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AtsOUT &L*@oM.s*

R.A. M. S . , the Restoration o f A lc h e mic a l } la n u s c rip t s S o c ie t y is a v e r y composed oI private citrzens arounci rhe rvorld r,vhohave looselyiinit_group conrributed to the present work and others in one wav or another. The goal of the society is to seek out and obtaia copies of -{Ichenrical manuscr:-prs, .r .c- s- nninted worK s and o t h e r s u c h = ra t e r: a l. s a r: ri lit e ra t u re . F : o r: r : h e s e . I : : is c c n s rs is = : L r-r-. T ) u t : - : : , 1 ce :':3 ut ire=s are selecleg io r ' re s io ra t io n ' . material io render ir ieadable, therefore useaole. The reading is made more enjoyable by the use of charts, symbols, dictionaries, diagrams, insertion of prinred illustrarions and other annotations to shed addirional lighr on the is a non-pro.iit organization rvith members from aIL rvallis of R.A.M. S. Iife. There is no rorganizationr per se, just indiwiduals desirous of performing a labor of love. It is their hope that these eiforts '.r'iILperhaps result in renewed interest in the science of Alchemy or even contribute to new distrVhile this material is for all on the coveries or fields of experimentation. parh of -A,lchemy, it is particularly for the sincere practicing -{Ichemist. The transcriprion of this material is as verbar:= as hun:an skills permir. The only exceptions are to make the matter more reaciable, or understandable, with some I modernizationr . This is done ONLY where it is judged that no ambiguiiy rviJl arise from a slight departure frcne the original and there is no danger of del.eting key r,vords or phrases where a possible use of Gernarria, Tenaura, Notariqon or other for:n of rvritien code e::isis. Thus, mis-soelleci or incorrect material is to be fo',mcias weIl as archaic orstrange gratr:natically rvords. This is in an effort to maintain the orig:-nal te:rt as far as possible. The completed material is then reproduced, sometirnes bound and offered to interested parties. The costs for these copies are useC to defray reproducrion costs and to obtain additional material for restoration. The work of R.A.M.S. includes such material as "Last Will and Tesrament" Basil Valentine, of irnportant selections from the invaluable Bacstrom N{anuttLaursoringts Process for the scripts such as "Golden Chain of Homertt, Lapis Sophorum", "The Chemistf s Key", "The :l,{ineral G1uten of Nitre and Sulfur", "Coelum Philosophorum" and orhers. -{dditionally, material by orher writerrs is or will be offered. Suchas Geber, Kalid, Ripley, Bacon, Hazelrigg, tc It is highly approrpiate to acknowledge the man;,'persons rvho have either irrarerially or philosophically contributed to the presenr effort and future ones. For some this might rvell be the first indicarion ihai they are considered as members of R.A. M.S. or that such a g?oup e./en e:rists,l While the list is long, ir i nclu des: C. Collins,Rick S t e rn , Do ris E d le rn , -{ rp . J o o , D. a n d , I . N i n t z e I , N. O qle, G. P rice, F. Reg a rd ie , W. v a n Do re n , K . y o n K o e n ig s e c k a n d e s peciallv Dauid Ham. For their labors and conrlrburions, sateful thanks are r i - '- en- Ler :heir: unselfish e rf o rt s : -n s o ire o i: e r5 : c ir: n : : h e t ire s c i - \ L c : r e : r . - . -o io o otain copies,-:i:hese =a re : . : a ls , o f : -o c c : : = : : i: : c -ii s o n t ' -r' . v i. -. : i:is con r a cl: F n:\il .\./.1 .lVt.r i i3 3 l, le iro s e Dr: -. ' e Ric h e ris o n . l' : : : : i I ; 0 ll -,

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the Ml-n e ra l d e p a rt n e n t ... ... ... .. o

Thei-r use in

O f (U i n


p a rti cu l a r


. ..

. ..


. ..

.. .



B l o o d -re d JL . o f @ ... ErperJ.nent rith

iar.-ruor O


a .a




... Sea e Spherlca1 crystals of Sea Q

Secrets of the l,licrocc s in










... .. . ..

Experinents (j



to prepare

a nedicine Sal:va

cij.ssolvei 1 vciai:-li

seci cy a Q) eace j:oe

0f tsorax To effect Liquor fts ...

:rcn ()



... ... oo. ... ... digested . o.
... . o.




a neta1U.c in c re a s e from flint ssd g96 A \/






use ia augnenting fron e \-/

... colour

nretallic o " l-|


calces ... ...

... o..

oa a a ..


L iquor S ilj.cls
To whitea To rgstorg (. ) v its

... . ..






11, 15, 15, 16. !7, 18, 2T, 24, 24. 26, 26, 27, 28, 28,
{tl 7'1 )L t nature
Farther rernarks

of O



cn Liouor



R egulus of e-C


... ...

... ...

... ...




Pyropb.ous t,o prepare Tc pr?f;ar? ln *xcelien t



' rt -: e i. a r


Incr e ase of
'. -{:,:i --


Li-quor o f F 1 in rs
ia the sarne
__J.a{ v.. l t -_ , -r

a .a

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a ..

7 -7


(. ) calx \-/
rcC ria6





': : : t
<J \/

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A c u r io u s f1 xe d Q, , o f @wb, r tagee iato O ... ) .or o"" A c r o -cu s tro a ttl l S d " " " tl a tus & eX by which nav ue )
co n ve rted into a tinging g la s s 'rithF ... ... ... ... ... The sarBe crocus treated e u 'ted 'trj.tbe t" pER sE & ferra..o . .. .. .. o. .. ... .. ..... ..... fir ... for ...



uray be vitrifLed

op"o I o.. ... ... ..o v() "o A gla ss flxes 3gnn i 4 6 S a n a wh lt e n s c o p p e r A sin ilat A r h ite procgss ..o ...


.. 48, .. l+6, .. ... . .. 47, 49, qn

... s ilv e r ...


. ..

... ... ...

glass which trans n u t e s

iu t o Q ...

A P- {RTICIILiR'.ror: A ?.TLQTIC'iLiR vor: To pr enare the Lapis a" t r: . u ls A g r a ciatingo-o To fi x A prj.nal so p h ical ) tu"t

ri. Lacis ce lr:bus . .. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

frour B ut.! )t z it

fron . ..

. . ;;, ...53, ... phtlo57 , 55,

nay res is t S vapour o ..

raateriar labours

Lapj-s calaninaris, ... . o. . ..

.. .

To d issolve(3)
and thg usg

& )) and re d u c e t h e u in io
... ... ... ... o..

a s h e s b y n a t iv e
... .o.

Cj-n n ab a r ,
o.o 58,




Tue EL,s


C H yMfS TR y

Ler pz r e 1766

was DirecEor


tlre Mtnes in Saxony)


f ro m t h e

G e rma n



P. 24 speaking o f O



: ;:o s D :re re

::;::,:i .,'

ccnsl -c.er9o


: j


-::' :aJ

:o-3:- - : 3nc


uuder Yhich exterual d e n to u sr wirich ia

the active power of O ald A renains idci"p-p""t"o"" thj-s unc o a g u la t e d f lu ic i f s s e n c e re Dre s e a r t o us n e i t h e r s u b je c t s Errnidlty is o f n a t u re , dried that is I{ E A T a n d

Bo r e n o r leas than the two p rin c ip a l COLD; but as sooE aE the tenperate frequently in th,e Air, the Cold, is riaeral easily

up, wh,ich happens verir into A


coagulated. into Spirlts

@ a"d leat

as these two are nixed Natures an Infl-annat,ioa


on account of their


takes place vitb, Lightaing principal

and Thuacier. wi:-lcb,are a re i . l : , e : " o becc:e:c.r-

Eeat aad Cold sere tbe first ao d e r a teci by raciical Ar e a tqsE Cont,raries:l po r e a l; E uzldi'," y ,

Subjects of l{ature a J . t h o u g h i: e y

c y v h ic h : e ii: : ,

ihe','lo rid , t h is

t h e y a re a b . : -: t o a c -. a n c : c le d j. u n , : h e ir

as other wise without

c o u l-c l roc h a ' r e o -p e r3 . c : -c n

p r o d u ce <i B odies. lleat was roanifested i" A , and, the greatest Cold ia O f These are the Corporeal natter contaj-ning our SuperiorA , our aninated lA or ur rlversaf

The greatest

, but as y e t in a f lu id

S u b t ile filfed

E s s e n c e ; a s we e a s i l y rrith @eous anci

anci Thuncier,

conclucie ia not weather tbat


our Atnosphere is
break out

eous Vapours,





of '.he '{i r ' r v x ' i l s t f h e A tn o sp h e ri c S u u i dity Dr eveats a Total Conflagr ation

althougir there 1s no rant of

The ,tJise Creature of El en e u ts ia

@eous aad {eous fa-oours Lny1yrr"o,

the Un i, re rs e h a s p e * it t e d

u s t o . < n o w,

1 0 ' , va n e

thei,r si-nple watery A p p e a ra n c e f , , o t o n ly , rn :

b u t a ls o in t b , e - :
.iq i3s

ccn ce n tr ateci cDer3r,:i;; S tace c e c o r. e r/ is i: i:

: a . . :e:btar::ec.

gj.ven us an Exannle io V

and Ice aaci in A


. De r: a rt ne n c c a n

The operat:-eg Dower o f t h e E le n e n t s in

^^- . A. n^l: - n: - 1t . . - . E a l 1 f ^ . . 7 \ l n r i - , : , : . l 6

t h e n j. n e ra i
4! '

- ":"' -





neta]-lj.c and ni-neral productions ore s e rv in q


of a Sulphureous


e n ce and the S uperior

Do s e r o ri: io a t e s

f ro ro t h e s a n e n r : n c i n l e s for clnerals and of

Nature has placeci in uretals A CERTAINV the n can be effected Itle have only

the aines,

in tb.e Laboratory destructioa

, whererith

a total

and ResoLution

by rn e a n s o f A

to consider

the flrst


of retals




wh e r ein they generate I'ir e ra is Watery l{ercurial a ccive

a n c i n e t a is ,

a n d ' v e ra y a b a n c o n t i : . e i * r s ' , require in the lain'es a cert:in

Essence, because netals

ccncencraued L,
,:u i i :i trs ;l i e

rv h ic h rn t h , is iie p a rra e n r, J -a y s it ic c e n i r
Truth ci ' the D rcces fron 3E C ]-" R . :tel -uto t ic

b; ;

r .i / m \ j .i .i ::s -

STA:{ L P . 41?; yirere a tU o f 3 4< *?


c o n v e rt e c i: -n t o


by the Universar

of A ;




also in

f a v o u r o f DE L A B Rf E f S i' / o rk s : & L j_k e w i s e w i : a t converted.

l.lONTAi'iUS relates iato O

of a Aactioa in nnelted, Q , which was partly -f7 i'Iorirs.) , see STAIIL P. 1?2. and, GLAUBERTS ia

The Species of A

the rniaeral Deoartaent are various

and of d.j-f-

fe r e n t prooerties, therefo re it , ls n e c e s s a ry t o c h u s e s u c h a Sp e c i e s o f .^ A r as w-ill aasvler your Intentions.

'1' llorn as SULPIiUR is Creatures, also ionr in the rvhole rni!.eral Deoartment A GEI'IE?ATORof ali

and COiiTAiilS ITS ACTfIIG FOIVER!'JfTEIII so on the of the rvb.ole niaeral in their

TP^i DESTRUCTOR and death as i-t operatlon aaci Effect ani

Reverse A i. f and netallic Coroposj-*"first SLai-., in its








acts j-n the shape of a nineral


au"aog Calciaation. It renains I ? yet a i"tystery to Dany, what I?OIIDERFUL ! SECRET!L.I,y Hf DDEII IiI A The superi o" A :t :ai'-e r : -: r , " u * :i .r{::era.. -a tl:.ey Orj-gla and, by whose Influence : . : e r-s n u L : : e jn e r:

and Metal.s, rl,ereoflhey

bave th,eir

a r e preserved and destroye d a g a ln .

of O

l.n Particular.

fa @ we see a woad,erful Subject origi-r., its does eeither

of Jlature, rvhlch accordtng l,llneral

to its

be1on6 to the Vegetable ror atrd as it

Deear+-reni, as


are of a higb,er Nobility,

i.s generated by Superior

In fl ue nce. The lasher cf O." be y c n d , d is p u t e -. le ; o t e e c u e i: re rs a r v is ib le lle r e u r : ' , :

Ru le r of the upper Regions a n d p re s e rrre r o f t h is of a Ve6etable Female, wh o rc we c a ll Nature herself prev'lously

Wo rld , b o r n

A L CA L I , wh ic b t h e Un iv e rs a lJl - e 1 the Earth.

has prepared in ) is

Duriag Lts Manhood, be ( @ lVhole Eartb, of Nature, as hi-s Father

becotre a Eero aad Conquror of the

has nade hia goveruor of tbe J departnents over thea, rith iri.e Brother O, Sulpb.ur.

to govern aud reign

ALL VOLATILE i4IIIERALStreqble dare to approach his; to pacify

at the Rage of hin,

and noBe of thera aa thev cannot

when he :-s a4gry'

get clear of trin uriihouttheir olvn as is pforedby THI Destluction,

FULI.IA}IOF O such volatj.le $

consi.d e ra t io n t


or q4cal


which .FuLioan

d e se r ves a serious
',7hen ?e

/ : s e e G la u b e r re : F u lma n J o v is : / , re i: : c i : t t o b e a iu b ; e c * - l i

:cnsi.cier @ : v i* . h a c t e n t : -o n ,

lToader, because it th e greatest

pos6es6es EEAT aad COLDat ouce, because externalJ-y : ra a if e s t e d ,

4 i

Colci is

lv h ils t

lh e I s t e rn a l

_ p rin c : - p l e i s
-^tt .


:- --:E .r-," A
so bighly

i l :-are c - f , ; '

:: --.. e

--j 3

ri e


a o a s t o b e d lv e s t e d , by the contact of @ of *,

t o t a lly

o f E u n idi t y ,


w oulci become real A

anci go off

i. n a l a r g e

f l a n e , th e co n ce u tra tedl+ c o uce n tra te d .*

e s p e c ia iiy !

