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Dr. Cathy Cobb Walgrens MK 4300 Advertising November 2013

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Demographic: Middle-age, middle-income women Offers simple, modern solutions to reach goals, maintenance relationships, feel beautiful and innovations to everyday tasks 7.6 million readers in one year #1 womens magazine for audience growth UP 7% First magazine brand to reach 100K followers on Pinterest

! Advertising Rates: ! ! !

Full Page Advertisement: $196,900 Cover #2: $246, 100 To-Go Card: $265.800
* Circulation includes tablet edition of magazine * No charge for bleed * No cash discount

Cost per Thousand (CPM) Calculation CPM = Cost of One Insertion * 1000 Rate Base Circulation

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CPM = $196,900 * 1000 1,975,000

= $99.69

AMedia Vehicle Real Simple

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Publication Date October 2013 Primary Target Middle-aged, middleincome men & women Primary Benefit Being able to cook faster, more efficiently and effectively

Strategy This advertisement uses a product feature rational strategy. In a fierce marketplace, the ad showcasing the new technology in their stovetop ranges gives them distinction and a competitive advantage.

External Validation: Whirlpools new technologies are proven to innovate and change the way and speed in which we do household activities. They are able to appeal to nearly every type of consumer.

Creativity As a four page ad that requires effort to unfold and discover, it is certainly a creative one. You dont have a clue what the advertisement is for until you get to the forth and last panel that introduces your new secret ingredient. It is a fresh concept because not many would think of their cooking appliances and their secret ingredient, but with a new technology included, consumers should reconsider what to expect of their appliances.

Execution The execution style of this ad is straight sell. There is nothing wildly different going on here, just a renovation of household product. Stopping Power & Clarity: The thick, glossy, two-page fold immediately grabs your attention along with the bright red pepper against a snowy marble countertop, and the reader will inevitably follow into the ad itself by way of the simplistic-looking garlic and fresh, green Italian parsley. The ad is as clear as can be. It draws you in, makes it point, and lets you move right along. Style of Layout: Poster Design Principles: With virtually no clutter and a high usage of white space, this ad does have a lot of unity. You pass through the first couple folds, entranced by the large, colorful visuals of vegetables and you find yourself immediately thrown in to the visual of the beautiful ingredients on the counter and appliance. There is a perfect amount of balance, especially on the last panel with the ingredients now smaller and the appliance referring to the big things you would be able to create with it. Type of Headline: Benefit Analysis of Body Copy: Why is this my new secret ingredient? The user is led right into the body copy, and it is explained in simplicity that the complete control is provided by the new advanced AccuHeat technology. Effectiveness of Tagline: The tagline is used properly indicating the bare-bones benefit of Whirlpool appliances.

BMedia Vehicle Real Simple Publication Date October 2013 Primary Target Middle-aged, middle-income women Primary Benefit Enjoying the holiday season with a staple seasonal beverage
External Validation is not the leading online retailer, but is at least one that prides themselves on having quality items rather than a mix of the worst and the best and everything in between. They want to make it a point that they want to save the consumer some money, enticing with free shipping and other promotional benefits.

This advertisement uses a product feature rational strategy as well as a little lifestyle emotional strategy. The online shopping community is full of competitive marketplaces, but focuses on the quality products you want at wholesale prices. At the same time, the products that people want are featured in the ad, erupting a feeling of better social acceptance should you have these high quality products.

! ! !

This advertisement is not the exceptionally creative. It features a few, randomly placed home goods around the Mondrian / Picture Window layout and a call to action with a coupon code, but nothing extraordinary.

Execution The execution style of this ad is straight sell. The advertisement simply states that this website has the same quality items for less. Stopping Power & Clarity: The minimalistic layout and different patterns of colors is intriguing enough to have someone pause and take a glance at the ad. The message is short, simple, and to the point with a couple clear reasons to browse being discount codes and free shipping. Style of Layout: Mondrian / Picture Window Design Principles: The elements of the ad were laid out with the mindset of minimizing clutter. There is lots of white space and the borders with the Mondrian layout bring the eyes focus to the featured items. The sans serif minimalistic text becomes the dominating element when placed within brightly-colored, differently-shaped objects. There is not a feeling of balance that comes from this ad with the images mostly being on the left side. Type of Headline: Benefit Analysis of Body Copy: There is not much of a command to visit the website, but almost a feeling of obligation for the style-minded, budget-savvy people. It makes it hard to resist when including a promotion code. Effectiveness of Tagline: There is no tagline that uses in this advertisement, but it does seem like there message gets through effectively.

