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Toon Pantheon

Pantheon created by Halloweenman33. PDF by brothersale Virtues: Endurance, Expression, Vengeance, Zaniness ew Virtue: Zaniness: Zaniness is the virtue most associated with the Toon Pantheon, although any crazy Scion could have it as well. Those with this virtue often do the craziest and most unconventional things at any given time. Many times, the actions taken by someone with this virtue are completely off the wall and many view them as completely insane. However, it is said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity and as such many thoughts and actions resulting from this virtue are said to be so crazy it just might work. Characters use Zaniness to: come up with and perform actions considered completely insane by most of the world, make the impossible possible, be generally silly or cartoony. A failed Zaniness roll allows a character to: perform a task in a normal or conventional manner, react logically to a situation that usually calls for an insane reaction Virtue Extremity: Absolute Insanity: The extreme reaction to attempting to stifle ones zaniness can push her to go off the deep end. When this virtue extremity kicks in, logic is out of the question. The Scion goes completely insane and nothing she does has any reason or method to it whatsoever. She will put any and all insane thoughts into action no matter what the consequences. The results could range from mildly annoying and humorous to deadly and catastrophic. Absolute Insanity lasts for one full day.

Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny is the god of trickery and war. Unlike other trickster gods, he is not usually the one to start the conflict. Instead, he tries to be reasonable and talk his potential opponent out of doing whatever theyre trying to do. When that fails, Bugs declares Of course, you know, this means war and retaliates. Bugs tricks are devastating, not only to his opponent but often to the surrounding area. He is also known for his cross dressing, implemented when he is working his tricks on an opponent. Bugs also likes to think of himself as the god of travellers, but his sense of direction is lacking. As a result, he never takes that left turn at Albuquerque and always ends up in a location that is nowhere near where he wanted to go. When in the World, Bugs takes on many roles. Some of these include an army general, a cross-dressing comedian, and a travel agent.

Scions of Bugs Bunny are an interesting group. They are often pranksters and the class clowns at school, although many of them only pull pranks on those who anger them. Like Bugs, they seem to pull pranks with no regard for the safety of others and many of their victims have been sent to the hospital as a result. Some of his Scions also inherit is cross dressing habits, although none can pull it off anywhere near as well as he can. The vast majority of his Scions also inherit is talent for getting lost on a trip. Favoured Abilities: Art, Athletics, Awareness, Fortitude, Melee, Stealth Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Manipulation, Epic Appearance, Epic Wits, Chaos, Darkness, Earth, Justice, Illusion, War, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Taz, Marvin the Martian, Wile E. Coyote, Loki, Hermes, Amaterasu, and any others of the Storytellers choice. Count Bloodcount Count Bloodcount is the god of death. Since he is a vampire, he is the only one who qualifies for that role. He has a dracula-like personality. When in the World, Count Bloodcount usually takes on roles that allow him to portray vampires in entertainment venues Scions of Count Bloodcount are unusual people. They often have an unhealthy obsession with vampires or death. Favoured Abilities: Animal Ken, Art, Athletics, Brawl, Occult, Presence Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Perception, Animal (bats), Darkness, Death, Moon, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Daffy Duck Daffy Duck is the god of showmanship and jealousy. He is a complete show-off who believes that he is more talented than any of the others combine, especially Bugs Bunny. He is intent on proving that his superiority to everyone. His jealousy is not completely unfounded as he was one of the most popular cartoon characters in existence before Bugs arrived and stole the spotlight. Daffy is also completely insane and will often start bouncing around emitting a goofy laugh. When in the World, Daffy always takes on roles that keep him in the spotlight. He is usually an actor (both on film or on stage) or a comedian. Scions of Daffy Duck are often completely nuts. They have insanely enormous egos believing themselves to be the absolute best at whatever they do and are intent of proving it to everyone. They become extremely jealous of anybody in their line of work who is more popular than they are. Favoured Abilities: Art, Athletics, Fortitude, Integrity, Presence, Survival Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Wits, Chaos, Psychopomp, Sky, Water, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and any others of the Storytellers choice

