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Sharapunkha (Tephrosia purpurea)

Sanskrit Names: Sharapunkha, Sarpamukhu, Indupushpika, Kalsha, Pleehashatru, Neelavrukshakruit. English Name: Wild Indigo Hindu Name: Sarfonka Botanical Name: Tephrosia purpurea Synonyms: Family: Fabaceae

It is an annual herb ith man! branches "#$cm high, The leaves are compound, $ % &'cm in length, &( % '& in number, ith round tips. Flo ers are red stalk, " % $ cm. In length, legume '." % " cm in length and curved. It contains ) to &* seeds. The plant flo ers in the rain! season and fruits in inter. +arities. There are t o t!pes. &, -ed and ', White .the above description is of the red one,. White Sharapunkha is small and spreads on the ground and has hair! branches. Flo ers are hite. Its /atin name is Tephrosia villosa .rough haired,. It is a rasa!ana, 0ro s all over India, but more in mountainous areas.

Tephrosia purpurea

Principle Constituents
1lassical 1ategories .0ana, 1araka 0anas2 Susruta30anas2 4nergetics asa .taste,2 Tikta .bitter,, Kasha!a .astringent, !una .5ualit!,2 /aghu .light, "irya .energ!,2 6shna .heating, "ipaka .post digestive effect,2 Katu .pungent, Pra#ha$a .Special 5ualit!,2 7hedana Dosha E%%ect: +K# Dhatus .tissues,2 -asa, -akta Srotas .channels,2 Pranavaha, -asavaha, 8nnavaha

Chemical Constituents /eaves contain rutin and rotenoids possessing piscidal and insecticidal properties.
/eaves contain high amounts of nitorgen and potassium. 8!urveda 8ctions &nulomana # e9pels do n ards Dantya # good for teeth Deepana # stimulates digestion '$araghna # anti#p!retic (rimaghna # destro!s parasites (ustaghna # good for skin condition )utrala # diuretic asayana # re:uvenative tonic Shotahara # anti#inflammator! "ishaghana # anti#poison "ranaropana # ound healing

*mportant &ctions 0ood for men during pitta stage of life. For *ndications

omen in vata period.

Phila roga, /iver disease, 0ulma .abdominal gro th,, Kasa;S asa .cold;asthma,, <vara .fever,

E+ternal use
-educes inflammation, kustaghna, antidotal, bacterial, ound healing and haemostatic. 6seful in toothache.

*nternal use
Circulatory system: 8cts of the spleen and is anti#inflammator!. Digesti$e system: 4nhances taste, improves digestion and e9pulsion, optimises bile secretions and is good for removing parasite and orms. -oot decoction good for flatulence. espiratory system: 49pectorant. eproducti$e System: 6terine stimulant. Skin: 0ood action on the skin. ,rinary system: =iuretic

Precautions Sa%ety
No drug#herb interactions kno n.

Parts ,sed
Parts used: -oot and hole plant Dosage: Po der (#) gm