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antislip assemble-to-order product to assemble assembly assembly process assembly line automation auxiliary materials backlog bar chart bar code batch breaking load bulk production by-product colleague computer-designed computer-integrated manufacturing consumption per unit continuous processing line custom-made goods defect to design designer direct cost direct product profitability distribution expenses to draw a plan dynamometer tensile-strength tester electrostatic charge endurance test energy costs equipment equipment purchase factory factory overheads industrial overheads to pack to wrap pack packaging room packing packaging packing department personnel management personnel rotation personnel turnover personnel replacement piece-work Faulty - flawed feasibility final inspection finished goods inventory finished product fixed manufacturing costs floor manager - department manager flow production flowchart goods lift (GB) - goods elevator (US) hanging tag in process of completion in progress in stock industrial area industrial espionage industrial plant industrial processes industrial production industrial property inflammable to innovate innovation innovative input invest in equipment job order know-how to label label laboratory laboratory test labour cost per output unit labour hand-work - manual labour large scale production production progress production standards production statement production time manufacturing time production volume ratio production worker productive productive capacity productivity learning curve line worker logistics machine-hours to machine machine loading machine tools machinery and equipment main product maintenance Maintenance and Repair Handling (MRH) to make to order - to make on request manometer - pressure gauge manufacturer's brand manufacturing manufacturing cost manufacturing expenses manufacturing industry manufacturing overheads manufacturing plants to mass-produce mass production notice board off-the-shelf one-off production operations scheduling optical scanner - reader to order order backlog out of order output output of a plant overcapacity overhead costs - overheads to overproduce overproduction specific-purpose equipment sticker stock (GB) - inventory (US) stock card - inventory listing stock depletion stock level stock turnover - inventory turnover storage costs to store - to stock

piece item pilot plant plant manager price tag processing method produce to manufacture producer manufacturer product analysis product design product mix product range product specialization production output production constraints production cost production cycle production factors production index production management production manager production methods production overheads production planning production potential production prices production process

productivity indicators programme - to schedule progress control project project management project manager project planning prototype quality certificate quality circle (QC) quality control quality criteria quality of output ratio randomized sample raw material research and development (R&D) research laboratory safety device safety measures safety stock - safety inventory scatter chart semi-finished goods semi-finished product sequencing shortage of raw materials spare part

store - warehouse substandard supplier tag technical consultant technical sheet technological gap tensiometer to test tester throughputs timing - time scheduling total output toxic twist counter to unpack unsold stocks - leftover stocks warehouse - stockroom warehouseman - storekeeper to waste waste goods work-in-process products work order cost working conditions workstation zero-defect purchase