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Oracle Data Loader

Data Loader is the number one choice of Oracle Applications Professional for entering large data into Oracle EBS / ERP Application Forms from Excel or delimited text files !t is used to automate bul" data entr# E$en though it has special features for Oracle EBS applications% it can be used to automate bul" data entr# into an# &indo's application forms

Highlights of Data Loader

(eeds )ero special technical "no'*ho' % can be utili)ed b# non*technical end users because data is filled up in forms +elps #ou to sa$e time and effort ,reate load at one time and reproduce the load se$eral times as #ou ma# need Entirel# transparent to the application form Application form responds as information is t#ped b# a user Precise Almost all $alidations define in the application form forms are carried out

Data Loader loads the data using the follo'ing methods Macro Loading Forms Record and Playback Feature

Macro Loading
Forms Data Loader fills data in Forms b# simulating "e#stro"es as if t#pe b# a user !t includes a spreadsheet interface 'here one can enter the data and "e#stro"es to send to the forms Setting up Load is -uite effortless% #ou 'ill learn setting up data loads b# .ust spending fe' minutes &e gi$e a series of demos 'hich demonstrates ho' the loads are de$eloped and ho' FDL operates E$en though it is particularl# targeted to load data into Oracle ERP Applications% it ma# be utili)ed to load data in almost an# sort of application form 'hether it be SAP or +/0L or an# other application

Start #our target application form in 'hich #ou 'ould li"e to automate loading of data and mo$e the cursor on the 1st field Start Forms Data Loader b# clic"ing on its des"top icon ,lic" 2,reate (e' b# 0acro Recording3 button and a dialog 'ill be displa#ed ,lic" 2Start Recording3 button in the dialog ,hange to #our target application form 'indo' At this point enter a sample record in #our target application form

After entering the record clic" 2Stop Recording3 in the dialog ,lic" 2,reate Load3 button (o' #ou 'ill see a Excel li"e sheet in Forms Data Loader 'ith all fields 'hich #ou ha$e entered in the form 4ou can no' populate this sheet b# cop#ing and pasting data from Excel or an# ,S5 or delimited file Once #ou ha$e populated the sheet clic" 2Load3 button

In Data Loader you can send keystrokes to the target application by entering the "\" as the starting letter. FDL recognizes a cell as keystroke if the cell contains as back slash "\" in the first position. For Example to send L! and F keystroke enter \"F to send " L!#F$" enter \"F$. !o specify characters that aren%t displayed &hen you press a key' such as E(!E) or ! *' and keys that represent actions rather than characters' use the codes sho&n belo&+

6e# BA,6SPA,E BREA6 ,APS LO,6 DEL or DELE/E DO&( ARRO& E(D E(/ER ES, +ELP +O0E !(S or !(SER/ LEF/ ARRO& (;0 LO,6 PA<E DO&( PA<E ;P PR!(/ S,REE( R!<+/ ARRO& S,ROLL LO,6 /AB ;P ARRO& F1 F=

,ode 78BA,6SPA,E9% 78BS9% or 78B6SP9 78BREA69 78,APSLO,69 78DELE/E9 or 78DEL9 78DO&(9 78E(D9 78E(/ER9or : 78ES,9 78+ELP9 78+O0E9 78!(SER/9 or 78!(S9 78LEF/9 78(;0LO,69 78P<D(9 78P<;P9 78PR/S,9 78R!<+/9 78S,ROLLLO,69 78/AB9 78;P9 78F19 78F=9

F> F? F@ FA FB FC FD F1E F11 F1= F1> F1? F1@ F1A

78F>9 78F?9 78F@9 78FA9 78FB9 78FC9 78FD9 78F1E9 78F119 78F1=9 78F1>9 78F1?9 78F1@9 78F1A9

/o specify keys combined &ith any combination of the ,-IF!' .!)L' and L! keys' precede the key
code &ith one or more of the follo&ing codes+ Key ,-IF! .!)L L! Code + ^ %

!o specify that any combination of ,-IF!' .!)L' and L! should be held do&n &hile se/eral other keys are pressed' enclose the code for those keys in parentheses. For example' to specify to hold do&n ,-IF! &hile E and . are pressed' use F\+(EC)F !o specify to hold do&n ,-IF! &hile E is pressed' follo&ed by . &ithout ,-IF!' use F\+ECF !o specify repeating keys' use the form {key number} 0ou must put a space bet&een key and number. For example' 7{LEFT 42} means press the LEF! ))12 key 34 times5 \{h 10} means press - 67 times

Mouse Clicks
Code What it does &hile loading. < means < # ,creen .oordinate and 0 means 0 # ,creen .oordinate. For example if you enter 89.:3=7'437; then FDL &ill simulate a mouse left click on the screen at the 3=7'437 coordinate &hile loading. To capture exact coordinates please use our Get Screen Coordinate Tool by clicking

*MC(x,y) If you enter 89.:x'y; in a cell' it tells FDL to simulate a mouse click in the target application

on the Tools Menu.

!n addition to 6e#stro"es% Data Loader also comes 'ith built in shortcuts for most common Oracle form functions Belo' is the list of some of the shortcuts !t also lets #ou define #our o'n shortcuts for commonl# used "e#stro"es /o do'nload almost full# functional /rial Edition of Oracle Data Loader please clic" the follo'ing lin" Do'nload