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Applied Mathematics-2 To score good in applied mathematics-2 all you need to do is to practice all the examples from V.P.

Mishra and if you want to score really good have a look at th e exercise as well. Applied Physics-2 Applid Physics-2 is totally "ratta" physics,you dont need to understand any conc epts in it,most important are the four Maxwell equation,these are usually asked in the examination.Applied Physics-2 is an easy subject and one can easily score good in this. Book-S.P.Taneja(nothing else);Devraj Singh Environmental Chemistry Environmental Chemistry,by its name is chemistry related to environment.In compa rison to Applied Chemistry(1st sem)it is hell easy.Another "ratte wala subject". I have some good notes,will upload them soon. Book-Sunita Rattan(nothing else) Engeneering Mechanics The question paper of this subject is highly unpredictable,i mean to say that la st year when i was in 1st year the 1st sessional exam was hell easy(even an 11th class student can score 100% in it)but the end term was a bit difficult.All you need to do is to practice all the examples(no need to practice the unsolved que stions).Initial chapters are a bit tricky but as you approach to the end of the book the chapters becomes a bit easier. Book-A.K.Tayal(nothing else) Introduction to Programming For those students who didnt have Computer Science in 11/12th will find this sub ject a bit difficult.Me too suffered a lot with this subject in 2nd semester.In my internal viva my teacher literally told me that i will get a back in ITP.What i did that i have studied Deepak Gupta(instead of Yashwant Kanetkar),and passed the subject(scored 83).From my experience Yashwant Kanetkar are for those stude nts who had encounterd the subject previously,not good for the beginners. Book-Deepak Gupta Electrical Science Our teacher told me that this is the subject which gives mass backs in IP.Found the saying true when the question paper of end semester exam came into my hand,a batchmate of mine shouted,"Abbe yaar ye to katta kar diya IP walon ne,instrumen ts se ek bhi question nhi hai,back pakki".However cleared it off with 70 marks. What you need to do is to practice all the numericals from U.K.Jha and go for th eory from J.B.Gupta.You will easily clear the subject. Communication Skills-2 Most easy subject of 2nd semester.Even if you dont study it,you will pass the su bject(but aisa karna mat :) ).Its a scoring subject.What you need to do to score good in it is improve your presentation(i.e.use sketch pens for drawing boxes f or notice,etc.,underline the main points with sketch pen,use separate pages for each questions,etc). Book-College notes are enough

Mechanics & Electrical is d most haunting subject for the 2 sem students, but a correct strategy would certainly help, Mechanics : It has Q.1 a set of theory ques. for 25 Marks in total, if u have st udied the theory part of all chapters, and don't have practiced numericals, this part becomes most imp., bcoz. the ques are certainly staight forward, ppl can a tleast scorre 15 in this Q.1 in worst case scenario. Give atleast an hour for Q. 1, Rest are the 4 ques., the one is Truss, simply practice, the 8-9 ques, given in A.K.Tayal, among the last 5 years, ques ussi 8-9 ques. mei se aaye hain, n th ey are explained very well, so scoring 10 in 12.5 of truss would definitely not be a problem, plus we have last ques of S.F.D. and Beams, (that part is NOT COVE RED IN A.K. Tayal, u can refer to D.S. Kumar or other Strength of Materials book s, for that, ) this ques is also very easy, one can easily score 10/12.5 in that ques, with a practice of 2-3 hours on this topic. So this means u have score 15+10+10 = 35, plus u have 2 ques. left having 12.5 w eightage each, now those ques. is totally based on 11th course, if u guys draw t hier F.B.D. and solve, two there equations, like Force in Horizontal Direction=0 , and Force in Vertical Direction=0, u can easily score some marks, So, having 13/25 in internals can help u score a minimum of 60/100 in the Mechan ics Paper. Electrical Science : I guess J.B. Gupta I.P.'s edition of Electrical Science is O.K. for this subject, somewhere errors are made while solving the numericals, b ut the newer edition has been corrected with most of mistakes, so firstly consid er latest editions of J.B. Gupta's books for studying. The most imp. subject for EEE students, as all topics is going to be covered in 3 sem(EMEC-I) and 4 sem(EMEC-II) The I Ques. contains theory ques. of 25 Marks, it is certainly very staright for ward, one can score well in this part, Last year there was no ques. from Measuring Instruments part, so one need to foc us on this topic, bcoz. in this year internals, I have seen the ques. paper and many ques. came from Measuring Instruments, so that bcomes a Hot topic, Transformers is certainly an easy part comparing to DC and AC Machines, so focus on transformers, the EMF Equation, Equivalent Circuit, and Phasor Diagram topic s is always a hot topics in this section. DC / AC Machines : Generators part are certainly easy than the Motors, the Chara cteristic Curves, like Torque-Slip in Induction Motors, Torque-Speed etc. etc. a re very easy to score. Out of these three,mathemaics 2 is most scoring,all you have to do is to devote some time for this subject and practice each solved numericals from V.P.Mishra( try to solve the exercise as well if you have time to do so).... complex integration is an easy topic and you can easily score good marks in it,s o prepare it well,laplace transformation is a topic which will come in the 3rd s emester as well(so doing it this time will help you in third semester as well).. ..laplace transform is a separate unit(and it is hell easy if you know its basic s).....doing this topic will help you in circuit and system and applied mathemat

ics-3 in the 3rd semester.... partial integration is a lengthy chapter but many questions are asked from it(an other easy topic)....vector calculus is not difficult,you can master it in 1 day ..... multiple integration is the topic which i feel is not very well explained in the book(so i left the topic in the external exam),but you just take care of this t opic...