask him. "Well, our manager told us, that my dongsaeng will meet you at the parking lot tomorrow morning at 7am. Is it okay for you? Or they will just fetch you from you house?" onew asked to me. "uhm..Nevermind oppa. Just let them wait for me at the parking lot. I need to bring my car after all, so no need to fetch me." I answered. "oh. Is that so? Then Ill tell them. Goodnight Miss Sulli, sorry for interrupting you." "its okay. Goodnight to all of you" I bid them good bye and then hang up. Gosh I hate it. I then look at the clock and its time to take my medicine and then after it, I sleep. It will be a stressful day tomorrow. CHAPTER 2

The next day. Both SHINee and Sulli get ready for school. They arrive at school before 7 AM, none of them doesn't want to be late. And Because its still early, there were still no students, only teachers and staffs of school.

"Since its your first day, Appa told me to tour you around the campus." Sulli said coldly to SHINee while they follow her behind. she is really not interested with us, minho taught while looking at sulli who is very eager to get rid of them. damn, I cannot imagine how their fans will react if they saw them here, I hope it will not bother me sulli thought. "sulli, is it really true that you don't know us?" taemin asked her innocently. "do I look like lying to you?" sulli answered them coldly. The boys cant help but exchange stares with each other, whoah! Shes scary taemin thought. after 30 minutes, sulli stop touring them. "I think those were just the important facilities that I need to show you." sulli said to them as they stop in front of the administration office. "Im busy, so Ill go now." sulli said and leave them.

"did you just see that? A girl abandoned SHINee!!" Key amusingly said to his band mates. "it seems that this lady really not interested on us huh?" minho smirked. "shes cute" taemin pouted. "lets just go to our class, well were not classmates, it seems that we will go alone in each class. Will we be okay?" asked key. They cant stop worrying. They just hope that everyone in school is like sulli, sulli who treat them like a normal person.

As expected girls go wild upon knowing that shinee will be attending their school.

Sulli was now inside of her classroom she sits on the last row near the window, she has headphones attached on her ear while shes looking at the window and completely ignoring her classmates, well she was always like that she doesn't talk to anyone unless it needed, on her row she was the only one sitting there, more likely she doesn't want to have a seatmate.

The teacher entered the room. "I guess the everyone knew the news, please enter now Mr. Choi." their teacher said. Everyone started to make noise. Minho then entered the roomI just hate this, cant we have a normal school life? minho then entered and saw those girls giggling and blushing. "please introduce yourself Mr. Choi." the teacher said.aigoo Ms. Teacher, whats the point of introducing myself to them? it seems that they really know me. A lot actually this kind of situation annoys him, I mean SHINee loves their fans but sometimes Its just kind of annoying.

"goodmorning Im minho, nice to meet you."minho introduces his self and fake a smile. what a fake smile sulli said to herself as she watch minho introducing his self, she cant help but disgust with her classmates who drools over minho. She then increase the volume of her iPod so that she cant hear nothing.

"Mr. choi, you can sit beside Ms. Sulli at the back, Mr. director give us an order to let you sit with her, since I think you know each other already" the teacher commanded minho, and here comes Ms. Ice princess. A total opposite of this girls. "ne, teacher" minho answered and started to go the desk beside sulli. Sulli seems not to notice it.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" sulli shouted suddenly. When she noticed that minho was putting his stuffs on the desk beside her. "im sitting cant you see?" minho told her flatly. "yeah, as if you can sleep there. Obviously youre going to sit" sulli said to him with a glaring eyes. "so, why did you ask an obvious thing?."minho said. "what I mean is, no one is allowed to sit beside me. even idols." sulli said angrily. "well, miss choi. Your father was the one who ordered to let me sit beside you, and now if you had any complains go and ask your father". Sulli was about to kick the desk when she noticed that everyone is staring at them.

"uhmm. Ms. Sulli, Im sorry but your father wants it." the teacher said. Sulli, cant do anything she doesn't want to argue anymore and then she just ignore minho.

this girl. Shes pretty but shes like a tiger that roars. Aish minho thought. how annoying, annoying.!!! sulli said to her self.

After a few hours their class was ended by the bell.

Minho had already left, sulli then decided to go. She was shocked when she saw that on the hallway, everyone is taking picture with minho, who is really annoyed with whats happening aigoo this annoying fangirls sulli said to herself. Just then minho saw her tsss. I don't have any choice "Sulli, wait!!" minho called sulli, then he runs towards her and grab her hands and drag her. Everyone was shocked. What just happen is that minho left them and run with the school Ice princess. "are they close?" some wondere "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING?" sulli shouted at minho while trying to stop him from running. "oh, thanks for saving me." minho flatly said to her.and let go of her hands, Sulli smirked while panting "saving you? Look I don't have time for you. So can you just leave me?" sulli angrily said. "arasso!" minho said angrily aish! This girl, she have a temper. Tss. minho thought. He then left sulli without saying goodbye. He walks toward the parking lot, as he was trying to call key and taemin. Sulli was murmured. then take make sure taken aback when minho left her. "such a badass" sulli "and hell that guy was trying to kill me, making me run." she a pill box from her bag and try to swallow one pill. "just to nothing will happen to me aish, damn this rotten heart I have".

While Shes walking towards the parking lot all that shes thinking was the incident earlier when minho grab her hands and run with her. "its the first time a man held my hands". sulli, no! youre not blushing. She then cupped her cheeks and sigh took a deep breath, but minhos face is keep appearing on her mind. She shook her head. "I need rest". Sulli murmured, then she enter her car and drive her way home.

-Shinees DORM

"so, hows your first day?" onew asked his dongsaengs. "horrible" key answered. "annoying" taemin said. "interesting" minho murmured. "and why?" onew asked. "look, its more like a photo shoot and fan signing for me. Everyone asked to take picture with me, sign this and this. Yeah.. I love our fans, but cant they just give us a break? Were at school after all." key annoyingly said. "mee too, "taemin youre soo cute, taemin can you please signed this? Taemin can you please dance? Taemin. Taemin. Taemin" "AISH!!!! I hate it." taemin said. key and taemin are both having hard time adjusting. "slowly.. Slowly.. They will soon get tired of you guys. Believe me" onew encourage them.

"and minho, what happen to you?" onew asked, when minho seems to be quite. "huh? Hmm. Same, picture here and there, signed here and there.. Luckily sulli was there, I manage to escape." minho said. "hmmmm sooo, are you now close with ice princess now?" key asked teasingly. "close? Hahahahahahaha. More likely were enemies, if that was a fan she would already fainted, but with sulli, she just shouted at me." minho laughed while saying. Then he remembered what happen earlier her hands was really soft, aigoo minho what are you thinking? CHAPTER 3

That night, Sulli was quite bored she took out her iPad and randomly search, then suddenly it popped up on her mind and she thought of typing their group name on the search bar. should I kill my boredom with them? Aish sulli, its not really you . She typed it and in one click, theres a million of results "so, they are really popular huh? Where on earth did I go? that I never heard about them?." she told herself actually she had heard some of their songs but she just don't know that SHINee was the one who sang those.

Sulli then read some of the articles about them "WOW! Their concert in japan is DAEBAK!, seriously? Hundred thousands of people watch them?" Sulli was really amused.

how can these young guys make people crazy over them? Definetely Im excluded. she thought She then read the biographies of each members. "so Onew Oppa is the leader and lead vocalist, Jjong Oppa is the main vocalist, Key Oppa is the lead rapper and dancer what the Hell? They also dance? and vocalist, and oh! That badass Minho is the Main rapper and Visual visual?what the heck visuals do? and taemin is the Main dancer and Vocalist."

"I wonder how those boys sing. Should I listen to some of their songs?" sulli asked herself because she was really curious, because with just one look you will never see in them that they are singers.


Its not that Im interested. But its not a sin also to listen to it. I

then started to search Shinees songs in Youtube, and whoaah. They actually have a lot of songs. first I watch their music videos, I hate the feeling but I love their songs and their dance, I have to admit they are a good dancers and good singers. and how I wish I can be like them, singing and dancing freely, but everything will remained as my dreams.

She continued to watch some videos and then she happened to listen to some of their ballad songs. "they even sing ballad?" she said to herself, she actually love ballad songs. She had goose bumps. She listened to their songs like Romantic, One, Your name, Please don't go, Obsession, Graze, Quasimodo. She hate to admit it but she actually love their song. its like theyre singing from their heart. I love the feeling. she started to hum, and try singing it.

"Did I just become one of their fan?" sulli asked herself "No! Im not. Just their songs, comeon Sulli". Suddenly she remembers Minhos face, and the incident earlier, the way he held her hands. "AAAAHHH!! Choi Sulli. What are you thinking??" she asked herself. "Never mind, I need to sleep to forget it."

Sulli then put her iPad on the table beside her bed, and then she tried to fall asleep. Their music was still playing on her mind. She just cant help herself not to love it.

Sulli, was actually a kind hearted girl, shes not that stubborn, but what happen to her with her friends before is only the main reason, She stopped acting kind even though she is. She realize that if she remains like that a lot of people will betray her and will just use her, and lot of people will do that to her again. She was kind and thoughtful when she was at home but a total opposite at school. She glares, she shout, she become stubborn, shes always alone, but the moment her father introduce her to SHINee, she clearly knows that everything will change.

Next morning at school.

Minho, Key and Taemin went to school around 7:30 am, while sulli was already there around 7 am. She then went straight to music room. It was her daily routine to drop by in the music room, to sing and to play piano.. She loves to be there, because no one in school seems to have an

interest of it, it was always vacant so when shes free shes staying there playing piano and singing.

when she is singing and playing piano.. She then remember one of SHINees Ballad song please dont go should I try singing it? she thought she then get her phone search the song in the internet, she listen to it again and try to familiarize with it. then she try playing it on the piano, since she was really skillful in playing piano, she knows the notes by just listening to the song. She started to sing it while playing. Her voice was perfect and sweet. She close her eyes while shes playing it.

MINHOs POV Were at school, its quite early and it seems that student are still not here. Taemin, Key and I went to the room the administration office lend us to stay while were waiting for our class. We sat on the couch, Taemin is busy playing on his iPad, while Key was busy texting. I got bored so I decided to roam around the campus anyway students were not here. "Hey, Ill just have a walk." I said to them and they just nod at Me. I was walking outside the administration office when I noticed a building at the back I didnt remember Sulli told us about it, since Im curious I started to walk towards the building. And as what I see it seems to be a music room. Well that is what stated on the board. I went closer. until suddenly I hear a familiar tune. and as I listen more I realized that it was are song, thats why its familiar. andwaeyo andwaeyo geureoke gajimayo Jebal han beonman han beonman nal dasi anajwoyo dasi nungama neol boreo gamyeon geu jarie meomchun nareul anajwoyo Its "Please, dont go". and I cant to wonder who was the one playing it. I went closer and closer until I reach the last room on the ground floor. I heard a girl was singing it. Wow! Her voice is really good. She have a sweet and angelic voice, and shes giving our song another life. it will be good if my other band members hear it, Im sure theyll love it too. I then become more curious on who is the owner of the voice. I stand outside the door of the room. First, I was hesitating what if it is a ghost?.. I just laugh at myself with what I had thought. I then hold the door knob and I turned it slowly so that it would not create any noise. My eyes widened when I saw familiar back, and hair. SULLI??, I just stand at her back., I didn't called her. I just listen to the song shes playing, shes seem practicing it. I cant help but smile, I thought this girl doesn't even know us, how come shes now singing one

of our song. I watch and listen to her as she close her eyes while singing and playing. I cant help to notice how beautiful she is, and instantly take back what I thought, shes beautiful but shes cold. Sulli finally finished playing the song. Sullis POV Im genius. their song. when I felt ghost here? the door. I mean theyre genius. I cant believe Im actually loving but I still hate them, I was about to start playing again someone was watching me. awww, its so creep is there a I then took a deep breath and bravely turn my head towards

I saw a familiar figure, a tall man. did he hear me? I thought "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" I angrily asked minho. "standing?" minho said stating the obvious thing . "oh, I would be surprised if youre flying. What the heck." I replied to him, while smirking, I need to be mean. "Then why ask an obvious thing?" Minho smirked back. oh, hes really a bad ass "leave" I said to him. But the jerk Minho remains standing at the door, he never moved. "I said leave" I said again angrily. "I thought, you don't know us" minho asked, shoot he heard me, oh please I need the ground to swallow me now "Youre Minho right?" I said to him, acting to be cool "Yes, I am." he replied, ahhhhh this jerk. "hmm. then I know you."I answered still trying to act cool. and I then saw the smirked slowly fading from his face and he was now smiling a little at me, his smile is really pretty. "ohhhh.. You have a great voice, how come you know our song?" minho asked, is he trying to make me angry?., "duh, there is what you so-called internet." I replied to him sarcastically. "Soo, that means youre searching about us then?" minho asked again. "No," I denied. "Aaaah okaay, so youre a fan of ours now?" he said, oh hes really trying to annoy me "NO!" I shouted back, oh please ground swallow me now, I actually like all their songs, but I just cant admit it. "Calm down." minho replied. I was about to shout when I heard the bell ring. "I gotta go!" I hurriedly said while I gathered my data, this is my chance now to get rid from his questions. --

Fast forward.


After class, Onew and Jjong pick their members at their school, because they will be heading to SM building for their practice.

Taemin and Key was busy telling their experience the whole day to their hyungs. while Minho seems to be into his own world.

"Minho are you okay?" Onew asked. But minho it seems that he didnt heard Onew. "MINHO!! They all shouted and laugh when minho was startled. "WHAT?" minho asked. "oh! It seems youre back on earth now."Jjong said. "What are you thinking hyung?" taemin asked him curiously. "Nothing" Minho flatly answered. "Aish taemin, youre not asking Jjong or Onew hyung. Minho will definitely not answer you" Key said while laughing. "Im trying" Taemin pouted.

Minho just ignore his band mate nagging at him, sulli, sulli, sulli, aish this girl is keep running on my mind, I still can hear her voice, her sweet angelic voice. minho thought as he close his eyes. Trying to take a nap. CHAPTER 4

1 week had passed. Then it becomes a habit of Minho to drop by the Music room to listen to Sulli while she sing and plays the piano, at first Sulli was kind of annoyed with him because she was shy and it's the first time that someone is watching her while playing. But Minho never listened to her, he would just stand until Sulli got used and let him listen, but despite of that, she still didn't talk to him much. Minho admires her voice, for him its like an addiction the he seems not to let go anymore, he longs to hear those sweet voice and not to mention her beautiful face.. he found himself doing the unusual things he do, like this, usually he won't mind other people business, he just mind the things that only concerns their group, he don't even have time in falling in love.

And despite of him being the most silent member, he never hides a secret among his band-mates, but now he had the feeling of being selfish, selfish in a sense that he doesn't want them to know about Sulli, the feeling of wanting her only to himself and to enjoy her sweet voice within his self.

Its 7:30 in the morning when Minho and Key arrived at the school Taemin was not there because he have a photo shoot. The two were in the room that was lend to them, Key was sitting on the couch while listening to music from his iPod, while Minho who is also sitting on the couch suddenly asked Key', seriously? Where is he going? Hes always going somewhere the moment we arrive here at school. key was curious about Minhos weird actions lately, but he just said yes to Minho.

Minho then started to walk towards the Music room he was quite excited to hear Sulli, his ears long for her voice. I just can't resist myself, aish minho what is really happening to you? Whats with her that youre changing your normal attitude? He asked his self.. But what he didn't know was that Key was secretly following him. it's not a sin to follow him right? plus I'm just curious where he is going, hes not even telling us.

after a few minutes Minho reached the building he then went straight to the room, when he arrive Sulli was already there playing in order not to disturb her he just stand at her back listening to her shes lovely. What did I just said that? God, Minho what is happening to you? Minho just continue listening to Sulli, while gazing her face on the side, admiring her side features shes beautiful, but shes like an ice. She is so cold, but when I see her like this its not the usual her, I wonder who really is the true Sulli is, the cold one or this? I wonder why shes like this.

While on the other hand key was wondering why Minho went to the music building because it seems that no one is there, is something weird happening to Minho? Or is he seeing a ghost here? it's creepy. he said to his self foolishly.

When key is about to reach the building he heard a sounds, sound of a piano playing.. Curiously he walk closer and closer to the sound but now he can no longer see Minho. But he can now hear a voice singing accompanying the playing piano, like how Minho reacted when he hears Sullis voice, he immediately attempts to enter the room where hes certain that inside there he will find the owner of the lovely voice. But when the moment he is about to enter the room the piano stop and the voice stop singing. Why did it stopped? Her voice is so angelic, and pleasing to the ears.

Key then walks closer to the door, and when he is about to open the door, well its open but partly close, he stops when he hear ...... "can you sing another song for me?" a deep voice said (Minho) to the person he was with inside (sulli) Those voice I'm pretty sure its Minhos voice Key then continued to eavesdropped the conversation inside.

"Aish.. Am I an entertainer?" a girl said. Minho is seeing a woman? Key said to his self while putting his hands on his mouth. No, you're an angel Minho said to his self. "Sort of." Minho said to Sulli. "Badass" Sulli replied. "Hmm... but please can you play another song?" Minho still requesting Sulli. "Tomorrow." Sulli flatly replied to him. "Really?" Minho asked her. "Yeah. But remember, you will tell no one about this okay?" Sulli said to him "Don't worry my mouth is sealed" Minho said to her. I will not, definitely. Your voice is for my ears only. Minho thought. Still looking at Sullis face. Just let me be selfish for now. I'm sorry Onew-hyung, Jjong-hyung Taemin and Key. "Thats good then." Sulli said. "Hmm. Class is almost starting you better go now." Sulli said to him. "Yeah. Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to the song" Minho said and then he left her. Key then hides behind the Door so that Minho will not caught him and he is still shocked. SULLI???? The girl whom Minho is secretly seeing is Sulli? geeeesssh. Minho never did this, despite of all those beautiful girls running after him, he never see a girl secretly, I knew it because, we never hides secret with each other even if its the most private secret. Aigooo I smell something fishy here, but that girl despite of her lovely voice is still the same, an ICE PRINCESS key thought. As he heard the conversation of the two. be ready Hyungs and Taemin, I have a great news for you, ke ke ke after a few minutes he went back to the room with an evil smile on his face.

SULLIS POV Aigoo. Sulli what the hell were thinking when you said that you will play a song for him tomorrow? But yeah. he is really hard to reject. Its been a week and yet he still went here every morning just to listen to me while I sing. Wow! He's my first fan I thought smiling at myself... Minho, Hes a silent person, but when hes here.. He becomes a new person.. Hes an Idol, but he still listen to me. Hes... hes handsome. Oh my god. Who will not say hes not attractive? He's tall.. He's eyes were round and beautiful.. His nose is attractive.. His lips were soft and kissable.. He's handsome. I must admit it. But I just can't trust him.. But for now I must think of what song will I play for that badass. The class for the whole day went by faster. Minho and Sulli in the class still acts as a stranger.. Even though they are sitting next with each other, no one dared to talk. It's more like theyre friends when theyre on the music room. Only music connects them. That night, SHINee went to have a dinner with their manager, discussing about their upcoming schedules and performances.

I will definitely make fun of him key smirked while looking at Minho, when their manager went to the bathroom, he starts his plan. "hmmm.. Is

anyone now seeing a girl?" key asked his fellow members, Minho then drinks water, Key can see him acting weird. hahaha Minho, I will definitely let you confess it to us "as if we have time." Taemin answered. "Aish Taemin, I will not definitely allow you. Youre still a baby" Key said to him teasingly "well, I'm not seeing anyone, if I am I will tell you immediately" Jjong said, making Minho drink water again Aishh, theyre making me feel guilty, I hope they will not discover it.. I'm still not ready to share Sulli with them.. Wait Sulli is not even mine, Aish Minho you're definitely insane Minho thought while trying to act innocent. "Yeah. Me too. I will definitely tell it to you guys, remember we promised that NO SECRET between us."Onew added. "Well I think I have no time for that also, and yes if there is.. Theres no reason to hide it from everyone were brothers here." Key said. "Hmmmm Minho how about you? Are you seeing someone?" Key asked. "Yeah.. You seems to be spacing out lately, youre quiet and seems thinking about something always. Are you liking someone Minho?" Onew asked him, while Minho just laugh with what he said, still trying to act innocent. "Like you Hyungs, If there is SOMEONE, I will definitely tell it to You.. but we're busy, I don't think I have time for it." Minho told them.

hmmm.. He denied it.. Why would he? Is he really don't want us to know about it? I don't find any reason to hide it from us, except... except.. He, Key thought while looking at Minho. He like Sulli. Chapter 5

Later that night, sulli was trying to figure out what song she will play for minho "seriously? Im really doing this for him? Aish. Sulli." she decides on their different songs that she thinks minho would probably like. SHINEEs POV "boys, listen EMI japan called this morning, they want us to be there to talk about your upcoming album there. Well leave later around 1 am. Now get ready with your things we will pick you up around 11:45 pm, we will just settle some of your schedules." their manager informs them.

"YES!! JAPAN!!, I can eat delicious ramen now." taemin jump happily with their managers news. "I can do shopping!" key said. Onew and jjong just sighed looking at the two getting excited but on the other hand I will not then hear sulli minho sighed in disappointment, she even promised me that she will play a song for me tomorrow, but how could I listen to her? minho thought will she be mad at me? minho asked his self, disappointment could be seen on his face. He then went to his room and started packing his stuffs, anyways they would be in japan in a week so he should bring more stuffs."shit, I didn't have her number, it would nice if I have, I should text her that I will

not be there and what if she really prepares a song, she will be angry with me for sure" minho said to his self as he packed his stuffs "yaah! Hyung did you noticed how minho behave lately?" key asked onew Who is with him watching minho from the door of his room, they noticed minhos expressions,"yes, lately hes been spacing out. I wonder what he is thinking" onew answered key is he sad that he will leave korea?, I should then asked him if whats going on between him and that Ice princess The next morning, SHINee left for japan around 2 am their flight was kind of delay, on the plane shinee and their manager sleep while minho....... why am I feeling like this? Am I sad because I will not able to hear the song she prepared for me, or am I sad because I cant see her? Minho get a grip on, its not like you like her, nor she. Aish. I just cant understand what I feel minho said to his self trying to fall asleep. At school

I arrive around 7 am."aish Choi sulli, seriously youre doing this for that badass? Its not like me though." I said to myself as I enter the room and straightly went to the piano to have a practice of the song "well, hes an Idol, I should impress him." Sulli, practice for a while, she stared on the clock and its 7:30. "usually hes here around this time.. Hes late" she said to herself. She waits.. Ani Wait And Wait..

The bell ring. But theres no CHOI MINHO appeared.

"Im such a fool. Waiting and practicing for that bad ass." sulli said to herself trying to laugh "here you go again sulli, trusting a person. Why do the hell you trust

him that he will be here listening to you, and not to mention you did a brain storming for the song you will play for him, youre such a fool" sulli said to herself then she went to her class. "hes not here..and I don't care. I will never ever talked to that guy again." sulli promised. While on japan SHINee had arrived, fans greeted them in the airport, the boys just placed a smile on their face. "fans. Theyre everywhere" jjong said to his fellow members while they walked towards a bench. "yeah. Wherever we are they are there supporting us." key said. "theyre annoying." minho said out of blue. The four of them stared at him while they are sitting on a bench waiting for their manager who is settling things in the immigration."what did you say?" onew asked him "nothing hyung" minho deny. minho are you perhaps missing sulli? key thought while looking at minho who seems to be depressed.aish. I miss her voice. Is it possible that she really had prepare a song for me? And if she did, will she hate me because I didn't show up? minho keep thinking.

"lets go" their manager said. The boys then together with their manager headed to their hotel, then after an hour they headed to EMI japan building. They talked about their new album, and the shooting recording and the photo shoot everyone was sharing their ideas on how to make their project good.

Minho on the other hand is trying to focus himself on their project and trying to forgot sulli. Week had passed. And shinee bound to went back to korea. "at last were going home!!"key shouted trying to see minhos reactionhe might not show it but I know hes excited key smirked. Chapter 6 Finally shinee arrive in korea with a large fans welcomes them even though it was night time. The boys went directly to dorm to have a rest. "boys, heres your schedule for tomorrow." their manager said to them while theyre sitting on the couch, having a rest. "schedule? So it means, we will not go to school?" minho asked, "of course" their

manager reply shortly. shit, that means I will not see her. minho thought. minho-yaa.. Do you miss sulli that much? key thought. "well, tomorrow, youll going to report at Sment. Around 8am, well be picking you up around 7:30 am." their manager informed them, "and then after that, minho and taemin will be having a photo shoot for W magazine, and since the three are free, well you can rest." their manager added. "oh, well I want to watch the photo shoot" key said. "well me too, youll come with us jjong, right? Onew said. "as if I have a choice.hahaha" jjong said. I have to watch minho carefully, he seems to be hiding something from us onew said to his self. "should it be tomorrow?" minho asked I wonder, if I just can go to sulli, ask sorry.minho thought. "the what?" their manager asked. "photo shoot" minho said flatly. "of course, minho is there something wrong? Well, you know.. Its the first time you asked this things " their manager asked him confusedly, "nothing hyung." minho replied, making onew and key wonder more. Next morning at SHINees dorm Around 7 am everyone woke up. "hyung, you already prepared breakfast?" taemin asked onew who is busy preparing their breakfast."oh, yes.. Of course, I want to eat chicken. Hahaha, called them, lets eat hyung will be here around 7:30, we need to prepare, we only have 30 mins." onew said to taemin, taemin then went to the rooms of his hyungs. First at keys and then to jjongs room, and lastly at minhos room. "HYUNG!!!" taemin shouted."ONEW HYUNG!!, MINHO-HYUNG IS NOT HERE!!!" taemin shout, as he found out that minho is not in his room, his room is tidy already, and theres no sign of him. "WHAT?" onew and key shouted, and run to minhos room. "minho-hyung is not here." taemin said. "his car keys is his car keys here?" key asked, then they went to the mirror where minho usually hung his car key. "its not here" they said. "where the hell, did he go?" onew asked. "wait, lets just called him" key said and went to get his phone in his room., then he dialed minhos number. "hello? Minho? Yaaaa!!! This guy, where are you?" key asked him. "Im going to the school", minho said to him "What?" key asked again "Ill be at SM at 8am sharp. I just have to do something important." minho said then hang up. "hello? Minho? Hello?" . Key said, then noticed that minho hanged up. "aish, that bastard, just hang up." key complained while looking at them.

"anyway he said, hell be there at 8, he said, hes doing something important, lets just eat." key said and lead them all to the dining table. MINHOs POV

"well, I just want to say sorry. And also, I want to hear her.. Sing." minho said to his self while he drive.

Minho arrive at their school, he parked his car at the back, so that no one will noticed him, he wears a cap then went to the admin office, but then went straightly to the building at the back "usually this time shes already here" minho said. He then went to the music room. And found out that sulli is not there"shes still not here?" minho asked his self. "well, its still early maybe shell be here after a few minutes". Minho then sits on the piano chair. hmmm. What should I say to her? minho thought. seriously, I don't even know, why should I come here.. Well, we have a schedule..and I never did this. But I just thought that I should see her, and asked sorry minho thought again. Realizing that hes doing the things he never did before..

"its almost 8, but shes still not here.", "where could she be?" , "shes mad at me?"minho said to his self. Then ring ring ring.. Someone is calling him Its key. "yaa. Minho, get your butt here at the office, manager hyung, is asking where you are, and I know, that you miss that sulli Ice princess, but sorry to interrupt your precious moment, but you really need to go here." key said to minho making him startled. "yaa!!! How did you know,?" minho asked him. "aish, lets talk about it later, okay? Just go here. now!" key said then hang up. "I guess, shes mad at me, she did not even went here" minho said, then he leave the room, feeling soo sad. should I asked her phone number? minho thougt "okay I need to" minho then went to the admin office and asked sullis father if he could asked her number, saying that he think that he can contact sulli, if she can help him, catching up their lesson, then sullis father gave it to him -

Sullis POV "oh, sulli youre here?" a guy asked her."well, you know, monthly check up" sulli answered him "aish, this girl" the guy said. "Are you alone?, how come I didn't see youre nanny outside" he added, "oh, shes busy..beside Im an adult, I can take care of myself" sulli said coldly. "here you go again, being cold. Yaaah! Weve known each other, for almost 4 years. And still acting like that?" the guy said while laughing.."aish, KAI, you know me right?" sulli said then smile. "anyways, don't you have class?" sulli asked him. "hmmm.. Well, Illbe skipping school for a while, you know.. We just debuted and I need to train more." kai said. "aish. Idols." sulli said to him, "hahahaha, well Im more happy to be an idol, than being a doctor like my mom." kai said. "so, I gotta go, see you.. When I see you. Hahaha" kai said then said goodbye to sulli. "okay then" sulli said. After a few hours, sullis monthly check up is done. She then went to their school. She then receive a text message from her father, saying that he wants to see her, she then went to her dads office. "dad?" sulli said while shes entering her fathers office. "oh, youre here.." "why did you called me here?" "well, it seems, that youre close with the three members of shinee, minho came here earlier and asked your phone number, its seems that they will be skipping school at this moment because of their busy schedule, I heard they went to japan last week and just came back last night, so im.." he asked my phone number? For what? sulli thought "what dad?" "Im saying that.. I want you to tutor them I know that youre the top student here.. And tutoring them, can make them updated to school" "WHAT?? Me tutor them??" "yes, youll have to go to their dorm, every other night, just to give them some pointers about your lesson and teach them if they don't understand" "NO!, dad. I will not." "sulli, listen. Mr. Lee So Man, of SM personally asked this, and plus we cannot lose them.. Theyre a big asset of our school"business, always business on his mind sulli thought."Dad! Seriously?" "Im serious sulli, I cannot trust other person, I know you can handle it" "FINE!" sulli said then went out of the room. "BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS!! Always. And now using me? AISH!! I HATE YOU! Sulli shouted when she reached the roof top. "AHHHHHHHHH! I HATE YOU!!" sulli, shouted again, making her chest ache."aish, and now this rotten heart of mine is complaining. I cant even shout what I feel" she said while placing her hand on her chest, then open her bag to take some medicine. "SHINee. I hate you" sulli murmured. Chapter 7 "Yaa! Minho, get inside, Mr. Lee is already here. And explain yourself later" their manager said to Minho. Minho then rushes inside the meeting room where his fellow shinee member is and with Mr. Lee.

"Minho, youre late.. For the first time huh?" Mr. Lee said to Minho. "I'm sorry Mr. Lee, something came up. It will never happen again, "its okay, I know you. Its just thatI'm a bit surprise because its the first time you came late."

"Well lets talk now, about your projects here in Korea, I know youre busy because of your album in japan, but we cannot let Korean fans to forget you right?" "Well, now.. You will do some guesting's and photo shoots and also, promoting your Japanese album here in Korea, after everything was settled, we can also start planning about your next Korean comeback" "okay Mr. Lee, we will work hard" Onew answered him, while the rest nodded. "I know, because youre SHINee, hardworking as usual" Mr. Lee, smiled while saying.

"Thank you Mr. Lee for trusting us" their manager said. "Anyway, about you three boys going to school,. you cannot stop us from going to school Mr. Lee Minho thought while Mr. Lee is saying

Its because youre an idol, and everyone is looking up to you so, we cannot give up your studies, you need to graduate after all, so Ive talk to Mr. Choi the CEO of your school, well I think he was afraid to lose SHINee in his school because he said he will send her daughter to tutor the three of you every after day to keep you updated in your class, well I guess Its not a bad idea so I agree. And remember you should be extra good with her daughter. Clean your dorm every time she will be there, for all your information Mr. Choi is going to be one of the major stock holder of SM, he will be a future boss too. " Mr. Lee explained to them, while a smile was place on Minhos face that means I will see her more often despite of my schedule? Minho thought, "Minho-yaa, don't be too obvious" key whispered to him, he then elbow key, making key laugh more.

"Thats all, you can leave and proceed to your schedules now." Mr. Lee commanded and then SHINee bow to him and then go,

"Wow, we will be having a new tutor" Taemin said happily. I hope she will be close to us, anyways she will be with us more often" key said. While Minho is just silent. They went then to the parking area and ride on their van, "Minho, give me your car keys, Ill drive your car home

in your dorm, Its not safe for you to drive" their manager said then Minho give him his car keys.

Inside the car

"So, Mr. Choi Minho, would you explain yourself to us?" Onew asked Minho while the three is waiting for his explanation though key knew it already. "Huh? Nothing," minho replied "Nothing? why does we felt that youre hiding something from us? Onew asked him again. "Hyung, theres nothing really" tsss minho. Sorry if I will do these "I think our Minho is falling in love" Key said out of the blue. "IN LOVE?????" onew, taemin, jjong and even Minho shouted shockingly with what Key said. "ME? IM IN-LOVE? HAHAHAAHA nice joke Key," Minho said and the three started staring at him, hoping that he will told them. "What gives you an idea that hes in-love? And who is she?" jjong said. "No other than.. The Ice princess, CHOI SULLI" key told them and their eyes widened "HAHAHA oh, hyung youre kidding" taemin said. "No I'm not." key said seriously. While Minho, is closing his eyes and covering his ears with earphones, volume the music in full blast, so that he can't hear their conversation am I in-love with her? No Im not, it was just because of her voice, okay Choi Minho, youre not in-love. Minho thought and continue to close his eyes.

"Okay, I will tell you why I think hes in-love" key said, and then the three went closer to him, eager to listen his story. "Did you notice something is weird with Minho?" key asked, "Nothing, he was always weird anyway" Jjong said and laugh after "hyung? I can't figure out" taemin answered, "yes, I do.." onew said. "Well, okay.. In school, after we arrive, he will asked permission to go out, we usually allow him, since it was just a walk." "yes, hyung would always go out and say that he will just walk around" taemin said. "well, last time, Taemin wasn't there because he have a photo shoot, again Minho ask permission to go outside, while me I noticed his weird action lately and so I decided to follow him, then I end up in an old building at the back of the building were staying, at first I thought Minho was really weird, I mean its creepy there. Then after a few minutes I noticed Minho was gone, but suddenly I heard a beautiful voice along with a piano playing, I was amazed by it, so I follow the sound, completely forgetting that I was following Minho, then when I reached the room which I am certain that the voice comes from there, the singing voice stop and also the piano, I was about to enter when I heard the person inside talking, and guess what I saw, Minho smiling and talking to that ice princess Sulli" key told them. "so, you mean the owner of the voice is sulli?" jjong said. "yeah! I swear you need to hear her voice, its amazing.. Its sweet. And not to mention her talent in playing piano" key answered. "Wow! But, come to think of it, Minho hyung never told us that" taemin said. "Yeah, thats why, he never told us about it, didn't you find it unusual? Because, minho never hide anything from us, even personal things, and more when we had talk about seeing girls, but he denied it, thats why I got more curious, and when we left for japan, I definitely saw him being

sad, and to add up what happen now, I know that he went to the school just to see her." key said to them again. "YAAHH! MINHO I HATE YOU!" jjong said to him then slap his biceps, so that he will open his eyes. "Hyung what?" Minho asked them totally clueless of what key told the other members. "Youre in-love with her?" jjong start to interrogate him, "inlove me? With whom?" minho asked. "Who? Is there anyone? Of course with the ice princess" key said then smirked as if he hit the jackpot. "hahaha, key.. Of course not." minho denied, well he didn't think hes in-love with Sulli, it's just he find her interesting, mostly because of her voice. "aish, denying?" key said. Minho was about to answer but they were interrupted with their driver saying that they arrive at the venue.

"Aish, Choi Minho. Explain this things to us later okay?" jjong said. Then they all went out the van and went inside the building.

Sullis POV

Again, I'm in my dads office, "what bomb he will going to explode now?" I said to myself. After a few minutes he entered the office. "oh, youre already here?" no dad, its just my picture, aish sulli thought. "yes, what you need now dad?" her dad smirked "well, tutoring start today baby." "what? today?" "yes, Mr. lee told me, that the boys are free this afternoon so we can start tutoring them. Okay thats all you can leave now" my dad said. Seriously I really want to shout at him. But, its just that I still respect my dad. But why do the hell I need to be involve with that guy's life? I hate them. Especially that bad ass jerk Minho. I know, they have left japan that day thats probably why he didn't went there, but hell! I have prepared it. He just wasted my time. Later that afternoon, Minho and Taemins photo shoot finished, then they went to their dorm. The boys tried to ask Minho about him and Sulli but failed. Minho just look at them and hence he just answered them saying "shes just a friend, no were not even friends, I'm not in love with her" again and again.

"We will make him confess to us" key told onew, jjong and taemin as they talk about him in the living room, while minho is in his room.

"What?" jjong asked, "He didn't confess to us, so we will let him told us, okay." key said "how?" onew asked him. "Well make him jealous." key said then smirked. "Jealous? With whom hyung?" taemin asked. "with you taemin." key said. "how?" jjong asked, "heres the plan, since sulli well be tutoring us, we would interact more often. So, taemin youre going to get close to sulli, talk to her most of the time, hmmm don't let minho talk to her, you have also to confess to us that you like sulli, brilliant isn't it?" key said then put his hands in the air, and seems to rejoice. "Well try it. Lets see then" onew said "hahaha its gonna be fun" jjong murmured. "But do you think minho hyung will believe us?" taemin asked innocently. "Well, you know hyung is very clever, he will not be fool easily" taemin added "aish, taemin believe me, if a person is inlove he become insane, he will the things he usually not done, okay? So just don't screw us up okay?" key said to taemin as if he was expert in love. -Sullis POV Even though I hate them, but now.. I found myself driving my car to their dorm. "aish, theyre making my quiet life miserable." I murmured. And more annoying is I will see that jerk, well I can just put on my poker face and do, the things that I should do. After few minutes of driving I think I arrived. Wow! Looking at the dorm, they sure are an idols, its big (well, not to compare my house, its mansion though but seems that no one lives). I went to the door and pressed the door bell. ding dong ding dong Key rushed to the door and answer me through the monitor. "Oh, its sulli. Come in" key said to her and pushed a button so that I can enter. "YAAAH!!! SULLI IS HERE!!" key shouted enough to let minho heard it. Chapter 8 Sullis POV

Damn, I'm here, though I cannot imagine myself mingle with this idols, but in the end I found myself in the front of their dorm. And damn, I will be with them for almost 4 hours or more. I cannot imagine myself dealing with them, it's more okay if I just sit there and look at them, but hell no, I will teach them.

