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This CONTRACT OF LEASE, entered into by and between:

MARY JANE A. MANGLAR, of legal age, Filipino, married to

ARTURO T. MANGLAR JR. and a resident of Sagay City, Negros Occidental;
hereinafter reffered to as the "LESSOR".


____________________, of legal age, Filipino ____________

____________________ and resident of _________________________________
_____________. hereinafter reffered to as the LESSEE.

Both parties hereinafter reffered to as the "PARTIES".


That the LESSOR hereby lets and leases unto the LESSEE, and the latter
hereby accepts in lease from the former that certain House and lot situated at
___________________________________ owned by the LESSOR;

That the terms and conditions of this lease are as follows:

1. Period and rentals: The term of this lease if for One (1) Year, commencing
from _____________ and expiring on ______________, during which period
the LESSEE shall be bound to pay the LESSOR a monthly rental of
______________________________ (P_________) due and payable in
advance within the first five days of the month;

2. Use and Purpose: The LESSEE hereby expressly agrees and warrants that
the leased premises shall be used exclusively for residential purposes, and
said LESSEE is hereby prohibited to use said premises for any other purpose
or purposes without the prior written consent of the LESSOR;

3. Rights of lessee non-transferable: The LESSEE shall not directly or indirectly

sublease, assign, or transfer his/her right of lease over the leased premises or
any portion thereof under any circumstance whatsoever, and any such
contract made in violation of this clause shall be null and void;

4. Repairs and improvements: The LESSEE hereby expressly acknowledges that

the leased premises are in good tenantable condition and agrees to keep the
same in such good and tenantable condition for which purpose he/she binds
himself/herself to undertake at his/her exclusive expense all ordinary repairs
understood, however that the LESSEE shall not commence or proceed with
any such repair work nor in any case introduce improvements or make any
alteration in the leased premises without prior written consent of the LESSOR:
Provided however, That all improvements or alterations of whatever nature
such as may be made therein shall form an integral part of the leased
premises and shall not be removed therefrom but shall all belong to and
become the exclusive property of the LESSOR upon termination of the lease,
without need of reimbursement for the cost thereof;

5. Water, electricity, etc.: Charges for water consumption, electricity and other
utility services in the premises as well as for the repairs in the utility system
shall be for the exclusive amount of the LESSEE;

6. Changes in existing installations: The LESSEE shall not make alterations or

changes in the electric or plumbing installations or in any other improvements
installed within the leased premises, without prior written consent of the

7. Fire Hazards: The LESSEE shall not bring or store in the leased premises any
inflammable or explosive goods or articles which may expose the leased
premises to fire or increase the fire hazards neither shall the LESSEE use
firewood and/or similar instruments inside the kitchen area of the leased
premises except Liquefied Petroleum Gas;

8. Inspection of premises: The LESSOR or his/her duly authorized

representatives shall have the right to inspect the leased premises at any
reasonable hour of the day;

9. Deposit requirement: Upon signing of this Contract, the LESSEE shall pay
unto the LESSOR an amount equivalent to two months rentals, the same to be
applied in payment of back rentals, if any, upon the termination of this Contract
and other expenses and charges billed against the LESSEE for water, electric,
and other utility services then remaining unpaid.

10. Remedial measure: In case of violation or infringement of any of the

foregoing terms and conditions, the LESSOR reserves the right to terminate
this Contract of Lease immediately and the LESSEE agrees to vacate
forthwith the premises without need of court proceeding: Provided, however,
That if for any valid reason it shall become necessary for the LESSOR to
institute an appropriate court action for the enforcement of his/her rights
under this Contract, the LESSEE shall be liable for liquidated damages for
and in lieu of attorney's fees in the sum of ____________________________
aside from court costs and other legal charges allowed by the Rules of Court.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto affixed their signatures this ____
day ______________, 2008 ___ at Sagay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

_______________________ ___________________

Signed in the presence of

1.__________________ 2.___________________
Republic of the Philippines )
Province of Negros Occidental ) S.S.
City of Sagay )


PERSONALLY APPEARED before me this ________________ at

Sagay City, Philippines, _________________ with CTC No. __________
issued at Sagay City on _____________ and ___________ with CTC No.
____________ issued at ____________ both known to me to be the same
person who executed the foregoing instrument and they acknowledged to me
that the same is their own free act and deed.

I FURTHER CERTIFY that the foregoing instrument consisting of three

(3) pages including this page duly signed by the parties and their instrumental
witnesses refers to a Contract of Lease.

WITNESS my hand and notarial seal on the date and place first above-

Doc. No. _______

Page No.______
Book No.______
Series of 2008.