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Documentary Analysis The Riots: In Their Own Words- The Police I chose to analyse and look at this certain

documentary, as it is relevant and appropriate to the topic of our documentary, which is violent crime in Britain. I mainly focussed on what shots were used throughout, the framing and layouts of interviews and finally to see whether the documentary is conventional and what conventions the documentary challenges. This documentary includes the story of the riots of 2011 told with first-hand accounts from the police and previously unseen police footage. Outnumbered coppers on the frontline tell how they took the brunt of the rioters' aggression, while officers in the control room explain why things happened as they did. Many criticized the police after the riots; now they explain their side of the story. The documentary is slightly different to normal conventional documentaries on violent crime as there is no presenter whereas on other violent crime documentaries there is usually a presenter to take you through the aftermath of certain events and taking peoples opinions into account. Much like Reggie Yates documentary on teen gangs. A presenter may not have been used in this documentary as it was focusing more on a past event and not the aftermath of the event. I believe that a violent crime documentary works better with a presenter as it is an emotional topic for some and helps the audience interact with the interviewees. However, the voiceover through the documentary is very effective and you can still connect with people who were affected by the riots. There are some very effective camera shots used throughout the documentary: some very effective pan and long shots, which enables you to see the damage caused by the riots. A lot of close up shots are also used to see facial expressions of both the police and the rioters. We should definitely consider taking these two shots over to our documentary as they add atmosphere to the documentary and look very professional. During the first 5 minutes of the documentary the voiceover sets the location and summarizes the topic, which the documentary is about. We must remember that we are only shooting the first 5 minutes of a documentary so when analyzing and researching conventions of documentaries this should be the main focus. In this case the opening 5 minutes is setting location and summarizing topic which is sticking to normal conventions of a violent crime documentary which helps maintain the professionalism of the documentary.