Key was the one who opened the door, I can't help but, I really laugh with his reaction. Then he motioned me to enter the room. Well, all I

can see is a very clean dorm, all stuffs are organized, well I think someone was cleaning it for them, theyre busy anyway, all I can see are mangas, trophies, whoah, they sure have a lots of awards, their pictures on the walls, shoes, hell no lots of shoes, clothes. Well it more looks like they are selling clothes,pssh, idols. , their house isn't big as mine considering that it is just a dorm, but I feel quite jealous because I could feel love here, family love that I will say I didn't experienced it. I sat down on the couch while the four them are busy doing some stuffs

SHINees POV "taemin, you know what to do" key whispered to taemin when they are in the kitchen preparing some snacks for sulli, "Sulli, juice or softdrinks?" taemin asked sulli, "oh, water will do" sulli answered him, "sulli said water will do hyung," taemin said to key "okay, just wait a bit" key then smiled to sulli, "hyung called minho." key whispered to jjong. Then he went to minhos room passing by sulli, "sulli wait.. Ill call minho" jjong said to sulli, aish. Cant that bad ass be exempted in my tutoring? she thought. And just nodded to jjong. "heeeeey, your girl is here already, get your ass out of here and be there." jjong said to minho seriously trying not to burst out in laughing. "shes not my girl, how many times should I tell you" minho said to jjong and then get up on his bed and went outside.

seriously I don't know what to say to her, or Ill just keep quiet? minho thought as he walk towards the living room. "oh, hyung youre here!" taemin called minho, but minho just look at him, taemin then rushes to sit beside sulli carrying a glass of water and a slice of cake "here sull, eat this first before we start studying okay? Taemin said to sulli sweetly and pass her a sweet smile. But minho seems not to notice it.oh, its seems that everyone was nice. Well except that jerk in front of me. sulli thought, "thanks taem." sulli thank taemin. Minho then sit in front of sulli, then followed by key. Well, jjong and I will just sit over there, we will not bother you. Boys be nice with sulli okay? Onew said to them and they went to the balcony of their dorm, with jjong playing with his phone and onew watching a movie in his ipad. "aheem, how should we start?" sulli try to break the silence. "hmm, I don't know" taemin whined acting so cute. "Well, cant we just talk first? Don't you feel awkward?" taemin added. hmm. So cute. I feel like I was older than him. Hahahasulli thought, "hmmm, well what do you want to talk about.?" sulli asked. "I want to ask you something but please don't be angry with it." key said. Making Minho wondered what will he say. what would that be? sulli thought,

worried what will key ask. "well, last week. I followed Minho. what the hell is he going to say? Minho thought and nervous what bomb will key is going to explode. But stay quiet and act cool. "I follow him when he went to a building at the back. did he knew about it? sulli thought while trying to listen on what key is going to say. " I happened to hear you sing and play piano, and HELL sulli, I love your voice, its amazing, beautiful, sweet and aishhh no words can describe how I love it." key continue to say good words about sullis voice making her smile because no one said to her like that and she chuckled on how key reacts but stop when .. "can you play one song for us?, I want to hear it again badly." key said to sulli making cute faces, and Minho was looking at her I may be selfish, but I don't want her to play here. Minho thought while waiting for sulli to reply. "huh??????" sulli replied key and she was surprised, "yeah sulli please play for us, please, hyung said its really beautiful" taemin start to persuade her also, sulli keep on thinking what should she do aish, what should I do? sulli thought. She stand up. well, I just cant resist those cute faces, and he love it anyway. Should I try once? sulli thought, and decided to play. "so, youre playing for us?" key said to her excitedly. "do I have any choice?" sulli said coldly and smiled. "YES!! Here is the piano. Suit yourself" key said to her and sulli started to sit in the piano. the hell, she will really play? minho thought, and just froze, he might not want them to hear, but he have to admit that he really miss her voice and cant take his eyes off to her. Key then called the two outside and the two of them went inside, ready to listen to sulli. "well, Im not that good. But I will try my best to do best" sulli said to them, "well, what song do you want me to play?" sulli asked them and they all think of what song she will play. Suddenly "sing please don't go, they will love it" minho spoke, making every one look at him, "please don't go? By whom?" jjong asked him "hmm." minho smirked then look out sulli, "by. The most famous SHINee." he said. "WHAT????" jjong said with a loud voice "OUR SONG?" jjong said again. "ahuuh" minho reply flatly. Thus making everyone excited to hear her sing their song.JERK JERK JERK I HATE YOU CHOI MINHO sulli thought, then took a deep breath and start to put her fingers in the keys.

She started to smile, feeling close her eyes voice. Totally

sing, their jaws dropped. Except for minho who just so proud that he was the one who heard it first. As sulli and sing the song, their heart were captured by her pleasing to ears. They cant help but to sing with her.

andwaeyo andwaeyo geureoke gajimayo Jebal han beonman han beonman nal dasi anajwoyo dasi nungama neol boreo gamyeon geu jarie meomchun nareul anajwoyo

"WOW!! That was amazing!" jjong said "yes, daebak!!"onew said while clapping his hands and was really satisfied with her performance "I told you so" key murmured while taemin was still on a dazed and still looking at sulli, with his mouth open, "yaah! Lee taemin," minho smack his head. "hyung.. That was amazing, youre so selfish for keeping it secret from us," taemin whined cutely "yaah, don't blame me, she said she don't want, so followed her" minho then smiled and look at sulli, "thank you" sulli said. Actually she was really happy its the first time she felt this, for it was amazing that her voice was praised by a singers. Its the first time that she confidently sing in front of others. I just don't know why, but I just love how they love my voiceshe smiled on what she thought, and noticed Minho looks at her, when he said about the secret to taemin. "Well, its not my fault too" sulli chuckled while looking at Minho "you know what sull, you should smile often, it suits you more." onew said to her and pat her head. "Yes, you know what, we know that you don't want to be here, we know that you hate us, but we can change it right? You can treat us like an oppa. You can trust us, beside we also want to have a little sister" jjong said and the four nodded agreeing on his idea.

Sullis POV I can't help it. But, my heart was really happy now. I don't know why, but my heart tells me that its not bad to trust them, I saw on their eyes the sincerity. "why?" I simply asked them "because youre different" that jerk minho said. "different?" is asked again. "because youre the only one, seems to treat us genuinely." key said. "how?" I questioned again, "well, no one rejects us, no one left us, no one acts like how you acts towards us" taemin said, and making me smile. what the hell did they do to me? Ive just been here for almost 1 hour, and I have a sudden changed of heart? I thought. I smiled on them. "Can we not study today?, lets just have a "getting to know each other"" taemin whined I chuckled on his idea, how could this guy acts like a child? Hes really cute. "hmmmm. What do you want to know?"I asked them. "Everything" minho said. Chapter 9

Sulli's POV everything that jerked said, what? I said to him, I said we want to know everything about you he explained, but I stay silent, not knowing what to say I bow my head and think for a while, just then.. don't force yourself, We know that you need time to trust us. I was just

joking minho said to me and tried to smile. I smile back feeling at ease since I don't need to tell everything, well It's still up to me if I want to tell them, they cannot force me anyway. we just want you to be comfortable with us, you know we will be together more often, and as what we said, we want you to treat us like your older brothers onew oppa said to me and then wink what happen to the Ice princess? I question myself you've just been with them for about an hour but you're being comfortable with them? Where's choi sulli? The Ice princess? I keep questioning myself trying to figure what they did to me. maybe because I saw the sincerity? I keep thinking.

Authors POV since sulli is not yet ready to share things about here, then It's our turn jjong said and then they started to prepare things, Key set up the videoke machine, taemin took out some chips from the fridge, key then put some foods and drinks (not alcoholic of course) and onew order 2 buckets of chicken and minho just sit right next to sulli, and just staring to what they are doing.

Let the party begin! key shouted in english, sulli cant help but laugh with their silliness, the night was full of laughter, key would dance different girl group dances, taemin would do head stand and etc. jjong sing and sing and sing then onew, well he was on the last fried chicken on the first bucket, but don't worry there's still 1 bucket for the rest. I didn't thought that this super famous Idol group would be in front of me doing such silly thingssulli thought while still happily laughing. Key was dancing SNSD Gee when minho saw sulli was carelessly laughing towards what key is doing, now, do you think you know us? minho asked sulli was shocked with his sudden question w-what d-do you mean? sulli asked him, well you told us last time that you didn't know us, well now, do you know us? minho asked again yes, I guess so sulli answered flatly still looking at other SHINee members. you're lucky you witnessed the super rare event in SHINee's life, minho said to sulli whole smiling while looking at his friends, rare why? sulli asked him curiously well, since we become trainees at a very young age, we didn't have that much time to mingle with our friends, for almost 6 years the five of us were always together, we practiced very hard until we debut , but aren't you happy now? sulli asked him happy? No one could describe how happy we are, but sometimes it's just that we're tired, we are still humans, we need a break. Minho smiled while saying still not looking at sulli, I guess theire life wasn't easy at all sulli thought while looking at him intently but I think If you love what you are doing you will not get tires at all, you will get sick of it but you will never dare to stop it sulli said which makes minho look at here yeah. For SHINee, NO ONE can stop us from singing and dancing, we receive so much love from our fans that's why we return it back through our performances, it may be hard but the smile of our fans our precious.. wow, somehow I realize that I misjudge them. He may be a jerk and a badass but I cannot deny his talents and well let me face it, he's really handsome, and the rest of them too are so caring and I can feel their love with each other, the love that I never felt

from my family. sulli thought, while smiling. you know what you should smile often, you look more beautiful with it than with your poker face he said to sulli, and sulli just look at him and smile maybe I can. I'll try

Minho and sulli's conversation was ended by that. After it, other shine member invite minho to join them and they performed some dance in front of sulli somewhat a form of welcoming her, not the Ice princess sulli was freely laughing with them, they dance and sing even act in front of her, They're still SHINee, one of the Best Idols, a total performer. After a few hours, sulli decided to go home.

hmmm. It's kinda late, I think I will go home now sulli said to them well, if you want to, but let minho go with you onew suggested. huh? Oh, no need I can handle myself anyway I brought my car so, it was just outside of you dorm, it's not like something gonna happen with mesulli hesitated, No, it's already late, we don't know what will happen with you outside, it's good if someone accompany you onew insisted and motioned minho to accompany sulli, okay then.. well, Im glad to be your little sister,smile. And thanks for the night I enjoyed. Sulli said then turned back then turned to them again, But, remember tutoring start the day after tomorrow. She smirked then turned back again annyong she bid goodbye take care our little sister they all said except minho then minho and sulli went outside.

SHINEE's POV After sulli and minho went outside the four of them peek at the window watching the two of them. hey hyung, did you noticed them earlier? They seem to have a serious conversation taemin said yeeeaah, the way minho look at her, there is really something key said to them look at them they seem to talk with each other again, I wonder what they are talking about jjong said while pointing minho and sulli outside who seem having a conversation aigoo, I just failed with our plan to make him jealous taemin pouted. After a few minutes sulli went inside her car and went home.


I bid goodbye to them and minho accompany me outside because onew oppa wants it, actually it was the first time I felt this, I am happy, but honestly I still don't know why. I guess they melted the Ice princess. I stood up in the front of my car and was about to enter when, Im sorry for last time minho said last time? I asked yeah, I don't know why but I really felt bad when I didn't went to listen to you last time minho explained yeah, I've made myself fool no, it's okay.. you're busy after all I said to him coldly I still feel irritated towards him. but, I can still hear it right? he asked me, and keep quiet for a short time, but then I said yes to him. I just dont know why, but I want him to listen to me. Aish I really don't know what is happening to me. And he just smiled with my answer it's getting late he said. oh, I'll

go now I answered him then I enter in my car. take care, little sister. He said to me and I just answered BYE, and then I left.

After sulli went home, minho went back to the dorm while smiling yes, I can hear her singing again, only me. he thought while entering the dorm, he opened the door and YAAAAAH!!!! You're really inlove with her don't you? Key asked minho.

But still minho said NO. or we shall say Not yet. Chapter 10 The day for Sulli was long, and tiring but indeed the happiest day in her life, she tried to remember the day that she was like this happy but realized that she never had one. well, if I had choose to be friendly and trust other people would I be like others? Having friends and happy and freely laughing every day? Sulli started to question herself as she sat on her bed. She sigh in realizing how boring her life is, the Smile of SHINee's keep appearing in her mind, they were the first persons asked to be friends with her, well no one dares to ask her when she decided not to trust anyone, everyone was afraid of her. well, I think it's the right time, to start trusting other people, it's not bad after all she said as she decided that she accept shine as her new friends. She was suddenly startled by an alarm on her phone, gasp, I almost forgot I need to take my meds. aish. Afterall, I don't know how much time left for me, I might die any moment she said. Then she take her medicine, take a shower then she's off to dreamland.

Meanwhile the SHINee's boys seem to be more energetic than usual, they're still awake playing computer games, singing dancing and etc. well, do you think hyung, sulli will be willing to be friends with us? taemin ask minho while they are playing soccer game in the plays station, I Hope so, well, I think she can resist SHINee's charm minho smirked on taemin while still focusing on their game. Oh, I like her. Taemin said making Minho look at him. What? Minho like ask him again and stop focusing on their game I like her, I mean she's beautiful, smart and gosh.. Her voice, and her talent in piano, don't you think we are suit with each other? Well I play piano too we can make a cute couple Taemin said playfully to Minho of course Hyung, I was just a joke I like her, but as a sister, Im making you jealous. Hahaha taemin laughing out loud in his thoughts, while watching Minho's reaction, but Minho just pasted a poker face. aish, hyung you're really good in hiding your feelings, you'll let it out soon Taemin thought.

As expected the week was soo tiring for the SHINee, they were not able to attend the school so sulli would go to their house to teach them about their lesson but sometimes it was just a waste of effort for sulli because they would end up relaxing and talking about nonsense things, sulli would admit that she was starting to be a shawol also, maybe a special one because shinee performs in front of her live, not to mention that she really loves their songs. It's been a week but she knew that shinee's boys really care for her, they call her every morning and they let her know what they are doing same as sulli also, at school sulli was gradually becoming friendly to others, she is learning how to smile Saturday came, and she is ought to go again to shinee's dorm to lend them her notes and other assignments they need to be done and teach them the things they don't understand, it's quite easy though since the boys are intelligent, around 6 pm she arrived at the dorm, she was welcomed by the five boys. oh, our little sister sister is here jjong said as she entered the dorm, aish oppa, Im just the same age with your maknae here, so can you not treat as a little girl? I'm old. She pouted, oh oh oh, so our little sister knows how to make cute faces onew said to her. aigoo, here we go again she whine then laugh aftrer, arasso, so can we start now? she asked the three. alright alright the three responded weakly, it was painted all over their faces that they were tired I know you're tired but please bear with me okay? I'm tired too. Sulli persuaded them. how can I turned down this cute girl huh? Minho thought. As he sits on the couch. They were about to start when onew's phone ring. yobo-seo? he answered the call, it's from their manager onew, it's hyung oh, hyung do you need something? onew asked him, while others stop what they are doing and looks at onew. oh, I forgot to tell you that today we will be having our monthly get together, so I want to tell you that get ready and I will be fetching you around 7pm huh? But, Ms. Sulli is here and they're starting their lesson now. Onew said while others are confused on what they are talking about. aisssh, Im sorry but you need to go, it seems that Mr. Lee was going to tell something. The manager said. Onew then look at his members with a disappointed face, but a sudden idea pops on his mind

hyung, can we.. uhmmm.. can we bring her there? onew asked their manager? Ms. Sulli? yes oh.. well it's up to you then, but make sure she won't be out of place

really?????????????, well then we're getting ready, pick us up at 7pm okay.. good. I'll hang up then their manager said. And hang up the phone Okay.. guys, prepare yourselves we're heading to SM now. Manager will pick us up around 7, now Move Onew instructed them, but hyung we're having lesson now taemin whined, he was quite tired to go there aish, I want to spend time with sulli minho thought what did I just thought? Aish minho you're getting weird. Onew then smile, well Im sorry but, she's going with us onew said REALLY? Minho said excitedly aish, cant you just hide your excitement? key thought, as he chuckled on minho's reaction, Minho then keep quiet embarrassed in what he have done. what? Im going? Where? And why? Sulli started to inquire. uhmm, SMentertainment ensure that their talents are having good relationship with each other so they are organizing a monthly get together all the SM artist are having dinner together, so that everyone will have a chance to spend time with their labe lmates, don't worry it's not formal it was just like friends having dinner. Onew ensured her, I don't think I can go, I'll be out of place for sure sulli murmured don't worry, Oppa's will be there jjong said to her and everyone smiled and nodded aigoo, you'll able to meet some famous artists you know, like BoA nonna, Kangta Hyung, the SNSD nonnas, SUJU hyungs, and Exos and I think our boss will be there too and including the managers key said to her excitedly (F(x) not included. Hehe sorry but let's pretend that they don't exist since sulli is the main here, we can have two sulli) sulli mouth drop as she heard key Exo is there, that means Kai will be there? she thought. aaa, are you sure it's okay that Im there? sulli asked them of course, you're are little sister, you're very welcome. They all said.

Then the shinee start to change their clothes, well luckily sulli was wearing a casual clothes not too formal but its suits the event. She then sits on the couch and put on her headset and listen to the music, and oh, this time she was listening to some of SHINee's songs. After a few minutes.. TADAAA!! The SHINee boys are ready and she look at them in amazement how can this guys can be soo cool in whatever clothes they wear? she asked her selves and started to look at each SHINee's members they are all handsome, especially that jerk, aish. she chuckled with her thought. oooooh, little sister, don't look at us like that, we'll meet in few minutes jjong said teasingly and they all burst out in laughing they all seated on the couch. Minho sit next to her, what are you listening to? minho asked her who still busy listening to music she then smiled with his question, oh.. im listening to the oh-soo-not-cool-band she chuckled oh? Not cool but why you're still listening to them? minho asked curiously wanna hear them? she asked him trying not to laugh. well, okay. Sulli then lend the other earpiece to him, she then play a song YAAAAAAH!!! Sulli-yaaa, not cool huh? he protested, then she laughed again, why? Am I wrong? sulli asked him while laughing we're definitely cool he insisted, I know, Im just kidding sulli pouted, well, soo you're a fan of ours now? minho asked her no way that will happen she said acting cold. that's unfair he said trying to act cute, why? sulli asked him curiously, not noticing that the four was looking at their cute conversation they're were perfect for each other, they are really similar key whispered so that only them will

hear, yeah. Hyung never smiled like this, only to her taemin whispered also Because we are you're fans. Minho said. And make sulli smiled widely. ARASSSSO!!! I AM SHINees NO. 1 FAN!!! sulli shouted while raising her hand and the SHINee laugh on what she have done Aigoo our little sister, you're not the ICE PRINCESS anymore, you're SHINee's PRINCESS okay jjong said sulli, you're lucky she thought, then nodded to jjong agreeing on what he said. Just then their van arrived and their manager called them, and they all went out. sull, let's just leave your car here, you can get it later okay? It's more safe if you go with us minho said okay sulli reply, then one by one they entered the van, sulli was then assisted by minho and he sits beside her. On their way sulli was smiling, feeling soo good on how the boys is treating her. On their way her phone alarm gosh, my meds. she thought, uhmm.. well I, do you have water? she asked, are you thirsty? onew asked her and then handed a bottle of water (they have stocks on the van) oh, yeah she said flatly she then take out a pills from her bag, trying not to catch the attention of the boys but then onew who was looking at her. Are you not feeling well? he asked her, quite startled oh, it's just a vitamins she lied. but, it's 5 pills, is it a vitamins? onew thought. Oh.. That's good you're quite skinny minho said to her smiling after she take the first two pills, ahh yeah. She reply. When they arrive, everyone was there, they were welcomed by other idols, like SNSD, BOA, SUJU and some of EXO, Onew, introduced her in each of them and they welcomed her warmly, whoah, I can't believe I meet a bunch of stars sulli thought amazed with what happen.. Just then

SULLI??? IS that you? A guy called her Im right he's here she thought KAI!! she replied happily he then went to her and hug her aish, you didn't tell me you're close with SHINee hyung's he asked her, sulli was smiling at him but quite afraid, in case he will them about her disease. Minho and other shinee was shocked with sulli and kai's closeness, they never thought they knew each other, you know each other?? minho asked curiously oh, yes we knew each other for almost 4 years I think put his arms around sulli, while minho look at what he's doing well she's one of my mom's he was about to tell that she was one of his moms patient when sulli cover his mouth No, he mean that I'm of her mom's favorite among all his friends, we're close. She lied then drag him outside, excuse us for a while she said while dragging him. And left the five boys dumbfounded they're close? They're friends? She's his mom's favorite? With her cold attitude? What's between them? minho started to ask question on his mind.

uhmmm, about my disease, can you keep it? sulli asked why? kai asked curiously I just don't want them to worry sulli said. Chapter 11

Kai nodded in agreement in what sulli had requested to him after a few minutes of talking outside they went back to the hall again, people that saw them together can't stop wondering what relationship they had because at first place she went there with her SHINee's oppas she faked a smile just to hide her anxiety, she doesn't want other to know about her disease. oh,oh, oh it seems that kai was close with her don't you think hyung? taemin asked minho playfully trying to make him jealous as sulli and kai was coming near to them they're just friends minho thought, but just keep quiet and didn't respond on taemin's statement.. hey little sister, you didn't told us that you were, hmmm close with kai jjong said to her when she arrived on their spot oh, well I forgot she smiled fakely hmmmm you're quite close huh, or you know there something between you too jjong said to her again trying to know what really the relationship between them aigooooo, NO! of course we're just friends sulli stated while glaring at his oppa I knew it, they're just friends minho thought while smiling upon hearing sulli.

let's sit, dinner will start onew said to them, then they all went to the tables and sit ,Sulli sit between minho and taemin. mind telling us who's that girl is? chanyeol asked kai. sulli, you heard me calling her right? kai answered him flatly. sulli? the rest of EXO-K echoed and kai just nodded to them hey you mean, sulli? Your mom's patient? And your crush? sehun asked his hyung and plastered a smirked on his face when kai nodded to him ohhhhhhh, good taste huh, she's beautiful chanyeol said to him while eyeing sulli who is having a conversation with SHINee well what is she doing with SHINee hyungs? baekhyun asked him she said that they are her friends, and somewhat they are classmates in school and she is tutoring them. Kai answered them then look at sulli who is laughing I never saw her laughing like that, she was always with her poker face when I saw her, maybe she's really are with friends with them, but would she be fine? Her condition is not really good kai thought while looking at her and recalling what his mom said when he asked her about her condition.

Before the dinner start Mr. Lee entered the room and was warmly greeted by the idols okay.. good evening, I hope everyone is doing fine.. Anyway one of the agenda this night is I'm having an announcement, well I think some of you had already know this..he smile Since SM entertainment is really progressing well thanks to your hard works and efforts, smile again and good news that I have a good friend who was willing to support us in our upcoming projects in order for us to produce more excellent songs music videos movies and drama's , so tonight I would like to introduce you the new SMentertainment Stock holder Mr. Choi young-min lee soo man introduced them with the new stock holder and everyone stood up and bow as he enter the hall but all was distracted when DAD?? sulli loudly said in surprised as he saw her dad entering the room he's on business again, if I wasn't here I will never knew about this she thought oh,

baby. You're here? her father said in surprise then he hold sulli's hand and drag her with him as he went on lee soo man's side Hello everyone I'm Mr. Choi young-min nice to meet you he introduce his self again then everyone bows again by the way, I don't know why she's here smile then look at sulli but I would like to introduce you my only daughter Choi Jinri, well she is more known as Sulli, I think she went with here SHINees oppa whom she is tutoring now he said then sulli bows, cluelessly and everyone clap their hands her real name was Jinri? How come she didn't mention it? minho thought. and oh. Please take care of her, she will soon be one of you lee soo man stated making everyone wonder what do you mean sir? sulli asked him curiously I heard you have a lovely voice, it's quite early to inform you but since you're here with us I would like to inform you that your father decided that your going to be one of our trainees here, and you're going to debut as one of our Idols mr. lee soo man stated. WHAT? sulli replied her, she was shock as well as her SHINee's oppa and Kai well, she's really good, I mean she has really a talentkey said to his fellow SHINee yeah, she'll be famous for sure jjong said and everyone nodded in agreement but somehow minho felt strange with what he heard it's just that he doesn't want other's to hear her voice, he still don't know why he's acting like that. NO! sulli answered. As she storms out of the hall leaving everyone dumbfounded Im sure, she was just shock her father assure everyone then minho who was surprised with what she done immediately follow her, SHINee tried to follow also but eventually onew stop because he knows that minho can help her already. And Mr. choi invites everyone to start dinner.. well as for kai, he knows the very reason why she said that I know she can, but she might die. -SULL! minho called her as she storms out of the hall thinking of what her father just said, being a singer was her dream, but she might die because of it also, but sulli seems not to hear him and never turned back to him hey, sulli. Wait. Minho keep on running after her, after a few minutes of chasing sulli stops when she felt that she was hyperventilating probably because of her fast run, she stops in a bench in the park outside the SM building, she sit down as she pants, she's trying to inhale and exhale so that she can breathe well as she puts her hands in her chest. Aish, thanks god, you've stopped. Minho said while standing at her back, sulli's was now feeling soo cold she's really pale,and she was struggling with her breathing, minho went closer to her, are you okay? You're pale, and your cold minho asked her worriedly im okay, just don't worry, sulli uttered whule still struggling with her breath are you sure? It seems that you're not minho keeps on interrogating, he really was worried because on what he saw she's not okay, minho sit beside her and hold her hand, he was shocked on how cold her hand is, she keeps on breathing hard, you're really not okay. Minho said to her. oppa, can you please get my bag? Please, I need it now she ordered minho, who immediately went back to the hall and get her bag, ignoring all the question thrown to him, he looked horrified. Kai then immediately went behind him, hyung, Im coming kai said, after a few minutes they arrive at the park.

Kai immediately grabbed the bag from minho and went to sulli directly who is really fighting hard with breathing, where is it? kai asked sulli worriedly, aish, you stubborn girl why did you run? kai asked her and take out sulli's medication box, what medicine kai asked her. that small one, give me two sulli said to kai, then he immediately gave it to sulli, then the water from her bag thanks god that she put the water bottle onew gave her earlier. wait, I'll call mom kai said. Minho on the other hand, was just staring with the two, totally left out, he doesn't know what is happening, why she's taking a medicine? Why does it seems important? Why does it seems that kai's know what is happening? minho started to question his self while watching the two, after she take the pill he went closer. okay, mom said, you'll be fine after a few minutes, the drug will take effect kai said and sulli just nodded. Kai wrapped his hands around sulli's shoulder so that she will fell warm, aish. You're really stubborn, you clearly know that running like that will kill you, but still you did kai started to scold her, totally forgetting that minho was present, Im sorry. I forgot, I just felt that I need to run sulli answered him aigoo, I know I know kai answered her. DIE? WHY? they were startled with minho's sudden question, kai and sulli looked at each other and then turned their eyes on minho. you heard us? sulli asked him Chapter 12

She's Sick and she might die this words are keep running on minho's mind, he knows that she doesn't want it but all he feels now is pity, he pity sulli for having that kind of disease, no wonder she was cold as ice. He is now lying on his bed he was staring on the ceiling for almost 1 hour.

Earlier Minho sends sulli home because she's really need to rest, silence was all over the car, what you heard can you keep it? sulli ask favor,why? minho simply ask her, because I don't want to, even my dad doesn't knew about this minho made a look to her, totally shocked and just nod at her why did you hide it? minho asked her again, sulli hesitated to answer at first, but she realized that he knows it already why not tell him the truth, when I was a kid, I am not really healthy, when I was sick, my mom died because of vehicular accident, from then on my nanny was the one who took care of me, my dad was then busy with business, when I was in highschool, we undergone some physical assessment, and we found out that Im having valvular heart disease, wherein they found out that the valves of my heart have some abnormalities, since my dad was quite busy, and seems not care about me anyways, I decide not to tell him about it, and kai's mom is my physician, that's why we knew each other, actually we're not that close, but he knows everything about me, actually not only singing and playing

piano was my hobby it includes dancing, I really love to dance, but ironically it can kill me if I do too much of it, I think that's the reason why my dad wants me to be an idol because he knows that I dance well sulli told minho who was listening to her very well, but it can be cure right? minho asked her, yeah. Actually the doctor have already wants me to undergone surgery but.. I refused to she stated which makes minho stop the car, WHY? he ask while facing her Im afraid she bow her head, minho then hold her hand he didn't say anything, he didn't want to say something afraid that she might not like it. He just look out sulli and smiled at her, and in the end you'll be fine, I promise minho said to her. Sulli was now resting will she explained to although she would do having a surgery? But because it may not be operation. on her bed, thinking of the things happened, how her father that she cant do what he wants?, it if she was just healthy, will she considered every time thought about it, all she felt was fear successful or worst she might die during the

you'll be fine, I promise minho's words are keep echoing in her mind, his touch it's the first time she felt that she was secured, that everything will be fine, she realized that life is better if you choose to trust someone that you're able to share your problems with them. She close her eyes and drifted to dreamland with a smile on her face. SHINee's pov The shinee's boys were having a practice for their upcoming album, but with what minho knew last night he was clearly distracted, he's sometimes forgets his part, which make his friends wonder. During break time, he sat on a chair, focusing on his phone, while others was just staring at him, he was searching about the disease of sulli, he was just keep on sighing why out of all people why should it be sulli?, he keeps on asking, but at the end of it, he realized how much sulli mean to him, he didn't notice that she become that important to him, `because she's my little sister I'll make her happy he thought then he dialed sulli's number hello minho said `oh, oppa. Sulli answered, feeling better minho asked hmm, but I'm absent today sulli said are you free later? minho asked her well, yes, why? okay, wait for me later, im taking you out what? she asked but noticed that minho already hang up.

what the, he hang up on me? sulli said to herself, where is he taking me anyway?. she smiled. Chapter 13 She's Sick and she might die this words are keep running on minho's mind, he knows that she doesn't want it but all he feels now is pity, he pity sulli for having that kind of disease, no wonder she was cold as ice. He is now lying on his bed he was staring on the ceiling for almost 1 hour. Earlier Minho sends sulli home because she's really need to rest, silence was all over the car, what you heard can you keep it? sulli ask favor,why? minho simply ask her, because I don't want to, even my dad doesn't knew about this minho made a look to her, totally shocked and just nod at her why did you hide it? minho asked her again, sulli hesitated to answer at first, but she realized that he knows it already why not tell him the truth, when I was a kid, I am not really healthy, when I was sick, my mom died because of vehicular accident, from then on my nanny was the one who took care of me, my dad was then busy with business, when I was in highschool, we undergone some physical assessment, and we found out that Im having valvular heart disease, wherein they found out that the valves of my heart have some abnormalities, since my dad was quite busy, and seems not care about me anyways, I decide not to tell him about it, and kai's mom is my physician, that's why we knew each other, actually we're not that close, but he knows everything about me, actually not only singing and playing piano was my hobby it includes dancing, I really love to dance, but ironically it can kill me if I do too much of it, I think that's the reason why my dad wants me to be an idol because he knows that I dance well sulli told minho who was listening to her very well, but it can be cure right? minho asked her, yeah. Actually the doctor have already wants me to undergone surgery but.. I refused to she stated which makes minho stop the car, WHY? he ask while facing her Im afraid she bow her head, minho then hold her hand he didn't say anything, he didn't want to say something afraid that she might not like it. He just look out sulli and smiled at her, and in the end you'll be fine, I promise minho said to her. Sulli was now resting will she explained to although she would do having a surgery? But because it may not be operation. on her bed, thinking of the things happened, how her father that she cant do what he wants?, it if she was just healthy, will she considered every time thought about it, all she felt was fear successful or worst she might die during the

you'll be fine, I promise minho's words are keep echoing in her mind, his touch it's the first time she felt that she was secured, that everything will be fine, she realized that life is better if you choose to trust someone that you're able to share your problems with them.

She close her eyes and drifted to dreamland with a smile on her face. SHINee's pov The shinee's boys were having a practice for their upcoming album, but with what minho knew last night he was clearly distracted, he's sometimes forgets his part, which make his friends wonder. During break time, he sat on a chair, focusing on his phone, while others was just staring at him, he was searching about the disease of sulli, he was just keep on sighing why out of all people why should it be sulli?, he keeps on asking, but at the end of it, he realized how much sulli mean to him, he didn't notice that she become that important to him, `because she's my little sister I'll make her happy he thought then he dialed sulli's number hello minho said `oh, oppa. Sulli answered, feeling better minho asked hmm, but I'm absent today sulli said are you free later? minho asked her well, yes, why? okay, wait for me later, im taking you out what? she asked but noticed that minho already hang up.

what the, he hang up on me? sulli said to herself, where is he taking me anyway?.

she smiled. Chapter 14 have you been here before? minho asked her excitedly, he then look at sulli Wow!!!! There's a lot of fish!! sulli said excitedly they went inside the aquarium, minho wearing a cap and eyeglasses, trying to diguise his self, hoping that no one will recognize him, they went first to the turtles, minho saw how happy sulli was because she was smiling widely, minho-oppa!! Look, this turtle is really big, wow! she keeps on saying, minho was just standing behind her and watching her, and trying to see if people recognize him, oppa!! What are you doing there, come here! sulli excitedly said and drag minho beside her, waaah., Minho oppa, that turtle looks like you! sulli said why pointing the turtle and laughing out loud, yaaah! NO way!!!, but missy, can you not say my name out loud? he whisper to sulli while laughing awts, sorry oppa, hahaha, but certainly I didn't looks like that turtle, don't you know that a lot of Nonna's was chasing me? minho bragged

Aigoooooooooooo, sulli said and holds minho's hand and drag him towards the jellyfish. OMO!!! They're holding each other hands! taemin loudly said, key smacked his head, can you just lower your voice? What if someone recognize us?. Unknown to sulli and minho the rest of shinee's follows them, they were really curious on minho's behaviors, much more when he asked permission to go somewhere after their practice, so they disguised their own selves and follow him, and as what they are expecting, minho's weird actions is related to sulli, because, they end up on sulli's house while following minho's car, and much more surprised to them that the boring kid minho went to aquarium with her. are they on date? all of them asked each other.

The two continue to watch different water animals inside the aquarium, they took photos together, minho was feeling really good because, somehow he made sulli smile, but what more make him feels good is the way sulli is holding his hands while they go to each animals, they were like couples having date. After looking at all animals, she and minho went to eat.

are you happy? minho asked her yes, thanks to you sulli answered him while smiling widely, eat a lot vegetables okay? minho reminded her. but I don't like them sulli pouted aigoo, you should take care of yourself well okay minho said. arasso sulli whined you know what, I never really thought that I will be close to SHINee, well I dont even knew who you are, especially you, I really hate you soo much she said, why? minho asked her, hmmm, well because, you were the one who ruined my peaceful life? sulli laugh with what she said, but definitely, you guys really changed me, and I thank you for that, Im no longer the Ice princess, but the Shinee's princess, hahaha she laughed again, minho just cant take his eyes off on sulli's face, she's really cute minho smiled while he thought. oh, oppa, you have ketchup heresulli pointed the left side of her lips, and minho try to wipe it, but wasn't able to, aigoo, who would think that idols are like this also? sulli laugh, then take a tissue and wipe minho's lips, minho was stunned with what she did, ..................we're humans too, we're not perfect he pouted while saying. Sulli just laughed on his actions.

okay, theyre so chessy key blurted, as he covered his face with the menu, yeah, he didn't even told us about them onew said, minho-yaaah, prepared to be interviewed later jjong said but, I hope No paparazzi spotted them taemin said all a sudden. After eating, they went on their final destination, the Ferris wheel, sulli lightened up again when she saw that they were in the front of a big Ferris wheel, to be honest it was her first time riding on it. As they were on the top, you know what, you were the first one, who've done this to me, I feel

free today, thanks to you oppa! sulli blurted out while looking at the view of Seoul during night, because, your smile is precious to me, I will never let you cry minho thought, they were sitting together and silence take over. aishsulli sighed and then lean her head on minho's shoulder, thank you oppa, and thank you shinee for putting color in my life sulli said, then close her eyes, please let me become like this for a while oppa sulli said, while minho blushes, he never felt like this before, his heart beat was racing, why do I feel like this? he asked his self. But all he knew is that he doesn't want this night to end. Chapter 15 Sullis POV I woke up with a BIG news! God, I never thought that one day my dad will use me for his business. Me? Will become SHINees Minhos girlfriend? I'm shocked, very shocked. How lame they are to use the gossip of minho to gain more interest? I hate my dad, I really really hate him. Still his words is echoing in my mind "oh baby-yaaa, its a good start for your debut" and who the hell said that I'm going to debut?. He said it easily completely ignoring my feeling, what would I feel about he never thought about it, if I will be happy or sad, or I am willing to do it or not, No hever did, all he is thinking about is money. But of course I can't hate minho-oppa. Because I clearly know that it's all because of me, because he wants me to be happy, he selflessly help me, I'm thankful to him because the things we did really did make me happy, I feel free, I feel loved, I feel secured. I may be crazy but if it's the only way to get rid of those issues, I'll be responsible. ---"What? What did you say? She agree with it?" Minho asked their manager. "yeah, I had a talk with Mr. lee a while ago and he said sulli agree with it, its seem that her father was the one who talked to her, and oh, Mr. lee had said that she will be training as an idol here, maybe shell be also skipping school." their manager stated. "Don't tell my band mates about it okay? I'll be the one who will tell them" Minho said to his manager then storms out of the office. "How could she agree to it? Why? And hell, why did she agreed to become a trainee here? Did she ever thought that it could affect her health?" Minho told himself while he was driving to their school, he was angry. Very angry. he never thought that sulli will agree to the silly tactic of lee soo man, but most of all the one that bothers him is sulli becoming a trainee, he had experienced the hardship of becoming a trainee, and he doesn't know how will sulli cope up to it, if were talking about her talent, it would be exception because if they indeed hear her voice, even though shes not Mr. Chois daughter hes sure that SM will not let go her. But her life is at stake. He arrive at their school after 15 minutes, he then went inside the school, not bothering if fans will saw him, what he needs now is to talk with sulli, he went straightly to sullis class room and found her in her usual sit, he went to her, and drag her outside causing other people to wonder. "Could it be possible that the girl with Minho oppa is that ice

princess? They look the same." A group of girl gossiping when they saw Minho dragging sulli. "What the hell??? Minho oppas girlfriend is the ice princess???????" Another group gossip. Minho drag sulli to the music room, "oppa? can you let go of me?, it hurts" sulli calmly said to minho because his grip on her wrist is really tight and minho doesn't seems to notice it ,immediately he let go, "sorry" he said calmly, at first they were just being silent. "oppa, is there a problem?" sulli ask him. "YAAAH!!! WHY DID YOU AGREE TO IT?" Minho said to her with a loud voice which make her startled. "The what?" she asked innocently. "The acting thing" minho said. omo, is he angry?, or its because he has a girlfriend, yaa sulli you might ruin their relationship sulli thought while unable to answer minhos question. "could it be.......could it be.... " sulli was about to speak but not able to finish because minho started to speak. "how about your health huh? why did you agree to be a trainee? what if something happen to you, what if, youll become exhausted and it will affect your condition? what if they let you worked up? What if.. "minho stop when he felt a warm hug covering his body. Shocked. oppa, thank you, but you shouldn't worry about me, I have to do this for you, It's my fault, please let me, I'll promise I will take care of myself, don't worry, I'll will never let your career be ruined because of me, because if the only way that issue will be solve is by acting as your girlfriend I will do it, we may knew each other for just a short time, but you guys means a lot to me, you guys are my friends, and remember I'm shinee's number 1 fan I will certainly not allow others to bully you are make bad issue towards you, I'll be fine oppa, you'll be there for me right?, of course shinee's oppa will be there for me too sulli said to him while hugging him what she really feels, she really don't know it, but what only she want is to help minho, because she knew how cruel showbiz entertainment like, people will thought that he was playing around with some girl, that he was a bad example, but if they knew that it was his girlfriend, that despite of his busy life, he manage to have a date with his girlfriend, surely people will think that he is a good man. Minho's heartbeat was racing, he never thought that sulli was doing it for him, he didn't say anything first but he hug sulli back, but if you find it uncomfortable, your free you withdraw okay? And me and your oppa's will be guiding you in your training, make us proud little sister minho said while hugging him and patted her back. They release each other from their hug, okay, soo now, I'm officially SHinee's Minho's Girlfriend sulli said playfully. be a good boyfriend to me oppa, or else I'll kill you she glared at minho and then smile hmmm, you should be honored, hahahaha minho laughed why? sulli asked her curiously because you're SHINee's Minho's First girlfriend. Minho smirked at her, what? she asked she's shocked. you heard me right? Im sure lots of nonna's will be broken hearted. Minho brags, waaaaa, REALLY???. I thought you were a playboy. Sulli said while laughing out loud but you sure is full of confidence oppa sulli said replying his statement of broken hearted nonna's why?, I never dated. And will you clearly knew that im really famous minho said., and they continue to tease each other.

Minho then send sulli home, on his way back home he was still bothered, he didn't feel that it was right, he still asking his self the WHAT IFs, but just smile in the end, because somehow, the idea of being sulli's boyfriend make him happy, am I falling for her? minho asked his self.

When he reached his dorm, his band mates was sitting on the couch, and it seems that they are waiting for him. minho-yaa, are you okay? jjong worriedly asked, im fine hyung, don't worry minho answered him and manage to smile, are you sure?, what did Mr. Lee told you when you went there? Did he scold you?key asked him, aish, you're being too paranoid, he never did that to me minho answered him, and sit on taemin's side. soo, hyung what did he said to you? taemin asked his hyung, hmmm, well he came up with a solution minho flatly said what is it? everyone said in unison. Minho looked at him, he laugh because he knew that his friends will nag him about it. secret he smirked at them and stand im sleeping now he said making his way on his room. YAAAAH!!!!! Why being like that???? How many times we said that no secret allowed here? key said while rolling his eyes towards minho totally pissed. you'll find it tomorrowminho said and went inside the room. hmmm, what would be the solution? everyone sighed thinking what will SM do to stop the fuss about him, while not ruining his name.