Media Vehicle Real Simple Publication Date October 2013 Primary Target Middle-aged, coffee-drinking women Primary Benefit Being stylish and saving money

! ! !

The rational strategy is this advertisement is unique selling proposition. Starbucks is the only coffee company that can claim that they have had consistently great sales of their Pumpkin Spice Lattes for 10 years in a row.

This advertisement is not the most creative, but it is a fun depiction of the prominence coffee is in some peoples lives. The colors and the photos are very festive for the fall time and may invite certain associations in people that spark a connectable emotion to the drink.

Execution This ad has a straight sell execution style. The advertisement just wants to make it clear that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is a agreeably by many a seasonal drink they find irresistible. Stopping Power & Clarity: The clean layout and recognizable shape comprised of pictures makes one stop out of curiosity. The tagline at the bottom made up of different fonts is another eye-grabbing element in the ad. The reddish-orange background stimulates the readers appetite subconsciously. Style of Layout: Poster Design Principles: Although all the elements are cluttered to the center of the ad, there is still a sense of unity with the large amount of negative space. The dominant feature is certainly the coffee cup and the individual photos within. The ad is very balanced which is done symmetrically, abnormal for most advertisements. The visual path of the ad takes you straight down the center and exiting the page at the obscurely partially hidden Starbucks logo with the iconic mermaid. Type of Headline: News Analysis of Body Copy: The headline stating the celebration is pretty clear and has basic intentions. It just makes it known how popular the beverage is and how it intends to stay popular because people enjoy it so much. This is reinforced when reading the text nearly hidden in the whipped cream atop the coffee asking Can Pumpkin Spice Latte season last forever? Effectiveness of Tagline: The message the tagline is trying to convey is well received by the reader: if they havent tried a #PSL yet, they should.

External Validation is not the leading online retailer, but is at least one that prides themselves on having quality items rather than a mix of the worst and the best and everything in between. They want to make it a point that they want to save the consumer some money, enticing with free shipping and other promotional benefits.

Media Vehicle Real Simple Publication Date October 2013 Primary Target Men and women with an appetite Primary Benefit Getting the barbecue taste you love in a potato chip
Lays is using a generic brand strategy for this advertisement. They are making a claim that any brand selling a similar potato chip could make plus they are increasing relative consumption of kettle-cooked chips.

! ! !

As a four page ad that requires effort to unfold and discover, it is certainly a creative one. You dont have a clue what the advertisement is for until you get to the forth and last panel that introduces your new secret ingredient. It is a fresh concept because not many would think of their cooking appliances and their secret ingredient, but with a new technology included, consumers should reconsider what to expect of their appliances.

Execution This ad could be described as a straight sell. The product is not a new one, but one that wants to stand out for flavor and quality. Stopping Power & Clarity: The chip coming out of the barbecue sauce bottle is the first thing the eye sees, but it does look appetizing, so we continue on to the headline. The headline gives clarity to our assumptions of the chips being noticeably more flavorful. Style of Layout: Poster Design Principles: There is unity throughout the advertisement with the plate of chips being slightly off center and the weight being asymmetrically balanced with the hand. The cold beer in the background along with the mention of barbecue doesnt sound bad either. It may not be very dominant, but the most drawing visual to the advertisement is the bottle-in-hand with the chip pouring out. People will be mildly interested as to how it got in there. The directional path leads your through the visual, down to the headline, and on the the next page, but not without passing the product shot. Type of Headline: Benefit Analysis of Body Copy: The headline truly sums up the message that the visual is trying to convey. It makes one almost craving potato chips and barbecue sauce, even without a side of hamburgers and hotdogs. Effectiveness of Tagline: There is no tagline for the brand Lays mentioned in this ad, but as the market leader in potato chips, it will boost consumption for not only themselves but the entire market.
External Validation The goal of the Lays corporation is to increase overall consumption of potato chips, and they are taking the healthier approach to advertising and showcasing their chips that contain 40% less fat.


