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The White Lotus Discourses on the Zen Master Bodhidharma Talks given from 31/10/7 am to 10/11/7 am !

nglish Discourse series 11 "ha#ters $ear #u%lished& 1 '1 The White Lotus "ha#ter (1 "ha#ter title& Lotus rain 31 )cto%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 10310 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,01 +udio& $es .ideo& /o B!L).!D ),*)0 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, B-DD*+3M2/D4 +/,W!5& $)-5 M2/D 2, 2T6 W*!/ $)- ,!! T*! ,!L7,+M! !,,!/"! )7 2T0 $)- "+/ "+LL 2T ,-"*/!,,6 W*!/ $)- ,!! T*! "*+/8!L!,, /+T-5! )7 2T0 $)- "+/ "+LL 2T D*+5M+9+$+6 2T D)!, /)T B!L)/8 T) +/$T*2/8: T*!5!7)5!0 2T 2, "+LL!D !M+/"2;+T2)/6 2T W)59, !+,2L$ +/D 75!!L$0 /!.!5 B!2/8 D2,T-5B!D B$ )T*!5,: T*!5!7)5!0 2T 2, "+LL!D T*! T5-! ;+T*6 2T W+, /)T B)5/ +/D0 T*!5!7)5!0 2T 2, /)T 8)2/8 T) ;!52,*0 ,) 2T 2, "+LL!D /25.+/+6 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, T+T*+8+T+4 +/,W!5& )/! W*) 9/)W, T*+T *! ")M!, 75)M /)W*!5! +/D 8)!, /)W*!5!6 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, B-DD*+4 +/,W!5& )/! W*) 5!+L2Z!, T*! T5-T*0 +/D *)LD, /)T*2/8 T*+T 2, T) B! 5!+L2Z!D6 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, D*+5M+4 +/,W!5& 2T W+, /!.!5 ;5)D-"!D0 +/D W2LL /!.!5 B! 5!D-"!D: T*!5!7)5!0 2T 2, "+LL!D D*+5M+0 T*! /)5M )7 T*! -/2.!5,!6

1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, ,+/8*+4 +/,W!5& 2T 2, ,) /+M!D B!"+-,! )7 T*! B!+-T$ )7 2T, *+5M)/$6 2 +M !",T+T2" %ecause <ust the name of Bodhidharma is #s=chedelic to me6 2n the long evolution of human consciousness there has never %een such an outlandish Buddha as Bodhidharma 33 ver= rare0 ver= uni>ue0 e?otic6 )nl= in some small @a=s 8eorge 8urd<ieff comes close to him0 %ut not ver= close0 and onl= in some @a=s0 not in all @a=s6 There have %een man= %uddhas in the @orld0 %ut Bodhidharma stands out like !verest6 *is @a= of %eing0 living0 and e?#ressing the truth is sim#l= his: it is incom#ara%le6 !ven his o@n master0 8autama the Buddha0 cannot %e com#ared @ith Bodhidharma6 !ven Buddha @ould have found it difficult to digest this man6 This man Bodhidharma traveled from 2ndia to "hina to s#read the message of his master6 +lthough the= are se#arated %= one thousand =ears0 for Bodhidharma and for such men there is no time0 no s#ace 33 for Bodhidharma Buddha @as as contem#orar= as Buddha is contem#orar= to me6 )n the surface =ou are m= contem#oraries0 %ut %et@een me and =ou there is a long long distance6 We live on different #lanets6 2n realit=0 Buddha0 Lao TAu0 Besus0 ;=thagoras0 Bahauddin0 Bodhidharma 33 these are m= contem#oraries6 Bet@een them and me there is no ga# either of time or of s#ace6 ,u#erficiall= there is a one thousand =earsC ga# %et@een Buddha and Bodhidharma0 %ut there is not even a single momentCs ga# in realit=0 in truth6 )n the circumference Buddha @as alread= dead for one thousand =ears @hen Bodhidharma arrived on the scene0 %ut at the center he is together @ith Buddha6 *e s#eaks the essence of Buddha 33 of course he has his o@n @a=0 his o@n st=le0 %ut even Buddha @ould find it strange6 Buddha @as a ver= cultured man0 ver= so#histicated0 ver= graceful6 Bodhidharma is <ust the o##osite in his e?#ression6 *e is not a man %ut a lion6 *e does not s#eak0 he roars6 *e has not that grace @hich %elonged to 8autama the Buddha: he is rough0 ra@6 *e is not #olished like a diamond: he is <ust from the mine0 a%solutel= ra@0 no #olishing6 That is his %eaut=6 Buddha has a %eaut= of his o@n0 ver= feminine0 ver= #olished0 ver= fragile6 Bodhidharma has his o@n %eaut=0 like that of a rock 33 strong0 masculine0 indestructi%le0 a great #o@er6 Buddha also radiates #o@er0 %ut his #o@er is ver= silent0 like a @his#er0 a cool %reeAe6 Bodhidharma is a storm0 thundering and lightning6 Buddha comes to =our door @ithout making an= noise: he @ill not even knock on =our door0 =ou @ill not even hear his footste#s6 But @hen Bodhidharma comes to =ou he @ill shake the @hole house from its ver= foundations6 Buddha @ill not shake =ou even if =ou are aslee#6

+nd Bodhidharma4 *e @ill @ake =ou u# from =our graveD *e hits hard0 he is a hammer6 *e is <ust the o##osite of Buddha in his e?#ression0 %ut his message is the same6 *e %o@s do@n to Buddha as his master6 *e never sa=s0 EThis is m= message6E *e sim#l= sa=s0 EThis %elongs to the %uddhas0 the ancient %uddhas6 2 am <ust a messenger6 /othing is mine0 %ecause 2 am not6 2 am onl= a hollo@ %am%oo @ho has %een chosen %= the %uddhas to %e a flute for them6 The= sing: 2 sim#l= let them sing through me6E When he reached "hina0 the !m#eror Wu came to receive him on the %orders& + great enlightened #erson is comingD +nd of course Wu @as imagining him to %e something like 8autama the Buddha 33 ver= gentle0 graceful0 kingl=6 When he sa@ Bodhidharma he @as shocked6 *e looked ver= #rimitive0 and not onl= that0 he looked ver= a%surd0 %ecause he @as carr=ing one of his shoes on his head 33 one shoe on one foot0 the other shoe on his headD The em#eror @as em%arrassed6 *c had come @ith his @hole court and the >ueens6 EWhat @ill the= think4 +nd @hat kind of man have 2 come to receive4E *e tried to overlook it out of #oliteness6 *e did not @ant to ask the >uestion0 EWh= is this shoe on =our head4E But Bodhidharma @ould not leave him6 *e said0 EDonCt tr= to overlook it6 +sk directl= and %e straight from the ver= %eginning6 2 have alread= read the >uestion in =our head6E The em#eror @as at a loss: he had to ask6 /o@ @hat to do @ith such a man4 *e said0 E$es0 =ou are right0 the >uestion has arisen in me6 Wh= are =ou carr=ing this shoe on =our head4E Bodhidharma said0 ETo #ut things in the right #ers#ective from the ver= %eginning6 2 am an a%surd manD $ou have to understand it from the ver= %eginning6 2 donCt @ant to create an= trou%le later on6 !ither =ou acce#t me as 2 am or =ou sim#l= sa= that =ou cannot acce#t me0 and 2 @ill leave =our kingdom6 2 @ill go to the mountains6 2 @ill @ait there for m= #eo#le to come to me6 This is <ust to sho@ =ou that 2 am illogical0 2 can %e as a%surd as one can imagine6 That is m= @a= of @orking0 that is m= @a= of destro=ing =our mind6 +nd unless =our mind is destro=ed =ou @ill not kno@ @ho =ou are6 ,o @hat do =ou sa=4E The king @as at a loss6 *e had come @ith a fe@ >uestions0 %ut @hether to ask this man those >uestions or not4 33 %ecause he ma= sa= something ridiculous: not onl= that0 he ma= do something ridiculous6 But Bodhidharma insisted0 E2t is %etter that =ou ask @hatsoever =ou have come to ask6E The king said0 EThe first >uestion is& 2 have %een doing man= virtuous deeds6666E

+nd Bodhidharma looked dee#l= into the e=es of the king 33 a shiver must have gone do@n his s#ineD 33 and said0 E+ll nonsenseD *o@ can =ou do a virtuous deed4 $ou are not =et a@are6 .irtue is a %=3#roduct of a@areness6 What virtuous deeds do =ou mean4 $ou look like a fool 33 ho@ can =ou do a virtuous deed4 .irtue follo@s a %uddha0 virtue is m= shado@6E *e said0 E$ou can onl= do vice0 not virtue6 2t is im#ossi%le6E The king still tried to make some conversation and get rid of this man as #olitel= as #ossi%le: he did not @ant to offend this man6 *e said0 EB= virtuous deeds 2 mean that 2 have made man= tem#les for Buddha0 man= shrines6 2 have made man= ashrams for the Buddhist %hikkhus0 sann=asins6 2 have arranged for thousands of scholars to translate Buddhist scri#tures into "hinese6 Millions and millions of ru#ees 2 have #ut in the service of 8autam Buddha6 What is going to %e the result0 the conse>uence0 of all m= virtue and of all m= virtuous deeds4 Millions of %hikkhus take food ever= da= from the #alace and all over the countr=6 What is going to %e the outcome of it4E +nd Bodhidharma laughed 33 the king had never heard such laughter 33 a %ell= laughter that could shake mountains6 *e laughed and laughed and he said0 E$ou are sim#l= foolish6 +ll =our efforts have %een a sheer @aste: there is going to %e no result out of it6 DonCt tr=0 and donCt imagine that =ou are going to the seventh heaven as other Buddhist %hikkhus must have %een telling =ou6 The= have %een e?#loiting =ou6 This is their strateg= to e?#loit foolish #eo#le like =ou6 The= e?#loit =our greed for the other @orld0 the= give =ou great #romises6 +nd their #romises cannot %e #roved @rong %ecause no%od= comes %ack from the other @orld to sa= @hether those #romises have %een fulfilled or not6 The= are e?#loiters0 the= are #arasitesD $ou have %een a victim6 /othing is going to ha##en out of this @hich =ou think is ver= virtuous6 2n fact0 =ou @ill fall into the seventh hell0 %ecause a man @ho lives @ith such @rong desires0 @ho lives @ith desires0 is going to fall into hell6E The em#eror tried to change the su%<ect6 *e said0 E2s there an=thing hol= or not4E Bodhidharma said0 EThere is nothing hol=0 there is nothing unhol=6 *oliness0 unholiness0 are our mind attitudes0 #re<udices6 !ver=thing is as it is6 This is tathata0 suchness& things are sim#l= as the= are6 /othing is @rong and nothing is right6 /othing is sin and nothing is virtue6E The em#eror said0 E$ou are too much for me and for m= #eo#le6E Bodhidharma said good%=e0 turned %ack and moved to the mountains6 7or nine =ears in the mountains he sat facing a @all6 ;eo#le @ould come0 %ecause this conversation 33 if =ou can call it a conversation 33 reached fara@a= #laces6 EThe em#eror has %een hammered like an=thing0 has %een crushed6 +nd this Bodhidharma is reall= something ver= strange0 %ut he has a >ualit=666 some integrit=0 some strange #erfume surrounds him6 *e is surrounded %= an aura of his o@n6E

;eo#le started coming from fara@a= #laces to see him0 and the= @ould ask him0 EWh= donCt =ou look at us4 Wh= do =ou go on looking at the @all4E +nd Bodhidharma @ould sa=0 E2 am @aiting for the right man6 When he comes 2 @ill look at him6 )ther@ise it is all the same @hether 2 look at the @all or 2 look at =our faces6 +nd the @all can %e forgiven %ecause it is a @all 33 =ou cannot %e forgiven6 *ence it is %etter for me to look at the @all and not to look at =ou6 $ou have fallen into such una@areness that 2 @ould like to shake =ou out of it6 But then =ou feel angr=0 then =ou feel offended6 2 donCt @ant to %other =ou6 2 @ill turn onl= to@ards the man @ho has the ca#acit=0 the courage to %e @ith me0 to %e m= disci#le6E +nd onl= after man= =ears did one man turn u#6 *e stood for t@ent=3four hours %ehind Bodhidharma not sa=ing a single @ord6 7inall= Bodhidharma had to ask0 EWh= are =ou standing %ehind me4E *e said0 E/o@ it is =ou @ho are starting it6 2 have come to kill m=self if =ou donCt turn to@ards me6E +nd he cut his hand off @ith his s@ord and #resented it to Bodhidharma and he said0 ETake it as a token: other@ise 2 @ill ne?t cut m= head6 Turn to@ards me immediatel=DE Bodhidharma had to turn6 *e looked at the man0 smiling0 and said0 E,o =ou are m= disci#leD ,o the man has come for @hom 2 have %een @aitingDE Bodhidharma @as the first #atriarch of Zen0 and this man @as the second #atriarch of Zen0 and a ne@ tradition started6 + ne@ river @as %orn from the source of Bodhidharma6 These fragments @ere found <ust at the %eginning of this centur=6 The= @ere e?cavated %= M6+6 ,tein from Tung *uang6 These are the notes of some unkno@n disci#les of Bodhidharma6 The= consist of a >uestion %= a disci#le and the ans@er %= Bodhidharma6 These notes0 fragmentar= as the= are0 still are of great significance& the= re#resent the essential core of BuddhaCs message6 2t is going to %e a little arduous to understand them6 Be ver= attentive and silent %ecause these are not ordinar= @ords6 When a man like Bodhidharma s#eaks0 small >uestions0 ordinar= >uestions0 are transformed into great in>uiries6 +nd @hatsoever he sa=s a%out those ordinar= >uestions is of immense significance6 *is each @ord has to %e #ondered over0 meditated u#on6 This @ill also give =ou a little taste of communion %et@een the disci#le and the master6 The first thing that =ou @ill note is& the >uestion is asked0 the ans@er is given0 %ut the disci#le never asks an= >uestion a%out the ans@er given6 The ans@er has %een totall= acce#ted6 2t is not an in>uir= from a student0 it is an in>uir= from a disci#le6 ,o the ans@er of Bodhidharma does not create an= more >uestions0 it sim#l= ends the >uestion6 The disci#le asks another >uestion0 %ut never raises a >uestion a%out the ans@er0 concerning the ans@er6

That is the first thing to %e noted6 That is a ver= central #art of communion6 2t is trust0 it is faith6 2t is not %elief %ut it is certainl= faith6 +nd there is a difference %et@een %elief and faith6 When =ou %elieve in something0 the dou%t still #ersists in =ou6 The %elief can onl= cover it u#0 it never destro=s it& it @ill rise again and again and again6 /o %elief can destro= =our dou%t0 %ecause %elief is in the head and dou%t is also in the head6 7aith is of the heart0 something far su#erior to the head6 The >uestion comes from the head0 %ut the ans@er is received in the heart0 at a higher altitude of =our %eing6 +nd then the >uestion sim#l= disa##ears from the head6 The heart kno@s ho@ to trust0 the heart kno@s @hat faith is6 7aith is not against dou%t0 faith is a%sence of dou%t6 Belief is against dou%t6 Belief re#resses dou%t0 faith dissolves it6 Belief is like a %lind man %elieving that there is light: faith is like one @ho has o#ened his e=es and seen the light6 The moment =ou see the light there is no >uestion of dou%ting an=more6 "ommunion means communion of t@o hearts6 The student functions from the head0 the disci#le through the heart6 +nd onl= the disci#le can understand the master6 +nd @hen all the >uestions of the disci#le are dissolved he %ecomes a devotee6 Then the head has disa##eared totall=6 Then there is onl= the heart0 functioning in rh=thm @ith the masterCs heart0 in dee# accord6 This @ill give =ou an insight into communion6 The >uestion& W*+T 2, B-DD*+3M2/D4 2t has %een asked again and again do@n the centuries6 7or t@ent=3five centuries all those @ho have %ecome interested in 8autama the Buddha have asked the >uestion& W*+T 2, B-DD*+3M2/D4 The >uestion is significant 33 it is significant %ecause the ver= >uestion creates a #arado?6 The %uddha3mind is a no3mind6 To sa= an=thing a%out the %uddha3mind is to sa= something a%out no3mind6 We live in the mind0 the %uddha has gone %e=ond it6 *e is no more a mind0 he is onl= a no3mind6 ,o the %uddha3mind does not mean a certain t=#e of mind0 it sim#l= means a transcendence of mind6 The >uestion is significant0 is ver= fundamental: it is the %eginning of in>uir=0 real in>uir=6 The disci#le is not asking0 EWhat is 8od4E *e is not asking0 EWhat is #aradise4E *e is not asking0 EWhat is sin4E *e is asking a ver= e?istential >uestion& W*+T 2, B-DD*+3M2/D4 %ecause to understand the realit= of the %uddha3mind is to understand the ver= foundation of e?istence itself6 + %uddha3mind is a #ure consciousness6 2t is like a mirror& it sim#l= reflects0 it does not #ro<ect6 2t has no ideas0 no content0 no thoughts0 no desires0 no imagination0 no memor=6 2t is #resent to the ever#resent0 it lives in the #resent6 +nd @hen =ou are totall= in the #resent0 the mind disa##ears0 it loses all its %oundaries6 + great

em#tiness arises in =ou6 )f course that em#tiness is not em#t= in the ordinar= sense of the @ord0 it is also a kind of fullness 33 em#t= as far as the @orld is concerned0 %ut full0 overfull0 flooded0 as far as truth is concerned6 !m#t= %ecause all miser= has %een thro@n out0 overflo@ing %ecause %liss has descended in6 W*+T 2, B-DD*+3M2/D4 should %e the %eginning for all seekers6 +sking a%out 8od0 asking a%out hell and heaven0 are <ust ordinar= things6 +sking a%out the %uddha3 mind is asking something that0 if =ou can understand it0 is %ound to transform =ou0 is going to give =ou a ne@ %irth6 The mind is ver= cunning6 2t can create such >uestions @hich are onl= distractions from =our %eing6 The mind is so su%tle it can deceive =ou6 2t can make =ou feel that =ou are a great seeker %ecause =ou are asking0 EWhat is 8od4 Who created the @orld4 Wh= are @e here4 What is the #ur#ose of life4E +nd all these >uestions are stu#idD The @hole of #hiloso#h= consists of such stu#id >uestions6 Buddha again and again sa=s0 E2 am not a #hiloso#her0 2 am a #h=sician6 2 donCt @ant to intellectualiAe0 2 @ant to make =ou intelligent6 2 donCt @ant to give =ou ans@ers to cling to0 2 @ant to give =ou insights in @hich >uestions melt0 eva#orate6E )ne has to %e ver= a@are of the mind0 %ecause mind can give =ou such >uestions as @ill lead =ou into the @rong direction of #hiloso#hiAing6 +nd then there is no end: =ou can go on and on forever6 Ten thousand =ears of #hiloso#hiAing0 and not a single conclusion has %een arrived atD Be a@are that =our mind is a great deceiver6 +nd <ust as =our mind is a deceiver0 so are the minds of others6 2f =ou ask @rong >uestions =ou @ill get @rong ans@ers6 There are #eo#le @ho are al@a=s read= to su##l= @hatsoever =ou demand6 2t is <ust the ordinar= la@ of economics& @herever there is a demand there @ill %e a su##l=6 What =ou demand is not the >uestion6 Whatsoever =ou demand 33 the @orld is a market#lace 33 some%od= is going to create the su##l=6 $ou are cunning0 others are also cunning6 There are more cunning #eo#le than =ou6 The less cunning %ecome the follo@ers0 the more cunning %ecome the leaders6 The less cunning >uestion and the more cunning go on ans@ering6 Buddha sa=s0 E2 am not interested in =our >uestions unless =ou ask something e?istential0 unless =ou ask something in order to %e transformed 33 not <ust to %e informed0 not <ust to %e made more kno@ledgea%le6E Because =ou ask @rong >uestions there e?ist so man= teachers in the @orld0 and the= are read= @ith man= man= ans@ers0 @ith all kinds of ans@ers6 +nd ans@ers come in all sha#es and siAes to fit ever=%od=6 But remem%er& there is =ou and =our cunning mind and there are others @ho are more cunning6 To safeguard his #int @hile he left the %ar for a moment a man left a note0 E2 have s#at

in this %eer6E When he returned he found another note0 E,o have 26E 5emem%er0 the @orld is full of cunning #eo#le6 These cunning #eo#le %ecome #oliticians0 #riests: the= can even #retend to %e #ro#hets6 $ou can avoid them onl= %= asking the right >uestion6 The= canCt ans@er the right >uestion %ecause to ans@er the right >uestion the= @ill have had to e?#erience something6 2t cannot %e done %= %orro@ed kno@ledge: it can %e done onl= if the= have authenticall= e?#erienced truth6 This is a %eautiful >uestion0 the right >uestion& W*+T 2, B-DD*+3M2/D4 Bodhidharma ans@ers& $)-5 M2/D 2, 2T6 The first thing he sa=s is& DonCt %e %othered a%out 8autama the Buddha6 $)-5 M2/D 2, 2T6 2t is not a >uestion a%out the historical #erson called 8autama the Buddha6 *e gives a ne@ turn to the >uestion6 *e immediatel= makes it more e?istential0 more #ersonal6 The >uestion is no more #hiloso#hical0 it has %ecome a >uestion a%out =ou6 $ou ma= have asked a%out Buddha0 %ut in the hands of a Bodhidharma the >uestion is immediatel= transformed0 changed6 2t %ecomes an arro@ moving to@ards =our heart6 *e sa=s& $)-5 M2/D 2, 2T6 Buddhahood is not something that ha##ens to some%od= else0 %uddhahood is =our #otential: it is something that is @aiting to ha##en @ithin =ou6 ,o the first thing he sa=s& 2t is =our mind6 Buddha3mind is not something foreign to =ou0 it is =our innermost core0 it is =our ver= nature6 $ou are %uddhas 33 ma=%e una@are of the fact0 ma=%e fast aslee#0 %ut that makes no difference6 + %uddha aslee# is still a %uddha6 + %uddha una@are of his o@n %uddhahood is still a %uddha6 $)-5 M2/D 2, 2T6 2t is not some%od= elseCs mind 33 %ecause ho@ can =ou understand some%od= elseCs mind4 2n the hands of masters like Bodhidharma ever=thing is changed into the

concrete0 into the #ersonal6 2t is taken out from its a%straction and made concrete and real6 ;eo#le en<o= a%stract >uestions %ecause the= are safer: the= donCt touch =ou0 the= leave =ou aside6 $ou can ask a%out 8od0 =ou can ask a%out @ho created the @orld and @hen6 +nd cunning and stu#id #eo#le are al@a=s there 33 the cunning to lead and the stu#id to %e led6 + "hristian theologian has even calculated the e?act time @hen the @orld @as created& four thousand and four =ears %efore Besus @as %orn 33 the first of Banuar= of course0 and on Monda=6 /o@ ho@ can there %e a first of Banuar= if there has not %een a Decem%er %efore it4 +nd ho@ can there %e a Monda= if there has not %een a ,unda= #receding it4 7rom no@here Monda=D 7rom no@here the first of Banuar=D +nd "hristians have %elieved it0 the= have %elieved it so dee#l= that @hen Dar@in and other scientists discovered the theor= of evolution and said that the @orld has e?isted for millions of =ears0 "hristians @ere ver= much offended6 Their @hole religion @as at stake6 EThe @orld has e?isted onl= for si? thousand =ears0 not more than that6E But scientists discovered and #roved that this canCt %e the case0 %ecause in the earth the= have found %odies of animals0 %ones of animals0 skeletons of animals and men0 @hich are ten thousand =ears old0 t@ent= thousand =ears old0 fift= thousand =ears old0 one hundred thousand =ears old6 *o@ to e?#lain that4 But as 2 told =ou0 there are cunning #eo#le6 "hristian theologians even found a @a= out6 The= said0 E!ver=thing is #ossi%le for 8od6 8od created the @orld e?actl= four thousand and four =ears %efore Besus0 %ut he created %ones0 skeletons0 @hich a##ear to %e millions of =ears old <ust to test the faith of humanit=6E $ou see the cunningness4 8od created those skeletons so that it can %e decided @ho is reall= faithful to the "hristian dogma and @ho is not6 8od created those skeletons to see @hether =ou still have some dou%t @ithin =our %eing: then the dou%t @ill surface6 2t is a strateg= of 8od 33 and nothing is im#ossi%le for him6 2f he can create the @hole @orld0 @h= canCt he create skeletons @hich onl= a##ear to %e millions of =ears old0 although the= are not4 When 2 @as reading such "hristian theologians 2 @as reminded of one of m= friends @ho lives in Bom%a= %ut has a factor= in /e#al6 *e creates anti>ues0 he manufactures anti>ues 33 %uddha statues6 The= are manufactured right no@ in his factor= in /e#al6 Then the= are di##ed into acids to disfigure them0 then the= are %uried do@n dee# in the earth for si? months0 and then the= are taken out6 With inscri#tions in ancient languages0 @ith dates reaching far %ack 33 three thousand =ears0 t@o thousand =ears0 one thousand =ears 33 in the languages @hich @ere #revalent in those da=s6 +nd then the= are sold all over the @orld6 When 2 had sta=ed @ith this friend for the first time and 2 sa@ so man= anti>ues in his

house0 2 said0 E7rom @here did =ou get them4E *e said0 E2 cannot lie to =ou 33 @e manufacture them6E 2 @as #uAAled6 2 said0 E$ou are doing something so "hristian4 Do =ou follo@ the "hristian 8od4 *e has also done the same thing& he manufactured ever=thing four thousand and four =ears %efore Besus "hrist0 %ut @ith marks0 distortions0 @hich can deceive #eo#le6E ;eo#le go on clinging to their dogmas: %ut the @hole thing is %ecause @e start %= asking @rong >uestions6 When =ou come to a master %e ver= alert and ask things @hich are reall= a dee# concern for =ou0 the ultimate concern for =ou6 +sk things u#on @hich =our life and death de#end6 W*+T 2, B-DD*+3M2/D4 Bodhidharma sa=s& $)-5 M2/D 2, 2T6 *e immediatel= changes the ver= flavor of the >uestion6 2t is no more a%stract0 nothing to do @ith Buddha6 Buddha ma= have %een0 ma= not have %een6 *e ma= not %e a historical #erson0 @ho kno@s: he ma= never have e?isted0 he ma= %e <ust a %eautiful fiction6 But =ou are not a fiction0 =ou are here0 =ou are #resent: the >uestion has to %e concerned @ith =ou6 $)-5 M2/D 2, 2T6 W*!/ $)- ,!! T*! ,!L7,+M! !,,!/"! )7 2T0 $)"+/ "+LL 2T ,-"*/!,,6 /o@ Bodhidharma has started entering in =ou6 *e sa=s& The mind can manifest in man= @a=s6 The ordinar= manifestation is that of insanit=& thousands of thoughts and desires and memories running inside0 clashing @ith each other0 conflicting6 + great @ar going on666 sometimes ver= hot0 sometimes ver= cold0 %ut the @ar continues6 +@ake0 aslee#0 it is al@a=s there6 $ou are <ust a %attlefield6 This is the ordinar= state6 But if =ou ,!! T*! ,!L7,+M! !,,!/"! )7 2T6666 What does he mean %= Cselfsame essenceC4 $our ordinar= mind changes ever= moment: it is never the same for t@o seconds even6 )ne moment =ou are angr=0 another moment =ou are sad0 another moment =ou are ha##=6666 $ou go on changing0 =ou change so easil=: =ou are a flu?6 But if =ou @atch this flu?0 then a totall= different kind of mind arises in =ou&

the @itnessing6 This @itnessing is selfsame& sadness comes0 =ou @itness it: ha##iness comes0 =ou @itness it: des#air comes0 =ou @itness it: <o= comes0 =ou @itness it6 /o@0 the content is continuousl= changing0 %ut the @itnessing is the selfsame @itnessing6 2t is al@a=s the same0 it never changes6 The mirror remains the same6 ;eo#le go on and go on #assing in front of the mirror6 2t reflects one face for a moment0 then another face0 %ut the mirror remains the same6 Bodhidharma sa=s& W*!/ $)- ,!! T*! ,!L7,+M! !,,!/"! )7 2T0 $)- "+/ "+LL 2T ,-"*/!,,6 $ou can call it tathata0 suchness6 C,uchnessC is a Buddhist @a= of e?#ressing that there is something in =ou @hich al@a=s remains in its intrinsic nature0 never changing6 2t al@a=s remains in its selfsame essence0 eternall= so6 That is =our real nature6 That @hich changes is not =ou0 that is mind6 That @hich does not change in =ou is %uddha3 mind6 $ou can call it no3mind0 =ou can call it samadhi0 satori6 2t de#ends u#on =ou: =ou can give it @hatsoever name =ou @ant6 $ou can call it christ3consciousness6 W*!/ $)- ,!! T*! "*+/8!L!,, /+T-5! )7 2T0 $)- "+/ "+LL 2T D*+5M+9+$+6 ,eeing that it never changes0 =ou can call it the ver= em%odiment of the ultimate la@0 the ver= %od= of dharma6 2T D)!, /)T B!L)/8 T) +/$T*2/86666 2t is not identified @ith an=thing0 it does not %elong to an=thing6 The @itness in =ou is al@a=s a transcendence0 al@a=s a sur#assing #henomenon: it transcends ever=thing6 Whatsoever is seen0 @hatsoever comes %efore it0 it is never one @ith6 2T D)!, /)T B!L)/8 T) +/$T*2/8: T*!5!7)5!0 2T 2, "+LL!D !M+/"2;+T2)/6 2t is called li%eration6 Li%eration from the mind %rings the %uddha3mind into =our vision6 Li%eration from identification0 li%eration from the %od=0 from the mind0 from ideologies0 from #re<udices0 from all that makes =ou 33 li%eration from =ou 33 %rings =ou to the realit=6

Then =ou have to understand one thing6 )rdinaril=0 @henever =ou think of li%eration0 =ou think& m= li%eration6 There is nothing like that: there is no li%eration @hich can %e called m= li%eration6 +ll li%eration is from the idea of the ego6 $ou @ill not %e li%erated0 =ou @ill %e li%erated from =ourself6 2t is not =our li%eration0 it is li%eration from =ou 33 it is emanci#ation from all that =ou have %ecome identified @ith6 The -#anishads sa=& neti0 neti0 neither this nor that6 When =ou go on negating and sa=ing0 E2 am not this0 2 am not that0E a moment comes @hen nothing is left 33 nothing to reflect in the mirror0 onl= the mirror6 Then =ou kno@ @ho =ou are6 But no@ =ou cannot sa=0 EThis is @hat 2 am0E %ecause that @ill %ring the thought %ack6 $ou cannot sa= an=thing a%out it0 =ou have to %e utterl= silent a%out it6 We are dee# aslee#: the name of that slee# is ego6 +nd in our slee# an=thing can ha##en0 all kinds of accidents6 +nd the= are ha##ening6 $ou are talking in =our slee# and =ou are getting into trou%le %ecause =ou talk in =our slee#6 $ou go on sa=ing things @hich =ou are not su##osed to sa=6 $ou decide not to sa= them again %ecause the= %ring trou%le0 %ut again =ou go on re#eating the same #attern& =ou go on doing things @hich =ou have decided not to do6 But =ou are aslee# and others around =ou are also aslee#6 ;eo#le are talking in their slee#0 ans@ering each other in their slee#6 8reat dialogues are going on0 great fights0 >uarrels6 +nd the @hole thing is that if =ou @ake u# all this nonsense @ill disa##ear6 The %uddha3mind is one @hich has %ecome a@akened6 + %eautiful0 =oung unmarried movie starlet @as thro@ing a large #art= in her s@ank= home for all the men she kne@6 +s the #art= @ent on into the @ee hours0 the heft=3 chested =oung %a%e drank more and more li>uor0 %ut she resisted the advances of her %achelor guests6 7inall=0 at a%out five3thirt= a6m60 she said good night to the last guest and slum#ed do@n on the living room couch0 dead drunk6 The ne?t morning she found herself in her o@n %ed0 clad in her sheerest nightgo@n6 ,ur#rised0 she @ent do@n to %reakfast6 EWang Lee0E she asked her "hinese manservant0 Eho@ did 2 get to m= room last night4E E2 #ut =ou there0 Miss=0E he ans@ered6 E8ee0E she said0 E2 must have reall= %een on m= %ack6E E7irst time on %ack0 Miss=0E he re#lied0 Esecond time on side0 third time on stairs0 fourth time6666E !ver=%od= is aslee#6 ;eo#le are doing things to =ou in =our slee#0 =ou are doing things to #eo#le in their slee#6 $ou are all interfering in each otherCs slee#6 When =ou

look from the vantage #oint of a %uddha0 the @orld sim#l= seems to %e a madhouse6 +n ele#hant @as @alking through the <ungle @hen she suddenl= heard a voice %ehind her6 ,he turned around and sa@ a little mouse sitting on the ground6 The mouse asked if she could give him a ride on her %ack and she said0 E,ure0 <ust cra@l u#DE ,ometime later the ele#hant suddenl= heard the mouse laughing6 ,he turned her head and asked0 E*e=0 @hatCs the matter4 Wh= are =ou laughing4E But the mouse re#lied0 E)h0 never mind6 Bust kee# on @alking6E ,o she trotted on0 %ut after a @hile the mouse started giggling again6 *e <um#ed u# and do@n on her %ack0 choking @ith laughter6 This time the ele#hant @as reall= #issed off and said0 EListen0 if =ou donCt tell me @h= =ou are laughing 2 am gonna thro@ =ou off m= %ackDE ,o the mouse finall= said0 E*a0 ha0 haD 2 ra#ed =ou t@o times and =ou didnCt even notice itDE But this is ho@ it is @ith ever=%od=6 $ou go on doing great things in =our slee#0 thinking that the @hole @orld is noticing it0 that the @hole universe is taking great note of it0 that =ou @ill %e remem%ered for centuries0 that =ou @ill have a #lace in histor=0 that =our name is going to %e @ritten in golden letters6 2n slee# one lives in the ego6 +s =ou @ake u#0 suddenl= =ou find ego disa##earing6 Bust as the sun rises and the mist of the earl= morning disa##ears0 ego disa##ears @hen =ou @ake u#6 + %uddha3mind is a mind @hich has %ecome a@akened6 2T W)59, !+,2L$ +/D 75!!L$0 B!2/8 /!.!5 D2,T-5B!D B$ )T*!5,: T*!5!7)5!0 2T 2, "+LL!D T*! T5-! ;+T*6 The moment =ou are a@akened0 the moment =ou are egoless0 all the rocks on the #ath are removed6 The greatest is the ego0 and then there are man= small rocks& rocks of greed and lust and anger and <ealous= and #ossessiveness6 +ll these rocks are hindering =our natural flo@0 =our s#ontaneit=6 )nce these rocks are gone0 =our river of consciousness starts flo@ing easil=0 freel=0 and then =ou are never distur%ed %= others6 2t is im#ossi%le to distur% a %uddha6 $ou can kill him0 %ut =ou cannot distur% him6 $ou can destro= him0 %ut =ou cannot distur% him: that is im#ossi%le6 666 2T 2, "+LL!D T*! T5-! ;+T*6 ThatCs @h= Bodhidharma sa=s0 2T 2, "+LL!D T*! T5-! ;+T* 33 %ecause it leads

=ou to the a%solute0 undistur%ed state0 to the a%solute calmness0 >uietude0 stillness6 2T W+, /)T B)5/ +/D0 T*!5!7)5!0 2T 2, /)T 8)2/8 T) ;!52,*0 ,) 2T 2, "+LL!D /25.+/+6 The %uddha3mind is never %orn and is never going to die6 2t has al@a=s %een there0 =ou are <ust not a@are of it6 $ou have to turn in and look at it6 $ou are looking outside0 continuousl= =ou are looking outside0 and all the time it is @aiting %ehind =ou6 Bust a little turn 33 a hundred3and3eight=3degree turn of course 33 <ust a small turn0 and suddenl= =ou face the Buddha6 $ou cannot meet the Buddha in Bodh 8a=a0 =ou cannot meet him in the great tem#les raised in his name6 There are tem#les0 the greatest tem#les0 raised in BuddhaCs name0 %ut =ou @ill not find the Buddha there6 Buddha is @ithin =ou and has al@a=s %een there6 2t is =our eternit=0 never %orn0 hence can never die6 $ou can call it nirvana6 *ere0 %= nirvana Bodhidharma means that @hich is eternal6 The ego is %orn and dies6 $ou can #ut the ego together0 =ou can dismantle it an= moment6 $ou cannot #ut =our nature together or dismantle it: it is sim#l= there6 The second >uestion& W*+T 2, T+T*+8+T+4 )ne of the names of Buddha is Tathagata6 We have given man= names to Buddha0 <ust to signif= different >ualities of %uddhahood6 )ne of the most used is Tathagata: Buddha himself used it6 *e rarel= used the @ord 20 he used Tathagata6 *e @ould sa=0 ETathagata @as d@elling in a certain garden0 and then this ha##ened6E ETathagata @as on the @a=0 moving to@ards a certain cit=0 then this ha##ened6E *e @ould use CTathagataC more often than he @ould use the @ord 26 The >uestion is& W*+T 2, T+T*+8+T+4 Literall= it means Cone @ho comes like the @ind and goes like the @indC0 Cthus come0 thus goneC6 That is the literal meaning of the @ord Tathagata& <ust a %reeAe that suddenl= comes6 2t @as not there one moment %efore and then it is there0 and then ne?t moment it is gone6 +nd it leaves no trace %ehind6 $ou cannot see the %reeAe0 =ou can onl= feel it6 $ou cannot see the %uddha0 =ou can onl= feel him6 *ence those @ho come to see the %uddha @ill go em#t=3handed0 %ecause @hatsoever the= @ill see is not the %uddha6 ,eeing m= %od= is not seeing the %uddha6 The %od= is onl= a house @here the %uddha is d@elling6 ,eeing the house is not seeing the one @ho is d@elling in it6 $ou cannot

see the one @ho is d@elling in the house0 =ou can onl= feel him6 *ence those @ho come @ith a thinking mind miss6 Those @ho come @ith a feeling heart are immediatel= moved0 touched0 transformed6 2t is like @ind& =ou cannot see it %ut =ou can feel it6 $ou can feel the touch of it0 the coolness of it6 2t is so refreshing0 it is so re<uvenating0 it makes =ou so aliveD To %e in a %uddhafield is to %e in the field @here the @ind is %lo@ing constantl=6 2t can %e seen onl= %= the disci#les6 B= CseenC 2 mean it can %e felt onl= %= the disci#les6 ThatCs ho@ it has to %e seen6 +nd it can %e %reathed in and out onl= %= the devotees6 The disci#le feels it touching his %od=0 #la=ing @ith his hair0 moving his clothes6 *e feels it0 he infers that it is there6 But the devotee %reathes it in: it circulates in his %eing0 it %ecomes #art of his %eing6 The student comes to see0 the disci#le to feel0 the devotee to %e6 Bodhidharma sa=s& )/! W*) 9/)W, T*+T *! ")M!, 75)M /)W*!5! +/D 8)!, /)W*!5!6 7rom @here does the @ind come and @here does it go4 2t has no destination666 it has no motive6 2t is not going an=@here and not coming from an=@here: it has al@a=s %een here6 ,@ami 5amateertha used to tell a #ara%le& There @as a great atheist6 2n his dra@ing room he had @ritten in %ig letters& 8od is no@here6 *is small son @as #la=ing one da= @hile he @as reading his ne@s#a#er6 The small son @as tr=ing to learn ho@ to read0 so he tried to read the sentence on the @all& 8od is no@here6 But Cno@hereC @as a %ig @ord0 so he %roke it in t@o6 *e read0 E8od is no@ here6E The father @as shocked 33 he had never read the sentence that @a=6 The @hole gestalt changed& E8od is no@here0E and the child @as reading0 E8od is no@ here6E There is great difference %et@een Cno@hereC and Cno@ hereCD 7or the first time he read that sentence @ith the vision of a child0 @ith the innocence of a child6 2t is said that since that da= he could not read the old sentence in the old @a=& E8od is no@here6E Whenever he @ould look he had to read0 E8od is no@ here6E 2t %ecame something fi?ed 33 the im#act of the child @as such6 + %uddha is al@a=s here6 $ou have al@a=s %een here6 $ou donCt come from an=@here

and =ou donCt go some@here else6 This @hole universe contains =ou: @e are #art of it6 Bodhidharma sa=s& The Tathagata 2, )/! W*) 9/)W, T*+T *! ")M!, 75)M /)W*!5! +/D 8)!, /)W*!5!6 5ead Cno@hereC as Cno@ hereC6 The Tathagata is one @ho is no@ here and kno@s that he is al@a=s no@ here6 *e has not come and he is not going6 5amana Maharshi @as d=ing0 and a disci#le asked0 EBhag@an0 @here @ill =ou go4E *e o#ened his e=es and laughed6 That @as not the time to laugh at all6 *e @as d=ing0 his death @as a%solutel= certain 33 he @as d=ing of cancer 33 there @as great #ain6 ,till he laughed and he said0 E$ou foolD M= @hole life 2 have %een telling =ou that there is no@here to go0 @e are al@a=s here6 ,o @here can 2 go4 2 @ill %e hereD The %od= @ill %e gone0 dust unto dust0 %ut @here can 2 go4 2 @ill %e #art of this universe as 2 am #art of it no@6 /o@ the %od= gives =ou the idea that 2 am se#arate 33 that is =our idea0 not mine6 7or me0 m= %od= does not se#arate me from e?istence %ut %ridges me6E $ou see the difference %et@een the ignorant and the @ise4 The same %od= to the ignorant is a @all that se#arates =ou from e?istence6 The same %od= to the @ise0 to the enlightened0 is a %ridge: it <oins =ou @ith the e?istence6 Bust @atch =our %od= and =ou @ill %e a@are of it6 $our %od= is continuousl= %reathing air in and out 33 not onl= through the nose %ut through ever= #ore of the %od= =ou are %reathing in and out6 ,cientists sa= that if all the #ores of =our %od= are closed0 if =our %od= is heavil= #ainted and all the #ores are closed and filled @ith #aint %ut the nose is left to %reathe @ith0 =ou @ill still die @ithin three hours0 %ecause <ust the nose is not enough6 !ver= #art of =our %od= needs its o@n %reathing6 $ou are continuousl= in communication @ith e?istence6 2f the sun is not going to rise tomorro@0 @e @ill all %e dead6 We @ill not %e a%le to live at all0 not even for a fe@ minutes0 %ecause @ithout the sun the @hole @armth @ill disa##ear6 +nd @ithout @armth0 life is im#ossi%le6 We @ill %ecome so cold0 so froAen0 that death is %ound to ha##en6 We are continuousl= in e?change @ith e?istence6 We are not se#arate0 @e are one6 +nd if this is so a%out the %od=0 @hat a%out the inner consciousness4 That inner consciousness is not divided at all6 $our court=ard is surrounded %= a @all0 %ut =our court=ard still %elongs to the sk=0 is #art of the sk=6 Bust like that0 )/! W*) 9/)W, T*+T *! ")M!, 75)M /)W*!5! +/D 8)!, /)W*!5!0 he is Tathagata6 *e is al@a=s like the fresh %reeAe %lo@ing6

Those @ho can understand this0 the= @ill %e refreshed %= the %reeAe6 The= @ill dance in the %reeAe of the %uddha0 in his sunlight6 The= @ill laugh @ith the %uddha0 the= @ill dance @ith the %uddha6 1-!,T2)/ 33 the third >uestion& W*+T 2, B-DD*+4 Buddha is a@areness0 sim#le a@areness6 2t is a@akening0 it is @aking u#6 Buddha is nothing to do @ith 8autam ,iddhartha: he is onl= one of the %uddhas6 Man= more have #receded him0 man= more have succeeded him6 +nd one da= or other =ou are also going to %ecome a %uddha6 $ou can %ecome right no@0 %ecause =ou are it6 2t is onl= a >uestion of recogniAing =our realit=0 of remem%ering6 Bodhidharma sa=s& )/! W*) 5!+L2Z!, T*! T5-T*0 +/D *)LD, /)T*2/8 T*+T 2, T) B! 5!+L2Z!D6 This is one of the most %eautiful statements ever made6 What an ans@erD What great insightD There is nothing to %e achieved0 %ecause =ou are alread= the %uddha6 +chievement is al@a=s of something @hich =ou are not6 $ou cannot achieve %uddhahood0 =ou can onl= @ake u# and find that =ou are a %uddha6 +nd then of course =ou @ill laugh6 $ou @ill laugh %ecause =ou have %een tr=ing to %e something that =ou have al@a=s %een6 2n Zen there is a sa=ing& W*!/ T*! B28 B!LL$ T*-/D!5, W2T* L)-D 5)+5, )7 L+-8*T!50 T*)-,+/D, )7 W*2T! L)T-,!, 5+2/ T*5)-8* T*! W)5LD,6 +nd @hen it ha##ens0 W*!/ T*! B28 B!LL$ T*-/D!5, W2T* L)-D 5)+5, )7 L+-8*T!5666 @henever a #erson %ecomes a@akened0 @henever he sees the stu#idit= he has lived for centuries& first0 tr=ing to find things @hich he had alread= inside himself: second0 tr=ing to renounce things in order to get something @hich has nothing to do @ith those things6 7irst0 tr=ing to achieve mone=0 #o@er0 #restige6666 When one is alread= a %uddha0 @hat more richness can =ou ever have0 and @hat more #o@er0 and @hat more glor=4 7irst0 one @as tr=ing to achieve these things6 7ailing in achieving them or succeeding in achieving them0 one comes to kno@ the futilit= of it all6 7ailure %rings frustration and success %rings frustration6 /othing fails like success0 remem%er it6 +nd then one starts renouncing these things0 as if renouncing these things @ere a condition for

achieving that @hich =ou are alread=6 That is not a condition at all6 There is no need to chase shado@s and there is no need to esca#e from shado@s6 ,hado@s are shado@s: onl= this much has to %e recogniAed6 ThatCs @h= 2 sa= to m= sann=asins& DonCt esca#e from the @orld6 The @orld is onl= a shado@6 Let it %e there0 it canCt distur% =ou6 Bust %ecome a@are of @ho =ou are0 and thatCs enough6 )/! W*) 5!+L2Z!, T*! T5-T*6666 $ou see the #arado? of the statement& )/! W*) 5!+L2Z!, T*! T5-T*0 +/D *)LD, /)T*2/8 T*+T 2, T) B! 5!+L2Z!D6 The ultimate truth can al@a=s onl= %e said in #arado?ical @a=s: #arado? is the onl= @a= to e?#ress it& one @ho realiAes that there is nothing to realiAe0 he is a %uddha6 )nce Buddha asked ,u%huti0 one of his most significant disci#les0 E,u%huti0 @hen in ancient da=s Tathagata @as @ith another %uddha0 Di#ankara Buddha0 did he attain an=thing4 What @as his achievement then4E ,u%huti said0 E/o0 World3honored )ne0 he did not attain an=thing6 /othing @as his attainment6 When Tathagata @as @ith another %uddha0 Di#ankara Buddha0 he had not achieved0 attained0 realiAed0 an=thing at all6E Buddha laughed and said0 E,u%huti0 =ou have understood the truth ver= @ell 33 %ecause there is nothing to achieve0 nothing to attain6E Then Buddha asked ,u%huti0 EWhat have =ou attained living @ith me4E +nd ,u%huti said0 EWorld3honored )ne0 nothing6 2 have not attained an=thing living @ith =ou6 ThatCs @h= 2 %o@ do@n to =ou0 2 touch =our feet0 %ecause =ou have made me a@are that there is nothing to achieve0 there is nothing to attain6 +ll that is alread= 2,6 2t is as it should %e6E Buddhahood cannot %e desired: one cannot %e am%itious for it6 2f one is am%itious0 that is the %arrier6 )ne has to rela?0 %e still0 and see that the universe has alread= #rovided =ou @ith ever=thing that =ou need6 !ven the ultimate %uddhahoood is alread= %uilt3in6 The fourth >uestion& W*+T 2, D*+5M+4

,im#le >uestions from innocent disci#lesD Bodhidharma sa=s& 2T W+, /!.!5 ;5)D-"!D0 +/D W2LL /!.!5 B! 5!D-"!D: T*!5!7)5!0 2T 2, "+LL!D D*+5M+0 T*! /)5M )7 T*! -/2.!5,!6 D*+5M+ sim#l= means the ultimate la@ that kee#s the universe together0 that kee#s the universe in harmon=0 in accord0 the norm that makes the universe a cosmos and not a chaos6 The definition of dharma is totall= different from the definition of religion6 )rdinaril= religion is translated as dharma0 dharma is translated as religion6 "hristianit= is a religion0 *induism is a religion0 %ut @hat Buddha means %= dharma is not a religion6 2t is not defina%le0 containa%le in a creed6 2t is not a dogma0 it is a ver= scientific truth6 2t is like gravitation6 $ou cannot make a religion out of gravitation6 /o%od= @orshi#s gravitation0 no%od= makes tem#les for gravitation0 although gravitation has %een doing so much for =ou6 2f there @as no gravitation none of us @ould %e here0 @e @ould sim#l= fl= u#6 2t is gravitation that kee#s =ou tethered to the earth0 other@ise =ou @ould %e lost6 !ven mountains0 even trees0 @ould %ecome u#rooted @ith nothing to hold them to the earth6 !arth itself @ould fall into fragments and the @hole universe @ould sim#l= %e a chaos& there @ould %e no order of an= kind6 +nd life is not #ossi%le @ithout order6 +nd consciousness is im#ossi%le unless there is something like an ultimate la@ @hich kee#s ever=thing together6 Dharma sim#l= means the la@6 $ou cannot @orshi# it0 =ou can onl= understand it6 $ou can live it0 %ut =ou cannot @orshi# it6 That is the great contri%ution of Buddha to the @orld& religion0 in his understanding0 is la@6 $ou have to live it6 $ou have to live according to the la@0 according to the norm of the universe6 Whenever =ou go against it =ou are in miser=0 and @henever =ou are in tune @ith it =ou are in %liss6 *is definition of %liss and miser= is ver= sim#le6 To %e in tune @ith the ultimate la@ is %liss: that ver= harmon= is %liss6 +nd to %e disharmonious0 to go astra= from the la@0 is miser=6 *ell is @hen =ou are running a@a= from the universal la@ and heaven is @hen =ou are running to@ards it6 +nd @hen =ou have %ecome one @ith it0 it is nirvana: it is the ultimate #eak of %liss0 of truth0 of consciousness& satchitanand6 )ne has to %e ver= ver= @atchful to %e a@are of the ultimate la@6 Do =ou see the meditativeness of the trees surrounding =ou4 ,uch stillnessD Bust as =ou are listening to me0 the= are listening to me0 not even a leaf moving6 The %irds are singing6 The @hole universe is still and =et a song666 silent0 =et musical6 + tremendous harmon= #ermeates ever=thing6 7rom the grass leaf to the greatest star it is the same la@6 But =ou have to %e a little more a@are6 +nd then the ver= earth =ou move on %ecomes

sacred6 Then trees are gods6 Then %irds are %uddhas6 Then each #erson =ou meet is a #otential %uddha6 *o@ can =ou hurt an=%od=4 *o@ can =ou %e destructive to an=%od=0 disres#ectful to an=%od=4 2m#ossi%leD Then it is not eti>uette: then it is sim#le0 natural understanding6 But #eo#le are so una@are that it is difficult for them to see the greatest thing that surrounds them @ithin and @ithout6 The o@ner of a %ig furniture store @ent to /e@ $ork to %u= some stock and met a reall= %eautiful girl in the hotel elevator6 But she @as 7rench and the= could not understand a @ord of each otherCs language6 ,o he took out a #encil and note%ook and dre@ a sketch of a ta?i6 ,he nodded her head and laughed0 and the= @ent for a ride in the #ark6 Then he dre@ a #icture of a ta%le in a restaurant @ith a >uestion mark and she nodded0 so the= @ent to dinner6 +fter dinner he sketched t@o dancers and she @as delighted6 The= @ent to a night clu% and danced and had a lovel= evening6 +t length she motioned for the #encil and dre@ a #icture of a four3#oster %ed6 *e @as dum%founded6 *eCs never %een a%le to figure out ho@ she kne@ he @as in the furniture %usiness6 )ne has to %e a@are0 other@ise =ou can miss the o%viousD +nd dharma is the o%vious0 8od is the o%vious6 2t is not a com#licated0 com#le? thing6 2t is not far a@a=0 it is ver= close %=6 2t is dharma that %eats in =our heart0 it is dharma that #ulsates in =our %lood6 2t is dharma that %reathes0 it is dharma that lives in =ou6 2t is dharma that =ou are made of0 the ver= stuff that =ou are made of6 +nd =et =ou are una@are of it6 The last >uestion& W*+T 2, ,+/8*+4 ,+/8*+ means commune6 Bodhidharma sa=s& 2T 2, ,) /+M!D B!"+-,! )7 T*! B!+-T$ )7 2T, *+5M)/$6 + sangha0 a commune0 is the %rotherhood of those disci#les and devotees @ho have gathered around a %uddha6 2t is a %rotherhood of the %ees @ho have come to the flo@ering of the %uddha6 The= have smelled the #erfume from far a@a=6 ,omething m=sterious has #ulled them to@ards the center6 Wherever the %uddha is0 is the center of the @orld at that moment6

The center of the @orld goes on changing0 %ecause @herever the %uddha is0 there is the center of the @orld6 7or that moment0 that #lace functions as the center of the @hole e?istence6 +nd @hoever is a little %it a@are0 <ust a little %it a@are0 is %ound to %ecome attracted0 enchanted0 magnetiAed0 h=#notiAed6 +nd soon #eo#le start gathering around a %uddha6 Man= circles gather around a %uddha6 The first circle is of the devotees0 the second circle of the disci#les0 the third circle of the students0 the fourth circle of the curious s#ectators6 Bust at the center is a man @ho has come to kno@ @ho he is6 *e is not a #riest0 he is not a #reacher6 *e is not a #s=choanal=st0 a thera#ist6 *e is sim#l= the one @ho has %ecome a@akened0 @hose #ro%lems have all disa##eared0 @ho has the insight to see through and through =ou6 Bust %eing @ith him is enough to %e transformed6 Bust %eing @ith him is enough to %e charged0 magnetiAed6 This %rotherhood is called sangha0 a commune 33 a commune %ecause communion is ha##ening6 + %uddha radiates ra=s of consciousness around himself0 creates vi%es of a totall= different #lane6 Those @ho %ecome affected %= those vi%es0 those @ho %ecome interested in the ra=s that reach them and @ant to seek and search for the source of those ra=s0 the= make the sangha6 Whenever there is a %uddha0 a sangha arises automaticall=: it cannot %e avoided6 2t should not %e avoided0 it need not %e avoided0 %ecause this is the onl= @a= a %uddha can share his %eing @ith others0 his understanding @ith others6 *e does not solve =our #articular #ro%lems: he sim#l= solves the ver= root of =our #ro%lems6 *e is not an e?#ert6 2f =ou %ring a #articular #ro%lem0 he is not interested in =our #articular #ro%lem6 *is @hole interest is& Wh= do #ro%lems arise in =our life at all4 Wh= solve one #ro%lem4 33 %ecause %= solving one0 nothing is solved: man= more @ill %e there6 +nd if =ou tr= to solve #ro%lems one %= one0 it @ill take millions of lives6 +nd even then there is no ho#e0 %ecause %= the time =ou solve one #ro%lem0 others are arising6 When =ou solve others0 the first #ro%lem that =ou thought =ou had solved has arisen again in a ne@ form6 + %uddha is one @ho has no #ro%lems0 @ho lives a non3#ro%lematic life0 @ho lives innocentl= like a child6 *is innocence is contagious6 *e allo@s #eo#le to come close to him0 to %ecome infected6 *e #ours his %eing into those @ho are availa%le and read= to receive him6 Bust %eing @ith him is more than is needed6 2t is such a radical change to %e @ith a %uddha0 %ut it is something invisi%le6 The @orld remains a%solutel= o%livious of it6 )nl= a fe@ #eo#le0 sensitive0 alert0 intelligent0 %ecome a@are of the e?istence of a %uddha6 +nd the moment the= %ecome a@are the= risk all6 The= take the #lunge0 %ecause then there is nothing that can hold them %ack6

Bodhidharma sa=s& 2T 2, ,) /+M!D B!"+-,! )7 T*! B!+-T$ )7 2T, *+5M)/$6 +nd around a %uddha =ou @ill find the %rotherhood in a%solute harmon=6 /o disci#line is im#osed0 =et there is disci#line0 great disci#line6 /o order is im#osed0 =et there is order0 immense order6 Bust the #resence of a %uddha is enough6 2t creates love in the disci#les0 in the devotees6 2t creates #ra=erfulness0 gratitude6 2f a %uddha is not availa%le0 it is ver= difficult to attain to that state @here =ou can see that there is nothing to %e attained6 2f a %uddha is availa%le0 it is ver= eas=& =ou can ride on the @ind6 2f a %uddha is availa%le0 =ou can %ecome #art of his %eing6 +nd he is alread= on the other shore6 *e onl= e?ists in the %od= @ith =ou on this shore: his consciousness is on the other shore6 2f =ou move closer and closer and %ecome reall= intimate0 surrendered0 slo@l= slo@l= =our consciousness also starts reaching to@ards the other shore6 +nd that is the #erfection of a sann=asin& to live on the shore0 =et %e not of this shore6 !nough for toda=6 The White Lotus "ha#ter (F "ha#ter title& Because 2 Love $ou 1 /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 11010 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,0F +udio& $es .ideo& /o The first >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 1 ,)M!T2M!, 2 W+/T T) ,"5!+M0 E,T);0 ),*)D /)T ,) 7+,TD 2CM /)T -; T) 2TDE 2 *+.!/CT B!!/ *!5! 7)5 T!/ D+$, B!7)5! 2 +M *+.2/8 T) ")/75)/T M$ +TT+"*M!/T,0 M$ ;),,!,,2.!/!,,0 M$ B!+L)-,$0 M$ 7!+5 )7 D$2/8 +/D D2,T5-,T0 2/ +DD2T2)/ T) D2+55*!+6 B-,T +T T*! ;)2/T W*!/ 2 7!+5 T*+T $)- *+.! +,9!D T)) M-"*0 2T +LL

;+,,!,: W*+T 2 7!+5!D W+, T)) *+5D T) 7+"! B5!+9, +W+$ +/D 2CM /)T T*!5! 33 B)$ +/D 85+T2T-D! 5-,* 2/6 !.!5$T*2/8 T*+T 2, *+;;!/2/8 2, + 827T 33 T*! .!5$ 827T T*+T 2 /!!D!D T) 85)W6 + ,!/,! ")M!, T*+T +LL 2, ;),,2BL!6 T*+/9 $)-0 B!L).!D )/!6 +mita%h0 it is an arduous <ourne=0 the <ourne= to the ultimate core of =our %eing6 2t is an u#hill task0 it is moving to@ards the #eak6 +nd @hen =ou are moving to@ards the #eak =ou have to un%urden =ourself of man= things0 =ou have to %ecome more and more @eightless6 $ou canCt go on carr=ing ru%%ish @ith =ou6 ,lo@l= slo@l=0 attachments0 #ossessiveness0 <ealous=0 greed0 fear0 anger0 all have to %e dro##ed0 %ecause as =ou move to@ards higher altitudes things start %ecoming heavier and heavier6 +s =ou move to@ards #urer la=ers of %eing0 man= things @hich =ou @ere never a@are of %ecome so clear0 and =ou feel so stu#id that =ou are carr=ing them0 that =ou have carried them for lives together6 2t is difficult to dro# them0 %ecause one %ecomes accustomed to oneCs ha%its6 Those ha%its ma= %e creating miser=0 %ut still it is difficult to dro# them %ecause the= have %ecome so familiar: the= have %ecome #art of =our st=le of life6 $ou are identified @ith them: @ithout them =ou @ill %e some%od= else6 +nd one is afraid 33 afraid to %e some%od= other than one is6 )ne is al@a=s afraid to go into the unkno@n6 The fear of death is nothing %ut the fear of the unkno@n6 *o@ can =ou %e afraid of death0 +mita%h4 $ou have not encountered it =et6 $ou have not seen its face 33 @hether it is ugl= or %eautiful6 $ou cannot sa= an=thing 33 @hether it is going to %e a curse or a %lessing6 $ou have no idea a%out it: ho@ can =ou %e afraid of death4 /o0 no one is ever afraid of death6 ;eo#le are reall= afraid of losing their attachments @ith life0 @ith their lifest=les6 )ne thing is certain& that death @ill change =ou totall=0 that death @ill take =ou into a dimension of @hich =ou are a%solutel= una@are6 )ne thing is certain& that death @ill not leave =ou intact as =ou are6 2t @ill take a@a= =our %od=0 it @ill take a@a= =our mind: it @ill take a@a= all that =ou had thought =ou consist of6 2t @ill leave onl= the #urest consciousness @ithin =ou6 *ence the fear of death0 and hence the fear of going dee# into meditation 33 the= are the same6 Meditation does the same @ork as death6 Meditation is a @illful death& =ou start d=ing0 disa##earing0 eva#orating of =our o@n accord6 +nd to %e close to me has no other #ur#ose6 To %e close to me is to %e close to =our death6 The ancient !astern sutras sa= that the master is nothing %ut death0 and the disci#le is one @ho is read= to die6 But death is a #rere>uisite for %eing re%orn6 Besus cannot %e resurrected if he is not crucified6

)nce a "hristian missionar= @as asking me0 E*o@ do =ou e?#lain the fact that 8od allo@ed Besus to %e crucified4E "hristians have %een at a loss to e?#lain it6 )n the one hand the= sa= that Besus is the onl=3%egotten son of 8od666 and the father must have %een a%solutel= cruel to allo@ Besus to %e crucified6 !ver=%od= @as @aiting for a miracle to ha##en that da=: even the enemies @ere thinking that something @as going to ha##en6 Thousands of #eo#le gathered to see the miracle6 The= had seen Besus0 kno@n Besus0 the= had looked into his e=es0 the= had felt his vi%e6 *e @as a rare man& he had something of the su#ernatural a%out him6 *e had something @hich is not ordinaril= availa%le& a de#th0 a height6 *e had roots going dee# into the earth and @ings to fl= to the ultimate6 ;eo#le had felt all this& the grace0 the %eaut=0 the grandeur of his %eing6 The= had felt the #eace0 the silence0 surrounding him6 The= had felt the nourishing love that continuousl= flo@ed from his %eing to@ards others6 ,omething @as %ound to ha##en 33 8od could not leave Besus0 8od had to do something6 The= @ere @aiting for the last moment6 2t seems that even Besus himself @as @aiting for something to ha##en0 %ecause in the last moments he said0 EWh= have =ou forsaken me4 What have 2 done4E 2t sho@s that dee# do@n some@here he @as also ho#ing that something @ould ha##en0 that ma=%e at the last moment he @ould %e saved6 But there seems to have %een nothing ha##ening6 8od seems to %e a%solutel= cold0 indifferent0 not concerned6 )f course0 "hristian theologians0 #riests0 have %een @orried a%out it6 The= canCt ans@er @h= 8od did not do an=thing on that da=6 This missionar= @as asking me6 2 said0 E$ou donCt understand the @hole #henomenon6 2f 8od had done an= miracle and Besus had %een saved0 the @hole stor= @ould have %een ver= ordinar=6 8od did not do an=thing: he allo@ed Besus to die6 2n fact0 he hel#ed in ever= #ossi%le @a= for him to die0 %ecause that is the onl= @a= to %e resurrected6E The real miracle is resurrection 33 not saving =ou %ut hel#ing =ou to die as =ou are so that =ou can %e as =ou should %e6 8od allo@ed Besus to die on the cross6 +nd the stor= is %eautiful& on the third da= Besus is %ack0 resurrected0 ne@0 =oung0 no more son of man %ut onl= son of 8od6 *e is so ne@0 so fresh0 that even his o@n disci#les fail to recogniAe him6 *e meets t@o of his disci#les @ho are going to@ards a village0 esca#ing from Berusalem0 %ecause no@ the= are afraid that the ne?t thing is going to %e that the disci#les @ill %e caught and the= @ill %e killed6 The rumor is hot& the master has %een killed0 no@ the disci#les @ill %e killed6 !ver=thing is destro=ed and not even a trace is left %ehind of this man and his @ork6 ,o the= @ere esca#ing6 Besus meets them on the @a=0 %elieving that at least his o@n disci#les @ill recogniAe

him6 But the= donCt recogniAe him 33 the= talk @ith him as if he @ere a stranger6 Besus is ver= much #uAAled6 Then the= enter a small restaurant to eat something 33 the= are tired 33 and Besus %reaks %read6 Then the= suddenl= recogniAe him0 %ecause that is the @a= Besus used to %reak %read: something of the old0 then recognition ha##ens6 Then the= suddenl= come a@ake0 as if the= have come out of slee# or out of a dream0 and the= sa=0 E2s it =ou4 We could not recogniAe =ou on the @a=6E +nd the= had %een @alking for at least three hours0 talking 33 and the= had %een talking a%out their master %eing crucified to the master himselfD Besus must have %een laughing inside himself0 that the= @ere talking a%out the master %ut the= couldnCt recogniAe him6 ;eo#le are recogniAed onl= %= their old ha%its6 When Besus %reaks %read0 immediatel= the disci#les recogniAe him0 %ecause EThat is the @a= of BesusD )nl= he used to %reak %read that @a=DEC +s if suddenl= the clouds dis#erse0 the darkness is gone0 and the= see that Besus has come %ack6 The form is so ne@666 no trace of the old6 M= o@n feeling is that Besus must have deli%eratel= %roken %read in the old @a= <ust to give them a clue6 8od allo@ed Besus to die so that a resurrection %ecame #ossi%le6 +mita%h0 2 am going to hel# =ou to die6 ThatCs the function of a master& he has to %e a death6 +nd0 =es0 to die is difficult0 hard6 That diarrhea is nothing %ut a mind thing& =ou are so much afraid that fear is creating diarrhea6 But it is good 33 it @ill cleanse the %od=6 $our %od=0 =our mind0 %oth need dee# cleaning6 ThatCs @h= @henever clouds are not there E<o= and gratitude rush in6E Whenever =ou are read= to die =ou @ill find <o= and gratitude rushing in 33 @henever =ou acce#t6 2f =ou resist0 then there is a #ro%lem6 2f =ou resist0 then =ou @ill scream0 =our ver= %eing @ill scream0 E,to#0 )shoD /ot so fastD 2Cm not u# to itDE /o%od= is u# to itD Who @ants to die4 +nd dro##ing all =our old #atterns is a great death0 greater than the ordinar=0 #h=sical death0 %ecause @hen =ou die ordinaril= =ou onl= change the %od=0 =ou change the garments6 $our old ha%its0 old #atterns of thinking and feeling0 continue in a ne@ life0 in a ne@ %od=6 Bust the surface changes0 nothing else6 The ordinar= death is reall= ordinar=: it is not much of a death6 2t onl= scratches the surface: it changes =our skin0 thatCs all6 )ther@ise =ou remain the same #erson& death after death =ou remain the same #erson6 But the death that ha##ens in a love affair @ith a master is a%solute0 irrevoca%le6 2t is a #oint of no return6 $ou cannot go %ack0 =ou cannot fall %ack to the old #atterns again: that %ecomes im#ossi%le6 $ou have to go on moving ahead6 +nd0 of course0 the mind screams0 E,to#0 )shoDE But %ecause 2 love =ou0 2 cannot sto#6 Because 2 love =ou0 2 have to kill =ou6

E,@eetheart0E gushed the ardent s@ain0 Elet me adore =our lovel= face and 2 @ill %u= =ou a sa%le muff6 Let me hold =our hand and 2 @ill give =ou a red fo? scarf6 Let me kiss =ou and 2 @ill give =ou a mink ca#e6 Let me6666E E,to#DE cried the girl6 EThatCs fur enoughDE $es0 +mita%h0 man= times =ou @ill scream0 EThatCs far enoughDE But 2 cannot sto#6 2 am utterl= hel#less in that @a=: it is not @ithin m= hands to sto#6 2 have to go on6 The more =ou scream0 the faster 2 have to go0 so that soon the @ork is done6 $our screaming is coming from =our mind6 +nd =our >uestion is significant0 %ecause =our heart is feeling dee# <o= and gratitude6 $our mind is sa=ing0 E/o0 sto#DE $our heart is sa=ing0 E!ver=thing that is ha##ening is a gift 33 the ver= gift that 2 needed to gro@6 + sense comes that all is #ossi%le6 Thank =ou0 Beloved )ne6E T@o different la=ers0 t@o different #lanes of =our %eing 33 the head and the heart 33 are %oth e?#ressed in =our >uestion6 + #art of =ou0 the su#erficial #art @hich is afraid of death 33 the ego0 the mind 33 is cr=ing0 %egging0 E,to#DE 2t is %ecause of this su#erficial #lane of =our %eing that =ou have %een esca#ing again and again from here6 )f course0 the mind is ver= cunning and it tries to find e?cuses6 2f there arenCt an=0 it can invent: it is ver= ca#a%le of managing6 2t can create illnesses in the %od= so that =ou donCt %lame the mind6 What can =ou do4 This has %een ha##ening to +mita%h for at least three =ears continuousl=6 *e comes0 he comes @ith great love0 and then the mind starts #la=ing tricks6 +nd the mind has %een #la=ing a reall= su%tle trick on him& each time he comes he starts losing @eight0 and naturall= a #oint comes @hen he %ecomes afraid of losing so much @eight that he has to go %ack6 This is a mind trick6 2f =ou %ecome a@are of it this time0 the mind @ill not %e a%le to do it6 +nd the e?cuse is such that no%od= can %lame =ou0 =ou cannot %lame =ourself6 2t is natural& @hen the %od= starts losing @eight =ou have to go6 There is no visi%le reason @h= his %od= should lose @eight0 %ecause +mita%h remains a vegetarian in +merica and here too he is a vegetarian6 !ven #eo#le @ho are nonvegetarians in the West and @ho come here and %ecome vegetarians donCt lose @eight6 ,o a vegetarian coming to 2ndia @ill not lose @eight: there is no reason6 The doctors cannot find an= reason at all6 2t is something in the mind: it is a trick of the mind0 a su%tle strateg=6 +nd the mind has to %e ver= su%tle0 %ecause +mita%hCs love for me is tremendous6 But as the moment of death comes close the mind freaks out6 +nd +mita%h @ill not listen to the mind0 hence the mind has to take su##ort from the %od=6 +nd the %od= al@a=s follo@s the mind6 2f the mind @ants to create a certain illness0 the %od= sim#l= has to

su%mit to the mind0 surrender to the mind6 /inet= #ercent of diseases are no@ kno@n to %e mind3created0 mind3oriented6 Man= diseases that ha##en here around me are more or less mind3created6 $ou @ant a valid reason to esca#e0 and an= small thing @onCt do %ecause =our love for me is great6 ,omething reall= dangerous has to %e created& =our life has to %e at risk0 onl= then @ill =ou go6 )n one #lane =our mind sa=s0 E2Cm not u# to it6 ,to#0 it is enoughD 8o slo@l=DE But there are a fe@ things @hich can onl= %e done in a sudden %lo@0 in a single %lo@6 The slo@er =ou go0 the more #ainful the= are6 2t is %etter to cut the knot @ith a single %lo@ of the s@ord rather than to go ver= slo@l= and make the @hole #rocess unnecessaril= #ainful6 ,econdl=& =ou are a@are of another #lane0 too6 $our heart sa=s0 EThis is @hat =ou need 33 =ou need a death0 %ecause onl= after death is a resurrection #ossi%le6 The old has to cease for the ne@ to %e6E The mind has to go for the heart to take total #ossession of =our %eing6 *ence =ou feel gratitude0 =ou feel <o=0 =ou feel great thankfulness6 +nd =ou understand that it is needed in order for =ou to gro@ that all these things 33 attachments0 #ossessiveness0 <ealous=0 fear of death0 distrust 33 have to %e dro##ed6 The= are ugl=6 The= are hanging around =ou0 the= are #arasites 33 the= suck =our %lood6 The= donCt allo@ =ou freedom0 the= donCt allo@ =ou the im#ossi%le6 But in those rare0 cr=stal3clear moments @hen the heart is functioning as a master and not as a slave0 =ou kno@& E+ sense comes that all is #ossi%le6E $es0 all is #ossi%le0 even the im#ossi%le is #ossi%le666 %ecause @hat 2 am tr=ing to do reall= is to #ut =ou in order6 $ou are in disorder: ever=thing is there %ut u#side do@n6 Things have to %e #ut right side u#0 things have to %e rearranged6 $ou have all that can create the orchestra0 %ut ever=%od= is tr=ing to #la= on his instrument @ithin =ou as if the= are not #art of an orchestra %ut a solo #erformer6 The flute #la=er is #la=ing his flute @ith no idea of @hat others are doing6 The sitar #la=er is #la=ing his sitar @ith no connection to the flute6 The ta%la #la=er is #la=ing the ta%la a%solutel= una@are of the flute and the sitar666 and so on and so forth6 The= are doing all that the= can do0 %ut the= are onl= creating a chaos0 a noise0 @hich is destructive6 The= all have to %e #ut in tune @ith each other0 and then the same noise @ill %ecome a great music6 $es0 +mita%h0 all is #ossi%le0 %ecause =ou are carr=ing @ithin =ou a %uddha6 +mita%h is one of the names of %uddha: it means infinite light6 2n the !ast @e love to give man= names to those @ho have arrived home6 !ach name re#resents a certain as#ect6 Buddha is called Tathagata %ecause he is like a @ind @hich comes and goes from no@here to no@here 33 eternal movement0 no %eginning0 no end6 Buddha is also called +mita%h: amita%h means infinite light0 #ure light0 kno@ing no %oundaries6

When the mind disa##ears0 all darkness disa##ears6 When the mind dies0 onl= light is left 33 and a light that needs no fuel0 a light that is uncaused6 $ou are carr=ing a %uddha @ithin =ou as a seed6 2t is difficult to %elieve0 %ecause =ou kno@ onl= =our mind 33 and thinking of a %uddha and =our mind0 the distance seems to %e un%ridgea%le6 +nd it is un%ridgea%leD 2f @e tr= to reach the %uddha through the mind the distance is un%ridgea%le0 %ut if @e tr= to reach the %uddha through the heart there is no distance at all0 there is no need for an= %ridge6 Bust the other da= Bodhidharma @as sa=ing that there is no attainment6 *o@ can =ou attain the alread= attained4 There is no >uestion of %ecoming: %ecoming is not needed %ecause =ou alread= have B!2/86 $our future is not in the future0 it is alread= in the #resent6 $our no@ contains all& =our #ast0 =our future 33 all that =ou have %een and all that =ou @ill %e and all that =ou can %e6 $our #resent moment contains infinit= in it6 Bust the other da= @e @ere talking a%out Buddha asking ,u%huti0 E,u%huti0 @hat do =ou sa=4 When 2 @as living @ith another %uddha in m= #ast life0 Di#ankara Buddha0 @hat had 2 attained4E /o@ an=%od= @ho is onl= kno@ledgea%le @ill ans@er0 E$ou attained %uddhahood6 $ou attained truth0 nirvana6C But ,u%huti sa=s0 EBhag@an0 =ou did not attain an=thing @hen =ou @ere @ith Di#ankara Buddha0 %ecause there is nothing to %e attained6 $ou sim#l= %ecame a@are of =our inner treasures6 That is not attainment6 $ou had sim#l= forgotten a%out it and =ou remem%ered6 Where is the >uestion of attainment4E + forgetfulness and a remem%ering0 thatCs all6 The @hole stor= of man0 of ever= man& a forgetfulness and a remem%ering6 + girl @as @alking along a countr= road and almost ste##ed on a frog6 ,he @as a%out to go on0 @hen he %egan to s#eak6 E2 have not al@a=s %een a frog0E he croaked6 E2 @as once a tall0 dark0 handsome man0 %ut @as transformed into this creature =ou kno@ no@ %= a @icked and magical genie6 The s#ell can onl= %e %roken if 2 s#end a night under the #illo@ of a %eautiful girl6E The girl0 of course0 @as ske#tical0 %ut the #leading e=es of the unha##= frog caused her to take him home that night and #ut him under her #illo@6 ,ure enough0 @hen she a@oke the ne?t morning0 there %eside her she found a tall0 dark0 gorgeous hunk of a man6 Well0 =ou kno@0 to this ver= da= her mother does not %elieve that stor=D +mita%h0 frogs can turn into #rinces %ecause #rinces have turned into frogs6 $ou can %ecome %uddhas %ecause =ou are %uddhas turned into frogs6 Ma=%e orange frogs666 %ut the %uddhahood is alread= the case6 2t is not something that is going to ha##en in future0 it is alread= the case6 $ou have onl= to look in6 But =our attachments kee# =ou

engaged outside6 $our <ealousies0 =our #ossessiveness0 donCt give =ou time to look in0 s#ace to look in6 2n a su%tle0 surgical @a= 2 have to hel# =ou to come out of =our dreams0 attachments0 <ealousies0 #ossessiveness6 )nce =ou are out of these illusions =ou are a %uddha0 as ever=one else is6 $es0 all is #ossi%le0 +mita%h0 and 2 am here to hel# =ou to make it #ossi%le6 The im#ossi%le can ha##en0 and 2 am tr=ing to create the right s#ace for it to ha##en6 But there are going to %e a fe@ #ainful moments6 $ou @ill have to acce#t those #ainful moments too0 %ecause the= are onl= creating the right conte?t in @hich %liss can descend in =ou6 ThatCs @h= again and again =ou Gel <o= and gratitude rushing in6 +llo@ me0 coo#erate @ith me6 Let =our head %e cut %= me6 ,urrender =our head6 2t is ha##ening 33 slo@l= slo@l= =ou are gaining courage6 +nd it is not ver= far a@a=6 But all de#ends on =ou6 2 cannot force %uddhahood on =ou0 2 can onl= hel# =ou to discover it @ithin =our o@n %eing6 But %efore =ou discover it0 a fe@ things @hich are hindrances have to %e dro##ed0 and =ou @ill not %e a loser6 )n the @a= to@ards %uddhahood no%od= has ever lost an=thing6 +nd @hatsoever @e lose is not @orth kee#ing 33 @hat @e gain is so infinite0 is so eternal0 that one never feels sorr= for @hat has %een lost6 We are carr=ing #e%%les0 colored #e%%les0 thinking that the= are #recious diamonds6 The= are not6 $our hands have to %e em#tied first and then diamonds @ill go on sho@ering on =ou6 The= are al@a=s sho@ering0 it is <ust that =our hands are not em#t=6 $our hands are so full of ordinar= stones that there is no s#ace for the diamonds to %e6 Be a little more em#t=6 +nd this time donCt allo@ the mind to #la= tricks u#on =ou6 The second >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion F 2 B!L2!.! 2/ D2,"2;L2/!0 L+W +/D )5D!50 +/D T*+TC, W*$ 2 +M *!,2T+T2/8 T) T+9! + B-M; 2/T) ,+//$+,6 W*+T ,*)-LD 2 D)4 ,uresh0 sann=as is the greatest disci#line there is: it is the greatest order #ossi%le6 ,ann=as %elongs to the ultimate la@0 @hat Buddha calls aes dhammo sanantano0 the ine?hausti%le0 ultimate la@6 $ou sa=& E2 %elieve in disci#line0 la@ and order6666E 2f =ou reall= understand @hat disci#line is0 @hat order and la@ is0 then there is no >uestion of hesitating6 Then sann=as is the onl= @a= for =ou: there @ill %e no other @a=0 no alternative6 But =ou donCt understand @hat disci#line is6 $ou %elieve0 %ut =ou

donCt understand6 2n fact0 if =ou understand there is no need to %elieve6 Belief is a state of non3understanding6 ;eo#le %elieve %ecause the= donCt kno@6 $ou donCt %elieve in the sun0 =ou donCt %elieve in the trees0 =ou donCt %elieve that the trees are green: =ou sim#l= kno@6 But =ou %elieve that 8od e?ists0 that heaven and hell e?ist6 These are %eliefs0 %ecause =ou donCt kno@6 Belief is a su%stitute for kno@ing: it deceives =ou6 2t kee#s =ou in a state of ignorance %ecause it hel#s =ou to #retend6 +nd if =ou have %een #retending long enough =ou are %efooled %= =our o@n %elief so dee#l= that =ou donCt sus#ect0 =ou donCt dou%t6 $our %elief starts %ecoming =our @isdom 33 and %elief can never %ecome =our @isdom6 5emem%er one thing& %elieving is a @rong a##roach6 DonCt %elieve in 8od6 Wh= %elieve in 8od @hen 8od can %e kno@n4 DonCt %elieve in love @hen love can %e lived6 DonCt %elieve in me @hile =ou can e?#erience the truth of m= %eing #resent to =ou6 When =ou can commune @ith me0 @h= %elieve in me4 Belief is a %arrier0 not a %ridge6 2f =ou %elieve in me =ou @ill never understand me6 Dro# %elieving0 ,uresh0 and start kno@ing6 ,ann=as is a <um# from %elief to understanding6 $ou @ere a %elieving "hristian or a *indu or a Mohammedan: sann=as is a <um# from =our "hristianit=0 *induism0 Mohammedanism6 ,ann=as is a <um# from %elief into a real0 authentic search for the truth6 Belief sim#l= means that others have told =ou and =ou have %elieved them 33 ma=%e =our #arents0 =our teachers0 #riests0 #oliticians0 friends0 or <ust the climate around =ou0 the social conditioning6 $ou @ere %orn into a certain societ=0 into a certain structure: =ou have im%i%ed the s#irit of it unkno@ingl=6 Bust as =ou %reathe in air =ou %reathe in %eliefs6 But =ou have not e?#erienced an=thing6 +nd these %eliefs can %e dangerous0 %ecause if =ou are a sincere man =ou ma= start im#osing =our %eliefs u#on =our life6 $ou ma= start creating a character0 cultivating a character6 +nd thatCs @hat =ou must %e doing0 ,uresh& =ou must %e tr=ing to live a ver= disci#lined life6 But if a man is conscious he need not live a disci#lined life6 *e onl= needs to live a conscious life0 and disci#line follo@s him like a shado@6 + disci#lined life is rigid0 froAen0 cold0 dead6 $ou sim#l= go on doing things mechanicall=6 ,ometimes it ma= suit the situation0 man= more times it is a%solutel= irrelevant6 Then the disci#lined man0 the so3called disci#lined man0 is al@a=s lagging %ehind6 The situation demands something else0 %ut his disci#line reacts in its o@n @a=0 so he is never in a dee# communion @ith realit=6 *e is al@a=s isolated0 alienated6 2t ha##ened& + ,ufi m=stic0 Bunnaid0 @as going for a #ilgrimage0 a hol= #ilgrimage to 9aa%a6 *e told his disci#les0 E2t @ill take one month for us to reach 9aa%a0 and @e @ill fast so that %= the time @e reach 9aa%a our %odies @ill %e a%solutel= #urified6E

The disci#les agreed6 The <ourne= started6 The third da= the= reached a village6 The @hole village had come to receive them0 %ecause Bunnaid had a disci#le there @ho @as a ver= #oor man6 Because Bunnaid @as coming for the first and ma=%e the last time to his village and @as going to %e his guest0 he sold his field0 his house0 ever=thing0 to give a feast to the @hole village6 *e @as not a@are at all that Bunnaid @as on a fast and that he @as follo@ed %= hundreds of disci#les6 Bunnaid sa@ the <o= of the disci#le6 *e @as <ust ecstatic0 although he had gam%led ever=thing <ust to give a feast to the @hole village in @elcome to his master6 Bunnaid did not sa= an=thing 33 he did not even mention that he @as kee#ing a fast6 When Bunnaid did not sa= an=thing the disci#les @ere also silent0 %ut the= @ere %oiling @ithin6 The feast started6 Bunnaid ate @ell and thanked the disci#le0 %lessed the disci#le6 The other disci#les also had to eat since Bunnaid @as eating6 The= could not sa=0 EWe are on a fast0E @hen the master had himself forgotten a%out the fast6 +nd moreover the food @as delicious0 and for three da=s the= had %een hungr=0 tooD But dee# do@n the= @ere feeling angr= also& EWhat kind of disci#line is this4E When the= de#arted0 the first thing the= did on the @a= @as to ask the master0 EThis @e canCt understand6 Did =ou forget all a%out the fast4 $ou did not even mention it6E *e said0 E/o0 2 never forget an=thing0 %ut his <o= @as such and his ecstas= @as such666 and it @ould have %een such a #ain to his heart if 2 had said0 C2 am not going to eat6C *e had #re#ared the food @ith such love6 There is no #ro%lem0E said Bunaid0 E@e can kee# our fast for three more da=s6 7orget a%out those three da=s 33 @e start our fast from toda=0 and @e @ill kee# the fast for one month6 There is no #ro%lem in it6 Wh= hurt the #oor man for a sim#le thing4 We can kee# the fast three da=s more6E But the disci#les said0 EBut it is a >uestion of disci#line& since @e had taken the vo@ @e should have follo@ed it6E Bunaid said0 ELive consciousl=0 donCt live according to a dead disci#line6 $ou @ere feeling irritated 33 2 sa@ it on =our faces6 $ou @ere angr= at me 33 2 @as @atching 33 %ecause =ou @ere sim#l= follo@ing a dead rule& CWe have taken a vo@ so it has to %e follo@ed6C We are the masters6 We take the vo@0 @e can %reak it6 +nd the situation @as such that @hat @e did @as the right thing6 )ur fast is <ust ordinar=: his love @as something reall= hol=6 !ating or not eating does not matter much0 %ut his <o= =ou missed0 his ecstas= =ou could not share6 + great o##ortunit= has %een lost6 E2f it ha##ens again0E said the master0 E%ecause @e ma= %e coming across other disci#les in other to@ns0 donCt %e @orried6 2 act out of the moment6 2 see the situation and 2 act 33 that is m= disci#line6 2 donCt act according to the #ast6E +nd the #eo#le @ho act according to the #ast are not necessaril= in order0 in

disci#line0 in accord0 %ecause the #eo#le @ho have a la@3a%iding mind can %e ver= cunning and the= can al@a=s find @a=s to %=#ass the la@s6 The= can find loo#holes to get out of o%e=ing the la@: there is not much of a #ro%lem in it6 2n the Buddhist scri#tures there are ten thousand ma<or rules and thirt=3three thousand minor rules for the disci#le6 /o@0 even to remem%er them is im#ossi%le 33 fort=3three thousand rules in allD *o@ are =ou going to remem%er those rules4 +nd @h= @ere the= created4 2t @as not Buddha @ho created them %ut the tradition0 the #riests that follo@ed him6 +nd even fort=3three thousand rules are not enough0 %ecause #eo#le go on doing things6 The= can al@a=s find a @a= to do @hat the= reall= @ant to do& Where thereCs a @ill thereCs a @a=6 /o la@ can #revent =ou6 +nd ever= la@ can %e inter#reted in such a @a= that it is ver= eas= to @riggle out of an=thing6 During an ins#ection a lieutenant discovered that a =oung soldierCs laundr= %ag @as full of %ooks6 Being a stickler for having ever=thing in the #ro#er #lace0 he %a@led out the guilt= #rivate in no uncertain terms6 When he @as <ust a%out out of %reath he asked0 E/o@0 ho@ %= an= stretch of imagination can =ou <ustif= stuffing =our laundr= @ith %ooks4E 1uietl= the lad re#lied0 EWith all due res#ect0 sir 33 the=Cre dirt= %ooks6E 2t is ver= eas= to #la= @ith @ords6 2t is ver= eas= to get out of an= disci#line that =ou have im#osed u#on =ourself6 +nd e?ce#tions are al@a=s allo@ed6 + disci#le @as going on a #ilgrimage6 *e asked Buddha0 E2 @ill %e a@a= from =ou for man= months6 The onl= thing that 2 am afraid of is the e?istence of @omen6 *ere @ith =ou 2 can kee# m=self disci#lined0 %ut alone 2 am afraid 33 afraid of m=self6 2f 2 see a @oman0 @hat am 2 su##osed to do4E Buddha said0 EBust look do@n at the ground four feet ahead0 donCt look at the @oman6 That @ill %e enough to avoid the @oman6 Bust looking do@n four feet ahead of =ou is enough to @alk6 +nd =ou @ill not %e seeing the face and the %eaut= or @hether it is a man or a @oman6E The disci#le said0 EThatCs right0 %ut sometimes there ma= %e a situation in @hich 2 @ill not %e a@are that a @oman is coming and %efore 2 look do@n 2 @ill have alread= seen her6 Then @hat to do4 Then even looking do@n on the ground @onCt hel#6 +nd the #ossi%ilit= is there6666E ,o he asked0 EThen @hat to do4E Buddha smiled and he said0 EThen donCt talk to her6 Bust go on moving and donCt look %ack6E But the disci#le asked0 EBut there could %e a situation in @hich the @oman starts talking6 Then <ust out of eti>uette666 and a %hikkhu0 a disci#le of Buddha0 has to %e

graceful and cultured6 2f a @oman asks something0 am 2 not su##osed to listen to it4 +m 2 not su##osed to ans@er her4E Buddha said0 E)ka=0 so =ou can talk0 %ut donCt touch her6E The disci#le said0 EBust one thing more& in a certain situation it can ha##en that =ou have to touch a @oman6 7or e?am#le0 some accident has ha##ened6 + @oman has fallen into a ditch0 or a %ullock cart has gone into a ditch and the @oman is underneath the %ullock cart6 Do =ou su##ose that 2 should sim#l= go on moving @ithout sa=ing an=thing0 @ithout touching her4 33 %ecause 2 @ill have to take her out of the ditch or from underneath the cart and then 2 @ill have to touch her6 What do =ou sa= a%out that4E Buddha laughed and he said0 EThen do onl= one thing& <ust remain a@are6E The %hikkhu said0 EThatCs oka=0 that 2 can do6E /o@0 small things he cannot do0 %ut a@areness0 E$es0E he sa=s0 Ethat 2 can do6E 666 Because @ho can see =our a@areness4 2t is sim#l= an inside #henomenon: onl= =ou kno@ @hether =ou are a@are or not a@are6 /o@ he has asked #ermission to do ever=thing6 "reating imaginar= situations he has asked for e?ce#tions6 ,o although there are thirt=3three thousand minor rules and ten thousand ma<or rules0 Buddhists have %een doing all the same things that others are doing @ho have not even heard a%out these fort=3three thousand rules6 5ules canCt hel#6 2f the= are im#osed from the outside the= are utterl= useless 33 not onl= useless %ut the= %urden =ou0 and unnecessaril= %urden =ou6 Dro# the legal mindD 2f =ou reall= @ant to kno@ the la@0 the ultimate la@0 and if =ou @ant to live according to the ultimate la@0 donCt %e legal6 Manmade la@s are @orthless6 The =oung @oman @as de#ositing a fift=3dollar %ill at the %ank6 E2 canCt acce#t this0E said the teller0 EitCs counterfeit6E E)h0 m= 8odDE e?claimed the @oman0 E2Cve %een ra#edDE /o@ immediatel= the inter#retation changes6 $our la@0 =our @ords all de#end on =ou6 When the ne?t #atient is called0 a skeleton @alks in6 EMmmmDE sa=s the doctor6 E+ %it late0 arenCt =ou4E Must have %een a ver= legal3minded manD ,uresh0 =ou sa=& E2 %elieve in disci#line0 la@ and order0 and thatCs @h= 2 am thinking

%ut hesitating to take a <um# into sann=as6E Man= #eo#le think that m= sann=as has no disci#line0 no la@0 no order6 The= are utterl= @rong6 $es0 2 have not given =ou thirt=3three thousand minor rules and ten thousand ma<or rules to live %=6 2 give =ou a single commandment& Be a@are6 !ven Buddha had to do that after seeing the man tr=ing to find @a=s out: finall= he has to sa=0 EThen <ust %e a@are6E *e said it onl= at the end0 2 sa= it from the ver= %eginning6 ,o that =ou need not find e?cuses0 e?ce#tions0 strategies0 tricks0 so that =ou need not %e di#lomatic0 2 sim#l= sa= it from the %eginning6 This is the onl= commandment 33 the eleventh commandment6 +nd the eleventh is enough: the other ten are not needed at all6 Be a@are and let =our disci#line come out of =our a@areness6 +nd there @ill come a disci#line @hich has a %eaut=6 2t @ill not %e like a #lastic flo@er0 it @ill %e a real rose6 2t @ill have #erfume0 it @ill have life6 +nd there @ill come a certain order0 %ut not im#osed0 not cultivated 33 natural6 Bust the other da= Bodhidharma @as sa=ing& When =ou kno@ the ultimate la@0 Dharma0 @hen =ou have %ecome a@are of it0 @hen =ou are attuned to it0 =our life %ecomes sim#le0 eas=0 natural0 flo@ing6 /o hindrances0 no o%structions are there0 no %locks are there6 That is order6 )rder is not like railroad tracks0 @here the train goes on moving on the rails0 the same rails0 ever= da=6 )rder is like a river coming do@n from the *imala=as and moving to@ards the ocean6 The river is aliveD 2t is not follo@ing a certain ma#0 it is not running like a canal0 it is not manmade6 2t sim#l= flo@s freel=0 %ut it still reaches to the ocean6 +nd a canal al@a=s looks ugl=0 artificial0 %ecause it does not have the natural turns0 sudden sur#rises: it is straight0 geometrical6 The real river is AigAag0 sometimes going to the south and sometimes moving to the north6 2f =ou are too legal =ou @ill sa=0 EThis is a @aste of time and @aste of land and @aste of energ=6E 2f =ou are too legal3minded =ou start %elieving onl= in straight lines& the shortest #ath is to go straight from one #oint to the other6 But the river goes AigAag0 takes a long route0 sometimes flo@s fast and sometimes goes ver= laA=6 +nd there are different moods and different climates and different lands @hich it #asses through6 2t takes sudden turns6 2t goes in a dancing @a=& not confined0 not like a slave0 not like a #risoner0 chained0 follo@ing the #oliceman6 2t goes in freedom6 Then each ste# has its o@n %eaut=6 M= sann=asin is like a river0 not like a canal6 $es0 there is a disci#line0 %ut ver= su%tle& that of love0 that of understanding0 that of meditation6 $es0 there is an order0 %ut not im#osed0 not cultivated 33 natural0 s#ontaneous6 $es0 there is a la@0 %ut not the la@ made %= stu#id #oliticians or stu#id #riests 33 the la@ of nature itself0 the la@ of 8od6 Buddha calls 8od The -ltimate La@6 M= sann=asin is @orking out ho@ to %e more attuned @ith nature0 @ith the @hole0 ho@ to dro# this ego0 ho@ not to %e se#arate from

the @hole 33 %ecause to me0 to %e one @ith the @hole is to %e hol=6 ,uresh0 there is no need to hesitate6 Tr= @hat 2 am sa=ing6 !?#eriment @ith it and come to =our o@n conclusions6 But never %elieve6 !?#eriment0 e?#erience0 and =our e?#erience @ill #rove the truth of @hat 2 am sa=ing6 The third >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 3 2 +M + 8)D37!+52/8 M+/0 B-T $)- ,+$ T*+T +LL 7!+5 *+, T) B! D5);;!D6 *+, T*! 7!+5 )7 8)D +L,) T) B! D5);;!D4 5amchandra0 fear is fear& it does not matter of @hat0 of @hom6 The o%<ect makes no difference: =our su%<ectivit= is full of fear6 +nd if =ou are 8od3fearing =ou can never %e 8od3loving6 2n all the languages of the @orld this ugl= t=#e of #hrase e?ists& 8od3fearing6 This is ugl=0 %ecause fear and love0 like light and darkness0 cannot e?ist together6 2f there is fear =ou cannot love 8od6 *o@ can =ou love 8od if =ou are afraid of him4 $ou ma= su%mit and surrender0 %ut dee# do@n there @ill %e resistance0 anger6 ,ome@here in =our unconscious there @ill #ersist the idea of taking revenge6 $ou cannot forgive a 8od of @hom =ou are afraid6 +nd fear is <ust the o##osite of love6 *ate is not reall= the o##osite of love 33 =ou @ill %e sur#rised 33 fear is the e?act o##osite6 *ate is love standing u#side do@n: fear is <ust the o##osite6 $ou cannot %e afraid of 8od if =ou understand @hat 8od is6 This total universe is 8od6 2n fact0 there is no 8od as a #erson: the @hole e?istence is #ermeated0 overflo@ing0 @ith a >ualit= called godliness6 2t is in the flo@ers and in the grass and in the stars: it is in =ou 33 it is ever=@here6 The @hole e?istence is made of the stuff called godliness6 8od is not a #erson 33 ho@ can =ou %e afraid4 +nd if =ou follo@ a religious life out of fear it @ill %e the life of a slave0 not of a man @ho is free6 +nd if =ou start in fear =ou cannot end in freedom: =ou @ill end in slaver=6 +nd all that =ou @ill do out of fear is going to %e @rong: it is going to %e false0 su#erficial6 The =oung cou#le @ere canoeing in the middle of the lake @hen a sudden s>uall hit6 Terrified at the intensit= of the @ind and rain0 the %o= started to #ra=& E) Lord0 save us and 2Cll give u# smoking666 2Cll give u# drinking666 2Cll give u#6666E +t this moment the =oung lad= =elled0 EDonCt give u# an=thing elseD 2 think the storm is overDE

)ut of fear nothing radical is #ossi%le6 2 have heard a stor= a%out Mulla /asruddin6 *e @as also coming from a fara@a= <ourne= in a small shi#0 and a great storm arose and it a##eared that there seemed to %e no chance of surviving6 /asruddin had a %eautiful #alace0 a mar%le #alace of @hich he @as ver= #roud0 in the ca#ital of his countr=6 !ven the king @as <ealous of him and he had offered him @hatsoever mone= he @anted to take0 E%ut give the #alace to me6E But /asruddin @as insistent that he @as not going to give the #alace to an=%od= at an= #rice6 8reat offers had come0 %ut he had al@a=s refused6 /o@ that his life @as in danger he #ra=ed to 8od and he said0 EListenD 2 @ill give the #alace to the #oor6 2 @ill sell the #alace and distri%ute the mone= to the #oor6E 2t so ha##ened that the moment he said it the storm started su%siding6 +s the storm started su%siding0 /asruddin started having second thoughts& This is too muchD +nd ma=%e the storm @as going to su%side an=@a=6 2 have unnecessaril= risked m= #alace6 But then he @as in for a %ig sur#rise& the storm started rising again6 Then he reall= %ecame afraid6 *e said0 EListenD DonCt %e %othered @ith m= thoughts 33 2 am a foolish man 33 %ut @hatsoever 2 have said 2 am going to do6 2 #romise =ou that 2 @ill sell the house and distri%ute the mone= to the #oor6E The storm su%sided again6 +gain he @anted to have second thoughts0 %ut no@ he @as afraid6 *e reached the shore and the ne?t da= he informed the @hole ca#ital that he @as going to auction his #alace6 +ll the rich #eo#le0 the king0 the #rime minister0 and the ministers0 and the general0 all came0 %ecause ever=%od= @as interested in his #alace6 +nd the= @ere all sur#rised at @hat he @as doing: the= thought him craA=6 Bust in front of the #alace he had ke#t a cat0 and he told the #eo#le @ho had gathered0 EThe #rice of the cat is ten lakh ru#ees0 and the #rice of the #alace is onl= one ru#ee0 %ut 2 am going to sell them together6E The @hole thing looked craA=& the cat0 ten lakh ru#ees666 <ust an ordinar= catD *e must have caught an= @andering cat6 But #eo#le thought& Wh= %e @orried4 That is not our %usiness6 The king #urchased them6 Ten lakh ru#ees @ere #aid for the cat0 one ru#ee for the #alace6 /asruddin gave one ru#ee to a %eggar and said to 8od0 ELookD What 2 #romised 2 have fulfilledDE 2f =ou do things out of fear =ou canCt do them @ith =our heart6 $ou @ill %e cunning0 =ou @ill find @a=s6 +nd @henever the fear goes =ou @ill %e the same again6

;lease0 5amchandra0 donCt %e 8od3fearing6 Be 8od3loving& that is m= essential message6 -# to no@0 religion has %een %ased on fear6 ThatCs @h= the earth has remained irreligious or onl= su#erficiall= religious6 5eligion has remained <ust something like a #ainted face& false0 #seudo6 +nd the %asic reason @h= it has failed is fear6 The #riests have %ased the religion on fear and greed 33 @hich are t@o as#ects of the same coin6 Because of fear the= have created the idea of hell0 to make #eo#le reall= 8od3fearing6 +nd the= have also created the idea of heaven to make #eo#le reall= greed=6 +nd greed creates fear6 8reed means& if =ou donCt follo@ 8od0 if =ou donCt #ra= to 8od regularl=0 =ou ma= miss all the <o=s of heaven6 Missing the <o=s of heaven is a great fear3creating situation6 +nd =ou @ill %e thro@n into hell0 hellfire6 +nd in the scri#tures the= have invented so man= methods of torture that it seems that +dolf *itler must have read all the scri#tures of the @orld0 other@ise ho@ had he come across so man= methods to torture #eo#le4 The= can %e found onl= in religious scri#tures6 *e must have asked the advice of kno@ledgea%le #riests0 %ecause @hatsoever is @ritten in the scri#tures he managed to do in his concentration cam#s0 in his gas cham%ers6 +nd the onl= thing @hich is not @ritten in the scri#tures he also managed to do6 2n the scri#tures it is not @ritten that there are @indo@s in hell @hich =ou can go and look through to see @hat is ha##ening inside6 *e made @indo@s in his gas cham%ers6 Those @indo@s had the kind of glass that =ou can look in through %ut through @hich the #eo#le @ho are %eing gassed inside cannot look out at the s#ectators6 +nd look at the inhumanit= of man& thousands of #eo#le @aited for months to look through those @indo@s and thousands of #eo#le came to see through those @indo@s6 The= stood in >ueues for hours to gain entr= and to see #eo#le disa##earing in smoke6 Those gas cham%ers @ere such that @ithin seconds one thousand #eo#le in one gas cham%er @ould %e <ust smoke and nothing @ould %e left6 2t @as almost like an entertainment for the #eo#le: #eo#le en<o=ed seeing it ver= much6 The devil should learn something from +dolf *itler6 *e can earn much mone= if he makes a fe@ @indo@s in hell and sells tickets6 The tickets @ill %e sold out for almost one centur= ahead6 Who @ould not like to have a look into hell4 The #riests have %ased their religion on t@o %asic0 ugl= instincts& fear and greed6 +nd %oth have nothing to do @ith real religion6 5eal religion is freedom from greed and freedom from fear6 5amchandra0 =ou @ill have to get rid of all fear6 $es0 the fear of 8od is included in it6 2t has to %e dro##ed if =ou reall= @ant to understand @hat 8od is6 But our @hole life is so covered @ith fear6666 We love out of fear0 @e #ra= out of fear6 There are #eo#le like Dale "arnegie @ho @rite %ooks @hich are sold in millions6 2

think his %ook0 *o@ to Win 7riends and 2nfluence ;eo#le0 has sold onl= ne?t to The Bi%le 33 millions of co#ies in almost all the languages of the @orld6 Wh= do #eo#le read such ru%%ish4 +nd @hat is he teaching in those %ooks4 "unningness0 di#lomac=D *e suggests that even if =ou donCt love =our @ife0 that is not the #oint6 +t least @henever =ou have a chance to sa= to her0 E2 love =ou0E sa= it6 5e#eat it as man= times as #ossi%le0 %ecause she onl= hears =our @ords0 she does not kno@ =our heart6 $our @ife is not a veterinar= surgeon6 The vet has to look and decide a%out the disease of the animal himself0 he cannot ask the animal0 E*o@ are =ou4 *o@ do =ou feel4 *o@ is =our slee#4E $our @ife is not a vet: she de#ends on =our @ords6 ,he does not kno@ @hat goes on inside =ou: that is =our %usiness6 But if =ou <ust sa=0 EDarling0 2 love =ouDE if =ou re#eat it ten times a da=0 @henever =ou come across her 33 and =ou sa= it @ith great fervor6666 Be an actor0 thatCs @hat he is sa=ing6 +nd she @ill %elieve =ou0 and =our life @ill %e smooth: there @ill %e less conflict6 This he calls loveD This is <ust fear of conflict0 fear that something distur%ing ma= ha##en6 ,o <ust kee# things smooth6 $our sa=ing again and again0 E2 love =ou0E is like a lu%ricant6 +nd %e afraid0 that is the message: if =ou are not afraid =ou @ill %e in trou%le6 Wives are afraid of their hus%ands and hus%ands are afraid of their @ives6 ;arents are afraid of their children and children are afraid of their #arents6 "hildren are afraid of their teachers and teachers are afraid of their #u#ils6 !ver=%od= is afraid of ever=%od= else 33 it seems as if fear is the onl= climate @e live in6 + traveling salesman @ho @as not feeling u# to snuff visited a doctor for a check3u#6 + routine e?amination did not reveal an= #articular ailment6 The doctor then >uestioned his #atient a%out his living ha%its6 E/o@ 2Cm going to get #ersonal0E said the doc6 E*o@ often do =ou engage in se?ual relationshi#4E E!ver= Monda=0 Wednesda= and 7rida=0 regularl=0E re#lied the salesman6 EWell0E @ent on the doctor0 E=our trou%le ma= lie there6 2 suggest =ou eliminate the Wednesda=s6E E)h0 no0E ans@ered the salesman0 El couldnCt do that6 ThatCs the onl= night of the @eek 2Cm homeDE ;eo#le are loving even666 even love is nothing %ut fear 33 a di#lomac=0 a strateg=0 to kee# things running smoothl=6 +nd thatCs @h= =ou #ra= regularl=6 Morning0 evening0 =ou go on #ra=ing0 ho#ing that 8od @ill hear =our #ra=er6 There is no%od= to hear =our #ra=ersD $our #ra=er is sim#l= a monologue6 $ou are #ra=ing to the em#t= sk=6 /o%od= is going to re@ard =ou for =our #ra=ers0 remem%er it6

5amchandra0 if =ou reall= kno@ @hat #ra=er is then #ra=er itself is its o@n re@ard6 There is no%od= else to re@ard =ou: the re@ard is not there in the future0 not in the after3life6 But #ra=ing itself is such a %eautiful #henomenon that @ho cares a%out the future and @ho %others a%out the re@ard4 That is greed0 the idea of re@ard6 ;ra=er in itself is such a cele%ration0 it %rings such great <o= and ecstas=0 that one #ra=s for the #ra=erCs sake6 )ne does not #ra= out of fear and one does not #ra= out of greed: one #ra=s %ecause one en<o=s it6 )ne does not even %other @hether there is a 8od or not6 2f =ou en<o= dancing =ou donCt ask @hether there is a 8od or not6 2f =ou en<o= dancing0 =ou sim#l= danceD Whether an=%od= sees the dance from the sk= or not is not =our concern6 Whether the stars and the sun and the moon are going to re@ard =ou for =our dance0 =ou donCt care6 The dance is enough of a re@ard in itself6 2f =ou love singing =ou sing: @hether an=%od= listens or not is not the #oint6 ,o is #ra=er6 2t is a dance0 it is a song0 it is music0 it is love6 $ou en<o= it0 and there it is finished6 ;ra=er is the means and #ra=er is the end: the ends and the means are not se#arate6 )nl= then do =ou kno@ @hat #ra=er is6 +nd #ra=er is far more im#ortant than 8od6 ;atan<ali sa=s& 8od is onl= an e?cuse to #ra=6 2t is like a #eg on the @all to hang =our coat on6 2f the #eg is not there =ou can hang =our coat some@here else6 $ou can hang it on the door0 on the @indo@0 an=@here6 ;atan<ali has great insight @hen he sa=s that 8od is <ust a #eg& 8od has %een invented %ecause other@ise it @ill %e difficult for =ou to #ra=6 )rdinaril= =ou think #ra=er is a means to reach 8od: ;atan<ali sa=s 8od is onl= a means so that =ou can #ra=6 But it is onl= for the %eginners 33 to hel# them6 2t is <ust like @hen a small child goes to school to learn the al#ha%et @e give him a fe@ hel#ful clues6 We sa=0 ED is for donke=6E /o@0 D has nothing to do @ith donke= in #articular: donke= is not the o@ner of D6 D is as much for dog as it is for donke=0 and D is for man= things6 ED is for donke=E is <ust to hel# the child0 %ecause he can visualiAe the donke= more easil=6 *e giggles and en<o=s 33 he kno@s the donke= #erfectl= @ell 33 and in this @a= he remem%ers D6 But if a gro@n3u# reading al@a=s reads ED for donke=E and then goes on0 then something has gone @rong6 Then he @ill %e in difficult=0 he @ill not %e a%le to read an=thing6 EM is for monke=0 and D is for donke=C666 if he goes on reading that @a= the donke=s and monke=s @ill get so mi?ed u# that he @ill not %e a%le to make an= sense out of itD /o0 the child soon learns that it @as onl= a device6 +ccording to ;atan<ali0 one of the greatest masters of the @orld0 8od is a device 33 a device to hel# =ou to #ra=6 )nce =ou have learned to #ra=0 forget all a%out 8od: #ra=er itself is enough0 more than enough6 ;ra=er means surrender6 ;ra=er means %o@ing do@n to e?istence6 ;ra=er means gratitude6 ;ra=er means thankfulness6 ;ra=er means silence6 ;ra=er means that E2 am

ha##= that 2 am6E ;ra=er sim#l= means that EThis tremendous gift of life is so much for such an un@orth= man like me6 2 donCt deserve it0 =et the unkno@n has sho@ered it on me6E ,eeing it0 gratitude arises6 5amchandra0 =ou ask me& E2 am a 8od3fearing man0 %ut =ou sa= that all fear has to %e dro##ed6 *as the fear of 8od also to %e dro##ed4E $es0 a%solutel= =es6 )nl= then =ou @ill kno@ @hat 8od is0 and onl= then =ou @ill kno@ @hat love is0 and onl= then =ou @ill kno@ @hat %eing religious means0 @hat it is all a%out6 The last >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion H "+/CT ;,$"*)+/+L$,2, *!L; ;!);L! T) 9/)W T*!M,!L.!,4 2, 5!L282)/ 5!+LL$ /!"!,,+5$4 ,ugeet0 #s=choanal=sis can hel# a little %it0 it can #re#are the ground0 %ut it cannot %e a su%stitute for religion6 2n the West it is %ecoming a su%stitute for religion0 and that is going to destro= something immensel= %eautiful6 5eligion is a totall= different #henomenon from #s=choanal=sis6 5eligion is not anal=sis at all0 religion is meditation6 2t is not thinking0 it is not anal=sis6 ;s=choanal=sis is concerned @ith the mind and hel#ing the mind to %ecome ad<usted to societ=0 to @hatsoever is thought to %e normal6 2t ma= %e0 it ma= not %e6 -suall= the average is thought to %e the normal0 %ut the average is not necessaril= the normal6 The @ord normal comes from CnormC: norm means the la@6 /ormal is one @ho lives according to the la@0 the ultimate la@0 the ultimate norm6 + Buddha is normal0 a Besus is normal0 a Zarathustra is normal0 a Bodhidharma is normal6 $ou are not normal0 =ou are sim#l= average6 $ou are not follo@ing the norm0 =ou donCt kno@ an=thing a%out the norm6 But #s=choanal=sis sim#l= hel#s =ou to ad<ust =ourself @ith the societ= =ou live in: it makes =our life a little easier6 ,igmund 7reud is re#orted to have said0 EWe cannot make man ha##=0 %ecause there is no #ossi%ilit= of man ever %eing ha##=6 +ll that @e can do is to make him less unha##=6E This is a significant statement0 and coming from the founder of #s=choanal=sis it has great im#ortance6 +nd he is %eing true6 )ne thing must %e said a%out 7reud& that he is al@a=s sincere6 !ven though his sincerit= goes against man= things @hich he @ants0 goes against his o@n #s=choanal=sis0 still he remains sincere6 *e never hides %ehind facades and masks6 *e is a sim#le man in that @a=6 2n that @a= he has some religious >ualit= a%out him6

But other@ise0 #s=choanal=sis can hel# =ou in #articular #ro%lems& it can give =ou a little insight into =our #ro%lems0 it can make =ou acce#t them6 2t can %ring =ou do@n from =our feverish state to the average0 and that too at a ver= great cost and =ears of @ork6 Meditation can do it @ithin da=s0 and meditation can do far more6 2t does not hel# =ou to %ecome ad<usted @ith societ=: it hel#s =ou to %e ad<usted @ith 8od0 @ith godliness6 The societ= means the cro@d6 To %e ad<usted @ith the cro@d is not gro@th0 it is <ust the o##osite of gro@th6 The cro@d consists of the lo@est0 and to %e ad<usted @ith the lo@est =ou have to remain the lo@est6 5eligion takes =ou to the heights6 2t takes =ou to@ards the sk=0 it gives =ou @ings6 5eligion @ill al@a=s %e needed6 ;s=choanal=sis ma= not %e needed one da=6 ;s=choanal=sis is a tem#orar= #henomenon: it is onl= the contem#orar= mind that needs it6 7or centuries man had lived @ithout #s=choanal=sis6 2n the !ast @e have not given %irth to an= s=stem like #s=choanal=sis: @e have lived @ithout it0 @e are still living @ithout it6 2t is <ust the contem#orar= Western mind0 @hich has %ecome too tense0 that needs #s=choanal=sis6 2t is something like a #hase @hich is going to #ass6 ;s=choanal=sis @ill soon %e #art of histor=0 %ut religion is going to remain forever6 5eligion is something @ithout @hich man cannot %e man6 +nd the #s=choanal=st himself is in the same tra# as =ou are6 *e needs religion as much as =ou6 *e needs meditation as much as =ou0 or ma=%e he needs it more than =ou0 %ecause he has to live @ith mentall= ill #eo#le6 *e %ecomes infected %= all their illnesses6 ;atient& E;eo#le seem to think 2Cm %rash0 #rovocative and for@ard6E ;s=chiatrist& E2 >uite understand0 Miss6 /o@0 2 @ant to make a fe@ notes6 Would =ou mind getting off m= la# for a fe@ minutes4EC 2f =ou live @ith #eo#le like this long enough0 =ou ma= %e hel#ing them0 %its of insight ma= %e given to them0 %ut the= are also changing =ou mean@hile6 More #s=choanal=sts commit suicide than an= other #rofession6 More #s=choanal=sts go mad than an= other #rofession6 2t is ver= strangeD ;s=choanal=sts going mad is enough condemnation of #s=choanal=sis6 + gorgeous girl @alked into the #s=chiatristCs office6 /o sooner had she closed the door0 @hen the doctor ri##ed off her clothes and attacked her6 +fter fifteen minutes he got u# and said0 EWell0 that takes care of m= #ro%lem6 WhatCs =ours4E