We have a ( so called)

which accorciing as well as of o, io th" S ea O +.-, "f to comlcon notj.oa is without Euai-dity; but if it really was 60r it ivould, r Pray what i" V

be real A


else but the l{etal.lic




vhi eh To1.ds here

tj+ s 1t, t:.r" 1' I au right!)

is lj-li" ani @

anci rrevenis


llo subject ir

as realA
all llacurers

I believe
produc::cns. :t,ies:lcl:s

, because ?yer:' vhat






::rea:;s al.l

lh:::;, * s of a and fnpower of

Al{D BRiiiGS IVEIY fixt i,Ieiallic

T9I:IG T0 3I:':.ATI0:MTe as Experience the Conclusion

seaa to teaches is just


property therefore

us by its that the

Fulnan Inwarc

f]:rnnralilj.ty, O not to is


and iaexhaustible! takes ils sufficleat Mysteries

A POOR :4EAIVSIIBJECT! notice renain of, aor

one i-c a Thousand do trlth it, therefore

does he kaow',rrhat (after having be

unknown! I thj.nk

heard at

so auch of to

I,fR. tIIGEL of

GLAUBERand others

we aeeci not

a loss

ciiscover ff


SALT 0F::ZAVr:ILY succeed with

PROFI^QTfnS of j-t, it is )


Copper! we cio not The ihac verl'


we d,o aot to



yet Ay

know hol

use it, sf (D

T0 OPEII and !C FfX w-j-th it! forced out cf it


by cij-stlf1at ion, :is own iil': lren

i-s Jr


Jy Ovfl,

vho ieyoures very Menstruum whj-ch ciissolves all by tbe $


eetals and nj-e'erals, as we see


.7net j::::. :s ci suc: - l - : : : a -: : : ' . : . --: a : -: :: ' : c - ' . ' , - : i a Botr-

J.a Vl-a Slcca every J-o"t"t ent.

or Betallic

Subject and, devores j-t ln

(read GLAUBERTS APOLOGY AGAIYST FA-RIIE3 , ',vhere he Speaks of his when you evaporate " A y Q cous Lye to a fac V e s s e ls c a n re s is t , iro n they

ALKJIHEST; I know that O \J , neither

glass n'or Chin a o r g la z e c i V . o

ar e a ll

dissolved). fine )

Y ou n u s t e i-t h e r t a k e a p o lls h e d *itfrout alloy, or the Evaroratioa

3ason, or

oue nad.e of ci ea th) . The-.a-of

plagues ou.e to

(D is

as yet of an unkaown property, but verl' few l;rlo',v!t.

i.t J-s such a Solvens,

as i'lacure re;oi-ces i3.

l!an.','?bj-rosophers viro' : ; is h kn o wle dge, have told to the n:nci aad preteno aad ninerals: us th a i

t o c e ic o : re c ' l-! o 3 a s , ro s s e s s e i


a a e e s t ru u a io r: re t a ls

n u s r b e b . o ro o g e n r c u s ,

not comosive that it

a n d t h u s t h e y re je c t

t h e --o - o f (D a a a f Solutiou

i.s good for noth:iag,

for the true

of rnetals

do not conslder that all netals aad ro.j-nerals are /\ geaerated fron (l) cous Vapoursr aaci that the atnosphere is ? ""d t h e re f o re n o t h is g is : ro re h o a o g e n io u s to n e t a l s fj - Ile d 'nith such aatter: and tbey then-<r- of (D , but the fault prevlously prepareti for lays, that lhe netals are not risbtly aad

such a Solution.

rn all Jlature,s productlo!,s only one ilniversal. SaIt is 6ener3!e0

wbic.u' oroceeds inneciiately NITR ET and therefore ls fron Celestial influence, :vh,ich,is cal]eci

the Ua iv e rs a l

l, le u s t ru u n o f t h e wh o l-e a iler a L

De p a r '- :ent. ani b1' . --s roi'; e r t b e s a t re s u o ja c --s a re . : . i-: s o r' re o . ln c i a e s *" r c y ec , ullCer s t an d ,? n :c 3 .' re r3 J e n e rS Eeq, be fore 3l ; -.:ta: :l a: S ane l otver. :a.,7er, l ,ou : I :a). .,re :o :ai :r-. cut 30r - _- r . r 3.

h o " v Io

i 3 :.--9 a a :' cD er

1-l se of


tha t

lA in (l/ a glorious

h e a v e n ly -n whole


L id d e u o f a ru b y re d f ier y
is coraparable !
1,".g: .:g


vhom nothj-ne
.' ' .r e ' .- n .a r .



l T,^'l l l

j -. --l :g :.:l l o::a-

:T ' .- iT

- - :: a):.i -

.? i 't-cr

.fC 3.,-.J


, ln his


on the Philosophical

Stone. ) The author ft has all

(The above ',vorCsof T UG E Ls e e x ne x t re e lly cenaioly kaowa trore about it

re ig b t y !

then he has ooealy co4rmunicated! h , e a v e n ly S a I t ! ) iato

co nr'J-rns us i.n the kno wle d g e o f t h e Co rp e rs u it h rs The Superior geaerate Various

nf i += r o F - ' :e - .i cn

astral Sorts
j n j ri

fnfluence of Salts,
i .:i ..'i rr

descenciiag constantly

our Earth on account

abOV g i S

atroagst wiri-ch lhe Saltpetre

+,l g 16r,rypr-'.;: aC :.i 'te t.: i nC i pi gs

the Masterpiece,

as a parttcular

Ray of tbe Superior


ln lts

r no le isseece i:ccaceiza b le l f'. j-s ienonsiracie a r e infused iu ih a t : n C t h e s u ? e r: c r 2!;r p r: = c : -! ies : f Li;:--

the sure s t

a n d n o s t p e r: ' e c t S t a t e ,

a n d a re e ic i d e n u n i e r when

a V eiJ. of the greacest placed, in the A

e x t e rra l

Co 1 d , b u t s p e e riily n a n if e s t e d , is ad,ded.

aaa a sulphureous ad,ustible natter S a lt s , @1 is t b . e a o s t p e rf e c t , the lafl,uences

A nong the niueral

a u d is and fiery

the Subject Saline Subjecf . of + +

becones the fi-rst .lualiiy lts

which conveys to min,erals and netals En anati-oas fron above. Ia @1 we flnd, the first
perfecieci fi:rc aetal; reore and aore ;Yherefore the G.

E h e n e t a ls retalllc
j-n its is

h a v e t h e ir

g ro wt h f ro m t lr i s by nutrineat
untiL it




Exaltat:-on, e

cieeaed a netai.ic lays oerfectl-7

, !n


Serrinal is

power of



Thj.s Sa1ine because

coaspicuous ? a"

by the


and Crystallisation, ::r3uEl1


so subt:1,

',-:'lat,i-'. passes

i--he li 1r-;e.



h:!<id,ea fa @, sball

be nentioneci


( A s lG. TUGE Lhas spo k e n c o n c e n in g

: s e: : ic3e :::x e :t_ l -..:e r. :c :' 1:c -rel :

@ a n d it s
i .: -:::er'

A n in a ,


ril l -


rn' :::

7cr - : 3':

once i-n Mary Ie Boue after Su b je ct Ien ce , cane over all when f alteapted


Tu6e1, but could not succeed, as the t h e ? e c e iv e rrit h it rp e r. t h e g re a c e s c Y i - o -

at o n c e in t o to d is t j. ll

Re t o rt in o rc ie r t o o b t a j - n nay be treated S t o n e .) 'rith

IEAS GLORIOUS RED AI"lfl{A, whereof STAEL says th,at it Ql e tc. see S IA E LfS Treat is e

c o n c e rn ia g ib e P h ilo s o p h ic

:,IR. TUGELIS E]PERI:'I5:ITS Zj-l].au aud GorILtx. 1768.

TC ObCair

a clcoci :ed-J-'-^r Ao Arcanua.

As it part th is


as yet very llt t le how to dtstil

k n o wn a n o a g s t t h e L o v e rs o f t h e s u b l i n e a blooci-red--o-of (D , f ''ri11 ccnmuaicate * t o a f in e O fresi:

of Chynistry

Process, which is

ny o wn Dis c o v e ry . A1%, re d . u c e it t

Take goori refiaed. cry s t a llls e d . nj'x tbis fron g1th 1/2 11 ot fill flaely I

poud,ereciaud sj-fteri Stone Liue rith this :lixlure,

tb,e Kila,

a large

and Lute a Cover cn

the V , which Bust have a snall noLe ie :he aldcle, whenthe Lucur is
th o r o u ghlJ d r y. Then place :'our V .o t h e , ' / i: c i iu r: a c e . ,Taose A ra c : . r : ru r! c e - r o drY ' if it has a n y c ra c . h s , f : 1 1 ib e a u p c a re f u lL y a nc i l e t rt


le ss

than 8 rncbes squ a re . coals on the gra t e

L ig h t

y o u rA V, -i! : e r I


t h e n o rn in g ,

by p l a c i a g on the Tcp, eza _.;:e,.

l i ghted

ro u a c i t h e

a a c i d . e a d c o a ls : a r: :j i: e f,

':r c:-: :'ou l:vei Till right A fter it grad,uall,

.'r it h ih e ! : _ d : r ao season the

and the nratter rith.r n. I rit h , coals, anci

has stood t h u s h a lf , rIthout tbe blast then,

a n h o u r, c o v e r t h e of bellows, during

keep a good A

4 hours trore or the A die away out to

5 or 5, so nuch the bet t e r, of itselfr cooI. B reai< rt rot-greea and you viI I aad when the !

t o wa rd , s E v e n ia g re t its

has lost

red heat you tray take it

f in d

a c a k e v iric r

is o f a n o s t b e a u t : f u f rithin


corour oa tbe outeld.e, but of a pale purple

a,,d, grey

j.a the Cent;e. (I :ave done +-his several .v:-nes i:r l,lar;, !.e Boae anci a11 cioi-:6 :.- aE last a Stlcng

Presetrt here, Eeat, aBd it fiery

the success cielends upoa a graciual and, ai riIl

always succeed.; rn Maryle Bone r used to take very fresh fron the i'.1ral bere r took stoae Lirne, which was fal1en into a snow rhite powder,

sioae Line

J noaths old and had by attractlon wb,icb,r sifted,

aad, r have succeecied,alr by the A aad O Line

the sane, because tne 1.iae d tbe Calcinat:.on ia the if V, it

becones reentinateci


althougb' f aust arlow a fiery ca n be got. My Lutiag is

frou the Ki.ln to be the best,

',V lnciso rL o a n 1 %, (Th is

s if t e d

b o n e a s h e s t i1 A , .y of


up .rich cold V .)

b u rn s v e ry h a rd in t b e A t o b e s t re a r i, b e I n s id e
or 1/2 t,hicl:i if

(r nake use of this

lx 3y'iinq fur::aces,

L u t in g ,





th e fur aace sooa tunbres .A h o les rith ? e suce ::e upon it, stlrring

t o p ie c e s ,

rf t e r

e v e rl. ' o p e ra t io n ,

r lu c e n y

fresh Lut:-n 6 , a s a b o v e , a n d ii (} rc"s it la.: e : o . , 1lJ a : . e

k e e p s ' u h e n in g o o c i o r d e r . )

. 5 ' * , rr: (: : o ri: : c : ' -: . j , .: - , 7 be as green U- l c e tb,e

fron to, and your Lye rj.rr

as gr a but gradually Let it pouder.

loo s e s t h a t Co lo u r,

a n c i c e c c me s c le a r

stand 24 hours to cool and to extract Thea fllter your L y e . u n t il Lye, uatil difflcu lt y , it ls

every out of c le a r aoist lik e Rock fiery e

p e rf e c t ly a fat

Evaporate this ( Eere is

there renains


a great

u o g la s s u rill

s t a n d t h is

E v a lo ra t i o n , f fc u n q V"o ::.

a s soo n as tb,e Lye becones c o n c e a t ra t e d , a ChlEa bason stand best, altbough it

a iJ - g la s s e s c ra c : i. tlne dlssolved,;

ls in A;


baso:is .lec EracuarJ-;r periorateci, A.r o iish ei ilon lason.

acc the


r,.r:is :hraug:

cr a f j-: e J

3 a s c e . : a ie ' , -i: h c u : for t h is aII ft : u rp o s e ;

a n y a i' : ; ; . - . r c . : - a Co n s ic ie r t h a c $,, Stones,

b e a a everlasE ing this is a 2\y

E vanorat in g

V e s s e l,


wh ic h d is s o lv e s of i,letals. f ro n ,

S u lp h u rs r a ll

!4iaeralsr ( ff

glasses aad Cakes

is GLAUBERS ALCAHEST! ) Cro c u s Cy ' * * " O ' r i t h

yo u evaporate in polishe d S alt.)

y o u g e t a S u b t il

you r Ay

(Rs far a s h e re r f h a v e d o n e wlt h g o o d s u c c e s s , b u t r c o u ld r, o t s u c c e e d . in . ) thru the tube into

' 'lute to
^ -'l ^^^

wh a t follows

of i,lr. Tugers p ro c e s s , aoist Ay

Take your fat

@ ana pour it

a Recelver,

. cne A).
c6 EO altoF




a snalr heat, graau a lly ,


arJ- the huniciity


the n in crease

Jrour A

a n d c o n t in u e t h e d is c illa t j-o n

u nt i l
fho pori


cr o p s c oB e over, - l L- ;

and procee d rv it h a v e ry s t ro c g h e a r u n c i_ I a lL the fecei. re r. T h is d i_ : t : : _ a t : c n . a ii: r ih e

s tassec inro

l! -

goae out,
by itself

aust be dephlegreated tn Baln:

: fhe renaiaj-ng red-re!.ust

Vap. anci the V

be rectif:-eci

rriJ.I cone over

oer :ea;. se ir a snail


. : a s e ,fr. a little d.

