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Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya Sequence of Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya for Effortless Living. 1- Sit in Ardha Siddhasana.

That is sit on the floor in crossed legged !osture. "lace the heel of the left foot bet#een the anal and re!roductive organ. The right foot rests comfortably on the floor and hold brahma mudra right !alm on to! of left !alm facing the ceiling !laced at the naval !ortion. $-%nvocation to the Teacher. &m sahana vavatu sahanau bhuna'tu sahaveeryam 'arvavahi te(asvinam vadhita mastu maa vid visha vahaihi aum shanti shanti shanti hee )-Then sitting in crossed legged !osture on the floor bring both feet*heels together !ull as much as you can to#ards the re!roductive organ. +las! both feet at the fingers !oint #ith your hands and do butterfly fla!!ing of both legs u! do#n for $ minutes. This is called !atanga asana or butterfly fla!!ing. "atanga means a ,utterfly.-Again return to ardha siddhasana and bring the right foot and rest it on the middle of your left arm bring your right hand from belo# your right foot and catch hold of your left arm fingers such that both left and right hand fingers are loc'ed inside each other and t#ist your s!ine li'e roc'ing a baby. The other/Left0 foot rests bet#een the anal outlet and re!roductive organ. This is shishu!ala asana. Shishu means a baby. 1e!eat #ith left leg in right Arm. 2o this for $ minutes for each leg. 3-Then !lace your body on your 'nees and hands li'e a Tiger and bring the left leg 'nee to touch your forehead #hich comes do#n. At this !oint the S!ine is u! and it is e4halation of breath. Then as the 5ead goes for#ard the left leg becomes straight and goes ,ac'. At this !oint the s!ine is straight and it is inhalation of breath. 6our s!ine should bend fle4ibly according to the breath and movement of 'nee. 7hile doing one side the other side should be com!letely rela4ed. 1e!eat this #ith another Leg*'nee. 2o This ) Times for each leg*'nee. My Advice here #ould be for you to buy the 8ive'ananda Kendra "ratisthan +hennai %ndia 6oga Asanas ,oo' sho#n belo# from or any 1ama'rishna Mission ,oo' +entre in order to get this cat stretch !rocedure correctly.

9-:o# the Actual Kriya; 1eturn and sit in Ardha Siddhasana/!referably on a cushion of $< thic' #hich can su!!ort your body #eight #ithout sagging0 and then start su'ha !ranayama as follo#s. +lose your right nostril #ith right thumb all other fingers of the right hand are straight !ointed u!#ard the ceiling. E4hale slo#ly via the left nostril com!letely.

Then after e4halation inhale dee!ly via the left nostril close left nostril #ith little finger of right hand and e4hale com!letely from the right. :o retention of breath is needed. Then inhale com!letely from the right nostril +lose right nostril using right hand thumb and e4hale from the left nostril. Kee! doing this for about 9-= mts. The Left 5and is not used at all and rests comfortably on your la!. The !oint to be remembered here is al#ays start and end the su'ha !ranayama #ith e4halation from the left nostril. Kee! in mind that your breathing must be very slo# and rela4ed that if even a feather is !laced beneath your nose even that should not vibrate. Also the mind and the breath must be fused #ith each other. =-Then sitting in the same asana as above 'ee! 6oga Mudra that is both hand on 'nees and ti! of thumb and inde4 finger touching together as a circle &. All other three fingers Straight. +hant A->-M. &!en your mouth +lose ? and Say 7hile doing this your naval region in the 8ibrations of A->-M. #ide as !ossible and say AAAAAAA-Slo#ly >>>>>>>>. @ully +lose and Say MMMMMMMM. 'ee! a#areness on the vibrations in mid !ortion of your body and !it of throat according to 2o this for $1 times. as

A-After this in same asana holding 6oga Mudra do ra!id fluttering of breath dee! inhalation and e4halation from both nostrils for about . to 3 mts. This is Ka!ala ,hati "ranayama or @luttering of ,reath. B-Sit in Ardha Siddhasana and then dee!ly inhale !ull your anal muscles and stomach muscles u! inside allo# your head to fall bac' and then bring your head for#ard C then do#n in one fluid motion so that the chin touches your chest. 5old this as long as you are comfortable and then bring your head in normal !osition E4hale 1st 1elease your Stomach Muscles $nd Then Anal Muscles )rd . 1e!eat this #ith E4halation of ,reath 1st . This has to be done once for e4halation of breath and once for inhalation of breath. This is called >ddhyana ,andha Muladhara ,andha and Daladhara ,andha. :ec' Loc' Anal Loc' and Stomach Loc'. ,andha Means Loc'. 1ESit in Ardha siddhasana and Kee! 6oga Mudra+lose 6our Eyes and 'ee! your head slightly !ointed to the ceiling not fully and concentrate on the s!ace bet#een the eyebro#s. This is A(na +ha'ra or )rd Eye Meditation. 2o this for $-) Minutes. 11-Sit in Ardha siddhasana on to! of left !alm !laced at invocation; and the 5olding ,rahma Mudra right !alm naval !ortion end #ith closing

Asato Maa Sadhgamaya Tamaso Maa Dyotir Famaya Mrityor Maa Amritam Famaya Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti 5i. "lease :ote ,rahma Mudra has to be 'e!t only for starting and ending invocations only. Try to do all the Kriyas #ith Eyes @ully closed. "recautions to be observed. "lease do the Kriyas after . 5ours after A @ull meal $ hours after Snac' meal C ? after any 2rin's. ,enefits of the Kriya if 2one at S!ecial Times; $E minutes before sunrise till $E minutes after sunrise. $E minutes before noon till $E minutes after noon. %f you are single and celibate and #ant to remain so or for the rest of your life or become a Mon' do the Kriya $E minutes before midnight till $E minutes after midnight.

"lease do not ma'e use of this time if you are married #ith children. +olonel Gaysen E-Mail Haysen$ To ma'e the Kriya more effective "lease observe that follo#ing diet restrictions #hatever is !ossible according to your age health circumstances. 1-5ave vegetarian food as much as !ossible. Avoid Eggs Meat +hic'en @ish +hillies/1edJFreen0&nion Farlic ,rin(als/Egg-"lant0. $-Avoid the use of into4icants li'e Tobacco Alcohol Tea +offee +igarettes. )-%nclude Ashgourd /7hite "um!'in0 C 5oney in your diet as these are highly !ranic foods. "ublished by Foogle 2riveK1e!ort AbuseK>!dated automatically every 3 minutes