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What Occurs After Death?

By H. Spencer Lewis, Ph. D., F. R. C.

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W hat O ccuis Q.jte'L D eath 1

B y H . S p e n c e r L e w i s , Ph. D., F. R. C .



Copyrighted 1942 by Supreme G rand Lodge, A M O R C Printed in U . S. A.

M a n is a t all times du al in n atu re, b u t n o t d ual in consciousness except w hen h e is in a perfectly norm al living state, in his norm al, physical body. T h e mom ent th e brain consciousness o r th e physical consciousness of th e physical body is inhibited, m ade dorm ant, o r sus p ended by accident, in ju ry , drugs o r any o th er cause, m an is then o f one consciousness, a Divine, psychic consciousness. N o w w e have th e question as to w h at occurs afte r death. Some m ight say w hen reading this, M y, w h at a cheerful subject, and I say, Yes, it is rather cheerful. A f te r all, th e m ore w e u nderstand abo ut so-called death, th e m ore w e know abo ut w h at occurs at th e g rea t m om ent transitio n takes place. I n tw enty-five years o f talking w ith individuals w ho have been in sorrow an d g rief over some transition th a t has ju st occurred, o r w h o are sick and anticipate th a t tran sitio n m ay be close a t hand, I have found th a t th eir g rea t anxiety, th e ir g rea t w orry , th e ir g reat depression concerning transition o r so-called d eath is due to th eir fea r o f it. T o th e average individual, it is one o f the tw o g rea t m ysterious events in life. I t is a fact th a t w e know little about w h a t occurs before birth. T h e re is m ore o f the greatest chemical, physiological, magnetic, pathological,

scientific m ystery connected w ith b irth th a n th ere is w ith an y o th er pathological process k now n to n atu re. W e have delved into th e m ysteries o f w h at happens a fte r w e leave this plane, b u t science has been able to tell us little about w h a t occurs before life comes to this plane. T h e average person also seldom attem p ts to understand th e m ysteries o f so-called transition and is greatly misled and misinformed. W e hear, fo r instance, in all o f the C h ristian churches a constant repetition o f th e statem ent th a t th ere is no death. It w ould seem to be a slogan of th e C hristian C h u rch and it w ould seem to be th e key note to a hopeful message th a t these churches and religions w a n t to establish in th e minds of th e populace and individ uals. I t w ould seem to be the one silver or golden note th a t makes m an o r w om an here on earth accept the situa tions as they come, battle on against all obstacles and fight fo r all th a t is w orth-w hile this o n e gran d and glorious statem ent th a t there is no death . Y et w hile this very same slogan m ay be w ritte n in gold letters and represented by a band of ribbon in th e church, and m ay be recited in the rituals, th e re are songs th a t are sung in th e same churches th a t speak o f death an d the fea r o f it, an d you r preparation fo r it. T h ere is a funeral ritu al th a t paints a p ictu re of death as th e most horrifying condition. T h e re is everything aroun d us and about us in these churches to rem ind us o f th e terribleness o f d eath, and y e t w e are told th e re is no death. T o th e mystic, n eith er of these statem ents, th a t death is terrible o r th ere is no death, is tru e, n or does he speak of these things in such a m anner. T h ere is no death to some things and some p arts o f man, b u t there is nothing terrible, nothing m ysterious abo ut it. W e speak o f th e im m ortality