'rn c :h :s :e c-c,- .zr i- :c:e 3Yer ''I].-.:t r :na-: behind.

a curious rec i---o --o f A , wh j-c h E v e r; r A rt is t

anc --,ave

T hi-s is wj-th.


noc acquainteci

As the QJ vive is

here becone a Key to uulock and open the @

rriva is Mr. I a valuable (I never Subject to

r xou

nay be assured eral il' too ihe ver bodtes.

that (Thus

$/ far

open and uulock this in

Tugel) could

have attenpted do '! t,

rny Laboratsr

l,!arl' l-a bone,, ?eceiver roileti


foll-owj-ng aLl at

l.'R. TUGEL persaps and pusired ;hac, ihe fecel-

aE try hu.laid fat airay'.'Eth

SaJ-t cane over


aa lx?iosion sicie of

anci so 3uc:7i-cience, t,he ?oom xiihout




as I


I u t e d th e R e c: to '" n ( It
possible, then of

1 C .) i s n y o p i a j .o n th at the tat e
althougb j.t uJ.ll remain ,r.S 'r1 in fat

ought to be evapor ated a s dr y as

ia spite On, or of tb,e strongest {s. i.s to heat, and

nixed, w1th




Flores that

anci one part sayr of


pouciered and sifted I t,hink would in


F]-j.nts or distllIed

pebbles, in

Each Q-Q.. per glasEa, I



a graciual


yield. orcier

ilR. TUGEL'S RED AIII:{A OF @. that the fat of @ o"y take to its elf and

add theA

that of


the A

:-ts anina,

which is

also :he unj.versal .JL, as r.rell as

this woncierful

: auci thus


by adciing

one nj-ght obtain as nuch after oi a tfte Cl of pebbles, I rish to irrevent fat
(as ( as

and, THE ::'1ELTI){G pre'rent

carl not


cr' :he

li !R .?. .

tft. A,

4t ir - vv t,l * r, rt !

cs : or e.

: aF :n .) r:a . v -a -n ? ' : " r' i fh :h e ,h er:a:n :r ,E - ?. /: T he fa t g

TU C E L L.:t_?^rt-i , oi l

i s rh e -\l c e h e st.:.nd

ti i ssol ves

(tfter in

havlng denonstrated , @,
' rs


tbe uuj.versal pr:-nciple


corporifled l'!R.
i: e: - - .

Se a- Q
::' re s


as v e ll
j j

a s in
j ea-

@ , b y n e a n s o f a n in a t e d * ,
3 , ;n:.:: I ::eec :ci :-o;.r.?:

: ' : = i.

:::' e j .re e rJ l -

as I have aireaoy SEtfS gree!-nof

tiansiac e c i is

a n c i' , v ro t e ! ' , in a f o rn e r

i' ls c : wh er e I A C H -

neationeo. ) and U j.a subtil T b e n I c a lc in e d that let tn"A upon it, C, it in

I nixeci once equal weight of Sea Q .* + 6 I put into ny W1nd furnace a I and lu t e d

a Co v e r u p o n lt . aud after 4 hours tine,

go out. and ob-

I poudered the Cake uarn, taia e d SneII. r a i:eci a high S affron I fl-ltered

and, ponred Sharn iTlne *l*

Colo u re c i T in c -" u re o f a S le e t la s t e and evaporated tbe+

a n c i: lea s a n t it, and, obr3 n l : e r

ny Solutiou, aad ih a c p a r!


a f:-:!-, e,

iv n ic n ' , , ro u l: ro c c r; ' s c a ills e

cieij-quiun 1:rto a biooci reci S',veet LJ.quor. This Li-quor is if n o t too old. 0bserve tb,at the operatioa is PR. DELIQUIUI4 BY ATTRACTION of Nature of nagnetical of the flrst is Subjects RUi{NING alvonde rf u l E x t e rn a l Re E e d T in h e a lia g o f Ca a c e r s '

ConsequenCe. NAY TEE'JIEOL: that the uriversal either ,

:{ASTffi PfECE OF ART LAYS EERE, as it -(Lcan work in a S ubject , if lt is


n o t : o a g n e t ie a lly

a t t ra c t e ir

befOre Or during

tb.e operation,

whicb u!'iversal

-r:- 'iwel].s i.n the *

else but A ' andis notbinS

(Eowuobly this a6ree6 'rith our ANOi4Y:{}tlS S;iD' liTTIF, vith ffi,AflE?,
rvOcrus,'uRBrcERus, IiERi.tETrcAL-fRruMp!! anci orhersl ) Aaother tine I nj-xeciJ parts of Sea- Q
nerteo' this nass in a luteci f,:e :r

rvith I oart of ![/ vive and,

e:{tr3c*-ed, ihe $ v:_:h

,virci iur:ace,


TJlue ff

. t.

, and flltered

and evaporated until


becane f5-t to crirstall:-se shot. --I .

and I obtained

not CUBICAL buc SPHERICAL CSYSTALS ij-he snall I :ace '.zti;: iea3 inc',?ec,I :: ji:re

lve:':.' l::rer' ren; Encieavour to brieg If of U T in you rish

l-, lil..c

the Salts

to a d,laphanous State and, separace ttre f Inward Sweelness anci Fixation, curious and, useful nai<e use

to obtain


rriva, aud you'rill and Metallic

be able to perfora Works.



Of tbe S e c re t s o f t h . e lt lc ro c o s m.

The An1aal Department hae lts as 'ceil



the Superior


as th.e two ocher Delar.-:rents or- )Tature. '-he -in i: la l also De o a rt n e r! ra ' , ' : c r. c e a ie c , i-: : h e i : ttvo. into their cv/E

The S ecrets cf i,fagaets, whicb is Aninals

the case urith the other nagnetical



power by drarring tne A

Lungs, whereby tbey obtaln by Victuals and drink,

the---c'l-of Life; wbat is

but the body uust be nourishe, ,Yasted, the powers fron abov

to replenish to nourish

aloae are aot sufflcient

the body. Man, but on account Departnent and

The princi-pa1 Creature ia of hj-s Inward inmortal is called

tlri.s Departnent is he is


above the aninal

l,llcrocostrus, o r t h e le s s e r' J io rlc i, wh e re in a ll

wh ric b S ig n 5 . f ie s t b . a c n a a

w as created out of a lla t t e r, w ere esseatially

t A , e 3 De p a rt me n t s of l l a t u r e that

conce a le d , in d e p e a d a a t o f t h e B re a t h o f L if e Light our immortal SouI iaspired


Enanatiou of Dlvine

:-nto the first

l,laa cy '"he .:-lni:;ht-v Snself.

Nor as l,laa ia created,





nac+"er, out Creature,

of it

which, b.e izas i-s easil7 to

nay be deened an unj.versal :hac .ie :ossesses at,tract I

anci ii:lt

Je :onx:33eraec.

--:3:?:3.::'.'e ,"uiversaf

''.'e l;.le:. -Cls

,:e":u:r--. Stace. aitract

and a UIII'/ERSAf. .'f.l^CilET to lVe say that



a nert'ecr to


uran a i,lagnet is


rvirich is


the universal in

p ia f th j.s Respect. thj.s wonderful



Man surpasses all



aagaet of Man is to the Iaspiration


the l{outh or rath,er


the Wiad-



of the Sreath. ) S;-LI','A ccir ected. are an astra..r-


\-' V , inpregnated rj-th 1trs 'rni versal


I colLecieo, once the Sa ij-v a o i a re a . i. -u h y i' o u t rg : a n aaci sec j.t, i: abouinably; settledt it a ;?ar: liace l'Ihen puirifaction becomes clear :c puttif;t i.s over; cur:::g

in ; re a -u

r_uanE:-:7, st'::::;s

5 ;;eei:s 'il-rre rh:::

ard the and fnnuri t-{ es are again and if a grateful smelf.

and transparent into

'Tben you nust pour the clear Eea t dts til the clear

a hi-gh glass body and i.n a very gentle la io a S e c e iv e r lu t e d ' " o a thickish ih e T u b e SoI-

V olat ile J : -o f f unttl

of tb.e Alenbic. ution bebind in

You distil the body. is

there renails


Duriag the disilLlation

of thi.s 'rolatrl-e-n-' as t l r i s

g r e a t attention

necessa ry t o re g u la t e

t h e a e a t v e ry 5 e n t lirr

Subject a5cendsin lafge blacidersatrd i3 aPt io coireoYer aII at once iato the Receiver, wiricb nust be prevenceci cy proDer care.
(f founci by experi-ence, that the saue, if when you cij-stj.l
cf putrifled the
l-n !u l-!.o u..C

, 'ririch a

do e s e xactly fe a the r

yo u o i1 t h e inside O il_ , a li
Faltnr1 w <-r{ -


bociy, rith
-).on :I]'gn

dippeci i::. ;ooci Cliv e

mln :nn _ D 1]nC, -.

tbe putrlfled



your bod,y and d1-stil

an equj.l


heac -{e

Bale : t/ap; r-he E

aa .ar^-. -:ro :rra

rene'in s q u ie t
lo_i-nn 'Tnrr: i

b e lo w a n d c io e s n o t o f f e r
,in -oFa -Fd :r!^^ac^ 'ri -;

to ascend all
--o irr--i ": rc

Sal:-va. )

lhe g


of the Pb.ilosophers is although

containeci ia

the voLJ-tal 4

, rvhich State.

j-s come over,

in an extended aad Dot ia an Concentrated in tbe Receiver, I put by corked, and sides O

Tbe volatile-cu


aad in

the space of 25 lVeeks I observed on tb.e botton Varlous red, yeIlow, blue aod white Crystals of

a Nuaber of as a

, about as thick

g r a i-:r of Cacs. That tbese Crystals a e e ci 3ot ce cioubted. T!.e'S a]Jae lssence o i Another i heal.t\l ' " h i-s L : " q u o r h a s c a u s e d : : e : a n if T h . cu g n r s ! of putriiied Sal' colfec:eci ficn deserve to be deened the @ of the Philosophers,

iooii a quantity it

nen, and 4istilled The aext

out of a high glass body per alenbj.cun tbe Receiver dryness;

uatj-L dryness.

day, what wae iu J-t over agaio until

f poured back J-nto doae tbis iaall ny

tb,e body, and dietiLled several tines I


fouac tbat

ay clear-n-dirished

but a Sa'line natter weeks, uutil way a foliated

creased la

the body, thus f continueci during several up by Cohobatioa, that a aud f obtained this

-J)-- rx4s drled e


; thus I experieaced

@cous or universa.l- O

was containeci it orce every

ia. ny Sah-va. dayr and it

Thj-s cost me 6 nonths Labour and f di.stilled

cost tre raany Coa1s. r.e i-n this S u b je c t , process anci I kaorv

encoutated DOCTIR FABERAT }IOI'ITPELLfER tha c:e has:acie

a t:-agin g lle c iic i-n e : ' ro n ' " i: j-s

buc I cculci nos


Eu cce ed at that

tine. ae agaia into tbe right path, that I rigb,t J:. ob-

BARENDE :VELLfllG led :a - : a j:::: .iec-c:;:e-

:-:ce E e : t c e n -. ): ' : 1 " ' ; c : . : : l

: : -. : a c o s ! : : : :

BARON DE IVELLI}IGwrote; Sua r s Raysr aad at aight ified again.

expose the ciisciiled--')-

everl' day "'o ihe u ! an d L i o _ u -

t o t h e l, lo o a , t h a t : t

nay be dned

I d1d so and poured ny Li-quor into w.J-tha large glass bason, ln

a China bason, which f covered and placed it so that the dried

the sh.ape of a Watsh-glass, and at night ia

the whole day i.n the Sun Shlne,

the Moon Shine,

the R ays of S un aud l'loon c o u ld _ o e rre c t l; ' f a li glass; trFr aif and I obeerved that cuc a rea O3 vaich this e in one l{ontb tine,

o n t h e L j-o u o r t h rc u g q ny Llquor ^ raa nostly

renaiaeci, i: llo -u if : e d ,

.,ri:ic, oZ e ' re r; ' : i: 3 irt .

Jrertov I

grew, 3.s G.-

big as a cazle luc; the Sun, and oy .e thick knlfe. like

a n i b e c a n e a. j r , ,


fron day to dah like wax, so that

but the reri # I coul-d cut it

becane rv'ith a

honey :nd at last

I sas obliged

to abandon this

Labour on account of a Journey I natter was .ni ssing in

was obliged

to go, and at ny Retr:rn By valuable and I Dever saw lt again. t h a c if

the Laboratory, l l evertheless aud coagulating nelts

you are t o o b s e rv e , (in

b y d ls s o lrrin g so flxt,

(b y th e : l o o n ) so that it

the Sun) you can nake your e the least \cax on a Can'dJ-e,ivithout nat u ra t e d ! its proper

snoke, i.t is

a Siga

i .t 1 s not sufficiently But whea tt obtains


anci Fi-*cJ.ty, it riro )


then A TEE iac,

KEY To oPEN aADTCALLY AND CEIITRALLT BoTE e SAM Efl i TI:E l; rzhich cieg re e o f ii: : a t io n

.livo ro vrTRrFy e

t h e l, p p e r p a rr. o f : y


3 tt:i

ngd, wbea I sas forc e d

t o le a v e it ,

a s t h e E x p e rie e a t

proved f gade

tb,er erith, in
r i- -

the Drese!,c e o f a F rie n d a n c i L o v e r o f


t h l. s A rE : t h e r e f o r e

_ L- a r

. ir : - LJ , ; : L: :

(This lusE have beea o n e o f : . 1 R.T UG E L S g re a t ' , V o n rs ; suppose is a Fiction, after '"o deceive the fgaorant!

h j. s jo u r n e y

Ee has said

enough for


Sone tine collected in

By Retura I ordered a good quantity Season, and I obtaj.ned 12 quarts.

of Sa1iva to be

tbe Spring Artist at all,

A certain putrefled V

cane to see ne and persuaded ne aot that thls tender natter could

to dj-stj-l


not bear conrlon

A. .
I follored clear bis advice, and after \/, hariag putrlfied ny oatter and fl-lte r e ci;he anci irans ra re n t I p o u re d , t n e re o i' in c o S u a , : ' r1 1 ' n g ' -b e a Sreac:uaber

of T ea-S aucers anci d,r:ed , it to tise before, as the Liquor

up 13'.he this

Saucers i:orn i:-re as


I continued ir-ntiL I obtai-:eci, . aad irad the Vexation was spi-lled

a Red oS ana therej-o

a itlhite Q j.ato a glass

f poured the red Liquor kaocked, to peices Floor. greatest again. Ttri.s saved red Liquor I took it part

to see it on th,e

by a Servant,

so tb,at th,e Liquor

up w1th clean Cotton as fast whi-ch by. stantiing quietly

as f could and Saved, tb.e becane clear and pure


I placed again ia o v e rs e t

the Sun in

a Bason, covered ny absence reci

with a glass B owl, but it ' , v a 6 and ivas aostly Liquor, spilled

a s e c o a c i t ia e

d u rin g of

and lost. fulninans,

A Srcall quantity after

the renainrng

f nixed urith O

haviag takea the


.ower fron lt,

aB o grou n c i ih j. s ri: iE u re

' n a 3 ia s s ! n o r? -e r, a n ci f o u n c i b a t

try ty

of O


aad dissolveci;


I wanted to reduce inco

a body agai-l, Par -- ci cllso r cd fl ,

but ny @ evaporateci in

a Sooice. il; ' e e s s J n i' ; ' a n c s e c a n e f ' : r3 " Y n l;o-

--ae same I evaD o rs E e c : o

Tlris f dlssolved anci abstracting

nrith ny Sweet-.rl- oi Sea-Salt, the --o - o f

anci becane a RubyO

a3 Cf v e ry g e n rJ . y , A RI I B Y -RE p

renai-ned behind. Reader to judge. It is

What power this f shall

nay have I leave to the philosophical

say no Eore about it. but if you have lei.sure tlne sufflciently

a tedlous


and patience,

you rrill

not repent

of yonr Trouble.



tb,e Superfluitlea Cf O

of the ltlcrocosi.rn. aadE.