Droopy Droopy is the god of repressed emotions. He is the only member of the pantheon who is technically not a Looney Toon, but he is related to them in that he was created by Tex Avery. Droopy is not a very emotional character and always appears to be sad and depressed even when he claims to be happy. He is also slow moving. Many of his enemies make the mistake of underestimating him and end up paying for it when he expresses his anger by beating them up. When in the World, Droopy has taken on numerous roles. Too many to list. Scions of Droopy are slow moving and unemotional people. However, they should not be taken lightly. When pushed to far, they will express great anger and become very violent. Favoured Abilities: Art, Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Fortitude, Presence Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Wits, Psychopomp, War, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Elmer Fudd Elmer Fudd is the god of hunters. Believed to be a former Scion himself (the son of a long dead cartoon god named Egghead), Elmer is one of the few Toons gods to not start out as a god. Elmer seems to think that he is an excellent hunter and is always trying to shoot Daffy or Bugs. He is easily manipulated, though, and seems to have a soft heart as he bursts into tears whenever he thinks that he has killed Bugs. Elmer also has a speech impediment in which he replaces his Rs with Ws When in the World, Elmer takes on roles that keep him close to the hunt. He has been a trophy hunter, the owner of a gun store, and a taxidermist. Scions of Elmer Fudd enjoy going hunting, but often inherit his soft heart as well, feeling bad for the animals that they have killed. Like Elmer, they are notoriously gullible and often have some sort of speech impediment. Favoured Abilities: Art, Athletics, Craft, Investigation, Marksmanship, Survival Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Fire, Magic, War, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc. Foghorn Leghorn Foghorn Leghorn is the god of loudmouths, mean pranks, and deception. When Foghorn Leghorn talks, everybody hears him whether they want to or not. He has an obnoxiously loud voice and loves to give bad advice. He has the appearance of a happy individual, but is one of the most mean spirited among the Toons, as he will

pull really mean pranks on people for no reason (a certain dog in particular). He is also a notorious liar, especially when he is trying to save his own skin, and will try to deceive people in order to achieve his goals. When in the World, Foghorn Leghorn has been the host of a prank-pulling TV show, a chicken farmer, and a senator. Scions of Foghorn Leghorn are just as loud and obnoxious as their father. They can be mean spirited as well, but to a lesser extent and are often liars and con men. Many other Scions do not trust them. Favoured Abilities: Art, Athletics, Awareness, Fortitude, Melee, Presence Associated Powers: Epic Stamina, Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits, Chaos, Illusion, War, Magic, Cartoon Physics Rivals: any of the Storytellers choice Granny Granny is the goddess of protection and justice. She is a kindly old lady who doesnt appear to be much of a threat, but those who underestimate her will find out otherwise. When in the World, Granny is usually the kindly grandmother who is protective of those she cares about. Scions of Granny are almost exclusively adopted. Their personalities are greatly varied, but they are often very kind people who care deeply about their friends and family and will do anything to protect them. Favoured Abilities: Animal Ken, Athletics, Awareness, Empathy, Melee Stealth Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, Epic Charisma, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Guardian, Justice, Psychopomp, War, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Sylvester, etc. Marvin the Martian Marvin the Martian is the god of destruction. He is constantly trying to blow up the Earth and is always coming up with new ways to do so. He is also the best craftsman of the pantheon. When in the World, Marvin the Martian always takes on roles that allow him to destroy things, usually working for a demolition company. Scions of Marvin the Martian love to set things on fire or blow them up. They are often very good at building things, but will more often than not destroy them afterward just for fun. Favoured Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Command, Craft, Marksmanship, Science

Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Intelligence, Earth, Fire, Moon, Psychopomp, Sun, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Bugs Bunny, etc. Pepe Le Pew Pepe Le Pew is the god of love and sexual harassment. He has the personality of a French gentleman, but due to be a skunk smells terrible (which he doesnt seem to notice). He falls in love very quickly (at first sight) and relentlessly pursues his new love with tactics that could only be described as sexual harassment. When in the World, Pepe Le Pew is a modern day Casanova. Scions of Pepe Le Pew are like their father (and he has a few). They consider themselves to be the Worlds greatest lovers and are constantly on the lookout for love. They tend to use Pepes tactics, so many of them have gotten in trouble for sexual harassment. They also seem to have a faint skunk-like odour constantly lingering around them. Favoured Abilities: Animal Ken, Art, Athletics, Awareness, Empathy, Presence Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Charisma, Epic Appearance, Epic Perception, Fertility, Moon, Psychopomp, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Porky Pig Porky Pig is the god of straight men and sidekicks. Although he is older than both Bugs and Daffy, Porky became a star when he teamed up with some of the others as a sidekick and the straight man. He is a very happy individual unless angered and often puts up with the hijinks of the others for an extended period of time, especially Daffy. Porky has a bad stutter and often has to change his wording to get his point across. When in the World, Porky takes on roles that suit him. He has been the straight man in a two man comedy team, a superheros sidekick in a TV show, and an assistant to a wide variety of different people. Scions of Porky Pig are often the sidekicks of the more action-oriented Scions. They tend to stay in the background and take action when the main hero is in over his head, often accomplishing the goal for the other guys but receiving very little credit for it. They often inherit their fathers stutter. Favoured Abilities: Art, Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, Melee, Presence Associated Powers: Epic Stamina, Epic Charisma, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Earth, Guardian, Prophesy, Cartoon Physics

Rivals: Road Runner Road Runner is the god of travel. He always seems to be on the move, going from one location to another. He doesnt talk nor is he known for his intelligence. However, he is constantly able to outwit Wile E. Coyote. When in the World, Road Runner is often a travel agent. Scions of Road Runner love to travel. In fact, they are often nomads wandering from place to place. Like their father, they are not known for being super smart, but they manage to get by. Favoured Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Empathy, Fortitude, Stealth, Survival Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Chaos, Earth, Psychopomp, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Wile E. Coyote Speedy Gonzales Speedy Gonzales is the god of speed. He is a very happy individual and his high energy personality is topped only by his running speed. He is by far the fastest member of the pantheon, able to run straight through Sylvesters body and out his tail. When in the World, Speed Gonzales is a professional marathon runner. Scions of Speedy Gonzales are high energy, hyperactive people. They are very friendly and happy, but are always in a hurry. They love to run. Favoured Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Fortitude, Integrity, Larceny, Presence Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Charisma, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Chaos, Psychopomp, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Sylvester, etc. Sylvester Sylvester is the god of cats. He is a very proud and determined individual who almost never gives up when he sets his mind on something (which rarely ends well for him). Like Daffy Duck, he has a slobbery lisp. When in the World, Sylvester is usually a cat. However, he has also been the owner of a pet store specializing in cats, the male version

of the crazy cat lady, and the owner of a restaurant that serves exclusively bird dishes. Scions of Sylvester often love cats to the point of obsession. They also inherit his pride and determination, making them some of the most stubborn Scions out there. They often inherit his lips as well. Favoured Abilities: Animal Ken, Art, Athletics, Brawl, Fortitude, Survival Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Wits, Animal (cats), Darkness, Moon, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Tweety, Granny, Speedy Gonzales, etc. The Tasmanian Devil The Tasmanian Devil is the god of nature. Taz is himself a practically unstoppable force of nature. He is bad tempered and constantly hungry, eating anything in his path. Taz doesnt spend much time in the World, but when he is there he spends a lot of time in the woods. Taz doesnt have very many Scions, but those that are around are lesser versions of him. They have foul tempers and seem to always be hungry. However, they are excellent, if somewhat undisciplined, fighters. Favoured Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Fortitude, Presence, Survival Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Appearance, Chaos, Earth, Fertility, War, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Bugs Bunny Tex Avery The only non-cartoon in the pantheon, Tex Avery is the god of cartoons. Sometimes called the King of Cartoons, Tex is the father of the pantheon, as he created many of the pantheons most notable members. He is also the leader of the pantheon, as none of the others are sane enough to do that job. As such, he is the voice of reason in an insane pantheon. Tex is a very imaginative and creative individual When in the World, Tex Avery takes on roles that keep him close to the cartoon business. He has been an animation director, a voice actor, an animator, and a script writer. Scions of Tex Avery are lesser versions of their father. They often have wild imaginations and are very creative people. Not all of them find their calling with cartoons, but a great many of them have. Favoured Abilities: Art, Command, Empathy, Integrity, Politics, Presence Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Epic Manipulation, Earth, Fire, Psychopomp, Illusion, Cartoon Physics