OHHHHH MY GOD!!! Every one look at this. Key shouted when he was scrolling on his iPad, they were sitting around the table in the practice room, they've been their early, around 7 am, because the choreographer will be meeting them, everyone then went around key, except for Minho of course because he already knew what is it.


This headlines was at the top of the news. MINHO EXPLAIN THIS TO US! the four of them, shouted while glaring at him totally shocked and clueless, he just smirked in response. Chapter 16 yaaah! What's with that smirked minho? key said to him, so, Im right? You're inlove with her? And you didn't told us?, wow! So loyal. Key rolled his eyes. Minho chuckled a bit, he was just listening to his friends statements about the issue, he knew that they will be like this. we're brothers right? And besides sulli is our sister, why you two didn't tell us anything? onew pouted, how can you date a girl without us knowing minho-goon? Tell me, how did you make her say yes to you? jjong asked him. hyung, is this really true? taemin asked curiously which make the four look at him. Babo!! Aish maknae, is this a joke to you? Everyone in the world is talking about this, this is an extremely big news key scolded him, yeah, after jjong's declaration of his relationship its the next after a long time, but the funny is fans really hate it when jjong declares, but this time fans seems to like it. Onew stated well maybe because, they caught us sneaking out? Not on date or something, this time they find minho as a loving boyfriend because, now we're extremely busy, but still he make sure to spend time with his girlfriend jjong said. but minho, do you really like her? the four of them look at him and asked him seriously, he didn't answer immediately of course I like her, a lot. But I don't know If I deserve her, or she feels the same towards me minho thought. why cant you answer us? Sulli is our sister, and we will definitely protect her, even from you jjong said to him. ye-aah, I like her.. she's our sister right? miho said which make them confused. huh? everyone said in unison totally confused. well, I told you last night that Mr. Lee came up with a solution, and this is his solution? onew interrupted and minho nod, continuing his statement it was lame right? But it seems that sulli's dad was also the one who plan this, they're trying to expose sulli in the public so that if she debut it will be more easy and you two agree with it? jjong interrupted him again ani, I really don't want, how could they use her? but I was more shocked when the manager-hyung told me that she agree with it, and even becomes a trainee. why doesn't she wants to be a trainee? key asked him again. she'd love to, but it's just that she cant, she cant? onew asked. maybe im right.onew thought. I went to the school yesterday to confront her, but she said that it's okay and it's because she doesn't want that the issue ruin my or our reputation and she just told me, that even if it will be hard to be a trainee she knew that we will be there for her and that she will make us proud.

aish, I'll call her jjong said as he is starting to dial sulli's number but it seems that sulli is busy becuase shes picking up. Minho

make a ahem, trying to clear his throat. ahm.. this to you but it would be safe for her if you that she will not know that you knew about this makes the four curious again, WHAT IS IT? the moving closer to minho to hear him clearly.

I knew I should not told knew this. But make sure okay? minho said. Which four of them said while

she's sick minho said flatly trying not to shock his friends, oh, does she have a cold hyung? taemin asked minho wow! Too much of being a boyfriend huh? You look so down when she only have a cold? Just gave her fruits and let her drink medicine she'll be fine key smirked thinking that minho was just overacting. no she doesn't have a cold minho said again fever? taemin said again ani minho said. then what? jjong and rest asked. she has a VALVULAR HEART DISEASE he stated. HUH??? everyone said in shock. make it clear minho, again what did you say? key asked him. remember last time? When we had a dinner at SM? She run after she said NO to lee soo man and her dad, actually she do like to be a singer and she dance well, but because of her disease she cant, it might threaten her life minho explained, if that so, why did her father insist her to debut? key asked because, no one knows about her disease except her nanny, the doctor and kai he said, kai? yes oh, so that's why they knew each other key said. yes, and now we will include our selves in the list of those who knew it.. that's why we should take extra care for her, she should not strain her self, actually I oppose to her decision, but she insist minho said. He explain everything to them, and sure shinee was really feels sorry for sulli and just said to him that he should take care of sulli even thought their relation ship was an act.

Chapter 17 Are you ready girlfriend? minho asked sulli yes, boyfiee sulli answered and wrapped her hands. sorry boyfiee but I really don't know so bear with me okay? she whispered at minho take care of you he answered with a wink. who is in front of him hands around minho's how to act as a girlfriend don't worry, Oppa will

Today minho and sulli was going to an interview, it was an exclusive interview featuring the fake couple it was set by SM, to make sure that the people will knew about the two of them dating. Minho and sulli hold each other hand as they enter the studio, sulli who is usually brave feels really uncomfortable, it was her first time to be interview in front of the whole korea and much more the whole world live!, and plus shes worried because she's lying, although they already practiced it but she's really worried that she might made a mistake. goodmorning Mr. Minho and Ms. Sulli the host greeted and the two answered and bow with a smile. and sits on the chair in front of the host. soo, uhm I will say that Minho has really a good taste, Ms. Sulli is indeed gorgeous the host complimented sulli, and sulli answered her with a thank you. minho, well I think not only me was curious about this but I think the

whole south korea and even the whole world but may I know when did the two of you started dating? the host ask, well, we're dating for almost a year now minho flatly answered but with a smile, and sulli was just quiet and just nod geek, it's not easy to lie sulli thought. "well, arent you two startled when the news about you came out?" the host ask, "actually I was worried, because what if the people will not accept, you know that some didnt approve, but I think its okay, at least I dont need to hide our relationship, and I just hope that our fans will love her also, just like how I love her." minho answered which make the audience say "heeeeeee" teasing him because of his sweetness too sweet oppa sulli thought while smiling on minhos statement. and you ms. sulli? its because youre still not used with these. "oh, I was really afraid." sulli just said it and laughed. "but thankful that people accept us, and I think I must say these, I love minho-oppa so fans dont worry about us" sulli said again which made minho and the host and even the audience laughed. miss sulli, I heard that you're also a trainee in SM? what should I answer? sulli thought aa, yes sulli answered as a solo artist? the host ask again well, for that matter I still don't know, maybe as solo or maybe with a group sulli answered professionally soo, specifically what special talents do you have? the host ask, sulli made a look at minho what should I say? sulli thought while looking at him, she sing,and play piano and dance minho answered for her ahh, wow! Can we hear a few lines? the host ask her. aigoo, Im not use with this sulli worriedly thought, afraid that she will made a mistake okay sulli answered flatly, what should I sing oppa? sulli freely ask minho, you can do it, I know you can, any song will do minho whispered which make the host said how sweet and the audience agreed okay, I'll sing now, this song was a song from my oppa's album sulli said oh SHINee? the host asked yes, but minho oppa help me okay? sulli said to minho.

I'll sing romantic sulli said then looked at minho to cue him to start the rap part. Glad that minho was really professional and flexible, even though he has a deep voice but he was able to blend his voice unto sulli's voice, he was thankful that he heard her voice for several times. Then after she start to sing, you can see the jaw of the audience and even the host drop, her voice extremely lingers on their ears, the softness of her voice which put another life to SHINee's song, she was like an angel singing. the blending of her and minho's voice was indeed perfect..and the song ended perfectly. Right after the song, they were both shocked when the audience started to stand and clap their hands and cheers for them, a smile was plastered on both of their face and bow to the audience. THAT WAS AMAZING! the host said while clapping her hands. waah, I think the two of you was really meant for each other, your voice blend perfectly, well I think SM really can produce amazing talents. The host said, well I think you'll have a lots of fans Ms. Sulli the host said again and sulli smiled IM glad that they liked it sulli thought. waah, her voice was just making me feel really good minho thought.

The interview continues asking questions to them and glad the two able to answer all of it, and on the conclusion fans really believe that they are true.

wow! Daebak, way to go little sister. Jjong greeted sulli when they both arrived on SM, you really have a great voice onew compliment her. and you two really looks like a couple key teased them, the two of them sat together, and started to talk with shinee, today shinee has a practice and sulli decided to go with them to observe. While on the other hand lee soo man called sulli's father, he said that their plan was really perfect and he's sure that sulli will have a big break in music industry, he never thought sulli had a great voice he was indeed right on his decision, and plus the fact that people love the two couple, he was now trying to think of the possible projects for the two, and planned the debut of sulli. -After a week MINSUL was still acting as a real couple, even some of the SM artists don't know that they are fake, probably only shinee, the managers, lee soo man, sulli's dad knew. One afternoon sulli went to SM to because shinee invited her to have dinner with them, she went straight to the practice room and found out that EXO are there. hey, sull! kai called her, oh kai she answered. Kai offered her to sit on the chair. are you okay? kai asked of course I am sulli answered flatly. you're here for SHINee's hyung? kai asked her. yes, I'll be having dinner with them sulli said. oh, I heard, you're dating minho hyung , sulli nodded. waaah, I never thought that you'll be having a boyfriend, finally kai teased her yaah, you're so bad kai. Sulli hit her on the shoulder. you've changed. Kai said. yes, thanks to them sulli said. you're happy for me right? she asked kai. yeah, of course. But make sure that this fake couple wont hurt you kai said to her which made her shocked. you know? sulli blurted. yeah, who will believe that you're a trainee?, and you're dating him for almost a year. What's the use of knowing each other before knowing them? kai laughed. aish sulli pouted. just be safe sull, I don't want you to be hurt, and plus take extra care of yourselves, you know what I mean right? kai said sweetly. how could he be this sweet? Even though I really acts cold towards him, he never stop talking to mesulli thought. yes sir, sulli said while smiling, thanks kai, you're such a good friend sulli said. no problem sull kai said to her. oh, you're bad, you never told me that you sing really well, we watched your interview last time, and wow our jaws dropped. Daebak! kai said to her. you never asked me sulli smiled. Just then there's a beep on her phone, it was from minho, saying that they are in the voice room and if it's okay for her to go there. uhm, you know where the voice room is? sulli asked kai. of course. Kai laughed can you go with me there? I don't know where is it. Sulli pouted on kai. I just love you now sull, you're really cute. kai thought, then he stand and pulls sulli's hand and drag her towards the voice room it was just on the last room on the same floor they are, he was holding sulli's hand.

When they are about to enter the room the door was suddenly open, it was the SHINee's manager. The shinee greeted her warmly except for minho whose eyes were pinned on sulli's and kai's hands. they're holding each other's hand??, why? Is there any special relationship between them? minho thought, he was quite angry he had this feeling of someone had snatch a precious person from him, he hates to see kai and sulli together suddenly he feels possessive. uhm. He make a fake cough. While still looking at sulli's and kai's hand, sulli doesn't realize that they are holding their hands not until you two are really closed, holding each other's hand huh? key teased the two of them way to go, make minho jealous kai. Let's see if he will not say his true feelings key laughed on his thoughts. Immediately sulli let go of their hands. oppa! What are you talking about, we're just friends, right kai? sulli said. yes. Kai said flatly. kai, do you like her? minho thought. omo, girlfriend, come here minho said loudly, gesturing sulli to come beside him,making the four chuckled. hyung, that's soooo childish taemin laughed on his hyung. sulli, we're going to practice one more round, then we will eat okay? onew said to her. okay, don't worry I'll wait sulli said as she sits on the couch of the room. While kai asked permission to go back to the practice room since they were still having a practice. EXO's POV

yeah, your crush went home already? chanyeol teased kai, when he arrive on the room. no, she's with her boyfriend kai sighed. oh, soo down baekhyun teased him again. they're just fake, don't worry you still have a chance suho encourage him yeah, right. They're just acting kai lighted up. goodluck dude! everyone said to him.

Chapter 18 You think she will fall in-love with him? key asked the rest of shinee, while they look at minho who's sitting with sulli in couch while answering some assignments, they were on the dining table preparing some snacks, hmmm onew said. They look perfect right? Not to mention they really have the same attitude.. Their voice blends perfectly, Minho is handsome and Sulli was pretty, very pretty Onew added. And minho is inlove with her, I'm sure of that key added and chuckled. Yeah, we never saw him being like that, right? He do the things he never did before like He lied to us, he sneak out for her, he even becomes late in our meeting, and he never smiled like that, the way he look at sulli is really different jjong said. but among all hyung is really great in hiding his emotion taemin said and all of them sigh and look at minho and sulli who seems having a good time together.

sull, I heard you're dance lesson starts tomorrow. Onew asked her as he sit in the couch opposite to minho and sulli, yeah, oppa.. sulli worriedly said will she be okay onew thought thinking of her condition. that's good, and oh I heard you're not going to debut as solo, you're going to debut with F(x)? onew asked again, this time the other three sit also beside them and start eating their snacks. yes, dad told me this morning about that, I think they're idea is doing some collaboration with your group oppa, as part of promotion and will be doing also collaboration with EXO-K in our teaser, and also dad said that since minho oppa was the shinee's visual they're also making me the visual of the group. Sulli told them. EXO-K? so meaning kai will be there huh? minho thought while keeping silent and just listening to their conversation. This past few days they sure to be spending a lot of time with sulli since her voice coach is the same with them, but every time they're having a break kai will be there visiting sulli, and it really pissed him off. Wow! Sooooooo meaning we'll be doing some project asked excitedly. Of course, babo! key rolled his dongsaeng. Well, most probably they're making you you're quite famous already, even you didn't debut a fans jjong said. together? taemin eyes on his clueless the visual because yet you already have

hmmm..yeah, that could be their reason, but partly because I think of our relationship, gosh they're giving us name already, like MINSUL, CHOI COUPLE, and etc. sulli stated. How cute key teasingly said. hahahaha, yaaah! Well I wonder what's gonna happen if we break up or something, or they will know that we are just fake. They might kill me. Oh.I want to end it how ANNOYING., sulli joked while laughing. The other four laughed also thinking on how the fans would react. Not noticing that Minho was quite pissed off on sulli's statement. tired of this? Let's just then end this minho coldly said out of nowhere. . annoyed huh?, then why did you agree then on the first place? he thought, he don't know why he feels like this, it's like something hit him, that he felt that his heart was stab with her statement even though he knew that it was a only a joked. No, I'm not oppa, Im just joking, sulli startled with minho's reaction and stuttered when answering. oh. Minho replied then stands up immediately and dash to his room, leaving the rest dumbfounded. He just want to leave them. The four boys look at each other. I'm sure he was just tired, right key? jjong said trying not to put meaning on minho's reaction. Sulli's POV at her house Did I say something wrong? Why did he suddenly becomes like that? Did he hate me? It was just a joke though. Aish, minho was really a badass after all. He's words keep on echoing on my mind, I suddenly felt the urge to cry, I slowly lifted my hands to my eyes trying to avert the tears from escaping, I'm happy to be with him, Im happy because he take care of me and somehow I don't want this to end.

Earlier Oppa open the door, look Im sorry. I didn't mean it. Please Oppa!, I keep on knocking the door of his room. But even though I think my hand will sore of knocking it he will not open it, I never thought that he was sometimes like this. I tried to ask my oppa's on what should I do, but they just said that I should just leave him alone for the meantime, he will be okay for sure they assure me. I sighed heavily and then decided to go home.

What have I gotten myself into? Will it always be like this? But why does it hurts when he did that? Why does he have to ignore me? I'm confused. Why does I feel like this? I have so many questions in my mind, thinking that this is just a small misunderstanding. I slowly close my eyes trying to get a good sleep, anyways onew oppa said that this thing will be fine. And I hope so. Minho's POV (on his room lying on the bed) What am I doing? Regardless of what I feel, me and her was just an act, a fake, not true, we're just friends. I don't know what to do. I don't know why I reacted like that. I don't even know what I really feel, If I am sad because of what she said or angry with her joke or jealous because she's really close with kai aish!!. All I know is that it really hurts. What happen to the flaming charisma of popular boy group SHINee? I sighed. When will this end? This feelings, somehow I like this feeling but at the same time also hate it. I wonder if it's right that we enter on this kind of situation that would probably end up hurting each other. Since this act started I have constantly remind myself that I shouldn't think this, I shouldn't think that. It's getting frustrating that I always have to see her with him. I laughed a bit on myself because what we have is just a lie, I remind myself again, She deserve her freedom, she's not mine. But I guess I don't want to develop `this' into something in the future. But what if I am falling for her, then what am I supposed to do? I form a fist in my hands and punch my bed. AAAAHHHH!!! And now. I just admitted I like her. She's not just a sister to me, I like her badly. A few minutes later minho was just staring on the ceiling of his room, just then he heard a knock on the door which makes him bring back to reality. He stand up and open it, he knows that they will still use the spare key in case he wont open it. He open the door slowly. And the four enter onto his room. yaah! Are okay? jjong asked him worriedly he keeps silent, that was childish minho key told him. yes, that was just a joke minho, why did you do that? She now feels bad. Onew asked him. I don't know hyung, I really feel bad. He answered him while putting his hands on his face as he sits on his bed.

why? Because of her joke?, It's just a joke. Onew said to him. I know. And I hate myself for doing that minho answered. hyung, tell us. Do you like her? taemin asked him seriously which made everyone look at him in surprise. And turn their look on minho right after looking at him. Minho slowly raise his head. am I that obvious? minho asked. A smile formed on the face of his four friends and eventually turn in to a laughed. yeah I know it. See I told you! key said loudly claiming victory. well, maybe too obvious, reacting on that small joke. And also the way you glare on kai when they are together jjong teased. Minho then again bury his face on his hands he somehow feel shy. aigoo the charismatic idol was shy jjong teased him again. and INLOVE! onew added playfully, which make them laugh. don't worry we're here to support you. The four said to him. Chapter 19

send! I hope, she won't hate us. Jjong said, as he sits on the bench near the immigration office of Narita airport.

Sulli's POV I woke up early today, I had a good sleep. Today I will meet my fellow f(x) and today, dance lesson begins. But before that, since I had a good sleep I decided that before anything else I will make it up to minho oppa, I know I was wrong, and I should apologize. I hurriedly take my phone on the study table to send message to oppa. And I just noticed that Jjong oppa send me a video on my email, I click the watch so that I can watch it.

hey little sister! Wazzup! jjong greeted sulli in the video sulli just chuckled hmm, I wonder why they send me a video sulli thought while watching the video.

yaah!! Sull, do you know where we are now? onew asked on the video. (it's recorded) then the video show the surrounding of the airport. airport?, they left? sulli thought in surprised. yes, aish.. little sis, sorry that we haven't told you, we forgot to tell it last night because you went home before manager hyung informed us, will be shooting a commercial here in japan, most likely we'll be here for a week or more. Onew explained to her in the video. what? she gasped. She pouted, so it means, I cant say sorry to minho oppa. she continue to watch the video, key and taemin also greeted her, saying that she have to do well in her dance lesson, and to take care of herself and also they reminded her that she should not become an Ice princess towards her group members, the video will soon finish but she still not see minho, It seems that he still hate me,aish sulli how can you be stupid with you words huh?! she scold herself, I know, I know.. but look that bad guy over there, busy with his phone,

we know that he was just forcing his self not to join us, you know, pride jjong said to the video while focusing the camera to minho who is sitting on a chair busy on his phone and had a headset put on. And after a few seconds SHINee said bye bye to her. she sighed. he still hates me aaaaaah, and so??? she said, trying to be cool, then I wont talk to him, I wont text him or call him she promised. she just hate that he never text her that they will be going somewhere, well its fake but still she is his girlfriend, its quite suspicious if someone ask her about him and she doesnt know that to say. Sulli then get ready, and went straight to SM, she was sure nervous, not that she doesn't know how to dance, she actually dance well but what if, all she think is what if's. I can do it, right? sulli said to herself as she walk down on the corridor of SM.

hey guys, meet sulli, I know you know her already since, she was interviewed last time a guy introduced her to the four girls. hello sulli, finally we meet you, how are you Im Victoria, and this is amber, krystal and luna Victoria introduced their selves and bow to sulli, annyeong! Im JInri, Choi Jinri, but Im more comfortable if you call me sulli, she flashes a smile to them and bow, we know, you have an incredible soft voice, and hmm, minho sunbae's girlfriend luna smile while saying it to her, ahhh, yes sulli said with a smile. more likely his fake girlfriend she thought. okay, since the rest of F(x) had already started their dance lessons few months ago, we'll focus more on you Sulli, are you okay with that? the dance teacher said to her. and well, do you have any background in dancing? the teacher added. hmm, well I think yes, I study ballet and jazz when I was 6 my dad's way for me to forgot the death of my mom she thought ohh, that's good then the teacher said. but, I stopped dancing few years ago, sulli stated. why? their teacher asked curiously. But sulli didn't answer. After that, the teacher started to teach him some basic before starting in the real choreography, she's indeed good, her moves shows that somehow she misses to dance, her moves was light, the teacher was kind of amused of her, and also the rest of F(x) she's a total package right? Beautiful, sexy, have a great voice and dances really well amber said to her fellow mates and other's nodded. haha, and to add up, she's dating, one of SMs handsome idol krystal added. oh, tired? kai said to her here, drink this, mom said it could boost your energy kai added as he passes an energy drink to sulli, thanks sulli answered while wiping her sweat on her face. don't strain your self okay?, rest if you're tired arasso sulli answered him with a smile. oh, I heard shinee hyung went to japan kai said to her, she then rolled her eyes yeah, I think they have shooting for a commercial yeah, I heard it too, some product in japan choose their song for their commercial and I think minho hyung will be the lead, hmm he is partner with I think Inoue mao, one of the famous actress there kai informed her. huh? sulli answered. wait, I didn't know about this sulli thought. you don't know? kai asked her. ani, its not like that he should inform me with everything he do sulli said coldly. you know,

because we're just acting sulli added in a low voice, almost a whispering voice enough for kai to hear. then, let's eat dinner together later okay? kai asked her. alright sulli answered him flatly then stand up, im going to the comfort room,okay? sulli said to him then she went to the bathroom. babo!, bad guy badass minho oppa, he didn't even said to me, hmm what if, someone will ask me about it and I cant answer? Aish., she keep saying it to herself as she is walking towards the comfort room. oh, sulli! krystal called her. oh krys, is your voice class finish already? she ask krystal. hmm, not yet, well, Im just going to the comfort room oh, so let's go together.sulli said to her. well,what do you feel about it? krystal asked her out of nowhere as she washes her hands while sulli is washing her face. about what? sulli asked curiously. hmm? Well about the CF thing of minho oppa krystal said, well, it's not like I can do something about it sulli flatly answered, oh.. hmm at least you understand oppa's job, I think that's why he liked you krystal said, and sulli just flashes a smile on her and continue to wash her face but, for me if I am in your place I don't think I can allow it, well I don't know what will I feel if I see my boyfriend is kissing another girl, well you know it's not like they're not touching each other lips, but it's really a real kiss, kissing another woman. Aish. Krystal said which make sulli raise her head. KISS? sulli said in surprise loud voice. yeah. Will isn't minho oppa will be having a kissing scene with Ms. Inoue mao, everyone in room was talking about it earlier, they said minho oppa was lucky to kiss a famous actress of japan krystal said to her. WHAT?? KISSING SCENE?? suddenly sulli feels that her blood boiled, she don't know what she feels but she knows that she's angry. oh, he didn't told me about it. Sulli said with a low voice to krystal. what? OMG, I'm sorry. Krystal apologize. SHINee's POV on japan. aish, I still don't get it, despite of our support and encouragement he still decided not to pursue her. jjong sighed as he said while they were on the set of CF filming, the four of them was talking on the table while minho was doing his part with inoue mao. such a coward. He don't even know what she feel's for him, but he already decided to give her upkey said. look at him, a total professional, you can't tell that he was broken hearted, he smile genuinely. Onew said as he look at minho. well, just let him, he will surely realize. Jjong said. -OPPA! can you pass your phone to that JERK?. sulli said loudly to jjong on the phone. Chapter 20 Yaah, minho yah, someone wants to talk to you jjong shouted at minho

who was sitting at the chair at the balcony of their hotel room. who? he asked. aish, just go here okay? jjong rolled his eyes, he didn't told him that sulli was actually the one who called, minho followed jjong and went inside, hello, this is minho minho answered the phone without looking the caller ID. yah, I think sulli was angry, look she even called long distance just to talk with him jjong said to key, who was busy chatting with Nicole, oh, she must be angry, I bet she now knows that minho is having a kiss scene and didn't even informed her, key just answered him flatly, probably, but they're just fake right? Why would she be affected? jjong continue to ask key, yes, but still, even though it's fake, the whole world believes that they are true, so I think the whole SM was talking about the kissing scene of minho, God! Don't you think how lucky he is to kiss a famous, and beautiful actress of japan? And I think sulli was just kind of upset because, because she knows nothing about this. Key explained to him, well, yeah. You're right, and maybe some people there are asking her what she felt about it. thats why I told you that we should have told her jjong said. hmm. But I think it's still a good idea that we didn't told her, if she reacted to it maybe she's jealous, it's a good hint that maybe, MAYBE she feel something for minho also. Key said to jjong who was amused with key's ideas. yeobo!! You're really a genius, hahaha jjong laughed thinking of the possibility that sulli might have a feelings for minho. you just realized it now? key brag. And jjong went to the door that separates the balcony and their room he was trying to eavesdropped to minho and sulli's conversation.

Sulli's POV I don't know what I feel, but what I know now is that I need to talk to him. I dialed jjong's oppa phone number, I bet they are now on their hotel since it's pretty late now. he answered me, and I told him that I need to talk to minho oppa, my voice was kind of angry thats why I think he immediately called oppa. hello? This is minho minho oppa answered. oppa I speak with a small voice, I don't know why, but my heartbeart was racing the moment I heard his voice, honestly I don't know what to say to him, It's not like I have to scold him, I don't have the right to do it, right? Whatever the people know, I knew that we are just fake, then I should not react like this because it's part of their job. But still I hate the fact that he didn't even told me about it. sulli? hmm i said. oppa, are you still angry with me? I asked him, actually I want to shout.. but I just cant say those words, Minho didn't answer.

soo, you're still angry with me? I said to him since he was not answering my question. look, oppa.. I swear to God, I really didn't mean to say it.. oppa, can you please forgive me? Please? I said to hi, forgetting my pride. But still he is not answering. oppa, please? I cant help but cry. My tears started to fall, the fact that I know he was angry, i dont know why but i really feel bad, just thinking that he was angry with me. sull, he finally started to talked. oppa. Please? I was just joking.. I didn't mean it.. I didn't know that it will hurt you.. sorry for being stupid. I said while sobbing. I just cant stop my tears to flow. sigh alright. I know. And Im sorry too, sorry that.. I know I shouldn't react like that, but a burden to you. Im sorry he apologize to me, burden in my heart washes away and I manage to for reacting like somehow I felt that I am finally I felt that the smile.

stop crying already, I can hear you here he chuckled a little. arasso, aaaah, I hate you. You made me cry oppa I teased him. well, it's not my fault though he said and I can hear him laughed a little. aish. But oppa you still owe me an explanation I said to him referring the kiss scene, but still i dont know how to say it to him, honestly everytime i remember it, it really irritates me. explanation for? he asked cluelessly. first. For not informing me that you're going to japan, and second.. I stop saying I kinda feel shy to say it. and second? He asked again. hey sull? he asked again, I cant seem to open my mouth and say it to him but still I decided to say it. well, you haven't told me that you're having a kissing scene with a some famous actress there I rolled my eyes when saying it, and I can hear him laughing on the other line. ooohhhhhhh, you're jealous? he asked teasingly. aish this jerK!! I thought. jealous, who me? Huh? in your dreams. Of course not!! I answered him with a pissed voice. well, if not why? he asked again well, uhhmmmI stutter first, thinking of what reason I have.. well, because everyone was asking me about it and oh, I look really stupid for being soo clueless about it, what if someone will suspects that we are just acting? I said to him trying to be cool.

oh. He replied shortly. soo why? I ask him again. well, because.. im angry with you? he answered with a question. hmmm! I replied to him,but cant help to smile. soo, how's your practice? he changed the topic. well, it's fine.. I think for now, I laughed a little while saying. okay, that's good.. but remember don't strain your self, rest if you're tired okay? Don't forget to take your medicine and drink a lot of water he started to remind me of everything.. okay, I know I know.. aish kai was telling all of that the whole day. I said to him kai? he ask. yeah, kai..he was there the whole afternoon watching my practice,actually he's kinda annoying, reminding me of that and that, but still im thankful to him, he really takes care of me a lot. I said to him. oh. That's good then I can feel that his mood had changed did I say something bad again? I asked my self. well, have you ate dinner already? he ask me, changing topic again. oh, yeah, I ate with kai. And you oppa? Have you ate your dinner already? I asked him oh, with kai. Yeah we ate already. He answered back totally i can feel that his mood changed. we continue to talk for few minutes, talking about random things. well, I miss them. i miss their presence, aish. after we talk jjong and key oppa talk to me also. i felt light today, finally were okay.

I then lay on my bed, I really had a tough and long day.. I play some music to relax myself, and I started to stare on the ceiling. why do I feel like this? I ask myself, then I started to remember my life before this things happen. im just the famous choi sulli in school, famous for being the ice princess, top student of the whole school, the only daughter of the school owner, the un-friendly sulli, the one that everyone was afraid of. I realized how boring my life is I chuckled when I think of it. well, not after I meet SHINee, who would thought that those idols that I hate for ruining my peaceful life would be also the one who would put some color into my life? I thought that my dad was really stupid, but now I don't regret following him. I close my eyes, trying to fall a sleep, but how may times I tried I cant seem to fall, I feel really strange, minho oppa is keep appearing

on my mind, why? I ask myself. It's kinda weird, I remember how my heartbeat increase the moment I heard his voice earlier, it seems that I was longing for that voice, NO! IT CAN BE! I said loudly to myself. no, it's just because he was angry with me I said to myself convincing that what I just thought was wrong. no, but maybe I had a crush on him, just a crush. I don't trust men right? I said to my self, and I felt that my blood rushes to my cheeks. oh my go, it's just a crush right? Well who wouldn't ? he's hot, yeah. He's handsome, very handsome, he have a sexy deep voice. Yeah, I know it's just a crush. I keep telling to myself. sulli yah.. what's happening to you? Minhos POV I cant help but feel good with the fact that she called just to say sorry to me, well how could I resist her apology if she started to cry? I feel really happy. somehow i felt that i am important to her. but the way she asked those questions I can feel that shes quite jealous? I laughed when I thought of that. and still I had to admit that I feel really bad the moment he mentioned Kais name. ahhh seriously? Why should he be there? Ahhh, I really want to fly back to korea now, if not only because of our work here. I sighed. still I keep reminding myself that what we have is just a fake relationship and were just friends. Chapter 21 "hey! did something happen that we didn't know? onew asked jjong while he is watching minho who is preparing the ingredients of the soup while humming happily. "yeah yeah, well pretty much youre lucky not to hear their chessy conversation." jjong chuckled with his statement "So i guess they made up already and but how? he continue to ask. "well you know little sis made a long distance call, just to talk to him." jjong told onew. "hmmmm. Something is going on?" he asked. "dunno, i didnt hear it well, but im sure that she knew about the thing between minho and miss mao," he smiled. "yeah. well shell be surprise though, let's see her reaction if she saw it." onew told jjong just smirked. shinee still needs to be in japan for few more days, they have some guesting's and recording to do as well as promoting their album. "aaaaaah. im so damn tired." sulli said to herself as she sits on the couch inside the practice room, they were given a few minutes break. "yaah, sull are you okay? It's seem that your movements are quite heavy, are you not comfortable? Amber asked her curiously. I would like to tell you that it's not actually my body, but it's because my heart was already complaining. Damn this rotten heart she thought. "No its just.. You know, don't worry I'm fine" she answered amber with a fake smile "well let me guess, you miss minho-sunbae isn't it?" amber teased her. hmmm, I miss them all actually. No, ..yes I miss Minho. ahhh. What the hell is happening to me? , that bad jerk, I thought we're

okay, but few days had already passed but he never called me or even text me, is he not concerned with me? While jjong and onew oppa manage to contact me and keeps on checking at me, too busy huh?

"Hello earth to sulli?" Her thoughts was stop with ambers sudden action, she waved her hands on sullis face as she noticed that she was on complete daze. "So Ill assume you miss him huh?" Amber continue to tease her. But sulli just smile, it would be weird if she deny it right? People might wonder. -- sullis POV aaah., this is harder than what I have thought. Seriously the choreographer was kind of ache on my head. aaaah hes giving me hard time. I can do it you know, but I have to be careful. I rest my head on my knees as I watched him, demonstrating the next move, and fck this cause everyone knows the steps already, but me? I'm still a bit, you know having hard time doing it. I hate this feeling. Unknowingly I felt that tears was flowing in my face. aaah I want to scream, this fast few days was really tough. I had to divide myself into two if I can, I have practice our song and dance at the same time. I didn't even manage to attend school and 10 days left before our debut, actually I feel alone, though my group mates keeps on checking on me and even Kai was always there checking if I had taken my medicine, but I freakin miss my oppa's and shit I miss minho. A lot. He wasn't even texting me or calling me, and I hate it. When did I start to feel like this? I ask myself, I'm pretty weird lately "Okay another round" the choreographer called us. "Yes" everyone answered as we drag ourselves in the center of practice room. we then started to dance and yeah I keep on doing mistakes and the choreographer was keeping on yelling at me, I have to do well, I keep telling myself, after a few minutes of practicing i felt like my body was about to fall, slowly I just felt that I can't breathe anymore, I don't know what to do, I place my hand over my chest trying to feel my heart beat. This is not good, I said to myself. Tears is starting to fall on my cheeks again, But like an angel from the sky, I saw a tall man enters the room, without hesitation I walked towards the door, and all I did was to cry really hard, somehow I felt secured. I wrapped my hands around him and hug him tightly. "minho-yaaa" i said, my knees slowly started to fall down, he hold me tighter and lead me to the couch and sit beside me, and he panicked as I start to cry. "Are you okay? You're really pale" he asked, I was now struggling with my breathing, he then hurriedly ask for my bag. Everyone in the room gather around me, "gosh, sull are you okay? Victoria unnie asked me worriedly. But I was too weak to answer her. "Which among here? Minho asked me showing me my medicine box, which I think made every one curious when they saw that I have bunch of medicine kept on my bag. I just ignore my thoughts and hurriedly pointed the

medicine "That one, give me two" I answered Minho and in instant he gave me the medicine and handed me water. "Thanks" I said to him "rest for a while okay? I'll take you home afterwards. Then I started to close my eyes waiting for the drug to take effect Minho's POV. "hmmm you miss her that ?much?" jjong-hyung keep in asking me as he watch me changing clothes when we arrive in our dorm, I'm pretty tired today, but I just feel I need to see her, I want to see her. "I'll be back after an hour" I said to them, as they were watching some movie in the living room, "say hi to her for me okay?" onew hyung said to me as well as the others, I nod to them then I get my car keys and went downstairs and headed to SM, its 8pm I'm sure shes still there, is she okay? I'm sure it's pretty hard for her since she was catching up. We didn't told her that were here already actually they are plan to surprise her tomorrow but I think, I'll have to ruin their plan because I'm gonna surprise her now, I went straight to the practice room. "I just wish that he is not there" I told myself as I think of Kai. I entered the room slowly, and I saw her, crying and breathing heavily as she puts her hands on her chest, when I entered completely inside she cry harder and I can't help wonder why, is something bad happen to her? I ask myself, I was more shocked when she went towards me and without hesitation she wrapped her hands around me, oh my, is she hugging me? "minho-yaaah" she said as she hugs me, I was kind of surprised, and did she miss me this bad? I playfully thought. But just then I felt that she was slowly falling, I hold her tightly and lead her to the couch I asked her if she's okay, though I can clearly see that she is really pale, is she having the same thing happened to her last time? I panicked. And then I asked where her bag is so that I can give her medicine, though everyone in the room gather around us, I still have to give her medicine or else, yeah. I hate to say that thing, I'll think of an excuse later. After I asked her if what medicine I should gave her, I handed it immediately to her and gave her water. I told her to get some rest first then I'll send her home afterwards. -"what happen to her?" Luna ask Minho worriedly, theyre quite clueless of whats happening. shit what I should say now? He thought first before he answer Luna. "oh well hypoglycemia I think," Minho said,"I bet she didn't eat, thats why her blood sugar went low, thats why she almost faint" he added to explain it them further, and it seems that they believe him also. "But why does she have a bunch of medicine on her bag?" Krystal asked him curiously. crap, now what should I tell? Minho thought worriedly. "Oh, that was her vitamins and emergency medicine, you know for colds, fever, cough and etc. I told her to bring it always" minho lied. "ohhhh. How sweet" the four started to tease him. "hyung, could I perhaps bring her home now ? I think she needs to rest." minho asked the choreographer. "well then let's call it a day" the choreographer declared, which made everyone happy, Minho then tries to wake up sulli, then he assisther to walk down to the

parking lot, actually he told her that he will carry her but she insisted to walk, after a few minutes she was now sitting on her car, minho just left his car there, his manager can pick him up after. he then start to drive, after 15 minutes they arrive on her house, after a few honk, the gate opens, their gate was quite far from the main entrance, a lady was waiting in front of their main door, she was quite old he bet that it was sullis nanny, he then look at sulli but she had fallen asleep. I guess youre really tired" minho said then he went outside the car and went to the door on sullis side, he slowly open it as he carefully carry sulli, "Oh, what happen to her? the old lady ask him curiously, Annyong! I'm minho, she had fallen asleep minho replied, can I ask where is her room? minho asked the old lady. oh, it's on the second floor, the second door on the left side.she instruct minho and then went to her car and take her things. Minho carried her into her room, the old lady follow behind.. she's quite tired because of her practice he said to the old lady. aah, that's why, I hope she's okay. The old lady said. don't worry, she took her medicine already minho said to her as he position sulli in the bed, the old lady start to take sulli's shoes and ask minho to go out for a while because she will change sulli's clothes. After a while the old lady called him, Mr. Minho, ms. Sulli had woke up, do you want to talk to her? the old lady ask him. Then minho nodded and enter her room again. Chapter 22

oppa?, you're still here? sulli asked minho surprisingly when she saw minho entered her room again, pssshff you didn't even said thank you and now youre sending me home? minho whined as he walk closer to sulli's bed, she smiled should I thank you huh? Isn't that, it's the duty of a boyfriend? sulli pouted at him, minho smiled on what she said, somehow he feels good when he hears that. hmmm. Really? minho answered her, of course. Yaaah! Minho! Why didn't you send a text message or an email? sulli glared at him, he was now sitting on bed beside sulli, im busy minho said. busy with what? With your kiss scene? Huh. sulli thought. oh, busy. Okay sulli said flatly. why? Did you miss me that much huh? minho teased her. OF COURSE NOT! ACTUALLY I FEEL GOOD WITHOUT YOU! sulli answered him with a loud voice, but just joking AAAHHHH! SO, I MUST GO NOW, SO THAT YOU WILL FEEL GOOD! minho stand and answered her teasingly but smiling on his thought, yaaaah! sulli said and grabbed his hands and let him sit again minho smiled in what she did. yaaah, you're boring, it's just a joke you know, why are you taking it seriously? sulli asked, thinking that minho is really offended. babo! Im not lame, of course I know It's just a joke minho smacked her head and smile on her. sooo, what happen to you? Why are you being like that? Didn't I told you to rest if you're tired? What if Im not there? minho started to ask her seriously, and worriedly well, you know, I just cant rest while they are practicing, they didn't have any idea about my disease, so I cant, and plus do you know how evil our choreographer is? He's really getting on my nerves. Sulli answered him. aish, just don't do it again okay? Your debut is on next week, you should not be over fatigue. Just take care of yourself, tell me if

there's something wrong minho said. Which make her heart feel warm, somehow she is loving the feeling of having someone concerned of her safety. And you? How's your stay in japan? sulli asked him well, just like before you know, we've been there every month so same things. minho answered. as if.......I think you really enjoyed your last visit sulli thought referring to his kiss scene. oh, our CF will be broadcast the day after tomorrow, you should watch it. Minho said. no thanks sulli thought. oh.. really? Of course. Sulli faked a smile on him. Few more minutes they talked about the things happen in japan, and on her training, minho also told her some tips when performing on stage, the night was full of laughter, just then minho was sharing one situation they had on japan when he noticed that sulli was already leaning her head on his shoulder, when he turned to look at her he found out that she was already asleep, he gently position her on the bed. You're really must tired, he whispered. When he was putting blanket on sulli, sulli grabbed his hands while murmuring something he can't understand what he only felt is a strong grip on his hands, he sits for a while beside sulli and watch her while she sleeps. He admired her sleeping face, her perfect face, he cant stop thinking how beautiful she was, that she was like an angel, I wished you were peaceful like this always, I don't want to see you suffering or being hurt, I hope I can protect you, I promise I'll protect you minho thought as he started to caress his other hand on sulli's face, his hand touch her forehead, her eyes, and he noticed that she have a long lashes, then he touched her nose, her cheeks and while trembling a little he touched her lips, he admired how soft and pink it was, not mentioning how kissable it is. He felt that his heart was burning, his whole body was burning when he touched her lips, a few more seconds he found his self an inch closer to her lips, he don't know why he did that, but all he knew is that he want to pressed his lips on those pink soft lips that she had, a few more second after, he close the gap between their lips, it was just a smack at first, but to his surprise the lips he kissed was answering to his, it only come to his senses that sulli, sulli was also kissing him, while closing her eyes, he don't know if she was awake or what but what he only feel was happiness, a few more seconds the passionate kiss they share ended, he smiled, he was really happy. But he noticed that sulli was still sleeping, he laughed a little, so, are you dreaming of kissing someone huh? minho whispered slowly while looking at her. he was about to go when he noticed that her hands were still holding his. Even though he tried to let go of it, sulli is still holding back, so he decided to stay for a few more minutes aish, I didnt noticed I love you this much already minho thought.. -