To prepare a iiecii.cj-r,aLn and assiste<i ia We collected, aad put i-t into ia the',Vorking

froro @ aad E of it

This L process I have seelt

at a Fri.eudrs House. and, S Ueiag both in perfect Eealth

our ourr Excrenents a snall

the Roof of the Eouse Tub, which we placed 'u^u'cier a n d le t it s t a a c i' , o f e rn e n t , a n d it snelleci

the beg"innis6 of S prisg

aboni-nably. lle let it stand. J nonths to putrify aad st:-r=ec it very often and it

became a thick

Tben we lut thls stiniclng substance i! brcflD glazed,earchen dishes

aad during this sane surner we dried it al: rc o f .
to a i l ne C

up oy the heat uacier th,e Ti1es, *

aEi th e Sua shoue the uhole d a y o n t h a t

T hen :v e r' ,rb b e C ihe cneci S ubstaace

tF 1n a S tone tor +_er .

The feted


was gone.


i{e filleci placed the deep in


7D n"n

full all

with, this

, and dtstilled,


the .'.'.'. r until

the vapours and. d,rops had, passed, into


Duriag this ltaI-rt fJ.xt Q

dlstil-Iatlon iu

you receive


sone phlegna, coal

then a Volor O a

and an og totarly o

Fumes, and in the renaining

Iou nust rectify an c ;hen ihe yolitarefrlg-nyou extract

the-<L- per aleublcua, a u s t c e re c Cif ie c i lrca

aad *Lsti.l

the pblegaa



: e r S e , o n c e : t o re . ibe O or. the firs-,;:

and o9 cone over togecher. the fixt $ with hot p,

whic,a :usl

be fiLt,ered, tiaes

evaporaceci i-t is

aad dtssolveti, cleanrt


and evaporated. again several after rt


does crystarlise

has beea evaporated. ueane of a glass funaeli this this &

i9e separated, tae oB from tbe-cr-by was browa red; when you rectlfy

your vor: Jt-oer

se, observe tbat

ca n n o t be done above once o r t rric e b e c a u s e if ificatioa the-r1-is coagulated lnto

y o u v e u t u re

a t h i. r d R e c t -


and then you would

have uuch unnecessarJr Trouble.


and Coagulatioa.

1'/e took




anci purli::c


or- the


as Buch as ,te had obtained; e ithe r


you Bust take great Care to loose nothi:g , T e p u t E h j. s O




J princlples;

j. : rc a c o n v e a ie lt

d ig es t l n g
1!6n r--,

,TL:n 3 -c:5

3!tcl lourec

tec::j:ec'.'o-acl-JL placeci ihe Brobe

rye shuc th,e glass


lc'ith a glass



a gent].e

d ig e stj .n 1:::.


and we r e g u la t e d

t h e h e a t s o g e a t lT , the first j.n that


lv e c o u l - d ,

always bear tbe hand on the glass; blaci< as pitch. natter iTe let it continue

hour the roatter became as sane gentle heat, and the

becaue grey aud at last

as WEfTE AS S$01V. a n d , p o u re d s o n e o f o u r b ro wn -re d , & , a n c i' d -ih i: a ie rv i, a y s a s o iu c : -o : : of took place prev;;:.e

H or ive opened the phial, i ou sJ- y war:eci, letc rf,hite beaut:-fui ::a ce d with and, uuion 3clours ihe pbi a l, of :r

tlne oX with .lature e

tbe saue O

and, the nost lrecc;:-

appeareci :: ; as:.f

tl.e =-iass, :ar--:-cuiarl; c r' ih e

a S cLour ci- iiae fine O

t h e i: s i: e

s -I a s s h a c i c ee n 3 = : ' ';'/e row acid.eci lhe

r 3t Last it

becarae coagulated anc ?XD. preriousiy

Second. quantlty It

of our Sulphuriou"a$

warneci, a6 rye had cij-vj-d.ed the and nhen

b e for e hand i-uto 3 equ1I p a rt s ,

a u c i iy e p ro c e e c ie d a s b e r' o re , in Co lo u rs ,

6 a n e ge ntle

degree of E eat, a n d we s a w t h e s a n e g lo rio u s

a lJ- r as dned

up again we pro je c t e d . t h e J rd , . a n d L a s t p a rt agaiu in the sane place and sane heat; Co lo u rs , u n t il fusible. it

of our o,

and put the phial ph e n o n e nal and if

iVe sav the satre becane again 'TLis lyaa a 3lorfo r a c i o s e . thi.s

possJ-b1e n o re g lo rio u s

coagulateci and a Tiacture, io u s a n d r,ost universal

..virich was extrenei;r for

)led ic ln e

t h e h u n a a 3 o d y , 2 o t 3 6 r. i, { y g o o c i irle n d it

l Te proceeded uo further

wit h it .

f o lc i, n e t h a t

w as the Frocess of ZOROA S T Ea Rn c i t h a t a ve r J,' anc:-ant .7or:c. f belie v e it

wa s t h e L a p is P h J . t o s o p h or u n a n c a a s il , - : e c a r: j-e q l, -u rt re r : but

: i; h c

th is

S ubject is

so very


wh ils t

in p u t rlf a c t io n ,


i. t r e q u J - r e s

a co n venient Out-Fouse to n a n a e e it .

Concenj-ag Borax.


by every genuine and Natural



nothi-ng else

but a

d1.ssolved aad subtj.lJ-sed Flint Tbose tb,at dlsbelieve w he n it boils in a V. lt,

or pebble Stone. let then observe its

(Si.lex) nature aad Properties,

,lb,ac i-s 3ore fusj-ble F1int

ihi n ce esgE

au.i, nore fi:ced',han



thus subtllised

and prerared

as Borax is.

Whicb i-n a nonent nalces

t' r r ci hl a :ss4v4e anci prcno"""

,rr"=fi.catio:r. is a iunciagenlai is the nairi:: truib,. cr'the retallic netals, p whereia Vol-

Consicler (fe J-tal iliat


thi.s, or


pebbles A



s can be fixed,

and wherein

s grow

aad. in-


cr ea se )

To effect lacrease, ciples

a i,Ietalllc

or ltlneral

growth or prin-

by nean6 of the Universal

of ![atu re .

The Key which I an going to conmunicace is proper to open n'ny llatural Locks in, the i"lj.neral- I(lngdon, in, Ilature "
'Je kaow frorn aunber'] ess Experinents that :: ihe A1cal:ne Q ci llacure

atrd thereby to dj-scover nany hiddea Secrets


growth and Increase Thougb. that e alcali


the J Ki.ngi.ons lays hidden. o f Na t u re is a s J re t a n u n i< n o wn S u b je ci , |, . , v n e re l: , : i, : a n ile s : s search, ar'ter heavenp : -is e i i . bez--

cau se :f, :esrees rast, is a truth rrill

',r_au iav is i: ie reLl

known to those tirai

tLi-s e


say no B o re o f t h a t O

Un t v e rs a l

a a d , sp e a k o r '

the k"orm Vi-sible AI1 fixt Salts

whereiu the above neationed. is also hidden. ", aud AlcaU-es give proofs of this Secret of Nature they all that proceed therefron universal @ . re lie d a e t a is , such as e that prinand that tb.ey have all

and demonstratet


taken a body by neans of It .\ aad' J) ci? ie is a Doctrlne

ln C h y ra is t r; r, t h a r: , n beglnnisg c h e f u s io n . is

r Bo sPern or flrst bas deparied aurl:g

to be found,

and that

3ut ,'a order

to cornpre ire n c i' rh a t a x io ; rr' f in

s a y t h is :

',hac :ecais s u f f ic ie a r

.: orcois

tb.eir ores or B arcasites of Life, aDd n e tals q' their , I Growth, Inctease

t h e V e j-n s a a d S h a f t s g iv e t b e ir

a n d De c re a s e , a n c t h a t are drivea off

e o u ris h : Ln g A c o u s


al Vapours uadoubtedly are nelted etc. out of t h e ir

and from thera when the O , ) , in

o re s ; Y e t t h e n e lt e d , . p e t a ls , that,

are uot dea d f o r a ll fusion;

n o r d e s t ro y e < i, n o r a lt e r e c i and their Centre. Life

Esseace , during

they are only reflneci, and locked up in tbeir

or norriu.gJr,- is

turned lnwards,

Although the

such fused aecals are depriv e d o f lla t u ra l m in e sr so tb,at if tbey we re ia t h is

E a c re a s e in

t b , e V e in i n ia

fused state

re p la c e d

the nine,

th e y coul<i aot 6row aay fu rt h e r, as J Ie t arra

b u t n ig b t

c ie c re a s e in

p ro g re s s c f T : - n e ,

resolved, in t o @U t n t h e n ie e s a s we ll a s b y A r t . Q "re if the ar'-ist kno ws wh a t t o c io , T O : T CO V E RT H: -/ O L iT I L iT y : : l

t hen i n to

L i fe
.4- - v g !


, C

ar.d, d'

he aay in his Laboracory

ever suc: faster than the y ret a: s

gr ow : 5e

and :i



i ncreaee. :o reuni --3

can -.c

' r' ro q i -o c

f,e k r. ovts

i tow

' rci ar:-l -:seci


Q s. and aeta L lic

n a t ri. x .

(S iL E X , jL ; i{ T ,


E:<peri-ment I .

Tahe purified poudered, sifted, a n d ret ihis

Sea Q

3 parts,


drjr, nix


I part

J or 4 tlmes heated and extitrguished flo w a n d n re lt we ll : r flow

by tbe

F1j-ats or pebbles rn a good nay be

atxture it nust

. ra rg e

ro o my I

wltrd furnace;

th:Ln, so thar
Q .

tbe or pebbles

u ssrus 5s r J

ii ur oSolV< i -,

After $ out of


has fLcvrec thin ana let i-t

for cool;

a wiri-'e,

abouc 1 1/z it


tal.-e ine out the nass,


then break

anrl take

which pound in 'rith a large

a clean iron


aad place the pouder j-n a glass and let j.t


openiug; anci the

expose it fllnt

to the noon and Stars, flow inio

flow This

per deliquium, Liq uor



a peaetratiag


nust be filtered

b y a wo rs t e d o r c o t t o u t h re a d

f ro m lt s


wr r LE eY . TLi-s is the faroous Liquor Silicus of GLiUtsER and this is the true

roetallj.c aatrix" . If you put netall-ic , O etc. Its use. o r s u b t ilis e d at VoIatiI f t"

o re s p o u d e re d a n d s rf t e c i" io t h is

caL:<es of O th e Influence

wo n d e rf u l L : q u o r a a d e x p o s e it s u . q re r t in e

of noon a a d S t a rs a n q : n

to the Sun 3eams. or

ln 2 or 3 aonths observe a ia ''|ll'nter in a d!.gestiag furnacer you w'j-LL considerable fncrease and growth of your V ot O o" O
veiSht, so ihac rt_

, C o, ?


:velL Day :rou, ii' ;'6u 't.a io -ror:: ihac .'ray nl-:a "zoulci 2 0 o r trore glasses, wiricb o b s e rv e t o le a v e o p e r, a c c e s s o t ' A . The best O V f found, by Erperience , and 5;ted. , and left it to be an. Aurum ful;r.inans. 'ritb ql ?' p". d.eliquin, washed


ny @ io W ^V I

and edulcorated


The best O V O , thls

t" 2

dlssolved, J.u V,

aod -rted


JL ef Sea

ls Lnna Cornea.

Rich Leari, or Sllver in

ores uust be poudereci and sifteci ln a digesiing

anri placeci oDen.

the above Ll.quor Sllicis lhat this lriaeral

Globe, the neck left

and oetallic pr:-nciples

Encrease i.s confornable lriIl acDear by Experieace

to Iature as reIl as

accordilg j-ts utj-lity

to ilaturefs i-f i.t is

done in a reasonable sur-flcient


Experluent 2.

If extract uished la

you alcalise the fl.xt @

@ Uy

$viva, it

accordlag w.j.tb F1iets ln

to ny way, or rith or pebbles,


r rnd nelt

gloweci, extiag-

poudered and sifted, E:rperioent


the sa.Be rraaner as I have shorvn <ielj-quJ.n, which Li-quor you f ro n it s equally s u llils f,, you

the flrst

and let

l-t flow ler

fllter rj-tl fron

by Threads, in ord e r t o s e p a ra t e it thus fron Sea Q . of F @ obtain a Liquor Silicis

as good as the first

Or you eay nalce a fi:<t Q


, eiiber

by calci.rj.a5

the Q

in a

Wlad ftrraace, gether o b tarr

or potters

!(11n, or you aay alcallse this fl:lt O

the @ and F I


by d,etonnation and fron the sane iiluor S iL ' c : -s ,

and pebbles lrou nay again a s ih e first ic me r. was forneci by llature. fllats, soon

a s e l' f lc a c lc u s

Renenber that of V,

the pebble or la its


wherein the netallic

S e u ln a l p rin c ip le s

a re in t ro d u c e d

fn every place wbere netals pebblest or quartz;

are found ln tbe Ore, Xour also you to lilature ltself, I tbink


but f refer

aad you riII

conprehead the 6sani 3g of E thing of iaflnite lltilityr

tbese thlngs.

I have conrnuni.cated ia

aud I repeat there are gleat

th j.s S ubject.

