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1.1 System Configuration 1.1.1 Hardware Configuration 1.1.2 Software Configuration 1.1.3 Software Description


2.1 Existing System 2.1.1 Disadvantages 2.2 Proposed System 2.2.1 Advantages


3.1 nput Design 3 3.2 !utput design 3.3 Data"ase Design 3.# Code Design 3.$ Screen S%ots


# #.1 &esting #.2 mp'ementation



SYNOPSIS The Project entitled Courier Management System is to develop a software product that is used in courier service to maintain their details systematically. The project on Intranet Module

shall be a useful product for managing the courier services within a organization. The product is developed to maintain the sender and the receiver details and also to get the information of the status of the courier. It !ses "# as $ront %nd and &'( as #ac) %nd.The main benefit of this project is that it facilitate user to communicate in a faster manner in comparison of manual system. Through this system the current status of the courier can be )nown easily whereas in manual system it is a difficult tas). The *dministrator department has all rights to provide or restrict to any department or employee to the functionality of the project. The wor)ing department will enter the information of the new courier into the data base. This Project facilitates to ma)e calculation of the amount for sending a courier on the basis of the destination weight + rate,gm.The wor)ing department employee can cancel the courier as per the re-uest of the user with in the fi.ed time. The customers can complaint about late delivery and damaged goods. Those complaints are registered and the information will be sent to the re-uired department.The project is reliable only when the database is maintained properly.


This project is aimed at developing a /0!1I%1 &%1"I/%. It is a system meant to maintain all the details regarding *dmin Transaction details which includes /ourier details /ustomer details 2ood details and &hipping details 1etrieval of all data3s from database just by giving the courier uni-ue number. 4e have developed it using "isual #asic. It is designed and developed using "isual #asic which is used for creating a dynamic content. The following is the code developed by us for the /ourier &ervice Private (imited.

1.1 HARDWARE RE UIREMENTS Processor 1*M 9ard dis) 5 Intel Pentium dual core 5 678 M# or more 5 8: 2# or more






0perating &ystem

$ront end

"I&!*( #*&I/ A.:

"I&!*( #*&I/ 8.:

"I&!*( #*&I/ >.:

#ac) end

M& *ccess

M& *ccess

M& *ccess


!.1 E$ISTIN% SYSTEM The e.iting manual system has got many disadvantages. It is a time consuming job. It is difficult to maintain records manually. &o we go for computerization the system. !.1.1 DRAW&AC'S# The e.isting manual system has got following disadvantages5 It is time consuming job. It is difficult to maintain the courier detail. Preparation of reports is not an easy wor).

Maintaining information and retrieving information according to our needs are limited. /omputerization is economical both in terms of economy and manpower uses. Manually maintaining the data3s is tedious and tedious and sometimes information may be lost or overloaded by human.

!.! PROPOSED SYSTEM The main object of this project is to design and develop computerized system which would be helpful to carryout the medicinal plants in the easy manner. The newly proposed system eliminates the manual problems and tie consumption There is no chance of errors while retrieving records using this proposed systems. !.!.1 AD(ANTA%ES# Proposed system has the following advantages5 /omputerization gives the high degree of maintenance. /omputerization provides a better and easy record facility. /omputerization will reduced the manual wor) problem.

It is proposed to ma)e the new system e.tremely user friendly with willBdesigned screens and limited inputs and re-uired amount of outputs.


The courier project using to maintaining the couriers for employers with in single system. This system her meant project. This project mainly create for couriers maintaining for employers. This project to maintain the couriers secure and fastest send and receive the courier pac)et. The pac)ets mean post couriers. The pac)age detail maintain in database with date and address. &o this courier project was secure to maintain the couriers and then easy to send and receive the post.


).1 INPUT DESI%N# Input design is one of the most important phases of the system design. Input design is the process where the input received in the system are planned and designed so as to get necessary information from the user eliminating the information that is not re-uired. The aim of the input design is to ensure the ma.imum possible levels of accuracy and also ensures that the input is accessible that understood by the user. The input design is the part of overall system design which re-uires very careful attention. If the data going into the system is incorrect then the processing and output will magnify the errors.

T+e o,-e.ti/es .onsi0ere0 0uring in1ut 0esign are# ;ature of input processing. $le.ibility and thoroughness of validation rules. 9andling of properties within the input documents. &creen design to ensure accuracy and efficiency of the input relationship with files. /areful design of the input also involves attention to error handling controls batching and validation procedures.


