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A Community in the Judean Hills Striving to Live by the Highest Standards

of Torah True Judaism

History of Metzad

Where is Metzad?

Who lives on Metzad?

Our Goals

Your Opportunity to Change


History of Metzad

The first structures on Metzad were erected by the IDF's civil corps of engineers. They
were handed over for civilian use at the time of the creation of Metzad in 1984. Initially,
the road up to the Yishuv was unpaved, water was brought by truck, and electricity was
sporadically provided by a generator.

The next phase of development involved the placement of sixty caravans to serve as
homes, offices, security compound, award-winning Preschool facilities, Clinic, Youth
Center, Library, Weaving and Art Studios, and Computer Center.

Construction of a new neighborhood of twenty-five permanent homes began in 1992.

This included the building of a Family Health Center, an industrial building housing both
the Weaving Studio and a "Simcha" Hall for special events and an outdoor basketball

1999 proved monumental for the community with the completion of the Synagogue seen
in the picture. This magnificent 2 story structure fulfills the law that the Synagogue be the
highest structure in the city. The second floor provides a breathtaking view of the Judean
Hills, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.

2001 marked another enormous growth spurt for Metzad with the opening of a Kollel
(Center for higher Talmudic scholarship). The Kollel has grown and continues into the
future with G-d's help.
Where is Metzad?

Located 30 kilometers south of Jerusalem in the Judean Hills, Metzad is a member of the
Gush Etzion Regional Council - a federation of 16 towns, kibbutzim and yishuvim.
Mentioned in the Book of Chronicles as an outpost of King David's, Metzad brings new
life to a barren, windswept hilltop that lay desolate for three thousand years. Atop the
highest ridge before the descent to the Dead Sea, its strategic value continues to be
evidenced by a nearby mobile missile site. The clear, desert air provides breathtaking
vistas from the Jerusalem skyline to the Judean wilderness, from the Dead Sea to the hills
of Hebron.
Who lives on Metzad?
Forty-two young and growing families. The area is zoned for housing up to
four hundred families. In addition Metzad hosts an army base. Here the
soldiers both train and patrol eastern Gush Etzion.

Today we are proud to say that some of our members have become
grandparents...and that their children and grandchildren have joined them to
live on Metzad!
Our Goals

Metzad harmonizes Jewish people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities in a

common striving to secure the physical and spiritual frontiers of Israel for future
Your Opportunity to Change History

The vitality of the Israeli pioneer can be found on Yishuv Metzad. Living on one of the
most isolated outposts in Israel, Metzad's young families hold a crucial position on
today's frontier. And that is only the beginning of the challenge...