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Company Profile
VISION To be the leader in business information and communications solutions in Indonesia. MISSION To make business easier for corporations and individuals through innovative information and communications solutions.

Lintasarta is an information and communications company with a long heritage of meeting the data communications needs of customers in small, medium and large businesses.

Founded in 1988, Lintasarta is one of the most comprehensive and advanced Information and Communication Technology service providers in Indonesia, connecting businesses throughout the length and breadth of the archipelago, bringing data communications, business information services and Internet even to remote areas.
Lintasarta has the expertise and experience to take responsibility for part or all of a customers information and communications operations, allowing them to concentrate on their core business. We can provide applications or elements as part of a solution or, in collaboration with partners chosen for their expertise and relevance, provide total custom designed turnkey solutions in which every element and detail is included.

and trustworthiness. Free of bureaucratic obstacles and silo results fast.

Lintasarta has always been an innovator. Operating at the cutting edge of technology, we identify, source, configure and implement the latest developments on behalf of our customers, helping them achieve their business goals through the right solutions, and providing ongoing support 24/7.
Today we serve more than 1,700 corporate clients, connecting more than 19,000 networks, using a sophisticated infrastructure based on the Next Generation Network (NGN) Platform, and backed by local support in more than 44 cities throughout the country.


Lintasarta Point of Presence Service is available in more than 100 locations in Indonesia.

Sumatera Area
Banda Aceh Langsa Lhokseumawe Medan Pancing Tanjung Balai Rantau Prapat Pematang Siantar Tebing Tinggi Dumai Pekanbaru Bankinang Duri Bukit Tinggi Padang Jambi Batam Tanjung Pinang Pangkal Pinang Palembang Baturaja Lubuklinggau Muaraenim Muarabungo Prabumulih Bengkulu Bandar Lampung Metro

Jawa Area
Cilegon Serang Nagara Banten Tangerang Jakarta Bekasi Cibitung Cikarang Purwakarta Cibinong Cilengsi Karawang Cikampek Sukabumi Bandung Cimahi Padalarang Purwakarta Cileunyi Tasikmalaya Indramayu Cirebon Tegal Pemalang Pekalongan Purwokerto Purbalingga Cilacap Ungaran Semarang Jepara Blora Purwodadi Rembang Demak Kudus Magelang Yogyakarta Klaten Solo Sragen Salatiga Madiun Ponorogo Kediri Gresik Surabaya Mojokerto Sidoarjo Pasuruan Lawang Malang Blitar Jember Lamongan Tuban Pasuruan Tulungagung Bojonegoro BanyuwangI Jombang Probolinggo

Bali & NTT Area

Tabanan Denpasar Kuta Ubud Praya Mataram Kupang

Kalimantan Area
Pontianak Palangkaraya Banjarbaru Banjarmasin Sintang Samarinda Balikpapan Bontang Tarakan

Sulampua Area
Makassar Maros Parepare Kendari Palu Gorontalo Manado Ambon Jayapura


Lintasarta Fiber Optic covers more than 200 High Rise Buildings in Jakarta area and major cities in Indonesia.

Medan Batam Balikpapan Pekanbaru

Palembang Semarang Makasar Surabaya







Balikpapan Batam Pekanbaru

Palembang Lampung JABODETABEK Semarang Solo Jatiluhur Bandung

Makasar Surabaya

Malang Yogyakarta


Lintasarta VSAT coverage covers Indonesia, Asia Pasific and Australia.

MOBILITY SOLUTIONS Lintasarta Mobility Access Lintasarta SMS Corporate

INDUSTRIES Finance Telecommunications Resources Government Manufacture & Trading Transportation Services Media

ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS Lintasarta Video Conference Lintasarta Corporate Mailer Lintasarta Data Center Lintasarta Managed Router Lintasarta Managed LAN Lintasarta Managed Hosted IP PBX Lintasarta Contact Center Lintasarta Cloud Services

CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS Lintasarta Leased Line Lintasarta Metro Ethernet Lintasarta Frame Relay Lintasarta IPVPN Lintasarta IP VSAT Lintasarta SCPC VSAT Lintasarta Dedicated Internet Lintasarta Broadband Internet

Innovative Business Solutions

Lintasarta has one goal: to make business easier for our clients by providing information and communications solutions that work solutions that improve performance, boost competitiveness, save money, increase productivity, open up new opportunities, and fuel growth.
They focus on three areas of vital importance for companies striving to achieve their business goals: Mobility getting information to and from employees and customers wherever they happen to be. Enterprise connecting and informing people within your organization, freeing you from the responsibility of managing and storing data so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Connectivity providing the links that keep data flowing freely, connecting effortlessly with customers and partners, bringing your entire world together, and plugging it into the global network. Applying expertise gained over more than 20 years experience, we develop solutions to meet the needs of companies involved in industry sectors including: Government, Media, Resources, Services, Transportation, Manufacture & Trading, Finance and Telecommunications. Innovative solutions that are simple to implement, reliable, using the latest thinking and technology, and producing measurable results.

