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The pigeon sub- farming efficiency is analytical Keep a pigeon to already lead 90's in 20th century hereafter of steady

development, have already gradually headed for maturity.Currently, price in the mar et is higher, ept many visions of investors be again attracted to the pigeon industry.!ut any farming industry, ignore ho" mature, all "ant continuously baptism of e#periencing the mar et, the investor must ta e preventive measures and calculate very economic $hang completely, according to the conditions of o"n economic po"er and the region, the "ell timed development eeps a pigeon industry. %nderneath "ith the cage eep a rightness of pigeons sons for e#ample&the adoption cage eeps, each cage ' (, each one can eep ) rightnesses of pigeons sons, each cage can eep *2 rightnesses of pigeons sons+, respectively "ith current price in the mar et and lo" valley in the mar et the protection price of group leader business enterprise compute economic efficiency to provide a reference. ,, compute currently according to price in the mar et, the first year income circumstance , rightness of pigeons sons thro" in total cost- .eed to purchase a cage and anticipate tool /0 dollarses, such as slot and sin ...etc.. 0urchase a rightness of )0 dollars that gro" a pigeon., rightness of youths pigeon son needs animal feed every day /0 grams of, animal feed price *.') dollars1every *000 gram, teach e#pect to need )./ months, totally consume to anticipate 2,3/0 grams&)./ month 4 '0 day, the 4 is /0 grams, totally need 9 dollars.&2,3/0 grams of 4 *.') dollars+5ne of pigeon son's breeding the period as )/ days , after gro"ing pigeon gro"th maturity, can also breed / nests for 3./ months leaving and gro" the pigeon is teaching a Chu period to consume to anticipate *00 grams1s y, animal feed price *./) dollars1*000 gram, teach Chu to e#pect for general 2/-26 days, if according to teaching Chu to e#pect to compute for average 23 days, / nest s7uabs teach Chu to e#pect to totally consume to anticipate *',/00 grams&23 day, 4 *00 grams of 4s / nests+ and add up 20.39 dollars.&*',/00 grams of 4 *./) dollars+5ther time consume to anticipate ),/00 grams, 8&3./ month 4 '0 day 9 23 day 4 / nests+is the 4 /0 grams8, ,dd up 2 dollars.:o, need to thro" in animal feed e#penses '/.39 dollars the first year.&teach e#pect 9 dollars;teach Chu to e#pect 20.39 dollars;teach Chu other e#pect 2 dollars+ 0revent epidemic disease to "ait e#penses 2 dollars.The utilities "ith sell muc income to mutually arrive.:o, the first year al"ays thro"s in *23.39 dollars.&the tool is /0 dollars;gro" a pigeon )0 dollars;the animal feed is '/.39 dollars;the epidemic prevention "ait other 2 dollarseses+ <air income the first year-2/-26 days of s7uab price is 9 dollars1 currently, according to this price calculation, produce / nests total *0, the hair income is 90 dollars. The net profit is smooth the first year-=ro" a breeding of pigeon to e#pect general is )-/ years, according to ) years, the e#ploitation e#pects, tool e#penses according to depreciating a calculation for *0 years, the net profit is smooth for '3 dollars&90 dollars 9 )0 dollars 4 *1) 9ss /0 dollars 4 *1*0 9ss '/.39 dollars 9 2 dollars+. T"o, compute currently according to the price, the second year and hereafter annually income circumstance >ater needs to thro" in costs, such as animal feed and epidemic prevention...etc. the second year.The pigeon son can produce egg 6 nests for a year after the production as usual, each nest is 2, totally can produce s7uab *2, carry out hair income *)) dollars?The year needs animal

feed '2,/00 grams of, e7uivalence C.@ is /2.2 dollars, the epidemic prevention etc. e#penses to is 2 dollars and totally needs to thro" in /6.2 dollars annually?Can get smooth 32.6 dollars of net profit. Three, mar et the price is lo"er, process a business enterprise to practice an income circumstance for procuring lo"est protection price Af ,nne Biu City "idely gathers industry limited liability the companies practice lo"est protection price 3 dollars1 procure, according to this price calculation, "hen price in the mar et is lo"er, eeping pigeon son still can carry out hair income 30 dollars in the first year, net profit smooth *3 dollars?The second year and the hair income is **2 dollars annually hereafter, net profit smooth )0.6 dollars. (our, "hat time suggest %nder the general circumstance, a person can the cage eep /00 rightnesses of pigeons sons, the year carries out smooth 2-'/,000 dollars of net profit on the average.The farming meat pigeon feeding cost is lo", the period is 7uic ly short, ta e effect, economic efficiency =ao is very suitable for the "omen of the family to be engaged in a courtyard farming, is a good item for amassing a fortune. *, the development eep a pigeon industry to depend on a group leader business enterprise, and build up a stable contract relation "ith business enterprise.,ny farming industry of maturity, all of its end modes are Cgroup leader business enterprise; baseC, Cgroup leader business enterprise; peasant householdC orCgroup leader business enterprise; cooperation organiDation; peasant householdC.Eepend on a group leader business enterprise to farming door, build up a stable contract relation "ith business enterprise, can availably lo"er ris in the mar et, ensure not to suffer a deficit.The business enterprise generally practices of is a service dragon, to ne" feeding door, can nicely relieve farming techni7ue, animal feed and sale etc. cares at home, ma e oneself able to thro" in all energies to the farming, increase economic efficiency. 2, the investment eep a pigeon industry to have to be persistent.The farming industry is a continuous process, the pigeon sub- farming is no e#ception.Fust do a farsighted plan before investing, if thro" in this year, the ne#t year didn't eep, that "ould certainly lose capital.:o, item once choosing is 7uasi-, "ill be persistent, and adGust scale and species according to condition of the mar et ade7uacy in the mar et, can ensure mar et "ell earns big money, <uai in the mar et don't suffer a deficit, finally become the big "inner of farming industry. &222*00 ,nnes and livestoc farming bureau >iu Hun <ua, Iang @i =ui,s of Biu City+ :ource-Jinchang egg incubator """