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Does the essay get to grips with the whole idea of knowing, understanding and the difference between

different areas of knowledg Does the essay reflect independent thinking, personal awareness and personal engagement? Does the essay show critical reflection and insight in addressing the problem(s) of knowledge? Is the essay structured, clear and logically coherent? Are terms used correctly? Are sources identified? Is it double-spaced with pr The beauty of art is that it is open for interpretation

Introduction: Theory of Knowledge is a study that deals with discovering and sharing view asses, meaning mathematics, natural sciences, human sciences, history, the ar knowledge obtained from these areas all differ from one another. In this case obtained from the arts, which contradicts scar !ilde"s quote that says: #$ll

The $rts, in forms of music, dance, painting, sculpture, poetry, literature, film not have to portray positive emotions but can also be negative. &ue to the fac is no set emotion that is set out in any form art. 'or e(ample two twin sister c ne sister may say that she did not like it because she thought the writer was completely fascinated by this movie and say it was the best movie she"d seen movie, she"d have watched before that deals with #unravelling a dream# or a s an ama-ing movie because of the way the actors e(pressed emotion and captu e(tent of creativity. ,ome may be captivation and attention seeking whilst oth question, which is then tried to be answered is whether a piece of art is valuab because every piece of art should be valuable, memorable and considered a g child"s drawing of a house with mother, father and the child itself, is compare which case, art is always a far comple( representation of reality through whic may be contradicted in some cases because there are many artists that detach suits their public admirers. $rt gives knowledge to the artists intentions, feelings situations in most cases the observer to believe he knows about the artists intentions, feelings or situa may tell the truth but may also tell lies. $lthough it is not easy to identify the definite that they give the observer knowledge on either truth or lies in each s drop chair. &ue to feedback, it is known that people believed that she was sad tear drop and sadness. In truth after reading about her intentions in her art boo a tear drop form because she liked the form. Therefore the observer gains fals are clearly stated and known to the observer. $rt is also an ability to use words in a creative manner to give people #new pe and 6eality, published in The British 7ournal of $esthetics. $rt can also be propaganda or a teacher, which also shows that knowledge is is gives us is a direct awareness of the whole art world. $lthough there have b futurism, barroc and the renaissance era, these movements never changed the

never remained static. This shows that the old belief that the arts have a speci arts on earth up till the twenty.first century. Through its own vocabulary, histo between all forms of art. The observer therefore also gains knowledge on the 8istory is a ma%or type of knowledge that the observer gains, as the books #1 9eo Tolstoy give readers great insight into the history aspect of arts. There is artist gains knowledge from previous artist. $nd the knowledge that this artis as 9eonardo &a :inci, who gained knowledge from $ndrea &el :erroccardo #life# the person has never encountered or been interested in, such as through ways but also make the observer question is opinions and views. It may be concluded that the arts give a person knowledge on intentions, emotions, situations, history and in general an overview of the world. 'urthermore it is obvious that the knowledge gained from arts is not testable such as the knowledge gained from sciences or mathematics, making the arts very special. The knowledge gained is often compared with beauty and therefore gives the concluding answer that the knowledge gained from the arts is unique and cannot be gained from mathematics or sciences.

$ll art is quite useless ; scar !ilde ART Portrays beauty and joy Expresses emotions and makes u either happy or sad Expresses life and death, love and hate Its creativity May be captivating and attention only focused on it It is open for interpretation, which is truly the beauty of it Is it valuable, memorable & genuinely art? (Music, visual arts, literature

it gives knowledge to different things such as the writers intentions, feeling, situation? It gives knowledge to photographers intentions, feelings, situation? It will not be easy to identify as, scientific knowledge, which can be tested against reali Is there a link between the beauty expressed through art and truth and knowledge? Art is a far complex representation of reality in which the artist shares his experience, fe Art gives insight on all this and therefore by doing this out knowledge broadens and art An ability to use words or creativity to give people new perspectives of imagination an $he &ritish 'ournal of Aesthetics(

)n the other hand in many cases art does not express the artists experiences, feelings, si %epresentation of reality through art " *gyptian painting +d , flat changed with da -in .an be propaganda or generally a teacher Its just a question of taste// 0aybe special responsibility to tell the truth 0usic, dance, painting, sculpture, poetry, literature, film , drama 1o not seek to give us propositional knowledge or knowledge that is testable against fac Art evokes feeling but it is also stimulates an intellectual awareness2 the knowledge tha 0ovement in poetry or in music )wn vocabulary, own history, traditions, and common problems to solve 3ot remained static, nor has the change over time been hapha4ard $he impact of the invention of digital photography on painting in the 56 th century was p Isaac 3ewton only due to 7alileo , 8epler &uilt on the work of earlier artists? 9ike :icasso? *volving system of knowledge %evolutions such as .ubism did not change whole system 0aybe gives an insight in seeing life in a way that is unknown to you #poems( .ant get these things from history or math or you may understand the body but not unde Its gives you understanding/ ;hows you a form of what goes on in someones mind
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