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“Ahlan Wa Sahlan”

Discovering UAE

With PagesOfJoy
Discovering UAE
I take this opportunity in welcoming each one of the team members to Discovering UAE
Treasure Hunt. This is a very exciting program where entertainment and Information
gathering goes hand in hand.

No Much talk, as the saying goes, Insha Allah, (If GOD Willing), hope you have a great fun
filled enjoyment day long. Hope you enjoy. Do let us know your feedback.

Read the Rules and lets start the hunt.


Tour Leader
Joy Paul

Important Numbers

Joy Paul Mob:

(Driver) Mob:
Arabian Automobile Association (AAA) 04 - 2669989 or 800 4900
Dubai Traffic Police Information Line 04- 2685555
Directory Enquiry & Yellow Pages 181
Ambulance 999
Rules of the Game
There are activities listed in the following pages. For each correct answer, you get a treasure

Extra treasure points can be got, if certain additional information is provided for certain
indicated questions.

Certain activity questions are answered by way of taking photographs, These can be taken
using phone cameras or digital cameras. Ensure to get it verified by the tour leader to get
your treasure points.

Answers to all the questions would be given either as hint or as direct answers during the
tour commentary.

Extra points to those team who return back to the designated area within the time allotted.

All Locations of places are marked in BOLD CAPITAL letters.

General Rules

Do respect the local rules while visiting places, show respect and maintain calm especially
visiting religious locations.

Smoke only on designated places

Consuming Alcohol in public places would cause issues. Apply restrain.

Enlisted is a schedule of program, this might change according to the situation demands.

If lost or need more information, do have a copy of the Important numbers handy by every
team members.

Lets Start
First Things First
Take a photograph of the team, using the camera of the Tour Leader and paste it below.
(Tour leader would make arrangements to print the photo within one hour, once you return
the camera)

Team Members
Write your names as the locals mention the names (ex: Ahmed Bin Sulman Al Khalifa), if you
do not have family name, mention your birthplace instead.




5. ________________________________________________________________
UAE TRIVIA - Things to buy /Do or ANSWER
You have time to purchase/accumulate these things till the end of the tour.

1. Pin Point the places where all we visited in a Map of UAE

2. 20 Dhs currency note (extra points if you get the big 1 DHS coin)
3. How many independent Arab states are there in U.A.E? Which are they ?
4. Names of the sheikh who rules each emirate
5. Zatar Bread or 1/4 kilo of Arabic Sweets or Baklawa (Assorted)
6. Take photo of a traditional Dhow
7. Thoom (extra points if you get the paste)
8. A copy of Gulf News or Khaleej Times
9. Photograph of one of your team member having a Ghawa

10. Kuboos (extra points if it is bought oven fresh )

11. Which is the national airline of UAE
12. What is name of the range of mountains found on the UAE's border with Oman?
13. The U.A.E is bordered to the north by what body of water?
14. Name the only seven star hotel of the world that is found in Dubai.?
Burj Dubai, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, Burj Al Arab
15. The flag of U.A.E has a vertical stripe of which colour?

Shown Proof _______________________________

Knowing UAE
You have find answers to the below, by the end of the tour. Communicate with locals to
know the answers.

1. How do you say the following in Arabic

a. Good Morning ______________________________
b. Good Evening ______________________________
c. Good Bye ______________________________
d. Thank You ______________________________
e. Congrats ______________________________

2. What do you say in response to Salam Walikum - (extra points if quoted the full version)


3. How much does petrol cost (extra points if you could get details of the friends Super,
Special and E+)


4. What was the early name

UAE ______________________________

5. Driving north out of Dubai, the first Emirate you come to is Sharjah. What Emirate would
you drive through next?

Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Fujeriah

Knowing Bahrain (continued)
6. Get the photograph of Ms.Abaya and Mr.Thope

Shown Proof _______________________________

7. Why would you use Bastakiya (extra points if you photograph one of those)

Shown Proof _______________________________

8. What would 311, 611 and 11 mean to.

9. The area opposite Bur Dubai, on the other side of the Creek is called_ _________
(extra points – how many bridges crossed the Dubai Creek in 2008)
10. When is UAE National Day _________________________________
11. What would you do with a Sheesha?
Drink it, Play it, Smoke it, Eat it
12. The only one of its kind in the Middle East, this can be found in 'The Mall of the Emirates'
Camel rides, Giant replica of a sheesha pipe, Indoor ski slope and snow park, Indoor
aquarium with real divers
13. Where is the Dubai Gold Cup held every March?
Sheba Al Nad, Nad Al Sheba, Al and Sheba, Sheesha
14. Joy is visiting the house of his friend Isa Amin, Where will he be invited to Majlis or Harim
15. If you were to take your 4x4 vehicle into the desert to drive up and down sand dunes you
would be doing what?
Dune bashing, Dune beating, Dune thrashing, Dune driving
16. Every autumn Dubai hosts which favourite annual sports event?