To give a Coral-aea7
Liagesa)flxainto Q .

to O , whi-ch rea @

That the colour Kingdon, is aeerry

ot O

, as the nost flxt



the M:Lneral to O r ap-


aad not centrally l. that that

congenial colour

pears fron two Clrcunstances: from the @, 2. that


can be takea can be lame<i:.atel

when the yellow

colour is

goae, it

given to the white @ again. l. all If you Copell @ several tlnes vLth n , the S extracts

the Colour and leaves it


A Saturnine

aeastruun the @

does the nay arso

6:ne ia, rrla humicia. be r obbed of all 2. fuse it i l ates its

By frequent Jre llo w t in g e .


3y \F,

The Colour 1s innediately ;rrth -f$ that A , urhen t h e v h it e

to the ;'fhlte @ -! @ ro y " lo i: o f t h e $ ia r


, if 4,

you assinthis

to its-'ow n f i: < t lla t u re a n c i ' , ia a e s it s e lf

ib , e rew i t h :



knosn to Reflaers,

who easi-Iy give the proper

tj-age to pate Q

-f by d
cilna rt']r|i #. r

-.{O has the oower to tlnge Q

^ CO I O UT Call be 3iVen tO a

*:-tn a Coral Rertrress, wirich

yaiie fi:lt SiIVef , OUi :l O lore

tha a just

what such over c o lo u re d @ n . " the p ro c e s s is t h is .

too ouch.

I'fl-x flliass the nlrture V ouly

witb a equil f ia a Coated, gtaee/Q' ot i.t, W"lQmust


of good factlcious$r full

put of Cold so that uutil :-n

adapt a Receiver half

, a-ud lute

lay in i!.'. ana be burled. therej-r Raise your A gradually ot

the upper part

and neck appears. the p settle. is

the U cones over into f the neck a psd-n".irl When the operation the u l et tire A go out.

, and in the upper part This is a :Ievcg.


eaded, which requlres

a strong

heat at

the Eaci,

Take the red, *orfiout norter w:Ltb 2 parts of *

o t y o wlO

a n d , we ig h it ;

ru b it

in a g r a s s

, and place thi.s in CtassTQto *d raise your heat gradually tLelE t

yout,'j.'. heat,

burled, in

the i.i.: as beforel lVltLln

anci another ZZt ,n:-LL rise nired rith

2rb -E3

the Superflcles

and neck ct


r you uust have a Receiver as before ouE of the ,O, aod pour clean pupon

but unluted. it,

Ta.lre this ZZ


ia a 61ass norter,


in ord,er to wash arl the e* of L

fron twtf;,


in this Uvou ;F f ritb. fresh V v This

have the aaina orA , and tb,en,dry it.

whicb wash by it

d g ra d u a l l y pr ojected, upon,O io fusion, enter s and ti a6es ""a t h e @ a s re d a s C o ra l .

This reO @ has aow a Sulerfluous Colour, ivirich i t connun'i cates io


4 l r r n a F i xa .
nust havelf

( 2
, in

fl ra
fact it

ls conpa& O,
J-s 'ffh:ite I
ehar Tl ri

whi.chVtr wr lr not dls s oLv e, but

(see anci :s Dlgbyt s S e c re t s . J 6iven

Tlri.s process lgLA" sopirical Eiut

+"o hi


here aE a piril-o-

to tb,e lYlse. is not c o a d u c iv e t o Ri. c h e s , b u t it i-s a Ke y t o t h i a g s

Th5-s Experinent of a hlgber Nature.


Conceraing @ and Fertillty.

Io (D, Fertility as'r elL

wLich procee d , s f ro rn a s t ra l lays hidden; tLi.s is nanifest

I n f lu e a c e , by its

S u p e rio r

a nd f n f e r i o r voIatlI + ,


as fi.xt


wL lc b . S e c re t is n o t ' : : rk a o n a t o a t ru e to nake a proper ue of these


i'Ihosoever uncierstands of @ ("*r"o it

two properties in bis

aeed aot proceed always froa @ only) curious Things. the Brorm Liquor

w.j.]-]bave lt

power to effect ff you iufuse

Seed-Corn ia

wLich runs a lJ.ttle



Ei-l1s, ia which Llquor

you dJ.ssolve preriously

pouciered,@ fncrease in of the

and sow such a seed cornr fertility. aaiaal that alcali

you wi.II perceive a sonderfut

Observe here what the @ produces rhea dissolved of the prrng-Lj-quor. you a valuable the Liquor V $. Try it, aaci lxperience

rrj-]-l convince iritb, that,

I have told

Truth. Silicis.

Coapare t,his Truth

which lays rf

Li-ddea in an the

you lubibe

or gardea Mould rith ih e re rv it h ,

ibe *istilIed

phlegna o f anci

and alcalise

a n d s o w a n y s e e d 1 n s u c h an V


Ieave lt derful

to God and Naturer Fertj'lJ-ty.

you rj.Ll

ernerj-ence ia a short

time a lVon-

( T he a u tb o r d o e s-a o t nean thef 1" V , wJ.lJ.produce the sane. )


ot' O,

but its V,

or O c i s s or v ec i

You nust observe that

you na]<e use of those arcaries,



d o a o t o ve t d o tt;

b e ca use tbey ar e COLD FfRES(

a6 well as hot flres.

s ar e bot As )

c:n bur!. and destroy (this I have often

observed last

Sunner, rheu I euptied. the old fairly burat ashes,


out of the bath,

and found the botton



fertility aad you w1ll discover

Consj-der about the cause of this other vaLuable Truths.



Coacerning the lilquor clearly


That proceaa


lai<e flne


River co1dv ,


uake then red hot in

your w'iad. furnace,

a n d tbrow then into un ti l

re p e a t t h ls a n d b rit t le ,

o p e ra t io a 3 1 4 o r e v e n 5 t i n e s eo that t h e y t u n b le to oieces.

your pebbles becone s o f t

Red.uce theu to C, weigh qf this


which pa66 tbrough a Seeve. dfoo" pounci or on,e part, and aix it by grinciing, with

, h

o r p a rts o r' g o o d fl xt Q
0f this ni:<t nass proje c t

of F .F

a | , stanriing

2 o r J t a b le s p o o a f u lL s in t o

i.u a good 'rind Bore, and let urrcj-I the I lt

furnacer nelt

and let

tben flor


tben add 2 or J spooafullr projecting gradualJ-;


the first,

aad so continue

Ls 2/3_!uII. flows thinly, well stlrr it rritb a reC hot iron I

As soon as lt anci after and let it

Roci or, the 4,,

has uelted

ciuriag oae horrr, take th.e

out of

th,e nass cool


0r let
co o le d.

tle A

die away, and tbe !

renalns la the furnace untll



Wb,ilest lt resenbles place it



warm, tU,e I or whl.te Scoria.

and take the natter



a white


Beat thl-s to a coarse

Cf ana a flnd

in glaes or glazed basons, set on a free A, a good, draught otA, and it xrill U-qulfy;

or ia

CeIIar',rith that into

and you w1Il e

the pebbres are d,issolve by the Dower of the alcarite a fat Liquor. contaias the Senlnal powers of the first this putrifying ia the Earth V

r and rua

This Liquor cipres; Metalsr not tbat

neta].lic is


r rce:n to sayr that is truly tb.eir

the speru of

uo! but lt


wh,erein we nay rn

Sox volatilised



and bring

then i.nto a New Life. O

pebbles and quartz frequently such volatil rnto this

the raetals are generated,, particularfy voratil O . ilay tb,ere !s

, and. pebbles oo.'.'- yitb.out

and, connoaly contaln @. woaderfur Liquor


you lay netalllc



exp o se your vessels to the in f lu e a c e soo D percej-ve the Operatio n s

of the A,

u n c o v e re d , , a ad , y o u r r i l l

o f t h e Un iv e rs a l_ rr6 6 s 3 . ir.

Experiuent To prepare arsen ic i,teastru"n_to


s o a s t o b e c o u e a d ry r and riaerals ia

ual.ock netals


, by the v:.a Stcca.

} netalsr

posaesses a subtil lays bold of thenr

peqetrat,lng but for





waat of fi.xity

caanot do nuch good. and open

rfhen o'{ iE f1xed, UV (D or by borax it u e tals in fusiou.

becones a Key to 4issolve

/: see summe rs P ro c e s s in B a ro n s c h ro e d e r: / that f pretend, to teach here the PhllosopAi.^fi i-ts thern. , re d u c e d , t o a s u b t ll bewarlag of the subtil pouder iato in a roony V, d, and as nuch A poisonous dust. , use oE netals; it ls takea fron , f

Do not thldr only latead

to diEcover iato

then and can

be re-introduced Take t h

of wbite H

n:ix the pouders carefully, Put some of thj.s alrt only half, place the I

wbtch nust be fllled

a good furnace,

whicb has a good draught, Raise JrourA graaually,

to carry

the polsonous w1ll

fumes out of the Chieney.

and th,e nixture w i II a scend ln

roelt as soon aa the @ aoes flow; E b u ] lit io n , of tb.e f{ a n d ih e p o t rilI is

tb,e nelted, !as6 seetr qui-te fi]Ied;

the ['ritn

But as soon as the volati.lJ.ty

coaquered and the poi-sonous by the H, tbe nass funing if

fumes are nost goae, and wben the (D is alcalised will sink dowa again in the $ I flows quickly,

Xet continual anci are nortal,

and asceocis uo trore. r e ce ive d

Those fuues sne1l like


by Inspirati_on.

{ /.

After A


has nelted it

q u lc k ly


o r 2 0 n j. a u re s , t a k e t h e I o u t



, and let

rercaj-n uncier th.e Chlnney to cool gradually. lold, break the I o f p e a rl. flxt. . It flovs very soon per dilj-quiull r Fnd. :"'ou w.j-ll finci a wirrte opare

lJhen aot quit" b r illia nt

nass, Iike

uoth e r

This O{ is i nto

only about half & of f lx t o {

a (so called) But for this

purpose keep j-t in a glass w.ith a crlde mouth, closely flor per diliquium.



J.t nay not Its

use in Via Slcca. o{ take 3 parts A^ of Crocus O , Crocus f p a rt r lt r or

0f this

so ca}led


b la c k S c o ria o r' t h e 4 f l6 d ' l 6 , or of the firs t $o f $5 ' the rnixt (f together j-n a ( i then pour i-t out or let shicb. break and take tbe uass out.

end nelt the f r

cool in

Beat thi.s nass, before it is quite co1d, into a Coarse d aad, expose


to the A

to attract

the fnf1uences,

and a aeA a% or Liquor



containing such afi ( l. Su'.ers?t,

by a Cotton a geatle ise thi-s j- t

as you made u6e of. + b re a h s o ff shor t, but I think this Red t? T U GE L o" oB .g urentioned by Baron Scbroder, tf 7
thread let to it separate attract -aad, i-t frora its Y, Eeatl and flow coagulate oftener, a6ain; rt


pr od.uc e ^i5,f red oX *^" filtered

Coagulate agaln to it in

aad then fllter it



and Eore, or


by di-gestion; ou Q

repeat or try

5 or

6 tines,


aud try-? it

j.n fusion;

: - t on @ i n t b e I
and the flltration this

r e n d th e n " "
shouLd rot


o , fi .)
be perforned to very often, it. ) in orier subtj-lj-se

(The EEAVEM,Y MARRfAGE 0F ATTRACTION ahould be neglecteci .)


w]-th SU}0,ERS)L

Experj.nen-t 7.

0f a O*n1rg


or flery


Pyrophorrrs is Z&r A { + and' ls

a substence wh{ch. takesA extiaguished rf tb V

cf itself, ; therefore

by the contac.- of it ls a dangerous

not easily

i-t burns every Conbustible it ueets r!tb. It consj,sts of a Vegetable ". anA. a Volatilea. ft ls so strongly aagaetical, that lt attracts inne{Late1y preparation theA is oot of theAal'a nean, but its P ro c e E s . lake very dry Bean - or Rye flower .*4 Cf r rblch nix rrith the flower.. E8ssar Put this it. rith rnass into Place the an lron aad alua stir a ( tLts rbich d,fu q ; the alun nust boney Effects tbereby inflases are astonish,ing. itself.

alaost rts

be in j-nto rell, stilrlag

up i-n good, Iiquid has a tid,

a thlck

tb,at shuts , and keep

and has no hole in it coatiaually over,

V oo a Cbarcoal A it uelts;

Rod, rhilst best.

the Ineed,


be r ed hot all -

a nodera t e h e a t is

Observe carefully it is

a6 sooa as A Sl.tALLBLUE fitAJ,tE.appears on the Top of it is fluished,. rith its Take tne I this nonent fron the snalL

the aatter; tUe A flane

a Sign that

, h,aring shut lt oa the aatter,


cover to exti-ngulsh

and have a Lurap of Soft Loan ready to lay on the Cover

and squee?-e Lt tlght over the Lid, to keep theAout

Let glaes, the uatter cool of itself, then put it that it

of the V.
a ',r].de nouthed sudd.enly, and break

quj.ckJ.y into

and cork 1t lnned:Lately,

aay not iaflane

tb e g la se !


J-s a black Substaace, it is

whlch looks k e p t p e rf e c t ly

LLke a Cind,er, d ry a n d f re e


keeps its

several aonths if

f ro m *

o, r o o i s t u r e .

Experinent 8. Concernlug Vlnegar.

As good Vlnegar rite

.i +


of lnfl.nJ.te

use in Chyraistry as well oae of "he best netbods

as in




here connunlcate

to nake

The genuine or brerrlng of Viaegar, tnning be e r. Let your drj-ed nalt nalt flower lnto a large be ground finely brew-kettle, be done'rith ua1t, ln


frorn the



the sane nanner as if

you wanted to brew

i-nto flower,

then put

thls add

a^od to oue pack of

such nalt

ab o ut 4 gall let it

of V aad

a c o u p le o f o u n c e s o f p o t a s h o r p e a rl you nust have a Cask, standlng near tb.e botton,

ash, and

bo11 sell


on one end and a Cover into tlrls Cask

upon bundles of Straw, which fltts and put into Tarter

nrlth a cork in lt the Caek.

on the Top of lt a ll.ttle

Pour the hot Liquor

sout Feraent or Leaven and a handfu].l lt up togetber, Cover the Cask rlth.

of Crude its

J-n pouder, and stiry

Cover and lay or hang a Cover of Bed Blani<ets over the Cover and Bundles of Straw on the top of .th.eo and alL round tb.e Cask, to keep it as poseible; soon fernent lf this is done ln flne as warE

warB suruer weath,er the Ll.quorrj-ll ac1d. rB thls nanner in 2 or 3

and becone essentlally




you nay have a very good Sharp and rhol-esotre Vlnegar, off and put lt it into a eualler Cask so aa to f1ll tt,


you drar it

and bung

up and let

lay in a c o o l p la c e .