Solutions to meet your business needs

All companies face common challenges, requirements that must be fulfilled if they are to stay competitive, build and retain customer loyalty, and meet long-term growth objectives.

Whatever sector they operate in, they must:

01/Support Sustainability

For a business to be truly sustainable it must make the most of its resources, operate profitably, and provide continuity in its services to customers, both internal and external. Whether it is between head office and remote exploration and development sites, or between the branches in a countrywide network of shops or offices, or between colleagues and customers on the move, the free flow of information is vital. Successful companies concentrate on what they do best, and ensure that what they do best is appreciated by their customers. Serving the needs of customers, responding to changing demands, dealing with queries, providing support and the level of care and attention they expect is a full time job, and demands a significant investment of time and manpower. Being able to respond quickly to a rapidly changing market or ever evolving customer demands can make the difference between success and failure, growth and stagnation. Companies need to be responsive if they are to stay relevant and maintain customer loyalty. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, we all need to maximize efficiency boosting productivity and effectiveness without increasing costs. Maximum efficiency is achieved through the better use of existing resources, and the application of innovative solutions that achieve our goals more effectively.

02/Communicate More Effectively

03/Focus On Customers

04/Improve Responsiveness

05/Increase Efficiency

Lintasarta can help you meet these business needs through innovative solutions: Supporting Sustainability: Lintasarta Data Center is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) solution that moves your vital data offsite, stores it securely, backs it up, and supports it with a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) to ensure continued operation, even in the face of the most unexpected challenges. Our Data Center provides international standard operational capacity and security, accessed through a high availability network, managed and maintained by experts with decades of experience. The Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) operates in anticipation of possible major infrastructure interruptions, allowing the system to continue operating, protecting the integrity of the data, and maintaining continuity of major or critical services. The Data Center is further enhanced by Lintasarta Cloud Services, which offer a virtual Data Center and Virtual Server, to store and manage your information and make it easily available where and when you want it. Lintasarta Cloud Services are secure, affordable, flexible and excellent, allowing companies to have the most advanced IT functionality and storage without having to invest in infrastructure and specialist personnel. Lintasarta Data Center is now available in various locations such as Jakarta, Bandung and Jatiluhur, and will continue to expand to other cities in Indonesia. By reducing capital investment and operating costs, accommodating scalability and flexibility, future proofing against technological evolution, providing international standards of security and operation, and guarding against interruptions caused by catastrophe, Lintasarta Data Center and Lintasarta Cloud Services solutions can increase any companys long term viability, and help make them truly sustainable. Making Communications More Effective: Lintasartas Multi Branch solution provides Data Communications and Internet links such as Lintasarta Leased Line, Lintasarta Metro Ethernet, Lintasarta IPVPN and Lintasarta Frame Relay services that provide point-to-point connections between offices, between networks in different parts of the country and between multi locations inside and outside the country. For remote or rural locations that need to be in constant communication with the head office, we provide Lintasarta VSAT, a data communication service using satellite access media. And when colleagues in different locations, or different countries, need to work together they can use Lintasarta Video Conference, which can be used for regular meetings, distance learning, product promotion and open discussion face to face communication without the expense of time and money involved in travel. To enable communication on the move, Lintasarta has Lintasarta Mobility Access, which provides access to intranets using 3.5 G mobile phone technology with High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). Lintasarta has a host of innovative solutions that will keep information flowing, and keep you on top of your business.