Rivals: Zeus, Ares, Odin, Amaterasu, Loki, and any others of the Storytellers choice Tweety Tweety is the god of birds and overcoming adversity. One of the smallest members of the pantheon, he is can be mistaken for being helpless. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Not only is Tweety fully capable of defending himself, but he often has Granny protecting him. Tweety has a rather sweet disposition, but can be quite vicious when angered or crossed. Many cats have learned this the hard way. When in the World, Tweety is often a bird. However, he has also been an ornithologist, a bird watcher, and the owner of a pet store specializing in birds. Scions of Tweety are often unusually small people and regular sweethearts. However, they have nasty tempers when angered and are often not someone that you would want to mess with. They have a love for birds as well. Favoured Abilities: Animal Ken, Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Fortitude, Melee Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, Epic Appearance, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Animal (birds), Chaos, Justice, Psychopomp, Sky, War, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Sylvester, etc. Wile. E. Coyote Wile E. Coyote is the God of Intelligence and Misfortune. He is a genius (or so he claims) and always hungry. He often comes up with seemingly brilliant plans to acquire food, but they always backfire on him. He doesnt talk very much, but he is very polite and distinguished when he does. When in the World, Wile E. Coyote takes on a variety of roles too numerous to list. However, he often ends up on Workmans Comp. Scions of Wile E. Coyote are often highly intelligent. However, they also inherit their fathers bad luck streak and seem to end up in the hospital more often than Scion of any other god. Other Scions tend to avoid them out of fear that this streak of bad luck might rub off on them. Favoured Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Craft, Fortitude, Melee, Presence, Science Associated Powers: Epic Stamina, Epic Intelligence, Chaos, Health, Psychopomp, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, etc.

Yosemite Sam Yosemite Sam is the god of crime. One of the few evil Toon characters, Yosemite Sam is a loud, mean, and short-tempered criminal. He is also very short, a fact that greatly annoys him. He is not the type of person to cross as he will not think twice about murder. When in the World, Yosemite Sam is always some kind of criminal. Scions of Yosemite Sam are like their father. They are loudvoiced, short-tempered, and hateful people and many of them are notorious criminals. Favoured Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Fortitude, Marksmanship, Presence Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Epic Perception, Chaos, Fire, War, Cartoon Physics Rivals: Bugs Bunny, etc. otable Lesser Gods Screwy Squirrel Michigan J. Frog Rocky and Mugsy the Goofy Gophers Witch Hazel Hubie and Bertie Beaky Buzzard Slowpoke Rodriguez K-9 The Tiny Toon characters The Animaniacs characters Henery Hawk The Barnyard Dawg

Cartoon Physics: Toon Pantheon Specific Purview Cartoony Reaction Dice Pool: None Cost: None Toons often react to things in exaggerated and zany ways. Perhaps the best example is the eyes bugging out about 3 feet and the jaw dropping to the ground, but any silly reaction works. With this boon, a Toon Scion can react to things in such a way as well. A Sign of Things to Come Dice Pool: None Cost: 1 Legend Toons often use signs to quickly express an emotion, opinion, etc. Scions of a Toon god can do so as well. They simply spend one point of Legend and a sign expressing