SHINee's Dorm the next day

waaaah, it feels good to have a good sleep after a tiring week on japan onew said while stretching his hands when he entered the kitchen, where key was making breakfast hyung, can you please call them already? Breakfast is ready, and we need to go to SM later key said to onew, then onew went to the rooms of his dongsaengs. He first went to taemin's then on jjong's and last on minho's room.

yaaah!!! Didn't minho went home last night? onew shouted when he found out that minho's room was empty, it was still tidy so it means no one sleep there. what hyung? I don't know, Im not the one open the door him taemin answered he's not here onew said to them when he went to the kitchen. well, maybe he went home last night, don't worry about him hyung, let's just called him, manager will be freak out if he found out that he's not home jjong said. aish, okay, let's just eat breakfast first.onew said, and all of them started to eat their breakfast. hyung, onew-hyung told me that you call minho's brother since you have his number, minho-hyung is not picking up taemin told jjong who is sitting on the massage chair, jjong then started to dialed minho's older brother phone number.

oh.. he said that minho didn't went home jjong said. huh? Then where is he? key said. I dunno, well maybe he's on SM, let's just meet him there. Jjong said, they then started to fix themselves, and wait for their van to arrive, after 30 minutes of preparing and waiting for their van it finally arrive, they then headed to SM. Since it's still early for their meeting with the MV director they went straight to the practice room hoping that minho was there, maybe he was watching sulli they thought, but when they arrive only amber was there, and she told them what happen last night to sulli, and also she told them that minho was the one who sent sulli home. aaah! Could it be that they're together? That minho sleep on her house? key suddenly said, as they were sitting on the chairs, hmmm. That would be possible, sulli was not also answering her phone, maybe she's still asleep. Jjong said. well, do you think what I am thinking? key said with a smirked on his face. let's go then, Let's caught them redhanded! jjong said while lifting his hands upward showing victory. They then headed on the parking lot, and told their driver to drive them to sulli's house, after a few minutes of drive they arrive on a big mansion, it was their first time going there so they were quite surprise no wonder she's a princess key said, eyeing the large house on their front, they quickly put on cap, scarf and sunglasses to cover their face and they stand on the front of the gate and pressed the door bell, an old lady answered them through the monitor, asking if what business they do have with the choi, they quickly remove their scarfs glasses and caps, so that the lady would recognize them oh! Shinee, you're the friends of ms. Sulli right? the old lady said, they nod and smile at her, she then quickly press a button and the gate open automatically. They were welcomed inside sulli's house, they met Mr. choi who were glad to meet them, they ask permission if they could went inside her because they want to surprise her, which mr. choi agree. They tiptoed towards sulli's door, and slowly open her door with the spare key the old lady gave them. The room was really big, it's like another house inside, they entered the mini living room on her room, and started to plan on what they should do, they don't know if minho was really there since the old lady didn't mention it. They decided that key will be the one to enter first and after he will call them. Key tiptoed towards her bedroom, he make sure that he didn't

make any sound, but instead of calling his hyungs and taemin, he shouted really loud in a high pitch. OMOOOOO!!!! then onew, jjong and taemin went towards him, also them grasped with that they saw, minho and sulli was sleeping together, hugging each other, and sulli was resting her head on minho's chest. They were making loud noises enough for the two to wake up. The two first didn't noticed.sulli widened her eyes when she saw minho was lying beside her, same with minho. Sulli shouted and strongly pushed minho which make him fall (TTBY SCENE,..mahehehe) CHOI MINHO, CHOI SULLI!! MIND TELLING US WHAT's GOING ON BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU the four shouted on them, which make them swallow a big lump on their throat Chapter 23

Sulli's POv What the hell did happen to us?, why is he sleeping beside me? I'm sure nothing happen between, if there is I should know it right? Aish don't be stupid sulli, why are you soo nervous? I ask myself while sitting in front of Onew, jjong and key Oppa and taemin, on the couch in my room, beside me is Minho, who was now very silent. so? jjong raise his eyebrow while saying. op-ppa I stutter while speaking, hell I was really nervous, I was about to say something when minho oppa cut me off, hyung, we don't have to explain anything, It's my fault, I fell asleep beside her, it's just an accident minho told them, but why are you hugging each other huh? jjong oppa said to us, suddenly heat rushes to my face, it's true we are hugging each other, It's kinda weird but I really feel good when he was hugging me, I feel secured, minho oppa continue to explain to them which I bet, they didn't believe so, you mean nothing happen between the two of you, like you know, the hmmmm. Jjong asked him curiously AISH HYUNG!! minho said loudly what? jjong said. what do you think of us? Aish, if that's happen you will not find us with complete clothes right? minho said sarcastically. you have a point minho-goon, but remember if you really done it with her, we're all going to kill you. Aish, what if your crazy hormones there can't resist this lovely goddess dongsaeng of us? You're going to hurt her, you're going to stain her innocent mind. jjong sheepishly smile while saying and eyeing me, I cant help but smile on what he said, it was really immature though, but I know the fact that they were willing to scold minho for me. I suddenly freeze when I remember something, If minho oppa was sleeping beside me, then probably.. he, .. no, it's just a dream, NO! a horrible dream, but somehow I felt that it was real, I suddenly touch my lips, somehow I felt it. I was suddenly worried that maybe, while we are sleeping I unknowingly kiss minho oppa, since I dreamed of kissing him, and still until now I really don't know why I had that dream, why? I ask myself. But what if I really kissed him? What if he was awake when I did it? What if I scared him? Aish sulli, how can you be stupid even when you're in your dream? I scolded myself, but cant help to smile, as I recall the feeling I had felt in my dreams, do I like him? I ask myself. sulli, are you okay? onew oppa asked suddenly. At last they stop

asking us questions, but hell they was still teasing us, I was now sitting beside onew oppa, as I wasn't comfortable to sit beside minho oppa, somehow I fee shy. And jjong and key was tickling him and started to teas him I'm okay oppa I smiled at onew oppa, oh, you seem to be out of earth, are you in mars? onew hyung asked me playfully, I wacked his arms instead of replying him since I don't even know what to say. A knock interrupted us, it was Suzy my nanny, she brought us, snacks to eat and also my medicine, I tried to hide it, since the rest of shinee's didn't knew it. don't, need to hide it. We already know taemin said to me while I was trying to hide it. huh? I asked curiously aish, I said you don't need to hide those medicine, we already knew it.. don't blame minho hyung, he was just worried of you he said to me, I smile back at him. just trust us okay? he winked and then joined jjong and key oppa teasing minho. AAAH, I love this guys. How come they entered my life that easy? How come they were able to break those walls I built around me? How come I am starting to fall in love with a person I supposed to hate? Wait did I say falling inlove? Aigoo, I must be crazy. After that useless yet funny talked with my oppa, me and minho oppa get ready to go to SM, yes, another hell day for me. The way to SM is full of nagging from my oppa who seems to miss me, god it was just a week, and they nag me like we didn't see each other for a century, once in a while they bring up the thing between me and oppa. Just then I noticed that minho oppa was silent, he didn't talk since we left our house, he didn't also talked to me, nor the rest, he was staring on the road outside the van. oppa, are you okay? I asked him, but he must be preoccupied that he seems not to hear me. Well, at the end I choose not to bother him anymore. After a few minutes of drive, we arrive at the building, I was attacked by my group mates with questions like, they keep saying that I was lucky to have minho oppa as boyfriend they really can see how much he loves me. I just smile to them. Shinee oppa's went to the office of lee soo man because they're having a meeting with him, and I was left with my group mates and this evil choreographer of us. After a few times of mastering our dance, our instructor give us a few minutes break, I quickly grabbed my towel and water and sit on the couch, here! drink this a person said as he passes an energy drink to me, I don't need to look at his face cause I know that it was kai. thanks kai, I said to him as I accepted his offer, he then quickly sit beside me. hmm, I heard, you almost fainted last night he asked. uhm. Not really, luckily minho oppa was here, he saved me I answered him hmm, that's good then. Mom told me to tell you that she wants you to visit her, before your debut he said to me, oh? Why? I asked since I know that it's still a month till my next check up. hmm, well with that matter I don't know he said. aah, okay.. I will, thanks kai. I said to him. Minho's POV

The meeting with Mr. Lee was just a reminder of our upcoming projects, and well scolds me a little. I know he would be angry, well you know. Rejecting a kiss from a famous star of japan, I actually made everyone shocked when I ask the director of CF that instead of a kiss in the lips I will just kiss her in the cheeks, they reacted like that because it's not like me, I wasn't nervous at all, It's not like my first kiss on screen, but when I think of sulli, and the fact that I didn't inform her would probably make her upset so I decided not to kiss her. as we walk towards the practice room, where my hyungs want to watch sulli, I cant stop thinking about what happened last night, to be honest I was not that affected with what my hyung saw but rather I was more affected with the fact that sulli, didn't remember anything the fact that it was the most meaningful kiss I had experience, the way she kissed me to, thinking of it will make my spine go shiver, I just love how her lips were touching mine. And now I cant even look at her, I felt nervous when I look at her.' We entered the room while laughing, because they started to again, and even told me that if I will not follow them they everyone that we sleep together, just then my face suddenly a gloomy one, because when we entered the room, I saw sulli talking with each other. tease me will told changed into and kai

-Minho was still staring at them when they walk towards him and her, why is he here again? he thought, the four shinee boys chose to sit beside kai and sulli but minho decide to sit on the last chair far away from sulli. He felt different emotions, he was actually jealous of kai, but never find the courage to approach her. The next hours shinee and kai including other manager watch F(x) as they practice for the last time before the lunch break. They all clapped after the song, indeed they knew that f(x) is now ready to debut. sulli, lunch together okay? onew asked sulli who was wiping her sweat. oppa, can we bring kai? WHY???? minho thought when he heard her say his name of course, the more the merrier. Onew said okay, kai. Eat lunch with us okay? sulli said. Kai who was extremely happy with her invitation started to cling his self to sulli, he carried her bag and towel, as they walk towards the building's cafeteria, DID HE FORGOT THAT I WAS THE BOYFRIEND HERE? minho thought jealously. Chapter 24 Sulli's POv What the hell did happen to us?, why is he sleeping beside me? I'm sure nothing happen between, if there is I should know it right? Aish don't be stupid sulli, why are you soo nervous? I ask myself while sitting in front of Onew, jjong and key Oppa and taemin, on the couch in my room, beside me is Minho, who was now very silent. so? jjong raise his eyebrow while saying. op-ppa I stutter while speaking, hell I was really nervous, I was about to say something when minho oppa cut me off, hyung, we don't have to explain anything, It's my fault, I fell asleep beside her, it's just an accident minho told

them, but why are you hugging each other huh? jjong oppa said to us, suddenly heat rushes to my face, it's true we are hugging each other, It's kinda weird but I really feel good when he was hugging me, I feel secured, minho oppa continue to explain to them which I bet, they didn't believe so, you mean nothing happen between the two of you, like you know, the hmmmm. Jjong asked him curiously AISH HYUNG!! minho said loudly what? jjong said. what do you think of us? Aish, if that's happen you will not find us with complete clothes right? minho said sarcastically. you have a point minho-goon, but remember if you really done it with her, we're all going to kill you. Aish, what if your crazy hormones there can't resist this lovely goddess dongsaeng of us? You're going to hurt her, you're going to stain her innocent mind. jjong sheepishly smile while saying and eyeing me, I cant help but smile on what he said, it was really immature though, but I know the fact that they were willing to scold minho for me. I suddenly freeze when I remember something, If minho oppa was sleeping beside me, then probably.. he, .. no, it's just a dream, NO! a horrible dream, but somehow I felt that it was real, I suddenly touch my lips, somehow I felt it. I was suddenly worried that maybe, while we are sleeping I unknowingly kiss minho oppa, since I dreamed of kissing him, and still until now I really don't know why I had that dream, why? I ask myself. But what if I really kissed him? What if he was awake when I did it? What if I scared him? Aish sulli, how can you be stupid even when you're in your dream? I scolded myself, but cant help to smile, as I recall the feeling I had felt in my dreams, do I like him? I ask myself. sulli, are you okay? onew oppa asked suddenly. At last they stop asking us questions, but hell they was still teasing us, I was now sitting beside onew oppa, as I wasn't comfortable to sit beside minho oppa, somehow I fee shy. And jjong and key was tickling him and started to teas him I'm okay oppa I smiled at onew oppa, oh, you seem to be out of earth, are you in mars? onew hyung asked me playfully, I wacked his arms instead of replying him since I don't even know what to say. A knock interrupted us, it was Suzy my nanny, she brought us, snacks to eat and also my medicine, I tried to hide it, since the rest of shinee's didn't knew it. don't, need to hide it. We already know taemin said to me while I was trying to hide it. huh? I asked curiously aish, I said you don't need to hide those medicine, we already knew it.. don't blame minho hyung, he was just worried of you he said to me, I smile back at him. just trust us okay? he winked and then joined jjong and key oppa teasing minho. AAAH, I love this guys. How come they entered my life that easy? How come they were able to break those walls I built around me? How come I am starting to fall in love with a person I supposed to hate? Wait did I say falling inlove? Aigoo, I must be crazy. After that useless yet funny talked with my oppa, me and minho oppa get ready to go to SM, yes, another hell day for me. The way to SM is full of nagging from my oppa who seems to miss me, god it was just a week, and they nag me like we didn't see each other for a century, once in a while they bring up the thing between me and oppa. Just then I noticed that minho oppa was silent, he didn't talk since we left our house, he didn't also talked to me, nor the rest, he was staring on the road outside the van.

oppa, are you okay? I asked him, but he must be preoccupied that he seems not to hear me. Well, at the end I choose not to bother him anymore. After a few minutes of drive, we arrive at the building, I was attacked by my group mates with questions like, they keep saying that I was lucky to have minho oppa as boyfriend they really can see how much he loves me. I just smile to them. Shinee oppa's went to the office of lee soo man because they're having a meeting with him, and I was left with my group mates and this evil choreographer of us. After a few times of mastering our dance, our instructor give us a few minutes break, I quickly grabbed my towel and water and sit on the couch, here! drink this a person said as he passes an energy drink to me, I don't need to look at his face cause I know that it was kai. thanks kai, I said to him as I accepted his offer, he then quickly sit beside me. hmm, I heard, you almost fainted last night he asked. uhm. Not really, luckily minho oppa was here, he saved me I answered him hmm, that's good then. Mom told me to tell you that she wants you to visit her, before your debut he said to me, oh? Why? I asked since I know that it's still a month till my next check up. hmm, well with that matter I don't know he said. aah, okay.. I will, thanks kai. I said to him. Minho's POV The meeting with Mr. Lee was just a reminder of our upcoming projects, and well scolds me a little. I know he would be angry, well you know. Rejecting a kiss from a famous star of japan, I actually made everyone shocked when I ask the director of CF that instead of a kiss in the lips I will just kiss her in the cheeks, they reacted like that because it's not like me, I wasn't nervous at all, It's not like my first kiss on screen, but when I think of sulli, and the fact that I didn't inform her would probably make her upset so I decided not to kiss her. as we walk towards the practice room, where my hyungs want to watch sulli, I cant stop thinking about what happened last night, to be honest I was not that affected with what my hyung saw but rather I was more affected with the fact that sulli, didn't remember anything the fact that it was the most meaningful kiss I had experience, the way she kissed me to, thinking of it will make my spine go shiver, I just love how her lips were touching mine. And now I cant even look at her, I felt nervous when I look at her.' We entered the room while laughing, because they started to again, and even told me that if I will not follow them they everyone that we sleep together, just then my face suddenly a gloomy one, because when we entered the room, I saw sulli talking with each other. tease me will told changed into and kai

-Minho was still staring at them when they walk towards him and her, why is he here again? he thought, the four shinee boys chose to sit beside kai and sulli but minho decide to sit on the last chair far away from sulli. He felt different emotions, he was actually jealous of kai, but never find the courage to approach her.

The next hours shinee and kai including other manager watch F(x) as they practice for the last time before the lunch break. They all clapped after the song, indeed they knew that f(x) is now ready to debut. sulli, lunch together okay? onew asked sulli who was wiping her sweat. oppa, can we bring kai? WHY???? minho thought when he heard her say his name of course, the more the merrier. Onew said okay, kai. Eat lunch with us okay? sulli said. Kai who was extremely happy with her invitation started to cling his self to sulli, he carried her bag and towel, as they walk towards the building's cafeteria, DID HE FORGOT THAT I WAS THE BOYFRIEND HERE? minho thought jealously. Chapter 25 Minho's POV What's happening to me? I don't know either. How come that the fearless choi minho is now sulking in the corner and didn't know what to do? I actually don't want to ignore her, it's just that I really feel awkward, I am ashamed of kissing her on her sleep, it's like taking advantage of her, but also at the same time I didn't regret it, and yeah she kissed me back, but still she was asleep. And now it's just that I feel bad seeing her like nothing happen which is expected and having great time with kai, I know I should not be angry with him, because what we have is just a fake relationship and me and kai are on the same level, who knows? Maybe he was higher than me. I chose not to eat lunch with them, cause I know I will not be comfortable, though my hyungs persuade me but I chose not to, she didn't even try to ask me why, maybe busy with kai?. I sighed. Now we are watching their practice after the lunch, just because we are acting as a couple I need to be here, luckily my hyung's and taemin are here to accompany me. you okay? You seem to be quite since we left sulli's house and you didn't even ate with us, what's wrong? onew hyung ask me worriedly, nothing hyung. I answered flatly, I just don't know what to say. nothing? Are you sure? But your face say it all hyung said again I didn't answer, I bet he knows it, for how many years that we live together we knew the meaning of each other's facial expression. you're choi minho remember? What's with that expression huh? If you love her, show it. They're just friends okay? Don't sit there looking at them and dying of being jealous okay? hyung told me which makes me enlighten, yeah I am choi minho, why should I be afraid? But yeah.. I am afraid. What if she doesn't feel the same way towards me? What if she likes kai? What should I do then?, I asked myself, because honestly Im not experienced with love, being a trainee leaves us no time for that thing, so I really don't know what to do. After 1 hour the practice was over, and now I decided to talk to sulli before she noticed that I've been ignoring her. I stood up from the couch and went to her. sull I called her ne oppa? she answered well, are you tired? I'll send you home if you're not doing anything here, you should rest I told her, then I saw kai walking towards us. ahhh, uhmm. Oppa, well we were going somewhere sulli said as kai reached our spot and she hold him in his elbow. somewhere? Where? Why? I thought why looking at them. oh, then okay, rest after I told her flatly and without waiting for her response I turned back and went to my hyung's and told them that we should go home, she was calling me, but I didn't look back.

The way to our dorm was quite, but only for me. They were, you know as usual energetic, why does I cant be like them? I hate this feeling. I hate seeing her with him, earlier I want to stop her, I want to ask her where they are going, but what right do I have?. hyung, why didn't sulli went home with us? taemin asked me suddenly hmm? She's going somewhere with kai I answered them flatly acting like I don't care. WHAT??? they answer in unison and with a loud voice, you hear what I said right? I said to them yeah, we know, but why you didn't stop her? jjong asked me why should I? it's her decision anyway I cant stop her. I said. but you're her boyfriend right? he said fake hyung. I flatly said not looking at them. you're jealous. Key said. Im not I try to convinced them but as what I said they know me. man, that's not choi minho, you love her right? Why did you gave another man opportunity to snatch her? jjong said to me, I don't know hyung, I don't know I said while closing my eyes, I just want this to end. When we arrive at our dorm I went to straight to my room, trying to catch some sleep and to think. Or maybe just stop thinking about it. I sighed before closing my eyes. I love her. -Sulli's POV Sulli-yaah, minho was really sad right now, do you know why? Can you come here? we're on our dorm I received this text message from jjong oppa why? Did something happen to him? Okay oppa, I'll be right there after I finish this thing here I replied to him. sulli, remember to take this regularly okay? Dr. Kim told me, Kai accompany me to go here since she told kai to visit her before my debut. thank you Dr. Kim I said to her No problem sulli, Just take care of your body she said again. yes Dr. Kim, I will, I should go now, thank you again I bow and then went out of her office, kai was outside waiting for me. finish already? he asked yep, thanks for coming with me I said to him no worries, anyways we are at our house, so it's not a hassle he winked and smiled at me whatever kai I said to him and smile, then I sat beside him want to grab some snacks? he asked me, hmm, Nope, thanks anyway I need to go to shinee oppa's dorm oh? Why? he asked me well, they want me to go there. I lauged a little okay, I'll send you there he said okay then, thanks kai I said, then we went to shinee's dorm Shinee's Dorm knock knock knock that must be sulli, jjong said, he then stand up and went to the door, he touch the monitor that connects outside, and saw sulli waving in the monitor he then open it. oppa, where is minho oppa? she said worriedly psssfff, not even greeting us huh? jjong said to her, she hit him in his biceps and laughing. oppa she said to jjong, well, we don't know what happen to him, but he's really quiet and looking sad jjong said to her. hmm, why is that? I also noticed him not talking to me, except when he asked me that he will send me home sulli pouted, he asked you? key asked yeah, but I told him I'm going somewhere with kai sulli answered

what???? Oh my God sulli, I think that's the reason why, you rejected his offer key said again with a high tone. why? I try to call him if he wants to go with us but he seems not to hear me. Sulli whined. babo minho key thought well, you know, you rejected him, so maybe he feels bad that's why key said really? Aish, where is he then? she asked them and the four pointed his room. I'll talk to him sulli said. yaah! Don't you think minho will scold us with what we did? onew asked why? We're older than him and besides we're helping him so he must be thankful to us jjong answered with a smirk how about me? taemin pouted aigoo maknae do it for your hyung okay? Accept the scolding key said to him laughing. They then to key's room that is besides minho to eavesdropped. Sulli entered the room of minho and found him sleeping in the bed what? I thought he was sad, but it seems that he was sleeping peacefully sulli thought, she then sat on minho's bed, it was a king size bed and she was sitting on the head part, she was looking at minho's sleeping face aigoo, such a baby when sleeping huh? Oppa, why do I feel like this? Why does my heart beat fast when I see you? And what more strange is I dreamed of kissing you she thought while she felt that her cheeks was blushing am I falling for you? sulli thought was interrupted by if you stare at me like that I'll melt here soon minho said and grabbed her quickly and hugged her sulli laughed at what he did she was now lying beside him and he was still hugging her. oppa, they told me you're sad, is there anything wrong? sulli turned to face him while he was still hugging her, she looked at him waiting for an answer nothing his voice become serious, silent takes over, they were just looking each other. The next second it becomes a staring battle, their face was serious they seems to examine each other face. why does my heart keep's beating faster everytime I'm close to him? sulli thought while looking at minho's face I love you, I love you, I want to say this to you. But Im afraid to minho thought while looking at her also. Minho's look at her face again, but seems he doesn't have enough strength to stop what he feels, the urge of kissing her dominates his brain, he was looking at her pink and soft lips, which sulli even noticed, the two were just silent. Just then minho hold her cheeks, his face we're moving closer, and a few seconds, he didn't manage to stop his self, instead he kissed her. Her eyes widened with the sudden action of minho HE, HE , HE IS KISSING ME?????????????? she thought. But what surprised her more is when unknowingly her lips responds on his kiss, he gently close her eyes, she was kissing minho, she was kissing him, she felt butterflies in her stomach. what are they doing??, it's seems that they were not talking anymore key said aish, maybe staring contest? onew said. aish, minho you jerked key said impatiently and storm out of his room to check what the two were doing. uh-oh. Sorry. Key said shocked with what he saw and went out of minho's room immediately. He was pale when he went back to his room. what did you see? jjong asked. yaah! Key, say something?onew said. hyung, why do you look so pale? taemin asked, key was covering his face with a pillow. you wont believe, what I saw key finally spoke. what is it? jjong asked him. I saw them kissing key said in a low voice enough for the three to hear. WHAT???? the three responded he immediately put his finger on his lips to tell them to keep quiet.

The kiss was long and passionate, after a few minutes their lips parted, he smile at her. oppa, what does it mean? sulli asked curiously, her face become crimson. sulli, he said nervously. would you want this thing to be real? he asked. what do you mean oppa? sulli asked confused. I love you sull, minho said. would you want this fake relationship of us be real? he asked again. She blushed again with what he said he loves me? she thought. oppa, can you give me time? Honestly, I don't really know.. Im confused, you know exactly why..(referring to her hate to men) but Im not saying I didn't feel the same way as yours, your special to me, I love you, but let me think of it okay..? you can wait right? she said. she feels the same way as me? he thought that's it! I finally said it. I love him, but Im still not sure of entering a relationship... minho smiled at her and hug her. I'll wait for your decision. I promise he whispered on her ears. Chapter 26 Sulli's POV He love me, he love me. I keep staring on his face, I never thought that he will fall for me, nor I falling for him, how did it start? I don't know. What I know is that this person in front of me is the person I love. But am I worthy of him? Am I worthy of his love? Can I give back the love he have for me? This questions kept running on my mind, though I'm certain that I love him, I'm still undecided I don't want him to be hurt because of me, as much as he wants to protect me, I also want to protect him. oppa, wake up I whispered on his ear, trying to wake him up, somehow I pity him for sleeping in the couch because he wants me to sleep in his bed instead, because he said that I'm tired so it's much better for me to sleep here. oppa I try to wake him up again. But I never thought that Minho was this heavy sleeper. aish, I think I just leave him here, anyway it's seems that he is enjoying his sleep. So, what's the score between you two? jjong asked them seriously while they are eating their breakfast which key had prepared. Score? sullli ask curiously yeah. You two jjong said eyeing her and Minho. But Minho and sulli just look at each other and chuckled. myoya? Look I'm being serious here jjong rolled his eyes. We're on process Minho said smiling process your face key said suddenly what did you say? Minho asked confuse yaa. I'm sorry for butting in last night but I saw what did you did last night key said smirking did what? they asked key innocently hmmm, what me to tell it? key said while pouting his lips to hint them of what he was talking about ani, no need key, Minho said as he gets what key was talking about and sulli blush as she remember the kiss. Minho-goon though we're brothers and close friends but if you try to hurt my baby sulli, I will really punch, I don't care if you're taller than me, I'll find way just to punch you, understand? jjong said to minho which makes everyone's laugh yaa. Jonghyun, who are you? Sulli's dad? And what's with baby huh? And yeah I think you need 6 ft. tall stool so you can reach Minho and can punch him key said laughing which makes everyone laugh and jjong just pouted at them yaaaah! Im serious here you know, I wouldn't allow anyone hurt our baby sister

jjong said oppa, don't worry before you can punch I will do it first, and anyways we're not still together sulli said to jjong oppa, kumawo she whispered. yaah, Minho why are you not saying something huh? jjong asked minho who is being silent and just smiling at them yaa, it's not minho if he is start to speak right now key said and everyone laugh. I can speak for your information, It's just that I cant compete with your and jjong hyung mouth minho answered them laughing. sulli-yaaah, SHINee's oppa new commercial will about to air, you wanna watch? amber asked sulli, they were on the practice room having a 15 minutes break from their dance practice do I have a choice? sulli thought not answering ambers question and rather focusing her attention to the monitor of the TV. the practice room was filled with some directors and PA who are also anticipating SHINees new CF. "waah, Minho was really lucky, I heard Ms. Inoue was one of big stars in Japan" one person said so?? its not true sulli thought, feeling jealous aish, I hate this feeling, why on earth he have to kiss that girl? she thought again. "thats because hes the visual, thats why he was always the main star of any CF and MV" one PA said Visual? and I am the visual too, soo that means, I will be doing this stuffs also? sulli thought.

"OH, here it is its starting" amber said. "ohhhh, they are really professional" "yeaah, they look really handsome" "as usual their voice was amazing," "the actress is really pretty" "the kiss, here it is"

"eotteohge doengeo ya?? (What did happen?)" everyone said, sulli was also shocked. "they said it was lip-lock, but it was on the cheeks?" luna said. eyeing sulli who is smiling secretly "hmmmm, someone must be happy here huh?" vitoria said while laughing a little bit. "sulli-yaa, Im jealous, Minho sunbae must love you much, I think its because of you thats why he didnt kiss her"kyrstal said. amber, luna and victoria agree with what krystal said. did I see it right? he didnt kiss her.. is it because of me? sulli thought while blushing.

"oppa, you lied to me :(" sulli texted minho

"huh? with what? when? I promised I didnt" minho worriedly replied. which makes sulli laugh.

"oppa... you know what, youre making me love you more, Im happy that you didnt kiss her, sorry for reacting like that last time oppa" she replied while smiling on her phone

"you saw it already? aish, Im planning to watch it with you so that I

can see your reaction. hahaha babo, Its because I love you thats why I did it. wait, am I being too cheesy here?" minho texted back.

"yeah.. babo, oppa, kumawo" she replied briefly, her heart flutters with his message.

"aish.. baby sulli, were starting the recording soon, take care okay? Ill pick you up later.. Ill call you" he replied.

"ne, oppa you too" she replied and then put her phone back on her bag.

they start practising again and this time she was more energetic. inspired indeed

"okay F(x) get ready, youre next" the floor director called F(x) finally tosay is their debut, no one could tell how nervous they are, but all in their heads was they have to do well, theyve worked hard for it. sulli thought of the tips her oppas had told her, somehow she keeps in her mind that It is her dream, and now she is one step from it, she never thought that this would come, and now the important persons in her life is out ther waiting for there performance, the five of them hold hands and said a small prayer,and in cue they are already on stage, the music start and the five of them start their performance, sulli saw how the SHINee cheer her, by just seeing them it makes her happy and confident, but what makes her confident more is seeing her father watching her, all she think is that she should make them proud no matter what. and in the right upper corner was her EXOs friends who was cheering hard for her also, the performance was short yet long, and the people was very satisfied with their performance, you cant tell that they are rookie, by seeing you can see that they will really become famous, they bow on the audience and made their way to the backstage, and their they were welcome by their own family, they cant hide the tears that were falling from their eyes, they were happy as well as their family. sulli just lookm at them, because out of five she was the only one who wasnt welcome by her family, anyways who would welcome her anyway? she doesnt have her mom, and her dad was there on front still watching and probably talking about business, instead of sulking in the corner she smiled and try to talk with her members family. but then she felt a sudden tap on her shoulder and when she turned her face to look at who it was she was surprised with what she saw.

"DAD??" she said. "baby, Dad is really proud of you" by that her father hug her.. and tears were flowing from her eyes, for the first she felt that she have her father.. and as he raised her head she saw her five oppas smiling at her carrying flowers she smiled at them and continue to hug her dad. "jinri-yaa, I never thought yu were that good, sorry for not always being there for you" her dad whispered "dad, thank you" she whispered back. after a few seconds they release each other, and the shinee approach her and he hug her one by one saying thank you to them all. they were talking already when they saw another person carrying a big bouqet of flower "KAI??" sulli said happily when she saw kai behind those flowers, "Jinri, chug-ha" kai said and then offer the flower to sulli, and hug her which makes SHINee look at them then the four turn their eyes on minho and they smirked with minhos jealous face. "kai, thank you, you were a bug help too" sulli said. but she was taken aback when kai suddenly kiss her on the cheeks "this will do, goodbye jinri, see you around" kai said after he kissed her and waved on sulli and run after.sulli touched her cheeks, she was shock. "uh-ohhh" the four said and laughed because they can't really draw Minho's face right now.


"keonpae! (Cheers)" shinee and sulli shouted as they were having a small celebration on shinees dorm, they were just back from SM little celebration for F(x) debut. And of course only SHINee was drinking alcoholic drink, sulli was not allowed too, "what does it taste?" sulli asked them curiously "it taste great Baby sulli, its bad that you can't drink it." jjong teased her. "Hmmm, I want to taste it too, can I have some?" she asked. "You're not allowed right?" Minho asked showing concern on his words. "I'm allowed too, its just that I don't have friends to drink with, but since I have now I think I can taste some" she said while pouting "ani" Minho said "please? Just some" sulli pleaded "Minho-goon, let her, just a small amount okay? Anyway the celebration is for her" onew said "ASA!! Thanks oppa" sulli said to onew and turned her face on Minho again, offering her glass for him to fill in "just small amount okay?" Minho said and then pour some beer on sullis glass.

The night was long, they were all happy, especially sulli, the day was memorable to her, the person in her front completed it all, and her dad. she laughed while watching them doing crazy things because they were already drunk, Onew is keeps on opening the bottle of beer eventhough he wasnt drinking it, key was nagging everyone with his aegyo, jjong keeps on singing and taemin was keeping on dancing and so minho, she was just sitting on the couch and looking at them

"I'm happy.. Thanks to all of you" she said as she watched them. Chapter 27

Its already december and month had passed after F(x) debut, as expected their schedule was packed, theyre working hard in promoting their song, same also with shinee, busy preparing for their upcoming concert in Singapore, and because of it minho and sulli had spend less time together, but of course the two make sure that they still have a communication with each other. "baby sulli" minho whispered, "yaah! sulli, wake up" minho whispered again, "if you wont wake up, I will kiss you" minho said again, "soo, youre not waking up huh? dont sue me if I kiss you" minho said and lean closer to sulli, "soo? still not waking up?" minho said again but sulli seems to be sleeping deeply "buya?? what a heavy sleeper, really tired huh?" minho said, and slowly kiss sullis forehead, he then sat beside her. he then hears a small giggle "yaaa!thats harassment!" sulli said and a loud voice followed by a small laugh. "youre already awake?" minho faced her and asked, "pfft, who wouldnt wake up because of you? youre soo noisy" sulli pouted, "geez, you just want me to kiss you" minho teased."you wish.merong!, anyway what are you doing here oppa? its still early, dont you have practice today?" sulli asked. but minho stand and went to her mini living room in her bedroom, sulli was shocked when minho came back. he was carrying a bouqet of fresh flowers, and carrying a tray with breakfast and a glass of milk. he pouted "cant help it, I miss you badly" he said and went back to sullis bed,and place the tray on sullis table and gave sulli the flower, sulli is kind of speechless with what minho did, she just dont know what words to say, shes was flattered, very flattered, she never expected that he will come to her house and do this. "oppa,"she then hugged minho "I know Im sweet" he said and laugh, sulli then hit him "oppa, sometimes learn how to be humble okay?" sulli said. "I miss you too oppa" she said in a lower voice, she cant help but blush. minho then move the table, "its 10 in the morning already, when I go here, I expect youre already awake, but I was welcomed with a drooling sleeping baby" he eyed sulli and put on a small smirked. "bad guy" she said. "but oppa, dont you have practice?" she asked him again, minho then give her the fork "you cooked all of this?" she asked as she saw the foods minho prepared. "ani, youll die because of Ingestion if youll eat what I cooked,laugh I asked Ms. Suzy to cooked this for you" he said and sulli laugh with what he said. "well, we didnt have practiced today, remember were leaving for singapore later" minho reminded her AH! thats right and it is his birthday the nextday after tomorrow she thought. "oh, what time?" she asked. "I still dont know, all I know was tonight" he answered "eat now, Ms. suzy said you have to take your medicine" minho said to her and she nod and started to eat the food, "hmmm. how about you?" sulli asked. "Ive eaten already, onew hyung cooks breakfast earlier" he said. "thats good then" sulli said. "well, whats your plan today?, F(x) doesnt have schedule right?" minho asked her, "hmm, nothing.. well rest, I think I need it" sulli smiled at him and she then get some side dish "aaaaah" sulli said to minho

offering him the side dish "eat this oppa, youll love it" she said, and minho open his mouth to eat the food. "hmm, delicious" he said and chew the food. they spend the whole morning together catching up with some events happen to their life. minho then have to went back to their dorm to pack up his things for their concert in singapore.


"Dad!, can I have a request?" sulli asked his dad, who just arrived from the school "hmmm, anything baby what is it?" he asked. sulli smiled on his dads approval and then she told him her request.

-"sulli-yaah" were going now, Ill contact you if we arrived in singapore,okay? take care of yourself, your medicine dont forget it" minho said to sulli on phone, while walking down the elevator of the airport theyre departing to singapore. "hmmm, okay.. you too oppa" she said and then minho hang up "minho-yaa, ppali" onew called minho who are left behind by them, by now fans are all over the airport, they keep on taking their pictures, they were waiting for their manager who are settling some papers in the airports office. after a few hours of flight finally they arrived in singapore the group was been welcomed by a massive amount of fans,then they went straight to the hotel to eat and rest. "Minho, did you call sulli already?" jjong asked minho who is sitting on the couch while using his phone, "yeah, Ive been trying, but shes not answering it, well maybe busy." minho answered, "oh, okay then."jjong answered. the boys then eat their dinner, they relax their selves and sleep, tomorrow morning they will have a rehearsal in the venue of their concert. since sulli wasnt answering her phone, minho thought that she was busy, so instead of calling her again and again, he just send her a message. "sulli, were in singapore already, Ive been trying to call you, but I guess you were busy, were going to rest now, if youre not busy call me :)" minho texted her. "sulli minho sunbae send you a message" luna called sulli who is busy

talking with victoria "hmmm? just leave it unnie" sulli replied and continue to talk with victoria "are you sure its okay? hes been calling you for 5 times already" luna said to sulli, "yeah.. dont worry unnie" sulli replied. -"RISE AND SHINE BOYS!!" their manager woke them up. "okay hyung" they all replied. "okay heres your schedule for today." their manager said to them and told them their activities for the day before their concert. "hmmm, minho your birthday is tomorrow right?" their manager teased. "yes" minho replied flatly, still sleepy "well, I heard your fans are going to celebrate it later during the concert, and also Onews upcoming birthday" their manager told them "really?? so, I guess they will give me a lot of chicken" onew smiled widely with his thought "aigoo, hyung.. chicken chicken, always chicken, maybe we look like chicken to you" key rolled his eyes while saying those to onew, and made everybody laugh. "well, prepare now, were heading to the venue after an hour, breakfast is ready so you can eat now" their manager said, and leave them after. "minho-goon, dont worry.. she will call you later" jjogn said when he saw minho was on his phone, maybe trying to call sulli again. "okay" minho replied shes not answering my calls nor my text message, is there something happen to her? its kinda strange minho thougt. -

the whole day was full of tiring rehearsal, at the afternoon, the gym was slowly occupied by fans who will watch their concert, the shinee boys was now getting ready, any moment the concert will start. "concert will start now. text me if youre free, Im kinda worried." minho texted sulli before their cue to enter the stage. the concert was a blast, as expected from SHINee, they gave the fans a satisfying performance, from their group performances, from onews I wont give up solo, minhos turn up the music, Keys hair and judas taemins and Jjong Internet war and etc. lots of fans came to support them, before the end of the concert the fans surprise minho and onew for their birthday, they prepared a cake for them to blow, even though the two already knows about the surprise they never thought that it would be like this, the fans put a great effort, tears run down from their face, as they saw how their fans supports them, even from the day of their debut until now. the crowd sing happy birthday to them, the five boys enjoy the night, though they were kinda tired but their energy never went down, the two birthday boys was even prank by jjong, by smashing the cake to their face, they were running on stage like kids, totally enjoying the moment. "sulli, youre ready? on a count of 5 you should start singing, then you can slowly enter the stage, understand?" the floor director instructed sulli. sulli nod, she was now behind of a wall near the side of the stage, she cant be seen by the audience outside she then started to sing

"more from, SHEs sulli

than words".the people wonder if where the voice they hear came she slowly reveal herself, and this made the people cheer, WHAT? HERE?? minho eyes widened, he was really surprised when she saw enter the stage.

