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my tec 600 notebook

Dillon Cox

logging into:
the computer, infinite campus and google chrome Username Password 123456 email:

computer terms and vocab: places to save information

network: connection of the computers that are all connected to the internet such as CLSD network ram: read accesses memory- memory in your computer in the clouds: storting projects through the internet

computer terms and vocab

mouse: is hard ware that moves the cursor keyboard: its hard that types monitor: its hardware that displaces like a tv headphones:its hardware helps you hear hardware:pieces u can touch

history of computers with bill nye

the first computer was so big- it took up an entire gym

original computers had cords that needed to be switched to get different programs to run 0 and 1 are binary numbers and are switched in our modern computers to make the programs run

computer terms and vocab continued

microsoft word: its software used to type a document google chrome : its software where u can create presentations use google type paper etc. iphoto: its software stores photos and edit them

QWERTY keyboard
qwerty keyboard: ...from the first letters in the first row HOME ROW: its where our hands and fingers are placed**asdfghjkl;**



Its an internet program through chrome similar to microsoft can type papers ,typea report, create a table, add images, change fonts, colors and italicize, bold and underline words

google presentations
Its an internet based program through google chrome similar to microsoft powerpoint. You can create a slideshow presentations!

3 internet tips
1.Be safe! 2.make sure your websites are reliable accurate 3.give credit the original source or author

EXAMPLE:According to www.nasa. gov. orbital sciences is the second company to send a commercial cargo craft to the

August 15
Wife of slain minister released from jail according to

Tips To Prevent Plagiarism

We are doing sources sheets with information such as web address/URL, author, quotations marks, place of publication,title of website,book or magazine, copyright date, date you found the information on the website,title the article.

Tips To Prevent Plagiarism for photos on google drive

*give the source if using google image by copying and pasting the url /web address *Or use stoke and you don't have the copy url because they are allwood for google drive usage.

*Modern language association *Chardon adopted the MLA rules to properly cite all sources *creates BIBLIOGRAPHY AT THE END OF YOUR PAPER OR PROJECT *you create the BIBLIOGRAPHY using your sores information that you wrote down

accurate research through the decades using QUOTES

choose ONE fact that is the author's exact words, place it in quotes and give credit to the original source

According to: www.histoy.comIn this day in 1950, Walt Disneys animated feature Cinderella opens in theaters across the United States. (FEBRUARY 15TH)

Infohio student research

Its a database! LGCA- pays so we can belong to INFOHIO! Always 100% accurate, reliable and at our Middle school level so we can read and understand the information Search with keywords Filter our results

Infohio: student research center

9 ways to filter our research: magazines - pop culture, current event newspapers - daily events, headlines, comics books and encyclopedias - historical event, things of the past biography - famous person radio and tv news transcripts - play by play country reports - country like Italy state/province reports - ohio primary source documents - declaration of

Info Ohio World Book Student

Its a data base too!! It happened to be the electronic version of World Book Student encyclopedia! It contains 100% reliable, accurate and true information!! At the end of most articles World Book Students give the MLA citation information!!


It will highlight your research term in the text. You can double click on any word in the article it find the information. Random fact from World Book Student:
"Lucas, Jerry." World Book Student. World Book, 2013. Web. 12 Nov. 2013.

Lucas starred on the Ohio State University team that won the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship in 1960

Citing Textual Evidence

Claim: Assertion ( text format )
Evidence: From the text: paraphrase or summarize, set up then add a direct quote or use data from the chart or graph.

Explanation: How your evidence proves your claim.

Citing Textual Evidence

Evidence base term: Direct quote For example ...because The author said For instance On page___, it said


C : For Christmas I would like a turtle beach

head set.

E: My friends say that I should get one so I

can talk to them for once.


According to people online say that I should get one so I can have a debate with them.


1. Dont talk to a person if you dont know them. 2. Dont give any information by being hacked 3. Dont tell anyone if you're home alone. 4. Dont send a friend request to a person you dont know. 5. Dont click on ads.

3 Words To Describe Holiday Break

1. Awesome 2. Crazy 3. Thrilling

Spreadsheet Helps Helps Us:

1. Solve math problems 2. Play battleship 3. Organizes graphs

4. Draw
5. Insert pics

Before you Facebook, instagram, twitter,blog, or post online: T: Is it true H: Is it helpful I: Is it inspiring N: Is it nice K: Is it kind