o f the soul, o r h ea r it spoken o f in rituals and doctrines as though th a t w ere the only p a rt o f man th a t continued to exist a fte r so-called death a fte r transition; and y et I w ould like to make plain to you in a few w ords a t this time, and perhaps in m ore w ords at some oth er time in another discourse, th e fact th a t the body, th e physical p art of m an is n o m ore subject to death, annihilation, than is th e im m ortal soul an d spirit o f man. A ll th a t m an is composed of, physically, is of th e dust o f the earth, from the food he eats, the w ate r he drinks, th e air h e breathes; and th e physical p a rt o f m an is truly the chemical elements o f the earth. A t transition these elements re tu rn to earth an d w h eth e r th e body is crem ated and th e ashes deposited in th e soil, o r w h eth er th e body, itself, is deposited in th e soil, th e physical elem ents of the physical p a rt o f m an con tin ue to live, for every test and every dem onstration shows th a t the fundam ental law s of cohesion and adhesion do exist. T h e re is a retroactive ac tion going on. T h e re is a chemical action going on. T h ere is every kind o f action going o n in th a t physical body th a t th e re w as ever going on in it w h en alive. I t m ay be a reverse action. T hese elements re tu rn to earth and they become once again the sim plest elements from w hich they came and th ey help to form new life new vegetation on th e earth plane. T h ey begin again a new cycle and we can easily and tru th fu lly and beautifully think o f the physical elements o f o u r body as con trib uting to some of the beautiful vegetation, th e flowers and o th er form s of life th a t n a tu re evolves from the simplest elements in fill ing th e ea rth w ith life. T h e re is no death to th e physical p a rt o f m ans body; b u t aside from this point, w hich is o n ly incidental in my

talk ton ight, I w a n t to speak o f w h a t occurs a t th e mo m en t o f transition an d thereafter. F irst o f all, from this m om ent on, let m e say th a t I do n o t w a n t to use the w ord death . I p re fe r to use th e w o rd tran sitio n ;" and hope th e d ay w ill come w hen o u r new spapers and m aga zines w ill stop using th e w ord, d ea th ." W e pick u p the S unday p ap e r and read an editorial, perhaps a religious editorial; it m ay have th e very subject, T h e re is no d ea th , and then w e tu rn to th e new s colum ns and find a list o f persons w h o died, o r th a t death has tak en this on e o r th a t one. T o be consistent, this w ord should be elim inated. T h e m ajority o f th e people belong to a church o r o r ganization th a t holds to th e principle th a t th e real p a rt of m an is im m ortal; therefore, th e w ord d eath should be elim inated, and I will elim inate it now d u rin g the rest of my discourse. A f te r all, w h a t does occur a t transition? I t is merely a change. I spoke in an o th er address o f w h a t you could ob serve in th e unconscious body th a t is still living. I said if you ever looked upon a person w ho w as in a faint, o r unconscious from drugs o r anesthetic, you w ould find th ere is a norm al body w ith all o f th e norm al activities to m aintain life, and th a t all th a t w as missing w as a form of brain consciousness. I said th a t the D ivine o r m ental con sciousness, the m ind consciousness o f th e real in n er self w as intact, un injured, unchanged by th e o u te r change th a t had taken place. A ll th e o u te r change h a d done, w hether by in ju ry , accident o r anesthetic, drugs, o r tem porary in disposition by fa in t from weakness, w as to close th e eyes against seeing (although the eyelids may be o p e n ), shut

the ears against hearing, th e nose against smelling, the tongue against tasting, and fingers against feeling. W ith these five faculties sh u t off from m aking any impressions an d conveying any intelligence and being able to send fo rth any intelligence, th e brain consciousness of th e individual w as closed like a book, tem porarily. I n w ardly, how ever, th e D ivine consciousness, th e conscious ness of G od, w as m aintaining its state of activity. I t was keeping th e h ea rt beating to th e pro per rh y th m ; it w as keeping th e lungs breathing; it w as keeping th e various o ther organs o f th e body functioning w ith th e ir rhythm ; in fact, so keen is th a t consciousness th a t if th a t u n co n scious body w ere taken from a w arm room in to a cold room, th e tem p eratu re o f th e body w ould autom atically change to m eet th e conditions in th e new room, and any o th e r disturbance w ould be met. If th e arms w ere vio lently exercised by some apparatus o r by someone doing it, th e heart w ould beat faster to make u p for th e exer cise. T h e re is a know ledge, m ind control and conscious ness guarding and protecting th a t unconscious body d e spite th e fact th a t th e o u te r consciousness sleeps. N o w , I pointed o u t th a t this so-called unconscious state of the person w as only tem porary. A t transition w e have th e same situation, b u t it rem ains perm anent. T ransition is nothing more o r less, physically and pathologically, than th e separation of th e tw o form s o f consciousness. In th e case o f transition, th e D ivine consciousness w ithdraw s itself from th e body instead o f rem aining and this leaves th e brain consciousness incapable o f any fu rth e r activity. So w e have the soul o f man, th e m ind consciousness, the Divine, im m ortal consciousness in m an, w ithdraw ing at the time o f transition. T ru e , disease m ay have been