Focusing On Customers: Serving the needs of customers, responding to changing demands, dealing with queries, providing support and the level of care and attention they expect is a full time job, and demands a significant investment of time and manpower. Lintasarta e-Channel Solution combines a number of elements that help companies focus on their customers. Lintasarta Contact Center provides a multichannel contact center that handles phone calls, web calls (chat, VoIP), email and SMS. Lintasarta SMS Corporate can deliver either interactive or broadcast text messages cost effectively to targeted audiences of any size, and Lintasarta Corporate Mailer delivers documents such as billing and loan statements, and marketing materials, via electronic mail, faster, cheaper and more securely than via conventional modes of delivery. Information and data communication technology plays a vital role in helping companies meet the needs of their customers. Lintasarta can make sure you get full value from your system, and leave you free to ensure your customers are not just satisfied, but delighted. Improving Responsiveness: Lintasarta can help companies respond effectively, freeing them from the demands and responsibility of managing their IT network. Lintasarta Cloud Services offer virtual approaches to information management, allowing greater flexibility in storing and managing information. With Lintasarta Virtual Data Center and Virtual Server you can access your information anywhere and anytime you want. By outsourcing network management to Lintasarta and using Lintasarta Managed Service, clients can save time and money and increase the return on their IT investment. Lintasarta Managed Service is a one-stop solution for providing, managing, maintaining, and monitoring IT networks and routers, with high network availability and a very high degree of security. Our solutions help companies minimize: operating costs, through efficient use of human resources and devices; capital expenditure, through optimum use and utilization of the network; system instability, through continual expert maintenance; risk of obsolescence through rapidly changing technology. Responsiveness in business is about speed, precision and cost containment. Lintasartas solutions are a tailor-made response to those criteria. Increasing Efficiency: Lintasartas e-Channel solution, with its powerful combination of Contact Centre, Voice Service, SMS Corporate and Corporate Mailer services, provides a powerful tool for managing customer contact and communication, and communication between colleagues, more efficiently. Lintasarata Video Conference can also make a contribution, providing efficient, cost effective face-to-face communication on demand. Lintasarta Managed Service helps increase efficiency through its expert operation and maintenance, as do our Cloud Services, which provide the most advanced IT functionality and storage with no investment in infrastructure and specialist personnel.

Industry Solutions
Unlike the business challenges that all companies face, different industries present specific requirements that must be fulfilled if they are to carry out their functions effectively and satisfy their customers.
Over 23 years, Lintasarta has worked closely with customers in a wide range of industries and not only understands the specific needs that apply to each, but also has been able to respond to those needs with tailor made solutions.


Banks face fierce competition and are challenged to make service more convenient, increase customer data security, strengthen risk management, seek market extension and develop new products. Lintasarta has decades of experience building information technology and communication infrastructures for the Finance Industry, providing integrated systems with high-level security and supervision over the flow of inter-branch data communication and transactions. Telecommunication, Network Access and Internet Service Providers face intense competition in an area that is changing and developing rapidly. They need to provide contents and services fast, conveniently and innovatively to win customer trust and generate revenue. Our high-value solution helps industry to innovate, keep up with latest developments, increase service levels and decrease costs.



For those in mining, engineering, procurement, construction and agriculture, the need for geographically diverse field offices to be in constant touch with the center can pose a communication problem. Our solution integrates systems with production process, connecting even the most remote and helping improve coordination, efficiency and productivity. The challenge for Government, whether central administrative services or government bodies such as schools and universities is to provide consolidated information rapidly with limited resources. Our solution priorities effective and efficient distribution of information to help Government bodies respond swiftly and accurately. For those making, assembling, distributing or retailing goods, it is essential to be able to meet changes in supply and demand with consistent quality and reliable delivery at a competitive cost. Our solution for manufacturing combines in-depth knowledge of the sector with technical innovation aimed at standardization, system modernization, outsourcing and business process management, supported by ICT that integrates all activities including back office, front office, upstream and downstream. In transportation, whether for airlines, freight specialists or shipping companies, the need is for real time information to handle reservations, freight movements etc. Our solution is built around service-oriented architecture than can be combined with the customers current technology, maintaining consistent contact with partners and customers worldwide for visibility and traceability of inventory and tracking business chains. The service sector is expected to lead the way in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) especially in using the Internet for product development and marketing, and adding value added for partners and stakeholders. Lintasartas communication and Internet service solution, provides reliable connectivity of 99%, and can help companies meet the different various needs of their customers. The need in this intensely competitive industry is to provide content and services fast and consistently, making use of the latest technology platforms and meeting corporate revenue targets. Lintasarta offers a high-value solution involving Service Level Agreements that keeps customers up to date, reduces costs and increases competiveness.


05/Manufacture & Trading




Lintasarta Products
Lintasarta has one goal: to make business easier for our clients by providing information and communications solutions that work solutions that improve performance, boost competitiveness, save money, increase productivity, open up new opportunities, and fuel growth.

Applying expertise gained over more than 20 years experience, we develop solutions to meet the needs of business. Innovative solutions simple to implement, reliable, using the latest thinking and technology, producing measurable results.

Data Communications

leased line metro ethernet SCPC VSAT IP VSAT IPVPN frame relay dedicated internet broadband internet mobility access data center cloud services managed router managed LAN managed hosted IP PBX contact center SMS corporate corporate mailer video conference


Value Added Service

Ensuring the fast flow of vital information

Data Communications

Enabling information to flow fast, freely and securely between every point in an organization, and to and from customers, suppliers and stakeholders, is the job of Lintasartas data communications specialists. We have a range of connectivity solutions to match the needs of companies and organizations of all sizes and geographic spread.

