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c oO s~ 7 Come to Cin SSA Sally DeFord 4-80 ‘Soprano/Alto Unison: oS P they came to Je sus, In Ga tee Seek- ing the They sought the Heal er, They brought their lame, Blind and in- to learn kind his teach. ings, at flict cred to Je Sus, ode Copyright 1999 by Sally DeFord 224 Tamarron Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80919 719/260-8925, Making copies for non-commercial use is permitted. This and other DeFord sheet music may be downloaded free at http:/ 1.Come to Him (SSA)--1 (aiv.y gentle his voice, And in his word ey sorrow and loss, ‘Thou Son of Da- Vid, have on TE RF FF pumosse may te- joice, gq For bles- cy onus!" 'P They reached 3 = ble and meek, All they who mourn, fring ‘and griet, Trust- ing his pow, — 1.Come to Him (SSA)~2 sought im shall find they healed they thus nf — 32 Unison’ M come to come to im im like like the the mul bling ——+ his wis- dom, mp Fed by ‘P his mer- cy Seek ing my spe rit re to qui et my 1.Come to Him (SSA)--3