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Echo. Every time I open my eyes, my parents faces are everywhere, in magazines, televisions, and gossip websites.

Being called Chunky Belle, Obeast and "the biggest in the family" along with the sound of my rumbling stomach are my motivation and conjointly give a gentle reminder of my goal. I guess this is worth it. Almost There yall! Victory belongs to the most preserving. Xoxo, Belle Comments: Anonymous: I think you should listen to the media, they give the best advice, it helps you fit in more and guys like their girls thin ;) Belle(reply): Maybe I should! Thanks for the advice! Anonymous: Stop listening to lies! You are perfect just the way you are. Be yourself, because you are going to regret it later. YOLO! Anonymous: You are beautiful! It doesnt mean that with your parents fame, you should be just like them, everyone is different in their own way! NEVER CHANGE Lourdes Leon: B, you should have more confidence in yourself, Dont torture yourself listening to this web of lies. I know what you are doing, living in the shadow of your parents, you think by doing this, they are going to stop. Well, theyre not, and when you realize this, you are going to regret what you did. According to the press Ive been both. Its impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying. Xoxo, LL

Normal. What is the norm in Hollywood exactly? Eating salads, counting calories every time you eat? Or better yet, not eating? Maybe now I need to create a new definition of normal in the dictionary. For those people who criticized me: NO, Im not fat. Im not on a diet. I eat whatever I want to eat. My friends are concerned about these rumors in the media affecting me; does it affect me or make me stronger?

Recently I was invited to a fashion show, it is said that plus sized models are the trend now. But after what Ive seen yesterday, I dont think people know what plus sized means. Those girls are ultra thin! In whose right mind do you think being that skinny is from balanced diet and working out. I sat next to Kelly Osborne; She is also recently been criticized about her weight. She told me that the media is a pack of lies. When will they be satisfied with our body? What, Im supposed to succumb to the medias ideal image of what thin is because of my parents? I wont listen to the media anymore. You know you love me, Xoxo, Belle Comments: Anonymous: WAKE UP! You dont have to follow what the media tells you to do! Be yourself and until then you would step out of the shadow youre living, and by being yourself means the relentless criticism so be it.

Anonymous: Your surname doesnt define who you are, girl. Prove them they are wrong! Thank you, Im considering it! Anonymous: Ive read the same article, the criticisms will never stop, will she be able to stay strong and true to herself through it all? I dont think so. Sooner or later shell cave in. Belle: Right? Thats what I thought. Finally!! Someone who understands!

El Familia. As I was browsing through some of my moms recent magazines, I was shocked! On the cover of Life & Style magazine is Khloe Kardashian defending herself on her weight. She was in her ideal weight, standing tall and happy in her bikini. I was almost scared for her, on what people would say looking at her. When I continue reading what was the topic about, I felt betrayed. I always thought we as a child of Hollywood rich and famous, we need to follow their steps, so that maybe we wont embarrass our parents and put a good family name out there. So when I read the exclusive on her I was amazed and yet confused at the same time. Shes feisty. She got two sisters who get away more props for their looks than she does, but that doesnt let that stop her from grabbing her share of the spotlight. Still standing strong despite near-relentless criticism.

The worst thing about the media is how they portray who I am as a reflection of my parents. By reading this, Khloe is trying to empower girls to look and feel good about their body, and clearly trying to show the readers that you dont have to be thin to be beautiful, and the need of being strong willed and secure of your own body. Can I be as strong as her? Should I Follow what shes doing?

Xoxo, Belle Disclosure I just had an epic revelation that would change how I see myself. Yesterday, I watched Jennifer Lawrence winning an Oscar; her after-speech strikes me the most. She revealed her struggle against the Hollywoods skinny ideal would fabricate teenage girls being rail-thin and exercise constantly in order to be beautiful and accepted by everyone. She furthermore explains to Bazaar and gets candid about her feelings throughout her struggle.

After reading it, something struck inside me; do I look like one of the girls she describes? Could it be me? I have always thought being who I am and with my surname it is necessary to fulfill the medias wishes, but now I realize that I want to be like her, strong and confident because beauty is skin deep. This seems to be one of those reality checks, which make me change the way I perceive myself. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident girl who doesnt pretend to be something shes not. Now, I am more positive towards my body and one who is healthy, beautiful and true to myself. You dont need to be accepted by others. You just need to accept yourself.

Happy girls are the prettiest, Xoxo, Belle