Data Communications

leased line Connectivity solution delivering the highest speed & excellent quality. Supported by Fiber Optic, using clear channel technology, provides flexibility for any communication protocol & application.

IPVPN IP based service using secured MPLS Network for WAN connection. Real-time monitoring, fully managed any-to-any connection, flexible & efficient. frame relay Secured high-speed point-to-multipoint connection with Frame Switching technology. High reliability, supported by Fiber Optic network transmission  system, efficient for many connections.

metro ethernet Perfect solution for high bandwidth connection requirements with excellent quality. Built through Fiber Optic infrastructure with Next Generation SDH (Ethernet-Over-SDH) technology.

SCPC VSAT Data communication service using satellite access with Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) technology. Provides dedicated bandwidth (clear channel) for corporate operations, especially in remote areas.

IP VSAT Data communication service using satellite access with DVB-S technology based on IP standard. Efficient & flexible, suitable for transactional & interactive applications, especially in remote areas.

Lintasarta Leased Line

leased line
Lintasarta Leased Line provides high-speed dedicated premium communication from one location to another (point-to-point) with digital technology. Lintasarta Leased Line service guarantees bandwidth through Time Division Multiplexing technology. Ideal for point-to-point connection between two places, such as from head office to branch office, and for intercity connection, Lintasarta Leased Line is backed with Service Level Agreement up to 99%, customer service 24/7, and technical support in more than 70 cities in Indonesia. The network features fiber optic cables which already connect Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Solo, Denpasar, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Lampung, Batam, Medan, Balikpapan, Makassar and will expand to other areas, and uses clear channel technology. It is suitable for functions such as LAN to LAN connection for multimedia, video conference, and applications based on client-server / telnet / terminal emulation with a centralized database, such as: File transfer, Email, Web Intranet, and Data entry, and for Transactional and Interactive Applications such as: Interbranch Online Service; Hotel or Ticketing Reservation; and ATM (Automated Teller Machine). Lintasarta also provides Ethernet Leased Line, which offers high-speed dedicated premium communication service that connects using interface Ethernet.

Lintasarta Metro Ethernet

metro ethernet
The Lintasarta Metro Ethernet acts as a bridge or inter location hub that connects a customers LAN based in different geographical locations. Metro Ethernet Network provides these services by using Ethernet protocol as a WAN (Wide Area Network) in the same way that a LAN that uses Ethernet protocol. Metro Ethernet services are delivered through a fiber optic infrastructure with Next Generation technology SDH (Ethernet-Over-SDH), which has a very high capacity, a high security level as it is a private network, and accommodates any-to-any connection. Specifications: Bandwidth n x 1 Mbps Any-to-any connection within one customer group Enabling layer 3 protocols beside IP (IPX, Apple Talk, Dll.) Customers equipment could be host, router or switch Ethernet Availability guaranteed 99% Support QinQ

Lintasarta SCPC VSAT

Lintasarta SCPC VSAT uses SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) technology. It can provide point-topoint or point-to-multipoint connection, and offers dedicated bandwidth for those requiring high traffic communication with a continuous bit rate in locations not covered by cable service. This service may be used for data, voice, image and video communication. Lintasarta SCPC VSAT is suitable for: Data Communications; Voice Communications; VoIP via Voice Gateway or Router device; Video Communications; Interactive communication video conference, and Streaming communication with bandwidth dedicated (CCTV). Various service options are available, ranging 64 kbps to 2 Mbps or higher with full duplex configuration. Lintasarta VSAT is equipped with its technical and spare devices support from the nearest Lintasarta office in more than 44 cities in Indonesia.

Specifications: Data rate 64 Kbps - 2048 Kbps or higher V.35 interface Clear channel configuration Full duplex

Lintasarta IP VSAT

Lintasarta IP VSAT is a data communications service using satellite access media with Time Division Multiplex (TDM)/Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology on standard Internet Protocol (IP) basis. The system composition of Lintasarta IP VSAT comprises a star with one Hub and a number of remote systems. The Hub communicates with the remote antenna using the TDM channel, while the remote antenna transmits the data to the hub using the TDMA channel. Lintasarta IP VSAT is suitable for: Transactional applications: ATM, Point of sales / payment point Branch applications: WAN, e-mail, file transfer, voice Other applications: online banking & reservation

Specifications: Uses broadband satellite technology IP-based protocol to end user Interface LAN Ethernet Connection speed 64 - 256 Kbps with up to six voice channels

