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Technical Information Sheet SD1-40DIN




Surge diverter - single-phase, threemode. Nominal voltage: 220 / 230 / 240V AC

Other voltages are available on request.

Pow er Line Surge Protection

Novaris Technologies single-phase surge diverters provide surge diversion for single-phase power circuits. The units are designed for mounting at main power switchboards and distribution boards in category C locations. The SD1-xxDIN/3 provides all mode protection. Protection is provided between active and neutral, active and earth plus neutral and earth. This means the SD1-xxDIN/3 can be used at main and distribution boards in all TN distribution systems including MEN and TT systems. If an external alarm funtion is required specify the SD1-xxDIN/3A. In a systems design these surge diverters would be utilised upstream of power surge filters for protection of high sensitivity loads. O p erat io n Novaris Technologies single phase all mode surge diverters comprise 40kA metal oxide varistor elements and high-energy gas filled arrestors in rugged metal enclosures with DIN43880 compliant dimensions. They feature overcurrent fusing and thermal overload indication. The green LED indicator shows power and normal. MOV failure due to overcurrent or thermal overload will extinguish the LED and activate the external alarm where fitted. Note that in the event of a thermal overload the MOV is not disconnected from the circuit and may still provide a level of protection.

Surge withstand: IEEE C62.41 cat, A, B, C AS1768-1991 cat. A, B, C Surge rating: 40kA, 8/20us pulse response 80kA, 8/20us pulse response Performance: <750V clamp for 3KA cat B <900V clamp for 20KA cat C Alarms: Local display showing normal with power on. External alarm on overcurrent or overtemperature. Clean contact changeover. Alarm Isolation: 4kV to active circuitry. Dimensions: 95H x 36W x 80D up to 40kA 95H x 72W x 80D 80kA units Material: all metal enclosure. Mounting: DIN 35x7.5 rail. Panel mount brackets available on request. Terminals: Active, Neutral, Earth. External alarm plug in. 2 Max conductor: 16mm 2 Alarm conductor: 2.5mm Weight: 0.5kG Location: Phase-Neutral or Phase-Ground on MSB or DB.

1) Ch 1:MOV Volts: 500 Volt 5 us 2) Ch 2: Applied Current: 2 kAmps 5 us

1000 500

Amps 6000 4000 2000 Driving Volts = 6000V 0 10 20 30 40 0 us

Typical performance at 6kA, 8/20us

Cat No. SD1-25DIN/3 SD1-25DIN/3A SD1-40DIN/3 SD1-40DIN/3A SD1-80DIN/3 SD1-80DIN/3A Phases 1 3 mode 1 3 mode 1 - 3 mode 1 - 3 mode 1 3 mode 1 3 mode Surge 25kA 25kA 40kA 40kA 80kA 80kA

For external alarm connections order /3A version

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