Formula 1 racing, Emirate Falcon Flying, International camel racing, The Dubai Rugby 7's

Activity RAK
Duration 20 mins
In which state is "Julphar", a well-known pharmaceutical factory?

How many type of petrol pumps did you manage to find. (Extra points if you manage to find
more than 3 types)

Shown Proof _______________________________

Activity Abu Dhabi
Duration 20 mins
Location Points

Emirates Palace Hotel

Al Hilal Bank (Extra points if you know the significance )

Which country is U.A.E's largest crude oil customer? (60% +)

Japan, UK, USA India

Spot the difference in street light in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Did you hear the haunting sounds after before reaching EMAL flyover (while going from Abu
Dhabi to Dubai)

Shown Proof _______________________________

Trivia (I bet you never knew it)
The earlier name of UAE is Trucial States (UAE got its independence from British in 1970’s)
HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi – Sharjah HH SHEIKH HUMAID BIN RASHID AL NUAIMI – Ajman HH Shaikh Rashid Bin Ahmad Al Mualla – UAQ H.H. Sheikh
Hamad bin Mohamed Al Sharqi – Fujirah Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammad al-Qasimi - RAK His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Abu Dhabi Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
Activity Fujirah
Duration 1 hour
Location Points

Buy fruits at Friday Market
Name a mineral water produced here
Khor Fakhan

Shown Proof _______________________________

Full Names Please
Activity 3D Movie
Duration 20 mins + 40 mins
Visit Ibn Battuta Mall , take a trip from Geant to China Court

What is the significance of Ibn Battuta and Mall design

Meet the tour leader at the 3D movie hall

Shown Proof _______________________________

Activity Al Ain
Duration 2 hour
Location Points

Jebel Hafeet
Sun set at Al Ain Jebel Hafeet
Buy Camel Milk at a local dairy farm
Collect the dark red sands of Al Ain
Snaps of Garden City at Jebel Hafeet
Camel Souk / Live Stock

Shown Proof _______________________________

Activity UAQ
Duration 30 mins
Location Points

UAQ Wall
What’s common in AeroClub, DreamLand and Shooting Club and Emirates MotorPlex
How much you will be fined if you litter in UAQ
Photograph a number plate of UAQ registration (Extra Points if you collect of all emirates)

Shown Proof _______________________________

Activity Ajman
Duration 30 mins
Location Points

Ajaman Beach
Ajman Musuem
Photo of a broken ship
Who is the brand ambassador of Al Zorah
Spotted Nujoom Islands
What is the email of Ajman Sheikh (Hint Think Green) ☺

Shown Proof _______________________________

Activity Sharjah
Duration “1 hour”
Location Points

Sharjah Aquarium (Hint Near Port Road, Near Grant Hotel)

Sharjah Zoo (Hint Arabian Wild Life Area, Childrens Farm)
Sharjah University (Hint Airport Road)
Which year UNESCO decalared Sharjah the Cultural Capital of World (Hint Sharjah

Activity Dubai By Night
Duration “2 hour”
Location Point

The Palm
Arabian Ranches (Hint Biggest Round About)
Boat Ride by the creek
Take a picture of the present construction of Burj Dubai

Shown Proof _______________________________

The Fog Ride Dubai – Abu Dhabi
Dubai Land Al Bawadi
Dubai Sports City
Green Farm Ride of Sharjah
Sharjah Monument
Eye of Sharjah
Umm Al Quwaim
Wall of UAQ
Private Beach of Ajman ☺
Breakfast (suggestion Sarvana Bhavan)
Sharjah Acquarium
Ajman Musuem
University Round up at Sharjah
Dhaid Road to Dibba
Stop over at Sharjah Zoo
Long Ride to Dibba via Khor Fakhan
Sun set at Jebel Hafeet Al Ain
Abu Dhabi Orientation Drive
Dubai By Night