Yes, the reason why sulli wasnt answering his call was because she will give him a surprise appearance on the concert, she personally asked her dad to help her, minho was a special person for her, and on his special day she want to do something special for him. Minho stand still on his position, just watching sulli singing and walking towards him, the four boys even shouted surprise to him, because the four knows about sullis plan, his heart was beating faster. sulli finish the song, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINHO OPPA" she said after singing the song and give minho a hug. the fans are getting crazy, probably they were loving the scene they are witnessing. minho hug sulli back and whispred "I never thought youll did this. thank you. you made my birthday special" the four boys then joined them. Chapter 28 Minhos POV the best birthday ever, the concert endend sucessfully, and to be honest I never thought that this day will be really special, thanks to this persons next to me, my hyungs and key and taemin and this special girl who came all the way here just to surprise me. but not forgetting the Fans who gives extra effort to celebrate my birthday. too bad that we cannot explore singapore, because at this moment were heading to korea now, yes right after the concert we went straight here, though were tired and exhausted but we still have other schedule tomorrow in korea, they were all asleep, but me Im to happy to sleep now, beside me was sulli who was sleeping soundly, and taemin who was very manly earlier in the concert but now sleeping like a baby beside me. onew hyung was sleeping beside him is our managers at the back while Jjong and key was sleeping in front of us. "oppa, happy birthday" sulli mumbled in her sleep I chuckled a bit and whispered thank you. I remember the incident earlier. "kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" the people keep on chanting after I hug sulli. "kiss kiss kiss" they didnt stop chanting. I saw how surprise sulli was when I give her a quick peck on the lips. but as simple as that the fans grew wild, I guess theres a lot people supporting our relationship. I look at sulli again, "but why? what is it that holding her from being my girlfriend?" I ask myself. "she told me that she love me, I am special to her, she went here just to surprise me. but why? am I unworthy? or.." I cant stop thinking of these, I am not impatient, I can wait but I never stop wondering why. I shook my head, I should not be thinking this things now right? I love her, thats what Important. -"okay, so for our winter concert we will be having some collaboration" the concert director explained to all SM artist that are involved in the concert. "EXO will be having collaboration with shinee (like on MAMA, god. that was an awesome performance ^_^) TTS with EXO again, Key, kris and amber as usual. Luna and onew. Krystal and Jessica. and yeah. our special couple here, I think people will really be happy." he said with

a smirk. "soo, Ill be counting on you two" he said as he eyed minho and sulli. "WHAT?" sulli said in surprised. "is that for real?" she added totally happy. "uh-uh, wow. people totally loves you both." the director said with a smiled. and other SM artist start to tease them. "basically this concert will cover some of your own songs. and for collaborations will be christmas songs, understand?" the director said again. -"you okay?" sulli asked minho who seems to be in dazed. "hes been silent since we arrive here. I dont think he hear that you two will be having collaboration" key said to sulli. "oppa, are you alright?" sulli asked again. "Omo! youre hot. youre sick?" sulli gasped in surprise as she touched minhos forehead and found out that he was having fever. "Im okay. Im just tired" he murmured. "tskk. how can you be so careless oppa?, have you taken any medicine?" she asked. but he only nod he still hadnt take it. "Minho are you okay?" onew asked him as soon as he arrive on the practice room. "aww. maybe its because of pouring water on the concert last night" jjong said. thinking that he was the one who poured minho water as he greet him a happy birthday. "Hyung, maybe you should go home now. Ill ask manager hyung to send you." taemin said. "Im going with him. just tell my band mates. I cant leave him like this." sulli said. concerned was written all over her face., after a few minutes of waiting the four boys together with their manager assisted minho down to the parking lot. their manager had already explained to the director that sulli and minho cannot practice since he was really sick and needs to rest and sulli insisted to go with him, well a typical girlfriend and since they were together in the presentation so the director allowed sulli. "take care of him okay? let him rest well" onew said to sulli as they were about to go, minho was sleeping. and that minho and sulli left. "aish. Minho was really lucky, having someone taking care of him" jjong said with jealousy on his voice. "well, youre now regretting breaking up with your girlfriend huh?" key teased. they were walking back to the practice room "ani, its just that. they were perfect. how come they still not officially together? I mean we knew that they love each other" jjong said. "well, they are not rushing things"onew blurted. "oh..I want to fall in love too" taemin said suddenly. "No way Maknae, youre still a baby" key said to him. and all of them laugh. -"youre okay?" sulli asked minho. he was now lying on the bed, "Im okay, sleeping for a couple of hours help me." he answered he just woken up from sleep. sulli touches his forehead and was relieved that hes temperature lowered down. "thanks" minho said while taking the towel wet towel from his forehead. "no problem oppa. god! you make me really worried" she said. "are you sure youre okay?" she asked again. minho then get up and sit beside her on the bed. "dont worry okay. Im just tired." he smiled at her. and she smiled back. "oh, cooked ramen, eat this oppa" she said as she pointed out the bowl of ramen she prepared while he is sleeping. "yaa! dont looka at me like that" minho said while he eats ramen when he noticed sulli was looking at him intently. SULLIs POV God. I love this man. I cant even take off my eyes at him. ""yaa! dont looka at me like that" he said. I blushed Oh-oh. he caught me. "why?

youre handsome" I said while laughing. "I know" he said arrogantly but laugh after. "you want to eat?" he asked me. "Im not hungry. you eat that oppa" I answered. I was really worried with him, though it was just a fever. I know how exhausted they are. "oppa. next time take care of yourself okay? pfft. you always reminds me to take care but look, it turns that you are the one not taking care of you self" I said to him. but he just smiled on me. "youre health is much more important than me" he said. gosh! I feel butterflies on my stomach. how can he be soo sweet? "babo!" i said to him. "why? Im willing to be sick,than you be" he said again Oh god help me. this guy, oh. hes really amazing, no wonder I didnt notice that I fallen in love with him. "can you stay here?" he asked me. "huh?" "well, sorry but I think I want to rest for a while, I wonder If you want to stay here with me, I think I will be fine if youre here" he said to me, I chuckled. "of course of thats what you want" I answer honestly, well Im not planning to leave him either."hmmm, thats good baby girl." he said. "BABY GIRL?" I said with a loud voice. "why? theyre calling you baby sister. well youre not a sister to me" he said while smirking. I felt my heart melted, baby girl? well hes really turning me on, and I thought of name that I can call him "oh well pretty boy." I said. "pretty boy?" he said in surprise. "hmm. youre calling me baby girl then I call you pretty boy." I answered flatly. "Im not taemin" he pouted, i laugh with his expression, sure taemin was really pretty boy, but for me his also pretty "I know. but just let me okay?" I plead. "alright baby girl" he said, while positioning his self on the bed. awhh thats kinda corny. "too sweet pretty boy, now take this medicine first before sleeping" I said as I offer him the medicine and water. "can you sing a song baby girl?" he asked me while his eyes were close he was trying to sleep. "huh?" I asked him, "please sing a song baby girl, I want to hear your voice" he said ad take a hold of my hand. "okay pretty boy.. now sleep okay? Ill sing a song for you" I said. and started to sing some song and I saw him falling a sleep, after a few minutes I grew tired and started to fall asleep also. Minhos Dream I was running on a white hallway, I was catching my breath. we just came back from a concert. I stopped in a door, I saw our close friends, they were crying and hugging. I turn my head and saw the door was open, onew hyung pulled me to enter the room. there were doctors, nurses, Mr. choi was there also, suzy, kai.and sulli, SULLI????? I screamed, I saw her lying on the bed, wearing a white gown, pale and closing her eyes. slowly Mr. choi went towards me. "Im sorry" he said. WHAT? NO!! IT CANT BE, SHES NOT DEAD! I screamed again while running towards her. BABY GIRL WAKE UP! WAKE UP! "Oppa? are you okay?????" sulli shouted. Minho was tremmbling, his temperature was high again, he was sweating porfusely. "OPPA!" she shake minho trying to wake him up. "SULLI!" he screamed as he open his eyes and quickly grab her and hugged her tightly "youre okay sull?" he asked while panting. "Oppa. Im okay.. youre just dreaming" sulli said while she also hugged minho. "I thought youre.." he cut off wha the was suppose to say. "you thought Im? sulli asked him. "nothing.. sorry, for scaring you" he said. I just cant tell her that I dreamed of her being dead. I cant. I cant minho thought. "oppa, rest now. Oppas are still not home. sleep again okay?, I will not leave you" sulli said. "okay

baby girl.thank you" minho said and close his eyes again, he really feels sick. "okay pretty boy, Ill be watching you" sulli said and started to humm a song and holds minhos hands. -"eat this minho, you should regain youre strength, we still have a concert" onew said to minho probably just teasing him while giving him a seaweed soup. "aish., youre really a thoughtful leader hyung" minho said smiling and started to eat the soup "sulli? you also eat. youre probably tired, taking care of this jerk" jjong said to sulli while smiling at minho "come here baby girl, you also eat this minho said and sulli just smiled and went closer to him "feed me pretty boy" sulli said. shocking the four boys "OH MY FREKKIN GOD!!! WHAT HAPPEN??" KEY SHOUTED. "BABY GIRL????? PRETTY BOY?? OH MY GOD" the four of them said in unison but the two just laugh at them "baby girl.. theyre shocked" minho said. "I know pretty boy" sulli said laughing. "explain this two us! oh my gosh. I cant take it. MInho youre disgusting" key said while acting to a disgust face. Chapter 29

"lets start practicing baby girl" minho called sulli as everyone start practicing their part for the concert the two will sing a duet christmas song all I want for Christmas is you. "okay pretty boy, you sure youre okay now?" sulli asked her, she was sitting on the front of the piano, well she will play piano and sing as a solo performance, she was practicing before minho came. "Im okay baby girl. dont worry. did you forgot I am MINHO?" he chuckled. "here we go again."sulli laughed "Oh my God! dont tell me, youre still in your, Baby girl - pretty boy conversation" key rolled his eyes as he heard them talking beside them. the two just laughed. "aish. key, dont be jealous.. you can call me yeobo if you want" jjong teased him. "NO WAY!. Im still the one who will marry first, so you two shall wait until I get married arasso?" key said to minho and sulli and they all laugh. "Oppa, well.. were still, you know unofficial." sulli whispered. "what??? huh? for real? still not?" key gasped confused with what sulli said. "so you mean, ...wait but youre calling each other some nicknames but still?? oh my God. minho youre soo slow.. maybe someone will snatch her from you" jjong said. "yes.. still you know waiting for her" minho said in a low voice. "Ill go to the wash room first. Ill be back baby girl" minho said and went out of the practice room. leaving them dumbfounded. "what was that?" key said. "is he pissed?" jjong asked. ~is he angry or something?~ sulli thought. "ani, maybe he just want to use the wash room dont be so paranoid." sulli said and smile. but still thinking. minho went to the wash room and wash his face. MInhos POV okay, relax. just forget about your dream. stay cool. I keep saying this to myself. well, to think of it, I never really ask her to be my girlfriend. should I? is she ready? I need to protect her. I said to my

self. and now I decided On christmas eve, I will ask her to be my girlfriend. yes. I will, I cannot let others take her away from me, by just thinking of it, I dont know what to do if that happen. I love her soo much. after deciding, I went back to the practice room, I saw them looking at me. did I do something weird? I ask myself "are you okay?" key asked me. "yes, is there a reason for me not to be okay?" I asked him "ani, not really" he replied. I turn to face sulli who was just looking at me. "hey baby girl lets start practicing now." I said to her. she smile to me and nod. and then after that we start practicing the song. I will ask her, definitely It should be special, I thought while listening to her while she sings. -"Guys, can you help me with something?" Minho said to the rest of SHINee, they were sitting on the couch playing games in the playstation. "what is it hyung?" taemin asked him back they were playing soccer in the playstation "well,stop playing and become serious you know. I want you to help me on something... "minho said. "what is it minho?"onew asked. "hyung, I love sulli, you know that right?" he said. "yeah.. only aliens will not know that youre not in love with her" key said trying to tease minho "well, I want to officially ask her out" minho said. "huh? you still hadnt ask her to be your girlfriend?" key said. "for real? what the heck, what if someone will snatch her from you? we know she like you, but you shes pretty, and kai. kai like her" jjong said. "yeah, I know that.. I just dont want to pressure her, were busy, but I had to ask her.I cant take it if I lost her" minho said seriously. "damn. youre really inlove" onew said. "okay anything.. well help you, anyways its sulli, and remember we love her" jjong said. "whats the plan then?" taemin asked. and minho told them his plan. "days had passed, they were still busy.. practicing, guesting, going in and out of korea. pictorials and etc. typical life of an idol. finally its december 24, the concert will start at 6PM KST. "yaah! is everything ready?" key asked minho "Im pretty sure its okay.. well I talked to the manager already" minho answered "and??" the four leaned their faces to minho they still dont know if they will allow it for real.. well the contract said they cannot have a relationship but minho and sullis case was different because they were the one who put up this. "he said, he will support me" minho answered. and everyone said "YES!". "I hope she will like it,, and I prepared everything, and also asked some artist who will be part of it. also the director" onew said. "thanks everyone" minho said. MInhos POV I hope, she will accept me. aish.. what if she will not? I ask myself. I take out my phone and call her. "hello oppa?" she answered "hi baby girl.. err, I just want to check on you." minho said nervously actually he didnt know what to say. "bu-yaaa? hahahaha, Im on my way on the venue Pretty boy..well, be here on 30 mins.. we still have to do rehearsal" she said "I know baby girl.. were gonna leave also, were just waiting for our

van" I answered. "thats good then.. Oppa, Ill see you later.. okay? Im driving." sulli said "okay, baby girl.. take care" I said to her and then hang up. "lets go" onew hyung said. as the van reached our dorm, we went downstairs and went to the concert venue. -"its 10 in the morning and all SM artist are already in the venue. at 10:30 am they will start their rehearsal. "baby girl!" minho called out sulli, which make everyone look at him, he immediately cover his mouth ~uh-oh. stupid minho.. you miss her that much?~ key thought ash he laugh on minho. "baby girl? how sweet" donghae started to tease minho. "hey, whats with baby girl huh?" victoria ask sulli, "hes really sweet you know." victoria added and laugh a little. "youre really lucky sull" krystal said. Sulli was just blushing. and went to minho "pretty boy.. I thought you were used to talk less huh? now you cant even control youre mouth" sulli said to minho and laugh at him as he scratch the back of his neck. "why? I miss you baby" minho pouted and said with a low voice. "aigoo. youre soo cute oppa" sulli said. "well, youre kinda weird though" she added. -the concert started, thousands of people attend the concert, as expected with SM artist. they perform amzingly. after some solo and grouped performances here comes the christmas song which will be performed by collaborating group, first was TTS and Exo with JIngle bell rock "Changmin and Tifanny with silent night....................... the last performance will be sullis and minhos duet. Sulli was the one who entered the stage first. with only her, the fans go wild again.. then minho entered, his sexy deep voice really makes the crowd go wilder, screaming and cheering all over, everyone was really supporting their relationship.

"All I want for Christmas is you baby All I want for Christmas is you baby All I want for Christmas is you baby" they sing the last lyrics together, the people clapped after they sing, when suddenly then slowly all the SM artist started to enter the stage to sing the final song. the crowd left the venue and still the artist are there,and so the artist, they went to a special place to celebrate and to spend christmas together, after a dinner. Onew signal minho,

"baby girl can you come with me for a while?" minho asked sulli and pulled her out of the place and went to a park own by that place no one was there. they sit on a bench in front of a basketball court Onew then walks in front of them carrying a big card. which had a letter I, following by key, jonghyun, taemin, donghae, kyuhyun,changmin, siwon, each of them carrying a big card which tells "I LOVE YOU". sulli was just sitting there. totally clueless, and shocked. "uhm." minho started to speak, he clears his throat first. "I met a girl few months ago, a simple, beautiful and smart girl yet stubborn.laughs. we laugh when she said she doesnt know us.she was really hot tempered, she hates us I think.. one day i take a walk around the campus of our school when I notice an old building at the back of the administration office, I went there and as I was walking, I hear a beautiful voice, singing..while playing piano.. she was singing one of our song.. curiously I entered the room. and found the lovely girl singing. I cant describe the feeling, her voice were amazing, its like an angel that is singing. just then, I know I fell inlove with her" minho said, "I just want to tell everyone how much this girl means to me, shes everything to me, I was afraid first, but I love her soo much, that Im willing to give up everything for her." minho said. sullis tears started to fall

"baby girl.. I know. sometimes Im really a badass, a jerk, arrogant..but." his words were cut off by an explosion, a fire works. SUllis POV "will you be my girlfriend?"that was what the fire works said. Oh my God, I cant find the right words. actually, there no voice that came out from my mouth, I was speechless. I search for his eyes. and look at him. "oppa. I maybe brat, stubborn and Ice. but you manage to destroy the walls I built around my self. you were the one who makes me happy, actually you five. she looks at the rest of SHINee I know Im lucky. gradually I fulfill my dreams, its all because of you." I told him "I love you. and Im willing to be your girlfriend" I answer him honestly. this is what I feel, I love him. I love him soo much. and with that he wrapped me by his hug. "I love you baby girl" he whispered. "I love you too pretty boy, thanks for loving me" I whispered back as I hug him tightly.

fake cough "were getting jealous here." jjong said after faking a cough. and everyone laughs and shouted "congratulations" Chapter 30 life indeed has a full of surprises, youll never know what will happen next.

Sullis POV Okay, now I am the girlfriend of CHOI MINHO of the most famous SHINee. God, never in my dreams I thought of him being my future boyfriend. but I will never regret that decision. I love him, and he loves me. "hey baby girl tired already?" Minho asked me, were still on the dinner prepared by the company.. "yeah, oppa.. can you send me home now?" I answered him honestly, "okay baby girl, Ill tell the boys first" minho said to sulli "okay" I answered. -"hey hyung, Ill send sulli home. shes pretty tired" Minho said to onew who is busy talking with taeyon and some of SNSD girls. "hmmm, sure. but be home early, okay? we have schedule tomorrow." onew answered "ne, hyung." minho answered. "taemin, Ill go first, Ill send sulli home." minho whispred on taemin as he passed by the maknae who is with kai and other EXO. "oh, Hyung. okay then, take care of baby girl" taemin teased and laugh on minho. "baby girl? whos baby girl?" kai asked taemin curiously "oh, his girlfriend" taemin answered flatly "oh, new girl?" kai asked "ani, of course its sulli" taemin answered him. "oh, I remember they were acting as a lover" kai answered and smile a bit "hehe, not anymore" taemin answered him and laugh a little. "what do you mean?" kai asked further "well, it turned out that they both like each other, no Love each other, and earlier you saw us went out right? that is when Minho hyung asked sulli to be his official girl friend and yeah, sulli gladly said yes" taemin told him with excitement "ah I see" kai answered briefly. ~no, it cant be..~ kai thought. "sulli, baby girl? wake up.. were here" minho tried to wake up sulli who fall asleep on their way home. sulli moves a little. "oh, thanks oppa." sulli answered half asleep. "very tired huh?" minho asked her "hmmm" sulli answered. "Ill carry you upstairs" minho said then went out of his car and went to the opposite door and open it. "are you sure? youre tired also" sulli said. "dont worry, its not like you weigh 200 pounds" minho laugh "bad boy" sulli said then he hug minhos neck, he piggy back sulli "what was that? so Im not pretty boy now?" minho teased sulli "ani, youre actually bad boy." she answered and giggle, she tightened her grip on Minhos neck almost choking him "yaaa! you want to kill your boyfriend now?" he asked sulli just laughed.

"Ms. SUlli, youre medicine is here, drink it now." SUzy said to sulli, "ne, suzy, thanks" she answered "well then, Ill leave, goodnight Ms. SUlli, goodnight Mr. Minho" she bow and left "you sure you didnt miss taking you meds?" minho asked. sulli pouted "well, sometimes I really forgot, sometimes I fall asleep without taking it" sulli confessed. "what? how can you be soo careless? what if something will happen to you?" minho panicked a little "yah yah! dont be so paranoid, I still take my medicine during the day, okay?" sulli assured him, "but still, what if it will do harm to you, god I dont know what will I do then" minho said worriedly thinking of his dream "dont worry oppa, I will be fine.. "she assured him again. "well, but now you should not forgot okay?" he said to her "yeah, I promise" sulli said minho let out a deep breath sulli just chuckled with his action and then she take her medicine, "oppa, Ill sleep now" sulli said as she lie down on her bed, "great" minho said quite upset. "huh?" sulli said, "nothing" minho said his face was quite down sulli get up again and sit "anything wrong?" she asked minho "ani" he answered, "yah, you know youre not good in lying" sulli said to him ~how should I say it?~ minho thought "well, you know" minho started to talk "you know? what I know?" sulli asked him "aigoo, baby girl cant you give pretty boy a goodbye kiss?" he pouted, sulli blush with what he said and chuckled a little "am I supposed to?" she asked with an eyebrow raised Minhos POV well, I just want to have a goodbye kiss, besides shes my girlfriend now, "aigoo, baby girl cant you give pretty boy a goodbye kiss? I pouted, I saw her blush with what i said, shes soo cute, "am I supposed to? she ask me with an eyebrow raised. okay, I know It she dont want, maybe next time? I dont want to force her, besides shes tired, I was about to stand to go when she grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to her face "hey pretty boy, where do you think youre going?" she said and without waiting my response she pressed her lips into mine, I was shocked, SHE KISSED ME!!! . her eyes were close, a few seconds I was kissing her back, her lips are still the same, they are so soft.the kiss last for a minute until she parted our lips and flash her smile, "goodnight oppa" she whispered and then drifted back to her bed and close her eyes. I was stunned. I smile to her face, "goodnight baby girl" I whisper to her and kiss her forehead then I went home. --1 month had passed since minho and sulli dating officially, their relationship was smooth, but they were busy as usual, SHINee had to go back and forth to japan to promote their single, same as F(x) the mostly communicate through emails, call and chat if either of them were on oversea, and if theyre in korea, minho would always have time to visit her on SM or in her house just to check her. "oppa, Im having monthly check up today.. Im with Suzy, Ill call you later" Sulli texted minho, minho was currently on Japan they were having some guestings. "ne, baby girl. take care" minho replied. --

"hyung! lets eat" taemin called minho who is busy with his phone. "ne, just a minute." minho said and send his replied to sulli, they been on japan for a week, actually he wants to go with sulli on her check up, but because of his busy schedule he wasnt able to. "hey you okay?" onew asked minho. "yeah" minho replied briefly "we know you too well, for you to lie on us" jjong said "well, Im kinda upset, Sulli is having check up, I want to go with her" minho honestly said to them "gosh, youre upset with that?" key said chukled a little he thought minho was really obsess with sulli. "ani, but I want to know her real condition, she didnt told me about it" he worriedly said, still thinking of his dream, ust the thought of it makes him worried. "oh" they just replied, they also thought minho was right. -Sullis POV "you have to tell your dad, as what I have said before, you should undergone surgery" the words of the doctors keeps on replying in my mind. "what should I do?" I asked my self. "Ms. sulli, I think Its about time, your life is at stake now" suzy suggested to sulli. "I-I dont want to undergone surgery. I might die" I stuttered while replying to her, yes the very reason I havent undergone any surgery is because I was afraid that I may not wake up after it. theres only 50 - 50 chance of survival, either I live or either I die, cases same with usually end up dying during the operation. "how should I tell this to everyone?" I ask my self again, -

"lets eat sull!" amber called sulli to eat. "hmm, later I dont have appetite" she replied, shes still feeling down, not to know what she will do in order to tell it to her father and the rest and their fans. "what?? youre so skinny, why? did you missed pretty boy already?" amber teased her, ~crap. Minho oppa. how should I tell this to him? he will sure worry~ SUlli thought. "one more practice" the choreographer called out. "aigoo, hes like satan, so evil" krystal whispered. they been practicing for almost 5 hours straight, "this should be the last Mr." victoria said. "yep if you do it perfectly." the choreographer answer and they just all whined, as if they can do anything about this. the music start and all of them started to practice again. SULLI POV I will really rip this mans head if he will not stop making us dance, I suddenly felt my hands were trembling and my bodys shaking probably because I didnt eat anything since I came back from the check up, just thinking of it I lost my appetite. and from this practice. I was sweating profusely. all of this is what I remember before everything turns black.

"SULLI?????" everyone shouted and runs towards sulli immediately after she fainted the choreographer carry her on the couch and then they called for an ambulance, she was not responding to any stimuli they give to her, her skin was pale cold and clammy, "yaaa! sulli, youre freaking us, wake up please!" luna screamed but sulli was still unconscious. after a few minutes the ambulance reached SM building, everyone panicks when they saw sulli being carried by the choreographer towards the ambulance. the fans who were outside too saw the incident and started to take pictures. "oppa, call Mr. choi" victoria said to their manager immediately did."krystal, took her phone and contact Minho" victoria commanded krystal, luckily shinee was already in the airport back from japan. -"WHAT??" minho shouted they were waiting for their manager on the airport they landed just a few minutes. "HYUNG! SULLI FAINTED, ILL GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW" MINHO said worriedly and hurriedly went outside the airport not minding the fans that were present. some fans followed him, as he rides a taxi, he was really worried. ~NO, IT CANT BE. NOT NOW . NEVER~ minho thought, he was worried to death thinking that his dreams might come true. after a 15 minutes drive he arrive at seoul hospital.

"MINHO!" amber shouted as she saw minho outside. "IS SHE OKAY?" he asked before entering the room, dont worry shes fine but shes still sleeping." amber answered. then minho entered the room, there he saw Sullis dad, Victoria, Suzy and F(x) manager. BREAKING NEWS!!!!! F(x) sulli fainted during practice! rushed in the hospital after, Fans followed them, after an hour, SHINee Minhos spotted running from the airport, they were back from Japan and rushed to the hospital. MR. choi and F(x) also present. Sulli, suspected to be PREGNANT!! Chapter 31 "PREGNANT???????????????????????" minho and sulli shouted in unison and then followed by a loud laugh "yaaah! OPPA! what kind of joke is that?" sulli asked key who told them about the news spreading across asia or maybe the whole world with a laugh. "well, here" key answered here and show here the article on his iPad. "seriously?" she murmured

"well, this is the industry, just because we are in a relationship and you know, because you fainted and I ran here directly from the airport they assume that youre carrying my baby, hahaha how lame is that?" minho said. "well, beside us five and kai who else knows the real reason?" jjong said. "the doctor! for god sake Im in the hospital they can examine me all they went just to prove them that Im still a virgin" Sulli said annoyed which makes the five burst out in laughter. "whats funny with what I said?" sulli asked curiously "nothing baby girl, you.. well youre just too cute" minho said then planted a kiss on her forehead. "ewww, here we go again" key rolled his eyes. "cant they just say that Im working too much to give them an awesome performance thats why I fainted rather than spreading the whole universe that I am pregnant?" sulli suddenly said. "thats our life baby sister, we cannot please everyone" jjong said. "well, seriously whats the real reason why you fainted?" jjong added sulli begin to become silent for a moment thinking if she should tell them about what the doctor said,... she was thinking for a moment when there is a loud knock on the door. "come in" sulli said "EXPLAIN THIS TO ME CHOI SULLI" her father bursted inside and with his face they that he is very angry. "whoaah! calm down dad!" sulli said calmly "how could I calm down???? youre 19 and oh my god Im going to be a grand father! God! it never crossed my mind that you will become pregnant" her father burst while saying this words. silent took over the room, the four was hesitating either they would laugh because of her fathers reaction, or just explain to him. and you!! didnt it should only be an act?? how can you be careless? sullis dad scold minho sulli was really angry with what her father did to minho "Im not pregnant" sulli said flatly ~gosh, he burst here just to tell me that crap? he didnt ask me first, what a father~ sulli thought while looking at her dad surprise reaction with she said. "what did you say? her father asked again "Im not pregnant, isnt it clear?" sulli said again, "dont fool me sulli, If youre not pregnant then what happen to you?? its just not mere fainting because of low sugar level, the doctor said it because of depression and stress, more likely pregnant women suffered from that, youre healthy and strong. what else would be the reason?" her father scolded.

"first Minho oppa and my relationship were no longer an act because we two are dating for real.! and well, apart from me being an idol, which works and practice almost 247. well Im dying. thats why" sulli said like its not a big deal, the five boys jaw dropped with what she said. while her father "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? STOP FOOLING ME!" he said angrily. "im in the hospital right? why dont you just confirmed to those persons who wear whites if im pregnant or not. Its simple right? why waste your time here?" sulli said. "and this. read this if you want proof" sulli added and take out papers from an envelope inside her bag and toss it to her father. "whats this?" her father asked. "read it and you find how incapable father you are" sulli to him, anger can be felt with every words she say. "sulli, calm down." minho said while rubbing her shoulder, though he was still bothered with what sulli said.

"VALVULAR HEART DISEASE??, SURGERY?", what exactly is this sulli?" her father said as soon as he read the papers sulli handed him. "Im sick" sullo flatly said answering her fathers question. "sick?" her dad said "yes, thats what stated there right?" she said sarcastically "why didnt I know about this things?" he asked. "because I choose not to" he said again flatly "huh?" was just her father manage to say. "it was on highschool when I found out about my disease, unfortunately youre too busy with your business and women that you forget that you still have me, I hid it from you and continues to recieve treatment. surgery is needed the doctor said, but I cant, aside from attaining your signature for it to be done, I was afraid too, theres only 50 - 50 chances, either I live or die during the operation" sulli said and tears started to fall from her eyes, fear and anger can be seen through it. "Im afraid that the moment I laid on the OR table I may not able to open my eyes again. "im afraid." she said, her father step forward to her and immediately hug her "BABO!!, I may be busy, but how could I replace my daughter from money? how could you endure all of this? how could you hide this to me? and yet you still accepts the offer of being an idol despite of your condition? Im your dad and I love you!" her father hug her tightly and tears also run down from his face, sulli hugged her father back tightly, and minho was on her back, supporting her. ~I cannot take it. I will not allow it. I will make sure she will live~ minho thought while watching sulli and her dad, his heart aches everytime he saw sulli sad, it aches that he knew he cant do anything that could wash away her problems.

"youll stop being an idol. well going to get the most amazing surgeons to treat you, you will live" her father said as they parted "NO!!!, no way! I can do it dad, I can! Its my dream, I cant leave it." sulli protested "though I hesitated first, but.. this is what I dream and now that I reached it I never let anyone stop it. trust me okay?" sulli said. "but" her father said and was cut off by sulli again. "please" sulli said. "please" the four shinee bow down and followed by minho" her father looked at them amuse. "She loves to sing, we cannot take it from her" onew said to him seriously still with full respect. her father let out a big sigh and "okay okay, but first we shoul let you

check thoroughly and well let you two out of this controversy" he said while eyeing sulli and minho. they all smiled at him and said thank you. "okay, Minho and sulli. youll appear in a pressconference regarding this controversy:" their managers said to them Chapter 32 that afternoon sulli was discharged from the hospital, they directly went to SM to have a meeting with Mr. Lee. the next day the SM will be holding an press conference to clear up the rumor about them. "Ill send you home now" minho said to sulli as they went out of Mr. Lees office, and sulli nodded. they walk down to the parking lot and ride on Minhos car, "are you okay?" minho asked her and hold her hand with his other hand. "Im fine oppa, dont worry" sulli said. "sure?" minho asked "yes" she answered and give him a smile. "it bothers you?" minho asked referring the fact that her father already knows about her disease,"well kind of, actually its a relief that I dont need to hide things to him, but I feel guilty hiding it from him, I never thought about how he will feel if he will know about it, I never thought he will react like that" sulli answered "no father that dont love his daughter, they might not show it, but deep inside him you were the most precious" minho answered which makes sulli smile, ~thats true~ she thought. "rest now okay? take your medicine on time" minho said as sulli sits on her bed, "Im going now baby girl" he said and planted a kiss on sullis forehead. "good night" he said finally and walks towards the door "take care pretty boy" she said and went to the bathroom. --"hows sulli?" jjong asked minho as he entered the door of their dorm the four are seems to be waiting for him to arrive. "oh, shes fine, shes resting right now" minho answered and sit beside onew. "how about you are you okay?" onew asked him and minho let out a long sigh. "I dont know hyung, Im afraid" he answered "shell be fine" onew answered back "but what if something will happen to her? what if she,..." minho didnt finish what he is about to say afraid to say it. "she is a strong girl minho, I know she will manage.. now we just need to convince her to undergone the operation" jjong said remembering about the operation. minho just hung his head low, thinking about the operation that didnt even guarunteed a 100% success. --the next day shinee went to SM early, they will be involve in the pressconference they were on the conference room waiting for sulli, also the reporter had arrived. after a few minutes sulli had arrive and they all seated in front of the camera man and reporter ready to answer their question. minho of course seated beside sulli and beside her was jjong. after a few minutes the first question was thrown. after 30 mins of questioning, finally the pressconference was finish,

they emphasize that sulli was just exhausted because of practice and not being she is pregnant, and they hope that the rumors about sulli being pregnant will vanished. after a few hours as expected, the articles about the issue spread already, in the newspapers, internet and news report, the conference really turn out well, and actually it seems to rise up the twos popularity more. lots of people admire Minho for being a caring boyfriend to sulli, and sulli for being a hard working idol and other SHINee for being a good and supportive friend to minho and sulli. SHINee was on meeting with the Mr. Lee while F(x) are on the practice room. "sulli-yaa, you never told us that you are sick, how are you now?" victoria asked sulli while they are sitting on the couch waiting for their turn to practice, "sorry unni, it just because I dont want to worry everyone" she answered "aigoo, but remember that you can tell us everything, isnt it had for you to practice? god sulli, we are practicing like hell, how can you endure that?" she asked sulli curiously, the other member also joined their conversation as because they were also shocked with the truth and worries for sulli, "well I think if you like what youre doing, you can do it regardless of what you are going through" she answered with a smile, "but, It can treathen youre life" luna said to her and hold her hands "dont worry unni, I can do it" she answered "but, be careful okay? if you want to rest, you should rest" victoria said to her, "ne, unni. I really want this, I dont have the courage to leave this, sorry if you have to endure this for me, but I promise to give all my best" sulli assure them and they make a group hug "well be always here for you sull" amber said while hugging them , sulli cant feel anything aside from being happy, before she was contented and happy to have shinee as her friends but now she must admit that her friends had grow larger adding these 4 gorgeous lady on the list. they just finished 3 rounds of practice and they were having now a small break, sulli take her phone out and to notice that minho send her a message. "hey! baby girl, wait for me later, were going somewhere :)".minhos message. after reading it, sulli replied him. "okay, pretty boy. Im still on practice too. lets just meet up on the parking lot okay?" she replied minho and put back her phone on her bag. after few hours of practice finally they were finish, they rested for a while then they take a shower and change to a clean clothes, she went to the parking lot with F(x). "uhm, unni I forgot to tell that, Im going home with minho oppa, he texted me that were going somewhere" she told them on their way to the parking lot. the four teased her "aigoo, youre lucky to have a handsome, popular and caring boyfriend" luna told her. ~definitely~ sulli thought and they all laughed. "sulli, are you sure, youre okay to wait for him alone her?" victoria asked her, they were now inside the van and they were talking to sulli in the window. "yes, unni he will be here in a while"sulli smiled at them "then, were going now, take care okay?"victoria said to her and

say goodbye, other f(x) too said goodbye to her. "ne, unni you too, take care" sulli said to them and waved. after 10 mins of waiting Minho, finally she saw them getting out of the elevator, she smiled as soon as she saw them "oppa!" sulli called them and the five hug her when they reached her "aigoo little sis, our minho made you wait here huh?" jjong said to her teasing minho "ani, she knew that we will kind of late, right baby girl?" minho asked her and sulli nodded and smiled. "so, were going first now, since you have somewhere to go" onew said to minho smiling "Im sure they will like her" onew whispered to after passing him "hyung, were going now, sull take care, okay?" taemin said followed by key, jjong hug sulli before entering the van, "be sure to be home before 3 am MINHO!" onew told him before closing the door. they all waved the two and then went home. "oppa, where are we going?" sulli asked curiously while they are walking towards minhos car. minho smiled and leaned on her ear "thats a secret baby girl" he whispered and then steal a pecked on her cheeks. "YAAAH! thats illegal" sulli yelled and laugh on him who run first towards his car and sulli followed him. Minho open the door of the passenger seat and sulli entered, he then went to the drivers door and enter the car. "are you ready baby girl?" minho asked her excitedly. "YES!" she shouted back happily. the ride to that mysterious place was enjoying, somehow they both forget the problem about sullis disease for they are really enjoying the ride. "yaah! oppa sing this" sulli said to him when she played their song la chata. "yaaa! you want to hear a deep voice version of that?" minho replied and sulli giggled "well, Id like to" she said. "aigoo, alright but dont laugh at me okay?" minho answered and grant her request and he sing along with their song. sulli laugh because minhos voice was really deep likes it came under the earth. after singing minho reached the ipod and choose a song, "now you sing this" minho said then hit the play button. "yaaa! Im not that good in rap!" sulli said then slap minhos arm while laughing "why? just try okay?" minho said laughing at her also, she then start to sing along with their song Get down. "not bad baby girl, you can actually rap huh?" he compliment sulli, "well, Im CHOI SULLI is there anythinh I cant do?" she brag and laugh. SUllis POV After an almost one hour of travelling and singing along with minho oppa, I didnt notice that we are heading the way to Incheon, I got curious Immediately, what the heck are we going to do in incheon? I ask my self. but then Im really curious so I decided to ask oppa. "oppa, why are in incheon?" "thats still a secret baby girl" he answered meand then he focused on the road not bothering to answer my question. after 10 mins it is 7:15 pm already the car stop in front of a large gate with a high concrete fences and you can notice the trees inside, well by judging it, I can tell that the house inside is really big, I was looking outside when I notice the name outside the gate. OMO! what??? I was kinda surprised with what I read, what the hell are we doing in his

house?????? I began to mentally panicked "yaa! oppa! what are we doing here? isnt this is your house?" I ask him, now that I remember, oppa was actually from incheon he just smiled at me and instead of answering me he take out his phone and started to dial a number. "yobe-seo! were here, can you please open the gate for us?" he said to someone he called. now I am certain, its really his house. as soon as he hang up on the phone the ;arge gate opens and then we enter it, the place was really big, there are trees, a garden full of flowers, a basketball court and a small gazebo in the middle of the garden, and yeah as what I thought a big house. oppa parked his car on the garage he went outside the car then went on my side and open the door. "I guess you already know where we are." he said while smiling. "well, today was my dads birthday and he called me to comeover to have dinner with them since I rarely went home, but then he said that if possible I could bring, they want to meet you" he added, I felt that my cheeks heated. okay Im overwhelmed, his dad was a famous soccer coach, and he wants to meet me, they want to meet me. "I actually wanted to introduce you to them, but because of our schedule I cant find a perfect time, but today I think was the best time" he added again as we walk towards the door. I smiled to him."Im nervous" I whispered to him. "kwenchana, youre a great girl Im sure they will like you" he answered me with a smile. "you think so?" asked him. "of course baby girl" he answered me and then we went inside their house. "annyong haseyo! Im choi sulli how are you?" sulli bow as soon as she saw Minhos family. Chapter 33 aigoo, come here dear Minho's mom told to sulli and went to her and hug her. sulli also responds to minho's mom hug, she felt the warm welcome that the choi family gives her, Minho's dad and brother greeted her also. let's eat now, dinner is ready Minho's dad told them and lead them to the dining hall. Sulli's POV Their house is really big, as expected you will notice that mostly the design of the house is related to soccer, I can also see some paintings and portraits, family photo, I giggle when I saw it Minho oppa is quite young on the picture, and yeah since then he was already handsome, somehow I envy them because their family is complete and happy. Minho's dad lead us to the dining hall, I seated beside Minho oppa and his brother and mother opposite to us.

sulli, you should eat more, you're pale and quite skinny Minho's mom said to me smiling and she put some vegetables to my plate, I bow a little and smile to minho's mom thanks..ajumma I said. aigoo, don't call me ajumma, just call me Mom minho's mom replied to me and smile widely. really? I can call you Mom? I replied to her, for a very long time I never called anyone mom, and honestly I miss calling it. I'm happy that

they somehow like me. of course dear she replied smiling thanks, aju-Mom I replied to her smiling. Minho oppa, his dad, and brother were smiling to me also. The dinner was okay, the food was great, their family was really a great one, I really cant stop thinking how Minho oppa miss them, his happy face is quite different with the happy face I usually saw. I noticed that he was close to his brother also, and they also told me that, he gave a car to his brother the one that he won on dream team. After dinner we went on the living room and talks for a while before leaving. sulli-yaah, you want me to show something Minho oppa excitedly told me. what something? I replied to him curiously. that's a surprise, come here! he said to me and motioned me to come with him, I walk after him, we went upstairs on the 2^nd floor of their house and walk towards the last room on the right side of the house. faster he said excitedly. Okay now Im really curious what is inside of that room. He gently open the door and I was amazed with what is inside the room, It's like a SHINee mini museum. All the album's with different covers, the posters of them, a life size picture of them, different picture from their trip. Their clothes during last concerts, some of their fan's gift and etc. so this is the reason that's why his room in the dorm was quite empty. before I decided to become an Idol, I give up everything he suddenly said. I give up my friends, my family, my school and somehow my hobbies he added. but to be honest I never had a single regret in myself now, being an idol is a great opportunity. I meet different kind of person, when we worked together he smile while saying and now he's holding my hands and I was just looking on his face I meet the four important person in my life, onew hyung, jjong hyung key and taemin, after 6 years of being and living together, actually I cant imagine myself without them. That feeling when you can bring happiness to people because of our music is the greatest feeling I felt. Their smile. But mostly I never regret being an idol because through it, I meet you he look at me, I love you. He whispered and remain I remain silent and just look at him. I love you soo much that Im afraid to lose you, every time Im away from you I was worried, what if something will happen to you, what if I lose you? he said while holding my hands tightly and I noticed that his eyes is starting to well up with tears, you're everything to me sulli, you're my baby girl. He hug me tightly. and please live for me, live for your dad, live for your friends and for your fans. he added and I hug him back tightly. And now I notice that my tears was starting to fall. please? I promise to be their for you, I will pray for you, we will never leave you he said, and by that I know what he meant, he want me to undergone the surgery. oppa, for now I still don't know what to do, Im afraid. I really want to live for everyone. I replied to him hugging him tightly and crying. will wait for you answer baby girl. Please take care of your self okay? I know I've been telling you this for almost a thousand time. But I didn't want something will happen to you. ne, oppa. I will. I love you oppa. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being there to me.he release me from hugging and wipe my tears. stop crying baby girl, you should smile. He said while smiling at me and continue to wipe my tears I managed to smile back at him, looking at his face. can I kiss you oppa? I ask him.