/o@0 ho@ can these #eo#le hel# =ou and ho@ much can the= hel#4 ;rofessionall= the= kno@ much a%out the mind0 %ut the= kno@ nothing a%out the soul6 2n fact0 #s=cholog=0 #s=choanal=sis0 #s=chiatr=0 should not %e named the @a= that the= are0 %ecause C#s=cheC means soul and the= donCt %elieve in the soul6 C;s=cholog=C means the science of the soul6 5eligion is the science of the soul0 #s=cholog= is not the science of the soul6 ;s=cholog= is the science of the mind 33 and not even a science =et0 it is <ust in a ver= #rimitive0 crude state0 <ust at the %eginning6 5eligion is the science of the soul6 2t is an effort to hel# =ou to meet and merge @ith the totalit= of e?istence 33 call it Dharma0 Tao0 8od0 or an=thing =ou like6 2t is an effort to destro= all the %arriers %et@een =ou and the @hole so that =ou can start feeling the @hole merging @ith =ou and =ou merging @ith the @hole6 When =ou sim#l= %ecome a @ave in the ocean there is great <o=0 %ecause all fear of death disa##ears6 $ou are no more se#arate so =ou cannot die6 When =ou are <ust a @ave in the ocean0 all an?iet= disa##ears0 %ecause an?iet= is #ossi%le onl= if =ou think of =ourself as an individual0 se#arate6 When =ou are <ust a @ave in the ocean0 then the ocean takes care of =ou6 ,ometimes =ou are there manifest and sometimes =ou are there unmanifest0 %ut =ou are there al@a=s and forever6 5eligion is a totall= different #henomenon: #s=choanal=sis cannot %ecome a su%stitute for it6 2t is good that #s=choanal=sis hel#s a little %it 33 #eo#le need hel# 33 %ut it is not religion0 %ecause #s=choanal=sis never transforms =ou6 5eligion is the science of transformation6 $ou need a radical transformation0 =ou need a mutation0 =ou need a ne@ %irth6 ;s=cholog= cannot %ecome that6 5eligion is nothing %ut the #rocess of re%irthing6 $ou are %orn ane@0 =ou are %orn in 8od0 =ou are resurrected6 5eligion is death and resurrection6 !nough for toda=6 The White Lotus "ha#ter (3 "ha#ter title& Bust Dreaming F /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 110F0 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,03 +udio& $es .ideo& /o 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, M!D2T+T2)/ 2/ !M;T2/!,,4

+/,W!5& )/! )B,!5.!, T*2/8, 2/ T*! ;*!/)M!/+L W)5LD0 $!T +LW+$, DW!LL, 2/ !M;T2/!,,6 T*+T 2, M!D2T+T2)/ 2/ !M;T2/!,,6 1-!,T2)/& *)W "+/ )/! DW!LL 2/ D*+5M+4 +/,W!5& )/! ,*)-LD ,T+$ /!2T*!5 2/ 2/3DW!LL2/8 D*+5M+ /)5 2/ /)/3DW!LL2/8 D*+5M+6 *! ,*)-LD L2.! /+T-5+LL$ 2/ D*+5M+6 T*2, 2, W*+T $)- "+LL DW!LL2/8 2/ D*+5M+6 1-!,T2)/& *)W "+/ + M+/ L2.! +, /)T3M+/ +/D + W)M+/ +, /)T3 W)M+/4 +/,W!5& T*!5! 2, /) D277!5!/"! 2/ B-DD*+3/+T-5! B!TW!!/ + M+/ +/D + W)M+/0 /)5 +/ !/T2T$ D!,28/+T!D +, M+/ )5 W)M+/6 ;*$,2"+L M+TT!5 ;5)D-"!, T*! 85+,, +/D T5!!, +, 2T D)!, *-M+/ B!2/8,6 2/ ")M;+52,)/ $)- ,+$ C85+,,C )5 CT5!!,C6 $)82.! +LL ,)5T, )7 /+M!, T) $)-5 2LL-,2)/,6 B-DD*+ ,+2D0 E27 )/! ,!!, T*+T !.!5$T*2/8 !I2,T, +, +/ 2LL-,2)/0 *! "+/ L2.! 2/ + *28*!5 ,;*!5! T*+/ )5D2/+5$ M+/6E 1-!,T2)/& 27 )/! +TT+2/, T*! /25.+/+ )7 +/ +5*+T0 *+, *! Z!/ 5!+L2Z+T2)/4 +/,W!5& *! 2, B-,T D5!+M2/8 +/D ,) +5! $)-6 1-!,T2)/& 27 )/! ;5+"T2,!, T*! ,2I ;+5+M2T+,0 +/D ;+,,!, T*5)-8* T*! T!/ ,T+8!, )7 B)D*2,+TT.+*))D0 +/D ")M;L!T!, T!/ T*)-,+/D .25T-!,0 *! ,*)-LD 9/)W T*+T +LL T*2/8, +5! /)T B)5/0 T*!5!7)5!0 T*!$ +5! /)T 8)2/8 T) ;!52,*6 ,-"* 5!+L2Z+T2)/ 2, /!2T*!5 2/T-2T2)/ /)5 2/T!LL!"T-+L2T$6 *! *+, /)T*2/8 T) 5!"!2.! +/D T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) 5!"!2.! *2M6 *+, T*2, M+/ Z!/ 5!+L2Z+T2)/4 +/,W!5& *! 2, B-,T D5!+M2/8 +/D ,) +5! $)-6 1-!,T2)/& 27 + M+/ *+, T!/ ;)W!5,0 +/D +"")M;L2,*!, 7)-5 7)5M, )7 7!+5L!,,/!,,0 +/D ")M;L!T!, !28*T!!/ ,$,T!M, )7 T*! T!+"*2/80 *! 2, T*! ,+M! +, B-DD*+ W*) +TT+2/!D !/L28*T!/M!/T -/D!5 T*! ;2;;+L+ T5!!6 *! "+/ ,+.! ,!/T2!/T B!2/8, +/D T*!/ !/T!5 2/T) /25.+/+6 2, *! /)T + 5!+L B-DD*+4 +/,W!5& *! 2, B-,T D5!+M2/8 +/D ,) +5! $)-6

T*! M),T lM;)5T+/T 1-!,T2)/ that man has ever encountered is EWhat is meditation4E The !nglish @ord meditation is not so #regnant @ith meaning as the original ,anskrit @ord dh=ana6 CMeditationC has a @rong connotation6 The moment =ou sa= meditation0 immediatel= the idea arises E)n @hat4E Meditation0 in the !nglish sense of the @ord0 is al@a=s on some o%<ect6 But in the ,anskrit sense of the @ord dh=ana0 there is no o%<ect as such: on the contrar=0 to %e a%solutel= o%<ectless0 to %e utterl= em#t= of all content0 is dh=ana6 *ence0 @hen BuddhaCs message reached "hina0 the @ord @as left untranslated0 %ecause there @as no e>uivalent in the "hinese language either6 +nd the "hinese language is far richer than an= other language of the @orld6 $et there @as no @ord @hich could %e called s=non=mous @ith the @ord dh=ana 33 for a sim#le reason& such a @ord @as missing %ecause dh=ana has never %een #racticed an=@here else e?ce#t in this countr=6 This countr= has contri%uted onl= one thing to the @orld0 and that is the art of dh=ana6 +nd that one contri%ution is enough0 more than enough6 The @hole of science can %e #ut on one side and still it @ill not %e more @eight= than the single @ord dh=ana6 +ll the kno@ledge of the @orld can %e #ut on one side0 %ut the @ord dh=ana @ill still @eigh more6 2t has infinite significance0 it is a totall= ne@ vision of consciousness& a consciousness @ithout content0 a consciousness @ithout an= thought0 desire: an ocean @ithout ri##les0 @aves0 utterl= silent and still0 reflecting the @hole sk= @ith all the stars6 ,uch is dh=ana6 2n "hina it @as left untranslated0 %ut @hen =ou @rite a @ord from one language in another language0 even if =ou donCt translate it0 it changes its color0 its form6 ThatCs natural: it has ha##ened man= times6 /o@0 =ou kno@ the @ord 2ndia: it is sim#l= a different #ronunciation of ,indu0 the great river that no@ #asses through ;akistan6 When the ;ersians crossed that river for the first time the= #ronounced it 2ndu not ,indu6 7rom 2ndu it %ecame 2ndus0 from 2ndus it %ecame 2ndia6 +nd then some other language grou# #assed through and #ronounced it not ,indu %ut *indu: hence *indu0 *induism0 *industan6 But the= have all arisen out of the name ,indu6 /o@ it seems so far a@a= that *indu and 2ndia seem to %e not related at all6 When the 2ndian constitution @as %eing #re#ared0 there @as great discussion a%out @hat to call this countr=& 2ndia or *industan4 8reat controvers= over the same @ordD 33 %ecause the= %oth arise from the same @ord0 the name of the great river that no@ #asses through ;akistan0 ,indu6 2t traveled in one direction and %ecame *indu and *industan0 traveled in another direction and %ecame 2ndus0 2ndia6 The same has ha##ened @ith dh=ana6 Buddha never s#oke ,anskrit: that @as also one of his originalities6 2n 2ndia ,anskrit has al@a=s %een the language of the #riests0 of

the cultured0 of the so#histicated6 Buddha @as the first to %ring a%out a radical change& he started talking in the language of the #eo#le6 ,anskrit has never %een a language of the #eo#le0 it has al@a=s %een the language of the highest strata of the societ=6 +nd the= have guarded it @ith great care0 so that it never falls into the hands of the common #eo#le6 2t has %een one of the strategies of all the #riests all over the @orld that their language should not %e understood %= the common #eo#le0 %ecause if their language is understood %= the common #eo#le then the= @ill %e e?#osed 33 %ecause @hat the= go on sa=ing is sim#le0 ver= ordinar=0 %ut in a language that =ou donCt understand it a##ears as if the= are sa=ing something su#er%0 something ver= su#ernatural6 2f =ou read the .edas in =our language =ou @ill %e sur#rised& there is not much there 33 not more than one #ercent of the sutras is significant0 ninet=3nine #ercent is sim#l= ru%%ish6 But if =ou hear it chanted in ,anskrit =ou @ill %e enchanted0 =ou @ill %e sim#l= h=#notiAed6 ,o is the case @ith the 9oran6 2f =ou hear it in +ra%ic it @ill have something magical6 Translated into =our o@n language =ou @ill %e #uAAled& it looks ver= ordinar=6 ;riests have al@a=s %een a@are that their scri#tures can %e valued and a##reciated and res#ected and @orshi##ed onl= if the= are not translated into the language of ordinar= #eo#le6 Buddha is one of the revolutionaries in that sense0 too6 *e started talking in the language of the #eo#le6 The language of the #eo#le that surrounded Buddha @as ;ali: in ;ali dh=ana %ecame <hana 33 more rounded0 more used6 When a @ord is used more0 it starts having a roundness to it0 it loses its corners6 2t is like a rock in the flo@ing river& slo@l= slo@l= it %ecomes rounder0 softer: it attains to %eaut=0 it attains to a lovel= farm6 Dh=ana is harsh0 <hana is round0 soft0 eas= to #ronounce6 ,o @hen Buddhist messengers reached "hina0 <hana %ecame chCan in "hinese6 +nd @hen the same @ord reached Ba#an from "hina it %ecame Z!/6 The root is dh=ana6 2n !nglish also there is no e>uivalent @ord6 CMeditationC can %e used %ecause that is the most a##ro?imate0 %ut that has to %e used @ith ver= great care0 %ecause CmeditationC itself means meditating u#on something0 and dh=ana means %eing in meditation0 not meditating u#on something6 2t is not a relationshi# @ith an o%<ect0 it is a%solute em#tiness: no o%<ect0 not even 8od6 ,im#le o%<ectlessness0 the mirror reflecting nothing0 the mirror sim#l= in its nature0 as it is6 When =ou come to that sim#licit=0 to that innocence0 =ou are in meditation6 $ou cannot do meditation0 =ou can onl= %e in meditation6 2t is not a >uestion of doing something0 it is a >uestion of %eing6 2t is not an act %ut a state6 The disci#le asks Bodhidharma0 the master& W*+T 2, M!D2T+T2)/ 2/ !M;T2/!,,4

*e must have %een #uAAled6 Man= #eo#le ask me0 E)n @hat should @e meditate4 )n @hat form4 What should @e visualiAe4 What mantra should @e chant0 or @hat thought form should @e create inside our minds0 so that @e can focus on it4E The= are asking a%out concentration %ut the= think the= are asking a%out meditation6 +nd there are thousands of %ooks @ritten on concentration %ut the= all go on using the @ord meditation6 This is one of the most misinter#reted @ords 33 and the e?#erience is so rare that =ou @ill never understand that some%od= is using the @ord in an a%solutel= @rong sense6 2 have come across hundreds of %ooks @hich go on using the @ord meditation as if it @ere a higher state of concentration6 2t has nothing to do @ith concentration: in fact0 it is <ust the o##osite of concentration6 2n concentration there is an o%<ect6 $ou have to focus on the o%<ect0 =ou have to %e a%solutel= concentrated on it0 =our @hole consciousness falling on the o%<ect0 not missing the o%<ect even for a single moment& that is concentration6 "oncentration has its o@n value6 2t is a great method in the hands of science0 %ut it has no religious value at all6 2t has scientific value0 it has artistic value0 %ut no religious value at all6 ,cience cannot move a single ste# @ithout concentration6 +rt cannot create @ithout concentration6 The artist %ecomes so concentrated on his #ainting0 or scul#ture0 or music0 that he forgets the @hole @orld6 2n his concentration ever=thing else is e?cluded0 %racketed out: onl= one thing remains in his mind0 as if the @hole @orld consisted of that one thing6 That thing is the @hole @orld for the moment: nothing else e?ists6 There is an ancient stor=& )ne ver= famous %ook0 one of the greatest ever @ritten0 is a commentar= on the Brahma ,utras @ritten %= .rihas#ati6 The name of the commentar= is ver= strange& the name of the commentar= is Bhamati6 2t is strange %ecause it has nothing to do @ith the Brahma ,utras0 one of the greatest e?#ositions of the #hiloso#h= of advaita0 nondualism6 Bhamati is the name of .rihas#atiCs @ife6 What connection can there %e %et@een the commentar= on the Brahma ,utras and .rihas#atiCs @ife4 There is some secret hidden in it6 .rihas#ati must have %een a man of dee# concentration 33 he @as a great #hiloso#her6 *e got married %ecause his father @as getting old and he @anted .rihas#ati to %e married6 +nd in the old da=s o%edience @as the sim#le @a=: it @as naturall= so 33 #eo#le used to follo@ their #arentsC @ishes6 There @as no >uestion of sa=ing no0 so .rihas#ati said =es6 *e @as married to Bhamati %ut he @as not a man @ho needed a @ife or needed a famil=6 *is @hole concentration @as on the great commentar= that he @as @riting on

the Brahma ,utras6 *e @as so a%sor%ed that he %rought the @ife home and forgot all a%out her6 The @ife took ever= care of .rihas#ati6 That too is no longer #ossi%le 33 @ho can take care of such a hus%and @ho has com#letel= forgotten her4 *e had no idea @ho she @as or @hat her name @as6 *e had never even asked her name6 ,he served him like a shado@6 ,he never came in front of him %ecause he might get distracted0 distur%ed6 +nd he @as continuousl= @riting his commentar=6 *e @as in a hurr= %ecause he had taken a vo@ in his heart that the da= the commentar= @as com#lete he @ould renounce the @orld0 and he @anted to renounce the @orld as soon as #ossi%le6 Da= in0 da= out0 he @as @riting6 Late into the night he @ould go on @riting6 ,ometimes the candle %urned out0 and the @ife @ould come u# from %ehind and <ust #ut a candle there6 )nce in a @hile he @ill see the @ifeCs hand %ringing food0 taking a@a= the thali and the #lates0 %ut he @as so concentrated on his @ork he never in>uired6 EWho is this @oman4E 2t is a %eautiful stor=: @hether it reall= ha##ened or not is not the #oint6 But 2 donCt think that @ives could have %een so nice even in those old da=s6 )ne ho#es666 %ut ho#es are never fulfilled6 $ears #assed and the night came @hen the commentar= @as com#leted6 .rihas#ati closed the %ook0 the @ife came and removed the candle6 /o@ he @as free from the commentar= and the a%sor#tion6 *e asked the @oman0 EWho are =ou4 +nd @h= do =ou go on serving me like this4E The @oman said0 E2 am a%solutel= %lessed that at least =ou ask m= name6 2t is more than 2 could have asked for6 $ou must have forgotten666 man= da=s have #assed6 +nd =ou @ere so a%sor%ed in =our @ork0 ho@ can =ou remem%er0 ho@ can one e?#ect to remem%er4 2 am Bhamati: =ou married me a fe@ =ears ago6 ,ince then 2 have %een serving =ou6E +nd tears rolled do@n .rihas#atiCs cheeks0 and he said0 E/o@ it is too late %ecause 2 have taken a vo@ that the da= the commentar= @as com#leted 2 @ould renounce the @orld6 2t is too late: 2 cannot %e a hus%and to =ou an=more6 2 have renounced the @orld6 "losing the %ook is closing this cha#ter of m= life6 2 am no@ a sann=asin6 But 2 feel tremendousl= grateful to =ou6 $ou are a rare @oman6 Bust out of gratitude 2 @ill call m= commentar= Bhamati6E *ence his commentar= on the Brahma ,utras is called Bhamati6 )n the surface there is no relation %et@een Bhamati and the Brahma ,utras0 %ut that is @hat .rihas#ati called it6 +nd he said to his @ife0 EThat @a= =our stor= @ill %e remem%ered for centuries6E $es0 man= centuries have #assed0 and 2 have remem%ered it0 and no@ =ou @ill remem%er it6 + rare @oman0 and a rare man0 and a rare stor=6666

This is concentration0 a%solute concentration6 2t is #ossi%le to %e so concentrated on something that ever=thing else is e?cluded6 2t is said of Thomas +lva !dison0 a great scientist0 the greatest0 %ecause he discovered at least one thousand things alone6666 /o%od= else has done so much6 Man= things that =ou are using are !disonCs inventions& the electric %ul%0 the gramo#hone0 the radio 33 man= things6 *e used to %ecome so a%sor%ed in his @ork that once he forgot his o@n name6 2t is ver= difficult to forget =our o@n name even if =ou @ant to6 2t %ecomes so ingrained0 it goes so dee# in the memor= that it %ecomes #art of =our unconscious6 !ven in =our slee# =ou remem%er =our name6 2f =ou all fall aslee# here 33 as =ou can if 2 go on and on talking a%out meditation6666 What @ill =ou do4 Where @ill =ou esca#e4 $ou @ill start falling aslee#6 2f =ou all fall aslee# and suddenl= 2 call some%od=Cs name 33 2 call0 EMuktaDE 33 then no%od= else @ill hear: onl= Mukta @ill hear6 Mukta @ill o#en her e=es and @ill sa=0 EWho is distur%ing4 +nd @h= me4E !ven in dee# slee# =ou remem%er =our name6 2t is ver= difficult to forget it6 But !dison once forgot his o@n name6 ,ome%od= else had to remind him6 During the first @orld @ar he @as standing in a >ueue: @hen his name @as called0 he looked here and there6 The clerk called again0 then a man standing %ehind him told him0 E+s far as 2 kno@ from the ne@s#a#ers 33 2 have seen =our #icture 33 =ou a##ear to %e Thomas +lva !dison6E *e said0 E$es0 =ou are rightD 2 @as thinking0 @ho is this man4 ,ounds as if 2 have heard this name %efore6 2 can recogniAe the name %ut 2 com#letel= forgot that this is m= o@n name6E *e said0 E2 am ver= sorr=6E This can ha##en to a scientist6 *e used to kee# notes0 %ecause he @as @orking on so man= things together0 %ut then he @ould forget @here he had #ut the notes6 +nd he @ould use #ieces of #a#er 33 that @as his ha%it0 something eccentric 33 <ust small #ieces of #a#er to @rite great things on6 *is @hole stud= @as full of #ieces of #a#er0 and ever= #iece of #a#er had to %e #reserved %ecause no%od= kne@ @hat he had @ritten on it6 *is @ife had to take ever= care that no #iece @as ever lost0 %ecause he @ould ask0 EWhere is that #iece of #a#er4E and then search for hours0 %ecause there @ere so man= #ieces of #a#er6 *is @ife told him0 EWh= not use a co#=%ook4E *e said0 EThatCs such a great idea0 @h= didnCt =ou tell me %efore4E ,o he used to carr= a note%ook %ut then he @ould forget the note%ook 33 @here he ke#t it6 *is concentration @as so total on @hatsoever he @as @orking6 2t is not meditation0 remem%er6 ,cience needs concentration6 Meditation is <ust the o##osite of concentration6 "oncentration means %racketing out the @hole @orld and #ouring =our consciousness on a single o%<ect6 Meditation means no o%<ect at all: nothing to %e e?cluded0 nothing

to %e %racketed out6 )ne sim#l= rela?es0 o#en0 alert0 availa%le 33 availa%le to all that is6 The distant call of the cuckoo0 and the noise of the train0 and some%od= honking his horn0 and a child giggling6 )ne is availa%le to all and =et one is far a@a=0 transcendental6 The first >uestion the disci#le asks is& W*+T 2, M!D2T+T2)/ 2/ !M;T2/!,,4 *e can understand @hat meditation is0 %ecause then he @ill %e a%le to understand it as concentration6 But the condition is Cin em#tinessC: that creates the #ro%lem6 CMeditation in em#tinessC 33 =ou have to %e utterl= em#t=0 no thought0 no desire0 no o%<ect0 no content of the mind6 $ou are <ust an em#tiness: ever=thing #asses through =ou @ith no hindrance0 no %lock6 Winds come and go through the em#t= tem#le0 sunra=s come and go through the em#t= tem#le0 #eo#le come and #ass through the em#t= tem#le0 and the tem#le remains em#t=6 !ver=thing comes and goes like shado@s #assing %=0 and nothing distracts =ou6 That #oint has to %e remem%ered6 2n concentration ever=thing distracts =ou6 2f =ou are concentratedl= @orking on something and =our @ife starts talking to =ou0 that is a distraction6 2f =our child @ants to ask a >uestion0 that is a distraction6 2f a dog starts %arking in the neigh%orhood0 that is a distraction6 2f =ou are tr=ing to concentrate0 ever=thing is a distraction0 %ecause concentration is an unnatural state0 forced: hence an=thing can distract =ou6 But meditation is a natural0 s#ontaneous flo@: nothing can distract =ou6 That is the %eaut= of meditation& distraction is im#ossi%le6 The dog can %ark0 and the child can ask a >uestion0 and the air#lanes can go on fl=ing in the sk= making all kinds of noises0 and nothing distracts =ou %ecause =ou are not concentrating at all6 7rom @here can =ou %e distracted4 2f =ou are focusing0 =ou can %e distracted6 2f =ou are not focusing0 ho@ can =ou %e distracted4 ,ee the #oint6 Meditation kno@s nothing of distraction6 ThatCs its grace0 its %eaut=0 its grandeur& nothing can distur% it6 2f =our meditation can %e distur%ed that sim#l= means that =ou are concentrating and have not =et tasted meditation6 Meditation is so vast it can contain ever=thing0 a%sor% ever=thing0 and =et remain em#t=6 The disci#le asks& W*+T 2, M!D2T+T2)/ 2/ !M;T2/!,,4 The disci#le must have thought a%out meditation in terms of concentration6 ThatCs ho@ it al@a=s ha##ens& the master sa=s one thing0 the disci#le understands something else6 That too is a natural #rocess6 2 am not com#laining a%out it: it is %ound to

ha##en0 %ecause the master s#eaks from one #lane and the disci#le understands from a different #lane6 ,omething coming from the heights has to come do@n to the darkness of the valle=0 and the valle= is %ound to affect it6 What to sa= a%out a master and disci#le dialogue @hen even in a dialogue %et@een ordinar= #eo#le0 @hen =ou are talking @ith #eo#le0 =ou constantl= feel =ou have not %een understood4 ,ometimes the more =ou tr=0 the more im#ossi%le it %ecomes0 #articularl= @hen =ou are intimatel= related @ith #eo#le6 + hus%and talking to his @ife0 the @ife talking to the hus%and: the #arents talking to the children0 the children talking to the #arents6 2t seems there is no #ossi%ilit= of communication at all6 The hus%and sa=s one thing0 the @ife immediatel= <um#s to some other conclusion6 The @ife sa=s something0 the hus%and starts talking a%out something else6 Their minds are #reoccu#ied6 The= go on misinter#reting each other6 *ence so much argumentation continues @ith no understanding at all6 *e called his doctor and %egan shouting h=stericall=0 EM= five3=ear3old son <ust s@allo@ed a contrace#tiveDE EDonCt @orr=6 2Cll %e right over6E +s the doctor @as a%out to leave his office0 his #hone rang again and the same caller announced0 E7orget it0 Doc6 2 found another oneDE 2t is ver= difficult to kno@ e?actl= the meaning of the other6 8rant had gone to 7rance on vacation0 met a #rett= 7rench girl0 married her0 and returned home @ith his %ride to "leveland6 +fter %eing in this countr= onl= three @eeks the #oor little ;arisian @ent to a clinic for an o#eration6 )n coming out from under the ether0 she asked the doctor0 E*o@ soon can m= hus%and and 2 resume our usual se? life4E E2Cll have to look in m= medical %ook0E gul#ed the #h=sician6 E$ouCre the first #atient @ho asked me that after a tonsillectom=6E $ou sim#l= donCt kno@ a%out the 7rench and their @a=s of lovemakingD 2 have heard one stor=& + 7rench #rofessor of se?olog= @as talking @ith an +merican #rofessor of the same su%<ect @hom he met in a conference6 The 7renchman @as sa=ing0 EThere are one hundred @a=s of making love6E The +merican @as #uAAled0 E+ hundred4E +nd @hen the 7renchman started relating all the @a=s0 he @as more and more #uAAled6 The hundredth @a= @as& the hus%and

making love to his @ife hanging off the chandelier6 The +merican said0 EThere are a hundred and one @a=s to make love6E The 7renchman could not %elieve it: he said0 EThat is not #ossi%le0 %ecause no%od= kno@s more a%out love than us6E But the +merican insisted that there are a hundred and one6 ,o the 7renchman said0 E$es0 oka=0 =ou start relating6E The +merican said0 EThe first is& the @ife l=ing do@n on her %ack and the hus%and on to# of her6E The 7renchman said0 EWaitD 2 never thought of thatDE Different #eo#le0 different minds0 different conditionings0 different #reoccu#ations0 different #re<udices6 ,o @hen =ou talk0 the @ords canCt have the same meaning6 When =ou sa= something0 =ou sa= it @ith one meaning: @hen it reaches to the other it has the meaning that he gives to those @ords6 This is so in ordinar= conversation 33 @hat to sa= a%out a %uddha talking to a disci#le6 The %uddha is standing on the other shore0 and the disci#le is on this shore6 The %uddha is a@akened and the disci#le is fast aslee# and snoring6 The %uddha s#eaks as an a@akened one and the disci#le listens as one @ho is aslee#6 2n his dreams he distorts the meaning0 he gives his o@n ideas0 im#oses his o@n conce#ts0 #hiloso#hies0 his o@n conclusions u#on the @ords6 *ence unless the master and disci#le relationshi# is that of a dee# love affair0 communication is not #ossi%le: it is im#ossi%le6 )nl= in a dee# dee# loving relationshi#0 in dee# intimac= @here the disci#le is sim#l= in a letgo0 @here he #uts his mind aside and listens @ithout interfering at all0 never giving his o@n meanings0 <ust listening attentivel=0 not %eing %othered @hether @hat is said is right or @rong0 or @hat it means0 then onl= can he listen and that listening can %e a transforming e?#erience6 7rom the disci#leCs side great silence is needed0 onl= then can @hat the master s#eaks %e understood6 The disci#leCs >uestion is& W*+T 2, M!D2T+T2)/ 2/ !M;T2/!,,4 *e must have heard Bodhidharma talking a%out meditation again and again0 %ecause in the !ast masters have %een talking onl= a%out meditation6 $ou can ask an= >uestion and the= @ill %ring the su%<ect to meditation sooner or later 33 and it is going to %e sooner than later6 $ou can ask a%out 8od and the= @ill talk a%out meditation6 $ou can ask0 EWho am 24E and the= @ill talk a%out meditation6 $ou can ask0 CWho created the @orld4C and the= @ill talk a%out meditation 33 %ecause the !ast kno@s the ke=6 Meditation is the ke= to all the m=steries of life and e?istence: hence it is #ointless to

go on talking a%out other su%<ects6 2f @e can make the disci#le understand @hat meditation is0 then he is going to o#en and unlock all the doors on his o@n0 and he @ill %e a%le to see and e?#erience on his o@n6 +nd onl= =our e?#erience is li%erating0 %ecause onl= then is it authenticall= =our truth6 Besus sa=s& Truth li%erates6 "ertainl=0 truth li%erates6 +%solutel=0 truth li%erates6 2 agree @ith him0 %ut his statement seems to %e onl= half6 The full statement should %e& Truth li%erates0 %ut the truth has to %e =our o@n6 2f it is some%od= elseCs truth0 then rather than li%erating =ou it %inds =ou0 it chains =ou0 it im#risons =ou6 Bodhidharma sa=s& )/! )B,!5.!, T*2/8, 2/ T*! ;*!/)M!/+L W)5LD0 $!T +LW+$, DW!LL, 2/ !M;T2/!,,6 T*+T 2, M!D2T+T2)/ 2/ !M;T2/!,,6 + sim#le ans@er0 <ust the essential ans@er0 %ut if =ou can understand the ans@er in an e?istential @a=0 =ou @ill never %e the same again6 ,im#le @ords0 %ut the= can %ecome a ladder to the other @orld6 )/! )B,!5.!, T*2/8, 2/ T*! ;*!/)M!/+L W)5LD0 $!T +LW+$, DW!LL, 2/ !M;T2/!,,6 T*+T 2, M!D2T+T2)/6666 ,ee the @hole @orld as if it consists of shado@s6 2t reall= does consist of shado@s6 2t is made of dream stuff6 Because @e %elieve in it0 it gains realit= in the same #ro#ortion as @e %elieve in it6 The moment =our %elief disa##ears0 the thing =ou %elieved in also disa##ears6 $ou see a @oman and =ou #ro<ect %eaut= on her0 and she looks so %eautiful0 so golden0 not of this @orld at all0 and =ou fall in love6 +nd =ou are falling in love @ith =our o@n dream0 remem%er: the @oman has nothing to do @ith it6 ThatCs @h= lovers are thought to %e %lind and mad0 %ecause no%od= else can agree @ith them6 Ma<nu @as mad a%out a @oman0 Laila0 so mad that never has there %een such a mad lover: he to#s the list6 The king of the countr= called him0 %ecause he started feeling sorr= for this =oung man6 +nd %ecause he @as so much in love @ith Laila0 even the king had %ecome interested0 EWho is this @oman4E *e @as also interested in %eautiful @omen0 so he made in>uiries6 *e sa@ the @oman and he @as shocked 33 she @as <ust ver= #lain0 homel=0 ver= ordinar=6 Then he felt even more sorr= for this =oung man6 E*e is <ust a fool0 or mad0 or gone %lind6 What has ha##ened to him4E +nd he @as the most intelligent =oung man in the ca#ital0 %eautiful0 health=: destro=ing his health0 destro=ing his intelligence for an ordinar= @oman6

The king called him to court6 *e said0 E$ou must %e mad0 %ecause 2 have seen =our Laila and she is <ust an ordinar= @oman6 But 2 feel sorr= for =ou6 We have %een ho#ing for much from =ou0 @e @ere thinking that =ou @ould %ecome a great man0 %ut =ou are destro=ing =ourself6 2 @ill give =ou one of the %est @omen from m= famil=6 2 have man= %eautiful @omen6E *e called a doAen girls and he told Ma<nu<0 E$ou can choose an=0 and that one @ill %e =ours6E Ma<nu looked from one girl to another and shook his head and said0 E/o6 This is not Laila0 this too is not Laila6E *e re<ected all t@elve girls6 *e said0 E/ot one is Laila6E The king said0 E$ou are certainl= mad6 Laila is nothing com#ared to these %eautiful girls6 The= %elong to the ro=al famil=DE Ma<nu said0 E,ir0 2 can understand =our com#assion for me0 %ut 2 am sorr= to sa= that =ou cannot see Laila unless =ou see her through m= e=es6E This is a significant statement 33 from a madman0 of course0 %ut sometimes mad #eo#le make ver= sane statements6 E-nless =ou look through m= e=es0E Ma<nu sa=s0 E=ou @ill not %e a%le to see the %eaut= of Laila6E 2n a @a= he is true0 %ecause the %eaut= is not there in Laila0 it is #ro<ected through his e=es6 Laila is <ust the screen on @hich he is #ro<ecting a certain idea6 !ver= lover is doing it6 $ou fall in love @ith =our o@n #ro<ection6 ThatCs @h= it is al@a=s frustrating6 2f =ou ha##en to get =our @oman or =our man0 =ou @ill %e frustrated6 Blessed are those @ho never get their man or their @oman0 %ecause the= never get frustrated6 The= al@a=s remain loving0 the= al@a=s go on ho#ing6 "ursed are those @ho succeed0 %ecause then it is ver= difficult to go on carr=ing the old #ro<ection6 When =ou come closer to the screen and =ou touch the screen0 ho@ long can =ou feel that there is %eaut=4 ,ooner or later =ou @ill see that there is onl= a #lain screen0 that =ou have %een #ro<ecting6 *ence all lovers0 if the= succeed0 %ecome ver= frustrated6 This @orld consists of our #ro<ections6 2n fact0 @hen Bodhidharma talks a%out the @orld0 he is talking onl= a%out =our #ro<ections6 *e is not talking a%out the trees and the rocks and the mountains and the stars0 he is talking a%out =our #ro<ections6 + rose is a rose is a rose 33 neither %eautiful nor ugl=6 2t sim#l= is itself: =ou #ro<ect =our idea6 Bust a hundred =ears ago no%od= thought that cactuses @ere %eautiful6 But no@ the= are CinC0 and the rose is out6 /o@ to talk a%out roses looks a little old fashioned6 2f =ou tell =our @oman0 E$our face is like a rose0E she @ill think =ou are <ust old hat6 Tell her0 E$ou look like a cactus0E and she @ill think0 E$es0 =ou are modern0 u# to date6 $ou understand ;icasso and Dali and modern art6E

;eo#le no@ kee# cactuses in their dra@ing rooms0 and %efore the= used to #ut cactuses onl= on the fences of their fields and gardens to #rotect them6 /o@ the cactus has entered the dra@ing room6 ,uddenl= the %eaut= is discovered6 7or centuries no%od= had ever thought 33 neither ,hakes#eare nor 9alidas0 neither Milton nor Tenn=son 33 no%od= had ever talked a%out the cactus and #raised the cactus6 But no@ @e have started #ro<ecting %eauties on the cactus6 We are tired of the roses: enough is enough6 +fter thousands of =ears @e have said ever=thing a%out the roses: @e are finished @ith them6 /othing ne@ can %e said a%out the roses6 +ll that could %e said has %een said 33 and said so %eautifull= that there is no @a= to im#rove u#on it6 +nd @e have a great need to #ro<ect6 *ence fashions change0 %ecause ever=%od= has a need to #ro<ect his ideas6 *ence @e need ne@ screens6 +nd the idea of %eaut= goes on changing6 2n ever= countr= there is a different idea of %eaut=6 What is %eautiful to an +merican is not %eautiful to the 2ndian: and @hat is %eautiful to the 2ndian is not %eautiful to the +frican: and @hat is %eautiful to the +frican is not %eautiful to the "hinese6 Different ideas6 Then is there something like o%<ective %eaut=4 There is not6 !?istence sim#l= is there @ith no ad<ective: there is neither CgoodC nor C%adC0 there is neither C%eautifulC nor Cugl=C6 *ence Bodhidharma sa=s& Dro# liking and disliking6 ,to# choosing0 sto# #ro<ecting0 and the @orld disa##ears6 /ot that the trees @ill not %e there and the mountains @ill not %e there0 not that =ou @ill %e a%le to #ass through @alls6 The @alls @ill %e there and the trees @ill %e there and the mountains @ill %e there: ever=thing @ill %e there in its a%solute truth %ut =our dreams @ill not %e there at all6 +nd @e have %ecome so attached to our dreams 33 thatCs @h= meditation seems to %e difficult6 ;atient& EDoctor0 all night long 2 dream a%out %ase%all0 and that ha##ens night after night6E ;s=chiatrist& EWell0 that can %e easil= remedied6 Do =ou have an= favorite actress4E ;atient& E$es0 !liAa%eth Ta=lor6E ;s=chiatrist& EWell then0 all =ou do is think of her at night6E ;atient& EWhatD +nd lose m= turn at %atDE 2 have heard& Mulla /asruddin nudged his @ife in the %ed one night and said0 E1uick0 %ring m= s#ecsDE The @ife said0 E2n the middle of the night666D What do =ou @ant =our s#ecs for4E *e said0 EDonCt @aste time0 %ring m= s#ecsDE But the @ife insisted0 E7irst 2 have to kno@ @h=0 for @hat& in the middle of the night0 @hat are =ou going to see4E *e said0 E$ouCre going to destro= the @hole thing6 2 @as <ust having a dream6 Three

%eautiful @omen& !liAa%eth Ta=lor0 ,o#hia Loren666 t@o 2 could recogniAe: the third0 the most %eautiful0 2 couldnCt recogniAe6 Bring me m= s#ecsD $ou kno@ that m= e=es arenCt @hat the= used to %e6 2Cm getting old and 2 canCt see things clearl=6E ;eo#le are living in dreams6 There are onl= t@o kinds of #eo#le in the @orld& those @ho live in dreams and those @ho live in a@areness6 To %e a sann=asin means the %eginning of living in a@areness6 Bodhidharma sa=s& )/! )B,!5.!, T*2/8, 2/ T*! ;*!/)M!/+L W)5LD0 $!T +LW+$, DW!LL, 2/ !M;T2/!,,6 )ne goes on seeing shado@s0 dreams0 #ro<ections0 %ut remem%ers that all this is <ust dream stuff6 5emem%ering it0 dee# do@n one remains utterl= em#t=6 The mirror never clings to an= reflection: ho@soever %eautiful the face ma= %e looking into the mirror0 it never clings to it6 The face is reflected6 When the #erson has moved0 the face disa##ears6 The mirror remains em#t=0 so does the meditator& he reflects ever=thing and =et remains em#t=0 %ecause he clings not6 The second >uestion& *)W "+/ )/! DW!LL 2/ D*+5M+4 Bodhidharma sa=s& )/! ,*)-LD ,T+$ /!2T*!5 2/ 2/3DW!LL2/8 D*+5M+ /)5 2/ /)/3 DW!LL2/8 D*+5M+6 *! ,*)-LD L2.! /+T-5+LL$ 2/ D*+5M+6 T*2, 2, W*+T $)- "+LL DW!LL2/8 2/ D*+5M+ BodhidharmaCs @a= of e?#ressing it ma= seem a little strange0 %ut he canCt hel# it: he has to sa= it as it is6 The disci#le asks& *)W "+/ )/! DW!LL 2/ D*+5M+4 Dharma0 remem%er0 ordinaril= is translated as religion6 That too is not right6 Dharma is not religion0 religion is an attitude to@ards realit=6 Dharma is not an attitude to@ards realit=0 Dharma is sim#l= to live naturall=0 s#ontaneousl=6 To live in tune @ith nature is Dharma6 That is BodhidharmaCs e?#erience0 that is m= e?#erience too& to live naturall=0 @ithout

interfering @ith =our s#ontaneit=0 to live moment to moment @ithout %eing dominated %= the #ast or the future is Dharma6 Bodhidharma sa=s& 7orget a%out in3d@elling Dharma and non3d@elling Dharma6 That is %ringing =our mind in0 creating categories6 Live sim#l= and naturall=6 When asked0 EWhat is Dharma4E a Zen master is re#orted to have said0 EWhen 2 feel hungr= 2 eat0 and @hen 2 feel slee#= 2 slee#6E What a tremendousl= %eautiful ans@erD What height0 @hat de#thD )ne @ould never e?#ect such an ans@er 33 and so sim#le0 so innocent& EWhen 2 feel hungr=0 2 eat6E The master is sa=ing& Be natural0 that is Dharma6 +nother Zen master @as asked0 EBefore =ou %ecame enlightened0 @hat did =ou used to do4E *e said0 E2 used to cho# @ood and carr= @ater from the @ell6E +nd then he @as asked0 E/o@ that =ou have %ecome enlightened0 a Buddha0 @hat do =ou do4E *e said0 EWhat else can 2 do4 2 cho# @ood and carr= @ater from the @ell6E The >uestioner @as naturall= #uAAled: he said0 EThen @hat is the difference4 Before enlightenment =ou used to do the same thing0 and after enlightenment =ou are doing the same thing0 then @hat is the difference4E +nd the master laughed and he said0 EThe difference is great6 Before 2 had to do it0 no@ it is all ha##ening naturall=6 Before 2 had to make an effort0 %efore 2 %ecame enlightened it @as a dut= to %e fulfilled someho@0 done grudgingl=0 reluctantl=6 2 @as doing it %ecause 2 @as ordered to do it: it @as m= masterCs order to cho# @ood0 so 2 @as cho##ing6 But dee# do@n 2 @as angr=& *o@ long is this old fool going to force me to cho# @ood and carr= @ater from the @ell4 *o@ long4 33 although on the surface 2 did not sa= an=thing6 E/o@ 2 sim#l= cho# @ood %ecause 2 kno@ the %eaut= of it0 the <o= of it6 2 carr= @ater from the @ell %ecause it is needed6 2t is no more a dut=0 it is m= love6 2 love the old man6 2t is getting cold0 @inter is <ust knocking on the doors0 @e @ill need @ood6 The master is getting older and older ever= da=: he needs more @armth6 We @ill have to heat his #lace6 2t is out of love that 2 cho# @ood6 2t is out of love that 2 carr= @ater for him from the @ell6 But no@ a great difference has ha##ened6 There is no reluctance0 no resistance: there is no ego0 2 am not follo@ing an=%od=Cs orders0 2 am not %eing o%edient0 2 am sim#l= res#onding to the moment and its necessit=6E Bodhidharma sa=s& To live naturall= is to d@ell in Dharma6

$ou need not %e a "hristian or a *indu or a Buddhist0 =ou have onl= to %e natural0 <ust as natural as =our %reathing6 Live =our life6 DonCt live according to certain commandments6 DonCt live according to othersC ideas6 DonCt live %ecause #eo#le @ant =ou to live that @a=6 Listen to =our o@n heart6 Be silent and listen to the still0 small voice @ithin and follo@ it6 +nd that is d@elling in Dharma6 The third >uestion& *)W "+/ + M+/ L2.! +, /)T3M+/ +/D + W)M+/ +, /)T3W)M+/4 Buddha has said& The dee#er =ou go the more =ou %ecome a@are that =ou are not the %od=0 =ou are not the mind0 =ou are not even the heart6 $ou are onl= a %eing0 a consciousness0 a #ure @itness6 *ence in meditation there is no%od= @ho is a man or a @oman6 2n meditation =ou are so dee# in =our %eing that from that #eak all differences 33 %iological differences0 #h=siological differences 33 disa##ear6 Bodhidharma sa=s& T*!5! 2, /) D277!5!/"! 2/ B-DD*+3/+T-5! B!TW!!/ + M+/ +/D + W)M+/0 /)5 +/ !/T2T$ D!,28/+T!D +, M+/ )5 W)M+/6 ;*$,2"+L M+TT!5 ;5)D-"!, T*! 85+,, +/D T5!!, +, 2T D)!, *-M+/ B!2/8,6 2/ ")M;+52,)/ $)- ,+$ C85+,,C )5 CT5!!,C6 $)- 82.! +LL ,)5T, )7 /+M!, T) $)-5 2LL-,2)/,6 B-DD*+ ,+2D0 E27 )/! ,!!, T*+T !.!5$T*2/8 !I2,T, +, +/ 2LL-,2)/0 *! "+/ L2.! 2/ + *28*!5 ,;*!5! T*+/ )5D2/+5$ M+/6E The ordinar= man lives in the %od=0 thinking that he is the %od=0 in the mind0 thinking that he is the mind6 The moment =ou start transcending the %od=3mind com#le?0 =ou start %ecoming e?traordinar=6 $ou start living on higher #lanes0 and from higher #lanes things are totall= different6 There is a stor= in BuddhaCs life6666 *e @as meditating under a tree: it @as a full3moon night6 + grou# of =oung men came for a #icnic to the forest6 The= had %rought a #rostitute @ith them0 and much @ine and delicious food6 The= drank0 the= ate0 the= danced6 The= drank so much that the= forgot all a%out the #rostitute6 The #rostitute esca#ed0 %ut she had to esca#e naked0 %ecause %efore the= started drinking the= had taken her clothes a@a=6 +s the night @as coming closer and closer to the morning and a cool %reeAe started %lo@ing0 the= %ecame a little alert and the= remem%ered0 EWhere is the #rostitute4E *er clothes @ere there0 %ut she @as missing6 ,o the= @ent in search of her6 There @as

onl= one @a= for the #rostitute to esca#e to the to@n and the= remem%ered that the= had seen a certain man meditating under a tree6 ,o the= @ent to the man0 %ecause she must have #assed him6 The= @ere not a@are that he @as 8autama the Buddha6 The= asked Buddha0 E,ir0 have =ou seen a naked @oman0 a %eautiful @oman0 going to@ards the to@n4 33 %ecause this is the onl=6#ossi%le #ath6 We had %rought a @oman @ith us: she has esca#ed0 and she @as naked6E Buddha said0 E$es0 some%od= did #ass0 %ut it is im#ossi%le for me to sa= @hether the #erson @ho #assed @as a he or a she6 $es0 some%od= did #ass0 %ut it is difficult for me to sa= @hether the #erson @as naked or clothed6E The =oung #eo#le @ere #uAAled: the= said0 E2f =ou have seen the #erson0 =ou must have seen666 %ecause the @oman @as reall= %eautiful6 $ou must have seen that she @as a @oman0 and =ou must have seen that she @as naked6E Buddha said0 E$ou have come a little late6 2 used to see @omen and men %efore6 +nd0 of course0 @hen =ou see a naked @oman0 ho@ can =ou not recogniAe4 But those da=s are gone6 2 @as in meditation0 so @hen some%od= #asses 2Cm %ound to see them6E Buddha used to meditate @ith half o#en e=es6 *e al@a=s follo@ed the middle course6 There are three #ossi%ilities6 $ou can meditate @ith closed e=es6 Buddha has said& DonCt do that0 %ecause there is ever= #ossi%ilit= that =ou @ill fall aslee#6 With closed e=es the tendenc= of the mind is to fall aslee#0 to go into a reverie0 into dreams0 %ecause for centuries0 for lives together0 closed e=es have %ecome associated @ith slee# and dreaming6 ,o the moment =ou close =our e=es0 immediatel= it triggers a #rocess of slee# in =ou6 2t is ver= difficult to remain a@ake @ith closed e=es0 so Buddha has said& DonCt do that6 The other #ossi%ilit= is to concentrate @ith o#en e=es 33 %ut that is concentration6 "oncentration can %e done @ith o#en e=es: =ou can focus =our e=es on something6 But meditation is a rela?ed state6 With o#en e=es0 full= o#en e=es0 there @ill %e a certain tension in the e=es6 The e=es are #art of =our %rain& eight= #ercent of =our %rain energ= functions through the e=es6 2f =our e=es are tense =our %rain @ill %e tense6 ThatCs @h= if =ou have to @atch T. for hours0 =ou %ecome so tired6 $ou go to the movie and for hours =ou go on @atching and =ou forget to %link6 ThatCs @h= =ou %ecome tired& =ou donCt %link 33 =ou canCt afford to 33 so much is ha##ening on the screen6 $ou donCt @ant to miss an= of it0 so =ou dro# %linking6 Looking at the screen for three hours0 un%linking0 is %ound to tire =our e=es and =our %rain too6 /o@ recent research sho@s that #eo#le @ho @atch T. for four0 five0 si? hours a da= are %ound to suffer some %rain damage6 There is ever= #ossi%ilit= that the= @ill %ecome victims of %rain cancer6 ,o much tension is %ound to create damage to the ver= delicate and fragile nervous s=stem of =our %rain6

Buddha said& Meditate @ith =our e=es half o#en: that is the most rela?ed state6 $ou canCt see an=thing clearl=: ever=thing %ecomes vague6 +nd thatCs @hat Buddha @ants =ou to kno@& that ever=thing is vague0 shado@=0 dream=6 $ou cannot fall aslee# %ecause =ou have to kee# =our e=es half o#en0 and =ou cannot %e tired and tense %ecause =ou are not forcing =our e=es to %e full= o#en6 *alf o#en e=es is the most rela?ed state6 Tr= it and =ou @ill see6 Whenever =ou sit @ith half o#en e=es0 =ou @ill feel a great rela?ation descending on =ou6 ,o Buddha said0 E2 @as meditating @ith m= e=es half o#en6 ,ome%od= #assed0 some%od= certainl= #assed0 %ut 2 canCt make an= distinction @hether the #erson @as a man or a @oman6 Because 2 am no more identified @ith m= o@n %od=0 hence 2 donCt think in terms of the %od= @ith others too6 +nd @ho cares @hether the #erson @as naked or clothedD 2 am not interested in their %odiesDE )rdinaril= <ust the o##osite ha##ens6 When =ou see a %eautiful @oman #assing %=0 =ou start disro%ing her 33 at least in =our mind6 $ou start #enetrating her clothes0 =ou start visualiAing her 33 ho@ she @ill %e @hen she is naked6 ThatCs @h= a @oman hidden %ehind clothes is far more %eautiful than @hen she is naked6 7or a certain reason& @hen she is clothed0 =our imagination can imagine an=thing: =ou have full freedom to imagine6 But @hen she is naked there is no sco#e left for the imagination6 +nd manCs se?ualit= is rooted in his imagination6 ,o @henever a @oman is hiding her %od= =ou %ecome more interested in her0 %ecause =ou start imagining666 the curves 33 @hich ma= not %e there 33 the #ro#ortion 33 @hich ma= not %e there6 "lothes are ver= dece#tive: clothes0 it has %een discovered0 create more se?ualit= in the @orld6 2t is %ecause of clothes that #eo#le are o%sessed @ith the se?ual6 2f clothes disa##ear from the @orld0 se?ualit= @ill %e reduced to its natural #ro#ortion6 2f clothes disa##ear from the @orld0 no%od= @ill %e interested in #ornogra#h=6 ;ornogra#h= is interesting %ecause of clothes6 2f #eo#le %ecome a little more natural 33 2 am not sa=ing go to =our office naked0 %ut if #eo#le are natural then at least in their home the= @ill %e naked6 +t least @ith their children the= @ill #la= naked in their o@n garden6 2f children kno@ their #arents naked from the ver= %eginning the= @ill never %e interested in magaAines like ;L+$B)$6 Those magaAines @ill look stu#id6 But #riests are against nudit=6 2t seems there is a cons#irac= %et@een the #riests and the #eo#le @ho deal in o%scenit=: there is a secret deal6 )%scenit= can e?ist onl=0 and o%scene things can remain interesting onl=0 if #riests go on condemning nudit=6 +llo@ nudit= on all the %eaches and soon =ou @ill see no%od= interested in nudit= at all6 +nd %ecause imagination has no more freedom0 =ou @ill see things more as the= are6 5ight no@ =ou imagine0 hence the neigh%orhood @oman is more interesting to =ou than =our o@n @ife6 $our neigh%or is more interested in =our @ife than he is

interested in his @ife6 2t seems ever=%od= is interested in ever=%od= elseCs @ife0 ever=%od= elsesCs hus%and6 /o%od= is interested in their o@n @ife or hus%and6 $ou alread= kno@ the @hole geogra#h= of the @oman or the man6 $ou kno@ the @hole to#ogra#h=6 /o@ there is nothing to discover: it is kno@n territor=6 2magination dies0 and @ith imagination ninet=3nine #ercent of se? disa##ears6 +nd it @ill %e a great thing in the @orld if ninet=3nine #ercent of se?ualit= disa##ears0 %ecause then ninet=3 nine #ercent of =our energ= @ill %e availa%le for higher #ur#oses6 What 2 am sa=ing is %ound to %e misunderstood0 is %eing misunderstood6 7or =ears 2 have %een sa=ing these things %ut 2 have %een condemned for these things6 +nd the iron= is that if 2 am listened to0 2 @ill #rove to %e the the greatest danger to se?ualit= in the @orld6 2f 2 am allo@ed0 the @orld can %ecome a%solutel= nonse?ual6 ,e? @ill %e there %ut se?ualit= @ill disa##ear6 ,e? is a %iological #henomenon0 se?ualit= is a #s=chological #henomenon6 2n a #rimitive societ=0 @here #eo#le are nude0 there is se? %ut no se?ualit=6 +nd in cultured societies there is se?ualit= and not much se?6 Buddha said0 E,ome%od= #assed0 some%od= certainl= #assed0 %ut %ecause 2 am no longer interested in se?ualit=0 2 cannot sa= a%solutel=0 2 cannot guarantee that the #erson @as a @oman6E Meditation means going dee#er and dee#er0 closer to =our %eing6 Being is neither CmanC nor C@omanC: %eing is sim#l= transcendental to all categories6 The fourth >uestion& 27 )/! +TT+2/, T*! /25.+/+ )7 +/ +5*+T0 *+, *! Z!/ 5!+L2Z+T2)/4 The disci#le is still thinking in terms of the mind0 in categories6 When =ou think0 =ou are al@a=s full of ifs and %uts6 When =ou kno@0 there is no if and no %ut6 The disci#le asks& 27 )/! +TT+2/, T*! /25.+/+6666 2n the first #lace nirvana is never attained 33 it is =our nature 33 it is sim#l= discovered0 remem%ered rather6 2t is not attained6 +nd T*! /25.+/+ )7 +/ +5*+T6666 The Buddhist scholars divide nirvana into t@o categories6 ,cholars cannot remain @ithout creating categories: that is their @hole @ork0 their @hole function6 There are t@o kinds of %uddhas according to the scholars& one is called arhat0 the other is called B)D*2,+TT.+6 +n arhat is one @ho attains %uddhahood and disa##ears into the ultimate0 @ho does not care a%out others0 @ho does not %other a%out sharing his insight @ith others6 +nd the %odhisattva is one @ho attains %uddhahood %ut resists the

tem#tation to disa##ear into the ultimate and hel#s #eo#le0 @ho is com#assionate6 /o@ even @ith nirvana the mind of the scholar has created categories: he has created a division0 a dualit=6 Bodhidharma sim#l= ans@ers in his o@n uni>ue0 inimita%le @a=6 *e sa=s& *! 2, B-,T D5!+M2/8 +/D ,) +5! $)-6 These scholars are dreamers6 + real seeker has nothing to do @ith ifs and %uts6 + real seeker does not %other a%out @hat ha##ens after nirvana: first he moves to@ards it0 kno@s it through his o@n e?#erience0 and then @hatsoever ha##ens0 ha##ens6 )ne %ecomes natural and allo@s it to ha##en0 one remains in a letgo6 )ne does not go on thinking and #hiloso#hiAing6 The fifth >uestion& 27 )/! ;5+"T2"!, T*! ,2I ;+5+M2T+,0 +/D ;+,,!, T*5)-8* T*! T!/ ,T+8!, )7 B)D*2,+TT.+*))D0 +/D ")M;L!T!, T!/ T*)-,+/D .25T-!,0 *! ,*)-LD 9/)W T*+T +LL T*2/8, +5! /)T B)5/0 T*!5!7)5! T*!$ +5! /)T 8)2/8 T) ;!52,*6 ,-"* 5!+L2Z+T2)/ 2, /!2T*!5 2/T-2T2)/ /)5 2/T!LL!"T-+L2T$6 *! *+, /)T*2/8 T) 5!"!2.! +/D T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) 5!"!2.! *2M6 *+, T*2, M+/ Z!/ 5!+L2Z+T2)/4 +ll s#eculative >uestions0 >uestions out of the mind0 irrelevant0 insignificant0 meaningless0 a%surd6 But the= look like great >uestions and scholars devote their @hole lives to such >uestions6 2n the Middle +ges there @as a great controvers= among "hristian theologians6 The controvers= is still there0 undecided0 no conclusion has =et %een reached0 %ut the @hole thing started looking so foolish that the #ro<ect @as dro##ed6 But in the Middle +ges for three hundred =ears the controvers= @as such that the @hole "hristian @orld @as involved in it6 The #ro%lem @as& ho@ man= angels can dance on the #oint of one needle4 /o@ it looks foolish0 %ut it @as not foolish to those #eo#le6 +nd the= @ere great scholars0 #eo#le @ho kne@ the scri#tures and the su%tleties of logic6 7or them it @as reall= a great >uestion0 %ecause angels donCt have an= @eight and angels have the ca#acit= to %ecome %ig or small as the= @ish0 so ho@ man= angels can =ou accommodate on the #oint of a single needle4 /o@ =ou @ill thro@ the >uestion into the dust%in0 %ut for three hundred =ears #eo#le remained concerned @ith it6 These >uestions are of the same t=#e6 27 )/! ;5+"T2"!, T*! ,2I ;+5+M2T+,666 the si? methods of %eing #erfect6666 +nd the %uddhas sa= =ou are alread= #erfect0 so there is no >uestion of #racticing #erfection6 +nd one @ho

#ractices #erfection @ill remain im#erfect: his #erfection @ill %e <ust on the surface0 dee# do@n he @ill %e im#erfect6 *e @ill re#ress his im#erfections and cultivate a kind of #erfection and @ill remain divided6 *e is not trul= #erfect6 $ou cannot %e an=thing other than that @hich =ou are6 $ou are alread= #erfect6 $ou are gods in disguise6 $ou are %uddhas aslee#6 Wake u#0 and there is no need to #ractice an=thing6 2n =our dream =ou can go on #racticing a thousand and one things and nothing is going to ha##en6 When =ou @ake u#0 =ou @ill find that all that effort @as useless6 /o@ these ,2I ;+5+M2T+,6666 666 +/D ;+,,!, T*5)-8* T*! T!/ ,T+8!, )7 B)D*2,+TT.+*))D6 There are no stages at all6 +re there stages %et@een slee# and a@akening4 There are no stages: either =ou are aslee# or =ou are a@ake6 2t is a <um#0 a >uantum lea#6 +re there stages @hen @ater eva#orates4 There are no stages6 +t ninet= degrees the @ater is @ater6 +t ninet=3nine degrees the @ater is still @ater although hot6 +t ninet=3nine #oint nine degrees the @ater is still @ater although utterl= hot6 +nd one ste# more0 <ust one ste#0 one single <um#0 and the @ater eva#orates6 There are no gradual stages in eva#orating6 + man either is alive or dead: =ou never find some%od= @ho is half dead or a >uarter dead or one3tenth dead6 2t is not attained in #arts6 2 have heard a stor=& 2n the second @orld @ar an !nglish general shot do@n a 8erman #lane and the #ilot @as severel= @ounded6 The !nglish general talked to the #ilot 33 he @as also a general0 so he gave him all the res#ect due to a general of the enem= arm=6 *e @as taken to the hos#ital0 taken care of0 %ut one of his legs @as so damaged that it had to %e cut off0 am#utated6 The !nglish general asked the 8erman0 E"an 2 %e of an= hel#4E The 8erman said0 EThis @ill sho@ something of great com#assion to@ards me if =ou could send m= leg %ack to m= home0 %ecause this has %een the longest desire in me 33 to %e %uried in m= o@n fatherland6E The !nglish general said0 EThat is not a #ro%lem at all6E The= #acked the leg0 sent it to 8erman=0 to his home6 But then one of his hands had to %e cut: that too @as sent6 Then another leg0 then another hand6 When the last hand @as %eing sent0 the !nglish general asked0 E"an 2 ask =ou a >uestion4 +re =ou tr=ing to esca#e #art %= #art4E $ou cannot esca#e #art %= #art0 and =ou cannot %ecome enlightened #art %= #art6 2t is not a gradual #rocess0 it is sudden enlightenment6 But scholars need some @ork0 so the= go on dividing6 Buddhas go on sa=ing that it is a >uantum lea# and scholars go on dividing& there are ten stages of %odhisattvahood and ten thousand virtues6 )ne

virtue is enough& a@areness6 The= talk a%out ten thousand virtues: there is onl= one virtue& to %e a@ake6 +ll else follo@s of its o@n accord6 The disci#le asks& 666 *! ,*)-LD 9/)W T*+T +LL T*2/8, +5! /)T B)5/0 T*!5!7)5! T*!$ +5! /)T 8)2/8 T) ;!52,*6 ,-"* 5!+L2Z+T2)/ 2, /!2T*!5 2/T-2T2)/ /)5 2/T!LL!"T-+L2T$6 *! *+, /)T*2/8 T) 5!"!2.! +/D T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) 5!"!2.! *2M6 *+, T*2, M+/ Z!/ 5!+L2Z+T2)/4 Bodhidharma sa=s& *! 2, B-,T D5!+M2/8 +/D ,) +5! $)-6 Bodhidharma does not even %other to ans@er and e?#lain6 *e is not a #hiloso#her0 he sim#l= #uts the >uestion aside6 *e sa=s& DonCt talk nonsense6 $ou are dreaming0 and not onl= are =ou dreaming& if there is some%od= @ho thinks that he is at the ninth stage of %odhisattvahood0 he is dreaming too6 2f some%od= thinks that he has fulfilled all the si? #aramitas0 all the si? #erfections0 he is dreaming too6 2n fact0 the #erson @ho thinks0 E2 have attained %uddhahood0E is sim#l= dreaming0 %ecause %uddhahood is not something to %e attained6 When =ou reach that realiAation0 =ou sim#l= %ecome a@are that there @as nothing to attain from the ver= %eginning6 7rom the ver= %eginning =ou are a %uddha 33 =ou have al@a=s %een a %uddha 33 =ou had <ust fallen aslee#0 =ou had <ust forgotten @ho =ou are6 2t is onl= a >uestion of remem%ering0 of recogniAing0 of rediscovering6 The last >uestion& 27 + M+/ *+, T!/ ;)W!5,0 +/D +"")M;L2,*!, ,)-5 7)5M, )7 7!+5L!,,/!,,0 +/D ")M;L!T!, !28*T!!/ ,$,T!M, )7 T*! T!+"*2/80 *! 2, T*! ,+M! +, B-DD*+ W*) +TT+2/!D !/L28*T!/M!/T -/D!5 T*! ;2;;+L+ T5!!6 *! "+/ ,+.! ,!/T2!/T B!2/8, +/D T*!/ !/T!5 2/T) /25.+/+6 2, *! /)T + 5!+L B-DD*+4 Bodhidharma must %e feeling ver= sorr= for this man0 %ecause he goes on asking the same >uestion in different @a=s6 2t is the same stu#idit= 33 called scholarshi#6 +gain and again he %rings the same >uestion in different forms6 But the masters are al@a=s #atient: the= have to %e0 other@ise it @ould %e im#ossi%le to @ork @ith the disci#les6 Bodhidharma again sa=s& *! 2, B-,T D5!+M2/8 +/D ,) +5! $)-6

+ sim#le statement %ut @ith great #otential6 The moment =ou start thinking that =ou have %ecome enlightened0 %e@are6 2f =ou think =ou have %ecome enlightened then =ou have not %ecome =et6 2f =ou think =ou have %ecome a %uddha and =ou start #roving that =ou have %ecome a %uddha0 kno@ #erfectl= @ell =ou are not =et6 + %uddha needs no #roof: he does not argue for it0 he sim#l= kno@s it6 +nd there is no @a= to #rove it6 *e kno@s that it is not something great that he has done: it is not a %ig deal6 2t is a sim#le #henomenon& he has looked in6 *e could have looked an= time0 an= da=0 and he @ould have found the %uddha inside6 When Buddha %ecame enlightened0 the first >uestion that @as asked him @as& EWhat have =ou attained4E *e laughed6 *e said0 E/othing6 2 have not attained an=thing: on the contrar=0 2 have lost man= things6E /aturall=0 the >uestioner @as shocked6 *e said0 EWe have al@a=s heard that to %ecome a %uddha is to attain the #erfect0 the ultimate0 the eternal 33 and =ou are sa=ing that rather than attaining an=thing0 =ou have lost man= things6 What do =ou mean4E Buddha said0 E!?actl= @hat 2 have said6 2 have lost m= ego0 2 have lost m= kno@ledge0 2 have lost m= ignorance6 2 have lost m= %eing a man0 2 have lost m= %od=0 m= mind0 m= heart6 2 have lost thousands of things and 2 have not gained a single thing 33 %ecause @hatsoever 2 have gained has al@a=s %een mine0 it is m= nature6 The unnatural has %een lost0 and the natural has %lossomed6 2t is not an attainment at all6 To think in terms of attainment is to remain in a dream6E Bodhidharma is right& *! 2, B-,T D5!+M2/8 +/D ,) +5! $)-6 5emem%er these @ords of Bodhidharma0 let them resound in =our %eing0 %ecause =ou @ill dream these things man= times6 Man= #eo#le go on @riting to me& E)sho0 this has ha##ened6 2s this the first satori or the second or the third4 2 have e?#erienced great light6 *o@ far am 2 from %uddhahood no@4E !ver= da= #eo#le go on asking6 5emem%er Bodhidharma6 /e?t time such a >uestion arises in =ou and =ou start @riting a letter to me0 donCt send it to me0 <ust @rite on to# of =our letter& E2 am dreaming6E !nough for toda=6

The White Lotus "ha#ter (H "ha#ter title& The *ighest 7light 3 /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 11030 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,0H +udio& $es .ideo& /o The first >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 1 W*+T 2, + ;)!T4 W*+T 2, ;)!T5$4 Deva#rem0 there are three @a=s of looking at e?istence& seeing it0 feeling it0 %eing it6 The first is science0 the second is art0 the third is religion6 ,cience looks at the universe in an o%<ective @a=6 2t looks at the universe as if it is there0 outside6 *ence science concludes that there is onl= matter and nothing else6 The ver= method of science limits it: it is a great limitation6 2f =ou look in an o%<ective @a= =ou can onl= catch hold of the o%<ectivit= of e?istence6 That is matter6 Matter is the o%<ectiveness of e?istence6 The @ord o%<ect is significant: it means that @hich o%structs =ou0 that @hich o%<ects to =ou6 +n=thing that o%structs =our vision is an o%<ect6 *ence science %ecomes antagonistic to@ards the @orld0 it starts tr=ing to con>uer it0 %ecause the o%<ect is the enem= and has to %e con>uered6 2t is %ecause of the scientific a##roach that man has %ecome so alienated from nature6 +nd no@ he feels so isolated and alone that it seems that suicide is the onl= @a= to get rid of the @hole miser= that this isolation has created6 The second a##roach0 the second @a=0 is that of art0 aesthetics0 #oetr=6 2t is a su%<ective a##roach to@ards e?istence6 +rt is not concerned @ith @hat is there %ut @hat is here0 inside =ou6 2t is not concerned @ith the roseflo@er itself %ut ho@ it feels to =ou6 When =ou see the roseflo@er0 @hat ha##ens in =our inner @orld4 When =ou see the sunrise0 ho@ does it reflect in =our %eing4 When the cuckoo starts calling from the distance0 ho@ does it echo in =our innermost recesses4 +rt is concerned @ith =our res#onse& not @ith @hat is there %ut @ith @hat is inside =ou6 +rt is closer to home than science 33 although not =et e?actl= at home0 %ut on the

@a=6 2t is a mid3#oint %et@een science and religion6 +rt gives =ou more freedom than science6 The #oet has more freedom than the mathematician0 the musician has more freedom than the #h=sicist6 The scientist is o%structed %= his o@n o%<ects6 The scientist cannot go %e=ond matter and matter defines his @orld6 But the #oet can soar0 can go %e=ond0 can create his o@n @orlds6 ,cience discovers0 art creates6 ,cience can onl= discover that @hich is alread= there6 +rt creates0 hence art %rings =ou closer to the creator6 +nd @henever 2 talk a%out #oetr= 2 mean the essence of art6 ;oetr= is the essence of art6 The scul#tor is creating #oetr= in stone0 the musician is creating #oetr= in sound0 the #ainter is creating #oetr= in color on the canvas6 The= are all #oets6 Their mediums differ0 their e?#ressions differ0 %ut their %asic a##roach is not that of arithmetic %ut of #oetr=6 Because science has %ecome too #redominant0 art has almost disa##eared6 2t is no longer thriving0 it is no longer as alive as it al@a=s has %een in the #ast6 ,cience has taken over ever=thing6 *ence the great %oredom felt in the @orld0 %ecause unless =ou are creative =ou are %ound to %e %ored6 )nl= a creative #erson kno@s ho@ to dro# %oredom: the creative #erson kno@s no %oredom at all6 *e is thrilled0 enchanted0 he is constantl= in a state of adventure6 +nd small things create such ecstatic states @ithin him6 + %utterfl= is enough to trigger a #rocess in his %eing6 Bust a small flo@er is enough to %ring a s#ring into his heart6 + silent lake reflecting the stars0 and the #oet himself %ecomes a silent lake and starts reflecting millions of stars6 ,cience is the root cause of the creation of %oredom in the @orld6 7irst it creates isolation& man is no more #art of nature0 he stands outside it 33 he %ecomes <ust an o%server0 a s#ectator0 no more a #artici#ant6 +nd unless =ou #artici#ate in the cele%ration0 unless =ou #artici#ate in the dance0 =ou are %ound to %e %ored6 2solated from e?istence0 antagonistic to e?istence0 tr=ing to con>uer it0 =ou are sim#l= killing =ourself6 +nd =ou %ecome fed u#0 %ored6 Life loses meaning0 there is no significance: there are onl= things @ithout an= significance0 and life a##ears onl= to %e an accident @ith no intrinsic value6 $es0 things have #rices0 %ut nothing has value as far as science is concerned6 +s far as #oetr= is concerned0 things are valua%le0 the= donCt have an= #rice6 *o@ can =ou #rice a %eautiful roseflo@er4 2t is im#ossi%le6 2ts %eaut= is immeasura%le: it is not #ossi%le to fi? its #rice6 $es0 value is there666 and remem%er0 value is not #rice0 value is =our a##reciation6 The rose and the star and the moon and the sun are not marketa%le6 $ou cannot sell them0 =ou cannot #urchase them6 $ou can en<o= them0 %ut =ou cannot #ossess them6 ;rice means =ou can #ossess a thing0 =ou can sell it and #urchase it: it is a commodit=6

.alue means it is not a commodit=: it is an e?#erience0 it is a love #henomenon6 ,cience lives through logic0 #oetr= lives through love6 ;oetr= is a loving a##roach to@ards e?istence6 ,cience is a kind of ra#e: #oetr= is a love affair6 $es0 in ra#e also =ou go through the same act of #enetration as in love %ut there is such a vast distance: the ga# is un%ridgea%le6 $ou can ra#e a @oman0 she ma= even get #regnant0 %ut it @ill not %e to kno@ the m=ster= of the @oman6 $ou @ill not kno@ the <o= of love6 +nd if ra#e %ecomes =our ver= lifest=le0 =ou @ill %e missing something of tremendous value6 $our life @ill remain em#t=0 hollo@6 ;oetr= is a love affair @ith e?istence6 !?istence has to %e #ersuaded0 seduced: not con>uered0 loved6 +nd love never tries to con>uer: on the contrar=0 love is surrender6 The #oet is closer to home %ecause he starts surrendering0 he starts loving0 he starts living su%<ectivel=6 *e starts living from the center6 The scientist lives from the circumference6 2 have dee# res#ect for #oetr= and the #eo#le @ho have #oetic visions0 the #oets of all kinds& musicians0 scul#tors0 #ainters0 singers0 dancers0 actors6 Whosoever is creative in @hatsoever @a= is a #oet6 ;oetr= is the essence of all art6 But there is one ste# still to %e taken6 5eligion is transcendental6 2t is neither o%<ective nor su%<ective0 %ecause %oth are halves of one @hole6 ,cience has chosen one half 33 the outside0 the o%<ective: #oetr= has chosen the other half 33 the su%<ective0 the inner6 But %oth are half and a half can never %e fulfilling6 )ne needs the @hole to %ecome @hole6 5eligion is @hole6 2t is neither o%<ective nor su%<ective: it is transcendental6 2t goes %e=ond %oth and includes %oth6 2t encom#asses %oth and =et is not limited %= either6 That is the highest flight #ossi%le for human consciousness6 5eligion dissolves all dualities 33 and the dualit= of the su%<ective and the o%<ective is the fundamental dualit= of @ithin and @ithout6 5eligion dissolves %oth and then there is onl= one single #henomenon6 The @ithin is @ithout and the @ithout is @ithin: there is no distinction0 no ga#6 The @ithin is %ecoming @ithout ever= moment and the @ithout is %ecoming @ithin ever= moment 33 <ust like the %reath6 Bust a second ago it @as @ithout0 no@ it is @ithin0 and again it is @ithout6 The %reath comes in0 goes out0 comes in0 goes out6 Bust like that0 e?istence is continuousl= merging6 2t is one orgasmic unit=0 it is not t@o6 The scientist is a##roaching realit= as a male mind6 2t is the masculine a##roach& con>uer nature6 +nd the #oet a##roaches realit= @ith the feminine mind& surrender0 %e rece#tive0 o#en u# to realit=0 %e in a letgo0 rela?6 5eligion is neither male nor female: it is <ust a @itnessing of %oth6 But the scientist is ver= far a@a= from religion: the #oet is a little closer6 ThatCs @h= 2 sometimes talk a%out #oetr= and the #oet0 %ecause %efore =ou can

%ecome transcendental =ou @ill have to learn ho@ to %e #oetic6 ,cience is taught %= the societ=0 %= the school0 the college and the universit=6 ;oetr= is missing6 Because it has no market value0 no%od= cares a%out it6 2f =ou have a #oetic a##roach0 =our a##roach is so #rivate it canCt %e used %= the societ=6 +nd in fact =ou ma= %e a little #ro%lematic to the societ=0 %ecause =ou @ill %e %ringing =our #rivate vision and =our #rivate vision can %e a distur%ance6 The societ= lives @ith the collective: the o%<ect is collective6 The rose as an o%<ect is a collective #henomenon0 %ut @hen =ou a##roach the rose =ou a##roach in =our o@n uni>ue @a=6 ,ome%od= else @ill a##roach in his o@n uni>ue @a=6 ;oetr= is #rivate: it is individual0 it is not collective6 +nd the societ= has al@a=s to %e a@are0 alert0 @atchful0 that #rivate visions should not %e su##orted %ecause the= %ecome disru#tive0 the= create chaos& the collective vision should %e im#osed on #eo#le6 "hristianit= is a collective vision0 *induism is a collective vision0 communism is a collective vision6 2m#ose a collective thing on ever=%od= so that the= all look alike and the= all live alike: then the= are all conformists6 The #oet is %asicall= a re%el6 The real #oet is %ound to %e a revolutionar=6 .incent van 8ogh has #ainted his trees so high that the= reach %e=ond the stars6 ,ome%od= asked him0 EWe have never seen such trees6 What kind of trees are these and ho@ can the= go %e=ond the stars4E .an 8ogh is re#orted to have said that Eit doesnCt matter @hether an= tree succeeds or not6 This is the desire of the tree that 2 have #ainted0 this is the am%ition of the tree0 this is the ver= s#irit0 the longing of the tree6 !ver= tree longs to go %e=ond the stars6 2 have seen it in the trees0 2 have listened to the trees0 2 have @atched them6 2 understand their language and the message is clear and loud from ever= tree0 from the smallest to the %iggest0 that the= are all tr=ing to go %e=ond the stars6 Whether the= succeed or not is another matter6 2 am not concerned @ith that0 2 am concerned @ith the inner feeling of the tree6E /o@ .incent van 8ogh is right in a #oetic @a= %ut not right in a scientific @a=6 2n a scientific @a= he looks a%surd0 %ut in a #oetic @a= he is a%solutel= right6 *e sa=s0 ETrees are nothing %ut the longings of the earth to meet the stars0 the desires of the earth to %ridge the ga# %et@een itself and other stars6 2t ma= succeed0 it ma= not succeed0 that is %eside the #oint6E That is irrelevant for van 8ogh6 The #oet has his o@n vision: it is #rivate0 it is not collective6 *ence all the #eo#le @ho %elieve in collectivit= are anti3#oetic6 ;lato0 the first collectivist in the @orld0 @rites in his uto#ian %ook0 The 5e#u%lic 33 @hich is his idea of societ= as future societies should %e 33 that in his re#u%lic #oets @onCt %e allo@ed 33 #oets in #articular6 /o%od= else is #revented0 %ut #oets are #revented: the= should not %e allo@ed in the ;latonic re#u%lic6 Wh=4 Wh= is he so

afraid of the #oets4 7or the sim#le reason that the #oet %rings the individual0 #rivate vision0 and that can create disru#tion6 ;lato @ants to im#ose a certain #attern0 one t=#e of lifest=le0 on ever=%od=6 *e @ants a kind of unit=0 forci%l= im#osed0 and #oets are not relia%le in that @a=6 2t is not an accident that in ,oviet 5ussia0 after the revolution0 #oetr= died6 Before the revolution 5ussia had given the greatest #oets and novelists that the @orld has ever kno@n0 in fact incom#ara%le6 /o other countr= can com#ete6 Who can com#ete @ith Leo Tolsto=0 Ma?im 8ork=0 7=odor Dostoevsk=0 +nton "hekhov0 Turgenev4 Who can com#ete @ith these giants4 /o other countr= has #roduced such great artists6 2f one has to decide on ten great novelists of the @orld0 then five @ill %e 5ussians 33 %ut #re3 revolution6 +fter the revolution0 suddenl= #oetic activit= fell do@n6 The countr= of Dostoevsk= and Tolsto= and Ma?im 8ork= and Turgenev sim#l= disa##eared from the earth6 2t sto##ed #roducing that kind of man0 that >ualit=: it sto##ed soaring high6 "ommunism @as im#osed0 a collective vision @as im#osed6 /o@ ever= #oet had to serve communism0 ever= #ainter had to serve communism0 ever= singer had to sing songs in #raise of communism6 /o@ the government @as the deciding factor a%out @hat @as true literature and @hat @as true art and @ho @as a true #oet6 ,tu#id government officials @ere going to decide 33 those @ho have no idea of #oetr=6 2f the= had had an= idea of #oetr= in the first #lace the= @ould not have %een government officials at all6 Bust think of a collector0 a commissioner0 a governor 33 do =ou think these #eo#le can have #oetic ideas4 The= seem to %e @orlds a#art6 +nd the #eo#le @ho @ere reading Mar? and !ngels and Lenin0 can the= have an= idea of #oetr=4 Mar? is so un#oetic in his @ritings0 it is so tedious to read him6 2 have gone through the torture0 so 2 tell =ou from m= e?#erience6 Who has read Das 9a#ital4 2t is so ugl=0 it reall= needs guts to go through it: other@ise t@o or three #ages are enough and one feels finished6 !ven communists donCt read itD 2 kno@ 33 man= of m= friends are communists and the= have not read it6 Bust a tedium0 a %oredom 33 nothing of #oetr= in it0 nothing of %eaut= in it6 Besus has #oetr=0 he s#eaks #oetr=6 Buddha has #oetr=0 he lives #oetr=6 Mar? has no #oetr= at all0 <ust dr=0 dull logic6 !ven the logic is not ver= shar#6 ;eo#le @ho have %een living on such ru%%ish 33 are the= going to decide a%out Dostoevsk=0 a%out Tolsto=0 a%out Turgenev4 The= @ill not %e a%le to understand these #eo#le0 the= are %ound to misunderstand6 2n 5ussia0 #oetr= died: that has %een one of the greatest losses to humanit=6 2n "hina it is dead0 %ecause #oets are in the service of the state no@6 The= are re@arded0 the= are res#ected0 the= have %een given %ig #osts in the universities0 %ut on condition that the= are not to %e #oets of freedom6 The= have to %e #oets of slaver=0 the= have to serve the state6

+nd a real #oet cannot serve an=%od=0 he serves onl= #oetr=6 *e @rites0 he sings0 not for an= other motive than art for artCs sake: there is no motive and no goal in it6 *is singing is <ust like the %irds singing in the earl= morning sun0 flo@ers %looming0 %ees humming6 $es0 e?actl= like that& utterl= free0 natural0 s#ontaneous6 2 am a%solutel= in su##ort of the #oetic @a= of life0 %ecause it %rings =ou closer to religion6 But donCt sto# there666 %ecause the #oet has onl= glim#ses of the truth0 onl= glim#ses0 fara@a= glim#ses0 as if a @indo@ suddenl= o#ens in a strong @ind and closes again0 as if on a dark dark night =ou are lost in a forest and there are clouds in the sk=0 dark clouds0 and then there is thunder and lightning6 When the lightning is there0 for a moment all is light0 =ou can see ever=thing& the trees0 the #ath0 the rocks0 the mountains6 But it is onl= for a moment0 and then the lightning is gone and the darkness dee#ens and %ecomes darker than ever %efore6 $ou are daAed0 even more in darkness6 $ou ma= stum%le u#on a rock0 %ecause %efore the lightning =ou @ere taking ever= care0 =ou @ere moving cautiousl=0 %ut no@ that after a glim#se =ou kno@ =ou are on the right #ath =ou ma= %ecome less careful0 less a@are6 $ou ma= stum%le u#on a rock0 =ou ma= fall in a ditch0 =ou ma= go astra=6 +nd the lightning naturall= makes =ou see less: it is so sudden0 it %linds =ou6 The #oet onl= has lightning e?#eriences6 )nce in a @hile he rises to the heights of consciousness0 %ut then he falls 33 and falls %adl=0 falls dee#er than he @as %efore6 The #oet onl= has enlightening e?#eriences6 The m=stic is enlightened& he has %ecome light itself: no@ there @ill never %e an= darkness again6 But the lightning can give =ou an idea @hat it @ill %e like to %e full of light6 The #oet has glim#ses0 the m=stic a%ides on those heights6 The= are not fara@a= glim#ses0 he has reached to the !verest0 he has made his hermitage there0 he sta=s there6 !ven if he sometimes comes to visit =ou in =our dark valle= he %rings his heights @ith him0 his #eaks @ith him6 *is !verest follo@s him: it has %ecome his ver= climate6 The scientist is the farthest0 the #oet is in the middle0 and the m=stic is at the ver= center of e?istence6 Move from %eing a scientist to@ards %eing a #oet6 But donCt sto# there either0 go on moving6 Buddha said& "*+5+2.!T20 "*+5+2.!T26 Walk on0 @alk on0 till =ou arrive at a #oint @here there is no@here to go0 till =ou come to that #oint0 to that ultimate #oint @here there is no @a= to go an=@here6 Then settle 33 onl= then settle6 Then =ou are at home6 Then life is a %liss0 then life is a %lessing0 then life is a %enediction6 The second >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0

1uestion F W*) +M 24 ,an<a=a0 ho@ am 2 to kno@4 *o@ can 2 ans@er this >uestion4 /o%od= else can ans@er it for =ou e?ce#t =ou6 2 cannot ans@er it on =our %ehalf6 2 kno@ @ho 2 am0 %ut ho@ can 2 sa= @ho =ou are4 $ou @ill have to dive dee# @ithin =our o@n self6 +nd the #eo#le @ho have %een ans@ering on =our %ehalf are =our enemies0 %ecause =ou @ill start collecting and accumulating their ans@ers0 =ou @ill %ecome kno@ledgea%le0 and to %ecome kno@ledgea%le is to #revent @isdom arising6 $es0 thousands of ans@ers are availa%le6 2 can also ans@er =ou ver= easil=& that =ou are a soul0 eternal0 deathless: that =ou are sons of 8od0 sons of immortalit= 33 +M52T+,$+ ;-T5+6 2 can tell =ou all these %eautiful things that have %een said do@n the ages0 %ut the= are not going to hel#6 2f =ou cling to them0 2 have not hel#ed =ou0 2 have hindered =ou6 2 have not %een a master to =ou %ut an enem=0 not a friend6 2 cannot ans@er it for =ou6 2t is not a >uestion that can %e ans@ered %= an=%od= other than =ourself6 $ou have to go into =our o@n self6 $ou have to search6 $ou have to ask and in>uire0 EWho am 24E 2t is a >uestion @hich is ver= #rivate0 a%solutel= #rivate0 and onl= =ou are ca#a%le of kno@ing the ans@er 33 and not through scri#tures0 remem%er0 %ut through a dee# in>uir= into =our o@n %eing6 That ver= in>uir= is meditation6 5amana Maharshi used to give onl= one meditation to his disci#les& ,it silentl= and go on in>uiring @ithin =ourself EWho am 24E 7irst ver%all=0 and then slo@l= slo@l= let the @ords disa##ear and let the >uestion %ecome a feeling& EWho am 24E 33 <ust a feeling0 <ust a >uestion mark dee# do@n in =our heart6 +nd go on asking6 )ne da= even that feeling disa##ears6 There is no >uestion: suddenl= =ou are >uestionless6 The >uestion EWho am 24E @ill hel# =ou to destro= all other >uestions0 and then finall= it commits suicide& =ou are left @ith no >uestion6 +nd that is the moment of the ans@er arising in =ou6 Then0 even if =ou kno@ the ans@er0 =ou @ill not %e a%le to communicate it to an=%od= else6 2t is incommunica%le6 $ou ask me& EWho am l4E $ou are ,an<a=a: this is =our name6 $ou are a man: =ou have the %od= of a man6 $ou are an educated #erson: =ou have a medical degree6 These things can %e ans@ered %= an=%od=0 %ut these are not =ou6 $ou are a *indu: =ou have lived the life of a so3called *indu religious man6 $ou kno@ the 8ita: =ou have read it so man= times that =ou can sim#l= re#eat it from memor=6 +nd in the 8ita 9rishna has ans@ered so man= times @ho =ou are that =ou must kno@ those ans@ers too6 Be@are of #eo#le @ho ans@er such dee# >uestions of =ours6 )nl= su#erficial >uestions can %e ans@ered %= others6 2f some%od= starts telling =ou a%out =our

dee#est core0 sto# him immediatel=6 2t is none of his %usiness and he is going to make a mess of =ou6

+ %achelor sent in his income ta? return6 )ne of the agents @orking for the 2nternal 5evenue De#artment noticed that he claimed a si?3hundred3dollars deduction for the u#%ringing of a %a%=6 *e @rote the man a letter sa=ing0 EThat o%viousl= must %e a stenogra#hical error6E The return letter read& E,ir0 +re =ou telling meDE 8et it4 Whenever some%od= else tells =ou @ho =ou are0 sto# him immediatel=6 This is none of his %usiness0 and @hatsoever he sa=s to =ou is going to harm =ou: it is #oisonous6 The real master @ill not tell =ou @ho =ou are0 though of course he @ill shake =ou and shock =ou into a@areness6 The t@o #atients met @ith each other in the as=lum grounds6 E8ood morning0 7osdike0 ho@ are =ou4E E2Cm fine0 "art@right0 %ut m= name isnCt 7osdike6E EMineCs not "art@right either6E E/ot to @orr=0 @eCre #ro%a%l= not ourselves toda=6E But this is the situation of the @hole @orld& the @hole earth is almost like a madhouse: no%od= kno@s @ho he is6 ;eo#le @ho donCt kno@ @ho the= are go on telling others a%out their innermost selves6 The= are sim#l= re#eating scri#tures0 %eautiful scri#tures0 like #arrots: %ut in their hands all scri#tures lose their truth6 When some%od= @ho is a@akened sa=s something it has a truth in it0 %ut @hen una@akened #eo#le re#eat it0 it %ecomes untrue6 Truth re#eated %= those @ho have not e?#erienced %ecomes untrue6 Truth %orro@ed %ecomes untrue6 ,an<a=a0 onl= one thing can %e said& that =ou are in a dee# unconsciousness6 The unconsciousness has to %e %roken0 the ice has to %e melted6 )nce =our unconsciousness is %roken0 once =ou have %ecome a little conscious0 =ou @ill %e a%le to see @ho =ou are 33 =ou @ill %e the first #erson to kno@ @ho =ou are6 ,ee the unfortunate situation& that @e have to ask others @ho @e are6 The ca#tain told the #risoner that he @ould %e released if he fulfilled three conditions& E7irst0 =ou must drink this gallon of 9entuck= rotgut @hiske= @ithout sto##ing6 ,hould =ou survive this0 =ou must go outside to the animal cage @here a lion has a

%ad tooth6 $ou must remove the tooth %arehanded0 @ithout anesthetic6 +nd finall=0 if =ou survive the first t@o conditions0 =ou must go out the %ack to a tent @here a @oman @ho has never0 2 re#eat never0 %een se?uall= satisfied is @aiting for =ou to satisf= her6 2f =ou accom#lish all three0 2 @ill set =ou free6E The #risoner shuddered0 %ut feeling that he had no choice agreed to tr=6 7irst he drank the @hiske=0 turning all shades of the color s#ectrum6 *e then stum%led out the front door6 7or an hour all that could %e heard @ere screams and roars0 shouts and more roars6 7inall= the #risoner returned0 his clothes in shreds0 his %od= covered in %lood6 E)ka=0E he mum%led6 E/o@ @hereCs the lad= @ith the %ad tooth4E The third >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 3 "+/ M!D2T+T2)/ B! L!+5/!D0 )5 2, 2T0 L29! L).!0 + ,T+T! )7 B!2/8 T*+T ")M!, +, + ;5!,!/T4 ;rem ;ra%hati0 meditation cannot %e learned in a #ositive @a=0 %ut it can %e learned in a negative @a=6 This is ver= im#ortant to understand& the %asic method of meditation is negative6 What do 2 mean @hen 2 sa= meditation can %e learned negativel=0 onl= negativel=4 2 mean that the mind can %e unlearned0 and the moment =ou unlearn the mind =ou are learning meditation6 -nlearning the mind is learning meditation: @hen the mind has %een com#letel= unlearned =ou have learned meditation6 $ou cannot go directl= into learning meditation6 +ll that is needed is to remove the mind6 Mind is like a %lock6 The river is there %ut %locked0 it canCt flo@6 2t is covered @ith rocks: those rocks donCt allo@ it an= outlet6 2t is surging inside =ou0 it is longing for the ocean0 it @ants to get out of this #rison6 ThatCs @h= ever=%od= feels so restless6 This restlessness is nothing %ut =our consciousness longing to meet @ith the ultimate6 The river @ants to reach the ocean6 The seed @ants to s#rout0 %ut it is covered0 %locked %= a %ig rock6 That rock is of =our mind6 +nd it is a %ig rock %ecause =ou have %een accumulating it for man= man= lives6 $our meditation is sim#l= crushed underneath it6 $ou cannot reach meditation directl=0 %ut =ou can remove this rock chunk %= chunk6 $ou can take a chisel and a hammer 33 thatCs @hat 2 go on #roviding =ou 33 and go on hammering on the rock6 ,lo@l= slo@l= the rock @ill disa##ear6 The da= the rock disa##ears0 suddenl= a flo@0 a fresh flo@ of @ater0 @ill start running to@ards the

ocean6 That is meditation6 *ence0 ;ra%hati0 in one sense meditation cannot %e learned6 $ou cannot #ractice it0 %ecause all #racticing is of the mind6 +ll #ractices strengthen the mind0 make it stronger6 +nd the mind has to %e made @eaker: its #o@er over =ou has to %e destro=ed6 2t has to %e #ut in its right #lace& it is not the master0 it has onl= %ecome the master6 $ou have to sto# coo#erating @ith it0 =ou have to sto# giving more and more nourishment to it6 ThatCs @hat 2 mean %= unlearning the mind6 DonCt su##ort it6 DonCt cling to it6 DonCt rel= on it6 DonCt %e #ossessed %= it6 DonCt live according to its dictates6 +nd then slo@l= slo@l= the master is free from the slave6 That master is =our meditative >ualit=6 $ou ask me& E"an meditation %e learned0 or is it0 like love0 a state of %eing that comes as a #resent4E 2t is alread= there6 2t does not come like a #resent 33 no%od= C#resentsC it to =ou 33 it is =our ver= nature0 sva%hava0 it is =our ver= %eing6 +nd so is love6 When meditation has ha##ened0 love is its aroma0 its #erfume6 + meditative #erson is naturall= loving: it canCt %e other@ise6 + loving #erson is naturall= meditative6 2f it is not so0 then =ou are deceived0 then =ou are carr=ing false coins6 2f a man thinks he is meditative and is not loving0 then his meditation is nothing %ut a mind #ractice0 something false0 #seudo6 ,omething @hich is not meditation is mas>uerading as meditation6 *e has %een deceived %= his mind6 2f a man thinks that he is ver= loving and is not meditative0 his love is nothing %ut another name for lust6 *e kno@s nothing of love: he canCt kno@ in the ver= nature of things6 +!, D*+MM) ,+/+/T+/)6 This is the ultimate la@& meditation %rings love naturall= 33 it is its aroma0 its fragrance6 +nd love e?ists onl= around the flo@er called meditation0 never other@ise6 The= are together6 !ither search for love or for meditation6 +nd =ou can onl= search for one0 %ecause things are alread= too com#licated6 2f =ou start searching for %oth =ou @ill make them even more com#licated0 =ou ma= %ecome more confused6 *ence 2 sa=0 onl= seek one6 2f =ou can find one0 the other is found @ithout an= effort on =our #art6 !ither find love or find meditation and the other @ill follo@ it like a shado@6 But the= are not learned in a direct @a= as =ou learn mathematics0 as =ou learn geogra#h=0 histor=0 as =ou learn a ne@ language6 That is not the @a= to learn meditation or love: the= are learned in an indirect @a=6 2f =ou @ant to learn meditation0 =ou @ill have to unlearn the @a=s of the mind6 2f =ou @ant to learn love0 =ou @ill have to unlearn the unloving @a=s that have %ecome ver= ingrained in =ou6 +nger0 #ossessiveness0 <ealous= 33 these @ill have to %e unlearned6 +nd it never comes as a gift %ecause it is alread= given: it is =our innermost nature6 $es0 it is a grace0 a gift0 %ut it is not going to ha##en in the future0 it has alread=

ha##ened6 $ou have never %een @ithout it0 =ou "+/CT %e @ithout it6 Love and meditation constitute =our real essential core6 The fourth >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion H 2 +M +M+Z!D +T $)-5 M!M)5$6 T) W*+T D) $)- +TT52B-T! $)-5 5!M+59+BL! M!M)5$4 8a=an0 @hat are =ou talking a%out0 man4 2 must have the @orst memor= #ossi%leD The reason =ou cannot detect it is onl= %ecause 2 donCt care6 Bust the other da= 2 @as telling =ou a stor= a%out .rihas#ati and his @ife 33 and it is not a%out .rihas#ati6 But 2 donCt careD Bust in the middle of telling it 2 remem%ered& it is a%out .achas#ati not a%out .rihas#atiD But so @hat4 .rihas#ati or .achas#ati 33 the= sound so alike6 +nd that is not the #oint either: the name of the #erson does not matter6 Whether 2 call him .rihas#ati or .achas#ati0 the #oint is made all the same6 2 @as talking a%out a concentrated mind: to @hom it %elonged need not %e @orried a%out6 )nce in +hmeda%ad 2 @as delivering a discourse6 2 mentioned a small stor= %= Marcel6 When 2 left the hall and @as entering the car0 a #rofessor a##roached and he said0 E,ir0 that stor= @as not @ritten %= Marcel0 it @as @ritten %= 9afka6E 2 said0 E;erfectl= oka=6 ,o =ou can correct it 33 at least for =ourself =ou can correct it6 +s far as 2 am concerned it doesnCt matter6E *e said0 EBut the stor= @as @ritten %= 9afkaDE 2 said0 E2 agree6 +nd if some%od= sa=s it @as @ritten %= Bean3;aul ,artre 2 @ill agree6 2 can even agree if some%od= comes and sa=s0 C,ir0 that stor= @as @ritten %= =ou6C 2 @ill agree6 2t doesnCt matter6 The #oint is that the stor= @as used to indicate something6E M= memor= is not good0 %ut 2 go on s#eaking so confidentl=666 that confidence deceives =ou6 7ather 7errucio and 7ather Messina @ere sitting in a grotto chatting6 EDo =ou think the #o#e @ill ever allo@ #riests to marr=4E asked 7ather 7errucio6 E2t @onCt ha##en in our time0E re#lied 7ather Messina6 EMa=%e in our childrenCsDE $es0 2 also have that kind of memor=6 Mrs6 Bro@n could hardl= %elieve her e=esD + mouseD )f all things 33 a mouse in her

homeD ,he @as a #erfect housekee#er0 ever=%od= said so: her s#otless home @as the #ride of her life6 But0 =es0 that @as a mouse that <ust ran across the kitchen floorD Mrs6 Bro@n shuddered and called her hus%and6 E"harlie0E she said0 Ego do@n to the store and %u= a mousetra#6 But0E she added >uickl=0 Efor goodness sake donCt tell them @hat itCs forDE ThatCs the kind of memor= 2 haveD The memor= e?#ert had %een given his turn in the village hall6 The audience had not %een enthusiastic and the >uestions asked at the end of the sho@ reall= infuriated the man6 When one dear old lad= came u# and asked him to @hat he attri%uted his remarka%le memor=0 he thought it @as time to call it a da=6 EWell0 madam0E he e?#lained @ithout a smile0 E@hen 2 @as in the air force0 2 once had to make a record #arachute <um# from a height never %efore attem#ted6 Bust as 2 <um#ed from the #lane0 the #ilot leaned out from the side and =elled0 C*e=D $ouCve forgotten =our #arachuteDC EBelieve it or not0 madam0 that taught me a lesson and 2Cve never forgotten an=thing since6E 8a=an0 2 donCt have a good memor=6 +nd a good memor= is not necessaril= a sign of intelligence either6 2n fact0 <ust the reverse is the case6 2t has %een found that the #eo#le @ho have ver= good memories are unintelligent #eo#le6 $ou @ill %e sur#rised0 %ut this is one of the ver= strange findings @hich is %ecoming more and more esta%lished& that #eo#le @ho have ver= good memories are unintelligent #eo#le 33 %ecause memor= is a mechanical #henomenon0 it needs no intelligence6 2t is <ust like a gramo#hone record6 Memor= is #art of =our mind: =our mind goes on recording6 + good recording s=stem0 a ver= good record0 does not mean that it has an= intelligence6 $es0 =our mind is a good record: it is a %iocom#uter6 +nd a fe@ minds are ver= good records 33 so good that it seems sometimes incredi%le0 un%elieva%le6 Lord "urAon0 one of the vicero=s of 2ndia0 has @ritten in his auto%iogra#h=6666 /o@ donCt %elieve me& it ma= %e Lord "urAon0 it it ma= %e some%od= elseD +nd 2 donCt kno@ @hether Lord "urAon has ever @ritten an= auto%iogra#h= or not0 %ut still 2 am going to tell =ou the stor=6 Lord "urAon has @ritten in his auto%iogra#h=6666 +nd the stor= is trueD Lord "urAon or no Lord "urAon0 %ut the stor= is true6 There @as a ver= famous man in 5a<asthan @hose memor= @as un%elieva%le6

+%solutel= uneducated he @as0 and ver= stu#id too0 %ut his memor= @as sim#l=0 a%solutel= rare0 uni>ue 33 ma=%e there has never %een a man0 %efore him or after him0 @ho can #rove his memor= to %e so one hundred #ercent correct6 Lord "urAon heard a%out him and called him to the vicero=Cs court to demonstrate his memor=6 +nd "urAon #lanned such a com#licated situation that an=%od=0 ho@soever good his memor= might %e0 @ould %e %ound to fail6 2t @as im#ossi%le to succeed 33 such @as the situation created6 Thirt= #eo#le @ere to e?amine the man 33 thirt= #eo#le each kno@ing a different language6 !ach #erson had to remem%er in his mind one sentence of his language6 +nd this man from 5a<asthan kne@ onl= 5a<asthani0 the local dialect of his state 33 no other language: and these #eo#le of the court 33 some%od= kne@ 7rench0 some%od= kne@ Latin0 some%od= 8reek0 some%od= 8erman 33 "urAon told them to make the sentences in their o@n languages as difficult as #ossi%le6 This man first had to come to the first man in the ro@ @ho had %een told to sa= the first @ord of his sentence& EWhis#er in his ear the first @ord of =our sentence6E Then a great gong 33 <ust to distur% his mind so that he forgets6 Then he reaches the other #erson and he sa=s his first @ord6 +nother gong6 *e goes round these thirt= #ersons and then comes %ack to the first again6 /o@ he sa=s his second @ord666 and the gong6 +nd he goes in a round666 he comes %ack again0 and the man sa=s his third @ord6 +nd at the end0 @hen the= have finished their sentences0 he has to re#eat each single sentence 33 thirt= sentences in thirt= languages0 and he kno@s nothing of those languagesD !ven the #eo#le @ho @ere sa=ing them had to @rite their sentences0 %ecause %= the time he came %ack the= might forget @hether the= had said the third @ord or the fourth6 +nd =ou kno@ 2 al@a=s go on forgetting @hich >uestion it isD +fter the second comes the fourth0 after the fourth comes the fifth6 )nl= one thing is not ha##ening0 @hich is %ound to ha##en someda=& after the fifth comes the first6 That has not ha##ened =et0 %ut =ou can %e certain and sure it is going to ha##en one da=6 ,o the= had to @rite their sentences to remem%er them0 %ecause a sentence might consist of t@ent= @ords and the #erson @ould come t@ent= times 33 and the gong @as hammering on their heads too6 ,o the= had to @rite their sentences and mark @hich @ord the= had said6 +nd the man re#eated se#aratel= thirt= sentences in thirt= languages @ithout an= fault6 /ot even a single @ord @as missed6 But the man @as utterl= stu#id: he @as an idiot6 /o@ this is %ecoming a #s=chological fact& that #eo#le @ith ver= good memories are unintelligent and #eo#le @ith great intelligence are not so good at remem%ering6

Bust the other da= 2 @as telling =ou a%out !dison6 2 have heard a%out 2mmanuel 9ant0 one of the most intelligent #ersons that 8erman= has ever #roduced6666 *e @as ver= %ad as far as memor= @as concerned6 )ne evening he came %ack from his routine @alk6 2t @as getting dark @hen he knocked on the door6 2n the darkness the servant could not recogniAe that it @as the #rofessor @ho had come %ack0 so he said0 EThe #rofessor has gone for a @alk0 so if =ou @ant to see him0 come a little later on6E +nd 2mmanuel 9ant said0 E)ka=0E and @ent a@a=6 +fter half an hour of @alking he remem%ered& EThis is too muchD This servant is a foolD 2 am the #rofessorDE *e @as ver= angr= at the servant6 )ne night it ha##ened0 he came from his @alk0 tired 33 he al@a=s used to carr= his @alking stick @ith him 33 and he forgot @hat is @hat6 ,o he #ut the @alking stick on the %ed0 thinking that this @as 2mmanuel 9ant0 and he himself stood in the corner of the room6 2n the middle of the night he suddenl= looked0 EWhat is the matter4E Then he remem%ered& EThings have got mi?ed u#6 2 am 2mmanuel 9ant and that is the @alking stickDE This is #ossi%le0 this is not difficult0 %ecause intelligence is a totall= different #henomenon to memor=6 )rdinaril= #eo#le have a little %it of intelligence and a little %it of memor=: the= are called the mediocre6 2t is enough for carr=ing out the routine of life and @ork6 )ne of m= friends0 Doctor 5am Manohar Lohia0 @ent to see +l%ert !instein6 +l%ert !instein had given him an e?act time to come0 %ut he @ent fifteen minutes earl=6 The @ife said0 E$ou have come0 thatCs ver= good6 *ave some tea0 rest0 %ut @e canCt %e sure @hen he @ill come out %ecause he has gone into the %athroom6 !ven 2 cannot #redict it although 2 have lived @ith him for thirt= =ears no@6 2t is un#redicta%le6E Doctor Lohia said0 EBut he has given me a tentative time6E The @ife said0 E*e goes on giving times to #eo#le0 and it is a constant trou%le to me0 %ecause 2 have to look after those #eo#le0 sometimes three hours0 four hours0 five hours6E Doctor Lohia asked0 EBut @hat does he go on doing for five hours in the %athroom4E The @ife said0 EDonCt ask 33 all kinds of things6 But he #articularl= likes to sit in his %ath and #la= @ith soa# %u%%les6 2n fact0 it is there that he has discovered all his great theories6 ;la=ing @ith soa# %u%%les he is rela?ed and he com#letel= forgets the @orld6E 2t @as a kind of meditation for him6 *e stum%led u#on the theor= of relativit= in his %athtu%6 The @hole credit goes to the %athtu%D ;la=ing @ith soa# %u%%les he @as like a child& innocent6

+nd the @ife said0 EWe canCt distur% him0 %ecause one never kno@s @here he is and to distur% him ma= destro= something %eautiful that is arising in him6E 2t is said0 once he @ent to see a friend6 The friend @as ver= ha##=: he had %een inviting him again and again0 then one da= he turned u#6 The= drank0 the= ate0 the= talked a%out the old da=s6 +nd then the night started %ecoming darker and darker and darker0 and it @as %ecoming ver= late6 The friend @as feeling slee#= and he @as ho#ing& E/o@ he @ill leave0 no@ he @ill leave0 no@ he @ill leave6E But +l%ert !instein had com#letel= forgotten6 7inall= the man gave him a hint6 *e looked at his @atch and said0 E2t is ver= late6E +l%ert !instein said0 EThatCs @hat 2 have %een thinking 33 it is ver= late6 Wh= donCt =ou go home4 2 am also feeling tired6E The man said0 EThis is too muchD This is m= homeDE +l%ert !instein said0 EThen @h= didnCt =ou sa= so %efore4 33 %ecause 2 @as ho#ing and ho#ing that =ou @ould leave no@D 2 also @ant to go to slee#6 +nd ho@ long can 2 kee# on talking a%out these nonsense things that @e have %een discussing0 @asting time4 But 2 am sorr=0 2 thought it @as m= home6E 2t has %een ha##ening again and again0 %ecause intelligence is a totall= different energ= in =ou& it comes from =our consciousness0 and memor= is onl= #art of the %iocom#uter6 Memor= is onl= utilitarian6 2ntelligence has no utilitarian #ur#osive >ualit=0 %ut it %rings freedom0 it %rings insight0 it %rings =ou to the truth6 8a=an0 2 donCt have a good memor= at all6 *ence0 man= times =ou @ill find man= faults and man= errors in @hat 2 sa=6 DonCt take much notice of them6 Bust remem%er the #oint that 2 @ant to make6 !ver=thing that 2 am sa=ing is like fingers #ointing to the moon6 DonCt cling to the fingers0 the= are irrelevant6 Look at the moon and forget the fingers com#letel=6 The si?th >uestion666 or is it the fifth4 B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion J W*+T 2, 2T T*+T *+;;!/, W*!/ )/! B!")M!, +W+9!/!D4 /othing s#ecial0 no %ig deal: nothing reall= ha##ens6 +ll ha##ening sto#s0 the @orld sto#s6 The smoke from the e=es disa##ears: =ou start looking at things as the= are6 DonCt make much fuss a%out it6 ,ooner or later man= of =ou are going to %ecome enlightened6 DonCt make much fuss a%out it6 When =ou %ecome enlightened0 <ust kee# >uiet6 DonCt sa= an=thing to an=%od= 33 it is nothing to %rag a%out6

When the nearsighted /anc= first met 9aAantAakis0 she thought he looked like a 8reek god6 But no@ that she has %een fitted @ith contact lenses she thinks he looks like a goddamned 8reek6 ThatCs @hat ha##ens& =ou start seeing things as the= are6 8reek gods %ecome goddamned 8reeks6 The last >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion K W*!/ 2 ,T+/D B+"9 +/D W+T"* 2T +LL0 2T ,!!M, ,) 2/"5!D2BL$ +/D +B,-5DL$ *-M)5)-,6 2, L27! 5!+LL$ ,) -/,!52)-,4 2, T*+T +LL T*!5! 2, T) 2T4 ;rem 2ndivar0 @hat else do =ou @ant4 What else do =ou e?#ect out of life4 2s this not more than one can ask for4 Life is tremendousl= a%surd0 that is its %eaut=6 2t is ridiculous0 that is its <o=6 2t is #la=ful0 it is not serious at all6 !?ce#t for stu#id #eo#le0 no%od= is ever serious6 ,tu#id #eo#le are %ound to %e serious %ecause that is the onl= @a= to cover their stu#idit=6 2ntelligent #eo#le have a sense of humor6 ,tu#id #eo#le cannot afford it0 %ecause a sense of humor needs great intelligence6 To %e misera%le is ver= eas=: an=%od= can do it6 2t needs nothing 33 no intelligence0 no courage6 ThatCs @h= there are so man= misera%le #eo#le all over the @orld& it is chea#0 it costs nothing0 it is availa%le free of charge6 But to %e %lissful one needs to risk much6 To have a sense of humor one needs a kind of transcendence6 ,eriousness is a disease6 /o@ =ou are asking& EWhen 2 stand %ack and @atch it all0 it seems so incredi%l= and a%surdl= humorous6E 2t is so6 Bust go on @atching more and more0 and stand as far %ack as #ossi%le6 Become a @itness6 But =ou donCt go too far0 it seems 33 <ust one ste# and then =ou <um# %ack into it6 $ou %ecome afraid %ecause it looks so incredi%l= a%surd6 $ou %ecome afraid& are =ou going mad or something4 DonCt %e @orried 33 =ou are mad alread=D /o@ nothing more can ha##en to =ou: that is =our securit=6 $ou ask& E2s life reall= so unserious4E Life kno@s nothing of seriousness0 hence =ou cannot call it unserious either6 2f there is

something serious0 then something can %e called unserious: %ut life kno@s nothing of seriousness0 hence it kno@s nothing of unseriousness either6 2t sim#l= is 33 neither serious nor unserious6 2t is @hat it is6 +nd @hen =ou see it from a distance in a cool @a=0 calm @a=0 thatCs @hat meditation is all a%out6 $ou @ill start dancing0 =ou @ill start laughing a great %ell= laughter6 +nd the Zen sa=ing sa=s& Whenever such %ell= laughter ha##ens 33 laughter like BodhidharmaCs 33 @hite lotuses start sho@ering from the sk=0 from no@here6 The @hite lotus is a %eautiful s=m%ol6 White re#resents multidimensionalit=0 %ecause @hite contains all the colors of the s#ectrum6 That is the most strange0 un%elieva%le >ualit= a%out @hite& it contains all the colors =et it seems to %e colorless6 2t is not red0 it is0 not %lue0 it is not green0 although it contains all the colors6 But it contains all those colors in such s=nthesis0 in such harmon=0 that the= all disa##ear6 The= dissolve into oneness0 and that oneness is @hite6 White re#resents the ultimate s=nthesis and harmon=6 2t is the greatest orchestra0 @here all the musical instruments dissolve into each other 33 and not onl= the instruments %ut the musicians0 too6 The @hole orchestra functions as a single0 organic0 orgasmic unit=6 White re#resents that6 +nd the lotus also is a great s=m%ol0 #articularl= in the !ast 33 naturall=0 %ecause the !ast kno@s @hat great lotuses are6 2n the West =ou onl= have small lotuses 33 the= need hot sun6 The !ast kno@s great fragrant lotuses0 and the lotus %ecame one of the central s=m%ols of the !ast6 $ou ma= have seen %uddha statues of Buddha sitting on a lotus0 of .ishnu0 the *indu god0 standing on a lotus6 The lotus re#resents the essential meaning of sann=as6 The lotus lives in the lake and =et the @ater cannot touch it6 2t lives in the @ater and =et remains untouched %= the @ater6 The lotus re#resents the @itnessing >ualit= of =our %eing& =ou live in the @orld0 %ut =ou remain a @itness6 $ou remain in the @orld and =et =ou are not #art of it6 $ou #artici#ate and =et =ou are not #art of it6 $ou are in the @orld0 %ut the @orld is not in =ou6 When =ou %ecome a calm and cool o%server of life =ou are going to laugh 33 not ordinar= laughter %ut a %ell= laughter like a lionCs roar6 +nd @hite lotuses @ill start sho@ering on =ou6 Life is neither serious nor nonserious6 2t is a tremendous #la=0 #la=fulness6 $es0 man= times it is ridiculous0 incredi%l= a%surd0 %ut in our minds those @ords have a ver= @rong connotation0 something negative6 When @e sa= something is a%surd @e mean that it is something @rong6 /o0 it is not so6 +%surd sim#l= means %e=ond our logic6 +%surd sim#l= means %e=ond our e?#ectations6 +%surd sim#l= means that there is al@a=s a sur#rise6 +%surd sim#l= means that life is un#redicta%le and cannot %e reduced to cause3and3effect0 that life is

more than logic0 more than language can contain0 more than can %e e?#ressed6 +nd it is tremendousl= humorous666 %ecause here =ou see gods #retending to %e %eggars6 $es0 it is a #retense6 *ere =ou @ill see %uddhas %eing misera%le6 *ave =ou ever gone to see a drama0 not from the audience0 %ut %ackstage @here actors and actresses dress themselves u# and #re#are themselves4 Then =ou @ill %e sur#rised6 That @as one of m= ho%%ies in m= childhood0 to someho@ get %ackstage6 2n m= village ever= =ear the= used to #la= ramleela0 the great stor= of 5ama6 +nd it is far more %eautiful if =ou see @hat ha##ens at the %ack6 2 have seen ,ita0 the @ife of 5ama6666 2n 2ndia she is @orshi##ed as the greatest @oman ever %orn0 a%solutel= virtuous0 #ure6 2t is im#ossi%le to conceive of a #urer @oman or a #urer love6 2t is a%solutel= im#ossi%le to conceive of a more religious0 more #ious0 more hol= @oman6 But at the %ack of the stage 2 have seen ,ita %efore she goes on the stage 33 smoking %eediesD /o@ 9rishna ;rem need not %e @orried a%out %eediesD Bust to #re#are herself0 <ust to give herself a shot of nicotine0 ,ita @as smoking %eedies6 2t @as so a%surd6 2 en<o=ed it so muchD +nd 5avana0 the man @ho is the criminal in the drama of 5amaCs life0 @ho steals ,ita and @ho re#resents evil in 2ndia0 @as telling 5ama0 E$ou %e a@areD Last night =ou @ere continuousl= looking at m= @ife in the audience0 and if 2 see =ou doing that again 2 @ill teach =ou a lessonDE /o@0 5ama is the incarnation of 8od0 %ut in the drama he @as <ust a school%o= 33 and school%o=s are school%o=s6 +nd 5avana teaching him0 evil incarnate teaching 8od666EDonCt look at m= @ife 33 that is not rightDE 2 en<o=ed %eing %ackstage so much that @hat ha##ened on the stage looked ver= ordinar=6 When =ou %ecome a @itness =ou enter the %ackstage of life 33 and there things are reall= a%surd 33 =ou start seeing things as the= are6 !ver=thing is illogical0 nothing makes sense6 But that is the %eaut= of life& that nothing makes sense6 2f ever=thing made sense0 life @ould %e a %oredom6 Because nothing makes sense0 life is al@a=s a constant <o=0 a constant sur#rise6 The man looked at the #s=chiatrist and said0 E2 @ork at the #ickle factor= and 2 have an incredi%le desire to #ut m= #rick in the #ickle cutter6E The doctor thought for a moment and then re#lied0 E2 see6 ;erha#s it is a result of some su##ressed childhood %ehavior 33 could %e an )edi#us com#le?6 2 suggest =ou take a t@o @eek vacation0 then =ou go %ack to @ork for a @eek and then return to me to start thera#=6E

