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9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy tv\ FI::«(JL--/O 11 y g I

.:\~\:::\.. ....MEMORANDU:::: THERECORD

e\ \""'\»"" """"" . .., :
\\ \......::>Event: Interview of FBI Special Ageml..

\" """ \,);'ype of event: Interview

\ '. J)at~~:.Novemi>er6, 2003

\~\~I~tA:ess Issu~:~one

pre~~reCtb,,:..Raj De

vr eam'~um~r:.IA -.

I\.OCatiO\FB I,~.e~~Field Office .

Pa'~,~icipant;~ - NoD:,:.~~,~m~~,Sion: FBI SuperVi'sQ.~ Special Agent Hank Allison

. partl~iPants\com~issib~: j~n Tamm, MiChaeIJ"aG~~Son,Raj De

t "\:;, '~.~~'a.~e"~n-.FBJ agent on June ;~'~''l~98 and joined the Newark'

Field ~::::~;::~ber )4'1.9~~,:\ .. \\. s no criminal •• and. never came to the

• attention of the FBI prior to 9/1]: owever, became aware of~ouri post-9/1 ]
but prior to learning about his associan w .. , .. i came t61 I
attention during his investigation 0/ \, as an employee atthe
Newark airport who was flying ont e mormng 0 ,.11 an w ose flight was redirected in
the attacks. Alt~~J.lgh there turned,yut to -.~e nothing to that lead provided by
.. .Ihad .~~~iousl: lived at Nouri ,s·apartment at 4~6 Unio~ Avenue in
... utl~~ the mv~.shg~~IOn .9t I.... ~poke with Noun .

Nouri tol~··tiil}:fBItha~.~~::as the landlord for the ~~in1rnentwhere the hijackers
lived .iiI Paterson .. They-moved into his apartment at 486 Union ..Avenue on June 21, 2001
and had given him a cashsecurity deposit. The hijackers told hiin ..that the were staying
at ~n:eRainbow' Paterson be~re movin into his apartment' eli eves
t~at stay wassubsequently confirmed. stated these hijac ers rve In Nouri 's
apartment-until.mid-August 2001, afte.r w IC time they stayed in various motels. This
:./apart~.ent ~a's the only place where theY)~,ved for an extended period of time .

.:,/ .:'··After the hijackers vacated Nouri's apartment at 486 Union Avenue, a Hispanic
.female moved in. The hijackers gave the key to aneighbor, who passed them to the new
:/. ../:.tenant. The new tenant had only cleared a couple ofitems from the apartment by the time
:/ /::./ the FBI arrived. The FBI conducted a sweep of the apartment, recovering flight materials
/: ...::>., and some clothing from the balcony. It is unknown who lived there before the hijackers .
• 9;;:11 Personal Privacy ..
9/11 Classified
seCKEl Information
\9/11 Law Enforcement Privacx 11 Law Enforcement Sensitive

~\ ~~~=:~~~~8~E~~u6~T~~~~~~~~~~~~~
\. \'" Nouri's building at 486 Union Avenue. They identi ied photos 0 a ew 0 the hijackers.
\ '-::::::\"\\They had no other significant information about the hijackers activities, though.
\y \ .... ; •

9/11 Law Enforcement Sensitive

l~\i. feJieved that the 9111 ~ijackers c~me t~Pat~rs~~ after hoo~in~ up "?th
Rababafi III aj/s thul'I<h and found Noun by happenstance after-simply -walking mto his

store one-day, 'l:Ie recalled that there was some association between\l~oababah and Nouri,
but did notthink.that meant very much because Nouri was well-kno ~id
not recall the 'discrepancy between the Nouri' s account of how he met t: e hI]ackers and
that of the construction workers at 486 Union Avenue. Nor did he recall Nouri's initial

comment that\h~, may have initially met the hijackers in February 200\~. In his opinion,
the construction workers may have put the hijackers in touch with Nouri and that wou1d
not be inconsistent with. what Nouri said; moreover, Nouri may just have been mistaken
when he said he '1!li'Qally"'r:netthe hijackers during February rather than \n late May/ear1y
June of 200 1. \\.. \..\ \\.. \'\,; \

Nouri struc~ \... \... las hones~:·1 i

tould not recall whether Nouri was
pollsraphed, but be-leVed It would ~robali/x hav~ been unnecessary afted I
I \, \, . Ithat Nouri had nothing to hide.