Analysis Of General Electric Advertising History

1878 1904 General Electric, being a company genius enough to invent entirely new products, had to have an invitational approach to advertising to tell customers about whats new. Customers then feel and trust that General Electric is at the forefront of innovation. This is one of the first examples of hardsell advertising as it gets people engaged with learning something new.

1905 1912 Still progressive in multiple industries , GE advertisements used softselling to get consumer attention on something they never knew they needed. This decade featured the first color advertisements from General Electric. 1925 1934 Introducing Trouble Proof The use of fear appeals begins as GE attracts customer with statements like No One Has Paid a Cent for Service and (Withstand) Fire and Flood and Raging Blizzard. This is a classic hard-sell approach that tugs on emotions at the consumers expense.


Analysis Of General Electric Advertising History

1957 1970 Because of useful, innovative science and big, bold headlines in advertisements, GE produced engaging and empowering ads featuring less clutter than before.

1946 1956 Hard-selling was strong as GE introduced new innovations that simplified most manual tasks at a competitively low price point.

1935 1945 Using bright and bold colors, General Electric attracted consumers to pay attention to their presentation of newly invented technologies.


Analysis Of General Electric Advertising History
1971-1985 With a strong consideration of the visual impact in each ad, GE used soft-selling techniques to encourage the participation with new products, like Save a Lettuces Life with a picture of a head of lettuce advertising freshness sustained by the refrigerators bins. Consumers can feel a more personal approach.

2001-2004 In these ads that contain virtually no clutter, a soft-selling focus on new innovation is a highly sophisticated and engaging approach to advertising. The high focus on the visual and use of color contrast intensifies the draw to the ads. 2005-2010 This ad campaign features a strong emphasis on unique visuals that promotes the intellect behind sophisticated, unique designs. Mainly focused on soft-selling, these ads command the attention of the viewer in such a way that they are truly engaged in participating with the advertisement.

Soft The Design ed by Apple in California advertiseme Sell nts are all p art of a softcampaign th selling at focuses o n the consum their enjoym er and ent of the p ro d u ct. Apple is by being the involved judges of qu a li ty and utility, b advertiseme ut the nts clearly c o n v ey the imme customer fo nse cus involved in th e product des The consum igns. er may rare ly lo o k a t it, but there the perpetu is al awarenes s and when w that reestab e feel it, lished the e m o ti o n a l connection they have w ith the prod ucts they alr eady own and thusly w ith the brand creating the m.

Hard Sell
Inspired by M.C. Eschers artwork, this advertisement exemplifies a hard-sell strategy, even though there is no product involved. The optical illusion and contrasting black & white patterns grab the attention of the reader and the bold call-to-action speaks, See the Reality Before Its Too Late.

The intention of the non-profit organization SANCCOBs message is to bring awareness to endangered penguins and to participate by sponsoring one of the sea-birds.

! e k Lu s A SHARP PENCIL WORKS BEST n a v i l l Su

Before Putting Pen To Paper
Describe the key competitive message your ad will communicate to solidify brand equity. Do extensive research on the product, brand, consumers and the competition. Begin to write and doodle all thoughts of potential workable ideas, and save everything. Stay determined to find the result. Consider fresh mediums and applications for the advertisement(s). Stick to the brands adjective, or what they are known for.! Review previous advertisements for clarification. Simplistic? Listen to consumer input through focus groups or user generated comments in forums. Test the strategies before implementing. Carefully review other brands advertisements to understand their unique approaches.







Product: Lipton Iced Tea

! !

Description: Lipton Iced Tea is a delicious, multi-flavored, healthy drink offered in a 16 ounce bottle. Target Audience: Adults with a motivation to consume healthier that are looking to choose a viable refreshment to soda. They are taking a conscious effort to stay healthy and resist temptation to consuming poorly.

! ! ! ! !

Market: Lipton is a strong leader in the bottled-tea category, but the beverage market as a whole is the broadest to make a splash in considering the subcategories of water, soft drinks and performance drinks. Trend/Fact: According the the Tea Association of the USA, over half of the countrys population drinks some kind of tea beverage daily. Intended Consumer Emotion and Action: A happy and feel-good response that motivates the consumer to drink a healthier alternative that they will enjoy through every sip. How Lipton Is Different: Lipton Iced Tea is one of the only tea beverages made from real tea leaves, which gives the customer the crisp, clear taste and feeling of natural energy when drinking Lipton. Challenge: Provide Lipton Iced Tea with an identity that differentiates them from other bottled drink brands, utilizing the natural benefits of Lipton to make it a stand-out choice.