Minho's POV can I kiss you oppa? sulli asked me suddenly, I smile on my thought with what she said, she's really asking permission huh? I smile at her.

huh? What if I don't want? I tease her and she pout. I hate you she replied. aigoo. Can I kiss you? I say to her instead. andwae! she replied pouting. well, sorry missy. I don't need your permission. And by that I kiss her. I know she's quite surprise but then she kiss me back, she was smiling when I kiss her, she wrapped her hands on my neck and I wrapped my hands around her waist. Her lips were still soft like the first time I kiss it. I love her, this is what all I think. I love this girl. The kiss was long and passionate. After our lips parted I hug her tightly. And whispered again I love you baby girl, I love you too pretty boy oppa. She smiled. Then we walked down hand in hand smiling.

There at the living room was my family. I know they are happy for me. And I know they like sulli. We sit with them and have some conversation, my mom really likes sulli. She keeps on nagging at her like saying they should have shopping together, cooks together and etc. and also promised her that she will visit sulli in seoul with her free time. After 30 minutes. We bid goodbye to them and went to my car and headed back to seoul. Sulli fell asleep on the car, she's tired I guess anyways this day was really long. I bring her home and after I went to the dorm.

When I entered the dorm, as expected they're waiting for me. how is it? jjong hyung asked me. I sit with them on the couch, it's okay.. they like her I smile while replying to him. I know, well who wouldn't like her? jjong said smiling.. yeah, you're right, and my mom keeps on nagging her, it's a dream come true for her having a daughter, she even want's sulli to call her mom. They laughed with what I said well as expected from ajumma they all replied. well, you manage to talk to her? onew hyung asked me. I nod. I took her on shinee's room I said. and? they asked me, well I told her that we want her to live and thus we want her to undergone surgery.. and yeah she said she will decide it, she's afraid, she said I told them and? they asked again. Aigoo, and we kiss? Should I tell them that? I laugh a little. and.. well it's a secret I said to them smiling and went to my room, so that they couldn't ask me more. YAAAA! CHOI MINHO!! What secret huh? they keep banging the door of my room. HYUNG SOMETHING HAPPENED BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU RIGHT?? taemin asked loudly. Aigoo that young man thinking about mischievous thing, but no way in hell I will tell them about the kiss, they saw it before and that's enough. NO WAY I WILL TELL IT TO YOU FOUR, and NOW IF YOU DON'T MIND IM TIRED AND WE STILL HAVE WORK TOMORROW, I WILL SLEEP NOW, GOODNIGHT! I shouted back. To them and started to close my eyes. After a few seconds my phone beep, and I took it, I guess it's sulli. oppa, how are you? I miss you A text from someone I didn't expect, yes definitely we saw each other often, performed together but it's just that. She never talked to me since that day. And now what she wants?

Chapter 34 Minho's POV I slowly put my phone on the table beside my bed. I didn't even bother to reply to her message. What does she want? It's been a long time since she sent me a message, I manage to forget her.


Why? I started to close my eyes not wanting to remember a thing about her. -

It's been a week since we went to my house, sulli and I okay, well she still didn't have a decision about the surgery, I even don't want to rush her, it was good that she's okay. For us shinee we still do have a lot of schedule to do, same as sulli, we didn't seen each other for almost five days, they're busy with their own schedule also, and we just use video call so that somehow we can see each other, aigoo I miss my baby soo much. It's four in the afternoon and we're heading to SM we just came back from an autograph signing. I excitedly went out of the van, as we parked on the parking lot. easy their minho-goon! You miss her that much? jjong hyung said to me. I smiled at him gosh, that's the reason why I don't want to have a girlfriend, we will just be lonely key suddenly said which makes them laugh hyung, don't worry jjong hyung is always here for you taemin teased key, which makes key wacked his head, really this guy is not a baby anymore. taemin, that's not funny! key said angrily to him, and we all went to the elevator and headed the 3^rd floor where the practice room is, sulli didn't know that we're here so I will surprise her.

are you really that excited? onew hyung said to me as I excitedly hold the door knobs gesturing to open it. come on hyung! I miss her badly.. I honestly told him, well there's no point of hiding it actually. yeah yeah, do what you want, aigoo this love sick he laugh and teased me. I then turn the knob, there a couple of persons inside the room, and as I surveyed, I saw some exo members. I turn my head on the side to find sulli. And I found her on the couch near the mirror talking happily with kai.

I clenched my jaw. She looks happy with him, and it didn't make me happy. I actually like kai before he was close with taemin and even us, not because we've done some performance together before but during training days we hang out together. But suddenly the idea of him becoming close with sulli, I really didn't feel good about it.

I watched them for a couple of seconds. The way he looks at sulli is different and I know he's up for something. I know he likes her. I walk slowly towards them, and to my surprise they were to busy with their business that they didn't notice my presence and it made me pissed. uhmmmm uhmmm I fake a cough, trying to get their attention. Sulli look at me and I can see the excitement in her eyes. OPPA! she loudly said smiling and stand up and hug me. And ignoring all my thoughts a while ago I hug her tightly I miss her soo much after all. I saw the hug. hey ne, they with okay disappointment on kai's face, we release each other from the kai! I greeted him. hyung! You're with taemin? he asked me. were on the cafeteria. I answered him. And he answered me and excuse his self from us and went to other EXO.

oppa! Why didn't you tell me you're going here? sulli asked me, and she started to wrapped her hands on my arm holding my left hand happily. well, I want to surprise you, but it seems that you're quite busy to notice my presence I told her hinting her about kai and her. huh? What do you mean? she asked confuse, I decided not to answer her and instead have you eaten already? Let's go to cafeteria, they want to see you also I invite her to go to the cafeteria. ani, not yet.. okay I miss them too! Kaja! she replied excitedly, somehow seeing her smile wipes off the jealousy I felt. what do you want to eat? I ask her as we sit on the table where other shinee was. hmmm, as if I can order much here she pouted and just choose a vegetable and a juice. She's right though, this cafeteria is like on what on schools are, same food and just limited in choice it was just put up for the benefits of idols and also of the trainees so that we don't need to go out if we need to eat it's not that safe they said so when were here we just eat here. I order the food and went back to our table onew hyung and others had already order their food and I saw them talking to sulli.

yahh! Mind letting me join the conversation? I told them as I reached the table. well, oppa's here are asking me about what happen during my visit in your house sulli answered me with a smile. And we continue to talk about random things for almost one hour before we get back to the practice room, basically we will be having a general meeting for the upcoming SMtown concert so most idols will be there since it's another year, that means there is a change in the program, we will now have a different songs and dance to present a total different from the last year SMtown concert. Taemin open the room and almost all of idols were already there waiting for the director that will take care of this year's concert. I gasped when I saw taeyon noona, because I know her members will be here, and remembering the text message I received from yuri last time, I cant help but wonder why she texted me all of a sudden when 2 years ago she never talked to me. I erase all things I thought. We walked towards F(x) and sit with them. After a few minutes the director arrive with some of the managers. And they started to talk about the concepts of the concert they have on my

mind. We focus on their discussion, so this year they want again a collaboration among of us, because it shows how strong the bond of SM family. They came up with collaboration between, Suju and SHINee, TVXQ and SHINee, SHINee and SNSD, SNSD and EXO, F(x) and EXO and F(x) and SHINee. SHINee, EXO and SUJU, kangta and BOA. and the rest will the solo performance of each group. But they said that the collaboration will not involve all the members of the group since they said it will be difficult for the rehearsal since a month from the year long concert will start. And that they present us the performances that we will be performing.

so this is the list of the performance per collaboration, actually it will be easy for each and everyone because it will not be the first time we will doing a concert. The director said then tapped the keyboard to show the slide containing the performances. He started to read it and we listen attentively. First off will be the SPECTRUM it will involves shinee's Taemin and Minho, TVXQ yunho, Suju's Eunhyuk and Donghae, EXO's Kai and Lay. We nod at him, and another work for me. And he continues to talk. Changmin and Jonghyun, you will be singing a song together, but we still on deliberating of what song will fit the two of you next will be the collaboration of TTS of SNSD and the rappers of EXO but we will exclude you kai, the song will be DJ's got falling in love, guys honestly we would have more foreign song to perform since we will be doing these overseas the director continue to say, and everyone seems to agree because no one questions. onew, ryeowoo, baekhyun and chen you will also sing a song but it still not decided yet yuri and Minho you two will do a dance and it's not hiphop it's a mix dance of cha cha, ballroom, tango and latin dance I cringed to what he said. A dance with her? what the hell is he thinking about? I would appreciate it if it involves another members but just the two of us? I cant. hyung. What should you do? I heard taemin whispered at me. I don't know taem. I will try to talk to the director later I answered him, hiding the concern I felt. And try to think of ways to avoid it. As the directors continue to talk. F(x) and SHINee will be having also a singing collaboration. It will be composed of three song so, it will still be in pairs. Onew and Victoria, jonghyun and luna key and sulli amber and minho and taemin and krystal. Okay at least we'll be together. I saw sulli smiled at me oppa we're together she said with a wide smile, I smile back at her don't be to happy I teased her, but still Im thinking why she didn't even react when Im having a number with Yuri, because maybe she doesn't know anything. I sigh. What if she knew about it? Maybe she will not be at ease. sulli, you will be singing and Kai will be you're rapperthe director said. What the heck is that! I thought. Why not me? Im a rapper.. and why among all the rapper here why it should be KAI???? And here I go

again jealousy was striking me. Initially it should be Minho, but we all know that they will be having a collaboration already and everyone loves the two of them we need to blend her with other artist so that fans will not get tired of the two of them since they were dating. The director added. And all I cant think is to oppose Immediately. Seriously??? How can they do that??. The director continue to state the performers but I don't have the urge to listen anymore. What keeps going on my mind is Sulli being with Kai, somehow I felt strange about it. -so, you're going to do the performance with her? taemin asked me we two are playing soccer in the computer. I still don't know taem, I don't want to, but it's final.. I trailed saying it to him. you're not ready? he continue to ask. I am, but I just don't want to talk to her, like nothing happen, you know why I answered him. you don't love her anymore, so what's the point? he added. I don't feel good about it. but it's been two years hyung. I know. But you know what she texted me last time. And told me that she misses me I said suddenly. what? She missed you she said that? yeah.. and Im quite surprised I mean.. you know since the day she said that I should stay away from her because she don't like me, she never talked nor contacted me but why would she text you all of a sudden? I don't know. Just then I remember everything happen in the past.. that I used to like her, she was a bubbly girl pretty and talented we're close with SNSD and usually hangout together, after a year we become really close, a bestfriend more than that and eventually I fall inlove with her. after taking up a lot of courage I told her my feelings. But she rejected me, saying Im a fool for thinking that she will fall inlove with me because Im younger than her. just then she avoided me. And then after 6 months I discover that she's dating someone and guess what he's the same age with me. I was broken but my members help me to forget her. and over time I moved on, but I must admit it she hurts me. But now I completely forgotten about it. And Im happy being with sulli now. Chapter 35 Sulli's POV oppa, done with your interview? We're now heading to SM. I texted Minho oppa, the start of rehearsal for the Concert is started yesterday, so our schedule was kinda loose, just interview and guestings and some photo shoots, as much as I wanted I really want to go back to school, damn I miss school. Not that I regret my life now, no one can say how much I am contented with my life now. It's just happen all of a sudden. After 15 mins we arrive at SM, we went straightly to the Practice room, so that we can check the schedule of practice. Yesterday I started practicing with Kai. hey sulli, look you're with us today Luna unnie happily said to me as they read the schedule on the board. really? That's good then I said thinking I'll be spending time with my oppa's, well with Minho oppa. what? He's practicing with Yuri unnie? I said with a low voice. I really thought we'll be practicing to day. aigoo, yesterday you were not with us, and now him krystal said beside me, I pout. hmm, too bad for us. I replied, we then went inside and sit on the chairs and wait

for shinee. hey.. baby girl we're here will be up there after a few minutes minho oppa replied to my message. After a few minutes they entered the room and I saw him frowning. They walk towards us. oppa? What's wrong? I asked him curiously well, I thought we'll be together today. I guess we'll see each other later. I laugh a little with what he said, I know what he feel, but we should prioritize our work. I pinched him on the cheek and smile at him. aigoo pretty boy where's choi minho in you? Huh? Usually you're excited whenever we're having practice I looked at him. well.. I just miss you sull, we're kinda busy lately that we don't have time to see each other. well, we can see each other later right? Now cheer up rehearsal will start soon .

Minho's POV Seriously I really find this thing annoying. For the first time I don't want to practice.. well not with her, I sigh as I walk towards the last room of the floor, the choreographer told me to get here, and wait for him. I put on the headset of my ipod and full blast the volume so that if yuri happen to be already there and start talking to me I will not hear her. I slowly open the door and saw her sitting on the chair busy with her phone. Really why on earth I paired up with her? She stand up and smile at me but I just ignore her. she was saying something but I can't hear her, I decided to sit on the chair on the table and continue to listen to my iPod. A few second later I felt that my phone was vibrating I took it out and saw that sulli was calling me, I smile a bit and answer her call. yes, baby girl.. Something wrong? I ask her. nothing, well our rehearsal is not starting yet and they were all busy talking about something so I thought I better call you if you're not busy. She answered. aigoo, teacher wasn't her yet, so let's talk for a while I answered her.. It's better talking to her than with this girl with me. We talk for almost 5 mins. When she said that they were starting, and then she hang up.

hmm, is that sulli? I suddenly here a voice asking me. I look at her. yeah I flatly replied. soo, I guess you're serious with her she replied. Hell yeah! Of course. yep, very I replied not looking at her. you love her? she asked me again, okay she's really weird. more than you can imagine I honestly replied to her still not looking at her. oh. Was only she replied to me and then Mr. Bong arrive. let's start now? he said to us. He first play a video for us, a sample of the dance we'll be doing. can you do this? he asked us. I can do it, but with not her. okay Im being bitter here, but seriously I really hate this girl, but because I am professional of course I replied and yuri replied with a yes also.

After the video he started to teach us the step (it's the same dance they perform in the SBS awards night). Minho you should look at her, as if you're gonna eat her Mr. park shouted as he watch us practice the first dance. I nod at him, and look at yuri. come on, I will not kill you minho she whispered in my ears and I just glare at her. We've been practicing for almost 2 hours, and the dance were pretty easy since I had dance similar to this before. just continue practicing here, Im gonna get you two snacks Mr. Bong said. And leave us.

We're on the middle of the dance, of perhaps perhaps. you know what I miss you she whispered on my ears again. I just ignore her. what she's up to? I wonder. don't you miss me? she asked me again. I keep on ignoring her. you know what you grew up really fast you were no longer that teenage boy we used to hangout with she said again. Ahh, used to. I just look at her. you're so manly now and hot.. and famous she continue to say to me, looking straight to my eyes, I raised my eyebrow at her. aww, I kinda regret, rejecting you before, you're too hot for a boyfriend now she said with a teasing voice.. and as I hear that my blood boil and I look at her with anger in my eyes, does she needs to remind me that? We still continue to dance. But we are staring with each other. I really hate her. you know minho-goon, If you ask me again, I will gladly accept. Anyways that little girlfriend of yours was too innocent and you know she'll die soon she said to me and I swear Im gonna kill this bitch. Just as she finish saying those words I push her on the wall on her back. Put my hands on her side. FIRST! I REGRET FALLING IN LOVE YOU! SECOND I'M HAPPY AND CONTENTED WITH SULLI AND YOU IS NOT NEEDED IN MY LIFE THIRD YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT SHE IS GOING TO DIE.! I shouted at her, she was shocked. I leaned closer to her ears. she was too much better than you BITCH, so better if you don't want soo man to be frustrated for cancelling our performance you better behave I whispered to her ears and remove my hands. I look at her and I was kinda confused when the shock I saw had fade and she was now smirking, her eyes were looking at my back. I then turn my head around and saw sulli standing on the door, with her hands on her mouth. Her eyes were welling up with tears and she was in shocked. She then started to turn around and run, I immediately run after her. shit! No she cant Misunderstand it. I follow her outside and I saw Mr. bong approaching. oh, were are you going? We're still on practice. Comeback inside now He said with an authority. Shit! I need to follow her and explain, I look at Mr. bong again, but his face was kinda annoyed, it's not good thing if I will be reported. Minho, set aside you're relationship first okay? This is more important. He said. So I guess he saw sulli. I nod. I feel my heart becomes heavy, what if she hate me? What if she saw it wrong? What if she thinks we have something? What if she brokes up with me?, GOD! I can't take it.

I return inside the room and started to practice again, I want to finish it already so that I can talk with her. After few hours. Thanks god were finish, I hurriedly pack my things and walk away I turned to yuri again You owe me. If anything happen to her. I'll Kill you I said to her with anger in my eyes. I know it's kinda

harsh, but really if anything happen to sulli I don't what will I do to her. I walk to towards the practice room where SHINee and F(x) were practicing. I scan the room but sulli wasn't here. hyung, where's sulli? I ask Onew hyung who were practing a song with Victoria Noona. she went our earlier, and she didn't went back, she called krystal that she didn't feel well and she called her driver to fetch her onew hyung said to me. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number but she was not picking it up. I then went to krystal and Luna who is talking with taemin. krys, anything happen to sulli? I asked her and I saw her face was kinda worried. oppa, well she said that she didn't feel well. She answered me but there's something else. where did she go earlier? I ask her not telling that I she went to me. well, she trailed her voice was kinda shaking.. I'm sorry oppa, but actually I told her about you and Yuri unnie she said, how did you know? I ask her confused. well, Jessica unnie was my sister.. she told me before, I randomly ask sulli earlier if she was okay that you and Yuri unnie doing a dance, and I swear I didn't know that didn't know about this thing, and she forced me to tell her.. and after what I told her, she went to see you.. but she didn't went back and that when she called me, her driver went here to get her stuffs she told me. This is bad I thought. Chapter 36

Minho's POV seriously Minho give her time, you've been texting and calling her for almost 3 hours. JJong hyung said to me. I've been texting her and calling her but I was redirected to voicemail. I cant take it anymore. Im going to her I said as I stand up from the couch. Minho! they were calling me but I don't have time to listen to them I'm desperate enough, I need to talk to her right now! I quickly grabbed my sweater and cap then my keys and went out of the dorm. Minho?? Where are you going? I recognized the voice and shoot. It's manager hyung, well, uhm.. I'm going to sulli's house I have some important thing to bring to her. I said to him, hoping he would allow me. tssskk.. well you know, uhmm the thing is.. can you please set aside whatever you will bring to her? Mr. Soo Man called me, that there is an event in Japan that supposedly Suju will be attending , but they got a problem because they were stranded on China now and can't fly there, and since you didn't have a schedule for this weekend, Mr. Soo Man contact Japan that you will replaced Suju in the event. Thus you're flying now to Japan. Im fetching you now, soo going to Sulli is Impossible just call her. seriously his words were like a big hammer that constantly hitting my heart that causes it to crash. I didn't manage to say something to him. I just nod and went back at the dorm with him and we started packing. aigoo. I thought I'll be having a stress free weekend I hear Key said in the next room. So, now how would I make up with sulli? We'll be staying in japan this weekend. Is destiny playing with us? Hyung? Are you okay? Don't worry Sulli, will answer your call Maknae said to me as he entered my room carrying his back up. let's go hyung,

Manager is waiting for us downstairs. I nod at him and carry my back pack put on my cap and hold my phone. I still hope that before we leave korea she will open her phone. I really hope.

-Next day.

Sulli's POV.

sulli-yaa! sull I felt my eyes heavy.. And somewhat I hear someone calling my name. Probably my eyes were soo tired because of crying. Remembering everything just made me cry again. I Love him soo much that I'm afraid to lose him, but It hurts soo much to see him with another girl, whom he was in love before, what if he realized he still love her? What if he leaves me? I'm so afraid. I can't take it. And I'm afraid to face him, I don't want to know his answer. Sulli I heard someone called my name again. I open my eyes and saw Amber and Krystal sitting beside me in my bed. you're here? I ask them and fake a smile at them yaa. It's 2 in the afternoon and you're still asleep, you didn't contact us. You know we still have practice later. Amber told me what? It's 2 pm already? I confirmed them well I bet I stay until morning crying. ssul, is this about yesterday? Did you two fight? Please tell me krystal said to me her voice was full of concern. ani. We didn't fight I lied. sure? Soo you're really not feeling well? she asked me. hmmm I answered. but why is it, Minho oppa went inside the room, really worried and keep on asking where you are and asking what happen to you, and you keep ignoring his call? she said. And shoot she know. well I murmur, I didn't really know how to tell it to them. you can tell us sull, were friends right? so this is the reason why you're here? I ask them and they nod to me. I took a deep breath.

well, after you told me about him and Yuri unnie, I went to him right? But,when I enter the room I saw him pinning Yuri unnie on the wall his hands were both on her sides and he was leaning closer to her and it looks like he was about to kiss her, but before it happen he turn his head around and saw me. I don't know what to do, all I can feel is my heart turning into pieces it's like Im watching a horror movie that I was soo afraid what will happen and all I can do is to run. And yes, the moment he saw me, I run as fast as I could. I thought he was running after me but no, there were no sign of him. I told them as tears running down on my face.

but he was really worried yesterday.. maybe he has a reason. You should accept his call amber said to me. Im afraid I say what if he leaves me? I cant take it I added, she immediately hug me. everything we'll be fine sull, just talk with him later she said as she pat my back.. you know what, Minho oppa loves you soo much, we know it.. what happen between him and yuri was all in the past okay? she added. I know it, I know that he loves me, I can feel it.. but like what I thought, What if he realize that he still love her? if not, why are they on that position? It's not like it's a part of the dance. I thought. After our talk I eat and get ready to go to SM, luckily we didn't have any schedule so it's okay that I overslept. After an hour we head to SM. I don't know but I am really not ready to face him, well not now.. -what do you mean by they're not here? I ask Victoria unnie who says that our practice with SHINee is cancelled and we will proceed to our individual performances. well, Manager oppa told me, that Mr. Lee send them to Japan to replace Suju In an event, they leave yesterday night she answered me. Good maybe this is a good time to think and to let my anger and jealousy subside. I thought as I walk towards the vocal room to have a practice with kai, honestly Im not in the mood to sing or anything all I want is to lay on my bed and sleep, so that my mind would stop thinking about him. you okay? You're kinda down kai asked me, I think he notice my red eyes. Im okay.. don't worry, Im just tired I told him. you want to rest? I can tell hyung, anyway we can practice tomorrow if you feel well he said to me. ani, don't worry about me. I can handle I fake a smile at him. JAPAN SHINee's POV phew! Im glad that fans still enjoy the event key said to them they were on the van heading back to their hotel they just finished their performance in an event. yeah, right. It's good thing tht we have a lpt of fans here Jjong added at him and onew elbow him. are you sure minho will be fine? Look at him he whispered on jjong's ear and they look at minho at the back seat sitting alone, hands on his phone and it seems that he is in his own world. actually Im quite worried earlier if he will be okay during the performance because he was not talking much since we arrive here taemin added joining their conversation. yeah me too, but oh well he is still the flaming charisma, still professional when it comes to performance, he still manage to smile even I will not know that he have problem. Onew Said. I never saw him like this, it is much worse than the time yuri rejected him, gosh speaking of her, I never thought she will be doing that key added. hyung, how should we help him? I tried contacting Sulli but her phone was still off. Taemin said worriedly. aigoo, maknae you're really mature now jjong tease. well, we'll figure it out later okay? Now let's just eat, Im starving. Let's just give him some time. He added. And the three agree.

MINHO that's enough! That's you 15^th bottle. ! Onew yelled at him holding the bottle of beer he is about to drink. hyung, please just let me? Please, just this time Minho said pleading to onew. aish! onew said and handed him the bottle. I told you it's not a good Idea. He said angrily to jjong. sorry, I never thought he will be like this answered onew. And the four look at each other then minho. hyung! Answer me! Am I a bad person? Minho suddenly asked completely drunk. But his eyes were full of pain. no, you're not, you're an amazing person onew answered him. really? But why?, why is this all happening to me? minho asked them. And they just listen to him knowing that he will just continue to say everything he feel. I really thought, I was complete! A happy family, a successful career, lot's of friends. A four brothers, lots of fans and finally a girl that I love, we're happy you know that, despite of her situation, I know we love each other. But why? Why should she came back and start to ruin everything? he said. minho, listen.. just let her think okay? onew try to comfort him. maybe she doesn't want me anymore she loves you, you know that. yeah. But why is it that she wasn't contacting me? She didn't answer any of my messages. Now called me he said. And the four looked at each other again, onew was elbowing key to say something but end up just looking at him. minho, I said that's enough! God! You're just finish you're 24^th bottle, you want to end up in the hospital? Onew yelled again. YES! It's much better if I just die. I will rather die than living without her. minho answered him with a complete drunk voice. THAT's IT! Enough of this Minho! onew shouted at him, trying to make him notice his anger. And the three started to clean the mess they have on the dining area of their hotel room. Just take a rest okay? onew said to minho pushing him on the bed. Taemin!! Get a shirt and a pants, were going to change his clothes God! He looks like a mess. Onew yelled on taemin. And they change his clothes, and position him on the bed, they were thankful that somehow he falls a sleep because of the alcohol. The four of them decided to stay the room because taemin asked them, thinking that maybe minho will do anything stupid. After an hour, they decided to sleep, taemin and key sleep beside Minho and onew and jjong sleep on the mattress on the floor. On the middle of the night. They woke up because of loud sob they hear. Onew stand up and check on them and they all saw Minho crying and hugging a pillow. Murmuring I love you.

he really loves her. onew said looking at his members and the three nod at him maybe it's time to do something right? jjong added. Chapter 37

you called them already? onew asked jjong, done! jjong answered onew making a sign on his hand. what did they said? onew asked him again. oh, they were willing, apparently they told me, that sulli was same also, she's in her own world, not talking to them, they were really worried, because of her heart. Jjong answered. Onew let out a deep sigh tss, this is what Im thinking actually, they really both love each other that I really don't think what will happen to them if kind of problem arises, onew said. soo, it's set? We're going to let them make up when we arrive to korea on Wednesday? onew confirmed jjong. hmm, they said they will contact us, they were planning for it. And they assure me that they will take care of sulli. that's good then. Onew replied to him. Minho's POV

Minho, wake up now okay? We still have a performance later I hear key telling me, God! How much did I drink last night that my head seems to weigh 100 tons?. What time is it? I ask key. Just opening my left eye. 11 AM he answered, I immediately get up and grab my phone, hoping that maybe she decided to reply to me. Yeah right, I got 0 new message, 0 miscall and 0 email. She didn't. Would it be possible that she already forgotten me? Aaah! I want to punch someone now, suddenly I felt my head was spinning, Oh no! Im going to throw up. I then stand up from bed and run on the bathroom and throwing everything I had last night, god I look so pathetic. Minho are you pregnant? I heard jong hyung said. Laughing a little, onew hyung was at my back rubbing my back. see? I told you. Onew hyung said to me, I feel like Im an 18 years old teenage girl who got drunk and in mess and have my mom rubbing my back because I was throwing up. Well maybe we look like a mature on camera but we were like this, a family. Even we are on mess we help each other, I don't know what to do if also them will be gone.

hyung, Im sorry, you know my reason I apoligise to onew hyung. I know, it's okay at least we're here on hotel, because if not we'll really leave you there he laugh at me, I know he was just comforting me. minho, we're here for you, remember that, okay? he said to me. And I smile looking at them. I nod. Im getting ready. I said and went to take a bath. Sulli's POV sulli, it's your part now kai said to me, making me return on reality, the whole practice I think what all is in my mind is Minho oppa, I miss him. oh, Im sorry I told him. something is really bothering you, mind telling me? Maybe I can help you kai said to me. nothing, really.. don't worry about me kai I smile to him. Ensuring him that everything was okay. okay.. but if anything is bothering you, you can always say it to me. Kai said to me and smile at me. I know that I smiled back.

really? Then what happen to tao and sehun? I asked him, we were now on the cafeteria, somehow he convince me to eat, because he thinks that Im hungry because Im spacing out, and he started to told me about tao and sehun who went to buy a back pack when they were in china, and somehow it really made me smile. I never know tao was really a funny person despite of his looks. well, they still acted that they were not EXO, but when the manager told them that she will give the bag for free if they tell her the truth. And those two kids took off their cap and glasses and even offer the manager to have a picture with them, and it seems that the manager is a fan of us and when she saw that it's really tao and sehun she started to shout EXO is Here!! EXO is HERE!! and by that everyone went inside the store. Seriously tao and sehun were like little kids, they were almost crying because they didn't know how to get out of the store, and the manager really scold them, because they didn't ask permission, good thing that the manager still give them the bag, somehow they were still happy he told me, I really laugh Imagining their faces. Now Im really thankful to kai, despite of what I feel, he really manage me to smile well laugh actually. feeling better now? he asked suddenly. what? I ask him curiously. I know something is going on sull, and I hope I helped you he smiled at me, how come he still noticed even though I keep on denying? thanks kai, you're really a good friend. I smile to him. And then we went back to practice more. -Minho's POV that was amazing! I heard key shouting it, this childish friends of mine really thought to bring me on rides after our performance in a variety show. hey are having fun?, we rent this place exclusively for us, for you to enjoy jjong hyung said to me. of course! I smile to them, I cant let them down right? Especially when they're trying their best. we're sitting on the table eating ice cream and they were talking about a fan on the variety show earlier. Just then I heard my phone beep's. I excitedly take it out from my pocket, at last! Maybe this is it! Maybe she replied to my text message. One email? I wonder what is it. I almost drop my phone. It was an email from yuri, a picture of sulli, laughing, and enjoying with kai. you darling seems to enjoy herself with another man I read the caption.

So? She's enjoying and laughing with him? While me here is miserably waiting for her reply? What is the meaning of this? I cant. I cant let her go just like this. Chapter 38 I Need your help Minho suddenly said, they were getting ready to go to the airport to went back to korea, Onew and jjong look at each other and

smile. hey! Flaming charisma is back onew whisper to jjong. I know jjong smiled to onew. help? With what hyung? taemin asked curiously I want her back minho said seriously looking at them. soooo? What's the plan? key asked him. Minho then told them what they should do, onew then and jjong told him, that they actually had plan to get them together and they ask F(x) for help. sulli, after rehearsal, are you doing something? krystal asked her, they were having break from their practice of their song. hmm, well.. none actually, why? sulli replied, lately she was pretty gloomy, she really missed minho but she didn't know what to do, she was really afraid. good! Well you know vic unnie, suggested to have a dinner tonight, she said since we debuted we didn't went out to eat dinner and since we didn't have any schedule so it's a perfect time, and you know to cheer you up! she said to sulli excitedly. Sulli think for a while and smiled at krystal well do I have a choice? sulli beamed at her. yay! I am excited! krystal hug her. Just then their choreographer went back and order them to start practice again. Krystal then secretly sent a message to jjong oppa, I already convince her to have a dinner later, I guess 45 mins from now you're in korea already, so we'll leave you the preparation, we'll be out by 8. Krystal texted jjong, she knows that SHINee was probably on their way to korea already. -waaaah! KOREA!!!! Onew shouted a little went they came out from the plane, he felt excited going home for the first time. excited that much huh? key elbow him as they walk out. hmm hmm onew smiled at him. how about him? key asked him, pointing Minho by his lips. oh, just let him, you know minho when he was nervous, he was like that. Onew said not worrying about minho's serious face while walking with them, not even smiling. It's still good thing that minho was wearing sun glasses because if his not, people will really notice his sad and worried eyes.

hey, Krystal texted me and she said sulli agreed Jjong said to minho as they walk towards the Van, really? he said excitedly. yeah, of course.. F(x) asked her, maybe that's why she agreed jjong replied. hyung! minho whined. hahahaha, don't be too nervous, minho-goon, you'll be fine. Jjong assured him. And minho let out a deep sigh, and then they enter the van and headed to their dorm, to drop their things and to change clothes.

After changing, they went out, it's now 6 pm.

hyung, me and key hyung, will buy flowers, we will then go straight to the restaurant, okay? taemin said then hop in inside his car, then

followed by key. thanks taem! minho said then jjong parked on fron of him and onew. hop in now, before fans saw us, and followed us on the restaurant. Jjong said and the two put on their caps and went inside the car.

soo, 100 roses? key asked taemin, yeah, that's what hyung said right? He wants white roses. He answered key. you know what, I never thought that someday we will be doing something like this key smiled a little smelling the roses, a lady then went close to them. yeah.. somehow I'm afraid to fall inlove taemin playfully said to key. yaah! Enough of these serious things. Okay? key said laughing at taemin and taemin laugh with him. good afternoon sir, you're buying white roses? the lady asked them, and it seems that the girl didn't recognize them well, yeah. We need a hundred of them key said. okay sir, just wait I'll wrapped it for you the girl said and started to get roses from it's container. After a while. should I wrapped it as a bouquet sir? the girl continue to ask. yes please key said to the girl. please fill this up sir, so that I can put in on the card. The girl said to key and taemin handing them a piece of paper. Key then fill it up.

OMO!! SULLI MINHO???, don't tell me sir it's the MINSUL couple? she ask excitedly smiling on the content of the paper and looking at key and taemin.

To: Sulli I love you, Only you, My baby girl. From: Minho Oppa.

well, yes key smiled at her, taking off his sunglasses, as well as taemin.

OMO!!! SHINEE?? IM A FAN! the girl excitedly said to them. thanks the two said, bowing a little to the girl. can I take your autograph? And oh, a picture too she said to them, hoping for their approval. of course the both answered and then gave her an autograph and take a picture with her. She then handed to them the flower . say to them, that Im a fan of their relationship too. I wish them happiness. the girl smiled widely while saying to taemin and key handing them the flower. After it, they headed to the restaurant. After a few hours of practice finally F(x) was dismissed from their practice. aww, that was exhausting right? amber said, as she sits on the couch. waiting for a call? she then said to sulli who was checking her phone. ani, but you know. He never contacted me since yesterday. She answered amber, somehow they were able to convince her to open her phone and check, she actually plans to call minho but she was quite afraid, and thus she never did.

aigoo, you miss him? amber ask. obviously? she answered sarcastically smiling at amber, let's just forget it for a while okay? Now, let's go to your dorm, so that we can change and we can get ready for the dinner sulli said changing the subject. After resting for a few minutes waiting for their van they then headed to F(x) dorm, (sulli wasn't living with them. ) to have a shower and change clothes. isn't it quite formal? sulli asked looking at her baby pink dress. ani, it's a restaurant you know, we should were decent clothes, people might recognize us victoria said to her, sulli nodded at her. After an hour it's almost 8 pm they finished getting ready, they went out of their dorm and ride on their van and headed to the restaurant. aish, Im nervous amber whispered at krystal as they walk inside the restaurant. just act cool you know she answered smiling a little, so that sulli will not notice their actions. are they already here? amber asked krystal. yeah, jjong oppa texted me already, they were waiting for us. Krystal answered, luna and victoria was talking with sulli.

I reserve a place on the second floor vic said, gesturing them to went up on the second floor. They then climbed the stairs.


Sulli's POV

Actually I kind of having a strange feeling. As vic unnie said, we went up on the second floor, is this floor aren't usually use? It's kinda dark here. As we reach the second floor, I immediately knew that this area is where the VIP room is. ready? vic unnie said. She sounds weird. She and luna then open the door. I gasped on what I saw.

It was dark inside.

There are candles. Petals. Balloons.

Background music. And a big streamer sayingIM SORRY. Chapter 39 sullis POV My tears are falling in my face, I know. That the moment I saw it I had forgiven him, I know Im wrong, for not letting him explain everything to me, I know he loves me. But Im afraid to face the reality. What if? All my if's stops me from confronting him, or hearing me. Afraid of the truth. I move my head from side to side. And I notice that my members were gone, shinee was gone and in this room only the two of us. I walk closer to him, he was just looking at me, intently his eyes never leave mine, he's face was serious, he seems so stressed, I cannot take it anymore, I run towards him and hug him tightly. God! I miss him, he instantly hugs me back.

I'm sorry, ssul.. I know I should tell you about her. but one thing I want to clarify is that.. I don't have feelings for anymore. Nothing is between me and her he whispered in my ears as he hug me tight. I know he was telling the truth. Im sorry oppa. Im sorry I should have let you explain everything to me. Im sorry, for not trusting you I whispered back. He gently releases me from his hug and look me in my eyes, he wipe my tears with his thumb.