Three @eeks later the man returned and told the doctor that he had done it6 E$ou stuck =our #rick in the #ickle cutter4E E$es0E the man re#lied6 EWell0 @hat ha##ened4E the #s=chiatrist asked6 E2 @as fired0E he said6 E$es0 of course0 %ut didnCt something else ha##en4E E)h =es0E the man re#lied0 Ethe #ickle cutter0 she @as fired too6E !nough for toda=6 The White Lotus "ha#ter (J "ha#ter title& The !=e of Zen H /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 110H0 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,0J +udio& $es .ideo& /o 1-!,T2)/& 2 *+.! *!+5D T*+T +LL B-DD*+, 2/ T*! ;+,T0 ;5!,!/T +/D 7-T-5! ;5!+"*!D T*! ,+M! D*+5M+ +/D ")-/TL!,, B!2/8, W!5! ,+.!D 75)M ,-77!52/86 2, T*2, /)T T5-!4 +/,W!5& $)- *+.! *!+5D ,)M!)/! ,;!+9 )7 D5!+M,0 +/D $)$)-5,!L7 +5! +"T-+LL$ D5!+M2/86 W*+T!.!5 $)- 728-5! W2T* $)-5 D-+L2,T2" M2/D /!.!5 M+9!, + T5-! +"")-/T )7 M2/D !,,!/"!0 T*!5!7)5!0 2 "+LL $)- + D5!+M!56 D5!+M 2, )/! T*2/8 +/D 5!+L2Z+T2)/ +/)T*!56 D) /)T M2I T*!M T)8!T*!56 W2,D)M 2/ T*! D5!+M 2, /)T T*! 5!+L W2,D)M6 )/! W*) *+, T5-! W2,D)M D)!, /)T *)LD ,!L735!")8/2T2)/6 B-DD*+, 2/ T*! ;+,T0 ;5!,!/T +/D 7-T-5! +5! 2/ T*! 5!+LM B!$)/D ")8/2T2)/6 27 $)- ,*-T )77 $)-5 T*2/92/8 7+"-LT$0 BL)"92/8 )77 T*! 5)+D )7 $)-5 M2/D0 $)- W2LL !/T!5 + D277!5!/T ,;*!5!6 -/T2L T*+T T2M!0 W*+T!.!5 $)- T*2/90 W*+T!.!5 $)- ,+$0 W*+T!.!5 $)- D) 2, /)T*2/8 B-T 7))L2,*/!,, 2/ D5!+ML+/D6 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 92/D )7 W2,D)M ,*)-LD )/! -,! T) "-T )77 D!L-,2)/,4 +/,W!5& W*!/ $)- )B,!5.! $)-5 D!L-,2)/,0 $)- W2LL 9/)W

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he #ath to realit= is full of #arado?es0 hence the logical mind cannot com#rehend it6 Logic is inca#a%le of understanding a #arado?6 Logic tries to dissolve all #arado?es0 to make things straight0 clear6 But #arado? is intrinsic to nature6 /ature e?ists through contradictions6 "ontradictions are not reall= contradictions %ut com#lementaries6 The #erson @ho thinks a%out truth is %ound to think @rongl=6 +ll thinking is @rong a%out truth0 %ecause the moment =ou start thinking =ou follo@ the #ath of logic 33 and realit= is #arado?ical: the= never crisscross6 The= run #arallel0 %ut the= never meet6 +nother name for this #arado?icalit= of e?istence is m=ster=6 M=ster= is not a riddle0 m=ster= is not a #ro%lem0 %ecause it cannot %e solved6 There is sim#l= no @a= to solve it6 2t is to %e lived0 e?#erienced6 $et =ou @ill not %e a%le to ans@er @hat it is0 %ecause the moment =ou tr= to ans@er it =ou have to %ring language in 33 and language is logical6 Language is created %= the logical mind0 hence language is inade>uate0 a%solutel= inade>uate to e?#ress truth6 Truth can %e e?#ressed onl=

through silence0 %ut then silence again is a m=ster=6 The first #arado? that =ou @ill come across on the #ath is& the mind cannot ask a right >uestion6 2t is not @ithin its #o@ers to ask the right >uestion0 %ecause to ask the right >uestion is to find the ans@er immediatel=6 2n fact0 the right >uestion is the ans@er6 2n the @orld of the mind there is a dualit=& the >uestion and the ans@er: the= are se#arate6 2n the @orld of realit=0 the right >uestion is the ans@er6 2f =ou can ask the right >uestion0 there is no need even to ask: the ver= understanding of the right >uestion is enough to understand the ans@er6 But the right >uestion cannot %e asked %= the mind: it can %e asked onl= %= the no3mind6 But the no3mind never asks an=thing6 This is the first #arado? one comes across& the mind asks >uestions0 %ut all >uestions raised %= the mind are %ound to %e @rong0 %ecause mind itself is @rong6 +n=thing that arises out of that state is going to %e @rong0 and a @rong >uestion cannot lead =ou to the right ans@er6 The mind can ask millions of >uestions0 %ut there is no ans@er an=@here for those >uestions6 The no3mind kno@s the ans@er0 %ut the no3mind never asks the >uestion6 2t is so at ease0 so at home @ith realit=0 that the >uestion does not arise6 The nonarising of the >uestion is the ans@er6 ,o the @hole effort of Bodhidharma is to change the gestalt of =our %eing0 =our focus6 $ou are focused on the dualistic mind6 The dualistic mind al@a=s thinks in terms of either/or& E!ither 8od is light or 8od is darkness6 *o@ can 8od %e %oth4E 2t %ecomes im#ossi%le for the mind to conceive that 8od is %oth simultaneousl=& light and darkness0 life and death: that 8od is and is not0 and he is %oth together simultaneousl=6 The mind starts feeling craA= if =ou force it to think u#on such matters6 The mind sim#l= recoils0 it sa=s0 EThis is nonsenseDE )ne of the ver= keenest minds of the modern West is +rthur 9oestler6 *e came to stud= Zen6 /o@0 Zen cannot %e studied in the first #lace: it is not a >uestion of stud=ing6 $ou cannot a##roach it through the mind0 through the intellect 33 %ut that is the onl= a##roach availa%le to the contem#orar= man6 "ontem#orar= man is far #oorer than man has ever %een %efore 33 rich in things %ut #oor in understanding6 +rthur 9oestler came to 2ndia0 to Ba#an0 traveling in search of @hat Zen is 33 stud=ing scri#tures0 >uestioning masters0 collecting notes of their ans@ers6 +nd then he @rote a %ook against Zen6 2 can understand @h= he @rote against it 33 %ecause he felt the @hole thing @as nonsense& the @hole thing a##eared to him so illogical6 2 cannot condemn him6 *e re#resents the modern mind0 he re#resents intellect6 2f =ou a##roach through the intellect then Zen is illogical0 %ut so is life0 so is this @hole e?istence6 *ere0 da= and night are one: here0 summer and @inter are one: here0 life and death are one6 9oestler should think a little %it more a%out life0 too6 Life is more like Zen than like

an=thing else: Zen ma= %e illogical %ecause life is illogical6 Logic is a manmade #henomenon6 Logic is a frame im#osed %= us on e?istence6 We tr= to sort things out0 and e?istence is a %eautiful chaos6 We @ant to figure things out0 @hat is @hat0 and in e?istence ever=thing is turning and changing into ever=thing else6 The mud %ecomes the lotus0 and one da= the lotus falls %ack into the mud again6 The mud %ecomes the %od= of a human %eing0 a %eautiful %od=0 and one da= it goes %ack to the earth6 The earth rises into a tree0 %ecomes green0 red roses flo@er0 great fragrance is released0 and one da= all disa##ears like a dream6 +gain the earth is %ack6 !?istence has no trou%le @ith contradictions6 2t is the +ristotelian logic that is creating trou%le for us6 The first #arado? is that the mind that can ask the >uestion is not ca#a%le of understanding the ans@er0 and the mind0 or no3mind0 or %uddha3mind0 that is ca#a%le of asking the right >uestion need not ask it6 Before =ou ask0 the ans@er is there6 Let us sa= it in other @ords& the head onl= has >uestions and the heart onl= has ans@ers6 -nless =ou reach to the de#th of the heart =ou @ill not have an= real ans@ers6 $es0 ans@ers =ou @ill have0 %ecause mind is ver= clever at su##l=ing false ans@ers6 2t raises false >uestions0 it su##lies false ans@ers6 ThatCs @hat #hiloso#h= is all a%out0 thatCs @hat doing #hiloso#h= means6 !ach false >uestion is follo@ed %= man= false ans@ers: =ou can choose an=0 %ut the= are all false6 The= are false %ecause the= are <ust guess@ork6 5ealit= has to %e encountered0 em%raced0 tasted6 )ne has not to %e se#arate from it to kno@ it0 one has to dissolve oneself into it to kno@ it6 The first >uestion& 2 *+.! *!+5D T*+T +LL B-DD*+, 2/ T*! ;+,T0 ;5!,!/T +/D 7-T-5! ;5!+"*!D T*! ,+M! D*+5M+ +/D ")-/TL!,, B!2/8, W!5! ,+.!D 75)M ,-77!52/86 2, 2T /)T T5-!4 The >uestion starts @ith 2 *+.! *!+5D0 and from the ver= %eginning it is @rong0 %ecause it is not even =our >uestion6 The >uestion is also %orro@ed: it is %ased on other #eo#leCs e?#erience6 2t is <ust an o#inion that =ou have gathered from some@here and no@ =ou are making a >uestion out of it6 2t has no roots in =ou6 2t is like a #lastic flo@er =ou have #urchased from the market& it @ill not have an= fragrance0 it is not alive6 The real >uestion cannot arise out of othersC o#inions6 $ou have to %e in a meditative mood to find the real >uestion6 $ou have to learn ho@ to commune @ith e?istence6 The >uestion starts& 2 *+.! *!+5D 33 it goes @rong from the ver= %eginning 33 T*+T +LL B-DD*+, 2/ T*! ;+,T0 ;5!,!/T +/D 7-T-5!6666 /o@0 for a %uddha there is no #ast0 no #resent0 no future6 The %uddha e?ists onl= in the eternal6

ThatCs @h= he is called the %uddha& %ecause he has transcended time6 To %e in time is to %e aslee#6 Time is our slee#0 time is our mind0 time is our dreaming6 To go %e=ond dreaming0 thinking0 mind0 means to go %e=ond time6 Time does not consist of the #resent0 remem%er: it consists onl= of the #ast and the future6 *ave =ou ever encountered the #resent4 The moment =ou sa=0 E$es0 this is the #resent0E it is no more the #resent0 it is alread= the #ast6 The moment =ou recogniAe through the mind that this is the #resent0 it has alread= sli##ed %=6 Mind cannot gras# it0 it is so fast6 The moment mind %ecomes a@are of it0 the %ird has alread= flo@n out of the cage6 The mind can think of the #ast %ecause it is a dead #henomenon6 The mind can accumulate dead things ver= easil= 33 it is an anti>ue collector6 )r0 the mind can think of the future6 The #ast is no more0 the future not =et: in one sense %oth are the same0 %ecause %oth are none?istential6 +nd mind is clever @ith the none?istential6 2t can go on into the future %ecause it can dream0 #ro<ect0 imagine0 and there is no hindrance6 But @hen the >uestion of the #resent arises0 mind is a%solutel= im#otent0 %ecause the #resent is so alive and mind is clever onl= @ith the dead6 The #resent is #resent0 and mind is clever onl= at dreaming0 desiring0 #ro<ecting0 imagining6 $ou cannot dream in the #resent0 =ou cannot desire in the #resent6 2f =ou desire0 it is in the future6 Desire %rings the tomorro@ in6 Besus sa=s to his disci#les& Look at the lilies in the field6 *o@ %eautiful the= areD +nd @hat is the secret of their %eaut=4 Wh= are the= so %eautiful4 33 more %eautiful0 Besus sa=s0 than ,olomon had ever %een in all his grandeur6 The #oor lilies are far more %eautiful than the great ,olomon6 Wh=4 33 for the sim#le reason that the= think not of the morro@0 for the sim#le reason that the= are in the #resent6 That is the %eaut= of the trees0 of the roses0 of the lotuses0 of the stars0 of the earth0 of the sk=0 of the animals6 Look into the e=es of a cat or a dog0 look into the e=es of a small child6 What de#th and @hat innocence and @hat clarit=D What is the secret of it all4 + sim#le #henomenon& the= live in the #resent0 the= are not =et corru#ted %= the #ast and the future6 The mind has not =et a##eared6 Time has not =et a##eared6 $ou have %een told and taught that time has three tenses& #ast0 #resent0 future6 That is utterl= @rong6 Time has onl= t@o tenses0 #ast and future: the #resent is #art of eternit=0 not #art of time6 ,o @hen =ou are in the #resent0 =ou are in the eternal6 The >uestion is @rong at ever= ste#6 2t is going to %e so0 %ecause the >uestion is from the mind6 7irst the >uestioner sa=s& 2 *+.! *!+5D6666 That must have %een enough for Bodhidharma to start laughing0 or he must have taken his staff in his hand to hit and %eat this man6 2t ha##ens man= times that =ou enter the room of the Zen master and %efore =ou have even uttered a single @ord he sa=s0 EWrong0 @rongDE $ou have not uttered a single

@ord0 %ut the @a= =ou enter0 the %od= language0 is enough6 $ou are entering hesitant0 dou%tful0 sus#icious0 or =ou are tr=ing to #rove =ourself0 tr=ing to %e ver= courageous0 formulating a certain >uestion or some e?#erience 33 ho@ to sa= it 33 and the master has seen it all and has heard it %efore =ou have even uttered a single @ord6 )ne disci#le of 5inAai told him one da=0 EWhen 2 come @ith an ans@er 33 %ecause =ou have given me a koan6666E + koan is a m=ster=: it re#resents e?istence6 + koan is a riddle @hich is not solu%le6 + koan is something a%surd6 EThe sound of one hand cla##ing0E that is a koan6 EWhat is the sound of one hand cla##ing4E /o@0 the disci#le has %een meditating on it6 !ver= da= he comes0 he has to come to ans@er the masterCs >uestion& EWhat have =ou found4 What is the outcome of =our meditations4E *e %rings all kinds of ans@ers 33 and @hatsoever ans@er he %rings is @rong 33 and he is %eaten and thro@n out6 )ne da= the disci#le could not %ear it an=more6 2t @as too much0 %ecause he had not said an=thing and the master started %eating him6 *e said0 EBut @aitD 2 have not even said an=thingDE The master said0 EThere is no need to sa= it0 2 have heard it6 2 have seen it in =our e=es0 2 have seen it in =our @alk6 2 recogniAe it immediatel=6 When =ou have found the ans@er =ou @ill not need to sa= it0 2 @ill kno@ it6E +nd0 =es0 it ha##ened e?actl= like that6 When the disci#le found the ans@er6666 There is no ans@er: thatCs @hat he found6 )ne da= he found that E2 am <ust %eing foolish6 There is no ans@er6E $ou can sa= it from the ver= %eginning0 that Ethis is foolishDE %ut that @onCt do6 $ou have to #ass through all that fire of tackling an a%surd >uestion0 kno@ing dee# do@n that there is no ans@er to it and =et still searching for the ans@er6 ThatCs ho@ =ou dig dee# @ithin =ourself6 )ne da=0 @hen he had reached his core0 there @as no >uestion0 no ans@er6 *e started laughing6 That da= he didnCt come to re#ort 33 there @as nothing to re#ort 33 %ut that da= the master a##eared in his room and he said0 E/o@ =ou have found6 /o need even to come to me: @hen =ou have found0 2 @ill come to =ou6 /o@ the @hole commune is affected %= =our finding0E the master said6 E$our vi%e is #ulsating so loudl= all around that those @ho understand the language of vi%es kno@ that some%od= has attained0 that some%od= has arrived home0 that a traveler has reached6E Bodhidharma must have started laughing from the ver= %eginning6 2t is not re#orted0 %ecause this is the note%ook of a disci#le6 Man= things are not re#orted in it0 %ecause the disci#le cannot re#ort them 33 he canCt understand the inner reflections that ha##en on the mirror of the master: all that he can re#ort are the @ords that the master utters6 *ence nothing is said a%out Bodhidharma6 The disci#le goes on asking >uestions and

he goes on noting do@n the ans@ers6 The re#ort seems to %e a little dull0 it has no touch of aliveness0 %ecause it consists of the disci#leCs notes6 *ence man= things are missing0 man= things that the master must have done are not re#orted %ecause the disci#le cannot understand them6 7or e?am#le0 if Bodhidharma starts laughing0 listening to the >uestion0 the disci#le @ill not re#ort it: it @ill look too humiliating6 *e sim#l= re#orts the @ords 33 @ords that he feels can fit @ith his ans@er0 although @hat Bodhidharma sa=s is totall= different from @hat he is asking6 2 *+.! *!+5D0 he asked0 T*+T +LL B-DD*+, 2/ T*! ;+,T0 ;5!,!/T +/D 7-T-5! ;5!+"*!D T*! ,+M! D*+5M+6666 5emem%er0 for %uddhas there is no #ast0 no #resent0 no future6 + %uddha is one @ho has %ecome a@akened6 Time is a dream #henomenon6 *ave =ou ever o%served ho@ time changes as =ou change4 2f =ou are misera%le0 time %ecomes long0 length=6 2f =ou are <o=ous0 time %ecomes small6 But the clock @ill sho@ the same time6 2f it is one hour then the clock @ill sho@ that one hour has #assed 33 @hether =ou are misera%le or %lissful0 the clock is not affected6 The clock goes on moving: it is a mechanical device6 2t sim#l= re#orts chronological time0 it does not re#ort =our inner e?#eriences of time6 2f =ou are sitting @ith a friend after man= =ears0 time #asses so fast6 2f =ou are lonel=0 misera%le0 an?ious0 restless0 time seems to #ass @ith such slo@ness6 This is =our e?#erience0 that time %ecomes longer or shorter according to =ou0 according to =our mind6 $ou must have kno@n some moments @hen time had totall= sto##ed6 )rdinaril=0 %iological man0 the slee#= man0 onl= kno@s such moments through lovemaking 33 %ecause it is onl= in lovemaking that he loses his mind0 it is onl= in lovemaking that he gets lost6 But that #eak0 the orgasmic #eak0 in @hich he loses all mind0 and %ecomes <ust a vi%ration0 %ecomes <ust an energ=0 a li>uid energ= 33 no thought0 no #ast0 no future0 no desire 33 ha##ens onl= for moments6 2t is onl= through love and the orgasmic e?#erience that =ou %ecome a@are that there is a #ossi%ilit= of time sto##ing totall=6 *ence 2 sa=& se?ual orgasm is the lo@est %ut the fundamental e?#erience of meditation 33 lo@est and fundamental6 2t is through se?ual orgasm that man %ecame a@are of the infinite #ossi%ilit= of sto##ing time com#letel=0 of getting out of time6 2f =ou can get out of time for one moment0 that means one can get out of time forever0 too6 Then @a=s and means have to %e found6 ThatCs ho@ Tantra0 $oga0 Zen0 Tao0 ,ufism0 all kinds of @a=s and means0 have %een found6 )nce man %ecame a@are that

the #ossi%ilit= e?ists that there is a @indo@ through @hich he can esca#e0 even though it ha##ens onl= once in a @hile6666 Man= times #eo#le ask me @h= @omen have not %ecome great masters like Buddha0 Zarathustra0 Lao TAu0 Bodhidharma0 Besus 33 @h=4 )ne of the fundamental reasons is that man has denied @omen the e?#erience of orgasm6 $ou @ill %e sur#rised %= m= ans@er6 $ou @ill not have imagined that that @ould %e the root cause @h= @omen could not rise as high as a Buddha0 as a Bodhidharma6 What @ent @rong4 )ne thing& man has not allo@ed @omen to have the e?#erience of orgasm6 +nd it %ecame #ossi%le %ecause there is a little difference %et@een a manCs orgasm and a @omanCs orgasm6 Man comes to his orgasmic #eak ver= >uickl=0 so he can have his orgasm easil=0 >uickl=6 The @oman comes to the orgasmic #lane slo@l=: her #ace is different6 -nless a man loves the @oman tremendousl= and hel#s her to come to the orgasmic state and moves slo@l= @ith her6666 2f he cares a%out her0 is not <ust using the @oman as a means to attain his o@n orgasm %ut is also careful and attentive and loving enough that she should also have her orgasm0 then he moves slo@l=6 ThatCs @hat Tantra discovered centuries ago& that man has to move ver= slo@l=6 ManCs orgasm is local0 genital0 and the @omanCs orgasm is more total6 *er @hole %od= is involved in it0 hence it takes time6 ManCs orgasm is so local that it does not take much time6 -nless a man loves the @oman0 caresses her %od=0 hel#s her @hole %od= to rise to the #eak6666 2t is a su%tle art to come to the orgasmic state together6 When man and @oman %oth come to the orgasmic state together0 simultaneousl=0 it is a great e?#erience of ecstas= 33 ver= rich6 Man coming alone to orgasm is one thing& it misses much0 it is not so rich0 it is not multidimensional6 2t is more or less mastur%ator= 33 the @oman has %een used onl= as a means for mastur%ation 33 it is not true orgasm0 and the @oman remains %ehind6 +nd man has %een doing that for centuries0 so man= @omen have com#letel= forgotten that there is an= #ossi%ilit= of orgasm for them6 2t is onl= no@ @ith the @omenCs li%eration movement that @omen are %ecoming a@are that in the #ast the= have %een missing something ver= valua%le in their lives6 2n the !ast the= are not =et a@are of it6 2t is ver= rare in the !ast to find an orgasmic @oman0 one @ho kno@s @hat orgasm is6 !ven in the West onl= a ver= small #ercentage of @omen is %ecoming ca#a%le of orgasm6 This has %een the greatest o##ression0 the greatest e?#loitation of @omen0 %ecause if @omen are de#rived of orgasm the= are de#rived of one of the most fundamental e?#eriences of meditation6 The onl= @indo@ to@ards 8od remains closed6 The= never %ecome a@are that there is a moment @hen time disa##ears0 that there is a moment

@hen E2 am no more a %od=0 no more a mind0 %ut a #ure consciousness 33 a%solutel= thoughtless0 desireless0 dreamless and utterl= %lissful6E This is the lo@est e?#erience0 remem%er: one has not to sto# there6 This is the first ste# of a long <ourne=0 onl= then do =ou arrive at the tem#le6 But it is a necessar= ste#0 it is ver= fundamental6 ,o once in a @hile =ou ma= have %ecome a@are that time sto#s0 %ut time sto#s onl= @hen =ou are %lissful6 Time sto#s onl= @hen =ou are a%solutel= @ithout mind 33 conscious0 =et mind is not there 33 %ecause =ou are not CmindingC0 =ou are not thinking666 a sim#le e?istence6 2t can ha##en in music0 it can ha##en @hile @atching a sunset0 it can ha##en @hile =ou are #ainting6 But these e?#eriences are far more rare0 @hereas se? is availa%le to each and ever=%od=& it is a %iological gift of nature6 To %e a musician of such cali%er that =ou can lose =ourself as =ou lose =ourself in a @oman or a man is a rare #henomenon: it ha##ens onl= once in a @hile6 To %e a #ainter0 a scul#tor0 a dancer0 a #oet 33 this needs great talents0 and one ma= not have them 33 %ut the same thing ha##ens6 ThatCs @h= it is #ossi%le for a great #ainter to go %e=ond se? ver= easil=& %ecause he has another @indo@ to e?#erience the orgasm0 to e?#erience the timeless moment0 to e?#erience 8od6 2t is easier for a #oet or a dancer to go %e=ond se? than it is for others0 %ecause the= have an alternative through @hich the= can e?#erience the same thing 33 and ma=%e @ith a greater de#th6 But @hatsoever the cause0 if =ou have ever e?#erienced a moment @hen time sto#s0 that is the moment @hich has to %e understood %ecause that is the nature of meditation6 That is @hat %rings =ou home finall=0 ultimatel=6 Before that0 all kinds of >uestions @ill arise: the= are all meaningless6 Masters ans@er them %ecause of com#assion0 other@ise the= are all foolish6 Mind is stu#id 33 mind as such is stu#id6 2t asks ver= stu#id >uestions6 The >uestioner is asking& 2 *+.! *!+5D T*+T +LL B-DD*+, 2/ T*! ;+,T0 ;5!,!/T +/D 7-T-5! ;5!+"*!D T*! ,+M! D*+5M+6666 /o@0 a %uddha does not #reach6 $es0 much ha##ens through him0 %ut he is not a #reacher6 *e is not a sermoniAer0 he is not a #riest: he is not even a #ro#het6 ,ome%od= asked 9rishnamurti0 EWh= do =ou talk4E 9rishnamurti said0 EWh= does the rose %loom4 +sk the rose 33 and m= ans@er is the same6E 7or a %uddha it is not a >uestion of #reaching0 it is sim#l= his overflo@ing

com#assion6 These @ords donCt a##l= to the %uddhas6 /o ordinar= @ord is a##lica%le to the %uddha 33 =ou have to change its meaning so totall= that it is no longer the same @ord6 The >uestioner sa=s& The= have ;5!+"*!D T*! ,+M! D*+5M+ +/D ")-/TL!,, B!2/8, W!5! ,+.!D 75)M ,-77!52/86 /o@0 suffering is a dream& =ou suffer %ecause =ou are aslee#6 2t is a nightmare0 it is not a realit=6 ,o there is no >uestion of saving =ou: =ou are alread= saved6 5emem%er0 a %uddha is not a savior0 a %uddha is onl= an a@akener6 /o%od= needs to %e saved: =ou are alread= saved6 $ou ma= %e having a nightmare and =ou ma= %e suffering in =our nightmare0 %ut it is all dream6 2t is not true0 it is not real0 and @henever =ou a@ake =ou @ill laugh at the @hole a%surdit= of it6 But @e understand things according to ourselves0 hence these >uestions6 )ur minds are so much conditioned that @e go on asking >uestions @hich are not relevant at all6 +nd there are #eo#le @ho @ill ans@er our >uestions0 and @e ma= %e consoled0 and @e ma= start clinging to ideas and #hiloso#hies6 The real master is not going to give =ou an ans@er as a consolation0 %ecause that @ill %e strengthening =our old mind6 The real master @ill hammer0 shatter =our head com#letel=6 *e @ill cut =our head6 *e @ill make =ou a@are that this mind can accumulate man= ans@ers0 %ut the= are all useless0 meaningless0 %ecause this mind itself is @rong6 The +merican di#lomatic courier had <ust arrived in the tin= Latin +merican ca#ital0 and0 as he strode %riskl= out of the air#ort terminal0 he @as o%viousl= charged @ith a sense of his o@n self3im#ortance0 sna##ing instructions at the #orters carr=ing his luggage and looking a%out im#atientl= for the car that @as su##osed to %e there to meet him6 *e certainl= had no time for the dirt= little street urchins @ho trailed after him0 tr=ing to sell ever=thing from a shoeshine to their sisters6 E*e=0 +mericanoDE called out one lad0 es#eciall= @orldl=3@ise for his =ears6 E2 get @hat =ou like if =ou #a= 33 feelth= #ictures0 mari<uana0 girls0 %o=s6E E2 canCt %e %othered @ith this vermin0E the undi#lomatic messenger disdainfull= #roclaimed0 %rushing his ragged #ursuer aside6 EM= %usiness here is @ith the +merican am%assador6E E"an do0 senor0E res#onded the %o=0 E%ut for an am%assador =ou @eel have to #a= e?tra6E

;eo#le have their o@n conditioning0 their o@n thinking0 their o@n @a=s of looking at things6 The= hear from a #reoccu#ied mind0 the= >uestion from a #reoccu#ied mind0 and an= ans@er given to them never reaches undistorted6 The >uestioner asks& 2, 2T /)T T5-!4 Bodhidharma sa=s& $)- *+.! *!+5D ,)M!)/! ,;!+9 )7 D5!+M,0 +/D $)- $)-5,!L7 +5! +"T-+LL$ D5!+M2/86 W*+T!.!5 $)- 728-5! W2T* $)-5 D-+L2,T2" M2/D /!.!5 M+9!, + T5-! +"")-/T )7 M2/D !,,!/"!0 T*!5!7)5! 2 "+LL $)- + D5!+M!56 D5!+M 2, )/! T*2/8 +/D 5!+L2Z+T2)/ +/)T*!56 D) /)T M2I T*!M T)8!T*!56 W2,D)M 2/ T*! D5!+M 2, /)T T*! 5!+L W2,D)M6 )/! W*) *+, T5-! W2,D)M D)!, /)T *)LD ,!L735!")8/2T2)/6 B-DD*+, 2/ T*! ;+,T0 ;5!,!/T +/D 7-T-5! +5! 2/ T*! 5!+LM B!$)/D ")8/2T2)/6 27 $)- ,*-T )77 $)-5 T*2/92/8 7+"-LT$0 BL)"92/8 )77 T*! 5)+D )7 $)-5 M2/D0 $)- W2LL !/T!5 + D277!5!/T ,;*!5!6 -/T2L T*+T T2M!0 W*+T!.!5 $)- T*2/90 W*+T!.!5 $)- ,+$0 W*+T!.!5 $)- D) 2, /)T*2/8 B-T 7))L2,*/!,, 2/ D5!+ML+/D6 To cut do@n on e?#enses0 t@o secretaries decided to vacation together and to share a hotel room6 )n the first night0 one turned to her friend and rested her hand on her shoulder6 EThereCs something a%out m=self 2Cve never told =ou0E she admitted6 E2Cll %e frank6666E E/o0E said the other girl0 E2Cll %e 7rank6E E2Cd like to %u= some %od= makeu# for m= girlfriend0E the =oung musician told the clerk at the cosmetics counter6 E"ertainl=0 sir0E said the clerk6 EWhat color @ould =ou like4E E/ever mind the color0E said the musician6 EWhat flavors do =ou have4E This is the state of ever=%od=& @e are living in our o@n dreams6 What Bodhidharma calls dreamland =ou can call Disne=land or "alifornialandD /o@ the @hole @orld is slo@l= slo@l= turning into a Disne=land 33 in fact0 it has al@a=s %een so6 ;eo#le live in their dreams6 The so3called ordinar= #eo#le live in their dreams and the so3called .6.6l6;6Cs live in the same kind of dream @orld6

The #o#e @as reading in his .atican sanctuar= @hen suddenl= he @as called to the tele#hone6 EThis is 7ather /ovelli in /e@ $ork0E said the voice6 E$our *oliness0 2 think that Besus "hrist is @alking do@n the middle of 7ifth +venue6 What should 2 do4E ELook3a %us=DE re#lied the #ontiff6 Look3a %us= 33 @hat else can =ou do4 These #eo#le0 @hether the small or the so3called %ig ones0 are in the same @orld6 2 have heard& Michelangelo @as #ainting the ceiling of a church6 *e @as alone on to# of a %ig stool6 )ne @oman came in and started #ra=ing loudl=0 talking to 8od6 Michelangelo heard her sa=ing things to 8od6 *e en<o=ed the @a= she @as talking to 8od as if 8od @as reall= there0 so he #la=ed a trick on her6 *e said0 EListenD 2 am Besus "hristDE The @oman said0 E$ou shut u#D 2 am talking to =our fatherDE Bust look around6 Bust @atch #eo#le6 $ou need not go to the movies0 =ou need not read detective novels6 Bust sit %= the side of the road and @atch #eo#leCs faces& ho@ the= are moving0 ho@ the= are @alking0 their gestures6 + fe@ are talking to themselves0 their li#s are moving6 !ver=%od= seems to %e in a dream0 in his o@n @orld6 ThatCs @h= there is such a clash& %ecause each one has his o@n @orld vie@ and his o@n @orld0 so @henever t@o #ersons come close0 sooner or later the clash ha##ens6 The clash is %ound to ha##en %ecause their dreams cannot coincide 33 and ever=%od= @ants to im#ose his dreams on the other6 /o@0 no%od= can dream =our dreams: that is im#ossi%le6 Dreams cannot %e im#osed on others6 $ou cannot share =our dreams @ith others6 $ou cannot invite =our @ife or =our hus%and into =our dream: that is im#ossi%le6 Dreaming is such a #rivate #henomenon6 *ence0 #eo#le @ho live in dreams live in a #rivate @orld: the= never %ecome a@are of the real @orld that surrounds us6 The= see0 %ut through a thick mist6 The= see0 and =et the= see not6 $)- *+.! *!+5D ,)M!)/! ,;!+9 )7 D5!+M,0 Bodhidharma sa=s0 +/D $)- $)-5,!L7 +5! +"T-+LL$ D5!+M2/86 W*+T!.!5 $)- 728-5! W2T* $)-5 D-+L2,T2" M2/D /!.!5 M+9!, + T5-! +"")-/T )7 M2/D !,,!/"!0 T*!5!7)5!0 2 "+LL $)- + D5!+M!56 -nless thinking disa##ears totall= =ou @ill remain a dreamer6 Thinking is dualistic0

thinking is logical0 thinking is +ristotelian6 -nless thinking is dro##ed totall= =our mind @ill go on #la=ing tricks u#on =ou: it @ill go on deceiving =ou0 and =ou @ill never %e a%le to kno@ the real essence of =our %eing 33 @hich is freedom0 @hich is %liss0 @hich is 8od6 D5!+M 2, )/! T*2/8 +/D 5!+L2Z+T2)/ +/)T*!56 5ealiAation is #ossi%le onl= @hen dreaming eva#orates6 D) /)T M2I T*!M T)8!T*!56 What =ou have heard is meaningless: onl= @hat =ou have kno@n on =our o@n has meaning6 W2,D)M 2/ T*! D5!+M 2, /)T T*! 5!+L W2,D)M6 $ou can %e a ver= @ise dreamer0 =ou can %e ver= kno@ledgea%le in =our dreams0 %ut a dreamer is a dreamer6 $ou can dream of %eautiful things 33 s@eet dreams of golden #alaces0 of #aradise 33 %ut the= are all dreams6 Whether =ou dream of heaven or hell0 it is the same6 *ell is a dream0 heaven is a dream6 2n Western languages these are the onl= t@o #ossi%ilities after death& heaven or hell6 *ence0 Western religions have never %een a%le to free themselves of dreaming6 The= donCt talk of %eing free of dreaming0 the= donCt talk of a%solute desirelessness6 The= have not risen to the ultimate #urit= of religiousness6 The !astern religions talk of a third state& moksha0 nirvana0 freedom 33 freedom from %oth heaven and hell 33 %ecause %uddhas in the !ast have %een sa=ing that =our fetters ma= %e made of gold or of iron0 %ut fetters are fetters& =ou are chained0 =ou are a #risoner6 $ou can %e free onl= @hen =ou are free of all fetters: made of iron0 made of gold 33 all fetters0 all chains0 have to %e dro##ed6 Then a third #henomenon %ecomes #ossi%le& moksha0 nirvana6 There is no @ord to translate it: it sim#l= means getting free of %oth hell and heaven0 %ecause %oth are dreams6 )/! W*) *+, T5-! W2,D)M D)!, /)T *)LD ,!L735!")8/2T2)/6 This is one of the fundamentals of BuddhaCs teaching& )/! W*) *+, T5-! W2,D)M D)!, /)T *)LD ,!L735!")8/2T2)/6

)ne @ho kno@s0 one @ho has come to terms @ith his true essence0 kno@s no ego0 no C2C: no self is recogniAed6 *e is #art of the universal flo@: he is no more se#arate6 *is #rivate @orld disa##ears6 *e is no more an idiot6 The @ord idiot means one @ho lives in his o@n #rivate @orld6 2t comes from the root idios: from the same root comes idios=ncras=6 +n idiot is one @ho never takes note of the real @orld and goes on living in his #rivate @orld0 thinking that is the real @orld6 2n that sense0 unless =ou %ecome a %uddha0 =ou are an idiot6 B-DD*+, 2/ T*! ;+,T0 ;5!,!/T +/D 7-T-5! +5! 2/ T*! 5!+LM B!$)/D ")8/2T2)/6 $ou cannot see them 33 %uddhas cannot %e seen6 )rdinar= e=es are not ca#a%le of seeing them0 nor are ordinar= minds ca#a%le of understanding them6 2f =ou reall= @ant to understand a %uddha =ou @ill have to %ecome a %uddha: there is no other @a=6 $ou @ill have to taste a@akening6 B= %ecoming a %uddha =ou @ill understand all the %uddhas of the #ast0 #resent and future6 27 $)- ,*-T )77 $)-5 T*2/92/8 7+"-LT$0 BL)"92/8 )77 T*! 5)+D )7 $)-5 M2/D0 $)- W2LL !/T!5 + D277!5!/T ,;*!5!6 The onl= thing to %e done is to shut off the constant0 feverish activit= of the mind6 ,hut it off0 #ut it aside0 and then =ou enter into a different s#ace0 a different s#here6 -/T2L T*+T T2M!0 W*+T!.!5 $)- T*2/90 W*+T!.!5 $)- ,+$0 W*+T!.!5 $)- D) 2, /)T*2/8 B-T 7))L2,*/!,, 2/ D5!+ML+/D6 Thurmon0 ;ickens and Diggs @ere discussing the @orldCs greatest inventions6 E2 %elieve0E said Thurmon0 Ethat electricit= is the %est invention6 2t turns on the lights0 makes the T. @ork 33 it do ever=thing6E E$eah0E agreed ;ickens0 E%ut ah %elieve that atomic #o@er is the most im#ortant invention6 2t can do ever=thing electricit= can and =ou can #ush a %utton0 %lo@ u# the @orld6E EWell0 gennamen0E said Diggs0 Eto me the greatest invention is the thermos6 2t kee#s da hot food hot and da cold food cold6E EWhat so great a%out that4E asked Thurmon6 E*o@ do it kno@4E re#lied Diggs6 $our mind0 @hatsoever it thinks 33 small things a%out the thermos or great things0

great meta#h=sical things a%out 8od666 %ecause it is the same mind0 it makes no difference6 The o%<ect of thinking can %e the thermos or 8od0 coca3cola or #aradise0 %ut the mind that thinks a%out it is the same6 Bodhidharma is sa=ing& DonCt go on changing the su%<ect of =our thinking0 donCt go on changing the su%<ect matter of =our thinking0 change =our inner s#ace6 Let us have a totall= different mind0 @hich thinks not0 desires not0 dreams not6 Then =ou enter into the @orld of the %uddhas6 The second >uestion& W*+T 92/D )7 W2,D)M ,*)-LD )/! -,! T) "-T )77 D!L-,2)/,4 !ach >uestion again and again sho@s one thing ver= clearl=& that the ans@er has not %een heard6 +s if the >uestioner @ere more interested in his >uestions than in the ans@ersD Bust out of #oliteness he listens to the ans@er0 %ut he is alread= #re#aring his >uestion6 )ther@ise a single ans@er is enough 33 all the >uestions are solved6 +gain he asks the same thing from a different angle& W*+T 92/D )7 W2,D)M ,*)-LD )/! -,! T) "-T )77 D!L-,2)/,4 +s if =ou can CuseC @isdom: as if @isdom is a tool to %e used0 a means6 +s if after =ou have %ecome @ise =ou @ill have to cut =our delusions6 2t is like a man @ho sa=s0 EWhen 2 have %ecome a@akened0 ho@ @ill 2 get rid of m= dreams4 What kind of a@akening has to %e used to cut all the dreams4E 2t is like a man @ho in the night sees a ro#e on the road0 #ro<ects a snake on the ro#e and esca#es0 runs a@a=0 freaks out6 +nd some%od= sa=s0 EDonCt %e @orried6 2 kno@ it is a ro#e6 "ome @ith me6 2 @ill sho@ =ou that it is a ro#e6 Let us take a lam# @ith us6E +nd he sa=s0 E)ka=6 !ven if @ith a lam# 2 come to kno@ that it is a ro#e0 then tell me ho@ to get rid of the snake6E !?actl= like that is this >uestion& W*+T 92/D )7 W2,D)M ,*)-LD )/! -,! T) "-T )77 D!L-,2)/,4 When =ou are @ise0 delusions are not there6 2n fact0 delusions have to go first0 onl= then do =ou %ecome @ise6 But our so3called @ise #eo#le are living in dee# illusions0 thatCs @h= the >uestion seems to %e relevant6 ,te#hanie @oke u# @ith a sore shoulder one morning and @ent to see her doctor a%out it6 +fter e?amining it0 the doctor said he couldnCt find an=thing @rong @ith it6 ,he

insisted it hurt her0 so the doctor said0 EWell0 tell me @hat =ou did last night6E ,he told him that sheCd gone riding in the countr= @ith her %o=friend and that the= took a @alk in a cemeter= and read some of the tom%stone inscri#tions6 The doctor said0 E;ossi%l= =ou caught a cold in =our muscle from the chill= air6 Will =ou get undressed so 2 can give =ou a more thorough e?amination4E ,he did so and the doctor e?amined her entire %ack6 +fter a minute or so he said0 E,te#hanie0 2 canCt find a thing @rong @ith =our shoulder0 %ut =our %uttocks state that =ouCve %een dead since 1' F6E )ur so3called @ise #eo#le are in the same %oat: the= are not a %it different from =ou6 The #eo#le =ou go to for advice 33 the #undits0 the #riests0 the scholars 33 are themselves in the dark6 )f course the= are more informed than =ou0 %ut it is not a >uestion of information6 Wisdom comes through transformation not through information6 Bodhidharma sa=s& W*!/ $)- )B,!5.! $)-5 D!L-,2)/,0 $)- W2LL 9/)W T*+T T*!$ +5! B+,!L!,, +/D /)T D!;!/D+BL!6 2/ T*2, W+$ $)- "+/ "-T ")/7-,2)/ +/D D)-BT6 T*2, 2, W*+T 2 "+LL W2,D)M6 When =ou o%serve =our delusions as delusions =ou are finished @ith them6 The moment =ou kno@ that something is a dream =ou are free of it: nothing else is needed to %e done6 ThatCs @h= @ith m= sann=asins 2 insist& there is no need to go an=@here else6 Live in the @orld0 %ut %ecome a@are6 Bust %ecoming a@are is %eing a sann=asin6 /o need to renounce0 no need to esca#e an=@here6 Become a@are and =ou @ill see @hat is illusion0 @hat is dream6 +nd @hatsoever is kno@n as illusion disa##ears: nothing else is needed to %e done6 + frank female re%el named 8lutA Disdained an= ifs0 ands0 or %uts: When the= asked @hat sheCd need To %e totall= freed )f her hangu#0 her ans@er @as0 E/utsDE !ver=%od= is in need of nuts0 %ecause ever=%od= is nuts6 Mad #eo#le are in need of other mad #eo#le0 %ecause onl= mad #eo#le can su##ort =our illusions6 $ou su##ort their illusions0 the= su##ort =our illusions6 That is @hat is called friendshi#0 love0

com#anionshi# in the ordinar= @orld& + friend in need is a friend indeed6 +nd @hen is the need4 33 @hen =our illusions start disa##earing he hel#s =ou to hold0 to cling hard to them6 *e does not allo@ =ou to let go of =our illusions6 Whatsoever ha##ens0 he hel#s =ou to remain the same as =ou have al@a=s %een6 *e does not allo@ =ou to change6 Life is tr=ing to change =ou ever= moment0 %ut =ou have so man= friends0 #rotectors0 #arents0 teachers0 and =our famil=6 The @hole management of the government0 the church0 is such that it hel#s =ou to remain as =ou are6 2t is a great cons#irac= to kee# #eo#le dreaming0 %ecause no%od= @ants =ou to %e a@ake6 2t is dangerous0 %ecause an= #eo#le @ho have ever %ecome a@akened have al@a=s #roved dangerous to the status >uo0 to the esta%lished church0 state0 societ= 33 to the esta%lishment as such6 The a@akened #eo#le have al@a=s #roved a kind of nuisance0 %ecause the= start hel#ing other #eo#le to %ecome a@ake6 W*!/ $)- )B,!5.! $)-5 D!L-,2)/,0 $)- W2LL 9/)W T*+T T*!$ +5! B+,!L!,, +/D /)T D!;!/D+BL!6 2/ T*2, W+$ $)- "+/ "-T ")/7-,2)/ +/D D)-BT6 /othing else is needed: <ust %ecoming a@are of them0 that the= are illusions0 =ou are finished6 The moment =ou kno@ that t@o #lus t@o is not five0 that t@o #lus t@o is four0 =ou are finished @ith t@o #lus t@o e>uals five6 $ou need not do an=thing else: it is enough to understand6 The @a= of the %uddha is that of understanding6 The third >uestion& W*+T ,)5T )7 D!L-,2)/, W2LL B! "L!+5!D B$ Z!/4 +gain and again6666 There are onl= t@o things @hich are infinite in the @orld& the stu#idit= of the disci#les and the com#assion of the masters6 /o@ he asks& W*+T ,)5T )7 D!L-,2)/,6664 +s if there @ere man= kinds of illusionsD 2llusion is illusion: it has onl= one >ualit=& that it is not true0 that it is not so0 that it is not #art of realit=0 that it is =our #ro<ection6 /o@0 @hat =ou #ro<ect does not matter6 $ou can #ro<ect a %ullock cart0 that is an illusion: =ou can #ro<ect a golden chariot0 that is an illusion6 $ou can #ro<ect an=thing0 %ut the %asic nature of illusion is the same: there are not man= kinds of illusion6 But the logical mind is al@a=s after E*o@ man= kinds0 @hat categories6664E +/D W*+T ,)5T )7 D!L-,2)/, W2LL B! "L!+5!D B$ Z!/4 +s if a fe@ @ill %e cleared %= Zen and a fe@ @ill still remainD EWhat kind of dreams

@ill disa##ear @hen =ou %ecome a@ake4E +s if a fe@ kinds of dreams @ill still continue0 @ill still #ersistD But the com#assion of a master is such that Bodhidharma sa=s& +/$ D!L-,2)/, )7 M!D2)"52T$0 )7 + ;*2L),);*!50 )7 + ,*5+.+9+0 )7 + ;5+T$!9+3B-DD*+0 )5 )7 + B)D*2,+TT.+6 *e sa=s& +n= idea that E2 am this or thatE @ill disa##ear6 The %asic illusion is the illusion of 20 the ego 33 and the ego @ill disa##ear6 ,ome #eo#le think the= are inferior0 %ut the ego #ersists& E2 am inferior6E +nd some%od= thinks he is su#erior 33 the same ego #ersists& E2 am su#erior6E ,ome%od= thinks0 E2 am mediocre0E some%od= thinks0 E2 am ver= ver= @ise0E some%od= thinks0 E2 am <ust a follo@er of Buddha0 a ,*5+.+9+0E and some%od= thinks0 E2 am the %uddha himself6EC +ll kinds of illusions that are rooted in the idea of the ego @ill disa##ear6 When =ou @ake u#0 ego disa##ears0 and @ith it all its #ara#hernalia6 The @hole lot that is created %= the ego goes @ith it: those are all shado@s of the ego6 The fourth >uestion& W*+T 2, T*! D277!5!/"! B!TW!!/ + ,+8!C, M),T !I"!LL!/T L27! +/D T*! ")MM)/ ;!);L!C, !.!5$D+$ L27!4 Bodhidharma ans@ers& 2T 2, L29! 8),,+M!56 ,)M! M2,T+9! 2T 7)5 .+;)50 B-T 2T 2, 2/ 7+"T + ,;2D!5C, ,2L9 T*+T 7L)+T, 2/ T*! +256 + M!D2)"5! ;!5,)/ ,!!, T*! ,+8!C, L27!0 +/D B!L2!.!, 2T T) B! T*! ,+M! +, *2, )W/ !.!5$D+$ L27!: W*!5!+, T*! !/L28*T!/!D M+/ ,!!, T*! *)L$ ;+T* 2/ + L27! )7 M!D2)"52T$6 $)- W2LL )B,!5.! 2/ T*! ,-T5+, T*+T +LL B-DD*+, ;5!+"* 7)5 TW) 85)-;,0 T*! M!D2)"5! +/D T*! W2,!0 B-T 2/ T*! !$! )7 Z!/0 + ,+8!C, L27! 2, )/! )7 M!D2)"52T$ +/D T*! M!D2)"5! ;!5,)/C, +, T*! ,+8!C,6 T*2, )/! L27! *+, /) 7)5M +/D 2, !M;T$ B$ /+T-5!6 27 $)- B!")M! +TT+"*!D T) +/$ 7)5M0 $)- ,*)-LD 5!B!"T 2T6 27 $)- ,!! +/ !8)0 + ,)-L0 + B25T* )5 + D!+T*0 5!B!"T T*!M +LL6 2t is a ver= significant ans@er6 Meditate over it6 2T 2, L29! 8),,+M!56

)ur life is <ust our o@n ego #la=ing all kinds of games @ith us6 The ego is not a realit= %ut onl= a %elief6 2t is <ust like =our name6 When =ou @ere %orn0 =ou @ere %orn @ithout a name 33 ever=%od= is %orn @ithout a name 33 then a name @as given6 + name is a necessit=0 it has certain usefulness in the @orld: it @ould %e ver= difficult if all #eo#le @ere @ithout names6 ,o it is utilitarian0 a necessit=0 %ut it is not realit=0 remem%er6 $ou are not =our name0 %ut slo@l= slo@l= =ou %ecome =our name6 2f some%od= sa=s something against =our name =ou are infuriated0 =ou are read= to fight0 =ou are enraged 33 as if =ou @ere =our nameD ,@ami 5ama one da= came laughing6 *e @as in /e@ $ork6 The host could not find out the reason @h= he @as laughing so much6 EWhat has ha##ened4E *e had gone for a @alk and no@ he @as coming @ith such laughter: the laughter looked almost mad0 eccentric6 The host asked0 EWhat is the matter4 What has ha##ened4E +nd 5ama said0 E+ fe@ #eo#le started a%using 5ama0 insulting 5ama0 and 2 en<o=ed the @hole thing so muchD 2 @atched it0 2 sa@ 5ama %eing insulted6 But 2 am not 5amaD Those #eo#le @ere unnecessaril= @asting their %reath6 2 am not m= name0 thatCs @h= 2 am laughing6 +nd it is good that 2 donCt have an= name 33 no%od= can insult me0 no%od= can a%use me6 2 am nameless0 2 am formless6E But @e are in an unconscious state and @e %ecome identified @ith an=thing6 2t @as at the office "hristmas #art=6 +s the= la= on the office rece#tion couch in the darkened room0 their %reath came hot and fast6 E+h0 *er%ie0E she said #assionatel=0 E=ou have never made love to me like this %efore6 2s it %ecause of the holida= s#irit4E E/o0E he #anted0 Eit is #ro%a%l= %ecause 2 am not *er%ie6E -nconscious #eo#leD Who kno@s @ho is *er%ie and @ho is not *er%ie4 !ven *er%ie himself is not *er%ie6 But @e go on living our life @ith all this unconsciousness6 "antor0 9lein0 Lev= and ,trulo@itA met for lunch6 +fter ordering0 "antor said0 E)=0 o=0 o=DE E+=0 a=0 a=DE ans@ered 9lein6 E$ai0 =ai0 =aiDE added Lev=6 ELook0E said ,trulo@itA0 Eif =ou fellas are gonna talk %usiness0 2 ainCt gonna sta=DE

We have certain ideas in the mind: @e #ro<ect those ideas on others0 @e inter#ret them according to our ideas0 and @e live in an encaged @orld of our o@n creation6 This is @hat Bodhidharma calls the mind0 the ego6 Dro# itD ,ee that @hich is6 DonCt interfere @ith it0 donCt inter#ret it in an= @a=6 ,ee the roseflo@er6 DonCt even sa= that it is %eautiful0 %ecause that is interference6 DonCt sa= an=thing at all6 The rose is silent& =ou also %e silent6 Let there %e a meeting0 a dee# meeting %et@een =ou and the rose0 no mind %et@een =ou and the rose0 and =ou @ill %e sur#rised& the o%server %ecomes the o%served6 There comes a moment @hen =ou are the rose and the rose is =ou6 +nd that is the moment @hen =ou kno@0 never %efore it6 That is the moment @hen @isdom arises in =ou6 +nd once =ou have the knack of finding @isdom =ou can find it each moment of =our life6 ,lo@l= slo@l= it %ecomes =our natural climate6 2T 2, L29! 8),,+M!56 ,)M! M2,T+9! 2T 7)5 .+;)-50 B-T 2T 2, 2/ 7+"T + ,;2D!5C, ,2L9 T*+T 7L)+T, 2/ T*! +256 + M!D2)"5! ;!5,)/ ,!!, T*! ,+8!C, L27!0 +/D B!L2!.!, 2T T) B! T*! ,+M! +, *2, )W/ !.!5$D+$ L27!6666 2f the mediocre #erson0 the ordinar= #erson0 goes to see a %uddha0 he @ill not see an= difference6 Man= have asked Buddha0 E$ou slee# <ust as @e slee#0 =ou eat <ust as @e eat0 =ou %ecome tired <ust as @e %ecome tired0 so @hat is the difference4E The ordinar= #erson #ro<ects his ordinariness even on the %uddha6 ThatCs @h= later on0 @hen the follo@ers see that ordinar= #eo#le @ill not %e a%le to understand the %uddha if the= reall= @rite do@n his actual life0 the= start creating fictions around their master6 *ence0 @hatsoever =ou no@ have a%out Buddha0 Besus0 Mohammed0 9rishna0 Mahavira0 is all fiction: it is not true6 Besus @alking on @ater is a fiction invented %= the follo@ers so that ordinar= #eo#le can see that the master is e?traordinar=0 he is no ordinar= man6 Besus reviving the dead or curing the %lind 33 these are fictions6 2f the= are meta#hors0 then the= are %eautiful6 That is the function of ever= %uddha& to give e=es to the %lind 33 in a meta#horical sense 33 to revive the dead6 666 Because =ou are all dead6 The @a= =ou are0 =ou are in =our graves6 +nd each %uddha calls LaAarus out of the grave6 2f it is a meta#hor0 if it is a #oetic0 s=m%olic @a= of sa=ing a thing 33 %eautiful6 But if =ou tr= to #rove that it is something historical0 factual0 then =ou are sim#l= tr=ing to %efool the ordinar= #eo#le6 But this is not going to hel#: the ordinar= #eo#le cannot %e hel#ed in this @a=6 This onl= creates a #ro%lem for the ordinar= #eo#le0 %ecause @henever the= come across a real %uddha the= @ill e?#ect him to @alk on @ater6 +nd if he cannot @alk on @ater 33 and no %uddha is foolish enough to @alk on @ater 33

then the= @ill think he is not a %uddha6 $our e?#ectations are created %= the follo@ers: the= @ere created in order to hel# =ou to understand their master6 2n fact0 the= have done <ust the o##osite& =ou @ill never %e a%le to understand an= living master6 +nd dead masters are of no use6 )nl= a living master0 the touch of a living master0 can change =ou from %ase metal into gold6 But great difficulties have %een created& around Buddha there are so man= stories0 around Zarathustra there are so man= stories6 +nd all those stories are fictions created %= the follo@ers6 +nd as time #asses %= so man= more fictions are %eing added ever= da= that it is difficult to sort out @hat is true and @hat is untrue6 But the reason is @hat Bodhidharma is sa=ing& the ordinar= #erson %elieves that the %uddha is also ordinar= 33 E<ust like us6E 666 W*!5!+, T*! !/L28*T!/!D M+/ ,!!, T*! *)L$ ;+T* 2/ + L27! )7 M!D2)"52T$6 +nd <ust the o##osite is the case @ith the %uddha6 Buddha is re#orted to have said0 EThe moment 2 %ecame enlightened0 the @hole e?istence %ecame enlightened for me6E +nd 2 can vouch for it& the moment 2 %ecame enlightened0 the @hole e?istence %ecame enlightened for me too6 When 2 see =ou0 2 donCt see =ou as mediocre0 ordinar=6 2 see =ou as %uddhas 33 aslee# of course0 snoring too0 %ut that does not make an= difference to =our %uddhahood6 Buddhahood has ever= freedom to snore and slee#D But 2 can see that dee# do@n =our snoring is onl= su#erficial0 =our slee# is onl= su#erficial6 Dee# do@n there is a light %urning eternall=6 2 see =ou as %uddhas: =ou have not =et seen it6 The function of the master is to hel# =ou to see @hat he is alread= seeing in =ou6 *e hel#s =ou also to see it& thatCs the @hole function of a master6 $)- W2LL )B,!5.! 2/ T*! ,-T5+, T*+T +LL B-DD*+, ;5!+"* 7)5 TW) 85)-;,0 T*! M!D2)"5! +/D T*! W2,!0 B-T 2/ T*! !$! )7 Z!/0 + ,+8!C, L27! 2, )/! )7 M!D2)"52T$ +/D T*! M!D2)"5! ;!5,)/C, +, T*! ,+8!C,6 Buddhas have to teach t@o kinds of #eo#le0 %ecause su#erficiall= there are t@o kinds of #eo#le0 the mediocre and the @ise0 hence there are t@o kinds of statements in all the statements of all the %uddhas6 + fe@ statements are made to foolish #eo#le6 DonCt <udge the %uddha %= those statements6 5emem%er the conte?t0 remem%er to @hom the= @ere given0 @ho @as %eing ans@ered6 DonCt forget the #erson6 +nd a fe@ ans@ers are for the @ise ones6 2t is ver= difficult to sort them out %ecause the= are all

com#iled together6 2n the .edas there is onl= one #ercent of statements @hich are @orth kee#ing: ninet=3 nine #ercent is onl= @orth thro@ing a@a=6 ,o is the case @ith the )ld Testament0 so is the case @ith the 9oran0 %ecause Mohammed comes across all kinds of #eo#le6 +nd these are the %asic categories& the stu#id0 the mediocre0 the dreamers0 the slee#=0 and the @ise ones6 To the @ise ones he @ill sa= one thing6 7or e?am#le0 Besus sa=s0 E9nock0 and the doors shall %e o#ened unto =ou6E This must have %een told to some%od= ver= ver= aslee#6 5a%i=a @as #assing one da= and she sa@ *asan sitting %efore a mos>ue0 tears rolling do@n his cheeks0 and cr=ing @ith raised hands in dee# #ra=er6 *e @as sa=ing to 8od0 E2 am knocking and knocking on =our doors 33 for =ears 2 have %een knocking6 Wh= donCt =ou o#en the doors4 When @ill =ou receive me4E 5a%i=a @as #assing6 ,he came close to *asan0 shook him from his #ra=er and said0 E$ou0 stu#idD The doors are o#en6 The= have never %een closed6 ,im#l= get u# and enterDE /o@0 *asan is <ust on the %order: one ste# and he @ill %ecome @ise6 There is no contradiction in Besus sa=ing0 E9nock0 and the doors shall %e o#ened0E and 5a%i=a sa=ing0 EWhat nonsense =ou are talking 33 C2 am knockingCD The doors are alread= o#enDE There is no contradiction0 remem%er: there canCt %e6 2t is im#ossi%le to find a contradiction %et@een t@o of BuddhaCs statements6 But here the conte?t is different6 Besus must have %een talking to ordinar=0 mediocre #eo#le0 and 5a%i=a is talking to one @ho is <ust on the verge of %ecoming enlightened6 That ver= moment *asan o#ened his e=es and said0 E5ight0 =ou are rightD The doors have never %een closed6 2 have %een a fool 2t is so com#assionate of =ou that =ou distur%ed m= slee#6 2 am immensel= grateful to =ou6 $es0 the doors @ere never closed 33 and 2 @ould have #ra=ed m= @hole life0 %elieving that the doors are closed0 and that 2 have to knock and 2 have to #ra=6E ,ince that da= no%od= ever sa@ *asan #ra=ing6 *e sto##ed coming to the mos>ue6 What is the #oint4 The doors are ever=@here6 Wherever =ou are0 8od is there confronting =ou0 challenging =ou6 Buddhas have to s#eak in t@o @a=s6 But Bodhidharma sa=s& 2 am not interested in the mediocre6 *e sa=s& 666 B-T 2/ T*! !$! )7 Z!/0 + ,+8!C, L27! 2, )/! )7 M!D2)"52T$ +/D T*! M!D2)"5! ;!5,)/C, +, T*! ,+8!C,6

EWe donCt see an= difference& to us the sage lives <ust like an ordinar= #erson and in the ordinar= #erson @e see a %uddha6 We see the #rofound in the ordinar= and the ordinar= in the #rofound6E *ence Zen monks have lived a ver= ordinar= life0 @ith no holier3than3thou nonsense6 T*2, )/! L27! *+, /) 7)5M +/D 2, !M;T$ B$ /+T-5!6 27 $)B!")M! +TT+"*!D T) +/$ 7)5M0 $)- ,*)-LD 5!B!"T 2T6 27 $)- ,!! +/ !8)0 + ,)-L0 + B25T* )5 + D!+T*0 5!B!"T T*!M +LL6 Bodhidharma sa=s& 5e<ect the ver= idea that E2 am a %uddha6E 5e<ect the ver= idea that E2 am s#ecial0 e?traordinar=0 s#iritual0 hol=0E %ecause these are all tricks of the ego6 The ego is coming again from the %ack door6 5e<ect all identifications6 ,im#l= %e a total em#tiness6 +nd then @hatsoever =ou @ill sa= and @hatsoever =ou @ill do and @hatsoever =ou @ill %e is going to %e right0 is going to %e %eautiful0 is going to %e graceful6 +nd the last >uestion& W*$ +/D *)W D) W! 5!B!"T T*!M4 The stu#idit= continues& W*$ +/D *)W D) W! 5!B!"T T*!M4 Bodhidharma sa=s& 27 $)- *+.! Z!/0 $)- ,*)-LD /)T ,!! + T*2/86 There @ill %e no >uestion of re<ection6 2t is onl= a @a= of sa=ing E5e<ect the ego6E 2f =ou meditate0 if =ou %ecome silent0 there is no ego to re<ect6 $ou @onCt see a thing 33 neither life nor death0 neither matter nor mind6 +ll things @ill disa##ear6 $ou @ill %e an em#t= s#ace0 a mirror reflecting nothing6 ,o donCt %e @orriedD 7irst enter into meditation0 have the meditative >ualit= in =ou6 Become silent and thoughtless0 contentless0 still6 +nd then there @ill %e no need to @orr= ho@ and @h= to re<ect 33 there @ill %e nothing to re<ect6 $ou @ill not see a thing6 ET*! M),T 725ML$ !,T+BL2,*!D 2/ T*! ;+T* +;;!+5, T*! M),T 5!M2,,6E )ne of the greatest statements ever made6

Bodhidharma sa=s& ET*! M),T 725ML$ !,T+BL2,*!D 2/ T*! ;+T* +;;!+5, T*! M),T 5!M2,,6E ThatCs @h= one @ho is reall= a %uddha @ill al@a=s %e condemned %= the ordinar= #eo#le& %ecause he a##ears to %e the most remiss0 %ecause he fits in no categor=0 %ecause he fits in @ith no moralit=6 $ou cannot #redict an=thing a%out him0 he is un#redicta%le6 Wh=4 33 %ecause he is so esta%lished in his %eing that he cares nothing a%out an=thing6 *e lives s#ontaneousl=0 @hatsoever the conse>uence6 *e @ill look careless to =ou0 %ut he is so conscious he need not care6 *e @ill look negligent to =ou: he is not6 *e is so conscious0 there is no >uestion of negligence6 *e @ill look laA= to =ou0 %ut he is not 33 there is no >uestion of it6 *e is so conscious0 laAiness cannot e?ist in his consciousness6 But to the outside @orld he @ill not fit into an= categor=6 The "hristian church @ill not call him a saint6 The *indus @ill not call him a mahatma6 The Bainas @ill not call him a M-/26 !ven if Buddha comes %ack toda=0 Buddhists @ill not recogniAe him as a %uddha 33 he @ill look ver= remiss0 ver= astra=6 2t is said that @hen one Zen master %ecame enlightened0 he came from the caves in the mountains to the market#lace @ith a %ottle of @ine6 ;eo#le looked at him: the= could not %elieve their e=es6 The= had al@a=s thought that he @as a ver= hol= man6 /o@0 coming %ack to the market#lace @ith a %ottle of @ineD *as he gone mad4 But he is sim#l= sa=ing0 E2 have gone %e=ond all rules0 regulations6 2 have gone %e=ond all morals0 all rituals6 /o@ =ou @ill not %e a%le to #redict a%out me an=more6 2 am no longer Cordinar=C and no longer Chol=C: 2 am sim#l= @hatsoever 2 am6E *e came to the market#lace to destro= =our idea of his holiness6 ,ufis0 Taoists and Zen masters are ver= @ell kno@n for destro=ing =our idea of their holiness0 their Cs#ecial3nessC6 The= manage to devise man= methods to sim#l= destro= =our e?#ectations0 to undermine =ou6 The= never fulfill =our e?#ectations6 That is the true sign of a master& that he never fulfills =our e?#ectations6 2f some%od= fulfills =our e?#ectations0 %e sure and certain that he is a #hon=6 5emem%er this %eautiful statement& ET*! M),T 725ML$ !,T+BL2,*!D 2/ T*! ;+T* +;;!+5, T*! M),T 5!M2,,6E !nough for toda=6

The White Lotus "ha#ter (K "ha#ter title& /o3Mind 2nnocence J /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 110J0 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,0K +udio& $es .ideo& /o The first >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 1 W*+T 2, 2//)"!/"!4 D)!, B!2/8 2//)"!/T 5!1-25! )/! T) L2.! + ,2M;L! L27!4 +nand Manohara0 innocence is a state of thoughtless a@areness6 2t is another name for no3mind6 2t is the ver= essence of %uddhahood6 $ou %ecome attuned to the ultimate la@ of things6 $ou sto# fighting0 =ou start flo@ing @ith it6 The cunning mind fights0 %ecause it is through fight that the ego arises0 and the cunning mind can e?ist onl= around the ego6 The= can onl= %e together0 the= are inse#ara%le6 2f the ego disa##ears0 the cunning mind disa##ears and @hat is left is innocence6 2f =ou are fighting @ith life0 if =ou are going against the current0 if =ou are not natural0 s#ontaneous0 if =ou are living out of the #ast and not in the #resent0 =ou are not innocent6 To live according to the #ast is to live an irres#onsi%le life: it is the life of reaction6 $ou donCt see @hat the situation is0 =ou sim#l= go on re#eating =our old solutions 33 and #ro%lems are ne@ ever= da=0 ever= moment6 Life goes on changing and mind remains static6 That is the @hole #ro%lem& that the mind remains a static mechanism and life is a constant flu?6 *ence there can %e no communion %et@een life and mind6 2f =ou remain identified @ith the mind =ou @ill remain almost dead6 $ou @ill not have an= share in the <o= that over@helms e?istence6 $ou @ill not %e a #artici#ant in the cele%ration that is continuousl= going on& the %irds singing0 the trees dancing0 the rivers flo@ing6 $ou also have to %e a #art of this @hole6 $ou @ant to %e se#arate0 =ou @ant to #rove =ourself higher than others0 su#erior to others0 then =ou %ecome cunning6 2t is onl= through cunningness that =ou can #rove

=our su#eriorit=6 2t is a dream0 it is #hon=0 %ecause in e?istence there is no%od= @ho is su#erior and no%od= @ho is inferior6 The %lade of grass and the great star are a%solutel= e>ual6 !?istence is fundamentall= communist: there is no hierarch=6 But man @ants to %e higher than others0 he @ants to con>uer nature0 hence he has to fight continuousl=6 +ll com#le?it= arises out of this fight6 The innocent #erson is one @ho has renounced fighting: @ho is no more interested in %eing higher0 @ho is no more interested in #erforming0 in #roving that he is something s#ecial: @ho has %ecome like a roseflo@er or like a de@dro# on the lotus leaf: @ho has %ecome #art of this infinit=: @ho has melted0 merged and %ecome one @ith the ocean and is <ust a @ave: @ho has no idea of the 26 The disa##earance of the 2 is innocence6 *ence innocence cannot re>uire =ou to live a sim#le life0 innocence cannot re>uire an=thing of =ou6 +ll re>uirements are cunning6 +ll re>uirements are %asicall= to fight0 to %e some%od=6 The so3called sim#le saint is not sim#le %ecause he is fighting 33 fighting @ith his instincts0 fighting @ith his %od=6 *e is continuousl= at @ar0 never at #eace6 *o@ can he %e sim#le4 *e is more com#le? than the ordinar= #eo#le are6 *is com#le?it= is0 of course0 ver= su%tle and invisi%le 33 he cannot even slee# #eacefull=6 Mahatma 8andhi @as ver= much afraid of slee# for the sim#le reason that it @as onl= @hile he @as a@ake that he @as a%le to re#ress his se?ual desire6 *e %elieved in celi%ac=6 *e %elieved that celi%ac= @as a %asic re>uirement for a sim#le life0 an innocent life6 While a@ake he @as a%le to re#ress0 to control0 to %e the master of his instincts: %ut in slee# all control disa##ears 33 the mind goes to slee#6 The controlling0 fighting mind is no more in #o@er and the re#ressed starts surfacing6 *ence se?ual dreams6 *e @as suffering from se?ual dreams even @hen he @as sevent=0 and he @as afraid of slee#6 +nd saints have al@a=s %een afraid of slee#6 What kind of saints are these #eo#le4 ,lee# should %e one of the most innocent things in life0 and the= are afraid of it6 The fear is coming %ecause of a certain re>uirement that the= have im#osed u#on themselves @hich the= cannot fulfill in slee#6 2n slee# se? @ill surface6 $ou ma= start dreaming things that =ou donCt like0 %ut no@ =ou cannot have control over things6 2t is %ecause of this fact that #s=choanal=sis is more interested in =our dreams than in =our @aking life6 2t is strange0 it is ironical0 %ut it is ver= indicative 33 indicative of the man and his re#ressions6 $ou cannot trust a man @hile he is in the so3called a@ake state6 $ou cannot trust him 33 he is %ound to falsif= things0 he is %ound to %e #hon=6 +nd it ma= not %e that he is %eing deli%eratel= #hon=: he ma= have %ecome so accustomed to his #honiness that thatCs all that he kno@s a%out himself6 *e ma= have re#ressed his natural instincts so dee#l=0 %uried them so dee#l= underground0 that he

himself has %ecome a%solutel= una@are of their #resence6 $ou cannot trust @hat he sa=s a%out himself @hen he is a@ake: =ou can onl= trust his dreams6 *ence #s=choanal=sis has to go into =our dreams0 %ecause =our dreams sho@ =our realit= more clearl= than @hat =ou sa= @hen =ou are a@ake6 What kind of a@akening is this that =our dreams are far more natural0 far more authentic0 than =our @aking life4 Mahatma 8andhi suffered to the ver= end from se?ual dreams6 *e @as ver= much afraid of slee# 33 as all the saints have al@a=s %een6 The= al@a=s go on cutting do@n on their hours of slee#6 +nd #eo#le think that if a saint slee#s onl= t@o hours he is such a great saint 33 he onl= slee#s for t@o hoursD +nd the reason @h= he onl= slee#s for t@o hours is fear 33 fear of his o@n unconscious6 2t is not a sim#le life0 it is ver= com#le?6 *e goes on starving himself in the name of fasting0 as if starving =our %od= is going to hel# =ou in an= @a= to come closer to 8od 33 as if 8od is a sadist and he @ants =ou to %e tortured6 Do =ou think 8od is an +dolf *itler0 a Mussolini0 a 8enghis 9han0 a Tam%urlaine or a /adir ,hah4 What do =ou think 8od is4 /o father @ould like his children to starveD But all religions0 the so3called religions 33 "hristianit=0 *induism0 Bainism0 Mohammedanism 33 all #reach fasting0 %ecause fasting gives =ou great ego6 These t@o are the %asic instincts& food and se?6 7ood is needed for =our survival and se? is needed for the survival of the race6 Both are %asicall= needed for survival6 2f ever=%od= fasts and ever=%od= %ecomes a celi%ate0 there @ill %e no need for atom %om%sD There @ill %e no third @orld @ar 33 #eo#le @ill die of their o@n accord6 ,e? and food are dee#l= <oined& food kee#s the individual alive and se? kee#s the race alive6 That is their similarit=& se? is food for the race and food is se? for the individual6 *ence0 there is one more #oint to %e remem%ered& if =ou re#ress se? =ou @ill start eating more food0 %ecause =ou @ill have to com#ensate6 2f =ou sto# eating enough food @hich is necessar= for the %od= =ou @ill %ecome more and more se?ual 33 =ou @ill have to com#ensate6 +nd =our saints are against %oth6 $our saints are suicidal6 )f course0 their suicide is a ver= ver= slo@ suicide: the= are not even courageous enough to commit suicide in a single %lo@6 The= go on cutting themselves lim% %= lim%0 the= go on destro=ing themselves slo@l=6 The= en<o= the @hole #rocess 33 the= are masochists6 The= torture themselves and the= feel that %= torturing themselves the= are #urif=ing themselves and %ecoming holier6 The= are sim#l= %ecoming #ious egoistsD +nd the #ious egoist is far more dangerous than the ordinar= egoist0 %ecause the ordinar= egoist has a ver= gross ego6 *e kno@s he has it0 ever=%od= else kno@s he has it6 The #olitician lives @ith the gross ego0 %ut the saint0 the mahatma0 lives @ith a ver=

su%tle ego 33 and @ith such a facade of holiness that others @ill not %e a%le to see it6 *e is so hum%le0 he is so surrendered to 8od6666 +nd he lives such a sim#le life 33 so little food0 his clothes are666 there are saints @ho donCt use clothes at all6 Baina saints live naked: their re>uirements are almost nil6 Living a naked life in a cave0 in a #rimitive @a=0 the= seem to %e ver= non#ossessive6 But that is onl= the a##earance6 Dee# do@n the= are hankering for heaven0 dee# do@n the= are greed=6 Dee# do@n the= are thinking that no%od= is more hum%le0 more #ious than the= are6 Dee# do@n the= think of =ou as sinners and themselves as saints6 This is a ver= com#le? situation6 This is a fight @ith themselves6 The= have divided themselves into t@o& the higher and the lo@er6 !ven in the %od= the= have a division& the higher #art and the lo@er #art6 +%ove the se?ual organs the %od= is higher0 %elo@ the se?ual organs it is lo@er 33 as if the %od= @ere divided an=@hereD These stu#id #eo#le should kno@ that the %od= is one6 The %lood circulates continuousl= from the feet to the head0 from the head to the feet& it kno@s no division6 Life #ulsates all over the %od=& the %od= is an orgasm0 an organic unit=0 a dee# ecstas=6 But if =ou divide it =ou distur% its orgasmic >ualit=6 2f =ou divide it =ou %ecome schiAo#hrenic6 +s the= divide the %od=0 the= divide the mind& the good mind0 the %ad mind0 the sinnerCs mind0 the saintCs mind6 +nd in this @a= the= go on %ecoming more and more schiAo#hrenic6 This is not sim#licit=0 this is #atholog=6 +nd the= live in miser=: the= @ill never kno@ an=thing of <o=0 the= @ill not kno@ an=thing of laughter 33 the= have condemned laughter as a sin6 ThatCs @h= "hristians sa= Besus never laughed6 The= canCt %elieve that Besus laughed: that looks so #rofane0 almost sacrilegious6 +sk the Bainas6 The= donCt sa= an=thing in their scri#tures0 %ut the= @ill also agree @ith the "hristians that Mahavira also never laughed6 *o@ can these ideas create sim#le human %eings4 Those @ho cannot laugh0 those @ho cannot dance0 those @ho cannot sing0 those @ho cannot en<o= the ver= ordinariness of life6666 2 donCt think that either the "hristians or the Bainas are right6 2 kno@ Besus0 he laughed: 2 kno@ him not through the scri#tures6 2 kno@ Mahavira: if he cannot laugh0 then @ho @ill laugh4 2 kno@ them from m= innermost %eing6 But the #eo#le @ho have im#osed on them the idea of no laughter0 of no <o=0 are the #eo#le @ho have %een driving the @hole of humanit= craA=0 mad0 insane6 The= have converted the @hole earth into a mad as=lum6 Manohara0 =ou ask me& EWhat is innocence4 Does %eing innocent re>uire one to live a sim#le life4E 2nnocence re>uires nothing: once it re>uires0 it %ecomes com#le?6 2nnocence sim#l= lives @ithout an= idea of ho@ to live6 Bring in the ho@ and =ou %ecome com#le?6

2nnocence is a sim#le res#onse to the #resent6 2deas are the accumulated #ast& ho@ Buddha lived 33 live like that and =ou @ill %e a Buddhist: ho@ Besus lived 33 live like that and =ou @ill %e a "hristian6 But then =ou @ill %e im#osing something u#on =ourself6 8od never creates t@o #ersons alike: each individual is uni>ue6 ,o if =ou im#ose Besus u#on =ourself =ou @ill %e #hon=6 +ll "hristians are %ound to %e #hon= 33 and all *indus0 all Bainas0 all Buddhists 33 %ecause the= are tr=ing to %e some%od= that the= cannot %e6 $ou canCt %e 8autama the Buddha6 $ou can %e a %uddha0 %ut not 8autama the Buddha6 CBuddhaC means a@akened 33 that is =our %irthright 33 %ut 8autama is an individual6 $ou can %e a "hrist0 %ut not Besus "hrist: Besus is an individual6 "hrist is another name for %uddhahood: it is the ultimate state of consciousness6 $es0 that is #ossi%le0 that is =our #otential0 =ou can %loom and flo@er into christ3consciousness0 %ut =ou can never %e Besus0 that is not #ossi%le 33 and it is good that it is not #ossi%le6 But thatCs ho@ so3called religious #eo#le have lived& tr=ing to follo@ some%od= else0 imitating6 /o@0 an imitator cannot %e sim#le: he constantl= has to ad<ust life to his ideas6 + reall= innocent #erson goes @ith life0 he sim#l= flo@s @ith life: he has no goal as such6 2f =ou have a goal =ou canCt %e innocent6 $ou @ill have to %e clever0 cunning0 mani#ulating: =ou @ill have to #lan0 and =ou @ill have to follo@ certain ma#s6 *o@ can =ou %e innocent4 $ou @ill %e carr=ing so much ru%%ish from others6 $ou @ill %e <ust a car%on co#= of Besus or Buddha or Mahavira: =ou @ill not %e the original6 Bodhidharma sa=s again and again& 7ind =our original face6 +nd the onl= @a= to find =our original face is to dro# all imitation6 Who is going to decide @hat the re>uirement is4 /o%od= can decide0 and an= decision is %ound to distur%0 %ecause life ma= not turn out the @a= =ou e?#ect it to6 2t never reall= turns out the @a= it is e?#ected to6 Life is a constant sur#rise: =ou cannot #re#are %eforehand6 Life needs no rehearsal6 $ou have to %e s#ontaneous& that is innocence6 /o@0 if =ou are s#ontaneous =ou cannot %e "hristian and =ou cannot %e *indu and =ou cannot %e Buddhist0 =ou have to %e a sim#le human %eing6 ,im#licit= is not a re>uirement %ut a %=3#roduct of innocence: it comes <ust like =our shado@6 $ou donCt tr= to %e sim#le: if =ou tr= to %e sim#le0 the ver= effort destro=s sim#licit=6 $ou cannot cultivate sim#licit= 33 a cultivated sim#licit= is su#erficial 33 sim#licit= has to follo@ =ou like a shado@6 $ou need not %other a%out it0 =ou need not look %ack again and again to see @hether the shado@ is follo@ing =ou or not: the shado@ is %ound to follo@ =ou6 +ttain to innocence and sim#licit= comes as a gift from 8od6

+nd innocence means %ecoming a no3mind0 a no3ego& dro##ing all ideas of goals0 achievements0 am%itions0 and living <ust as it ha##ens in the moment6 ,o 2 donCt tell =ou to %e celi%ate6 $es one da= celi%ac= can ha##en0 %ut it @ill not %e something to %e #racticed0 it @ill %e something that =ou @ill see ha##ening6 $es0 certainl=0 %efore one %ecomes a %uddha one %ecomes celi%ate0 %ut that is not a re>uirement0 remem%er6 5emem%er again and again& it is not a re>uirement that =ou have to fulfill so that then =ou @ill %ecome a %uddha6 /o0 if =ou sim#l= go on %ecoming more a@are of =our mind0 as the mind starts disa##earing and %ecomes more and more distant from =ou0 as =ou %ecome unidentified @ith the mind and =ou start seeing that =ou are se#arate0 that =ou are not the mind0 =ou @ill find man= things ha##ening @ith this disa##earance of the mind6 $ou @ill start living moment3to3moment 33 %ecause it is mind that collects the #ast: =ou cannot de#end on it6 $our e=es @ill %e clear0 not covered @ith the dust of the #ast6 $ou @ill %e free from the dead #ast6 +nd one @ho is free from the dead #ast is free to live 33 to live authenticall=0 sincerel=0 #assionatel=0 intensel=6 )ne can %ecome aflame @ith life and its cele%ration6 But the mind is continuousl= distorting0 continuousl= interfering0 continuousl= telling =ou0 EDo this6 Do that6E 2t is like a schoolmaster6 + meditator %ecomes free of the mind6 +nd once the #ast is no longer dominating =ou0 the future sim#l= disa##ears0 %ecause the future is nothing %ut a #ro<ection of the #ast6 2n the #ast =ou have e?#erienced certain #leasures and =ou @ould like to re#eat them again and again: that is =our #ro<ection for the future6 2n the #ast =ou have %een through man= miseries: no@ =ou #ro<ect onto the future that =ou donCt @ant those miseries again6 $our future is nothing %ut a modified form of the #ast6 )nce #ast is gone0 future is gone6 Then @hat is left4 This moment666 no@6 To live in the no@ and in the here is innocence6 $ou cannot follo@ religious commandments if =ou reall= @ant to %e innocent6 + man @ho constantl= has to think a%out @hat to do and @hat not to do0 a man @ho is constantl= @orried a%out @hat is right and @hat is @rong0 cannot live innocentl=6 !ven if he goes on doing the right according to his conditioning0 it is not right6 *e is sim#l= follo@ing others0 ho@ can it %e right4 2t ma= have %een right for them0 %ut @hat @as right for one #erson t@o thousand =ears ago canCt %e right for =ou toda=6 ,o much @ater has gone do@n the 8angesD Life is never the same for even t@o consecutive seconds6 *eraclitus is right& $ou cannot ste# t@ice in the same river6 +nd 2 sa= to =ou& $ou cannot ste# even once in the same river 33 the river is so fast3flo@ing6 +n innocent #erson lives not according to certain re>uirements im#osed %= the societ=0 church0 state0 #arents0 education0 the innocent #erson lives out of his o@n %eing0 res#onsi%l=6 *e res#onds to the situation that is confronting him6 *e takes the challenge0 he acce#ts the challenge0 and does @hatsoever in this moment his %eing

@ants to do 33 not according to certain #rinci#les6 The innocent man has no #rinci#les0 no ideolog=: the innocent man is a%solutel= un#rinci#led6 The innocent man has no character0 he is a%solutel= characterless 33 %ecause to have character means to have a #ast: to have character means to %e dominated %= others: to have character means that mind is still the dictator and =ou are <ust a slave6 To %e characterless0 to %e un#rinci#led0 and to live in the moment666 <ust as the mirror reflects @hatsoever is in front of the mirror0 =our consciousness reflects and =ou act out of that reflection6 That is a@areness0 that is meditativeness0 that is samadhi0 that is innocence0 that is godliness0 that is %uddhahood6 Manohara0 there is no re>uirement for innocence0 not even the re>uirement to live a sim#le life6 $ou can live a sim#le life0 =ou can force a sim#le life u#on =ourself 33 it @ill not %e sim#le6 +nd =ou can live in a #alace @ith all the lu?uries0 %ut if =ou live in the moment =ou @ill %e living a sim#le life6 $ou can live like a %eggar and =ou @ill not %e sim#le if =our effort to %e a %eggar is something that =ou have im#osed u#on =ourself6 2f it has %ecome =our character then =ou are not sim#le6 $es0 once in a @hile it has ha##ened that even a king has lived a sim#le life 33 sim#le not in the sense that he did not have the #alace and the #ossessions 33 the= @ere there 33 %ut he @as not #ossessive6 This has to %e understood& =ou ma= not have an= #ossessions =et =ou ma= %e #ossessive6 ;ossessiveness can e?ist @ithout #ossessions6 2f that is so0 then the o##osite is also true& non#ossessiveness can e?ist @ith all kinds of #ossessions6 )ne can live in the #alace and =et %e totall= free of it6 There is a Zen stor=& + king @as ver= much im#ressed %= the sim#le and innocent life of a Buddhist monk6 ,lo@l= slo@l= he acce#ted him as his master6 *e @atched 33 he @as a ver= calculating man 33 he in>uired a%out his character& E2s there an= loo#hole in his life4E When he @as totall= convinced logicall= 33 his detectives informed him that Ethis man has no dark s#ots in his life0 he is a%solutel= #ure0 sim#le6 *e reall= is a great saint0 he is a %uddhaE 33 then he @ent to the man0 touched his feet and said0 E,ir0 2 invite =ou to come to m= #alace and live there6 Wh= live here4E Dee# do@n0 although he @as inviting the saint0 he @as e?#ecting that the saint @ould refuse0 that he @ould sa=0 E/o0 2 am a sim#le man6 *o@ can 2 live in the #alace4E 33 even though he @as inviting himD ,ee the com#le?it= of human mind& he @as inviting him0 he @as e?#ecting that if the invitation @ere acce#ted he @ould %e greatl= <o=ous0 and still there @as an undercurrent& that the saint0 if he @ere trul= a saint0 @ould refuse0 that he @ould sa=0 E/o0 2 am a sim#le man0 2 @ill live under the tree 33 this is m= sim#le life6 2 have left all the @orld0 2 have renounced the @orld0 2 cannot come

%ack to it6E But the saint @as reall= a saint 33 he must have %een a %uddha6 *e said0 E)ka=6 ,o @here is the vehicle4 Bring =our chariot and 2 @ill come to the #alace6E *e said0 E)f course0 @hen one comes to the #alace one has to come in st=le6 Bring the chariotDE The king @as ver= much shocked& EThis man seems to %e a cheat0 a fraud6 2t seems that he @as #retending all this sim#licit= <ust to catch hold of me6E But no@ it @as too late: he had invited him and he could not go %ack on his o@n @ord6 Being a man of his @ord 33 a samurai0 a @arrior0 a great king 33 he said0 E)ka=0 no@ 2 am caught6 This man is not @orth an=thing 33 he did not even refuse once6 *e should have refusedDE *e had to %ring the chariot0 %ut he @as no longer ha##=0 he @as not <o=ous6 But the saint @as ver= ha##=D *e sat in the chariot like a king0 and the king sat in the chariot ver= sad0 looking a little sill=6 +nd #eo#le @ere @atching in the streets& EWhat is ha##ening4 The naked fakir666DE +nd he @as reall= sitting like an em#eror0 and the king @as looking ver= #oor com#ared to this man6 +nd he @as so <o=ous0 so %ouncing @ith ecstas=D +nd the more ecstatic he @as0 the more sad the king %ecame& E/o@0 ho@ to get rid of this man4 2 have %ecome caught in his net on m= o@n6 +ll those detectives and s#ies are fools 33 the= could not see that this man has a #lan6E +s if he @as sitting under that tree for =ears so that the king @ould %ecome im#ressedD +ll these ideas came into the head of the king6 The king had arranged the %est room for the saint0 if he @ould come6 But he did not %elieve that he @ould ever come6 $ou see the s#lit of the human mind& =ou go on doing one thing0 =ou go on e?#ecting something else6 2f the man had %een cunning he @ould have sim#l= refused6 *e @ould have said0 E/oDE 2f =ou take mone= to .ino%a Bhave he closes his e=es0 and dee# do@n =ou sa=0 E/o@0 this is a saintDE But if =ou %ring the mone= to me 2 @ill take the mone= and 2 @ill not even thank =ouD Then =ou @ill %e ver= much shocked& EWhat kind of man is this4E 2 @as moving in the 2m#ala and #eo#le started @riting to me& E$ou should not move in the 2m#ala6E 2 said0 EThat is true6 ,o0E 2 told La?mi0 Efind something else0 something %etter0 %ecause in +merica the 2m#ala is <ust a #lum%erCs car6E ,o La?mi has %rought a Buick6 /o@ #eo#le are sa=ing0 E+re =ou going to move in the Buick4E 2 told La?mi0 EThis @onCt do6 7ind something %etter0 %ecause the Buick is a #im#Cs car in +mericaDE ,o no@ La?mi is %ringing a "adillac6 The king had arranged the %est room6 The saint reached the room 33 he had %een sitting under the tree for =ears 33 and he said0 EBring this0 %ring that6 2f =ou have to live in the #alace =ou have to live like a kingDE

The king @as getting more and more #uAAled6 )f course0 he had invited him so @hatsoever he asked for @as %rought6 But it @as heav= on the heart of the king0 it @as %ecoming heavier ever= da=0 %ecause the saint started living like a king 33 in fact0 %etter than the king0 %ecause the king had his o@n @orries and the saint had none6 *e @ould slee# in the da=0 in the night6 *e @ould en<o= the garden and the s@imming #ool and he @ould rest and rest6 +nd the king thought0 EThis man is a #arasiteDE )ne da= it @as un%eara%le6 *e said to the saint6666 The saint had gone into the garden for a morning @alk0 and the king also came and he said0 E2 @ant to sa= something to =ou6E The saint said0 E$es0 2 kno@6 $ou @anted to sa= it even %efore 2 left m= tree6 $ou @anted to sa= it @hen 2 acce#ted =our invitation6 Wh= did =ou @ait so long4 $ou are unnecessaril= suffering6 2 can see =ou have %ecome sad6 $ou donCt come to me an=more6 $ou donCt ask the great meta#h=sical0 religious >uestions that =ou used to ask me @hen 2 used to live under the tree6 2 kno@ 33 %ut @h= did =ou @aste si? months4 That 2 canCt see6 $ou should have asked immediatel=0 and things @ould have %een settled then and there6 2 kno@ @hat =ou @ant to ask0 %ut askDE The king said0 E2 @ant to ask onl= one thing6 /o@ @hat is the difference %et@een me and =ou4 $ou are living more lu?uriousl= than 2 amD +nd 2 have to @ork and 2 have to @orr= and 2 have to carr= all kinds of res#onsi%ilities0 and =ou have no @ork0 no @orr=0 no res#onsi%ilit=6 2 am feeling <ealous of =ouD +nd 2 have certainl= sto##ed coming to =ou0 %ecause 2 donCt think there is an= difference %et@een me and =ou6 2 live in #ossessions0 %ut =ou live in more #ossessions than 26 !ver= da= =ou demand0 CBring the golden chariotD 2 @ant to go for a @alk in the countr=6 Bring this and %ring thatDC +nd =ou are eating delicious food6 +nd no@ =ou have sto##ed %eing naked0 =ou are using the %est clothes #ossi%le6 Then @hat is the difference %et@een me and =ou4E The saint laughed and he said0 EThe >uestion is such that 2 can ans@er it onl= if =ou come @ith me6 Let us go outside the ca#ital6E The king follo@ed6 The= crossed the river and the= continued6 The king asked again and again0 E/o@ @hat is the #oint of going on an= further4 Wh= not ans@er no@4E The saint said0 EWait a little6 2 am in search of the right s#ot @here to ans@er6E Then the= came to the ver= %oundar= of his kingdom0 and the king said0 E/o@ it is time0 this is the ver= %oundar=6E The saint said0 EThatCs @hat 2 have %een searching for6 /o@ 2 am not going %ack6 +re =ou coming @ith me or are =ou going %ack4E The king said0 E*o@ can 2 come @ith =ou4 2 have m= kingdom0 m= #ossessions0 m= @ives0 m= children 33 ho@ can 2 come @ith =ou4E +nd the saint said0 E/o@ =ou see the difference4 But 2 am going and 2 @ill not look %ack even once6 2 @as in the #alace0 2 lived @ith all kinds of #ossessions0 %ut 2 @as not

#ossessive6 $ou are #ossessive6 That is the difference6 2 am going6E *e undressed0 %ecame naked0 gave the dress to the king0 and said0 E9ee# =our clothes and %e ha##= again6E /o@ the king realiAed that he had %een foolish& this man @as rare0 a rare gem6 *e fell at his feet and he said0 EDonCt go6 "ome %ack6 2 have not understood =ou =et6 Toda= 2 have seen the difference6 $es0 that is true sainthood6E The saint said0 E2 can come %ack0 %ut remem%er0 =ou @ill %ecome sad again6 7or me there is no difference @hether to go this side or that side0 %ut =ou @ill %ecome sad again6 /o@0 let me make =ou ha##=6 2 am not coming0 2 am going6E The more the saint insisted on going0 the more the king insisted on him coming %ack6 But the saint said0 E)nce is enough6 2 have seen =ou are a stu#id #erson6 2 can come0 %ut the moment 2 sa= C2 can come0C 2 can see in =our e=es the old ideas coming %ack& CMa=%e he is cheating me again6 Ma=%e this is <ust an em#t= gesture0 giving me the clothes and sa=ing that he is going0 so that 2 %ecome im#ressed again6C 2f 2 come =ou @ill %e misera%le again0 and 2 donCt @ant to make =ou misera%le6E 5emem%er the difference& the difference is not in #ossessions0 the difference is in #ossessiveness6 + sim#le #erson is not one @ho #ossesses nothing0 a sim#le #erson is one @ho has no #ossessiveness0 @ho never looks %ack6 This sim#licit= cannot %e #racticed0 this sim#licit= can come onl= as a conse>uence of innocence6 )ther@ise0 on the one hand =ou @ill #ractice0 and from some other corner of =our %eing6666 +nd =ou are a vast continent: =ou are not like an island0 =ou are a reall= vast continentD +nd in the dee#est core of =our %eing there is still uncharted territor=0 unma##ed territor=6 $ou still carr= a great0 dark continent like +frica inside =ou0 @hich =ou have never traveled0 of @hich =ou are not even a@are 33 of its #resence =ou are una@are6 2f =ou re#ress 33 and thatCs @hat cultivation is 33 then it @ill start coming in another form from some@here else6 $ou @ill %ecome more and more com#le? in this @a=0 more and more cunning and calculating in this @a=: more disci#lined0 more @ith a character @hich #eo#le res#ect and honor6 2f =ou @ant to en<o= =our ego0 the %est @a= is to %e a hol= man6 But if =ou reall= @ant to cele%rate e?istence0 the %est @a= is to %e a%solutel= ordinar=0 utterl= ordinar=0 and live the ordinar= life @ith no #retensions6 Live moment3to3moment& that is innocence0 and innocence is enough6 DonCt tr= to %ecome sim#le6 Millions of #eo#le have tried0 and the= have not %ecome sim#le at all6 )n the contrar=0 the= have %ecome ver= ver= com#le?0 entangled in their o@n <ungle0 in their o@n ideas6 8et out of the mind& that is innocence6 Be a no3mind& that is innocence6 +nd ever=thing else follo@s6 +nd @hen ever=thing else follo@s0 it has a %eaut= of its o@n6

"ultivated0 it is #lastic0 s=nthetic0 not natural6 When it comes uncultivated0 it is a grace0 it is a %enediction6 The second >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion F ,)M!T2M!, 2T 7!!L, +, 27 ;*$,2"+L D!+T* W)-LD B! T*! )/L$ ,*)"9 ;)W!57-L !/)-8* T) W+9! M! -;0 +/D 2 72/D M$,!L7 W2,*2/8 7)5 2T 33 +, ;!5*+;, +/ !,"+;! 75)M )5 +/ !/D T) T*2, 85!$ ,L-MB!5 T*+T ,-55)-/D, M!6 W*+T "+/ B5!+9 T*2, D5!+M W*!/ T*! D5!+M!5 2, ,) ,L!!;$4 ;ratima0 if =ou reall= @ant to commit suicide0 follo@ the @ise 2rishman 2 have heard a%out6 +n 2rishman @anted to commit suicide6 *e %ought a %ottle of as#irin0 took t@o0 and felt %etterD Death cannot @ake =ou u#0 ;ratima0 %ecause =ou have died man= times %efore and it has not a@akened =ou =et6 $ou are not ne@ here 33 no%od= is ne@6 $ou are all ancient #ilgrims0 ver= ancient6 $ou have seen Buddhas0 "hrists0 Zarathustras0 Lao TAus6 $ou have seen the @hole evolution of human consciousness0 =ou have %een #art of it6 $ou have %een here man= times and death has ha##ened again and again6 2t has not hel#ed in an= @a=6 2t canCt hel#0 %ecause death has a natural mechanism& %efore =ou die =ou %ecome unconscious6 2t is as if death used anesthesia: so does %irth6 Birth also ha##ens in unconsciousness6 Bust think6 )ne thing is certain& that =ou @ere %orn6 $ou ma= not %e so certain a%out =our #ast lives 33 ma=%e it is <ust a theor= 33 %ut one thing is a%solutel= certain& that =ou @ere %orn one da=6 +t least this life is there6 Do =ou remem%er an=thing of =our %irth4 +nd %irth and death are not se#arate0 the= are t@o as#ects of the same coin6 )n one side it is %irth0 on another side it is death: on one side it is death0 on another side it is %irth6 2t is the same coin6 *eads or tails0 it makes no difference: it is the same coin6 $ou see one #erson d=ing& here he is d=ing0 some@here else he has started %eing %orn6 The moment he is dead here he @ill have entered another @om% some@here6 2t takes seconds0 onl= seconds0 to enter another @om%6 Millions of foolish #eo#le are al@a=s making love0 t@ent=3four hours6 $ou @ill not have to search long0 =ou @ill not have to search and @ait0 =ou @ill not even have to stand in a >ueue0 remem%er6

ThatCs @h= it ha##ens again and again that if a #erson dies in 2ndia he is %orn again in 2ndia6 2t ha##ens more or less that @a=0 %ecause @ho cares to go far a@a=4 Bust in the neigh%orhood some foolish cou#le is read= to receive =ou6 There @as %irth0 %ut =ou @ere unconscious6 Birth also ha##ens in unconsciousness0 %ecause that too is a ver= #ainful #rocess 33 it is a kind of death6 $ou lived in the @om% for nine motnhs0 it @as =our life for nine months0 and the nine months in the @om% are not nine months for the child: for the child it is almost an eternit=0 %ecause he has no sense of time6 +nd then suddenl= one da= the @om% is read= to e?#el =ou6 To the child it looks like death0 he is d=ing6 *is @orld is disa##earing0 his @a= of life0 to @hich he has %ecome accustomed0 is %eing taken a@a= from him6 +ll that he kno@s a%out life is going to %e destro=ed6 Without the @om% he cannot conceive @hat life there can %e6 The @om% is all that that he kno@s: %e=ond the @om% all is unkno@n6 Death is #ainful0 so is %irth6 *ence there is a natural mechanism& the child is %orn in an unconscious state and the old man dies in an unconscious state6 Doctors0 surgeons0 have %een using anesthetic #rocesses onl= recentl= 33 chloroform0 etcetera 33 %ut death and %irth have %een using them since eternit= %egan6 When =ou die0 %efore the e?act moment of death =ou %ecome unconscious0 %ecause it is going to %e ver= #ainful6 Bust think6 $our consciousness0 @hich has %ecome so attached to the %od= for sevent=0 eight= or ninet= =ears6666 $ou have %ecome so identified @ith the %od=0 =ou @ill cling0 =ou @ill do ever=thing that =ou can to remain in the %od=6 /o@ again =ou are %eing thro@n out of the %od= 33 and so man= desires are unfulfilled0 and so man= am%itions are still hovering around =ou6 ,o man= desires and dreams0 and ever=thing is shatteringD +nd =our %od= is %eing taken a@a= from =ou 33 not onl= the %od= %ut =our %rain too6 +nd thatCs @hat =ou have %ecome identified @ith6 $ou need great anesthesia6 The %od= has its o@n @a=s to release anesthesia in =ou: sooner or later medical science is going to discover it6 The= have not =et discovered it %ut sooner or later the= @ill find it& that the %od= has chemical #rocesses @hich are released at the time of death and the #erson %ecomes unconscious6 Bust as in anger certain chemicals are released in =our %lood and =ou %ecome mad 33 a momentar= kind of madness0 =our o@n glands do it666 @hen =ou %ecome se?uall= #ossessed it is =our glands releasing certain secretions 33 and =ou are not conscious0 =ou %ecome almost unconscious6 Death is one of the most #ainful #rocesses6 ,o0 ;ratima0 =ou can die0 %ut =ou @ill die unconsciousl=6 Death @ill not @ake =ou u#0 it @ill make =ou more unconscious6 The onl= @a= to %e a@akened is to %e in communion @ith someone @ho is alread= a@akened6 The onl= @a= 33 there is no other 33 is to %e in the com#an= of the a@akened one0 is to %e in the commune of the a@akened one6 +nd0 ;ratima0 =ou are fortunate& =ou are in the com#an= of the a@akened one and in

the communion of those @ho are seeking a@akening6 $ou are in a %uddhafield: if this cannot @ake =ou u#0 nothing else can do it6 But donCt %e so @orried a%out it: that @orr= is unnecessar=6 Leave it to me6 Leave all =our gre= slum%er0 all =our dreams0 to me6 2 donCt ask for an=thing from =ou 33 at least give me =our dreams0 give me =our @orries0 give me =our slee#6 5ather than @orr=ing a%out ho@ to @ake u#0 start @atching =our dreams and a little %it of alertness @ill start arising in =ou6 2nstead of %eing @orried0 start @atching =our @orries0 and @atching the @orries @ill hel# =ou to come out of the @orries6 There are onl= t@o things to @orr= a%out& either =ou are sick or =ou are @ell6 2f =ou are @ell0 there is nothing to @orr= a%out0 %ut if =ou are are sick0 there are onl= t@o things to @orr= a%out& either =ou get %etter or =ou die6 2f =ou get %etter0 there is nothing to @orr= a%out0 %ut if =ou die0 there are onl= t@o things to @orr= a%out& either =ou go to heaven or =ou go to hell6 2f =ou go to heaven0 there is nothing to @orr= a%out0 %ut if =ou go to hell0 =ouCll %e so dam %us= shaking hands @ith =our friends =ou @onCt have time to @orr=D ,o @h= @orr=4 5ather start en<o=ing6 !n<o= =our slee#: that @ill hel# =ou to @ake u# faster6 !n<o= =our dreams0 %ecause if =ou can en<o= =our dreams0 en<o= =our slee#0 =ou have alread= %ecome a little distant6 When =ou are @orried0 =ou %ecome more involved: @hen =ou are en<o=ing0 =ou can %e a @atcher6 +nd donCt %e in a hurr=0 either6 /othing ha##ens %efore its right time6 There is a season for ever=thing to ha##en0 so <ust @ait for the s#ring6 Mean@hile0 en<o= @hatsoever is there6 "louds are there0 dark clouds0 en<o= them 33 the= have their o@n %eaut=6 )nce in a @hile the sun %reaks through0 en<o= it6 ,ometimes it is raining0 en<o= it6 !n<o= all the moods of life: thatCs ho@ one %ecomes mature0 ri#e6 This life is an o##ortunit= to %ecome seasoned6 DonCt avoid an=thing6 8re= slum%er also has something to contri%ute to =our gro@th0 and =our dreams also have to %ecome ste#s0 ste##ing stones0 to@ards a@akening6 But ever=%od= seems to %e in such a hurr= that no%od= @ants to @ait for the s#ring6 But s#ring comes @hen it comes6 $our hurr=ing @ill sim#l= create chaos in =ou0 =our im#atience @ill create a mess of =ou6 Be #atient0 and @hatsoever the situation0 acce#t it and en<o= it6 $es0 there is a silver lining to ever= dark cloud0 %ut #eo#le are so im#atient0 so #essimistic0 that 2 have heard the= have changed the old #rover%6 The old #rover% is& !ver= dark cloud has a silver lining6 The= have changed it: no@ the= sa=& !ver= silver lining has a dark cloud6 2t all de#ends on ho@ =ou look at things6

Be a little more o#timistic6 Be a little more re<oicing6 $es0 even if =ou sing in =our dream0 even if =ou dance in =our dream0 it is hel#ful0 %ecause =our singing and =our dancing ma= @ake =ou u#6 But if =ou @orr= and =ou think of suicide and =ou think of getting rid of this life %ecause =ou are not @aking u# as soon as =ou @ould like0 it is a ver= #essimistic attitude6 2t is not life3enhancing0 it is destructive6 Be@are of such destructive tendenciesD Death is not going to hel#6 2 am here0 ;ratima0 to hammer0 to shatter =ou6 Bust give me a little chance6 Things are moving %eautifull=6 Man= are coming closer and closer to maturit=0 %ut unless =ou come to the hundred3degree #oint =ou canCt eva#orate6 !ven at ninet=3nine degrees =ou are still @ater0 hot @ater 33 and the heat %ecomes more and more #ainful %efore it reaches to a hundred degrees and =ou sim#l= eva#orate6 +nd then the last change0 then =ou enter into a different field& @ater flo@s do@n@ards and va#or floats u#@ards6 Water is visi%le0 va#or is invisi%le6 Water seeks the lo@est #lace on the earth and va#or seeks the highest 33 the va#or goes to@ards the #eaks6 But 2 cannot give =ou more heat than =ou can a%sor% at the moment6 2 have to %e ver= ver= careful0 %ecause too much heat ma= #rove destructive6 Too much heat ma= destro= something fragile in =ou6 Too much heat and =ou ma= esca#e6 Too much heat @ill make =ou so hot that =ou ma= start thinking life is un%eara%le6 2 have to give =ou heat in homeo#athic doses so that slo@l= slo@l= =ou %ecome accustomed to it 33 %ecause 2 have to take =ou u# to a hundred degrees6 But man= are moving to@ards it0 and @henever it starts ha##ening man= are going to %ecome a@akened almost simultaneousl=6 ThatCs ho@ it ha##ened in BuddhaCs time6 Bust one #erson0 Man<ushri0 %ecame enlightened 33 his first disci#le to %ecome enlightened 33 and immediatel= a chain 33 ,ari#utta0 Moggala=an0 ;urnakash=a# and others 33 immediatel= follo@ed0 as if Man<ushri had triggered off the #rocess6 Ma=%e he @as the first flo@er of s#ring0 and then the @hole of s#ring %urst forth6 ThatCs ho@ it is going to %e here6 ,lo@l= slo@l= =ou are getting read=: the s#ring is coming closer6 Wait6 Wait and @atch6 The third >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 3 W*!/ + M+,T!5 D2!,0 ,-DD!/L$ + M$T* ,;52/8, -; +5)-/D *2M0 M+/ M+9!, ,T)/! )5 W))D!/ 2D)L, )7 *2M0 T*! M+,T!5 B!")M!, + D2,T+/T 8)D T) B! W)5,*2;;!D +/D B!")M!, -/+TT+2/+BL! T) )5D2/+5$ M+/6 T*! T*)-8*T )7 T*! M+,T!5 B!2/8 +/ !I+M;L!