! e k Lu s n a v i l l Su


Creative Thinking Techniques

Keep the client and your strategies close. Note the 'truths' about the product. Look for tension in the brand's image and use that towards a creative advantage. Stay authentic and genuine. Pose the question of 'What would make you buy the product?' To yourself. Focus on the substance of the ad instead of the diminishing style. Make your ad say something that can't be contested. Note any unedited thoughts or images generated, good or bad, to refer to later. Focus on a central mood for the advertisement while staying provocative. Subconscious efforts play a strong part in development. Have you considered a different medium? An unconventional execution? Stay simplistic. Remove unnecessary elements and clutter until advertisement essence is revealed. Big ideas stand out for a reason. Understand what and why makes it so.

New & Improved

Thinning a! Fat Advertisement! for Billboard Use

be your own teller

rds rfect marriage of wo pe e th as ed fin de is Synergy t is an l Lights advertisemen and picture, and Crysta e and ge use of white spac lar e th ith W e. pl am ideal ex ered, they rainbow of drinks cent t igh br d an us no mi lu a e r. They quickly read th we po g pin op st t ea gr ad has utine and ine is anything but ro ut ro y M n io pt ca ief br to e 20 different flavors th of t en em at st t or the sh as it ader is engaged swiftly choose from. The re l, to appreciate the visua em th r fo s nd co se ly takes on al Light membering that Cryst reading the text and re . has something for me


! e k Lu s n a v i l l Su

Make an experience of your advertisement Tell a story through as many mediums as possible Be able to casually initiate conversation with the consumers (word of mouth) Have some sort of payoff for the consumer for their interaction Utilize mobile technology and all of its features

Advertisements on a new type of media must have a different method of engagement than traditional forms. New medias are sought out by consumers rather than something they stumble upon. For instance, Chipotle created a mobile application for iOS devices called Scarecrow where one plays the part of a young boy responsible for seeking out the freshest ingredients for the restaurants. The application itself doesnt mention burritos or anything else related to the chain, but the engagement and excitement generated with the app keeps customers involved and always considering the restaurant as an option. Asking the consumer to participate in the ad is the best type of clear engagement.

The announcer in commercial for Capital One directs the viewer to point their finger to a circle centered on the screen and seconds later, people come from offscreen and begin to limbo underneath the limbo rod that is ones finger. As they dance along, the announcer explains how the limbo-ers got additional rewards using their Capital One card while traveling, so they are excited, and you should be just as excited with them. It nearly guarantees engagement if the viewers actively participate.

! e k Lu s BIG HONKIN IDEAS n a v i l l u S

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a Los Angeles based brewing company established in 1844 which maintains to be popular with the younger generation today. Having been featured in multiple recent big-time productions only increases the brands prominence. They request fan-art to be submitted to their website so they can post it on social media networks which gives their consumers some involvement in the image of the brand. Lately, hipsters have been coined as the aficionados of PBR. Not only does this provide a bit of brand security, but also a little bit of the cool factor to the company as well. !

Because of this, I have an idea that will make PBR a little more noticeable. Since hipsters typically adorn classical facial hair styles, the brand can use this to their advantage. A small cardboard ring, set atop a PBR can with an unmistakeable, handled hipster mustached attached will make it look like they are rocking the hipster-stache when they take a sip from the can. PBR can distribute these to bars with their beer shipments to set them with the other promotional materials lying around, and it would not cost them much. No matter what brand of beer someone may be drinking, they can put the mustache on top of their can, along with the strategically placed logos around the band, and it will get people talking. More importantly, talking about Pabst Blue Ribbon.


! e k Lu s n a v i l l Su


Proactivs 2013 infomercial for their standard line of facial products is a clear draw to buy-in to the brands subscription. As of recently, they are now offering a free Deep Cleansing Brush when purchasing their $20 monthly facial product package, which is a clear call-to-action to buy right now. It is not a necessarily entertaining advertisement unless one is interested in that type of product. It does detail how Proactiv is different from other facial care products by explaining the multiple solutions, their effects and how the deep cleansing brush is more effective than hand washing. The product is named repeatedly in a positive demeanor that is respectful to the brand image. The incentive to buy now is the reduced monthly price on top of the free motorized brush, and the call-to-action by phone or web order is strategically placed roughly a third of the way into the ad, right around when the customer would be convinced to buy. It rocks back and forth between rational choices for purchasing Proactiv and emotional choices regarding social and individual perceptions. Testimonials from multiple users is certainly a great way to convince people of the powers of Proactiv. The ad quickly and clearly gives reason to call outlining multiple benefits aside from the product itself.