responsible an d w e find a t transition an abnorm al condition, an inju red body; b u t w e have foun d in m any cases, an d the physicians an d coroners find every day, the bodies o f those w here transition has occurred w ith out the slightest in ju ry , w ith no sign o f disease, w here th e h eart just stopped and th e great separation has taken place. N ow a fte r w e look a t this physical body th a t is left a fte r this change, w e find it is a perfectly norm al creation; th a t is, if disease o r accident has not inju red it. W e find it has all o f its p arts; it has the necessary blood; it has all o f the elem ents necessary fo r a living body, but there is no life. T h e re is no action. W e find the blood standing still and, because there is no com bustion taking place in the system, no heat is being m an ufactured, and the tem p eratu re of th e blood is lowered. T h e blood becomes cold and by stand ing still it coagulates; the physical body simply be comes inactive by degrees, m om ent by m om ent because the g rea t controlling intelligence has left. T his brings us to the point o f th e very w onderful and beautiful statem ent in G enesis w here it is said th a t man w as form ed o u t of th e dust o f the ea rth ; G od brought together from all of th e elem ents o f the physical earth those things needed to make th e physicaJ body. T h e body w as form ed and there w as breathed into it the breath o f life, and man became a living soul. Y ou see in th a t brief statem ent th e du ality o f m an how th e physical p art m ay be form ed perfectly, b u t no m a tte r how p er fectly the body may be form ed and how well p ropo r tioned, it is only a body of clay until th e breath o f life, soul, enters and makes it a living soul. T h e y say th a t fo r 66 cents, you can find in a pharm acy shop all the chemical elem ents th a t compose m ans body;

b u t th a t only makes th e physical body. W e canno t make th e real p a rt o f m an o u t o f the chemical elements. You could not take th e physical body a fte r transition no m atter how well preserved, even though th e eyelashes w ere still on the eyelids, and tu r n it into a living body by any chemical process. I t takes m ore than electricity as some scientists have tried to figure out, an d it takes more than oxygen. Look a t those cases w here transition is close at hand and th e persons o u ter consciousness has already closed its pages. W h e n a person is in a so-called state of coma, he is brought oxygen; he has oxygen added to his system, b u t the most it has ev er done is to encourage or strengthen the w eakened h ea rt a little for o ne o r tw o days more, b u t transition has always been inevitable. M an has found no substitute fo r th a t D ivine substance w hen once it begins to leave o r once it has gone. O f this dual man, the m aterialistic schools p u t all th e em phasis on the physical p a rt of m an, th a t p a rt w hich is so largely w ater. F or instance, a fte r crem ation and extrem e heat, w hen all m oisture is d raw n out, you have only a few pounds th a t w hich can chemically be bought fo r 66 cents and w hich from every p oint o f view, is nothing more th a n a gathering-up of th e elements you may have in the garden of y o u r homes. T h a t, th e m aterialistic schools point out, is the great man. T h ey study m inutely every one o f these little cells, and get excited over th e fact th a t they have found th a t one o f th e little cells o f the nail in th e finger is sim ilar to th e fibrous cell o f a plant in th e garden. T h ey g et excited over such a discovery. A tru stin g child does n o t do that. H e simply says, M am a, P apa, if w e m ust eat to live and eating keeps us alive, th en my body m ust be form ed by some o f th e meal and

