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Director Professionalism

A condensed eight-hour version of our renowned two-day course, customized to your organization.
Master Class
A condensed eight-hour version of our most advanced thought-leadership course. Designed for experienced
directors looking to explore the game-changing issues affecting your board.
Executive Professionalism: Understanding Board Expectations
Tracks our Director Professionalism

course from the perspective of the senior management team.

Core Topics
Audit Committee: Improving Quality, Independence and Performance
Ensures your audit committee is up to speed on today's issues. This program clearly defines committee goals and
processes and responsibilities in the current environment. We explore information the committee should be
reporting to the full board.
Board Effectiveness: Improving Communication and Decision Making
Covers effective communication methods and processes that will help your board eliminate barriers to productivity
and decision making. This program provides the most effective procedures for setting board agendas,
communicating between meetings, and establishing expectations for director roles and responsibilities.
Building the Right Board
Covers how the board can develop a plan for building the strategic asset board. Discussion includes how to recruit
new directors, how to plan in advance of a directors departure and developing and constantly updating a recruiting
tool and skill sets matrix to assure there is always a clear plan for filling open board seats.
Effective Compensation Committees
Addresses planning issues, industry findings and guidelines for determining the best board and executive
compensation strategies. Provides in-depth guidance on the role of the compensation committee, leading practices,
and the responsibilities of committee members.
Fiduciary Responsibilities
Includes the basics of the boards legal obligations to the organization and its shareholders/stakeholders and
describes the corporate law to which boards are held accountable.
Financial Statements: Fundamental Questions Every Director Should Ask
Explores the fundamental questions directors should ask about the organizations financial statements; whether or
not the director is a financial expert.
Role of the Board in Corporate Strategy and Risk
Offers principles and leading practices for enhancing the boards role as a strategic asset to the corporation and
provides a practical guide for identifying and providing effective oversight for major types of corporate risk fiscal,
physical and informational.
Role of the Board and Management
Explores the multifaceted interrelationship of the board and management. While it is important to understand their
similarities, it is crucial to understand their differences, to ensure the board is a strategic asset to the management
team and stakeholders.
Role of the Nominating and Governance Committee: Raising The Bar
Explores how the nominating and governance committee can raise the bar of board performance through effective
oversight of the board's governance practices and code of ethics and the process for director recruitment and
Special and Transitional Topics
Directors and Officers Liability: Update
Designed to update the boards understanding of one of the most significant elements of their personal financial
security the boards D&O insurance policy. We will explore new developments and share how this critical and
complicated coverage works and provides maximum protection.
On-Boarding a New CEO
Our expert director advisors share their personal experiences and NACDs recommendations on the boards role in
recruiting, hiring and smoothly transitioning a new CEO into your organization.
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recruiting, hiring and smoothly transitioning a new CEO into your organization.
Role of the Board in Crisis: Preparation, Response, Communications and Post-Crisis Evaluation
A crisis can be defined in many ways. This program first explores the boards role in the oversight of the
development of a crisis plan and crisis team. We then review how to handle a current crisis. We conclude with a
discussion on how to conduct a post crisis evaluation of the plan and response.
Role of the Board in Mergers & Acquisitions
Focuses on the duties and responsibilities of board members in determining whether a merger or acquisition is in
the best long-term interest of shareholders and/or stakeholders, and whether to recommend it for approval.
Transitioning a Board from Private Company to IPO and Beyond
Assists boards in planning for the transition from a small private board to a fully operational public company board
and developing a director skill sets matrix based upon the specific strategic requirements of the company as well as
how to smoothly transition and grow your board.
Emerging Issues
Board Excellence in the Current Environment
This program drives an interactive discussion with your board and C-suite executives through the most critical
issues and questions facing organizations in the current environment; including the critical takeaways from NACDs
renowned Board Leadership Conference, peer exchange roundtables and Directorship 100 Forum. We will discuss
how a board can bridge gaps in knowledge and performance by focusing on purpose, culture, leadership,
information, advice, debate and self-renewal.
China: Opportunities and Risks
A comprehensive briefing customized for a public or private boards. Our faculty experts share advice and frontline
lessons learned to benefit companies that have China aspirations or operations, or compete against those that do.
This session will deliver company-specific perspectives to enhance board decisions regarding China, including
economic, political, cultural and competitive aspects of doing business in China. We will include a discussion on the
implications of Sarbanes-Oxley, Foreign Corrupt Practices and Dodd-Frank in a China context.
Technology: Increased Risk for Boards and Leaders
Offers actionable advice and leading best practices for enhancing the boards role as a strategic advisor to their
management teams around how to succeed in a connected world. It also provides a practical guide for identifying
and providing effective oversight of major new technologies social, mobile and cloud and how to leverage these
technologies to improve customer and employee relations, new product innovations, brand building and
shareholder relations.

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