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Guidelines to work in MathType and print on Tiger Advantage 3D

This is one of the formats followed to print text in Braille/dotsplus on paper. This format is not good for reading. MathType is used to insert the equations and print in Braille/dotsplus on tiger printer. After editing the text is printed on a special paper through Tiger Printer. Corresponding to paper size !!" !!# that is used for printing$ a Microsoft %ord Template is created and can &e used directly to edit the documents. A detailed procedure of setting the Page size is gi'en in Appendix A. (t is required to go through this appendix in order to gain an insight. Alignment and Editing !# +# .# /# )o formatting with respect to ta& spaces$ ma*e sure e'ery line &egins at the left. Ma*e the text alignment left aligned. ,o not *eep -ustified. Ma*e e'erything left aligned including the headings. Important Initial Set up: Method I: 0elect all from the scanned 1T2 document$ copy and paste into notepad. 2rom notepad select all and copy into the Math Type template present in the Mathtype folder on the Altformat ser'er. Method II: 2or documents edited in triangle and that ha'e to &e con'erted to Mathtype$ it was found that changing the settings font$ font size and page setup# manually using those outlined in Appendix A wor*ed &etter than the Method ! &ecause it a'oided the appearance of spurious sym&ols li*e dots. Chec* if the font is Tiger ! font size ! and character spacing normal. All sym&ols and special characters 5 e"#luding comma $# full6stop .# and hyphen 6# 7 these should &e in Tiger !8 should &e from Sym$ol Tiger E"pert. 9se glo&al replace 1efer page 4# to achie'e the same. E%ual to sign is accepta&le if it is in Tiger +:$ &ut for consistency replace from sym&ol tiger expert prefera&ly. All su$s#ripts& supers#ripts and mathemati#al operators in equations are to &e done in MathType. <owe'er$ if equations are simple and can &e done with sym&ols and operators from sym&ol tiger expert$ a'oid doing them in Math Type. Math Type equations occupy lot of space. Try to do a complete equation in MathType. ,o not &rea* a single equation into different MathType o&-ects unless the equation is too &ig to fit a line. More than one equal sign can &e done in the same line as in the text&oo*. )o need to place each equality in a new line. Spa#ing: 0imple equations not done in Math Type should &e gi'en appropriate spacing. E"ample: D'

3# 4#


=# :# 10)

a + & = c and ('T a+&=c.

%hen the text/equations in two lines loo* closer$ use !.3 line spacing. >specially for successi'e lines in'ol'ing complicated equations with fractions this type of spacing is ad'ised. ,o not gi'e !.3 line spacing unnecessarily.

!!# 9se 0ym&ol Tiger >xpert rather than MathType for sym&ols and mathematical operators when occurring as a part of text. ,o not unnecessarily use MathType o&-ects in flowing text$ they consume a lot of memory space. !+# 9se apostrophe from 0ym&ol Tiger >xpert. %hen glo&ally replacing apostrophe?s$ paste the apostrophe sym&ol from sym&ol tiger expert in the replace window$ don?t insert from *ey&oard. !.# %hen con'erting a document edited in Triangle special care needs to &e ta*en with respect to 'arious sym&ols and formatting. @Alo&al 1eplacement? or @2ind and 1eplace? techniques are employed for specific sym&ols and care should &e ta*en that other sym&ols are not mista*enly o'erwritten. MathType MathType is a program used to insert mathematical equations and complicated expressions. MathType should &e present as one of the items on the Menu &ar. (n order to print properly in dotsplus certain styles$ sizes and spaces needs to ta*en care of. A preference file A)*G+ is created to accommodate the appropriate font type$ spacing and sym&ols. ,etailed procedure to set these preferences is gi'en in Appendix B. (t is required to go through this appendix in order to gain an insight idea. (n order to insert a new equation go to MathType Insert Inline Equation

The preference file can &e set in two different ways !# 2rom %ord ,ocument as explained a&o'e# MathType Set Equation Preferences Load from MathType Pref. file AFPG1 +# 2rom MathType %indow Preferences Equation Preferences Load from file AFPG1

The latest preference file A)*G+ that should &e used is located in the MathType folder on altformat on tapser'er. The MathType Template AFPG ta!es care of the required font si"es# styles and spacin$. So# do not $i%e any additional spacin$ unless required.