Experinent Addition concerning

9. Sllj-cis.

the Liquor


the uertlng

of the pebble pouder rtth

the flxt




O o" flxt alcali;


, the purest Vlrgia ITof

the pebble unites with

th,e flrt

both their a fat

purest parts renaiu united aad flow together

per d,ellquiE lnto The gross J7of

as faecee, and is must be flltered In thls ar6r or O Liquor ore la

a3 y Llquor. a1ca]:l renains

t,he tat &

the Stones as rvel1 as of the fixt

entlrery unflt for this

work; therefore

by Cotton Threads. Slllci.s flne d, you place or I a Luaa Cornea, or an aurur .x ore ia flue d, or grasg-ore so that fuhinor Lead-

otrer iato Sllicls

a coavenient


glass or glasses,

the Liquor paper

rray over top the Calx an iach hlsh; only

Cover the glass vith

tie d , over it, In sunner tine digesttag Iour only O

to kee p t h e d , u s t o u t b u t le a v e a c c e s s t o t n e 4 . the glasEes ia the Sua Beans, lu warroth like the Sun Shine. i,tarrix you will ff duriag aot fvluter on a

I placed

furnace in ;t)

a gentle in


QJ ri-ll

tb:Ls ite

new ground and i,Ietallic and en:robled, ao that a n u n b e r o f g la s s e s .

be i.ncreased but Llkewlse

exalted rlt h

b e sur prised, th e d igestion

you can d o t h is S llJ -c is

the Liquor

d rj-e s u p o r d e c re a s e s , y o u n u s t a c i d


aotre fresh,



nay aever get too dry. f found half an ounce of Luaa Cornea increaeed b e c o n e g o ld is h . al s o . to

In oae nonth tine h a lf and a 1/'4 of There is _an

ou n c e , wh lc h S ilv e r: v a s rith theO $

tbe satoe fncrease Not e we ll

wh a t f t e ll tbat all

you. Salts, when they are deprived alcaliest hav'ing ln can


is knowu to every Chynist of their

by a strong Calciuation


s, become flxt

wbicb flow per del5.quj.un. loet thej-r

They becone thus MAGI{ETfCAI, after s, to attract the aetral it s

forraer corrosJ-veJl-

InfLuence o wn f r't-it

for u of V .

A E a s a e re ' . iu s

u ri-t e d rit h

not do uuch, good, but when byA Magnet ls at Libertyr lt attractE

tU," flrst

Lodger ls

departed. and, th,e whicb un:Ltes l-n a flery in-

another aad betterJr.-, not like the flrst,

'r1tb th,e Magnet in imical union. in

Love and Harnony,

Therefore astral trious

such a Liquor

S1-1j.c1-s,on account of its lay coocealed,


aad heaveuly-O-,

trarry Mysteries half that

and the indus-

GLAUBER has not written

eaough la its! V (by the L:Lquor the

f do not raean to insinuate S1.lj.cis)

sucb an attracted tsut 1.t is



Bearest Succedaneun.

E x p e rime n t 1 0 . Consideratlon of Native Blsnuth-Ore. CaIIed

Deacock^s-Tai-I- 81 snutb,.


Blstrutb,-ore classes ; lt is

anongst the ) and is


as tt


contaias the

a Lunar productj-on, . i'nto __ a half into flxed

ful-ro.inated by H

, which is

Re a lg ar ofg It uelts

brittle I

/t l , and, containe

a Lunar .A

wh Jcb r if tlngtng

untted power.

a v o lit a l" A

, s u c h a s L u u a Co rn e a , s b o w s a

f am aot unurilllng thls curlous Ore.

to commun:icate here what I have done nyself


But f g:nnst nutb-Ore that I


you great Rlches fron lt, process is lt so extrenely

as this scarce ln

ki-ad of BisSaxony, 2n(i tberefore j.n this

I could never neet 'rith once.

but once iu ny wbole Lifer

succeeded only The Native


here required ls dotted all is



peacocks-Taj-1-Bisnuthw1th snall gold it

Ore, if

you break j-t it

over t,he Inside a pale Lilac

Atomes, and the geaeral plays w.tth beautiful

TJ.nt of lt

Colour. Colours,


Shades of the oost glorlous the Rain-

bou or a peaeocks TaiI. We have eaaugh of lt Cobalt-Ore, and all ln Saxony, but it fails is adulterated process. by lfature rith

such Blsnuth

ln tbis

Arcanun. tbe right the ao in Fumes. 1a good.W , and you rj.ll ln \ U . obtain a hign @ coloureci Sort of Blsrauth-Ore ia aa open V, to off

Theu d,issolve lt so lu ti on,

JS (J J.


to any @ d ls s o lv e d

T h e O re n u s t b e in a C o a r s e


Ca].cinatj-on as well

as for Solutlon.


Potrr the crear sorution

Subject, ln order to extract _rveaken 'ritb


iato a phiar and, pour fresh \Zoo


ae nucb, Colour as you cano clear V , aad tb,en fllter it tbrcugb.

Tbe tingedv flJ.terj-ng paper.

Put the flltered and recelver, a teA recelverr kind .


j.nto a snall the hunid,lty y o u lA ,

glass Body, apply an alerobj-c aad tUe\Ztrorn take off until lt by a nod.erand a

and d,1st1l all ls dry ,


ln c re a s e

t h e a len b i c there renains

and evaporate

the Eaas st1Il


of blue Glass ].:lke Snalta. Take this blue in raatter aad Luna Coraea id, witn.'l'. put it irrto a snaJ.I glass all ror:nd,,

body, which place b u r rj-ed pretty

a targe\f t h e j] ' , .

at the bottom 'nd

deep ia

The blue aatter Cornea, before this all it


be f1nely

poudered and o.ixed rritb

the Luaa

i.s put ltrto place your V

thi.s body. io a rind furnacel ard lay lighted, Coals

prepared V

roun<i the

t and dead Coals on the Top, but not qulte of the V, or ash-hole or tb,e flarne woulC breai< your

so as body, light keep body

tb,e upper Brin


sbut the draught gradually a quiet rritbout

of your !\:ra,ace aad your Coals rj.ll !;ri11 ia 6et red hot, in the glass

any FLane, and your this

glowing heat ln

aantrer and the ri::ture neit,

(rvhich urust be left he a t'rlthout

open) rrrilJ. fairly

keep up a raod.erate glorriag S e p a ra t lo n in tbe eatte:

!'lame, unt i-l settles

y o u p e rc e iv e a ra t u ra l China vrill

a l'rhite glass, At the botton is

to white

ascen<i auci florv at the'Iop. il] ' . e V lt rif le d S na l t a ;

a Co a rs e b lu e -g la s s ,

goo<i for nothing.


After Iet

the lVhite glaes has flowed balf

aa hour ta

fhe bociy, you Bay

tbe 2\di-e

away, but dL s t u rb n o t h j. n g b y o o v in g lt . t h e b lu e g la s s fron the

I'ih en Co1d, break_the gla s s b o d y r a rd b e a t o f f white, which is easily doBe. the iVhite Glass. j-n fusion

Use of Project tbe wblte

gJ-a6s upon flne @ like


untJ.l the froro Bohenria.

(g/ becones a flne

deep red glass,

a red Granate-Stone

P ro je c t lo n .

With o"" into

of thl,s l,fedlcine f have tlnged ,O \ Z / O of z4*catate. Obeervatlons of lh,e Autb,or.

of flae p

in fusiou


you do aot get the ri-ght Blsnutb, expect no success.

I could

Bever get i-t but once.

If i.. the Solutioa of your Blsnuth-ore Orange Colour, is wbite, j.s not equil to that ntscarry. glass. appearance, of fine @ ,

of a beautlful If your Solutlon

your Laboulrlll

green or bluer

Xou get no tingiag to all

f have had the aost ' but generally

ollc e.



had a greea or blue green Solutlon

and never succeedeci but

My Thought s o n t L is ( tn e ofQ foregoiag

p ro c e s a . nade

process J -s u p o n t h e s a n e f o u n d a t io D a s t n e f i, nentioned by STAEL.

by sulpburation, The blue-ni.neral

or Sna1ta which cones fron Saxony is on China, because lt vitrifies in

used for

enan- and painting The Saxon Snalta

the A".


Ls a lfl

of the peacock-Tail-tsisnuth-Ore,

and as t[j.s


Snalta is

brj-ngs a great

Reveaue to Saxony, the peacocks- tail-bisrauth ff


prohJ,bj-ted to go out of Saxoay under paj.n of death.


we could get Skybeaver

1/4 b

of genuine Sslon Snalta,

which i.s a pond,erous very d,elicate

or Flrraameat-blue pouder, but th,ey adulterate it here aad aake it f whLte ll . l: vitrum and,M are the same thing:/ I would nelt such a Snalta w.ith Luna Cornea and try, as the autbor requires. such a )

ivErrE GLAss wourd separate


Experinent I l.

A fixt
Dlssorve a quantity cop p er K ettler the solution anc arr

ci or @ .
boil the solutj-on b o j-ls , in a

of bungarian @1 ra V, a o t b e t in n e d r of flnely

which tus t snall

a s s o o t r a s ' it

throw lnto

quantities partlcle s

poudered and sifted,

FZly Ebe v

o f t h e @1 w1 ll b e 5 =

(.[J , T t e d , in a g ree n n a s s a , flery

whicb wben dry, The clear

1s a yellow which ls no longer green, but clear aad white,

solution, iato

you aust pour off Filter tLls

a clean glass. through paper, aud out i.t into a China bason, gently, until


whlch place ln.'i'., it ts alaost dry,

ln a Charcoal Rrnace, or until a beautl.ful

aad evaporate lt

white entirely


@ settles

a t the botton of the bas o n . Ta-lre this A, and it This is Q rj-ll a flxt and expose it to the l{oon aad Stars in & ^t , very d,ifferenc . froa contron & ot @r,. a clear Serene

flow per delJ.quj'un into wond,erful *


you nake 4 t rrna cornea, lt together

and, inbibe



the above flxt

o$ ,

an ci th en oelt set in tbeA

Th'e purer

" and, clearer


in a s u ra rl g ra s s b o d y , p la c e d j-n . . . . . in a E , lVlnd, furnacer yor rilI see what w.ill delight you. this @ flxt a9 of @r, per is, no other tbe richer



oo O

Cornea lnto

; But I found that

but hungarian


would do this.



A Particu.l-ar experlnent w-tth n6J

and the first Scoriae.


I'Iake at)16&tt"11at. the flrst aicaii scoriae to tn" *,

and take the first untir d*r h

Scorlae for use. .

Expose pash tb.e

they becone a utacr d V, aad dr y ,O" d .

o f ti re @ fro n th i s

Pour goodpupon

tb,ls dried ed.ulcoratea d

, and you ,ril1 obtaia and

a solution like @ dissolvea in$. fllter itr

Dilute this solutj.on w1thp

then evaporate j.t gentle in a basou, and there rrill


a subtll

d ,e e pre d cro cu s. This cr ocus or Cis flxt andApr oor . s ubit s thl.s (f rlth Ed of O)+ , wash rhe e)( fron the f , which ascencis of a beautlful red Co1our and nore subtil
and Dure than

rj-tb ti.e 9)S

i - t w a s a t fi rst. nore auci the Jrd. .tirce wash alr the e+ frora it aad, dry this subtilised crocu 6 et 6 . " T h i s su b ti l i sa ti o n g i ves it oeaetr ation and fngr ess, nr tx it w - i th Ilepeat this subU-natlon with new Q-)6 trice



luaa Cornea, =3ted ia.'.'.

'xttbrl-of [,

Sea I

, aad put lt


a snall

glass anci tolci

body buried

ln a large

which, place lnto

a tYJ.udfurnace, as I

observe the same precautlong you wh,en I wrote of tslsuuth, Lrnna Coraea and nelt leave the lj.ttle this into

of account of naneging the A and thue the Crocus will G1ass, give it unite

trJ-th the tirne, and

a tlng:ing


glaes body openo glass, wbi-cb,1111 be red,, upon D nore. first Scoriae, obeerve that you fulnj-nate t" fusion; upon lO

Project parts,

or perhaps a lltt1e

i{ you pregare Uae 4/l rYell ldth O .


before fect trtll

you tahe your *

ed, wasb,ed, and dried subtllised


Crocus J

to per-


nentloned, aad. dJ.ssolve 1.t agai-n fnf,

drXnressr Xou w.J-J.Inow obtaia per se rltbout ) tnto any addltion, a nrost flxt

a most beautJ.fuJ. deep red Crocus, nrelt (i.f treated la a glass


body placed

la .i.. l-n a V This glass

ruby red glass. O io ar open V . Thls f

can be fernented. rith or rather


once accidentally;




To obtain parts

a flxt

Ruby G1ass fron

-f Q

, 1 part p

of whJ-ch flxes oor Q

a lO0

of -H into

a substance rhi ch is rnlthout evaporatlng;

neither it

; Such a flxt Q , wElch

l{ Q ?

cau be oelted )

also aakes a white

fs aot

, but as beautiful.

I give

you tbJ.s Experi-urent not tLi-lk there



sake of

any great lu it.


but because f

j-s sourethiag very great

l a ke ffxt Q
put lt iato

a l ca .l i se d w- tth Char coal d.usr , or ffxtQ

r placed la a riad, furnace, raise V red, hot aad the flxt alca1i uelts. tbe n e lt ,, ,

a roomy


"tF -+4

, t( O


unti.]. tf," V sets vfhen project fulls, the flxt untll


about 10 or

"d e, +
of O

are lncorporated,

o, sna:-t spoon'ritb

by nelting,

alcall. all the tlue, so that the natter rnay fuse the raatter.

