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Xiamen, PR China 27 May 2013







Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting


A. i.

Introduction The Fourth PEMSEA Network of Local Governments for Sustainable Coastal Development (PNLG) Executive Committee Meeting was held at the Jingmin Central Hotel, Xiamen, PR China, on 27 May 2013. The Xiamen Municipal Government and the PNLG Secretariat hosted the meeting. The Executive Committee Meeting was attended by the following: Governor Felipe Hilan Nava, president of the PNLG and governor of the Province of Guimaras, Philippines; Mr. Prak Sihara, vice president of the PNLG and vice governor of Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia; Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, chair of the East Asian Seas Partnership Council; Mr. Pan Shijian, secretary-general of the PNLG and vice chair of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Xiamen, China; Mr. Liang Fengkui, associate counsel of the Department of International Cooperation, State Oceanic Administration (SOA) of China; Mr. Shigeru Yoneyama, representative of the Ocean Policy Research Foundation of Japan; Mr. Hideto Uranaka, representative of Shima City, Japan; Mr. Zhang Guomin and Ms. Zhang Yanhua, representatives of Changyi City, China; Mr. Guo Yinfeng, senior project officer, PEMSEA Resource Facility; and Ms. Kathrine Rose Gallardo, secretariat coordinator, PEMSEA Resource Facility. The PNLG Secretariat in Xiamen served as the secretariat for the meeting. The secretariat officers included Dr. Zhou Lumin, executive deputy secretarygeneral; Dr. Fang Qinhua, deputy secretary; and the following PNLG secretariat staff: Mr. Hong Rongbiao, Ms. Ye Qing, Ms. Lin Yujie, Mr. Wang Haixing, and Ms. Lu Xuan. The meeting agenda and full list of participants are attached as Annex 1 and 2 respectively.




B. i.

Opening Ceremony Pres. Felipe Hilan Nava opened the meeting and welcomed all the participants to the meeting. The President expressed thanks to the PNLG Secretariat and Xiamen City Government for hosting the meeting. On behalf of the Xiamen City Government and the PNLG Secretariat, Mr. Pan Shijian delivered a short welcome remark. Mr. Pan highlighted the significant achievements of the PNLG. In particular, he underscored that since PNLGs establishment, it has attracted great attention internationally. The PNLG has now grown to 31 regular members, and with the expected approval of four additional local governments, the PNLG will have 35 members and two associate members. Mr. Pan attributed the PNLGs success to the strong support accorded by PEMSEA and the local government members. He also reiterated the continuous support of Xiamen City to the PNLG Secretariat as announced and confirmed during the PNLG Forum 2012 in RO Korea. Mr.


Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

Pan expressed the PNLGs continued support to the implementation of PEMSEA programs in the East Asian Seas region and expressed continued support to the President and Vice President of the PNLG. In closing, Mr. Pan wished the meeting full success.


Review and Approval of Applications for PNLG Membership

Discussion Highlights:
1.1 The PNLG Secretariat received the letter of applications for the PNLG membership from the following sites: Northern Selangor, Malaysia (19 April 2013); Shima City, Japan (1 April 2013); Changyi, China (7 May 2013); and Qinzhou, China (25 May 2013). Mr. Hideto Uranaka, representative from Shima City, Japan, expressed the willingness of Shima City to join the PNLG as a regular member and gave the brief introduction on Shima Citys initiatives related to the implementation of ICM. In response to the various environmental problems encountered by Shima, the City Government drew up the blueprint for the future of Shima City in 2011a project for creating a new Satoumi City using an integrated coastal management (ICM) approach. In promoting this project, Shima laid down the Shima City Satoumi Creation Basic Plan in 2012, in a joint effort between the city government, local industrial and business organizations, NGOs and others. The Shima City Basic Plan is set out with the goal to realize a blue economy in Shima City through ICM and to promote local branding. It was emphasized that the participation of Shima City as the first site to apply for the PNLG is a significant breakthrough after several years of encouraging Japan to adopt the ICM approach. While the ICM efforts of Shima City are still relatively recent, the gradual buy-in and implementation of ICM in the overall coastal and marine policies and programs of the city is already considered a significant achievement and a building block to further promote the ICM in other local governments in Japan. On behalf of Northern Selangor, Malaysia, Ms. Kathrine Rose S. Gallardo of PRF delivered the presentation and application of Northern Selangor to PNLG. To ensure the sustainability of coastal ecosystems in Northern Selangor, various efforts were undertaken, including: development of the ICM plan and Integrated Coastal Use Zoning Plan with assistance from the Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS); successfully planted more than 10,000 mangrove seedlings by the state government in collaboration with local communities; and adopted the Emission or Discharge of Pollutants (State of Selangor) Regulations 2012; among others. Ms. Zhang Yanhua, representative from Changyi City, PR China, confirmed the intention of Changyi City to become a member of the PNLG and delivered a brief introduction of Changyi City on its implementation of ICM. Changyi City has undertaken a number of initiatives in protecting, conserving and developing its coastal and marine environment and resources. Some of the efforts undertaken are the following: the development plan of the Yellow River Delta efficient ecological economic zone construction and the Shandong






Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

peninsulas blue economic zone construction of Changyi City; the sea economic development zone development conceptual planning as a whole for Changyi City; the establishment of a dynamic monitoring and observation system of the sea area; an innovated land and sea environmental management mechanism; the establishment of a mechanism for the integration of land and sea in ecological environment protection; and the promotion of land and sea environment protection efficiency; among others. 1.7 On behalf of Qinzhou City, PR China, Ms. Ye Qing of the PNLG Secretariat presented the willingness of Qinzhou City to become a part of the PNLG and gave a brief introduction on the ICM implementation in Qinzhou City. The city upholds the principle of environmental protection together with economic development through the strengthened implementation of ICM. The city laid out several plans in support of environmental protection and development. Moreover, they have done the following: formed an ICM leadership group; established a marine management system that involves four levelsvillage, district, municipality and town; established a sea area use survey and efficiency assessment; and initiated series of restoration projects like sand beach restoration, coastline repair, mangrove planting, etc. Based on the applications and information provided by the four local governments, the PNLG Secretariat conducted further assessment to ensure their compliance and eligibility to the PNLG membership. The result of the PNLG Secretariats assessment are as follows: All four applicants are local governments in East Asia and are committed to adhere to the PNLG Charter and become a regular member of the PNLG; All four sites are implementing or using the ICM approach to manage their marine and coastal environment; and The four local governments give high emphasis and attention to marine and coastal management and express strong enthusiasm to join the PNLG.



It was further noted that the four applicants are very important coastal areas in East Asia. Shima City and Changyi City are located in the northern area of East Asia, while Qinzhou City and Northern Selangor are located in the southern area of East Asia. The promotion of ICM of the local governments from both the north and south of East Asia will significantly benefit the PNLG in promoting the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia (SDS-SEA) implementation. The site profiles from the four sites are found in Annex 3.


The Executive Committee decided: 1.11 1.12 The adoption of the four applicants as PNLG regular members. To request the PNLG Secretariat to formally inform Shima City, Northern Selangor, Changyi City and Qinzhou City of their acceptance as PNLG members and to invite them to the PNLG Forum 2013 for the induction and signing of the PNLG Charter and to deliver short statements.

Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting


Preparations for the PNLG Forum 2013

PNLG Forum 2013 Agenda Discussion Highlights: 2.1 The schedule identified for the PNLG Forum 2013, 30 September to 2 October 2013, coincides with a Chinese holiday that is held from October 1 to 7 of every year. The said holiday in China is very important and in this regard, a request was made to look into the possibility of identifying other options for the PNLG Forum 2013 schedule. The Shima City and Ocean Policy Research Foundation (OPRF) representatives emphasized the difficulty of changing the schedule in view of other key events in Shima, Japan; however, the matter will be taken up with the Shima City Government and OPRF for further discussion. The following suggestions or comments were raised with regard to the draft agenda for the PNLG Forum 2013: General Assembly Present the work plan and budget 2014 to help the PNLG review and prepare in advance for the following years activities. For the turnover of the PNLG flag, the hosts for the next forums should be identified two or three years in advance to facilitate better preparation and avoid the same circumstance of not having a host confirmed for flag turnover. Technical Session In past PNLG Forums, there were usually general discussions about ICM. To focus on key items, it was suggested that a look into more specific issue areas similar to the proposed topic on biodiversity conservation be made. The Aichi Biodiversity targets are new initiatives approved by all the countries in 2010 in relation to conservation. It includes 10-year targets, which are mostly already being implemented; however, there were no methodologies set in place during the adoption of the Aichi targets. The Rio+20 outcome document, The Future We Want, as well as the UN Secretary-General, cited a number of key areas/actions to be undertaken in relation to biodiversity conservation. The ICM is also proven to address concerns related to biodiversity and provides the system to help achieve the biodiversity targets. From Japans perspective, while the focus on achieving Aichi Targets through ICM is a good topic, the participants of Japan who are still very new to ICM may need to have more understanding of its concept and process. In this regard, Japan suggested looking into the option of having a broader theme on ICM for the Technical Session. Xiamen has been showcased several times before in the PNLG Forums and in other workshops; and as such, it was suggested that other cities in China should be considered to deliver their presentations or case studies.



Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

Field Visits It was emphasized that Shima City is located within a national park. In line with this, it was suggested to consider the national park as one of the sites to be visited. Shima City is known for its pearl culture. As such, it would be good to include a visit to one of its pearl farms not only to showcase Shimas pearl industry but to encourage more tourists as well. Decisions: The Executive Committee decided that: 2.4 The PRF, PNLG Secretariat, Shima City and OPRF conduct closer and further discussion on the schedule for the PNLG Forum 2013; Shima City, Japan, inform the PNLG Secretariat in writing of the result of the internal discussion or consultation regarding the schedule of the PNLG Forum 2013; Upon confirmation of the schedule, the PNLG Secretariat and Shima City issue the necessary invitation letters to facilitate early confirmation and booking of participants; The PRF discuss further with the OPRF and Shima City to establish a consensus on the theme for the Technical Session of the PNLG Forum 2013 and to finalize the three-day agenda and the list of paper presentations as soon as possible; The PRF to explore or identify presentations from other ICM sites for the Technical Session;





Administrative and Logistical Preparations for the PNLG Forum 2013 by Shima City and Work Plan for the Organization of PNLG Forum 2013 Discussion Highlights: 2.9 The meeting noted, with appreciation, the efforts undertaken by Shima City, Japan, in preparation for the PNLG Forum 2013, including the following: Identification of NemunoSato Resort and Hotel as the appropriate venue for the PNLG Forum 2013 events Initial preparation of transport plan Identification of possible hotel accommodations for the participants Identification of possible sites for field visits Identification and negotiation of amount with hotels and banquet venues and catering services The meeting noted the initial work plan and timetable developed by the PNLG Secretariat to ensure smooth coordination and successful organization of the PNLG Forum 2013.


Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting


The meeting noted that in view of the 20th-year gathering for the Ise Festival, hotel accommodations in Shima City should be secured for PNLG as early as mid-July. In view of some budget limitations, particularly on the part of PEMSEA, it is necessary to conduct further discussions with Shima City and OPRF on the budget requirements and possible budget allocations.


Decisions: The Executive Committee decided that: 2.13 The PNLG Secretariat, PRF, Shima City and OPRF to conduct further discussions on the work plan and budget for the PNLG Forum 2013 preparation to ensure smooth coordination and arrangements. Shima City, with the assistance of the PRF and PNLG Secretariat, prepare a detailed information bulletin/guide for the participants, including various transportation options going to Shima and other required information.



Discussion on PNLG Activities

Discussion Highlights:
3.1 Dr. Zhou Lumin, Deputy Secretary-General of the PNLG Secretariat, delivered the presentation on PNLG work review and 2013 work plan. In particular, he highlighted the completion of the following activities in 2012: Organization and conduct of the PNLG officers election; Improving the reporting mechanism of the PNLG Strategic Action Plan (SAP) and Dongying Declaration; Organization of the 2012 PNLG Forum in Changwon City, RO Korea; and Organization of the PNLG General Assembly and Workshop at the East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress 2012 in Changwon City, RO Korea. The meeting noted, with appreciation, the successful completion of the 2012 activities. Dr. Zhou presented the major activities lined up by the PNLG for 2013 as follows: Organization of the 2013 PNLG Forum held in Shima City, Japan, in September; Recruitment of new members; Improvement of the reporting mechanism of PNLG SAP and the Dongying Declaration; Coordination with PEMSEA to organize the Training and Learning Project Fund Management, including collecting the PNLG annual membership fee; and Participation of PNLG in international/regional meetings.




