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TIBCO Consultant with an experience of 4.1 years in TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO EMS, Rende !

ous, "dapters, TIBCO "d#inistrator and TIBCO $a%k CSC& $'dera(ad. Hands-on experience in Designing and developing E"I Solutions using TIBCO Suite & experience in roduction Support as well, In!ol!ed in all t)e p)ases of S*+C! Hands-on experience in TIBCO BW, EMS ad#inistration! Hands-on experience in ,"-".,/EE, S0+, 1+2S0+, and 34I5 s)ell pro6ra##in6! "xpertise & "xperienced in 5M+, 51"T$, 5S+T, 5&0uer'! Had "xperience in B#B integration and in the analysis o$ handling all In%ound, Out%ound E*I transactions li&e '(),'((,'*),'(+ etc! "xcellent co,,unication, resentation S&ills! -nd Insight$ul experience in pro.ect ,anage,ent activities including scoping, esti,ation, planning, $inali/ation speci$ications, resource ad,inistration and 0uality ,anage,ent o$ the so$tware application! 1or&ed in CO" 2Centre o$ "xcellence3 Tea, which provides Best practices and "-I Solutions & Involved TIBCO training progra,s $or new .oiners & $reshers! 1or& "xperience on "4S ad,inistration & 4essaging In$rastructure ad,inistration, Con$igured "4S server in 5T ,ode! 1or& "xperience on Haw& & 1ring 6ule %ases! Involved in start up & shut down o$ TIBCO In$rastructural services $or down ti,e operations! roactively Involved in 6eact Calls & Scru, Calls $or %etter roduction Support services! "xperienced in Develop,ent o$ "SB 2"nterprise Service Bus3 custo, solutions & roduct %ased solutions! "xpertise in providing 6oot Cause -nalysis & 7ap -nalysis! S7I++S SET Tec)nical Skills&
TIBCO Tools8 TIBCO "cti!e Matrix Business Works 9.: TIBCO Enterprise Messa6e Ser!ice 4.x,9.x, ;.x "*B and <ile "dapters TIBCO "d#inistrator 9.; TIBCO Rende !ous =.x. TIBCO $a%k. TIBCO Business Connect 9.x. $TM+, 5M+, 5S+T, *T*, 5S*, 51"T$, SO"1, WS*+ and 3**I. ,/EE tec)nolo6ies8 Core ,a!a *BMS Tec)nolo6ies8 Oracle >i, :i, 1?68 S0+, 1+2S0+, Stored 1rocedures, <unctions, Cursors and Tri66ers. Scriptin6 +an6ua6es8 34I5 S)ell Scriptin6, ,a!a Scriptin6 and 1erl Script. I*E Tools8

<unctional Skills&

TIBCO *esi6ner, S0+ de!eloper, TO"*, @e#s, 1utt', SO"1 3I, 5M+ Sp' and Eclipse .

Interacting with users $or syste, study, re0uire,ents gathering, analysis, i,ple,entation and testing o$ syste,! 8eading the tea, in technical aspects! 9nderstanding the technical & $unctional speci$ications!

1RO<ESSIO4"+ E51OS3RE 4t),ulA11 B Till *ate8 CSC, $'dera(ad "s Senior Consultant :un;)<= :ul>**? Synechron, une -s Developer

1roCects $andled8 1roCect D1 Title? Client? eriod? "nviron,ent? Description?