whatever they want to say appears in their hand. Well known examples are Yipe! or Silly, isnt he? but it could be anything. Of course, any swearing or cussing appears as @#*#@ or in similar symbols. Break the 4th Wall Dice Pool: None Cost: 1 Legend Like the Muppets, the Toons will sometimes break the 4th wall, although not nearly as often. As such, Toon Scions can speak directly to the audience or acknowledge that they are in a movie (or in this case, in a role playing game). To break the 4th wall, they simply spend a point of Legend and say sometime to acknowledge the audience. This boon can only be used once per scene. Back Pocket Dice Pool: None Cost: 3 Legend and 1 Willpower Toons are well known for reaching behind them and pulling out objects of any size. As such, Toon Scions have this back pocket as well. This back pocket can hold as many items as the Scion wants of any size, as long as the Scion is strong enough to lift it. However, these items dont just materialize. They must be selected by the Scion and placed in her back pocket personally. Therefore, if said Scion wanted to pull a piano out of her back pocket, she would have to have put it in ahead of time. There is no cost to putting something in the back pocket, but in order to take it out the Scion must spend 3 Legend and 1 Willpower. Gizmo Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft Cost: 15 Legend Toons often seem to have just the right item at just the right moment. This is due to the fact that they have a gizmo. The gizmo is stored in the back pocket and is pretty much nothing until the Scion decides to use it. Whenever the Scion decides to use his gizmo, he roles Dexterity + Craft and spends 3 points of Legend. When he does this, the gizmo transforms into any item he wants or needs for the task at hand (the gizmo cannot become a relic). However, this boon can only be used once per session and once the gizmo is used it remains in the form of the chosen item until next session. Create Cartoony Device Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft Cost: 15 Legend and 1 Willpower With this boon, Toon Scions can build devices that normally could only exist in a cartoon. Even the craziest item is not off limits. To do so, the Scion roles Intelligence + Craft and spends 15 Legend and 1 Willpower. Bag of Many Things Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness Cost: 20 Legend With this Boon, a Scion can manifest any item she wants from her back pocket (excluding relics) even if she has not previously placed it in there. To do so she roles Perception + Awareness without applying Epic Perception and spends 20 Legend. If

the role is successful, she gets the item she wanted. If the role fails, she still gets something, but it will be a random item. Perhaps even something she didnt want (i.e. A bomb with an already lit fuse) So Stupid It Works Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness Cost: 20 Legend or 20 Legend and 1 Willpower Sometimes, cartoony events can be boiled down to a Toon being too stupid to realize that something shouldnt work. Examples include running off a cliff and staying in the air not realizing that there is nothing underneath or running through a tunnel painted on the wall. A Toon Scion could do this as well. When a Toon Scion wants to do something that should not work. He roles his Intelligence + Awareness (and does not apply Epic Intelligence) and spends 20 Legend points. If the role succeeds, he is too smart for his own good and the action doesnt work, but if the role fails then he is too stupid to realize it shouldnt work so if does. Alternatively, he can spend 20 Legend and 1 Willpower to have his Epic Intelligence apply as a negative bonus to practically insure that the role fails. Back for More Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude Cost: 25 Legend and 1 Willpower Toons are incredibly tough to kill and this boon makes it so. If a Toon Scion is hit by an attack that should prove fatal (or something happens that should kill her), she roles her Stamina + Fortitude and spends 25 Legend and 1 Willpower. Doing so causes her body to react in a cartoony way and she simply falls down for the rest of the scene. She returns at full health next scene. This boon can only be used once per session. Cosmic Shift Dice Pool: None Cost: 30 Legend and 1 Willpower The most powerful of Toon gods can cause the very fabric of existence to shift in a cartoony way. When a Scion wants to effect existence in such a way, he spends 30 Legend and 1 Willpower and causes a single change of his choice to occur. Examples include going through a door and when your pursuer opens the door he finds another door over and over until he finds an open doorway and walks right through into a straight drop from several stories or causing the dynamite intended to blow up your haven to destroy the surrounding area while leaving your place unharmed and surrounded by a crater. Anything the Scion thinks of is fair game.

Toon Terra Incognita/Touch stone "Wrong Turn" When a Toon becomes so lost that they do not know where they are and in fact could be any where they can spend one legend to travel to Wrong Turn. The geography of Wrong Turn mimics the terrain when the toon exited the world so that it is difficult to prove travel has even happened. When a Toon spend 1 legend to leave Wrong Turn they may appear any where in the world or any Terra incognita or touch stone that is not sealed to outsiders. It is even possible to travel through time when leaving Wrong Turn.