Lintasarta IPVPN


Lintasarta IPVPN (IP Virtual Private Network) offers a data communications solution package for IPbased end users, using an MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switch) Wide Area Network (WAN) connection. The MPLS sharing network combines label swapping and layer network routing to create a safe and speedy private network to facilitate information delivery, at a competitive network cost. It is particularly suitable for high data traffic applications and multi connections from intranet and / or extranet to the internet, which are based on client-server / telnet / terminal emulation involving: Delay Tolerant Applications, such as file transfers, e-mail, web intranet, and dedicated internet service; Delay Sensitive Applications such as e-commerce, ERP, and CRM; and interactive and transactional applications such as stock trading, online banking, payment point, and reservations. Lintasarta offers a range of Class of Services (CoS) packages based on access media and data speed, and provides Customer Service 24/7.

Specifications: Connection speed: 64 Kbps - 2 Mbps IP-based protocol to end-user Interface LAN Ethernet 10 base T Supported with MPLS technology

Lintasarta Frame Relay

Frame Relay Switch

frame relay
Lintasarta Frame Relay is a data communications network service with high-speed Frame Switching to connect point-to-multi point, both inside and outside the country. Lintasarta Frame Relay can be used for LAN-to-LAN connection with a variety of voice, multimedia, video conference and high burst applications such as file transfer, e-mail, web intranet, data entry, inventory control, payment point and corporate internet dedicated. Additionally, it can be used for transactional and interactive applications, e.g. inter-branch and hotel/flight reservation. Customers enjoy a bandwidth guarantee via the Committed Information Rate (CIR) parameter guarantee on busy network conditions and beyond those parameters, can utilize it by obtaining over-bandwidth capacity. Lintasarta Frame Relay service delivers high reliability through the fiber optic network transmission system, which is dependable and economical, as it: uses one physical line to connect to various stars; provides burst data traffic management; can be employed with a variety of communication protocols and application types; and has the high security level of a private network. Specifications: Data speed 64 Kbps up to 2 Mbps or higher V.35 and G.703 interfaces are available Accessible for communication protocols such as: CP/IP and Legacy

Accessing a world of answers and opportunities


The key reference source, the information superhighway, the essential communication and marketing tool of the 21st Century, the Internet is redefining the business landscape. Lintasarta has more than a decades experience providing the Internet to its customers and now extends that access to every corner of the archipelago.


dedicated internet Premium quality for ISP and corporations needs anywhere, with a range of services. Multiple access, multiple international backbones, POP abroad, wide coverage, fast access (connected to IP Transit Tier 1). broadband internet Broadband Internet service suitable for small to medium users, supported by more than 10 years experience as Internet provider. Wide coverage & Customer Service 24x7.

Lintasarta Dedicated Internet

dedicated internet
Lintasarta Dedicated Internet is a domestic and international internet access service using a dedicated connection. This service is available in a range of packages, each of which is adjustable to suit customers specific needs.

NAP Package 24-hour Internet access service designated for a wholesale or Internet Service Provider (ISP). Access to international, with international port ratio of 1:1 with 100% guarantee. Routing protocol using Dynamic Routing Protocol BGP version 4 24/7 Customer Service Multi Router Traffic Graph (MRTG) for bandwidth utilization monitoring Corporate Packages A range of service levels, from Lite through to Premium, offering 24-hour internet access service designated for large-scale customers or corporations requiring internet connection using a dedicated line. The different service levels offer: Access to international, with international port ratio of 1:1 with 100% guarantee ranging for 25% to 100% Domestic peering IIX access sharing bandwidth 1 Gbps Routing protocol using Static Routing Protocol

Lintasarta Dedicated Internet

Public IP Addresses ranging from 8 to 16 Registration of and subscription for 1 domain name during subscription for Lintasarta Dedicated Internet Hosting with various capacity to meet customer needs Homepage space with various capacity to meet customer needs 24/7 Customer Service Multi Router Traffic Graph (MRTG) for bandwidth utilization monitoring VSAT Xpress An Internet service using satellite, which is able to reach each and every part of the nation, designated for small and medium customers or corporate requiring Internet connection using dedicated line. IIX Package 24-hour domestic Internet service restricted to accessing the national network and designated for customers whose business activities only require national access.