Beck#an Coulter.
Bec&,an Coulter Inc! 29S-3 :ul>** to Till Date TIBCO Business wor&s (!+, "4S (!x, -d,inistration, Business Connect, Haw& :ava and Oracle! Bec&,an Coulter Inc! is a co,pany that ,a&es %io,edical la%oratory instru,ents! Bec&,an Coulter develops, ,anu$actures and ,ar&ets products that si,pli$y, auto,ate and innovate co,plex %io,edical testing! Bec&,an diagnostic syste,s are $ound in hospitals and other critical care settings around the world and produce in$or,ation used %y physicians to diagnose disease, ,a&e treat,ent decisions and ,onitor patients! Bec&,an has a large proportion o$ Integration $or ,ultiple scenario>s and pro.ects $or Internal and Trading partner and Custo,ers which uses TIBCO B1 , Businesss Connect , "DI $or di$$erent applications li&e 7C- - $or ",ploy in$or,ation , 4O4 , O4 Integration $or warehouses at di$$erent locations , Tender ship status , Ship,ents , Big ,achines , @ewill integration , Invoices and di$$erent set o$ "DI-A*# and "DI5-CT transactions ! This integration will %ring a%out the internal %usiness syste,s and partner %usiness integration %etween Oracle "SB, B "8 and to TIBCO $inally to Oracle which will scale the %usiness into appropriate syste, integration! TIBCO Business "vents will ,onitor all In%ound & Out Bound events and con$ir,s the derived events to external applications! Business rocess ,anage,ent Operational 4anage,ent! was i,ple,ented via i rocess $or e$$ective Business

7e' *eli!era(les8 9nderta&ing enhance,ents and design and develop,ent o$ Code in B1 -4A Designer! Involved In Design -nd Develop,ent! Involved in 9ser Interaction to get 6e0uire,ents and 1or&ed on Design! Handled data%ase 0ueries, procedures $or Oracle related tas&s! repared a SD8C $or the code changes and tea, review o$ the developed code, Conducted 9nit Testing and 9-T Test in T"ST environ,ent and then ,oved to 6OD, 6oot Cause -nalysis and de%ugged $or roduction Support! Con$igured the %usiness participants & agree,ent and ASD, "CS $iles in TIBCO Business Connect -d,in! repared the 4D B) & () docu,ents $or the developed and designed code & a separate 4apping docu,ent $or the seg,ents or $ields ,apped $or $uture re$erence in case o$ issues! 1or&ed on Coding Standards & Best ractices! repared the test cases $or 9nit Testing, 8oad Testing and Integration Testing! 1or&ed On Sche,as! 8ead the tea, in technical aspects! Con$igured 6C6D & Scripts to start and stop production $or co,ponents! "4S Server -d,inistration and B1 Do,ain -d,inistration! 1or&ed on B 4 rocedures 9sing TIBCO i rocess! 1or&ed on "DI '(),'*),'((,'(+ Integrations with Trading artners! 1or&ed on 1e% develop,ent 7C- - portal in :#"" environ,ent Developed "rror handling & -udit 8ogging 5ra,ewor&s! 1or&ed on Haw& 6ule %ases! 1or&ed B 4 1or&$low %y using i rocess & 1or&ed in i rocess -d,inistration! Designed 6e,ote ,onitoring syste,s $or Bec&,an CoulterDs %usiness! De$ined 1or&$low rocesses $or Better B 4!

1roCect D/ Title? Client? eriod? "nviron,ent? ro.ects Involved? "surion -surion Corp 29S-3 :un;)< = :ul>** TIBCO Business wor&s (!x, "4S (!x, -d,inistration, and SE8 Server!

iCare 9D4 8ogistics & 5ul$il,ent CTI! -surion is the glo%al leader in technology protection services! 5ro, lost, stolen and da,aged wireless handsets to ,al$unctioning co,puters or HDTCs, -surion provided ,ore than <) ,illion consu,ers worldwide with %est-in-class, next day device replace,ent! -surion also o$$ered protection o$ user content and so$tware! Clai, handling and custo, ,aster data ,anage,t was integrated with Ti%co in$rastrure $or various clients li&e Sprint, -TT, and T,o%ile!


7e' *eli!era(les8 Created "4S scripts! repared the Standards $or all TIBCO in$rastructures! 1or&ed on Design & Develop,ent! 1or&ed @ I>s! 4onitored "4S server & deployed services! 1or&ed per$or,ance Tuning! 1or&ed on SE8 0ueries! Conducted :-C- coding! Deployed all the services using -pp4anage Scripts & -nt script! Created Test Cases $or all possi%le operations with valid and invalid data! 1or&ed on Co,,on Data $or,ats and event ,onitoring syste,s!