I don't know what will happen to me, if I lost you. I love you soo much baby girl, and remember it. He said while holding my cheeks. Those words are like music in my ears. I love you too oppa I manage to answer him back. This days, I tried to be strong, I tried to clear up my mind. But I know I cant, he manage to own my heart, he manage to destroy those walls I built around myself. My life when he walks in becomes happy, everything happens to me right now he is a part of it. hungry? he ask me as he move the chair, I nod and sits on the chair. And he sits on the chair opposite me, geez this place is soo romantic. We the waiter then started to place foods in our table and we started to eat. oppa, what did you do in japan? I ask him, he is still eating, I am glad we were fine now. hmm, well, we replaced Suju hyungs in the event they should perform, I don't know the real reason but, manager hyung told me that it's because they got problem in china and they cant make it, and since we were pretty available Mr. Soo Man, replaced them with us. He answered. hmm, you didn't told me you went on japan I pout at him. well, my little baby girl, you were not answering my calls, and oh, I send you tons of messages. He said. Crap I forgot. ahh, Im sorry I manage to say. And he just smiled at me. well, you know what, Im not used us being like this, come on. Let's just finish

this food and we still have to go somewhere he said to me. Oh, is it a surprise again? Geez, this man. I smile at him and continue eating our food.


do you think the two will be okay? Luna asked suddenly. They were on the next room next to sulli and minho enjoying theirvselves with the dinner they planned with the rest of shinee. oh, they will. Don't worry about them onew assured them and continued to eat his chicken. that's good then, you know what sulli is really in her own world this past few days, will luckily kai was there to enlighten her amber said joining the conversation. yeah, and well thanks to kai that minho made up his mind jjong said. why? Did kai do something? krystal asked curiously.

hmm, first I would like to clarify things, Minho and yuri, there's nothing between them, minho told us the whole thing and I know he was telling the truth. Jjong said. and second, for god's sake he was head over heels for sulli so it would really be impossible to for him to cheat to her jjong added. well you know, yuri send a picture to minho hyung when we were on japan, and it's a picture of sulli and kai at the cafeteria I think, and sulli was smiling and he was very jealous of it, and that's it. He made up he's mind to make up with sulli. Taemin said after jjong. Minho hyung was really miserable when we were on japan he added. The rest of f(x) were just listening to them

he loves sulli, I know that taemin said. hmm, we can feel it too, and sulli loves him too. She's been miserable too, we knew even though she wont tell us Victoria said. just because were idols, and different.. well this kind of things, It's kinda new to us right? onew said smiling still eating chicken.

yeah, I really never thought of falling inlove, well not right now. Key added. it's because you're enough having jjong hyung taemin started teasing them, and key smacked him on his head. I've been telling you this for a thousand time, Lee Taemin, Im straight, I AM NOT GAY! he glared taemin and they all laugh, I KNOW HYUNG, I JUST FOUND IT FUNNY WHEN I FOUND OUT PEOPLE SHIP YOU TWO he said loudly while laughing.

They were busy laughing when they hear that the next door opens oh, they're leaving key said. And they look at each other. --

where we going oppa? I ask him, we ride on his car, and were going somewhere, I ask him but he refuses to tell me. just wait a little baby girl, it's a surprise. He winks at me. I pout at him. After a few minutes we entered and parked at a familiar place, yes very familiar. My school, our school. Oppa,.. I murmur. He then hold my hands. I know, you miss this place.. he squeezes my hands. let's go baby girl he said and he went out of the car and went to my side and open the door, he then offer his hands and I went out.

geez, I never thought you're surprise is taking me here I said to him as we walk. hmm, I was thinking of a romantic place, but you know, it would just be a disaster if we went to Han river or other places because there are fans he said, and oh we're now heading to the music room. I miss this place soo much. He gently open the door and there is the piano, and bouquet of white roses. He walks towards the piano and get the flowers. I am really sorry, sull. He said and hands me the flower. I smell it. And notice that there is a card. A small message. But it mades my heart skip a beat.

I want to tell you about her, sull.. I really want. He started to say. Im sorry that it you know it that way, but what you saw is not what you think he said to me. I saw you two kissing? Well you're face is really close with her, and you're pinning her in the wall I said to him unsured. Im not kissing her, I never did, I was just whispering at her he said and he told me the reason why they end up with that position, and all I can think is that Im really stupid. I hope, you trust me sulli he said to me. I am I said. soo, what are we doing here? I ask him curiously.

He pout at me. well I miss you he said smiling a little at me. hahaha, I miss you too oppa. I said to him laughing. how are you when I left? he asked me. hmm, well.. you know, I was sad of course, I don't know what to do.. I answered him, well, you're quite happy with kai he said flatly. huh? I replied. nothing he said. you know I was jealous he said all of a sudden. with kai? I ask him, I never thought he is. hmm why? I ask him. he likes you sull. He replied. ani, he is just a friend.. I replied he is sull, I know it.. I can see how he looks at you, he likes you he said to me, but I really never thought about that. hey pretty boy, I only like you know one else I said then I kiss his cheeks. He smile at me a genuine smile. you know what he started to say again. what? I ask him. here, this is where I fall inlove with you he said softly looking me in my eyes. Here? this place?" the moment I heard you're voice, the moment I saw you playing piano, the moment you look at me, I have fallen in love with you he said again, making me go crimson. this place will always be a part of me, this is where I meet you he added. Would you like to play something for me baby girl? he asked smiling at me. Geez we talk like were old, I secretly smile and sit on the stool in the front of the piano, I didn't play for a while, busy with my career, oh I never thought I will be, playing and singing here makes me happy. what do you want me to play for you oppa? I ask him. it's up to you baby girl he answered me

and he sits besides me. endless love I whisper and I started to play, this feelings I felt is soo good, despite of the sad happening this past few days, I am happy that we were okay now, I never thought I will be happy like this, suddenly I feel like I am the healthiest person in the world. I didn't feel any pain caused by my rotten heart. Being with him is the most amazing time of my life. After a few minutes I finished playing the song. He then holds my hands, and face me. let's be happy okay? Were still young, we still have a lot to discover, let's enjoy being with each other, let's enjoy being an idol, let's enjoy the happiness we can give to our fans, let's enjoy our work, let's enjoy our life he said to me smiling. okay.. let's enjoy. I said smiling at him, he then gently caress my face, I don't want to see you cry baby girl he said while caressing my eyes, I just want you to smile he said while touching my lips. can I kiss you he asked. Oh my god, he's making me blush. I smiled at him and nod, who wouldn't want? He then close the gaps between our lips and kisses me, I kiss him back, like what he said I want to be happy with him and enjoy our youth together. ahem, ahem someone cough, I immediately parted my lips from him we tilted our heads and saw our members watching and smiling at us. I smile at them thank you I softly said. well, were sorry to interrupt but.. manager hyung called and we need to be back, tomorrow is another day young people onew oppa said smiling at us. Oh, were still the busy idols I guess, we nod and walks towards them hand in hand. so I guess you two were fine jjong oppa said. of course we both replied. that's good then, I don't want to take care of a drunk minho again, okay? jjong oppa said laughing while were walking out of the room heading towards our car. Chapter 40 Minho's POV I feel something on my lips.

I instantly open my eyes.

goodmorning pretty boy! Breakfast is ready sulli smile at me. Pointing the breakfast she prepared. Besides me. It's been 3 days since the day we make up. goodmorning baby girl.. stealing kisses huh? I teased her she pout at me, I then got up and sit and kiss her on her forehead yaa! Oppa.. eat now, dad we'll be meeting us there she said to me. Oh yes, today was her scheduled check up, and I promise to accompany her and well her dad. I miss you baby girl I said to her, screw our busy

schedules I really don't have time to meet up with her since she was busy with her schedules also.

oppa, eat now.. then you should get ready okay? she said again. okay.. okay.. I replied. here! she said happily taking the tray on my bed, I laughed at her I feel like I am a sick person I said to her. geeez, cant you just say thank you? she said to me in a serious face.. thank you baby girl I said to her sweetly then hold up the chop sticks and start eating the break fast she prepared. Well it's just a scrambled egg with few vegetables and rice, of course with a coffee.. have you eat already I ask her. And she nod.

After a few minutes I finished eating.

well, baby girl Im going to take a bath, and if you don't mind you can talk with your oppa's outside or well, you can go and shower with me I said teasingly and winking at her.. PERVERT!!! She shout and throw me the pillow. I really don't mind baby girl I continue to teased her, she then stand up.. she's really angry now. well, I had showered already, and I don't need another one she snap glaring at me, I just smiled at her, I love you baby girl I said to her and then run to the bathroom before she hit me with something.. god, I love this girl soo much.

Sulli's POV He's really idiot sometimes. Well I know he was just teasing me. I love you baby girl he said and then runs towards the bathroom. I smile secretly.. I wish we can always be happy like this forever. I'll be out oppa, just be quick okay I said then went out of his room carrying the tray I brought in.

hey little sis, good morning jjong oppa greeted me, as well as the others.. they were on the dining table eating breakfast. wow, minho hyung is really lucky.. having a girlfriend preparing a breakfast for him..I think I should find my own now taemin said and we all look at him then burst out of laughing. you're still a baby taem, don't think of it yet key oppa said to him why? he pouted. Seriously, he's really a baby sometimes. I then went to the sink and put the plates and then I sit with them.

so? jjong oppa said to me so? I asked him back. well, nervous? he asked and I know he's referring the check up. yeah, kind of I replied honestly. you'll be fine sull onew oppa said to me smiling. I wish too I smiled at them. well practice well resume later right? key suddenly said. yeah.. seriously our break last week wasn't enough jjong oppa said. you're okay with it right? onew oppa said to me. with? I ask him confused. you know.. well Minho will still dance with her. He said with a small voice and they become silent suddenly. hmm, I'm good at it oppa, I trust Minho oppa I replied confidently though I know I will still be jealous, no one knows what she will do next.

ready baby girl? Minho oppa asked as he went out of his room, looking hot as always, he's soo handsome. Im really a lucky girlfriend here, I smile at my self. ne oppa I replied as I stand up from the couch, we watched TV as I wait for him. minho seriously you're like a girl you've been there for almost an hour jjong oppa scold him. hyung, you know right? he answered oppa. yeah, I know that jjong oppa said and just turn his attention back at the TV, they don't have schedule today except for the practice this afternoon. Aigoo our busy life this days really comes rare. oppa, we gotta go now, see you later okay? I said as I bid farewell okay little sis, take care jjong oppa said. And the rest too, hyung, were going now minho oppa said to them and then we leave.

-baby, what take you soo long? dad asked me as we arrive at Kai's mom clinic. hmm, ask this young man here dad I answered him. Sir, Im sorry.. I woke up late oppa apologized to dad. And my dad just dad just look at him and smiled. We then sit beside him and wait for my name to be called. I can sense that my dad wasn't comfortable. dad, what's wrong? I asked him. sull, baby.. Im afraid for you baby he said almost a whisper. dad.. I need you to be strong, strong for me. I answered him. I am afraid too, yes baby.. I will for you he answered me, gripping his hands with mine. While oppa is holding me in his arms. I really never heard my dad afraid like this. Just then the nurse went out and call my name. goodmorning doctor we all greeted kai's mom as we enter her office. goodmorning sulli, Mr. Choi, and oh.. minho she said surprised. well.. you finally bring your dad here sull, and oh your boyfriend she said smiling at me. I just smiled back at her.. my body was now covered with fear.. Im afraid. Very afraid..

your laboratory and CT scan results were out she started to say.. and hell no one knows what I feel right now. My dad and oppa was both in my sides. and.. were running out of time sull she said with a very serious voice. And it's like my world turn down in her words. what do you mean? my father ask immediately. And I can sense the worry in his voice. While minho oppa keeps his silence and just drape his arms on my shoulders making me feel that he was there, supporting me. Mr. choi, sulli is lucky.. what I mean is before anything happens to her we need her to undergone surgery to correct her valves, she's lucky that the technology now Is advanced, her case wasn't like the other patient experiencing her disease, her valves were not seriously affected like them, but you know we cannot be confident of it, anything could happen to her. She's now old enough and I am confident that her body can cope up with the surgery, we have the best surgeon here Mr. choi, other patient, cant even perform the things she do now, maybe now she's fine with the dancing she's fine with the performances but her body will obviously be strain and we don't know if her heart can cope up with it.. I know she will not give up her career. It makes her happy.. but we should always put her in the priority. And surgery can make her well the doctor said with assurance and seriously. It let me feels dizzy. Surgery. Im afraid of it. we'll do it, doctor. As soon as possible my dad suddenly said. Im shocked with his decision. dad I said softly. please.. let me decide I added. sulli.. we cant risk your life here. I cant take it I will lose you too. Not again baby he said to me looking straightly to my eyes. baby girl, your dad is right.. if this surgery will make you okay.. please do it.. for your self, for us and for you fans. We need you, f(x) need you, your fans need you he said to me. sulli, they're right. I know it's not easy as like just saying it to you. But we need you to do it. The doctor said. I will think of it I replied to her. Chapter 41 Minho's POV WHY? I unknowingly raised my voice when I answered her. It's final oppa. I WILL NOT HAVE THE SURGERY she answered me. Hearing those words I felt that my world sank down. Why? Sulli why? I asked her while holding her hands, it was a week after the check up and we were now on SM having last practice before we leave for concert on Tokyo on Monday. We gave her time to decide and she give me this answer. God this is not the best time to be stubborn. oppa, please. I know myself, I will be fine she answered me flatly. Baby girl.. I said almost a whispered. I look at her with sympathy. oppa. If it's my time it is. This is my fate, and now I just want to live my life to the fullest and be happy with the remaining years I will spend with everyone, I hope you will stay with me, everyone will stay with me she said. I.. will be forever with you I said. I know this is not what I want, I

want to spend my life with her. I want to have a future with her.. But for now I will respect her decision and fulfill her wish to be happy, and I do hope that later on, I will be able to convince her to undergo the surgery. I know oppa, I love you.. You know that she said. Well if you love me, please live for me sull, I thought looking at her. Smile baby girl I said then hug her, she hugged me back tightly, I know she's scared. I kiss her on her head, she continue to hug me. -Good morning baby girl! I said loudly to wake her up. It was Saturday, and tomorrow we'll be leaving for Tokyo. She just groaned but didn't wake up, I smiled looking at her okay baby ready for some game? I said then I started to tickle her, I know that she is just pretending to be asleep. As I start tickling her, she started to laugh, oh, her laugh is like music in my ears, baby girl, wake up now please? I pleaded still laughing. lie here with me first oppa she said then pull me beside her, she then wrapped me with her hands on my waist and rested her head on my chest. you know what oppa, us being like this we look like a normal couple she said closing her eyes yaah! Are we abnormal? I asked her. babo! What I mean is we look like normal couples like others she said laughing I know what she mean because we are celebrity, we can't date freely like normal couple do. I know, and Im sorry for that I said to her, kissing her forehead. baby girl were going somewhere I said to her. really? Where? I know she cant hide her excitement now, aish this girl. Sulli's POV . baby girl were going somewhere oppa said to me, another surprise perhaps? And now Im really excited really? Where? I asked excitedly. that's a surprise baby girl, now get your butt off from bed and get ready, okay? he said and immediately rose from my bed grab my clothes and headed to my bathroom. oppa, just wait for me here okay? I'll be quick I said to him then enter the bathroom. okay baby girl. He answered me with a smile then he turned on the TV and watched it while lying on my bed. After 15 mins I went out of the bathroom fully dressed I guess Im ready now, Im wearing a skinny jeans and a pink tank top with a jacket, It's cold outside and a flats. When I reached my bed I noticed that my so awesome boyfriend had fallen asleep, oh the disadvantage of us idols, we never get a good rest. And now I noticed that he wear simple clothes but he really looks good at it. A jeans and a shirt I guess inside his jacket. oppa, Im ready wake up now I whispered. oh, sorry I fall asleep. Ready now baby girl? he said while getting up from my bed. After a few minutes we arrive to a place.. and oh! We're on the han river. Seriously? I thought while waiting for him to say we arrived, maybe we just passing her, no way in hell were going to went out and stroll here, though I really want it. There is soo much people in here. we're here baby girl he said then he grabbed a paper bag from the back seat, he opens it and grab the thing inside, here wear it baby girl he said passing me a shirt. I unfold it. And the shirt says. `BABY GIRL' and some heart as designs, the color of the shirt is light pink, he is really sweet, and I know it, like normal couple, we're wearing a couple shirt. I look at him and he had taken off his jacket, and guess what

he;'s now wearing the pair of my shirt I guess it's a sky blue shirt and has a print `PRETTY BOY' on front just like me. oppa I said to him smiling then lean closer to him and kiss him on the cheeks. Im really happy. I then wear the shirt, and he went out of the driver seat and went on my said and open my door, gentleman as usual. excited baby? he said smiling at me. here? seriously oppa? I asked him with doubt. yeah, do I look like I'm joking baby? he said, following him, I went out of the car he went on the back of his car and pull out a basket from the compartment. what's that? I asked him, he carried it and intertwined his hands to mine. we're having a picnic baby! he said excitedly. here baby, wear this first, people will still recognized us we don't wear this, wearing these can minimize the people that will recognize us. He said smiling then he hands me a sunglasses and a cap. I smile at him and wears it, he at the same time wear his own. let's go! I said excitedly, we then walk hand in hand towards the people strolling around the Han river, and oh now I feel were like a normal couple. Han river is one of the best place her in seoul, actually I never been here as far as I remember, since I don't have friends in school and I never had boyfriend to spend a date with someone here. you know baby girl, it's actually my first time here oppa said to me as we walk why? I asked him well, you know I've been trainee for a young age so, no time to hangout here he said. so let's enjoy now he added and I nod at him People sure notice us, but I guess they were still thinking if we were really the member of SHINee and F(x), I laughed at that thought. After walking for a while, we reached the picnic area. hungry? he said. Yes! I beamed at him smiling widely. He then put the basket on the grass opens it, and he take out the blanket and place it on the ground, you can now sit baby girl he said to me patting the space beside him. I then went beside him., he then started to take out the foods inside the basket, he brings Kimbap, mandoo, gaeran mari, rice cakes and a lot more and also some beverages whoah! Where did you get all of this oppa? I asked him curiously, well I know he can cook but I didn't expect it. I prepared them all baby girl, you know what I woke up early to prepare this, though my members helped me doing it he said pouting a little. hmmm, soo let's now test if you're a good cook I said to him grabbing the kimbap first, wow! And it taste really good. bashta!!! I said loudly while laughing chungmal? he replied smiling at me. hmm, well I guess SHINee oppa's are good cook as well I said to him smiling. Then I grabbed a kimbap and feed him. Our date went well, though after eating some people recognize us and started to ask our signature, but somehow they knew why were there and eventually just gave us some privacy. Before we leave the river, we first ride a bicycle, and since I don't know how ride, Oppa and I just shared one bicyle. After it, we headed to SM for a meeting before we leave tomorrow. After the meeting minho oppa sent me home.

rest now baby girl, were leaving early tomorrow, and please don't forget to bring you're medicines, and also, clothes, bring a lot of he said but before he finish and start to act like my dad I cut him with a kiss, I guess it's a reward for his effort today. I know he was quite shock but eventually he kisses me back, the kiss lasted for a minute. oppa, thank you I whispered on his ear while hugging him. did you enjoy today? he asked. of course! You're the most wonderful boyfriend in the world I said to him, kissing his right cheek. and Im soo lucky to have you I added as I kiss his left cheek and I will never find a person like you I said as I kiss his nose. and you know what, I love you soo sooo sooooo soooooo much I said as I kiss his lips again. He kisses me again, passionately that I never notice I was already lying on my bed him on top of me, his lips were soft and sweet like the first kiss we shared. After that long kiss our lips parted. sleep now baby, I still have to go and packed my things he said smiling at me. Chapter 42 Minho's POV you okay baby girl? I ask sulli who is sitting beside me, we are now heading to Tokyo, Im glad that her dad was here with us, and for some reason Im allowed to sit with her. she just nod at me, I know something was wrong her her, she looks pale and tired but maybe it's all because of the trip. we still have an hour before we landed, just sleep okay? I said to her, then she lay her head on my shoulder. yah! You two went on a date yesterday? key said to me, he was sitting beside me beside him is jjong hyung, taemin and onew hyung. I smile at him and nod. wow! What's this couple tee? jjong hyung said joining the conversation. They were now looking at the pictures that was published on the internet with key's iPad. look here taemin said as he grab key's iPad and pass it backward. And all I can hear now was teasing from all my label mates. And I notice as it reaches EXO kai frowned when he look at it and quickly passed it to chanyeol. And now I was wondering does he really like sulli? After two hours finally we reached our hotel. We quickly prepared for the rehearsal, since almost all of our performances were new, so we arrive here a day before to have a through practice. Actually Im quite worried, because since that day now will be the first time again that sulli will watch me and yuri practice and I don't know what she will feel. baby girl, are you really okay? You didn't look fine, tell me if you don't feel well so I could ask them to let you rest I said to sulli who was sitting beside me watching Suju hyung practice their dance. oppa don't worry Im okay.. Im just tired she said. But somehow I really don't think she's saying the truth. Minho it's your turn to have practice with yuri, come to the stage now the director call my attention. baby girl, I'll be back I said to sulli before I grab my towel and water and went back stage.

Sulli's POV This is it. Actually I don't know what will I feel, I know there's nothing between them, and I know he didn't feel anything for her anymore but I really cant prevent myself to be jealous. The way she look at him, the way their body touches, the way he touches her, the way she touches him. Urrggggh!!! I really want to rip off her face. She's really stupid to let go Minho oppa, she didn't know how lucky I am to be his girlfriend, but she? Oh she's stupid to dump him. sulli, calm down. I can hear your heart beat from here taemin who is sitting beside me said, he was smiling but his eyes focuses on oppa who is dancing on the stage. shut up maknae! I said to him smiling a little I know he was just teasing me. aww, just don't worry you own his heart, and stop staring like you want to kill Yuri noona with your glare he said and laugh a little. I also laugh with what he said, and I hit him on his elbow dork I said looking back to oppa and the bitch. After their rehearsal, he immediately went beside me. did I do well? he asked smiling at me. ani I replied not looking at him aaaaaah was all he said but when I look at him he started to tickle me. enough, oppa please I said between my giggles. But he keeps on tickling me while laughing. if I know you were jealous he said. no way! I said laughing at him. sure baby girl? he stop then look me straight on my eyes. I immediately stop laughing when he was moving closer to me. oppa, they're all here I said almost whispering. you're not jealous? he said still moving closer his eyes never leave mine. oppa I whisper. baby girl you're not jealous? he said in a serious voice, he was inches apart from me. AHEM AHEM I heard fake coughs of people suddenly and when tilted our heads we noticed that almost all of our label mates were looking at us. We instantly move apart. And I notice I was blushing. well, I'm just kidding, no need for a show guys minho oppa said he was also shy I think. And people started to laugh. oh my God, Our flaming Charisma is blushing!! Donghae oppa said with a really loud voice following with a laugh and all of suju laugh also. I'm not! Minho oppa denies, which just makes them laugh more. Unknowingly I was also smiling sometimes oppa is just you know, dork. what are laughing? minho oppa asked me, he was still blushing. nothing I said while laughing. He then grab my wrist and pull me towards him and he makes me sit on his lap. Oh my goodness I just want the ground to swallow me now because of embarrassment. Everyone was laughing and teasing us. Even the crew stop their work and joined teasing us. now, who is blushing? minho oppa whispered me as he hugged my waist. AIGOOO BABY GIRL he said while hugging me. Waaa I promise I will punch him later.

SO SWEEET!!!! I hear Luna amber and krystal squeled. And I glare at them but the just laugh at me. I just then pout not knowing what to do anymore. enough enough.. my baby girl is now embarrassed minho oppa said making me stand from his lap and then he let me sit beside him. aish this two, Im getting jealous you know jjong oppa said to us. After that embarrassing moment, the rehearsal continues. -The following day we were welcome by a massive amount of fans outside the venue, really there are a lot of people who loves SM. I was honored to be part of this town. The concert so far is good, but not me.. our number and my solo. I really need to yunho oppa is performing on stage and we sulli are you okay? Victoria unnie ask our costume. im okay unnie, just tired I really feel exhausted after rest, but still changmin and still have the last number. me, we are now done changing I answered her.

After a few minutes, we were now ready for our last performances including all the SMtown artist. I was actually trembling. I feel really weak, but I need to be present there I do hope that fans and my label mates won't notice it. I was looking for minho oppa, but it seems that he was busy playing with everyone, aish seriously this guy cant keep his feet on the same place he's moving around. Just then, my vision went blurry, slowly I can't see anything.. the voice of fans cheering us is all I can hear.. slowly I cant hear anything just my heart beat. Slowly my legs were giving up, Im falling.. I need minho oppa now, but he's not here, slowly darkness .. all I can see is darkness. And all I can her is screaming, everyone is screaming my name in horror. Chapter 43 Minhos POV The flashes of camera is blinding me and the loud voices of people waiting for us deafing me. This is it, every ones knows. We tried to avoid the nonstop questions coming from the reporters as we enter the hospital. Right before the last song finished, we rushed sulli to the nearest hospital.

It's been 4 hours already but sulli is still unconscious, she was peacefully sleeping on bed.

Every one panics, everyone seems curious, everyone was clueless and I don't know how to answer them, I am torn between Sullis present condition and everyone's unending question. How would I explain this to them? I dont know. We had able to ignore those people outside who welcome us, and together with my members we went straight to ICU. I was greeted with a tight hug from Mr. Choi. And now he was not that Man who holds authority the man that fears nothing, but now he was just a father, a father who feared to lose his only daughter. I am still trying to fight back the tears that are forming in my eyes, I want to be strong because I know deep inside she will be okay. She needs the surgery now Mr. Choi said. She'll be fine, right? I ask him, I know she will not like this, but now all we could do is to ensure her safety Dr. Kim is now on plane, she's coming here to perform the surgery he said as he let go of me, I can tell the sadness on his eyes. I manage to stare at the opening of the door, 4 different machine was attached to her. a tube on her mouth probably the respirator, leads on her chest attaching to the ECG monitor, a tube on her nose and an IV on her left hand attached to this was four IV bottles, the doctor said it was her medicine. the doctor said her heart was very weak, it already starting to fail pumping blood, and thats the main reason why she fainted theres a lack of oxygen on her brain. and he said that if we wnat her alive the surgery was need now. Minho, let's wait inside key said as he dragged me to a room. Everyone was here, SUJU hyungs, SNSD noona, TVXQ hyungs, EXO, F(x) and my members, all of our managers were taking care of the reporter outside. All eyes were on me as we enter the room. I can see the sympathy, and pity on their eyes. Aside from my members and F(x) no one knows about sulli. Just us and Mr. Lee, and of course Kai. and now I know they were shock, how come she was allowed to be an Idol if she had this condition?. I can see the worried look in his eyes. Minho be strong, we'll be all here for you donghae hyung said and everyone nodded. how is she? he asked. she'll have the surgery, Kai's mom is on her way here I answered him. I smiled on the fact that everyone cares for her, no one dares to went back to the hotel, they waited with us. hey, sulli's situation is on the top of news now key said. he was I think browsing on his iPad everyone was praying for her safety, she is well loved by people and it's seems that Kpop world stops for her key added

Just after a few minutes Sulli's dad enter the room and announced that Kai's Mom arrive and few minutes from now they will bring sulli to the operating room. I went out, onew hyung and Victoria noona follow me and their back was Kai. He went straight to his mom, and hug her. umma, you'll save her right? She'll be fine right? kai asked her mom like a small child, with fear in his voice. And her mom just look at him, but she didn't promise anything. The next thing happen was we saw sulli was being transferred to the operating room through the stretcher, we followed them until the door of the operating room closed, every minute seems to move slowly, it feel like years. We keep waiting and waiting, I know everyone is tired. The room we stayed was guarded by a lot of body guards outside, some of our label mates were already asleep, but no one left us. I was sitting on a chair, sending silent prayer for sulli's safety. When I felt someone sits beside me and in my surprise it was Yuri. want noona to hug you? she said looking at me, and then she hug me, and before I notice I was hugging her back. Im sorry Minho for what I've done, I know this is not the proper time for this, but somehow I was really angry with myself, Im sorry if I hurt you two she whispered as she hugs. I smiles a little at last my Noona was back. thank you noona. I whispered back and this time I cry. hush.. she'll be fine, she's a strong girl she said as she pats my back. And I know now everyone knows about us was surprised of what she did, but I know she mean it, she was sorry. The surgery seems to last forever, it's been 5 hours already, but still no news about the progress, the doctor informs us that normally the surgery will last 8-12 hours, depending on her condition. It's a very fetal procedure, but with Japan's technology they ensure us that they will render the best of their service. -she's still on coma, her body needs to adjust.. Apparently the surgery was successful but we need to ensure that her body will responds, we still need to observe her for 24 hours kai's mom said she just went out from the operating room, the operation last for 10 hours. Sulli was transferred back to the ICU. Her face was pale, but she's still beautiful as ever, her lips were now dried, her chest was partly exposed and was covered with gauze pads, machines were still attached to her, on her left hand was 4 IV bottles dripping. she looks peaceful. I really hope she was fine. But everything stir up when one of the machine started to beep loudly it was not the normal sound I heard I while ago, the sound was panicking.

The line on the ECG monitor was slowly becoming a straight line. I screamed as I called the nurses on the station. My whole body was trembling and shaking, I can hear them crying, krystal, amber, luna and Victoria noona. Her dad was crying and panicking too. My members was hugging me, holding me tightly. And all I saw was the doctor is starting to revive her. "Time of death 10 pm." the doctor slowly said to the nurse after few minutes of trying. That was the last word I heard before I pass out. Just those words were enough to kill me. Chapter 44 I could feel the sun, streaming through the window, warming my cheeks, another free day for SHINee boys. I kept my eyes close, not wanting to get out of bed just yet. all i can hear now is key and taemin playing games on the computer outside.

I rolled around on the bed, it feels comfortable, I try to find sleep again but unable to, so instead sat in the side of my bed holding my head on my hands, I sighed heavily and then turned my head in my palms, my eyes falling on the letter lying in my table beside my bed.

I got up from my bed and took it, then I went to sit again on my bed and read it again for about hundredth time..

Dear oppa, If you're reading this, well it really sucks.. I know I promised I'll be fine, that I wouldn't die, but I guess I can't control everything can I? and I know it's kinda creepy and why did I wrote you this letter if I told you I wasn't going to die, I know I lied to you by telling Im fine, that I'm okay.. well no one knows when will they die, well I guess after you lose someone so fast, like I did with my mom, you become aware of the things like that.. and ever since, I write this letter to you, well if you will and well with my heart condition, I guess I always have to be ready for the worse. And I'm not going to lie, it scares me. I know I don't talk it with you that much but it's because I'm scared that if I told you about it, actually it's the hardest thing to write this letter, what if I do really die?.

Actually, dying I'm not that scared anymore, but what scares me more is you, I'm scared for you oppa, I know that you love me, and I know the feeling of having someone you love die, I know the feeling of loosing someone you care. So please oppa, don't destroy yourself, I want you to enjoy your life without me, I want you to continue performing on stage and continue to make your fans happy, I want you to be still be a member of SHINee, my favorite band. Everyone dies at one point. I guess my time had come, that's all. I just want you to remember that I love you more than anything. I always had, I always will, whatever happens afterwards, if there was any way I could be with you, I would be.

I will be forever watching and guiding you wherever I will be, just look at the sky, and I will be the brightest star that you will see.

No one's ever made me as happy as you.

For years that I kept those walls around me, I thought I will be satisfied with only myself, that I would just die and no one will care, I never thought that you, well with my other oppa will step in into my boring life and started to destroy those walls, I never thought that I will be happy to be with you. and congratulation for melting me the Ice princess. I love you oppa, everything that happened to me this past months, becoming a singer, an idol, you were all the reason behind it. The smiles, the happiest time of my life, you were the reason of it, and although the saddest time of my life you were a part of it also, everything to me was you. you made my life turn 360 degrees, you showed me the love that I never thought someone will give me, the care and everything. So even if I'm dead now, it doesn't matter for me anymore, because I've been happier with you for theses few months than in all my life. And Im so sorry.. sorry for not being here right now. Actually I wished to perform with you on stage again. But now I know that I cant. Just be happy oppa, your handsome face wasn't meant for sadness, your

beautiful smiles cant disappear and I need to hear that laughs of yours whether I'm up up in the sky or sown in hell. You're my pretty boy oppa, the charismatic and handsome man I ever met and I love you for that, I love you so much, I love you so much that sometimes when your holding me it feels like there's never going to be a way im going to be able to show you just how much I love you.

No one can ever get enough of you oppa.

God I love you oppa.. I love you, I love you, I love you.

With all my heart and all my soul

And even death can't stop that..

And there's so much things I would love to say, so much things I would want to tell you.. but as always I don't find the words because the words becomes meaningless, they don't matter in the end what matters is that I love you.

I love everything about you.

You're my pretty boy oppa And Im you're baby girl sulli. For ever and always ~ Sulli. PS: please tell Onew oppa, Jonghyun oppa, key oppa and taemin that I love them with all my heart and to Vic unnie, amber, luna and krystal that forever I will treasure them and I love them. Slowly I wipe off the tears that were forming in my eyes, I lay on my bed again trying to sleep again when I heard a loud voice screaming outside of my room.

OPPA!!! OPPA! IM HERE I hear my lovely angel screamed outside of my room. OH CRAP!!! I'm not yet ready she will scold me if she will find me not dressed for out date. within a few seconds she enter the room, "what?? youre reading that again? oppa.. next time i will really throw that, see? Im here kicking and alive" she scold me as she sit beside me on my bed and snatch the letter from my hand. It been two months already, but until now I cant still believe shes here, healthy and alive. "morning kiss will be fine baby girl, I dont want anymore of your high kicks" I laugh as I said this to hear I then Immediately grab her hands and hug her. Chapter 45 time of death 10 pm the doctor announced. All I can hear is crying. They were all crying. Everything went black. I don't know how long it has been but I suddenly open my eyes as I heard onew hyung calling my name, thinking that everything was dream I open my eyes, and finding all my friends crying beside sulli's bed. It's been just 5 minutes since I passed out, but I felt it was years. My eyes were producing fresh tears even how many times I had wiped it. minho, this.. sulli gave me this before we went here, she said that if something happen to her in the future I should give this to you I .. I never thought that it would be today Mr. Choi said to me as he hand me the letter. I slowly walk towards her bed, and sit beside her.. Vic unnie, amber luna and krystal leaves the two of us and they seated on the couch outside the room. I slowly open the letter, my tears was rolling down nonstop, every word hurts like knife on my chest. The happiness the love and sadness I felt was mixing, all I can think is that I cannot accept this, she's everything to me. I wasn't able to finish reading the letter as I grabbed her on my arms and hug her tightly, I can still felt the warmth of her body, on the first look, she was like sleeping. I cant take it anymore. I burst out crying and screaming her name. is that all? Just until here? I want to spend the rest of my life with her, I want a future with her. I know that all my friends were panicking outside because now I can hear them talking to me. Telling me to stop. After a while the nurse was back pushing a tray towards sulli's bed. Mr. Minho, were now going to prepare Ms. Choi's body she said (in

Japanese) I cant let her go. I just cant. Nodding to them seems to be the hardest thing I've done they slowly stop sulli's dripping medication and all I can do is hold her hand. Silently I was still praying that everything was just a dream. They were now ready to pull out her respirator. stop please I said to them, they quickly remove their hands to sulli's respirator, I leaned forward to her face, and for the last time. I planted a kiss on her lips, the sweetest lips I ever kissed. I still cant stop my eyes from crying, her face was now stained with my tear drops. I am now ready to let her go, painful as it was I have to let her go. I slowly move backwards, I pick up the letter and I turned around, I saw all my labelmates outside the door, their eyes were red, probably from crying. I bet everyone now, our fans was now grieving because of her death. I saw Onew hyung, Jjong hyung, key and taemin on the door ready to hug me. I slowly walk towards the door. Few more steps before I reached the door when I heard a sound. THAT AMAZING SOUND.... Tit tit tit tit tit tit tit. I froze. My fingers are crossed, maybe, maybe. Even it's just 1 percent chance. Maybe theres a miracle. CALL THE DOCTOR a nurse shouted at her fellow nurse. HER PULSE ARE BACK. The nurse shouted. I slowly turned around My world seems to build up again when I saw the ECG monitor, there are pulses and for unknown reason the straight line was replaced with up and down. Is it a miracle? I don't know.

we'll intubate her first, nurse check her vital signs, and put back her IV line the doctor commanded to the nurses, as he examine sulli's eyes with his penlight.

this is unbelievable, she's alive the doctor muttered. And I saw sulli's dad collapse on my side.

She's back! She's alive. Now I heard everyone cry again but Im sure because of happiness.

How would science explains this?.

It's a miracle.

she's now stable, all her vital signs are in normal values, but she's still in coma because of the drugs, Mr. Choi, what exactly happen to her is unknown. I'm certain earlier she was dead, no pulses, no heartbeat. It was because of the prolong time of the surgery that her body wasn't able to cope up with it, and this time all of a sudden her body was fine, though we still can ensure it, she is in close monitor the doctor said to sulli's dad.

I cant believe it key muttered beside me. me neither I replied the pain I felt earlier was replaced with happiness. Sulli remain in coma for almost 13 days, hence all her vital signs were stable, the doctor said that they are just waiting for her site of surgery to heal before they release her out of coma. All of my label mates except for F(X) and shinee went back to korea. What really happen to sulli, we still don't know the answer, maybe she know. Different articles were also released. How the fans grieve when the news released than she died after the surgery, but also replaced with shock when the news released that after 30 minutes sulli is alive again. She was now called THE MIRACLE IDOL. The next day bunch of flowers were sent on the hospital, everyone wished her good health and good career, everyone loves her.

oppa, how many times should I tell you that if you don't want me to tear off that letter you should keep that sulli said suddenly which makes me return back to reality.

why? It's the greatest confession I ever heard aside from my fans, it's full of love baby girl I teased her, aigoo. It's still unbelievable right?? she said to me as she sits on lap. yes, it's creepy baby girl, you're like a ghost I continues to tease her, she just pouted at me. hmm, so I am a ghost? Fine, then you cant kiss me for a year she said standing from my lap. what?????? I said to her, well she's really mean sometimes. Ididnt wait for her to say something but instead I grabbed her back on my lap. And kiss her.

I love you, I love you I love you she said as she kissed my cheeks, nose and lips again. I love you too baby girl, but now if you want us to make it on that movie, let me go and I will take a bath. I answered her, kissing her forehead before I grab my clothes and went to the bath room. Chapter 46 Minho's POV And the movie date we planned went out of my room, ready to said that we were not allowed sasaeng fans out, what happen last week was just ruined. Right after we go to cinema, manager hyung called, and to go out today since there's a lot of to EXO last time didn't help.

oppa, don't worry it's okay.. we can watch movie here sulli told me smiling. I guess so I replied disappointedly. yaah! You know what minho-goon, we actually do miss sulli too, soo sont be disappointed, and let's just start the movie marathon! Jjong hyung said. They were all eating at the dining table, I am sure they all have plans today because they were dressed, but like us they were also stopped by the manager.

