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OrigAfric Softwares Kenya Limited.

Company Policy And Procedures.

Our Official Company Logo

The Official company is an Abstract of beige and Grey spots followed by the Company name Showing the Wholesomeness and yet the Simplicity of our Operations. The Logo is as below:

Our Motto. The Motto of the Company is The Best Software Solutions. This aims at providing our clients with the best Solutions to suit their needs. Our Core values. The Company Procedures and Operations are embedded in our core values which are as follows: Commitment and integrity in all the Operations. Innovation and creativity in line with the changing technological World. Honesty, Sincerity and Professionalism. Our Mission Statement.
Delight our customers, employees, and shareholders by relentlessly delivering the platform and technology advancements that become essential to the way we work and live.

Please refer to the Procedures and Policies in the Next Page.


The following are the Procedures and Policies followed in OrigAfric daily Operations. 1. We Design and or buy all software that are delivered to our clients. 2. All our Softwares are licensed in the name of the Company. 3. All softwares delivered to the client shall meet the Standard requirements to the utmost satisfaction of the client and original intent of the software development. 4. The security of the clients' data and information shall be at the epic of all considerations. 5. The value of clients' data privacy will be given very high priority. The Client's information and data shall not be disclosed in form of verbal, soft copy, hard copy or any other transferable media whatsoever to parties directly or indirectly involved with the clients' information. 6. All Software Installation either online or on site will be done exclusively by OrigAfric employees and or Partners who have in contract or otherwise have express or written permission to do so by OrigAfric. Any losses or damages caused by Installers not handled by the said parties shall be the sole responsibilities of the parties involved. OrigAfric will not be liable to any damage arising from such breach of installation procedures. 7. Clients deadlines will me met religiously except by either written or mutual agreements between OrigAfric and our customers. 8. OrigAfric shall in conjunction with our partners handle all the activities arising from an agreement to use any of our softwares on the clients' site. Such activities will include Software Installation, Data Migration, User Training, Document Requirement Gathering, Business Product Development and after-go-live Support. 9. The cost of the Software shall refer to the exclusive Cost of acquiring the System and licenses for use. 10. It is in the policy of the Company to offer one Month Cost-free Support at the client site immediately after-go-live. Any support operation afterward shall be classified as commercial service deliverable. 11. Any OrigAfric software remains the property of OrigAfric Softwares during and after the period covering the agreement of use between OrigAfric and the clients. Distribution, use or copying of OrigAfric Softwares without written or express permission will be a direct breach of International and Local Software Copyrights protection Laws.

Please refer to the Index in the next Page for Explanations of terms.

INDEX: Design- Create from source code. This means engineering of a software from scratch to full functionality. Buy Purchase and or Acquire Distribution rights rights from the Original manufacturers or engineers. Software Anything in form of Functional application, System or technological services. Data- All Clients' information stored in any form of media handled by the client. Installation Transfer of the Software, Application, System from OrigAfric to Full Functionality at Clients' Site. Partners Any other third part Individual and or Company that has in contract agreed to execute OrigAfric Mission following the core values and procedures. Data Migration Movement or Translation of client information into a format that can be used by OrigAfric Systems and Applications. User training Training conducted by OrigAfric and or our Partners to best instruct the clients on how to derive the best functionality out of our systems. Document requirement Gathering This is the joint activity by OrigAfric and the Clients to avail any form of reports which will be required by the client arising from the electronic information handled by the System. Business Product Development This is the basic customization needed to be done in our systems to meet the clients policies and procedures before go-live. Go-Live This refers to the Period or the day in which OrigAfric System will be fully functional at the clients site.. Support- Refers to any kind of services or deliverable availed to the client in support of the system. This can be in the form of services, customizations,, additional requirement or System upgrade.

Prepared By: Stanley Mungai For OrigAfric Softwares.