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Goldenrules of safety

1. Groundwork
Dig safely
Follow the KLIC procedure when performing excavation work; Only perform excavation work after liaising with the operator; Make trial trenches where necessary.

6. Work permit
Make sure you have a valid and complete work permit
Record the work clearly; Specify the risks and discuss the measures; Check whether the workplace is safe, also in the event of extensions or reductions; Take note of other work being performed in the surrounding area; In the event of an extension, check that the circumstances have not changed.

2. Conned spaces
Be sure that conned spaces can be entered safely
Never enter the area without a release tag; Always place a look-out man at the entrance; Measure the oxygen concentration continuously; Ensure the availability of suitable life-saving devices, protection and communication measures; Ensure that electrical voltage is below a safe threshold while work is being performed.

7. Making equipment safe

Only work on equipment which has been isolated and rendered inoperative
A responsible person will state and check whether the process/equipment is safe and continues to be safe (product-free and voltage-free); Take responsibility for the tting, removing and registering of tags/lockouts and bypass measures; Seeing is believing!: test or measure regularly whether the situation is still safe; Use correct, approved and calibrated measuring equipment.

3. Working at height
Work safely at height (> 2.5 metres)
Work only on ladders that are displaying a release tag; Use a safety harness where necessary; Only work on a ladder if it is stable and at the correct angle; Remain alert to the risk of falling materials.

8.Personal protection equipment

Use the prescribed personal protection equipment (PPE).
Only use approved PPE; Challenge each other if someone is not wearing PPE; Check the condition of your PPE regularly.

4. Hoisting and lifting

Never walk under a suspended load
Never enter a fenced-off area with a suspended load if you do not have permission; Always follow the instructions; Ensure that the division of roles and communication methods are appropriate and clear; Avoid hoisting above pipelines that are in operation.

9. Alcohol and drugs

It is prohibited to work under inuence of alcohol and drugs
No alcohol or drugs while working or driving; Take account of any potential alcohol or drugs remaining in the bloodstream; Be alert to any potential side effects of medicines; Intervene if someone uses alcohol or drugs at work.

5. Road Safety
Drive safely
Adhere to the trafc regulations, also at installations; Ensure that you are rested when you start a journey and stop whenever you feel tired; Ensure that loading does not pose any problems; Always pay full attention to driving; Never use your mobile in the car when you are driving, unless there is imminent danger; Adapt your driving behaviour to the changing circumstances (fog, low sun, temperature).

10. Smoking
Do not smoke outside designated smoking areas
The smoking ban must be strictly observed; Inform the operator/regulator in the absence of a special smoking area.

...Think Safety!