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Project plan

The main idea behind preparing this project is to make a guests visit un-forgettable experience. In Morden age every business runs on customer satisfaction and to make a customer satisfied with the services rendered is to make frequent changes. Here we will be drawing a picture as to how make a customer a loyal customer to our spa. As we all know word of mouth is the best and unmatched publicity of every business and it can only happen when a customer not only feels satisfied with the services but also it hits his/ her mind and heart. As of now, most of our therapists are well trained but we need to look at other soft aspects as well. In this hospitality sector, courteousness & humble behaviour is very much required, this training module will be able to develop these traits in therapist and will help in improving overall personality. The training module will be divided in 4 parts:1. 2. 3. 4. General Interaction before the therapy starts Interaction during the therapy Interaction/communication after the therapy

This project will require display of video and still images using a projector for better understanding of the therapists. We will be recording few scenarios which usually happen or can happen at spa and how to react in wrong way and right way to such situations.

Back ground Most of the therapist are from North east of India with very basic or no knowledge of Hindi or English; which reflects in their behaviour and understanding. All these things make a managers job difficult as it becomes difficult to make them understand simple things. Therapists who are not good in terms of communication should be able to communicate through their body language which can happen by making them groomed.

1. Pre therapy a. How to greet the customer. b. Guiding him to where to keep their cloths and what to wear. c. Looks; hair; light make up; proper, clean, ironed dress.

2. During the therapy a. Knocking the door; closing the door. b. Foot ritual; lights.

c. d. e. f.

Asking him to lie down on bed. How? Draping him properly. Asking the pressure? Something to strike conversation; Name, what do you do? Where are you from? Have you been to some spa? If interested continue otherwise just do the therapy. g. Asking to turn h. AC temp; towel; pillow i. Customer wants to use washroom

3. Post therapy a. Telling him it is done. b. Guiding customer to steam cubicle, giving short brief to the customer. c. Asking for steam and setting it. d. Clearly telling about hot & cold water. e. Giving him towel near the cubicle. f. Ask to knock in case there is some issue.

Different scenarios:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. AC not working/Heater not working/too Cold. Towel not good. Hot water not coming Steam not coming Cubicle not working Too much lighting/Very less lights Slippers oily/Wet Need phone charger Wants water/green tea in room only Asking for extra services Asking for more time/saying that time is not over. Water not coming. Smell in room Water blockage/leakage