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Project Profile on Banana Fiber Processing and Textile Unit

Mott MacDonald iNDEXTb

Sector Sub - sector Profile No. Project Title

Agro . /ood Processing Agro Processing AF-13 Banana /iber *(traction and Processing up to 0e(tile

Project Description
0he use of 1Banana2 fiber for te(tile and other purpose as natural 3aterial is a ne4 concept for India5 6o4ever7 considerable research 4or8 has been done b9 te(tile research organi%ations including BI0RA7 &I0RA7 :;I&< :hadi ;illage Industr9 &orporation= and >R&B <>ational Research &entre for Banana-0rich9= and it has been found that banana fiber can be a ver9 pro3ising source of natural fiber in the co3ing period5 It 3a9 be noted that this fiber is alread9 used successfull9 in Philippines since decades and hence it is also 8no4n popularl9 as 1?anila 6e3p25 0he other na3e of this fiber is 1Abaca27 it belongs to 3usa sapientu3 species5 0he proposed pro@ect envisages setting up of a facilit9 for Banana fiber e(traction fro3 4aste banana ste37 cleaning7 grading and converting it up to finished read9 3ade gar3ent5 Presentl97 4aste banana ste3s pose proble3 of disposal and are available al3ost free of cost in &entral and Aouth Bu@arat5

Product Application
Banana fiber is a 3ultiple celled structure5 0he lu3ens are large in relation to the 4all thic8ness5 &ross 3ar8ings are rare and fiber tips pointed and flat7 ribbon li8e individual fiber dia3eter range fro3 1# to 50 3icrons and the length fro3 0525 c3 to 15! c37 sho4ing the large oval to round lu3en5 Banana fiber is a natural fiber 4ith high strength7 4hich can be blended easil9 4ith cotton fiber or other s9nthetic fibers to produce blended fabric . te(tiles5 It is 3ainl9 used b9 cottage industr9 in Aouthern India at present5 Banana /iber also finds use in high Cualit9 securit9D currenc9 paper7 pac8ing cloth for agriculture produce7 ships to4ing ropes7 4et drilling cables etc5

Market and Gro t! Dri"ers

World Banana production in the 9ear 200# 4as esti3ated at about E0 3illion tons5 0he 4orld contribution for the banana production is as given in the figure belo45 Philippines and Fapan are the countries using banana fiber on large scale for co33ercial production of variet9 of te(tile ite3s5 Philippines is also e(porting huge Cuantit9 of read9 3ade gar3ents 3ade fro3 this fiber to Fapan7 Aingapore7 0ai4an and all far *ast Asian countries5
Rest of the World !#" &osta Rica \s/x / !" () Indonesia r~~ +" Philippines , &h in a -" Distribution of World Banana Production Average on the 2001-2005 period India 2!"

$$1 Bra%il '" *cuador '" -"


Project Profile on Banana Fiber Processing and Textile Unit

Mott MacDonald iNDEXTb

De3and for te(tile and read9 3ade gar3ent is continuousl9 increasing in India 4ith increasing population7 rise in per capita inco3e and spending po4er5 6o4ever7 the use of Banana fiber in co33ercial production is still to gear up in India7 and is currentl9 onl9 li3ited for consu3ption b9 cottage industr95 Banana fiber offers e(cellent potential in ter3s of its eco-friendl9 nature and properties as co3pared to other natural and 3an-3ade fibers5 India also occupies the largest area under Banana cultivation in the 4orld covering appro(5 11" of 4orld area of Banana5 Banana fiber can partiall9 replace the consu3ption of &otton and Fute fiber in India5 It has e(cellent potential for e(port to /areast Asian and Aouth Asian countries li8e Aingapore7 0ai4an7 Fapan7 0hailand7 Ari Gan8a and ?ala9sia5 Gro t! dri"ers

Increasing de3and of eco-friendl9 clothing in developed countries li8e *urope7 IAA and &anada and rise in per capita reCuire3ent of te(tile D gar3ents5

Preference of eco friendl9 fabric over s9nthetic fabric in hot and hu3id tropical and sub tropical cli3ates natural 4hich 4ould help in boosting the de3and for Banana fiber5

Provisions under the 3ulti-fiber agree3ent in the ne4 W0J regi3e7 is li8el9 to boost the use of natural fibers in global te(tile industries for various applications5

0he real cost involved in the production of Banana /ibre co3es fro3 4aste ste3 collection and fiber e(traction 4hich is negligible in co3parison 4ith the other natural fibers li8e cotton7 @ute and he3p5 0his cost co3petitiveness 4ill fuel gro4th of this product5

#!$ Gujarat%
Bu@arat ran8s si(th in the area cultivation of banana in the countr9 4ith the average cultivation area of around #+7500 hectares in last three 9ears5 Banana ste3 4aste is the basic ra4 3aterial reCuired for this pro@ect and Bu@arat has sufficient availabilit9 of the sa3e to cater to the need5

&'A(#)S' *ANANA +,-T).AT)/N A('A )N G,0A(AT Sr. No.