,orking in MathType- Do.s and Don.t.s

)ra#tions inside MathType can also &e done using the *ey&oard fraction.

,B )BT use

pro'ided in MathType. 9se



Some of the sym$ols and mathemati#al operators from MathType do not print
properly/ 0o$ in case of a dou&t or new sym&ol print to file on >,3 and chec* if it is printing properly. 2ew of these exceptions are as listed &elow. r r 1 = , ? , ; , v , v, a b , 2 )ote that the a&o'e are )BT the only exceptions &ut are -ust the commonly used ones. (n future if you encounter new sym&ols ma*e sure they are o* &y printing and chec*ing.

*arenthesis: (n Math Type all types of parentheses should &e inserted only from the

*ey&oard$ e'en if they loo* &igger in the hardcopy and lots of options exist in Math Type to do them.

1 1 ,B )BT use . 9se ( ) instead. 2 2

2 2 2 2 ,B )BT use ( a + b ) . 9se (a + b ) instead.

0e#tors represented as &old characters in text are usually represented with an o'er

&ar. The arrow a&o'e a character is not printed properly so o'er &ar is used instead. (n case the direction of the arrow a&o'e the character is of importance then the arrows can &e inserted as o'erscripts to the characters. 9se similar procedures for tilde a&o'e$ hat a&o'e$ dot a&o'e etc.

r )e'er use x $ the doesn?t print. 9se x instead. Bther option is x $ inserting in o'er script o&tained from 9se o'er&ar from and ('T from

1imits in case of integral and summation should &e a&o'e and &elow rather than a
superscript and su&script. 9se


and ('T

The spacing for su&script and su&script are pre6determined in the Preference file and

care should &e ta*en when doing expressions in'ol'ing &oth su&scripts and superscripts. A supers#ript should always follow the supers#ript/
2 2 9se x1 &ut ('T x1

Ta$les in MathType: Can &e done as regular ta&le using lines and cells. 9se &igger

cells than the size of the text. 2or normal text without any fractions/superscripts/su&scripts a row height of C.; inch is suggested. Dertically center6 align the text and gi'e a space at the &eginning. Ad-ust the cells appropriately to pro'ide some space at the end of text and next cell. ,B )BT center align horizontally. Ma*e sure the ta&le does not go &eyond the page size. 0plit the ta&le appropriately if necessary. 2or example loo* into @0ample Ta&le.doc?.

2oman numerals in this format are not differentiated with ordinary unless 'ery much

necessary. All the roman numerals are con'erted to ordinary num&er. 1efer to 1oman )umeral )otations in Appendix C for any clarifications

Spa#ing: 0pacing in Math Type is ta*en care of &y the A2PA! preference file.

Anyways$ this feature wor*s only if the 0tyle is Math and not Text. 0o ma*e sure when editing equations 0tyle is set to Math. CtrlEspace is the shortcut for inserting spaces in Math Type. Bnly use this if you feel you need extra spaces in some cases.

)ormat E%uations is an important feature when wor*ing with MathType. The

do#uments already done in normal te"t and MathType e%uations #an $e easily #onverted to this printa$le format/ Change the text to Tiger +: and to change the equations go to MathType Format Equations MathType Preference File AFPG1 The a&o'e procedure will ta*e care of all the equation in that document. 0light changes may &e necessary if additional spacing in gi'en in the original MathType equations.

Additional 3elpful *oints

Feep sa'ing the documents frequently$ as these documents occupy large memory
space there is good chance of the application freezing.

9se AltECtrlEG for opening a Math Type window and CtrlE2/ for closing. Araphics are inserted in most of the MathType documents usually referred as merging.
Araphics are done separately in another document and later merged with text.

%hen using the shortcuts similar to 2igure$ >nd 2igure remem&er to change the colon
to 0ym&ol Tiger >xpert.

(n order to 'iew the whole page on the screen$ zoom can &e set to ;3H pro'ided the
screen area is !+=C !C+/.

(f the MathType o&-ect is not seen shaded you can turn on it &y going to
Tools &ptions 'ie( Fleld Shadin$ Al(ays

(f the equations in MathType window are seen too &ig and could not &e seen on the
screen$ the Ioom 'iew can &e reduced to !CCH. (nside MathType window 6 'ie( )oom **+. *rinting on Tiger Advantage 3D: Math Type documents can &e printed only on >,3 as that?s the one connected to the Tiger Printer. !. Bpen the document to &e printed and chec* if alignment is o*. 0ometimes it loo*s different on different computers. +. Print to printerJ Tiger ad'antage .,.