mush an d milk an d things o f th a t k in d th a t I e a t; and if I go o u t in th e o at field, I w ill find some o f th e things th a t keep m e alive. A n d it w ould be true. A little child doesnt get excited over th a t discovery, b u t science does. Its v ie w 'p o in t instead o f being broad is narrow . T h a t is th e w ay to look a t th e m aterial p a r t o f man and see nothing. T h e o ther side is reached by those schools of mystics, metaphysicians, and philosophers w ho say th a t is n o t th e real p a rt o f man. T h e in n e r intelligence o f man, th a t w hich, according to th e Bible, is called the living soul is th e real you. W e n o te in th a t statem ent th a t m an becomes a living soul in a living body. So a t transition w e find th e tw o dualities being separated, broken dow n into tw o distinct entities th e physical body and the soul. N o te through all th e years o f time, w ith all th e ancient methods o f burial and all th e ancient methods o f caring fo r those a t transition, all sacred rituals an d w ritings say th a t to d u st m an doth retu rn . T h e y expect th e re tu rn of the physical p a rt o f m an to its original sources. T h ere is no thing horrifying o r m ysterious ab out it th a t the physical body of m an should go back to th e source from whence it came. W e should have no difficulty in seeing, rationally, th e wisdom o f th a t principle, as well as the great fundam ental law th a t the invisible p a rt o f man re ' tu rn s to its original source. So at transition w e find th e physical p a rt and th e spiritual p art separated, each going to its original source from w hence it came, separating from each o th e r m om ent by m om ent, h o u r by hour, until th e w hole universe is betw een them. N o w w e are particu larly interested in w h at occurs after this separation has taken place. W e have, in recent years,

com paratively speaking, a num ber o f schools to explain th e possibility an d probability o f w h at occurs a fte r transition. W e have forem ost am ong th e schools one w hich attem pts to claim th e greatest teachings the Spiritualistic School. T h is system claims th a t th e soul o r spirit o f m an, being im m ortal, ascends in to a heavenly or D ivine an d spiritual w o rld w h ere it continues to live w ith its consciousness and personality, an d th a t it is n o t only conscious o f itself, b u t conscious o f th e attend ance of others around it; conscious o f th e id entity o f those still rem aining here, and n o t only capable o f com m unicating and talking to those aroun d it, b u t can talk and com ' m unicate w ith those w h o are still on this ea rth plane. T h e y go fu rth e r and state th a t these disembodied o r spiritual bodies are capable o f retu rn in g here mom entarily, tem porarily, o r upon call an d request o f those on th e earth plane. T hese are th e claims set fo rth by th a t school. T h ere are o ther schools w hich agree to th e same fundam ental proposition th a t the soul o r sp irit o f man ascends to a spiritual kingdom ; b u t th e y claim th a t it w aits in an u n conscious sta te for an u ltim ate Judg m ent D ay w hen it w ill be enlivened w ith o th e r souls, an d physical bodies will be called from th e graves. In this new day and new king dom , the good an d evildoers will be judged. T h e re are some schools w hich claim th a t a fte r the soul ascends to a heavenly o r spiritual w orld it dwells in an unconscious o r semi-conscious state, and th a t it never re tu rn s again to th e earth. T h e re are o ther schools of th o u g h t in th e O rien t w ith millions o f followers that hold th a t a fte r th e sp irit ascends to H eaven, it rem ains in a suspended, conscious state until some o th er time w hen it

is absorbed in to th e consciousness of G o d, and loses its id entity entirely by becoming a p a rt o f G od again. So w e have these different thoughts, and you will note th a t most o f these systems are highly speculative. O ne thing is certain th e average teacher o r preacher w ho is expounding any one o f these systems o r philosophies has never been th ere and is not talking from first-hand knowledge. Such doctrines are highly speculative. A g reat m any o f these systems are based on th e statem ents in H oly o r sacred w ritings. Some from the C hristian Bible, som e from th e w ritings o f B uddha, and Confucius, some from Z oroaster, and some from w ritings going farth er back than an y o f these. Even opposing schools w ill use th e same Biblical quotations to prove their con tentions, by giving a different translation o r interp retation to th e same statem ent. You, as a seeker, you as a student, m ust form y o u r ow n conclusions w hen you come face to face w ith opposing, contending, and different statem ents o f all these systems. V e ry few agree on any one point. You find w ith any o f these systems of th ough t th eir ideals are based on specula tion, and y our opinion an d y o u r conclusion is just as good as anyone elses. T h ere are, how ever, some things th a t are know n th a t occur a fte r transition, o r at the m om ent o f transition, by those w h o have been on th e borderline and yet did not cross over it, and w ho have com e back to tell us o f their experiences. T hose people have th e most re liable inform ation w e can have. It is to be noted th a t the statem ents of those w ho have been tem porarily on the borderline o f transition, w ho have been w alking, let us say, th e G re a t P ath to th e G re a t G ate, and th en came back and did not pass th rough th e statem ents o f these persons