You nust keep a strong thereby freely. Let the A cold,

ar" avray 6radually, beat tbe rlll fron

but do aot Stir the botton,

when the [ ls \brow!,. The Scoriae

brea]c lt,

w1lch looks


at tb,e top of the U

, break to peices, and they rilI

and flow per

elrtr)o6e tb,en to tb.e nj..ghtA, de1J-quiu.u.

or ln a dry ceI1ar,

+ rooks like a dark brown glass beat to a flae $ , wb.ich

body. of the Scoriae !s futly acconplished, ttto pour this

Tine 4
put into

a glass

When the Liquefaction Liquor, rhich ls veryA5,

upon the poudered,,Q as you ca!,

your grass bodf . the Extraction


as neuchout of th,e rll

thea fllter

by Cotton Threads froro its Tbe clear flltered

buried ,,. in ;..i. lnto

ly foeces.
g la s s b o d y , wh i c h p l a c e observe at flrst

Tlucture put into a s n a ll


a roony

, ser


a ,rind furnace,

proper precauti-ous about naneging tb,e A and gradually stronger until tire I

, rlrj. c h n u s t b e g e n t le

is or' a re d h e a t a u d , t b e . ' i. ' .g l o w 1 n g .


In this


stro n g b e a t tne V nust be kept lO or 12 Lr ' tlm e. \,

tU,eA d1e away and let all cool. The next dayr wben you nass at

Theo Iet

cone to break tbe g'lass b o d y t y o u ' rilI the Top.

f ln d a ru b y re d v j-t rl. f j. e d

Beat thj-s glass that

to O


Its Uee.
; 1 part of tbis flxes a 10O parts bri.ttle ot r so ?I a U .

i-t caa be nelted

As nuch of tluls Q tLng,es 4 |


+ or

and does not evaporate, a snall

but ls

bj.t of glass of the size of a pea, which ls not D , end cannot

of Q lato

a flne

white netal,

bear I

Copellatlon. discovered thi.s whea f 'rorked enother procesa.

(I it

th5.rrk this

glass should, be projected ulon C

a fertrent and metal.l1c fngress; this,

r to I iIR. TIIGELhas Kept a Secret.) o" D f" tLe







the same as the foregoing.

f give it another. Our

to you here, author

on account tb,at one process often lllustrates very frequently, whereby h.e of'ueo hints at

does this

some val.uable

Truth, or other. )

Let good, crude Q , or into fJ-xt Q v
A |

T h e P ro c e s s . io, rio "


O " s u c c e s s iv e ly p ro je c t e d

in t o


of Ll , neltiag - i-n a V =o the wind furnace. \.r +' Let then melt togetb,er unti-J. you have obtai-ne<i a browu scori-a, break
tU.e[ , and beat

the scoria




shicb expose to the i,loon


duriag 'rill

a serene ni8b,t,

aud, ia

the d


ia a dry Cellar,

anci the Scoga

liquify Fl l te r

by attraction this Liquor fron

and, flow iato

a fat $ eous Llquor, very Ay. f i. t s g ro s " V . E v a p o ra t e t h e f ilt e re d Liquor a snall glass Bod.y, which keep 12 b,ours io tn" rrin d f u r n a c e , your

to drynessin a yet A I

This Bass put lnto


the iTind. f u rn a c e ,

in a n o d e ra t e A I re d h o t ,

str o n g eaough to uake an d k e e p t Ue by draught or blast of Bellows.

but not nelt

to excite

And the trass will

and becoEe a

browu red gliss. Pr oie ct to thls [ grass project e d , u p o D ru ' , ' , ia g $, , flxes it; a s s o o n a s lt be g i n s

fune in' tire D

of brittr. If

wbite Q

the $ ae]ts, but becomes a ]<ind + ""r"io" "Jo , which is nlt ) , Bor caa it bear the copell. process attentlvely, i-s thus detaiaed "o.roo $ T Tou vrill cone , ultrj-fled,? in your power to transnute but rhen

you consld,er tbis

and, lnstaataoiously

fl:ced, by this+

at a very great nystery, netals into O o" D operations .

"f 6 and you wj.ll have it

These ny Experi-ments are not Bere opiaions


performed by By own hands.

E xp e rin e a t lVhicb is equally

1 j.


Take good.$

ana A

aa, nix the a 6

, raj<e thererith


ln a large

uoa Q in thin L"r", V, Y?

at th e botton aud on the L u te a cover on your harth, betileen 4 bricks V,

cut snaLr lrith cizars, so that tb" E-l;rr-

a n d wh e n p e rf e c t lj-

d ry ,

p la c e

the I


" ,

set o n e d g e ; la y lig h , t e c i Ch a rc o a l ro u n d t i. " [



your A

be very gentle so that

the flrst

2 hours, and then increase



every 2 hours,

the last

2 bours,

duriag 8 in the r vhole, your V

t" t

glow of a red beat, tatJ.on, or a gradual Let tne A glaEsy or \E u nc Reduce this ,r{ ssolve evaporate ia good

but not of a whj-te heat all Calcination.

over ; this is cal Led C enen-

die avray; when cold break your V 3a66 + greer trassa to a, flne Q dllute and fl.].ter

and you rili


a green

, aad dissolve your Several


as nuch as r,rilI and then


to drp,ess . , r:ntj.l there ren=i!.s a blue@, Y _ ric Stone of Q ? gReduce this to O r Fnd pour a hi8hly rectlfled-oof brandy of genuine

S.V. upon thls


, and extract ioto

again as nuch as you can, in one quart of such a recti.fl-ed .

a.','.'. heat bver S.V. you nust


a Lamp; but observe that p r e vio u sly Ellter ttlssolve all

1/2 an, o f B o ra x t " 6 * your ExtractionE or Solutlous, there

and then dJ.sti.J. the S.V. off or nassa at plaie, the botton. rj-thout

per alenbicura untj-l TrXr this fuuiag; lf it

remaj-ns a pale blue Sto[e

whether it

flows on a red hot Copper or lron but if j-t fuaes yet,

does so, i-t 1-s right,

you nuet pour trew it after again in orcier

prepared rectlfied to subtllise te r e d j .tr gives

S.V. upon the poudered rna6s and extract aad then coagulate it t h e re s h o u ld s t ill as before, be sone.

l-t, f11-

fron j-ts foeces, if and penetration.

S u b t ili s a t l o n


L t s Us e . As soou as it Cornea and aelt be for e , florvs rrithout these tno rrnited funing ia

the leastr

ni x it


Ei luaa

in the sane Banner, as f have taught t b , e b o t to n and al-l

in a suall

glass bod y , p la c e d in a V n rt h . t ii. " t (,


round i.t. furnace

Let it


10 or '12 hours ia a vell

graduated, A


the rrind

acd it

GI*ASS. '1111 becone A fft:(T TIJEITE _? fts F u rt h e r Us e .

sotre flae y/ T) tn a F , a n d ' a s s o o E a s it f lo ws c le a r, p ro je c t s o n e +4 of your glass, retiucea to , envelopped in ivax, and, let then nelt well $ together it cool. ritl rith for half an hour; tue the ) I part iaVC of the nedicine to ZO parts of D . Let ,


Dlssolve fall ln

, and you rilI calx;

find rhich

the nes generated Q you tray rash, dry aad,

rhich nelt

forn V

of a black .

borax i.rr a snall

(ThLs l[EflE GLASST f thinlc should flrst pro jecti-on. )

be nelted ritho

in a V;


Experirnent 16. A Particular Process ritb6

, d*uQ .
? ;, out of O , tben aelt

1 2 p a rt s , the &,

6- 4 parcs, Ea

aeaj,a rith

) .
Dore; fululnatlng vrtl each tlne ae flnely 'lrith@ trri{34fgd . unt1l and yourza

punfy tuis4!64.
you obtaia

op t rines

and, steuaied.

Scorlae of a Q Colour, fulmen stops, it ^{-*n"" >rgp that hl,has enough (D

R e d u c etbi s !!
ifledr of ve r l pour this r e ctifled,

to a fl ne$ .

r a ir e & o f A " " & f

cautlon into o r rlq u lf le d

an gqrdl

v e r l r e cr quantity

and ','rith great

and, attracted

b u t y ru u t r $ A

Yea ce n ce and terrible per Retortan

heat has c e a s e d , d is t ll be a-r-as

the Effer" rr" r t h e s e 2 n t x e d . Co mo s iv es o v e r red ae Blood. /:Mineral Bezoar

:nd '.vhat cones over nrill


(Tbere renains a ',YEflE CAI.Xbehind ta tbe1fu)

Ia tbis double Menstruun dissolye Weaken it flltered as ouch a6 you can of rlth clear I and fllter tbe above puriflt nicely ie a

poudered red a.o'd, UA dg.

tbrougb paper.

Evaporate tbe


in a glass

body placed

....:.pot, ia a Charcoal-dlstilling Evaporate trntil of an iatinate 10 , { of flne there

furBace. have thi.s procesa

renai.ns a hard Ea6s or Stone--I ne that

friend, O f"

who tells lnto


I n of tbie Stone doeE couvert / glass or Medlcine. a tingln6 seens to try tbe hard , and Ee then

I have not yet bad to work thJ.s process to the End; lt ne to be perfectly trass (1.f fuslble) ratlonal. rlth I would have the Curious Artist ln th,e rootr of Iagress . for fron

Luna Cornea flrst, thlsfl rrpon O obtaius t" the [

flne Q

d-11 Eoon seer rhetber lt nlght (f be projected tntnt thle he ls is

the firrna' Cornea;

a broad bj-nt of Mr. tugel,

thj.s and other sufflciently



afraid that

to say too uuch, yet he is you nust prepare

generoue. ) with-

My Friend


al-l th,e naterials

your se1f,

your. om, hands.

Experlnent 17.

This procest
{+ he ls

I bave obtained

of the sane fr:.end but have not yet



i-s aaDy years ago sj-nce I obtalneci a fes processes of hinr f thJ-nk it l-s not rrugeuerous to lasert

and as

no oore,

h1s processea anongsc

try orD, Labours.


A Tlag' i,tedlclne

nade fron

tbe Lapis



Take 1/z Ducats, V cut

V of flne pr:re Q , such as Veaetlaa Chequines or vlnet:-an / th,em snall lr'itb Cizars and, dJ-ssolve the Q shreds in a good rectlfled*rof sea- e aa. Then dissolve

, nad,e of-:'t- of (D aad sel1

1 l/2

of good'pure co"too
aad keep ln

$ ?

rn gooafr

Ma.lre both, solutions over a

Lanp heat,

the Spirits. into a capacious glass body,

Both Solutlonsr f treo- a large Nor put 2 / and, well Recelver ta tbe/Q, 4 fnches far. rith ,i*.{toto glaes

yet warnr pour together receiver, aEd shut it. Q AtA. Ul

of good purifled

Lapis de Tribus, ro *.

both poud,ered rb.e

a rootry EtasVn,

,o*(pr.." of e

, and, apply

which coutains

the two Solutions,

whose 8111 uuEt go pretty

far lnto

. Lute the Receiver ""U H the Receiver, at lealt 3 or

Nor dlstil the funes orJr-

a heat,




and gradually


s sj.II

ascend and paes over j-nto the Receiver,

and the SoJ.-

utlons n

of Q and, O w.iff be thickened by tb,ese spi-ri.ts.

Vthea the d:tstlllation

lA to di-e away.


ended, let

tbe vessels cool,

by sufferiug


lilhat is found 1a the Receiverr put lato -a glass body, apply an Alenblc aDd'adapt an enpty Recei,ver. Distil
co 'e s o ve r into the Receiver, outl this ! u n t ll into


:':!, heat gradually al1 the huni dity

b e c o n e s q u it e d ry . I to

the natter a snaB

Then take it rith ":i ' set

anci put lt into

6rass body, praced in a your A "o ."

a rrind furaace and regulate



the flase


tbe glass.

rncrease your A
your dry nattelml1l

graaually tlot S

and nod,eratery, r:atir


r" red hot,


to g e t h e r

t o a re d g la s s y S t o n e .

f n t hi -s p ro ce ss a O" de Tribus.

is flxed' { r ith

the Q

by the ner r iun of the Lapi - s

Of thj.s red glass I 7 traasmutes 6 7 ?7 It does nore lf the red glass is flrst

of fine O


fusion j-nto gooa Q

t" fusj-on.

upon O

The Lapi-s de Trj.bus ls nade th,us. takeANflne Q

o f g o o d ," " ,.a " $

nLxed. i'lelt


and vell a roony

of white6 r a11d,Z7 or Aeac h. --',-'-J


tb,ese togetber the V

in a glass

bod,y, placed, ln round, it, tb,en,

[ on e'lger aad lay and, thus ret theA

.'l'j. in

; you place l:lve coals

o" a hearth, aad set 4 bricks [

rouad. tUe gradually

, and, d,ead Coa1s on the Top of qnttl tue I glows, aad the 6 s


begln to ne1t. As soon as you perceive you nust cover lt lnnedlately together, that rlth the ntxture begtas to lnflane 1n the glass, lyhen it

a Lunp of noist d,e Tribus

and warm LoaE. is

i-s thoroughly shen cold,


the Lapis bod.y.

read.e. 1yhich take out

by breekJ ng the glass

l"lR. TUGELSObservattous. Beat your Lapis d,e Tribus rbich ulated, it 1s aa Enor ia into snall blts, rike a pea, and not ," 6 into an f,en tab,

the procesEi; put the@

by itself

, whlch nust haag over a narced{ , anri grad.ually be b,eated, until /A g lo ws red as the botton, s o t h a t t h e wh i c h n u s t @ n a y n e lt t n , t h e g Q ,


be kep t tbere la open the stopper, L a p is

zrf ?


f lo rrrln g ; A s s o o n a s t h e @ tn"VQ, a Single Bltt

n e lt s


t he / Q ,

aad th,row into

or two of the broxen

d e T ribus,

{)eousro< the R ece iver; stopper

t a f f g e n t ly f u ln in a t e a n d rh e u n : it " d O eo u s , "od,t!1@ aI .od O al -<r- s wiII paas over ln very corrosive fuoes ir,to tb,e nonent the p ro je c t io n is a a d . e iu t o t U, " 4 f r, the Yea or else tb.e

or a piece of warn Soft

Loam raust be put ulon the hole,

poisi'ouous--31- s wlll Be carefull Thus far

escape strJ-ght upwarcis and not pas6 into

the Receiver.