There is a permanent portal to Wrong Turn near Albaquerky New Mexico There is at least one Scion of the Amatsukami who is able to enter Wrong Turn named Rioga Hibiki The apparent time travel effect created by Wrong Turn is actually a series of sub realms populated by simulacrums based on the Toon gods ( pirate Sam, roman legionary Sam, Prussians noble Sam, Starship captain Daffy etc. )

Toondoom: The Toon Underworld Toondoom is the Underworld of the Toon Pantheon. It consists of three locations: Toon Heaven, Down There, and the Waiting Room. The Waiting Room When a member of the Toon pantheon dies, they find themselves entering a waiting room of enormous size stretching as far as the eye can see. Chairs line the walls and the floors and several benches are also in the area. The benches are waiting areas specifically for toon cats, who cannot pass into the next areas until all nine lives have expired. Therefore, each expended cat life must wait on the bench for the rest of its lives to arrive. At one end of the room is a booth with a single toon sitting behind it. He has a large book in front of him which he looks through when someone comes into the room. After a while, he will call someone by name to the window and look through the book. Upon reading off their deeds in life, he will determine whether they will go to Toon Heaven or Down There. Upon making his decision, he will do one of two things. He will either push a button and cause a golden escalator to appear or push a button and cause a trap door to open directly underneath the toon in question. The golden escalator leads to Toon Heaven and the trap door leads to Down There. There is also a locked door to the right of the booth. No amount of bashing or pulling can open or destroy this door no matter what level of Epic Strength the character possesses. Only Count Bloodcount or the toon in the booth can open the door. This door leads to either Count Bloodcounts castle or to an abandoned castle in real world Transylvania and is the only way in or out for a living being. Toon Heaven The golden escalator goes on for what seems like forever, but finally ends at what appears to be a huge golden gate on top of fluffy white clouds. This is Toon Heaven, where those toons who lived good lives go when they die (a rare event for a toon usually). Upon first glance, Toon Heaven appears to be simply a land of clouds stretching farther than the eye can see. However, anything one can imagine will appear to entertain or serve him or her and Toon Heaven is vast enough that just about anything or any location can be found if explored. Down There Upon falling into the trap door, the toon in question falls for what seems to be thousands of miles before landing in an enormous pot of boiling water. Upon exiting the pot (which is scalding even to those with fire immunity) they find themselves in what appears to be a rocky cavern filled with fire. The rocks are red hot and the flames are everywhere. The temperature is unbearably hot even for those with Fire Immunity. This is Down There, where all wicked/evil toons go when they die. Down There is lorded over by an uncountable number of cartoon Devils. The cartoon Devils always

outnumber the dead by at least one no matter how many souls are sent down here. The extra Devil is the leader and he is the first one the wicked soul meets. He sits behind what appears to be a judges podium and after going over the toons deeds in life determines an appropriate (an often ironic) eternal punishment. Passages to Toondoom There are only two ways into Toondoom for the living. One requires them to go to Count Bloodcounts castle in the Toon Overworld. Other than that, the only way in is through an abandoned castle in Transylvania. Animatoria: the Toon Godrealm Animatoria is the Toon Pantheons godrealm. Like many other godrealms, Animatoria is vast. Considering how much it covers, it could arguable be the largest of the godrealms. It has four basic locations, each with an uncountable number of subdivisions. The four major locations are the Big City, Small Town, Outside of Town, and Outer Space. Big City and Small Town are exactly that and each can be found in several locations. Outer Space obviously consists of all the homes of the alien Toons. Outside of Town covers everything not covered by the other three including forests, jungles, desert islands, etc. There is practically zero travel time required between areas (unless of course one goes the wrong way at Albuquerque). One can simply step outside of Small Town or Big City and find themselves in Africa, for example. Big City Big City areas look like the cartoon equivalent of a big city and there is not much to distinguish one from the other. However, some of them do have specific locations such as the Acme Corporation, Warner Brothers Studios, and Acme Looniversity. Many of them are also toon versions of real world cities. Warner Brothers Studios The Warner Brothers Studios looks like the cartoon counterpart of the real thing (see an episode of Animaniacs). It is home to the Water Tower (home to Wakko, Yakko, and Dot) and Termite Terrace, the animation studio where Tex Avery resides. Acme Looniversity Acme Loonivesity is a school for new and younger toons. Toon Scions can expect to spend some time here at some point. There they will be taught by various gods of the pantheon (most notably Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck) the art of being toony. Most of the Tiny Toons can be found here. The Acme Corporation The number one (actually only) producer of cartoon goods, the Acme Corporation can be found or contacted almost anywhere in Animatoria (and occasionally in the World). The location of the corporate headquarters in unknown even to Tex Avery, but it does have stores and delivery posts everywhere you go. Acme Labs A subsidiary of the Acme Corporation devoted to scientific studies, although very little ever gets done. Acme Labs is most notable as the home of Pinky and the Brain.