Lintasarta Broadband Internet

broadband internet
Lintasarta Broadband Internet is an efficient high-speed internet service in which customers can attain speeds up to 10 Mbps in accordance with the preferred service and speed. Dependent on the requirement, Lintasarta Broadband Internet is used for non-continuous internet usage. It is supported by Fiber Optic Next Generation SDH service, which offers protection ring as well as bandwidth protection. a. Lintasarta Broadband Internet 1 Mbps 1. 1 IP Public 2. 1 domain name 3. Web hosting Linux 250 MB b. Lintasarta Broadband Internet 2 Mbps 1. 1 IP Public 2. 1 domain name 3. Web hosting Linux 250 MB

Lintasarta Broadband Internet

c. Lintasarta Broadband Internet 5 Mbps 1. 1 IP Public 2. 1 domain name 3. Web hosting Linux 500 MB d. Lintasarta Broadband Internet 10 Mbps 1. 1 IP Public 2. 1 domain name 3. Web hosting Linux 1 GB

Developing new and better solutions that work for you

Value Added Service

Looking beyond the box, connecters and routers, Lintasarta combines different technologies with clever thinking to create products and services that make business easier, more efficient, and more cost effective. The aim is to add more values for our customers value they can appreciate every day.

Value Added Service

mobility access High mobility solution for intranet data access, using 3.5 G mobile phone technology with High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) data center Business continuity protection. Type of services: Internet Data Center (Hosting, Co-location), Facility Management & Disaster Recovery Center. cloud services Secure, Affordable, Flexible models: Private Cloud (exclusive, on demand cloud service), Hybrid Cloud (flexible service) & Public Cloud. managed router Save, end to end solution operated by an ISO certified operator (Lintasarta) Easy, single point of contact Controlled, recorded logs, maintained and 24 x 7 monitored managed LAN One stop Shoping, solutions are available with Full Outsource option or managed only. managed hosted IP PBX Scalable Hosted System, The system is operated, maintained and reside in Lintasarta location Adjustable based on requirement

contact center Multichannels Contact Center : phone call, web call (chat, VoIP), email, SMS. Software only (IP based contact center solution), all in one unified contact center suite, using standard hardware, implementation & delivery time are easy & fast, provide full outsource / hosted contact center. SMS corporate Sharing information through text messages to mobile phones. Broadcast or two-way interactive communication with target market; direct, personal, effective & efficient. corporate mailer Efficient, fast, mass distribution delivery via e-mail. Very useful for billing/loan statement delivery & marketing promotions (CRM program), and many more. video conference Effective & efficient virtual meeting/ learning facility. Serve end-points in many locations, on demand usage, extra reserved room.

Lintasarta Mobility Access

mobility access
Lintasarta Mobility Access is a service provided by Lintasarta to enhance the mobility of Lintasartas corporation customers. This service offers solutions access to the intranet (private network) data through the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) which is a 3.5G cellular phone technology.
Customer Lintasarta Network Customer's Private Network

Network Provider HSDPA / 3G Network GPRS Network


EDC at Mall Kiosks

Mobile Cash Service

Benefits: Effective, Efficient, Mobile/portable, Fast and easy implementation Lintasarta Mobility Access Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporation that doesnt need dedicated connection. Corporation that needs a portable connection device. Corporation that uses delay tolerant application. Corporation that uses non intensive bandwidth application. Corporation that consumes a small amount of bandwidth. Corporation that has many branches or small outlets. Lintasarta Mobility Access can be used for: EDC, Tracking, Kiosk, Telemetric Application, POS (Point of Sales). Lintasarta Mobility Access: Secure, Easy & One Stop Solution Secure with second tunnel Implementation & ISO Standard Easy with multi operators One Stop Solution, customer can use it directly without providing a VPN concentrator.

Lintasarta Data Center

data center
Data center is a facility that used to place computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communication connections, environmental controls (e.g., air security devices. Lintasarta Data Center is a data center and disaster recovery center service with standardized data centers infrastructure which can be used by customer. This service includes racks, space, and cloud service Lintasarta Data Center is located in Jakarta, Bandung, Jatiluhur and will continue to expand to other cities.

Lintasarta Data Center

Lintasarta Data Center in general: Data center operation staff Power System Security System Fire System Environment System Raised Floor Network

24 x 7 Two Power lines with different relay station Redundant UPS Genset CCTV monitoring Access Door System for every door Security personel FM 200 System Fire & Smoke Detector Redundant cooling (HVAC) humidity System Water Leak Detector 40 60 cm High Meet me room Connect with Lintasarta Networks

Benefits: One stop shopping and Single Point of Contact Efficient, especially in the network systems A Neutral Data Center with the availability of Meet-Me Room/ Interconnection Room. No investment needed to build Data Center or Data Recovery Center infrastructures. Certified and competent Data Center staffs and personnel. Implementation of ISO Standard (ISO 27001:2005 & ISO 9001:2008) Multi locations of Data Center Lintasarta Data Center Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporation that needs a Data Center, Secondary Data Center and DRC. Corporation that needs a Neutral Data Center. Corporation that does not have CAPEX to build its own Data Center. Corporation that doesnt have the resources to build and operate its data center infrastructures. Corporation that has its own Full Outsource Data Center Policy.