fro m various parts o f th e w orld agree, w hereas statem ents from those w ho have never had such experiences are spec ulative and do not agree. Yes, we have a mass o f inform ation from those w ho have claimed to go to th e spirit w orld and are giving messages through m ediums, autom atic w riting, spirit pho tography and inspirational talks, etc.; b u t from th e th o u sands and thousands o f books w ritte n und er such in fluence, it is interesting to note th a t the reports o f w hat is going on in th e spirit w orld do n o t agree. Sometimes th ey are quite amusing. I rem em ber reading one not long ago, reported through a medium, w ho said he w as still laying bricks in building houses. H e had been a brick layer here on this ea rth plane and therefore could think o f no o th er im portant trade. O th ers make reports on all sorts of things. T h e re are statem ents from those stating th a t in H eaven one passes the time leisurely aw ay and there is no w ork and no effort. O th e rs tell us th a t they know each o th er and speak to each other. Some say they have marriages and th a t even children are born. Some times they say there are big buildings u p there. I could go on and repeat th e m any, m any statem ents, th e con tradictory statem ents; they all disagree. From those th at have been on th e borderline, th e reports are all alike. In one case an electrician was n ot expected to live for more than tw enty-eight hours. H e had been shocked by high voltage. H e was taken to th e hospital in an un con scious state, believed to have passed through transition; he w as covered over w ith a sheet; th e doo r was closed; the doctor notified the u n d erta k er to take his body to the morgue, and in every w ay he w as considered to be lifeless.

S uddenly they began to feel a little w arm th, show ing indications o f life th a t startled th e nurses. T h e n there is th e statem en t o f a w om an, believed to have passed through transition fo r tw en ty -fo u r hours. She w as deeply religious in an orthodox, M ethodist sense, and w as in to leran t o f an y view point o th e r than th a t w hich w as prescribed by her church. H e r rep o rt afte r she came back w as like th a t o f th e electrician. T h e n there is th e little girl in th e M o n treal H ospital, just able to talk a n d describe in a childish w ay w h at she experienced. She h ad never heard o f such an experience before, had no idea o f w h at H eaven w as like, y et her re p o rt w as identical w ith all th e others, even th a t o f a philosopher. A n d w h at do they report? T h e re is first a great lightening o f th e body. T h a t seems to be th e first outstan din g th in g th a t impresses them . Long before they are w illing to le t the nurse o r doctor know som ething peculiar is going on, they begin to sense they are n o t lying heavily. A t first th ey think it is im agination; then they begin to sense a w arm th and th e lightness begins to feel as though they could spring from bed and nothing could keep them from it. T h e room th a t w as only a few feet aw ay, begins to look as though it w ere m any, m any feet aw ay. I t is n o t th a t their eyesight becomes b lurred as they still recognize certain persons, an d w itnesses show th a t to th e last m om ent they w ere able to recognize th eir presence. I t is n o t a blurred eyesight, b u t a m atter o f F o urth Dimension. T h e y are be' ginning to sense themselves in a w orld th a t has another dim ension th a t they have never sensed before. T h ey be' gin to feel th a t they are existing in th e F o u rth Dimension.