Small Town The Small Town areas are exactly what they sound like and few of them have anything special to set them apart, aside from a few homes of some of the many Toons. Outer Space Outer Space is vast and stretches on forever. It is home to many alien Toons and each planet is effectively a Sanctum in and of itself. The two most notable planets are Mars (home to Marvin the Martian) and Planet X. Additionally, going through a portal on Mars or just above Earth, one can enter an alternate version of Animatoria, in which Duck Dodgers (an alter ego of Daffy Duck) can be found. Outside of Town Outside of Town is almost as large as Outer Space and consists of every other environment not found in the other three. The most notable places here are Bugs Bunnys Rabbit Hole, the Duck Pond (home to Daffy Duck), and the Farm (home to Foghorn Leghorn). Axis Mundi Any animation department of a major cartoon studio can be used as an Axis Mundi (except for the Disney cartoon departments, which lead to the godrealm of the Disney pantheon). Additionally, Albuquerque, New Mexico itself can be an Axis Mundi. All one has to do is travel underground (like Bugs Bunny) and make the wrong turn at Albuquerque and they may end up somewhere in Animatoria. Since the Siege: Erased Since the Titans escaped, Animatoria has been besieged by the Erasers forces. The toll has been heavy and the outer fringes of the godrealm are disappearing as though an eraser were slowly deleting them. The Eraser, Greater Titan of Destruction Favoured Purviews: Chaos, Death, Corruption, Fire, War Banned Purviews: Fertility, Guardian, Justice, Purification, Health The Eraser is the Greater Titan of Destruction and is the scourge of all that exists. Its ultimate goal is to destroy everything in existence and then erase any evidence of anything existing at all. The other Titans are not excluded from its list as such will not work with the Eraser. The Eraser is similar to Hundun in that it has no permanent avatars and mostly relies on corrupting Scions and gods and using them as its agents. However, it is different than Hundun in that it will occasionally make temporary avatars to achieve certain goals. These temporary avatars are usually used in attempts to corrupt potential agents of destruction and are often its means of communication with its own forces. Each temporary avatar is different. Some are manipulative and subtle, while others take the blow everything up approach. Once the temporary avatar has done its job it is absorbed back into the Greater Titan until another one is needed. The Eraser never uses the same avatar twice and as such none of those that have existed could be considered dominant. The only way to bind the Eraser would be to capture and bind a temporary avatar before it can be reabsorbed.

Prominent Features: Truthfully, there are none. The interior of the Eraser looks like an endless barren wasteland devoid of life. There is nothing to be seen unless a temporary avatar happens to be in existence and in such a case it can be seen from anywhere within the Greater Titan. If the presence of an intruder is brought to the attention of the Eraser, it will cause creatures to emerge from its desolate ground. These creatures (Titanspawn of the most horrible sort) could number anywhere from a few to hundreds of thousands depending on how much of a threat the Eraser feels the intruders are. The Erased Template: Anything killed by an agent of the Eraser (including Titanspawn) is absorbed into the Greater Titans being and gains the Erased Template. Creatures with the Erased Template appear much as they did before, except that parts of them are missing as though they were erased (not severed) and at least one appendage has a large eraser at the end of it. These erasers deal aggravated damage to anything without the Erased Template. Erased creatures treat the Health Purview as piercing.

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