There was nothing tO~ suggest that any of the other hijackers - other than those
who lived at 486 Union Avenue - eyer visited Nouri's apartment. During the summer of
200 1 Nouri visited the apartm,~nt 4-5,..times. L

9/11 Personal Privacy

. At this point, John Tamm askedl beveral specific questions concerning

·Idisc:nanct from the. ~entt?om timeli~e and re"~ing to the hijackers' time in Paterson.
. as unfamiliar WIth the specific detallS;\C copy of John Tamm's

questions and stated that he wou1d find the answers.' id remember that 9/11
hijacker Hani Hanjour had approached the Caldwell an eter oro aviation schools in the

-9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy
....~~'" ' -v ,

• , ar~a and had requ~sted on~>;}structor,tP'p~ovide a flight ~ath up and down the ~~dson
'River for a solo flight; the Instructor refusedJ

comp.l:lters at William Paterson colleg~L. __

Jalso recalled that the hijackers
rented a box at Mailboxes, Etc. at 5 Sicamore Road and that the hi·ackers had used the

~id recall thatthere was an individual name:

have stayed at the same Mariotthotel as the hijackers prior to ..9/I""'t!!"'", ........... -_
be no connection betweenthem. ....

9/11 Personal Privacy

9/11 Law Enforcement Sensitive

• -SECREt 3

• Event: Interview

Date: November 6, 2003

0~ ...
I///~7:9/ 11 Law Enforcement Privacy

Special Access Issues: none

Prepared by: Quinn John Tamm, Jr.

Team Number: IA

Location: FBI Newark Field Division>~e~k, NJ

Participants-Commission: Hyon Ki.ri1,~aj¢sh De, Quinn John Tamm, Jr.

FBI Representative: Robert sn;rfsjiitoi ! \

(Vi . fSPl~ial Agent, ~edera~ Bureau of Investigation
(FBI), Newark Field DIvIsion was appointed a SpecialAgent with the FBI on
06/21/1998. He has been assigned to tJie Newark Division since 1011411998.

• W.
case, whicfi has the codename PE
aspects of this case since 091111200)'.
Wl.QlJLQ'e FBI, when

~""'''''''..oIIO!..,...----....,II;iiI--'''''·Mi: ..,tenant in an a
as identified
case a ent nthe 0 11112001 terrorist attack

was contacted
as investigated various
dvised that James Nouri first

ing owned by Nouri.

fter he left an airline
rute .States at Gander Newfoundland.

~- ....--~r--~~~...-~!'"""-~"'" It was after/the initial interview of No uri

about. it was discovered that Nouri had'beenrhe landlord for hijackers Hani
Hanjour, Nawaf al-Hazmi, S~lim al-Hazmi, Ahmed al-Ghamdi, and Majed Moqed. The
address of the apartment was ~79 S. Union Avenue, Paterson, New Jersey.

,/ ~ 'tatoo that he was told by'~ouri, that the hijackers paid cash
.../deposit. '~ouri speaks Arabic having been born in Aleppo, Syria. Nouri also stated that
;' these individuals told him that they had most recently stayed at the Rainbow Hotel in
.../ Paterson, New Jersey. All the hijackers vacated :the apartment on S. Union Avenue,
:/ Paterson in early August, 2001. ~fter 09/11120P1, when the apartment was identified, a
:/ search was conducted. Nouri hadalready rented the apartment to a new tenant. The
.:/ . apartment was basically empty, bu~ a search qi
the balcony recovered flight manuals,
: clothing, food and glasses from the'bathroorn' with latent fingerprints. There was a small
.../ convenience store in the apartment building,' and the owners of the store were able to
.. identify photo graphs of the hijackers an... /;pme of their purchases.

9/11 Personal Privacy

\/ SeCieL
9/11 Classified Information
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy /9/11 Personal Privacy

BcCLct ....

9/11 Law Enforcement Sensitive

'. ~ bdvised that ~./~omplete financial i~vestigation of Nouri was.
'conducted by the FBI. Nouri had oper 'ted businesse i p. ,
I principaik~siness ~ il2i1l &1111 unng this

mv~tlgatlOn.\ ...

~f laiSQparticipated in the investigation of Hanjour's flight

training'iflNew Jersey. The investigation determined that Hanjour had received flight
lessons at several flight academies, including the Air Fleet Training Systems at the
Teterboro, New Jersey airport. Besides ground school, Hanjour flew a "check out" flight
along the Hudson River, between New York City and New Jersey. This flight was

known at the flight academy as the "Hudson Tour." Hanjour attempted to fly this same
course at a later date but was turned down the flight instructor for poor piloting skills .

~AdditionaJ investigation was also conducted at the library of William Paterson

College. Hanjour and Nawaf al-Hazrni had used.the internet computers at the college to
purchase airline tickets on two occasions, and to check on the status of their purchase of
tickets on American Airlines Flight 77. The FBI seized the hard drives of the computers
for forensic examination. Hard drives were also seized.from a Kinko' s store in
Springfield, New Jersey that was used by Ziad Jarrah topurchase tickets on United
Airlines Flight 93. Searches were conducted at the Newark.Airport Marriott and Days
Inn Hotels on 09/12/2001. An empty box for a Global Positioning Device was in the

room at the Days Inn, along with flight manuals. This room had.~en occupied by Jarrah.

9/11 Personal Privacy


provided no more information at this time. .....------... J

• Sectee