)7 W*+T W! ,*)-LD +/D "+/ B! D2,+;;!+5,6 W*$ D)!, T*2, ;*!/)M!/)/ *+;;!/ T2M! +/D T2M! +8+2/4 +rthur ,am%rooks0 it is something ver= natural to the unconscious state of humanit=6 The living master is a danger0 %ut the dead master is no more a danger6 The living master can @ake =ou u#: =ou cannot dodge him0 he sim#l= goes like an arro@ into the heart6 But a dead master is a dead master6 *e is <ust a memor=0 he is no longer there6 +nd no@ the disci#les start @orshi##ing him6 Wh=4 2t is out of a feeling of guilt that the= never heard him @hile he @as alive6 The= feel guilt=0 the= re#ent6 /o@ the= have to do something to get rid of the guilt6 Worshi##ing is out of guilt0 =ou @ill %e sur#rised to kno@6 $ou ma= not have thought that @orshi# is guilt standing u#side do@n6 The #eo#le crucified Besus0 and the same #eo#le started @orshi##ing him6 2t is re#entance6 The= started feeling a great #ain0 a great heaviness0 a great an?iet=6 The= had done something @rong: the= had to com#ensate0 the= had to @orshi# this man6 The= condemned him as a criminal and the= @orshi##ed him as 8od6 The same has %een ha##ening again and again6 Worshi# comes out of guilt 33 one thing6 ,econd& @orshi# is a @a= to avoid the master6 B= @orshi##ing him =ou start feeling that =ou are doing @hatsoever =ou can do6 What more is there4 $ou need not change0 @orshi# is enough6 2f the master is alive and =ou onl= @orshi# him and =ou donCt change0 he is going to hit =ou on the head6 The living master0 even if he allo@s =ou to @orshi# him0 allo@s =ou to @orshi# him onl= so that =ou can come closer to him0 thatCs all6 *e allo@s =ou to @orshi# him so that =ou can come close and he can reall= destro= =our ego6 *e @ants =ou to %ecome intimate @ith him6 2f this is the onl= @a= =ou kno@666 and this is the onl= @a= =ou kno@0 %ecause =ou have al@a=s %een @orshi##ing Buddha0 9rishna0 Besus0 Mohammed6 $ou have %een @orshi##ing0 so @hen =ou come to a living master0 the first thing that =ou can do is @orshi# him6 *e allo@s =ou to @orshi# him so that =ou can come closer0 so that =ou can %e caught into his net6 But a dead master is no longer there to do an=thing to =ou6 /o@ =ou can start doing things to the master 33 =ou can take revengeD $ou can make a stone or @ooden statue of the master and =ou can %o@ do@n to the statue that =ou have made6 $ou are %o@ing do@n to =ourself0 to =our o@n creationD 2t is like 33 and it @ill %e far %etter6666 When =ou make a tem#le in =our house it is %etter to fi? u# a %ig mirror and sit %efore the mirror and %o@ do@n to =our o@n image 33 %ecause the master that =ou create is the master that =ou create in =our o@n image6 The Bi%le sa=s& 8od created man in his o@n image6 Ma=%e in the %eginning he did0 %ut man has #aid him out @ell0 and in the same coin6 Man has made 8od in his o@n

image6 When =ou @orshi# a master =ou start creating a master to =our o@n idea 33 hence the m=th s#rings u#6 The m=th comes from =our unconscious6 The master is #h=sicall= dead0 no@ =ou @ant him to %e s#irituall= dead too6 The m=th @ill do it& he @ill %ecome s#irituall= dead too6 $our m=th is a lieD +nd the more the master %ecomes surrounded %= m=th and fictions0 the more and more unreal he %ecomes6 ThatCs @h= it is ver= difficult to %elieve that Besus is a historical #erson 33 ver= difficult to %elieve6 2t is %ecause of the m=tholog= that has %een created around him& he @alks on @ater0 he turns @ater into @ine0 out of a fe@ loaves he makes enough %read for thousands of #eo#le to eat6 The #eo#le @ho created these m=ths are reall= getting rid of the realit= of the master6 +lthough he is dead0 a certain im#act of the master still continues that has to %e effaced6 The m=th @ill do the @ork6 Death has destro=ed his %od=0 m=th @ill destro= his s#iritualit=6 *e @ill %ecome <ust a m=thological figure0 utterl= im#otent0 useless6 The m=th is a #rocess in @hich =ou change the masterCs historical realit= into a fiction6 Besus as a historical #erson ma= %e em%arrassing6 Besus as a m=th is %eautiful 33 %ecause a m=th is created %= =ou0 according to =our e?#ectations6 /o living master ever fulfills an=%od=Cs e?#ectations: he lives his o@n life6 Whether =ou acce#t him or =ou re<ect him makes no difference6 $ou can kill him0 =ou can @orshi# him0 it makes no difference6 *e goes on living in his o@n @a=0 he goes on doing his o@n thing6 *e cannot %e forced to fulfill =our re>uirements of him6 ;eo#le tr= in ever= #ossi%le @a=6 The= come to me666 letters reach me0 sa=ing& E)sho0 if =ou do onl= one thing0 millions of #eo#le @ill %e %enefited %ecause then the= @ill start coming to =ou6 ;lease sto# talking a%out se?6 2ndia @ill @orshi# =ou6 ;eo#le are read= to acce#t =ou0 %ut =ou distur% them6E /o@0 these #eo#le @ho are fast aslee# are advising me @hat 2 should sa=0 @hat 2 should not sa=6666 2n these last t@ent= =ears0 thousands of #eo#le have come to me6 .er= fe@ have remained0 %ecause the= all came @ith e?#ectations 33 and 2 have not %een fulfilling an=%od=Cs e?#ectations6 2n fact if 2 see some%od= e?#ecting something0 2 immediatel= destro= it6 2 @ant onl= #eo#le here @ithout e?#ectations of me6 )ther@ise follo@ers tr= to %ecome masters of the masters6 The= start dictating to them& EDo this6 !at this6 Live like this0 %ecause then more and more #eo#le @ill come6E 2t is not a >uestion of more and more %eing needed: onl= those are needed @ho have no e?#ectations0 %ecause onl= those are ca#a%le of %eing a@akened6 But once the master is gone he cannot #revent =ou from creating =our m=th0 so @hatsoever @as hurting =ou0 =ou @ill change0 @hatsoever @as offensive to =ou0 =ou @ill dro#0 and =ou @ill re#lace it @ith something %eautiful6 ThatCs @hat the root cause

has %een of m=ths s#ringing u#6 Besus lived a ver= human life0 utterl= human 33 @ith great godliness0 %ut he lived a human life6 *e is a rare master in that @a=6 *e moved @ith gam%lers0 drunkards: there is ever= #ossi%ilit= that once in a @hile he ma= have #la=ed #oker6 +nd 2 donCt see that there is an=thing @rong in it6 *e used to drink @ine0 he en<o=ed it6 +nd 2 donCt think that there is an=thing @rong in it once in a @hile: it is sheer #la=fulness6 DonCt %ecome addicted to it6 *e @as not addicted to it0 %ut he #artici#ated in the ordinar= life6 There is ever= #ossi%ilit= that Mar= Magdalene fell in a ver= human kind of love @ith him0 and it cannot %e <ust one3sided 33 he ma= have res#onded6 But "hristians @ill feel offended 33 a #rostitute falling in love @ith BesusD +nd Besus ma= have res#onded in a human @a=6 2n fact0 he @as such a courageous man0 such a re%el0 that he must have res#onded in a human @a=6 5ock *udson dies and goes to heaven0 knocks at the gate and re>uests #ermission to enter6 ,aint ;eter sa=s0 E,ure6 +ll =ou need is t@o #ass#ort #hotogra#hs and to fill in this form B3316 /o@0 @hatCs =our name4E E5ock *udson6E E)ccu#ation4E E7ilm actor6E E,orr=0E sa=s ,aint ;eter6 E/o film actors allo@ed6E EWh=4E asks 5ock0 amaAed6 ,aint ;eter sa=s0 EBecause =ou #eo#le are kno@n to %e great sinners 33 all this nudit= in films0 scandals0 all kinds of vices6 ,orr=0 =ou canCt come in6E EBut 2Cm a #ersonal friend of Besus0E sa=s 5ock6 E8o and ask him6E ,aint ;eter goes to Besus and sa=s0 EThere is a %ig gu= at the gate6 *e sa=s he is a friend of =ours6 *is name is 5ock *udson6E E5ock *udsonDE sa=s Besus6 E)h0 m= 8odD +nd 2 havenCt got a thing to @earDE Besus must have %een a ver= human master6 2t is %ecause of his great humanit= that he had to suffer0 that he had to %e crucified 33 it is %ecause of his great humanit=6 2f he had lived <ust like a god0 <ust like a hol= saint0 chanting mantras0 fasting0 living in a cave0 the same ra%%is @ould have @orshi##ed him6 Before Besus the= had not killed an=%od= else6 Wh= Besus4 This is strange6 The Be@ish histor= has no #recedent for it6 What @as his sin4 What @as his crime4 *is crime @as that he @as tr=ing to live a ver= ordinar= life6 *e @anted to sho@ =ou that =ou can live an ordinar= life and =et =ou can %e enlightened6 $ou can move @ith #rostitutes and gam%lers and drunkards and =et =ou can %e a%solutel= hol=6 *e @anted to sho@ =ou this #arado?0 he @anted to

%ecome an e?am#le of it: thatCs @h= he @as crucified6 2n 2ndia0 Buddha @as not crucified0 Mahavira @as not crucified6 Wh=4 The= never lived in an= human @a=6 The= lived aloof0 ver= aloof0 cool0 fara@a=0 distant6 There @as no need to crucif= them6 *ence m= love for Besus is immense6 Buddha =ou can res#ect0 %ut =ou cannot love6 Besus =ou can love0 too 33 and if =ou res#ect him =ou res#ect him out of love6 +nd the same has to %e the situation here6 2 donCt @ant =our res#ect6 2f =our res#ect comes as #art of =our love it is @elcome: other@ise 2 donCt @ant =our res#ect6 2 donCt @ant to %e res#ecta%le6 2t is %etter to %e crucified %= #eo#le than to %e res#ecta%le6 To %e res#ecta%le means =ou have %o@ed do@n to the slee#ers0 that =ou have surrendered =our freedom6 This is #ossi%le onl= if =ou fulfill their e?#ectations: then the= @ill res#ect =ou0 the= @ill call =ou hol=6 But if =ou live an ordinar= life <ust as #eo#le live it and =ou en<o= the ordinar= things of life 33 @ith a difference0 of course0 @ith a great difference0 a difference that reall= makes a difference 33 if =ou %ring 8od closer to the earth0 if =ou %ring heaven closer to the earth0 then the= are going to kill =ou @hile =ou are alive6 +nd @hen =ou are gone0 the same #eo#le @ill start changing =our life0 #ainting =our life again and again6 The= @ill go on #ainting =ou as the demands change according to the changes in time and fashion6 There are man= christs reall=6 2f =ou go through these t@o thousand =ears =ou @ill find man= christs not one0 %ecause each age demands a different kind of hol= man0 so each age has to #aint Besus according to its e?#ectations6 ThatCs ho@ m=ths are created6 Then another age has to im#ose its m=ths0 and this goes on and on0 and the @hole life %ecomes fictitious6 /o@ the @hole thing is so fictitious6666 The virgin %irth is an im#ossi%ilit=0 %ut the= have to im#ose that m=th of the virgin %irth %ecause ordinar= #eo#le are %orn out of se?ual intercourse6 *o@ can Besus %e %orn out of se?ual intercourse4 *e is %orn @ithout an= se?ualit=6 This is un%iological0 unscientific6 But the follo@ers @ill do such things <ust to make him look se#arate0 different0 su#ernatural6 The Buddhists sa= that @hen Buddha @as %orn his mother @as standing6 Buddhists sa= that @hen %uddhas are %orn the mothers are al@a=s standing6 ,trangeD Wh= canCt a %uddha %e %orn @hile the mother is l=ing on her %ack4 33 that is ho@ ever=%od= is %orn: %uddhas have to %e %orn in a s#ecial @a=6 +nd then @hat does Buddha do4 *e comes out of the @om% standing0 he falls to the ground standing0 and then he takes seven ste#s and he declares0 E2 am the greatest of the greatestDE That is the first thing he does 33 after seven ste#s6 /o@0 such foolish thingsD Bainas sa= that their tirthankaras are al@a=s %orn into the @arrior caste0 the kshatri=as6 Mahavira entered the @om% of a %rahmin @oman0 %ut that is not according to the la@6

$ou see the e?#ectations of #eo#le 33 not onl= in life @ill the= e?#ect of =ou0 %ut even %efore life the= @ill force their e?#ectationsD ,o the= have created a stor= that the gods @ere ver= much distur%ed 33 this had never ha##ened %efore6 + tirthankara 33 a Baina master0 an enlightened master 33 has to %e %orn of a kshatri=a @oman0 a @arrior caste @oman6 2t @as an antagonism against the %rahmins6 +nd Mahavira entered into the @om% of a %rahmin @oman0 so the gods could not tolerate it6 When he @as three months old in the @omanCs @om%0 the= removed him0 the= took him out6 That seems to %e the first surger=D The= removed Mahavira from the %rahmin @omanCs @om%0 and the= removed another child from the >ueenCs @om%6 The >ueenCs child0 a girl0 @as #ut into the %rahmin @omanCs @om% and Mahavira @as su%stituted6 T@o things @ere @rong6 7irst& the tirthankara has to %e a man: second& he has to %e %orn of a kshatri=a @oman6 What e?#ectationsD What foolish kinds of e?#ectationsD But these m=ths go on gro@ing later on6 These m=ths are for a certain reason6 The disci#les and the follo@ers @ant their master to %e s#ecial 33 s#ecial com#ared to ordinar= #eo#le and s#ecial com#ared to other masters0 too6 $ou ask me0 ,am%rooks& EWhen a master dies0 suddenl= a m=th s#rings u# around him0 man makes stone or @ooden idols of him0 the master %ecomes a distant god to %e @orshi##ed and %ecomes unattaina%le to ordinar= man6E That is #recisel= the #ur#ose of @orshi#& to make the man so distant and so far a@a= that =ou can onl= @orshi#6 $ou need not #ractice @hatsoever has %een his teaching0 =ou need not @ake u# from =our slee#6 Worshi##ing can continue in =our slee# %eautifull=: it does not distur% =our slee#0 in fact0 it functions as a sedative0 a tran>uiliAer6 $ou ask me& EThe thought of the master %eing an e?am#le of @hat @e should and can %e disa##ears6E That is #recisel= the #ur#ose& that it should disa##ear so that there is no need for us to tr=0 to endeavor to reach the #eaks6 Then @e can live in our slee# #eacefull=: there is no%od= to distur% us6 2f Buddha is a human %eing0 if Besus is a human %eing0 and the= can %ecome so enlightened0 so full of light0 so full of love0 so full of %liss0 then the idea of them @ill haunt =ou0 it @ill not leave =ou alone6 "ontinuousl= it @ill %e there inside =ou that =ou have to attain this state too0 other@ise =ou are not fulfilling =ourself0 other@ise =ou are not doing @hat is needed to %e done6 $ou are missing an o##ortunit=6 $ou ask me& EWh= doesLthis #henomenon ha##en time and time again4E Because manCs stu#idit= is the same6 The last >uestion&

B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion H 2 +M + ,"2!/T2,T6 ,"2!/"! T!+"*!, T) )B,!5.! D!T+"*!DL$6 2, 2T /)T T*! ,+M! W2T* 5!L282)/4 ,cience teaches detached o%servation0 art teaches nondetached o%servation0 religion sim#l= teaches o%servation0 neither detached nor nondetached6 The scientist has to %e there <ust as a s#ectator0 indifferent0 cold: thatCs ho@ he can come to kno@ the secrets of matter6 The artist has to #artici#ate in nature: @ithout #artici#ation he @ill not kno@ the %eaut= of the flo@er0 of the moon0 of the sunset0 of the clouds6 *e @ill have to %ecome a #artici#ant0 he @ill have to dissolve himself into their realit=6 The o%server has to %ecome the o%served in the @orld of art: onl= then is he a%le to #aint0 to scul#t0 to create music or #oetr=6 + man came to a great #ainter and asked him0 E2 @ant to #aint %am%oos6 What should 2 do4E The master said0 E7irst =ou go into the <ungle and live @ith the %am%oos for three =ears6 When =ou start feeling that =ou have %ecome a %am%oo0 come %ack6E The man never returned6 Three =ears #assed6 The master @aited and @aited and then he had to go in search of the man to see @hat had ha##ened 33 %ecause @hen =ou have %ecome a %am%oo0 ho@ can =ou come %ack to the master4 When the master arrived he sa@ the man standing in a %am%oo grove6 The @ind @as %lo@ing0 the %am%oos @ere s@a=ing and dancing0 and the man @as s@a=ing and dancing6 The master shook him6 *e said0 EWhat are =ou doing4 When are =ou going to #aint4E *e said0 E7orget all a%out it6 8et lostD DonCt distur% me6E The master had to drag him %ack home6 *e said0 E/o@ =ou are read= to #aint the %am%oo0 %ecause no@ =ou kno@ from the inside @hat a %am%oo is6E ,cience o%serves from the outside: art enters into the inside of things6 But religion is a transcendence: it is %e=ond science and %e=ond art6 ,cience is o%<ective0 art is su%<ective6 5eligion is neither6 2t is #ure a@areness0 neither cold nor hot6 ThatCs @h= 2 call it cool6 ,cience is cold0 art is hot0 religion is cool6 But o%servation is needed all the same on all three #lanes: it onl= changes its >ualit=6 The lo@est o%servation is detached o%servation: a little higher is art0 #artici#ant3 o%servation: and the highest is <ust o%servation6 But o%servation is the essential #henomenon: that is the thread that <oins science0 art and religion6

This ha##ened in the auditorium of a facult= of medicine6 The @ell3kno@n #rofessor %egins his first course @ith this declaration& ETo %e a good #ractitioner0 t@o >ualities are re>uired6 The first is& =ou should not %e disgusted @ith an=thing6 The second is& =ou should %e a%le to o%serve accuratel=6 +s an illustration of this0 @atch6 $ou see this age3old cor#se l=ing on the ta%le4 2 di# one finger in the anus of the cor#se0 and then =ou see0 2 take it out0 #ut it in m= mouth and suck it6E The @hole class is horrified6 The #rofessor goes on0 E/o@0 @hich of =ou @ill %e a%le to do this4E + ver= Aealous student comes u# and0 @ithout hesitation0 di#s his finger into the cor#seCs anus and sucks it6 + great silence follo@s this #erformance6 The #rofessor congratulates the student0 good0 =oung man0 =ou certainl= have the first >ualit= re>uired to %e a good doctor0 that is& not to %e disgusted @ith an=thing6 *o@ever0 the second >ualit= is missing6 $ou have no sense of o%servation at all6 $ou see0 it @as this finger0 the inde?0 that 2 di##ed6 +nd it @as this finger0 the medius0 that 2 #ut into m= mouthDE !nough for toda=6 The White Lotus "ha#ter (7 "ha#ter title& Lion Buddha K /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 110K0 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,07 +udio& $es .ideo& /o 1-!,T2)/& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 85!!D2/!,,4 +/,W!5& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 28/)5+/"!6 1-!,T2)/& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 !8)L!,,/!,,4 +/,W!5& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 ,*5+.+9+0 B-DD*+C, +"T-+L D2,"2;L!6 1-!,T2)/& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 /)3!/T2T$4 +/,W!5& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 T*! ,+8!, W*) *+.! /) ")//!"T2)/ W2T* T*! T!+"*2/8 )7 B-DD*+0 B-T D2,").!5 T*! T5-T* )7 /)3 !/T2T$ B$ T*!M,!L.!,6

1-!,T2)/& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D W*2"* *+, /) ;+5T2"-L+5 -/D!5,T+/D2/80 +/D +L,) /) ;+2/7-L D!L-,2)/,4 +/,W!5& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 B)D*2,+TT.+,6 1-!,T2)/& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D W*2"* *+, /)T*2/8 T) 9/)W +/D +L,) /)T*2/8 T) 5!+L2Z!4 +/,W!5& /) +/,W!5 75)M B)D*2D*+5M+6 B)D*2D*+5M+ ,+2D0 ED*+5M+9+$+ *+, /) 7)5M0 T*!5!7)5! )/! ,!!, 2T W2T*)-T ,!!2/86 D*+5M+ *+, /) .)2"!0 T*!5!7)5! )/! *!+5, 2T W2T*)-T *!+52/86 ;5+B/+ *+, /)T*2/8 T) B! 9/)W/0 T*!5!7)5! )/! 9/)W, 2T W2T*)-T 9/)W2/86 27 *! T*2/9, T*+T *! 2, ,!!2/80 *! ,!!, 2T 2/")M;L!T!L$6 27 *! T*2/9, T*+T *! 9/)W, 2T0 *! D)!, /)T 9/)W 2T T*)5)-8*L$6 W*!/ *! 9/)W, 2T W2T*)-T 9/)W2/80 *! 9/)W, 2T ")M;L!T!L$6 27 )/! D)!, /)T 9/)W T*2,0 *! 2, /)T + T5-! 9/)W!56 27 )/! T*2/9, T*+T *! 2, 8+2/2/80 *! 2, /)T 8+2/2/8 !/T25!L$6 W*!/ *! 8+2/, /)/8+2/2/80 *! )W/, !.!5$T*2/86 27 )/! T*2/9, T*+T *! 2, 528*T0 *2, 528*T!)-,/!,, 2, /)T ;!57!"T6 W*!/ *! T5+/,"!/D, 528*T +/D W5)/80 *2, .25T-!, +5! +"")M;L2,*!D6 ,-"* W2,D)M 2, T*! 8+T!3);!/!5 T) + *-/D5!D T*)-,+/D 8+T!, )7 T*! *28*!5 W2,D)M6E ,+2D B)D*2D*+5M+0 E+LL B-DD*+, ;5!+"* !M;T2/!,,6 W*$4 B!"+-,! T*!$ W2,* T) "5-,* T*! ")/"5!T! 2D!+, )7 T*! ,T-D!/T,6 27 + ,T-D!/T !.!/ "L2/8, T) +/ 2D!+ )7 !M;T2/!,,0 *! B!T5+$, +LL B-DD*+,6 )/! "L2/8, T) L27! +LT*)-8* T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) B! "+LL!D L27!: +/)T*!5 "L2/8, T) D!+T* +LT*)-8* T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) B! "+LL!D D!+T*6 2/ 5!+L2T$ T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) B! B)5/0 ")/,!1-!/TL$ T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) ;!52,*6 EB$ "L2/82/8 )/! 5!")8/2Z!, + T*2/8 )5 +/ 2D!+6 5!+L2T$ *+, /!2T*!5 2/,2D!0 )-T,2D!0 /)5 M2DDL! ;+5T6 +/ 28/)5+/T ;!5,)/ "5!+T!, D!L-,2)/, +/D ,-77!5, 75)M D2,"52M2/+T2)/6 528*T +/D W5)/8 D) /)T !I2,T 2/ 5!+L2T$6 +/ 28/)5+/T ;!5,)/ "5!+T!, T*!M0 5!")8/2Z!, T*!M0 /!+5 )5 7+50 2/W+5D )5 )-TW+5D6 *! T*!/ ,-77!5, 75)M D2,"52M2/+T2)/6 T*2, 2, T*! 8!/!5+L W+$ )7 T*! ;*!/)M!/+L W)5LD6E +ll >uestions are childish6 Mind =ou0 the= are not childlike0 the= are childish0 the= are

stu#id6 The= ma= a##ear ver= kno@ledgea%le0 the= ma= consist of great @ords0 %ut the= have no significance0 no meaning0 %ecause those great @ords are em#t=0 %orro@ed6 The= have no roots in =our o@n e?istential e?#erience6 ;hiloso#h= as such is a ver= childish affair6 5eligion has maturit=0 %ut not #hiloso#h=6 ;hiloso#h= is curiosit= 33 curiosit= @ithout an= @orthiness to kno@ 33 >uestions raised in the ho#e of getting ans@ers6 But even if ans@ers are given =ou @ill not %e a%le to receive them0 %ecause there is no readiness on =our #art to receive them6 The ans@ers @ill onl= create ne@ >uestions in the childish mind6 That has %een the @hole histor= of #hiloso#hical endeavor6 7or ten thousand =ears #hiloso#h= has raised great >uestions and has %een greatl= involved in finding ans@ers0 %ut not a single ans@er has %een found6 /o effort has %een as futile as #hiloso#h=6 !ach ans@er that #hiloso#hers think the= have arrived at0 that the= think is going to change the @hole vision of man0 sim#l= creates more >uestions6 ;hiloso#h= has not solved an=thing at all6 2t cannot& it is %asicall= a movement in the @rong direction6 Mind can onl= raise >uestions0 %ut cannot find the ans@ers6 Bust as leaves gro@ on trees0 >uestions gro@ in the mind6 $ou can #rune the leaves %ut %= #runing more leaves @ill come0 the foliage @ill %ecome thicker6 $ou can #rune the >uestions 33 thatCs @hat #hiloso#h= goes on doing 33 %ut more >uestions @ill arise %ecause the source of the >uestions0 the mind0 remains intact0 #rotected0 secure6 To find the ans@er one has to go %e=ond the mind0 and to go %e=ond the mind is the onl= maturit=6 $ou are reall= a gro@nu# #erson @hen =ou have gone %e=ond the mind6 The %uddhas are nothing %ut gro@nu# #eo#le0 mature0 ri#e0 integrated0 @ho have gone %e=ond the mind0 gone to the other shore0 the further shore6 +t that height >uestions sim#l= disa##ear6 /ot that the= are solved0 remem%er it0 >uestions are not solved @hen =ou go %e=ond mind: going %e=ond mind =ou are going %e=ond >uestions too6 The= %ecome irrelevant0 the= look stu#id0 the= lose all meaning& the= are sim#l= nonsense6 /ot that =ou find ans@ers %ut @hen >uestions dissolve and =ou are in a state of >uestionless consciousness0 this is T*! ans@er6 Without an= #articular ans@er this is the ans@er0 this is the solution6 *ence @e in the !ast call it samadhi: samadhi sim#l= means the solution6 +ll is solved0 >uestions are dissolved6 $ou are a%solutel= silent0 @ith no curiosit=0 @ith nothing to ask6 When =ou have nothing to ask0 =ou kno@: and @hen =ou have something to ask0 =ou do not kno@6 $es0 out of com#assion %uddhas go on ans@ering =our >uestions in the ho#e that sooner or later =ou @ill see the utter a%surdit=0 ridiculousness of >uestions6 !?istence sim#l= is6 2t is not a >uestion/ans@er thing0 it is not a #uAAle: it is a m=ster= to %e e?#erienced0 lived0 loved6 $ou can sing it0 =ou can dance it: %ut it is not a

>uestion0 it is a >uest0 an adventure0 an ecstatic adventure0 an e?#loration6 +nd @hen =ou enter into the m=sterious @ithout an= curiosit=0 all the secrets of e?istence are availa%le to =ou6 2f =ou enter @ith a curious mind0 nothing is availa%le to =ou0 %ecause the curious mind itself #revents =ou from seeing6 $ou are #reoccu#ied @ith =our >uestion6 $ou are #reoccu#ied @ith =our kno@ledge6 $ou ask %ecause =ou think =ou kno@6 ,ome%od= comes and sa=s0 EWho created the @orld4E 2n fact he alread= carries the idea that 8od created the @orld0 he has come to ask onl= to %e confirmed6 2f =ou confirm it0 he is ver= ha##=: if =ou negate it0 he %ecomes angr= at =ou6 *e @as not a real seeker0 he @as seeking su##ort for his %elief6 )ne da= earl= in the morning @hen Buddha @as out for his morning @alk0 a man asked him0 E2s there a 8od4E Buddha looked for a moment into the e=es of the man and said0 E/o6 There is no 8od at all 33 never has %een0 never @ill %e6 $ou get rid of all this nonsense6E The man @as shocked6 +nanda @as follo@ing Buddha6 *e al@a=s follo@ed him like a shado@0 <ust to %e at his service if at an= moment0 an= need arose6 *e listened 33 he had listened to man= ans@ers from Buddha 33 and it @as like a hammer0 so crude0 so cruel it looked6 But he sa@ the face of Buddha 33 tremendous com#assion6 2n the afternoon of the same da= another man came and he asked0 E2s there a 8od4E Buddha said0 E$es0 there is 33 al@a=s has %een0 al@a=s @ill %e6 ,eek and find6E +nanda @as ver= much #uAAled: he had not forgotten the ans@er that Buddha gave <ust that morning0 %ut he could not ask %ecause there @ere so man= other #eo#le there6 +nd %efore he could ask0 another man came %= that evening <ust as the sun @as setting6 +nd Buddha @as sitting outside underneath a tree0 <ust @atching the sunset and the %eautiful clouds0 and the man asked0 E2s there a 8od4E Buddha sim#l= motioned his hand0 made a gesture to the man to sit do@n0 and himself closed his e=es6 The man follo@ed6 The= sat in silence for a fe@ moments0 then the man rose u#6 2t @as getting dark0 the sun had set6 *e touched the feet of Buddha0 said0 E2 am grateful for the ans@er6 Thank =ou ver= much0E and @ent a@a=6 /o@ +nanda @as all %oiling u#6 When there @as no%od= there0 +nanda asked0 E2 @ill not %e a%le to slee# tonight unless =ou ans@er me6 2n a single da=0 the same >uestion 33 and =ou ans@er in three @a=s6 To the first #erson =ou said C/o0 there is no 8od6C To the second =ou said0 C$es0 there is6C +nd to the third =ou sim#l= motioned @ith such love for him to sit do@n and close his e=es6 $ou didnCt sa= an=thing to him0 %ut something must have trans#ired0 %ecause the man fell into dee# silence0 he touched =our feet0 he thanked =ou also for =our ans@er0 although 2 @as there and =ou had not

ans@ered at all6 What is going on4 $ou have #uAAled me ver= much6E Buddha said0 E/o ans@er @as given to =ou6 Wh= should =ou %e #uAAled4 2t @as their >uestion0 it @as m= ans@er0 =ou @ere not a #art= to it6E But +nanda said0 E2 am not deaf0 2 @as there and 2 sim#l= listened6 +nd no@ those three ans@ers are kee#ing me ver= much confused6E Buddha said0 EThe first man @as a %eliever0 he %elieved in 8od6 *e had not reall= come to in>uire0 he had come to %e confirmed6 *e @anted his %elief to %e su##orted %= me0 so that he could go and tell #eo#le0 C/ot onl= 2 %elieve in 8od0 Buddha also %elieves6C *e @anted to use me for his o@n #ur#oses0 hence 2 had to sa= no6 +nd 2 had to %e ver= hard @ith him0 other@ise he @as so full of his o@n ideas he @ould not have listened6 *e @as a scholar0 @ell ac>uainted @ith the scri#tures 33 2 could hear the noise in his head0 2 could see the turmoil in his %eing6 2 had to %e ver= cruel and hard like a hammer0 %ecause onl= then there @as a #ossi%ilit= that he might hear6 *e needed a shock6 2 shocked him0 %ecause 2 donCt @ant to su##ort an=%od=Cs %eliefs6 +ll %eliefs are @rong6 9no@ing is a totall= different matter6 E+nd the second man @as an atheist0 he did not %elieve in 8od6 *e @as also a scholar0 he @as also full of all kinds of ideas0 %ut he @as <ust the o##osite to the first man6 *e had also come for the same #ur#ose6 The= @ere o##osites0 enemies0 %ut the #ur#ose @as the same6 *e @anted me to su##ort his non3%elief0 his dis%elief6 ThatCs @h= 2 had to sa= to him @ith such authorit=& C$es0 there is a 8od 33 onl= 8od is0 and nothing else6C That @a= 2 shattered his %elief6 E+nd the third man @as reall= a seeker6 *e did not @ant an ans@er0 he @anted an e?#erience6 *e had not come to >uestion 33 he had no idea0 no #re<udice 33 he had come o#en0 availa%le6 *e @as vulnera%le to me0 he @as a man of great trust6 *e @anted me to reveal something to him0 hence 2 did not ans@er him0 2 sim#l= told him to sit %= m= side6 +nd0 =es0 =ou are right0 something trans#ired6666E 666 Because something al@a=s trans#ires @hen t@o #ersons can manage to sit in dee# silence6 +nd if =ou can manage to sit in dee# silence @ith a %uddha0 something of tremendous value is going to ha##en6 *is silence is contagious6 2f =ou are availa%le and o#en his silence @ill #our into =our %eing6 2t @ill %e like a %ath: =ou @ill %e %athed in his consciousness6 $ou @ill %e cleansed0 =ou @ill %e #urified6 $our dust @ill disa##ear from =our mirror6 ,uddenl= =ou @ill %e a%le to see: =our e=es @ill %e clear6 E666 ,o @ithout giving him an= ans@er0 he received the ans@er6 *e received the ans@er of all ans@ers @hich is silence6 ThatCs @h= he @as so grateful0 thatCs @h= he %o@ed do@n Cand touched m= feet0 thatCs @h= he thanked me6E When =ou come to a Buddha or a Bodhidharma =ou have to %e ver= alert ho@ =ou come6 DonCt come @ith #re<udices0 other@ise =ou @ill ask childish >uestions6

+ little %o= @ent to school for the first time and the teacher e?#lained that if he @anted to go to the @ashroom he should raise t@o fingers6 The %o=0 looking #uAAled0 asked0 E*o@Cs that going to sto# it4E *e has a certain childish idea0 %ut he is #uAAled6 EWh= donCt =ou smile4E the teacher asked =oung Bohnn=6 E2 didnCt have no %reakfast0E Bohnn= re#lied6 E$ou #oor dear0E said the teacher6 EBut to return to our geogra#h= lesson0 Bohnn=6 Where is the ;olish %order4E E2n %ed @ith Momma 33 thatCs @h= 2 didnCt have no %reakfast6E 2t is not onl= children @ho are full of childish ideas0 the so3called gro@nu#s are not different at all6 $es0 the= are aged0 %ut not gro@n u#6 The= have %een gro@ing in age %ut not gro@ing in consciousness6 The more =ou gro@ in age the more ideas =ou accumulate 33 o%viousl=& more e?#eriences0 more @ords0 more theories0 more ideologies6 The more =ou gro@ in consciousness0 the less ideas0 the less #hiloso#h=0 the less theologies6 ,ilence gro@s in =ou instead6 Be@are of %eing kno@ledgea%le: that is the greatest hindrance %et@een =ou and the truth6 9no@ledgea%ilit= deceives =ou0 it makes =ou feel that =ou alread= kno@6 ThatCs ho@ thousands of #undits0 scholars0 #rofessors0 #edagogues go on living6 Believing that the= kno@0 the= kno@ nothing6 The= have not entered the tem#le of @isdom 33 the= have not even M).!D to@ards the tem#le6 2n fact0 the= are moving in <ust the o##osite direction6 To kno@ is one thing0 and to %e kno@ledgea%le is <ust the o##osite of it6 Be@are of kno@ledgea%ilit= so that one da= =ou can kno@6 2t is not a >uestion of accumulating information: on the contrar=0 it is a >uestion of em#t=ing =our mind totall= of all its content6 When the mind is em#t=0 has nothing to sa=0 has nothing to %elieve0 has no ideas a%out an=thing0 then suddenl= the realit= is revealed to =ou6 2n that em#tiness0 =ou %ecome a mirror6 To %e em#t= is to %e a mirror6 +nd then0 sim#l=0 all that is0 is reflected in =ou6 The first >uestion6666 +ll these >uestions are stu#id0 %ut Bodhidharma is ver= #atient6 9no@ing that the= are stu#id0 he ans@ers 33 not in the ho#e that the= @ill %e ans@ered in this @a= %ut in the ho#e that =ou @ill one da= understand that life is not a matter of >uestioning and ans@ering6 *is ans@ers are such that the= donCt ans@er =our >uestion0 the= D!,T5)$ =our >uestion6 ThatCs the @a= of the real master& he does not ans@er =our >uestion0 he sim#l= destro=s it6 ,o if =ou are @aiting for a #articular ans@er0 =ou @ill %e at a loss6 Man=

have come from the %uddhas em#t=3handed <ust %ecause the= @ere e?#ecting read=3 made0 #articular ans@ers6 Buddhas donCt do that6 )n the contrar=0 the= take a@a= =our >uestion6 These ans@ers are <ust to take the >uestions a@a= from =ou0 so that =ou can %e left more clean0 more s#acious6 These >uestions are like clouds in the sk=6 )nce these clouds disa##ear0 the infinit= of the sk= %ecomes availa%le to =ou @ith all its %eaut= and glor= and grandeur6 The first >uestion& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 85!!D2/!,,4 )n the surface the >uestion looks #erfectl= oka=0 %ut if =ou @atch carefull=0 the >uestioner himself is greed=6 *e is asking >uestions& Bodhidharma ans@ers one: he has not even ans@ered it and another >uestion #o#s u#6 +nd the other >uestion that #o#s u# is nothing %ut a ne@ formulation of the old >uestion6 2t is not that there is a Cmind of greedinessC: mind 2, greed6 8reed and mind are not t@o things0 greed is the nature of mind6 Mind is greed= %ecause it @ants to accumulate more and more6 2t ma= %e mone=0 it ma= %e #o@er0 it ma= %e kno@ledge0 it ma= %e good deeds0 virtue0 %ut @hatsoever it is0 mind is greed6 2t @ants to accumulate more and more0 it is afraid of %eing em#t=0 %ecause in em#tiness mind disa##ears0 eva#orates6 )nl= @hen =ou are cluttered @ith unnecessar= furniture6666 Bust the other da= 2 @as looking at a #hotogra#hic record of ,igmund 7reudCs house6 2t reall= is something @orth going into6 The @hole house seems to %e so cluttered @ith things that one @onders ho@ ,igmund 7reud managed to live in it6 There is no s#ace at all6 !ven in his stud= there are at least a hundred statues0 small and %ig: it looks like a museum6 Things and things all over the #lace6 )ne should %e ver= ver= careful and cautious a%out moving in his room0 other@ise something @ill fall: =ou @ill stum%le u#on something6 To live in such a room is indicative of his mind 33 the mind of greed6 /o s#ace in the room indicates his inner state0 there is no s#ace there either6 ,igmund 7reud is a ver= kno@ledgea%le #erson6 8oing through that %ook0 2 %ecame more and more sorr= for the #oor man6 What kind of life must he have lived4 2t must have %een a long long nightmare6 Whatsoever must have %een #resented to him 33 necessar=0 unnecessar= 33 he accumulated6 +t least oneCs stud= should %e s#acious 33 his looks like a sho#6 *e is sitting in his chair and on his ta%le there are fift= statues0 and he is reading there6 ,o man= things to distract himD +nd on the @alls0 #ictures and calendars 33 all the @alls are covered6 +nd so man= ta%les and chairsD *e @as living as if afraid of em#tiness6 *e @as ver= afraid of death6 2t is said that even to mention the @ord death @as enough for him to %e shocked6 T@ice or thrice hc fainted %ecause some%od= started talking a%out death: actuall=

fainted0 fell from the chair to the ground6 ,o afraid of death4 That sim#l= means he must have %een afraid of em#tiness too0 %ecause death and em#tiness are the same6 Wh= do =ou accumulate so man= things0 @h= do =ou accumulate so man= ideas4 Bust to go on feeling that =ou are full6 ;eo#le eat too much <ust to feel full0 #eo#le are constantl= moving from one cro@d to another cro@d6 ;eo#le are mem%ers of religions 33 that is0 mem%ers of cro@ds 33 mem%ers of clu%s0 mem%ers of #olitical #arties6666 + #erson is a 5otarian0 and he is "hristian or a *indu0 and he also %elongs to this #olitical #art= or that& he goes on moving from one cro@d to another cro@d0 he kee#s himself occu#ied0 so that he never %ecomes a@are of the inner em#tiness6 2nner em#tiness seems to %e like falling into the a%=ss0 %ottomless a%=ss6 ,o #eo#le go filling themselves @ith an=thing: that is greed6 8reed has nothing to do @ith mone= as such0 an=thing that =ou go on filling =ourself @ith is greed6 +nd there is no Cmind of greedinessC: mind 2, greediness6 Berko@itA met a %eautiful %runette in Bermuda and tried to get her to fl= home @ith him to /e@ $ork6 E"ome @ith me tonight and 2Cll %u= =ou a mink coat0E #ro#ositioned Berko@itA6 E2Cve got t@o minks hanging in m= closet6E E+ Buick converti%le4E E+nd @hat @ould 2 do @ith m= "adillac4E E+ll right0 2Cll give =ou a stunning diamond %racelet6E ,he dis#la=ed the gems on her @rist& E+lread= have one6 *o@ever0 2Cd %e @illing to consider a siAea%le chunk of cash6E E,orr=0E said Berko@itA0 EthatCs the one thing 2 canCt get @holesaleDE +ll minds are Be@ish0 remem%er: to %e a Be@ has nothing to do @ith a race6 There are onl= t@o t=#es of #eo#le in the @orld& Be@s and %uddhas6 Whosoever is greed= is a Be@6 2t is a >ualit= 33 nothing to do @ith %lood6 + =oung @oman @as married to an old man6 The hus%and caught a cold @hich develo#ed into #neumonia6 *e @as immediatel= rushed to a hos#ital and #laced in an o?=gen tent6 9no@ing that the odds @ere against his #ulling through0 he summoned his @ife to his side and said0 EThe @ill is in order6 The stocks and %onds and securities are in the safet= vault6 But here is something no one else kno@s6 There is a safe hidden in the corner of the attic0 @ith t@o hundred thousand dollars in cash6 The ke= is ta#ed at the %ottom of m= dresser dra@er6 8loria dearD Wh= are =ou s>ueeAing the o?=gen tu%e4E

;eo#le are read= to kill0 #eo#le are read= to %e killed for greed6 What are these #eo#le& 8enghis 9han0 Tam%urlaine0 +le?ander0 /a#oleon0 +dolf *itler0 Bosef ,talin0 Mao Zedong4 What are these #eo#le4 8reed multi#lied0 greed gone mad6 The @hole effort is& ho@ to forget the inner em#tiness6 +nd =ou cannot destro= inner em#tiness: it is =our ver= %eing6 $ou can cover it @ith things0 %ut sooner or later =ou @ill have to encounter it6 +nd it is %etter if =ou encounter it sooner6 Death @ill reveal it to =ou0 %ut then it @ill %e too late 33 =ou ma= not %e a%le to do an=thing6 Death is %ound to reveal it to =ou6 +ll =our accumulations @ill %e of no hel#6 Death @ill make =ou clearl= a@are that =our hands are em#t= 33 not onl= =our hands0 =our B!2/8 is also em#t=6 Death is a shock %ecause it reveals =our em#tiness and destro=s =our illusions of %eing full6 The meditator comes u#on this e?#erience %efore death6 That is the %eginning of a transformation6 $ou start kno@ing =our em#tiness0 and the more =ou kno@ it the more =ou are sur#rised& it is em#tiness onl= in the sense that there is nothing of the outside @orld @ith @hich =ou are ac>uainted6 $es0 in that sense it is em#t=0 %ut as =ou go dee#er into it0 =ou start feeling that it is also a fullness0 a #lenitude6 2t is em#t= of the @orld %ut full of 8od6 The first e?#erience of it is going to %e that it is em#t=0 and the second e?#erience that it is full of 8od6 The >uestioner asks Bodhidharma& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 85!!D2/!,,4 Bodhidharma sim#l= sa=s& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 28/)5+/"!6 Because =ou donCt kno@ =ourself0 thatCs @h= =ou are greed=6 2f =ou kno@ =ourself0 =ou @ill kno@ the %eaut= of em#tiness0 the cleanliness of em#tiness0 the utter #urit= of em#tiness6 When the em#tiness flo@ers in =ou0 =ou @ill kno@ its #lenitude too0 its fullness too6 $ou @ill %e full of em#tiness0 and that is the onl= fullness @hich death cannot destro=6 But for that one thing is needed& that =ou should not %e ignorant6 What does he mean %= ignorance4 These #eo#le @ho are asking him >uestions are not ignorant0 the= are kno@ledgea%le #eo#le6 Their >uestions sho@ it6 What is the mind of greediness4 The= must have read it in the scri#tures0 the= must have heard a%out it0 the= must have discussed it6 What is egolessness4 What is the mind of no3entit=4 Look at their >uestions 33 great meta#h=sical >uestions6 The= are not ignorant #eo#le in the sense that the= kno@ nothing0 the= are ignorant #eo#le in the sense that the= kno@ too much @ithout kno@ing an=thing at all6 The= are full of kno@ledge %ut

@ithout an= kno@ing6 The @orld is full of such ignorant #eo#le6 "hristian m=stics have divided #eo#le into t@o categories0 %eautiful categories& the first the= call kno@ledgea%le ignorance0 and the second the= call ignorant kno@ing6 There is a certain t=#e of mind @hich is ver= kno@ledgea%le and ignorant6 +nd there is also a certain no3mind0 utterl= ignorant and =et kno@ing& that is the mind of the %uddha6 $ou can call it no3mind or mind0 it doesnCt matter @hat =ou call it0 %ut remem%er the >ualit=& it is not stuffed from the outside6 ,omething has @elled u# @ithin6 2t has come home6 The kno@ledgea%le #eo#le go on #la=ing @ith @ords6 The= use %eautiful @ords& 8od0 #aradise0 life0 %eaut=0 truth0 %liss6 +nd all @ords are em#t= for them6 The= kno@ nothing of %eaut=0 nothing of %liss6 Whatsoever the= think the= kno@ is %ound to %e @rong0 %ecause the= have onl= heard it from others6 These are o#inions the= are carr=ing0 not e?#eriences6 ,ometimes even ignorant #eo#le0 the so3called ignorant #eo#le0 the villagers0 the #rimitive #eo#le0 have far more meaning in their @ords %ecause the= donCt kno@ man= @ords6 The= are not skillful @ith @ords0 their voca%ularies are ver= limited0 %ut their voca%ularies have significance %ecause the= are do@n3to3earth #eo#le6 Whatsoever the= have learnt is from e?#erience6 The= have a certain >ualit= of @isdom6 $ou can see it in farmers0 gardeners0 in villagers6 +nd @hen =ou go dee#er into the <ungles0 =ou @ill find #rimitive #eo#le @ho have not heard of The Bi%le0 fortunatel=0 @ho have not heard of the 8ita0 fortunatel=0 @ho kno@ nothing of the .edas and the 9oran0 @ho donCt kno@ ho@ to @rite and ho@ to read0 %ut in their e=es =ou @ill see a clarit=6 2 have lived @ith the most so#histicated #eo#le0 the most cultured 33 the academicians0 the #rofessors0 the D6Litt6s 33 and 2 have lived @ith #rimitive #eo#le too0 ver= #rimitive6 + fe@ of them have not seen a car or a rail@a= train6 The= donCt kno@ an=thing a%out the movies0 radio0 T.6 The= are still living as if the @orld had not changed for ten thousand =ears6 But if =ou look into their e=es0 the= are cr=stal3clear6 The= donCt talk much0 %ut @hatsoever the= do sa= seems to have more @eight than @hat =our D6Litt6s and =our ;h6D6s sa=0 %ecause @hatsoever #rimitive #eo#le sa= has come from their o@n e?#erience6 2t is not ver= much0 %ut even a small iota of =our o@n e?#erience is far more valua%le than a @hole load of %orro@ed kno@ledge6 The <udge looked do@n at the farmer @ho @as suing his @ife for divorce on the grounds that she @as ho%ose?ual6 EBust a minute0 Luther0E interru#ted the <udge0 Ethat term usuall= a##lies to a man0 and itCs homose?ual6E Luther shook his head stu%%ornl=6 E/o0 sir0 $our *onor0 2 mean ho%ose?ual6 M=

@ifeCs a %um la=DE /o@0 he has created a ne@ @ord& ho%ose?ual: it has more meaning0 it is rooted in his e?#erience6 $ou @ill not find it in the !nc=clo#edia Britannica0 %ut @hat he is sa=ing is not %ased on kno@ledge %ut on his kno@ing0 his e?#erience6 The >uestioner seems to %e kno@ledgea%le& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 85!!D2/!,,4 Bodhidharma sim#l= ans@ers in one sentence& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 28/)5+/"!6 2t seems that even Bodhidharma is getting a little tired of all these foolish >uestions6 The second >uestion& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 !8)L!,,/!,,4 /o@0 it is the same game6 !go is greed& greed is ego6 ThatCs ho@ the kno@ledgea%le #erson %ecomes ver= cunning and clever @ith @ords6 *e is not interested at all in @hat Bodhidharma has said6 *e again %rings the same >uestion in another form6 W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 !8)L!,,/!,,4 These #eo#le need to %e reall= hit hard6 +nd Bodhidharma must have %een in a ver= ver= #olite mood that da=0 must not have %een his ordinar=0 usual self 33 ma=%e the morning @as ver= %eautiful and the %irds @ere singing and the sunra=s @ere coming through the trees 33 other@ise he @ould have hit this man6 *e @as not that kind of man @ho @ill go on ans@ering stu#id >uestions6 +nd the most stu#id >uestion is that @hich =ou go on %ringing again and again in ne@ forms6 That sim#l= means =ou have not heard the ans@er6 T@o call girls seated themselves at a #lush %ar and the %ar <ocke=0 @ithout %eing asked0 served them t@o %ottles of their se#arate %rands of %eer6 The girls @ere amaAed and asked him ho@ heCd kno@n @hat the= had @anted6 E+@0 2Cm <ust a smart %artender0 thatCs all0E he re#lied6 EBalone=DE ans@ered the girls6 E$ou onl= guessed @hat @e @ould order: =ou onl= guessed6666E E)h0 =eah4 ,ee that gu= that <ust came in4 *eCll @ant a ,cotch on the rocks6 /o@

@atch0 2Cll go and ask him6E ,ure enough0 the ne@ customer ordered a ,cotch on ice0 to the girlsC astonishment6 E,mart %artender0 %etter %elieve itDE said the %arman as he #assed the girls again6 + @hile later0 @hen %usiness slo@ed0 the %artender leaned over the %ar to@ard the t@o call girls6 ELook0E he asked confidentiall=0 E2Cve al@a=s @anted to ask this >uestion6 "an #rostitutes ever get #regnant4E EWh=0E >uickl= ans@ered one of the girls0 smiling at the other0 kno@ingl=0 Ecertainl= the= can6 Where do =ou think all these smart %artenders come fromDE +nd 2 think that scholars also come from the same source6 ,mart scholars0 asking smart >uestions6 2n fact BodhidharmaCs ans@er must have looked ver= #oor to the >uestioner0 %ecause he sim#l= sa=s& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 28/)5+/"!6 What kind of ans@er is this4 +s if he @ere sim#l= avoiding the >uestion6 The >uestioner again %rings the same >uestion in a ne@ form& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 !8)L!,,/!,,4 Bodhidharma sa=s& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 ,*5+.+9+0 B-DD*+C, +"T-+L D2,"2;L!6 This is a %eautiful ans@er 33 to %e remem%ered 33 %ecause this is @hat =ou are tr=ing to do here6 Bodhidharma sa=s& Ea ,*5+.+9+6E Bust as 2 call m= disci#les sann=asins0 BuddhaCs disci#les are called shravakas6 2t is a %eautiful @ord0 it means one @ho is ca#a%le of hearing0 one @ho is ca#a%le of listening0 one @ho can listen in silence: that is a shravaka& one @ho can listen so attentivel=0 so totall= that even %efore the @ords are uttered he has heard them6 $es0 that starts ha##ening6 2t is ha##ening here6 Man= letters come to me sa=ing0 E)sho0 @hat are =ou doing4 Before =ou utter the @ord0 2 have alread= heard it6E EBefore 2 ask a >uestion0E man= #eo#le @rite to me0 E=ou have ans@ered it6E This is nothing %ut a sim#le #rocess of communion6 Whether =ou @rite a >uestion or not does not matter much0 it is %ound to %e ans@ered6 ,ometimes @hen =ou @rite it 2 ma= not ans@er it6 But @hen =ou donCt @rite it0 2 am %ound to ans@er it0 %ecause =ou have trusted me6 $ou are @aiting for the ans@er

@ithout asking it 33 ho@ can 2 forget =ou4 +nd0 slo@l= slo@l=0 as =ou %ecome more intimate and close to me0 %efore 2 have said an=thing it @ill %e heard6 That is %eing a shravaka6 Bodhidharma sa=s& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 ,*5+.+9+666 !golessness is the nature of the shravaka0 of the disci#le6 666 B-DD*+C, +"T-+L D2,"2;L!6 *e has to add the @ord actual0 %ecause there are man= @ho #retend to %e disci#les %ut @ho are not disci#les6 2t ha##ens almost ever= da=6 2n evening darshans ever= da= there are a fe@ #eo#le @ho are onl= #retending to %e disci#les0 and are not6 When 2 touch their third e=e there is nothing0 no vi%ration6 When a true disci#le comes to me and 2 touch his third e=e0 there is an energ= connection6 2 %ecome #lugged into him0 he %ecomes #lugged into me& immediatel= an e?change of energ= ha##ens6 2t is an actual life3energ= e?change6 But a fe@ #eo#le come0 2 touch their third e=e666 %ut the= are <ust #retenders0 the= are not disci#les6 When a disci#le %o@s do@n and touches m= feet0 immediatel= there is an energ= e?change6 M= feet can immediatel= feel his touch6 2t is not <ust a touch of his hands0 his @hole life is #ouring there6 But then there are others @ho sim#l= touch as a formalit=6 Their touch is ugl=0 their heart is not in it6 2n close3u# sessions the same thing ha##ens6 There are man= @ho are moved to their ver= de#ths6 $ogi and 5akesh have to carr= them6 The= are so moved0 so thrilled0 the= %ecome so li>uid0 that the= cannot move on their o@n6 2t is im#ossi%le for them to @alk %ack to their #laces6 The= have to %e carried6 But then there are a fe@ #eo#le to @hom nothing has ha##ened6 The= come em#t=0 the= go em#t=6 ,antosh @as here one da= for a close3u# and nothing ha##ened to him 33 %ecause nothing "+/ ha##en unless =ou are in a surrendered mood6 2f =ou are not in an egoless mood0 nothing is #ossi%le6 2 cannot im#ose an=thing on =ou6 2 can #our0 %ut =ou have to %e o#en to receive it6 /othing ha##ened6 +nd @hen $ogi came to hel# him0 he gestured @ith his hand that Ethere is no need to hel# me0E he @alked on his o@n6 *e must have thought that he is doing something great 33 he does not need an= hel#6 But 2 felt sorr= for him6 The da= he needs to %e carried %= $ogi @ill %e a great da= in his life6 + shravaka is one @ho has reall= surrendered to the master6 Whether he is @ith Besus or 8autama or Mahavira or @ith me does not matter6 Whosoever has come into =our

life as a %uddha0 as the a@akened one0 @ith him =our surrender has to %e total6 Bodhidharma sa=s& That is the mind of egolessness0 surrender6 $ou are no more there0 =ou allo@ the master to have total #ossession of =our %eing6 $ou give him the @hole s#ace0 holding %ack nothing6 $ou sim#l= e?#ose =ourself6 $ou sa=0 EWhatsoever =ou @ant to do0 do6 2f =ou @ant to kill me0 kill6 2 am read=6E $ou have sim#l= %o@ed do@n =our head: if the s@ord of the master descends on =our head0 =ou @ill %e grateful0 =ou @ill not shrink %ack6 But the >uestioner is not listening to all these things6 *e goes on asking a%sentmindedl=: other@ise0 such #rofound truths666 ho@ can =ou go on asking an=thing more4 2mmediatel=0 the third >uestion& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D )7 /)3!/T2T$4 /o@0 it is the same >uestion& egolessness or no3entit=6 But the com#assion of the master is al@a=s immense6 Bodhidharma sa=s& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 ,+8!, W*) *+.! /) ")//!"T2)/ W2T* T*! T!+"*2/8 )7 B-DD*+0 B-T D2,").!5 T*! T5-T* )7 /)3!/T2T$ B$ T*!M,!L.!,6 2f =ou ha##en to meet a %uddha0 =ou can %e related to him in t@o @a=s& one is his teaching0 another is his %eing6 2f =ou %ecome related to his teaching0 =ou @ill %ecome kno@ledgea%le and =ou @ill %ecome more egoistic6 $ou @ill start thinking0 that E2 am ver= s#ecial0 a disci#le of Buddha0E that E2 am #rivileged0E that E2 am not ordinar=6E $ou @ill %ecome more egoistic6 2f =ou %ecome related onl= to the teaching then this is going to ha##en6 But if =ou %ecome related to the teacher himself6666 The teacher is a nonentit=6 There is no%od= inside a %uddha as a #erson0 he is onl= a #resence6 $ou can feel him0 %ut =ou cannot touch him6 $ou can im%i%e his s#irit0 =ou can drink from his cu#0 %ut it is all an invisi%le #henomenon6 2f =ou listen to the %uddhas0 then their most fundamental message is& Be a light unto =ourself6 DonCt de#end on others0 donCt follo@ others0 %ecause the ultimate core of =our %eing has to %e discovered onl= %= =ou6 Buddhas can onl= #oint the @a=0 %ut =ou have to travel it6 /o%od= can travel it for =ou0 it is not #ossi%le6 2t canCt %e done on =our %ehalf6 Bodhidharma sa=s& 2T 2, T*! M2/D )7 ,+8!, W*) *+.! /) ")//!"T2)/ W2T* T*!

T!+"*2/8 )7 B-DD*+0 B-T D2,").!5 T*! T5-T* )7 /)3!/T2T$ B$ T*!M,!L.!,6 $ou can start %elieving in the idea of no3entit= if =ou %ecome convinced of the teaching of the %uddha0 %ut that @ill %e onl= kno@ledge 33 #oor0 meaningless0 a %urden0 a %ondage: it is not going to li%erate =ou6 But if =ou understand the message0 if =ou are a shravaka0 if =ou listen to the message0 to the ver= heart of it0 the heart%eat of it0 if =ou #ulsate @ith the %uddhaCs %eing and =ou see the #oint that a %uddha is onl= a catal=tic agent6666 *e is /)T going to do an=thing to =ou0 %ut his #resence can ignite0 can trigger something in =ou and then =ou move on =our o@n6 $ou @ill have to go to =our innermost core alone0 a%solutel= alone6 ThatCs @h= it is said %= Zen #eo#le& 2f =ou meet the %uddha on the @a=0 kill him immediatel= 33 %ecause =ou have to go so alone that not even a %uddha0 not even =our master @ill %e there in the -LT2M+T! e?#erience6 $es0 %efore that0 <ust one ste# %efore that0 =ou @ill have to de#art from the master too: =ou @ill have to sa= good%=e6 Bust one ste# %efore the ultimate lea#0 @ith great gratitude0 the disci#le sa=s good%=e and takes the <um#6 But that <um# has to %e alone0 it is a Eflight of the alone to the alone0E as ;lotinus calls it6 But the >uestioner is not at all interested in these ans@ers6 *e is too #reoccu#ied @ith his o@n @ords6 While Bodhidharma is ans@ering0 he must %e making u# another >uestion6 The fourth >uestion& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D W*2"* *+, /) ;+5T2"-L+5 -/D!5,T+/D2/80 +/D +L,) /) ;+2/7-L D!L-,2)/,4 These are the ,+M! >uestions asked again and again 33 although the= are certainl= formulated in different @a=s 33 %ut the >uestioner thinks that he is asking different >uestions6 W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D W*2"* *+, /) ;+5T2"-L+5 -/D!5,T+/D2/8 +/D +L,) /) ;+2/7-L D!L-,2)/,4 Before one %ecomes a %uddha there is a #eriod0 a ga#0 an interval6 Bet@een the ordinar=0 unconscious human %eing and the conscious %uddha0 there is a small ga# @hen =ou are no longer unconscious0 no longer in =our old #atterns and structures0 @hen the old gestalt has disa##eared %ut the ne@ has not a##eared =et6 2t is <ust the moment %efore the sunrise& the night has gone0 the last star has disa##eared0 %ut the sun has not risen =et6 2t is all light0 the darkness is no more there0

%ut is a ver= diffused light %ecause the sun has not risen =et6 Those fe@ moments are the moments @hen a #erson is called a B)D*2,+TT.+0 one @ho is read= to %ecome a %uddha at an= moment6 +n= moment the horiAon @ill %ecome red and the sun @ill rise6 2t is not far a@a=0 it is <ust close %=: the last star has disa##eared0 there is no trace of the night an=@here6 2n the !ast this #articular interval of time is called ,+/D*$+ 33 and =ou @ill %e sur#rised to kno@0 in the !ast #ra=er is also called sandh=a6 ,andh=a means the in3%et@een time6 There are t@o s#ecial times for #ra=er6 2n the morning0 earl= morning0 @hen the sun has not risen and the night is no more0 <ust that %eautiful interval @hen a great change is ha##ening 33 night is turning into da= 33 that is the moment of #ra=er6 )r in the night0 @hen the sun is setting0 it has <ust gone %elo@ the horiAon and the first star has not =et a##eared0 that too is called sandh=a6 These t@o moments are thought to %e ver= aus#icious0 ver= sacred for a certain reason& the= s=m%oliAe =our inner #rocess: the= are the moments of the %odhisattvas6 Before some%od= %ecomes a %uddha0 he %ecomes a %odhisattva6 The @ord %odhisattva literall= means essentiall= a %uddha6 When the sun has not risen it is essentiall= morning0 it is going to ha##en @ithin seconds0 it is inevita%le no@6 When one is a %odhisattva0 %uddhahood is inevita%le6 2n that interval0 this ha##ens6 The >uestioner asks& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D W*2"* *+, /) ;+5T2"-L+5 -/D!5,T+/D2/8666 2n this interval there is no #articular understanding0 %ecause the %uddha has not =et a##eared6 666 +/D +L,) /) ;+2/7-L D!L-,2)/,4 But all #ainful delusions have disa##eared %ecause the night is over6 The last star has gone6 This is a %eautiful moment0 %ut ver= scar= too6 $ou are almost in a state of lim%o0 hanging %et@een t@o @orlds0 t@o totall= different @orlds6 2f =ou are not @ith a master0 =ou ma= %ecome so scared that =ou ma= fall %ack to the old #attern0 %ecause at least there @as something to cling to0 to hold to6 +t least =ou kne@ something6 2t ma= %e onl= kno@ledgea%ilit=0 %ut something @as there that =ou kne@6 /o@ =ou kno@ nothing0 nothing in #articular6 The ga# can %e ver= ver= scar=6 2t is6 The master is never needed more than in this ga#0 %ecause he can hold =our hand0 he can #ersuade =ou to @ait a little more0 he can tell =ou his o@n stor=0 that Ethis has ha##ened to me and this has al@a=s ha##ened to

those @ho have %ecome %uddhas6 This is a necessar= #rocess6 DonCt %e @orried6 Bust a fe@ minutes more and the sun @ill %e on the horiAon0 and =ou @ill %e full of light6 DonCt %e afraid6 8o on0 move on6E ,uch %eautiful ans@ers0 such #regnant ans@ers0 %ut the >uestioner goes on6 *e does not even meditate0 he does not even give a little time so that the >uestion that he has raised and the ans@er that Bodhidharma has given can have a meeting6 *e does not give an= o##ortunit= for BodhidharmaCs ans@er to sink dee# into his heart6 Bodhidharma ends one ans@er0 he immediatel= %rings another >uestion6 The fifth >uestion& W*+T D) $)- "+LL T*! M2/D W*2"* *+, /)T*2/8 T) 9/)W +/D +L,) /)T*2/8 T) 5!+L2Z!4 /o@ it seems Bodhidharma also is tired& /) +/,W!5 75)M B)D*2D*+5M+ 33 to this >uestion0 or ma=%e this 2, his ans@er0 seeing that this man cannot understand @ords0 that this man @ill go on and on forever0 ad infinitum0 ad nauseam6 This man is not going to sto#: he @ill go on creating the same >uestion again and again6 Ma=%e if @ords cannot hel#0 then silence ma= %e of some hel#6 Bodhidharma remains silent6 Ma=%e silence @ill distur% him0 ma=%e in silence he @ill %e a%le to hear6 +t least he @ill have to take note of it0 that Bodhidharma has not ans@ered the >uestion6 Ma=%e sudden silence6666 -# to no@ he has %een ans@ering: ma=%e sudden silence @ill shake him u#6 But it doesnCt seem to ha##en6 Bodhidharma must have seen that @ords canCt hel# him and silence canCt hel# him either0 %ecause @hen Bodhidharma remained silent this man must have %een going more and more into his mind6 /o occu#ation outside0 so he must have %ecome more occu#ied inside6 *ence after a time Bodhidharma s#eaks on his o@n0 @ithout @aiting for his >uestion6 Ma=%e that ma= hel# him0 ma=%e that @ill ans@er the >uestion that is arising in his mind6 ,o Bodhidharma does not @ait for his >uestion to %e raised0 he starts ans@ering6 What is the #oint of @aiting for his >uestion4 *e has misunderstood @ords6 ;eo#le @ho are ver= clever @ith @ords @ill al@a=s misunderstand @ords6 Words can have man= meanings0 man= connotations0 =ou can al@a=s find a ne@ inter#retation of =our o@n6 + @oman @ho @as riding on a %us @as startled @hen a famous #rofessor @ho had onl= <ust caught the %us sat do@n o##osite her @ith his #rick still e?#osed6 E+hemDE she said shar#l=0 #ointing disgustedl= to@ards the offending mem%er6

E+hemDE she re#eated more loudl=0 as the man failed to res#ond6 +fter a third attem#t she leaned for@ard and said0 E;rofessor0 e?cuse me0 %ut =our CthingC is sticking outDE E)hDE said the #rofessor0 ad<usting himself0 E=ou flatter =ourself6 2t @as hanging out6E ;rofessors are #rofessors 33 the= are clever @ith @ords6 *e is not distur%ed at all0 rather he finds fault @ith the @oman6 Bodhidharma does not @ait6 7irst he remains silent6666 There is a famous Zen sa=ing& W*!/ T*! ,)7T 5+2/ M)2,T!/, M$ "L)T*!,0 2 ,!! T*! B-DD*+ W2T*)-T ,!!2/86 W*!/ + ;!T+L )7 + 7L)W!5 7+LL, 1-2!TL$0 2 *!+5 T*! .)2"! )7 T*! B-DD*+ W2T*)-T *!+52/86 2f =ou are a shravaka0 there is no need for the %uddha to s#eak6 $ou listen to his @ords if he s#eaks0 =ou listen to his silence if he is silent6 *is message is the same: @hether he uses @ords or not is irrelevant6 ,itting0 @alking0 eating0 slee#ing0 he is constantl= radiating the same message6 +nd @hen =ou have reall= %ecome a shravaka this is ho@ =ou @ill also feel& When the soft rain moistens m= clothes0 2 see the Buddha @ithout seeing6 Then ever=@here =ou @ill find him6 The rain falling on =ou softl=0 and =ou @ill feel his touch6 The @ind %lo@ing =our clothes0 and =ou @ill feel his invisi%le #resence6 The @arm ra=s of the sun0 and =ou @ill feel his com#assion6 When a #etal of a flo@er falls >uietl=0 2 hear the voice of the %uddha @ithout hearing6 Bust a #etal falling from the rose0 or a leaf from the tree coming slo@l=0 falling to@ards the earth0 and =ou @ill hear the @his#er of the %uddha6 )nce =ou have %ecome accustomed0 once =ou have %ecome attuned to the master0 the @hole e?istence has the same color6 $ou see the master ever=@here6 The @hole e?istence %ecomes his voice0 his %od=6 Then ever=thing reminds =ou of him6 +nd remem%er0 2 sa= it categoricall=& !.!5$T*2/8 reminds =ou of him6 + child giggling0 and =ou @ill remem%er %uddha6 + dead %od= %eing carried0 and =ou @ill remem%er %uddha6 Whatsoever ha##ens around =ou0 =ou have %ecome so attuned to the master that ever=@here =ou @ill find his signature6 Bodhidharma remains silent0 <ust as Buddha had remained silent @ith the third visitor @ho came in the evening6 2n those fe@ moments something <um#ed from BuddhaCs flame to the in>uirer: he %o@ed do@n0 @as grateful0 thanked him and @ent a@a=6 But this is not that t=#e of >uestioner it seems6 *e is much too head=0 too much in the

head: he has no heart6 ,eeing that0 Bodhidharma s#eaks on his o@n6 What is the #oint4 *e @ill go on asking6 2t is %etter to sa= things as the= are6 2f he understands 33 good0 if he does not understand0 then %e finished @ith it6 *e sa=s& ED*+5M+9+$+ *+, /) 7)5M0 T*!5!7)5! )/! ,!!, 2T W2T*)-T ,!!2/86E These are ver= dee#0 #rofound0 #regnant @ords6 5ealit= has no form6 Truth has no form0 no %od=6 Truth is unmanifest0 unem%odied6 Dharmaka=a is the Buddhist @ord for truth0 the realit=0 the ultimate0 or =ou can use the @ord 8od6 But that is not BuddhaCs @ord& he uses dharmaka=a6 ED*+5M+9+$+ *+, /) 7)5M0 T*!5!7)5!0 )/! ,!!, 2T W2T*)-T ,!!2/86E ,o if =ou @ant to see 8od0 =ou @ill have to learn the art of seeing @ithout seeing0 =ou @ill have to learn the art of closing =our e=es to the outside realit=0 to the manifest realit=6 $ou @ill have to close =our e=es so that =ou can move into the unmanifest dimension6 + great m=stic0 ;alatu0 has said& Those @ho are %lind0 onl= the= can understand me6 + rare statement0 a ver= rare statement0 2 have never come across an=thing like it an=@here6 Thousands of m=stics have ha##ened on the earth0 %ut @hat ;alatu sa=s6666 *e is a villager& his s#eech is direct6 *e sa=s& -nless =ou are %lind0 =ou @ill not understand @hat 2 am sa=ing6 What does he mean %= %lind4 *e means& if =ou kno@ ho@ to see W2T*)-T seeing6 ED*+5M+ *+, /) .)2"!666E The ultimate has no voice0 no language6 E666 T*!5!7)5!0 )/! *!+5, 2T W2T*)-T *!+52/86E $ou @ill have to %ecome so silent that nothing stirs in =ou0 and then @ithout hearing it @ill %e heard6 These are #arado?es6 But the closer =ou come to the truth0 the more #arado?ical is the e?#erience6 Be #re#ared to encounter #arado?es6 +nd the first #arado? the disci#le has to encounter is& victor= through surrender6 That is the first encounter0 %ecause that is ho@ disci#lehood %egins6 $ou surrender to the master 33 and the rare %eaut= is that in that ver= surrender =ou are for the first time victorious6 $ou

%ecome a slave to the master and in %ecoming a slave =ou are for the first time =our o@n master6 $ou have never %een a master6 +nd then the #ath is full of #arado?es6 E;5+B/+ *+, /)T*2/8 T) B! 9/)W/666E ;5+B/+ means the ultimate understanding6 E666 *+, /)T*2/8 T) B! 9/)W/0 T*!5!7)5!0 )/! 9/)W, 2T W2T*)-T 9/)W2/86 27 *! T*2/9, T*+T *! 2, ,!!2/80 *! ,!!, 2T 2/")M;L!T!L$6E Because if =ou think E2 am seeing0E that 2 is there0 and =our #resence is going to %e a distur%ance6 $ou are a distur%ance0 =ou are a %arrier6 *o@soever su%tle =our ego is0 ho@soever trans#arent =our ego has %ecome0 still it is a %arrier and =ou @ill see incom#letel=6 The ego has to go totall=0 then =our vision is free6 Then there is no %arrier0 no hindrance0 no o%struction6 E27 *! T*2/9, T*+T *! 9/)W, 2T0 *! D)!, /)T 9/)W 2T T*)5)-8*L$6E ,o if a #erson thinks he kno@s it 33 CitC means the truth0 dharmaka=a0 8od0 the unmanifest realit= 33 if some%od= thinks he kno@s it0 then he does not kno@ it thoroughl=6 Before Buddha0 the -#anishads said& The #erson @ho thinks he kno@s0 kno@s not: and the #erson @ho thinks he does not kno@0 kno@s it6 +fter Buddha0 ,ocrates said the same thing in 8reece& 2 kno@ onl= one thing& that 2 kno@ nothing6 This is the @a= to a##roach the realit=& =ou go on melting 33 =ou melt so much that there is no%od= to claim kno@ledge0 no%od= to claim realiAation6 EW*!/ *! 9/)W, 2T W2T*)-T 9/)W2/80 *! 9/)W, 2T ")M;L!T!L$6E The mirror does not sa=0 E2 am reflecting =ou6E The mirror sim#l= reflects =ou0 thatCs all6 The mirror claims nothing and the a%solutel= #ure consciousness claims nothing6 +ll claims are of the ego6 E27 )/! D)!, /)T 9/)W T*2,0 *! 2, /)T + T5-! 9/)W!56 27 )/! T*2/9, T*+T *! 2, 8+2/2/80 *! 2, /)T 8+2/2/8 !/T25!L$6 W*!/ *! 8+2/, /)/38+2/2/80 *! )W/, !.!5$T*2/86E

This is @hat 2 sa= is victor= through surrender6 Lose all if =ou @ant to #ossess all6 This is true renunciation0 a and true re<oicing too6 +nd the ultimate #arado? is that of re<oicing and renunciation6 Die totall= if =ou @ant to %e resurrected6 E27 )/! T*2/9, T*+T *! 2, 528*T0 *2, 528*T!)-,/!,, 2, /)T ;!57!"T6E Because to feel that E2 am rightE sim#l= means =ou are still tr=ing to %e some%od= #articular @ho is right and =ou are tr=ing to #rove others @rong6 The @hole game of su#eriorit=0 of holier3than3thou continues6 The real man of virtue is a%solutel= una@are of his virtues6 *is virtues are natural6 Bust as =ou %reathe and =our %lood circulates and =our heart %eats0 he is virtuous6 The reall= virtuous #erson kno@s nothing of virtue0 kno@s nothing of right and @rong6

EW*!/ *! T5+/,"!/D, 528*T +/D W5)/80 *2, .25T-!, +5! +"")M;L2,*!D6 ,-"* W2,D)M 2, T*! 8+T!3);!/!5 T) + *-/D5!D T*)-,+/D 8+T!, )7 T*! *28*!5 W2,D)M6E Bodhidharma @as ans@ering the >uestions of this man in single sim#le statements0 %ut then0 seeing that he cannot see0 cannot understand0 he tried silence6 ,eeing that that too fails0 no@ he tries to ans@er all that can %e asked6 Wh= give the man the trou%le of asking again and again4 *e sa=s& E+LL B-DD*+, ;5!+"* !M;T2/!,,6 W*$4 B!"+-,! T*!$ W2,* T) "5-,* T*! ")/"5!T! 2D!+, )7 T*! ,T-D!/T,6 27 + ,T-D!/T !.!/ "L2/8, T) +/ 2D!+ )7 !M;T2/!,,0 *! B!T5+$, +LL B-DD*+,6 )/! "L2/8, T) L27! +LT*)-8* T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) B! "+LL!D L27!: +/)T*!5 "L2/8, T) D!+T* +LT*)-8* T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) B! "+LL!D D!+T*6 2/ 5!+L2T$ T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) B! B)5/0 ")/,!1-!/TL$0 T*!5! 2, /)T*2/8 T) ;!52,*6E These are all our ideas0 our make3%elieves& life0 death0 love0 hate0 good0 %ad0 right0 @rong0 moral0 immoral0 virtue0 sin6 These are all our ideas6 We are tr=ing to im#ose our ideas on the realit=0 on others0 on our o@n selves6 The reall= a@akened #erson has no ideas6 /othing is CgoodC for him0 and nothing is

C%adC: things are as the= are6 *e sim#l= lives in the suchness of e?istence0 in T+T*+T+6 *e does not follo@ a certain moralit=0 %ecause there is nothing CimmoralC0 nothing CmoralC for him6 *e lives moment3to3moment0 s#ontaneousl=0 @ithout %eing %othered a%out @hat is right0 @hat is @rong0 a%out @hat to choose and @hat not to choose6 *e lives in choiceless a@areness and he acts out of choiceless a@areness6 Then @hatsoever ha##ens is good6 Tr= to understand this #oint& =ou are al@a=s choosing @hat to do 33 @hat is right0 @hat is @rong4 + %uddha never chooses0 he sim#l= lives6 But @hatsoever =ou choose thinking that it is right "+//)T %e right0 %ecause it is =our choice6 The chooser is al@a=s the mind0 and mind contaminates0 #oisons ever=thing0 #ollutes ever=thing6 The chooser is the ego0 and the shado@ of the ego makes ever=thing @rong6 !ven if =ou do right0 it @ill turn into @rong6 2f the ego touches nectar0 it turns into #oison6 Buddha chooses not0 he sim#l= lives @ithout an= choice6 *e lives in total a@areness and lets that total a@areness do and res#ond to realit=6 Then if =ou touch #oison in that a@areness0 it %ecomes nectar6 Whatsoever a %uddha does is right 33 it is not a >uestion of choice6 EB$ "L2/82/8 )/! 5!")8/2Z!, + T*2/8 )5 +/ 2D!+6 5!+L2T$ *+, /!2T*!5 2/,2D!0 )-T,2D!0 /)5 M2DDL! ;+5T6 +/ 28/)5+/T ;!5,)/ "5!+T!, D!L-,2)/, +/D ,-77!5, 75)M D2,"52M2/+T2)/6 528*T +/D W5)/8 T) /)T !I2,T 2/ 5!+L2T$6 +/ 28/)5+/T ;!5,)/ "5!+T!, T*!M0 5!")8/2Z!, T*!M0 /!+5 )5 7+50 2/W+5D )5 )-TW+5D6 *! T*!/ ,-77!5, 75)M D2,"52M2/+T2)/6 T*2, 2, T*! 8!/!5+L W+$ )7 T*! ;*!/)M!/+L W)5LD6E $ou are suffering from =our o@n ideas6 $ou think0 EThis is life0E then immediatel= =ou create the idea of death& EThe o##osite must %e death6E But there is no life0 no death6 +ll is eternal6 $ou @ere never %orn and =ou @ill never die6 What =ou think is %irth is <ust an e#isode in the eternal life0 and so is death6 2n %irth0 nothing is %orn0 onl= something unmanifest %ecomes manifest0 something hidden %ecomes unhidden6 2n death0 the manifest again moves into the unmanifest0 to rest0 to re<uvenate itself0 and it @ill come again @hen its season comes6 2t lies do@n as a seed and @aits0 and @ill %e %ack again6 /othing is ever %orn0 nothing ever dies6 But if =ou discriminate %et@een life and death0 =ou @ill %e crushed %et@een =our o@n ideas6 Then =ou @ill cling to life 33 and =ou cannot cling0 %ecause life is continuousl= flo@ing6 Then clinging @ill %ecome =our miser=0 and =ou @ill %e afraid of death 33 and =ou cannot avoid that either0 %ecause rest is a great need6 +fter sevent=0 eight=0 ninet= =ears of continuous

functioning the %od= needs rest0 the %rain cells need rest0 the soul needs rest6 But first =ou cling to life and %ecome misera%le %ecause =ou cannot hold onto it 33 it goes on sli##ing out of =our hands 33 then =ou %ecome afraid of death and =ou @ant to kee# death a@a=0 =ou #ush it a@a= in ever= #ossi%le @a=6 $ou cannot #ush it a@a=0 =ou cannot sto# it: it is #art of nature6 2t is <ust like a @ave rising in the ocean and falling %ack& nothing comes0 nothing goes: it is the same ocean6 +nd @hat is the difference @hether the @ave has risen or fallen %ack4 The @ater remains the same6 DonCt cling to ideas6 This long statement from Bodhidharma is ver= strange6 +fter silence0 the master tried ever= #ossi%le @a=6 7irst he @as giving short ans@ers0 he must have ho#ed that this man @as intelligent6666 Buddhas %elieve that all are intelligent: that is their #erce#tion6 The= canCt see an=%od= as unintelligent0 %ecause the= see =our ultimate #ossi%ilit=6 The= think from there0 the= %elieve in =our hidden %uddhahood6 *e started %= ans@ering the man0 %ut that device failed6 Then the o##osite @as tried& Bodhidharma %ecame silent: that too failed6 The man cannot understand @ords0 cannot understand silence6 Then Bodhidharma gives a long ans@er 33 an ans@er for @hich the #erson has not raised the >uestion at all0 %ut an ans@er that contains the essence @hich can ans@er all his >uestions if he listens6 *e has missed the short ans@ers0 Bodhidharma must have %een ho#ing that no@ this long ans@er might hel#6 M= feeling is that his ans@er must have %een even longer than this0 %ecause these are the notes of the same #erson @ho @as asking6 ,o he must have condensed it6 But one thing must %e said& that he seems to %e a good stenogra#her: he has not added an=thing6 *e ma= have deleted a fe@ things 33 @e cannot %e certain a%out that 33 %ut one thing is certain0 that @hatsoever he is sa=ing are true @ords of Bodhidharma6 That 2 can vouch for6 )n m= o@n authorit= 2 can sa= to =ou& these @ords can come onl= from a %uddha6 ,o one thing is good a%out the man0 ho@soever stu#id he is& he is a good stenogra#her0 he has a good memor=6 and he must have %een taking notes0 it seems6 While Bodhidharma @as talking0 he must have %een taking notes6 There are a fe@ foolish #eo#le @ho go on doing that6 When =ou are encountering a Bodhidharma0 a man like Bodhidharma0 listen to him @holeheartedl=6 DonCt distract =ourself %= taking notes6 2f =ou cannot understand @hile he is #resent %efore =ou0 =ou @ill not %e a%le to understand through =our notes6 2 donCt think that these notes @ould have had an= im#act on the #erson @ho took them6 But he has done a great service to =ou0 to humanit=6 7or neara%out fourteen hundred =ears the notes @ere l=ing dee# do@n in the earth6 Bust at the %eginning of the centur= the= @ere e?cavated6 But if the= had disa##eared in the earth then too nothing @ould have %een lost6 Without them BodhidharmaCs teaching has flo@ed0 has %lossomed in man= #eo#leCs lives6 Through direct

transmission from one master to another disci#le0 BodhidharmaCs chain is still alive6 The flame that he lit is still alive6 There are still #eo#le @ho are gaining much from BodhidharmaCs message6 But still these @ords can %e useful to =ou0 not as @ords %ut as triggers for meditation6 ,#eaking on Bodhidharma is <ust like s#eaking on m=self6 2 donCt see an= difference0 not at all6 2t is the same message6 Bodhidharma is ver= close to m= heart6 This uni>ue man0 uni>ue not onl= amongst men %ut uni>ue amongst %uddhas0 is ver= close to m= heart B!"+-,! )7 his uni>ueness6 *e is a rare flo@er 33 @ild0 %ut ver= rare6 Meditate over these @ords6 !ach @ord is #regnant6 !ach @ord is a seed6 !ach single @ord0 if allo@ed to fall into the heart0 can transform =ou totall=6 !nough for toda=6 The White Lotus "ha#ter (' "ha#ter title& -tterl= Luminous 7 /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 11070 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,0' +udio& $es .ideo& /o The first >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 1 2 82.! -;6 2CM 5!+"*2/8 /)W*!5!6 2 "+M! *!5! 7-LL )7 *);! +/D B)$0 B-T 2 /)W 5!+L2Z! T*+T 2TC, +LL M!+/2/8L!,,6 B!7)5!0 $)T)-"*!D M! T) T!+5,0 B-T T*!$ W!5! T!+5, )7 !",T+,$0 5!L2!70 T*! )/!, T*+T 7L)W W*!/ )/! L2,T!/, T) B!+-T27-L M-,2"6 /)W0 !.!/ M$ L).! 7)5 $)- *-5T,6 M$ T!+5, 82.! /) 5!L2!76 2 "+//)T 8!T 2/ T)-"* W2T* M$ 2//!5 ")5!6 2 "+//)T ,!;+5+T! M$ !8) 75)M M$ 5!+L ,!L7 +/D0 !.!/ W*2L! 2 W52T! T) $)-0 D)-BT, ")M! -; +, T) W*!T*!5 T*2, 2, ,!L7 ;2T$ )5 2 +M )/ + M2/D T52;6 D) 2 W+/T $)-5 +TT!/T2)/4 Dh=ano Marion0 there is no@here to go0 no@here to reach6 Because =ou have come @ith an e?#ectation0 =ou are creating =our miser=6 $our

e?#ectation is the cause of =our frustration6 2t is al@a=s so& e?#ect0 and =ou create a hell around =ourself6 ,ooner or later the seeds of e?#ectation %ring a @hole <ungle of miser= around =ou6 $ou sa=& E2 give u#6E 2f =ou reall= mean it then the @ork is done6 2f =ou are not <ust sa=ing it then =ou have arrived home6 2t is in giving u# that one comes home0 %ut it has to %e an e?istential giving u#6 $ou are @riting it0 =ou are sa=ing it0 %ut =ou donCt mean it0 %ecause if =ou reall= meant it then there @ould %e no need to %e in such grief and #ain6 2f =ou have given u# then from @here can miser= come to =ou4 The ver= root is cut6 To give u# is to %e a sann=asin6 To give u# is the most fundamental thing that can ever ha##en to =ou6 2t sim#l= means that no@ there is no more desiring0 no more dreaming& E2 am finished @ith it0 2 have seen through and through0 and it is all meaningless6E Because =ou are not read= =et to acce#t the meaninglessness of =our desires and dreams0 =ou are in a self3torture manufactured %= =our o@n mind6 $ou sa=& E2 came here full of ho#e6666E Whosoever comes here @ith ho#e is %ound to feel ho#eless sooner or later6 *o#e cannot lead =ou an=@here else 33 ho#e is alread= moving to@ards ho#elessness6 *o#e is like a small river moving to the ocean of ho#elessness 33 it @ill reach the ocean sooner or later6 $es0 @hen =ou are far a@a= from me =ou can ho#e& =ou can go on dreaming0 =ou can fantasiAe 33 %eautiful dreams0 occult fantasies0 esoteric nonsense 33 %ecause =ou are totall= free6 But @hen =ou come close to me it %ecomes more and more im#ossi%le to dream0 %ecause the @hole @ork is against dreaming6 2 @ant =ou to @ake u# 33 and @aking u# is a #ainful #rocess %ecause it @ill destro= all =our ho#es0 it @ill destro= all that =ou have cherished and thought ver= %eautiful6 Waking u# is destructive in the sense that it @ill destro= =our unconsciousness6 +nd =ou all live in unconsciousness& unconsciousness has %een =our @a= of life for man= lives: it has %ecome =our second nature6 2n fact0 it has covered =our nature so dee#l= that =ou donCt kno@ that there is another nature to =ou0 that this is not =our nature0 that the @a= =ou are is not the natural @a= 33 not the @a= of Dharma0 Tao0 religion6 -nconsciousness is dee#0 and the @hole @ork here consists of %ringing =ou to consciousness6 2t @ill destro= all kinds of desires0 ho#es0 fantasies0 CfutureC6 2t is a difficult task for me to destro= =our dreams0 %ecause sometimes the= are so s@eet0 so cute6666 2t is difficult to take a@a= =our unconscious ha%its from =ou6 2t is not like taking =our clothes a@a=0 it is like #eeling =our skin 33 it hurts6 The first thing to recogniAe is that coming out of unconsciousness into consciousness after man= man= lives is a #ainful #rocess6 8ro@th is #ainful6

The health service doctor told the sha#el= co3ed0 EMiss Well%uilt0 if 2 have to find out <ust @hatCs @rong @ith =ou 2Cll have to e?amine =ou thoroughl=0 so #lease undress com#letel=6E To @hich she %lushed and re#lied0 E)ka=0 doctor0 %ut =ou first6E Bust old ha%itD We are in the gri# of our old ha%its0 #atterns0 structures0 strategies6 )nce a @estern salesman did not get home e?ce#t a%out once in si? months6 )n the night he @ent home0 after su##er he and his @ife @ere sitting in the living room >uietl= reading6 ,uddenl= there @as a knock at the door6 EM= hus%andDE e?claimed the @oman0 dro##ing her ne@s#a#er6 E8ood%=eDE cried her man0 lea#ing out of a %ack @indo@6 2 understand @here e?actl= =our trou%le is6 $ou have a gestalt& it has #enetrated in the %od=0 it has gone dee# in the mind 33 it has even reached =our ver= essence0 =our ver= core6 /o@0 u#rooting it all0 shaking =ou0 shocking =ou into a@areness0 is a hard task6 2t is not onl= #ainful for =ou0 it is #ainful for me too6 2t is like snatching a@a= to=s from a child6 *e @ill cr= and he @ill @ee# and he @ill im#lore =ou to give his to=s %ack6 But one da= or other those to=s have to %e taken a@a=0 other@ise @hen @ill he %e a%le to live in the real @orld4 *o@ long can he %e allo@ed to fantasiAe4 ,mall children donCt kno@ the difference %et@een realit= and dreaming6 ThatCs @h= @hen the= @ake u# in the morning sometimes the= start cr=ing EWhere are m= to=s4E The= @ere dreaming a%out to=s: the= @ant them %ack6 The= donCt kno@ that no@ the= are a@ake those dreams have disa##eared6 ThatCs @hat has ha##ened to =ou6 Moses "ohen came %ack home in the middle of the night and sli##ed silentl= into the %edroom and %egan to undress6 ,arah "ohen @oke u# and asked0 EMoses0 @here did =ou leave =our under#ants4E EThe= must have %een stolen0E re#lied Moses6 /o@ =ou cannot steal an=%od=Cs under#ants666 %ut the unconscious mind goes on sa=ing0 doing666 %eing unconscious6 Bill& E2 think 2Cm starting to @alk in m= slee#6E Will& EWhat makes =ou think that4E Bill& E2 @oke u# in m= o@n %ed this morning6E

Marion0 it is reall= something tremendousl= significant that is ha##ening to =ou0 %ut =ou @ill onl= %e a%le to understand it later on6 When =ou @ill reach a little farther a@a= from =our dreams and have a %etter #ers#ective0 =ou @ill %e a%le to feel grateful6 But right no@ there ma= %e anger and rage6 That ha##ens to almost ever= sann=asin @ho comes here @ith e?#ectations and ho#es 33 and @ho does not come @ith e?#ectations and ho#es4 $ou sa=& E2 give u#6E ;lease0 give u#D ThatCs e?actl= @hat is to %e done6 But =ou are not doing it0 =ou are sim#l= sa=ing it 33 ma=%e in unconscious utterance0 ma=%e in des#eration0 %ut not in understanding6 $es0 one can give u# in des#eration0 %ut then @ounds are left0 scars are left6 When =ou give u# @ith understanding0 seeing the futilit= of it all0 there is tremendous #eace6 $ou sa=& E2 am reaching no@here6E M= effort is to %ring =ou no@0 here0 and =ou are tr=ing to reach some@here else6 2 am not tr=ing to hel# =ou to reach some@here 33 =ou are alread= all over the #lace e?ce#t no@ and here6 M= function is to #ull =ou %ack to =our #resent moment0 to the real 33 ho@soever difficult it is to come %ack home0 ho@soever much =ou have %ecome accustomed to @andering6 But =ou have to %e %rought %ack home0 %ecause onl= then there can %e %lissfulness0 %enediction0 freedom 33 @hat Bodhidharma @ould call nirvana& cessation of the ego and the %irth of the soul6 $ou sa=& E2 am reaching no@here6 2 came here full of ho#e and <o=6666E That ho#e @as false 33 all ho#es are false6 To ho#e sim#l= means to #ost#one6 To ho#e means =our #resent is ugl= and =ou @ant to avoid it for some %eautiful future6 To ho#e means =ou donCt @ant to see the #resent0 =ou @ant to remain occu#ied @ith the future6 The tomorro@ is more im#ortant to =ou than the toda= and the ne?t moment more im#ortant than this moment6 !ither =ou esca#e into the #ast or =ou esca#e into the future 33 and the realit= consists onl= of the #resent6 $es0 2 can understand& =ou must have come full of ho#e6 But that is =our #ro%lem 33 @hat can 2 do a%out it4 $ou have come to a @rong #erson6 2 cannot give =ou more ho#e0 %ecause ho#e is #oison6 2 @ould like to take all #ossi%ilities of ho#e a@a= from =ou6 +nd remem%er& @hen all #ossi%ilities of ho#e are taken a@a= from =ou0 @hen the @hole #oison is taken out of =our s=stem0 =ou donCt feel ho#eless6 $ou sim#l= feel freed from %oth ho#e and ho#elessness 33 %ecause ho#elessness can e?ist onl= as a shado@ of ho#e: it canCt e?ist @ithout ho#e6 $our shado@ canCt e?ist @ithout =ou: =ou are needed there6 *o#elessness is <ust the shado@ of ho#e6 Dro# the ho#e0 and see a miracle ha##ening 33 ho#elessness also disa##ears6 +nd @hen there is neither ho#e nor ho#elessness0 great freedom arises in =ou6 $ou are out of the #rison of desire6

$ou sa=& E2 came here full of ho#e and <o=6E That <o= @as <ust an idea 33 an idea that something is going to ha##en0 that =our ho#e is going to %e fulfilled0 that no@ =ou have found the right master6 This is @hat =ou al@a=s @anted to do& to find the man @ho can fulfill all =our ho#es6 /o@ =ou have found him0 hence the <o=: the <o= @as a %=3#roduct of ho#e6 2f ho#e itself is false0 ho@ can the <o= @hich is a %=3#roduct of it %e real4 2t @as not real <o=0 it @as a false #henomenon0 %ecause no@ that the ho#e is disa##earing0 the <o= is disa##earing6 +nd =ou sa=& E666 %ut 2 no@ realiAe that itCs all meaningless6E $es0 it is all meaningless6 The ho#e and the <o= that ho#e creates0 the fantasies and the <o= that the idea of their fulfillment creates 33 it is all meaningless6 /ot that there is no meaning in life0 %ut meaning is revealed to =ou onl= @hen =ou have sto##ed all these meaningless activities6 When all these activities disa##ear0 meaning a##ears6 These activities are #reventing =our meaningfulness6 +nd @hen that meaning a##ears in =our %eing it is ine?#ressi%le0 it is a%solutel= incommunica%le0 %ut it transforms =our @hole %eing& it makes =ou luminous6 2t is said of Moses that @hen he sa@ 8od on the mountain his face %ecame so luminous0 so full of light0 so shining0 that he had to cover it0 he had to veil it6 *e came to his #eo#le @ith a veil over his face6 The= @ere sur#rised6 The= said0 EWh= are =ou covering =our face4E *e said0 EBecause it has %ecome so luminous0 so full of light0 and 2 donCt @ant to look holier than others6E This is real sainthoodD E2 donCt @ant to #rove m=self su#erior to others0 and m= face is so full of light that if 2 move among =ou @ithout a veil ever=%od= is %ound to feel that 2 have %ecome the chosen one0 that 8od has descended into me0 that m= heart has %een touched and transformed6E 2t is a %eautiful stor=0 of tremendous significance6 ThatCs ho@ the reall= hol= #eo#le have al@a=s lived& in a veiled @a=6 The= live as ordinar= human %eings0 that is the meaning of the stor=6 /ot that the= reall= cover their faces 33 there is no need: that is not the @a= to hide =ourself6 2f =ou move @ith a covered face =ou @ill attract more attention6 ;eo#le ma= not look at =our shining face0 %ecause @ho cares a%out other faces and othersC faces4 !ver=%od= is #reoccu#ied @ith his o@n face 33 #eo#le stand %efore mirrors for hours6 Who cares a%out others4 Who has the time4 +nd if the= see the light the= ma= find a thousand and one @a=s to e?#lain @h= it is so6 The= ma= even think& This man is ill0 diseased0 something has gone @rong @ith his chemistr=6 Ma=%e his %od= electricit= is leaking out or something 33 short3circuited or something6 But if =ou move @ith a veiled face0 ever=%od= is %ound to %e attracted to@ards =ou6 Mohammedan @omen attract more attention than an=%od= else6 The veil %ecomes a #rovocation0 an invitation& one @ants to uncover the face and see @hat is there6 + great curiosit= arises6

,o the stor= does not relate an=thing factual 33 2 donCt think Moses @ould have done such a stu#id thing 33 %ut it has a significant meaning6 2t is a meta#hor6 2t sim#l= sa=s that the reall= hol= #erson lives in such an ordinar= @a= that no%od= @ill %ecome a@are of his holiness unless the= come ver= close to him0 unless the= %ecome almost #art of his %eing6 *e eats like =ou 33 thatCs @h= Besus eats like =ou0 drinks @ine0 mi?es @ith ordinar= #eo#le6 *e <ust remains ordinar=0 in no @a= does he #retend6 The reall= hol= man is unselfconscious a%out his holiness0 that is the meaning6 But 2 have read one #hiloso#her @ho thinks other@ise6 ;hiloso#hers are strange #eo#le: the= can find loo#holes @here none e?ist6 The= are onl= concerned @ith finding loo#holes6 2 have come across one anal=sis of this meta#hor6 The #hiloso#her sa=s that Moses @as hiding his face not %ecause he did not @ant to #rove his holiness to #eo#le %ut %ecause he @as afraid that sooner or later the light @ould fade a@a= and then @here @ould his holiness %e4 ,o it @as %etter for him to kee# his face hidden so that no%od= @ould ever come to kno@ that the light had faded a@a=6 /o@ =ou see the trick= mind0 the cunning mindD The cunning mind al@a=s destro=s: it is al@a=s destructive6 /o@ a %eautiful meta#hor is turned into an ugl= thing6 /o@ Moses looks cunning0 afraid0 scared of the #eo#le 33 %ecause the light @ill fade a@a= and @hen #eo#le see that the light has faded the= @ill think0 E/o@ Moses is no longer our #ro#het0 our leader6E +fraid of the future0 he kee#s his face covered so that he can go on deceiving #eo#le6 There are #eo#le @ho @ill find thorns in the roses and there are #eo#le @ho @ill find roses in the thorns6 Belong to the second categor= if =ou ever @ant to kno@ 8od0 if =ou ever @ant to kno@ the real meaningfulness of =our life0 the grandeur0 the glor=0 the %eaut= of =our %eing6 DonCt %e so concerned @ith =our ho#es6 !?istence does not o%lige an=%od=0 it never fulfills an=%od=Cs ho#es: it goes on in its o@n @a=6 $ou have to %ecome attuned to it6 DonCt have an= #rivate goals0 and =ou @ill have tremendous contentment6 DonCt struggle for #rivate am%itions and egoistic ideas 33 there is no need to #rove an=thing0 there is no need to %e an=thing 33 =ou are alread= that6 8od has made =ou in his o@n image6 /othing is lacking and nothing is missing6 $ou sa=& EBefore0 =ou touched me to tears0 %ut the= @ere tears of ecstas=0 relief0 the ones that flo@ @hen one listens to %eautiful music6E 2 am still s#eaking the same @ords0 it is the same music0 %ut =our inter#retation has changed6 Then0 =ou @ere inter#reting m= @ords through =our ho#es: there @as a curtain %et@een me and =ou6 /o@0 2 am tr=ing to #ull a@a= that curtain so that =ou can see me as 2 am and 2 can see =ou as =ou are6 The disci#le and the master have to %e utterl= nude to each other0 naked %eings6 $ou sa=& E/o@0 even m= love for =ou hurts6E

5eal love al@a=s hurts %ecause it transforms6 The love that =ou felt %efore @as =our imagination6 /o@ something real is ha##ening6 2t @as =our love0 =ou had not kno@n m= love6 2t @as =our #ro<ection6 /o@ 2 am here0 #resent: 2 @ill destro= all =our #ro<ections6 2 have to %ring =ou do@n to earth6 2 am a ver= do@n3to3earth man0 2 am ver= #ragmatic6 2 canCt hel# =our great ideals and dreams0 the= are all stu#id 33 the greater the= are0 the more stu#id the= are6 2 @ill destro= all =our old3fashioned ecstasies and tears and emotionalit= and sentimentalit=6 5emem%er0 to %e sensitive does not mean to %e sentimental6 To %e sensitive does not mean to %e touch=6 $ou must have %een ver= touch=0 moved %= an=thing 33 %ut =ou @ere moved %= =our o@n ideas0 2 @as not #art of it6 ;lease donCt %lame me for =our <o=0 for =our ecstas=0 for =our ho#e0 for those great tears that @ere coming to =ou listening to m= music6 DonCt %lame me for them6 2 am not res#onsi%le for them at all0 %ut 2 am certainl= res#onsi%le for the love that is hurting =ou no@6 2f =ou are courageous enough and =ou can a%sor% the hurt0 the #ain0 the agon= of transformation0 =ou @ill feel grateful later on6 )nl= later on =ou can feel grateful: right no@ it @ill %e rough going6 $ou sa=& EM= tears give no relief6E The= @onCt give =ou an= 33 not an=more6 2 am here0 2 @onCt allo@ itD E2 cannot get in touch @ith m= inner core6E DonCt %e @orried a%out the inner core6 Let me destro= =our outer core and =ou @ill %e in touch @ith =our inner core: there is no #ro%lem a%out it6 The first thing is to destro= the hard crust that has gro@n around =ou0 and it is hurting6 $ou @ould like to remain as =ou are and %e in touch @ith =our inner core: that is not #ossi%le6 2 am hel#less0 2 cannot hel# =ou that @a=6 2 have to dismantle the @hole house 33 2 donCt %elieve in renovation6 7irst the @hole house0 the @hole rotten ruin has to %e destro=ed and removed6 But #eo#le love old0 rotten things so much6 The= give them %eautiful names 33 anti>ues6 2 am not a lover of anti>ues0 not at all6 2 love the ne@0 the fresh0 the =oung6 2 have heard& There @as an old church0 so old that #eo#le sto##ed coming 33 the= @ere afraid it might fall do@n an= moment6 The #riest @as against making a ne@ church6 ;riests are al@a=s against the ne@0 the= are al@a=s for the old 33 the older the %etter0 %ecause @ith the old the= are safe0 @ith the dead the= are safe6 The= are #riests of death not of life6 +nd the %oard of trustees @as against it0 too6 The= @ere all elderl= #eo#le0 the elder %rothers of the communit=6 But @hen ever=%od= sto##ed coming and even the #riest @as afraid to enter6666 Bust a little %it of strong @ind and the @hole %uilding @ould

shake6 2t @as so rotten that it @as a miracle that it @as standing at all6 7inall= the= had to call a meeting of the trustees6 The= met 33 not inside the church %ut far a@a= from the church 33 and the= decided a fe@ things6 The first resolution @as& The old church has to %e demolished6 -nfortunatel=0 @e are hel#less 33 and it has to %e done0 8od forgive us6 The second #ro#osal @as& The ne@ church @ill %e %uilt e?actl= on the old s#ot and e?actl= like the old church6 +nd the third #ro#osal @as& The material of the old church 33 the %ricks0 the doors0 the @indo@s0 ever=thing 33 has to %e used in the ne@ church6 /othing ne@ has to %e used in the ne@ church: it @ill %e ne@ in name onl=6 !ver=thing from the old church has to %e used and the ne@ church has to %e made out of the old: nothing ne@ has to %e added6 +nd the fourth #ro#osal @as& -nless the ne@ is read= @e @ill not demolish the old6 This is ho@ the stu#id human mind goes on @orking6 This is ho@ =our mind @orks6 This is ho@ mind as such @orks6 Marion0 donCt %e @orried a%out the inner core6 2t is there: @hether =ou kno@ it or not it is there6 $ou canCt %e @ithout an inner core0 and =ou canCt kno@ it unless the outer core is demolished6 The %ird cannot come out of the egg unless the egg is demolished0 %roken6 )nce the egg is %roken the %ird can %e free6 The %ird can have the @hole sk=6 2t can %e on its @ings6 Be a little #atient6 Marion came <ust a fe@ da=s ago6 Bust a fe@ da=s ago she %ecame a sann=asin6 DonCt %e in such a hurr=6 DonCt %e so +mericanD + 7rench@oman @as talking to an +merican @oman6 The 7rench@oman said0 EThe 7renchmen kno@ ho@ to love6 7irst the= kiss =our forehead0 then the= kiss =our cheeks0 then the= kiss =our earlo%es0 then the= kiss =our neck0 then the= kiss =our %ack6666E The +merican @oman said0 EWaitD B= that time the +merican is %ack from his hone=moonDE DonCt %e so +merican6 Wait6 8o slo@l=6 9iss the forehead and the e=es and the cheek6666 Be a little 7rench a%out itD What is the hurr=4 There are a fe@ things @hich cannot %e done in a hurr=6 /either love can %e done in a hurr= nor #ra=er6 /either meditation can %e done in a hurr= nor self3transformation6 These are ver= ver= silent0 slo@ #rocesses6 +nd the more #atient =ou are0 the faster the= ha##en6 The less #atient =ou are0 the longer the= take6 The second >uestion&

B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion F T*! )T*!5 D+$ 2/ D2,")-5,! $)- 5!7!55!D T) T*! B!W, +, B!2/8 .!5$ 2/T!LL28!/T ;!);L!6 +T )T*!5 T2M!, $)- *+.! D!,"52B!D T*! B!W /!8+T2.!L$ +, T*! "-//2/8 B-,2/!,,M+/6 2/T!LL28!/"! ,!!M, T) *+.! + ;),2T2.! +/D + /!8+T2.! +,;!"T6 ;L!+,! ")MM!/T6 +nand +kam0 =ou got the #ointD But remem%er0 =ou %elong to the negative as#ect6 $es0 intelligence0 like ever=thing else0 has %oth #ossi%ilities& it can %e #ositive0 it can %e negative6 2f intelligence is negative it is sheer cunningness: if intelligence is #ositive it is #ure meditation6 +nd the negative is eas= %ecause the negative is a fall0 and the #ositive is difficult %ecause the #ositive is an u#hill task6 The negative is eas= %ecause it asks no sacrifice from =ou0 and the #ositive is arduous %ecause it asks the ultimate sacrifice 33 the sacrifice of the ego6 The negative su##orts the ego and the #ositive is #ossi%le onl= @hen the ego is surrendered6 We have %oth kinds of Be@s here6 +kam0 =ou %elong to the negative6 2 am sorr= to sa= it 33 #lease forgive me6 2t is ver= difficult for negative #eo#le to forgive0 too: the= feel ver= offended6 But there are #ositive Be@s also6 $ou should move @ith some #ositive Be@s0 for e?am#le0 ;radee#a 33 she is a #ositive Be@6 2 have %een <oking a%out the Be@s and so man= letters come to me asking0 E+re =ou against Be@s4E !?ce#t for ;radee#a0 all the Be@s have raised the >uestion at some time or other& E+re =ou against the Be@s4E *o@ can 2 %e against the Be@s4 2 m=self am an old Be@666 ver= ancientD $ou ma= %e ver= ne@6 2 am not against an=%od= nor am 2 for an=%od=: 2 am <ust e?#osing to =ou things @hich needed to %e e?#osed0 %ecause onl= then =ou can get rid of them6 $es0 intelligence is cunningness if it starts falling do@n@ards6 +nd the fall is so eas= and so ego3su##orting and ego3nourishing that ever=%od=0 almost ever=%od=0 chooses the fall6 To %e cunning seems to %e the onl= @a= to e?ist and survive in this @orld0 %ecause ever=%od= else is cunning6 2f =ou are more cunning =ou can survive0 if =ou are less cunning =ou @ill %e e?#loited6 "ohen visited his doctor for a check3u#6 *e carried @ith him a large amount of li>uid s#ecimen @hich the M6D6 e?amined in his la%orator=6 E!ver=thingCs fine0E announced the #h=sician6 E"ouldnCt find a thing @rong @ith =our s#ecimen6E E/o sugar4 /o al%umen4E asked "ohen6

E/one at all6 $ouCre oka=6E EMa= 2 use =our #hone to call m= @ife4E E)f course6E E8ood ne@s0 dear0E announced the Be@ over the #hone6 E/either =ou nor 2 nor the kids nor even 8randma have a thing the matter @ith us6E *e had %rought ever=%od=Cs s#ecimenD During the reign of the gesta#o in 8erman=0 ,chloss and *irsch @ere @alking along a Munich street0 @hen an ,, officer a##roached them6 ,chloss had #ro#er credentials %ut *irsch did not6 E1uick0E said *irsch0 E=ou run that @a=6 The naAi @ill follo@ =ou and 2Cll %e a%le to get a@a=6E ,chloss tore off in the direction indicated0 #ursued %= the ,, man0 @hile *irsch esca#ed6 When the naAi finall= caught u# @ith him0 he demanded to see ,chlossC #a#ers6 *e sa@ that the= @ere in order6 E,o @h= did =ou run4E he asked6 E2 <ust took a #h=sic0E said ,chloss0 Eand m= doctor told me to run after taking the medicine6E EBut didnCt =ou see me running after =ou4E E$eah0 2 thought ma=%e @e %oth had the same doctor0 and =ou took a #h=sic too6E 2n this cunning @orld it seems that the onl= @a= to e?ist is to %e more cunning6 When ever=%od= is e?#loiting ever=%od= else0 to %e cunning seems to %e an armor0 so ever=%od= %ecomes cunning6 !ver= child is %orn innocent0 +kam0 and ever= child %ecomes cunning0 h=#ocritical0 #seudo0 dece#tive6 !ver= child is %orn a saint and ever= child turns into a scoundrel6 !ver= child is %orn religious and ever= child %ecomes a #olitician6 +nd that is the @orst that can ha##en to a man6 Be@are that to survive in the @orld should not %e =our goal0 %ecause even if =ou survive0 death is going to come6 !ven if =ou have all the mone= #ossi%le0 death is going to come6 !ven if =ou have all the #o@er and all the #restige0 it @ill all %e %ogus0 %ecause inside =ou are #oor0 em#t=6 The reall= intelligent #erson is one @ho discovers the inner treasures0 @ho discovers the inner eternit=0 @ho discovers 8od6 ThatCs m= definition of the intelligent #erson& one @ho discovers 8od6 -nless =ou have discovered 8od donCt think of =ourself as an intelligent #erson6 $ou ma= %e intellectual %ut =ou @ill not %e intelligent6 +nd to %e intellectual is eas=6 $ou can go to the universit= and =ou can get a degree0 a

di#loma6 $ou can stud= the %ooks0 =ou can visit the li%raries0 and =ou can %ecome ac>uainted @ith great @ords0 great s=stems of thought6 $ou can %ecome a good talker0 a good conversationalist0 a good @riter0 author0 #hiloso#her0 %ut still =ou @ill not %e an intelligent #erson0 remem%er6 2ntelligence is #ossi%le onl= through meditation6 When mind dissolves in meditation0 @hen thoughts are no longer =our constant o%session 33 @hen =ou can #ut the thoughts aside @henever =ou @ant and =ou can move into inner em#tiness at =our o@n @ill0 @hen =ou are not a victim of =our mind %ut a master 33 then =ou are intelligent6 +nd those are the moments @hen =ou discover @ho =ou are6 $ou discover @hat this life is6 $ou discover @hat the meaning of the @ord 8od is6 $ou cannot find the meaning in the dictionaries0 in the enc=clo#edias: it has to %e found @ithin =our o@n %eing6 +kam0 %ecome #ositivel= intelligent6 2 have %een @atching =ou& from the ver= %eginning0 @hile =ou have %een here =ou have %een tr=ing to %e clever6 +nd tr=ing to %e clever @ith me is utter stu#idit=D $ou can succeed @ith me onl= if =ou are totall= innocent0 other@ise there is no %ridge %et@een =ou and me6 $ou are a sann=asin0 %ut 2 have never reall= felt =ou as a sann=asin6 To %e true 2 have to sa= it6 Ma=%e that shock @ill %ring =ou alertness and =ou @ill start looking at the @hole thing that is ha##ening %et@een me and =ou6 $ou are tr=ing to %e clever6 +nd =ou are not alone in that0 there are man=0 so donCt feel lonel=6 DonCt %e clever @ith me0 other@ise =our %eing here @ith me is of no use6 This #lace onl= %elongs to those @ho can trust0 @ho can %e innocent0 @ho can %e utterl= childlike6 Then great intelligence is released0 and that intelligence @ill %e a light into the darkness of =our soul6 That intelligence @ill %ecome a lam#0 and it @ill %e a%le to guide =ou to the ultimate goal6 The third >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 3 W*$ W+, T*! B-DD*+ ,) 5!L-"T+/T T) +LL)W W)M!/ 2/T) *2, ,+/8*+4 W*$ D2D *! 7!!L0 W*+T D2D *! 7!!L +B)-T W)M!/4 /andan0 it must have %een his e?#erience @ith @omen6 When 2 %ecame enlightened 2 @as onl= t@ent=3one and a%solutel= ine?#erienced a%out @omen0 so 2 had no #ro%lem acce#ting @omen into m= ,+/8*+6 But @hen Buddha %ecame enlightened he @as fort= =ears old6666 /o@ =ou can understand6 *e had so much e?#erience0 #oor man0 that he @anted to save his disci#les from the same e?#erience6

Mulla /asruddin %ecomes ver= much afraid @henever he is @alking do@n the road0 and if he sees an= truck or %us coming to@ards him he starts trem%ling and #ers#iring6 )ne da= 2 @as @alking @ith him along the road and 2 asked him0 EWhatCs the matter4 Whenever a %us or a truck #asses %= =ou suddenl= start #ers#iring and shaking and trem%ling6E *e re#lied0 EM= @ife ran a@a= @ith a truck driver and ever= time 2 hear a horn 2Cm afraid heCs %ringing her %ack6E Buddha had much e?#erience @ith @omen0 much more than an=%od= else0 much more than an= other enlightened man in the @orld6 Mahavira @as BuddhaCs contem#orar=0 %ut he did not o%<ect to @omen0 he immediatel= acce#ted them6 When the= asked to %e initiated he initiated them @ithout an= hesitation6 Wh= did he not o%<ect4 33 %ecause he seems to %e more of an ascetic t=#e than Buddha6 Buddha follo@s the middle @a=: Mahavira is an e?tremist0 an utter e?tremist 33 he is a%solutel= ascetic6 +ccording to him one has to go to the ver= e?treme0 one has to den= ever=thing0 renounce ever=thing6 )nl= then can the ultimate <um#0 the ultimate lea# into the divine ha##en6 Buddha is more rela?ed a%out it6 *e sa=s0 E7ollo@ the middle course6 There is no need to go to the e?treme6 There is no need to %e too @orldl= and there is no need to %e too other@orldl=6Bust %e in the middle6E )ne @ould have e?#ected Buddha to allo@ @omen into his sangha more easil= than Mahavira: %ut Mahavira allo@ed them @ith no hesitation 33 not even a single time did he sa= no6 The da= the first @oman asked0 he immediatel= initiated her the same @a= that he initiated men6 But Buddha continued to refuse @omen for at least ten =ears6 *e @as almost forced0 com#elled0 %= his o@n disci#les6 The= started cr=ing and @ee#ing and the= said0 EThis is not rightDE ,till he @ould sa=0 E2 @ill think over it6E But finall=0 @hen his ste#mother asked to %e initiated0 it @as difficult for him to sa= no6 *is mother had died immediatel= after he @as %orn0 so in fact he kne@ nothing of his mother: he @as %rought u# %= his ste#mother6 The ste#mother @as his mother: he kne@ her as his mother6 +nd @hen the mother asks to %e initiated0 ho@ can he sa= no4 ,o reluctantl=0 not ver= ha##il=6666 +nd this cons#irac= involving the mother @as the strateg= of other @omen and other disci#les 33 the= #ersuaded the mother6 E2f =ou come to ask he @ill not %e a%le to sa= no0 and then the door @ill o#en6 Then he @ill not %e a%le to sa= no to an= other @oman6E + cons#irac= %ecause of great com#assion6 Wh= @as Buddha so hesitant4 7or the sim#le reason6666 $ou @ill have to go into the life stor= of Buddha to understand his #s=cholog=0 to understand his mind0 %ecause even @hen =ou %ecome enlightened =ou have to function through the mind0 and the mind remains the old6 The enlightenment is the same 33 Mahavira0 Buddha0

Zarathustra0 Besus 33 it makes no difference 33 %ut the minds are different6 +nd @hen the= communicate @ith =ou the mind has to %e used0 and the mind is made u# of the #ast6 Buddha has a certain mind0 Mahavira has a different mind6 What ha##ened to Buddha @as reall= ver= rare0 uni>ue6 When he @as %orn0 all the great astrologers @ere called %= his father to in>uire @hat he @as going to %ecome6 +ll the astrologers e?ce#t the one @ho @as the =oungest raised t@o fingers6 The father asked0 EWhat do =ou mean %= t@o fingers4E The= said0 E!ither he is going to %ecome a chakravartin0 a @orld con>ueror0 a @orld em#eror0 @ho @ill rule all the si? continents0 or he is going to %ecome a renunciate0 a sann=asin0 @ho @ill renounce the @orld and live like a %eggar6 These are the t@o #ossi%ilities6 Both are o#en0 and @e cannot sa= decisivel= @hich is going to ha##en6E Then the father @as ver= much afraid6 *e had %een ho#ing for so long0 and no@0 in his old age0 the son @as %orn 33 it @ould have %een %etter if he had not %een %orn6 2n old age no@0 all his ho#es @ere on him 33 he @as going to carr= out all his incom#lete am%itions 33 and if he @ere to renounce the @orld that @ould %e a great shock to him0 he might die of the shock6 *e could not conceive or acce#t the #ossi%ilit=6 .er= afraid0 he asked 9ondanna0 the =oungest astrologer @ho had raised one finger6 *e asked 9ondanna0 %ecause although he @as the =oungest he @as the most famous astrologer: his #erce#tion @as the most clear6 *e @as afraid %ecause he @as raising onl= one finger 33 he might %e raising it for sann=as0 he might %e raising it %ecause he @ould %ecome a great em#eror0 a chakravartin6 The king asked him0 EWhat do =ou mean %= raising one finger4E 9ondanna said0 E2t @ill hurt =ou0 %ut 2 canCt hel# it6 $our son is going to %ecome a sann=asin: it is a%solutel= certain6 *e @ill renounce the @orld0 he @ill renounce the famil=0 he @ill renounce the #alaces and the kingdom0 and he @ill move to the <ungles to meditate0 %ecause he is destined to %ecome the greatest Buddha6E The father started cr=ing6 *e said0 E,ave himD 2 am read= to do an=thing6E 9ondanna said0 E2 cannot hel#6 This is a%solutel= destined6 7or man= lives he has %een searching and searching and searching: no@ the search has come to its ultimate #eak6 This is his last life6 +nd 2 am not going to %e #art of distracting him6E 9ondanna left0 %ut the other old astrologers remained and the= said0 EThere is a #ossi%ilit=6 DonCt %e @orried a%out this 9ondanna: he is ine?#erienced6 +lthough he is ver= famous0 he is =oung6 But @e are more e?#erienced0 @e kno@ life more6 We kno@ that life is al@a=s a choice0 nothing is so a%solutel= determined6 +strolog= can onl= indicate the alternatives vaguel=6 +strolog= is not such an e?act science that =ou can sa=0 CT@o #lus t@o is %ound to %e four6C ,ometimes it is three0 sometimes it is five6 DonCt %e @orried6E The= consoled the king and the= said to him0 EDo one thing& from the ver= %eginning

kee# him in such lu?ur=0 kee# him in such comfort0 that he never thinks a%out renouncing6 Let him %ecome so accustomed to lu?ur= and comfort that the ver= idea of going into the forest @ill scare him6 Make him three #alaces in different #laces for the three seasons0 so that each season is %eautiful for him6E Those three #alaces @ere %uilt in three different #laces6 2n summer he @ould %e in a #lace almost like a hill station @here there @as no summer0 @here it @as cool6 2n @inter he @ould go to hotter #laces @here it @as @arm6 2n the rains he @ould move to #laces @here it @as not too rain= 33 <ust little sho@ers once in a @hile 33 and he @ould en<o= those little sho@ers6 Beautiful #alaces @ith lakes0 @ith gardens s#reading for miles6 +nd the old #eo#le suggested0 E7ind the most %eautiful @omen in the countr=6 Let those %eautiful @omen take care of him6E ,o all the %eautiful @omen of the countr= @ere called0 and the= @ent into the service of ,iddhartha0 @ho @as going to %ecome the Buddha finall=6 *e lived @ith @omen6 The astrologers said that he should never %e allo@ed to see an old man0 %ecause that could raise the >uestion in his mind& +m 2 also going to %ecome old4 E/ever allo@ him to see an=%od= dead0 not even a dead leafE666 %ecause Lao TAu had %ecome enlightened %= seeing a dead leaf falling from the tree6 That @as a ver= shaking incident0 a tremendousl= im#ortant incident for Lao TAu6 ,eeing the dead leaf he immediatel= thought0 E2 am also going to die one da= like this leaf 33 dust unto dust6 Before that something has to %e done6 Before that 2 have to kno@ if there is more to life0 or onl= this mundane0 su#erficial0 so3called life6 2s there something more than time4E ,o the= said0 E/ot even in his garden should he %e allo@ed to see a dead leaf or a @ithering flo@er6E +nd the king managed it that @a= 33 2 donCt think an=%od= has lived in such lu?ur= as 8autama the Buddha u# to his t@ent=3ninth =ear6 +ll the %eautiful @omen @ere availa%le to him6 *is @hole da= from morning to night @as <ust a #icnic0 a holida=& dancing0 singing0 music 33 %eautiful @omen availa%le0 all the lu?uries 33 no #ro%lems0 no an?ieties6 +nd it is %asicall= %ecause of this that he one da= esca#ed 33 he %ecame fed u#6 Too much lu?ur= is a dangerous thing6 2t is eas= to %e #oor and %e in the @orld0 %ecause one goes on ho#ing6 2t is ver= difficult to %e reall= rich and not to renounce the @orld0 %ecause richness is far more frustrating than an=thing else6 When =ou have all the riches and =ou see that =ou are as misera%le as %efore0 the riches lose all meaning6 +rnold has @ritten one of the most %eautiful %ooks on Buddha0 The Light of +sia0 in @hich he de#icts the scene @hen Buddha leaves the house0 the #alace6 -# to t@elve oCclock in the late night there @ere dance and music and %eautiful @omen dancing

around him6 Then it @as too late0 he fell aslee# and the @omen also fell aslee# in the same room6 2n the middle of the night 33 it @as a fullmoon night& the moon @as #eeking through the @indo@0 the moonlight @as coming into the room 33 Buddha looked around at the %eautiful faces6 ,ome mouths @ere o#en and the saliva @as flo@ing out 33 and it @as disgusting6 ,ome @omen @ere snoring 33 %eautiful musicians and =et snoring so loudl= and @ith such ugliness that he felt ver= disgusted6 *e @ent around the room 33 it @as a chaos6 +ll those %eautiful @omen he sa@ for the first time in their realit=6 Their makeu# @as gone0 their false e=elashes had fallen: he could see ho@ the= reall= looked6 *e left the #alace that ver= night6 +nd <ust think of a man @ho had lived for t@ent=3nine =ears @ith @omen 33 and onl= @omen6666 That must have %een the cause6 $ou ask me& EWh= @as the Buddha so reluctant to allo@ @omen into his sangha4E )ut of com#assion for the #oor %hikkhus0 the sann=asins0 %ecause he kne@ the= could %ecome victims6 The= had not lived in such lu?ur=6 Man= of them had not kno@n the realit= of @omen6 ,ick of +merican %igotr= and of his nagging @ife0 +shford @ent to /e@ 8uinea and %ecame a canni%al6 ,i? months later his @ife tracked him do@n @ith a non3su##ort summons6 There @as onl= one thing to do& he ate her6 8uess @hat4 ,he still disagreed @ith himD Too much e?#erience of the other se? is %oring6 +nd it is not so <ust @ith @omen0 it is the same @ith men6 2f Buddha had %een a @oman he @ould have %een reluctant to initiate men6 ,o @hat 2 am sa=ing has nothing to do @ith @omen as such: it is <ust an accident that he @as a man6 2f he had not %een a man0 if he had %een a @oman @ho had lived @ith men for t@ent=3nine =ears0 the same @ould have ha##ened6 *e @ould not have easil= allo@ed men into his sangha6 +n elderl= !nglishman @as sitting >uietl= in his London clu% @hen an old friend came u# and said0 E,orr=0 old %o=0 to hear that =ou %uried =our @ife =esterda=6E E*ad to0E re#lied the other man6 EDead0 =ou kno@6E The fourth >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion H D)!, *!LL 5!+LL$ !I2,T4

