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You can make a Lawful/Public Notice.

Post in in your local Newspaper stating the following: PUBLIC NOTICE OF LAND CLAIM I, "Lord" Amor Mahadi; Sovereign Continental United States born Real flesh & blo od Man, have been led by the faith in my Creator and my birthright to claim (lon gitude & latitude) as My homestead and commonly known Dejure. I reserve the righ t to enjoy Soul Ownership of all minerals, deposits and resources of this fixed location. I shall create an "Allodial Title" and New Parcel for this location(lo ngitude & latitude); voiding ANY/ALL previous Titles and Parcel listings, if No REAL flesh & blood Man/Woman with current Allodial title and sworn Testimony to the FACT, comes forth to challenge/rebut this official Public/Lawful notice with in Thirty(30) FULL DAYS upon posting this NOTICE. Send all Lawful Challenges to this location via paper mail ONLY. "Sovereign Lord" Amor Mahadi 777 Fuck Vatican Lane New York State Republic 12345 During the time that your ad is running, you should set up your Sovereign "Claim and Right" so your not just acting as a agent for the UNITED STATES Government. NO SLAVES ARE ALLOWED TO OWN LAND!! 99.9% of you that see this are LAWFUL SLAVE S of the 14th AMENDMENT!! If you want to do this process then My staff and I may help you with it personally:)) You set the price $$$ for our paperwork and stea dy tutoring in the process or we may just feel your a rightous being and not cha rge you anything, but ask you to promise to be a productive member of the Sovere ign Church of Christ:)) We are fair and will work with what you have but don't i nsult us or you will get the door slammed on you. Further Directions for the rookie Sovereign: Run the ad for 4-6 Full weeks back to back with no breaks and then Make your own Absolute "Allodial Title" the way you feel fit. Then make a New Parcel for the Plot and send copies of the event to the Secretary of state Condi Rice and also your Secretary of State and Demand an "Apostille" or (Noted Observation and reco rding of the event. Then take all that info to the Burea of Land Management and submit it for the public Record. They will charge you for filing and then you ge t your reciept and filing number. Then take that to the County Recorder and reco rd it ONE MORE TIME and get that reciept and Filing number. Then Take all that s hit and fax a copy to your local Sheriff and State/City police. Tell them that t he Noted property is Under your Sovereign Jurisdiction and you expect them to Re spect your Authority at all times. Tell them that they cannot step foot upon you r land with out calling them or sending them written permission or a witness und er sworn testimony, saying "you Assaulted them". Anything else is grounds for Tr espassing and all Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again and again until they are dead. Make sure you send another letter to the post office, tell ing them where to deliver your mail, if you don't want ANYONE coming to your doo r. MAKE SURE YOU NOTARIZE EVERYTHING!!! Check out my show on talkshoe for more Solutions to your simple problems that yo u only need to THINK to Solve:)) Stop your stupid crying and petitions/begging to these servants. STOP CALLING TH EM YOUR LEADERS!!! They are servants!!! So you must act like their master on PAP ER and in Person. Step up and act like the Sovereign Rulers of this Continent an d stop SAYING YOU WANT A FUCKING DEMOCRACY!! because you already have one if som eone can vote on your Unalienable RIGHTS!! We was Founded on a Constitutional Republic and the Republic= RULE OF LAW Not RU LE of Man driven Mobs. WAKE UP YOU FOOLS!! WAKEUP!!! You can end all this shit o vernight. Stop Beating your dick and start beating the Vatican controlled Britis h Bankers off your FUCKING LAND!!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!! LOOOOOONG Every Sat. at 9 pm EST 6 pm PST "Discussing Sovereign Status 101" Random shows and quick news at: More Tags: Mortgage options are for Stupid slaves but claiming unoccupied land as a Soverei gn is the way the Creator intended. Loooooong LOOOOOONG LOOOOOONGER LOOOOOONGtm LOOOOOONG1 Amor Mahadi Lord King Ruler Sovereign master over insecure Sheep swor n enemy of the Papal Whore and desendent of the Moorish Empire but not the Moori sh American cult, Fake Freedom Fighter Basher and about to claim the Name of som e REAL FAKE FREEDOM FIGHTERS, called FreedomFighter Radio.