Ms. Ye Qing presented the synthesis report on the implementation of the PNLG SAP and Dongying Declaration.

Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

On 6 May, the Secretariat notified 31 regular members of PNLG to submit the report. As of 20 May, only Fangchenggang City, Haiyang City, Xiamen City of PR China, Port Klang of Malaysia and Batangas Province of the Philippines submitted the summary on the implementation of the PNLG SAP and Dongying Declaration. It is targeted that at least 50 percent of the PNLG members will submit the summary report in time for the 2013 PNLG Forum.


Mr. Hong Rongbiao made the presentation on the China-ASEAN Blue Economic Cooperation Forum for the 2013 Xiamen World Ocean Week (XWOW). Based on the initial forum program, there will be two key components/sections: (1) release of policies; and (2) cooperation and interaction. The PNLG, in particular, is being suggested to deliver or share some presentations of its efforts related to the blue economy under the framework of the SDS-SEA and through ICM implementation under section 2 of the forum program. The XWOW and other similar events can provide an opportunity for PNLG to be engaged and to showcase its initiatives and achievements. It was mentioned that there is about RMB 3 billion fund that can be tapped for various projects or investments. This can provide a good opportunity for PNLG members to identify or propose projects. The PRF expressed intention to also organize a session for the PNLG during the XWOW, focusing on two case studies on blue economy. The PNLG Secretariat clarified that other events may be organized as side events during the XWOW. In preparation for the XWOW Forum and to further engage the PNLG, the following suggestions were provided: PNLG members need to make presentations at the forum to show what PEMSEA and PNLG had done; Encourage the PNLG member governments and enterprises to attend the forum; Make use of the event to facilitate cooperation among the PNLG members and the enterprises and other forum participants. With regard to the updating of the PNLG website, the following suggestions were provided: Request the PNLG members to submit their website link address and site introduction; Upload more information and knowledge materials in the download area section of the website; Establish an e-library; Share the meeting documents and reports of various PNLG Forums and workshops in the website; and Promote a more interactive website by incorporating a Comments section. In preparation for the participation of the PNLG as a Non-Country Partner of PEMSEA to the 5th EAS Partnership Council to be held on 913 July 2013 in Manila, Philippines, the PNLG was encouraged to provide its nomination of representatives.







Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting


It was emphasized that the 5th EAS Partnership Council Meeting is one of the most crucial meetings of PEMSEA as it will cover key issues pertaining to PEMSEAs transformation and entry into a new phase. In particular, the collaborative planning discussions of PEMSEA partners and collaborators, in line with the implementation of the SDS-SEA Five-Year Implementation Plan, will entail inputs from all partners, including the PNLG. With the Project Identification Form (PIF) for the next phase already approved by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), it is now crucial for countries and sites to identify specific activities that will form part of the project document. The involvement of the PNLG in such planning and discussions is integral in ensuring the involvement of PNLG and its members in the future implementation of the SDS-SEA and ICM. In this regard, it is crucial for the PNLG Secretariat to take a stronger role and build partnerships with country and non-country partners of PEMSEA.

Decisions: The Executive Committee decided: 3.13 Under the PNLG work review and 2013 work plan, the PRF, PNLG Secretariat, Shima City and OPRF to coordinate for the organization of the 2013 PNLG Forum. On the reporting mechanism on implementation of the PNLG SAP and Dongying Declaration, the PNLG Secretariat continue to facilitate the submission of reports from the members and encourage more members to submit the implementation reports on time. On the China-ASEAN Blue Economic Cooperation Forum: The PNLG Secretariat release the information (provisional program, funding channels and eligibility, process for accessing funds) in advance so the PRF can mobilize participation and development of project proposals. On the updating of the PNLG website: Upload the PNLG Forum and EC meeting materials onto the website. Encourage PNLG members to upload the appropriate projects and funds resource on the website for sharing and exchanging ideas. PRF assist the PNLG Secretariat in further enhancing the PNLG website. On PNLGs participation to the 5th EAS Partnership Council Meeting: PNLG to nominate the PNLG President and PNLG Secretariat representative to the 5th Partnership Council Meeting. PRF to help the partners, including the PNLG, in preparing for their participation and discussions for the Council Meeting.





Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting


PNLG Leadership and Governance

Change in PNLG Leadership Discussion Highlights: 4.1 The term of PNLG President Nava as governor of Guimaras will end by 30 June 2013 as a result of the recent elections in the Philippines. In view of this, he will no longer represent the Province of Guimaras and will be replaced by the newly-elected governor beginning July 2013. As stipulated in the PNLG Charter Paragraph 29 on Vacancy, an office shall be declared vacant in the event that an officer no longer represents the local government units . . . In case of vacancy of the post of the President, the Vice President will automatically assume the position for the remaining period of the term. Vacancy of the post of the Vice President shall be filled for the remaining period of the term of office through appointment by the Executive Committee. In accordance with the PNLG Charter, President Nava will step down by end of June and will be replaced by Vice President Prak Sihara as President beginning July 2013 until June 2015. As there are no detailed guidelines/procedures on the selection and appointment of Vice President in the event of a vacancy, there may be a need to leave the Vice President position vacant until the matter and process for identification of a new Vice President is discussed at the PNLG Forum 2013 General Assembly. This is a crucial situation for the PNLG, and as such, it is highly important for the PNLG Secretariat and the PRF to provide their utmost support and assistance to Vice President Sihara to ensure stability and continuity in the PNLG operations. Governor Nava served as President of PNLG only for ten months; however, the meeting noted that even prior to his election as President, the governor has actively participated in various PNLG Forums and other PEMSEA events and served as a key advocate and champion of ICM. It would be to PNLGs advantage if President Nava will continue to be involved or linked with PEMSEA and the PNLG, in particular.






Decisions: The Executive Committee decided that: 4.7 Vice President Prak Sihara assume the position of PNLG President beginning July 2013 up to the remaining period of the term, and for the Vice President position to be left vacant until the decision is reached by the General Assembly in the PNLG Forum 2013; President Nava be designated as Honorary Advisor of the PNLG; The PNLG Secretariat and the PRF to work together in developing a proposed guidelines/procedure for appointing a Vice President in the event of

4.8 4.9

Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

a vacancy, for submission to the PNLG Forum 2013 General Assembly for final adoption.

PNLG Governance Documents Discussion Highlights: 4.10 The PNLG Charter Article XII indicates the need to develop more detailed information and procedures or bylaws for the implementation of the provisions of the charter. The bylaws are intended to help facilitate better operations of the PNLG and not to restrict PNLG in the conduct of its various activities. The bylaws are also envisioned to be flexible enough to accommodate changes in the future depending on the needs of the PNLG. Based on the initial review of the charter conducted by the PRF, the following are some of the key documents or bylaws that may need to be considered and developed later: Guidelines for Termination of Membership Guidelines for Setting the Amount of Membership Fee Amendment of the Guideline for Nomination and Election of Officers to include procedures in appointing alternative officers in the event of a vacancy Terms of Reference of the PNLG Secretariat Guidelines for Convening the Annual PNLG Executive Committee Meetings and PNLG Forums The development of bylaws require further review by the PNLG Secretariat as they handle the day-to-day operations of the PNLG and are therefore in a better position to identify the crucial procedures needed by the PNLG. The development of PNLG Bylaws requires time, several consultations and review by the PNLG Executive Committee and members.




Decisions: The Executive Committee decided that: 4.14 The PNLG Secretariat review the list provided by the PRF and identify crucial procedures or bylaws that need to be prioritized. The PNLG Secretariat present the list of priority documents or bylaws to be developed at the PNLG Forum 2013 General Assembly for adoption prior to the development of the detailed procedures. The PRF provide assistance to the PNLG Secretariat in the development of the PNLG Bylaws.