$esD 2n the %eginning 8od @anted to create hell0 %ut after creating 2ndia he changed his mind6 )nce he created 2ndia it @as useless to create hell0 it @as a sheer @aste of time and s#ace6 +nd =ou are here in 2ndia0 and still =ou ask& EDoes hell reall= e?ist6664E 2t is all over the #lace6 2ndia is ver= re#resentative& it re#resents hell6 ,tarvation0 miser=0 #overt=6 +nd not onl= that 33 tremendous stu#idit=6 ;eo#le cling to their #overt=0 to their starvation6 /ot onl= do the= cling0 %ut the= rationaliAe it0 the= make much out of it0 the= %rag a%out it6 The= think that to %e #oor is something s#iritual0 to %e ill and starved seems to %e something hol=6 "ount 9e=serling came to 2ndia6 *is sonCs son is one of m= sann=asins no@6 2n his diar= he @rites& 2n 2ndia 2 realiAed that to %e #oor is to %e s#iritual0 to %e ill is to %e s#iritual0 to %e starved is to %e s#iritual6 More than the #overt=0 more than the starvation0 more than the miser=0 it is the stu#idit= that creates hell6 2ndia clings to its miser=0 it %rags a%out it6 2t thinks& The @hole @orld is @orldl= e?ce#t us6 We are religious #eo#le0 @e are other@orldl=6 $ou have to %e other@orldl=0 %ecause that is =our onl= ho#e6 This @orld =ou have made so ugl=0 this life =ou are living in such miser=0 that it @ill %e im#ossi%le for =ou to live at all if this is the onl= life6 $ou have to #ro<ect =our ideas to the life after death6 ,o 2ndians are al@a=s thinking a%out life after death6 2ndians come to me and the= ask0 EWhat ha##ens after death4E 2 tell them0 EDonCt talk nonsense 33 ask @hat ha##ens %efore death6 The real >uestion is %efore death0 not after death6 +nd @hatsoever ha##ens %efore death @ill continue to ha##en after death6 DonCt %e @orried a%out it6E But 2 can understand @h= the= donCt ask a%out life6 The= have all settled for the ugliness of it0 the= are not read= to change it6 This is hell0 and created %= the #eo#le themselves6 /o devil is res#onsi%le for it6 $ou can change it6 !ven if there is a hell0 if the right #eo#le go there the= @ill change it6 2 have heard a stor=& +n atheist asked a #riest666 %ecause the #riest had said in his discourse that da= that #eo#le @ho %elieve in 8od and @ho do virtuous deeds go to heaven0 and #eo#le @ho donCt %elieve in 8od and @ho are sinners go to hell6 +n atheist raised his hand and asked0 E,ir0 one >uestion has to %e solved then6 What a%out those #eo#le @ho donCt %elieve in 8od and =et do virtuous deeds0 @here @ill the= go4 +nd @hat a%out those #eo#le @ho %elieve in 8od and =et are sinners0 @here

@ill the= go4E The #riest @as at a loss0 naturall=6 2f he sa=s that the virtuous #eo#le @ill go to hell %ecause the= donCt %elieve in 8od0 it doesnCt look right6 Then @hat is the #oint of %eing virtuous4 Then <ust %elieve in 8od and en<o= all the sins =ou can en<o=6 Wh= %other a%out %eing virtuous4 2f he sa=s that those #eo#le @ill go to heaven @ho %elieve in 8od and @ho are still sinners0 then <ust %elief is enough6 ,o 8od is not interested in @hat =ou do0 he is not interested in =our acts6 $ou can kill0 =ou can %e a 8enghis 9han or an +dolf *itler0 if =ou still %elieve in 8od6 +nd +dolf *itler %elieved in 8od0 remem%er6 8enghis 9han %elieved in 8od0 remem%er& %efore massacring thousands of #eo#le0 ever= da= in the earl= morning he @ould recite the 9oran6 The first thing @as namaA0 #ra=er0 and then he @ould go into all kinds of ugl= things0 unimagina%le %utcher=6 The #riest must have %een a ver= sensitive #erson0 alert6 *e said0 E;lease give me time6 The >uestion is difficult0 it is not so eas=6 /e?t ,unda= 2 @ill ans@er6E Those seven da=s @ere reall= hell for the #riest: he tried this @a= and that0 %ut nothing @as going to @ork6 ,unda= arrived0 and he kne@ the atheist @ould %e there0 %ut not to turn u# @ould %e humiliating6 ,o he came a little earl= to #ra= to Besus "hrist0 E*el# meD 2 am =our servant0 2 have %een s#eaking on =our %ehalf6 /o@ hel# me 33 @hat is the clue4 This man has created such trou%leDE ;ra=ing to "hrist 33 and for seven da=s he had not sle#t0 thinking the @hole night0 thinking the @hole da= 33 he fell aslee# %efore the statue of "hrist and he had a dream6 2n the dream he sa@ a train read= to leave for heaven6 *e <um#ed in6 *e said0 EThis is #erfectl= right6 Wh= shouldnCt 2 go there and see @ith m= o@n e=es4 2f 2 see +dolf *itler0 8enghis 9han0 Tam%urlaine0 in heaven0 then the >uestion is solved6 )r if 2 see ,ocrates0 @ho did not %elieve in 8od %ut @as one of the most virtuous of men0 if 2 see 8autama the Buddha0 @ho did not %elieve in 8od %ut @as one of the most godl= #ersons @ho ever @alked on the earth0 then the >uestion is solved6E *e rushed into the train and the train left6 *e reached heaven6 *e @as a little sur#rised0 #uAAled0 %ecause heaven did not look ver= heavenl=: it @as ver= sad0 dull and dam# 33 no <o=0 nothing sunn=0 no song6 *e had heard so much a%out the angels @ho go on #la=ing on their har#s and singing and dancing6 /o har#s0 no singing0 no dancing6 Bust a fe@ stu#id3looking saints sitting underneath their trees covered @ith dust6 *e in>uired 33 he @ent to the stationmaster and asked0 E2s there some mistake4 2s this reall= heaven4E The stationmaster said0 E$es0 and there is no mistake6E But the #riest said0 E2t looks more like hellD 2s there an= train leaving for hell4 33 %ecause 2 @ould like to see hell0 too0 then 2 can com#are6E

*e got a reservation0 @ent to hell 33 and he @as reall= more sur#rised than he @as seeing heaven6 There @as <o=0 there @as song and music 33 all @as sunn= and %right6 ;eo#le @ere @orking0 #eo#le had lights in their e=es6 /o devil0 no hellfire0 no%od= torturing 33 nothing6 ,o he in>uired& EThis looks more like heavenDE +nd the stationmaster said0 E$es0 no@ it does0 %ut %efore it used to %e <ust the @a= it is descri%ed in =our scri#tures6 ,ince Buddha0 Mahavira and ,ocrates came here0 the= have transformed it6E + ver= rich man @ho @as a%out to die asked his @ife to #romise to %ur= him @ithout an= clothes on6 *e @as such a miserl= man0 that he thought& Wh= not save the clothes4 The @ife @as shocked0 %ut he said0 EListen0 2 kno@ @hich @a= 2Cm going6 2 @onCt need clothes do@n there0 itCs too hot6E When he eventuall= #assed over0 his @ife ke#t her #romise6 + fe@ da=s later0 <ust as the @ido@ @as #re#aring to go to %ed one evening0 the manCs ghost a##eared through the @indo@ and said0 E8et out m= @inter under@ear and m= t@eed overcoat0 darling6 There are so man= rich #eo#le in hell no@ that the=Cve installed air3conditioningDE 2t all de#ends on =ou6 *ell is not #art of geogra#h=0 it is #art of =our #s=cholog=0 and so is heaven6 $ou create =our hell0 =ou create =our heaven6 +nd it is not in the future6 *ereno@ some%od= is living in heaven and some%od= is living in hell 33 and the= ma= %e sitting together0 the= ma= %e friends6 5ight no@0 2 sa= to =ou0 2 am in heaven0 and 2 am inviting =ou to come into m= s#ace and share it6 ThatCs @hat sann=as is all a%out& an invitation given0 an invitation received& an invitation from m= side and a gesture from =our side that E=es0 2 am @illing to come into =our s#ace6E DonCt %e @orried a%out hell and heaven: the= are <ust =our states6 2f =ou live in the mind0 =ou live in hell6 2f =ou live in the no3mind0 =ou live in heaven6 The fifth >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion J ,)M!)/! *+, T)LD $)- T*+T T*! B-2"9 2, T*! ;2M;C, "+50 +/D /)W T*! /!W, 2 B5!+9 2, T*+T T*! "+D2LL+" 2, T*! ;2M;C, "+50 +T L!+,T 2/ /!W $)59 "2T$ +/D )+9L+/D0 "+L27)5/2+D ,)0 *)W +B)-T + L2/")L/ ")/T2/!/T+L M+59 2.0 L29! T*! "+5, T*! -, ;5!,2D!/T, 52D! 2/4

9avita0 that is far @orseD Then 2 @ould like to go %ack to m= 2m#ala and %e a #lum%er6 ThatCs @hat 2 am& a #lum%er of the mind0 a #lum%er of the soulD But it seems no car is going to @ork out6 2n fact0 2 need an orange ele#hantD The last >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion K W*+T 2, ;*2L),);*$4 ,udarshan0 #hiloso#h= is an o%session @ith @ords6 The @ord 8od %ecomes more significant than the e?#erience of 8od: that is #hiloso#h=6 ;hiloso#hers ask& What do =ou mean @hen =ou use the @ord 8od4 What do =ou mean @hen =ou use the @ord truth4 What do =ou mean @hen =ou use the @ord good4 What do =ou mean @hen =ou use the @ord love4 ;hiloso#h= is more or less a linguistic #henomenon0 a >uestion of language and grammar0 of hair3s#litting and shado@3%o?ing6 2t is not concerned @ith realit= at all6 2t talks a%out realit=6 But remem%er0 to talk a%out realit= is one thing and to move into realit= is >uite another6 ;hiloso#h= is talk0 religion is e?#erience6 M= interest is in religion0 not in #hiloso#h= at all6 /oah We%sterCs neigh%or came into the #antr= and found him kissing the #rett= cham%ermaid6 EM=0 Mr6 We%sterDE she e?claimed6 E2 am sur#risedDE E/o0 m= dear0E said Mr6 We%ster @ith a re#roving smile6 E$ou are astounded0 2 am sur#rised6E 2t is onl= a >uestion of @ords 33 the realit= is #ut aside6 We%ster is a linguist0 a great grammarian6 *e changes the @ords0 he sa=s0 E/o0 m= dear0 =ou are astounded6 $ou are using the @rong @ord @hen =ou sa= C2 am sur#rised6C $ou are astounded0 2 am sur#rised6E The em#hasis 33 =ou see the em#hasis 33 is no longer u#on the act of kissing the #rett= maid0 the em#hasis is on the @rong @ord or the right @ord6 ;hiloso#hers go on and on @ith @ords0 and @ords have their o@n @a=6 )ne @ord %rings another @ord0 and so on and so forth6 $ou can go on and on ad infinitum: there is no end to @ords6 $ou can fa%ricate0 manufacture0 ne@ @ords0 and =ou can create such a fuss a%out @ords that =ou can m=stif= #eo#le6 ;hiloso#h= is a mind trick0 a

ver= so#histicated trick %ut a mind trick6 5eligion has nothing to do @ith #hiloso#h=0 religion is <ust a totall= different dimension6 2t is going %e=ond @ords0 it is reaching into e?#erience6 5eligion is e?istential0 #hiloso#h= is intellectual6 +nd =ou canCt understand even a small thing like a roseflo@er intellectuall=6 2f =ou tr= to understand the roseflo@er and its %eaut= intellectuall=0 either =ou have to sa= that the %eaut= is indefina%le 33 that is another @a= of sa=ing that it is unthinka%le 33 or =ou have to sa= there is no %eaut= at all: it is all #ro<ection0 it is all illusion6 These are the onl= t@o alternatives for #hiloso#h=6 The #hiloso#her sa=s0 E8od is an illusion0 truth is an illusion0 love is an illusionE 33 he tries to #rove ever=thing is illusion 33 and then suddenl= he is at a loss @hat to do: he is in a dee# miser=0 in great frustration6 Life seems to %e <ust a chaos @ith no meaning to it6 Then suicide seems to %e the onl= outlet from this @hole mess6 Man= #hiloso#hers think of committing suicide and man= commit suicide0 too6 +nd those @ho cannot commit suicide 33 the= go mad6 Bust in %et@een the t@o0 neither alive nor dead0 <ust hanging in lim%o0 that is madness6 86 !6 Moore has @ritten a great %ook0 as far as %ooks are concerned0 ;rinci#ia !thica6 7or t@o hundred #ages he discusses @hat CgoodC is6 2f some%od= asks me0 EWhat is good4E 2 @ill sa=0 E2t is indefina%leE 33 right no@0 immediatel=6 But he comes to the conclusion that it is indefina%le after t@o hundred #ages 33 and t@o hundred #ages of great logic6 *e @as one of the greatest logicians of this age6 These three names are ver= im#ortant& 86 !6 Moore0 Bertrand 5ussell0 Lud@ig Wittgenstein6 T@o hundred #ages of great hard @ork 33 so much #ers#iration and nothing of ins#irationD 33 and then the conclusion is that good is indefina%le0 %ecause good is a sim#le >ualit= like =ello@6 *o@ can =ou define =ello@4 $ello@ is =ello@6 What more =ou can sa= a%out =ello@4 But do =ou have to go through this hell of t@o hundred #ages <ust to come to the sim#le conclusion that life is indefina%le0 it is m=sterious 33 @hat the m=stic has al@a=s %een sa=ing4 $ou cannot dem=stif= life6 $es0 =ou can en<o= it0 =ou can go dee# into the m=ster= and %ecome #art of it0 =ou can dance it0 =ou can sing it0 =ou can cele%rate it0 %ut =ou cannot understand it6 ;hiloso#h= tries to understand and comes to no understanding6 5eligion never tries to understand and comes to dee# understanding6 Be@are of @ordsD Words are ver= enchanting0 h=#notiAing6 ,ometimes =ou can get caught into a @hole net of @ords6 T@o ladies conducting a school surve= ring a door%ell @hich is ans@ered %= a man

@ho has %een taking a sho@er and @ho is covering himself @ith onl= a ne@s#a#er6 *e tells them that he is ;eter ;e##er#od0 @ife ;auline0 sons ;aul and ;eter Br60 %oth in =our school6 E2Cm a #eanut #acker for ;lanterCs ;eanuts and #oke around in #art3time #art= #lanning on the side6E Later one of the ladies goes to the toilet at the first filling station the= #ass and does not return for fifteen minutes6 ,he e?#lains to the other0 E2 <ust sat there and got to thinking a%out that #ersona%le Mr6 ;eter ;e##er#od0 the #eanut #acker for ;lanterCs ;eanuts and #art3time #art= #lanner0 standing there @ith his #ert0 #etrified #ivot #oking through the #a#er0 and it <ust made m= #uss= #ucker @ith such #ecca%ilit= that 2 couldnCt hardl= #reci#itateDE This is @hat #hiloso#h= isD !nough for toda=6 The White Lotus "ha#ter ( "ha#ter title& )nl= 2n ,ilence ' /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 110'0 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,0 +udio& $es .ideo& /o 1-!,T2)/& +5! T*!5! 7+,T +/D ,L)W W+$, )7 +TT+2/M!/T4 +/,W!5& 27 )/! ,!!, T*+T !/DL!,, T2M! 2, T*! M2/D0 *! W2LL +TT+2/ 1-2"9L$0 B-T 27 *! M+9!, + ;)2/T 2/ *2, M2/D +/D +2M, +T *2, D!,T2/+T2)/0 *! W2LL +TT+2/ ,L)WL$6 T*! W2,! )/! 9/)W, *2, M2/D 2, T*! ;+T*: T*! ,T-;2D )/! M+9!, + ;+T* B!$)/D *2, M2/D6 *! D)!, /)T 9/)W W*!5! T*! ;+T* 2, /)5 D)!, *! 9/)W T*+T M2/D 2T,!L7 2, T*! ;+T*6 1-!,T2)/& W*$ D)!, )/! +TT+2/ 1-2"9L$4 +/,W!5& B!"+-,! M2/D 2, T*! B)D$ )7 T*! ;+T*0 T*!5!7)5! 2, 1-2"9L$ 5!+"*!D6 ,T-;2D )/!, M+59 T*!25 )W/ T2M! ,T+5T2/8 +"")5D2/8 T) T*+T ,T+/D+5D0 T*!5!7)5! T*!$ M-,T M+9! T*!25 )W/ D!,T2/+T2)/ +"")5D2/8 T) T*!25 )W/ D!L-,2)/,6

1-!,T2)/& W*+T ;+5T )7 T*! M2/D 2, T*! B)D$ )7 T*! ;+T*4 +/,W!5& M2/D 2, L29! T*! W))D )5 ,T)/! 75)M W*2"* + ;!5,)/ "+5.!, +/ 2M+8!6 27 *! "+5.!, + D5+8)/ )5 + T28!50 +/D ,!!2/8 2T 7!+5, 2T0 *! 2, L29! + ,T-;2D ;!5,)/ "5!+T2/8 + ;2"T-5! )7 *!LL +/D T*!/ +75+2D T) 7+"! 2T6 27 *! D)!, /)T 7!+5 2T0 T*!/ *2, -//!"!,,+5$ T*)-8*T, W2LL .+/2,*6 ;+5T )7 T*! M2/D ;5)D-"!, ,28*T0 ,)-/D0 T+,T!0 )D)5 +/D ,!/,2B2L2T$0 +/D 75)M T*!M 5+2,!, 85!!D0 +/8!5 +/D 28/)5+/"! W2T* +LM T*!25 +"")M;+/$2/8 L29!, +/D D2,L29!,6 T*-, 2, ;L+/T!D T*! ,!!D0 W*2"* 85)W, T) 85!+T ,-77!52/86 27 )/! 5!+L2Z!, T*+T 75)M T*! B!82//2/8 M2/D !,,!/"! 2, !M;T$ +/D 1-2!T0 *! ,*)-LD 9/)W /) ,;!"272" T2M! )5 ;L+"!6 2/,T!+D *! M+9!, +/ 2M+8! )7 + T28!50 L2)/0 D5+8)/0 D!M)/0 W+552)5 )5 )T*!5 M)/,T!50 5!")8/2Z!, T*!M B$ ")M;+52,)/ +/D ;5)D-"!, L29!, +/D D2,L29!,6 27 *! 9/)W, T*+T 75)M T*! B!82//2/8 T*!5! 2, /) ,-"* T*2/80 T*!/ *! ,*)-LD 9/)W T*+T M2/D !,,!/"! 2, /)T 7)5M!D0 T*!5!7)5! T*!,! 2M+8!, +5! /)T*2/8 B-T 2LL-,2)/,6 W*!/ *! 5!+L2Z!, T*2, 7+"T0 *! W2LL B! !M+/"2;+T!D +T T*+T 2/,T+/T6 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, T*! /+T-5+L0 ,2M;L! M2/D0 +/D W*+T 2, T*! +5T272"2+L0 ")M;L2"+T!D M2/D4 +/,W!5& L!TT!5, +/D ,;!!"*!, ")M! 75)M T*! +5T272"2+L0 ")M;L2"+T!D M2/D6 B)T* 2/ T*! M+T!52+L +/D 2MM+T!52+L W)5LD + ;!5,)/ ,T+$, )5 8)!,0 ,2T, )5 L2!, D)W/0 +/D M).!, 2//)"!/TL$0 )50 2T "+/ B! ,+2D0 2/ T*! /+T-5+L0 ,2M;L! M2/D6 W*!/ )/! 5!M+2/, -/M).!D B$ ;L!+,-5! )5 ,-77!52/80 *2, M2/D M+$ B! "+LL!D T*! /+T-5+L0 ,2M;L! M2/D6 Mind is the #ro%lem and mind is also the solution6 Mind as an ego is the #ro%lem: mind @ithout an= ego is the solution6 Mind @ith a lo@er case m is the #ro%lem: mind @ith a ca#ital M is the solution6 Mind @ith a lo@er case m is #art of #ersonalit=: mind @ith a ca#ital M is universal6 2t is not =ours0 it is not mine: it is no%od=Cs or it is ever=%od=Cs6 The universal mind contains all consciousness6 The other @a= to sa= it0 @hich is the Zen @a=0 is& the mind is the #ro%lem and the no3 mind is the solution6 /o3mind is sim#l= another @a= of sa=ing the cosmic mind0 the universal mind6 The CnoC denies the ego not the mind0 remem%er it6 The CnoC denies the #ersonal not the universal6 The CnoC sim#l= denies all limitations and hel#s =ou to

%ecome as infinite as =ou reall= are6 This is the most fundamental truth a%out the %uddhas6 Their @ork consists of hel#ing =ou to dissolve the #ersonal mind0 @hich is like a de@dro#0 in the universal0 @hich is the oceanic6 + fe@ #eo#le have called that mind C8odC 33 that oceanic mind6 The name is %eautiful0 %ut it has created its o@n #ro%lems6 The moment =ou call it 8od0 the idea of @orshi#0 churches0 tem#les0 rituals0 arises0 and the lo@er mind comes in from the %ack door6 $ou %ecome a "hristian or a *indu or a Mohammedan0 and =ou are again caught in the same chains 33 ma=%e colored differentl= 33 and =ou are again im#risoned6 +gain =ou %ecome defined and limited0 again =ou lose contact @ith the @hole6 The #ersonal is the illusor=: it is the #ersonal that makes =ou an idiot6 The universal is the truth6 -nless one is read= to die into the universal one cannot attain to truth6 Truth is a death 33 the death of the egoistic mind 33 although it is also a resurrection 33 the resurrection into the universal6 $ou die as a #erson and =ou are re%orn as 8od0 as a %uddha0 as a christ6 *ence the #ath consists of understanding the mind and its functioning6 The egoistic mind @ants to kee# itself constantl= occu#ied6 That is one of its @a=s to deceive =ou& it kee#s =ou so occu#ied that =ou donCt have an= time to look in6 +ll occu#ation is e?trovert6 To look in means to %e unoccu#ied: there is no Cinner occu#ationC as such6 +nd if =ou are occu#ied in an in@ard @a= too0 then =ou are deceiving =ourself6 $ou ma= %e chanting a mantra inside0 %ut chanting a mantra inside sim#l= deceives =ou %ecause =ou are not the mantra and the mantra is still outside =ou6 2t ma= not %e outside =our %od= %ut it is outside =our consciousness6 $ou can @itness =our chanting0 =ou can see =our chanting0 =ou can o%serve it6 That means =ou are outside it and it is outside =ou6 +ll occu#ation is nonmeditative6 *ence Maharishi Mahesh $ogiCs transcendental meditation is a false #henomenon: it is neither transcendental nor meditation6 2t is sim#l= changing one occu#ation for another occu#ation6 ,ome%od= is singing a film song and some%od= is chanting the name of 8od: there is no difference in essence 33 %oth are occu#ied6 This is the first thing to %e understood if =ou reall= @ant go to %e=ond the mind0 the so3called ordinar= mind0 and reach the universal6 +nd to reach the universal is enlightenment: to remain confined to the lo@er is ignorance6 The first lesson is to learn ho@ to %e unoccu#ied0 even for a fe@ moments: <ust no occu#ation0 inner or outer 33 %ecause all are outer occu#ations0 even the so3called inner ones6 /o occu#ation0 and immediatel= =ou are %e=ond the ordinar= mind6 $ou go %e=ond limitations0 =ou go %e=ond %oundaries6 ,uddenl= =ou %ecome the ocean: the de@dro# disa##ears6 2n that oceanic e?#erience one is freed0 li%erated6 The ordinar= mind al@a=s @ants %usiness: an= kind of %usiness is oka=6 8ive it

%usiness6 *ave some target0 some goal 33 mone=0 #o@er0 #restige: and if =ou are tired of all that0 then meditation0 8od0 #aradise0 truth6 But again =ou are su%stituting old goals @ith ne@ goals0 old am%itions @ith ne@ am%itions: nothing has radicall= changed6 $ou remain the same0 =our gestalt remains the same: <ust the o%<ect is changed6 +nd %ecause of the change of o%<ect =ou can feel ver= s#iritual0 ver= hol=6 The mind is cunning6 Be a@are that it can e?ist onl= @hen =ou are in %usiness0 @hen =ou are %us=6 When =ou are not %us= it eva#orates0 it cannot e?ist @ithout %usiness6 *ence #eo#le are %us= even @ithout %usiness6 The co3ed @as l=ing @ith her %o=friend and @as tr=ing to make an im#ression on her eager =oung date& E,o =ouCre named Tom6 2 kno@ 8eorge means lover of horses0 and ;hili# means %eloved0 and Don means chief6 Do =ou kno@ @hat Tom means4E EBusiness0 %a%=0 %usinessDE But thatCs e?actl= @hat the mind means& constant %usiness0 da= in0 da= out6 2f =ou are a@ake there is %usiness0 if =ou are aslee# there is %usiness6 $ou ma= %e dreaming0 %ut it is %usiness6 Mind does not leave =ou even a fe@ moments of o#en sk=0 unclouded0 so that =ou can see the realit= as it is6 2t kee#s =our e=es clouded0 full of dust& the dust of desire0 the dust of thought0 the dust of memor=0 imagination6 +nd these la=ers and la=ers of dust have com#letel= covered =our mirrorlike consciousness @hich is ca#a%le of reflecting all6 2t al@a=s kee#s =ou some@here else6 2t never allo@s =ou to %e hereno@0 %ecause to %e hereno@ means to %e unoccu#ied6 That is the second lesson to %e learned6 *ence the insistence of all the %uddhas on living in the #resent0 on %eing #resent to the #resent6 Mind can onl= remain occu#ied either in the #ast or in the future6 *o@ can it %ecome occu#ied in the #resent4 2t is im#ossi%le6 The #resent sim#l= destro=s the ego: the #resent takes a@a= all the ru%%ish from =our mind0 all the <unk6 2t sim#l= leaves =ou o#en0 availa%le0 vulnera%le0 rece#tive: thrilled0 ecstatic0 of course0 %ut not occu#ied6 Whenever =ou are here and no@0 =ou are not6 Let me re#eat it& @henever =ou are here and no@0 =ou are not: 8od is0 %uddhahood is6 666 Because here and no@ =our small mind cannot e?ist: it melts0 it disa##ears6 The mind can e?ist onl= @ith the none?istential6 + rare #henomenon0 a contradiction on the surface& the mind can e?ist onl= @ith the none?istential 33 %ecause the mind itself is none?istential0 it feeds on the none?istential6 There are t@o things @hich are the most none?istential in the @orld& one is the #ast0 @hich is no more: the other is the future0 @hich is not =et6 The mind e?ists on these t@o #ro#s& the Cno moreC and the Cnot =etC6 +nd %et@een the t@o is the small interval0

the atomic interval6 2t is so small that unless =ou are a%solutel= alert and a@are =ou are %ound to miss it6 To %e in the #resent means not to %e6 +nd not to %e is the door to 8od0 the door to truth0 the door to realit=6 These are sim#le statements if understood6 But @e go on #retending to understand @ithout understanding0 %ecause understanding seems to %e risk=0 dangerous0 deathlike6 +nd0 in a @a=0 it is6 To understand rightl= ho@ the mind e?ists is to #re#are for =our death6 ,ann=as is death: it has al@a=s %een so6 *ence onl= the fe@ courageous #eo#le @ho can enter on the #ath 33 #eo#le @ho are so dee#l= in love @ith truth that the= are read= to sacrifice themselves6 Whatsoever the cost the= are read= to #a= for it0 %ecause the= are fed u# @ith the lies of life6 8inA%urg comes home earl= from @ork one da=0 sure that his @ife has a lover6 *e searches the house in a mad frenA=6 ,ure enough he discovers a little man huddled among the clothes in the closet6 EWhat the hell are =ou doing here4E screams 8inA%urg6 EWell0 @e all have to %e some@here0E re#lies the cul#rit6 The mind has to %e some@here 33 either in the #ast or in the future6 2f =ou take those t@o #ro#s a@a= from it0 it canCt e?ist6 2t sim#l= falls flat on the ground6 2t dies immediatel=6 2t cannot %reathe 33 not even for a single moment6 This is the @a= of meditation& encountering the #resent in all its tremendous %eaut=0 <ust %eing in the #resent6 2nside0 the mind sto#s6 )utside0 the @orld changes totall=6 2t is no more the ordinar= @orld =ou have kno@n %efore6 2n fact0 =ou have not kno@n it at all6 $our mind @as distorting ever=thing0 =our mind @as creating fantasies6 $our e=es @ere full of fantasies and =ou @ere looking though those fantasies6 The= never allo@ed =ou to see that @hich is6 2f the mind is gone0 even for a moment0 suddenl= the @hole e?istence e?#lodes u#on =ou6 /orman la= naked on the grass in a secluded #art of the #ark0 a daAed %ut oddl= ha##= e?#ression on his face6 EWhat ha##ened4E asked the co#6 E2 @as 33 uh 33 minding m= o@n %usiness0E mum%led the man0 E@hen a gang of sororit= girls from .assar came along and <um#ed me and 33 uh 33 tore off m= clothes6 +nd then6666E E+nd then @hat4E E+nd then all heaven %roke looseDE

That ma= have ha##ened to /orman or ma= not have ha##ened0 %ut it ha##ens @hen the mind is a%solutel= unoccu#ied0 @hen the mind is utterl= in the moment0 @hen it is no@here else %ut here and no@6 +nd to %e here and no@0 let me remind =ou0 means it is no more6 $es0 then all heaven %reaks loose6 ,uddenl= @hite lotuses start sho@ering on =ou6 $our @hole life has a totall= different >ualit= to it6 Then @hatsoever =ou touch %ecomes gold and @hatsoever =ou see is sim#l= incredi%le0 un%elieva%le6 Mind goes on giving =ou ideas a%out the realit=0 %ut those are the M2/DC, ideas and mind is utterl= idiotic6 To %elieve in =our o@n mind is the most foolish thing in the @orld @hich one can do0 %ut %ecause =ou @ant to %elieve in =our o@n im#ortance =ou go on %elieving in =our o@n mind6 +nd the mind is ver= clever at arguing its case6 !ven if it doesnCt argue0 %ecause =ou @ant to %elieve that =ou are someone s#ecial0 e?traordinar=0 su#erior0 holier0 and the mind kno@s =our @eaknesses6666 Bust the other da= 2 @as reading a statement of 2di +minCs6 *e sa=s he is the most %eautiful man in the @orld6 Bust think of 2di +minCs faceD But he sa=s0 EBecause the <ournalists are against me0 the= #rint m= #ictures to make me look as if 2 am a monke=6E The #erson @ho @as intervie@ing him asked0 E)n @hat grounds do =ou sa= that =ou are the most %eautiful man in the @orld4E *e said0 EM= mother sa=s so0 m= @ife sa=s so0 and m= other @ives alsoE 33 %ecause he has man= @ives 33 Em= girlfriends sa= so6 The= sa= that 2 am the most %eautiful man in the @orld0 and @h= should the= %e l=ing4E $ou see the argumentD !ver= mother sa=s to her child0 E$ou are the most %eautiful #ersonE 33 and ever= @ife and ever= hus%and and ever= friend6 But if =ou @ant to %elieve it666 and @e @ant to %elieve itD /o@0 if even 2di +min can %elieve that he is the most %eautiful man in the @orld0 then =ou can %elieve an=thing6 +nd 2 agree @ith him that he does not look like a monke=6 *e looks like a gorilla0 or even @orse666 %ecause in the same statement he sa=s that he has tasted human flesh6 +nd he can sa= @ith authorit= that it is the most delicious thing he has ever tasted6 The deliciousness of human flesh is such0 he sa=s0 that to e?#ress it is im#ossi%le: it is an ine?#ressi%le e?#erience6 /o@ this man thinks of himself as the most %eautiful man in the @orldD But ever=%od= thinks so6 DonCt laugh at 2di +min 33 that is ever=%od=Cs mind6 *e is foolish enough to make such statements6 ;eo#le donCt make such statements0 %ut dee# do@n the= kno@6666 + certain rich +merican lad= @as visiting an 2ndian guru @ho accounted himself as the greatest of all6 *e had %een told in advance that she @as thinking of making a ver= large donation to his @ork6

When the time came for the guru to a##ear at his darshan 33 rece#tion time 33 he sa@ this visitor in the cro@d @hich had come to #a= its res#ects6 E$es4E he said to her at once6 EWho is the greatest man in the @orld4E she asked6 E"oca cola0E ans@ered the guru @ithout a momentCs hesitation6 +fter@ards his chief assistant asked him @h= he had given such a strange ans@er6 EWhat secret @isdom is this0 ) 8reat Master4E EWell0E said the mahatma0 E20 of course0 kne@ that the greatest man in the @orld is me6 But @hen 2 sa@ from the inscri#tion on her T3shirt that she res#ected someone else0 2 said to m=self0 CBusiness is %usinessD +fter all0 heCs #ro%a%l= dead0 so thereCs no harm in honoring himDCE !ver=%od= kno@s dee# do@n in himself that he is the greatest6 2t is not onl= 2di +min or Muhammad +li @ho think the= are the greatest: ever= idiot thinks that @a=6 That is the ver= essence of the idiotic mind6 Buddhas think of themselves as %eing <ust ordinar= 33 the reall= great think of themselves as %eing <ust ordinar=6 There is no inferiorit= com#le? in them and no su#eriorit= com#le? either6 The reall= great man is @ithout an inferiorit= or su#eriorit= com#le? 33 %ecause those t@o com#le?es are not t@o %ut t@o sides of the same coin6 2t is the inferior man @ho #retends to %e su#erior6 2t is the inferior man @ho in #retending to %e su#erior comes across so man= #ro%lems @here he cannot #rove his su#eriorit= 33 he fails so man= times 33 that inferiorit= arises in him6 The= are not different& inferiorit= #ro<ects su#eriorit=6 When =ou cannot #rove =our su#eriorit= =ou fall into a dee# de#ression and =ou start feeling inferior6 But a reall= alert man is neither6 *e sim#l= is0 and that is more than enough6 DonCt listen to the mind and @hat it sa=s to =ou6 2t is going to give =ou @rong information: it is %ound to give =ou notions @hich are not real6 2t creates hallucinations around =ou6 /ot onl= in the night does it create dreams0 %ut even in the da= it kee#s =ou dreaming6 "lose =our e=es at an= moment and =ou @ill see su%tle dreams #assing as undercurrents %eneath =ou6 )n the surface =ou remain occu#ied @ith things0 doing =our %usiness0 %ut dee# do@n the mind goes on creating its o@n dreams6 2t is constantl= kee#ing =ou unconscious0 slee#=6 Be@are of these sim#le facts0 and then BodhidharmaCs @ords @ill %e ver= clear to =ou6 The first >uestion& +5! T*!5! 7+,T +/D ,L)W W+$, )7 +TT+2/M!/T4 Bodhidharma has said to the in>uirer that there is no attainment6 +ll that is attained is alread= contained %= =ou6 2t is onl= discovered0 not attained 33 or0 not even discovered

%ut onl= remem%ered0 recogniAed0 %ecause =ou are carr=ing ever=thing that =ou can ever %e6 +nd if =ou are not that0 that sim#l= means that =ou are tr=ing to %e some%od= else6 +nd thatCs @hat =ou have %een taught6 $ou have %een taught to %e like "hrist0 to %e like Buddha0 to %e like 9rishna0 to %e like Mohammed6 +nd =ou have %een tr=ing 33 ver= religiousl=0 ver= sincerel= 33 and all that has ha##ened through that effort is that =ou have %ecome #seudo0 false0 #hon=6 $ou canCt %e "hrist0 =ou canCt %e Buddha0 =ou canCt %e 9rishna6 $ou cannot imitate an=%od= else0 =ou can onl= %e =ourself6 +nd that is more than enough 33 =ou are 8odD $ou have onl= to acce#t =our realit= as it is0 @ithout distorting it0 @ithout #ainting =our face like a %uddha: that @onCt hel#6 5eal life is not a drama6 $ou need not rehearse it0 =ou need not #ractice it6 Bodhidharma has said there is no attainment as such6 /othing has to %e attained0 %ecause =ou have not lost an=thing at all6 $ou are alread= that @hich =ou @ant to %e0 @hich =ou long to %e6 ,o it is not a >uestion of attainment0 it is <ust an in>uir= into =our o@n %eing& EWho am l4E ThatCs enough6 But the >uestioner %rings the >uestion from another angle6 /o@ he asks& +5! T*!5! 7+,T +/D ,L)W W+$, )7 +TT+2/M!/T4 2f there is no attainment0 ho@ can there %e slo@ or fast @a=s4 But he has missed that ultimate truth6 ,eeing that he has missed it0 Bodhidharma gives him something less than the ultimate6 The masters have to look at =ou: the= canCt give =ou that @hich =ou cannot a%sor%6 Their first effort is al@a=s to give =ou the #urest truth0 the a%solute truth 33 truth and nothing else 33 %ut @hen the= see that it is im#ossi%le for =ou to receive0 then the= have to come do@n a little %it to %ecome more availa%le to =ou6 Their com#assion is such that if it is needed the= @ill come do@n to the ver= level @here =ou stand so that the= can talk to =ou as friends0 so that =ou can understand6 $ou can understand onl= that @hich is given to =ou on the same #lane that =ou e?ist on6 + Zen master @as again and again caught stealing small things0 so small 33 a %utton0 some%od=Cs needle0 one shoe0 some%od=Cs ca#6666 +nd he @as such a res#ected master that his disci#les said0 EWh= do =ou go on doing such ridiculous things4 What is the #ur#ose of it all4 We are read= to give =ou @hatsoever =ou need 33 =ou need not stealDE But the master used to laugh and not sa= a thing6 +gain and again he @ould %e im#risoned for a fe@ da=s0 come out0 steal again and %e im#risoned again6

When he @as d=ing0 the disci#les asked0 E,ir0 no@ #lease tell us the secret6E *e said0 EThe secret is ver= sim#le6 2 @anted to hel# the #risoners in the <ail0 and the= could understand me onl= if 2 @as also a #risoner6 There @as no other @a= to hel# them6 2 had to fall to their level so that 2 could hel# them to rise to m= #lane6E *e must have %een a tremendousl= com#assionate %uddha0 falling to the level of the #risoners to hel# them666 %ecause the= @ill not understand a saint0 the= @ill not understand a Zen master: the= can onl= understand a thief6 The= kno@ the language0 and @ith a thief the= can communicate6 +nd the Zen master reall= transformed man=6 *e continued to come to the <ail again and again0 %ut the #eo#le @ith @hom he communicated in the <ail never came %ack again6 *e li%erated man= #eo#le6 +nd0 d=ing0 he said0 EThe same is the case @ith the @orld too6 + %uddha is %orn0 <ust like ever=%od= else0 from the same @om%: he gro@s in the same @a=0 eats0 slee#s0 lives in the same @a=6 Because this @orld is a %ig #rison0 he comes into this #rison to hel# other #risoners to esca#e6 $ou canCt hel# the #risoners to esca#e unless =ou %ecome friendl= @ith them6 +nd the= @ill %e friendl= onl= if =ou e?ist on their #lane0 other@ise the= @ill al@a=s %e sus#icious of =ou6 $ou @ill remain an outsider and the= @ill not take =ou inside their heart6E Bodhidharma has said the ultimate truth& There is nothing to %e attained0 no goal to %e reached0 no target6 Life is a #la=ful creativit= @ith no goal as such6 2t is not going an=@here0 it is not moving in an= direction6 2t is a #la=ful energ=6 2t is <ust energ= dancing for no #ur#ose0 for the sim#le <o= of dancing6 !?istence is a dance6 But that has not %een understood: the >uestion has come again6 /o@ he has to ans@er it on a lo@er #lane6 Bodhidharma sa=s& 27 )/! ,!!, T*+T !/DL!,, T2M! 2, T*! M2/D0 *! W2LL +TT+2/ 1-2"9L$0 B-T 27 *! M+9!, + ;)2/T 2/ *2, M2/D +/D +2M, +T *2, D!,T2/+T2)/0 *! W2LL +TT+2/ ,L)WL$6 T*! W2,! )/! 9/)W, *2, M2/D 2, T*! ;+T*: T*! ,T-;2D )/! M+9!, + ;+T* B!$)/D *2, M2/D6 *! D)!, /)T 9/)W W*!5! T*! ;+T* 2, /)5 D)!, *! 9/)W T*+T M2/D 2T,!L7 2, T*! ;+T*6 +lthough he s#eaks in the language of the in>uirer0 he still goes on giving hints of the %e=ond6 2t is not #ure0 uncontaminated truth6 The sun is there0 %ut the clouds are also there6 2f =ou are intelligent enough =ou can look at the sun and =ou need not %e occu#ied @ith the clouds0 %ut if =ou are not so intelligent then this is the onl= @a=6 $ou are interested in clouds0 then clouds have to %e given to =ou6 Ma=%e through the clouds0 one da= accidentall= =ou @ill %ecome a@are of the realit= of the sun6

27 )/! ,!!, T*+T !/DL!,, T2M! 2, T*! M2/D6666 This is something to %e understood6 Buddha sa=s so0 Bodhidharma sa=s so0 2 sa= so& that mind and time are not t@o things6 $our mind0 the finite mind0 the mind that @e kno@ as the ego0 is nothing %ut time6 *ence0 @hen the mind disa##ears0 eternit= o#ens u#0 timelessness o#ens u#6 27 )/! ,!!, T*+T !/DL!,, T2M! 2, T*! M2/D666 666 that it is mind that creates endless time0 that it is the mindCs creation0 innovation6666 Wh= does mind create time4 33 %ecause it cannot e?ist other@ise: it needs time to e?ist6 ;ast is time0 future is time: the #resent is not time0 the #resent is not created %= the mind6 The #resent is the nature of universal mind0 of cosmic mind6 2t has nothing to do @ith =our mind6 $our mind fa%ricates the future0 fa%ricates the #ast6 $ou @ill %e sur#rised to kno@ that @hatsoever =ou remem%er a%out the #ast is not factual0 it is ver= fictitious6 !ver= #erson in his old age starts thinking that his childhood @as ver= %eautiful& EM= childhood666 those @ere the da=s0 real da=s0 golden da=s6E But ask an= child0 and no child is going to sa= to =ou0 EThese are the golden da=s6E !ver= child @ants to gro@ u# >uickl=0 soon0 %ecause he can see gro@nu#s en<o= life0 he can see that gro@nu#s are #o@erful6 *e can see that he is %eing dominated0 #ulled0 #ushed 33 forced to do things that he does not @ant to do6 *e @ants to %e gro@n u# as soon as #ossi%le6 +ll his #ra=ers are that this childhood should finish6 *e @ants to %e #o@erful0 dominating6 +nd small children tr= in ever= #ossi%le @a= to #retend0 at least to themselves0 that the= are gro@nu#s6 2f the father is not at home the= @ill sit in his chair @ith the same gesture6 The= ma= smoke his cigar the same @a= the father does6 The= ma= not %e a%le to read the ne@s#a#er 33 the= ma= %e holding it u#side do@n 33 %ut the= @ill hold the ne@s#a#er the same @a= the father does0 %ecause these are signs of gro@nu# #eo#le6 )ne da=0 t@ent= =ears ago0 2 @ent for a morning @alk and 2 sa@ a child0 not more than si? or seven =ears old0 @ith a false mustache 33 and he @as @alking @ith such grandeurD ,eeing me he %ecame ashamed and ran a@a= inside his house6 2 follo@ed him6 *e closed the door6 2 knocked on the door6 *is father o#ened the door: then ever=thing @as #lain& his father also had the same t=#e of mustache 33 real0 of course6 2 asked0 EWhere is =our son4 2 @ant to see him6E *e %rought the son out: he had taken off the mustache6 2 asked him0 EWhere is the mustache0 and @h= @ere =ou @earing it4E

*e said0 E2 @as #retending to %e m= dadd=0 and 2 en<o= it6 2 have to go out ver= earl= in the morning so no%od= @atches6E ,mall children are al@a=s tr=ing to %ecome %igger6 But later on these same #eo#le @ill sa= that their childhood @as the real golden age6 2t is a fiction& the= are creating it0 it is not real memor=6 *ence0 2 donCt %elieve in auto%iogra#hies0 not at all0 %ecause #eo#le @rite auto%iogra#hies in their late seventies0 eighties0 and the= are re#orting a%out @hat ha##ened sevent= =ears ago6 ,event= =ears have #assed and no@ the= are re#orting6 That @hole re#ort is false0 fictitious6 The= are creating their childhood as the= @ould have @anted it to %e0 although the= do it ver= unconsciousl= 33 it is not that the= are consciousl= tr=ing to deceive an=%od=6 The= %rag a%out their childhood and their achievements and their schoolda=s and universit= da=s0 and the= go on %ragging6 ,ometimes the %ragging can take the form of condemnation too: that too is a @a= of %ragging6 ,aint +ugustine @rites a%out his childhood and his =outh in such a condemnator= @a= that =ou @ill %e #uAAled6 $ou @ill think0 E+t least he must %e right0 %ecause he #roves himself to %e the greatest sinner #ossi%le6E But that is <ust a strateg= of the mind6 7irst he #roves that he @as such a great sinner0 and then he is transformed6 /aturall=0 @hen a great sinner is transformed he %ecomes a greater saint6 2f =ou are an ordinar= sinner and =ou %ecome transformed0 =our saintliness also is going to %e ordinar=: it @ill %e in the same #ro#ortion6 Mahatma 8andhi @rites a%out his childhood and =outh in a ver= derogator= @a=6 *e follo@s ,aint +ugustine 33 %ecause ever=thing de#ends on that6 *e #aints it so dark and dismal and %lack that @ith that %ackground <ust a little @hite #aint @ill sho@ and shine like silver6 The onl= @a= to #rove that =ou are a great mahatma is first to #rove that =ou have %een a great sinner 33 the greatest6 But the ego is such that even @hen =ou are talking a%out sin =ou cannot %e moderate0 =ou have to %e the greatest sinner6 The greatest saint or the greatest sinner 33 no%od= @ants to %e mediocre6 2f =ou are a sinner0 <ust an ordinar= sinner0 it hurts6 ;eo#le create their #ast6 2 donCt think there is a single auto%iogra#h= @hich is reall= true6 There canCt %e0 %ecause our later e?#eriences go on inter#reting0 reinter#reting0 our #ast6 We go on touching u# the #ictures so much that the original #ictures are lost com#letel=: something else a##ears6 We have #ainted those #ictures @ith ne@ insights0 ne@ e?#eriences0 so often0 that the= are no more true6 We create the #ast0 and @e live in the #ast: that is one dimension of time6 The other dimension is the future& @e create the future and @e live in the future6 )f course0 @e have more freedom @ith the future %ecause there is nothing there0 it is all em#t=6 We

can make an=thing of the future6 *ence0 =ou <ust sit silentl= an= da= and think of =our future0 and =ou %ecome the #resident or the #rime minister6 Bust allo@ the mind a free flo@ and =ou @ill %e sur#rised& soon =ou are +le?ander the 8reat0 =ou are the greatest em#eror in the @orld6 $ou @ill laugh later on0 %ut the mind @as doing it and the mind is constantl= doing it6 !ver=%od= imagines his future0 ever=%od= creates his #ast6 Time has t@o dimensions0 not three& #ast and future6 The #resent is not #art of time0 it is the #enetration of eternit=6 Bodhidharma sa=s& 27 )/! ,!!, T*+T !/DL!,, T2M! 2, T*! M2/D0 *! W2LL +TT+2/ 1-2"9L$666 2f =ou can understand that time is mind0 then attainment can %e ver= >uick0 can %e immediate0 %ecause then =ou sto# creating the #ast and =ou sto# creating the future6 Both are false0 imaginar=6 ,uddenl= =ou are thro@n into the #resent0 and thatCs @here =ou %ecome a@are of the truth6 666 B-T 27 *! M+9!, + ;)2/T 2/ *2, M2/D +/D +2M, +T *2, D!,T2/+T2)/0 *! W2LL +TT+2/ ,L)WL$6 But if =ou make a goal0 a destination to attain0 out of %uddhahood0 christhood0 godhood0 if these are the aims0 the targets in =our mind0 then these are again ne@ tricks0 ne@ @a=s of the mind to create another future 33 a s#iritual future0 a sacred future6 2t is far more dangerous0 %ecause @hen the #oison is thought to %e hol=0 sacred0 there is ever= #ossi%ilit= =ou @ill drink it @holeheartedl=0 @ithout an= hesitation6 To think that E2 am going to %ecome a %uddha tomorro@E is more dangerous than to think that Etomorro@ 2 am going to %ecome a great em#eror6E That is not so dangerous0 %ecause the ver= idea of %ecoming a %uddha tomorro@ is so alluring0 so enchanting0 so h=#notiAing6666 But it is the same #oison 33 Ctomorro@C is the #oison6 ,o @hat =ou @ant to %ecome tomorro@ does not matter6 2f =ou make it a #oint in =our mind0 sa=s Bodhidharma0 and =our mind starts @orking to@ards the future for a certain destination to %e achieved0 then the gro@th is going to %e ver= slo@: ma=%e it is going to take lives and lives6 +nd mind is so clever and so cunning that @henever =ou %ecome fed u# @ith one o%<ect it immediatel= gives =ou another to=0 more com#licated than the one %efore0 more difficult than the one %efore0 so it takes a longer time for =ou to see that this again is a to=6 +nd the %est to=s are s#iritual goals6

,ince %= definition =ou cannot #ass on the incommunica%le0 a certain dervish cast a%out him for a @a= to conve=0 %= demonstration0 something of the @onders @hich he had e?#erienced6 E+nalog= is the ans@er0E he said to himself0 and #ut his mind to it6 *e learned0 after a great deal of trial and error0 ho@ to @alk on @ater6 Then he called all the local villagers together0 headed %= the ma=or0 and #aced slo@l= across a lake6 EWhat do =ou think of that4E he asked them as he arrived at the other side6 E)ne thing #uAAles me0E said the ma=or& E@h= didnCt =ou learn to s@im0 like ever=%od= else4E But =our so3called s#iritual0 hol= #eo#le have all %een doing the same thing do@n the ages6 The= create some kind of stu#id goal& @alking on @ater0 reading some%od=Cs thoughts0 #roducing things out of no@here0 out of nothing0 and the= think these are s#iritual things6 The= are not6 2t is again the same ego tr=ing to #rove something0 #retending that E2 am su#erior6E The so3called s#iritual #eo#le have %een fasting and destro=ing their %odies0 or doing =oga and distorting their %odies in ever= #ossi%le @a=0 <ust to #rove to other #eo#le that the= are s#ecial6 ,ome%od= stands on his head for hours and thinks that he is s#ecial0 and #eo#le also think that he is s#ecial6 2 have seen a man @ho has %een standing on his feet for ten =ears0 @ho has not sat do@n6 /o@ he cannot even if he @ants to6 *is legs have %ecome so thick0 his @hole %od= has %ecome thin& all of the %lood 33 ever=thing 33 has gathered into his legs6 *e is a ver= ill #erson: those legs are also dead6 *e cannot move: he has to %e moved %= #eo#le6 +nd he does not slee#0 does not sit: he remains standing6 ;eo#le have to su##ort him in the night so that he does not fall6 +nd the @hole night there is singing0 kirtan0 %ha<an0 going on around him to kee# him a@ake6 *e is in such a mess that @hen 2 sa@ him 2 reall= felt sorr= for him6 But he is @orshi##ed %= thousands of #eo#le for the sim#le reason that for ten =ears he has %een standing6 /o@ @hat kind of achievement is this4 But this t=#e of #hon= attracts the attention of #eo#le easil=0 %ecause #eo#le are also too much identified @ith their %odies6 These things seem to %e ver= su#erior #o@ers: the= are nothing6 Thus it ha##ened one da= that @hen t@o #seudo3masters of the m=stical #ath met0 one said to the other0 after the customar= e?change of com#liments0 E2 have a disci#le @ho constantl= asks for tasks and illuminations6 *ave =ou an= idea @hat 2 might do @ith

him4E The other illuminate re#lied0 E2t is interesting that =ou should sa= that& 2 have had a similar case m=self6 2 had him drink a cu# of kerosene6E The= #arted and0 after some months0 met again6 The first m=stic said0 E2 tried =our idea on m= disci#le6 *e lit a match to have a cigarette0 %urst into flames and @as com#letel= consumedDE EThatCs right0E said the other0 Ethe same thing ha##ened to mineD There are #eo#le @ho go on advising others0 not kno@ing an=thing a%out the true s#iritualit=6 But %ecause the= can stand on their heads for hours and the= can distort their %odies in man= @a=s0 the= seem to %e =ogis0 mahatmas6 Because the= can fast for months666 it is a sim#le #ractice6 2f a man is health= he can fast for at least ninet= da=s @ithout d=ing6 $ou accumulate so much e?tra food in =our %od= that =ou can live on it for three months6 $ou @ill go on %ecoming thinner and thinner0 %ut =ou @ill not die6 ,o it is not much of an achievement: =ou have sim#l= %ecome a canni%al0 =ou are eating =ourself0 thatCs all6 $ou are digesting =our o@n %lood0 =our o@n flesh6 2n fact0 fasting should %e thought of as a ver= violent #ractice0 ugl=6 Ma=%e once in a @hile0 for medical reasons0 a #erson should %e told to fast0 %ut for no other reason6 +nd standing on the head is dangerous0 destructive6 *ave =ou ever seen an= =ogi @ho stands for hours on his head sho@ing an= kind of intelligence4 2 have kno@n so man= =ogis0 %ut never @ith a ra= of intelligence in their e=es 33 dull0 stu#id0 ver= mediocre6 2t is %ound to %e so0 %ecause standing on the head is destructive to intelligence: it destro=s the ver= su%tle nervous s=stem in =our %rain6 Too much %lood going into the %rain is destructive6 +nd it kee#s =our %rain too tense0 it does not allo@ it to %e rela?ed6 ThatCs @h= =ou need a #illo@ at night0 %ecause @ith the #illo@ the %lood is not going to@ards the head6 2f =ou tr= to slee# @ithout a #illo@ then =ou canCt slee#0 %ecause the %lood is coming to the head and the %lood kee#s =our head restless0 functioning6 The #illo@ hel#s: the head %ecomes a little higher0 less %lood reaches to it6 2n fact0 man %ecame man onl= %ecause he dro##ed @alking on all fours and stood u#6 ,tanding means that a minimum of %lood @ill %e reaching =our %rain0 %ecause it @ill have to move against gravitation6 /o animal is intelligent for the sim#le reason that there is so much %lood going into the head that intelligence is not #ossi%le6 $oga is a falling %ack: it does not hel# =ou to gro@ in intelligence0 in genius0 in a@areness6 $es0 it ma= give =ou a ver= strong %od= 33 that is #ossi%le0 animals have strong %odies 33 it ma= have the >ualit= of im#arting a longer life to =ou0 %ut @hether =ou live long or not does not matter in the end6 +ll that matters is the intensit= of =our life0 not the length: =our intensit=0 =our #assionate attunement to life0 not ho@ long

=ou go on dragging and vegetating6 Bodhidharma sa=s& T*! W2,! )/! 9/)W, *2, M2/D 2, T*! ;+T*6666 DonCt %e too much concerned @ith the %od=: there is no need to go into so man= =oga #ostures6 $es0 a little %it of e?ercise is good6 +nd the %est e?ercise is something natural& @alking0 s@imming0 running0 <ogging6 $oga e?ercises are com#licated and dangerous& the= ma= suit one #erson0 %ut the= ma= not suit another at all6 What @as right for ;atan<ali ma= not %e right for =ou6 But running0 s@imming0 <ogging0 are sim#le e?ercises: the= suit ever=one6 The= are not com#licated0 and =ou need not go to an=%od= to learn them: the= are so sim#le0 =ou kno@ them alread=6 $ou @ill %e sur#rised to kno@ that s@imming is a natural e?ercise6 )ne #s=chologist in Ba#an has tried it @ith such small children0 si?3month3old children0 and the= learn it immediatel=6 ,i?3month3old children start s@immingD 2n fact0 the child s@ims in his motherCs @om%: he lives in li>uid for nine months0 %ecause a child starts his life in the motherCs @om% as a fish6 ThatCs ho@ humanit= started& @e all started in the %eginning as fish in the ocean6 !ver= child re#eats the @hole histor=0 in a ver= fast @a= of course: in nine months he re#eats millions of =ears of histor=6 But ever= time a child is in the motherCs @om% he starts from the ver= %eginning0 as a fish6 2f man has started as a fish0 if ever= child starts as a fish0 then s@imming is a natural #henomenon6 $ou <ust need to %e hel#ed a little %it6 2n fact0 =ou need not %e taught ho@ to s@im: all that is needed is some courage0 some%od= to stand on the %ank of the river so =ou need not %e too @orried and afraid6 2f si?3month3old children can learn to s@im666 and no@ the #s=chologist is tr=ing to teach three3month3old children and he sa=s he @ill succeed6 2f si?3month3old children can s@im0 then @h= not three3month3 old children4 5unning is natural0 <ogging is natural6 + little e?ercise is good0 %ut donCt make much fuss a%out it0 %ecause the real @a= is the mind: the real @a= is not the %od=6 666 T*! ,T-;2D )/! M+9!, + ;+T* B!$)/D *2, M2/D6 The stu#id one directs his mind to something far a@a=0 %e=ond his mind6 The @ise one has no destination0 he @atches his mind0 o%serves his mind0 its @a=s of functioning0 its @a=s of deceiving0 its @a=s of creating hallucinations0 and in @atching them slo@l= slo@l= %ecomes so alert0 so full of light0 that the mind disa##ears like darkness6

Madame& EMona0 <ust ho@ accom#lished are =ou4E Mona& E2 donCt like to %rag0 %ut 2 can make love standing on m= headDE Madame& EThen =ouCre the one 2 @ant6 ThereCs a =ogi @aiting do@nstairsDE $ou can make love standing on =our head and it ma= look like an accom#lishment0 %ut it is sim#l= kee#ing =ourself occu#ied @ith something utterl= nonsensical6 Be@areD $our mind can lead =ou astra= ver= easil=6 +nd as =ou %ecome more and more concentrated on a certain goal0 a fe@ energies are released inside =ou %= =our mind @hich are not ordinar= energies6 $ou %ecome ca#a%le of doing things @hich ordinar= #eo#le are not ca#a%le of doing: that gives =ou great ego6 $es0 there is a #ossi%ilit= =ou can read #eo#leCs thoughts6 There is a #ossi%ilit= =ou can create some illusions for #eo#le6 There is a #ossi%ilit= =ou can h=#notiAe #eo#le ver= easil= and make them see and feel and realiAe a fe@ things @hich are not there6 Thirt=3three #ercent of #eo#le are so suggesti%le0 so gulli%le that =ou can manage an=thing @ith these thirt=3three #ercent and the= are read= to %elieve it6 These are the thirt=3three #ercent @ho gather around #eo#le like ,ai Ba%a6 These are the #eo#le @ho hel# the so3called miracle3doers0 %ecause the= are read= to %elieve in an=thing6 The= are hankering to %elieve0 the= are starving0 the= @ant to %elieve0 so an=thing @ill do6 The= @ant to cling to some %elief0 to some%od= e?traordinar=6 The man @ho is a little intelligent0 @ise0 alert0 @ill not fall into such tra#s6 *is onl= effort @ill %e ho@ to %e a%solutel= a@are of all the @a=s0 gross and su%tle0 of the mind0 %ecause that is the onl= @a= to %e free from it6 +nd @hen =ou are free from =our mind =ou %ecome availa%le to 8odCs mind and 8odCs mind %ecomes availa%le to =ou6 The second >uestion& W*$ D)!, )/! +TT+2/ 1-2"9L$4 ,eeing these >uestions0 2 again and again feel that Bodhidharma must have %een in a reall= dee# com#assionate mood6 This man needs a good %eatingD What is the matter @ith Bodhidharma4 ThatCs @hat 2 am #uAAled a%out6 This man is not kno@n that @a=6 *as he forgotten his staff and he does not have it @ith him4 2t is ver= rare for Bodhidharma to go on ans@ering such >uestions6 With !m#eror Wu he @as so hard666 @ith ever=%od= he has %een hard6 Ma=%e the in>uirer is so stu#id that he feels reall= sorr= for him6 The in>uirer ma= %e so stu#id that it is #ointless to hit him: he @onCt understand it6 *ence he goes on ans@ering him6

W*$ D)!, )/! +TT+2/ 1-2"9L$4 the >uestioner asks6 Bodhidharma sa=s& B!"+-,! M2/D 2, T*! B)D$ )7 T*! ;+T*0 T*!5!7)5! 2, 1-2"9L$ 5!+"*!D6 ,T-;2D )/!, M+59 T*!25 )W/ T2M! ,T+5T2/8 +"")5D2/8 T) T*+T ,T+/D+5D0 T*!5!7)5! T*!$ M-,T M+9! T*!25 )W/ D!,T2/+T2)/ +"")5D2/8 T) T*!25 )W/ D!L-,2)/,6 $ou cannot make a goal0 %ecause if =ou make a goal =ou @ill %e making it out of =our o@n delusions6 2t @ill %e #art of a dream and hence @ill %e ver= difficult to arrive at6 2n fact it is im#ossi%le to arrive at 33 it is a dream6 $ou can go on and on0 %ut the dream @ill go on receding like the horiAon: =ou @ill never reach it6 *ence0 it @ill take infinite time and =et =ou @ill %e as far a@a= as ever6 DonCt make a goal0 %ecause right no@ all that =ou can do @ill %e illusor=6 With =our mind functioning0 @hatsoever =ou do is going to %e @rong6 7irst @ake u#6 Then things start ha##ening >uickl=6 The third >uestion& W*+T ;+5T )7 T*! M2/D 2, T*! B)D$ )7 T*! ;+T*4 Bodhidharma sa=s& M2/D 2, L29! T*! W))D )5 ,T)/! 75)M W*2"* + ;!5,)/ "+5.!, +/ 2M+8!6 27 *! "+5.!, + D5+8)/ )5 + T28!50 +/D ,!!2/8 2T 7!+5, 2T0 *! 2, L29! + ,T-;2D ;!5,)/ "5!+T2/8 + ;2"T-5! )7 *!LL +/D T*!/ +75+2D T) 7+"! 2T6 But thatCs @hat @e have all done6 We are all doing it& @e im#ose our #ro<ections and then @e start reacting to our o@n #ro<ections6 + Zen stor= sa=s& + manCs @ife @as d=ing6 The @ife had controlled the man like an=thing: he @as the most #erfectl= hen#ecked hus%and6 +nd he @as feeling a little ha##= that the @ife @as d=ing: his da= of freedom @as not far a@a=6 But the @ife @as not going to leave him so easil=6 While she @as %reathing her last she said0 ELookD DonCt feel so ha##=0 %ecause 2 am going to %ecome a ghost and 2 @ill haunt =ou and 2 @ill see that =ou donCt do an=thing @rong6 /ever fool around0 %ecause 2 @ill catch =ou ever= nightDE The @ife died6 The hus%and @as ver= much afraid0 %ut after a fe@ da=s he thought0 E/o@ she is dead6 Who kno@s @hether she has %ecome a ghost or not4 Wh= not %e

reall= free no@4 2 have al@a=s @anted this @oman0 that @oman6 2 have @anted to go to the #u%6 /o@ is the timeD +nd so man= da=s have #assed and she has not come6E That night some%od= knocked on the door6 *e o#ened the door and the @ife @as thereD +nd she said0 E,o0 =ou have started dreaming0 =ou have started thinking a%out and #lanning such thingsD Be@areD 2 am not far a@a=0 2 am al@a=s hereD $ou ma= see me0 =ou ma= not see me6 DonCt think of =our freedom0 etcetera0 sto# all that nonsenseDE +nd she said ever=thing that he had thought0 ever= single thing that he had thought 33 going to the #u%0 thinking of the neigh%orCs @ife 33 she said ever=thing6 /o@ it @as a%solutel= clear that she did kno@0 and it @as ver= difficult6 *is life %ecame that of great miser=: he @as free and =et not free6 +nd from that da= the @ife started coming to him almost ever= night and she @ould tell him @hat he had %een thinking in the office0 @hat he had %een thinking a%out the t=#ist girl 33 each single thoughtD *e @as so tired0 he @ent to a Zen master and asked him0 E*el# meD ,he tortured me m= @hole life0 no@ she is dead and she is killing meD 2 have no #eace of mind6 2 cannot even dream freel=D +t least @hile she @as alive 2 used to dream freel= 33 no@ she even reads m= dreams6 2n the morning she shakes me u# and sa=s0 C,o =ou @ere having a se?ual dreamDCE The Zen master laughed6 *e gave him a small %ag and told him not to o#en it6 E2t contains a fe@ #e%%les6 $ou take it home and @hen =our @ife comes0 ask her ho@ man= #e%%les are in the %ag6 2f she can give =ou the right num%er 33 count them immediatel= 33 if she can give =ou the right num%er then come to me6 2f she cannot give =ou the right num%er then she is <ust a fantas= of =our o@n mind0 =our #ro<ection6 Then too come <ust to tell me6E The man @ent home6 The @ife @as @aiting alread=6 When he entered the room the @ife @as sitting in his chair6 ,he said0 E,o =ou @ent to that #hon=0 that Zen master4 2 kno@ him @ellD +nd he has given =ou a %ag 33 it contains #e%%les 33 and he has told =ou to ask me ho@ man= #e%%les it contains6E The man %ecame so frightened that she kne@ ever=thing alread=D But still0 the master had said she @ould6 ,o he remem%ered0 he said0 E)ka=0 =ou kno@ ever=thing6 /o@ <ust tell me the num%er of #e%%les6E +nd the @ife disa##earedD Because he himself did not kno@ the num%er0 he could not #ro<ect it6 The chair @as em#t=6 *e looked around: the @ife @as not there6 ,ince that da= the @ife sto##ed coming6 *e @ent to the Zen master6 *e said0 EWhat trick did =ou do4 What magic is in this %ag4E The master said0 EThere is no magic6E *e o#ened the %ag: there @ere onl= a fe@

#e%%les in it6 *e said0 EThere is no magic0 nothing6 2t is a sim#le #rocess6 $ou @ere #ro<ecting her& %ecause =ou @ere the #ro<ector0 =our #ro<ection @as reflecting =our dreams0 =our ideas0 =our thoughts6 /o@0 %ecause =ou did not kno@ ho@ man= #e%%les there are in this %ag0 ho@ could she kno@4 ,he @as =our #ro<ectionD 2f =ou had kno@n6666 ,he kne@ that =ou had %een to the Zen master %ecause =ou kne@6 ,he kne@ @hat 2 told =ou %ecause =ou kne@0 %ut she could not tell =ou the num%er of #e%%les0 and no@ she @ill never come %ack6 Be finished @ith herDE We can create a thousand and one hallucinations a%out ourselves0 @e can #our our realit= into them 33 and the= can look so real6 There are man= #eo#le @ho are afraid of hell 33 and @e have created hell: there is no hell6 +nd there are man= #eo#le @ho are so greed= for #aradise 33 and @e have created #aradise: there is no #aradise6 )ur #ro<ections0 and @e %ecome %urdened %= them 33 afraid0 greed=0 frightened6 We have created our gods in the tem#les0 in the churches0 and @e are the @orshi##ers6 We go on @orshi##ing our o@n creationsD This is the @a= of the stu#id mind6 The intelligent #erson sto#s creating0 sto#s #ro<ecting and @atches the mind so clearl= that the mind cannot #ro<ect an=thing6 +s the #ro<ections disa##ear0 the @orld disa##ears6 )ne da=0 @hen the mind is no more there to #ro<ect an=thing0 all is trans#arent6 M2/D 2, L29! T*! W))D )5 ,T)/! 75)M W*2"* + ;!5,)/ "+5.!, +/ 2M+8!6 27 *! "+5.!, + D5+8)/ )5 + T28!50 +/D ,!!2/8 2T 7!+5, 2T0 *! 2, L29! + ,T-;2D ;!5,)/ "5!+T2/8 + ;2"T-5! )7 *!LL +/D T*!/ +75+2D T) 7+"! 2T6 27 *! D)!, /)T 7!+5 2T0 T*!/ *2, -//!"!,,+5$ T*)-8*T, W2LL .+/2,*6 ;+5T )7 T*! M2/D ;5)D-"!, ,28*T0 ,)-/D0 T+,T!0 )D)5 +/D ,!/,2B2L2T$0 +/D 75)M T*!M 5+2,!, 85!!D0 +/8!5 +/D 28/)5+/"! W2T* +LL T*!25 +"")M;+/$2/8 L29!, +/D D2,L29!,6 T*-, 2, ;L+/T!D T*! ,!!D0 W*2"* 85)W, T) 85!+T ,-77!52/86 27 )/! 5!+L2Z!, T*+T 75)M T*! B!82//2/8 M2/D !,,!/"! 2, !M;T$ +/D 1-2!T0 *! ,*)-LD 9/)W /) ,;!"272" T2M! )5 ;L+"!6 2/,T!+D *! M+9!, +/ 2M+8! )7 + T28!50 L2)/0 D5+8)/0 D!M)/0 W+552)5 )5 )T*!5 M)/,T!50 5!")8/2Z!, T*!M B$ ")M;+52,)/ +/D ;5)D-"!, L29!, +/D D2,L29!,6 27 *! 9/)W, T*+T 75)M T*! B!82//2/8 T*!5! 2, /) ,-"* T*2/80 T*!/ *! ,*)-LD 9/)W T*+T M2/D !,,!/"! 2, /)T 7)5M!D0 T*!5!7)5! T*!,! 2M+8!, +5! /)T*2/8 B-T 2LL-,2)/,6 W*!/ *! 5!+L2Z!, T*2, 7+"T0 *! W2LL B! !M+/"2;+T!D +T T*+T 2/,T+/T6

!manci#ation is emanci#ation from =our tin= mind and its games6 $ou are not reall= chained0 =ou onl= %elieve =ou are6 $ou are not im#risoned0 it is onl= =our idea6 $ou think =ou are a "hristian: that is onl= =our idea 33 =ou can sli# out of the idea an= moment6 ,o man= #eo#le here have sli##ed out of their "hristianit=0 *induism0 Budaism0 Bainism0 Buddhism6 ThatCs @h= all the religious #riests are against me6 Their fear is that if #eo#le go on coming to me the= @ill go on sli##ing out of their #o@er0 their domination0 their folds6 This ma= %e the onl= #lace on the @hole face of the earth @here no%od= %others a%out @hether =ou are a "hristian or a *indu or a Mohammedan6 $ou are sim#l= human %eings6 $ou have sli##ed out of =our cages so easil=0 %ecause the cages are not real6 $ou have to su##ort them6 $ou are the #rison0 =ou are the im#risoner and =ou are the im#risoned6 $ou are the all in all: no%od= else is there6 ,o the moment =ou decide to come out of =our #rison no%od= can #revent =ou: there is no%od= to #revent =ou6 $ou %elieve0 then =ou are caught6 $our %elief is =our #ro%lem0 there is no other #ro%lem6 + man @ithout %eliefs0 a man @ithout #re<udices0 is a free man6 +nd to %e free is to %e intelligent6 Bodhidharma sa=s& )ur mind creates %oth things0 fear and greed6 These are the %asic instincts0 hence hell and heaven6 $ou are afraid to lose something @hich =ou donCt have in the first #lace0 and =ou @ant to gain something @hich =ou alread= have from the ver= %eginning6 /o@ =ou are creating such unnecessar= trou%le for =ourself6 *o@ can =ou get that @hich =ou alread= have4 2t is im#ossi%le6 +nd @h= should =ou %e afraid that =ou ma= lose that @hich =ou donCt have4 ;eo#le are afraid of losing things @hich the= donCt have at all and #eo#le are greed= for things @hich have %een given alread= at their ver= %irth6 The= are intrinsic to =our %eing6 ,eeing this0 one has a good laugh at oneself6 The fools laugh at others6 The @ise man laughs at himself and his o@n #ast ridiculousness0 a%surdit=6 The fourth0 and the last >uestion& W*+T 2, T*! /+T-5+L0 ,2M;L! M2/D0 +/D W*+T 2, T*! +5T272"2+L0 ")M;L2"+T!D M2/D4 Bodhidharma sa=s& L!TT!5, +/D ,;!!"*!, ")M! 75)M T*! +5T272"2+L0 ")M;L2"+T!D M2/D6 Language is the @orld of the com#licated mind& silence is the @orld of the sim#le mind6 5eal meditation is not ver%al0 real meditation is utterl= silent6 5eal #ra=er is not

ver%al0 real #ra=er is an a%solute silence in the heart6 /othing stirs0 %ut dee# gratitude is felt6 2t is a feeling0 not thinking6 L!TT!5, +/D ,;!!"*!, ")M! 75)M T*! +5T272"2+L0 ")M;L2"+T!D M2/D6 + tired Boe entered a %us= restaurant in the latin >uarter of ;aris one afternoon6 ET)"4E said the hurried @aitress6 7inding Boe com#letel= %lank she e?#lained that she @as e?tremel= %us=6 2s it tea or coffee for him0 the a%%reviation %eing T3)3" 33 T)"4 Boe asked for coffee6 When the @aitress #assed %= again he caught hold of her hand and said0 E;2,,6E ,eeing a %lank look on her face he e?#lained0 E;ut in some sugar6E When the %ill @as #roduced he took it to the counter @ith the @aitress follo@ing him6 *e looked at her and @his#ered0 E"-/T6E 7inding her #uAAled he e?#lained0 E"ash u#0 no ti#6E The @aitress stood ga#ing at the e?it6 ,aid Boe0 E")"96E E+nd @hat does that stand for4E asked the @aitress6 Boe smiled6 E2t stands for an=thing @earing skirts0 %ut not for =ou6E Mind is ver= cunning @ith @ords6 2t can fa%ricate0 it can go on fa%ricating6 +ll =our #hiloso#hies are #roduced that @a=& endless fa%rications of @ords0 com#licated @ords0 difficult @ords6 +nd the more meaningless a #hiloso#h= is0 the more it de#ends on com#licated0 %ig @ords6 2f =ou @ant an e?am#le =ou should look in *egelCs %ooks6 The sentences go on and on6 $ou @ill find half3#age sentences0 full3#age sentences0 @ith so man= clauses coming in that %= the time =ou reach the end of the sentence =ou have forgotten the %eginning6 *egel @as thought to %e one of the most #rofound thinkers of !uro#e6 *e @as not6 *is #rofundit= @as %ased on his linguistic <uggler=6 *e @as a <uggler: he @as #la=ing @ith @ords and making such com#licated sentences that no%od= @as a%le to make an= sense out of them6 +nd #eo#le are such that if the= canCt make an= sense out of something the= think it must %e #rofound6 2n fact0 truth is ver= sim#le6 2t is so sim#le that it can even %e communicated %= silence6 2n fact0 it can %e communicated onl= %= silence6 L!TT!5, +/D ,;!!"*!, ")M! 75)M T*! +5T272"2+L0 ")M;L2"+T!D M2/D6 B)T* 2/ T*! M+T!52+L +/D 2MM+T!52+L W)5LD + ;!5,)/

,T+$, )5 8)!,0 ,2T, )5 L2!, D)W/0 +/D M).!, 2//)"!/TL$0 )50 2T "+/ B! ,+2D0 2/ T*! /+T-5+L0 ,2M;L! M2/D6 To %e sim#le means to %e nonver%al0 nonlinguistic6 $our a##roach to@ards realit= should not %e through language6 But @e have %ecome so mechanicall= accustomed to language that the moment =ou see a rose0 immediatel= =our mind sa=s0 EWhat a %eautiful flo@erDE 2s it needed4 Does it in an= @a= hel# =ou to a##reciate the rose4 Wh= re#eat this in the mind4 "anCt =ou sim#l= see the %eaut= of the rose and a%sor% it and drink out of it4 2s language needed4 2t ha##ened& + man used to go for a morning @alk @ith Lao TAu6 Lao TAu said to the man0 E5emem%er one thing 33 no talking 33 then =ou can come @ith me6E The man used to kno@ Lao TAu0 and @hen he said something he meant it0 so he ke#t >uiet6 Man= times he @ould have liked to sa= something a%out the @eather and the sunrise and the %eautiful flo@ers and the %irds0 %ut he re#ressed it6 )ne da= a guest @as sta=ing @ith the man and the guest @as also interested in coming along <ust to accom#an= Lao TAu 33 he had heard much a%out the man6 ,o the= %oth accom#anied Lao TAu6 The guest @as una@are @hat the condition @as0 and his host had not told him: he had com#letel= forgotten to tell him6 7or hours the= @ent into the hills silentl=6 Then the sunrise0 and the guest said0 EWhat a %eautiful sunriseDE +nd Lao TAu sto##ed then and there and said to his neigh%or0 E7inishedD /o more coming @ith me6 Take =our guest a@a= immediate2= 33 he talks too muchDE +fter three hours of @alking0 <ust one sentence& EWhat a %eautiful morningD What a %eautiful sunriseDE +nd Lao TAu sa=s that he talks too much and that it is a%solutel= unnecessar=& E2 have e=es0 2 can see the %eaut=0 2 can feel the sunrise6 Wh= should he sa= it4 Does he think 2 am %lind4 This is ver= insultingDE +nd Lao TAu is right6 What is the need4 "anCt =ou sim#l= feel the @armth of the sun rising4 *ave =ou to sa= something4 !ven if =ou are alone =ou go on talking to =ourself6 $ou canCt sto# this constantl= chattering mind6 +nd it has to %e sto##ed0 other@ise it @onCt allo@ =ou to see things as the= are6 To %e sim#le means to %e nonlinguistic0 to %e full of sensitivit= %ut @ithout @ords6 Words are inade>uate to e?#ress the truth: onl= silence can contain it6 To %e silent is to %e sim#le and to %e silent is to %e innocent6 To %e silent is the %ridge from the ordinar= mind to the cosmic mind0 from mind to no3mind6 Learn silence and the @a=s of silence6 But @e are so h=#notiAed %= language and @ords that if =ou love a @oman =ou have

to re#eat it again and again& E2 love =ou6E +re =ou sus#icious4 +re =ou afraid that if =ou donCt sa= it0 it @onCt %e understood4 2f =our love is not ca#a%le of communicating @ithout @ords it is not much of a love at all6 When =ou reall= love a #erson =ou cannot utter the @ords E2 love =ou6E The= @ill look so inade>uate0 so useless0 so su#erfluousD When =ou donCt love a #erson0 onl= then can =ou sa=0 E2 love =ou0E and go on re#eating it again and again6 $ou @ill convince the other #erson that =ou love them through language0 and the other #erson @ill also convince =ou through language6 True love needs no language: it over@helms %oth the lovers6 + true e?#erience of %eaut= leaves =ou in such a@e that =ou cannot sa= a single @ord: it makes =ou dum%6 Bodhidharma is right& to %e silent is to %e innocent6 +nd to %e silent is the natural @a=0 the s#ontaneous @a=6 Then =ou act out of =our s#ontaneit=0 not out of =our kno@ledge6 W*!/ )/! 5!M+2/, -/M).!D B$ ;L!+,-5! )5 ,-77!52/80 *2, M2/D M+$ B! "+LL!D T*! /+T-5+L0 ,2M;L! M2/D6 Boe entered a monaster= @here the rule of silence @as ver= strict6 )nl= once ever= seven =ears @as a monk allo@ed to s#eak 33 %riefl= 33 to the father a%%ot6 Boe had %een a monk for seven =ears 33 his time came to s#eak6 E*ave =ou an=thing to sa=4E asked the a%%ot6 E$es0E re#lied Boe6 EBedCs too hardDE ,even more =ears #assed0 and again %rother Boe @as #ermitted to s#eak6 E+n=thing to sa=4E asked the a%%ot6 E7oodCs terri%leDE said Boe6 +fter seven more =ears of silence0 he came once more %efore the 7ather +%%ot6 E+n=thiang to sa=4E E$es0 2Cm leavingDE EWell0E said the a%%ot0 E2Cm %lood= @ell glad to hear it6 $ou have done nothing %ut com#lain since =ouCve %een hereDE /o@0 a #erson @ho after seven =ears of silence sim#l= comes to sa=0 EBedCs too hard0E or E7oodCs terri%le0E canCt %e silent6 7or seven =ears he is continuousl= thinking0 EThe %ed is too hard and the food is terri%le6 Let the time come and 2 @ill sa= soDE Da= and night he must %e o%sessed @ith it: other@ise0 after seven =ears of silence there @ill not %e an=thing to sa=6 )ne @ill %o@ do@n6 )ne @ill not even sa=0 EThank =ou0E %ecause that is too small0 not @orth sa=ing6 But this is ho@ it is6 +t least Boe @as a man of great control 33 for seven =earsD

2 have heard& Mulla /asruddin and three of his friends @ent into silence6 *earing too much from me a%out silence 33 that silence is the golden %ridge0 the rain%o@ %ridge to 8od 33 the= retired into a cave for a seven3da= e?#eriment in silence6 But after one hour the= all came %ack6 2 said0 EWhat ha##ened4E The= said0 E!ver=thing failedD We four sat in silence @ith closed e=es6 +fter ten0 t@elve0 minutes0 one of us said0 C2 @onder @hether 2 have left the electricit= on or not6C +nd the second one said0 C*ave =ou forgotten that @e have taken the vo@ of silence for seven da=s4C +nd the third one said0 C$ou foolD $ou have also s#okenDC +nd then /asruddin said0 CThank 8odD 2 am the onl= one @ho has not s#oken =etDCE !nough for toda=6 The White Lotus "ha#ter (10 "ha#ter title& + Love +ffair With the -niverse /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 110 0 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,10 +udio& $es .ideo& /o The first >uestion& 1uestion 1 ),*)0 T*!5! 2, + 85!+T D!+L )7 *$;)"52,$ 2/ 2/D2+ +B)-T ,!I6 ;!);L! +5! /)T !.!/ W2LL2/8 T) D2,"-,, 2T );!/L$0 $!T T*!5! 2, + 85)W2/8 ;5)L27!5+T2)/ )70 +/D )B,!,,2)/ W2T*0 /-D! ;2"T-5!,6 W2LL T*2, 7L))D )7 ;)5/)85+;*$ *!L;4 "+/ 2T 72/+LL$ B52/8 ,!I )-T 2/T) T*! );!/ 2/ 2/D2+4 D6 M6 ,ilvera0 manCs #ast has %een ver= stu#id0 and the @hole stu#idit= has arisen out of a life3negative a##roach0 attitude6 +nd all the religions in the #ast have su##orted the life3negative a##roach6 /ot the Buddhas0 not the "hrists0 not the Zarathustras0 %ut the #riests6 2t is the #rofessional religious man @ho has %een e?#loiting the names of the Buddhas0 the "hrists0 the Zarathustras0 @ho has %een e?#loiting the masses6 The #riest has found it ver= hel#ful to kee# #eo#le life3negative0 %ecause the moment

a #erson is life3negative he %ecomes @eak6 +nd it is eas= to e?#loit the @eak0 to enslave the @eak6 2t is eas= to dominate the @eak0 to destro= the @eak6 *ence the #riest has found that t@o things are ver= essential for manCs strength0 freedom0 consciousness 33 and %oth have to %e destro=ed6 )ne is food0 the other is se? 33 %oth are %asic instincts6 7ood is needed for the individual to survive and se? is needed for the race to survive6 Without food and se? humanit= @ill disa##ear6 9no@ing this0 that these are the essential re>uirements of a reall= alive man0 #riests have %een against %oth0 and the= have su##orted fasting and the= have su##orted celi%ac=6 Because the= have su##orted fasting the= have made #eo#le food3o%sessed6 +n= religion that has fasting as its orientation 33 for e?am#le0 Bainism 33 is %ound to create food3o%session in its follo@ers6 +n= religion that is rooted in its o##osition to se? is %ound to create se?3o%session6 ;ornogra#h= is a %=3#roduct of =our so3called religions6 2t is a religious #henomenon 33 e?cuse meD 2t is %ecause of =our #riests that #ornogra#h= e?ists6 +nd it is not a ne@ thing0 it is as ancient as man6 9ha<uraho0 9onarak0 ;uri0 @hat are the=4 ;ornogra#h= in scul#ture6 +nd =ou can go to the ancientmost caves and =ou @ill al@a=s find #ornogra#h= of some kind or other6 $ou can look into folk literature0 folk songs0 folk stories0 and =ou @ill al@a=s find them #ornogra#hic6 ;ornogra#h= is as old as the #riest6 )nce the #riest comes in0 #ornogra#h= comes as a shado@: it is %ound to ha##en6 +nd @hen =ou are taught to %e life3negative =ou %ecome afraid of talking a%out things frankl=0 authenticall=6 $ou do not like to talk a%out se?0 %ecause @hat @ill #eo#le think a%out =ou4 $ou @ant to hide it6 $ou tr= to create a facade 33 as if se? is none?istent in =our life6 But dee# do@n =ou are %oiling6 Dee# do@n0 =ou are thinking of se? t@ent=3four hours a da=6 Modern #s=chological surve=s sa= that each man thinks a%out se? at least once ever= three minutes6 +nd this is a%out the irreligious0 remem%er0 so @hat to sa= a%out the religious4 The= must think a%out se? ever= three secondsD Women think a%out se? once ever= seven minutes 33 that is a ga# %et@een man and @oman6 ThatCs @h= @omen can #retend more that the= are far higher0 that the= are not concerned0 that this @hole ugliness of se? is manCs creation6 The= are su#erior %eings6 But the difference is onl= of four minutes6 The man has to go on #ersuading them E7our minutes more0E thatCs all6 *ence the man has to go into a kind of fore#la=6 Before he can #ersuade a @oman to %e normal0 to %e health=0 at least four minutesC fore#la= is needed6 +nd %ecause man is the aggressive se?0 %ecause manCs energies are aggressive energies and the @oman is the rece#tive se?0 that too makes a great difference6 Man has to take the initiative6 The @oman can #retend& E2 am not running after =ou6E

Mulla /asruddin and his @ife @ere arguing0 and Mulla said0 E2t must have %een the most unfortunate moment in m= life @hen 2 married =ou6E The @oman said0 EBut 2 @as not running after =ou6E Mulla said0 EThat is true6 /o mousetra# ever runs after the mouse6 The mousetra# sim#l= @aits: the mouse comes itself6E That is true& mouse or Mulla /asruddin 33 it makes no difference6 Because @omen are rece#tive0 the= are a little cold6 Man is hot6 +nd %ecause @omen are the rece#tive se? the= are not much interested in #ornogra#h= 33 %ecause the most aggressive #art in manCs or @omanCs %od= is the e=e6 There is a difference %et@een manCs and @omanCs e=e 33 not a #h=siological difference of course %ut something ver= dee# and #s=chological6 ManCs e=e is aggressive0 @omanCs e=e is rece#tive6 *ence the @oman is not ver= interested in #ornogra#h=6 Moreover0 manCs se? has something of e?troversion in it and @omanCs se? has something of introversion6 Whenever =ou are making love to a @oman she @ill close her e=es0 %ecause @hen =ou are making love to a @oman she is not so interested in =ou: she is much more interested in @hat is ha##ening inside her6 ,he closes her e=es6 ,he en<o=s the feeling that =ou trigger in her innermost %eing6 But man is more interested in looking at @hat is ha##ening to the @oman6 *e @ants to kee# the lights on6 /ot onl= that& there are a fe@ reall= religious #eo#le @ho kee# automatic cameras in their %edrooms to take #ictures so that later on also the= can en<o= @hat @as ha##ening6 Man is more interested in seeing @hat is ha##ening to the @oman and less interested in his o@n inner feelings6 9iss a @oman and she closes her e=es0 %ecause she @ants to taste the kiss in her interiorit=0 she @ants to a%sor% it6 +nd man @ants to see @hat is ha##ening to the @oman: his interest is other3directed6 *ence man has al@a=s remained interested in #ornogra#h=6 But #ornogra#h= is not a natural #henomenon 33 =ou have to %e reminded of that again and again 33 it is a religious #henomenon6 Because #riests have %een so much against se?0 man has %een re#ressing it6 +nd @hen =ou re#ress an=thing too much it is %ound to assert itself in su%tle @a=s0 in hidden @a=s0 in such @a=s that =ou @ill not even %e consciousl= a@are of @hat =ou are doing6 2t @ill start moving in =our unconscious mind6 *ence the tremendous interest in the @omanCs %od=6 ;ictures0 statues0 movies 33 %asicall=0 the= are all either directl= or indirectl= #ornogra#hic6 -nless there is something of se? in it =ou are not interested6 ,e? and murder are essential for a film to succeed0 for a stor= to %e read0 for a fiction to %e en<o=ed6 ,trangeD ,e? and murder 33 @h= are the= connected4 The= are connected& if =ou re#ress too much =ou %ecome

murderous6 2n fact0 murdering some%od= is a #erverted act of se?6 Man @ants to enter the %od= of the @oman6 2f he is not allo@ed to0 he @ill start finding an= #ossi%le @a= to enter the otherCs %od=6 *e @ill %ecome homose?ual: if he cannot find a @oman then he @ill find a man6 2f he cannot find a man0 he @ill find animals6 2f that too %ecomes difficult then he @ill start creating ru%%er @omen0 #lastic @omen @hich =ou can kee# in =our %ag so that @henever =ou need the @oman0 =ou <ust #um# her u# a little6 +nd if there is no #ossi%ilit= at all0 he %ecomes enraged6 ,e? energ= re#ressed %ecomes anger0 it %ecomes murderous6 2n fact0 #s=chologists sa= that all our @ea#ons are nothing %ut s=m%ols0 meta#hors0 for the genital male organ 33 the= are a thrust into the otherCs %od=6 )ur %a=onets0 our %ullets0 our s@ords 33 the= are nothing %ut another offshoot of life3negative religions6 /o@0 #oliticians @ere also interested in re#ressing se? for this reason0 for this ver= #ur#ose& if #eo#leCs se? is re#ressed the= can easil= %e made to kill others and %e killed %= others6 +nd manCs @hole #ast has %een a histor= of @ars and @ars6 2n the #ast three thousand =ears @e have fought five thousand @ars6 2t seems a%solutel= insane 33 five thousand @ars in three thousand =ears 33 as if @e are living here onl= to kill each otherD What has gone @rong @ith man4 /o animal kills an= other mem%er of its o@n s#ecies6 /o lion kills another lion: never6 /o dog kills another dog: never6 2t is onl= man6 Wh= has it ha##ened to man4 33 %ecause no other animal has the #riesthood0 the #o#e0 the shankarachar=a0 etcetera6 /o other animal has #eo#le like +=atollah 9homeini6 *earing the ne@s that the shah is suffering from cancer0 this so3called religious man0 the head of the 2ranian religious #eo#le0 said0 E2nshCallah0 8od @illing0 the ne@s is true and the cancer kills him6E +nd he has issued a statement to the +merican 2ranians& E9ill this manD "ut him into #ieces and send those #ieces to 2ranDE But this has al@a=s %een the attitude of the so3called religious 33 murderous6 2t is re#ressed se?6 5e#ressed se? is %ound to create trou%les for =ou6 The hus%and and @ife @ere having difficult= in deciding @hat to give u# for Lent0 %ut finall=0 in a fervent s#irit of atonement0 the= agreed on se?6 +s the @eeks slo@l= #assed0 the= %egan to regret their choice %ut still stuck to it0 slee#ing in se#arate %edrooms and also locking the doors to control tem#tation6 7inall=0 the glorious !aster sun rose0 and the @ife @as a@akened %= a series of thunderous knocks on her door6 E)h0 8eorge0E she called out0 E2 kno@ @hat =ou are knocking forDE E$ouCre damned rightDE he =elled %ack6 EBut do =ou kno@ @hat 2Cm knocking W2T*4E This is naturalD Man is the onl= #erverted animal on the earth6 +ll kinds of

#erversions6666 +nd for centuries =ou have %een conditioned to %e ver= cold a%out se?6 +nd %ecause =ou are cold a%out se?0 =ou are cold a%out ever=thing else6 $our ver= source of @armth disa##ears6 ,e? is the source of life: it is ho@ 8od creates e?istence6 2t should %e res#ected0 @orshi##ed6 2t is sacred6 ,e? is the most sacred #henomenon in e?istence0 %ecause it is the %ase of all life6 2f life is not sacred0 then se? is not sacred6 2f life is sacred0 then se? is sacred6 But the #oliticians and the #riests cons#ired against man6 The #olitician @anted soldiers: the #riests @anted stu#id slaves0 o%edient #eo#le6 Destro= the dignit= of man and he easil= %ecomes an o%edient slave6 +nd the %est @a= to destro= his dignit= is to make him fight against himself& he starts feeling guilt= %ecause he cannot con>uer6 /o@0 ho@ can =ou con>uer se? or food4 2f =ou fight @ith =our se? =ou are dividing =ourself into t@o #ersons& =ou are %ecoming s#lit 33 =ou are @illingl= entering into the @orld of the schiAo#hrenic 33 =ou are %ecoming ill and diseased6 7ighting @ith =our o@n energ= =ou can never %e victorious: fighting @ith =our o@n energ= is as if =ou are making a great fight %et@een =our right hand and left hand6 Who is going to @in4 /o%od= can @in6 Bust =our energies @ill %e dissi#ated0 =ou @ill %ecome @eaker6 +nd a greater thing @ill ha##en0 of long3range conse>uences& if =ou cannot @in against =our se? =ou @ill start feeling so guilt=0 so ugl=0 so condemned0 so un@orth=0 that =ou @ill %e read= to %o@ do@n to an= stu#id #erson6 +n=%od= @ho can %e a good #retender0 a h=#ocrite0 @ill %ecome =our leader #oliticall=0 @ill %ecome =our #riest religiousl=6 +ll that he needs is h=#ocris=0 all that he needs is cunningness0 all that he needs is a facade to hide %ehind6 $our #oliticians live dou%le lives0 =our #riests live dou%le lives 33 one from the front door0 the other from the %ack door6 +nd the %ack3 door life is their real life6 Those front3door smiles are <ust false0 those faces looking so innocent are <ust cultivated6 2f =ou @ant to see the realit= of the #olitician =ou @ill have to see him from his %ack door6 There he is in his nudit=0 as he is0 and so is the #riest6 These t@o kinds of cunning #eo#le have dominated humanit=6 +nd the= found out ver= earl= on that if =ou @ant to dominate humanit=0 make it @eak0 make it feel guilt=0 make it feel un@orth=6 Destro= its dignit=0 take all glor= a@a= from it0 humiliate it6 +nd the= have found such su%tle @a=s of humiliation that the= donCt come in the #icture at all6 The= leave it to =ou to humiliate =ourself0 to destro= =ourself6 The= have taught =ou a kind of slo@ suicide6 $ou ask me0 ,ilvera& EThere is a great deal of h=#ocris= in 2ndia a%out se?6E 2t is not onl= a >uestion a%out se?6 ,e? is the most fundamental h=#ocris=0 %ut then there are man= man= %ranches of it6 2ndia is the most h=#ocritical countr= in the @orld %ecause it #retends to %e the most religious6 5eligion and h=#ocris= are cousin3

sisters6 To %e religious and not to %e a h=#ocrite is a ver= rare #henomenon6 )nl= once in a @hile a Buddha0 a Bodhidharma0 a 9a%ir0 a Besus666 onl= once in a @hile @ill =ou find a man @ho is religious and not a h=#ocrite6 But then @e never tolerate these #eo#le6 We #oisoned ,ocrates sim#l= %ecause he @as honestl= religious6 *e @as so honest that he said0 EThere is no 8od6 Truth is 8od6E *e @as so honest that he could not sa= that there is heaven and hell6 +nd %ecause he could onl= sa=0 E-nless 2 kno@0 ho@ can 2 make such great statements4E he @as #oisoned and killed6 What @as his crime4 The crime %rought against him in the court @as that he @as corru#ting the =outh6 Whenever there is a man like ,ocrates0 a lover of truth0 a real lover of 8od0 he seems to %e corru#ting #eo#le6 2n fact0 he is tr=ing to make them authentic and true0 he is tr=ing to %ring them out of their h=#ocrisies0 %ut to the cro@d that looks like corru#tion6 Besus @as crucified for the sim#le reason that he @as a re%el 33 a re%el against all h=#ocris=6 Buddha @as stoned0 man= attem#ts @ere made on his life0 for the sim#le reason that he @as a sincere man sa=ing things as he sa@ them6 $es0 there is a #ossi%ilit= of transcending se?0 %ut that is not done %= re#ression6 ,e? can %e transcended0 and it is a great e?#erience to transcend se?0 %ut it cannot %e done if =ou are against it6 2t can %e done onl= if =ou %efriend the energ=0 if =ou a%sor% the energ=0 if =ou find out @hat is the secret of se?ual longing0 if =ou find the ke=6 +nd the ke= is not ver= difficult to find0 %ut the #riests have made things so mess= that it is almost im#ossi%le no@ to find the ke=6 The ke= is sim#le0 %ut thousands of =ears of @rong conditioning have made it ver= difficult to kno@ the most sim#le0 o%vious thing6 Wh= are #eo#le are interested in se?4 2t is not <ust a >uestion of %iolog=0 it is more a >uestion of s#iritualit=6 M= o@n o%servation is that #eo#le are interested in se? %ecause that is the onl= naturall=3given @indo@ into 8od0 a natural gift6 2n dee# orgasmic states @hen lovers meet and merge and melt and disa##ear into each other for a single moment0 time disa##ears0 mind disa##ears0 ego disa##ears0 and one has a taste of meditation0 of samadhi0 of su#erconsciousness6 That taste @ill give =ou the ke=6 2f =ou can attain to no3mind0 no3ego0 no3time0 @ithout se?0 se? @ill disa##ear from =our life: there @ill %e no need for it6 But that is a disa##earance6 2t is not that =ou have denied it0 not that =ou have re<ected a #art of =our %eing: it is a%sor%ed0 it is transformed6 Then the same crude energ= of se?0 the same %iological energ=0 reaches to such heights6666 7irst it %ecomes love0 then it %ecomes #ra=er6 2t is the same energ= moving0 soaring u#@ards6 5emem%er& 2 am not sa=ing that se? cannot %e transcended6 ,e? can %e transcended0 it

should %e transcended0 %ut not through re#ression6 /o%od= has ever %een a%le to transcend it through re#ression6 2f =ou re#ress se? =ou %ecome cold: if =ou %ecome cold =ou lose the orgasmic >ualit=6 )ne da=0 @hile making love to his @ife0 Mulla /asruddin found something ne@ at one moment6 *e asked his @ife0 E+m 2 hurting =ou0 dear4E ,he said0 E/o0 @h=4 Wh= do =ou ask such a >uestion4E *e said0 E2 must have imagined it6 2 thought for a moment that =ou moved6E /o@0 t@ent= =ears the= have %een married0 he is the father of seven children0 and the @ife has never movedD That is not thought to %e right6 8ood @omen donCt en<o= lovemaking0 it is onl= %ad @omen @ho en<o= lovemaking6 8ood @omen sim#l= lie do@n there dead0 utterl= cold6 +nd @hen the @oman remains cold0 the manCs orgasmic e?#erience remains local0 genital6 2t does not reach to his soul0 it does not reach to his @hole %od=6 +ll his cells and all the fi%ers of his %eing are not thrilled0 are not in a dance6 2t is #oor0 ver= #oor6 2t is a release0 a relief0 %ut not an orgasmic e?#erience6 $es0 he is relieved of a %urden6 *is se?ual energ= @as overflooding0 he has relieved the energ=0 %ut it is not reall= orgasmic ecstas=6 *e has not kno@n an= timelessness through it0 an= egolessness through it0 an= mindlessness through it6 *e has not #enetrated the ultimate through it6 2t has %een a sheer @aste as far as s#iritual e?#erience is concerned6 Biologicall= it is oka=0 he ma= give %irth to children0 %ut he @ill not %e a%le to give %irth to his o@n %eing6 *is soul @ill remain un%orn6 /o@0 @omen have %ecome so cold %ecause the= have %een listening to the #riests for so long6 +nd the #riests have %een #raising them ver= highl=& the= have %een telling them that the= are the most s#iritual #eo#le in the @orld6 2t is through the @oman that the #riest has destro=ed @omanCs orgasmic dimension and manCs orgasmic heights6 Man still can have a little %it of an orgasm0 %ut it is <ust a flicker0 nothing much0 nothing @hich can transform =ou6 +nd the @oman has com#letel= forgotten6 2n the !ast0 #articularl= in 2ndia0 2 donCt think that an= @oman ever achieves orgasmic <o=6 2n the West also the case @as the same in the #ast6 2t is <ust @ithin these last thirt=0 fort= =ears0 %ecause of the @omenCs li%eration movement0 that a fe@ @omen have %ecome orgasmic 33 not man=0 onl= ten #ercent6 /inet= #ercent of @omen in the West are still living in a #rimitive state0 and one hundred #ercent in 2ndia6 The= donCt kno@ @hat orgasm is0 the= have no idea of it 33 the= have never e?#erienced it6 /o@0 nothing can %e more cruel6 This is reall= cutting the ver= roots of humanit=6 2t is destro=ing humanit= at its ver= foundation6 The tem#le cannot %e %uilt6 + s@itchman @as accosted %= a street@alker do@n the railroad =ard6 ,he convinced

him to visit @ith her in a near%= shed6 The railroad man0 not too terri%l= enthusiastic0 decided to use an iron rail s#ike instead of his #ecker6 7or ten minutes neither of the #artici#ants s#oke6 Then finall= he asked0 ELike it4E E2Cm sure glad =ou said something0E ans@ered the @oman6 E$our tool is so cold 2 @as afraid =ou @ere deadDE Man has %ecome too cold0 and @hen man %ecomes too cold in his realit=0 his fantasies start %ecoming more and more strong6 ThatCs @hat #ornogra#h= is6 When the %od= is re#ressed se?uall=0 se? moves into the head6 ;ornogra#h= is se? through the head6 2t is as stu#id as fantasiAing a%out food in the head and thinking that it is going to nourish =ou6 2t is not going to nourish =ou 33 =ou @ill %e starved to death6 5eal food is needed to nourish =ou6 ;ornogra#h= is se? re#ressed in its natural s#ace @hich has asserted itself through the head6 +nd there are man= dangers in it6 )ne danger is& if =ou %ecome too interested in #ornogra#h= 33 @hich has ha##ened all over the @orld 33 then the real @oman does not look so a##ealing and the real man does not look so a##ealing6 Then a great #ro%lem arises& =our fantas= needs the @oman that =ou have seen in ;L+$B)$ magaAine6 But =ou cannot find that @oman an=@here 33 @hosoever =ou find @ill fall short6 /o@ nothing @ill satisf= =ou6 ,lo@l= slo@l= realit= %ecomes unreal and the unreal %ecomes more real6 But the @hole %lame goes to the so3called religious #eo#le 33 and the= are the #eo#le @ho @ant man to %e freed from all kinds of %ondage6 The= @ant #eo#le to %e freed from the %ondage of se?0 and the= are the #eo#le @ho are kee#ing man in se?ual %ondage6 The= are the cul#rits0 the= are the criminals6 But the= seem to %e great moralists0 great #uritans 33 against #ornogra#h=0 against kissing in films0 against hugging on the streets0 against all kinds of @arm relationshi#s0 against an= e?#ression of #assionate love6 The= make ever=%od= cold6 Then these cold #eo#le start moving to@ards the head: there is no other @a=6 Where else can =ou go4 ;ornogra#h= @ill disa##ear the da= #riests disa##ear0 other@ise it is not going to disa##ear6 +nd remem%er0 #rostitutes @ill also disa##ear the da= the #riests disa##ear6 The #rostitute is the counter#art of the #riest: if the #riest remains0 the #rostitute is going to remain6 The #rostitute is the creation of the #riest6 $ou ask me& EThere is a great deal of h=#ocris= in 2ndia a%out se?6 ;eo#le are not even @illing to discuss it o#enl=0 =et there is a gro@ing #roliferation of0 and o%session @ith0 nude #ictures6E That is natural6 2f #eo#le donCt talk a%out it0 if the= are not courageous enough to talk a%out it frankl=0 if the= cannot live their lives naturall=0 the= are %ound to find some underground @a=s6 /ature is #ersistent6 2t is not eas= to transcend nature: to transcend

nature needs great skill6 Buddha sa=s& great u#a=a 33 great skill0 great art0 great understanding6 $es0 transcendence is %eautiful0 it %rings =ou great %enediction0 %ut %efore that =ou have to %e immensel= artful0 understanding0 meditative6 This is not the @a= to go %e=ond it6 2n that sense0 #ornogra#h= is a hel# in t@o @a=s6 2t is a hel# for the victims of the #riests6 The victims need it0 other@ise the= @ill go craA=0 the= @ill go mad6 The #ornogra#h= kee#s them sane6 2t serves a great humanitarian #ur#ose6 $ou ma= not have thought a%out it in that @a=0 %ut #ornogra#h= serves a great #ur#ose& it kee#s #eo#le a little %it sane and health=0 %ecause then their se?ualit= can have an underground outlet6 2f =ou close all the outlets0 then #eo#le @ill start e?#loding into insanit=6 +nd if #ornogra#h= is allo@ed0 acce#ted 33 in movies0 on T.0 in films0 in magaAines0 in %ooks 33 it @ill hel# #eo#le to come out of their hiding #laces6 2t @ill %e %eneficial6 2t @ill hel# #eo#le to talk a%out se? more clearl=0 more trul=0 more sincerel=6 ,e? @ill not %e a ta%oo an=more6 +nd @henever something comes in the o#en0 great changes ha##en6 Bring =our inner %eing out into the o#en0 in the @ind0 in the sun0 in the rain0 and =ou @ill %e sur#rised& =ou are %ecoming cleaner0 #urer0 @eightless6 $our understanding gro@s0 =our integrit= gro@s0 =our self3res#ect gro@s0 =our inde#endence gro@s0 and =ou %ecome less and less de#endent on others 33 #olitical leaders0 religious #riests6 2n m= vision of life0 the @orld @ill %e a %eautiful @orld if @e can get rid of #oliticians and #riests6 These are the #eo#le @ho are not allo@ing humanit= to live its life totall=6 $es0 ,ilvera0 #ornogra#h= can hel#& it can finall= %ring se? out into the o#en6 +nd if #eo#le start discussing it o#enl=0 frankl=0 @ithout holding an=thing %ack0 @ithout an= #re<udices or condemnations6666 Because it is a natural #henomenon 33 as natural as the flo@ers0 as natural as the stars6 2f #eo#le start talking a%out se? and stud=ing it naturall=0 @ithout an= guilt0 t@o things @ill ha##en6 The most strange thing @ill %e that #ornogra#h= @ill disa##ear6 Who is interested in a nude #icture if he can attain orgasmic <o= @ith a @oman4 -nless he is utterl= stu#id0 @h= should he %e interested4 + #icture is <ust a #icture6 There is nothing0 no%od= 33 <ust a fe@ colors and a fe@ lines arranged in a certain @a=6 $ou are not deceived %= food in a #icture: =ou donCt carr= that #icture close to =our heart0 thinking that @henever =ou are hungr= =ou @ill look at the #icture and it is going to satisf= =ou6 But =ou go on carr=ing nude #ictures close to =our heart6 The man @ho thinks that he can nourish himself and live on this CnourishmentC %= looking at #ictures of delicious food is a fool6 +nd so is the #erson @ho thinks that %= carr=ing nude #ictures he can have an= insight into the ultimate height of se?0 into orgasmic

e?#erience6 )nce a man came to ;icasso 33 he @as a realist 33 and he said0 E$our #ictures are a%solutel= unrealistic6 2 am a realist #hiloso#her and 2 have come to tell =ou that =ou are @asting =our time6 Be realisticDEC ;icasso asked0 EWhat do =ou mean %= %eing realistic4E *e immediatel= took a #icture of his @ife from his %ag0 sho@ed it to ;icasso0 and said0 EThis is a #hotogra#h of m= @ife6 2t de#icts ho@ m= @ife is e?actl=6 This is a realistic #icture6 +nd 2 have seen =our #ictures of @omen 33 it is so difficult to find @hat =ou reall= @ant to de#ict6E +nd that is true6 )nce a @oman had asked ;icasso to make a #ortrait of her0 @hich he did6 *e took si? months and demanded a fa%ulous #rice for it6 The @oman said0 E)ka=0 2 @ill #a= =ou0 %ut there is <ust one thing& m= nose is not right in the #ortrait0 so =ou make it right6E ;icasso looked at the #icture and said0 EThat is im#ossi%le6E The @oman said0 EWh= is it im#ossi%le4 2 am read= to #a=6E *e said0 EThat is not the #oint6 /o@ 2 donCt kno@ @here 2 have #ainted the noseDE ,o this man @as right to sho@ him a #icture of his @ife6 ;icasso looked at the #icture and said0 EThis is a realistic thing4E The man said0 E$es0 a%solutel= re#resentative0 a%solutel= realistic6E ;icasso said0 EThen =ou have a ver= small @ife 33 and ver= flat0 tooDE + #hotogra#h is a #hotogra#h 33 flat: =ou cannot find an= of =our @ifeCs curves in the #hotogra#h6 $ou can go on searching for lives together0 %ut =ou @ill not find an=thing6 There is nothing6 2f #ornogra#h= %ecomes an acce#ted thing0 one thing @ill %e6666 +nd there is nothing @rong in it6 2f some%od= en<o=s seeing a nude #icture0 it is no%od= elseCs %usiness to interfere6 /either the la@ nor the government nor the #olice have an= right to interfere6 2f he en<o=s it0 he is sim#l= en<o=ing a #icture: he is not interfering @ith an=%od=Cs life6 But he seems to %e doing something @rong6 2n fact0 en<o=ment has %ecome @rong6 7or thousands of =ears @e have %een told that to en<o= oneself is something sinful6 To %e misera%le is oka=0 to %e <o=ous is @rong6 ,o @e destro= #eo#leCs <o= in ever= #ossi%le @a=6 We interfere in their #rivate lives6 /o@0 this is a%solutel= #ersonal 33 a #erson en<o=ing a nude #icture: it is no%od=Cs %usiness to come into it6 But the #olice are there0 the magistrate is there0 the la@ is there0 the government is there0 the #riest is there0 and the @hole cro@d0 <ust %ecause he is en<o=ing a #icture6 +nd he is en<o=ing the #icture %ecause of these same #eo#leD These are the #eo#le @ho have created the