N o n e o f them , except th e philosopher, knew anything about th e F o u rth Dimension. T h en th e voices o f those th a t w ere talking together, begin to get fu rth e r aw ay until it sounds as though th ey w ere off a t th e end o f the hall. T h is is a g reat m om ent w ith them because o f th e closingo u t o f physical impressions. E ventually they can see nothing b u t themselves. T h e y see themselves lying on the bed. T h ey see th e ir physical bodies, n o t from th e ir ow n eyes, b u t from ano ther sense o f vision. T h ey say they seem to be six o r seven feet aw ay an d above themselves, looking dow n on th e ir ow n physical bodies, a n d betw een them and the physical body there seems to exten d a haze. O n e described it as an aura, an o th er like th e silver thread spoken o f in religious w riting. A n o th e r described it as being sim ilar to the umbilical cord, only not so solid. T h e fact is th a t they see som ething betw een themselves and the physical body, an d they feel the separation grad ually taking place. I have seen about a h u n d red letters in th e last tw en ty years from those w h o felt they did n o t desire to go back to th e physical body to stop th e separation. However, there is this o n e feeling, o f sorrow fo r those w ho are weeping, and they sense th a t sorrow . T h e y feel th ey m ust go back to relieve th e sorrow , b u t as fo r themselves, th e lightness, the sense o f g reat peace an d th e sense of music so intangible th a t they can h ardly h ea r it, are pleasant sensations; w hile th e freedom from all pain is a relief and is an im pelling urge to le t th e separation continue. Bear in m ind th e m an w ith a leg cu t off, w ho looked dow n upon himself an d saw th e m utilated body, b u t th e p a rt rising above had all o f its parts, and no pain. T h e re w as absolute freedom from all suffering; an d th a t is w hy there is no desire to go back in to th e physical body

again. T h e re seems to be a d ual p ow er one try in g to hold them to th e physical body and one d raw in g them aw ay, and so th ey w aver in th a t state. Finally, in th e case o f those w h o m ade the reports, they are d raw n back in to th e physical body. T h ey feel them ' selves cram ped, shut in an d crushed, and im mediately the physical actions and pow ers begin to com e back; they begin to feel w arm instead o f th e cooling sensation; they begin to feel heavy an d w eighted dow n as though there w as a load on th eir chests. I t is h a rd fo r them to breathe. T h e eyelids are h ard to open an d y et th ey gradually do, and th a t is th e first sign to th e doctor th a t th ey are com ' ing back; he sees th e eyelids begin to quiver. H e sees a struggle. Sometimes it is one, tw o, o r three days before they are able to speak. T h ey know all th a t is going on about them , b u t th e body is heavy and cram ped. T hey know som ething m ust be done to relieve the suffering an d w eeping o f th e beloved ones. T h a t is th eir picture of th e borderline condition an d th ey n o t only all agree, b u t give us th e most un d erstan d ' able report. H ere is a g reat story, a great picture. W h a t a w onderful th ing life is, and yet how painless and how beautiful transition can be. Because my tim e is lim ited, I cannot go on and tell you w h at occurs afte r w h at th eir statem ents indicate, b u t I w ould have you think over these things again in the m ean' time, w henever you have a few moments. T h e lightness o f th e body, the expanding space, an d the beauty of the haze su rroun ding them. T h e ability to see themselves, show ing the dual consciousness, show ing th a t th e D ivine

Consciousness can be independent of the physical body. Sometime you w ill understand more about it. I think in th e fu tu re it will be well to have a discourse on th e subject, W h y A re Some E arthbound? and explain w hy some persons feel th a t th ey cannot get aw ay, and m ust stay here n ear th e physical body. So w ith these few w ords to think about, I believe you will be able to build up an idea and picture o f transition.

The Rosicrucians 9 tw ite yo u . . .

to share th eir useful knowledge, w hich makes life more enjoyable and free of m uch of th e doubt and confusion th at beset th e average m an and w om an today. T h e Rosicrucians are a nori'sectarian fra tern ity , devoted to an investigation o f th e higher principles of life, as ex pressed in man and nature. T h e so-called mysteries o f life and death, of th e inequalities o f people, o f th e purpose of o u r existence here, are removed by the sensible exposition o f th e Rosicrucian teachings. T h e age-old tru th s expounded by the Rosicrucians pro vide men and women w ith such useful know ledge of the Cosmic principles, as m akes it possible for them to master their lives instead of d riftin g w ith th e years. Y ou will be amazed a t y o u r ow n potentialities, and th e opportunities afforded you to realize y o u r fondest hopes and dreams. N o change in yo ur personal or social affairs is required. W r ite today for the free booklet, T h e M astery o f Life, which explains w ho and w h at the Rosicrucians are, and moreover how they can help yo u w ith yo ur ow n life. A ddress: Scribe L. H. U.

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