/omputer output is the most important and direct source of information to the user. The layout sheet for displayed output should be similar to the layout chart used for designing input. The standard for output design suggest the following. %ach output has a specific name or title Provide a sample of the output layout &pecify the procedure for providing the accuracy of the output data *s the typically attractive or even output that uses innovative technology /annot be classified as 3good3 unless it meets the needs of user

The output can be through screens as well as in printer format. &creen output can be used whenever the user wants to have a view of recordsC its hardcopy is through the printer. 0utput generally refers to the results and information that are generated by the system. $or many end users output is the main reason for developing the system and the basis of which the will evaluated the usefulness of the application. Most end users will not actually operate the information system or enter data through wor)stations but they will use the output from the system. %fficient intelligible output design should improve the systems relationship with the user and help in decision ma)ing. 0utput design generally refers to the result generated by the system. $or many end users on the basis of the output they evaluate the usefulness of the application. %fficient software must be able to produce efficient and effective reports.



SYSTEM TESTIN% &ystem testing is the process of after implementation of code which is aimed at consuming that the system accurately and efficiently live operation commences. Testing is vital to the success of the system. Testing is an application stage in the &ystem <evelopment (ife /ycle D&<(/E. The test case is a set of data that a system will process an normal input. &oftware testing is an important element of software -uality assurance and represents the ultimate review of specification design and coding. The increasing visibility of software as a system element and the coats associated with a software failure are motivating focuses for well planned through testing. &ystem testing is the stage of implementation which is aimed at ensuring that the system wor)s accurately and efficiently and before live operation commences. Testing is vital to the success of the system. &ystem testing ma)es a logical assumption that if all the parts of the system are correct the goal will be successfully achieved. The candidate system is subject to a variety of tests5 on line response volume stress recovery + security and usability test. * series of testing are performed for then proposed before the system is ready for user acceptance testing.

The testing steps are5 UNIT TESTIN% !nit testing Integration testing "alidation 0utput testing !ser acceptance testing

!nit testing focuses verification efforts on the smallest unit of software design the module This testing is carried out during programming stage itself. In this testing step each module is found to be wor)ing satisfactorily as regard to the e.cepted output from the module. In this project <onor #lood #an) and <onation camp registration modules search module preBre-uest entry modules are successfully tested and verified. INTE%RATION TESTIN% <ata can be lost across an interface one module can have an adverse effort on anotherC subBfunctions when combined may not produce the desired major function. Integration testing is systematic testing is for constructing the program structure. *ll the modules the vast e.penses of the entire program complicated the isolation of causes. Thus is the integration testing step all the errors uncovered are corrected for the ne.t testing steps. (A*IDATION TESTIN% *t the end of integration testing software is completely assembled as a pac)age interfacing errors have been uncovered and correction testing begins. &oftware testing and validation is achieved through a series of blac) bo. tests that demonstrate conformity with the re-uirements. #oth the plan and the procedure are designed to ensure that all functional re-uirements are achieved documentation is correct and other re-uirements are met. The validation testing is implemented in this project as validating the information entered by donors blood entered at registration. OUTPUT TESTIN% *fter performing the validation testing the ne.t step is output testing of the proposed system sine no system could be useful if it does not produces the re-uired output in the specific format. *s)ing user about the format re-uired by them tests the output generated or displayed by the system user consideration. 9ere the output format is considered into two ways one is on screen and another is printed format. The output format on the screen is found to be correct as the format was designed in the system design phase according to the user needs. $or the hard copy also the output comes out as the specified re-uirements by the user hence output testing does not result in any correction in the system. The output testing is verified by searching forms view form and facts about the blood donation form. USER ACCEPTANCE TESTIN%

!ser acceptance of a system is the )ey factor for the success of any system. The system under consideration is tested for user acceptance by constantly )eeping in touch with the prospective system users at time of developing and ma)ing changes wherever re-uired. Preparation of test data plays a vital role in the system testing. *fter preparing the test data the system under stubby is tested using that test data. 4hile testing the system by using the data errors are again uncovered and correctly by using above testing steps and are note for future use.

3. CONC*USION This software is more interactive !serB$riendly and %ventB<riven. This system has a large number of transactions and calculations. This project namely /ourier Management &ystem has been developed in order to )eep trac) of these transactions and to generate various reports as per the user re-uirements. *s the entire project is designed and developed on %ventB<riven basis the user will find it very easy to handle the system. In addition it easy to understand and wor) in it a shortern period of time. This software was tested with possible samples of data and the program of the system proved to be much effective and useful. RE"ERENCE 7. &*M& pure visual #asic TechMedia $irst %dition 7>>>. 8. <.&. 1ajendra Prasad "isual #asic A.: * &imple *pproach &apna 1evised %dition Fuly 8::G G. %vangelo+Petroutsos Micro&oft "isual #asic 8::6 &ybe. %dition 8::A. WE&SITES