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EPB4113 Teaching of English as a Second Language

Pre-Requisite Semester Course Leader Office Location Consultation ours Tele!hone E-mail Tutors "O!tional# : None : September 2013 : Evelyn Jayapalan : Faculty of Education And Social Sciences : T ! : "03#$"2$ $%&0 : evelyn'unitar(my :

Course S$no!sis The course will provide learners with knowledge and skills in TESL covering principles of effective second language teaching, syllabus and work scheme, selection, adaptation and designing of ELTmaterials,and an overview of ELT methodology. Learning Outcomes
At t)e end of t)e course* it is )oped t)at t)e students +ill be able to:

1: mplement relevant approaches in TESL. !: "dapt lessons for the different levels of ESL learners. #: $repare appropriate teaching materials for specific language skills. %: ncorporate the teaching of grammar aspects and games in language lessons. &: $repare lesson plan and conduct a proper lesson accordingly. Recommended%Required &aterials 'ariane ( 'urcia, )onna ' *riton, + 'arguerite " Snow ,!-1#.. Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. /ew 0ork: /ational 1eographic Learning. Additional references supporting the course "driane L 2errell + 'iche L 3ordan. ,!-11.. 50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners . /ew 0ork: $earson. 4*S5 +4*S' Syllabuses for English Language. O!tional%'dditional &aterials
Printed &aterials $!erlin(s

Course 'ssessment
Attendance Assi,nment- .articipation/ Final E1amination Total: : : &0 %&0 &00 1000

Course Requirements ) Policies

E1ample: 2ou are e1pected to fulfill t)e follo+in, re3uirements of t)e course to obtain a ,rade: Partici!ation "*+# Students are re3uired to participate actively in class discussion* e1ercises* assi,nment presentations and ot)er class activities( 4t is 5ust not enou,) to read and study t)e lectures ,iven by t)e instructor* or to participate mentally in t)e discussion +it)out voicin, out your opinions or relatin, your o+n e1periences( Course,or( "4*+# Eac) student is re3uired to contribute and submit t)e assi,ned assi,nment on t)e deadline( -inal E.amination "*/+# 2ou +ill be e1amined on your level of understandin, and 6no+led,e ac3uired in t)is course( T)e format of t)e e1aminations +ill include essay and-or discussion type of 3uestions( T)e final e1am is compre)ensive coverin, all t)e topics( Course Policies o Academic Honesty is re3uired of all members of a learnin, community( 7ence* 8N4TA9 +ill not tolerate c)eatin, or pla,iarism on tests* e1aminations* papers or ot)er course assi,nments( Students +)o en,a,e in suc) dis)onesty may be ,iven failin, ,rades or e1pelled from 8N4TA9( o Attendance policy o o Lateness Optional: Missed exams, missed assignments, make-up assignments, make-up exams, grading, support services, extra credit and disability statement

Course S$lla0us


4ntroduction to t)e course

$rinciples of Second Language Teaching.


Syllabus Study and $lanning Scheme of 6ork

"n 7verview of Second Language Teaching 'ethodology Early "pproaches to Language Teaching: Structural, "udio8lingual and situational "pproaches "lternative "pproaches to Language Teaching: Total $hysical 5esponse, Silent 6ay and (ommunity Language Learning (ommunicative Language Teaching Eclectic "pproach to Language Teaching. Selecting, )esigning and "dapting 'aterial for Language Teaching



$lanning ESL Lessons


'icro 9 teaching.

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