15 25 !5 #5

2002-0! 200!-0# 200#-05 2005-0+<*=

*anana far3in1 in 4ectares

!51-E #2'0' #+!#E 50000

Source: Directorate of Horticulture, Gujarat (E) estimated area

Bu@arat has 4ell developed cotton te(tile industr9 hence this 4ill find read9 3ar8et for blending5 Banana fiber is a natural fiber 4ith considerable strength and can be used for various other purposes li8e preparing ropes for 4ell drilling7 tug pulling in ports and other applications5 Bu@arat is having te(tile research institute li8e A0IRA 4hich have alread9 done 4or8 on si3ilar technolog9 develop3ent for Fute5 Indigenous Banana fiber e(traction and processing 8no4 ho4 can be 3ade available fro3 >ational Research &enter for Banana 0iruchirappalli - 0a3il >adu5

Bu@arat has read9 availabilit9 of 0 echnical 3anpo4er for fiber processing and te(tile industr95

Tec!nolo1$ 2 Process
0here are t4o 3ethods for e(traction of Banana fiber7 na3el9 Bacnis 3ethod and Goenit 3ethod5


Project Profile on Banana Fiber Processing and Textile Unit

Mott MacDonald iNDEXTb

In the Bacnis 3ethod7 Banana /iber is produced fro3 4aste stal8 of Banana plant5 0he outer sheath is tightl9 covered la9ers of fiber5 0he fiber is located pri3aril9 ad@acent to the outer surface of the sheath and can be peeled-off readil9 in ribbons of strips of 5 to - c3 4ide and 2 -# 33 thic87 the entire length of sheath5 0his stripping process is 8no4n as tu(9ing the strips being called tu(ies5 04o 3ethods of tu(9ing are e3plo9ed in Philippines5 In the first 3ethod- called Bacnis 3ethod7 the trun8s are pulled apart and the sheath separated according to their position in stal85 0he9 are then flattened and the fiber is stripped fro3 the ste3 b9 cutting the pulp9 portion and pulling a4a9 the tu(95

In Goenit 3ethod7 the tu(ies are pulled off the stal8 fro3 one sheath at a ti3e5 In either of these 3ethods tu(ies are tied into bundles of 2! to 2E 8g and brought to the stripping 8nife for cleaning5 In this process tu(ies are pulled under a 8nife blade7 4hich is pressed tightl9 against the tu(9 in order to scrape a4a9 the plant tissue bet4een the fibers5 0he clean fiber is then air dried and 3ade up into bundles for subseCuent grading and bailing5

In addition to hand stripping7 3achines are used 4here the trun8s fro3 4hich the dar8 outer sheaths have been re3oved7 are cut into sections of 120 to 1-0 c3 in length5 0he sections are then crushed bet4een rolls and the pulp9 tissues are scraped a4a97 one half the length at a ti3e7 b9 t4o large revolving dru3s7 the ri3 of 4hich are fitted 4ith scrapping blade 4hich scrape the sheath 4hile it is pressed against a bed plate7 oven dried7 graded and baled5



0he basic ra4 3aterial for the proposed unit is Banana pseudo ste3s and che3icals for fibre processing5 0he follo4ing table su33ari%es Bu@aratKs Banana production of last 5 9ears5

*anana Production - Gujarat Sr. No

1 2 ! # 5

2001-02 2002-0! 200!-0# 200#-05 2005-0+

Area 54ectares6
!!1!' !51-E #2'0' #!+#E #'2!#

Production 5MT6
115#!!0 1#0!0EE 1E+0'01 1'E'25E 2#'-EE+

Source: Directorate of Agriculture, Gover me t of Gujarat

Area under banana cultivation in India7 in the 9ear 200# 4as around + la8h hectares5 0a8ing into account !000 plants densit9 per hectare7 the pseudoste3 4ould account for fibre e(traction of 1500 3illion ste3s in nearl9 1- 3onths7 of 4hich around 2558g clean dried fibre is e(tracted per ste35 0he fibre content in the 4ild varieties is said to be 3ore5

Su11ested Plant +apacit$ and Project +ost

&apacit9 of the unit is proposed to be appro(i3ate !0 ?0PD or '000 ?0PA fiber and products5 0his is a 3ediu3 scale unit for such pro@ect5 0his capacit9 is suggested based on possible availabilit9 of ra4-3aterial and opti3u3 si%e of pro@ect invest3ent5

&apital cost of pro@ect is esti3ated at I>R '0 3illion <IA L 2 3illion=5


Project Profile on Banana Fiber Processing and Textile Unit

Mott MacDonald iNDEXTb

'sti3ated Project cost 7 Means of finance Sr. +ost of project No.

