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Increasing Efficiency with OMS Ice Storm vs.

Hurricane Ike
What a difference a day (and the right system) makes Phil Caskey

Quick recap of Consolidated
Provides needed context

Brief review of major outages Comparison of two biggest events Discuss impact of effective OMS Open dialogue
Answer questions Debate processes ???

Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Mount Gilead, Ohio

16,000 meters 1,800 miles of line 7 counties

mostly the two counties immediately north of Columbus, Ohio

$30 million annual revenue 43 employees in 2 district offices

Consolidated Electric Cooperative, Mount Gilead, Ohio

Ohio Co-ops own substations/meter points.

138kV, 69kV, 34.5kV, 12.5kV

Transmission contracted with IOUs.

A few co-ops have some transmission. CEC has one 4.7 mile 69kV tap.

CEC has 16 substations.

138kV(5), 69kV(10), 34.5kV(1)

Embarking on AMI adventure

System Model Line Numbers

All protective devices 01~1A1A1A

Chapel Mapping
SQL Server database for connectivity Creates .STD file
WindMil EA model DisSPatch Model

E&O Outage Staffing

VP, E&O Coordinate & Assist Dispatchers

Subsidiaries, Other Departments Bird Dogs

Director Ops

Director Eng Bird Dog

E&O Asst Lead Dispatcher

North Crews (7)

South Crews (6)

Safety & Contracts Bird Dog

Ops Clerk

Staking (2) Bird Dogs

Ops Clerk Dispatcher

Major Outage History

1992 Ice Storm
Sheriff called to protect office after members threats. Good Ol Boy OMS

2008 Ice Storm

3 days DisSPatch

2005 Ice Storm

5 days CRC call data

2008 Wind Storm (Hurricane Ike)

5 days DisSPatch

2006 Thunderstorms
2 days Brand X OMS

2009 Wind Storm

2 days DisSPatch

Ike Storm vs. Ice Storm

Ike 2008
Fully restored 5 days 11,936 Meters
14,884 with repeats

2005 Ice Storm

Fully restored 5 days 4,524 Meters
9,878 with repeats

258 Outages 279,185 Cust-Hrs

17.1 Hrs per meter served 18.8 Hrs per meter affected

124 Outages 190,397 Cust-Hrs

12.4 Hrs per meter served 19.3 Hrs per meter affected

3 Outside Crews Assisting

4 Outside Crews Assisting

2005 Ice Storm Lines Damaged

Ike 2008

DisSPatch Performance
Three main reasons for substantial investment
Verified Closed Graphic and Web displays

Partial Restores

Wish List
Additional Statuses for Bird Dogs Trouble Tickets (Non-Outage) Outage Display Filter Crew Display Filter