! e k Lu s R n a v i l l Su
! !


Carmaxs German Radio Ad - 15 second spot

If you want to learn to speak German, the best place to start is taking a self-guided tour of Berlin If you are looking for a 21st century German car, the best place to start is CarMax. This ad is straight to the point with a common, now unmistakeable, tone. Its short pause before the dialogue with the dancing jingle gives the advertisement some stopping power. It is a highly visual campaign because you can picture yourself doing the activities mentioned. Quick dialogue sets the scene with the If you statements prompting imagination from the listener. This advertisement and the entire campaign are very organic and do not sound over-rehearsed, almost like a natural recommendation from a friend.

! ! !

9 Year Mortgage Radio Ad - 60 second spot

You have a mortgage and a load of other debt. Wouldn't it be great if it all just went away? 9 Year Mortgage can change your life! From the very beginning, the tone of the radio commercial is dull and old-fashioned. No one wants to tune in to message about harsh subjects like debt and mortgages; it is just not interesting. To make things worse, the narrator has a mock, socially-awkward conversation with a user of the service and even portrays a guest appearance as the president of the company via phone call. The ad itself is very vague about what the service offers and how it works, yet the more debt you have, the more [they] can help. There is an obvious use of the schtick serious sales partschtick reprise formula, but most listeners would probably have turned out at this point

! e k Lu s ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG n a v i l l Su

The Enemies Of Advertising
Bad Client Types

A business just trying to get by without entrepreneurial spirit. Winning isnt important; not losing is.

! !

A client with no direction or goal. "I'll know it when I see it

The client that thinks they know better and changes agencies often Bad Agency Types The Hack, or one that knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk but is not in tune with the ad or campaign. Someone that feels superior to the rest of the workplace; acts a brutal prima donna

Slash weasel - someone looking for shared credit opportunity by simply offering suggestions to ones project

! e k PECKED TO DEATH BY DUCKS Lu s n a v i l l u S

Presenting And Protecting Your Work
Be resilient when a great idea you created is killed. Present your own work after practicing, but dont memorize a speech. Dont assume acceptance of your advertisement idea. Science, extensive research and focus groups do not prove anything. Present just one product feature or benefit. Reasonably consider client complaints like needing bigger phone numbers & logos, competition being able to run the same ad campaign, or if they take the concept too literally. Remember who the enemy is. Keep a file of great dead ideas, and dont lose vigilance, because there is always another advertisement. The majority of making a good presentation is being confident in your work; if you are second-guessing yourself, so will everyone else. Just because you may have all the facts about the brands on the market and the product category and used them in your ad development does not mean that your idea is bullet-proof. One misstep in your execution can have the whole idea unravel.

Being sensible with presenting and executing your advertisements or campaigns is critical. We cannot over-sell the product with multiple reasons to buy, because only one, being the most important one, will influence the customer to buy. Dont stuff unnecessary or unnecessarily obtrusive factors into the ad, like large phone numbers being repeated, or multiple convenient ways to order: mail, phone and web.

Dont get discouraged with yourself if some ads do not work out. You can save the remnants for a future project when we know they will. Advertisement is a team effort, even if it doesnt seem like everyone plays on one of two sides.

Lighting your Way with Fresh Perspectives

Brian Crawley 404.704.6503

! e k Lu s n a v i l l u S


Having fun while creating advertisements will definitely trickle down to the viewer. They will see that there is enjoyment to be had with the product, no matter what it is. Toyota Camry did this well with their Thrill Ride ad which showcased real individuals taken on a roller-coaster like ride on ramps and around curves in a zippy Toyota Camry. Not only did this feature these test-riders grinning from ear to ear, it also speaks to the safety that comes with owning a Camry. The ad leaves every viewer wondering if they can get this type of test-drive at their local Toyota dealership.