I hear every one let out a big sigh as they gather in front of our TV, their face was really down.

hyung, I want to see adam and eve (taemin's dogs) but manager hyung wont allow me to go home he said pouting as he sat beside me. aigoo, just video call them like what you do always I said to him trying to cheer him up. it's unfair, you're still lucky because even you two cant go out, sulli is still here with you he said, still pouting and we all

just laugh to him, maknae, you can find girlfriend if you want I tease him. ANDWAE!! He cant! He's still a baby Key immediately disagree with me. hyung, I'm not a baby anymore, look I'm 20 years old already! taemin answered him. no, you're still a baby taemin, I will never allow you getting a girlfriend key said acting like a mother to taemin. Sulli's POV We're on our fourth movie already when I notice that Minho oppa was leaning on my right shoulder, we were sitting on the couch with onew, jjong and key oppa and taemin. The four of them seems to be engrossed in the movie, and obviously this young man beside me had fallen asleep. I gently move his head. oppa, you can lie down, lay your head on my lap I whispered on him, I know they were really tires these days since they were going to back and forth to japan for their song promotions, luckily he was not deeply asleep. He then move and lie down on the couch and he puts his head on my lap. I look at him, as he close his eyes again, he was smiling at me and holding my right hand and place it on his chest. I smiled at him, I gently caress his face with my left hand. Everyone was busy watching the movie, I look at their faces, It's really good that at least they've got free time to rest. My mind draw me back on event two months ago. - - - - -

I slowly open my eyes, I feel really sore on my the part of my chest, and my body feel numbs, I can hear sounds beside me. There was someone who was holding my hands tightly. When I completely opened my eyes, I noticed that everything is white, just them it crossed my mind, I'm in the hospital. I move my head from side to side to confirm, what happen to me? I began asking myself, I keep remembering the last memory I have, but all I can remember is that I'm singing with my labelmates in the concert. I move my hands, and saw that Minho oppa was sitting beside my bed, he was sleeping, just then I noticed that taemin, was on the couch also, sleeping and my dad was on the chair sleeping also. op-ppa I called minho oppa, trying not startle him. oppa? I called him again. He then slowly lifted his head, and I can see the shock on his eyes. SULLI! he said loudy. He then stand up from the chair and leaned closer to me and hug me, I miss you baby girl, what do you feel now? he said excitedly, he was smiling widely to me. what happen oppa?, I'm okay, but I feel a little sore on my chest I answered him, oh, you've passed out during the concert, well baby girl, maybe it's because of your incision he answered me he now loosen his hug on me, incision? I said to him. yeah, well you undergone the surgery baby girl he said it almost whispered the what?? I asked him, anger is evident in my voice, I cant believe it, they let me undergone the surgery without my permission baby girl, please don't be angry, it's not good for you he said to me. how could not I? you betrayed me. I answered him, what if I die during the operation?, I never thought that they will let me, without me giving permission. baby girl, listen to me please he said softly explain now I said to him annoyed.

before the last song of the concert you've passed out, we then send you straight here, the doctor said you've strained your body, you were unconscious for how many hours and you're really on crucial state, the doctor said, if we want you alive, you should undergone the surgery, actually we hesitated it first, because we know you will get angry. But we don't have any choice baby girl, we don't want to lose you, your dad then called Kai's mom, requesting her to performed the surgery to you he said to me. then? I asked again, feeling that he's going to say something more. well, the surgery went well, but.. he said hesitatingly. but? I said to him, his face was down, as if he's going to cry, I got more curious then. after few hours, everything went bad, they were already reviving you.. he gulped as he continue to say and honestly, you were already announced dead. He said closing his eyes as he finished the last words. dead? I ask him, his eyes snapped open, and look me straight on my eyes. yeah, I died when I hear the doctor said that you're dead, it's the most painful words for us baby girl, but then a miracle happen he said smiling to me. what miracle? I asked him confused, before they totally pulled out all the machine on you, you're heartbeat went back, and yeah miraculously you're alive he said smiling to me. I was just looking at him, trying to process everything he said to me. I died? But I'm alive again? I asked him again. yes, baby girl, I don't know what really happen, even the doctors don't know the real reason he answered me. I am really confused, how does it possibly happen? I keep thinking.. Just then I remember something. I was sitting on a bench it a somewhat paradise, I was crying. I cant leave them, I murmur to myself, do you love them? I suddenly heard a deep voice asking me, when I move my head I saw a man, standing beside the bench, he was wearing a shirt and a pants, he's was the same age with my dad I think, he was smiling at me. yes I answered back, not even knowing whom he was referring to, but all I can think is that I cant leave everyone, I love them too much, that I cant endure being away with them. are you sure? he ask me again, he was now sitting beside me on the bench. sulli, in life there is two things, either you do something good, by loving and giving everything you have importance, or doing bad things, life is a game, and you have to know how to play it, you're life had been an exciting one isn't it? he asked me before he continue with his talk. yeah, I guess so I answered him back thinking that he is right. you're a good child sulli, you manage to went out of your shell, but life is usually unfair. You're sick right? he asked me again. yeah I answered flatly, you want to live longer? he asked me again, yes! I exclaimed, who wouldn't want? but why are you not fighting for it? he asked, and actually I got more confused. what do you mean? I asked him back. a lot of people loves you sulli, you make them happy. Live for them he said simply, not even answering my question. I was about to answer him back but when I turned to look at him he was gone. And he was right. I love them, I should Live for them. I cant believe it oppa, is this really possible? I thought everything was just a dream I said looking at minho oppa let's just forget about it baby girl, and now that you have your second life, please live for us, okay? he said to me holding my hands tightly. it's been two months already, how are you feeling sull? suddenly onew

oppa, said making me return back to reality, I'm fine oppa I said smiling back at him. Happy? he asked me smiling back. of course I answered him as I continue to caress minho oppa's sleeping face. though, im actually really bored, well No schedule, no photo shoot, no guesting's, no F(x), I really miss them even though they're keep in touch with me that's good to hear he said focusing his eyes on the TV. oppa I trailed.. hmm? he said still not looking at me.. thank you I said softly ad I saw him smile, no problem, sull.. you're our sister, we love you soo much, minho loves you soo much, please. Take care of yourself okay? We cant handle another death he said chuckling. of course oppa I said smiling at him. Just then I noticed that only the two of us were awake. bu-ya?? It's just 2 pm, and everyone is asleep I said chuckling. I know that they're really tired. well, you're back on f(x) next week right? onew oppa asked me again. yeah, and I'm really excited. He just then laugh.. oh, our sulli is back I laugh with onew oppa, I then touch my chest. and this mark, will always be my reminder, that I got second life to live happily, therefore I should not waste it. I said softly that only me can hear. Chapter 47 SULLIS POV sulli! I heard someone called me. And when I turned back It was actually Kai calling me, I smiled at him. yep? where are you going? he asked me. lunch I replied flatly. Since I just came back from my rest, I still wasn't allowed to practice dance, only pure vocals, soo instead of being with my members I was practicing with kai, few weeks from now, another concert in Singapore will be held. let's go together then he said as he walks towards me. want to eat out? he suddenly asked me. I thought for a while, I actually kind of sick with the food serve in the cafeteria, and I'm strictly not allowed to have a diet. I keep thinking for a while, deciding if I should go with him or not. come on sull, don't worry about the fans, this restaurant has a VIP room, and we used to eat there he said assuring me. and plus chanyeol and sehun will go with us too he added, well I think it's not a bad Idea, and I'm really starving now, well, I think it's not a bad Idea I said to him, agreeing.

good! I'm calling sehun and yeol now, let's just wait on the parking lot he said as he pull out his phone and dialed number, probably yeol and sehun's number. he talked on the phone for a while, then we walked down to the parking lot.

After few minutes of waiting yeol and sehun finally arrive hey sull. What's up? yeol greeted me as soon as they arrive in front of Kai's Car. I'm fine yeol. Thanks I smiled at him, same with sehun who is smiling to me also. We then started driving to the restaurant he said. eat this all, sull Mom said you really need nutrition kai said as he put some vegetables on my plate, while smiling at me. neh, doctor Kai! I said teasing him. sull, how is everything doing between you and Minho hyung? yeol ask me as he shoved foods inside his mouth. we're fine, though we didn't see each other for almost two weeks now, he's on japan, shooting music video, photoshoot, guesting and recording I think I replied to him, and now I that he mentioned I really miss Minho oppa, they're really busy now promoting their new song. ohhh. Shinee hyungs are really famous in japan sehun said. yeah, imagine, just for 5 months this will be their 3^rd single to be release their, and after their promotion their, they will start preparing for their Korean comeback. I said to them afterall, it's really hard to be an idol. I sigh. yeah, yeah. We also, were gonna start preparing for our next Korean comeback, and not to mention the upcoming SMtown concerts. Kai said. We all nodded. but still we're enjoying right?, this is the life we chose. I said trying to cheer up their mood. I guess so, let's just work hard sehun said. how everything with F(x)? this time kai was the one who asked me, well. Good, I wasn't able to be to dance this time, our comeback will be slightly delay, we're just waiting for your mom's approval I smiled at him. And they just laughed at me. Our conversation was interrupted with my phone ringing. wait a minute I said to them. And I saw oppa flashing on my phone screen. I excitedly grabbed it and answer.

Yobo-seo?, oppa! I said excitedly. baby girl he murmured he seems to be tired. exhausted? I ask him worriedly. very, baby girl.. and missing you didn't help anything of it he said lazily. I miss you too oppa, please take time to rest okay? I said to him. did you eat lunch yet? I added asking him. ohw, we just finished eating we're now waiting for manager hyung to fetch us, how about you baby girl? Your medicine? he asked me, same as usual, he would not miss a call if it is the time for me to take my medicine, if he's not available he would ask the cordi noona's to call me. that's good then, well I'm out with kai- I answered him when he cut

me off. Kai??, where? he asked, I can sense worry on his voice, yeah, chanyeol and sehun are with us also, I don't know what restaurant it is I said to him, chuckling a little because I still don't know the name of the restaurant and I heard him let out a sigh. that's good then baby girl. Well, I gotta go now. Please don't forget your medicine, I'll call later. He said. ne, oppa I will. Take care oppa. I replied, I really want to see him baby girl, face time later okay?, love you. Hyung is here already. Be safe he said then I said okay to him and he hang u I'm sorry I said as Iook at Exo. that's fine sull, it's pretty hard for you two yeol said, we are now finished eating our lunch. do we still have a practice later? I ask kai. yeah. EXO's schedule is pretty loose now, so Mr. Lee want us to practice for the concert. He answered. -Kai, Sulli. From the top please! our trainer said. And please Sulli, look at Kai straight on his eyes, you should look at him with passion he added. Not that I'm complaining or what, but I really felt awkward kind of awkward with Kai, he seems, strange. Since last Monday went we went out together to eat lunch, he would always cling to me, he even sent me home, fetch me in the morning, eat lunch with me and sometimes dinner. Last Wednesday he went to my house bringing a bouquet of flowers. It's not that I'm suspecting him with something, but I don't really want someone to misunderstand us.

sull, are you not comfortable with me? kai asked suddenly. Crap, I don't know what to say to him. uh, no I'm not.. I'm just now used doing this I manage to smile at him. oh, I'm sorry he said to me. Then we started to practice the song again.

dinner, with us later? he asked me as I fix my stuffs. Nah, Victoria unnie called and she said that they were pretty free and they miss me, and want to have dinner I said to him. Oh, is that so?, okay then he said flatly, I can feel the disappointment in his voice.

sull, you said, you want to say something to us? krystal asked as we start to eat our dinner, I called her earlier, to ask if they were free

to have dinner with me, and luckily they were, and I told her that I want to discuss something. oh, well. You know. I trailed, and they all lend their ears to me. Kai, was really strange lately I said to them, and I know they were kind of confused with what I mean. strange? What do you mean? Luna unnie asked. hmm, well, actually, were not that close, I just know him, because he was the son of my doctor, and here, we're plain labelmates, but since we two was paired up for the concert, he becomes clingy or something. I told them. what do you mean? amber unnie said, and I know all of them were pretty interested with what I will say, because of their facial expression. you know what, he sends me home everyday, and fetch me in the morning I started saying, he also brought flowers last Wednesday I added. and he will always ask me to have dinner or lunch with him, of course I can't turned him down I added again. and everytime minho oppa, will call to check on me, I can see him frowning I added again. Trying to remember his strange action. OMO!, could it be? Victoria unnie exclaimed as he put her hands over his mouth.

it's a strange thing for just a friend right? I asked them, I'm not stupid or numb, I can really sense, that he's up with something. he likes you? Luna unnie said. is it possible? I ask them, of course it is!, actually I noticed it before, he was looking at you frequently, and would always become down when you're with minho oppa krystal said. otoke?, I don't want Minho oppa, to misunderstand this, nor other people. I said to them. It's been actually a bother to think that maybe Kai, has some feelings of me, even though he knows that I am in a relationship.

just act that you don't know sull, after all we cannot let him feel awkward towards you since you two are working together, just try to ignore him, when it's not necessary amber unnie said to me.

I will unnie I replied. Chapter 48 Sulli's POV Ms. Sulli, someone's is here to visit you I groaned with suzy's voice, this week had been so tiring, everyday we're practicing for the SMtown concert, and to add the guestings and photo shoots. I was actually glad that Mr. Lee, allowed me finally to join in my group's activity. And Oh! Minho oppa and SHINee, were still not home, he said last night they were shooting a CF, I really miss him, even though every night we were talking on the phone and sometimes we use face time, but I really miss him, this is the longest weeks, that we didn't see each other since I've known him. Are you still sleeping Miss Sulli? suzy ask again, I bet

she's in my mini living room. And I guess, it's kai again, and following what Victoria unnie said to me last week when I told them about kai's unusual behavior, I tend to just ignore him, and just talk to him casually, so that things will not be awkward between us, but he's kind of annoying. I then Lazily get out of my bed,

As I went out of my bed, and proceed to my mini living room, I instantly saw A really really Big stuff toy. He's almost the same height of me, the stuff toy is sitting on the chair, suzy is not here already, maybe she went out. The stuff toy is really cute, but knowing that it came from kai, I just felt weird, I hope it came from oppa, I pout. I really miss him. As I walk towards the living room, I've found that no one is there, where's kai? I asked myself. Then on the table a Flowers was placed, and 4 different boxes. Sweet right? I sighed.

I walk slowly towards the stuff toy. Annyeong! I greeted the big teddy bear. I silently laughed at myself, poor him, he's really cute, but I got annoyed that he came from an annoying person. Above the boxes there is a card placed. I really wondered why kai, have to do this things, I mean, he didn't even told me that he likes me or anything.

I miss you That is what written on the card. Suddenly, a soft hands covered my eyes. Did you miss me I deep voice whispered in my ears, and by just that I felt that my whole body is recharged. Oppa? my voice was low. I knew that voice. But hearing his voice is like a dream. I miss him soo much. He slowly remove his hands from my eyes, HE's HOME! HE'S WITH ME!, I was facing my back at him, I then felt a warm arms, that enveloped me behind. I miss you soo much baby girl he whispered in my ears again, while hugging me tightly. I smiled. I turned to face him. OPPA! I said, excitedly. Smiling while some tears falling from my

eyes, and I hugged him. I miss you sooooo much I said as I squeeze him with my hug. me too baby girl, I miss you he said squeezing me back. Where's my welcome kiss? he said as soon as he releases me from his hug, and look! He's pouting at me.

I just smiled as I leaned closer. Very eager, he immediately captured my lips, he did miss it. It's actually a good feeling, I really miss you baby girl he said between the kiss, I will never be away from you, this long again, I thought I'll be insane he said in between the kiss again. I giggle. After a few minutes of sharing kiss with him, we pulled out.

sooooo? Why do you look sooooooo uninterested when you went out from your room? He randomly asked, while we sit on the couch, I pulled out one box that he brought. oh, I just woke up, I'm tired I answered him, leaving the idea that I thought it was kai, who's here since, he didn't told me last night that's he's going home.

what's with this? I asked him, as I open one of the box that is pull of lollipops, He's soo childish. you don't know that? he asked with amazement in his voice, as what I said. He's really childish. I hit him with the cover of the box, No, I don't. what's this? I laughed at him, will I not have toothaches, because of this? I asked him playfully. No, just brush your teeth he laughed at me come on baby girl! I know you love lollipops he winked at me, he was playing with my hair while his other arms I around my shoulder, I was leaning against him, my feet were up in the couched. I thought, you were expecting another person earlier, it seems, that my surprise, didn't hint you that it was me he said, and I felt guilty, somehow I should told him, about kai.. but I don't want him to misunderstand me. ani, it's because I just woke up, I answered him.

how did you manage bringing all of this here? I randomly asked him. I got help from Mrs. Suzy he said laughing a little. I heard him yawn tired? I ask him as I got up from leaning unto him, I look at his face, he lose weight, his hair grown longer, he has dark circles around his eyes, and he looks pale, yet still very handsome. yeah, we never

really have a long rest there, just 2-3 hours of sleeps, then some break. He said, as he yawned again. when did you arrived? I ask him. oh, just 2 hours from now. He answered smiling at me, come I sais, patting my lap. what? he asked curiously, sometimes minho oppa, is stupid, I laughed a little. sleep, here I said again, still patting my lap. are sure? he asked. of course, I don't want to have a skinny pale boyfriend, because he was not sleeping right I answered pulling him, He smiled at me, then he positioned his head on my lap. just a little time baby girl, I'm all yours afterwards he murmured as he close his eyes. My poor pretty boy, he's soo young, and is really hard working, I wonder what did they did on japan, they stayed there for almost a month and he told me that they will start preparing for their Korean comeback once they're back here. I guess because they were really popular now, and I also realize that F(x) is also really busy, I hope that everything will be fine to the both of us, we've encounter a lot together, and I really can't go on without him, he's my strength. I kiss his forehead and then I proceed on opening the box he brought.

soo, did you told him already? KYrstal asked me, as we walk towards the dressing room, we're having guesting tonight. not yet krys, I don't know how to start, and kai didn't even told me he like me I said to her, I really don't know how to tell it to oppa. hmm.. just told him, about your feeling about what he's doing, soo that he will nopt misinterpret anything she said and I just nod at her. Chapter 49 Sulli's POV Sulli, what is happening to you? Please look at kai in the eyes? The concert will be tomorrow, and its been how many weeks, since you were practicing your part, and still you cant look him, is there anything wrong? Be professional please! the Instructor scolded me, but what should I do? I really feel awkward towards him, and I'm feeling guilty towards minho oppa, because I can't have the nerve to tell him about how kai is acting towards me. I'm sorry seongsaeng-nim I replied back, okay, now I'll just have to talk with Mr. Lee, please practice it now, the song will be useless if you're not looking at him, and please if you're thinking about Mr. Minho, don't worry, he is very aware of this kind of work, he will not surely be jealous. Understand? our Instructor added, and then he went out of the room. He's right, I should not be awkward with kai, it's part of our work. I was looking at kai, he was just silent, and his face was not showing any emotion. Lets practice again okay? I said to him with a low voice. okay he replied, I then get the microphone and same as him, he also get his microphone, he started to sing, but somehow, I really felt

strange, I really feel something going to happen. I started singing my part too. Like what our instructor taught, we had to move closer with each other. Look at each other's eyes, and this time, I look at him straight in the eyes as I sing, he too. He's eyes is full of emotion, he's looking at me, intently. And my eyes widened, when I felt.. Felt.. His lips, was touching mine. Kai, is kissing me. I'm shocked. I can feel his lips moving into mine, I instantly tried to move away from his grip, but he's holding me tightly. Why?, Kai. A deep familiar voice, echoed the whole practice room. And this time, I used all my force to let go of him. Oppa.. I said softly, as I saw Minho oppa, standing on the door.. looking at us with no expression. baby girl, come here your dad is calling you he said in a serious tone. Still his face has no expression It scares me a lot. What if he misunderstood it? What should I do? And why did kai kiss me at the first place? sorry I heard kai murmur, as I saw him run his hands on his hair. I walk towards oppa. He hold my hands tightly as we walked towards the office. Anxiety is killing me.. he should be freaking out right now, he should scold me, even though I was clearly surprised being kissed by kai, he should at least punch or scold kai right? But he's calm though he's face remain expressionless.

When we reached the room, I found out that dad wasn't there. oppa, where's appa? I asked him. are you okay baby girl? but instead he just asked me. But instead answering him, I just pulled him and hugged him tightly, and everything that happen sink in to me, as I cried in his chest. oppa, what you saw doesn't mean anything. Oppa, Im sorry for not telling you about how kai acting towards me, oppa Im sorry.. please

please don't be angry towards me. Please oppa I continued to cry, Im afraid, very very afraid, I don't want to lose him. I don't want him to think that I am betraying him. He patted my back. don't worry baby girl, I trust you among else, I saw everything.. and I know long before that kai has feelings for you he said gently. and I was asking you, if you're okay? He added. After he said those words I cry even more. why? Why you're like this oppa? I ask him, I was dying because of guilt and him, he just saw me kissing another guy, but he still asked me if I am okay? How can he be so selfless? because I love you and I trust you he whisper on my ears, and then kissed me on the forehead. I then slowly let go from the hug. baby girl, I think you should talk to kai he said, wiping my tears away. I don't know what should I say to him oppa, he never told me he like me, in fact I was really surprised when he kissed me though I have this feeling he has something from me. he loves you baby girl, I know it, the way he looks at you, the way he cares for you, when you were on japan and when he's mother arrived from here to conduct the operation for you, he begged her to do anything to save you, he cried a lot for you, before I even realized I love you I know kai was looking a far. I Know it's painful for him too. He said, and now could you blame me if I am soo in love with this man? He's really good person, inside and out. Selfless, and respectful. oppa, I love you I said to him as I hugged and kiss him on the cheeks. I'll just settled everything with kai, wait me here I said as I went out of the office to find kai. Thanks for Chanyeol, he told me kai told them that he will just be on the rooftop in case someone will come to find him. I'm sorry I heard him said, how does he know that Im here? I was walking towards kai who is sitting on the bench here in the rooftop, he's back is facing me and he was looking at the sky. I then sat beside him on the bench. I'm sorry too I replied, and he looks at me, It's my fault, everything is my fault I didn't intend to ruin your relationship with hyung he said he's eyes is full of sadness. it's not ruined kai, you didn't ruin anything I answered him with a slight smile what? he asked confused. oppa.. well he's not angry with me, actually he's the one told me to talk to you I told him honestly. he's really a great man right? No wonder you love him he said yes, he is. And your right I love him, so much I answered him I know..It's just that..I love you soo much too sull, even before you met him, when you were just the Ice princess I knew.. even before you were known as F(x), even before you were not with him he said softly, not looking at me but in the sky. I tried to accept it, because when you were with him, you were happy, you were smiling, I never saw you smile, looking at you being like that I am very happy too, though I admit Im jealous sometimes.. but when You almost died. I prayed so much just to let you be alive again, and then I realize that somehow I should try showing you what I feel. I don't want

to feel that I lose you without even trying.. I never confessed to you because I know.. I really know your heart will always belong to him, I just wanted to show you my love and care. He said.. and I don't know what to answer him. and for kissing you.. please forgive me sull, it's just that, I was carried away with my feelings, you looking at me, I feel overwhelmed, I love the feeling that your eyes was all mine, they were just looking at me. Not with anything else but just me. He said explaining. thank you I said, and he look at me confused. thank you for loving me despite of everything, thank you for being there for me. Kai, your my friend. And forever I will treasure you, I may not be the person for you, but believe me there will be always gonna be someone destined for you Im not angry with you kai, you don't need to ask forgiveness, I am lucky to have you in my life I said to him as I hold my hands. you will stay forever as my Kai. My friend I said once again as I hug him. Im sorry sull I murmured as he hug me too. let's go? I don't want seongsaeng-nim to freak out thinking where we are I said happily to him, he let go of my hug and he smiled at me. kaja? he said then we walked down to the practice room, but before we head there we went first to the office where Minho oppa is, to let them talk, somehow I know that they should talked also, I left them and headed to the practice room. Chapter 50 JEJU ISLAND HERE WE COME!! I heard Jong Hyun Hyung and Key shouted as we climbed out of the plane as we landed on the Airport of Jeju. After the concert we had last week at last we were given a chance to have a 4 day vacation anywhere we want, and because we were only allowed it to spend here at korea so we chose Jeju because it's the most peaceful and beautiful place here, we went together with our fellow labelmates and managers. We walk through the VIP route of airport to the van from the hotel who is hosting us, to ensure that no one will interfere In our vacation, the Management make sure that no news will leak in the media well, excluding to those person who will happen to bumped with us, and recognized us. SHINee, F(x), EXO, SNSD, SUJU we all rented a small classy hotel, here in Jeju, it will be exclusive for us this four days. oppa, did you bring the coat I bought you last time? sulli asked me we were sitting together in the Van, we were now heading to the Hotel. yeah, don't worry baby girl I answered her with a smile. hey baby girl, don't you think Krystal and Taemin were really close these days? I mean, I've heard several time taemin was talking to her on the phone and he's really smiling and happy I said to sulli, taemin is sure acting weird lately, maybe he's inlove? You think soo? Same as krystal she's rather energetic and happy these days, she's always holding her phone she answered. hmm, something fishy I said to her while smiling do you think they're dating or something? she asked me curiously Oh my.. Key

will freak out if he find out about it I said to sulli, thinking how key will react when he found out that his baby taemin is having a girlfriend. hahah you think soo?, waaaaah I don't like key oppa when he started to nag sulli said laughing After a 15 minutes' drive from the airport we finally arrived at the hotel, and yes the hotel is really beautiful, it's not a really big hotel but it has a separate building for those people who wants a private place while staying here in Jeju, there is a pool outside the hotel facing the beautiful and breath taking beach. hyung, there's a lot of sexy girls on the bitch, let's get down there now!I chuckled when I heard Jonghyun-hyung nag Onew hyung, we were getting ready to swim on the beach aish! KIM JONGHYUN! You're soooo annoying..remember! no flirting okay? We're still SHINee! onew hyung finally answered jjong hyung. key? Get you butt out of the bathroom now, were heading the beach. Jjong hyung shouted calling key who is in the bathroom for almost 30 mins, what he is doing? I don't have any Idea. hyung.. is sulli going with us also? suddenly taemin asked me, I smirked at him.. hmm someone is really inlove here huh? I don't know taem, she didn't called me yet, maybe they have some plan. I answered him and I saw he's face went down. want me to call her? I asked to lighten his mood. really? he answered and his face light up as what I had expected. why? Are you falling in love I trailed, and I saw his face becoming pale, with my girlfriend? I finished saying and I want to laugh hard with his reaction, what the, of course not! I wouldn't dare hyung he answered me, I ruffled his hair good and grabbed my phone and dial sulli's number. Hey baby girl, did you girls have any plan now? I asked her. were still thinking of it now oppa she answered oh well, taemin here want to invite you to join us, were going to stroll along the beach I said to her loudly enough to let taemin hear what I said as I laugh at his reaction, and I heard sulli asking other F(x) member oppa, we're just getting ready, just fetch us in our room after 10 mins. Okay? she said oh, okay then, I'll hang up now baby girl, see you I said and we both hang up.

soo? taemin asked me curiously. tell hyungs to get ready we'll be fetching f(x) after 10 mins I answered him and the little boy jumped into happiness.


remember boys and girls, SM is attached with you behave well okay? Our manager said, we were asking their permission to went down to the beach to walk, and since they're still a lot of people there we should really be careful.

ne we all chorus, and we then started to head the beach.


oppa, look! There's a starfish! I looked at sulli, I know she heared krystal shouted to taemin. This two, are they really hiding their relationship? Or what? The moment we arrive at the shore the two totally forgot us. what was that? now this time, key started to notice. they're inlove amber whispered, but enough for everyone of us to hear. WHAT????? we all said, amber then hurriedly cover her mouth maybe she just realized that something slip in her mouth. You better tell us what you know Amber liu key said to amber glaring at her, waaa Key umma is angry. O_o

they're dating she whispered softly. And eventhough I kind of suspecting it, I am still surprised, imagine taemin was just like a little boy before and now? He have a girlfriend and he didn't even told us??? What the heck.

lee taemin, you babo! Wait for me later, I'll make you regret hiding this important thing to us. Key cursed, but we all left taemin and krystal, I know key is planning something.

And as we planned we just enjoyed the beach, it's calming breeze it's sound, totally beautiful and relaxing, we started to play on the water, we all jumped and run and enjoy the freezing water of the beach.

oppa! I hear sulli called, and boom! When I turned towards her direction he splashed water in my face soo you want this huh?, get ready now Choi sulli I said to her as I run towards her and carried her and throw her on water, her giggle were really loud. you're soo bad she screamed still laughing, enjoying this much baby girl huh? I said to her. of course she answered and started to splash water to me again. I turned back at her, trying to act that I was upset but before I turned back to splash her water again, I was surprised when somebody jump at my back. as punishment, you have to carry me everywhere! sulli screamed happily hugging me tightly at the back, I bend down to position her at my back and I started to piggyback her.

We leave others playing on the water we started to walk along the shore, me still carrying her at my back. Happy? I asked her. very, oppa she replied her voice is really happy. We then faced the direction of our friends, were feet away from them watching them playing. Everything seems to be fine now, sulli's health, she recovered well, kai mom told us when we went their last time, her relationship with her father seems to be okay also, they're career F(x) is really popular now. And school, we were having extra time next month and were told to start again attending class, SHinee is having a great feedback from our fans regarding our album, Our relationship and friendship becomes more stronger, key is having musical, taemin is going to be featured in BoA's noona album, everything is settled, Kai, were okay now, I'm happy that our talk last time clear everything, He's a good guy, and I was glad that I know that aside from me, there were people that truly love sulli, I am now happy. Everyone is. It was near sunset when we all decided to went back to the hotel, our managers are preparing for the barbecue party tonight for everyone. When we arrive at F(x) room, sulli had fallen asleep on my back already, swear she's really like a child sometimes. pretty boy oppa! Be back here later okay? Baby girl will wait for you she mumbled in her sleep as I took off her sandals, yes, baby girl, pretty boy will be back. I stand up and kiss her on the forehead and went outside were my members were waiting for me. taemin goon you seems to be happy lately, started the conversation, eyeing us. huh? sure not good in lying. is that soo? key taemin asked nervously nothing taem this answered him, poor taemin. any news? Jjong hyung Am I? nothing.. taemin is rolled his eyes. yes, why? time I am the one who

cheers! everyone raise their wine as we all celebrate, after how many years of being an Idol only this time we were given a time to relax. everyone! We also have another thing to celebrate Key suddenly said and oh no! taemin here is your punishment. I chuckled. what is it key hyung? Sehun asked curiosly yeah other exo said. are you getting married key?} donghae hyung asked him suddenly. And key just glared on him. no, it's not about me. But, he said eyeing taemin, and taemin now is really tense. I wonder what will be taemin's reaction sulli whispered while chukling let's just see baby girl I answered her, and hold her hands. as you can see, Minho and Sulli, were both happy together nowkey started and now everyone's eyes were on us, no, of course, if it is what you're thinking they're not getting married and were not yet ready to let the whole shinee world mourn key said and while laughing like a diva, but, our Maknae Taemin deserve to have everyones blessing, I guess he continued. what do you mean key? everyone started to asked him, they were all curious. because he trailed letting everyonebecomes curious more because.. this time he eyes taemin,

WE'RE DATING everyone mouth dropped when suddenly both taemin and krystal stood up and shouted that they're dating. They head were low, expecting to be scold by the managers and us I guess?

see I won! everyone heard kai, shouting while laughing while he talks with sehun, give me the money maknae! he said again. what do you mean? taemin asked him. hahaha, well we actually noticed the way you two treat each other soo, me and sehun had a bet, and I won! Kai grin on us. well, good to hear you two were happy with each other, but always remember, were idol, we're busy and we definitely had fans, I wish you both to be happy and strong, love each other leetuek hyung said, everyone, we all deserve to be happy, don't be afraid to love, though it comes with great sacrifice, but you will only have one chance to make the person you love happy, so make use of it, don't afraid to risk. It makes us strong he said and then he raises he's wine glass, let's be happy he said and everyone cheers and laugh.

let's be happy oppa sulli whispered. yes, baby girl we will I replied kissing her on her temple.

what will we be after 5 years? sulli asked, we were now on the pool area, facing the beach, the sky is full of stars, everyone were having fun in the pool, and getting drunk. And we? We were standing along the railings, letting the breeze touch our face, sulli was in front of me and I was hugging her behind, you'll be Mrs. Choi I whispered to her, yaa! she replied, why? Don't you want? of course I want, babo.. though, the only thing that will change on my name is the MRS. She laughed, how many kids do you want baby girl? I asked her, hmmm, If I can, I want two oppa. I know what she means, because she undergone a serious injury, giving birth is still a big risk bu-ya? I want 12! I said to her, chukling bu???? What? Do you want another EXO? she laughed a little. hahahaha, nah! Okay, I want five, so they could either become SHINee or F(x) I laughed and she too. I want to have a happy family someday she smiled we will have baby girl. I love you oppa, thank you for being there, everything you'd sacrifice for me, everything you endure for me, I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you, for all the sadness. I love you soo much, and I will be forever by your side. She said, then she gently, face me, she hold my cheeks. And.. She kissed me, I kiss her, our lips continued to move in synchronize, the kiss is full of love from her. and it lasted for few minutes, until we were both out of breath, I laid my forehead into her forehead I Love you too, I love you soo much, I will endure everything for you, let's be strong and happy baby girl I said and I kiss her again. The things that comes into your life where sometimes really unexpected, you'll never know what is planned for you. Pain, fame, Happiness, Sadness, Jealousy, Friendship, Love.. it's all part of us. I will never regret the day WHEN I MEET ICE PRINCESS. Chapter 51 EPILOGUE 7 years lateryear 2020 ~~BREAKING NEWS!!~~ F(X) Member CHOI SULLI RUSHED IN THE HOSPITAL IT SEEMS THAT SHE WILL NOW GIVE BIRTH After the shocking proposal of her husband Choi Minho on last year SMtown Concert here in Seoul, now the 27 years old Idol, was rushed in the hospital earlier this afternoon, she was on her early 9 months of pregnancy, the idol was on leave for almost 7 months now after the news broke down about her pregnancy, Minho's Mom was the one who rushed her in the hospital, since Minho is on his Practice for the upcoming comeback of SHINee, both SHINee and F(X) fans were praying for her safe delivery and for a healthy Baby Girl. -MINHO's POV Minho! Where is she now? I heard Onew hyung called me, they've just

arrived from SM she's in the labor room, any time now she'll be ready to deliver, the doctor said she will call me If I'll be needed inside I answered them, actually I don't really know what to do anymore. I'm both afraid and excited the same time. Oppa where is she now? this time it was the F(x) who arrived. she's inside taemin answered them.

Mr. Choi Mrs. Choi is calling you A nurse went out and called, tell her fighting! everyone said as I went inside the room.

take care of them Minho I heard sulli's dad said. I will appa I answered

I was not fully inside the room when I heard sulli screaming.

I promise! The moment I saw Him I will really kill him! Umma! It's soo painful, I hate him soo much!

I actually laugh a little, sulli is soo cute, when she's pregnant she have a lot of weird cravings, even making me in the middle of the night find it, she's very hormonal, she hate all my perfumes, but still she's my baby girl.

hating me now huh? I teased her as I went inside. `boom!' A pillow was thrown to me. I HATE YOU SOO MUCH!! She shouted again, I walk closer to her. I love you too baby girl! I replied her instead, and kiss her on forehead. And then she started to cry, very hormonal right? oppa, It's really painful, It's like my back gonna fall off she whined and my mom started to comfort her, also me. be strong baby girl okay? Were gonna meet our little angel soon I smile to her massaging her back to comfort her. I swear, I will never get pregnant again, it's so painful she cried, its not funny but Im really laughing now. really, soo I will never heard you screamed my name again like the time we' know?I winked, teasing her.. YOU PERVERT! she screamed hitting me, I'm your husband how does that make me pervert huh? I continued teasing her. Umma I swear, I really hate your son now! she to my mom.

Mrs Choi, we're just going to perform internal examination to know if you're fully dilated the Ob-gyne said.

good, you're going to see your little angel now, you're fully dilated, Mr. choi, please put on the scrub suit placed inside that cabinet and follow us inside that room she said pointing me the things she said, baby girl, be strong okay I said then I went to the cabinet to get the scrub suit. Pushed, take a deep breath Mrs. Choi, you can do it the Doctor instructed her, sulli continued to scream in pain and I was just holding her tightly in her hands, I actually wanted her to give birth through cesarean but she insisted to deliver normally, and were glad that the doctor said it's safe. After a few minutes that seems to be centuries, finally the whole room was surrounded with a beautiful strong cry. Baby out! the doctor said as the nurse prepares the small crib beside the doctor, they immediately placed our baby and wrapped it with a small blanket and puts the baby on sulli's chest, I saw tears were flowing from sulli's eyes, and from mine also, finally we met our baby. she's soo pretty I whispered at sulli's ear and kiss her on her forehead, now I'll be having to baby girl in my life. I love you oppa I heard him says as she cradle our baby. I love you too baby girl I replied and then the pediatrician get our baby for him to examine and clean her. --. Year 2018 MINHOS POV

SMTOWN! LET THE SHOW BEGIN! Mr. Lee shouted, as the SNSD noona about to rock the stage, consecutive years of SMTOWN family rocking the stage of different country, we now to start the 2018 SMTOWN CONCERT Live in Seoul and today korea celebrate white day. As our family grew larger, we set to give the fans a satisfying concert, like other years, we all prepared very well, for this concert. The crowd went wild when the SNSD noona started to sing and dance.

The show continue for almost 2 hours now

Baby girl! You're next goodluck I said to sulli as I hug her, yes after five years, see? We're still together, happy and contented and strong, five years. Taemin and Krystal were together also they were both happy as our other members were dating also, but not Idols.

oppa, see you later sulli said as she get ready with her solo performance.

hyung, ready for your little show later taemin asked me, yes, but I'm still afraid though, I hope everything will be fine I answered him don't worry hyung, she loves you soo much he said again patting my back. I guess it's time, a few minutes after I heard my baby girl's voice her lovely voice, the voice that actually captured my heart.


Sulli's POV

After how many years of being an Idol I've experienced lot of things, happiness, success, sadness, pain friendship and second life, everything I owe this to those people who love me, and Now as I sing for my fans, I cant help thinking how lucky I am. Meeting and bringing happiness to their lives.

I'm singing an English love song. Every lyrics of this song I dedicate to my fans, this is how I show my love for them, they were all singing with me, I was on my last stanza when suddenly the lights turn off, DJ VU? It's like it happen long ago.. (this is the song

~~I wanna make you smile whenever youre sad Carry you around when your arthritis is bad Oh all I wanna do is grow old with you

Ill get your medicine when your tummy aches Build you a fire if the furnace breaks Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you~~ I suddenly heard a deep super familiar voice singing. And a spotlight then was spot to the most amazing man in my life, I was stunned, he was just looking straight at me as he sing, the fans were getting wild screaming.

~~Ill miss you Kiss you Give you my coat when you are cold

Need you Feed you Even let ya hold the remote control~~ He continued to sing, he's walking towards me slowly, he's eyes were looking at my eyes directly, he's soo special to me, as tears flow from my eyes, he never ceased to surprised me. So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink Put you to bed when youve had too much to drink I could be the man who grows old with you I wanna grow old with you I can feel the sincerity in every lyrics he sang. My pretty boy. The music stop and the whole stadium went silent. He stood in front of me. baby girl.. I wanna grow old with you he said to me.. then he moves and face the crowd. shawol, you'll be always in my heart you know that right? he started to said facing all the fans. yes! the fans replied together. you know, that forever I will be grateful to be part of your life. But now.. I also want to be forever belong in the life of the person I love the most he said still talking with the fans. And the fans screamed.. suddenly my heart were beating faster, what does he meant? I Choi Minho, would likely to ask everyone's permission, to allow me.. he said not finishing his sentence and then he faced me, he kneeled down. And I think I'm going to faint now. He took out from his pocket a red small box. baby girl, I know I've been telling you this always, but I will never get tired telling you this, you were the most wonderful person that happen into my life, I love you soo much, and in front of everyone, I wanna grow old with you..and I would like to ask you.. Will you marry me? and that's it! The fans went wild again chanting me to say yes. yes! I answered him, I love him and being with him for the rest of my life, I couldn't ask for more. yes! he screamed he put's the ring on my finger, he's so happy he stood up and hug me tightly and kiss my forehead. Today is the happiest day of my life. I will be Mrs. Choi.

After months of preparation we finally got married, I love the fact that everyone gives us blessing even our fans, after we got married, fans didn't leave us. After few months of being married, we found out that I'm actually 2 months pregnant. Mr. Lee allowed me to leave for a while to ensure the safety of my baby. -the baby is here I heard key oppa, said as the nurse enter my room as she pushed a crib inside meet your, cute little princess, she's 5 pounds, everything is normal the nurse said as she handed me my baby. congratulations again she said then went out of my room. wow! She looks like you unnie! krystal said. no, she looks like me more Minho oppa, snapped at her, he was sitting beside me on the bed, among all I think Minho oppa is the most happiest person right now, and I know he will be a good father to our baby. let's take your first family picture! Victoria unnie said as he gestured as three to smile on the camera. 1.. 2.. 3.. click I love you baby girl, I love you my baby girl oppa said as he kissed me and our baby. I know everything doesn't end here, we will have a long life ahead, the most important for us now, is to make sure that our baby will be raised well and we to be a good parents. Let everyone be our inspiration. The end.