Lintasarta Data Center : One Stop Solution with Neutral & Secure area to protect your business continuity One stop solution, Lintasarta provides an end to end solution for Data Center and DRC problem Neutral, allowing you to interconnect with other network provider. Secure, we provide a well layered and standardized security policy.

Lintasarta Cloud Services

cloud services
Cloud Computing : A pool of compute, memory and i/o resources, applications or operating environments with seemingly infinite scalability, delivered as a service over a network, be it private or public. Key Characteristics of Cloud Computing: On Demand, Self Services, Pay As You Use, Rapid Elasticity, Scale Up/Down, Shared Pools, Broad Network Access Using Standard Internet Protocols Lintasarta Cloud Services is Lintasarta service that based on cloud computing technology. There are two types of services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which provide a solution for IT infrastructure and Software as a Service(SaaS), which provide a solution for Application Services. These services can be accessed through an internet based and or private customer network.

Lintasarta Cloud Services

Benefit : Cost efficiency for IT infrastructure Flexible Secure and Data Privacy Compliances Focus on core business Single point of contact Top branded cloud system Qualified data center infrastructure Lintasarta Cloud Service Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporation that focuses on cost efficiency for its IT infrastructure Corporation that doesnt have a big budget for its IT infrastructure investment Corporation that needs medium size of resource per server Corporation that has a fluctuated needs on server resources. Corporation that accepts public cloud multi tenant. As for IaaS: Corporation that has competent staffs to maintain layers above the laaSs infrastructure layer. As for SaaS: Corporation that has minimum IT experts.

Lintasarta Cloud Services : SAFE (Secure Affordable Flexible and Excellent) Secure, secure platform, secure data privacy, ISO , CSA Affordable, reasonable price Flexible, adjustable to the pay as you use needs. Excellent, excellent performance

Lintasarta Managed Router

managed router
Lintasarta Managed Router is a solution which provides and maintains customers router. By using rent scheme mechanism, the customer doesnt have to invest in router purchasing. Benefits: No investment of purchasing a router Focus on core business Single point of contact for a data communication network 24x7 Monitored Lintasarta Managed Router Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporate with limited competent human resources to manage companys router Corporate with many branches Corporate with limited budget to invest routers Lintasarta Managed Router can be used for: Managed Router Backhaul, Managed Branchs Router.

Lintasarta Managed Router : Safe Easy and Controlled Safe, end to end solution operated by an ISO certified operator (Lintasarta) Easy, single point of contact Controlled, recorded logs, maintained and 24x7 monitored

Lintasarta Managed LAN

managed LAN
Lintasarta Managed LAN is a solution which provides and maintains customers LAN hardware on LAN premises. This service provides Full Outsource and Managed Only service. The difference between these two services is the procurement of the LAN set (PC, printer, switch, wifi, etc). In Full Outsource service, all devices are provided and maintained/managed by Lintasarta with rent business scheme, while in Managed Only, devices owned by customer and Lintasarta responsible to maintain/managed LAN set. Benefits: No investment needed in buying a LAN set (PC, printer, switch, wifi, etc) Focus on core business Single point of contact One stop shopping Local support and helpdesk available 24/7 No need to concern about system rejuvenation LAN set Lintasarta Managed LAN Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporate that uses Lintasartas data communication network Corporate with limited competent of human resources to manage the companys router Corporate with limited budget to invest for LANs set. Lintasarta Managed LAN can be used for: managing branchs PC

Lintasarta Managed LAN : One Stop Shopping One Stop Shopping, solutions are available with Full Outsource option or Managed only.

Lintasarta Managed Hosted IP PBX

managed hosted IP PBX

Lintasarta Managed Hosted IP PBX is a solution which provides IP PBX set and also its maintenance with a hosted concept and a phone device. This service allows customers to make a call at anytime from the Head Office to their branch or from branch to another branch, or even a voice conference using Lintasarta existing network without any extra charges. Benefits: No investment needed for IP PBX system Flexibility for any additional extension Focus on core business Productivity increasing as coordination is quick and easy, that reduces distance and different location issues End to end solution Fast and easy implementation Lintasarta Hosted IP PBX Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with the characteristics such as: Corporate with many branches Corporate with limited competent human resources to manage companys IP PBX Corporate that needs a better coordination between branches with phone call within extension or a voice conference. Lintasarta Hosted IP PBX can be used for: Meeting with voice conferencing, Extension call Lintasarta Hosted IP PBX : Scalable Hosted System Scalable, adjustable based on requirements. Hosted System, the system is operated, maintained and reside in Lintasarta location.

