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SECTION 7-3-20. Executive director of State Election Commission.

(B) The executive director shall receive such compensation and employ such staff, subject to the approval of the State Election Commission, as may be provided by law. (C) The executive director shall: (2) delete the name of any elector: (e) who requests in writing that his name be removed; (8) obtain information from any other source which may assist him in carrying out the purposes of this section; SECTION 7-5-340. Duties of State Election Commission respecting removal of elector from ofcial list. The State Election Commission shall: (1) ensure that the name of a qualied elector may not be removed from the ofcial list of eligible voters except: (a) at the request of the qualied elector; SECTION 7-5-160. Voter registration; permanent registration. Effective July 1, 1976, any person who is registered to vote according to law shall remain permanently registered and entitled to all rights and privileges of such registration unless his name is removed from the registration list for cause. (ii) if the agency provides public assistance, the statement, "Applying to register or declining to register to vote will not affect the amount of assistance that you will be provided by this agency.

AFFIDAVIT AND DECLARATION OF WITHDRAWAL OF REGISTRATION State of South Carolina County of Your County ) ) ) (Your state statute for withdrawal SS from voters registration. Be sure to put the proper city and state. This is for South Carolina)

I, First Middle: Last desire to withdraw and cancel My registration, [# xxxx1234], in Your County County, State spelled out, and do so by filing with the State spelled out State Election Commission and the County county Elections and Registration of YourCounty County, Your State and into the records of the Your County County Register of Deeds of Your County County, Your State. Under oath of this AFFIDAVIT AND DECLARATION OF WITHDRAWAL OF REGISTRATION. It shall be attached to My registration record. Said registration record shall be purged from the registration book.

Dated this 29th day of May 2012 being effective Nunc Pro Tunc, from the 25th day of February 1983 (birth date you turned 18) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ seal Affiant First Middle: Last
! Address no abbreviations City, State spelled out, [zipcode-9998]