@hole #ro%lem6 7irst the= create the #ro%lem and then the= are there to advise =ou ho@ to get rid of it6 T@o men used to do a %usiness 33 the= @ere #artners6 The first @ould come into a to@n and in the night thro@ coal tar on #eo#leCs @indo@s and doors6 +nd after three0 four da=s the second @ould come to clean it off6 2f an=%od= @anted him to0 he @as read= to clean off the coal tar0 he @ould clean it off6 B= that time the other #artner @ould %e destro=ing some other to@n6 This @a= the= earned much mone=6 + %eautiful <o%0 no investmentD )ne goes on destro=ing #eo#leCs @indo@#anes0 and the other comes to clean them6 This is @hat =our #riests0 =our #olice0 =our #oliticians0 have %een doing do@n the ages& the= destro= =ou and then the= are read= to hel# =ou6 The= thro@ =ou in the mud and then the= are there0 great saviors0 to save =ou6 Who has thro@n =ou into the mud in the first #lace4 But then0 if =ou are not thro@n in the mud0 the= canCt %e saviors6 To %e saviors the= have to thro@ =ou into the mud first0 then the= @ill save =ou 33 and their names @ill remain in histor= and the= @ill %e talked a%out for centuries as great men6 2 love the ordinar=0 the natural0 the sim#le man6 2 have no res#ect for =our great men0 the so3called great men6 2 have tremendous res#ect for the ordinar=0 natural human %eing6 ;ornogra#h= can %e of great hel# 33 it @ill hel# =ou to get rid of =our #riests 33 %ut #ornogra#h= alone @onCt %e much of an inner gro@th6 $ou @ill have to seek0 in>uire0 into =our se?ual energ= far more dee#l=6 $ou @ill have to travel to the dee#est core of =our %eing and find out @hat it is that attracts =ou6 *ave =ou ever @atched animals making love4 2f =ou have not @atched0 @atch0 and =ou @ill %e sur#rised6 )ne great revelation @ill %e there @aiting for =ou& that animals donCt en<o= making love6 /o@ that is an esta%lished fact& no animal en<o=s making love: it is almost a com#ulsion0 a natural com#ulsion that he has to go into6 The moment the love act is finished0 the female and the male go their @a=s 33 and =ou can see their faces0 in their e=es& sad the= are0 frustrated0 ma=%e @ondering dee# do@n @h= the= go into this nonsense again and again6 2t is onl= man @ho has the ca#acit= to attain orgasmic <o=6 ,e? is animal0 %ut se? @ith <o= is human6 2t is something a%solutel= human: @ith great <o=0 @ith @armth0 it is a #rerogative of human %eings6 +nimals making love look almost as if the= are fighting0 as if there is a >uarrel0 as if the male is attacking the female and the female is sim#l= acce#ting it6 2f she does not acce#t0 the male can %ecome even more aggressive and it ma= #rove fatal6 ,o she sim#l= acce#ts and

=ields0 %ut feels humiliated6 +nd the male also seems to %e at a loss as to @h= he is doing it6 But in human %eings it is a totall= different #henomenon6 2t is a ver= soft and delicate affair6 2t is #oetr=0 it is music6 2t is the source of all #oetr=0 all music0 all great art6 ;ornogra#h= @ill hel# a little %it of course0 %ut not much6 $ou @ill have to go into dee#er e?#lorations of se?ual energies6 $ou @ill have to learn something of Tantra again6 ThatCs m= @hole effort here& to introduce a neo3Tantra to the @orld0 a ne@ vision of love and the #ossi%ilities of love0 and an insight into the realit= of orgasm 33 %ecause orgasm is =our greatest source of finding 8od0 harmon=0 truth0 the universal unit= of all life6 2f =ou can %e one @ith one @oman0 one man0 =ou have the secret ke= in =our hands6 $ou can %e one @ith the @hole universe0 @ith the @hole cosmos6 2 am tr=ing to give =ou a totall= ne@ religion& a religion @hich loves life0 a religion @hich affirms life0 a religion @hich is a dee# love affair @ith the universe6 The old religions are finished: their da=s are gone6 *umanit= needs a ne@ #ers#ective6 *umanit= needs a totall= ne@ mind 33 a ne@ man @ho loves life0 @ho is drunk @ith the <o= of life0 @ho kno@s ho@ to dance @ith trees and ho@ to sing @ith %irds and @ho is not against an=thing %ut al@a=s read= to transform things onto higher #lanes6 $es0 se? can %e transformed into love and love can %e transformed into #ra=er6 When se? %ecomes #ra=er =ou have arrived home6 The second >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion F W*!/ $)- ,+2D 2 W+, )/L$ ;5!T!/D2/8 T) B! + D2,"2;L!0 $)D!M)L2,*!D M! ")M;L!T!L$6 2 W+, "5-,*!D6 T*! B)TT)M )7 !.!5$T*2/8 D5);;!D )-T6 B-T /)W0 TW!/T$37)-5 *)-5, L+T!50 2 M-,T ")/7!,, T*+T 2CM 7!!L2/8 85!+T +/D +W+9!6 2TC, L29! + /!W M)5/2/86 W*+T!.!5 $)- D!"2D! T) D) W2T* M!0 2CM 85+T!7-L6 ,antosh0 2 hit =ou hard onl= to make =ou a@ake6 2t is out of com#assion and love6 There is no other reason0 no other motive at all6 2 have nothing to gain from =ou0 2 have no desire to %e fulfilled6 2 can die this ver= moment %ecause 2 have nothing to do tomorro@6 !ach moment is com#lete0 each moment is more than enough6 ,o if sometimes 2 hit =ou0 remem%er al@a=s0 it must %e %ecause 2 feel =ou @orth= of %eing hit6 2 donCt hit an=%od= and ever=%od=6 2 hit onl= the chosen #eo#le0 2 hit onl= @hen 2 see

the #otential0 @hen 2 see that the hit is going to @ake =ou u#6 2n the %eginning0 of course0 it is a #ainful e?#erience0 it is a thunder%olt from the sk= 33 and so une?#ected6 /o@0 ,antosh @as not e?#ecting it 33 and suddenl= the s@ord descends on his throat0 and %efore he can sa= an=thing the @ork is done6 2t is a ver= su%tle @ork6 2t took =ou t@ent=3four hours to see the #oint0 ,antosh0 %ut even if =ou can see it after t@ent=3 four hours0 that is ver= soon6 There are #eo#le @ho @ill not see it for months or for =ears or for lives6 2 am ha##= that =ou are feeling great and a@ake0 that =ou are feeling like a ne@ morning6 ,ome rock has %een destro=ed @hich @as hindering =ou from coming close to me0 some door has %een o#ened6 +nd 2 donCt %other a%out ke=s: if the ke=s are missing 2 hammer the lockD 2 am ha##= that =ou understood the #oint6 DonCt forget it again6 Mind tends to forget6 Mind is a forgetfulness6 $ou have to continuousl= remem%er @here =ou are0 @h= =ou are here6 $ou are not living in the mundane @a=0 in the market#lace6 $ou are living in a %uddhafield6 $ou have %ecome #art of a great #ilgrimage6 Be a@are of it0 %e a@are of the great o##ortunit=6 DonCt remain unconscious @ith me0 %ecause the more conscious =ou are0 the greater the #ossi%ilit= that %efore 2 leave the %od=0 man= of =ou @ill have %ecome enlightened6 M= effort is this& 2 @ould like to leave thousands of #eo#le enlightened6 +nd it is not im#ossi%le: ever= da= 2 feel the #ossi%ilit= is %ecoming more and more actual0 more and more #eo#le are %ecoming attuned to me0 are feeling at home @ith me6 DonCt lag %ehind6 5emem%er it no@6 )f course0 if =ou forget again 2 @ill hammer again 33 and ne?t time it is going to %e more #ainful0 %ecause then =ou @ill need more hammering so that =ou can remem%er6 Be like the horse Buddha talks a%out for @hom onl= the shado@ of the @hi# is enough6 $es0 an intelligent #erson need not %e told the same thing again and again6 +nd ,antosh is intelligent0 one of the most intelligent #eo#le here0 %ut aslee#6 8reat #otential0 great #ossi%ilit=0 %ut in the seed6 The time has come0 ,antoshD 7all into the soil6 Let the seed die so that =ou can %e %orn6 The third >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion 3 M$ L).!3L27! D5+M+ /)W 5!7L!"T, +/ )LD ,+$2/8 )7 *-M;*5!$ B)8+5TC,& W)M!/ 33 T*!$C5! *!LL T) L2.! W2T*0 +/D *!LL T) L2.! W2T*)-T6 W*+T T) D)4

Deva +%hi=ana0 one has to #ass through this hell6 )ne has to e?#erience %oth the hell of living @ith a @oman and the hell of living @ithout a @oman6 +nd it is not onl= true a%out @omen0 it is e?actl= true a%out men too6 ,o donCt %e a male chauvinist #igD 2t is a##lica%le %oth @a=s0 it is a dou%le3edged s@ord6 Women are also tired of living @ith men and the= are also frustrated @hen the= have to live alone6 2t is one of the most fundamental of human dilemmas: it has to %e understood6 $ou cannot live @ithout a @oman %ecause =ou donCt kno@ ho@ to live @ith =ourself6 $ou are not meditative enough6 Meditation is the art of living @ith =ourself6 2t is nothing else than that0 sim#l= that& the art of %eing <o=ousl= alone6 + meditator can sit <o=ousl= alone for months0 for =ears6 *e does not hanker for the other0 %ecause his o@n inner ecstas= is so much0 is so over#o@ering0 that @ho %others a%out the other4 2f the other comes into his life it is not a need0 it is a lu?ur=6 +nd 2 am all for lu?ur=0 %ecause lu?ur= means =ou can en<o= it if it is there and =ou can en<o= it @hen it is not there6 + need is a difficult #henomenon6 7or e?am#le0 %read and %utter are needs0 %ut the flo@ers in the garden are a lu?ur=6 $ou can live @ithout the flo@ers0 =ou @ill not die0 %ut =ou cannot live @ithout %read and %utter6 7or the man @ho cannot live @ith himself0 the other is a need0 an a%solute need0 %ecause @henever he is alone he is %ored @ith himself 33 so %ored that he @ants some occu#ation @ith some%od= else6 Because it is a need it %ecomes a de#endence0 =ou have to de#end on the other6 +nd %ecause it %ecomes a de#endence =ou hate0 =ou re%el0 =ou resist0 %ecause it is a slaver=6 De#endence is a kind of slaver=0 and no%od= @ants to %e a slave6 +%hi=ana meets a @oman 33 +%hi=ana is not a%le to live alone6 The @oman is also not a%le to live alone0 thatCs @h= she is meeting +%hi=ana: other@ise there is no need6 Both are %ored @ith themselves and %oth are thinking that the other @ill hel# to get rid of the %oredom6 $es0 in the %eginning it looks like that0 %ut onl= in the %eginning6 +s the= settle together0 soon the= see that the %oredom is not destro=ed 33 it is not onl= dou%led %ut multi#lied6 /o@0 first the= @ere %ored @ith themselves0 no@ the= are %ored @ith the other too 33 %ecause the closer =ou come to the other0 the more =ou kno@ the other0 the more the other %ecomes almost a #art of =ou6 ThatCs @h= if =ou see a %ored cou#le @alking %= =ou can %e certain the= are married6 2f the= are not %ored =ou can %e certain the= are not married6 The man must %e @alking @ith some%od= elseCs @ife0 thatCs @h= there is so much <o=6 )nce 2 @as traveling in a train6 2n m= com#artment there @as a @oman0 and her com#anion used to come in at ever= station0 sometimes @ith ice cream0 sometimes @ith fruit0 sometimes @ith this0 sometimes @ith that6

2 asked the @oman0 E+re =ou married4 Who is this man4E ,he said0 E*e is m= hus%and and @e have %een married seven =ears6E 2 said0 E+%solutel= @rongD 2f he @as =our hus%and he @ould have disa##eared into his com#artment and he @ould not have turned u# at all6 *e is coming in at ever= station6 2 canCt %elieve =ou6 Be true @ith meDE ,he looked #uAAled6 ,he said0 EBut ho@ did =ou come to kno@4E 2 said0 EThere is nothing much in it: it is a sim#le thing6 *e comes so ecstatic that he canCt %e =our hus%and6E ,he said0 E$ou are right6 *e is not m= hus%and0 he is m= friendCs hus%and0 and @e are secretl= going to the *imala=as <ust to have seven or ten da=s there to %e together6 *e is m= lover6E When =ou are in love 33 @hen =ou have not =et #ersuaded the @oman and the @oman has not =et #ersuaded =ou to %e together forever 33 =ou %oth #retend great <o=6 +nd something of it is true0 too0 %ecause of the ho#e that EWho kno@s0 2 ma= come out of m= %oredom0 m= anguish0 m= an?iet=0 m= aloneness6 This @oman ma= hel# me6E +nd the @oman is also ho#ing6 But once =ou are together the ho#es soon disa##ear0 des#air sets in again6 /o@ =ou are %ored and the #ro%lem has %ecome multi#lied6 /o@0 ho@ to get rid of this @oman4 Because =ou are not meditative =ou need others to kee# =ou occu#ied6 +nd %ecause =ou are not meditative =ou are not a%le to love either0 %ecause love is an overflo@ing <o=6 $ou are %ored @ith =ourself6 What have =ou got to share @ith the other4 *ence0 %eing @ith the other also %ecomes hell6 2n that sense Bean3;aul ,artre is right that the other is hell6 The other is not hell reall=: it onl= a##ears so6 The hell e?ists in =ou0 in =our nonmeditativeness0 in =our inca#acit= to %e alone and ecstatic6 +nd %oth are una%le to %e alone and ecstatic6 /o@ %oth are at each otherCs throats0 continuousl= tr=ing to snatch some ha##iness from each other6 Both are doing that and %oth are %eggars6 2 have heard& )ne #s=choanal=st met another #s=choanal=st on the street6 The first said to the other0 E$ou look fine6 *o@ am 24E /o%od= kno@s a%out himself0 no%od= is ac>uainted @ith himself6 We onl= see othersC faces6 + @oman looks %eautiful0 a man looks %eautiful0 smiling0 all smiles6 We donCt kno@ his anguish6 Ma=%e all those smiles are <ust a facade to deceive others and to deceive himself6 Ma=%e %ehind those smiles there are great tears6 Ma=%e he is afraid if he does not smile he ma= start @ee#ing and cr=ing6

But @hen =ou see the other =ou sim#l= see the surface0 =ou fall in love @ith the surface6 But @hen =ou come closer0 =ou soon kno@ that the inner de#ths of the other #erson are as dark as =our o@n6 *e is a %eggar <ust as =ou are6 /o@666 t@o %eggars %egging from each other6 Then it %ecomes hell6 $es0 +%hi=ana0 =ou are right& EWomen 33 the=Cre hell to live @ith0 and hell to live @ithout6E 2t is not a >uestion of @omen at all0 nor a >uestion of men: it is a >uestion of meditation and love6 Meditation is the source from @hich <o= @ells u# @ithin =ou and starts overflo@ing6 2f =ou have <o= enough to share0 then onl= @ill =our love %e a contentment6 2f =ou donCt have <o= enough to share0 =our love is going to %e tiring0 e?hausting0 %oring6 ,o @henever =ou are @ith a @oman =ou are %ored and =ou @ant to get rid of her0 and @henever =ou are alone =ou are %ored @ith =ourself and =ou @ant to get rid of =our loneliness0 and =ou seek and search for a @oman6 This is a vicious circleD $ou can go on moving like a #endulum from one e?treme to the other =our @hole life6 ,ee the real #ro%lemD The real #ro%lem has nothing to do @ith man and @oman6 The real #ro%lem has something to do @ith meditation and the flo@ering of meditation in love0 in <o=0 in %lissfulness6 7irst meditate0 %e %lissful0 then much love @ill ha##en of its o@n accord6 Then %eing @ith others is %eautiful and %eing alone is also %eautiful6 Then it is sim#le0 too6 $ou donCt de#end on others and =ou donCt make others de#endent on =ou6 Then it is al@a=s a friendshi#0 a friendliness6 2t never %ecomes a relationshi#0 it is al@a=s a relatedness6 $ou relate0 %ut =ou donCt create a marriage6 Marriage is out of fear0 relatedness is out of love6 $ou relate: as long as things are moving %eautifull=0 =ou share6 +nd if =ou see that the moment has come to de#art0 %ecause =our #aths se#arate at this crossroad0 =ou sa= good%=e @ith great gratitude for all that the other has %een to =ou0 for all the <o=s and all the #leasures and all the %eautiful moments that =ou have shared @ith the other6 With no miser=0 @ith no #ain0 =ou sim#l= se#arate6 /o%od= can guarantee that t@o #ersons @ill %e ha##= together al@a=s0 %ecause #eo#le change6 When =ou meet a @oman she is one #erson0 =ou are one #erson6 +fter ten =ears =ou @ill %e another #erson0 she @ill %e another #erson6 2t is like a river& the @ater is continuousl= flo@ing6 The #eo#le @ho had fallen in love are no more there0 %oth are no more there6 /o@ =ou can go on clinging to a certain #romise given %= some%od= else 33 %ut =ou have not given it6 + real man of understanding never #romises for tomorro@0 he can onl= sa=0 E7or the moment6E + reall= sincere man cannot #romise at all6 *o@ can he #romise4 Who kno@s a%out tomorro@4 Tomorro@ ma= come0 ma= not come6 Tomorro@ ma= come&

E2 @ill not %e the same0 =ou @ill not %e the same6E Tomorro@ ma= come& E$ou ma= find some%od= @ith @hom =ou fit more dee#l=0 2 ma= find some%od= @hom 2 go @ith more harmoniousl=6E The @orld is vast6 Wh= e?haust it toda=4 9ee# doors o#en0 kee# alternatives o#en6 2 am against marriage6 2t is marriage that creates #ro%lems6 2t is marriage that has %ecome ver= ugl=6 The most ugl= institution in the @orld is marriage0 %ecause it forces #eo#le to %e #hon=& the= have changed0 %ut the= go on #retending that the= are the same6 )ne old man0 eight= =ears old0 @as cele%rating his fiftieth @edding anniversar= @ith his @ife @ho @as sevent=3five6 The= @ent to the same hotel0 to the same hill3station @here the= had gone on their hone=moon6 The nostalgiaD /o@ he is eight=0 she is sevent=3five6 The= %ooked into the same hotel and took the same room6 The= @ere tr=ing to live those %eautiful da=s of fift= =ears ago again6 +nd @hen the= @ere going to slee#0 the @oman said0 E*ave =ou forgotten4 +re =ou not going to kiss me the @a= =ou kissed me on our hone=moon night4E The old man said0 E)ka=6E ,o he got u#6 The @oman asked0 EWhere are =ou going4E *e said0 E2 am going to get m= teeth from the %athroom6E !ver=thing has changed6 /o@ this kiss @ithout teeth or @ith false teeth is not going to %e the same kiss6 But the man sa=s0 E)ka=6E The <ourne= must have %een tiring0 and for an eight=3=ear3old6666 But #eo#le go on %ehaving as if the= @ere the same6 )ne old @oman and one old man got married6 2t must have ha##ened in +merica0 @here elseD 2n +merica no%od= seems to %e getting old0 ever=%od= is #retending to %e =oung6 ,o the= @ent on their hone=moon6 The old man took the @ifeCs hand in his hand and #ressed it for t@o0 three minutes 33 that @as all the= could do as far as lovemaking @as concerned 33 then the= @ent to slee#6 /e?t da= he again #ressed the old @omanCs hand 33 %ut this time onl= for one minute 33 three minutes ma= have %een too long6 +nd the third da=0 <ust as he @as going to #ress the @omanCs hand0 she said0 turning to the other side0 EToda= 2 have a headache6E

.er= fe@ #eo#le reall= gro@ u#: even if the= %ecome aged0 the= donCt gro@ u#6 8ro@ing old is not gro@ing u#6 5eal maturit= comes through meditation6

Learn to %e silent0 #eaceful0 still6 Learn to %e a no3mind6 That has to %e the %eginning for all sann=asins6 /othing can %e done %efore that and ever=thing %ecomes easier after that6 When =ou find =ourself utterl= ha##= and %lissful0 then even if the third @orld @ar ha##ens and the @hole @orld disa##ears leaving =ou alone0 it @onCt affect =ou6 $ou @ill %e still sitting under =our tree doing vi#assana6 The da= that moment comes in =our life =ou can share =our <o= 33 no@ =ou are a%le to give love6 Before that it is going to %e miser=0 ho#es and frustrations0 desires and failures0 dreams666 and then dust in =our hand and in =our mouth6 Be@are0 donCt @aste time6 The earlier =ou %ecome attuned to no3mind0 the %etter it is6 Then man= things can flo@er in =ou& love0 creativit=0 s#ontaneit=0 <o=0 #ra=er0 gratitude0 8od6 The last >uestion& B!L).!D ),*)0 1uestion H 2 /!.!5 5!M!MB!5 W*+T $)- ,+$ T) M!6 W*+T ,*)-LD 2 D)4 ,avito0 there is no need to remem%er @hat 2 sa=6 Words are not im#ortant at all6 $ou are not students here: there is going to %e no e?amination6 $ou are not re>uired to remem%er m= @ords6 Bust im%i%e me0 the s#irit of the #lace0 the taste of m= %eing6 Let m= silence reach =ou6 2f =ou forget the @ords it is #erfectl= oka=: the= have to %e forgotten0 other@ise the= @ill clutter =our mind6 2 am not here to give =ou more information: 2 am here to give =ou T5+/,formation6 7or transformation0 memor= is not needed0 so donCt %e @orried6 Man= #eo#le %ecome @orried EWe go on forgetting @hat =ou sa=6E $ou are still thinking =ou are in a universit= or in a school or a college0 and =ou @ill %e e?amined later on and =ou @ill have to re#roduce6 /othing has to %e re#roduced0 no%od= is going to ask an=thing6 +t least 2 am never going to ask =ou an= >uestions6 2 use @ords to conve= silence6 2 use @ords to kee# =our mind occu#ied so that there can %e a heart3to3heart communion6 The mind %ecomes occu#ied @ith the @ords0 and like a thief 2 can enter =our heart6 2 have m= o@n devices6 2 tell =ou a <oke0 =ou start laughing0 =ou o#en =our mouth666 and 2 am inD ,avito0 a <oke for =ou& ,ol and +%e0 t@o eight=3five3=ear3old @ido@ers0 @ere sitting on a #ark %ench in ,t6 ;eters%urg0 7lorida6 ,ol @as telling +%e a%out a local gal that he had dated the night %efore6

EWhat did =ou do4E asked +%e6 EWe checked into a motel0 got in %ed0 and 2 sang CThose @ere the Da=sC6E EThat sounds like a great evening0E said +%e6 EDo =ou mind if 2 take her out tonight4E E,ure0 go ahead6E The ne?t da=0 ,ol said0 E*o@ did it go last night4E E7ine6E EWhat did =ou do4E EWell0 @e got a motel room and got into %ed6 2 couldnCt remem%er the song0 so 2 scre@ed her6E !nough for toda=6 The White Lotus "ha#ter (11 "ha#ter title& Trul= 5ight 10 /ovem%er 1 7 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& 7 11100 ,hortTitle& WL)T-,11 +udio& $es .ideo& /o 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, 528*T +/D W*+T 2, W5)/84 +/,W!5& D2,"52M2/+T2)/ W2T* /)3M2/D 2, 528*T6 D2,"52M2/+T2)/ W2T* M2/D 2, W5)/86 W*!/ )/! T5+/,"!/D, 528*T +/D W5)/80 *! 2, T5-L$ 528*T6 2/ + ,-T5+ 2T ,+$,0 CW*!/ )/! DW!LL, )/ T*! 528*T 5)+D0 *! D)!, /)T D2,"52M2/+T! ET*2, 2, 528*T0 T*2, 2, W5)/8E6C 1-!,T2)/& W*+T 2, + ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T0 +/D W*+T 2, + D-LL ,T-D!/T4 +/,W!5& + ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T D)!, /)T D!;!/D )/ *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D,0 B-T -,!, *2, )W/ !I;!52!/"! T) 72/D T*! T5-T*6 + D-LL ,T-D!/T D!;!/D, )/ ")M2/8 T) + 85+D-+L -/D!5,T+/D2/8 T*5)-8* *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D& + T!+"*!5 *+, TW) 92/D, )7 ,T-D!/T,: )/! *!+5, T*! T!+"*!5C, W)5D, W2T*)-T "L2/82/8 T) T*! M+T!52+L /)5 T) T*! 2MM+T!52+L0 W2T*)-T +TT+"*2/8 T) 7)5M )5 T) /)/7)5M0 W2T*)-T T*2/92/8 )7 +/2M+T! )BB!"T, )5 )7 2/+/2M+T! )BB!"T,666 T*2, 2, T*! ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T: T*!

)T*!50 W*) 2, +.2D 7)5 -/D!5,T+/D2/80 +""-M-L+T!, M!+/2/8,0 +/D M2I!, 8))D +/D B+D0 2, T*! D-LL ,T-D!/T6 T*! ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T -/D!5,T+/D, 2/,T+/TL$: *! D)!, /)T 5+2,! 2/7!52)5 M2/D W*!/ *! *!+5, T*! T!+"*2/80 /)5 D)!, *! 7)LL)W T*! ,+8!C, M2/D0 *! T5+/,"!/D, B)T* W2,D)M +/D 28/)5+/"!6 !.!/ T*)-8* )/! *!+5, T*! T!+"*2/8 +/D D)!, /)T "L2/8 T) W)5LDL$ D!,25!,0 D)!, /)T L).! B-DD*+ )5 T*! T5-! ;+T*0 270 W*!/ *! *+, T) ,!L!"T )/! )-T )7 TW)0 *! ,!L!"T, 1-2!T/!,, 75)M ")/7-,2)/0 W2,D)M 75)M 28/)5+/"!0 2/+"T2.2T$ 75)M +"T2.2T$ +/D "L2/8, T) )/! )5 T*! )T*!5 )7 T*!,!0 T*!/ *! 2, + D-LL ,T-D!/T6 27 )/! T5+/,"!/D, B)T* W2,D)M +/D 28/)5+/"!0 *+, /) 85!!D 7)5 T*! T!+"*2/80 D)!, /)T L2.! 2/ 528*T 5!")LL!"T!D/!,,0 D)!, /)T 5+2,! 528*T T*2/92/80 +/D D)!, /)T *+.! +,;25+T2)/, T) B! + ;5+T$!9+3B-DD*+ )5 + B)D*2,+TT.+0 T*!/ *! 2, + ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T6 )ne of the most #uAAling0 confusing m=steries of life is a %uddha talking to those @ho are not %uddhas =et6 2t is almost like talking to a man @ho is fast aslee#6 $es0 if =ou shout loud enough something of =our voice0 something of =our @ords ma= #enetrate the slum%er of the slee#er 33 the= ma= even reach his mind 33 although the= @ill have to #ass through man= man= dreams6 The= @ill %e distorted0 disfigured0 the= @ill not %e the same0 and the meaning that the slee#er is going to give to those @ords is going to %e his o@n6 But there is no other @a=6 There are onl= three #ossi%ilities6 The slee#ing one talking to another @ho is also aslee#: that is the first #ossi%ilit=6 ThatCs @hat goes on ha##ening all over the @orld& slee#ers talking to other slee#ers0 somnam%ulists tr=ing to communicate @ith other somnam%ulists6 )nl= great conflict arises out of it0 much arises out of it0 much noise& 666 + T+L! T)LD B$ +/ 2D2)T0 7-LL )7 ,)-/D +/D 7-5$0 ,28/27$2/8 /)T*2/86 $es0 thatCs e?actl= @hat ha##ens6 The @hole @orld is in chaos0 %ecause #eo#le @ho donCt kno@ @hat the= are sa=ing go on sa=ing things to others @ho canCt hear0 @ho are not in the state to hear6 +nd @e go on inter#reting according to our o@n #re<udices0 @e go on im#osing our meanings on the @ords of others6 The others function onl= as screens and @e #ro<ect our o@n films on them6 2 have heard an ancient stor=&

)nce a great em#eror0 a chakravartin0 @ho ruled the @hole earth0 decided that if the @hole @orld sto##ed all kinds of noise even for a single minute0 that silence @ould %e some incredi%le e?#erience6 But ho@ to convince #eo#le to sto# totall= for one minute 33 the @hole @orld sto##ing for one minute0 no talking4 !ven though he @as a great em#eror0 it @as not feasi%le6 *e in>uired of his @ise men6 The= said0 EThat seems to %e an im#ossi%le task6 *o@ can @e manage it4 *o@ @ill @e guard4 Who can #revent #eo#le from talking and making noise4 Millions of #eo#leD $our arm= is %ig0 %ut com#ared to the #eo#le =our arm= is nothing6E Then a m=stic rose and said to the king0 E2 can manage it6 2 kno@ the secret6E *e @his#ered the secret into the ears of the king and the secret @orked6 The secret @as ver= strange 33 as the @a=s of the m=stics are al@a=s ver= strange6 )n the surface the= look like one thing0 dee# do@n the= are something else 33 ma=%e e?actl= the o##osite of ho@ the= a##ear on the surface6 The m=stic told the king0 E$ou make an announcement that on a #articular da= at t@elve oCclock midda=0 the @hole @orld has to shout together the sound C*ooC for one minute6 The @hole @orld has to shout itD /o%od= is allo@ed not to shout0 ever=%od= has to #artici#ate6E The king said0 EWhat are =ou talking a%out4 2 @ant the @orld to fall into a%solute #eace for one minuteDE The m=stic said0 E2 kno@ #eo#leD $ou <ust follo@ @hat 2 am sa=ing0 and @hat =ou @ant @ill ha##en6E +nd it reall= ha##ened6 The king made the declaration0 the da= @as fi?ed0 and #eo#le @aited eagerl= for that moment6 The @hole @orld shouting E*ooE for one minute 33 it @as going to %e something e?traordinar=D !ver=%od= thought0 E2 am not going to shout0 2 @ill listen6 Wh= miss such an o##ortunit=4 The king himself @ants to listen0 @h= should 2 miss the o##ortunit=4 +nd @ho is to find out4 When the @hole @orld is shouting *oo0 @ho is to find out that 2 have not %een a #artici#ant4E +nd thatCs ho@ ever=%od= thought6 +t e?actl= t@elve oCclock0 for one minute there @as a%solute silence 33 not even a single noise6 The m=stic had managed it6 +nd the king @as transformed %= the silence it @as so dee# 33 its %eaut=0 its music0 its e?>uisite grace6 2t %ecame the %eginning of his o@n meditation6 2f <ust the outside noise sto##ing for one minute gives =ou such stillness0 such s@eet silence0 @hat @ill ha##en @hen =our inside mind sto#s making noise4 2t @as a turning #oint in the life of the em#eror6 But ordinaril= the @orld is continuousl= making noise: ever=%od= is making noise6 The #eo#le @ho make much more noise than others are thought to %e leaders0

#oliticians: the= are thought to %e great men6 $ou @ill %e thought great %= ne@s#a#ers and later on %= historians onl= if =ou have a nuisance value0 if =ou can create trou%le6 2f =ou can create trou%le like +dolf *itler or Bose#h ,talin or Mao Zedong0 then =ou @ill %e thought to %e a great leader6 2f =ou can create trou%le like +=atollah 9homeini0 then =ou @ill %e thought to %e a great saint6 $our value de#ends on ho@ much nuisance =ou can create in the @orld6 !ver=%od= @ants to %e some%od=0 hence ever=%od= has to #retend0 to shout loudl=6 !ver=%od= has to #rove that E=ou canCt treat me as a no%od=6E 2t is amongst this madness0 amongst these insane #eo#le0 that one @ho has %ecome a@akened has to conve= the message6 2t is almost an im#ossi%le feat6 2t is a miracle that once in a @hile some%od= is ca#a%le of listening6 The first #ossi%ilit= is& slee#ers talking to other slee#ers6 The= talk much0 the= talk nonsense: o%viousl= the= canCt talk sense6 T@o slee#ing #ersons 33 the= can onl= make a%surd noises6 There can %e no #ossi%ilit= of an= communication6 *ence in the @orld there is no communication& the hus%and shouting at the @ife0 the @ife shouting at the hus%and 33 and no%od= understands an=%od= else6 The @orld lacks understanding a%solutel=0 totall=6 -nderstanding is nil6 ;eo#le someho@ go on dragging themselves6 $es0 the= %ecome ad<usted to each other0 %ut it is not understanding6 2t is <ust out of continuous failure0 des#air0 disa##ointment0 that the= make a fe@ arrangements0 %ecause ever=%od= has to live and a fe@ arrangements are needed to live6 The second #ossi%ilit= is& t@o %uddhas talking6 Then communion is #ossi%le0 %ut t@o %uddhas never talk6 ,lee#ers talk too much0 communication is not #ossi%le6 T@o %uddhas can commune @ith each other0 %ut the= never talk6 The= canCt talk0 there is nothing to sa=6 The= are %oth at the same #eak0 the= are %oth seeing the same sunset0 the= are %oth in the same ecstas= 33 @hat is there to talk a%out4 Whatsoever =ou sa=0 the other kno@s alread=: @hatsoever the other @ill sa=0 =ou kno@ alread=6 $es0 sometimes it has ha##ened in the #ast that %uddhas have met6 )nce 9a%ir and 7arid0 t@o %uddhas0 met0 and for t@o da=s sat in a%solute silence6 /ot a single @ord @as uttered6 When the= #arted0 their disci#les asked0 EWhat ha##ened4 What @ent @rong4 Wh= didnCt =ou sa= a single @ord4E The= %oth said to their disci#les0 E2t @as unnecessar=0 it @ould have %een a @aste of %reath 33 @hat 2 kno@0 the other kno@s6 /either 2 am an=more nor he is an=more6 We are %oth #art of one realit=6 We taste the same flavor0 @e e?#erience the same <o=6 +nd @e kno@ it is ine?#ressi%le an= @a=0 hence @e sat in silence6 ,ilence @as our communion6E +nd then the third #ossi%ilit= is& a %uddha talking to one @ho is aslee# or someone @ho is aslee# talking to a %uddha6 ,omeone @ho is aslee# can onl= ask >uestions6

That is @hat is ha##ening in this %eautiful dialogue %et@een a disci#le and Bodhidharma6 ,omeone @ho is not a@ake can onl= ask >uestions: he has no inkling of an= ans@er6 *is @hole life is full of >uestions6 Bust as leaves gro@ on trees0 >uestions gro@ in =our slee#iness0 in =our unconsciousness6 +nd the %uddha can ans@er0 he cannot >uestion6 *e kno@s nothing of >uestions: he is the ans@er6 *e has arrived home6 The first is meaningless0 the second is im#ossi%le6 The third is #ossi%le %ut ver= #uAAling 33 #uAAling %ecause the %uddha s#eaks from his #eaks and the slee#er listens in his slee#0 in his dreams0 desires6 Lost in the darkness of the valle=0 he kno@s nothing of the sunlit #eaks0 he has no idea of the #urit= of those altitudes: he lives in the #olluted @orld6 *e kno@s @ords0 %ut he is una@are of the real0 true meaning of the @ords6 $es0 he kno@s the @ord love0 %ut he kno@s nothing of love6 *e kno@s the @ord #ra=er0 %ut he has never e?#erienced it 33 and @ithout e?#eriencing it =ou cannot kno@ it6 *e kno@s the @ord 8od 33 em#t=0 hollo@0 <ust a husk @ith nothing inside it 33 %ut he kno@s nothing of 8od6 2t is onl= the @ord that he goes on re#eating6 +nd the #ro%lem is that @hen the %uddha sa=s CloveC he means something totall= different than @hat =ou mean @hen =ou use the @ord love6 Those @ords donCt meet0 the= donCt crisscross an=@here6 The= go on running like #arallel lines0 meeting no@here6 +nd =et =ou can think =ou have understood0 %ecause the @ord is the same6 $ou can go on %elieving that =ou have come to a great understanding0 =et that understanding is onl= intellectual6 To understand a %uddha intellectuall= is not to understand him at all: he has to %e understood e?istentiall=6 The disci#le has not to %e onl= a >uestioner0 he has to move closer to the master6 The >uestion is a @all: he has to dro# all >uestioning6 *e has to start merging0 melting into the %eing of the master0 so that he can see through his e=es0 can feel through his heart and have a little e?#erience of the %e=ond0 of the transcendental6 This is the last dialogue %et@een the disci#le0 the unkno@n disci#le0 and Bodhidharma6 The first >uestion& W*+T 2, 528*T +/D W*+T 2, W5)/84 $ou all have %een told @hat is right and @hat is @rong6 $es0 "hristians @ill sa= one thing0 Mohammedans another and Bainas still something else6 *indus have their o@n ideas of right and @rong0 and so do the "onfucians and Zoroastrians6 There are so man= ideologies in the @orld0 and the= all have their o@n ideas of @hat is right and @hat is @rong6 +nd =ou have %een told 33 %ecause =ou @ere %orn in a certain famil=0 into a certain conditioning666 from the ver= %eginning =ou have %een conditioned6 ,o =ou all carr= some idea0 clearl= or unclearl=0 consciousl= or unconsciousl=0 of @hat is

right and @hat is @rong6 +nd still =ou donCt kno@ @hat is right and @hat is @rong0 %ecause =ou have not discovered it on =our o@n: =ou have %een told6 +nd these are such dee# e?#eriences that no%od= else can decide them for =ou6 $ou @ill have to gro#e in the darkness of =our %eing to find a @indo@ through @hich =ou can look at the o#en sk=6 $ou @ill have to seek and search for a door from @hich =ou can have an insight of @hat is right and @hat is @rong6 2f =ou sim#l= listen to #eo#le666 the= are aslee#6 What the= are sa=ing is not their o@n: their #arents had said those things to them6 +nd neither their #arents had their o@n e?#erience0 nor their #arents666 and so on and so forth6 What the= are telling =ou is onl= a re#etition6 The= are functioning like gramo#hone records6 The= re#eat a certain formula %ecause the= kno@ nothing else0 and the= are not courageous enough to sa= to =ou0 EWe donCt kno@6E 2t needs guts to announce =our ignorance6 2t needs the courage of ,ocrates to sa=0 El kno@ onl= one thing& that 2 kno@ nothing6E But it is ver= difficult to find a father like ,ocrates6 2t is ver= difficult to find a man like Buddha or Besus to teach =ou6 2n =our schools0 in =our churches0 it is im#ossi%le %ecause these #eo#le cannot %e confined to schools and churches6 These #eo#le have kno@n6 But the first ste# to@ards kno@ing is kno@ing that =ou are ignorant6 Then =ou are read=0 o#en0 vulnera%le6 Then something can ha##en to =ou6 Then truth can reveal itself to =ou6 But =ou are so full of ru%%ish 33 =ou all think that =ou kno@6 This is the first thing to %e dro##ed6 $our #arents0 =our teachers0 =our #riests0 kno@ nothing0 and out of their ignorance and out of their #retentious kno@ledge 33 false0 #seudo0 %orro@ed 33 the= go on teaching =ou6 The= sa= one thing0 =ou @ill understand another6 $ou @ill sa= one thing to =our children and the= @ill understand another6 ThatCs ho@ truth %ecomes more and more deteriorated6 ThatCs ho@ truth %ecomes a lie6 When Buddha utters something it is coming from the ver= source of life and e?istence6 But the moment he utters something0 a #rocess sets in 33 a #rocess @hich is going to destro= the truth6 The hearer @ill hear it in his o@n @a=0 then he @ill sa= it to some%od= else6 /o@ t@ent=3five centuries have #assed0 and in t@ent=3five centuries ho@ man= generations have #assedD +nd each generation has %een giving its so3called kno@ledge to the ne?t generation6 /o@ if Buddha comes %ack he @ill reall= have a %ell= laugh6 *e @ill not %e a%le to %elieve that these are his @ords6 2f Bodhidharma comes %ack he @ill %e sur#rised0 he @ill %e utterl= dum% for a moment& E+re these m= @ords4E 666 Because m= feeling0 reading these >uestions and ans@ers0 has continuousl= %een this& that the disci#le0 although he is tr=ing to %e ver= true to the masterCs @ords0 is still editing6 The @ords donCt have that lionCs roar in them0 and that @as the %asic

>ualit= of Bodhidharma6 The= look too mild to %e coming from his mouth: the= look almost dull6 The= donCt have that shar#ness6 *e @as a s@ordD *e @as one of the strangest %uddhas to have ever ha##ened on the earth6 These @ords seem to %e so mild0 so soft6 There are onl= t@o #ossi%ilities& either he @as ver= ill0 d=ing0 and @as not a%le to shout6666 But the second #ossi%ilit= is closer to the truth6 The second #ossi%ilit= is that the disci#le @as @riting in his o@n @ords @hat Bodhidharma has said6 These are the disci#leCs notes: Bodhidharma has not @ritten them0 he has not @ritten a single @ord6 The disci#le must %e editing6 )f course he has tried to %e ver= sincere 33 he has not added an=thing @hich goes against Bodhidharma 33 %ut he ma= have deleted a fe@ things0 of @hich @e can never %e certain6 Looking at his >uestions0 he does not seem to %e of great intelligence6 EMiss Bones0E said the science #rofessor0 E@ould =ou care to tell the class @hat ha##ens @hen a %od= is immersed in @ater4E E,ure0E said Miss Bones0 Ethe tele#hone rings6E +n e?#erienced #rostitute tells a =ounger %eginner that the moment to ask men for mone= is E@hen their e=es go glass=6E The ne?t da= she asks the %eginner ho@ she made out6 E5otten0E she sa=s0 E@hen their e=es go glass=0 2 go stone3%lind6E ;eo#le function from their state of %eing0 from their understanding6 +nd @hat understanding have the= got4 /one at all6 ,cene& an arm= induction centre6 The ne@ recruits are lined u# %= the tough sergeant and told to count off into grou#s of four6 The= count off %riskl=& E)ne 33 t@o 33 three 33 fourD )ne 33 t@o 33 three 33 fourD +3 @ahannDE The sergeant strides u# to the =odelling num%er one and looks him u# and do@n in revulsion6 E+re =ou ConeC4E E)f courthe 2Cm one6 +re =ou one too4E The moment a @ord reaches =ou it immediatel= changes its color: it %ecomes #art of =our gestalt6 2t immediatel= starts re#resenting =ou 33 not the s#eaker %ut =ou6 Be@are of this fact6 +nd the onl= @a= to get rid of this 33 and one needs to get rid of this if one is reall= a seeker of truth 33 the onl= @a= to get rid of this is to dro# all ideas that have %een

given to =ou %= others6 !m#t= =our mind of all conce#ts of right and @rong6 Be again a child0 kno@ing nothing0 collecting seashells on the seashore0 running after a %utterfl=0 enchanted %= small things 33 a colored stone6 Be as innocent as a child& =ou donCt kno@ @hat is right and =ou donCt kno@ @hat is @rong6 +nd then there is a #ossi%ilit= to kno@6 The student asked& W*+T 2, 528*T +/D W*+T 2, W5)/84 5eligions have their o@n #redetermined ideas& EThis is right and this is @rong6E +nd @hat is right in one religion is @rong in another6 There are three hundred religions on the earth and at least three thousand sects of those religions6 2t is not coincidental that there are also three thousand languages on the earth: ma=%e there is some interrelationshi#6 These three thousand sects ma= %e <ust three thousand religious languages6 +nd each religion has its o@n definition of right and @rong0 and that definition never suits another religion6 /o@ Bainas think that eating meat is @rong0 %ut Mohammedans0 "hristians0 Be@s0 @onCt agree @ith it6 Their scri#tures sa=& 8od created animals to %e eaten %= human %eings6 Bainas sa= that to fast is the %est @a= to #urif= =our soul6 /o@0 there are religions @hich @ill not agree0 %ecause ho@ can fasting #urif= =our soul4 Ma=%e it can #urif= =our %od= of its to?ins0 its #oisons0 %ut ho@ can it #urif= =our soul4 What has food to do @ith the soul4 The= seem to %e a%solutel= unrelated6 Bainas sa= that to live @ithout an= #ossessions0 to live a%solutel= naked0 is the onl= @a= to attain moksha0 ultimate freedom6 /o@0 no other religion @ill agree @ith it0 %ecause @hat has nudit= to do @ith moksha4 +ll animals are nudeD 2t has nothing s#iritual a%out it6 +nd man @as for centuries nude6 The #rimitive man lived in nudit=0 %ut the= @ere not all attaining to li%eration6 *o@ can =ou attain to li%eration <ust %= %eing nude4 +nd so on and so forth6666 The ideas of right and @rong are ver= sectarian6 BodhidharmaCs ans@er is a nonsectarian a##roach6 Bodhidharma sa=s& D2,"52M2/+T2)/ W2T* /)3M2/D 2, 528*T6 + ver= strange statement0 a #arado?ical statement 33 %ecause discrimination is al@a=s of the mind6 2t is the mind @hich discriminates& EThis is right and this is @rong6E Bodhidharma is making a tremendousl= #regnant statement6 *e sa=s& D2,"52M2/+T2)/ W2T* /)3M2/D 2, 528*T6

+nd he is reall= ver= close to the #oint0 as close as language can reach6 When =ou function @ithout an= mind0 @hen =ou function out of #ure a@areness0 @hatsoever =ou do is right6 ThatCs @hat he calls Ediscrimination @ith no3mindE 33 that is right6 /ot that =ou decide to do right0 not that =ou decide not to do @rong6 When there is no mind in =ou0 no #re<udice0 no ideolog=0 no thoughts: a #ure silence6666 )ut of that silence0 the s#ontaneous act6 )ut of that silence0 the res#onse to realit= from moment to moment6 That is right6 Look at the %eautiful definition of right& it has nothing to do @ith the act0 it has something to do @ith consciousness6 +ll the %uddhas tr= to change the em#hasis from the outer to the inner0 from action to consciousness 33 even from conscience to consciousness0 %ecause conscience is e?trovert: it is created %= the societ=6 $ou have a *indu conscience or a Mohammedan conscience or a "hristian conscience6 But consciousness is sim#l= consciousness0 neither *indu nor "hristian nor Mohammedan6 "onsciousness0 <ust #ure consciousness& a mirrorlike #henomenon reflecting that @hich is: and out of that reflection the act0 the total act6 That is right6 ,ee the em#hasis6 The em#hasis is not on the act& @hat to do and @hat not to do6 Bodhidharma sim#l= dro#s that6 2t is not a >uestion of doing this or not doing that0 %ecause one thing ma= %e right in one moment of consciousness and ma= not %e right in another moment6 2n one situation0 in one conte?t0 in a certain s#ace0 one act ma= %e right: and in another s#ace0 in another conte?t0 the same act ma= %e @rong6 ,o acts canCt %e decisive6 2t all de#ends on =our consciousness and the situation that is encountered %= =ou6 The decision is going to ha##en %et@een =ou and the situation6 +nd the decision has not to %e deli%eratel= taken according to certain ideolog=0 according to certain conclusions0 according to certain #re<udices0 conce#ts0 the decision has to arise in the #urit= of consciousness0 in the state of no3mind0 then it is right6 2f it is not coming out of no3 mind then it is @rong6 This is a ver= significant o#ening& it can o#en doors and doors and doors to m=steries6 ,ee the difference6 The ten commandments talk a%out acts& DonCt do this0 donCt do that6 Bodhidharma is not sa=ing& DonCt do this0 donCt do that 33 %ecause @ho kno@s0 tomorro@ the same act ma= %e needed6 ,ituations change: life is a constant flu?6 What is right toda= ma= not %e right tomorro@0 hence acts cannot %e fi?ed 33 and thatCs @hat all so3called religions have done6 ;eo#le even ask that 2 should decide @hat is right and @hat is @rong for m= disci#les0 for m= sann=asins6 2 am not going to decide @hat is right and @hat is @rong6 2 am sim#l= hel#ing =ou to create the #ure consciousness0 %ecause out of that

consciousness0 @hatsoever ha##ens is right6 +nd @henever =ou lose that #urit=0 that height0 that flight of consciousness and start cra@ling in the darkness of the earth0 then all that =ou do is @rong6 2t is #ossi%le that an unconscious man ma= %e doing something @hich is thought to %e right %= societ=0 %ut he cannot %e doing right according to Bodhidharma and according to me6 ,ociet= ma= res#ect him for doing right0 %ut @e cannot sa= that he is doing right %ecause he has no right consciousness to do it& the ver= foundation is missing6 *is action ma= on the surface a##ear to %e right0 %ut his intention cannot %e right: and it is intention that is decisive6 *e ma= donate mone= to the #oor0 and of course ever=%od= @ill sa= that this is right6 Donating mone= to the #oor 33 @ho @ill sa= it is not right4 But Bodhidharma @ill sa=& )nl= if he is sharing out of <o=0 not out of an egoistic attitude0 is it right6 2f he is sharing0 not #it=ing the #oor: if he is sharing for the <o= of sharing itself0 not o%liging the #oor0 then it is right6 But if there is a hidden motive of o%liging the #oor 33 if there is a hidden intention to gain something in the other @orld0 some virtue0 to gain entr= into #aradise 33 if he is doing something like that0 the act on the surface @ill seem to %e good0 %ut it is not good6 2t is @rong %ecause it comes out of a @rong consciousness0 it is arising out of a @rong conte?t6 2t canCt %e right6 There are millions of "hristian missionaries serving #oor #eo#le for @rong reasons6 Their reason for serving #oor #eo#le is %ecause this is the @a= to attain to heaven6 This is greed0 this is not serviceD +nd on the surface the= are good #eo#le0 nice #eo#le0 ver= hel#ful #eo#le0 doing good @orks in ever= #ossi%le @a=0 %ut dee# do@n their desire is nothing %ut a great greed0 a greed #ro<ected to@ards the other @orld6 The= are so greed= 33 more greed= than the ordinar= #eo#le0 %ecause the ordinar= #eo#le are satisfied @ith a little %it of mone=0 a good house0 a garden0 a car0 this and that: a little #restige0 #o@er0 %ecoming a #rime minister or a #resident0 and the= are #erfectl= ha##=0 satisfied6 But these #eo#le are not satisfied @ith such small things 33 mundane0 momentar=: the= condemn all these things6 The= @ant eternal #eace0 the= @ant eternal %liss0 the= @ant the eternal com#an= of 8od6 +nd there is going to %e great com#etition0 %ecause 8od must %e surrounded %= a great cro@d of saints6 Who is going to %e close to 8od4 2n fact0 this is @hat BesusC disci#les asked him0 The last night %efore he de#arted from his disci#les0 this @as the >uestion u##ermost in their minds6 2 al@a=s feel sorr= for Besus& he @as not so fortunate as Buddha0 as Mahavira0 as Lao TAu0 as far as disci#les are concerned6 *e had a ver= #oor lotD Besus is going to %e crucified tomorro@6 *e has told them that this is the last night and that he @ill %e caught: he #redicts it6 +nd do =ou kno@ @hat the= are asking4 The= are not concerned a%out BesusC crucifi?ion& ho@ to #rotect him0 ho@ to save him0 or

@hat can %e done no@: the= are not @orried a%out that6 The= ask him0 ELord0 tomorro@ =ou are leaving us6 Bust one >uestion %efore =ou go: let it %e settled6 )f course0 @e kno@ =ou @ill %e on the right hand side of 8od in heaven0 %ut @ho @ill %e ne?t to =ou4 Who amongst us @ill %e the one %lessed to %e ne?t to =ou4E This is #ure greedD This is s#iritual #olitics 33 more ugl= than ordinar= #olitics0 %ecause ordinar= #olitics is gross and =ou can see it immediatel= @hen it is there0 %ut this t=#e of #olitics is ver= su%tle and ver= difficult to see6 ,erve0 if service is =our res#onse out of no3mind6 DonCt desire an=thing out of it6 Do it for the sheer <o= of doing it6 ThatCs @hat 2 am tr=ing to create here6 $ou are all involved in all kinds of @ork in this commune0 and this is onl= the %eginning0 <ust the seed of the commune: soon it @ill gro@ into a %ig tree6 But the %asic foundation is %eing laid6 $ou are all @orking0 %ut it is not service %ecause of some greed6 $ou are not here to attain an=thing in the other @orld6 2 am teaching =ou ho@ to en<o= each moment for its o@n sake: the <o= has to %e intrinsic6 Bust the other da= 8=an Bhakti made a silver %o? for me to kee# Bintan in6 +nd she came cr=ing tears of <o= that she @as a%le to do something for me6 There is nothing to %e gained 33 2 cannot #romise her that E8=an Bhakti0 =ou @ill %e e?actl= on the right side of me in heaven6E There is no heaven0 and there is no 8od as such0 as a #erson6 !ven 2 am not going to %e on his right sideD +nd %asicall= 2 am a leftist: 2 donCt %elieve in the right side at all6 The right side is the male chauvinist idea0 %ecause the right side re#resents the left3 side mind0 @hich is reason0 mathematics0 calculation6 The left hand re#resents #oetr=0 love0 dancing0 music0 scul#ture6 But there is no 8od0 and there is no right and left to 8od6 There is no other @orld e?ce#t this6 This ver= %od= the %uddha6 This ver= earth the lotus #aradise6 +nd this ver= moment is all eternit=6 Live out of no3mind0 then @hatsoever ha##ens is right6 +nd live out of the mind0 then @hatsoever =ou do is @rong6 *ence 2 am not in favor of #eo#le like Mother Teresa of "alcutta0 not at all6 ,he kno@s nothing of meditation6 ,he is a good @oman0 doing hard @ork0 %ut dee# do@n there is greed6 Without meditation =ou cannot get rid of greed6 $es0 serving or#hans0 @ido@s0 #oor #eo#le0 ill #eo#le0 old #eo#le0 le#ers 33 an=%od= @ill sa= this is good e?ce#t Bodhidharma or e?ce#t me6 2t is onl= a##arentl= good: dee# do@n it is greed6 +nd sometimes 2 @onder& if le#ers disa##ear through scientific advancement0 and if communism comes and #oor #eo#le are no longer there0 and if %iochemistr= finds

@a=s so that #eo#le can al@a=s remain =oung and never %ecome old0 then @hat @ill ha##en to #eo#le like Mother Teresa4 The= @ill %e at a lossD The= @ill not find an=%od= @ho @ill need their service6 The= @ill %e in difficult=& the= need these #eo#le0 it is their need6 These #eo#le are needed for them to %e great servants6 *ence religious #eo#le 33 the so3called religious #eo#le 33 @ant the @orld to continue in #overt=0 %ecause if the @orld continues to %e in #overt= the= @ill have something to serve6 The= @ant #eo#le to remain ill0 starved6 /o@ science has enough technolog= to change the face of the earth0 %ut the religions @onCt allo@ it %ecause their @hole %usiness @ill eva#orate6 2f science makes this earth almost like a #aradise0 then Mother Teresa @ill not %e needed6 2 @ill still %e needed6 2n fact0 2 @ill %e needed more0 %ecause @hen #eo#le have nothing to do then the @orld of doing nothing0 of meditation %egins 33 %ecause meditation is the art of sim#l= %eing6 ,2TT2/8 ,2L!/TL$0 D)2/8 /)T*2/80 ,;52/8 ")M!,0 +/D T*! 85+,, 85)W, B$ 2T,!L76 2f the @orld %ecomes reall= ha##=0 <o=ous0 rich0 affluent0 then #eo#le like Bodhidharma and me @ill %e needed more6 2f the @orld lives in lu?ur= then millions of %uddhas can %loom6 But it is difficult to understand this6 2t is eas= to understand Mother Teresa and the /o%el #riAe that has %een given to her6 8urd<ieff @as not given a /o%el #riAe0 nor 5amana Maharshi6 9rishnamurti has %een doing onl= one thing his @hole life& tr=ing to make #eo#le more a@are and conscious6 /o%od= has ever thought of giving a /o%el #riAe to him0 %ecause this @ork is su%tle0 invisi%le6 5eal @ork is al@a=s of the roots 33 =ou canCt see them6 +nd <ust ordinar= #eo#le like Mother Teresa are a@arded /o%el #riAes: 2 donCt think that Buddha @ould get a /o%el #riAe if he came0 or Bodhidharma 33 im#ossi%le6 )ur @hole idea of right and @rong is so su#erficial that @e cannot see dee# into the ver= essence of @hat is good and @hat is not good6 Bodhidharma is giving =ou the essential core& D2,"52M2/+T2)/ W2T* /)3M2/D 2, 528*T6 D2,"52M2/+T2)/ W2T* M2/D 2, W5)/86 W*!/ )/! T5+/,"!/D, 528*T +/D W5)/80 *! 2, T5-L$ 528*T6 ,ee the #oint0 meditate over it& W*!/ )/! T5+/,"!/D, 528*T +/D W5)/8666 @hen one has no idea of @hat is right and @hat is @rong6 666 Because those ideas are al@a=s in the mind: the= are mind things6 When =ou have no idea of @hat is right and @hat is @rong0 @hen =ou are utterl= innocent0 then =ou are right0 trul= right6 To %e innocent0 silent0 contentless0 <ust a consciousness& thatCs @hat Bodhidharma sa=s

is trul= right6 2/ + ,-T5+ 2T ,+$,0 EW*!/ )/! DW!LL, )/ T*! 528*T 5)+D0 *! D)!, /)T D2,"52M2/+T!6666E )ne sim#l= lives out of his consciousness0 not %eing @orried @hether one is right or @rong6 Who cares4 )ne sim#l= follo@s oneCs s#ontaneit=: one flo@s @ith it @ithout an= @orr= a%out @hether it is right or @rong6 )nl= @rong #eo#le @orr= a%out right and @rong6 5ight #eo#le never @orr= a%out an=thing: the= sim#l= live their life6 The= live their life @ithout an= im#osition6 The= live their life @ithout an= moralit=0 immoralit=6 The= live their life @ithout an= character6 The= live in a characterless freedom6

2/ + ,-T5+ 2T ,+$,0 EW*!/ )/! DW!LL, )/ T*! 528*T 5)+D0 *! D)!, /)T D2,"52M2/+T! CT*2, 2, 528*T0 T*2, 2, W5)/86CE *e never thinks a%out @hat is right and @hat is @rong6 *e sim#l= goes on living silentl=0 <o=ousl=0 ecstaticall=0 and then @hatsoever he touches is transformed into gold6 Dust %ecomes divine in his hands6 +nd in the hands of =our so3called saints even gold turns into dust6 2n the hands of =our so3called saints and mahatmas0 nectar %ecomes #oison6 The second >uestion& W*+T 2, + ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T0 +/D W*+T 2, + D-LL ,T-D!/T4 Bodhidharma sa=s& + ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T D)!, /)T D!;!/D )/ *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D, B-T -,!, *2, )W/ !I;!52!/"! T) 72/D T*! T5-T*6 + ver= fundamental criterion& the reall= intelligent disci#le D)!, /)T D!;!/D )/ *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D,6 *e listens to his teacherCs @ords0 %ut more than his @ords0 he listens to his %eing6 More than his @ords0 he listens to his silence6 More than his @ords0 he o%serves his gestures6 More than his @ords0 he looks into his e=es6 More than his @ords0 he @atches ho@ he @alks0 ho@ he sits0 ho@ he talks0 ho@ sometimes he remains silent6 *is a##roach is not intellectual0 his a##roach is e?istential6 +nd %ecause he D)!, /)T D!;!/D )/ *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D,0 he -,!, *2, )W/ !I;!52!/"! T) 72/D T*! T5-T*6

The masters have al@a=s %een sa=ing that =ou have to find the truth on =our o@n6 Be a light unto =ourself6 /o%od= can give =ou the truth: truth is not a transfera%le #ro#ert=6 2t is not some #ossession that =ou can inherit: =ou have to discover it6 !ver=%od= has to discover it again and again on his o@n6 That is the difference %et@een scientific truth and religious truth6 ,cientific truth is discovered %= one #erson and then it %ecomes the #ro#ert= of the @hole @orld6 +l%ert !instein discovered the theor= of relativit=: it took =ears for him to @ork it out6 )nce discovered0 it is the #ro#ert= of the @hole of humanit=6 /o@ an=%od= can understand it0 an=%od= can read a%out it: there is no #ro%lem a%out it6 ,cientific truth is o%<ective0 it is outside6 )nce discovered0 ever=%od= can see it and ever=%od= can understand it 33 <ust a little intelligence is needed0 a little effort is needed 33 %ut =ou need not 5!discover it6 That is the difference @ith religious truth& it is su%<ective0 it is inner: =ou cannot #ut it in front of others6 ,o @hen a man %ecomes a %uddha onl= he kno@s @hat has ha##ened 33 or other %uddhas @ill kno@ @hat has ha##ened 33 %ut it never %ecomes an o%<ective #henomenon @hich others can @atch6 $ou @ho are in dee# love @ith me0 =ou kno@ @hat has ha##ened to me0 %ut =ou cannot #rove it to others: it is not an o%<ective #henomenon6 2f =ou tr= to #rove it =ou @ill feel ver= inade>uate6 2t is eas= to dis#rove it& it is im#ossi%le to #rove it6 $ou cannot #rove that "hrist attained6 Thousands of %ooks have %een @ritten0 %ut nothing has %een #roved =et6 7or t@o thousand =ears more %ooks have %een @ritten on "hrist than on an=%od= else0 %ut @hat has %een #roved4 There are still #eo#le @ho think that he @as insane6 There are still #s=chologists @ho think that he @as neurotic0 #s=chotic0 schiAo#hrenic 33 and the= think so ver= seriousl= and the= have man= arguments to #rove @h= it is so6 *e used to hear voices0 @hich onl= insane #eo#le hear6 *e used to talk to the sk=0 @hich onl= mad #eo#le do6 +nd he @as a megalomaniac0 according to these great scholars0 #s=chologists0 #s=chiatrists0 %ecause he suffered from a ver= #uffed3u# ego6 *e declared that E2 am the onl= son of 8od6E /o@0 @hat #retentiousnessD *e declared that E2 have come to save the @hole of humanit=6E What egoD +nd this man talks a%out hum%leness0 humilit=0 and goes on sa=ing0 EBlessed are the meek0 for the= shall inherit the earthE 33 and he @as not a meek man at allD ,o the #eo#le @ho @ant to #rove that he @as schiAo#hrenic have enough #roof6 )ne da= he sa=s0 EBlessed are the meek0 for the= shall inherit the earth0E and another da= he enters into the tem#le of Berusalem0 %eats the mone=changers and thro@s them out of the tem#le6 "an =ou think that this man is a meek man4 *e talks a%out hum%leness0 humilit=0 #overt= of the s#irit0 and declares that E2 am the king of the Be@s0E that E2 am the real king6E That is enough #roof that this man has man= minds0 s#lit minds6 *e

talks a%out forgiveness0 he sa=s that 8od is love 33 and %ecomes so angr= @ith small things6 /ot onl= @ith #eo#le0 he %ecame so angr= @ith a fig tree0 %ecause his disci#les @ere hungr=0 he @as hungr=0 and there @as no fruit on the tree6 /o@ this man is insane0 %ecause the tree is not in an= @a= @illfull= #reventing the fruits from gro@ing at this time: it is not the time for the fruits6 The= come u# to the tree @ith great e?#ectation0 and there is no fruit6 Besus takes it as an insult6 The son of 8od comes0 and @hat kind of fig tree is this4 /o res#ectD *e goes into a rage0 he curses the tree6 The tree %urns %ecause of his curse& a green tree turns into a dead tree immediatel=6 /o@ @hat kind of man is this4 *e must %e madD "an =ou think of him as a %uddha4 That @ill %e difficult to #rove6 T@o thousand =ears of scholarshi# have not %een a%le to #rove it6 But an=%od= can dis#rove it 33 it is ver= eas= 33 %ecause the e?#erience of christ3consciousness is ver= inner6 2t is so dee# and so interior that onl= he kno@s @hat is ha##ening inside him 33 onl= he or those @ho are cro@ned @ith the same glor=0 @ho have attained to the same samadhi0 to the same consciousness @ill %e a%le to understand6 But ho@ man= of those #eo#le are there in the @orld4 Mahavira looks mad %ecause he lives naked6 /ot onl= that0 he #ulls his hair out: he does not go to the %ar%er %ecause he @ants to %e a%solutel= inde#endent6 /o@0 @hat egoD $ou can immediatel= translate it as a ver= egoistic attitude& he does not @ant to de#end on an=%od= else0 he @ants to %e a%solutel= inde#endent6 2t is %etter to #ull =our o@n hair out even though it hurts0 %ut he @ill not go to the %ar%er6 "anCt he kee# a raAor0 a #air of scissors @ith him4 /o0 %ecause he canCt #ossess an=thing6 *e does not #ossess an=thing0 he lives @ithout #ossessions6 To #ossess something is to %e ordinar=0 so he lives @ithout #ossessions6 /o@ the onl= thing left is to #ull =our hair out6 +nd he does not take a %ath0 so sooner or later there @ill %e lice in the hair and it @ill %ecome dirt= and dust=0 and he has to #ull it out6 Wh= doesnCt he take a %ath4 ,eems to %e reall= insaneD *e does not take a %ath %ecause he thinks there is no need to decorate the %od=6 *e does not take a %ath %ecause he thinks @ater has ver= ver= small living cells in it: the= @ill %e killed6 +nd he does not @ant to do harm to an=%od= at all0 not even those small cells6 Water consists of man= man= %acteria0 cells0 living organisms: so0 not to distur% them0 not to destro= them0 he @ill not take a %ath6 +nd there is a certain kind of insane #erson @hose characteristic is that he #ulls his hair out6 ,ometimes @omen do it @hen the= are reall= in rage 33 the= #ull their hair6 That is a tem#orar= madness6 But this man continuousl= does it: he seems to %e #ermanentl= mad6 $ou can easil= #rove that Mahavira is mad: it is ver= difficult to #rove that he has attained0 %ecause that is his inner e?#erience6 $es0 some%od= else

@ho has gone so dee#0 @ho has dived so dee# into his %eing0 ma= %e a%le to see the #oint0 %ut even he cannot #rove it6 Truth0 religious truth0 is su%<ective& =ou kno@ it onl= @hen =ou kno@ it6 /o%od= can give it to =ou6 Bodhidharma sa=s& + ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T D)!, /)T D!;!/D )/ *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D,0 B-T -,!, *2, )W/ !I;!52!/"! T) 72/D T*! T5-T*6 The volu#tuous %runette dreamed that a tall0 dark0 handsome man a##eared at her %edside0 #ulled the covers off her and carried her to a %ig "adillac6 Then he drove to a secluded s#ot in the countr=0 thre@ her into the %ack seat and leered at her6 EWhat are =ou going to do no@4E she asked in a >uivering voice6 E*o@ should 2 kno@4E he ans@ered6 E2tCs =our dream6E The @ords that =ou hear from the masters are not the mastersC @ords0 the= are =our @ords6 2t is =our dream6 $ou can inter#ret0 =ou can accumulate0 =ou can %ecome ver= kno@ledgea%le0 %ut it is all =our dream6 /ever for a moment forget that6 +nd =ou are aslee# and =ou are s#lit and =ou are su%<ectivel= unconscious& =ou are in a real mess6 2t is a miracle that =ou go on kee#ing =ourself together0 that =ou donCt start falling to #ieces here and there6 $ou must %e using im#orted glue0 %ecause 2ndian glue canCt do thatD 2t is im#ossi%le6 + ta?i #assenger @as %eing %uffeted to the right and to the left as his driver careened do@n the avenue at %reakneck s#eed6 When the gentleman @as granted an instant to catch his %reath0 he finall= com#lained to the driver6 E$ou ainCt got no cause to @orr=0E said the man6 E2 ainCt goinC to land %ack in no hos#ital no@0 after eighteen months in one overseas6E )nl= #artiall= reassured0 the rider grum%led0 E*o@ dreadful6 $ou must have %een seriousl= @ounded6E E/o#e6 /ever got a scratch0E grinned the ca%%ie6 E2 @as a mental case6E 2 have heard a similar t=#e of stor=& )ne air#lane takes off and as it starts rising higher0 a great laughter is heard from the cock#it6 The #assengers %ecome a little @orried& EWhat is the matter4E ,o one #assenger o#ens the door of the cock#it and asks the #ilot0 @ho is almost rolling a%out laughing0 EWhatCs the matter4 WhatCs so funn=4E

*e said0 E2Cve <ust esca#ed from the mental as=lum and no@ the= canCt find meDE $ou can imagine the #assengers 33 @hat must have ha##ened to themD But @hether one is reall= a confirmed insane #erson or not does not make much difference: the difference is onl= of degree6 +ll are insane6 -nless =ou %ecome a %uddha =ou are insane6 +nd @hatsoever =ou go on understanding through the @ords @ill not %e the @ords of the master6 The= are =our o@n inter#retations 33 echoes heard in =our insanit=6 The real0 intelligent disci#le is not interested in @ords0 he is interested in actual e?#erience6 *e is interested in self3actualiAation6 *e uses the time @ith the master to rise higher and higher in consciousness6 *is effort is not that of %ecoming more kno@ledgea%le: his effort is that of %ecoming more conscious0 more authentic6 *e tries to attain more %eing than more kno@ledge6 The stu#id student ac>uires kno@ledge and the intelligent student ac>uires %eing6 +nd it is %eing that can save =ou0 not kno@ledge6 + D-LL ,T-D!/T D!;!/D, )/ ")M2/8 T) + 85+D-+L -/D!5,T+/D2/8 T*5)-8* *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D6 5eal kno@ing is never gradual: it is a >uantum lea#0 it is discontinuous @ith =our #ast6 The old sim#l= disa##ears and the ne@ a##ears6 8radual understanding is a trick of the mind6 8radual understanding is not understanding %ut onl= an accumulation of information6 Buddhahood0 enlightenment0 is sudden: it is never gradual6 $es0 if =ou go on listening to the master0 his authenticit=0 his sincerit=0 his love for =ou0 his com#assion0 is going to create a great im#ression on =ou: it is going to create an im#act on =ou6 +nd slo@l= slo@l= those @ords @ill start gathering inside =ou6 8raduall= =ou @ill start feeling that no@ =ou understand a little more6 But @hat is ha##ening reall= is that no@ =ou %elieve a little more0 not that =ou understand6 + master s#eaks @ith authorit= 33 not the authorit= of the scri#tures0 not the authorit= of tradition0 %ut the authorit= of his o@n e?#erience6 *is @ords carr= authorit= %ecause he is a @itness to his o@n @ords6 What he sa=s he kno@s0 @hat he sa=s he has seen0 hence the im#act6 But the im#act can %e in one of t@o @a=s& either =ou accumulate those @ords full of authorit= and then =ou %ecome kno@ledgea%le6666 But to %e kno@ledgea%le is onl= to %e a %eliever0 not a kno@er6 +nd no %elief is ever going to li%erate =ou: it %inds =ou6 +nd no %elief is real trust: it is not faith0 it is fake6 Belief is fake faith6

The farmerCs son entered the kitchen @here the ta%le had %een set for dinner6 The farmer0 alread= seated0 asked him0 E,on0 did =ou remem%er to close the door on the chicken house this evening4 $ou remem%er @hat ha##ened the last time a fo? got in there0 donCt =ou4E E$es0 father0 2 kno@6 The door is closed0E re#lied the %o=6 ,everal minutes #assed0 then the old farmer got u# and #ut his coat on6 Walking out the door0 he suddenl= turned and remarked0 E2tCs not that 2 donCt %elieve =ou0 son0 2 <ust @ant to %e sure6E But @hat is the difference %et@een these t@o4 *e sa=s0 E2t is not that 2 donCt %elieve =ou0 son0 2 <ust @ant to %e sure6E $ou can %elieve in the @ords of the masters0 %ut ho@ are =ou going to %e sure4 -nless =ou e?#erience there is no suret=0 there is no certaint=6 Dou%t @ill #ersist: it @ill %ecome an undercurrent0 it @ill sa%otage all =our %eliefs6 Then the time @asted @ith the master is reall= @asted6 )ther@ise0 each moment @ith the master can %e of tremendous value6 DonCt gather @ords: that is the sign of the stu#id student6 2n>uire into =our %eing6 Learn from the master ho@ to %e thirst= for the self6 Learn from the master ho@ to go on the great adventure of self3discover=6 +cce#t his challenge0 not <ust his @ords6 + D-LL ,T-D!/T D!;!/D, )/ ")M2/8 T) + 85+D-+L -/D!5,T+/D2/8 T*5)-8* *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D,6 + T!+"*!5 *+, TW) 92/D, )7 ,T-D!/T,: )/! *!+5, *2, T!+"*!5C, W)5D, W2T*)-T "L2/82/8 T) T*! M+T!52+L /)5 T) T*! 2MM+T!52+L0 W2T*)-T +TT+"*2/8 T) 7)5M )5 T) /)/37)5M0 W2T*)-T T*2/92/8 )7 +/2M+T! )BB!"T, )5 )7 2/+/2M+T! )BB!"T,666 T*2, 2, T*! ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T6666 *e sim#l= listens to the masterCs @ords as =ou listen to the @ind #assing through the #ine trees or =ou listen to the sound of running @ater or =ou listen to the songs of the %irds in the morning6 $ou sim#l= listen @ith no greed to accumulate0 @ith no greed at all6 Bust a #ure listening6 $ou donCt %ring =our mind in0 =ou donCt interfere6 $ou donCt tr= to make an= sense out of it6 What sense is there @hen the @ind #asses through the #ine trees and =ou hear the music4 What sense is there4 When it is raining and =ou hear the sound on =our roof0 @hat sense is there4 $es0 there is tremendous %eaut= %ut no sense6 2t is a great e?#erience0 %ut there is no ordinar= meaning attached to it6 +nd @hat meaning can =ou give to it4 $ou @ill #ro<ect =our ideas6 The @ind knocks on =our door0 and if =ou are @aiting for =our girlfriend or =our

%o=friend =ou ma= think that ma=%e the= have come6 $ou run to the door0 =ou o#en the door0 and =ou are frustrated& it @as onl= the @ind %lo@ing0 knocking on the door6 $ou #ro<ected an idea6 + res#ecta%le old man heard that his onl= son had started visiting %rothels6 )ne evening the old gentleman got @ord that the %o= @as in that area of the to@n @hich @as full of houses of ill re#ute0 and0 eager to get him %ack into the sanctit= of his home %efore the famil= name @as irretrieva%l= ruined0 he dashed do@nto@n to find him6 "harging along at full steam0 distracted and angr=0 he @as accosted %= a lad= of the evening #o##ing out of her door@a=6 E*i0 #o#0E she carolled #leasantl=6 E+re =ou looking for a naught= little girl4E -nthinkingl= he re#lied0 E/o0 2Cm looking for a naught= little %o=6E The girl recoiled in horror and e?claimed0 E$ou nast= old manDE What meaning =ou are going to give to @ords4 $ou donCt kno@ an=thing of the inner 33 all meanings @ill %e false6 Listen @ithout giving an= meaning6 Bust listen0 and it %ecomes a meditation6 5ight no@0 if =ou are <ust listening @ith no idea of =our o@n coming continuousl= in %et@een me and =ou0 if =ou have #ut =our mind aside0 if there is a direct contact and 2 am not %eing taken %= =ou via the mind0 if the connection is direct0 then something far more valua%le than @ords can ever contain @ill %e im#arted to =ou6 2t is like a magnetic field in @hich suddenl= =our heart starts dancing6 To %e @ith the master is a magnetic field in @hich =ou start moving closer and closer0 not deli%eratel= %ut s#ontaneousl=6 666 T*! )T*!50 the stu#id one0 W*) 2, +.2D 7)5 -/D!5,T+/D2/80 +""-M-L+T!, M!+/2/8,0 +/D M2I!, 8))D +/D B+D0 2, T*! D-LL ,T-D!/T6 )ne @ho is greed= to have more and more kno@ledge is %ound to mi? good and %ad6 What the master sa=s is good0 right0 %ecause it comes from no3mind: and @hat the student hears is %ad0 @rong0 %ecause he hears through the mind6 Then %oth get mi?ed u# and =ou %ecome a hotch#otch6 5ather than %ecoming more integrated =ou %ecome more s#lit0 more of a chaos6 5ather than attaining to a higher order of %eing0 =ou start falling into a more and more disorderl= state6 T*! ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T -/D!5,T+/D, 2/,T+/TL$6666

5emem%er the difference6 The stu#id thinks that he @ill understand graduall= 33 a little %it toda= and then tomorro@0 and then the da= after tomorro@ 33 %ut the reall= intelligent disci#le understands immediatel=6 When the mind is not interfering there is no >uestion of time coming in6 Mind is time0 let me remind =ou again6 2f =ou %ring mind in0 time @ill come in0 then #ost#onement0 then gradualness6 2f the mind is not there0 @here is time4 Then 2 am here0 =ou are here0 and there is onl= the #resent6 Then this no@ <oins me @ith =ou6 Then this no@ starts #ulsating @ith m= energ= and =our energ=6 Then this no@ %ecomes a dance6 Then this here %ecomes a song6 The Cno@C and the ChereC are the onl= true time and true s#ace 33 true %ecause no@ time is eternit= and s#ace is infinit=6 The intelligent #erson understands immediatel=& 666 *! D)!, /)T 5+2,! 2/7!52)5 M2/D W*!/ *! *!+5, T*! T!+"*2/80 /)5 D)!, *! 7)LL)W T*! ,+8!C, M2/D6666 ,uch a %eautiful statementD Bodhidharma sa=s& 2 am not telling =ou to dro# =our stu#id mind6 2 am not telling =ou to dro# =our inferior mind6 *e is sa=ing& !ven if =ou have a ver= @ise mind 33 the sageCs mind 33 dro# that too666 %ecause mind can never %e @ise6 2t can #retend0 it can deceive6 There is nothing like a sage mind 33 the sage has no mind6 The sinner has a %ad mind0 the saint has a good mind0 the sage has no mind6 That is the difference %et@een these three @ords6 *e does not allo@ an= kind of mind& 666 *! T5+/,"!/D, B)T* W2,D)M +/D 28/)5+/"!6 ,ee the #oint0 see it immediatel=& %ecause there is no mind0 =ou cannot %e ignorant: %ecause there is no mind0 ho@ can =ou %e @ise4 $ou have gone %e=ond the dualit=6 2gnorance gone0 @isdom gone0 =ou sim#l= are6 Bust as the roseflo@er is0 the rock is0 =ou are6 !.!/ T*)-8* )/! *!+5, T*! T!+"*2/8 +/D D)!, /)T "L2/8 T) W)5LDL$ D!,25!,0 D)!, /)T L).! B-DD*+ )5 T*! T5-! ;+T*0 270 W*!/ *! *+, T) ,!L!"T )/! )-T )7 TW)0 *! ,!L!"T, 1-2!T/!,, 75)M ")/7-,2)/0 W2,D)M 75)M 28/)5+/"!0 2/+"T2.2T$ 75)M +"T2.2T$ +/D "L2/8, T) )/! )5 T*! )T*!5 )7 T*!,!0 T*!/ *! 2, + D-LL ,T-D!/T6 2f =ou choose %et@een @isdom and ignorance0 if =ou choose %et@een inactivit= and

activit=0 if =ou choose at all %et@een right and @rong0 =ou are a dull student6 "hoice makes =ou dull6 9rishnamurti re#eats again and again that choiceless a@areness is ultimate freedom6 DonCt choose and %e free: choose and =ou have chosen =our %ondage6 "hoose and =ou are im#risoned immediatel=6 !ach choice is a #rison6 ,ann=as is not a choice& it is dro##ing of all choices6 2t is sim#l= a gesture of dro##ing all choices0 likes and dislikes6 2t is moving %e=ond dualit=6 27 )/! T5+/,"!/D, B)T* W2,D)M +/D 28/)5+/"!0 *+, /) 85!!D 7)5 T*! T!+"*2/80 D)!, /)T L2.! 2/ 528*T 5!")LL!"T!D/!,,0 D)!, /)T 5+2,! 528*T T*2/92/80 +/D D)!, /)T *+.! +,;25+T2)/, T) B! + ;5+T$!9+3B-DD*+ /)5 + B)D*2,+TT.+0 T*!/ *! 2, + ,+8+"2)-, ,T-D!/T6 When there is no choice0 no greed0 not even for the right3mindfulness that is BuddhaCs %asic teaching& sammasati 33 right3mindfulness6666 !ven for that0 in the ultimate state of intelligence0 there is no choice6 /ot even the desire to %e a %uddha or to %e a %odhisattva6 /o desire for nirvana0 no desire for 8od 33 desire as such has disa##eared6 )ne lives moment to moment0 @ithout an= desire6 Tremendous is his richness6 There are #eo#le @ho have much %ut still desire more: their #overt= is %e=ond %elief6 +nd there are #eo#le @ho donCt have much and still donCt desire an=thing more: their richness is %e=ond measure6 + man @ho has no desires has come home6 *e has %ecome a chakravartin6 *e has con>uered the @orld @ithout con>uering an=thing at all0 %ecause the @hole kingdom of 8od is his0 all ine?hausti%le treasures are his6 The onl= secret ke= is choiceless a@areness6 These ans@ers of Bodhidharma can %e reduced to this single #hrase& choiceless a@areness6 But donCt cling to the @ords0 e?#erience it0 %ecause it is onl= e?#erience that li%erates6 !nough for toda=6

The Wild 8eese and the Water 5es#onses to Disci#les 1uestions Talks given from 11/0F/'1 am to FH/0F/'1 am !nglish Discourse series 1H "ha#ters

$ear #u%lished& 1 'J The Wild 8eese and the Water "ha#ter (1 "ha#ter title& +nd !sca#e to 5ealit= 11 7e%ruar= 1 '1 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& '10F110 ,hortTitle& W2LD8,01 +udio& $es .ideo& $es The first >uestion& 1uestion 1 ),*)0 D) $)- *+.! + M!,,+8! 7)5 ,+//$+,2/, +/D 752!/D, 8+T*!52/8 +T T*! "+7! 5)$+L0 L)/D)/0 7)5 T*! EM+5"* !.!/TE4 +/+/D ;))/+M0 ,+//$+, 2, + 5!B!LL2)/ against %oth the #ast and the future6 Man has either lived in the #ast or in the future0 %ut never in the #resent6 +nd the #resent is the onl= realit= there is: nothing else e?ists6 !?istence kno@s onl= one time 33 that is no@ 33 and one s#ace 33 that is here6 But mind either lives in the #ast @hich is no more or in the future @hich is not =et6 Mind e?ists in the non3e?istential0 hence mind never comes across the realit=: it cannot come %= its ver= functioning6 ,ann=as is a re%ellion against mind itself6 2t is a @a= of life in @hich mind is not the master0 no3mind is the master and mind functions onl= as a servant6 Mind actuall= is a mechanism: it is good as a %eautiful device of nature0 %ut the moment the servant %ecomes the master there is danger0 great danger6 Then =our life is %ound to %e a mess0 a chaos6 The servant is %lind0 unintelligent0 una@are6 To live according to the mind is not to live at all: it is sheer stu#idit=6 Mind is never original0 never intelligent: it is al@a=s re#etitive0 it is al@a=s %orro@ed0 it is al@a=s mechanical 33 hence stu#id0 hence unintelligent6 ,ann=as is a tremendous <um# into realit=0 an esca#e to realit= from the unreal6 There have %een societies @hose golden age @as in the #ast0 for e?am#le 2ndian societ=& its golden age has #assed6 2t %elieves that the future is going to %e darker and

darker ever= da= 33 there is no ho#e6 *ence the 2ndian societ= lives in a state of de#ression0 ho#elessness0 @ith no #ossi%ilit= of an= change for the %etter6 2t lives in miser=0 #overt=0 sickness6 But %ecause of the idea that the golden age has alread= #assed long %efore0 thousands of =ears %efore0 and @e are falling %= and %=0 ever= da=0 it does not %elieve in evolution0 it %elieves in involution0 it %elieves in regression6 2t is a regressive #hiloso#h=0 not #rogressive6 The West lives in the future: its golden age has =et to come& the classless societ=0 the crescendo of communism0 the @orld of e>ualit= and freedom0 the stateless state6 Those golden da=s are ahead0 far a@a=6 2n a @a=0 %oth are the same6 2f one has to choose %et@een the t@o then 2 @ill suggest& choose a #rogressive stu#idit= rather than a regressive one 33 if that is the onl= choiceD +t least @ith the #rogressive stu#idit= =ou have some ho#e0 =ou @ill have some thrill0 =ou @ill have some e?citement: =ou @ill @ork for a %etter future6 2t is not going to come ever0 %ut at least =ou @ill %e occu#ied @ith %eautiful dreams6 2t has never %een there %efore0 it is not going to %e ever in the future6 2t is no@D 2t is alread= the caseD +dam and !ve have never %een e?#elled from the garden of !denD That is m= declaration0 m= message6 That @hole stor= is invented %= the #riests6 +dam and !ve are still living in the garden of !den 33 <ust the= have eaten the fruit of kno@ledge6 +nd @ho has given them the fruit of kno@ledge4 2t is not the ser#ent: it is the #riest0 it is the theologian0 it is the #hiloso#her6 The fruit of kno@ledge does not gro@ on treesD 2t gro@s in churches0 in tem#les0 in the universities6 2t carries degrees 33 ;h6DCs0 D6LittCs0 D6DCs 33 and it comes in all sha#es and all siAes6 There is the *indu @orld of kno@ledge0 the Mohammedan @orld of kno@ledge0 the "hristian @orld of kno@ledge6 $ou can choose =our o@n fruit0 =ou can sho# for it6 2t is availa%le to ever=%od=Cs re>uirement0 according to ever=%od=Cs needs6 The miser= that has ha##ened to man is not %ecause he has lost the original #aradise: he is still there0 %ut he has fallen aslee#6 +nd in his dreams he has %ecome a *indu0 a Mohammedan0 a "hristian0 a Be@0 and @hat3not666 a theist0 an atheist0 a communist0 a socialist0 a fascist6 2n his dreams onl= he has lost track of the #aradise6 +nd to dream sim#l= means to live either in the memories 33 that is the #ast 33 or to live in the fantasies 33 that is the future6 M= message0 +nand ;oonam0 for the March !vent in London0 @here thousands of sann=asins are gathering together for the first time to cele%rate a ne@ o#ening& the British Buddhafield666 This is m= message0 tell them& 8et rid of the #ast and the future0 and live hereno@D 2t is suicidal to live an=@here else than hereno@0 %ecause each moment that is #assing is #recious0 so #recious that =ou cannot get it %ack6 DonCt @aste itD But all the religions have %een suicidal6 )f course the= donCt call it suicide0 the= give

it %eautiful names 33 asceticism0 ta#aschar=a 33 %ut %asicall= it is nothing %ut masochism0 self3torture6 The= call it renunciation0 %ut it is nothing %ut destro=ing =ourself graduall=0 slo@l=6 +ll the religions of the @orld u# to no@ have lived @ith a #hiloso#h= of life3denial6 M= fundamental a##roach is that of life3acce#tance0 total life3affirmation6 There is no 8od other than lifeD The ver= idea of 8od other than life is dangerous0 %ecause if 8od is other than life then naturall= =ou @ill start choosing 8od against life6 $ou @ill %e #ro38od and anti3life0 %ecause life is momentar= and 8od gives =ou the greed of %eing eternal0 forever6 2 sa= to =ou0 there is no other 8od than life0 hence the >uestion of choice does not arise at all6 LiveD Live totall=0 live #assionatel=0 live intelligentl=0 live lovingl=6 Become a flame so intense0 so total0 that each moment starts having the flavor of eternit=6 5emem%er0 eternit= is not horiAontal6 2t is not like a line going from + to B0 from B to c0 from c to D 33 it is not horiAontal6 !ternit= is intensit=0 it is vertical6 2t is diving from + to a dee#er +0 not going to B& from + to +l0 from +1 to +F0 from +F to +3666 2n fact as far as intensit= is concerned0 + is the onl= al#ha%et6 2n fact0 the @ord Eal#ha%etE comes from +: it comes from +ra%ic +L!;*6 + is enoughD +nd @hen =ou can get +0 @h= %other a%out B4 + man @ith a #arrot on his shoulder comes to a sto# at the %order crossing6 E$ou have to #a= dut= on the #arrot0 sir0E sa=s the customs official6 E*o@ much4E asks the man6 ELetCs see0E sa=s the official0 #aging through his %ook6 E;arrots& live0 fift= #ounds: stuffed0 ten #ounds6E EBill0 donCt get an= craA= ideasDE screams the #arrot6 !ven #arrots are far more intelligent than =our #riestsD But man has lived under a dark shado@ of a suicidal a##roach& E5enounce life6 !sca#e from life to the monasteries0 to the deserts0 to the mountain caves6 8o as far a@a= from life as #ossi%le6E Because it has %een taught0 and taught for so long0 that the mind has %ecome conditioned to the idea that farther =ou are from life0 closer =ou @ill %e to 8od6 This is <ust %ullshitD "loser to life =ou are0 closer =ou are to 8od: 8od is the ver= core of life6 T@o casta@a=s from a sunken shi# landed on a desert island6 The= survived there for a fe@ da=s @ithout food or @ater6 There @as no chance of esca#e as the sea @as full of sharks6 7inall=0 one of the men fell on his knees0 raised his hands to the sk= and im#lored&

E8od0 save usD 2f =ou do0 2 #romise that 2 @ill al@a=s go to the church and sing =our #raises0 2 @ill never drink again0 never #la= cards or smoke0 never make love to @omen and never read an= novels or see an= moviesDE The second casta@a= looked at him and croaked0 EThen @h= do =ou @ant to survive4E The so3called religious #eo#le have lived0 %ut one @onders for @hat6 2f going a@a= from life is the onl= @a= to reach to 8od0 then @h= commit a gradual suicide4 Wh= not do it >uickl= and %e finished @ith it4 2n fact0 there are a%original tri%es in the @orld still alive @here no%od= has ever committed suicide: the ver= idea does not e?ist6 2t must %e %ecause of these foolish religions that the idea has entered into manCs mind6 /o animal in its @ild state ever commits suicide0 %ut some animals commit suicide @hen the= are forced to live in a Aoo0 @hen the= lose their freedom0 @hen the= are cram#ed0 cro@ded6 The= need a certain s#ace around themselves6 When their territorial im#erative is destro=ed0 @hen the= are %eing disci#lined %= human %eings according to their ideas the= start losing interest in life6 There have %een cases @here Aoo animals have committed suicide or gone mad or have %ecome se?uall= #erverted0 %ut it never ha##ens in the @ild6 /o se?ual #erversion0 no homose?ualit= e?ists in the @ild0 %ut in Aoos it e?ists6 2t is ver= indicative6 2t sho@s that if =ou #ut #eo#le in an unnatural environment the= start losing their instinctive intelligence0 the= start losing their natural understanding0 the= start %ecoming craA=6 !ither the= go mad or the= %ecome #ervert or the= commit suicide6 *umanit= has %een doing all these things6 2t has to %e recogniAed0 it is time to recogniAe it 33 that the religions have turned the earth in a Aoo6 2t is %ecause of these so3called saints and mahatmas @ho have made human %eings #erverted6 +nd the most sur#rising thing is that the= are the #eo#le @ho condemn all #erversions 33 and the= are the original creators of #erversionsD *omose?ualit= is a religious #henomenonD +ll se?ual #erversions started in monasteries6 Monasteries are Aoos @here #eo#le are forced to live according to certain ideas determined %= others0 ma=%e thousands of =ears %efore6 Those clothes @ere not tailored for them 33 no@ the= are %eing tailored for the clothesD The= are %eing cut according to the clothes6 The clothes ma= have %een made %= Moses or Mohammed or Besus or Buddha and the= ma= have %een #erfectl= fitting the #eo#le the= @ere #re#ared0 %ut no@0 after three thousand =ears0 t@o thousand =ears0 or even five thousand =ears666 The *indu code @as @ritten five thousand =ears %efore 33 Manu @rote it 33 still it is %eing follo@ed6 2n five thousand =ears ever=thing has changed6 2f Manu comes to the

earth 2 donCt think he @ill %e a%le to recogniAe an=thingD *e @ill not %e a%le to recogniAe an=thing at all: ever=thing has changed6 But *indus are tr=ing to live according to Manu: this creates #erversion6 The clothes are made %= ancient #eo#le0 according to their ideas0 according to their understandings0 according to their needs0 according to their situations0 and the= are %eing forced u#on #eo#le @ho have totall= different @orld to live in6 /o@ the onl= @a= is& either =ou cut the clothes or =ou cut individuals6 +nd religions have decided to cut the individuals6 2f the clothes are %igger than =ou then =ou have to %e massaged and stretched and rolfed0 tortured in ever= #ossi%le @a=D )r if the clothes are shorter than =ou then =ou have to %e cut: some #lastic surger= has to %e done on =ou6 $our head has to %e cho##ed or =our legs have to %e cho##ed666 Man has to live for certain ideas 33 as if ideas are more im#ortant than manD 33 as if man is made to live for ideasD 2 am against all this nonsense6 M= sann=asins have to live as individuals6 2 am not giving =ou an= disci#line0 %ecause ever= disci#line creates #erversion0 ever= disci#line onl= fits to the #erson @ho evolves it6 Bust look at all the disci#lines that have %een #ro#ounded do@n the ages666 Buddha loved to eat once a da=: no@ that is %eing follo@ed %= ever= Buddhist6 That is not right 33 that is dangerous6 2t creates guilt0 %ecause if =ou feel hungr= t@ice a da= then =ou @ill feel guilt=6 +nd if =ou are an +merican =ou @ill feel hungr= five times a da=D Then ho@ much guilt666 +nd in fact it is ver= strange that Buddha should have loved to eat onl= once a da=6 The reason is onl= one& he @as %orn in a meat3eating famil=: he @as %orn in the @arrior race0 a son of a king6 /o@0 meat3eating animals eat onl= once a da= 33 the lion eats onl= once a da=0 in t@ent=3four hours 33 %ecause meat is enough0 once a da= is enough: it has no roughage in it6 2f =ou eat vegeta%les once a da= =ou @ill starve0 %ecause ninet= #ercent is roughage6 The meat can %e a%sor%ed totall=: it is alread= digested %= another animal6 2t is digested food0 it is #ure food6 But @hen =ou are eating vegeta%les =ou have to eat man= times6 $ou can @atch it& monke=s are vegetarians 33 the= eat the @hole da=6 Lions eat onl= once a da=6 Buddha @as %orn in a meat3eating famil=0 #urel= non3vegetarian: this %ecame his ha%it6 )f course0 @hen he %ecame enlightened he dro##ed meat3eating0 %ut the old ha%it of thirt= =ears continued6 *a%its donCt change so easil=D But no@ fools are follo@ing him and the= are eating once a da=0 and the= are non3vegetarian or vegetarians 33 no%od= takes an= note a%out it6 2f the= are vegetarians the= should not do it& it is dangerous to health0 it is dangerous to their energ=6 +nd the same is true a%out ever= disci#line 33 the ten commandments0 or other religious #rinci#les6 Bust the other da= one sann=asin @rote to me that he cannot slee# earl= in the night0 he

can onl= fall aslee# at three oCclock in the morning6 )f course he feels ver= guilt=D + religious #erson should go earl= to %ed and should get u# in %rahmamuhurt 33 %efore the sun rises6 *e is feeling ver= guilt=6 /o@0 there is no need to feel an= guilt6 This is #erfectl= oka=: he is slee#ing #erfectl= @ell6 *e slee#s seven hours0 from three in the morning to ten: he is having enough slee#6 /o@ this is his %od= clock: it is his %od= chemistr= that has to %e considered0 not some%od= elseCs #rinci#le a%out it6 +ll the religious scri#tures @ere @ritten %= old #eo#le0 and old #eo#le find if difficult to slee# in the morning6 + child in the motherCs @om% slee#s t@ent=3four hours: then out of the @om% slo@l= slo@l= the slee# is reduced 33 t@ent=3t@o hours0 t@ent= hours0 eighteen hours0 si?teen hours666 B= the time he is =oung0 some@here %et@een eight hours to si? hours it is fi?ed6 +s one %ecomes older0 slee# %ecomes lesser6 When one is sevent=0 eight=0 then t@o or three hoursC slee# is enough6 +nd the scri#tures @ere @ritten %= old #eo#le0 %ecause this @as the idea& that older =ou are0 the @iser =ou are6 /o =oung man has @ritten an= religious scri#ture: no%od= @ould have taken an= note of a =oung man @riting a religious scri#ture6 $ou have to %e ver= ancient and old0 then =ou can @rite a scri#tureD +ge @as of tremendous im#ortance in the #ast6 )f course these #eo#le have @ritten that three hoursC slee# is enough: more than that is letharg=0 tamas 33 it is not good0 it is evil6 This idea is good for old #eo#le6 /o@ this =oung sann=asin is unnecessaril= @orried6 *e has tried ever= @a=: his @hole life he has %een struggling6 2t is useless 33 the @hole struggle is uselessD 2n fact0 no@ it is a @ell3kno@n scientific fact that ever=%od= has his o@n %od= clock and ever=%od= has to follo@ his o@n %od= needs6 2n a %etter societ=0 @hich is more scientific0 more rational0 more intelligent0 @e @ill have a totall= different kind of @orking hours6 This is ugl= 33 that ever=%od= has to go to @ork at eleven oCclock0 that ever=%od= has to go to the school at the same time0 to the universit= at the same time6 This is not rightD This is inhumanD -niversities0 offices0 factories0 should %e o#en round the clock0 and @henever #eo#le feel good the= should @ork and @hen the= feel good the= should slee#6 This should %e their %irthrightD +nd in fact it @ill hel# immensel=0 %ecause ever= college %uilding @ill function as three colleges0 ever= office %uilding can %e used as three %uildings6 +nd =ou @ill not have this traffic <am on the roads0 %ecause it @ill %e distri%uted all over t@ent=3four hours6 +nd ever=%od= @ill have a little more freedom to live according to his innermost like0 dislike 33 his instinctiveness6 M= a##roach is of freedom6 M= sann=asins should live a life3affirmative #hiloso#h=0 acce#ting0 res#ecting @hatsoever one is0 not creating shoulds and should3nots6 The= are ugl=0 the= are monstrousD

The Mother ,u#erior called all the nuns of the convent together6 EWhile @alking round the convent this morning0 2 sa@ a manCs foot#rints outside the main gate0E she announced6 /inet=3nine nuns shrieked in terror0 E+h 8odDE )ne nun secretl= giggled0 E*ee3heeDE E2 follo@ed the foot#rints6 The= led directl= into our dormitor=6E /inet=3nine nuns screamed in horror0 E+h 8odDE )ne nun secretl= giggled0 E*ee3*eeDE EThe foot#rints led to one %ed0 and under the %ed 2 found a condomDE /inet=3nine nuns gas#ed in fright0 E+h 8odDE )ne nun secretl= giggled6 E*ee3heeDE EThe condom @as usedDE continued the Mother ,u#erior6 /inet=3nine nuns s>uealed in disgust0 E+h 8odDE )ne nun secretl= giggled0 E*ee3heeDE EBut it had a hole in itDE /inet=3nine nuns secretl= giggled0 E*ee3heeDE )ne nun screamed in shock0 E+h 8odDE These stu#id #eo#le have %een dominating humanit=6 Be@are of theseD + student social @orker @as doing research on the use of contrace#tives and visited several @omen6 *e asked the first0 EWhat kind of contrace#tives do =ou use4E ,he ans@ered0 E5u%%ers6E The second >uestion @as0 E*o@ do =ou like them4E EWell0 sometimes the= sli# off0 %ut in general @e can manage it6E +fter he noted this data he asked the neigh%or of the @oman the same >uestion6 ,he used the #ill and since her lover hel#ed her to remem%er to take it0 the= #referred this method6 When the third @oman0 the @ife of a "hristian theologian0 @as asked @hat kind of contrace#tive the= used0 she said0 EWe al@a=s use a %ucket0 a #lastic %ucket6 ;reviousl= @e used a Ainc one %ut that made too much noise for the neigh%ors: since @e use the #lastic one it is oka=6E The investigator noted this data and said good3%=e to the lad=6 *o@ever0 he %ecame ver= #uAAled6 E+ #lastic %ucket4D M= #rofessor @ill not %elieve this6 2 @ill have to go %ack and ask the @oman ho@ it @orks6E ,o he rang and asked the @oman ho@ it @as #ossi%le @ith a %ucket6 EWell0E said the lad=0 E2 @ill e?#lain6 2 am rather tall and m= hus%and is ver= small and @e do it standing u#6 M= hus%and stands on the %ucket and %= the time he starts

rolling his e=es0 2 kick the %ucket a@a=DE +nand ;oonam0 tell m= British Buddhafield sann=asins there is no need to use %uckets 33 Ainc or #lastic0 it doesnCt matter6 Be natural0 %e sim#le0 %e ordinar=D There is a danger666 %ecause once =ou %ecome a sann=asin =ou can start having old0 holier3 than3thou outlook6 M= sann=asins are not to %e holier3than3thou6 5emem%er0 2 donCt make an= distinction %et@een the sacred and the #rofane6 To me the ordinar= life is the onl= life6 $es0 there is a @a= to live it @ith %eaut= or ugliness0 @ith insight or %lindness0 @ith a@areness or una@areness6 )ne can live this same ordinar= life in such an e?>uisite0 e?traordinar= @a= that it %ecomes sacred0 %ut there is no other life than this6 $ou have to learn the art of transforming this ver= ordinar= life into something %eautiful6 ,o donCt %ecome theologians0 donCt %ecome missionaries6 2 hate missionariesD M= sann=asins are not to %e missionaries6 Be contagious0 %ut not missionariesD 2nfect #eo#le0 %ut donCt %e missionariesD + "hristian theologian @as driving along a deserted road one night @hen his car %roke do@n6 *e started looking for a #lace to s#end the night6 7inding a small cottage0 he knocked on the door6 2t @as o#ened %= a lovel= =oung @oman6 The man e?#lained his #ro%lem6 The =oung @oman @as reluctant0 %ut the man reassured her0 EDonCt %e @orried0 madam0 =ou can trust me6 2 am a "hristian theologian6E ,o she agreed6 The= shared a delicious dinner and had a #leasant evening6 Before sa=ing goodnight0 the =oung @oman #ut on a trans#arent nightdress and said the visitor0 E$ou can slee# here in the living room0 %ut if =ou need something0 <ust call6 2 @ill leave the door of m= room o#en6E ,he @ent to %ed and s#ent an an?ious night listening to the man snoring6 /e?t morning0 e?hausted0 she @ent out to feed her chickens6 The man came out0 looking refreshed0 and remarked0 E$ou have a lot of %eautiful chickens6E E$es0 %ut onl= fifteen6E E)nl= fifteen4E said the man6 EThen @h= do =ou have t@o cocks for such a small num%er4E EThatCs not a #ro%lem0E re#lied the =oung @oman6 E)ne of the cocks is a "hristian theologianDE Be sim#le0 %e natural0 %e s#ontaneous6 2 teach ecstas= 33 and ecstas= in the ordinar= life6 The life has not to %e in an= @a= renounced %ut transformed6 5enunciation is esca#ism0 it is co@ardliness6 +nd =ou have @orshi##ed co@ards as saints u# to no@6

$ou have @orshi##ed #eo#le @ho @ere not courageous enough to acce#t all the challenges of life6 +nd there are millions of challenges 33 ever= moment there is a challenge6 The co@ard esca#es6 The co@ard has to %e condemned0 not res#ected6 M= sann=asins have to live in the @orld0 totall= in the @orld0 res#onding to ever= challenge0 %ecause the more =ou res#ond to the challenges of life the more intelligent =ou %ecome6 2ntelligence is like a s@ord& the more =ou use it the more it remains shar#6 2f =ou donCt use it0 it starts getting rust=0 it loses its shar#ness 33 it %ecomes a%solutel= useless6 *ence =our saints look dull0 dead6 But @e have %een conditioned to res#ect these dead cor#ses6 We have %een told for thousands of =ears that these are the real #eo#le6 The= are not real at allD The= are ver= #lastic0 ver= #hon=6 + co@ard can never %e a real #erson6 5ealit= needs all the challenges of life0 all the dangers of life0 all the insecurities of life6 )nl= then integrit= arises0 authenticit= arises0 res#onsi%ilit= arises6 Be in the @orld %ut donCt %e of it6 Live in the @orld0 %ut donCt allo@ the @orld to live in =ou6 ThatCs m= message6 There is a Zen sa=ing& The @ild geese do not intend to cast their reflections6 The @ater has no mind to receive their image6 The @ild geese has no desire to cast its reflections in the @ater0 and the @ater has no desire or no mind to receive its image 33 although it ha##ensD When the @ild geese flies0 the @ater reflects it6 The reflection is there0 the image is there0 %ut the @ater has no mind to reflect and the @ild geese do not hanker to %e reflected either6 This should %e the @a= of m= sann=asins6 Be in the @orld0 live in the @orld0 live totall=0 @ithout am%itions0 @ithout desires 33 %ecause all desires distract =ou from living0 all am%itions sacrifice =our #resent6 DonCt %e greed=0 %ecause greed takes =ou into the future: donCt %e #ossessive0 %ecause #ossessiveness kee#s =ou clinging to the #ast6 + man @ho @ants to live in the #resent has to %e free of greed0 of #ossessiveness0 of am%itions0 of desires6 +nd thatCs @hat 2 call the @hole art of meditation6 Be a@are0 %e alert0 so all these thieves have no #ossi%ilit= to enter and contaminate =ou6 Be meditative0 %ut %e in the @orld6 +nd this is m= e?#erience& that the @orld hel#s immensel= 33 it hel#s immensel= to make =ou meditative6 2t gives =ou all the o##ortunities to %e distracted0 %ut if =ou donCt get distracted then each success %ecomes a tremendous <o=6 $ou remain centered0 =ou %ecome the center of the c=clone6 The c=clone goes on roaring

around =ou0 %ut =our center remains unaffected6 Be a lotus flo@er6 2n the !ast the lotus flo@er s=m%oliAes the essence of sann=as6 The lotus flo@er gro@s in the mud0 dirt= mud6 2t does not esca#e0 it remains there6 2t floats in the lake in @ater0 %ut there is a %eaut=0 a tremendous #henomenon& it is in the @ater0 %ut the @ater never touches it6 2t is so velvet= that in the morning if =ou go666 and =ou @ill find de@dro#s gathered on the #etals of the lotus0 on the leaves of the lotus0 and the= shine like #earls in the earl= morning sun6 But the= are not touching6 The lotus leaf or the lotus #etal remains dr=0 it does not %ecome @et6 The de@dro#s rest there0 %ut the= remain se#arate6 ThatCs the @a= of a true sann=asin& %eing in the @orld %ut remaining untouched0 unaffected %= it6 +nand ;oonam0 @hen meditation 33 and this is @hat 2 call meditation& %eing in the @orld and remaining untouched 33 ha##ens0 love comes as a %=3#roduct6 These are the #illars of m= sann=asins& first0 life3affirmation0 unconditional life3 affirmation 33 these are the four #illars of m= tem#le 33 second0 meditation: third0 love: and fourth666 cannot %e e?#ressed in @ords6 2t can onl= %e called the fourth0 turi=a6 2f =ou live life totall=0 meditativel=0 lovingl=0 =ou come to e?#erience something @hich is ine?#ressi%le6 Lao TAu calls it Tao0 Buddha calls it Dhamma0 Besus calls it Logos& different names indicating to@ards the nameless e?#erience6 2f =ou #refer =ou can call it "od6 M= o@n liking is to call it EgodlinessE0 not E8odE0 %ecause 8od gives =ou the idea of a #erson and godliness sim#l= gives =ou the idea of a #resence6 These are the four #illars of m= tem#le0 and each sann=asin has to gro@ these four #illars %ecause each sann=asin has to %ecome a tem#le of godliness6 The second >uestion& 1uestion F ),*)0 T*! 75!! -/2.!5,2T$ )7 +M,T!5D+M 2/ *)LL+/D 2, + -/2.!5,2T$ W2T* + D2,T2/"T2.! "*+5+"T!50 W*2"* L2!, 2/ 2T, "*)2"! )7 + 5!L282)-, ;),2T2)/6 T*2, 2, 7)5M-L+T!D 2/ T*! ")/,T2T-T2)/ +/D T*! ;-5;),! )7 T*! -/2.!5,2T$6 +LL M!MB!5, )7 T*! -/2.!5,2T$ ")MM-/2T$ +5! !I;!"T!D T) +"T +, M-"* +, T*!$ "+/ 2/ T*! ,;252T )7 T*2, ;-5;),!0 2/ )B!D2!/"! T) T*! 8),;!L )7 B!,-, "*52,T6 2/ T*! D+2L$ ;5+"T2"!0 *)W!.!50 2T ,!!M, T) B! .!5$ D2772"-LT 7)5 M),T M!MB!5, )7 T*! -/2.!5,2T$ ")MM-/2T$ T) ")MM-/2"+T! W2T* L).! +/D T) !/B)$ T*!25 W)596 2T ,!!M, !+,2!5 B-,T T) 7-/"T2)/ 2/ + D!+DL$

,!52)-, W+$ +/D T) 9!!; !+"* )T*!5 +T + D2,T+/"!6 D) $)- *+.! + M!,,+8! 7)5 T*! M!MB!5, )7 T*! ")MM-/2T$ )7 T*2, 75!! -/2.!5,2T$0 W*) T5$ T) W)59 2/ T*! ,;252T )7 B!,-, "*52,T4 ;5!M5+B0 The first thing to %e remem%ered is that =ou can function in the s#irit of Besus "hrist onl= if =ou are a Besus "hrist0 other@ise not6 +nd remem%er also that e?istence never re#eats itself6 T@o thousand =ears have #assed: there has not %een another Besus "hrist and there is not going to %e an= either in the future6 2t is so clearD T@ent=3five centuries have #assed since 8autam the Buddha and no other Buddha has ha##ened: five thousand =ears have #assed since 9rishna and no other 9rishna has ha##ened either6 Zarathustra0 Lao TAu0 Moses0 all the a@akened ones have remained unre#eated6 What to sa= a%out the a@akened ones4 33 even the una@akened ones are uni>ue6 There is not an=%od= like =ou an=@here in the @orld 33 there has never %een %efore and there @ill never %e again6 $ou are the onl= oneD But religions have not acce#ted this sim#le fact6 !?istence is not re#etitive0 and it is good that it is not re#etitive6 Bust thinking of a @orld @here millions of 8autam Buddhas are sitting under the %odhi trees 33 it @ill %e so %oringD 33 or millions of Besus "hrists carr=ing their crosses and roaming all around the @orld6 The= @ill not even find some%od= to crucif= them0 %ecause others @ill carr= the crosses themselvesD Who has time to crucif= an=%od=4 2t @ill %e ugl=: it @ill %e %oring6 )ne Besus has a %eaut=: man= Besuses @ill look like #roduced in a factor= on an assem%l= line0 like 7ord motor cars& ever= minute a car comes out0 ever= minute a Besus comes out0 @ell e>ui##ed @ith the cross0 et cetera0 @ith those t@elve a#ostles follo@ing him0 and the= go on coming from the factor=0 round the clock666D What =ou are going to do @ith so man= Besus "hrists4 What =ou are going to do @ith so man= Mahaviras0 so man= Buddhas4 /o0 it is not needed6 !ach individual is uni>ue: uni>ueness is a gift from e?istence6 But @h= these religions have %een teaching& Live in the s#irit of Besus "hrist0 or in the s#irit of 8autam Buddha 33 @h=4 DonCt =ou have =our o@n s#irit4 Then drink alcohol 33 get some s#iritD Make some s#irit of =our o@nD Wh= Besus "hrist4 What @rong this #oor fello@ has done to =ou4 "anCt =ou sto# crucif=ing him4 Will not =ou ever %e a%le to forgive him4 The @hole idea is of imitation6 2mitateD $ou have no right to %e =ourself0 =ou have to imitate6 $ou can %e acce#ted onl= if =ou are some%od= else 33 Buddha0 Moses0 Mohammed0 Mahavira0 Besus0 9a%ir0 /anak0 %ut not =ourself6 +nd canCt =ou see a

sim#le fact4 33 that Besus @as not Moses6 *e should have re#eated0 then he @ould have saved his life0 he @ould not have %een crucified %= the Be@s if he had lived the s#irit of Moses6 But he tried to create his o@n s#irit0 he tried to %e an individual0 and that @as his crime6 2f he had sim#l= re#eated he @ould have %een res#ected0 glorified as a great ra%%i6 But he %ecame a re%el6 !ver=%od= has to %ecome a re%el0 not an imitatorD ThatCs @h=0 ;remra<0 =ou see #eo#le are living there deadl= serious: the= donCt love their @ork0 the= donCt en<o= their @ork6 *o@ can the= en<o=4 The= are not doing their @ork6 $ou can never en<o= some%od= elseCs life0 ho@soever %eautiful it is 33 it is not =our life6 $ou can onl= en<o= to %e =ourself6 + rose flo@er can %e %lissful onl= as a rose6 2f =ou force the rose flo@er to %ecome a marigold it @ill %e deadl= serious: it @ill lose all <o=0 all fragrance6 ThatCs @hat is ha##ening6 2t is not onl= ha##ening there in the so3called 7ree -niversit= of +msterdam0 it is ha##ening ever=@here6 *indus are tr=ing to %e like 9rishnas or 5amas0 Bainas are tr=ing to %e like Mahaviras0 Mohammedans are tr=ing to %e like Mohammeds0 "hristians are tr=ing to %e like "hrists666 ever=%od= is imitative6 The @hole @orld has %ecome full of imitation and @hole @orld is looking sad6 2t is inevita%le0 this sadness0 and it is not onl= 6sadness6 *idden %ehind this sadness is a state of schiAo#hrenia0 %ecause %asicall= no%od= can %e an=%od= else than himself6 ,o dee# do@n he is himself0 %ut on to# of it he is #retending to %e some%od= else0 hence ever=%od= is a h=#ocrite6 +ll the religions have done this to humanit=& the= have created a h=#ocrite @orld0 a schiAo#hrenic humanit=0 a s#lit #ersonalit=6 This is their giftD 2t is a curse0 %ut this is @hat the= call a gift to humanit=6 !ver=%od= is living a s#lit life0 a dou%le life& from the front door one life0 from the %ack door totall= another6 +nd of course0 %et@een the t@o he is caught in a tension0 in an?iet=: he cannot %e totall= either this or that6 *e is torn a#artD *ence the miser= in #eo#leCs e=es0 the sadness0 the deadness6 /o%od= needs to %e an=%od= else6 Bust %e =ourselfD ,ho@ some res#ect to =our life6 5es#ect =ourself0 love =ourself0 %ecause unless =ou res#ect =ourself =ou @ill not res#ect an=%od= else in the @orld6 2f =ou cannot even res#ect =our life0 ho@ can =ou res#ect an=%od= else4 $ou can #retend0 %ut #retension is not truth and it is #retension creates a %ondage around =ou6 2t %ecomes an im#risonment 33 and one hates im#risonment6 2t is not accidental that 7riedrich /ietAsche had to declare 33 2 sa= had to declare 33 that 8od is dead and man is no@ free6 2t is not onl= his individual o#inion0 it is reall= the voice of the millions @ho have no courage to s#eak6 2f 8od is destro=ing =our freedom then it is %etter to kill 8od and save freedom0 rather than killing freedom and saving 8od6