Lintasarta Contact Center

contact center
To keep up with the competition of mass communication in the globalization era, Lintasarta offers you Lintasarta Contact center, which provides a facility that can be used by company/corporation, to manage all of its clients contacts information through inbound or outbound access from telephone, email, fax or SMS. Lintasarta Contact Center is a service to help corporation building their own Contact Center facility which able to make inbound and outbound calls through Telephone, fax, email, SMS, and via chatting. Lintasarta Contact Center provides a contact center system with a rent scheme, access code/ Contact Center Number, CRM, Agent, Contact Center Quarter, and Payment Gateway. Recently, contact center not only used as a service facility but also used for marketing purpose like low cost channeling or telemarketing. Benefits: No investment needed Affordable cost End to end solutions, customers can choose either system only or full outsource Lintasarta Contact Center Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporation that has a customer service. Corporation that needs a multichannel interaction with its customers. Corporation that has many selling channels. Corporation that needs an incoming or outgoing communication with their customers. Lintasarta Contact Center can be used for: Customers Service, Collection Center, and Telemarketing. Lintasarta Contact Center : Unified Communication with One Stop Solution Unified Communication, multichannel in one system One Stop Solution, Full outsource or system only option.

Lintasarta SMS Corporate

SMS corporate
Lintasarta SMS Corporate is a Short Message Service (SMS) package exclusively for corporation customers. This service is one of the alternative solutions as an easier and effective information delivery media. Lintasarta SMS Corporation has 2 types of service packages: SMS Interactive SMS interactive is an interactively Lintasartas SMS product. This package allows two way communications between corporation and its customers through SMS. SMS Broadcast SMS Broadcast is Lintasartas SMS product which allow a corporation communicates to their target market directly, quickly, specifically, and certain scheduled which can be done anywhere and any time.

Lintasarta SMS Corporate

Benefits: Connected to every GSM and CDMA operator service (SMS Broadcast) Web based application, which makes it easier and practical to use. It is equipped with a report (SMS Broadcast & Interactive) Sender ID facility (SMS Broadcast) A chance to get a revenue from SMS Revenue Sharing (SMS Interactive) No CAPEX for implementation, payment based on usage (SMS Broadcast & Interactive) Lintasarta Corporate SMS Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporation that has a database of its customers cellular phone number. Corporation that has an internet connection. Corporation that needs SMS Services for multi-operators. Corporation that needs an easier access to send SMS to its customer anywhere at any time. Lintasarta Corporate SMS can be used for: Promo announcement, Quiz, Vote, Annual greetings. Lintasarta SMS Corporation: Secure & Easy Integrated Messaging Secure, supported with HTTPS & MPLS platform technology and ISO Standardized Easy, provide an integrated connection through Web Service Application Programming Interface (web Service API).

Lintasarta Corporate Mailer

corporate mailer
To deliver your documents securely, Lintasarta offers you Lintasarta Corporate Mailer. By using Lintasarta Corporate Mailer, you will be able to deliver big amount of documents such as invoice reports and marketing supplies (product launching/ product promoting) public or private network through email with Lintasartas intranet and internet supporting. Benefits: Cost reduction for printing envelopes and courier service up to 70%. Security and confidentiality guaranteed through corporation confidential agreement On time delivery service. No CAPEX Online system report which makes you able to monitor delivery status. Lintasarta Corporate Mailer solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporation that owns customers email database. Corporation that sends email to its customers periodically. Corporation that sends many emails to many addresses at the same time. Lintasarta Corporate Mailer can be used for: Greeting Cards, Billing Statements, and Promotions. Lintasarta Corporation Mailer: Secure Mail Broadcast Services Secure , with ISO standard

Lintasarta Video Conference

video conference
Lintasarta Video Conference is a service which provides a virtual room and all complete and required video conferencing equipment. Lintasarta video conference service also provides end point tools, such as hardware and software, and its own network. Benefits: No investment needed Improving Productivity with speed and simple coordination. Flexibility in using of Video Conference facility Customer can focus on the core of their business. Cost efficient Available through public or private network. Lintasarta Video Conference Solution will be useful in every segment of corporation with these characteristics such as: Corporation that owns many branches on many cities or even abroad (Multinational Corporation). Corporation that holds regular meetings in different locations. Corporation that needs conferencing in four or more locations. Corporation that uses either private connection through Lintasarta network or public internet connection. Corporation that already has an internet connection. Lintasarta Video Conference can be used for: regular meeting, product launching. Lintasarta Video Conference : Easy Corporation Conferencing System Easy: It can be used anytime anywhere, even with a tablet device.