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MTE 7203 Radar System Engineering & Design

Course Description: This course discusses the fundamental principles behind the design and operation of Radar systems for different applications. It is intended to make the student understand the principles of Radar and its use in military and civilian environment and give them them familiarity with navigational aids available for navigation of aircrafts and ships. !MS: 1. To derive and discuss the Range equation and the nature of detection. 2. To apply doppler principle to radars and hence detect moving targets, cluster, also to understand tracking radars . To refresh principles of antennas and propagation as related to radars, also study of transmitters and receivers. Detai"ed Course Content:

1. T!" #$T%R" &' R$($R) Introduction * The Radar "quation* Radar +lock (iagram and &peration* Radar 'requencies* !istory of Radar (evelopment* $pplications of Radar 2. T!" R$($R ",%$TI&#) -rediction of Range -erformance* .inimum (etectable /ignal* Receiver #oise* -robability0density 'unctions* /ignal0to0noise Ratio* Integration of Radar -ulses* Radar 1ross /ection of Targets* 1ross0section 'luctuations* Transmitter -ower* -ulse Repetition 'requency and Range $mbiguities* $ntenna -arameters* /ystem 2osses* -ropagation "ffects . 13 $#( 'R",%"#140.&(%2$T"( R$($R) The (oppler "ffect* 13 Radar* 'requency0 modulated 13 Radar* $irborne (oppler #avigation* .ultiple0frequency 13 Radar 5. .TI $#( -%2/"0(&--2"R R$($R) .oving0target0indication 6.TI7 Radar* (elay 2ines and 1ancelers* /ubclutter 8isibility* .TI %sing Range 9ates and 'ilters* -ulse0doppler Radar* #oncoherent .TI* .TI from a .oving -latform:$.TI* 'luctuations 1aused by -latform .otion* "ffect of /idelobes on -ulse0doppler $.TI Radar ;. TR$1<I#9 R$($R) Tracking with Radar* /equential 2obing* 1onical /can* /imultaneous 2obing or .onopulse* Target0reflection 1haracteristics and $ngular $ccuracy* Tracking in Range* Tracking in (oppler* $cquisition* "=amples of Tracking Radars* 1omparison of Trackers >. R$($R TR$#/.ITT"R/ ) .agnetron &scillator * <lystron $mplifier * Traveling0wave0tube $mplifier * $mplitron and /tabilitron * 9rid0controlled Tubes * 1omparison of Tubes * .odulators ?. $#T"##$/ ) $ntenna -arameters * $ntenna Radiation -attern and $perture (istribution * -arabolic0reflector $ntennas * /canning0feed Reflector $ntennas * 1assegrain $ntenna * 2ens $ntennas * $rray $ntennas * -attern /ynthesis * 1osecant0squared $ntenna -attern * "ffect of +roadband /ignals on $ntenna -atterns * "ffect of "rrors on Radiation -atterns * Radomes * 'ocused $ntennas @. R"1"I8"R/) The Radar Receiver * /uperheterodyne Receiver * Receiver #oise * #oise 'igure * "ffective #oise Temperature * "nvironmental #oise * R' $mplifiers * 1rystal .i=ers * I' $mplifiers * (isplays * (uple=ers A. -R&-$9$TI&# &' R$($R 3$8"/ ) -ropagation over a -lane "arth * The Round "arth * Refraction * $nomalous -ropagation * 2ow0altitude 1overage * Radar (iffraction /creen * $ttenuation by $tmospheric 9ases * .icrowave0radiation !aBards 1C. /4/T"./ "#9I#""RI#9 $#( ("/I9# ) /ystems "ngineering * Radar -arameter /election * "=ample:$ircraft0surveillance Radar $/(" * $irborne 3eather0avoidance Radar * +istatic Radar * Radar +eacons

Teac#ing and $earning %attern

The teaching of students will be conducted through lectures, tutorials, short classroom e=ercises, case studies, group discussions among the students and proDects aimed at solving real life problems. The lecture material will be availed to the students in advance to enable them have prior reading. /olving real life problems in each theme or a number of topics will enhance the studentsE understanding of the problem based learning techniques.

ssessment met#od
$ssessment will be done through coursework which will include assignments, class room and take home tests, proDect work and presentations and a written e=amination. 1ourse work will carry a total of 5CF and written e=amination carries >CF. 1oursework marks will be divided into* $ssignments ;F, Tests 1CF and -racticalGproDect 3ork 2;F.


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