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1.1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION As this project deals with the CONSUMER ATTITUDEs towards Samsung television in Davangere city, it is better to know about the Influence of televisions (in general) on the people before starting the Project in particular .In modern age televisions can be considered to be the best entertainer of the people. From younger to older, everyone feels it pleasure in watching their desired program In recent days ,TV has almost become a basic necessity like food clothing shelter. It does mean that each and every family in our country possesses it. But to say that majority almost all families possess it. It has become such a wonderful thing in these days. Different sorts of program are just good for the kids Today there are different grades of televisions in the society such as Sansui, Onida, Samsung, and BPL. In this project an attempt is made to know about the CONSUMERs ATTITUDE towards Samsung TV in particular; regarding its price quality and others features influencing the public. 1.2 SPECIFIC INTRODUCTION During the year 1980, the consumer electronics industry has made a rapid development in India because of installation of high power transmitters in different parts of country. In1959 the first televisions transmitter was installed .at that time All India radio was conducting innovation of television services center in Delhi .it takes a very short period to get converted into full fledged telecasting center. Afterwards it was de linked from All India radio. Now it works under control of Doordarshan.

At the initial stage the television covered only 30% of population around Delhi. When the Asian games were held in New Delhi the colour television was introduced by Government of India. There was a heavy demand for colour televisions; the Government of India imported 90000 kits colour television sets to meet the required demand at that time. During the year 1982 to 1984, the televisions were considered as one of the powerful communication media of government and it covered more than 70% of population. The demand was so greater that the Government gave permission to imported colour televisions. It was only later decided that there should be import of components and required sets should be assembled by big medium and small producers.

CHAPTER-2 RESEARCH DESIGN OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY It is very important to know about the objectives of study in detail: 1 factors affecting buyers behaviors 2 buyers ATTITUDE and expectation and post purchase feelings 3 extent of ATTITUDE among its users 4 brand loyalty among consumers 5 reasons for purchase 6 service given by dealers 7 competitive product know changes to be made in future SCOPE OF THE STUDY The scope of the study is examine the CONSUMER ATTITUDE towards the quality, Price and other aspects of Samsung TV The area chosen for the study is Davangere city. It is an important business centre in Karnataka the survey is conducted on the CONSUMER ATTITUDE towards Samsung TV in Davangere. METHODOLOGY When we undertake the market research we have to information from both of the data like primary and secondary data Primary data is collected from survey done to the CONSUMERs through questionnaires and from dealers Secondary data is collected from newspapers websites magazines annual sales report journals etc

LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 1 This research is meant only for Davangere city and it is difficult to draw all consumers opinion. 2 Colour TV is costly so this TV will not be used by all communities and it is difficult to know opinion of the consumers. 3 It is difficult for common man to know regarding technical aspects of TV. 4 During the study attempts have been made to collect the relevant data 5 Since some of the informations of marketing of Samsung TV of the firm are kept confidential


The First chapter entitled Introduction and design of study The researcher intend to deal with the importance Scope, objectives methodology and Limitations.

The Second chapter entitled Consumer Behavior researchers intend to the deal with the introduction determinants of buyer behavior need of consumer behavior for TV

The Third Chapter entitled Television Industry in India and a Snap shot of Indian Television History researchers intend to the deal with the growth for Televisions.

The Fourth Chapter entitled Company, Product And Distributors Profile researchers intend to the deal with introduction about the company growth and development present status of organization history of Samsung TV its corporate identity Samsung electronics and timeline and history its venture investments in research and development it also deals with the glimpse about dealer promotion techniques and profile of study area.

The Fifth Chapter entitled Survey Analysis and Interpretation researchers intend to the deal with introduction of survey and analysis of survey

The last Sixth Chapter entitled Summary of Findings, Recommendations and Conclusions researchers intend to the deal with the results of survey recommendations to the dealers to improve its performance and the brief conclusion of the project.



Samsung electronics is one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances and electronics. In fact, Samsung group of companies is the 14 th largest group of companies in the world. The Samsung Company was 1st established in South Korea. The company has operations in more than 60 countries. It manufacturers and markets consumer electronics, telecommunication products and systems as well semi conductors and computers. GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTOF THE-ORGANISATIONON : Samsung India electronics Ltd. has set up a manufacturing unit for colour TV at its 12-hectare complex at Noida. The production capacity of Noida factory is 4,00,000 unit per annum, was set up with an investment of Rs.l9 crores. At Noida factory it also plans to set up facilities for refrigerators and room the total investment estimated for the projects is Rs. 260 crores. Apart from CTV the Samsung electronics product portfolio on India now comprises of 10 models of frost frees refrigerators. Six compact disk based audio system, two video CD models, three washing models, three micro waves oven models. Six still camera models. V.C.R. Cellular phones and also room air conditioners.

PRODUCT PROFILE AND DISTRIBUTORS PROFILE : Product profile : Some of the models of Samsung TV and their features are as follows. 1. LCD Televisions : Imagine Samsung LCD TVs that reflects your unique style. LA 2055 Features 51 cm It is a 500:1 contrast ratio It has a 500 cd/m- high brightness. Unique dual purpose stand It has power stereo sound Connectivity composite, PC MRP Rs.34,990/2 LA40 MG 101 cm : Features It has DNIETM [digital natural image engine] It has 1366 x 768 high resolution display 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio It has 3D comb filter Connectivity; HDMI, PC, component, S-video AV It has brightness sensor which saves upto 50% energy. It has swivel stand LA40R7 (Brodeavx) MRP Rs. 1,39,000/: component, S-video,

3 LA46 M5 (115 cm) : Features DNIETM (Digital natural image engine) 1366 x 768 high resolution display SPVA panel (72% colour gamu coverage) (40/32 PVA) 8ms fast response time Brightness sensor (saves upto 50% energy) 3-D comb filter Connectivity: HDMI, PC, component, S-video AV 178 wide viewing angle (40/32 170) LA46 M5 its MRP Rs. 2,50,000/-

DEALER PROFILE A Glimpse about the dealer: Eshwar TV and Radio showroom is an exclusive showroom of Samsung TV. The proprietor of this showroom is Mr.A. Shivananda. He is an authorized dealer of Samsung, Onida, Sony, Shapr and Haier. Mr. A. Shivanand started running this showroom for 15 years. It is located near Jayadev Circle, Davangere. This showroom contains almost all electronic devices such as TV, DVDs, VCDs player, Walkman, Refrigerator, etc. In this showroom there are about 12 workers. The annual sales of Samsung TV for 2004-05 was about 1200 sets. Advertisements: The advertisements media used by dealer for the purpose of promotion is are as below: 1. 2. Indoor advertisement like local news paper and televisions. Outdoor advertisement like posless, printed display etc.

Sales promotion: The sales promotion activities by dealer aimed at reaching the consumer are as below 1. 2. 3. Price off offers Consumer premiums Buy and get free offers

Festival special offers etc.

Profile of study area: Davangere is a place which is located in heart of Karnataka state. It is situated between 1428 north latitudes and 7556 east longitude. The total, areas is over 4600.59 kms. Previously the city has regarded as Manchester of Karnataka , as there are many cotton mills, but today is are regarded as Oxford of Karnataka because there are plenty of professinoal colleges and educational institutes. It has medical, Dental, Engineering, Management colleges etc.

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