5.0 5.1

Closing of the Meeting President Nava expressed his sincere thanks to the PNLG Secretariat and the PRF for their support in organizing the Fourth PNLG Executive Committee Meeting and thanked all the participants, particularly Dr. Chua Thia-Eng, Mr.


Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

Liang Fengkui and the representatives from Shima City and OPRF of Japan, for their contribution in the discussion. The President also expressed his gratitude to the PNLG and PEMSEA for their support in the implementation of ICM programs as governor of Guimaras as well as the support given to him as President of PNLG. 5.2 Vice President Sihara conveyed his appreciation to the PNLG Secretariat and PEMSEA and to all the participants for their support in the meeting. He emphasized the need for the PNLG members, the PNLG Secretariat and PEMSEA to work together to serve as a sustainable network for the local governments of the East Asian Seas region. He highlighted the crucial role of all members and partners in the protection of coastal and marine resources of the region. Upon his assumption of the PNLG presidency in July 2013, Mr. Sihara requested the strong support and assistance of the PNLG Secretariat and PEMSEA. President Nava declared the meeting closed at 12:30 nn, 27 May 2013.




Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

Annex 1 Meeting Agenda


Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

Fourth PNLG Executive Committee Meeting Agenda 26 May 27 May 8:20 8:30 Registration Arrival

Chair: Mr. Felipe Hilan A. Nava (President of PNLG) Co-Chair: Mr. Prak Sihara (Vice President of PNLG) 8:30 9:30 1.0 Review and approval of applications for PNLG membership Shima City, Japan Northern Selangor, Malaysia Other cities The PNLG Executive Committee members review the new applicant members application materials and remark on the applicants cities 2.0 Preparation for the PNLG Forum 2013 Discussion of PNLG Forum 2013 Agenda Presentation from Shima City, Japan, on administrative and logistical preparations Confirmation of participants, Delineation of Responsibilities, Work Plan, Budget and Schedule Coordination arrangements and point persons in PNLG Secretariat, PRF and host local government Coffee Break 3.0 Discussion on the PNLG activities Review of updated Report Template based on suggestions from the PNLG Forum 2012 Report of the implementation of the SAP and Dongying Declaration 2013 PNLG Work Plan and Annual Budget o Leadership seminar and specialized workshops at the XWOW o Updating the PNLG website o Preparation for PNLGs participation to the 5th EAS Partnership Council Meeting 4.0 PNLG Leadership and Governance Change in PNLG Leadership PNLG Governance Documents Lunch Departure

9:30 10:30

10:30 10:45 10:45 11:45

11:45 12:30

12:30 14:00 28 May


Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

Annex 2 List of Participants


Proceedings of the 4th PNLG EC Meeting

List of Participants

1. EC meeting participants: Felipe Hilan Nava PNLG President Governor, Province of Guimaras Prak Sihara PNLG Vice President, Vice Governor, Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia Guo Yinfeng Pan Shijian PEMSEA Senior Project Officer PNLG Secretary General Vice Chair, (CPPCC) of Xiamen, PR China

2. Invited Participants: Chua Thia-Eng Liang Fengkui Chair of EAS Partnership Council, PEMSEA Associate Counsel, Department of International Cooperation, SOA, P.R.China (invited participant) Kathrine Rose S. Gallardo Secretariat Coordinator PEMSEA Resource Facility Yoneyama Uranaka Zhang Guomin Zhang Yanhua Delegate of Shima City, Japan Delegate of Shima City, Japan Delegate of Changyi City, China Delegate of Changyi City, China

3. PNLG Secretariat Staff Zhou Lumin Deputy Secretary General of PNLG Secretariat Deputy Director General of Xiamen Oceans and Fisheries Bureau of Xiamen PR. China Fang Qinhua Deputy Sectary of PNLG Secretary Associate Professor of Xiamen University Hong Rongbiao Ye Qing Lin Yujie Wang Haixing Liu Xuan Staff of PNLG Secretary Staff of PNLG Secretary Staff of PNLG Secretary Staff of PNLG Secretary Staff of PNLG Secretary