.. ,o not separate pages unless requested &y student. /. Chec* the printed document to see if all sym&ols are printed right. Those that are not will &e printed as a small rectangular &loc* filed with dots.

Steps to do a Glo$al 2epla#e : 40ery Important5 0elect sym&ol to &e replaced from the document and copy it Ctrl c# Fey in Ctrl f and the 2ind and replace window opens Paste Ctrl '# the sym&ol in the 2ind whatJ space )o 2ormatting# Bring cursor to the 1eplace withJ space and go to 2ormat 2ont in the 2ind and replace window# and select font as 0ym&ol Tiger >xpert. Clic* on a &lan* space on the %ord window*ey in Alt E i$ s to open the 0ym&ol windowgo to 0ym&ol Tiger >xpertdou&le clic* on the sym&ol to replace withit appears on the %ord documentcopy it and paste it on the 1eplace with:space. Clic* on 1eplace once and chec* if it wor*s and then on 1eplace all.

The 2ind and replace window loo*s li*e the a&o'e &efore you clic* the 1eplace &utton.

Short#uts in MathType 2or the con'enience some of the shortcuts in MathType are as &elow : Ctrl E 0pace Ctrl E h Ctrl E l Ctrl E f Ctrl E / 0pace 0uperscript 0u&script 2raction 2raction

a a1 n d n d

Ctrl E r Ctrl E t$ n Ctrl E g$ q Ctrl E g$ a Ctrl E g$ & Ctrl E g$ g Ctrl E g$ d Ctrl Eg$ m Ctrl E g$ s Ctrl E g$ l Ctrl E g$ p Ctrl E g$ w Ctrl E g$ r Ctrl E g$ t Ctrl E g$ , Ctrl E g$ 0 Ctrl E *$ d Ctrl E *$ i Ctrl E *$ L Ctrl E *$ e Ctrl E M$ 6

2 x x

0quare 1oot nth root Theta Alpha Beta Aamma delta small# Mu 0igma Kam&da Pi Bmega 1ho Tau Capital ,elta 0igma 0ummation# without limits do (Partial differential) infinity concurrent &elongs to B'er &ar

More Short#uts: 42emem$er to #hange #olon to Sym$ol Tiger E"pert5 E"ample: Alt E r$ x End E"ample/ *ro$lem: Alt E r$ p End *ro$lem/

)igure: Alt E r$ f End )igure/ Ta$le: Alt E r$ & End Ta$le/ Sidenote: Alt E r$ s End Sidenote/ )ootnote: Alt E r$ o End )ootnote/ Sour#e6ode: Alt E r$ c End Sour#e6ode/ Theorem: Alt E r$ t End Theorem/ E%uation: Alt E r$ e

Appendi" A !# Bpen any word document. 2) 2ile Page 0etup Paper Paper 0ize L 4++ 7 ++5

3) Ao to 2ilePage 0etup and change Margins as follows: top to 8/9$ left to 8/ 9$ &ottom to 8/9$ right to 8/ 9 and Autter position to Top#

:5 A pop-up with option fi" and ignore& sometimes might #ome/ 6hoose ignore/ 3# Feep the other settings same. A MathType Template can ,e used directly instead of follo(in$ a,o%e steps. The MathType Template is located in Altformat-MathType folder.

(f a different paper is &eing used other than the !!" !! paper$ appropriate
changes should &e made to a&o'e settings. 9sually the other paper size could &e =" !!.

Appendi" ; 1) The fonts ha'e &een preset to suit printing in Tiger$ anyways go to 0tyle ,efine and chec* if they are as &elow$

2) Also chec* for size settings &y going to 0ize,efine

3) 0pacing &etween the characters and mathematical operators is preset. They are set from 2ormat ,efine 0pacing. ,o not change these settings.

Appendi" 6 2oman (umerals E%uivalents ! + . / 3 4 ; ( (( ((( (D D D( D(( = : !C +C .C /C 3C D((( (N N NN NNN NK K 4C ;C =C :C !CC +CC .CC KN KNN KNNN NC C CC CCC


C, , ,C V X L C D M