1 2 ! # 5 + Gand and Gand develop3ent Building . &ivil 4or8s Plant . ?achiner9 ?isc5 /i(ed Assets Preli3inar9 . Pre-operative incl5 technolog9 Provision for contingencies

)N( in Million

#500 10500 #5500 +500 5550 !5!-

Total Fi8ed Assets

E ?argin ?one9 for 4or8ing capital


Total Means of Finance

' Pro3oters contribution 0er3 loan


!0500 +0500



As indicated above7 the proposed pro@ect 4ill reCuire an appro( 10000 sC5 3t of land 4ith an proposed built up area of 1500 sC5 3t5 0he unit is proposed to have an installed capacit9 of '000 0PA5 0he total fi(ed cost of the pro@ect is esti3ated at I>R E!5-and I>R 1+512 3illion is the 4or8ing capital 3argin 4hich adds up to a bloc8 capital cost of I>R '0 3illion5 0he unit being proposed to cater to do3estic as 4ell as to International de3and is suggested to have a Debt eCuit9 ratio of 2M15 0hus7 the esti3ated ter3 loan a3ounts to I>R +0 3illion and *Cuit9 at I>R !0 3illion5

Plant and Mac!iner$

0he proposed pro@ect 4ould reCuire the follo4ing 3a@or eCuip3ents as basic and necessar9 plant and 3achiner9M

-ist of Plant and Mac!iner$ Sr. No.

1 2 !

&utting and slitting eCuip3ents Roll crusher for /iber separation Jpen vats

5 ! +

Rashtri9a *ngineering Wor8s7 Delhi Rashtri9a *ngineering Wor8s7 Delhi Rashtri9a *ngineering Wor8s7 Delhi

Sr. No.
# 5 + E

6ot air dr9ing cha3bers Weighing Acale D balance 6ot air generator 60 DG0 *lectrification and +0 :;A DB set for running critical process 3achineries

2 # 1 Got

Ashite( ?ech7 0a3ilnadu J3ega *lecronic Acale &o Gtd7 ?u3bai Aerother3 India P5Gtd7 Ah3edabad :irlos8ar *lectricals Gtd7 ?u3bai


Project Profile on Banana Fiber Processing and Textile Unit

Mott MacDonald iNDEXTb

Depending upon the level of 3echani%ation inducted in this pro@ect there 4ill be need of utilit9 such as Po4er7 Atea3 and Water5 In the proposed pro@ect si%e also there 4ill variation as per the technolog9 selection and level of auto3ation desired as 4ell as level of processing underta8en b9 the unit5 0he invest3ent in utilities 4ill be appro( !0" of the pro@ect esti3ate for such 8ind of pro@ect5 0he unit 4ill reCuire po4er of 1006P5 Water reCuire3ent 4ill be !0 :G per da9 and the unit 4ill have agro 4aste fired 3ini boiler 4ith 500 :g stea3 per hour5

Man Po er re>uired
0he proposed integrated unit 4ould entail partial 3echanisation to achieve consistent productivit9 and Cualit95 0he esti3ated 3anpo4er reCuired for the unit is E0 people 4hich 4ill include 5 persons in the support staff7 !0 in fibre e(traction7 cleaning and grading7 15 people for spinning fibre into 9arn7 and 20 for fabric 4eaving and processing the fabric into finished product that is gar3ent5 0he suggested pro@ect can be developed as a co3posite 3anufacturing unit or cottage industr97 b9 splitting into various sections5

Su11ested -ocation
&onsidering the pro@ect reCuire3ent of ra4 3aterials the suggested locations are :aira7 ;adodara7 Bharuch7 >ar3ada7 Aurat7 ;alsad or Panch3ahal5 0his 4ould also help in reducing the cost of production to a certain e(tent5 0he unit 4ould reCuire po4er <150 6P= and 4ater <!0000 Giters=5

Project Ti3e -ine

0he proposed pro@ect 4ill have pro@ect ti3e line of # to 5 3onths in obtaining necessar9 per3issions and approvals fro3 concerned authorities and the pro@ect can be i3ple3ented in a period of 10-12 3onths5

Financial )ndicators
Based on the profitabilit9 pro@ections 4or8ed out for the proposed pro@ect7 8e9 financial indicators are as su33ari%ed belo4M

?e$ Financial )ndicators Sr. Financial (atios No.

A B Brea8-*ven Point in " capacit9 Debt-service &overage Ratio

1st &ear
!!5'! 15-5

@nd &ear
!25!E 251'

3rd &ear
!251! 25-0

Financial (atios o S N
& D *

1st &ear

@nd &ear @.@:

3rd &ear

A"era1e DS+(
Return on Invest3ent <RJI= 2#5!!





As perceived fro3 the pro@ect cost and 3eans of finance table7 the suggested Debt *Cuit9 Ratio for the proposed pro@ect is 2M15 0he IRR <Internal Rate of Return= for the proposed unit is appro(5 #E" pro@ected for a period of 10 9ears5

+learance (e>uired
0he proposed unit 4ill have to register their 3anufacturing capacit9 4ith Industrial *ntrepreneurKs ?e3orandu3 <I*?=7 Aecretariat of Industrial Approvals7 ?inistr9 of Industries and Bovern3ent of India7 as it 4ill have plant and 3achiner9 invest3ent of 3ore than I>R 10 3illion5



Project Profile on Banana Fiber Processing and Textile Unit

Mott MacDonald iNDEXTb

As 3ediu3 scale unit it 4ill reCuire per3ission also fro3 0e(tile 3inistr9 for spinning7 4eaving and processing sections of the unit5

A1encies to be +ontacted
Industrial *(tension Bureau ?ott ?acDonald India Bu@arat Agro Industries &orporation Gtd