MR. TUGEL. Lapis de Tribus, unt1l the fulnen ceases, the Receiver. ) or u!tj.lao

(Keep projecting

tnore.Jl- s cFn be raised

or w.i1l cone over lato

Take Enngar1an Q nlxed., oE accouat-.of

+ t{*

A Gradatlng goodYr-e Distil

0i1. p., boih la subtJ-J. 6 :nd carefuJ-ly wbich to it

1 p.,

funes. only

tue arv 6

in a staeeTD, a receiver

bury d,eep 1u the:';i'.so


the nech appears; Iute Dlstil by a well

& beware of the poisionous

t The $ nelt flrst b they'Qand, looks rike Q

Itself atiag & fln g e r a Q & stlcks .) in the neck ot tW4@. fne aeck nust be intensly else the butt e r


regulated. graduaL heat.

; thtn as butte" 5 ra subriaes

rvith i'/a11ac!r:ins Grad-

(Conpare this

hot so that you cannot bear your t h e fo r n c f

up on it,

w-ill c o a g u la t e 1 l t h e n e c k ia

aad' oot coae over.

I'Ihen the process is over cover your sose and mouth but',vait unril

w i th a Towel, that

you nay not b re a t b e t h e p o ls o n o u s v a p o u rs , cooled, that you can just hand,le then,.

the veesels are so far cold th e butter in

(llhen quite or Q.)

the receiver

s h o o t s in t o

s o u a re o b lo a g t a b le s



ca re fu l l y

o u t of the neck back into Ebe/nr

Fr d what s ti c k s lastrurnent. Pour

fast loosea ulth a namow ho}low sbarp chizel or other flt tb.e yet fluid. butter n o u t h o t th e /Qri th
t Next noralng

thr_ou6h th.e tube into a co rk, and now it

Eb,Vnupotr LEs owi#:

stop the ov er ni ght.

nay coagulate in thed

di-stil 'rlth

again as before & the butter its orm Z3 , nevertb.eless aefi

w-i}l cone over purer, w.j.II again

a little


in the neck. lhis ls the flrst anlnatLaa & rectiflcatlon of the butter fron , t+ its owa A containeci in w. Jf fron the Q . Thj.s iabour you nust repeaE TF tvlce trorer urith the s:rne care: tbat ls you are to rectify your butter J tines fron its osn 11 , sublined, I.uto the neck ot tttetrQ.

Tben tahe sucb. orea or subjects


as contain

Solar Tlnctures,

such as RED


EAE],hTfTESetc. whicb, is eaally and, extract to be done. as nucb colour lhen

, cRocus6

, srrNeARran'(Er,a
the extracted Solar

out of then as Jrou can, rritb \Z;

evaporate thefi

+ upon those dry O pour rectlfLed, Butyrn, anj.mated by Lts owa$,

dig e st fo r 2 or J ryeeks. per glas"n, (in a ; ' : l' . h e a t . ) cohobatlng wbat coaes over,

, to perfect

d.rtrm.ess. ( to a dry E . )


lhen distil unti.l

upoa the Resid,uun,

by STRONG HEAT, YOIIR BIITYR: COI4ES OVER AS RED AS BLOOD. This is a double or aninated Sopbl" S

; aud a dJ-vJ'ne grad.ating &


a well

prepared. Luna Cornea, which by d,lgestioa becones fl-ne O

of 24 Carats.


v Q.) ?



To fl.x ), soft

or to uake LUNA FIXA, whlch ts its Sou:rd, and cannot be

and looses



You nust prepare the follorlng

Poudere,d aad sifted, nelt*t"" e

Cenenting 6
ln a V,,

Take crucie tyLlte F


when cold poud,er ]-t flaely.

v ouir ! t "t " t $

? tb.ese thlngs

ar tne $

, se a Qa S,
then ln

aad, r ie r v sto n e $
Jar well closed

i8 ,
to keep

mi x


and keep

a glass

out. Thi.s I-s your cenenting $ Ifor take flne copelled, Dt" o tb1.n La,,,ens, and. of your ceneatlng e


Lay a stratrrn ln a roony

Vor ro,." $ flrst, then a stratun of the tLln Lar"eBs. Which you nust dtp preriously ln stall [l ; these Lanens of O nust t
Iay slaglXr', 60 that the $ is can touch then every where; you uay either enough, if they d,o not toucb eacb other. again sone ) L"""o", lay Above then flat or on edge, it or tue $

tELs a Stratuu tlnuer flatsb there

, above that

aad, so you corr-

la3rtng rlce versa or alternatlng S.S.S. pouder and, .Lauens, until you +a rith 0 , tb,e bottoro and upper Stratun of .$ are the thj.ckest. Let be soue roon at than ) t lf tbe Top for uore, there a coverlng is no hartr. of poud.ered, glass; Lute a strong and taice no ,

* Iess A Y!

Cover on the[ or Cracks aad Furaace, . ft is burlt fhe

aad when tboroughlX it is

drYr and you have fl.Iled, all put tUe I in a little

the Crevices Cenenting

thorougb,ly dry agaia,

or p u r Pose oB a E earth. nost dlfflcult

Obeerv e t b e f o llo ria g

De g re e s o f A

Thlng 1n Chynistry,

and f have never seea tro i{aster

yet :-n can.

t he Ar t of Ceuentatiou.

B ut I w1 l1 t e I l

y o u n y Ru le s a s n e a rL y a s I




Llgb,ted Charcoal A


round, I

aaci dead Coals at by 2 fuches. I

the Top, 1n th:Ls although ls

but tbi-s flrst h,eat the flrst It

nust not toucb tne this

Keep lt

6 bours;

degree cannot cau6e tUe

to glow, t ha t

b econee iateasely

hot ;

t h e f irs t all

5 h o u rs p a s t r ln c re a s e ; round, yet keep it Iow,

approach your A tne I


to tUe I

so that

nay glow at the bottom and becone red b.ot alJ. over, or white Eeat, but only of a du1l, dark, glorlng

but not of l{eat. KeeD

a bright the also tue [ [

6 borrrs nore rn tui3*r"". pastr lay

of Ceueatiag beat. le leve1 rdth A

These 6 hours the Cover of

the Coals to tbe Top, tbat r 'nd

, but !.oue upoB tf,e I

gover!. your that


so nuch nod.eration overr yet lt nust

aud, Dlscretioa,

although, tne I Eeat but nust aot nelt,

glows nor alJ. of a duJ.l. be ce-

never be of a bright


red. Eeat, and, no nore, nented; I can describe

because yout )nust lt not clealer.

but ouly

(6 hours nore l.s l8 hours.) look bJ.ack you

Then open tUe :n d . be brittle, dO nothi ?'9.

, talce tbe nass out, the Lanella nust [ j-f they a re s o r y o u rI 1 1 S u c c e e d , if t b e )


Brush the Lsnels

w:lth a rnlre brusb,

aad lay

th.en agaln

in t $



Take a New V , and weigh the Lanels, take -aE new Cenentlng and lay \ S.S.S. tn the . , exactly aa you di'd before, and lute tae ! Y Cenent aga'in 18 hours aa you. cij.ri the first tine e'ractly, using every precaution Tin e , and. then breet ,as before. the [; Repeat this whole operation a thj.rd

la k e t h e )T --s 1 s

e u 1 , (n a k e s 5 4 h o u r s clean fron


th e flandQ .

and boj-I tben f" V

, unt1.l lhey are perfectly


Thj-s is

a LIII{A FfLt, ooVF

'rj.LL ij.ssolve.

Such a L,'na


t s s o on tra n smu te d .i a to Q

, either by a Tinctur e of d,

Cf ".o 6 , or by a gradatlng \E a s I k.o o wfro m E xp e ri e n c e' .

( If that you use glass,

or of Q , or by oU'RAlITrl{o}IIAL cn.soAtrilc fo , ot T.G. Tugel.

{ n u s t b e p re s s e d d , o wn1 n t h e f I ,

the Ce n e n t in g d

the gJ.as6 nay fJ-ow ou a fi.rn substance; whea I use no glassr gently down all tbe eaae I says Mr. Tugel. )

press it

[To produce a t1.lJ.atl.ou out of Lapis are concealed

Vapour by diswhereia


tbe 5 netallic


+,p alrde.
ELlt frorn aix a large ft ed1@, about half, ritb 6 hof fresh Calaninaris finely.

la Chapj.lle,


of a deeg red Colour,

pouder it

a wind furaace oa two iron Bars, over a naked. Cbarcoal Place *,e/futn /\ glass balloou Recelver, and, a glass tube to LbeT@, A " Adapt a flttiug into the Receiver, by neans of a good Cork, trith a hole cut

through the ulddle Light your A

of the Cork. and, d,j-stiI first, gently ard successively, the A geutly and a litt1e PhIe-

gna w'j.II cone over


and gradually,

and a

strong nrj-nera]-rr- w'i11 folIow. You nust put prerriously iato that the corrosive $ -na6 every drop wbich falls

the ?ecej.ver a quart or'V

, in ord'er t

roay be extinguished. aud d,etained in the V

into the S hisses, as if you dropped nelteci


Lead, into

the p

Strong rhite tbe distlllation

Vapours cotre over ia aad anj.:aate your A


therefore as you

you nust coutinue perceive


the natta"od duriug

those Vapours requJ-res it, J days and nights uuttl all

whlch distillatlon the Vapours are

nust be continued co n e over. T hen let wtrich nust the A

die a wa y o f lt s e lf .

Y o u h a v e n o w o b t a in e d

a Chaos,

be dephlegaated

1n Balneo vaporis. over i.a a g,Lass/D, a flxt Q j'uto a Receiver flrst came

The reaaiuing-rrrritbout over !

you dlsti.l

r aad there

remaias now behind,

, rhich


a Fune or VaDour.


you Bour the+.


upon Q

, 1t dissolves the Q
. tra6s, when flxed,






tYbat nay be doae 'f,Lth thls the curi6ss F'.nquireri


I leave


eaough, that

urore caD be done tbererith, a genulneo of S

than we

would rnl-sh to say openly, perforn every opegation.

as is

; and wi1l the Vl.a Slcca.

To dissolve netalli.c

and )ana

reduce tben lnto Cinnabar.

ashes by llative

r take corporeal

flae Q

o r f in e


b e a t iu t o

t h in

le a v es ,


f l l e d,

o r d tsso l ve d ,, tb eQ fron it

r "Vor

the )

t" F,

and the co r os j .v e


to a dry calx, it

is the same whi ch, you take.


Now take NativefJ


, beat i.t coarsely




tb,e Size of peas

or sraalJ.Beans, dip thero lnto i.a the fi.tings o"

ed therew'itb, For this

the'llhite D , "o

of an Egg, and ro11 tben about that tne9bits

// otT anci O

of O


nay be rvell covr-

and let wonderful

then dry. Operation, I take equj.l quaatiti "" ,

) I i .e. E E i n we is h t " " H ." d Nowlay then ln a V , cover the#

O , aud strer dryr it over tben. Then lute put tne!

bits with the renainine Q or

a Cover on it, and when fhe rltb en "o$ forrn a snall dead Botton so tbat

Luten ie

oa a hearth,

and, cover thef

pan or pipkinr furaace Cbarcoalr

and set 4 bricks

round tbe pipkin,

so as to

or Oven rorrad the pipldn. aad light your Charcoal

Now f111 the space round ulth at the Top, over tb.e reversed the Top rith Charcoal,

of the pl,pkin or pan, aad keep supplyiag tbere is always a good, A yoo"A at tbe Top.

htertaio (I tUe A

8 h o u rs ,

a n d . t h e a le t Yelr pot rith


g o o u t o f it s e lf .

ao not know whether , otherrise a snall

ao eaglish Cast iron

paa or pj.pki.n would stand. J legs, turaed. over the the Cenentatton,

r botton

upwardst would becone of a red heat during we1I. )

aad aaswer woaderfully This ls

what MR. TUGEL treans:


'ilhen all

ts cold and, you open the V

ffne ) , if


, :rou rj.ll

flad, *," LI
aud that


couverted iato

you have used that nretal,

of )

n"" forsaken-rts
, in thi.s

o,rm bod,y and has entered, that of

is entirely red,uceci iato ashes,

t*e fi

; your


// and totally


fron netalllc

Spleador. to 6ome iaconsiderate which cannot

This operatlon BeD, but it be perforned

nay appear Conmon and silly

proves as one of the greatest by no other Tluing ln

souders in nature,

the worId. orO asbes and try to red,uce

Erarnins now tb,ese netallic then i-uto )

that all your


o" Q


by every art

or *nowledger

and I asEure you

Flnds6ys111.s w111 be ln

Vei a.

uced tben to d.ead -* ash,es? f!-xed. the Volai.i.ll-[lrnto // But as the foregoing


Eave you not by ttris l-n the 17.)

sJ.nple proceas and, by Eeerns of the ,ni neral A destroyed, th,e flxed, netaLs radical.J.y,
And by the same Ponderful Operatlon

and redyou have

a flrt



o" )

! Iro Benefit,

s1.nple Experineat about lt! to be done?

seeas to promise

nost uen have thougb,t no further and consider wb,at ni.ght renain rise and live

But aow, -open your Eyes,

The dead shall Body! r1th

i-n a glorifled



Consider whether thls saue Reeunection night not be effected t+63t2 your dead into asbes reduced necalU-c bodies? A Consolation 'rj-J.l Tb.e dead ashes rill Essence! back out of that Chaoe, where al-l netallic wblchJr-you aad cone to a nev Life and ri1l be j.nvested

appear! 'ritb

an everlastlng CaIl

the Anina orJ!-


a are conforrnded anil can be \pdr

nust know from


ny D escription

of Nature! FBOMTSE AIRr(the attracted-nfron of$

Whether you talce this-rr-

DO TEIS) or whetber you take lt ABBE! ROUSSEAU,'tJOgLD tt'r I1 1 properly. be the sane bere, (from the $ lf y o u d o b u t rig b t ly


of ,

p re p a re a n d a p pl y l t , or sucb a

al.ludes to a well

nad.e-.'r- of O

j-s obtained., whea you fulninate@ -sL as


Such a-rt- !1111 be a proper uenstruun, to extract A RED ANIMA or /\ flxed Bodtee, or LIINAR or SOLAR I4ETAILIC TINGIIIG /r\ ftor tbe destroyed

ASEES, a,Long wlth sophers





I rbereof

the Phllo-

have wrltten: !t,

EST LAPIS PEfLOSOPEORIIM. SAL METAI,LORIIM nyetery ln the foregolag sinple opaF-

I repeat

tb.ere lE a great

attou ritb fi;


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