Wh= one should %e like Besus "hrist4 Wh= one should live in the s#irit of Besus "hrist4 There is no needD *e never imitated an=%od=6 2f =ou reall= understand Besus =ou should not re#eat him6 Buddha never re#eated an=%od=6 *e could have %ecome easil= a 9rishna 33 he had that much intelligence6 *e could have #retended to %e a 9rishna0 %ut he never did an=thing like that6 *indus have not %een a%le to forgive him %ecause he @as not follo@ing the trodden #ath0 he @as not follo@ing the cro@d0 he @as not #art of the mo% #s=cholog=6 *e @ent on his o@n: he created his o@n small foot#ath to@ards truth6 !ver=%od= has to create his o@n foot#ath6 There are no su#erhigh@a=s to@ards truth0 onl= foot#aths0 and the= too are not read=3made0 availa%le: =ou have to @alk and create them6 $ou have to search for truth and in =our ver= search =ou create the #ath6 The #ath is not alread= there that =ou can sim#l= go to the truth6 The search for truth is an immense adventure6 !ach moment one is in for a great sur#rise6 ,o the @hole idea0 ;remra<0 is @rong0 and that idea is creating the trou%le6 +nd still these #eo#le call it EThe 7ree -niversit=ED +nd @hat kind of free universit= is this 33 @hich has a religious #osition0 @hich has a constitution and the #ur#ose to #ro#agate "hristianit=4 +LL M!MB!5, )7 T*! -/2.!5,2T$ ")MM-/2T$ +5! !I;!"T!D T) +"T +, M-"* +, T*!$ "+/ 2/ T*! ,;252T )7 T*2, ;-5;),!0 2/ )B!D2!/"! T) T*! 8),;!L )7 B!,-, "*52,T6 Then @hat kind of free universit= is this4 There is onl= one free universit= in the @orld and it is hereno@D There has never %een a free universit= %efore and there is none an=@here else =et0 e?ce#t this one6 + free universit= sim#l= means that there is no e?#ectation from =ou6 $ou are hel#ed to %e free0 =ou are nourished to %e free0 =ou are su##orted to %e free6 $ou are given individualit=6 2f there are e?#ectations0 freedom is destro=ed6 !?#ectations are a su%tle @a=0 cunning @a= to dominate6 +nd if the e?#ectation is to live in o%edience to the gos#el of Besus "hrist then the @hole thing is <ust a facade 33 in the name of freedom the= are #ro#agating an old slaver=6 Besus is a free man0 %ut "hristians are not free6 7riedrich /ietAsche is again right @hen he sa=s that the first and the last "hristian died on the cross t@o thousand =ears %efore 33 the first and the last6 2n fact0 there cannot %e an=%od= else @ho is a "hrist6 These are rare flo@ersD +nd =ou are also a rare flo@er6 Ma=%e =ou have not %lossomed =et0 hence =ou are una@are of =our rareness: and =ou @ill not %lossom if =ou go on fulfilling these e?#ectations6 DonCt fulfill an= e?#ectations of an=%od=6 $ou have onl= one

res#onsi%ilit= and that is to@ards =our o@n %eing6 2f =ou tr= to fulfill othersC e?#ectations =ou @ill %e in trou%le %ecause the= @ill im#ose0 the= @ill dominate0 the= @ill cri##le and #aral=Ae =ou6 The= are =our enemiesD +n=%od= @ho e?#ects an=thing from =ou is =our enem= 33 %e@areD + real friend sim#l= gives =ou freedom6 Love gives freedom: there is no e?#ectation0 there is no desire to mani#ulate =ou0 not even indirectl=6 7reedom is the highest value in life 33 and if the freedom @as there =ou @ould have seen a totall= different #henomenon6 $ou can see it here6 ;eo#le are @orking here 33 in fact 2 donCt think an=@here else #eo#le are @orking so hard0 so totall=0 so devotedl= 33 %ut there is great <o=6 The= are re<oicing in itD ;eo#le @ho come from the outside cannot understand it6 Because the= cannot understand it the= go on s#reading rumors6 Bust no@ hundreds of ne@s#a#er cli##ings are coming from 8erman= 33 so man= rumors0 so man= false statements a%out .imalkirtiCs death6 /o%od= seems to tr= to understand6 The= are all sa=ing that he @as forced0 regimented0 almost as if he @as in the arm=6 *e @as forced to do the lo@est menial <o%s6 That is their idea0 that an= <o% is lo@er0 %ut the= go on im#osing their categories6 $es0 .imalkirti @as doing all kinds of <o%s6 *e @as cleaning the toilets0 and to them this is inconceiva%le666 the great3grandson of the last 8erman !m#eror0 ne#he@ of 1ueen !liAa%eth and ;rince ;hili# of !ngland0 connected @ith almost all the ro=al families of the !uro#e6 )ne of his aunts has <ust died t@o da=s %efore 33 1ueen 7rederica: she @as the 1ueen of 8reece6 +nother aunt is the 1ueen of ,#ain ;rincess ,o#hia6 *is o@n mother has three titles6 ;rincess of 8reece0 %ecause she @as %orn in the 8reek ro=al famil=: ;rincess of Denmark0 %ecause she @as married to the Danish king0 and then the Danish king died and she got married to the ;rince of *anover6 ;rince "harles is his cousin666 +nd this .imalkirti0 ;rince Welf of *anover0 @as cleaning toilets 33 naturall= he must have %een forced0 violentl= forced0 to do such a thing6 +nd the= are all sa=ing that slo@l= slo@l=0 in four =ears0 he got #romoted0 he had come to a certain #osition& he %ecame the guard6 This is sheer stu#idit=0 ina%ilit= to understand an=thing6 /o%od= had told him to clean the toilets 33 he had chosen it6 *e @as tired of %eing a #rince0 @as fed u# @ith %eing a #rince0 and @anted to kno@ life from all dimensions6 ,o he @as a cleaner0 he @as a gardener0 he @as a grou# leader0 he @as a guard6 *e @as doing all kinds of things and he loved all his <o%s6 *e @as immensel= ha##=3%ut the= @ill not see his ha##iness6 The= think that there is some hierarch= in the ashram0 that the cleaners are the lo@est6 The fact is that the= are at the to#D The= are not onl= cleaners0 the= are the cleanest #eo#le too6 When 2 choose m= mediums most of them come from the cleaners

%ecause the= are reall= cleanD /o@ .inod 9hanna is here: he is a famous 2ndian actor6 *e has lived lu?uriousl=0 and he is immensel= ha##= to get a small room6 2t must %e e?actl= of the same siAe as he is 33 si? %= fourD But he is immensel= ha##=6 2t is the same room @here .imalkirti had lived0 and one should %e a@are& 7rancis *ouse has given t@o enlightened #ersons 33 @atch out for .inodD +nd from toda= he is going to start @ork in Lao TAu garden 33 a man @ho has %een earning lakhs of ru#ees #er month0 living the most lu?urious life #ossi%le in 2ndia6 /o@ he @ill %e under MuktaCs charge 33 and Mukta is a hard masterD .imalkirti @as also under her charge once6 $ou sa= that there #eo#le are not @orking @ith love and are not en<o=ing their @ork6 *o@ the= can4 The= are tr=ing to fulfill certain e?#ectations0 the= are tr=ing to live u# to certain standards6 That creates seriousness0 that creates sadness6 2f ever=%od= is allo@ed to %e <ust as he is0 acce#ted0 res#ected0 loved unconditionall=0 then @hatsoever he @ants to do666 +nd all kinds of @orks are needed& the gardeners are needed0 the cleaners are needed0 the managers are needed0 the trustees are needed0 the guards are needed 33 all kinds of #eo#le are needed6 2n a commune there is no hierarch=6 !ver=%od= is fulfilling his @ork @ith <o=: it is %ecause of <o= that he has chosen to %e in that #articular @ork6 /o%od= is forcing0 no%od= is e?#ecting6 2f he does not feel good he can change his @ork: there is no #ro%lem a%out it0 he @ill not %e condemned for it6 But this is #ossi%le onl= @hen individualit= is given the highest value6 2n this so3called 7ree -niversit= of +msterdam in *olland it cannot %e #ossi%le: the ver= foundation is @rong 33 a religious #osition6 2n fact0 an= #osition to start @ith is going to %e @rong6 *ere @e are not starting @ith an= #osition 33 there is no religious #osition here6 2t is <ust a caravan of drunkards0 gam%lers 33 far more closer to a #u% than to a tem#leD Bust @hen 2 @as ans@ering ;oonamCs >uestion 2 had remem%ered that EThis is not right0 @hat 2 am sa=ing6 7our #illars of m= tem#le4 This is not rightD 7our #illars of m= #u%DE But that @ould have %een too much for the Buddhafield in Britain0 so 2 thought0 ELet it %e four #illars of the tem#leDE Because British Buddhas are going to %e British BuddhasD 2 donCt have an= e?#ectations from them 33 the= are going to %e British Buddhas6 2t is going to %e a totall= different kind of BuddhahoodD )nl= one British Buddha @e have got here& ;ro#er ,agar6 The da= he %ecomes enlightened0 @hole Britain is enlightenedD But he is coming closer0 he is rising higher and higher6 /o@ he is @orking in the same #osition as .imalkirti 33 he is m= guard6 *is dut= is no@ to o#en the door of m= 5olls 5o=ce6 /o@ he is constantl= thinking of one thing0 %ut has not %een a%le to decide @hether it is #ro#er or not 33 thatCs @h= he is called ;ro#er ,agar6 There are man=

,agars here0 %ut he is the onl= ;ro#er ,agarD 2 had given him one hat long %efore0 a %eautiful hat6 $ou must have seen it on the head of the !m#eror *aile ,elassie 33 *aile ,elassie hat6 ,o no@ he is @ondering and en>uiring& can he @ear it @hile he o#ens the door of m= car4 2 have told .ivek that E9ee# the camera read=6 Whenever he @ears that hat0 that #hotogra#h has to %e taken0 %ecause sooner or later he @ill %ecome enlightened 33 then @e @ill need these #hotogra#hsDE ;remra<0 @hen =ou go the 7ree -niversit= of +msterdam0 tell them the first thing& it is not a free universit=6 2t cannot %e free if it goes on insisting0 e?#ecting that #eo#le should live in the s#irit of "hrist6 2s it so eas= to live in the s#irit of "hrist4 "hrist is not a name of a #erson0 it is a name of the ultimate state of consciousness6 2t is e?actl= @hat @e call in the !ast Buddhahood0 a@akenedness6 Besus is one thing0 "hrist3consciousness is a totall= different #henomenon6 2t ha##ened to Besus6 $ou can never %e a Besus0 %ut =ou can %e a "hrist6 But if =ou are a "hristian then it is im#ossi%le to %e a "hrist6 To "hristians it is im#ossi%le0 %ecause once =ou acce#t that =ou are a "hristian =ou start living @ith the idea that =ou cannot %e the "hrist 33 he is the onl= %egotten son of 8od6 )nl= %egotten son of 8od666D What ha##ened to 8od after that4 ,teriliAation4 33 and @hat he @as doing %efore that4 Bust sitting and sitting and thinking @hether to #roduce a child or not 33 for infinit=4 Might= slo@ thinkerD +nd then finall= he gave %irth to this Besus "hrist0 and the name of the @oman is not kno@n0 %ecause the "hristian trinit= has no @oman in it6 ;erha#s hol= ghost functions %oth the @a=s 33 ma=%e hol= ghost is %ise?ualD 8hosts are kno@n to do strange thingsD )ther@ise0 E7ather0 ,on and the *ol= 8host666E and @here is the mother4 The @hole stor= seems to %e ver= concocted6 The trinit= has no @oman0 and then Besus is %orn to a @oman and the @oman has no father6 ,trange t=#e of gameD )nce =ou acce#t =ourself as a "hristian =ou have de%arred =ourself from %eing a "hrist6 $ou have %ecome a follo@er0 and the follo@er is onl= an imitator6 *e is %ound to remain #lastic6 $es0 =ou can %e a "hrist0 %ut for that the first thing to dro# is %eing a "hristian 33 or a *indu or a Mohammedan6 $ou have to %e a seeker of truth0 and =ou cannot seek truth if =ou have alread= got certain #re<udices: if =ou have alread= accumulated %elief =ou cannot seek and search truth6 Truth is availa%le onl= to the agnostic0 one @ho sa=s0 E2 donCt kno@ an=thing0 %ut 2 am read= to kno@6 2 am read= to go through all the #rocesses of kno@ing0 %ut 2 @ill not %elieve unless 2 see6E ,eeing should %e the onl= cause of %elieving: no other @a= %elief should enter in =ou6 Then =ou can %e a "hrist0 %ut then =ou are also a Buddha and =ou are also a Lao TAu and =ou are also a <ina 33 %ecause these are different names0 different languages0 indicating to@ards the same ultimate consciousness6

;remra<0 tell those #eo#le that it is not a free universit=6 $ou have to get rid of "hristianit= if =ou @ant it to %e reall= free: =ou have to dro# all #ositions6 + true seeker cannot start from an= #osition: he has to start from the scratch0 not from a #osition6 *e has to start utterl= em#t=0 <ust like a Aero0 a ta%ula rasa6 +nd thatCs @hat 2 call meditation6 Meditation makes =ou utterl= em#t= of all thoughts0 #re<udices0 conce#ts0 %eliefs0 and then there is a #ossi%ilit= to kno@ the truth6 9no@ing the truth makes =ou a "hrist0 a Buddha0 and then naturall= @hatsoever =ou do @ill %e done in that s#irit0 never %efore it6

The Wild 8eese and the Water "ha#ter (F "ha#ter title& 5eligion is 5e%ellion 1F 7e%ruar= 1 '1 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& '10F1F0 ,hortTitle& W2LD8,0F +udio& $es .ideo& /o The first >uestion& 1uestion 1 ),*)0 2 *+.! *!+5D T*+T T*! 8!5M+/ "*+/"!LL)50 *!LM-T ,"*M2DT0 D!"L+5!D )/ T!L!.2,2)/ T*+T ,+//$+,2/, W!5! .!5$ D+/8!5)-, ;!);L! 7)5 T*! ,T+T! +/D ,)"2!T$0 +/D ,*)-LD /)T B! !/8+8!D 7)5 ;-BL2" ,!5.2"! )5 B$ 5!,;!"T+BL! ")M;+/2!, +/$ M)5!6 L)T, )7 8!5M+/, +5! T!L!.2,2)/3W+T"*!5, +/D B!*+.! +"")5D2/8 T) W*+T T*! ;)L2T2"2+/, ,+$6 2/ 7+"T0 2 D)/CT W+/T T) *+.! +/$T*2/8 T) D) W2T* ,)"2!T$0 B-T0 B$ B!2/8 5!8+5D!D +, +/ !/!M$ )7 ,)"2!T$0 2 D)/CT !/B)$ T*! 2D!+ )7 /)T 8!TT2/8 + B)B B!"+-,! )7 M$ )5+/8! "L)T*!, )5 B!2/8 M)L!,T!D B$ ;!);L! )/ T*! ,T5!!T0 +, T*!$ .!5$ )7T!/ B!")M! +885!,,2.! T)W+5D, )-T,2D!5,6 $)- ,+2D T*+T ,+//$+,2/, +5! M!+/T T) B! + ;5).)"+T2)/ 7)5 T*! W)5LD0 B-T D) $)- W+/T -, T) 728*T )5 T) 8) -/D!585)-/D4 +/D D) $)- T*2/9 2T 2, ")W+5DL$ T*+T 2 +M

")/,2D!52/8 ,T+$2/8 2/ 2/D2+ /)T )/L$ T) B! "L),! T) $)- B-T +L,) T) +.)2D T*!,! T5)-BL!,4 .!!T +,M20 2T 2, + 8))D /!W,D The #oliticians %ecome afraid onl= @hen something reall= significant is ha##ening 33 and the= are %ecoming afraid all around the @orld6 2t is a good sign6 2t is immensel= %eautiful that m= sann=asins are not %eing ignored6 ThatCs the ugliest thing that can ha##en to an=%od=6 What the 8erman "hancellor has said is right& sann=asins are ver= dangerous #eo#leD 5eligion is al@a=s dangerous: the moment it is not dangerous it is no more religion at all6 Besus is dangerous0 "hristianit= is not dangerous 33 hence "hristianit= has nothing to do @ith Besus6 Buddha is dangerous0 Buddhists are not dangerous6 The= have turned against their Master: the= have com#romised @ith the societ= 33 @ith all that is rotten0 dead0 traditional6 2t is %ound to %e so if =ou are tr=ing to live life authenticall=0 lovingl=6 Then the #oliticians are %ound to %e against6 The= have created a societ= @hich is %ased on hatred0 violence0 division0 distrust0 cunningness0 h=#ocris=6 +nd to %e religious sim#l= means to %e against all these things6 To %e religious means to live a life full of love0 <o=0 innocence0 freedom0 individualit=0 to the e?tent that even if life has to %e sacrificed for the higher values of freedom0 love0 truth0 then one sacrifices it <o=ousl=6 2t is @orthD 7reedom cannot %e sacrificed0 %liss cannot %e sacrificed0 love cannot %e sacrificed0 and life is significant onl= if these things are flo@ering0 %lossoming6 The moment these things are sacrificed there is no #oint in living6 Then life is sim#l= vegetating6 ,ocrates @as given the o#tion that if he sto#s talking to #eo#le a%out his #hiloso#h= of truth0 then he can %e released from the court and he can save his life6 *e laughed and he sim#l= re<ected the ver= idea6 What he said is something @orth remem%ering6 *e said& ETo sa= the truth0 to live the truth0 is m= lifeD 2f 2 cannot sa= the truth0 if 2 cannot live the truth0 then for @hat 2 am su##osed to live4E + life is life onl= @hen there is something higher in it 33 higher than life itself6 5emem%er0 onl= that @hich is higher than life %rings significance to life0 %rings meaning to life6 2f life has nothing higher than itself then it is em#t=0 utterl= futile: then it is a%surd6 2 am giving =ou something to live and something to die forD +nd the greatest <o= in life is to have something to die for6 )nl= @hen =ou have something to die for =ou have something to live for6 This kind of threat is going to ha##en all over the @orld0 %ut is should %e acce#ted 33

not onl= acce#ted0 @elcomed6 2t is a good ne@sD 2t is immensel= satisf=ing that m= sann=asins are making themselves felt6 2t is true that 2 @ould like the societ= to disa##ear that has e?isted u# to no@6 2t is a ver= #rimitive societ=6 2t is almost animal 33 it is not human =et6 *umanit= has to ha##en 33 it has not ha##ened =et: it is something =et in the future6 2t is onl= a #otential0 it has not %ecome an actualit=6 +nd @hat more <o= can there %e than making this #otential actual4 What more adventure =ou can ho#e in life4 What can %e more ecstatic than making a tremendous effort to introduce humanit= on this condemned earth4 -nless societies disa##ear 33 8erman0 2talian0 2ndian0 Ba#anese 33 there cannot %e a humanit=6 -nless these small divisions0 @hich are a%solutel= #ointless0 are destro=ed totall=0 erased totall=0 the one civiliAation0 the one culture0 the one religiousness cannot %e %orn6 2 am against the societies0 against the nations0 against the states0 %ecause the= have done enough harm to us6 $ou can look at the @hole histor=6 2t is monstrous0 murderousD 2t is full of %lood6 2n the histor= of three thousand =ears there have %een five thousand @ars6 What kind of civiliAation0 @hat kind of culture has there %een4 +s if @e are here onl= to kill each otherD But the #olitician thrives on these divisions6 The moment a glo%al civiliAation comes into e?istence0 these #oliticians are %ound to disa##ear6 *o@ can there %e a 8erman "hancellor then0 or an +merican ;resident0 or an 2ranian ;rime Minister4 The #oliticians and the #riests have %een in a ver= su%tle cons#irac= against humanit=6 The= kno@ one thing for certain& that the= can e?ist onl= in a divided @orld6 The religions 33 2 mean the organiAed religions0 the dogmatic religions0 the creeds0 the cults0 "hristianit=0 *induism0 Buddhism0 Bainism0 Mohammedanism 33 the= kee# humanit= divided6 ThatCs ho@ the #o#e0 the a=atollah0 the shankarachar=a0 the imam0 and all these hocus3#ocus #eo#le can e?ist6 2f humanit= is one then these #eo#le @ill disa##ear6 The= @ill %ecome things of the #ast 33 of an ugl= #ast0 of a nightmarish #ast6 +nd in the same @a=0 if nations are no more there666 and nations are onl= on the ma#s 33 the earth is not divided6 But the ma#s have %ecome so im#ortant 33 more than the earth itself0 more than the humanit= itself6 2n the so3called religions0 the scri#tures0 the @ords have %ecome so im#ortant that man can %e easil= killed for @ords6 7or Bi%le0 for 9oran0 for 8ita0 man can %e killed and destro=ed0 as if man e?ists onl= for the Bi%le and the 9oran and the 8ita6 The truth is <ust the o##osite& all these scri#tures e?ist for man0 man does not e?ist for an= scri#ture6 +nd the same is true on the outside0 in the @orld of #olitics6 The inner %eing of man is dominated %= the #riest and the outer side is dominated %= the #olitician 33 and the= are in a cons#irac=0 and it is an ancient cons#irac=6 The=

%oth have understood the fact ver= clearl=& kee# man divided 33 in states0 in churches0 in nations0 in religions 33 and then =ou @ill remain in #o@er6 These #o@er3hungr= #eo#le0 these egoists0 are %ound to %e afraid of m= sann=asins0 %ecause this is something a%solutel= ne@ that has never e?isted %efore6 Besus @as follo@ed onl= %= a fe@ Be@s0 Buddha @as follo@ed onl= %= fe@ *indus6 M= sann=asins %elong to all kinds0 all religions0 all nations6 The @hole @orld has gathered togetherD 2t is the meeting of the !ast and the West6 M= sann=asins are #roving @ith a%solute certaint= that @hat 5ud=ard 9i#ling has said @as @rong6 *e had said& EWest is West and !ast is !ast0 and the t@ain shall never meet6E The= are meetingD The= have metD The= have met in the %eing of m= sann=asins6 *ere no divisions e?ist666 and @e are not making an= effort to destro= those divisions0 %ecause 2 am never for fighting @ith darkness0 2 am al@a=s for kindling the light6 The moment the light is there0 darkness disa##ears6 ThatCs @here 2 differ from man= nice #eo#le @ho have tried to create a certain s=nthesisD Mahatma 8andhi @as one6 *e @as tr=ing in 2ndia to create a s=nthesis %et@een "hristianit=0 *induism0 Mohammedanism0 Bainism6 But to tr= to make an effort for a s=nthesis #resu##oses that =ou have acce#ted the division alread=6 2 donCt acce#t the division at all0 hence there is no effort to make an= s=nthesis6 +nd 8andhi immensel= failed6 *e could not convince an=%od= 33 he could not convince even himselfD *is @hole life he @as singing a devotional song that he and his follo@ers had made according to his #hiloso#h=& Eallah0 ish@ar terenam 33 +llah0 2sh@ar0 8od0 are all th= names6E But @hen he @as killed and shot he forgot all other names0 he sim#l= remem%ered one name& E*e=0 5amDE then he didnCt sa=0 E*e=0 +llahDE +t that moment he remem%ered onl= 5am0 the *indu 8od0 the *indu name for 8od6 ,uddenl= from his dee#est unconscious it must have arisen6 *e had remained a *indu his @hole life6 $es0 he @as tr=ing to create a s=nthesis: he @as finding in 9oran and Bi%le the same message as is in the 8ita0 %ut the effort @as %asicall= cunning and #olitical6 8ita is right 33 that is indu%ita%le for him0 there is no >uestion a%out it6 9oran can also %e right if it coincides0 corres#onds0 su##orts the ideolog= of 8ita6 ,o he can choose onl= those #ieces from 9oran and Bi%le and Dhamma#ada @hich @ere in su##ort of 9rishnaCs message in 8ita0 and he cannot talk a%out other #assages @hich are a%solutel= against 8ita6 +nd he @as thinking that he is creating a s=nthesis6 *e @as sim#l= reading 8ita in other scri#tures0 %ut 8ita remained the criterion6 With m= #eo#le the onl= criterion is =our o@n e?#erience0 =our o@n meditativeness 33 neither 8ita nor 9oran nor Bi%le6 2 am not teaching =ou an= scri#ture0 2 am tr=ing to hel# =ou to read the scri#ture of =our o@n heart6 +nd the moment =ou kno@ =our o@n

heart0 the moment =ou %ecome attuned @ith =our o@n %eing0 =ou @ill kno@ the @hole humanit= is one6 Languages differ0 %ut there are not man= religions 33 there cannot %e6 2f there is onl= one science a%out the o%<ective realit=0 ho@ can there %e man= religions a%out the inner realit=0 the su%<ective realit=4 2f the o%<ective truth is one 33 there is nothing like *indu #h=sics or "hristian chemistr= or Buddhist %iolog= or Mohammedan mathematicsD 33 if the o%<ective realit= is one0 @hether =ou are e?#erimenting in 2ndia or in ,oviet 5ussia or in +merica0 it makes no difference0 =ou @ill come to the same conclusion 33 then ho@ it can %e that the su%<ective realit= is divided in three hundred religions4 There are three hundred religions in the @orld and there must %e three thousand sects of these three hundred religions and thirt= thousand su%3sects0 and so on0 so forth666 2t is <ust ridiculousD 5eligiousness is one0 love is one0 truth is one0 the taste of freedom is oneD But 2 am not tr=ing to create a s=nthesis: 2 am sim#l= creating a situation in @hich =ou can e?#erience =our o@n interiorit=6 +nd the moment =ou have e?#erienced it0 =ou have e?#erienced the ver= interiorit= of e?istence itself6 Then there are no nations0 no churches0 no states6 The 8erman "hancellor is right6 2 am against the state and the societ= %ecause the state and the societ= have %een destructive6 The= are the canceric gro@ths in the ver= heart of humanit=6 The= have to %e destro=ed mercilessl=D Man has to %ecome free from #olitics and religious #olitics 33 %oth are #olitics6 Man has to transcend all divisions6 /aturall= the #eo#le @ho are nourished %= divisions0 @ho e?#loit the divisions0 @ill %e against me and m= sann=asins6 But this is a %eautiful challenge 33 =ou have to face itD +nd if it %rings suffering0 en<o= that suffering too0 %ecause to suffer for an=thing %eautiful is a %enediction6 )ne can live a ver= comforta%le life0 convenient0 if one com#romises @ith all kinds of lies0 %ut then =our life @ill %e flat: it @ill not have an= ecstatic #eaks6 .eet +smi0 @e have to fightD )f course our fight is going to %e totall= different6 We are not going to kill #eo#le0 %ut @e are going to give a tough fight to their minds6 We are not actuall= to %ehead them0 %ut meta#horicall= of course @e have to %ehead themD )nl= then the= @ill %ecome a@are of their heart 33 @hen the= lose their heads6 $ou @ill have to suffer man= things 33 =ou @ill lose =our res#ecta%ilit=6 But do =ou think Besus @as res#ecta%le4 The ;olack ;o#e is res#ecta%leD ,ee the strange @a=s of the @orld& the ;olack ;o#e is res#ecta%le and Besus @as not res#ecta%le6 Besus @as condemned like a criminal6 +l3*illa< Mansoor @as not res#ecta%le6 *e @as murdered0 %utchered0 and in a ver= cruel @a=6 BesusC crucifi?ion is far more human0 %ecause +l3*illa< Mansoor @as cut #iece %= #iece6 7irst his legs @ere cut0 then his hands @ere cut0 then his tongue @as

cut0 then his e=es @ere taken out6 2t is the most cruel kind of murder that has ever ha##ened6 ,till0 he @as laughing to the ver= end6 !ven the murderers %ecame a little #uAAled& E2s he mad or something4E )ne of the murderers asked him0 EWh= are =ou laughing4E *e said0 E2 am laughing %ecause =ou can kill m= %od=0 %ut =ou cannot kill me6 +nd 2 am also laughing at 8od6 $ou @ill not understand that0E he said0 E%ecause =ou cannot see 8od0 %ut 2 am laughing at 8od too6 2 am telling him that C$ou can do @hatsoever =ou @ant to do @ith me0 =ou can come like murderers as =ou have come toda=0 %ut 2 @ill still recogniAe =ou6 2 can see =ou in these #eo#le @ho are murdering meD $ou cannot deceive me an= more6 2 @ill recogniAe =ou in an= disguise =ou come6 2 have recogniAed =ou even in these murderers6C E M= sann=asins @ill have to suffer0 %ut suffering in itself is not %ad0 suffering in itself is not miser=6 2f =ou are suffering %ecause =ou cannot com#romise0 if =ou are suffering %ecause =ou @ant to live =our truth0 it is a <o=0 it is a %liss6 $ou have to %ecome the ver= salt of the earthD +nd 2 kno@ #eo#le %elieve the #oliticians6 The= @ill create all kinds of trou%les for =ou0 %ut 2 kno@ onl= through those trou%les =ou @ill gro@6 ,o @henever 2 hear that #eo#le are going to create trou%le for =ou0 secretl= 2 giggleD 2 sa=0 E*ee3heeDE .eet +smi0 =ou have also asked& +/D D) $)- T*2/9 2T 2, ")W+5DL$ T*+T 2 +M ")/,2D!52/8 ,T+$2/8 2/ 2/D2+ /)T )/L$ T) B! "L),! T) $)B-T +L,) T) +.)2D T*!,! T5)-BL!,4 2t de#ends6 2t is u# to =ou to %e clear6 2f =ou @ant to %e here <ust to %e close to me then there is no >uestion of co@ardliness0 %ecause here also =ou @ill have to face trou%les 33 in fact man= more666 %ecause the main trou%lemaker is hereD 2 have al@a=s en<o=ed mischief and 2 still en<o= 33 2 donCt @ant to hide it from =ouD 7rom m= ver= childhood 2 have en<o=ed all kinds of mischief0 and m= enlightenment has not made an= difference6 +t the most it has made m= mischiefs a little %it enlightened0 thatCs all0 %ut the %asic foundation remains the same6 )f course 2 make mischiefs no@ on vaster0 greater #lanes0 m= canvas is %igger0 %ut 2 en<o=6 ,o if =ou @ant to %e here <ust to %e close to me it is %eautiful6 %ut =ou @ill not %e avoiding an= trou%le6 2n 8erman= =ou @ill %e far %etter0 %ecause 2 have not heard =et that an= sann=asin has %een molested in 8erman=0 ra#ed in 8erman=0 murdered in 8erman=0 %ut in 2ndia all these things have ha##ened6 +nd man= cases ha##ened0 %ecause 2ndia is far more uncultured0 far more unciviliAed0 far more irreligious than an=%od= else in the @orld0 for the sim#le reason %ecause 2ndians %elieve that the= are religious6 Their %elief of %eing religious hides their irreligiousness6 The= are the

greatest h=#ocrites in the @hole @orld6 But if =ou @ant <ust to avoid trou%le0 donCt %e here6 8erman= is far %etter6 ,econdl=& if =ou are here onl= to avoid trou%les there =ou @ill not %e close to me: it @ill %e a negative kind of closeness0 and unless it is #ositive it is meaningless6 2f =ou are here to %e @ith me0 then it is #erfectl= %eautiful6 )ther@ise0 go to 8erman= and earn a #ositive relationshi# 33 acce#t the challenges there6 +nd 2 am not for going underground 33 there is no need6 )nl= in "hina and 5ussia 2 have allo@ed m= sann=asins to remain underground6 /o@0 t@o of m= sann=asins from 5ussia are here6 The= have %een underground there: someho@ the= have esca#ed6 )nl= in "hina and 5ussia it can %e understood that it @ill im#ossi%le to declare o#enl=0 %ut fe@ 5ussian sann=asins are still doing it o#enl=: the= have found a %eautiful @a=6 2f =ou are reall= read=0 then =ou can al@a=s find a @a=6 The= are moving in red clothes and the= sa=0 EThis is the color of communismDE +nd the= are moving @ith a #icture of mine in their malas and the= sa=0 EThis is no%od= %ut 9arl Mar?DE 2f one @ants to find a @a= one can find a @a=D +nd the= are en<o=ing0 and 2 love the idea 33 nothing is @rong in it 33 %ecause no%od= kno@s a%out me so the= think0 EMa=%e this is 9arl Mar?6E +nd red is certainl= a communist color so there is no #ro%lem a%out it6 +nd =ou can al@a=s read m= %ooks hiding them inside D+, 9+;2T+L0 "ommunist ManifestoD But e?ce#t "hina and 5ussia 2 @ill not allo@ underground @ork an=@here else6 5emain a%ove ground and give a good fightD +nd 2 am giving =ou so man= @ea#ons to fight6 2n fact0 the #eo#le =ou have to fight @ith are alread= dead6 Bust a little #ush and the= @ill fall flat on the ground6 Much @restling is not needed at allD The= have %een dead long666 <ust the= are standing there %ecause no%od= #ushes themD The second >uestion& 1uestion F ),*)0 M)5! +/D M)5! ;!);L! +5! ;-TT2/8 T*!25 7+2T* 2/ +LL ,)5T, )7 ,+2/T,0 ,W+M2, +/D 8)DM!/6 W*+T D) $)- T*2/9 )7 T*2, ;*!/)M!/)/4 W*+T 2, $)-5 );2/2)/ )/ ,+2/T, L29! M+*!,* $)820 M)T*!5 T!5!,+0 ;5+B*-;+D0 M-9T+/+/D+0 ,+T$+ ,+2 B+B+0 B6 952,*/+M-5T20 +/+/D M+20 !T "!T!5+0 !T "!T!5+4 W*+T "52T!52+ ,*)-LD + ;!5,)/ -,! T) B-D8! T*! W)5T* )7 + 8)DM+/ +/D T) !/,-5! *! 2, /)T T+9!/ 7)5 + 52D!4

D6 M6 ,2L.!5+0 The first thing to %e remem%ered is that it is not something ne@ that is ha##ening toda=6 $ou ask me& M)5! +/D M)5! ;!);L! +5! ;-TT2/8 T*!25 7+2T* 2/ +L2 ,)5T, )7 ,+2/T,666 The= have al@a=s done that 33 this is not ne@6 2n fact0 less and less #eo#le are doing it no@0 not more and more6 )ther@ise ho@ =ou @ill e?#lain millions of *indus0 millions of Buddhists0 millions of "hristians0 millions of Mohammedans4 2n fact0 ever=%od= on the earth %elongs to some kind of religion6 *o@ =ou @ill e?#lain this4 !ven communism is a godless religion: it is a church6 2t has its o@n Bi%le 33 D+, 9+;2T+L: it has its o@n unhol= trinit= 33 9arl Mar?0 7riedrich !ngels0 .6 26 Lenin6 2t has its o@n conflicting sects 33 so man= communist #arties in the @orld0 the "hinese cam#0 the 5ussian cam#0 <ust like "atholics0 ;rotestants0 ,hiahs0 ,unnis0 different inter#retations of their scri#tures0 %elieving in different inter#reters6 ,ome%od= %elieves in 7idel "astro0 some%od= %elieves in Mao Tse3tung0 and some%od= %elieves in Tito0 and some%od= %elieves in Bose#h ,talin0 and some%od= %elieves in Leon Trotsk=6 "ommunism is also the same kind of #henomenon6 7e@ #eo#le go to 9aa%a0 fe@ #eo#le go to 9remlin6 2t is the same #henomenon0 the same #ilgrimage6 $ou are doomed if at least once in =our life =ou donCt go to 9aa%a if =ou are a Mohammedan0 and if =ou donCt go to 9remlin at least once in life if =ou are a communist6 9arl Mar?Cs %ooks are @orshi##ed0 are thought to %e infalli%le0 in the same @a= as other religions have done it6 ,o if =ou look then =ou @ill not %e a%le to sa=& M)5! +/D M)5! ;!);L! +5! ;-TT2/8 T*!25 7+2T* 2/ +LL ,)5T, )7 ,+2/T,0 ,W+M2, +/D 8)DM!/6 W*+T D) $)- T*2/9 )7 T*2, ;*!/)M!/)/4 This has al@a=s %een so6 $es0 one thing ne@ is ha##ening0 and that is& man= more #eo#le are changing from one religion to another0 are going astra= from their forefathers6 That is something ne@ 33 and that is something good0 that is something %eautiful6 2t @as for centuries an acce#ted fact that religion has something to do @ith =our %irth6 2t has nothing to do @ith =our %irthD Bust the other da= 2 came across a statement of Mother Teresa6 ,ome%od= has a,ked her a%out me and @hat 2 have told a%out her0 and she said0 E5a<neesh has no reason to interfere @ith m= @ork6 *e should not interfereDE Wh= 2 should not interfere4 2 have

ever= reasonD 2f some crime is ha##ening 2 have to interfere0 2 have to sa= that this is criminal6 ,he sa=s she is fighting a%ortion %= ado#tion6 But @ho is res#onsi%le for a%ortion4 Mother Teresa0 the ;olack ;o#e0 and the @hole com#an=D The= are res#onsi%le for a%ortion %ecause the= are against contrace#tives0 the= are against %irth control6 +nd if =ou are against contrace#tives0 against %irth control0 then a%ortion is %ound to ha##en6 7irst the= manage that a%ortion should continue and then the= fight a%ortion %= ado#tionD +nd the >uestioner asks that 2 have %een criticiAing her %ecause she refused a child to a ;rotestant famil= to %e ado#ted %ecause he @as ;rotestant0 and she @anted a "atholic famil= to ado#t the child6 ,he said0 res#onding to this0 that each child has a %irthright to choose his religion6 But @ho is she to choose4 The child has the %irthright 33 that 2 can understand0 and 2 acce#t it6 +nd if that is true then no child should %e %a#tiAed unless the child is gro@n u# and decides on his o@n0 @ithout an= mani#ulation conditioning0 teaching6 *e should %e left alone to en>uire0 and @hen he decides to %ecome a "hristian or a Buddhist or a Mohammedan0 of course he has the right6 But a small child666 ho@ do =ou decide @hat religion he @ants to choose4 This @as asked0 so she said0 E7irst @e decide to @hat religion he has %een %orn6E /o@0 religion has nothing to do @ith %irth6 $ou ma= %e %orn in a *indu famil=: that does not mean that =ou have %ecome a *indu6 $ou ma= %e %orn in a communist famil=: that does not mean that =ou have %ecome a communist6 $ou ma= %e %orn to a famil=666 the father is a doctor0 the mother is a doctor0 that does not mean =ou have %ecome a doctor6 2t should %e so 33 t@o doctors giving %irth to a child 33 he should %e immediatel= given a certificate that he is an M6D6D This is nonsenseD 5eligion has to %e chosen6 The >uestioner also asked that0 E2f =ou donCt kno@ the famil= of the child 33 %ecause man= children =ou %ring in =our or#hanage are thro@n3a@a= children: =ou donCt kno@ their famil=0 =ou donCt kno@ their %ackground 33 then ho@ do =ou decide4E Then she said0 EBecause 2 am a "atholic and 2 have %een %ringing them u#0 then the= to go "atholicism0 the= are "atholics6 2 decideDE Where is the %irthright of the child then4 ,ome%od= else decidesD This old stu#idit= is disa##earing a little %it6 ;eo#le have started en>uiring on their o@n6 /o@ the #eo#le @ho have surrounded around me666 Toda= there are five thousand sann=asins here: all over the earth there are no@ more than t@o hundred thousand sann=asins6 These are the #eo#le @ho have decided on their o@n: this is their decision6 +nd @hen religion is =our o@n decision then it %ecomes a commitment then it is involvement6 Then =ou are fulfilling =our o@n heartCs desire6 Then there is <o= and then there is love6 Then it is a love affairD

2n the #ast #eo#le @ere %orn to a certain famil= and that @as their religion6 Toda= onl= one thing ne@ is ha##ening0 ,ilvera0 and that is more and more #eo#le %ecoming mature0 more and more #eo#le are understanding their %irthright0 are understanding that the= have to choose their o@n religion6 )nl= then the= can #ut their heart into it: onl= then the= can %e read=0 if the need arises0 to sacrifice their life6 The #eo#le @ho had chosen Besus 33 the= @ere Be@s 33 according to Mother Teresa the= @ere doing something @rong6 Besus himself @as a Be@0 he @as not a "hristian 33 that much is a%solutel= certain6 *e had not even heard the @ord E"hristianED *e lived as a Be@ and he died as a Be@6 +nd the #eo#le @ho had gathered around him 33 a small grou# 33 the= @ere all Be@s6 +ccording to Mother Teresa the= must have remained Be@s6 Then there @ould have %een no Mother Teresa and no "hristianit=D But the= had chosen a #ath of their o@n0 the= had decided to go %e=ond the mo% #s=cholog=6 The= had chosen to go against the cro@d6 + religious #erson is al@a=s a re%el6 5eligion is re%ellion: thatCs its %asic flavor0 its fragrance6 +nd no@ more and more #eo#le are %ecoming ca#a%le of doing it6 This is a good sign& this sho@s that humanit= is coming of age6 $ou ask me& M)5! +/D M)5! ;!);L! +5! ;-TT2/8 T*!25 7+2T* 2/ +LL ,)5T, )7 ,+2/T,0 ,W+M2, +/D 8)DM!/6 W*+T D) $)- T*2/9 )7 T*2, ;*!/)M!/)/4 W*+T 2, $)-5 );2/2)/ )/ ,+2/T, L29! M+*!,* $)820 M)T*!5 T!5!,+0 ;5+B*-;+D0 M-9T+/+/D+0 ,+T$+ ,+2 B+B+0 B6 952,*/+M-5T20 +/+/D M+20 !T "!T!5+4 )ne gets a Master one deserves 33 and thatCs natural0 inevita%le6 ,o 2 divide these saints in three categories6 7irst0 the idiots 33 there are millions of idiots in the @orld: the= need their o@n saints0 and the= have ever= right6 +nd @hat else the= can do4 The= are idiots 33 @hatsoever the= do @ill %e idioticD +nd @henever there is demand there is su##l=6 ,o ;ra%hu#ad0 Muktananda0 ,at=a ,ai Ba%a fulfill their needs6 The= are a%solutel= needed0 other@ise the needs of the idiots @ill %e neglectedD Who @ill take care of them4 The= have ever= right to have their o@n saints0 s@amis and godmen6 The second categor= %elongs to the average 21s6 +nand Mai0 Mother Teresa0 Mahesh $ogi0 these %elong to the average 33 neither idiots nor intellectuals0 <ust middlers 33 the follo@ers of the golden mean6 "autiousl= the= move0 calculatingl= the= move6 These are the #eo#le @ho @ill follo@ +nand Mai0 Mother Teresa0 Mahesh $ogi6 +nd the third categor= is of the intellectuals: the= @ill follo@ #eo#le like B6 9rishnamurti6 *is @hole a##roach is #urel= intellectual6 2 donCt %elong to an= of these categories6 2 %elong to a fourth categor=& the craAies0 the

madD +nd the= are the most %eautiful #eo#le on the earth 33 the= are the real #eo#leD 2n fact0 these mad #eo#le @ere around Besus0 around ,ocrates0 around Buddha0 around Lao TAu0 "huang TAu6 These are the #eo#le @ho have created the greatest flo@ers of m=sticism0 %ecause m=sticism is a kind of madness 33 a madness @ith a method 33 it is going %e=ond mind6 When some%od= goes out of mind =ou call him mad: going %e=ond mind is also going out of mind6 The madman falls %elo@ the mind and the m=stic falls a%ove the mind0 %ut %oth go outside the mind: that much is similar6 *ence ever= m=stic has some similarit= @ith the madman0 and ever= madman also has some similarit= @ith the m=stic6 $ou @ill find some #lace @here the= overla#6 But this fourth categor= is the real categor=6 7or the first categor=& There @as once a man @ho traveled to a far distant land to seek enlightenment6 7inall= he arrived at the d@elling of a sage @ho @as re#uted to %e a Master of Masters6 +t the #recise moment that he @as ushered into the #resence of the 8reat )ne0 a strange agitation seiAed him and he fell to the ground0 feeling that the ver= earth might o#en u# and s@allo@ him6 E+t last666 at lastDE he stammered0 E$ou have stirred m= innermost %eing0 ) MasterDE E/ot at all 33 that @as an earth>uake C re#lied the Master calml=6 /o@0 this man has reached to a @rong MasterD *e needed a Muktananda0 a ;ra%hu#ad0 @ho @ould have nodded and he @ould have said0 E$es0 this is the arousal of kundaliniD $our kundalini has arisenD 2t ha##ens @hen some%od= comes to me 33 m= kundalini triggers his kundalini6E /o@0 the Master must have %een a man like me6 *e sim#l= said the truth0 EDonCt %e a foolD 2t is <ust an earth>uake 33 nothing has ha##ened6E +n 2rishman @as in an air#lane @atching a movie6 When he realiAed he had alread= seen it0 he got u# and @alked out the door of the #lane6 +fter a long time floating in the ocean he landed on a small island6 Man= =ears later a %eautiful @oman in a @etsuit came out of the sea and a##roached the 2rishman6 ,he unAi##ed one of the to# #ockets of the suit and said0 E2 %et =ou have not had a smoke for a long time0E and she handed him a cigarette6 /e?t she unAi##ed her other to# #ocket and said0 E2 %et =ou have not had a drink for a long time0E and she #roduced a flask of @hiske= from the #ocket6 ,lo@l= unAi##ing the knot of her @etsuit she said0 E2 @ill %et there is something else =ou have not done for a long timeDE

The 2rishman e?claimed0 EM= 8odD *ave =ou got golfclu%s in there too4E /o@0 these #eo#le also need Masters0 saints0 s@amis0 godmen0 and their need is authentical0 ver= authentic0 and the= are in the ma<orit=6 These are the #eo#le @ho live in "alifornialandD + #olitician in "alifornia @as addressing a grou# of concerned citiAens on the #ro%lem of over#o#ulation6 EDo =ou realiAe0E he said0 Ethat @hile @e sit here0 ever= minute a @oman is giving %irth to a child4 What are @e going to do a%out this4E 7rom the %ack of the room a voice #i#ed u#0 EWell0 the first thing @e had %etter do is find that @omanDE + ;olack arrived in the %ig cit= for the first time6 *e stood ga#ing at a fift=3stor= %uilding @hich housed the countr=Cs %iggest ne@s#a#er #ress6 *e asked a #asser%=0 EWhat is this huge %uilding for4E ,eeing ho@ naive the ;olack @as0 the #asser%= said0 EWh=0 that is @here Brutus the 8iant livesDE The ;olack hung around in front of the %uilding all da= in the ho#e of catching a glim#se of the giant6 +t ten oCclock in the evening the same #asser%= sa@ the ;olack still standing there and took #it= on him6 ELook0 there is not an= giant in there0 2 @as <ust <okingDE EBoking0 m= footDE re#lied the ;olack6 E7ive minutes ago a truck arrived loaded @ith huge rolls of toilet #a#er for himDE + ;olack found a t@ent=3dollar %ill6 *e thought for a fe@ minutes a%out ho@ to s#end it6 7inall= he fli##ed a coin6 E*eads0 2 @ill eat it a@a=: tails0 2 @ill drink it6E The coin s#un in the air0 fell on his la#0 and disa##eared %et@een the %uttons of his fl=6 E+haDE grinned the ;olack6 EThatCs another #ossi%ilit=DE 7or these #eo#le0 ;ra%hu#ad0 the founder of *are 9rishna Movement666 *e is almost like a magnet& he attracts the uttermost idiots in the @orldD That much credit must %e given to him6 Muktananda 33 he is not that much great as ;ra%hu#ad %ut comes ver= close6 /o@ he is sitting on the Miami Beach 33 that is the right #lace0 thatCs @here these #eo#le are needed6 +nd for the second categor=0 the average intelligent #erson& Mother Teresa0 Maharishi Mahesh $ogi0 +nand Mai0 these #eo#le @ill do6

The #olice station received a call& E;hili#Cs residenceDE a hoarse voice shrieked6 E8et over here >uickD There is a cat in the houseDE E+ cat4D +nd =ou called us u# for that4 Whom am 2 talking to an=@a=4E E;hili#Cs #arrotDE +verage intelligenceD Mur#h=0 the father of ten children0 asked the #harmacist for a #acket of contrace#tives6 *e returned si? @eeks later to com#lain& EThe= did not do an= good at all6 M= @ife is #regnant again6 2 think the= @ere too %ig0 even though 2 cut off a droo#= %it at the endDE +nd for the third categor=0 the #eo#le @ho are attracted to 9rishnamurti& + fat Be@ish lad= @alked slo@l= home to her a#artment after sho##ing6 ,he had a tremendous #ro%lem: for the last %lock she had needed to fart6 But she managed to hold onto it until she got into the elevator6 Then0 to her great relief0 she let it go6 Worried0 ho@ever0 that the ri#e smell @ould distur% an=one @ho entered the elevator %efore she got to her t@ent=3fifth3stor= a#artment0 she took out from her %ag an aerosol can of #ine3s#ra= and s#ra=ed the elevator6 +t the fifth floor t@o #rofessors got on6 The= immediatel= cla##ed their hands over their noses6 +fter the fat Be@ish lad= got off at the t@ent=3fifth floor one #rofessor said to the other0 E"hrist0 @hat a smellD What do =ou reckon it is4E The other re#lied0 E,mells to me as if someone has <ust shit %ehind a #ine treeDE The Wild 8eese and the Water "ha#ter (3 "ha#ter title& !cstatic +ll the Wa= 13 7e%ruar= 1 '1 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& '10F130 ,hortTitle& W2LD8,03 +udio& $es .ideo& $es The first >uestion& 1uestion 1

),*)0 W)-LD $)- ;L!+,! ,+$ ,)M!T*2/8 )/ T*! 7)LL)W2/8 W)5D, )7 T*! ;)!T0 9+*L2L 82B5+/& EW*!/ L).! B!"9)/, T) $)-0 7)LL)W *2M6 L).! ;),,!,,!, /)T /)5 W)-LD 2T B! ;),,!,,!D0 7)5 L).! 2, ,-772"2!/T -/T) L).!6 L).! *+, /) D!,25! B-T T) 7-L72LL 2T,!L76E +/2L B*+5T20 9+*L2L 82B5+/ 2, + ;)!T0 %ut not a m=stic6 + #oet is a dreamer0 a m=stic is a visionar=0 and the difference is vast6 The difference is not onl= of >uantit= %ut of >ualit=6 The #oet looks not at the moon %ut at the reflection of the moon in the trou%led @aters of the lake6 *e gets fe@ glim#ses here and there0 %ut the= are onl= glim#ses and ver= vague6 *is #erce#tion is not clear0 cannot %e0 %ecause he has not #assed through the alchemical #rocess of meditation6 The mind is there %et@een him and the realit=0 and the mind al@a=s inter#rets: it is a constant commentator6 2t never allo@s the realit= to reach to =ou as it is6 2t distorts it0 it #olishes it0 it changes it6 2t makes it according to its o@n gestalt0 its o@n #attern6 2t gives it the sha#e of its o@n ideas0 it colors it6 )f course something of the realit= still lingers on0 %ut it is onl= something fragmentar=0 as if the #oet has seen a %eautiful dream6 But the m=stic kno@s it directl=0 immediatel=: there is no inter#retation6 !?istence and the m=stic are in dee# communion6 The #oet is onl= once in a @hile in a sort of communication0 %ut never of communion6 2n communication =ou remain se#arate0 %ridged for the moment %ut still se#arate6 2n communion =ou are no more0 not onl= %ridged for the moment 33 =ou are sim#l= not there6 2t is not a >uestion of creating a %ridge: =ou are immersed0 =ou are attuned6 $ou are in a state of at3onement @ith realit=6 5emem%er this %efore @e start meditating on these %eautiful @ords of 9ahlil 8i%ran 33 the= are %eautiful6 *e is one of the most #erce#tive #oets of this age0 %ut he is a #oet0 not a m=stic: he is not a Buddha0 not a "hrist6 *e has not seen realit=0 he has dreamed a%out it6 *is dreams are %eautiful0 #s=chedelic0 %ut dreams are dreams: even if sometimes the= reflect the realit=0 the= onl= reflect it6 The= are fara@a= echoes0 or ma=%e echoes of the echoes of the echoes6 9ahlil 8i%ran sa=s& W*!/ L).! B!"9)/, T) $)-0 7)LL)W *2M6 2t is im#lied in the statement that as if love is some thing outside =ou and =ou have to

follo@ it6 2n fact0 @hen love is there =ou are not there: there is no%od= to follo@ it6 Love is over@helmingD Love is a dissolution of the ego6 Who is there to follo@4 Who is there not to follo@4 2f there is some%od= still to follo@ or not to follo@ then it is not love0 then it must %e something else 33 ma=%e %iolog=0 chemistr=0 #s=cholog=0 %ut not love6 2t must %e instinctive: it must %e lust #arading as love0 camouflaged as love6 2t must %e something animal6 When love is there the lover is not: the= canCt e?ist together6 That is im#ossi%le0 that is not in the nature of things 33 the= cannot coe?ist6 2f the lover is there0 love is not: if love is there0 =ou @ill not find the lover an=@here6 Then @ho is to follo@4 Who is to hear the call of love and @ho has to go @ith love4 2f some%od= is there to follo@ then something is missing 33 something ver= %asic and fundamental is missing6 The statement is %eautiful0 %ut it has not come out of meditativeness6 2t is a fara@a= echo: he has dreamed a%out it6 2f =ou ask the Buddha he @ill sa=& When love is there0 =ou are not6 +nd there is no @a= not to follo@ it0 there is no @a= to go against it6 $ou +5! 2TD But then =ou have to understand the multidimensionalit= of the #henomenon of love6 The lo@est dimension is animal: ninet=3nine #ercent #eo#le never go %e=ond it6 ,o @hen the= hear @ords like this0EWhen love %eckons to =ou0 follo@ him0E the= inter#ret it according to themselves6 2n all the languages of the @orld @e have this e?#ression Efalling in loveE: it is significant6 Wh= Efalling in loveE4 33 %ecause for ninet=3nine #ercent #eo#le it is reall= a fall6 The= are going do@n@ards to the @orld of instincts0 %iolog=0 #h=siolog=6 The= are %eing dominated %= the hormones0 %= the glands0 %= their %od= chemistr=6 2t is ha##ening in animals0 it is ha##ening in the trees 33 it is nothing s#ecial0 it is nothing human6 2 @ill not sa=0 EWhen =our %iolog= %eckons to =ou0 follo@ it6E 2 @ill sa=0 EWatch0 %e a@are0 %e alert0E %ecause if =ou are not a@are =ou are %ound to %e taken over0 dominated %= the lo@est element in =ou0 %= the most #eri#heral in =ou6 $ou @ill %e dominated and guided %= unconscious natural forces6 ThatCs @hat is ha##ening& in the name of love #eo#le are sim#l= %ehaving like animals6 2t is a fallD But there are higher dimensions of love too666 The first kind of love a##ears as if it is coming from the outside6 2t reall= comes from the outside %ecause it comes from the circumference and the center has to follo@ the circumference6 The circumference is the outermost thing in =ou: it is outside =ou6 $ou are far a@a= from the circumference at the dee#est shrine of =our %eing6 When love calls =ou forth that means it is coming from the #eri#her=0 some@here from the outside6 + man falls in love @ith a @oman or a @oman falls in love @ith a man0 %ut it is

nothing s#ecial to man0 it is not #art of the dignit= of man6 2t is a fall and it @ill %ring miser= to =ou6 +nd remem%er0 it @ill %e #ossessive6 +nd also0 if =ou carefull= @atch0 =ou @ill see it @ill not onl= %e #ossessive: dee# do@n there @ill %e a desire to %e #ossessed too6 $ou are alread= #ossessed %= nature0 no@ it @ill have other im#lications6 The man @ill %e #ossessed %= the @oman0 the @oman @ill %e #ossessed %= the man666 and the @hole conflict of the so3called love6 Whenever =ou are #ossessed %= some%od= there is a dichotom= in =ou& =ou @ant to %e #ossessed and =et =ou @ant to %e free6 There is a conflict @ithin =ou& =ou @ant to %e #ossessed %ecause that makes =ou feel valua%le0 #ossessi%le6 ,ome%od= is #a=ing res#ect to =ou0 some%od= is thinking of =ou as a treasure0 so =ou feel good that =ou are #ossessed6 But on the other hand0 simultaneousl= =ou feel that =ou are %eing reduced into a commodit=6 2t ma= %e a treasure0 %ut a treasure has no consciousness6 $ou are %ecoming a thing0 =ou are %eing reduced into the @orld of o%<ects0 =ou are %ecoming an o%<ect of #ossession6 $ou are losing =our su%<ectivit= and the freedom of =our su%<ectivit=0 hence the conflict6 +nd =ou @ill %e in miser= %ecause @hatsoever =ou do @ill onl= fulfill half the desire and the other half @ill remain frustrated6 2f =ou allo@ =ourself to %e #ossessed0 =our desire to %e free remains unfulfilled0 it fights: if =ou donCt allo@ =ourself to %e #ossessed =ou are free0 %ut something in =ou goes on insisting that no%od= #ossesses =ou6 Does it mean no%od= values =ou4 Does it mean no%od= is %othered %= =ou0 no%od= takes an= note0 that =ou are @orthless4 +t this level of love0 miser= is a natural conse>uence6 Watch it0 %ecause through @atchfulness =ou can rise a%ove it6 $ou can start rising in love rather than falling in love6 Watchfulness %ecomes like a ladder from the lo@est to the highest6 The second dimension is closer to @hat 9ahlil 8i%ran sa=s in his second statement& L).! ;),,!,,!, /)T /)5 W)-LD 2T B! ;),,!,,!D0 7)5 L).! 2, ,-772"2!/T -/T) L).!6 But again he gives a @rong reasoning @h= love is not going to #ossess and is not going to %e #ossessed6 *e sa=s& %ecause love is sufficient unto itself 33 thatCs not so6 Love is not sufficient unto itself& love needs to %e shared6 There is an immense0 overflo@ing energ= @hich needs to %e shared6 The flo@er is not sufficient unto itself: it needs the @inds and the sun so that it can release its hidden s#lendor0 its fragrance0 its #erfume6 2f it is not allo@ed to release its #erfume it @ill %e in dee# suffering6 Love suffers most @hen there is no%od= to share it6 The greatest suffering comes @hen =ou have to give and there is no%od= to receive it6 L).! ;),,!,,!, /)T 33 that is true 33 /)5 W)-LD 2T B! ;),,!,,!D 33 that is true6 But the reason given

for it %= 9ahlil 8i%ran is not right6 2t is #oetic0 %ut it has no insight into the realit= of love6 Love is non3#ossessive %ecause loveCs ver= essence is freedom6 2f =ou love a #erson =ou @ould like the #erson to %e a%solutel= free6 +nd if =ou love some%od= =ou can love onl= if =ou have loved =ourself %efore it: that is a #recondition6 $ou cannot love others if =ou are not in dee# love @ith =ourself6 The first0 the foremost love is love for oneself6 When this flame starts %urning in =ou 33 love for oneself666 2t has not %een told to =ou for centuries0 in fact <ust the o##osite has %een taught& EDonCt love =ourself0 it is selfish0E the= sa=6 ELove othersDE !ven "hristians @ho think the= are follo@ing "hrist have misinter#reted his tremendousl= significant statement6 *e sa=s& ELove =our enemies like =ourself6E The= have taken onl= half #art of it: the= sa=0 ELove =our enemies0E %ut the= have forgotten the %asic condition6 Besus sa=s0 ELove =our enemies like =ourself C %ut if =ou donCt love =ourself0 in @hat @a= =ou are going to love =our enemies4 What @ill %e the criterion4 7irst =ou have to love =ourself0 then =ou can even love =our enemies 33 @hat to sa= a%out friends4 @hat to sa= a%out lovers4 The first love has to ha##en @ithin =ourself: it is something inner6 2t ha##ens onl= @hen =ou %ecome silent0 a@are0 meditative0 @hen =ou get out of the mind6 Mind is #ossessive0 mind is dictatorial0 mind is a des#ot6 2t @ants to dominate0 %ecause the center of the mind is the ego and the ego can ride on an=thing 33 an= horse @ill do6 Mone= @ill do0 #o@er @ill do0 kno@ledge @ill do0 asceticism @ill do0 virtue @ill do0 love @ill do 33 even loveD !ven the love @ill %e converted into a horse and the ego can ride on it6 Love is non3#ossessive onl= @hen it is not of the mind0 %ut 9ahlil 8i%ran kno@s nothing of the no3mind6 Meditation means the state of no3mind6 Love should arise in a state of no3mind: =ou have to #re#are the state of no3mind for love to ha##en6 2t does not come from the outside0 it does not come from some@here else6 When =ou are silent it s#rings @ithin =ourself0 it %looms @ithin =ourself6 Meditation functions like s#ring0 and the flo@ers that have %een @aiting for the s#ring suddenl= o#en u#6 $our inner %eing %ecomes so full of #erfume0 it is so fragrant0 =ou are so overflo@ing @ith fragrance0 =ou have to share it6 +nd it is so much that =ou cannot %e miserl= a%out it6 +n ancient Ti%etan stor= is& + Master denied his @hole life to acce#t an= disci#le6 The more he denied0 the more he %ecame famous6 More and more #eo#le @ere coming and asking to %e initiated0 %ut he @ill refuse6 *is conditions @ere such that no%od= @as a%le to fulfill them6 *e had onl= a =oung man to look after him: he @as also not a disci#le0 %ecause he

never initiated an=%od=6 The Master @as getting old so he had allo@ed this =oung man666 The =oung man @anted to serve the Master6 *e said0 E2f =ou are not going to initiate me0 oka=0 donCt initiate me0 %ut let me %e here to serve =ou0 to look after =our #h=sical needs6 $ou are getting old6E +nd he allo@ed the =oung man6 The da= he @as d=ing he called the =oung man and told him0 E5un to the village and tell to #eo#le0 @hosoever @ants to %e initiated can come immediatel=6E The =oung man could not %elieve6 *e said0 EBut @hat a%out =our conditions4 $our conditions are so im#ossi%le that no%od= has %een a%le u# to no@ to fulfill them6E The Master laughed and he said0 E/o@ 2 can tell =ou the truthD The real thing is0 all those conditions @ere <ust a strateg= not to sa= to #eo#le that C2 have not =et reached: that 2 donCt have it0 so ho@ 2 can give it to =ou4C 2 never @anted to sa= that 2 have not =et %ecome the a@akened one0 the %lessed one0 so 2 had found this strateg=& that C$ou are not =et @orth= to %e initiated6C But no@ 2 have attained 33 this morning it has ha##enedD 33 and 2 am so %urdened that 2 @ant to %e relieved6 E,o there is no condition at all6 $ou sim#l= go0 and @hosoever @ants to %e initiated0 gather them and tell them that this is m= last da=6 +s the sun @ill %e setting 2 @ill also disa##ear from this @orld0 so onl= fe@ hours are there6 8ather as man= #eo#le as =ou canDE The =oung man could not %elieve0 %ut the Master @as sa=ing so he rushed6 The villagers could not %elieve: the= thought that it must %e some kind of <oke6 The man has %een so stu%%orn a%out his conditions and conditions @ere so im#ossi%le 33 onl= ,u#erman can fulfill his conditionsD Those #oor villagers said0 EBut @e are not @orth=DE The =oung man said0 E/o@ he is not asking for an= readiness on =our #art6 +n=%od= @ho @ants to %e initiated0 @ho @ants to share the truth0 he is read= to give6E 7e@ #eo#le @ere curious& EWhat is the matter4E 33 so <ust out of curiosit=0 kno@ing #erfectl= that old man for man= =ears0 @ithout %elieving %ut <ust out of curiosit= follo@ed6 ,ome%od=Cs @ife had died and he @as feeling a little misera%le so he said0 E)ka=0 it @ill %e good <ust to go to the old man for some consolation0 and if he @ants to give some advice or some @isdom0 @h= not take it4E + =oung man @as unem#lo=ed0 he @as thro@n out from his <o%0 and he @as <ust sitting idle so he said0 E)ka=0 2 am also coming6E !ven a small child seeing a cro@d going to@ards the hermitage follo@ed6 *e had not gone to the school that da= and it @as good e?cuse that he had gone to the saint0 so he also @ent there6 The =oung man looked at the cro@d6 *e could not %elieve his e=es0 %ecause he has seen ver= @ise #eo#le coming0 the #urest0 the most innocent0 the virtuous0 the #uritans0 the ascetics0 and the= @ere all refused6 +nd this motle= cro@dD *e laughed himself& EWhat is going to ha##en4 The @hole thing seems to %e sim#l= craA=D +nd

@hat this small child is going to get4 +nd the reasons the= are coming are a%surd& some%od=Cs @ife has died0 some%od= is unem#lo=ed0 some%od=Cs off da=0 the child has not gone to the school6E *e @ent @ith this cro@d6 The Master did not even ask0 EWh= =ou @ant to %e initiated4E *e sim#l= started calling single individuals0 initiating them6 The =oung man said0 E2 cannot %elieve m= e=esD 2 had never imagined that this @ill ever ha##enDE The Master said0 E2t is ver= sim#le6 /o@ 2 have it and 2 have to give it: then 2 didnCt0 there @as nothing to give6 +nd @hat @as the #oint to sho@ oneCs em#tiness to #eo#le4 ,o 2 #retended that C2 have it0 %ut =ou are not read=6C /o@0 @hether =ou are read= or not0 @ho cares4 2 am un%urdening m=self6E That has al@a=s %een the @a= of the Masters6 When the raincloud is full of rain@ater it does not %other @hether it is sho@ering on the rocks or on a good soil0 @hether the soil is fertile or not6 2t sim#l= sho@ersD 2t sho@ers @ithout an= conditions6 ,o is the truth a%out love& @hen =ou love =ourself0 @hen =our love has e?#loded0 @hen it has %ecome a realit= @ithin =ou0 =ou share itD 2t is not sufficient unto itself0 it needs sharing6 !ven truth needs sharing0 Buddhahood needs sharing0 "hrist3 consciousness needs sharing6 2t is irresisti%le0 it has to %e shared: there is no @a= to avoid it6 )ther@ise0 @h= in his old age0 @hen Buddha @as eight=3t@o0 he @as still traveling and talking to #eo#le and sa=ing to #eo#le4 *e @as ill0 he @as old0 he @as getting ever= da= @eaker0 %ut he @as still traveling6 *is disci#les @ere sa=ing that0 E/o@ =ou #lease sto#DE +nd he @ill sa=0 E2 cannot0 2 have to give6 To the last of m= %reath 2 have to give6E +nd actuall= thatCs @hat ha##ened6 When he @as d=ing0 the last da= has come0 he has declared that no@ he is going to leave his %od=& E*as an=%od= something to ask4E Ten thousand sann=asins had gathered0 his disci#les the= @ere cr=ing6 The= said0 E$ou have ans@ered ever=thingD $ou have %een ans@ering for fort=3t@o =ears continuousl=0 morning0 afternoon0 evening6 $ou have said ever=thing that @e @ould have ever thought or asked or en>uired 33 in fact thousand times more =ou have said6 There is nothing to ask6E 2t @as BuddhaCs @a= to ask ever=thing thrice6 *e again asked0 E*ave =ou got an= >uestions4E The= refused6 *e again asked6 EMa=%e some%od= has a >uestion and is not asking <ust not to %other me in this last moment of m= life6 DonCt %e @orried0 ask itD Till m= last %reath 2 @ant to share0 2 have to share6E But the= refused6 The= said0 EWe donCt have an= >uestion6E Then he said0 E8ood%=e6 2 can close m= e=es0 2 can start disa##earing6E *e said6 E7irst 2 @ill disa##ear from the %od=0 then from the mind0 then from the heart0 and then from

m= soul6 +s if a candle is e?tinguished666 the flame disa##ears666 =ou cannot find it an=@here %ecause no@ it is ever=@here6E Bust @hen he had closed his e=es and @as disa##earing from the %od= and the mind and reaching to the third stage0 a man came running6 7or thirt= =ears he had %een @aiting to ask something0 %ut al@a=s something or other came and he could not ask6 2n fact0 he had not seen Buddha for thirt= =ears6 *e had al@a=s @anted to visit him0 %ut sometimes the customers @ere there0 sometimes some guests had arrived0 sometimes the @ife @as ill0 sometimes some other #ro%lem0 and he al@a=s #ost#oned6 The ordinar= @a= of humanit=& #ost#onement0 tomorro@666 E/e?t time @hen Buddha comes %= 2 @ill ask6E ,uddenl= he heard in the village the rumor that EThis is the last da=0 Buddha @ill not %e there tomorro@6E ,o he closed his sho#6 !ven the customers @ere still there and the= said0 EWhat are =ou doing4E *e said0 E!nough is enoughD 33 no@ 2 cannot @aitDE The @ife said0 E2 am feeling ver= illE 33 the= are al@a=s feeling ill 33 E2 have a headacheDE +nd @hen =ou are going to a Buddha0 the @ife @ill al@a=s have a headacheD EWhere are =ou going4E *e said0 E$ou get lostD 2 have no time even to ans@erDE *e rushed6 The @ife follo@ed0 the customers follo@ed6 EWhat is the matter4 *e has gone suddenl= mad6664 ,uch a calculating man0 a %usinessmanDE *e reached and he asked the disci#les that0 E2 @ant to ask a >uestionDE The= said0 E2t is too late6 *e had asked thrice0 @e had refused6 +nd @here =ou have %een4 7or thirt= =ears he has %een #assing from =our village0 almost ever= =ear he has #assed6 Where =ou have %een4E *e said0 E2 am sorr=0 %ut 2 al@a=s #ost#oned0 %elieving that there @ill %e a tomorro@6 /o@ 2 cannot #ost#one6 +nd 2 donCt kno@ @hether in m= future life 2 @ill ever come across a man like 8autam Buddha6 Who kno@s4 2 cannot miss this o##ortunit=DE + >uarrel started6 *e @as sa=ing that0 E 2 @ill ask himDE +nd the= @ere sa=ing0 E/o@ it is not #ossi%leDE +nd Buddha o#ened his e=es6 *e said0 EThis is not right6 2 am still alive 33 let him askD To the last of m= %reath0 if 2 am alive 2 @ould not like it to %e told a%out me that CBuddha @as alive and a man has come to en>uire0 and he @as refused6C Let him ask6E +nd he @as read= to ans@er6 *e ans@ered666 Love0 truth0 %liss 33 there is an intrinsic core in them& the= need to %e shared: the= are not sufficient unto themselves6 ,haring is #art0 %ut the= are not #ossessive6 The reason is totall= different6 The reason is that love %asicall= gives freedom& it gives freedom to oneself0 it gives freedom to others6 + love that %ecomes a %ondage is not love: it is

lust0 it is animal0 it is not human6 Love gives freedom0 then it %ecomes human6 But still it is a kind of relatedness6 There is one more dimension to love6 2n the first0 love is a %iological need: in the second it is a #s=chological sharing: in the third =ou are love6 2n the first it is a relationshi#0 a #ossessiveness: in the second it is a relatedness0 a friendshi#0 a friendliness: in the third =ou are love itself6 $our ver= %eing is love0 =ou radiate loveD )nl= then love has come to its crescendo 33 it has achieved the ultimate0 the last 33 =ou can call it 8od6 Besus e?actl= sa=s0 E8od is love6E 2 @ould like to change the statement <ust a little %it0 the same @ords %ut a different arrangement6 2 @ould like to sa=& Love is 8od 33 %ecause @hen =ou sa= 8od is love it sim#l= means love is one of the attri%utes of 8od: there ma= %e man= others6 2 sa= to =ou& Love is 8od 33 8od itself is nothing %ut an attri%ute of love 33 it is godliness6 +nd the third statement of 9ahlil 8i%ran is& L).! *+, /) D!,25! B-T T) 7-L72LL 2T,!L76 + %eautiful statement0 %ut onl= a##arentl=6 Dee# do@n something is missing 33 it is %ound to %e missing6 2t is not a fault of 9ahlil 8i%ran& he is onl= a #oet0 he can %e forgiven6 *e sa=s& L).! *+, /) D!,25! B-T T) 7-L72LL 2T,!L76 /o0 even that desire is not there0 %ecause love itself is a fulfillment6 There is no >uestion of an= future fulfillment 33 there is no future in love6 Love kno@s onl= one time and that is this moment0 no@6 Love is the means and the end6 2t is fulfillment0 it is contentment0 and out of this fulfillment is the fragrance6 ,o to a certain e?tent he is right @hen he sa=s& L).! *+, /) D!,25!666 But the second #art of the statement0 B-T T) 7-L72LL 2T,!L70 he commits a mistake6 That too is a desire& T) 7-L72LL 2T,!L7 !ven that desire is not there6 Love has no desire0 in fact love ha##ens onl= @hen =ou have reached to the #oint of desirelessness6 ThatCs @hat 2 call going %e=ond the mind6 Mind has desires: @hen =ou sli# out of the mind =ou are a no3mind6 There are no desires0 no memories0 no imagination0 no fantasies0 no future0 no #ast6 $ou e?ist no@ and here6 This ver= %od= the Buddha6 This ver= s#ace the lotus #aradise6 The second >uestion&

1uestion F ),*)0 +5! $)- 5!+LL$ 8)D4 B),!;*0 M= 8odD +re =ou a 8erman or something4 "anCt =ou understand a sim#le <oke4 8od does not e?ist at all0 so ho@ 2 can %e reall= a 8od4 DonCt take me seriousl= 33 2 am not a serious #erson at all 33 this is <ust a <okeD But =ou must %e a 8erman0 and #erha#s also a Be@6 + 8erman has no humor 33 he onl= laughs @hen told to6 + 8erman never thinks 33 thatCs @hat his %oss does for him6 + 8erman loves variet= 33 #rovided it never changes6 + 8erman never makes a mistake 33 if he does0 he does it correctl=6 + 8erman loves foreign customs 33 as long as the= are 8erman6 + 8erman is orderl= 33 even chaos is strictl= organiAed6 2 have nothing to do @ith 8od6 2 donCt take the res#onsi%ilit= of making this @orld666 and doing this @hole <o% in si? da=s6 it @as a%solutel= destined to %e a messD +nd the man @ho has never done an=thing like it %efore did it in si? da=s0 and since then he has disa##eared0 nothing has %een heard a%out him6 *e must have freaked out0 seeing @hat he has doneD But =ou are much concerned a%out m= %eing reall= a 8od6 + Be@ish concernD 2f 2 am reall= a 8od0 then Bose#h @ill think of %ecoming a sann=asin0 %ut first he has to check0 dou%le3check& E2s this man reall= a 8od4E + =oung man @ent to the legal firm of 8old%erg and Weinstein6 E"an 2 see Mr6 8old%erg4E he asked the secretar=6 E2 am sorr=0 Mr6 8old%erg is out of to@n6E EThen can 2 see Mr6 Weinstein4E E2 am sorr=0E she ans@ered0 EMr6 Weinstein is tied u#6E + @eek later he returned6 E"an 2 see Mr6 8old%erg4E he asked the secretar= again6 E2 am sorr=0E she re#lied0 EMr6 8old%erg is out of to@n6E EThen ho@ a%out Mr6 Weinstein4E E2 am sorr=0 Mr6 Weinstein is tied u#6E 2n another @eek he returned6 E"an 2 see Mr6 8old%erg4E he asked6 E2 am sorr=0 Mr6 8old%erg is out of to@n6E

EWell then0 let me see Mr6 Weinstein6E E2 am sorr=0 Mr6 Weinstein is tied u#6E ELook0E he said to the secretar= indignantl=0 E2 have %een here three times0 and each time =ou tell me that Mr6 8old%erg is out of to@n0 and Mr6 Weinstein is tied u#6 What is going on here4E E2s not it a@ful4E she re#lied6 E!ach time Mr6 8old%erg goes out of to@n he ties u# Mr6 WeinsteinDE Be@s have their o@n @a=s of thinking& ever=thing has to %e done in a %usiness @a=6 2 am neither a real 8od nor an unreal 8od6 +nd @h= =ou are @orried a%out me4 $ou should think a%out =ourselfD This @ord E%hag@anE has %een of immense use to me6 2 sa@ man= godmen in 2ndia& ,at=a ,ai Ba%a0 Maharishi Mahesh $ogi0 Muktananda0 and man= Eet ceteranandasE6 2 tried to fight them from the outside0 %ut it @as difficult6 Then 2 thought it is %etter to %e an insider and then fight0 sol declared m=self a Bhag@an0 2 %ecame an insider 33 and no@ 2 am giving them a hard timeD 2t is as sim#le as that6 But =ou must have come @ith =our #re<udices0 ideas a%out 8od0 and =ou must %e a seriousl= religious #erson0 hence the >uestion6 *ere =ou have to #ut aside all =our #re<udices6 ThatCs @h= 2 am so outrageous 33 this is #art of m= @ork6 + successful la@=er @as married to a @oman @ho nagged him incessantl=6 ,he nagged him a%out his a##earance0 a%out ho@ much he drank0 a%out ho@ little he loved her0 a%out the state of the garden0 and so on6 The la@=er started sta=ing later at his office to avoid her6 )ne da=0 after @eeks defending a certain William Wright @ho @as accused of murder0 he came home ver= de#ressed6 *e had lost the case and Wright @as to %e e?ecuted that night unless the ,tate 8overnor granted a sta= of e?ecution6 +s he entered the house0 his @ife %egan0 EWhere have =ou %een4 2t is after ten oCclockDE E+h0 nag0 nag0 nagDE he said in disgust0 and @ent to #our himself a drink6 EThe minute =ou come home =ou start to drink0 not even a hello for meDE E+h0 nag0 nag0 nagDE he sighed6 Then he @ent u#stairs to take a %ath0 sa=ing to his @ife that he @as e?#ecting a call from the 8overnor6 While he @as in the tu% the call came 33 Wright @as re#rieved6 The la@=erCs @ife decided to give him the good ne@s herself6 +s she entered the %athroom he @as standing naked0 %ending over the tu% to @i#e it clean6 EThe= are not hanging Wright tonight0E she said6 E+h0 nag0 nag0 nagDE the la@=er snarled6

When =ou have #reconce#tions =ou are %ound to %e in a difficult=6 $ou @ill misunderstand ever=thing6 *ere0 ever=thing is a <oke0 nothing is serious6 /either m= %eing Bhag@an is serious nor =our %eing sann=asins is serious6 We are <ust #la=ing a game6 2 have decided to %e the Master and =ou have decided to %e the disci#les6 ,ometimes @e can even change the roles& =ou can %e the Master and 2 can %e the disci#leD Bust =ou @ill have to dig a hole sol can sit there and =ou all sitting on the #latform0 thatCs allD +nd @e can have a good laughD )ne thing =ou have to remem%er& 2 @ill still %e talking and =ou @ill still %e hearingD + %isho# visiting an insane as=lum @as told %= his guide that one of the inmates insisted he @as 8od6 The %isho# e?#ressed interest in meeting the man0 @ho #roved to %e a venera%le and dignified figure @ith a flo@ing @hite %eard6 E2 understand that =ou are 8od0E said the %isho#6 EThatCs correct0E re#lied the old man @ith a gentle %o@6 EWell0 there is one thing 2 @ould like ver= much to kno@6 When =ou s#eak in the Bi%le of creating the @orld in si? da=s0 do =ou mean this literall= or meta#horicall=4 Do =ou mean si? da=s of t@ent=3four hours each0 or do =ou mean aeons or ages4E E2 am sorr=0E re#lied the old fello@0 E%ut 2 make it a #ractice never to talk sho#6E The third >uestion& 1uestion 3 ),*)0 W*+T 2, T*! M!+/2/8 )7 8-5DB2!77C, ,+$2/8& E;5+"T2"! L).! T) +/2M+L, 725,T0 B!"+-,! T*!$ +5! M)5! ,!/,2T2.!E4 +/+/D /25-;0 DonCt take it literall=0 %ecause 2 kno@ m= #eo#le are dangerous #eo#leD *e is talking meta#horicall=D But 8eorge 8urd<ieffCs statement is not com#lete: it has to %e made com#lete so =ou donCt misunderstand it6 ,tart loving =ourself: that has to %e the %eginning and that is also going to %e the end6 Then the circle is com#lete& =ou %egin %= loving =ourself0 %ecause =ou are the closest to =ourself6 )f course0 @hen =ou %egin to love =ourself =our love is from the circumference to@ards the center0 %ecause =ou e?ist on the circumference6 $ou turn in& =ou stand on the door @hich connects =our inside and the outside6 $ou look

in@ards 33 =ou are still standing on the circumference 33 and =ou fall in love @ith =our center6 This is the %eginning6 +nd the end @ill %e that =ou have reached the center and =ou stand at the center and look at =our circumference6 That @ill %e the com#letion of the <ourne=6 But %et@een these t@o0 the %eginning and the end0 there are seven ste#s6 8urd<ieffCs statement %elongs onl= to one ste#0 and it is a%solutel= right6 +nimals are far more sensitive %ecause the= are not logical0 not rational6 But to %egin @ith animals is not good: =ou have to go a little further %ack6 The first ste# has to %e stars0 sun0 moon6 The farther the= are the %etter0 %ecause if =ou can love the farthest it @ill %e easier to love those @ho are closer to =ou6 +nd stars have also a tremendous sensitivit=: it is far more #rimitive than the animals6 ;rem .olod=a0 the 5ussian sann=asin0 has sent me a %eautiful <oke& BreAhnev gets u# in the morning and goes out onto his %alcon= to stretch his %od=6 The sun is rising6 E8ood morning0 red sunDE he e?claims6 ELong live Leonid 2llich BreAhnevDE the sun ans@ers %ack6 .er= ha##= @ith this0 BreAhnev goes a%out his %usiness6 +fter a %us= morning he goes out onto his %alcon= again and sees the sun at its height6 E8ood afternoon0 sunDE he shouts out6 ELong live "omrade BreAhnev0 8eneral ,ecretar= of the "ommunist ;art= of the ,oviet -nionDE comes the re#l=6 .er= #leased0 BreAhnev returns to his @ork6 )nce more in the evening after a hard da= he comes out onto his favorite #lace6 *e sees the sun setting and @ith a kno@ing smile cries out0 E8ood evening0 m= little red sunDE E7uck =ouDE comes the ans@er6 E2 am in the West no@DE ,tars0 sun0 moon 33 start @ith them0 and the= @ill ans@er =ou0 remem%erD +nd %e read=0 %ecause the= are not ver= gentlemanl= eitherD The= @ill sa= =ou the e?act truth0 @hatsoever it is6 Then move to rocks0 mountains6 7eel the rocks0 their te?ture0 love them6 Then move to rivers0 @ind0 rain: the= are more alive0 livelier than an=thing6 Dance in the rain0 in the @ind6 ,@im in the river0 let go0 flo@ @ith it6 DonCt fight against the river0 donCt #ush the river0 donCt go u#stream6 8o @ith the river0 totall= one @ith it6 This is ho@ =ou @ill %e a%le to learn man= @a=s of love0 man= >ualities of love6 Then trees0 %ushes0 flo@ers0 fruits666 move ver= slo@l= to@ards life6 /o@ trees are more alive0 flo@ers are more closer0 far more closer than the stars and the rocks and the rivers6 Then move to %irds 33 and onl= then 8urd<ieffCs statement is correct 33 to the animals6

+nd @hen =ou have %een a%le to love all these different e?#ressions of e?istence =ou @ill %e a%le to love man and @oman0 %ecause man and @oman are the highest e?#ression and the= im#l= the stars0 the mountains0 the rivers0 the @inds0 the rain0 the trees0 the %irds0 the animals: the= im#l= all these6 We are made of all theseD ,omething of us %elongs to the stars0 something of us %elongs to the rivers0 mountains0 something of us %elongs to the trees0 flo@ers0 something of us %elongs to the %irds6 2t is not accidental that =ou dream of fl=ing0 it is not accidental that man invented air#lanes0 it is not accidental that man is immensel= attracted to@ards stars 33 for thousands of =ears6 2t ma= have %een astrolog=0 then astronom=0 and no@ the immense attraction to reach to the moon0 to the Mars0 and then to the stars6 There is something magnetic that is #ulling us6 2t is not accidental that @hen =ou go to the sea something in =ou feels in tune @ith the sea0 %ecause eight= #ercent of =our %od= is made of sea@ater6 Man @as %orn as a fish in the %eginning: from the fish he has gro@n u# to@ards man6 2n fact0 each child in the motherCs @om% is a fish for fe@ da=s6 *e has to #ass through all the stages in nine months that the @hole humanit= has #assed in millions of =ears6 ,omething in =ou al@a=s remains fish=D 2t is not ver= strange that @hen =ou love a @oman =ou start calling her cat0 #uss=: there is something in it6 !ver= @oman has a cat inside her %eing0 ever= man has a dog6 *ence =ou can see hus%and and @ives al@a=s in a dog3cat fightD 2f =ou @ant to love man and @oman =ou @ill have to love man= more things6 Bust <um#ing in love @ith a @oman =ou @ill %e in trou%le0 %ecause =ou @ill not kno@ man= of her dimensions6 $ou @ill not kno@ the dimensions of the man =ou are in love6 ,omething in him is rock: unless =ou kno@ the te?ture of rock and =ou can love rock =ou @ill not %e a%le to love a ;eter6 + ;eter means a rockD $ou have to e?#erience love in all #ossi%le @a=s0 then onl=666 %ecause man and @oman are the culmination of man= things: much has #assed6 The= have a tremendous #ast: this is im#lied in their %eing6 2t is there and ver= alive6 2f =ou cannot love trees0 if =ou cannot love the @ind0 if =ou have no <o= in having a dance @hen it is raining0 =ou @ill not %e a%le to love a @oman or a man: something in =our love @ill %e missing6 2t @ill not have the #erfection0 it @ill not have that e?>uisite grace that it can have0 that it should have6 8urd<ieff is right0 %ut =ou have to move slo@l=6 Begin @ith =ourself and then move to the farthest a@a= stars0 and then from those stars start moving again to@ards =ourself6 Those stars make =our circumference0 and onl= then =ou can come to a #oint0 again =ou can rediscover =our center6 That is the moment a #erson %ecomes enlightened0 a Buddha0 a "hrist6 That is the moment @hen he has come home0 he has done the @hole #ilgrimage6 2t is a love #ilgrimage6

+ =oung cou#le met on vacation0 fell in love0 and decided to get married6 The onl= minister in the area @as a resident of the local nudist colon=6 The= en>uired and found that the minister and the mem%ers of the colon= @ould #erform the marriage ceremon= if the t@o @ould disro%e and <oin their grou#6 The= @ere ha##= to do this0 and the minister #erformed the ceremon= outside under the trees6 The nudists lined u# @ith the men on one side and the @omen on the other6 When the minister said to the lad=0 EDo =ou take this man to %e =our la@full= @edded hus%and4E she looked first at the groom and then do@n the line of handsome0 naked men and said0 EWell0 as a matter of fact0 2 %elieve 2 @ould rather have that gu= at the end of the lineDE $ou have to kno@ love in all its e?#ressionsD DonCt get hooked too soon6 Move freel= @ith the @hole e?istence6 Love man= men0 love man= @omen6 Then onl=0 slo@l= slo@l=0 =ou can discover the #erson @ith @hom =our heart feels a s=nchronicit=6 2t is not an eas= <o%6 /o astrologer can do it for =ou0 no father0 no mother can do it for =ou6 There is no other @a= to do it: the onl= @a= is %= trial and error6 DonCt %e re#ressive of an=thing in =ou0 %e e?#ressive6 +ll the old religions u# to no@ have %een re#ressive: the= have made the @hole humanit= sad6 9rishna ;rem has asked me& ),*)0 2 L))9 +5)-/D +/D 2 D)/CT ,!! +/$ !",T+T2" M!/0 2/"L-D2/8 M!0 B-T 2 ,!! !",T+T2" W)M!/6 W*$ 2, 2T ,) D2772"-LT 7)5 M!/ T) L!T T*!M,!L.!, 8)4 2t is sim#le6 +ll the religions have %een created %= men: there is not a single religion @hich has %een created %= @omen6 +nd @h= men created all these religions4 +nd all these religions have %een re#ressive 33 re#ressive #articularl= of se?6 7e@ things have to %e understood& man is afraid dee# do@n of se?0 %ecause as far as se? is concerned he is far @eaker than the @oman6 The @oman is ca#a%le of having multi#le orgasms0 man is not ca#a%le of that6 *e is immensel= afraid of the @oman6 *ence all the human societies0 #articularl= the so3called civiliAed societies0 have destro=ed the ver= #ossi%ilit= of @omen kno@ing 33 even kno@ing 33 that the= are orgasmic6 2t is onl= <ust @ithin these t@ent=0 thirt= =ears that it has %een discovered that the @oman has not onl= the orgasmic ca#acit=0 she has the ca#acit= of multi#le orgasms6 But man must have kno@n from the ver= %eginning that no single man can satisf= a @oman if she has the multi#le3orgasmic ca#acit=6 Man can have onl= one orgasm: @ith one orgasm he is finished6 +nd the @oman is still on the @a=: ma= not even have startedD

The second trou%le is& she is slo@0 and she is slo@ for a %asic reason6 *er se?ualit= is not local0 her se?ualit= is total6 *er @hole %od= has a se?ual >ualit=6 ManCs se?ualit= is local0 it is genital6 WomanCs se?ualit= is not local0 it is not focused: it is diffused0 it is all over her %od=6 ,o unless she can go in a se?ual dance @hile making love she @ill not %e a%le to have orgasm6 But if she goes in a se?ual dance @hile making love0 shrieks0 screams0 sings0 shouts0 sa=s E+lleluiaDE the man @ill %ecome so much afraid666 %ecause @hatsoever she @ill %e sa=ing @ill %e gi%%erish0 it @ill not make an= sense6 2t @ill %e sensuous %ut not sensi%leD ,he @ill %e s#eaking a divine language: it @ill %e <ust coming6 !ven she @ill %e sur#rised @hat is coming u#6 What she is sa=ing and @h=0 for @hat4 2t is nothing to do @ith e?#ressing an= #articular thing: she is <ust so e?cited0 ecstatic6 *er @hole %eing is in a dance: she is in a tem#orar= state of madness0 and this can freak out the man 33 the #oor fello@ ma= even forget a%out his one orgasmD *e ma= %ecome concerned a%out the neigh%ors and the #olice and the fire %rigade and @hatnotD ,o from the ver= %eginning man has %een re#ressive 33 re#ress the @oman0 make her feel guilt=6 /ice ladies donCt even moveD The= have to lie do@n almost dead0 cold0 unmoving0 onl= then the= are ladies6 What a strange definition of ladies 33 the true definition should %e Ea good la=ED But @hat kind of good la= is this lad=4 ,he is <ust deadD + man @as caught making love to a dead @oman on the sea%each6 The magistrate asked0 E+re =ou mad or something4 What =ou @ere doing4 $ou @ere making love to a dead @oman4E The man said0 E2 thought she is !nglishDE 9rishna ;rem0 in m= communit=0 in m= commune0 it is going to %e difficult for men6 The @omen @ill %e ecstatic %ecause for the first time the= have a chance to %e as orgasmic as #ossi%le0 and men are going to %e constantl= afraid6 +nd =ou can see them0 al@a=s @alking0 tail inside their legs0 afraid0 @atching here and there6 +n= @omen can <um# and catch hold of them& EWhere are =ou going0 9rishna ;rem4 W*!/ L).! B!"9)/,0 7)LL)W 2TDE But ho@ long =ou can follo@4 + =ogiCs lament666 it is not a lament of an= of m= sann=asin0 it cannot %e6 2t is an old =ogiCs lament& ,itting silentl=0 doing nothing0 + @oman comes0 and it s#rings u# %= itselfD 2t is #erfectl= oka= @ith an old =ogi0 re#ressive0 %ut @ith m= sann=asins it does not

s#ring at allD + @oman comes %= and the sann=asin esca#es 33 that E2 have to do other things too666E 9rishna ;rem0 =ou can %e ecstatic onl= if =ou forget all a%out se?6 2 am the onl= ecstatic man around hereD 2f =ou remain se?ual =ou cannot %e ecstatic: =ou @ill %e continuousl= drained out0 @alking dead0 dull6 $ou can %e ecstatic onl= if =ou go %e=ond se?6 The old @a= @as0 re#ress the @oman: that is ugl=6 Wh= re#ress the @oman4 That is not right0 that is not human6 Let the @oman %e e?#ressive0 %ut if =ou feel that se? is a drain on =ou0 a drag on =ou 33 and soon one feels 33 then =ou go %e=ond it6 But donCt %e re#ressive0 <ust transcend6 Transcendence comes %= itself0 slo@l= slo@l=6 2t takes a little time to understand0 to see the #oint6 Women also @ill get tired0 %ut the= @ill take a little longer time6 The= are slo@: the= are not so efficient0 so >uick6 7irst men @ill transcend0 and the @omen @ill go on hel#ing men to transcend0 %ecause ne@ men @ill %e coming and the= have to hel#6 When the= have hel#ed man= then the= @ill start thinking0 E*o@ long 2 am going to hel# others4 2t is time 2 should %e enlightened m=selfDE 2n m= commune this is going to %e the @a=& men can %e ecstatic onl= @hen the= have transcended se?: @omen @ill have a far %etter time6 The= @ill %e ecstatic @hile the= are in se? and the= @ill %e ecstatic @hen the= have transcended se?6 M= commune is going to %e matriarchal6 +nd =ou can see it: the @hole sho@ is run %= @omenD 2 trust @omen more %ecause the= are going to %e ecstatic all the @a=6 Man @ill %e ecstatic onl= at the ver= end of the <ourne=: he can %e trusted onl= after that6 Women can %e trusted6 2 trust ecstas=D 2 trust %lissfulnessD +nd @h= man started this re#ressive %usiness4 7irst @as to save his ego: second @as to kee# control and #ossession of the @oman0 to reduce @oman into #ro#ert=6 +nd then he has great intellectualit=6 The @omen are emotional0 the= are heart #eo#le: men are head #eo#le6 The= are intellectual0 so the= rationaliAe their re#ressiveness6 The= made much fuss a%out re#ression: the= started making so much noise that the= made even @omen feel guilt= 33 that something is @rong if the= are ha##= in their se?ual life6 2n fact0 ha##iness itself %ecame a sin6 To remain sad and serious %ecame a necessar= condition to %e res#ecta%le0 to %e kno@n as a saint or a sage6 + man @hose #et #arrot had died @anted to re#lace him and @ent to the #et sho# to %u= a ne@ one6 The #et3sho#3o@ner sho@ed him his selection of #arrots6 E2 @ant one that can talk0E said the man6 E$ou see0 2 like to chat @ith m= %ird6E E+h0E said the #et3sho#3o@ner0 E2 have <ust the %ird for =ou6 2t can s#eak five languages too6 *ere he is6 2 must mention one thing though0 sir6 2Cm afraid he lost %oth his legs in a fight @ith a cat6E E2m#ossi%leDE said the man6 E2f he has got no legs0 ho@ come he is standing on his

#erch4E E*e is not standing0 sir0E said the o@ner6 E*e is holding on @ith his #rick6 Luckil= he has got >uite a long one 33 and @hat is more0 he is a great ascetic0 almost a saint0 and his control over himself is immense0 almost a%solute6E E-n%elieva%leDE muttered the man0 and he looked do@n under the #erch0 and sure enough the %ird had his cock @ra##ed around the #erch6 E2 @ill take itDE he said6 The ne?t da= he @ent to @ork0 and @hen he returned in the evening the #arrot called him over& E*iD 2 have %een @aiting to talk @ith =ou0E the #arrot said6 E+fter =ou @ent to @ork this morning0 a =oung man came in and sat on the sofa @ith =our @ife6E E/oDE said the man6 E$esDE said the %ird6 EThen he o#ened =our @ifeCs %louse and #ut his hand inside6E EWhat4 The %astardD What ne?t4E EWell0 he #ut his other hand u# =our @ifeCs skirtDE EThe fuckerD What then4E EWell0 2 donCt kno@0E said the %ird6 E2 lost m= self3control and fell off m= #erchDE The Wild 8eese and the Water "ha#ter (H "ha#ter title& ,oul3living %= Loving 1H 7e%ruar= 1 '1 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& '10F1H0 ,hortTitle& W2LD8,0H +udio& $es .ideo& /o The first >uestion& 1uestion 1 ),*)0 W*$ 2, *-882/8 ,-"* +/ 2/"5!D2BL$ !77!"T2.! T*!5+;!-T2" T))L4 ;6,6 2 -,!D T) T*2/9 T*+T "L+52T$0 W2T +/D +/+L$,2, W+, T*! W+$0 B-T T*!$ +5! +LL 8+5B+8! +L)/8,2D! *-882/86 ;5!M +M2D+0 M+/ /!!D, T) B! /!!D!D6 2t is one of the most fundamental needs of human

%eings6 -nless one is cared for one starts d=ing6 -nless one feels that he is significant to some%od=0 at least to some%od=0 his @hole life %ecomes insignificant6 *ence love is the greatest thera#= there is6 The @orld needs thera#= %ecause the @orld is missing love6 2n a reall= loving @orld no thera#= @ill %e needed at all: love @ill %e enough0 more than enough6 *ugging is onl= a gesture of love0 of @armth0 of caring6 the ver= feel of the @armth flo@ing from the other #erson melts man= illnesses in =ou0 melts the ice3like0 cold ego6 2t makes =ou again a child6 The #s=chologists are @ell a@are of the fact no@ that unless a child is hugged0 kissed0 he misses some nourishment6 Bust as the %od= needs food0 the soul needs love6 $ou can give to the child all the #h=sical needs0 all the #h=sical comforts0 %ut if hugging is missing the child @ill not gro@ in a @holesome %eing6 *e @ill remain some@here dee# do@n sad0 uncared for0 neglected0 ignored6 *e @as nursed0 %ut he @as not mothered6 2t has %een o%served that if a child is not hugged he starts shrinking 33 he can even die 33 although ever=thing else @as #rovided for6 +s far as the %od= is concerned ever= care @as taken0 %ut no love surrounded the child6 *e %ecame isolated0 he %ecame disconnected @ith e?istence6 Love is our connection0 love is our ver= root6 Bust as =ou %reathe 33 for the %od= it is a%solutel= essential& sto# %reathing and =ou are no more 33 in the same @a=0 love is the inner %reath6 The soul lives %= loving6 +nal=sis @onCt do it6 Wit and clarit=0 kno@ledge and scholarshi# @onCt do it6 $ou can kno@ all there is to kno@ a%out thera#=0 =ou can %ecome an e?#ert0 %ut if =ou donCt kno@ the art of love =ou remain onl= on the surface of the miracle of thera#=6 The moment =ou start feeling for the #atient0 for the one @ho is suffering666 out of hundred cases0 ninet= #eo#le are suffering %asicall= %ecause the= have not %een loved6 2f =ou start feeling the need for love of the #atient0 and if =ou can fulfill the need0 there @ill %e almost a magical change in the condition of the #atient6 Love is certainl= the most thera#eutic #henomenon6 ,igmund 7reud @as ver= much afraid of it0 so much so666 hugging @as %e=ond the >uestion 33 he @as not even read= to face the #atient0 %ecause listening to his miser=0 listening to his inner nightmares0 he ma= start feeling s=m#athetic6 *is e=es ma= %ecome @et0 tears ma= start flo@ing0 or ma=%e in an unguarded moment he ma= hold the hand of the #atient6 *e @as so much afraid of an= loving relationshi# %et@een the thera#ist and the #atient that he created a certain device& the #atient has to lie do@n on the couch and %ehind the couch the #s=choanal=st has to sit0 so the= are not facing each other6 +nd remem%er one thing& it is %= facing each other that love gro@s6 +nimals cannot gro@ love %ecause the= make love to each other @ithout facing each other0 so there is no friendshi#0 no relatedness6 )nce the= are finished @ith lovemaking the= go their

@a=s 33 se#aratel=0 not even sa=ing a thank=ou0 or good%=e0 or see =ou soonD +nimals have not %een a%le to create friendshi#0 famil=0 societ=0 for the sim#le reason %ecause @hen the= are making love the= are not looking into each otherCs e=es0 the= are not looking into each otherCs face: as if their lovemaking is almost mechanical: there is no human element in it6 Man created the @hole dimension of all kinds of relationshi#s for the sim#le reason %ecause he is the onl= animal @ho makes love facing each other6 Then e=es start communicating0 then facial e?#ressions %ecome a su%tle language6 Then the changes of mood and emotions 33 the <o=0 the ecstas=0 the orgasmic glo@ 33 and intimac= gro@s6 2ntimac= needs it: it is a %asic re>uirement6 *ence it is good to make love in light0 not in darkness 33 at least a dim light0 a candle light6 Making love in darkness is <ust something animal in us0 avoiding to face each other666 a strateg= to avoid6 ,igmund 7reud @as ver= much afraid of love: he @as afraid of his o@n re#ressed love6 *e @as afraid that he ma= get into some entanglement0 involvement6 *e @anted to %e <ust outside0 not to %e involved @ith the #erson0 not to %ecome #art of his interiorit=0 not to enter into dee# @aters %ut <ust to remain a scientific o%server0 aloof0 detached0 cool0 far a@a=6 *e @anted to create #s=choanal=sis as if it is a science6 2t is not a science0 and it is never going to %e a scienceD 2t is an art0 and it is far more closer to love than to logic6 +nd the real #s=choanal=st @ill not avoid getting dee# into the interiorit= of the #atient 33 he @ill take the risk6 2t is risk=0 it is going into trou%led @aters6 $ou ma= %e dro@ned =ourself 33 after all0 =ou are also humanD $ou ma= get into some trou%le0 com#le?it=: =ou ma= create some #ro%lems for =ourself0 %ut that risk has to %e taken6 ThatCs @h= 2 love Wilhelm 5eich ver= much6 *e is the man @ho transformed the face of @hole #s=choanal=sis 33 %= getting involved @ith the #atient6 *e discarded the couch0 he discarded this detached aloofness6 *e is a far greater revolutionar= than ,igmund 7reud6 ,igmund 7reud remained traditional: he @as reall= afraid of his o@n re#ressions6 2f =ou are not afraid of =our o@n re#ressions =ou can hel# tremendousl=6 2f =ou are not afraid of =our o@n unconscious0 if =ou have solved =our #ro%lems a little %it0 =ou can hel# greatl= %= getting involved into the @orld of the #atient0 %= %ecoming a #artici#ant rather than remaining <ust an o%server6 2n fact0 %ecause #s=choanal=sts are having their o@n #ro%lems0 sometimes even more than the #atient himself0 one can understand ,igmund 7reudCs fear6 +s far as 2 am concerned0 2 @ould like to make a categorical statement a%out it& unless a #erson is reall= a@akened0 enlightened0 he cannot %e a real0 authentic thera#ist6 )nl= a Buddha can %e a real thera#ist %ecause he has no #ro%lems left6 *e can merge and melt into

the #atient: in fact0 for him the #atient is not the #atient at all6 ThatCs the difference %et@een the relationshi# that e?ists %et@een a #atient and his thera#ist and the relationshi# that e?ists %et@een a disci#le and a Master6 The disci#le is not a #atient0 the disci#le is a %eloved0 a loved one6 The Master is not <ust an o%server0 he has %ecome a #artici#ant6 The= have lost their se#arate entities0 the= have %ecome one0 and that oneness hel#s6 *ugging is onl= a gesture of oneness 33 even the gesture hel#s6 ;rem +mida0 =ou are right6 $ou ask& W*$ 2, *-882/8 ,-"* +/ 2/"5!D2BL$ !77!"T2.! T*!5+;!-T2" T))L4 2t is0 and it is onl= a gesture6 2f it is true 33 not onl= a gesture %ut =our heart is also in it 33 it can %e a magical tool0 it can %e a miracle6 2t can transform the @hole situation instantl=6 7e@ things have to %e understood a%out it6 )ne is& the idea that the child dies and the man %ecomes adolescent0 then the adolescent dies and the man %ecomes =oung0 then the =oung man dies and he %ecomes middle3aged0 and so on0 so forth0 is @rong6 The child never dies 33 nothing ever dies6 The child is there0 al@a=s is there0 @ra##ed %= other e?#eriences 33 @ra##ed %= adolescence0 then %= =outh0 then %= middle age0 then %= old age 33 %ut the child is al@a=s there6 $ou are <ust like an onion0 la=ers u#on la=ers0 %ut if =ou #eel the onion soon =ou @ill find fresher la=ers inside6 8o on dee#er and =ou find more and more0 fresher la=ers6 The same is true a%out man& if =ou go dee# into him =ou @ill al@a=s find the innocent child 33 and to contact that innocent child is thera#eutic6 *ugging gives =ou an immediate contact @ith the child6 2f =ou hug some%od= @ith @armth0 love0 if it is not <ust an im#otent gesture0 if it is meaningful0 significant0 true0 if =our heart is flo@ing through it0 immediatel= =ou come in contact @ith the child0 @ith the innocent child6 +nd the innocent child even for a single moment surfacing makes a tremendous difference %ecause the innocence of the child is al@a=s health= and @hole: it is uncorru#ted6 $ou have reached to the innermost core of the #erson @here no corru#tion has ever entered0 =ou have reached to the virgin core0 and <ust making the virgin core thro% again @ith life is enough6 $ou have started0 triggered a #rocess of healing6 *ence all the religions have used this #henomenon in different @a=s6 Whenever Besus #ra=s to 8od he al@a=s calls him +BB+6 "hristians have translated it as E8od the 7atherE: that translation is not right0 is ver= inaccurate 33 in a @a= literall= true0 %ut the meta#hor has changed6 +BB+ can onl= %e translated as Edadd=E0 not as EfatherE:

EfatherE seems to %e cold6 Bust re#eat the @ord father and it looks so far a@a=6 E8od the 7atherE666 Looks like an institutionD 7ather is reall= an institution0 it is not a natural #henomenon6 The mother is natural0 the father is onl= a creation of a certain societ=6 There have %een societies %efore @here father never e?isted6 The @ord uncle is far more older than the @ord father6 2n a matriarchal societ= #eo#le kne@ a%out the mother0 %ut %ecause the marriage has not come into e?istence =et no child kne@ a%out the father6 ,o all the #eo#le @ho have %een the lovers of the mother 33 some%od= out of them must %e the father %ut that is not kno@n 33 so all the #eo#le @ho could have %een the lovers @ere kno@n as uncles6 2n Talmud0 the Be@ish 8od sa=s& E5emem%er0 2 am not nice0 2 am not =our uncleDE The uncle is al@a=s nice0 the father almost never6 2t is ver= difficult to %e friendl= @ith the father0 it is ver= eas= to %e friendl= @ith the uncle6 2 @ould rather sa= it is %etter to call E8od the -ncleE than to call him E8od the 7atherE6 2t is closer0 nicer0 more friendl=6 But to call him +BB+ is the %est6 Besus is giving him a name @hich creates intimac=6 When =ou call 8od +BB+ 33 Dadd= 33 =ou are sa=ing0 E2 am <ust a child6 Take care of me0 donCt ignore me6 2 cannot live @ithout =ou 33 =ou are m= life6 $our love is m= ver= nourishment6E +ll the religions have used the idea that unless a man %ecomes a child again he cannot %e trul= religious6 But to %e a child means to %e innocent0 means to %e full of @onder0 means to %e full of a@e6 7or the child ever=thing is a m=ster= 33 ever=thing6 *e has no ans@ers0 he has onl= >uestions6 *e is immensel= interested in kno@ing0 he is o#en6 The moment =ou have an ans@er =ou %ecome closed0 to that e?tent6 2f =ou have all the ans@ers for all the >uestions =ou are a%solutel= closed0 then =ou are not o#en6 $our en>uir= is finished0 and @ith the en>uir= finished =ou are dead6 + real %eing is al@a=s en>uiring0 he is al@a=s on the #ilgrimage6 *e remains al@a=s an agnostic6 +ll children are agnostics0 neither theists nor atheists0 nor *indus nor Mohammedans0 nor "atholics nor ;rotestants6 The= are sim#l= innocentD The= donCt %elieve in an=thing %ut the= are read= to en>uire0 to investigate6 +nd the en>uiring heart is a health= heart6 When =ou are loaded @ith %eliefs =ou are ill6 The "hristian is ill0 the *indu is ill0 the Baina is ill 33 ill %ecause the= are #re<udiced0 ill %ecause @ithout seeing the= have %elieved0 ill %ecause the= are %ehaving stu#idl=6 *o@ can =ou %elieve in something that =ou have not kno@nD +nd @hen =ou kno@ something there is no need to %elieve at all0 so %elief in an= case is ridiculous6 !ither =ou kno@ or =ou donCt kno@6 2f =ou kno@ there is no need to %elieve: if =ou donCt kno@0 ho@ can =ou %elieve4 ,o %elief is onl= for the mediocres0 the stu#ids0 the idiots6 +nd no child is an idiot6 !ver= child is so fresh0 so alive0 so full of Aest that his ver= aliveness makes him health=6

2f =ou can touch the child in the #atient in an= @a=666 and hugging is sim#l= one of the most im#ortant things6 Because 2 have allo@ed m= sann=asins to hug and kiss 2 am condemned all over the countr= 33 that 2 am telling m= #eo#le to %e indulgent6 2f this is indulgence0 then let it %e indulgence6 This is not indulgence at all: there is something more in it6 2 am telling to =ou to %e loving0 and <ust sitting @ith some%od= and telling him again and again0 E2 love =ou0E is not enough6 +t least hold the handD Make it a realit= 33 hug the #erson6 + ver= sh= !nglishman666 and he must %e ver= sh=0 other@ise <ust to %e an !nglishman is enough: there is no need to use the ad<ective Esh=E6 The= are all sh=D The= are the most #erfect gentlemen in the @orld 33 and0 of course0 in the same #ro#ortion the= are dead tooD Who has ever heard a%out a gentleman @ho is alive4 2f =ou are alive =ou are a man0 @h= gentle4 7or @hat4 "or#ses are al@a=s gentle& the= cannot do an= harm0 and the= look so #olite0 so hum%leD This sh= gentleman @as seeing a =oung @oman for months6 )ne full3moon night the= @ere sitting together in the #orch0 looking in the garden0 and %e=ond the garden the moon @as rising6 +nd the sh= !nglishman gathered courage: it must have %een a real great might= effortD M= o@n feeling is it must %e %ecause of the moon: the moon drives #eo#le craA=0 hence the @ord ElunaticE6 Lunatic means Estruck %= the moonE6 Lunatic comes from ElunarE0 the moon 33 the moonstruck6 *e must have gone lunatic6 *e asked the lad=0 E"an 266can 2 kiss =ou4E +nd the lad= @as reall= getting tired0 so she said0 E+nd @hat do =ou think4 +m 2 @aiting here for a %us4E When =ou love a #erson <ust ver%al e?#ressions are not enough0 @ords are not enough: something more su%stantial is needed: @ords are onl= a%stract6 $ou have to do somethingD *old the hand0 hug the #erson0 kiss the #erson0 em%race the #erson6 2t is going to hel# =ou %oth& if =ou can melt in the hug =ou %oth @ill %ecome again =ounger0 fresher0 livelier6 +nd thatCs the @hole #rocess of healing6 ;rem +mida0 anal=sis is the @a= of the mind0 hugging is the @a= of the heart6 The mind is the cause of all diseases and the heart is the source of all healing6 The second >uestion& 1uestion F ),*)0 2 *+.! + L)T )7 7+/T+,2!,0 !,;!"2+LL$ ,!I-+L )/!,6 !.!/ T*)-8*

2 ,!! *)W T*!$ +5! T+92/8 M! +W+$ 75)M L27! *!5! +/D /)W0 2 L!T M$,!L7 B! D)M2/+T!D B$ T*!M6 +"")5D2/8 T) +,T5)L)8$0 + ,")5;2) *+, !,;!"2+LL$ ,T5)/8 ,!I-+L D!,25!,6 2 +M + ,")5;2)6 *+.! M$ 7+/T+,2!, +/$T*2/8 T) D) W2T* T*+T4 2 W)-LD L29! T) D5); T*!M B!"+-,! T*!$ M+9! 2T D2772"-LT 7)5 M! T) 5!L+I +/D 2 T*2/9 T*!$ +5! + L+58! ;+5T )7 M$ ;52,)/6 ")-LD $)- ;L!+,! 2/D2"+T! + W+$4 B+/! M-LL!50 2t sim#l= sho@s =ou are reall= a religious #ersonD ,uch great #ro%lems arise onl= for religious #eo#le6 These are good signs6 *aving se?ual fantasies is an indication that =ou are reaching to@ards a higher #lane of s#iritualit=6 2t ha##ens onl= on higher #lanes of s#iritualit=D )rdinar= mortals donCt have such things6 The= ma= have se?0 %ut the= donCt have se?ual fantasies6 +nd se? in the genitals is #erfectl= good0 %ut in the head666 ever=thing %ecomes to#s=3turv=D But religious #eo#le have %een doing that for centuries6 2t is a kind of sirshasan 33 headstand6 The= stand on their head so the se?ual energ=0 <ust %ecause of gravitation0 starts going in their headD !ither #h=sicall= the= do the headstand or #s=chologicall=6 But remem%er0 ever=thing %elonging to its o@n center is health=: @henever it starts entering into another center0 into the territor= of another center0 =ou are going insane6 But the so3called religious #eo#le have %een insane: the= have created a @hole insane humanit=6 +nd once =ou are tra##ed in an= insanit= =ou @ill start finding man= things6 7irst0 %ecause of =our #re<udices =ou @ill not %e a%le to see the real cause6 $our #re<udices @ill sho@ =ou some cause @hich is not the real cause and =ou @ill start fighting @ith that cause0 and the real cause remains some@here else6 $ou sa=& +/D 2 T*2/9 T*!$ +5! + L+58! ;+5T )7 M$ ;52,)/6 The= have nothing to do @ith =our #rison6 $our condemnation of se? creates the #rison6 2t is =our condemnation0 not =our se?ual energies6 $ou sa=& !.!/ T*)-8* 2 ,!! *)W T*!$ +5! T+92/8 M! +W+$ 75)M L27! *!5! +/D /)W666 The= are not taking =ou a@a= from life0 2n fact0 =our so3called s#iritualit= 33 the heaven there far a@a= a%ove the clouds0 and 8od the father sitting on a golden throne0 al@a=s looking at =ou like a #ee#ing Tom666 Wherever =ou go0 even in =our %athroom0 he never leaves =ou alone 33 he is al@a=s looking from the ke=hole0 @hat =ou are

doing0 @hat Bane Muller is doing4 +nd not onl= in =our %athroom0 he has a hole in =our head too0 a small @indo@0 and he goes on looking in =our head0 @hat =ou are thinking0 @hat =ou are doing6 *e is constantl= after =ou6 This idea of 8od0 this idea of a heaven some@here else0 this idea of attaining immortalit= %= over#o@ering0 controlling =our se?ualit=0 is @hat is taking =ou a@a= from life here and no@6 2t is not se?ualit=6 2n fact0 if a fantas= is moving in =our head0 that is =our here and no@ 33 en<o= itD But =ou #ush it aside0 =ou sa=0 E/o0 2 @ant to go to heavenD 2 @ant to %e res#ected as a saint6E $ou are #ushing =our hereno@ 33 =our fantas= is =our realit=6 ThatCs @hat =ou are0 thatCs @here =ou are at6 !n<o= itD What is @rong in it4 Bust a #rivate T.D What is @rong in it4 Make it a little more colorful0 make it a little more <uic=6 ;aint it0 %e a little more artistic a%out it0 %e creative6 2t is not =our #ro%lem6 $our #ro%lem is some #hon= kind of s#iritualit= that is dominating =ou 33 and then one has to find these stu#id rationaliAations6 $ou sa=& +"")5D2/8 T) +,T5)L)8$0 + ,")5;2) *+, !,;!"2+LL$ ,T5)/8 ,!I-+L D!,25!,6 2 +M + ,")5;2)6 /o@0 donCt %lame #oor ,cor#ioD ,tars have nothing to do @ith =ou 33 the= have their o@n #ro%lems6 The= are having fantasies of female starsD +nd one thing is a%solutel= certain0 2 kno@ it& no star is so stu#id to sa= that EBane Muller is the cause of m= trou%le6E This is <ust a rationaliAation 33 avoid such rationaliAations6 + #arrot ke#t raiding the henhouse to mount the hens6 The result @as chickens @ith crooked %eaks6 To #ut a sto# to this the farmer electrified the middle rung of the roost ladder6 The ne?t morning the #arrot came again0 clim%ed on the ladder and %oasted0 ETra3la3 la0 tra3la3lo0 get read= girls here @e goDE When he got to the middle rung the shock almost knocked him over0 causing him to cr=0 EWo@@@D 2 am reall= in to# sha#e toda=DE DonCt %e a #arrotD 2f =ou are having se?ual fantasies it sim#l= sho@s =ou are a human %eing 33 not a ,cor#ioD ,ome fool has calculated 33 must %e a fool %ecause other@ise @ho is %othered a%out such nonsense4 33 that ever= man has a se?ual fantas= arising in his head after each three seconds0 and a @oman after each si? seconds6 Women are far more s#iritual0 dou%l= s#iritualD Ma=%e that is one of the #ro%lems %et@een men and @omen6 Women all kno@ that these men are sinners0 continuousl= thinking of @omen0 and all @omen have that attitude of Eholier3than3thouE0 #articularl= @ives: the= donCt sho@ an=

interest6 The= also have se?ual fantasies0 %ut the ga# is there6 ,o @henever the hus%and sa=s0 EWhat a%out it toda=4E immediatel= the @ife sa=s0 E!nough is enoughD Toda= it is im#ossi%le6 The servant has not turned u#0 the electricit= has gone0 m= daughter is not %ack =et0 it is too late in the night0 and moreover 2 am having a great headacheDE This is s#iritualit=D But dee# do@n she kno@s that this is a @a= of getting u##er hand0 and he @ill come cra@ling @ith his tail underneath his legs 33 he @ill come cra@ling6 +nd @h= miss an o##ortunit= if =ou can #retend to %e s#iritual4 $ou are <ust a human %eingD T@o Martians arrive %= night on earth6 The= land their fl=ing saucer in a #etrol station6 .er= cautiousl= the= slither out of their s#aceshi# and look at the ro@ of #etrol #um#s6 EWell0E @his#ers one0 Elook at the #ricks of these earthmen 33 the= are much %igger than oursDE EThatCs true0E re#lied the second0 E%ut 2 @onder @h= the= stick them in their ears @hen the= go to slee#DE +re =ou having this kind of fantasies4 Then =ou ma= %e a ,cor#ioD )ther@ise @h= not <ust %e a human %eing4 Wh= %ring #oor astrolog= in4 /othing is @rong in having se?ual fantasies 33 #erfectl= good0 #oeticD 2f =ou fight the= @ill come more: if =ou #ush them a@a=0 the= @ill re%ounce6 2f =ou acce#t them0 if =ou <ust @atch them0 the= @ill start eva#orating6 $es0 one can transcend se?0 %ut not %= fighting6 7ighting onl= makes the #ro%lem more com#licated6 2t is onl= %= @itnessing that transcendence ha##ens0 and it is %etter to start @itnessing right no@6 Bane Muller0 2 donCt kno@ ho@ old =ou are0 %ecause the older =ou @ill get more and more fantasies @ill %e coming0 and the older =ou @ill get less and less the #ossi%ilit= of %ecoming a @itness6 The =ounger =ou are the %etter0 %ecause the fantasies are also great 33 @orth @itnessingD When =ou %ecome older the= %ecome dirt=0 not @orth @itnessing at all6 The= also %ecome old0 mind =ou6 The= are <ust like skeletons6 When =ou are =ounger =our fantasies are =ounger and =ou also have energ= enough to %e a @itness6 When =ou are older =our energ= also starts getting lo@ 33 and @itnessing needs energ=6 +nd if =ou understand the @hole #rocess of @itnessing it is sim#le6 The first re>uirement is not to have this antagonistic0 religious idea0 other@ise =ou can never %e a @itness6 $ou are alread= fighting 33 ho@ can =ou @itness4 Witnessing needs a non3

<udgmental a@areness& nothing is good0 nothing is %ad: @hatsoever is0 is0 and =ou have to see it6 2t is moving on the screen of the mind and =ou are <ust vie@ing it6 When =ou %ecome older =ou ma= fall aslee# @hen =ou are vie@ing it0 =ou ma= not have enough energ= to @itness6 $ou @ill not have enough energ= even to #ut =our #re<udices aside6 $ou ma= not have enough energ= to cleanse =ourself of all kinds of nonsense that others have loaded =ou @ith6 The religious #eo#le at their d=ing moment0 the last moment0 are full of se?ual fantasies and nothing else6 ThatCs @hat the= have %een re#ressing their @hole life6 When the= @ere alive the= could re#ress it0 the= @ere sitting on to# of it: %ut @hen the= are d=ing their energ= is eva#orating0 and the re#ressed snake is uncoiling6 + famous ,oviet academic0 ;et=a0 is d=ing0 and his friend and colleague0 .as=a0 comes to his %edside to #a= his last res#ects to this great old man6 *e finds ;et=a L=ing there @ith closed e=es and a sad look on his face6 ,lo@l= he o#ens his e=es0 looks at his friend0 and then sa=s0 look at all those %ooks on that @all over there 33 <ust look at them6E E$es0 ;et=a0E re#lies his friend6 EThose are =our most famous @orks6 !ver=one kno@s @hat an im#ortant and666E E$es0 =es0 =esDE interru#ts ;et=a6 EBut look over there at that @all 33 =ou see all those %ooks4E E$es0 m= dear friend6 Those are the translations of =our @orks into all the languages of the666E E$es0 %ut that is not the #oint6 Look over there 33 do =ou see those %ooks4E EBut of course6 Those are the @orks of =our students and follo@ers6 We all admire666E E/o0 %ut =ou donCt understand0 .as=aDE e?claims ;et=a6 ELook0 do =ou remem%er @hen @e @ere students0 and @e @ere sent off to @ork on the collective farm4E E)f course 2 remem%er0 m= friend6 *o@ could 2 forget4E E+nd do =ou remem%er0 .as=a0 @alking do@n that countr= road one hot summerCs da=4E E$es0 ;et=a0 =es 2 do6E E+nd do =ou remem%er0 @e #assed that cornfield0 and there0 sitting on the to# of one of the ha=stacks0 @as that #rett= =oung Masha4E E$es0 =es0 ;et=a0 2 doD $ou liked her0 2 remem%erDE E$es0E sa=s ;et=a0 sinking %ack onto his #illo@ @ith a %lissful smile on his face6 E$ou kno@ @hat 2 did0 .as=a4 2 clim%ed u# on to# of the ha=stack and @e @ere reall= starting to have a %lood= good time6 But =ou kno@0 m= friend0 those %lood= ha=stacks 33 <ust @hen =ou are reall= getting some@here0 @hooshD666 the= give @a= under =ou6 2 did ever=thing 2 could0 %ut ever= time that %lood= ha=stack666 ,o =ou see0 2 have <ust

%een thinking0 .as=aE 33 ;et=a looked round the room 33 Eho@ it @ould have %een if @e had all these %lood= %ooks underneath usDE + d=ing old academic666 at the last moment0 @hat he is thinking a%out4 Bane Muller0 there is still time6 DonCt fight @ith =our se?ual fantasies0 sto# fighting6 DonCt call them =our #rison 33 the= are not6 $ou sa=& *+.! M$ 7+/T+,2!, +/$T*2/8 T) D) W2T* T*+T4 2 W)-LD L29! T) D5); T*!M666 ThatCs @h= =ou are creating them: the ver= idea of dro##ing them is the cause6 Dro# this idea6 2f =ou @ant to dro# an=thing0 dro# this ideaD 666 B!"+-,! T*!$ M+9! 2T D2772"-LT 7)5 M! T) 5!L+I6 $ou are talking sim#le nonsenseD Who has ever heard that se?ual fantasies #revent #eo#le from rela?ing4 2n fact0 that is the onl= @a= #eo#le rela?D ThatCs a @a= of rela?ing6 +ctual se? is also a @a= of natural relief6 *ave =ou ever heard of an= man or @oman d=ing from a heart failure @hile making love4 2f has not ha##ened =et6 There is not a single e?ce#tion in the @hole medical histor=6 ;eo#le have died in all kinds of conditions 33 <ogging the= have died0 sitting doing nothing0 meditating the= have died0 doing =oga #ostures0 standing on their head the= have died0 #ra=ing the= have died0 %ut never making love6 +nd it is a great e?ercise 33 it is almost like <oggingD $our heart %eats faster0 =our %reathing goes %erserk0 =ou are #ers#iring0 =our %lood circulates faster0 =our @hole %od= is thro%%ing0 tingling6 $ou are in a state of madness6 2t is a tem#orar= madness0 %ut immensel= rela?ing6 $ou come to a #eak of madness that =ou call orgasm0 =ou come to a moment of great0 tense clima?666 and the rela?ation6 /o@ all the heart s#ecialists in the @orld are advising their #atients to make love if the= @ant to survive6 7or the heart it is good0 it rela?es6 +nd se?ual fantasies are also not in an= @a= anti3rela?ation6 What is making =ou tense0 Bane Muller0 is =our antagonism6 $ou are in a dou%le%ind6 The se?ual fantasies are there and the= @ill remain there %ecause =ou @ant to dro# them666 and =ou donCt kno@ ho@ to go %e=ond them0 =ou sim#l= @ant to dro# them6 $ou cannot dro# them that sim#l=: =ou have to learn the @hole art of @itnessing6 $ou can go %e=ond0 %ut =ou cannot dro# them6 )f course0 @hen =ou have gone %e=ond the= are dro##ed0 %ut =ou never dro##ed them actuall=: =ou sim#l= transcended0 =ou sur#assed6

Without kno@ing the art of sur#assing =ou are tr=ing to dro# them: that is making =ou tense6 +nd the ver= effort of dro##ing them666 and still the= are there6 The more =ou tr= to dro# them the more the= are there6 /aturall= =ou feel frustrated0 =ou feel a failure0 =ou feel guilt=0 and that guilt creates tension6 2t has nothing to do @ith =our se?ual fantasies6 5ela?ation and se?ual fantasies are not related at all: and if the= are related0 se?ual fantasies hel# #eo#le to rela?6 But if =ou are religious then the #ro%lem arises6 2t is =our religiousness that is creating the @hole trou%le for =ou6 Dro# this religiousness6 Learn the art of @itnessing: that is the science of transcendence6 +nd once =ou have transcended =ou @ill kno@ that those se?ual energies are not thro@n a@a= %ut the= are transformed6 The same energies have %ecome =our ecstasies6 The same energies are no@ giving a #erfume6 Before the= @ere stinking0 no@ the= are creating a #erfume0 a fragrance6 $ou ask me& ")-LD $)- ;L!+,! 2/D2"+T! + W+$4 2f =ou @ant to dro# them then 2 cannot indicate a @a=0 %ut if =ou @ant to transcend them then certainl= 2 can indicate a @a=6 Learn to @atch 33 and @atch %lissfull=D Watch <o=ousl=D /othing is @rong in them0 nothing at all6 2t is natural6 2t is =our %iolog=0 it is =our chemistr=0 it is =our #h=siolog=0 it is =our #s=cholog=6 But %= @atching =ou go %e=ond =our #h=siolog=0 %e=ond =our %iolog=0 %e=ond =our chemistr=0 %e=ond =our #s=cholog=6 $ou sim#l= %ecome a @atcher0 a @itness6 That @itnessing makes =ou centered in =our s#iritualit= and that is the transcendence6 The last >uestion& 1uestion 3 ),*)0 2 *+.! *!+5D $)- ,+$ T*+T ;+55)T, +5! B!TT!5 T*+/ ;-/D2T,6 2 *+.! +L,) *!+5D $)- ;5+2,! T*! 28/)5+/T "*2LD5!/ M)5! T*+/ T*! 85!+T 9/)WL!D8!+BL! ;!);L!6 2 "+//)T -/D!5,T+/D T*2, +T +LL6 +5! $)- /)T !I+88!5+T2/84 ;-/D2T L+BB+,*+/9+5+ B*+0 Do =ou see4 $ou cannot understand even such a sim#le thingD !ver=%od= is understanding it here e?ce#t ;undit La<<ashankara Bha6 2 am not e?aggerating6 Truth cannot %e e?aggerated0 it is im#ossi%le6 !ven if =ou @ant to do =ou cannot do it6 )nl= lies can %e e?aggerated 33 the= have to %e e?aggerated6 Truth is so vast0 there is no

@a= to e?aggerate it6 But 2 can illustrate it& The great scholarl= doctor @ho had #u%lished man= research #a#ers 33 must have %een something like m= #h=sician0 Devara< 33 had <ust finished his first deliver=6 E/ot %ad0E said the old nurse @ho @as hel#ing him6 EBut it is the %a%= =ou should smack on the %ottom0 not the mother6E ;undit La<<ashankara Bha0 did =ou hear a%out the 8erman #rofessor of #hiloso#h= @ho had used u# all of his sick da=s4 *e called in to sa= he @as dead6 +t an auction sale a %rahmin #undit @as tr=ing to %u= a #arrot6 !ver= time he %id0 someone %id higher6 7inall= the auctioneer declared the %ird his0 %ut for a ver= high sum6 E"an he talk4E he asked the auctioneer6 E+nd ho@DE screamed the #arrot6 EWho do =ou think #ushed the #rice u# so high4E E+re these the onl= t@o #arrots =ou have for sale4E asked the ra%%i0 @ho used to s#eak onl= in the hol= language0 *e%re@0 and had to kee# an inter#reter al@a=s @ith him6 E+t the moment0 sir0 =es0E said the sho#kee#er6 EThen 2 @ill take the one on the right0E said the ra%%i6 E-nfortunatel=0 sir0 it is not that eas=6 $ou @ill have to take them %oth6E CWh= is that4E asked the ra%%i6 EBecause that one onl= s#eaks 8reek0 the other is his translator6E ;undit La<<ashankara Bha0 kno@ledgea%ilit= is not against ignorance0 it is in fact a cover3u# for ignorance6 9no@ledgea%ilit= is not @isdom6 9no@ledgea%ilit= is like a %lind man kno@ing all a%out light0 %ut he still remains %lind6 !ven if =ou kno@ ever=thing a%out light and =ou donCt have a light in the room0 =our room remains dark6 Wisdom is like light6 Whether =ou kno@ an=thing a%out light or not does not matter0 @hat matters is light6 +nd thatCs @h= 2 #raise children more& at least the= are sim#l= ignorant6 Their ignorance has a certain innocence in it6 The kno@ledgea%le #erson is ignorant and cunning6 *e is ignorant0 %ut hiding it6 *e is a h=#ocrite6 *e is cheating others and ma=%e cheating himself too6 The child is ignorant %ecause he is innocent6 +nd from ignorance there is a @a= to@ards @isdom0 %ut there is no @a= from kno@ledge6 The kno@ledgea%le #erson first @ill have to %ecome ignorant0 then onl= he can move

to@ards @isdom6 2gnorance is like a crossroad& =ou can go to@ards the direction of kno@ledge0 %ut it never leads to@ards @isdom and from kno@ledgea%ilit= there is no @a= to @isdom6 $ou @ill have to come %ack to the crossroad from @here another direction o#ens0 another dimension& that of @isdom6 *ence Besus sa=s0 E-nless =ou are like small children =ou @ill not enter into m= kingdom of 8od6E +nd ,ocrates said in his ri#e old age0 E2 kno@ onl= one thing0 that 2 kno@ nothing6E The -#anishads sa=0 EThe #erson @ho sa=s C2 kno@C kno@s nothing0 and the #erson @ho sa=s C2 donCt kno@C kno@s it6E 2 certainl= #raise the children0 %ecause 2 @ould like =ou to %ecome again the same kind of innocence that children have6 2 @ould like =ou to %e %orn again0 to %e a t@ice3 %orn 33 to have a second childhood is the %eginning of @isdom6 +nd <ust @atch the small children 33 their #erce#tiveness0 their clarit=0 their sensitiveness0 their a@areness0 their intelligence 33 and then =ou @ill not call them E<ust ignorantE6 Their ignorance is ver= much #regnant @ith @isdom0 and the kno@ledgea%le #erson is ver= much dr=0 dead: he is not #regnant6 9no@ledge is sterile6 The schoolteacher @as angr= @ith little Bohnn=6 E$our essa= a%out CM= DogC is e?actl= the same as =our %rotherCsDE she shouted6 E;lease0 Miss0 it is the same dog6 What can 2 do4E + =oung female %iolog= teacher0 @earing a rose in the #lunging neckline of her dress0 asks her class0 E*o@ are roses nourished4E Little Ma? calls out0 EWith milk0 Miss6E The teacher cuffs his head and sa=s0 EDonCt %e freshD 5oses are nourished @ith @ater6E 2n tears0 Ma? so%s0 E2 am sorr=0 Miss6 2 did not kno@ their stems @ere so longDE The teacher of a class of ten3=ear3olds is too sh= to conduct the se?3education class and so she asks her class to make this a home@ork #ro<ect6 Little !dd= asks his father0 @ho mum%les something a%out a stork6 *is grandmother sa=s he came from a ca%%age #atch6 *is great3grandmother %lushes and @his#ers that children come from the great ocean of e?istence6 The ne?t da= !dd= gets called first to re#ort on his #ro<ect6 *e sa=s0 E2 am afraid there is something @rong in m= famil=6 +##arentl=0 no%od= has had a good fuck for three generationsDE The Wild 8eese and the Water

"ha#ter (J "ha#ter title& ;ure /on3Zense 1J 7e%ruar= 1 '1 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& '10F1J0 ,hortTitle& W2LD8,0J +udio& $es .ideo& $es The first >uestion& 1uestion 1 ),*)0 ;L!+,! T+L9 +B)-T T*! +/T2"*52,T +/D T!LL -, W*+T 2T ")-LD B!6 2 *+.! +LW+$, *!+5D 2T B!2/8 ")MM!/T!D -;)/ W2T* 85!+T 7!+5 +/D W2T* /) !I;L+/+T2)/6 ;!);L! D)/CT 9/)W W*+T 2T 2, +/D $!T T*!$ 7!+5 2T6 B),!72/+0 T*! ;52!,T *+, L2.!D +, + ;+5+,2T!: he has %een sucking #eo#leCs %lood6 and his @hole trade secret is creating fear6 +ll the religions have %een fear3oriented6 +nd @hen 2 sa= Eall the religionsE 2 donCt include 8autam the Buddha0 Besus "hrist0 Zarathustra0 Mahavira or Lao TAu6 These individuals donCt %elong to an= religion at all6 5eligions are a collective #henomenon0 and the moment a collectivit=0 a cro@d gathers around a dogma0 e?#loitation immediatel= starts6 The Buddhas0 the a@akened ones0 have not created an= religion6 2t is a%solutel= a @rong notion #revalent all over the @orld that 8autam Buddha founded Buddhism or Besus "hrist founded "hristianit=6 2t is a%solutel= @rong: nothing can %e more @rong than that6 "hristianit= is created %= #eo#le of a totall= different cali%er& the una@akened ones0 %ut cunning0 clever 33 the #riests6 The #riests are the most cunning #eo#le in the @orld: even the #oliticians are not so cunning6 The #riests even e?#loit the #oliticians6 +nd the #riest is the real +ntichrist0 anti3Buddha0 anti3Mahavira 33 anti3truth0 in a sense6 The #riest lives on lies0 he fa%ricates lies6 *e is clever enough to e?#loit human miser=0 human fear0 human greed0 human #ossessiveness0 human @eakness as such6 7or e?am#le0 ever= man is %orn @ith fear: it is natural6 2n the motherCs @om% the child is a%solutel= fearless: there is nothing to fear a%out6 *e is a%solutel= taken care of %=

e?istence itself: there is no @orr=0 no an?iet=0 no fear6 But the moment he comes out of the @om%0 even #assing through the #assage from the @om% to the @orld0 fear starts arising: he feels suffocated6 The canal that he has to #ass through is narro@6 *e feels cram#ed0 he feels as if he is %eing murdered0 killed6 To the child himself0 %irth is <ust like death 33 or even @orse0 %ecause @hen =ou die =ou sim#l= die6 There is nothing much to it: =ou sto# %reathing6 But @hen the child is %orn he starts %reathing0 he %ecomes alive0 and he finds himself in a ver= strange situation& u#side3do@n0 head coming first6 +nd he is losing %ig %eautiful home6 The @om% has %een so @arm0 so comforta%le0 that #s=chologists sa= man has %een searching again and again the same comfort0 the same lu?ur=0 the same @armth6 We have created houses0 #alaces0 <ust %ecause of the memor= of the @om%6 We make them as co= as #ossi%le0 @e make them as comforta%le as #ossi%le0 %ut =et there is nothing like the @om%6 Whatsoever =ou do =ou @ill have to @orr= a%out thousand and one things: =ou @ill have to take care of =ourself6 !ven the greatest em#eror is not so fearless as the smallest child in the motherCs @om%0 the #oorest child6 7ear is #art of the ver= %irth #rocess0 and the first thing that a child is going to do is scream0 cr=6 *e has %een u#rooted from such a @arm0 loving0 coA= atmos#here0 and has %een thro@n into a @orld so cold0 so alien666 the fear has entered in6 +nd @ith fear enters greed: greed is the other side of the same coin6 8reed means accumulating ever=thing that @ill hel# =ou to remain fearless6 2f mone= can hel# then accumulate mone=0 if #o@er can hel# then %e #o@erful666 or @hatsoever it is6 To #rotect =ourself against fear0 greed starts gro@ing6 +nd the religions have e?#loited %oth instincts6 7ear has %ecome the hell0 greed has %ecome the heaven: these are #ro<ections6 +nd each child is ver= @eak0 delicate0 vulnera%le6 *e can %e crushed <ust like a rose flo@er: he can %e killed ver= easil=6 *e de#ends on the #arents0 on the famil=0 on the societ=: he is not inde#endent6 *is de#endence has %een e?#loited %= the #riests6 *ence the idea of 8od the #rotector0 the almight=6 2f =ou @orshi# him0 if =ou #ra= to him0 if =ou %uttress him0 if =ou #raise him0 then he @ill #rotect =ou6 2f =ou donCt #raise him then %e@are0 =ou are in danger6 $ou @ill %e left %ehind all alone: 8od @ill not %e @ith =ou6 ;eo#le #ra=ing in the churches0 in the tem#les0 in the mos>ues0 are not religious #eo#le6 + religious #erson has nothing to do @ith #ra=er or if he has something to do @ith #ra=er0 his #ra=er has a totall= different meaning6 *is #ra=er is never out of greed0 out of fear0 that much is a%solutel= certain6 *is #ra=er is nothing %ut #ure gratitude0 no desire in it6 *e is not asking for something0 he is not asking for more 33 he is not asking at all6 *e is sim#l= thanking0 %ecause @hatsoever has %een given to him is more than he

deserves6 *is heart is full of gratitude0 tremendous gratefulness6 2n fact0 no @ord is needed to e?#ress it: his ver= heart%eat e?#resses his gratitude6 *e is in #ra=er t@ent=3 four hours 33 @alking0 sitting0 slee#ing0 the #ra=er continues like an undercurrent6 *e need not go to a tem#le to #ra=: onl= irreligious #eo#le go6 But the larger #art of humanit= is full of fear0 full of greed0 full of anguish 33 the anguish that death is there standing6 +n= moment it can <um# u#on =ou0 and =ou need a #rotector0 an almight= #rotector6 Bust see the @ord Ealmight=E0 #onder over it6 Man feels a%solutel= #o@erless0 hence the almight= 8od is needed6 Man feels ignorant0 hence omniscient 8od is needed6 Man feels @eak0 hence omni#otent 8od is needed6 Man feels limited0 hence omni#resent 8od is needed6 These are #ro<ections0 and the #riests have %een using them in all #ossi%le @a=s0 in all #ossi%le com%inations6 There is an ancient stor=& + disci#le of devil came running and told the devil that0 EWhat are =ou doing here4 )ur @hole %usiness is in risk 33 a man <ust no@ has found truth on the earth6 We should go and do somethingD 2f he s#reads the message @e @ill lose all our clients0 all our customers6E The devil laughed and he said0 E$ou are ne@: =ou donCt kno@ that there is no need to @orr= at all6 2 kno@ one man has found the truth0 %ut 2 need not go there6 M= agents are alread= there6E The disci#le said0 EBut 2 have not seen an= of =our agents there0 2 have not seen an= of m= colleagues there6E The devil said0 EM= agents are in disguise6 The #riests that are chanting mantras around the man0 the= are m= agentsD The= have reached: no@ the= @ill stand %et@een him and the #eo#le6 The= @ill %ecome the inter#reters0 the= @ill distort the truth0 the= @ill create thousand and one m=thologies around it0 the= @ill create man= fictions6E $our so3called religions are nothing %ut religious fictions6 Bust as there are science fictions there are religious fictionsD "hristianit=0 *induism0 Buddhism0 Bainism0 all are creations of the #riests0 the agents of the devil6 Mahavira is not the founder of Bainism6 2n fact0 the stor= is that Mahavira himself never s#oke0 he remained silent6 But there @ere #eo#le @ho used to s#eak0 and the= @ill sa= that the= are in some inner communion @ith Mahavira0 Mahavira is s#eaking to them in a su%tle language @hich is not heard %= an=%od= else e?ce#t them0 and the= are making it availa%le to the #eo#le6 These #eo#le @ere called gandharas0 a#ostles of Mahavira6 The= created the @hole structure of Bainism: Mahavira has nothing to do @ith it6

2 used to kno@ one of such men6 2n this ver= cit=0 <ust fe@ =ears %ack0 one of the most glorious men @ho has ever @alked on the earth has lived: his name @as Meher Ba%a6 7or thirt=3three =ears he remained silent: he lived in silence for thirt=3three =ears and died in silence6 But one man0 +di 96 2rani0 used to tell #eo#le @hat Ba%a is sa=ing to him0 @hat he is communicating to him in some invisi%le @a=6 2rani has @ritten all the %ooks @hich =ou come across in the name of Meher Ba%a6 /o@0 this is the #riestD +nd the #riests are ver= craft=6 Bosefina0 =ou are asking me& ;L!+,! T+L9 +B)-T T*! +/T2"*52,T6 The #riest is the +ntichrist0 the #o#e is the +ntichrist0 these thousands of "atholic and ;rotestant missionaries0 these are the +ntichrists6 The +ntichrist has alread= ha##enedD The first +ntichrist @as ;eter0 @ho founded the church6 2n fact0 far more harm has %een done %= ;eter0 the first #o#e0 than %= Budas6 Budas hel#ed "hristCs @ork immensel=& if Budas had not sold Besus "hrist to the enemies =ou ma= not have ever heard his name6 2t is %ecause of the crucifi?ion that Besus %ecame #art of the human consciousness6 Budas is not reall= his enem=6 2n fact0 8eorge 8urd<ieff used to sa= a ver= %eautiful stor= 33 of course his o@n inventionD But #eo#le like 8eorge 8urd<ieff0 even if the= invent stories0 their stories have immense significance6 *e used to sa= that Budas did sell Besus for thirt= silver ru#ees 33 onl= for thirt= silver ru#ees 33 to the enemies0 on the %ehest of Besus "hrist himselfD 2t @as his order: he told Budas6 +nd of course0 %eing a devoted disci#le he could not sa= no6 With tears in his e=es0 @ith a cr=ing heart0 he follo@ed the commandment6 +nd it seems a little %it relevant too0 %ecause @hen Besus @as crucified all the disci#les esca#ed0 the= all ran a@a=6 /o%od= suffered so much as Budas6 Budas committed suicide the ne?t da=0 @ithin t@ent=3four hours6 *e could not live @ithout Besus "hrist6 2t is a stor=0 %ut one thing has to %e meditated u#on& that Budas has not harmed the cause of Besus0 he is not the +ntichrist: %ut the so3called follo@ers0 the #eo#le @ho esta%lished "hristianit=0 the= are the +ntichrist6 7=odor Dostoevsk=0 one of the greatest novelists that has ever ha##ened in the @orld0 @rites in his %eautiful %ook0 B5)T*!5, 9+5+M+Z).0 + #ara%le 33 a #ara%le @hich has multidimensional meaning6 +fter eighteen hundred =ears0 one da= 33 one ,unda= of course 33 Besus thought that0 E2t is time no@ for me to go %ack and to see ho@ m= #eo#le are doing on the earth6

!ighteen hundred =ears %efore @hen 2 had gone0 2 @as alone6 2 had to start from that scratch0 and of course the Be@s @ere against me %ecause 2 @as sa=ing things @hich @ent against their tradition0 their orthodo?=6 +nd it @as natural that the= felt offended and the= killed me6 /o@ almost half the earth is "hristian 33 this is the time for me to go6 /o@ the= @ill receive me0 @elcome me0 the= @ill o#en their hearts to me6 /o@ the right moment has come6E *e chooses one ,unda= morning0 descends into the market#lace in the small to@n of Bethlehem6 ;eo#le gather around0 villagers start laughing0 giggling6 The= sa=0 EThe man looks <ust like Besus "hristDE Besus said to them0 EWhat are =ou talking6664 2 donCt look like Besus "hrist0 2 +M Besus "hristDE +nd the= all laughed and the= said0 E2t is %etter if =ou esca#e from here %ecause soon the church service @ill %e over6 +nd once the %isho# comes out666 and if he finds =ou #retending to %e Besus =ou @ill %e in trou%le6 That much @e can sa=6E Besus said0 EBut he is m= %isho#0 heCs doing m= @ork6 2f =ou cannot recogniAe me0 at least he @ill recogniAe meDE +nd he @aited6 ;eo#le laughed and <oked6 The= @ere thinking that E*e is a good actor0 and doing #erfectl= @ell 33 looks e?actl= like Besus6E Besus tried to convince them %ut the= @ere not read= to listen6 Then he @aited& the %isho# is %ound to recogniAe him 33 and he is the arch%isho#6 *e came out of the church0 a cro@d follo@ing him of the so3called "hristians6 +nd the moment he sa@ this =oung man e?actl= looking like Besus0 he ordered him that E8et do@nDE 33 he @as standing on a #odium under a tree 33 E8et do@n immediatel=DE +nd he told his #eo#le0 E+rrest this fello@D This is sacrilegious 33 some%od= #retending to %e Besus4 33 he cannot %e forgivenDE Besus sa=s0 E"anCt =ou recogniAe me4E +nd the %isho# @as ver= angr= and said0 E$es0 2 have recogniAed =ou6E *e @as chained0 im#risoned0 taken to the church0 thro@n into a dark cell6 *e could not %elieve @hat is ha##ening& EM= o@n #eo#le6664E 2n the middle of the night the arch%isho# came @ith a candle in his hands0 fell do@n on the earth in the feet of Besus and said0 E2 had recogniAed =ou0 %ut 2 cannot do it in a #u%lic #lace6 $ou @ill destro= our @hole %usinessD 7orgive me0 and listen to m= advice& =ou are no more needed 33 @e are doing #erfectl= @ell 33 and if =ou donCt listen to m= advice0 @e @ill have to crucif= =ou again6E Besus could not %elieve his e=es0 his ears0 @hat he is seeing0 @hat he is hearing6 *e said0 E$ou %elong to me0 =ou serve me0 =ou #ra= to me666 2 have seen =ou kneeling do@n %efore m= statue6 +nd no@ 2 am here alive in front of =ou0 and =ou sa= =ou have recogniAed me 33 and still =ou donCt @ant me to a##ear %efore the #eo#le4E

The arch%isho# said0 E/o6 2 cannot allo@ =ou to a##ear %efore the #eo#le %ecause =ou are a dangerous fello@6 $ou @ill again distur% the @hole esta%lishment6 2n eighteen hundred =ears @ith great effort someho@ @e have %een a%le to manage6 +nd 2 tell =ou that even the ra%%is of the old0 @hen =ou had come for the first time0 must have recogniAed =ou 33 the= @ere learned #eo#le6 The= must have recogniAed =ou0 that =ou are the onl= %egotten son of 8od0 %ut the= had to crucif= =ou <ust to save their o@n skin0 other@ise =ou @ould have destro=ed ever=thing6 E5ight no@ 2 can see @h= the= had to crucif= =ou6 2f =ou donCt listen to m= advice0 tomorro@ morning @e @ill have to crucif= =ouD We cannot allo@ =ou to interfere an= more6 Whatsoever =ou @ant to do =ou can do through us6 We are the mediators0 #eo#le have to reach to =ou through us6 $ou have to reach to the #eo#le through us6 $ou cannot avoid0 =ou cannot %=#ass us6E This too is a #ara%le6 2 donCt think Besus @ould ever dare to come %ack again: it is not #ossi%le6 )nce is enough6 $ou ask me0 Bosefina& ;L!+,! T+L9 +B)-T T*! +/T2"*52,T0 +/D T!LL -, W*+T 2T ")-LD B!6 The #riest666 and no%od= else6 There is no other devil e?ce#t the #riest0 and the #riest e?ists in all sha#es0 all siAes0 all forms0 all colors 33 @hatsoever =ou need6 !ach according to his need0 each according to his ca#acit=6 +nd the #riest is availa%le to fulfill ever=%od=Cs need6 The #o#e0 the a=atollah0 the shankarachar=a 33 these are different forms of the same #henomenon6 The #eo#le @ho have e?#erienced truth are "hrists0 and the #eo#le @ho are e?#loiting in the name of their truth are the +ntichrists6 To me0 "hrist is not a #erson6 Besus is a #erson6 "hrist onl= s=m%oliAes the ultimate flo@ering of oneCs consciousness6 2n fact0 the @ord EchristE comes from the ,anskrit @ord EkrishnaE6 E9rishnaE has traveled into different countries0 and %= and %=0 the moment it reached +ramaic0 the language that Besus s#oke0 it had %ecome E"hristE6 !ven in one 2ndian language0 Bengali0 9rishna is called E"hristoE6 +nd from E"hristoE to E"hristE0 the @ord has not to travel too far6 "hrist sim#l= means 9rishna6 "hrist sim#l= means the ultimate flo@ering of consciousness0 the one3thousand3#etaled lotus o#ening6 Besus is onl= one of the "hrists: there have %een man= %efore him6 +%raham @as one0 Moses @as one0 Lao TAu @as one0 "huang TAu @as one0 Zarathustra @as one0 9rishna @as one0 Buddha @as one6 +nd after "hrist there have %een man= "hrists 33 /anak0 9a%ir0 +l3*illa< Mansoor0 ,aint 7rancis0 !ckhart0 5amakrishna0 5aman 33 it is a long line of

enlightened #eo#le6 $ou can call all of them "hrists6 2n the !ast @e call that state Buddhahood0 in the West it is called "hrist3 consciousness6 "hrist3consciousness means full= a@akened state6 Then @ho is +ntichrist4 33 the #erson @ho is a%solutel= unconscious6 +nd 2 have not come across #eo#le @ho are more unconscious than the #riests and more dangerous than the #riests6 The #riest is the ugliest #henomenon on the earth0 %ecause he e?#loits =our ver= o##ortunit= of %eing religious6 *e gives =ou a #seudo kind of religion6 *e is a cheat0 he is a h=#ocrite: he has done ever= kind of @rong to humanit=6 )f course0 he kno@s the art of doing it0 the knack of doing it6 *e camouflages his acts @ith %eautiful @ords6 *e s#ins and @eaves %eautiful theories0 theologies0 %ut if =ou go dee# inside =ou @ill find nothing there 33 no truth at all0 no silence0 no love0 no godliness6 +ll the religions have %een fighting @ith each other0 tooth and nail0 murdering each other0 destro=ing each other 33 "hristians destro=ing Mohammedans0 Mohammedans destro=ing *indus0 *indus destro=ing Buddhists 33 the @hole earth is full of %lood in the name of religion: ever=%od=Cs hands are a%solutel= %lood=6 +nd in the name of %eautiful @ordsD The #riest talks a%out love and creates hatred: talks a%out forgiveness and enrages #eo#le0 creates anger and violence: talks a%out godliness0 %ut @hatsoever he does serves onl= the #ur#oses of the devil6 *is @ords are full of light0 %ut his acts are full of darkness6 +nd it needs no argumentation 33 the @hole histor= is full of it6 Who crucified Besus "hrist4 33 the Be@ish #riests0 the ra%%is6 Who crucified +l3*illa< Mansoor4 33 the Mohammedan imams0 the Mohammedan #riests6 Who made man= efforts to kill 8autam the Buddha4 33 the *indu %rahmins6 Man= efforts @ere made to kill him: the= could not succeed 33 that is another matter6 !fforts @ere made to kill Mahavira too666 This has %een al@a=s so6 ,till toda= the same is the stor=: nothing has changed6 The #riest goes on doing the same stu#id act6 +nd #eo#le are so much conditioned the= canCt even see @hat is %eing done to them6 $ou ask me Bosefina& 2 *+.! +LW+$, *!+5D 2T B!2/8 ")MM!/T!D -;)/ W2T* 85!+T 7!+50 +/D $!T W2T* /) !I;L+/+T2)/6 ;!);L! D)/ CT 9/)W W*+T 2T 2, +/D $!T T*!$ 7!+5 2T6 2n fact0 if =ou @ant #eo#le to fear something0 =ou have not to give an= e?#lanation6 Because once something is e?#lained0 fear disa##ears6 The moment =ou kno@ something0 fear disa##ears6 7ear e?ists onl= @ith ignorance6 9no@ing functions like light and dis#els darkness6 *ence science has hel#ed immensel= to destro= fear6 +nd =ou can see it6 Look into the .edas and =our so3called great seers0 rishis 33 and

remem%er0 2 am onl= calling them so3called %ecause more than that the= are not 33 the= are #ra=ing to some unkno@n god0 2ndra0 the god of clouds0 lightnings and thunder6 Whenever there is thunder and lightning0 the= fall on their knees and the= start #ra=ing to the god 2ndra0 %ecause the= think that 2ndra is angr=0 thatCs @h= the lightning& E*e @ants to destro= us6E The thunder is a threat6 /o@ no%od= is %othered %= 2ndra 33 no%od= is afraid of lightning6 /o@ @e kno@ the secret of electricit=6 /o@ it is 2ndra @ho is sitting inside this fan6 +nd he is doing thousand and one things& cooking =our food0 turning =our fan666 all kinds of things6 Who is going to @orshi# 2ndra @ho is sitting inside a fan4 /o@0 no%od= takes an= note of 2ndra6 2ndra is as dead as one can %e dead6 +nd the seers of the .edas @ere ver= much frightened6 2gnorance is fear6 *ence0 no e?#lanation has to %e given6 !ven if some e?#lanation is found0 it has to %e ke#t secret6 ThatCs @h= all the religions have tried that the language of those religions should not %e understood %= the #eo#le0 %= the ordinar= #eo#le6 The *indu %rahmin has insisted that ,anskrit is the onl= divine language 33 devavani 33 it is the language of the gods6 2t should not %e #olluted %= ordinar= #eo#le: onl= the scholars0 the #undits0 the kno@ledgea%le #eo#le0 the #riests0 should kno@ a%out it6 +nd of course @hen the= start chanting in ,anskrit =ou feel m=stified %ecause =ou donCt understand @hat the= are sa=ing6 The= ma= %e sa=ing sheer stu#id things0 <ust nonsense 33 a%racada%ra 33 %ut %ecause =ou canCt understand =ou feel m=stified6 The= @ere ver= much angr= @ith Buddha and Mahavira %ecause the= @ere the t@o #ersons in 2ndia #articularl= @ho started a totall= ne@ tradition0 a ne@ %eginning 33 %ecause the= started talking in the language of the #eo#le6 The %rahmins could not forgive them: the= destro=ed their @hole m=ster=6 The= @ere creating much noise @ith their ,anskrit chanting6 2f translated0 it looks a%solutel= meaningless: there is not much in it6 /inet=3nine #ercent of their ,anskrit mantras are <ust ordinar=: it is ver= rare to find a real diamond6 Buddha s#oke the language of the #eo#le0 he discarded ,anskrit and chose ;ali0 @hich @as the language of the #eo#le6 Mahavira chose ;rakrit0 the language of the #eo#le6 The same @as done %= Besus "hrist0 and the ra%%is @ere not ha##=6 *e%re@ is the divine language0 and Besus started s#eaking in the language of the #eo#le0 +ramaic6 That means =ou are dem=stif=ing6 +nd if #eo#le start understanding each and ever=thing0 then ho@ =ou @ill create fear in them4 The= have to %e ke#t afraid6 Bosefina0 =ou sa=& 2 *+.! +LW+$, *!+5D 2T B!2/8 ")MM!/T!D -;)/ W2T* 85!+T 7!+50 +/D $!T W2T* /) !I;L+/+T2)/6 There is no contradiction in it6 !?#lanation cannot %e given: an= e?#lanation @ill %e

dangerous 33 the fear @ill %e gone6 ,cience dem=stifies0 hence science makes men stronger6 $ou sa=& ;!);L! D)/ CT 9/)W W*+T 2T 2, +/D $!T T*!$ 7!+5 2T6 ThatCs @h= the= fear it0 %ecause the= donCt understand @hat it is6 The unkno@n al@a=s makes one afraid6 ,ecrets have to %e ke#t secret from #eo#le if =ou @ant to e?#loit them6 Then =ou have to create much mum%o3<um%o0 much smoke0 so no%od= can see @hat is actuall= ha##ening6 $ou have to kee# #eo#le %lind0 then =ou can do ever=thing666 and the= have done ever=thing6 2n 2ndia0 #rostitution has e?isted in the tem#les in the name of 8od6 +nd @hen #rostitution e?ists in the name of 8od it is not #rostitution at all 33 it is something sacred6 Bust =ou have to give %eautiful names6 The #rostitutes of the tem#les @ere called devadasis 33 servants of 8od6 2n fact the= @ere serving onl= the #riests: the= @ere se?uall= e?#loited %= the #riests and the rich customers @ho could #a=6 But this smoke @as created that the= are serving 8od0 and then #rostitution continued in 2ndia in the name of religion6 2n fact0 in man= #arts of this countr= it @as a tradition0 a convention @hich has to %e follo@ed and #eo#le follo@ed it religiousl=666 When one @ill get married0 his @ife first has to slee# @ith the god in the tem#le6 The first night0 the real hone=moon has to %e @ith the god6 )f course0 it is a religious thingD 33 8od should initiate the @oman into the secrets of love6 +nd the god is nothing %ut a stone statue666 Behind the statue is hidden the #riest ;ouring out his trou%les to his great and good friend over a cou#le of tri#le martinis0 Brad had to confess that things @ere not going too @ell at home6 EM= @ife and 2 <ust donCt hit it off at night0E he @as sa=ing to Bart6 E2 hate to admit it0 %ut 2 am afraid 2 <ust donCt kno@ ho@ to make her ha##=6E E*ell %o=0E said Bart0 Ethere is reall= nothing to it6 Let me give =ou some advice6 +t %edtime0 s@itch on a ne@ ,inatra #latter0 turn all the lights lo@ and s#ra= some #erfume around the room6 /e?t0 tell =our @ife to get into her sheerest nightie: then make sure =ou raise the %ottom @indo@6E EThen @hat do 2 do4E asked Brad6 EBust @histle6E EWhistle4E EThatCs right6 2 @ill %e @aiting outside the @indo@6 When 2 hear =ou @histle0 2 @ill come right u# and finish the <o%6E

ThatCs @hat the #riest @as doing hidden %ehind the god6 7or thousands of =ears this continued: in fe@ #laces it still continues6 /o@0 if =ou give e?#lanations0 then ever=thing @ill %e destro=ed6 !?#lanations are not to %e given0 things have to %e ke#t hidden6 Things have to %e ke#t in such a @a= that no%od= even sus#ects @hat is going on6 2n the name of religion all kinds of e?#loitation0 )##ression0 slaver=0 has ha##ened6 The +ntichrist is nothing %ut =our unconscious state6 Become conscious and =ou %ecome "hrists6 5emem%er0 2 donCt @ant an= "hristians in the @orld0 2 donCt @ant an= *indus in the @orld6 !nough is enoughD We are tired of all these #eo#le6 The= have done too much harm0 the= have @ounded humanit= immensel=6 The= have made the @hole humanit= sick6 What the= have done is nauseating6 The= have driven humanit= into a state of schiAo#hrenia %ecause the= have created guilt6 That is their onl= contri%ution to the @orld 33 guilt6 More and more guilt the= have created in #eo#le0 %ecause @henever =ou create guilt0 =ou %ecome #o@erful: the guilt= #erson starts feeling afraid 33 fear of #unishment in this life0 in the other life0 or in the %e=ond6 +nd then he has to take the hel# of the #riest @ho kno@s the secrets ho@ to %ri%e 8od0 ho@ to hel# =ou #ass through0 ho@ to hel# =ou avoid the hell and hellfire0 ho@ to manage for =ou a %eautiful #lace in the #aradise so =ou can en<o= their streams of @ine and %eautiful =oung @omen0 a#saras6 The #riest does not @ant =ou to %ecome conscious6 *eCs against consciousness 33 %ecause consciousness @ill make =ou a "hrist0 a Buddha0 not a "hristian0 not a Buddhist6 +nd thatCs m= @hole #ur#ose here& m= sann=asins are not to %e follo@ers0 imitators0 %ut inde#endent0 conscious human %eings6 $ou are not to imitate me0 =ou are not to re#eat me0 =ou are not to collect more and more information from me6 $ou have to learn onl= one thing& ho@ to %e more conscious0 ho@ to %e more an individual0 inde#endent0 a%solutel= inde#endent6 7reedom is the onl= taste of real religion6 Wherever slaver= e?ists in the name of religion0 +ntichrist is at @ork6 +nd @herever freedom e?ists0 "hrist is at @ork6 $ou can %e a "hrist0 =ou have the #otential0 all the #otential6 !ver= man is %orn to %e a Buddha: if he misses the #oint it is his o@n unintelligence6 +nd the most unintelligent thing a #erson can do is to %e conditioned %= others6 5emain unconditioned6 $es0 it is difficult %ecause the child is so hel#less0 he has to follo@ the #arents6 But =ou are not a child forever: a da= comes @hen =ou %ecome inde#endent6 The moment =ou are inde#endent from =our #arents0 dro# all the conditioning that =our #arents have given to =ou6 Besus sa=s one thing @hich @ill look ver= strange to =ou0 and #articularl= from the mouth of Besus 33 @ho sa=s on the one hand& Love =our enem= <ust like =ourself6 /ot onl= that0 he even sa=s& Love =our neigh%or <ust like =ourself 33 @hich is even far

more difficult6 2n fact enemies and neigh%ors are not different #eo#le: the= are the same #eo#le6 2t is easier to love =our enem=0 it is far more difficult to love =our neigh%or6 But Besus sa=s even that& Love =our neigh%or6 This is on one hand6 +nd the same man sa=s& -nless =ou hate =our #arents =ou cannot follo@ me6 .er= strange666 Buddha goes even a ste# further6 *e sa=s& -nless =ou kill =our #arents =ou cannot follo@ me6 /o@0 Buddha is one of the most non3violent #ersons in the @hole histor= of humanit=0 @ho @ill not even kill an ant0 not even a cockroach0 not even a mos>uito6 +nd he sa=s& -nless =ou kill =our #arents =ou cannot follo@ me6 What he means is not to %e taken literall=6 *e is sa=ing that unless =ou dro# all the conditionings that =our #arents have #ut inside =ou0 unless the mother and the father disa##ear from =our inner @orld totall=0 =ou @ill not %e a%le to gro@0 to %ecome mature0 =ou @ill not %e reall= alive6 Be free from all conditionings and =ou are ca#a%le of %eing a Buddha or a "hrist6 The second >uestion& 1uestion F ),*)0 "*52,T +/D 72.! M2LL2)/ "*52,T2+/, "+55$2/8 T*!25 "5),,!,D B-DD*+ +/D T!/ M2LL2)/ B-DD*2,T, "+55$2/8 T*!25 L)T-, 7L)W!5,D )/! W)/D!5,0 "+/ W! !,"+;! T*! 52,9, )7 2M2T+T2)/ 2/ T*2, +M+Z2/8 8+M! $)- *+.! "5!+T!D4 +/+/D D*+5M!,*0 2t is im#ossi%le to imitate me6 2 am taking ever= care that if =ou tr= to imitate me =ou @ill fall like *um#t= Dum#t= 33 and then no%od= can #ut =ou together0 not even me6 2t is im#ossi%le to imitate me0 for the sim#le reason 2 am so inconsistent0 so self3 contradictor= that it is im#ossi%le to follo@ me6 Because in the morning 2 @ill sa=0 E8o northDE 2n the afternoon 2 @ill sa=0 E8o southDE B= the evening 2 have changed the @hole idea 33 E8o to the @estDE *o@ can =ou follo@ me4 "hrist can %e follo@ed0 %ecause his message is small and ver= consistent6 Buddha can %e follo@ed: he is a ver= logical thinker6 2 am a%solutel= illogical6 2t is for a certain #ur#ose& it is one of m= devices0 so that =ou cannot imitate6 $ou cannot even @rite a treatise on me: =ou cannot make an= sense of all that 2 have %een sa=ing to =ou6 2t is #ure nonsense 33 or0 if =ou allo@ me to coin a ne@ @ord0 it is #ure non3AenseD $ou have to %e on =our o@n0 2 cannot su##l= =ou an= #hiloso#h=6 2 have none6 Man=

times #eo#le have a##roached me that it @ill %e good if 2 can @rite a small %ook <ust like a "hristian catechism0 <ust the essential core of m= #hiloso#h=6 But 2 said0 E2 donCt have an= #hiloso#h=0 and there is no essential core to it6 $ou can rel= on me onl= for one thing& that 2 am not going to give =ou an= #hiloso#h=6E 2t gives me a%solute freedom0 2 donCt have to remem%er @hat 2 have said =esterda=6 2 can live in the moment0 for the moment6 2 can sa= @hatsoever comes @ith no #re#aration0 @ith no idea6 !ven 2 am sur#rised sometimes6 ,ometimes 2 sa= inside m=self0 EMan0 @hat are =ou sa=ing4E !ven 2 cannot imitate m=self0 ho@ =ou can imitate4 2t is im#ossi%leD Wa=ne !d@ard 2nnis has asked& 1uestion 3 ),*)0 $)- "+LL *)M),!I-+L2T$ + ;!5.!5,2)/6 T*+T 9!!;, M! +W+9! +T /28*T +/D M+9!, M! 7!!L L29! + ,2"90 TW2,T!D ,2//!56 /o@0 2nnis0 donCt get unnecessaril= distur%ed6 *omose?ualit= is not a #erversion6 2t is reall= a ver= #rogressive ste#6 2t sim#l= sho@s inventiveness of human %eings6 2t sho@s their multidimensionalit=6 ;oor animals0 the= are al@a=s heterose?ual: the= donCt kno@ that something else can %e done6 2t sho@s manCs freedom0 he can choose even his se?ualit=& to %e heterose?ual or to %e homose?ual0 or to %e %ise?ual0 or to %e celi%ate0 to go %e=ond se?ualit= 33 all #ossi%ilities6 $ou need not %e @orried6 /o@0 ho@ =ou are going to imitate me4 )ne da=0 certainl=0 2 said that homose?ualit= is a #erversion6 Toda= 2 change m= idea6 +nd it is m= o@n idea0 2 am a%solutel= free to change it6 2 am not res#onsi%le to an=%od=0 2 am not ans@era%le to an=%od=6 2t is <ust m= ideaD That moment it @as so0 this moment it is not so6 +nd 2 cannot guarantee for tomorro@6 $ou cannot imitate me0 thatCs im#ossi%le0 +nand Dharmesh6 $ou tr=0 and =ou @ill find it im#ossi%le6 2 am so illogical6 + certain logic is needed to create follo@ing6 $ou have to convince #eo#le intellectuall= that this is the %est thing to do6 2 never convince an=%od=0 2 never tr= to convince =ou intellectuall=6 "ontagious certainl= 2 am0 %ut not convincing6 2 am craA=0 and onl= fe@ craA= #eo#le feel attuned @ith me6 What can 2 do a%out it4 But craA= #eo#le are never follo@ers: craA= #eo#le are al@a=s inde#endent #eo#le 33 in fact0 thatCs @h= the= are thought to %e craA=0 eccentric6 The= are so centered in themselves0 others think the= are eccentric %ecause the= are not follo@ing the mo% #s=cholog=0 the cro@d6 The= al@a=s go astra= 33 thatCs @hat the cro@d thinks: the= are going astra=6 The= are sim#l= going on their o@n @a=0 the= are tr=ing to find a ne@ #ath6 +nd it is al@a=s good to find =our o@n #ath6 !ven if =ou go @rong it is good to

follo@ a ne@ #ath than to %e right %ut on a trodden #ath6 To %e on the trodden #ath0 <ust like on a su#erhigh@a=0 is ugl=0 it is inhuman: it is destructive of individualit=0 it destro=s =our ver= soul6 2t is %etter to go astra=0 it is %etter to go into the <ungle and get lost than to follo@ some%od= @ho #retends to %e kno@ledgea%le0 %ecause one learns %= mistakes0 one learns %= errors6 +ll that 2 can suggest to =ou is& never commit the same mistake t@ice6 7ind ne@ mistakes0 invent ne@ mistakes0 and =ou @ill %e gro@ing0 and =ou @ill %e flo@ering6 Truth is found onl= %= those @ho are read= to risk0 %ecause the onl= @a= to truth is via trial and error: there is no other @a=6 There are no su#erhigh@a=s6 But *indus0 Mohammedans0 Bainas0 Buddhists0 "hristians0 the= all %elieve there are su#erhigh@a=s 33 not onl= that there are su#erhigh@a=s0 the= sa= that E)urs is the onl= authentic su#erhigh@a= 33 a 8erman auto%ahn6 )thers are <ust mudd= tracks6E $ou cannot follo@ me %ecause 2 am not serious6 To create a follo@ing =ou need to %e ver= serious0 and 2 cannot afford that6 2 could have created a great follo@ing: it is so sim#le0 so man= gulli%le fools are availa%le in the @hole @orld 33 millions of fools are availa%le6 $ou can gather a follo@ing ver= easil=6 Bust fe@ things =ou have to do& =ou have to %e ver= serious6 That 2 cannot do: 2 cannot lose m= laughter6 ;o#e Bohn ;aul dies0 and he stands in front of heavenCs gate calling ,aint ;eter0 the doorman of #aradise6 EWho is there4E asks ,aint ;eter6 EBohn ;aul6E EWhich Bohn ;aul4E EWh=0 the #o#eD )#en at onceDE EWhat do =ou mean 33 the #o#e4E EWell0 =our successor& the head of "hristianit=0 =ou kno@666 5ome666 .aticano666E ,aint ;eter starts roaring @ith laughter6 *e =ells to "hrist& E*e= BesusD Do =ou remem%er that sill= <oke @e #la=ed on the #lanet earth t@o thousand =ears ago4 Well 33 the= are still into itDE $ou cannot follo@ me6 2 am right no@ sa=ing it is all a <oke0 not after t@o thousand =ears: that @ill %e too late6 8od @as in the ha%it of receiving each #erson coming to heaven #ersonall= 33 at the gate: %ut @hen Bhag@an ,hree 5a<neesh died and came to heaven0 8od changed his ha%it and sent ,aint ;eter to the gate to receive him6 ,aint ;eter @as #uAAled& EWh= this sudden change4E 8od @as ver= afraid and said0 E2f 2 leave m= chair free this gu= @ill run in0 sit there0

and 2 shall never get it %ack againDE The last >uestion& 1uestion H ),*)0 2 +M 8)2/8 T) 2T+L$ T)M)55)W6 "+/ $)- T!LL M! 7!W B)9!, ,) T*+T 2 "+/ "+55$ T*!M W2T* M! T) 2T+L$4 +/+/D)0 2 am al@a=s read= to tell <okes6 +ll the girls of the @horehouse @ent off for the da= leaving 8ina to @atch the %usiness6 When the= returned in the evening0 the= asked her ho@ it had %een6 EWo@@D 7irst3a there came3a the "atholic3a MenCs "hoir0 then a hocke= team3a0 then t@ent=3a lum%er<acks6 +fter that3a0 it gotta reall= %us=6 But3a 2 ran3a from room3a to room3a and served them all3aDE EBesusD $ou must %e reall= @i#ed out&C said the others6 E!h0E said 8ina0 Em= feet3a are reall= killing me3a from all3a that3a running a%outDE 8ina Lotta%aAooma0 the sha#el= 2talian screen siren0 @as #ut under contract %= a *oll=@ood studio and %rought to the -,6 to make an e#ic @estern6 E2 a%solutel= refuse to #la= this scene0E she e?claimed6 EBut0 8ina0E e?#lained the director0 Eall =ou have to do is #oint out the direction the outla@s took @hen the sheriff and his #osse ride u# to =ou6E E2 kno@ C said the star0 E%ut have =ou read the screen action in the scri#t4E EWhat do =ou mean4E ELook ho@ 2 am su##osed to #oint0E sna##ed the star6 E2t sa=s here that 2 am to #lace %oth hands %ehind m= %ack0 take a dee# %reath0 turn north and sa=0 CThe= @ent thata@a=CDE Think over it later on6 When =ou are %ack0 +nando0 in 2tal=0 then think over it6 Ma=%e it takes a little time for =ou to laugh6 2talians make good <okes for others: the= themselves never get the #oint6 2t needs a little %rain to get a <oke6 +nd 2 have looked in man= 2talian %rains 33 and 2 find onl= s#aghetti666

The Wild 8eese and the Water "ha#ter (K "ha#ter title& ,till Believing in Le#rechauns4 1K 7e%ruar= 1 '1 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& '10F1K0 ,hortTitle& W2LD8,0K +udio& $es .ideo& /o The first >uestion& 1uestion 1 ),*)0 !.!5$ T2M! 2CM +W+$ 75)M M$ 7+M2L$ 2 7!!L ,-"* + D!!; +/D B!+-T27-L L).! 7)5 M$ W27! +/D M$ "*2LD5!/6 B-T W*!/ 2 +M W2T* T*!M0 L)T, )7 ")/7L2"T, +52,! +/D 2 7!!L L29! 5-//2/8 +W+$ 75)M 7+M2L$0 B)B0 T5+D2T2)/0 !T "!T!5+6 B-T W*!/ 2CM +W+$ 2 7!!L T*+TC, /)T 2T 33 T*+TC, /)T T*! +/,W!56 W*+T 2, 8)2/8 )/4 "+/ $)- T!LL M! W*+T T) D)4 D!.+ ,+52T)0 2T 2, /)T + 1-!,T2)/ )7 D)2/86 Whatsoever =ou do @ill %e @rong0 %ecause =ou are not in a right s#ace6 $)- are not right0 ho@ can =ou do an=thing right4 That is im#ossi%le6 2t is a >uestion of %eing0 not of doing6 *ence0 =ou can move from one #rison into another0 %ut =ou cannot %e free6 $ou can esca#e from the @orld0 =ou @ill still %e misera%le 33 for ne@ reasons of course6 $ou can change =our @ife0 =ou can change =our <o%0 =ou can change =our house0 =ou can change =our religion0 =our church: still =ou @ill %e the same6 +ll these changes are su#erficial6 The= are <ust like #ainting =our face %lack0 @hite0 red666 %ut dee# do@n nothing is changed0 =ou remain the same6 $ou have to %ecome more a@are6 +nd a@areness is not a >uestion of doing0 it is a >uestion of %eing6 2t is something a%out =our essential core0 nothing a%out =our circumference6 ThatCs @h= it is ha##ening to =ou666 not onl= to =ou0 it is ha##ening to ever=%od=6 2 have kno@n #eo#le @ho have renounced life0 renounced the @ife0 the children0 the market#lace0 have moved to the *imala=as0 to the caves6 ,till0 sitting in their caves the= are misera%le 33 the same miser=6 There are no more the same old causes6 But

those causes @ere <ust e?cuses0 the= @ere not real causes6 The real cause is al@a=s @ithin =ou0 and ho@ =ou can esca#e from it4 Wherever =ou go0 =ou @ill %e =ourself6 ,itting in the *imala=an caves0 the= are still themselves0 utterl= misera%le6 +nd no@ the= are thinking0 EWhat @e are doing here4E /o@ the= have forgotten all the miser= of the @orld0 no@ the= remem%er @ith nostalgia all the <o=s of the @orld6 The= ma= not have e?#erienced those <o=s: the= ma= %e <ust imagining0 fantasiAing6 Misera%le #eo#le have the ha%it 33 it is something inevita%le0 other@ise it @ill %ecome im#ossi%le to live 33 to fantasiAe %eautiful things0 either a%out the #ast or a%out the future6 The #resent is al@a=s misera%le @herever =ou are0 it is miser= that surrounds =ou6 To esca#e from that miser=0 at least to forget all a%out it0 the %est o#ium is to think @ith nostalgia a%out the #ast 33 the @ife that =ou have left %ehind0 the children0 the %eautiful home0 the coAiness0 the securit=0 the safet= 33 all those s@eet things @hich ma= not have ha##ened at all: =ou ma= have <ust created them0 invented them6 )r0 if =ou donCt have much #ast and =ou cannot #aint an=thing on the #ast0 then the future is there 33 a vast canvas6 $ou can al@a=s think of a %eautiful tomorro@6 2f the =esterda= is not @orth #ainting0 then =ou can al@a=s #aint the tomorro@6 2t is al@a=s there6 +nd this is the @a= man has %een avoiding the #resent6 But to avoid the #resent is to avoid the real cause of it all6 The ne@ inmate at the mental hos#ital announced in a loud voice that he @as the famous British naval hero0 Lord /elson6 This @as #articularl= interesting %ecause the institution alread= had a Lord /elson6 The head #s=chiatrist0 after due consideration0 decided to #ut the t@o men in the same room0 feeling that the similarit= of their delusions might #rom#t an ad<ustment in each that @ould hel# in curing them6 2t @as a calculated risk0 of course0 for the men might react violentl= to one another: %ut the= @ere introduced and then left alone0 and no distur%ance @as heard from the room that night6 The ne?t morning the doctor had a talk @ith his ne@ #atient0 and @as more than #leasantl= sur#rised @hen he @as told0 EDoctor0 2 have %een suffering from delusion6 2 kno@ no@ that 2 am not Lord /elson6E EThatCs @onderful0E said the doctor6 E$es0E said the #atient smiling demurel=0 E2 am Lad= *amilton6E )ne can change from %eing Lord /elson 33 one can %ecome Lad= *amilton 33 %ut there is no change at all6 ThatCs @hat #eo#le are doing all over the @orld6 The= change their religion0 the= change their @ives0 their hus%ands: the= change their <o%s0 the= change their outer situations6 +nd again and again the= are sur#rised 33 nothing is

changing6 The miser= #ersists0 it remains the same6 2n fact0 the more the= change outer circumstances0 the more the= %ecome a@are of one thing& that the miser= is not going to leave0 that it is going to %e there6 Their frustration %ecomes more settled0 their failure %ecomes their ver= lifest=le6 $ou ask me& ),*)0 "+/ $)- T!LL M! W*+T T) D)4 $ou have done enough6 /o@0 %e done @ith it all6 /o more doing6 Move from doing to %eing0 %ecome a little more a@are6 Wherever =ou are 33 in the famil=0 @ith the famil=0 or some@here else 33 @herever =ou are0 %ecome more a@are6 Tr= to %e no@ and here666 this moment0 this silence6 DonCt move from thisness6 2t @ill %e difficult in the %eginning: ever= small distraction @ill take =ou a@a=6 Bust a %ird starts calling and =ou are distracted6 $ou cannot acce#t it: immediatel= =ou find an e?cuse6 $ou start thinking @hat %ird it is0 and then the @hole chain 33 the sound of the rail@a= train0 the traffic noise0 an=thing is enough to take =ou a@a= from the no@6 +nd that is the root cause of miser=& to %e there and then6 +nd there is the onl= source of %liss0 the onl= source0 2 sa=& to %e no@ and here6 )nce =ou have learned to %e #resent to the #resent then there is no #ro%lem at all6 Then =our res#onse is total0 then =our res#onse is from =our ver= innermost core0 ver= fulfilling6 Then even living in the famil= situation @ith all the conflicts of it0 =ou @ill remain untouched6 The conflicts @ill %e ever=@here6 2f =ou go to a monaster=0 there @ill %e conflicts there 33 the same struggle0 the same com#etition0 the hierarch=& some%od= tr=ing to %oss0 some%od= tr=ing to #ut =ou the @a= he @ants to #ut =ou together6 !ver=@here =ou @ill find mani#ulation0 domination0 nagging6 !ver=@here =ou @ill find e?#loitation of =our fear0 of =our greed6 *ence0 changing situations is not going to hel#0 it has never hel#ed an=%od= 33 %ut it has %een one of the @a=s of @asting oneCs life6 7or centuries #eo#le created monasteries0 #eo#le created such monasteries that =ou enter once inside the monaster= and =ou cannot leave it again6 2t is for =our @hole life6 ;eo#le %ecame so much afraid of each other 33 of the @ife0 of the hus%and 33 that there are "atholic monasteries @here no @oman has ever entered for one thousand =ears6 What fearD The founders of those monasteries must have %een reall= terri%l= tortured %= their @ives6 /o@ even an innocent @oman0 @ho is not =our @ife0 is not allo@ed to enter inside the monaster=6 /ot onl= a @oman0 %ut even a small girl0 a si?3 month3old girl0 is not allo@ed6 What kind of fear4 +re these monks afraid of a si?3month3old girl4 +re the= afraid of the girl0 or are the= afraid of themselves4 +re the= going to ra#e the small child0 or

@hat4 +re the= monks or monsters4 But the fear has dominated them6 +nd there are nuns and their nunneries @here no man is allo@ed to enter6 But these #eo#le are living in miser=6 *ere are man= e?3monks0 e?3nuns0 "hristian0 *indu0 Baina6 The= have suffered ver= much0 the= have to esca#e from those #risons6 But #eo#le coming here also e?#ect some kind of monaster=6 Bust the other da= 2 @as reading an article in an +ustralian magaAine against me6 The @oman @ho had come to cover the ashram and its activities is ver= much shocked6 ,he seems to %e a ver= traditional0 orthodo? @oman0 interested in =oga and *indu s#iritualit= et cetera6 ,he sa=s0 EThis is a strange kind of ashram6 /o%od= has ever heard of an=thing like this6E ,he is offended %= one thing most& that #eo#le are laughing0 dancing0 singing 33 that #eo#le are alive0 in short6 ,he is ver= much offended that a certain climate of a Eholida= resortE is there6 ,he must have looked for a #rison0 not a holida= resort6 What is @rong in the Eclimate of a holida= resortE4 That should %e the climate of the @hole earthD That should %e the ver= climate of life itself6 Life should %e a holida=6 )nl= a holida= is a hol= da=6 +nd #eo#le are @orking here0 #eo#le are continuousl= @orking6 2t is not that the= are <ust laA=ing around 33 %ut the climate is certainl= of <o=0 of laughter6 That offends6 The @hole article is o%sessed @ith the idea that an ashram has to %e ascetic0 #eo#le have to %e there doing =oga #ostures0 standing on their head0 doing all kinds of g=mnastics0 chanting mantras0 doing religious rituals0 and ver= serious 33 as if the= are <ust @alking cor#ses6 Then she @ould have %een immensel= #leased6 This is a EreligiousE #lace0 she @ould have called0 a Es#iritualE #lace6 5eading her article 2 decided one thing& that the ne@ commune @ill not %e called ashram 33 that @ord certainl= is ugl=6 We @ill dro# it6 This is not an ashram666 2n a @a=0 this is the )/L$ ashram0 %ecause literall= EashramE means rest0 restfulness6 But it has %ecome associated @ith @rong #eo#le6 We @ill dro# it6 ;eo#le come @ith all kinds of ideas6 The= are misera%le in their ideas0 %ut still the= are looking for the same ideas6 +nd if the= donCt find them the= donCt feel good6 The= are misera%le and the= @ant ever=%od= else also to %e misera%le6 Bust one gentleman has @ritten to me that0 E)sho0 =our claim that ,@ami .imalkirti attained Buddhahood sounds #hon=666E +s if this gentleman kno@s @hat Buddhahood is6 2 @as ver= #leased @ith his >uestion6 2 thought0 EM= 8od0 8autam Buddha is hereD Who kno@s @hat Buddhahood is and @hat Buddhahood is not0 @ho kno@s the distinction %et@een the authentic Buddhahood and the #hon= Buddhahood6E Must %e a man far su#erior than all the Buddhas: onl= then =ou can <udge6

But he must have come @ith a certain idea6 2n fact0 *indus @ere offended %= 8autam BuddhaCs declaration himself0 that he has %ecome enlightened0 %ecause the= had their o@n idea 33 <ust like this gentleman 33 the= had their o@n idea6 2n fact0 this gentleman @ill %e sur#rised that BuddhaCs o@n five disci#les immediatel= left him0 thinking that he has gone either mad or is #retending to %e enlightened6 *is o@n five disci#les0 @ho had %een @orshi##ing him u# to no@666 @hile he @as not a Buddha the= @ere @orshi##ing him as their Master6 +nd the moment he declared that he is a Buddha 33 it must have sounded #hon= 33 the= left him immediatel=6 +nd @hat @as their argument4 Their argument @as that he has fallen into the tra# of the ego0 he has fallen from his ascetic life6 Because for si? =ears Buddha tortured himself as much as an= human %eing has ever tortured0 and found nothing %= that torture666 it @as sheer masochistic teachings of the ages that he has %een follo@ing6 But he @as an intelligent man0 he understood6 )ne full3moon evening0 as the moon @as rising0 he could see the @hole stu#idit= of @hat he has %een doing for si? =ears6 Bust %= torturing =our %od=0 ho@ =ou can %ecome enlightened4 What relationshi# e?ists %et@een torturing =our %od=0 destro=ing =our %od=0 and Buddhahood4 That evening he dro##ed torturing6 *e told his disci#les that no@ he @ill live rela?edl=0 no@ he @ill not torture himself0 no@ he @ill follo@ the middle #ath6 -# to no@ he has %een doing something e?tremist6 7irst he lived the life of a #rince0 indulged in all kinds of #leasures and lu?uries 33 that @as one e?treme6 Then he moved to another e?treme& he renounced the @orld and all its comforts0 lu?uries0 #leasures0 and started torturing himself0 started a suicidal course 33 that @as another e?treme6 *e said to his disci#les0 EBut tonight 2 have come to a tremendous understanding0 that truth is not to %e found %= e?tremes6 2 have renounced the @orld0 toda= 2 renounce that renunciation tooD /o@ 2 @ill %e <ust ordinar=0 neither a king nor an ascetic6E The disci#les immediatel= left him0 and that ver= night he %ecome enlightened6 *e searched his disci#les %ecause he felt the= have %een @ith him for so long 33 for si? =ears continuousl= 33 it is his dut= that he should share his understanding0 his %liss0 his love0 first @ith those five disci#les6 When he reached close to those five disci#les the= @ere sitting under a tree6 The= looked at Buddha coming and the= said0 E*ere comes that fallen manD We should not stand u# to #a= res#ect to him0 @e should not fold our hands in res#ect to him6 We should kee# our %acks to@ards him6 2f he comes and he sits0 itCs oka=: if he @ants to sa= something0 itCs oka=0 %ut @e are not going to #a= him an= more res#ect or attention6E !ven 8autam Buddha is not understood %= his o@n disci#les6 This gentleman sa=s m= assertion that .imalkirti has attained Buddhahood sounds

#hon=6 Wh=4 What is @rong @ith .imalkirti attaining Buddhahood4 2f 2 can attain it0 @h= .imalkirti cannot attain it4 Wh= =ou cannot attain it4 Buddhahood is not something like a goal far a@a=: it is =our ver= nature6 2n fact0 =ou are all Buddhas0 although una@are of the fact6 +ll that ha##ens in attaining Buddhahood is one %ecomes a@are of itD The treasure is there 33 it is +LW+$, there0 =ou cannot lose it even if =ou @ant to lose itD 2t is =our ver= %eing0 hence there is no @a= to dro# it6 Who @ill dro# it4 But =ou can forget a%out it6 +nd Buddhahood sim#l= means a remem%ering0 a recognition6 Wh= it sounds #hon=4 33 unless =ou have some #reconceived ideas6 2f =ou have some idea ho@ a Buddha should %e0 then certainl=666 Bainas in 2ndia have not acce#ted Buddha =et as enlightened6 T@ent=3five centuries have #assed and 2 donCt think the= @ill ever acce#t him as a Buddha0 for the sim#le reason %ecause the= have a certain attitude @hich is not fulfilled %= him6 The= think @henever a #erson %ecomes a Buddha he goes naked0 and Buddha never @ent naked6 ThatCs enough to #rove that he @as not a Buddha6 When a #erson %ecomes a Buddha he dro#s even a %egging %o@l0 he #ossesses nothing6 +nd Buddha #ossessed three clothes0 one %egging %o@l0 one @alking staff 33 too man= #ossessionsD This @onCt do6 *eCs still living in lu?ur=6 +ccording to Bainas0 still it is lu?ur=6 Mahavira lived naked0 @ith no %egging %o@l0 @ith nothing at all6 *e used to eat from his hands0 he used to drink @ater from his hands6 *e @ill lie do@n on the earth to slee#0 earth underneath and the sk= a%ove6 *ence he @as called D28+MB+5+6 The @ord D28+MB+5+ means one @ho is clothed @ith the sk= onl=0 and nothing else6 The sk= itself is his clothing 33 nothing else %et@een him and the sk=6 *o@ can the= acce#t Buddha0 that he has %ecome enlightened4 *indus cannot acce#t him6 "hristians cannot acce#t him 33 that he @as a man of the same cali%er as "hrist0 %ecause he never did an= miracles6 + "hrist is su##osed to do miracles0 to cure %lind #eo#le0 to make the ill health=0 to raise the dead %ack to life6 *o@ can the= acce#t Buddha as a "hrist4 33 he never raised an= dead6 2n fact0 a stor= is @orth remem%ering& When LaAarusC sisters asked "hrist to come and raise LaAarus from death0 he came running6 *e @as far a@a=0 it took him four da=s to reach there6 +nd after four da=s he raised LaAarus from his grave6 *e called forth LaAarus0 ELaAarus come out of =our graveDE and LaAarus @alked out6 + similar stor= is told a%out Buddha0 %ut @ith a totall= different dimension to it6 + @omanCs onl= son died: her hus%and has died %efore6 *er name @as 9issagautami6 ,he @ent almost mad& hus%and is dead0 she @as living onl= for this child666 and a

%eautiful child0 suddenl= diedD ,he carried the %od= of the son to ever= #h=sician0 ever= doctor0 to ever= saint0 and the= all said0 E/othing can %e done a%out it6E ,ome%od= suggested0 EBuddha is in the to@n6 Wh= donCt =ou go to him4 *e sa=s he has %ecome enlightened6 2f he is reall= enlightened0 he can raise the dead6 *is touch @ill do the miracle6E +nd 9issagautami @as ecstatic0 kno@ing that Buddha is here 33 E+nd @hat is im#ossi%le to a Buddha4E ,he @ent to Buddha @ith the dead %od= of the child6 ,he #ut the childCs %od= in BuddhaCs feet and told him0 E$ou can do ever=thing 33 =ou are enlightenedD Make m= child live again6 2 cannot live @ithout m= child6E Buddha did not do @hat "hrist had done0 Buddha did something far more significant6 But to understand its significance one needs great clarit=6 This gentleman @ho sa=s that m= assertion that .imalkirti has attained Buddhahood666 2f he @as there 33 and there is ever= #ossi%ilit= he must have %een there if he is here6 *e must %e an ancient traveler0 sho##ing for some s#iritualit=6 *e must have gone to Buddha0 he must have %een there0 and he must have thought that0 EThis man sounds #hon=6E What Buddha said sounds #hon=0 if =ou com#are it @ith Besus0 and if =ou donCt have dee# understanding of life and its m=steries6 Buddha said0 E)ka=0 2 @ill revive the child %ack0 %ut =ou @ill have to fulfill one condition& $ou go into the to@n and =ou %ring fe@ mustard seeds from an= famil=6 The onl= condition is that 2 @ill acce#t the mustard seeds onl= from a famil= in @hich no%od= has ever died6 )nce =ou have %rought those fe@ mustard seeds 2 @ill immediatel= revive =our son %ack6E The @oman could not see the #oint: she @as in such a state0 almost going mad6 ,he rushed in the to@n0 she knocked on ever= door6 +nd the #eo#le said that0 EWe can give =ou as man= mustard seeds as =ou @antE 33 %ecause that to@n used to gro@ mustard seeds0 that @as their main cro#6 ,o the= said0 EWe can give =ou as man= mustard seeds as =ou @ant0 %ut the condition is unfulfilla%le6 ,o man= #eo#le have died in our famil= 33 some%od=Cs father has died0 some%od=Cs mother0 some%od=Cs @ife0 some%od=Cs hus%and0 some%od=Cs grandfather0 some%od=Cs great3grandfather 33 so man= #eo#le have died6E 2n fact0 in a famil= onl= fe@ #eo#le are alive0 millions have died6 2f =ou take the @hole account of the famil=0 from +dam and !ve0 then millions of =our famil= have died6 2t is a miracle ho@ so ver= fe@ are still alive6 $ou are sitting on a huge mountain of cor#ses& =our fathers0 grandfathers0 great3grandfathers0 great3great3great3 grandfathers6 +nd underneath it all the #oor +dam0 !ve666 +nd 7riedrich /ietAsche sa=s even 8od is dead6 ,o underneath +dam and !ve0 8od the father 33 that seems to %e the foundation of this @hole !verest of death6 +nd =ou are sitting on to# of it0 and not a@are at all0 that soon =ou @ill %e reall= #art of it6 2t is onl= a >uestion of fe@

moments: an= moment =ou @ill %e #art of it6 +nd some%od= else @ill %e sitting on to# of =ou& =our son0 =our daughter0 =our son3in3la@666 some%od= @ill %e sitting on to# of =ou6 The @oman %= and %= %ecame a@are that the condition is unfulfilla%le6 B= the evening she came 33 she came dancing0 she came re<oicing6 ,he fell in BuddhaCs feet and she said0 E$ou have done a great miracleD $ou have made me see something0 =ou have hel#ed me to remem%er that this life is death6E Buddha asked her0 EDo =ou @ant me to revive =our child again4E The @oman said6 E/o0 %ecause he @ill have to die again6 What is the #oint4 Making him die again is ugl=6 )nce is enough0 t@ice @ill %e too much6 5ather0 2 have come for something else no@& $ou hel# me to kno@ that life @hich never ends6 The son is gone0 2 @ill %e gone6 Before 2 am gone0 2 @ould like to taste something of the eternal6E Buddha initiated her into sann=as6 /o@ these t@o stories0 LaAarusC and 9issagautamiCs0 are in a @a= #arallel6 "hrist makes LaAarus alive0 Buddha gives 9issagautami a ne@ insight into life and death itself6 To a "hristian0 Buddha @ill look #hon=6 To a Buddhist0 Besus @ill look #hon=6 What he is doing4 This is sheer nonsenseD Because @hat ha##ened to LaAarus then4 ,ome da= he must have died 33 %ecause @e donCt see him around an= more6 2f he @as going to die0 @hat is the #oint of #ost#oning it for fe@ da=s0 or fe@ =ears4 Wh= let him go through that suffering again4 33 the same @ife0 the same children0 and the same <o%666 LaAarus0 2 donCt think @ill %e a%le to forgive Besus6 *e @as resting in his grave0 feeling0 EThank 8od0 all that nightmare is finished6 /o@ m= @ife cannot nag me an= more0 2 am out of their reach6 2 donCt have to go tomorro@ morning again to the office6E But Besus #ulled him %ack6 +nd the "hristian fools think this is a miracleD 2f 2 had %een in LaAarusC #lace0 2 @ould have killed Besus& EWhat are =ou doing4 DonCt =ou have an= res#ect for an=%od=4 Dragging some%od= %ack into the turmoil of life4 2s it human4E This gentleman sa=s that m= claim is #hon=6 *e also sa=s that m= criticism of Mother Teresa seems to %e criticism of a ver= ordinar= man6 That is true6 There 2 agree& 2 am certainl= a ver= ordinar= man 33 so ordinar= that =ou cannot even call me #hon=0 %ecause a #hon= #erson is not ordinar=0 heCs e?traordinar=6 2 am 5!+LL$ ordinar=6 2 have no claims6 2 donCt do an= miracles666 +nd of course0 he must have come @ith the idea that Mother Teresa is doing great @ork6 ,he is e?traordinar=0 2 am ordinar=: thatCs #erfectl= true6 +nd 2 am not in an= @a= interested in %ecoming e?traordinar=6 To me0 an= desire to %e e?traordinar= is ver= ordinar=6 To %e ordinar= is the onl= @a= of %eing

e?traordinar=0 %ecause that is 5!+LL$ e?traordinar=6 /o%od= @ants to %e ordinar=6 But this gentleman must %e as unconscious as0 Deva ,arito0 =ou are6 T@o %uddies had %een out drinking for hours @hen their mone= finall= ran out6 E2 have an idea0E croaked +l6 ELesh go over to m= housh and %orro@ shum mone= from m= @ife6E The t@o of them reeled into +lCs living room0 sna##ed on the light0 and lo and %ehold0 there @as +lCs @ife making love on the sofa to another man6 This state of affairs considera%l= unnerved +lCs friend0 %ut did not seem to affect the hus%and6 E,ha=0 dear0 =ou have an= mone= for =our ever3lovinC hush%anC4E he asked6 E$es0 =es0E she sna##ed6 ETake m= #urse from the mantle0 and for ;eteCs sake turn off those lightsDE )utside the= e?amined the #urse and +l #roudl= announced0 EThereCs enough here for a #int for =ou and a #int for me6 ;rett= good0 eh0 old %udd=4E EBut +l0E #rotested his friend0 some@hat so%ered %= the s#ectacle he had <ust @itnessed0 E@hat a%out that fello@ %ack there @ith =our @ife4E EThe hell @ith him0E re#lied +l0 Elet him %u= his o@n #intDE Deva ,arito0 +ll that is needed is a little more consciousness6 2t is not a >uestion of doing something: =ou need a ne@ kind of %eing6 5ight no@ =ou are unconscious: =ou have to %e conscious6 $ou have to %e more a@are0 @atchful0 @itnessing6 Witnessing is the ke= of m= sann=as0 the master ke=6 2 donCt give =ou an= other disci#line0 %ecause giving =ou an= disci#line @ill not hel#6 $our unconsciousness @ill %e there0 and the disci#line @ill onl= cover it6 $ou can look like a saint %ut =ou @ill %e as unconscious as %efore6 $our saintliness @ill %e as unconscious as =our sinfulness @as: there @ill %e no >ualitative difference in it6 ,o 2 am not interested in making saints out of =ou6 2 am not interested in hel#ing =ou to dro# =our sins either6 What 2 am interested is to make =ou a@are0 and the moment =ou start %ecoming a@are of =our actions0 =our thoughts0 =our feelings666 these are the three dimensions a@areness has to %e a##lied6 Walk0 %ut kno@ that =ou are @alking6 5emain alert of each gesture6 !at %ut eat @ith a@areness: donCt <ust go on stuffing food inside6 Think0 %ut @itness =our thoughts0 the #rocess of thoughts0 desires0 dreams6 7eel0 %ut remain a little a@are that these feelings0 these moods are not =ou6 $ou are onl= #ure a@areness and nothing else6 $ou are not the %od=0 nor the mind0 nor the heart6 $ou are the fourth0 and the fourth is the miracle6 )nce =ou have tasted the fourth0 then @herever =ou are 33 even in hell 33 %ut =ou @ill %e in heaven6 The second >uestion&

1uestion F ),*)0 2 +M + M!MB!5 )7 + 85)-; 2/ *)LL+/D "+LL!D ET*! );!/ L)T-,E0 W*2"* 2, 8+T*!5!D +5)-/D + M!D2-M W*) "L+2M, T) T5+/,7!5 M!,,+8!, +/D !/!582!, 75)M M+,T!5 M)5$+6 T*2, *+, .!5$ M-"* +77!"T!D M$ *!+5T +/D B!2/8 W*!/ 2 +M 2/ $)-5 +-D2!/"! 2 7!!L + 92/D )7 M!LT2/80 B-T M$ *!+5T D)!, /)T +, $!T ,!!M T) B! ,) D!!;L$ T)-"*!D +, 2T 2, W2T* T*! M!D2-M6 W*+T 2, *+;;!/2/84 2, T*! !I;!52!/"! W2T* T*! -/,!!/ M+,T!5 M)5$+ -/5!+L +/D ,)M!T*2/8 )7 T*! M2/D4 "+/ 2T B! + *2/D5+/"! T) B!")M2/8 )/! W2T* $)-0 ),*)4 +5! $)- 2/ ,-;;)5T )7 85)-;, L29! T*! );!/ L)T-,4 27 ,)0 D) $)- *+.! + M!,,+8! 7)5 T*!M4 M+52/-,0 7irst0 meditate over this stor=& ,tan and his @ife0 5ita0 @ere #la=ing the tenth hole6 *e teed off and 5ita hit hers into the @oods6 ,tan had not hit his %all ver= far on the fair@a=0 so he @ent into the @oods to hel# her find it6 ,uddenl= the= came across a little fello@ a%out four feet tall @ith a #ointed hat and green suit6 E*e=0E said ,tan0 Eare =ou a le#rechaun4E E,ure 2 am0E he re#lied6 EWell0 ma=%e =ou could grant m= @ish to %e a scratch golfer6E E+ll right0 %ut =ou have to give u# something6 2f =ou let me have =our @ife in the @oods for one hour0 2 @ill grant =our @ish6E E$ouCve got itDE said the hus%and6 The little gu= took 5ita into the @oods and after an hourCs #leasure asked0 E*o@ old is =our hus%and4E E7ort=6E E+nd he still %elieves in le#rechauns4E Marinus0 ho@ old =ou are4 33 and =ou still %elieve in Master Mor=a4 $ou must %e feeling great0 %ecause if something ha##ens according to =our %elief0 it strengthens the ego0 it nourishes the ego6 +nd Master Mor=a is not visi%le0 onl= the medium is

there6 +nd the medium is more concerned in im#ressing =ou0 so she @ill follo@ =ou6 2n fact0 there is no Master Mor=a an=@here6 This @hole idea of Master Mor=a @as created %= the Theoso#hists6 2t is an invention of Madame Blavatsk= 33 Madame Blah3 %lah3%lah6 2t is <ust fiction6 Madame Blavatsk= used to receive letters from Master Mor=a6 2n the roof there @as a hole0 and a servant used to hide a%ove the roof0 and all the Marinuses0 the Theoso#hists0 @ill sit @ith closed e=es @aiting for Master Mor=aCs message6 +nd Madame Blah3%lah3%lah @ill s@a=0 and she @as reall= a fat lad= and ver= ugl= too6 -gl= #eo#le %ecome religious 33 @hat else the= can do4 2 have seen man= ugl= #eo#le0 %ut Madame Blah3%lah3%lah defeats all6 )nl= some fictitious entit= like Master Mor=a ma= love her0 no man 33 no man alive 33 @ill %e a%le to gather so much courage6 +nd she @ill s@a=0 and she @ill s#eak gi%%erish 33 @hat "hristians call glossolalia 33 strange sounds she @ill make6 +nd much incense @ill %e %urned0 and much smoke @ill %e created so no%od= could see @hat is ha##ening6 +nd their e=es @ill %e full of tears %ecause of the smoke666 +nd then a letter @ill dro#0 and all these fools 33 and the= @ere not uneducated #eo#le0 all retired magistrates0 high court <udges0 government officials0 #rofessors0 scholars 33 the= @ill @ait for the letter6 +nd the letter @ill %e read then %= Madame Blah3Blah3Blah6 +nd great messages @ere received0 %ut the= @ere all fulfilling their desires6 Whatsoever the= @anted @as fulfilled6 The= @ere immensel= ha##=6 2t @as B6 9rishnamurti @ho destro=ed the @hole game0 @ho came out of this nonsense and declared that0 EThis is all stu#idit=6E B6 9rishnamurti has done a great service to humanit= %= destro=ing the theoso#hical nonsense6 But *olland used to %e one of the great centers of theoso#hical movement0 and still fe@ fools go on living @ith the hangover6 "ertainl= =ou @ill not feel the same here6 2n fact0 =ou @ill feel <ust the o##osite %ecause 2 am continuousl= shattering =our ego0 2 am hitting it hard6 2 am not here to nourish =our ego0 2 am here to destro= it6 $ou can %e one @ith me onl= if =ou are totall= egoless0 other@ise there is no #ossi%ilit=6 2f =ou @ant to en<o= =our ego and =our dreams and =our fantasies0 then these mediums are good6 But remem%er0 =ou @ill remain childish0 =ou @ill never gro@6 $es0 sometimes coincidentall= something ma= a##ear to %e true6 2f a medium sa=s thousands of things0 one thing ma= coincide @ith realit=6 +nd the fools and the gulli%le immediatel= <um# u#on that one thing0 and the= make much fuss a%out it6 +nd the= think0 E2f one thing is right then others also must %e right6 Ma=%e @e are not =et ca#a%le enough to understand0 ma=%e @e need more #urit=6 We have to %ecome as #ure as the medium6E

+nd @hat the medium sa=s0 =ou have to inter#ret it0 and =ou al@a=s inter#ret according to =our mind6 +nd these Masters donCt e?ist at all6 E2 have learned one thing a%out @omen0E said the e?#erienced one to his drinking com#anions6 E$ou <ust canCt trust a girl @ith %ro@n e=es6E E2t occurs to me0E said one of his ine%riated friends0 Ethat 2 have %een married nearl= three =ears and 2 donCt kno@ @hat color e=es m= @ife has6E The second man finished his drink0 clim%ed from his stool0 and hurried home to investigate this distur%ing #ossi%ilit=6 *is @ife @as in %ed aslee#6 *e cre#t u# to her and carefull= lifted an e=elid6 EB= 8odD Bro@nDE he e?claimed6 E*o@ the hell did =ou kno@ 2 @as here4E said Bro@n0 cra@ling out from under the %ed6 $es0 once in a @hile some coincidence like that @ill ha##en6 Be@areD +nd all these mediums and all these #riests and all these theoso#hists0 theologians 33 and the= have man= %rands all around the @orld 33 the= are the most cunning #eo#le6 2t is %etter to %e @ith a gam%ler0 @ith a drunkard0 it is %etter to %e @ith a so3called sinner0 than to %e @ith these #eo#le6 These #eo#le have %een #reventing human gro@th for thousands of =ears6 The= are the most criminal #eo#le in the @orld6 Their crime is un#ardona%le6 + genie <um#ed on his %all and said0 EWould =ou like to %e the @orldCs %est golfer4E E2 sure @ould0E said the man6 EWould =ou give u# =our se? life for it4E E)f course0E said the man6 The genie granted his @ish0 and in the ne?t t@elve months he @on ever= tournament on the #ro tour6 +fter the =ear @as u#0 the man @as %ack on the eighteenth tee0 and once again the genie a##eared6 E*o@ did it feel to %e the @orldCs %est golfer4E E8reatDE said the man6 EDid =ou mind giving u# =our se? life4E E/ot at all6E E*o@ often did =ou have se? in former =ears4E E7our or five times a =ear0E re#lied the man6 EThatCs not ver= muchDE EWell0 it is not %ad for a #riest @ith a small #arish6E

These #riests0 these ra%%is0 these +$+T)LL+*,0 these 2M+M, 33 %e@are of them6 2t is time that humanit= should get rid of all this stu#idit=6 5a%%i 8oldstein @as allo@ed to <oin a ErestrictedE countr= clu%6 *is first da= he met ;eckham0 the #resident6 EWelcome0 5a%%i 8oldstein6 Would =ou like to #la= a round4E E,ure0 @e @ill #la= a friendl= game of hundred dollars a hole6E 5a%%i 8oldstein lost eighteen hundred dollars6 ELook C said ;eckham0 E2 @ill give =ou a chance to get even6 Three thousand si? hundred dollars or nothing6E 5a%%i 8oldstein agreed and lost again6 Later in the locker room0 5a%%i 8oldstein said0 E$ou like to @ager6 2 @ill %et =ou one thousand dollars 2 can #ee over =our head from ten feet6E E+ll right0E said the clu% #re?=6 EBut no%od= can #ee that far6E 5a%%i 8oldstein #roceeded to #ee all over ;eckham6 E,ee0E he said0 after changing his clothes6 E2 kne@ =ou could not do it6 "ome on0 2 @ill %u=6E +t the %ar the= met Lock@ood0 the local %ank chairman6 EThis is 5a%%i 8oldstein0E said the clu% #resident6 E*e is one of our ne@ mem%ers6E ;eckham then told Lock@ood a%out the mone= he had @on0 including ho@ 5a%%i 8oldstein had #eed all over him6 E)h noDE cried the %anker0 EThat s6o6%6 %et me t@ent= thousand dollars he @ould #iss all over the #resident on his first da= at the clu%DE The Wild 8eese and the Water "ha#ter (7 "ha#ter title& LifeCs "om#lementariness 17 7e%ruar= 1 '1 am in Buddha *all +rchive code& '10F170 ,hortTitle& W2LD8,07 +udio& $es .ideo& $es The first >uestion& 1uestion 1 ),*)0

$)- )7T!/ +D.2,! -, T) 7)LL)W TW) ")-5,!, )7 +"T2)/ T*+T ,!!M T) B! 2/")M;+T2BL! W2T* !+"* )T*!56 725,T $)- T!LL -, T) B! ")M;L!T!L$ 2/ T*! M)M!/T0 W2T*)-T M2/D0 T) B! )-5 7!+50 )-5 B)$0 )5 5+8!6 T*!/ $)- T!LL -, T) B!")M! D!T+"*!D 75)M )-5 !8),0 T) W+T"* W*+T ")M!, -; W2T*2/ )-5,!L.!,6 *)W "+/ W! D) B)T*4 ;L!+,! !I;L+2/6 L2,+ "*52,T!/,)/0 L)82" 2, /)T /!"!,,+52L$ !I2,T!/T2+L: it is intellectual6 But e?istence has no o%ligation666 =ou see4 !?istence goes on its o@n @a=D 2t is not concerned @ith =our >uestion0 it is not concerned @ith m= ans@er6 2t is a%solutel= illogical6 Logic @ill see contradiction6 2f logic @as all0 then certainl= there @as difficult=6 But logic is not all0 <ust the @a= of the mind of looking at things6 Mind divides in #olar o##osites: the division is not there in e?istence itself6 !?istence is undivided6 The da= and the night are one0 the %irth and death are one0 the #lus and the minus are one0 the #ositive and the negative are one6 But logicall= the= are incom#ati%les6 !?istentiall= a totall= different dimension o#ens u#& the= are not contradictor= to each other %ut com#lementar=6 This @ord has to %e #ondered over0 meditated u#on6 Life is com#lementarinessD The o##osite is not reall= o##osite: it hel#s0 it su##orts its o@n so3called o##osite6 Without %irth there is no #ossi%ilit= of death0 and @ithout death there can %e no %irth either6 2t is one #henomenon0 t@o sides of the same coin6 $es0 2 sa=0 Lisa0 that first =ou should %e in the moment0 totall= one @ith @hatsoever is ha##ening0 utterl= one 33 and then @atch it6 "ertainl=0 if =ou onl= think a%out it0 the #ro%lem @ill arise& ho@ one can do %oth these incom#ati%les together4 2f =ou think then the #ro%lem is there0 %ut if =ou do the #ro%lem disa##ears6 5ather than thinking0 =ou tr=0 give it a tr=6 +nd ho@ it ha##ens is sim#le& if =ou are not identified totall= @ith an=thing =ou cannot %e D2,identified @ith it totall= either6 2f =ou are onl= half3heartedl= in it =ou can %e onl= half3heartedl= out of it6 $ou @ere never totall= in it0 ho@ can =ou %e totall= out of it4 $ou have to %ecome utterl= a%sor%ed in it0 and in that ver= moment =ou can sli# out of it as totall= as =ou had sli##ed in6 2t is as sim#le as coming into the house and going out of the house6 2f some%od= @as <ust #hiloso#hicall= thinking0 then that too @ill seem incom#ati%le6 *o@ to go in the house and come out of the house4 These are incom#ati%lesD +nd =ou are doing thousand and one incom#ati%les ever= moment666 2t is the same %reath that goes in and comes out0 and =ou never for a single moment feel @orried that something incom#ati%le is ha##ening6 To %e logical0 either take the

%reath in and donCt allo@ it to go out 33 that @ill %e logical 33 or if it is out then donCt allo@ it to come in6 Logic is #erfectl= oka= @ith dead things0 @ith matter6 That is the difference %et@een the o%<ective and the su%<ective @orld0 @ith matter and @ith consciousness6 Logic is a%solutel= ade>uate @ith the material #henomenon0 %ut a%solutel= inade>uate as far as the consciousness is concerned6 "onsciousness is a s=nthesis of the #olar o##osites6 "onsciousness is @here thesis and antithesis meet0 mingle0 merge and %ecome one6 "onsciousness is a state of orgasmic oneness @here man and @oman disa##ear and %ecome one0 @here life and death are no more se#arate0 @here the= are in such dee# accord that =ou cannot dra@ a line @here life ends0 @here death %egins6 5ather than thinking a%out it0 go into it6 What 2 am sa=ing is something e?istential0 not intellectual6 2f =ou <ust listen to m= @ords and follo@ them =ou @ill %e in trou%le6 *eraclitus has a tremendousl= #regnant statement6 *e sa=s life moves through one o##osite to another6 Through the o##osite0 through the tension of the o##osite0 ever=thing lives and %ecomes dee#er6 This is the secret6 This is the hidden harmon=6 *eraclitus is one of the greatest Buddhas of the @orld6 2n @estern #hiloso#h= his name is not #art of the mainstream6 The mainstream consists of ,ocrates0 ;lato0 +ristotle0 9ant0 *egel0 Bertrand 5ussell0 Wittgenstein0 Moore6 *eraclitus is something like an outsider for the sim#le reason that he is one of the greatest m=stics6 What +ristotle onl= thinks0 *eraclitus kno@s6 What Wittgenstein onl= thinks0 *eraclitus e?#eriences6 +nd @hat 2 am doing here is not hel#ing =ou to %ecome great #hiloso#hers6 M= @hole a##roach is anti3#hiloso#hical0 anti3logical6 M= a##roach is e?istential6 $ou have to e?#erience: e?ce#t e?#erience there is no #roof of @hat 2 am sa=ing6 DonCt listen to m= @ords0 listen to the intervals6 DonCt %e too much o%sessed @ith @hat 2 sa=0 %ecome more and more attuned @ith m= silence6 The moments @hen nothing is said are far more #regnant6 M= message is not in the @ords %ut %e=ond the @ords6 But 2 can understand0 Lisa0 =our difficult=6 That is the difficult= of all logical #eo#le 33 and the @hole @orld is trained for logic6 *ere @e are doing <ust a totall= different thing6 We are tr=ing to undo @hat the societ=0 the college0 the universit= has done to =ou6 The= have made =ou o%sessed @ith language and logic6 Language certainl= divides things: thatCs @h= truth cannot %e said0 it can onl= %e sho@ed6 2 am onl= indicating the @a=: 2 am not reall= leading =ou0 2 am <ust #ointing the @a=6 *enr= Miller has these %eautiful lines& EThe real leader has no need to lead 33 he is content to #oint the @a=6 -nless @e

%ecome our o@n leaders0 content to %e @hat @e are in the #rocess of %ecoming0 @e shall al@a=s %e servitors and idolaters6E 2 am here <ust to #oint the @a=6 DonCt start clinging to m= fingers0 look at the moon the fingers are #ointing at6 The fingers are irrelevantD 2n an attractive little to@n <ust near Los +ngeles0 a grou# of the local intellectuals formed a clu% to stud= h=#nosis0 mesmerism0 and the related sciences of the mind6 The clu% took a definite #lace in the social life of the little cit= and man= of the most #rominent citiAens @ere invited to <oin6 The studio @here the clu% meetings @ere held @as most attractivel= decorated and there @as a %eautiful %ig cr=stal %all sus#ended from the ceiling in the ver= center of the room6 The leader and teacher had a d=namic #ersonalit= and he #resided over the seances authoritativel= and @ith great dignit=6 )ne recent evening a seance @as held0 and the mem%ers took their seats in the large circle that had %een formed as #art of the seating arrangement6 The lights @ere dimmed0 and the cr=stal %all automaticall= %egan to s@ing %ack and forth as the #rofessor mounted his little #latform6 E"oncentrate on @hat 2 am sa=ing0E %egan the leader6 EDo e?actl= as 2 tell =ou to do6 9ee# =our e=e on the %all6 Think a%out @hat 2 am sa=ing6 7ollo@ m= instructions faithfull=6 Do e?actl= @hat 2 tell =ou to do6E +nd then0 @ith a terrific crash0 the cord %roke and the cr=stal %all fell and @as smashed to #ieces6 The leader shouted at the to# of his voice0 E+h0 shitDE The= sa= that it took over t@o @eeks to clean u# the studio6 ;lease remem%er0 =ou are not to follo@ m= @ords: =ou are to follo@ m= silences0 the #auses %et@een the @ords0 the ga#s0 the intervals6 2t is in those intervals that the communion ha##ens0 and then =ou @ill see the com#lementariness of the o##osites6 2n those moments =ou @ill see there is no Master0 no disci#le6 ,omething totall= different takes #lace& a meeting0 a merger0 not unit= %ut oneness6 +nd the oneness is not mechanical either: it is organic0 it is alive0 thro%%ing6 2n the !ast @e have called these moments satsang0 communion6 "ommunion is not communication6 This is not a discourse0 this is not even a talk 33 this is <ust a communion6 Words are %eing used onl= to create silences0 <ust as one uses a %lack%oard to @rite @ith @hite chalk on it6 The %lack%oard is not the #ur#ose: the #ur#ose is the @hite @riting6 2 am using @ords to create a %lack%oard so that 2 can @rite fe@ moments of silences on it: that is the #ur#ose6 2f =ou %ecome too much concerned @ith m= @ords =ou @ill get into unnecessar=

trou%le 33 and =ou are alread= in so much trou%leD 8et out of it0 LisaD The second >uestion& 1uestion F ),*)0 W*$ 2/ T*! 725,T ;L+"! 5!L282)/, D!.!L);!D T*! 2D!+ )7 "!L2B+"$ 27 2T 2, -//+T-5+L4 +/+/D)0 There are man= reasons %ehind it6 The most fundamental reason is& the man has al@a=s found himself a @eaker se? 33 as far as se?ualit= is concerned 33 com#ared to the @oman6 *is ego is hurt0 and male ego is ver= aggressive6 The feminine ego is totall= different& it is non3aggressive0 it is rece#tive6 !ver=thing in the feminine #s=cholog= is rece#tive and ever=thing in the male #s=cholog= is aggressive6 ThatCs @h= the= com#lement each other0 thatCs @h= the= fit @ith each other0 thatCs @h= the= miss each other0 thatCs @h= the= feel onl= half @ithout the other6 ThatCs @h= love is #ossi%le6 Their chemistries0 their #h=siologies0 their #s=chologies0 all are com#lementar= 33 and of course logicall= o##osites0 e?istentiall= com#lementar=6 Man is se?uall= @eaker6 +n= @oman can e?haust him ver= easil=0 and once a man is e?hausted he @ill take at least t@ent=3four hours to %e se?uall= #otent again6 That hurts6 The @oman is t@ent=3four hours se?uall= #otent: man is onl= once in a @hile #otent and the remaining time im#otent6 7or one moment he is #otent0 then for t@ent=3four hours im#otent: then again for one moment he is #otent6 *is im#otence is far %igger than his #otence0 than his #o@er0 than his se?ualit=: that created a dee# urge in him to create a certain other kind of #o@er6 "eli%ac= @as <ust an effort of the male chauvinist ego0 %ecause through celi%ac= he thought he could %ecome ver= #o@erful6 2t is through se? that he %ecomes im#otent: once his se?ualit= is released he is at a loss6 Then he has to @ait for time to heal6 *e %ecomes like a @ound 33 em#t=6 +nd he can see that the @oman is never em#t=0 she is al@a=s ca#a%le6 "om#aring al@a=s @ith the @oman0 he discovered celi%ac=6 2t is natural and logical conclusion& that se? makes =ou im#otent: then celi%ac=0 o%viousl=0 @ill make =ou omni#otent6 +nd this is not something #rimitive: even toda= the same is the logic6 !ven a man like Mahatma 8andhi @as continuousl= concerned ho@ to %ecome omni#otent through celi%ac=: he @as tr=ing in ever= @a= to %ecome #o@erful through celi%ac=6 *e @as thinking that if he is reall= celi%ate he can defeat the British !m#ire

33 through celi%ac=D 2f he is reall= celi%ate then no%od= can kill him6 2n his ashram this @as a usual #henomenon& some%od= @ill do something @rong666 nothing much in it0 %ut his idea @as too #uritanistic6 !ven drinking tea @as a sinD /o@ =ou can think 33 ever= man %ecomes a sinner6 2f even drinking tea is a sin0 then it is ver= difficult to find a saint6 The @hole ashram @as continuousl= @atching each other that @ho is committing sins6 ,ome%od= smoking0 some%od= drinking tea0 some%od= falling in love666 all are great sinsD +nd @henever some%od= @ill %e caught0 Mahatma 8andhi @ill think that %ecause his celi%ac= is not =et #erfect0 thatCs @h= in his ashram a #erson could commit a sin6 That @as his logic6 *e @ill not sa= an=thing to the #erson: he @ill go in a self3torture6 *e @ill fast 33 to #urif= himself6 *e must %e im#ure thatCs @h= some%od= could commit a sin0 could drink tea0 could smoke0 could fall in love @ith a @oman6 When his o@n secretar= fell in love @ith a @oman0 that @as too much6 *is o@n secretar=D 33 that sim#l= means his celi%ac=0 his #urit=0 is not =et u# to the #oint @here <ust his #resence @ill transform #eo#le6 +nd he @as continuousl= thinking in this @a=6 This is reall= ver= egoistic @a= of thinking 33 as if ever=%od= has to %e dominated %= =ou6 $ou see the inner desire to dominate others in the name of #urit=0 moralit=0 virtue4 /o@ some%od= falling in love0 and Mahatma 8andhi thinks he is at fault6 +s if he is the center of the @orldD +s if ever=thing de#ends on himD +s if the @hole @orld has to %e according to himD 2f something is not according to him0 that sim#l= #roves that his #o@er is not omni#otent =et6 This is the @a= of a #o@er seeker0 although he #retended to %e most hum%le6 *e tried hard to %e sim#le0 %ut if =ou look dee# do@n0 in his sim#licit=0 in his #overt=0 in his so3called hum%leness0 =ou @ill find nothing %ut #ure am%ition to dominate6 When there @as danger that he ma= %e killed %= some *indu fanatic0 the government asked him can the= %e allo@ed to #rotect4 "an some arrangement %e made so that he is continuousl= guarded and #rotected4 *e said0 E/oD +%solutel= noD 2f m= #urit= is enough0 if m= celi%ac= is true0 then no%od= can kill me6E $ou see the logicD !ver=thing de#ends on his #urit=6 But a %rahmin from ;oona killed him 33 his #urit= @as greaterD *is celi%ac= seems to %e greater 33 he @as far more #otent6 2f Mahatma 8andhiCs logic is correct0 then /athuram 8odse0 the man @ho killed him0 seems to %e more virtuous6 +nd there are in ;oona #eo#le @ho @orshi# /athuram 8odse as a mahatma6 2n fact0 he has #roved that he is a mahatma 33 other@ise the %ullet @ould not have killed Mahatma 8andhi6 The %ullet could kill him: that sim#l= #roves that he @as not =et a real sage6 /o@0 this @hole logic is stu#id0 %ut this has %een for thousands of =ears there6 Man

has al@a=s thought in %ecoming #o@erful through controlling se?ual energ=0 the idea that se? takes =our energ= out0 that it is a leakage0 =our energ= leaks out and leaves =ou em#t=6 +ccumulate energ=D This is sheer stu#idit=6 2t is a%solutel= unscientific6 2t is not that =ou can accumulate se?ual energ= 33 in fact0 the more =ou accumulate it0 the less =ou have it: if =ou use it more0 the more =ou have it6 ,o if a #erson goes on making love late in his life he ma= %e a%le even to make love at the age ninet=0 ninet=3five0 hundred6 2n fact0 in 5ussia there are #eo#le @hose age is near a%out hundred t@ent=0 hundred thirt=0 fe@ #eo#le have even come close to hundred fift=6 +nd the= are all se?uall= #otent0 still se?uall= #otent0 %ecause 5ussia is not a religious countr=6 2n a religious countr= like 2ndia even =oung men %ecome im#otentD 2m#otence is something religious: it is a %=#roduct of =our religiousness6 2 am all for transcendence of se?0 %ut 2 am not for re#ressiveness6 +nd 2 donCt sa= that %= transcending se? =ou @ill %ecome #o@erful0 that =ou @ill %e omni#otent0 that ever=thing @ill ha##en according to =ou0 that =ou cannot %e killed6 This is all sheer %ullshitD 2n fact0 =ou @ill %ecome more fragile0 more flo@er3like0 more vulnera%le6 $ou @ill %e <ust like a rose flo@er @hich can %e easil= crushed %et@een t@o rocks 33 not that rocks are more #o@erful0 %ut more gross6 The rose flo@er is a higher e?#ression: the higher e?#ression is al@a=s fragile0 delicate6 $ou ask me0 +nando& W*$ 2/ T*! 725,T ;L+"! 5!L282)/, D!.!L);!D T*! 2D!+ )7 "!L2B+"$ 27 2T 2, -//+T-5+L4 B!"+-,! it is unnatural6 The ego al@a=s en<o=s ever=thing that is unnatural0 %ecause the natural cannot fulfill =our ego6 !ver=%od= is doing the natural: there is nothing e?ce#tional in %eing natural 33 it is ordinar=6 ThatCs @h= 2 sa= 2 am a ver= ordinar= #erson 33 %ecause 2 am <ust natural6 2 have no #retensions of %eing s#ecial: 2 am a%solutel= ordinar=0 %ecause to me thatCs ho@ ever=%od= should %e6 To me thatCs @hat Buddhahood is& to %e utterl= ordinar= @ith no #retensions of %eing s#ecial6 To me that is the e?#erience of godliness6 2t is not a >uestion of %ecoming #o@erful0 other@ise it is the same tri#6 ,ome%od= is %ecoming #o@erful through mone=0 some%od= else is %ecoming #o@erful through #olitics0 some%od= else is %ecoming #o@erful through celi%ac=0 some%od= is %ecoming #o@erful through #ra=er0 8od3realiAation0 arousal of the kundalini 33 %ut the %asic desire0 the am%ition is to %e #o@erful6 The trul= religious #erson is <ust ordinar=0 natural6 "eli%ac= %ecame im#ortant %ecause it is unnatural: ever=thing unnatural %ecame im#ortant6 7asting is unnatural0 standing on =our head is unnatural6 !ver=thing unnatural %ecame significant0 %ecause

onl= ver= fe@ stu#id #eo#le can manage to do it6 +n= intelligent #erson @ill see the #oint0 that @h= %other standing on =our head4 2f nature had @anted =ou to stand on =our head0 nature @ould have created =ou that @a=D DonCt tr= to im#rove u#on 8od0 donCt tr= to %e more intelligent than 8od himself6 ThatCs @hat #eo#le are tr=ing to do6 2f nature @anted =ou to fast there @as no need to create the stomach at allD 2f nature @anted =ou to %e celi%ate0 then =ou @ould not have %een human %eings %ut amoe%as 33 %ecause as far as 2 kno@0 e?ce#t amoe%as no%od= is reall= celi%ate6 The= are the real B5+*M+"*+52/,D The= donCt have an= se?ual life at all0 the= re#roduce non3se?uall=6 The= are great mahatmasD Ma=%e all the mahatmas are %orn as amoe%asD ;erha#s thatCs @h= in 2ndia there are so man= amoe%as 33 %ecause the life of an amoe%a is a%solutel= non3se?ual6 2ts @a= of re#roduction is reall= religiousD )ne amoe%a goes on %ecoming %igger and %igger and then s#lits in t@o0 goes on eating0 then a #oint comes @hen the %alloon %ursts6 Then the amoe%a %ecomes t@o amoe%as and then the= %oth start eating and gro@ing6 Then the= %ecome four0 and this is their @a= of multi#lication6 ThatCs @h= @ithin hours the= can re#roduce so man= amoe%as6 The= can defeat an=%od=D Their re#roduction is <ust the limit0 the ver= clima? of re#roduction6 /o%od= can sur#ass them6 +nd the amoe%a is also religious in another @a=& the amoe%a is eternal0 %ecause @hen there is no %irth there is no death6 ThatCs @h= it is so difficult to kill the amoe%asD )ur doctors are tr=ing hard0 %ut it is ver= difficult0 almost im#ossi%le to kill them0 for the sim#le reason %ecause death is #ossi%le onl= if there has %een %irth6 But the= have never %een %ornD 2n the first #lace0 %ecause the= are not %orn =ou cannot kill them6 +t the most =ou can do#e them0 drug them6 ,ooner or later the= @ake u# again6 Bust fe@ da=s =ou donCt take the medicine and the= are again a@ake6 The= %ecome Buddhas again and again and againD The amoe%a has the longest life in the @orld: it is almost immortal6 /ature has not made =ou amoe%as6 /ature has not made =ou to stand on =our head6 /ature has not intended =ou to %e celi%ate6 But thatCs @h= ego takes these forms 33 the ego en<o=s to do something e?ce#tional6 + devout and devoted cou#le decided to give u# se? during Lent6 2t @as a ver= difficult sacrifice for them to make0 %ut the= @ere successful until 8ood 7rida= @hen the= @ent to the su#ermarket together to do some household sho##ing6 When the @ife @as leaning over a tra= of a##les0 he got a good look at her chest and nearl= @ent mad6 + fe@ minutes later he sa@ her thigh @hen her dress got entangled in another customerCs #ushcart6 2n the confusion he lost all control of himself0 forgetting his vo@ com#letel=6 + fe@ da=s after !aster he @ent to confession and told his #riest that he had %roken his vo@6 The father confessor tried to console him %= sa=ing that he @as sure that after

all the da=s and nights of #rivation0 8od and the church @ould forgive him6 E2 am not @o