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Republic of the Philippines Department of Justice OFFICE OF THE PROVINCIA PRO!

EC"TOR Imus Ca#ite EFREN PERALTA$ Complainant$ Versus % INV&%'(%INV%)(* +',' For- Rec*less Impru.ence Resultin/ in !erious Ph0sical Iin1uries&

JUAN ENRIQUE PASCUAL $ Respon.ent& 2%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%2 COUNTER-AFFIDAVIT JUAN ENRIQUE PASCUAL, of le/al a/e$ after ha#in/ been .ul0 s3orn to in accor.ance 3ith la3$ .epose an. state)& I am the respon.ent in the abo#e case& I .en0 #ehementl0 the alle/ations a/ainst me for the #ehicular mishap that occurre. sometime !eptember )$ 4')( 3hich fi/ure. bet3een the car I 3as .ri#in/ an. a motorc0cle .ri#en b0 Felmar 5& ucin/$ of 3hich$ complainant 3as a bac* ri.er6 4& The truth of the matter is that the filin/ of this case is misplace. an. a mere afterthou/ht of complainant for the follo3in/ reasons$ #i74&)& That in fact$ the o3ner of the motorc0cle .ri#en b0 Felmar 5& uciin/ 3as the one at fault at the time of the mishap6 thus his reluctance an. his refusal to initiate the filin/ of the case6 4&4& That as a matter of fact$ motorc0cle .ri#er$ Felmar his mother$ Arl0n 5& 5& ucin/ imme.iatel0 reali7e. his mista*e an. miscalculations 3hen he$ throu/h ucin/$ entere. into a settlement a/reement 85A A9AN: ;A!"ND"AN< 3ith the un.ersi/ne. on !eptember 4$ 4')($ or a .a0 after the inci.ent$ a cop0 of the =5ala0an/ ;asun.uan> is hereto attache. as Annex A an. is ma.e inte/ral part hereof6 4&(& That a .eliberate of the =5ala0an/ ;asun.uan> 3ill re#eal that the parties$ especiall0 the mother of the motorc0cle .ri#er a/ree. not to file a case a/ainst each other& Arl0n ucin/ *ne3 at the time of the acci.ent that his son$ Felmar$ )? 0ears ol.$ 3as barel0 learnin/ to .ri#e& He onl0 ha. a stu.ent permit an. ha. no .ri#er@s license >6

Pa/e '4& 4&+& Asi.e from that Felmar .i. not possess a .ri#er@s license to .ri#e$ both her son an. the bac* .ri#er 3ere not 3earin/ helmets6 4&,& Finall0$ both his son an. Efren Peralta came from an. 3ere to/ether in a .rin*in/ spree& The me.ico%le/al report of the complainant 0iel.e. = presence of Alchohol>$ a cop0 of his 5e.ical Certificate is hereto attache. as AnnexB6 4&A& The .ri#er of the motorc0cle *ne3 at the time of the acci.ent that he 3as the one 3ho s3er#e. to the left an. tra#erse. the ri/ht of 3a0 of the car .ri#en b0 the respon.ent for the follo3in/ reasons$ to 3it'4&'A&')& He .i. not file an0 complaint before the police officer 3ho respon.e. to the scene of the inci.ent& Consi.erin/ that he 3as ph0sicall0 bruise. at that time an. his motorc0cle 3as also .ama/e.$ if he 3ere at the ri/ht of 3a0$ he 3oul. ha#e stoo. his /roun.$ but he .i. not6 '4&'A&'4& As bet3een a car or a four 3heele. #ehicle an. a motorc0cle$ it is the latter 3hich is more fleBible an. a/ile to s3er#e& 85as mali/ali/ sa pa/ an/ motorsi*lo at ito n/a a0 pasin/it sin/it sa .aan .ahil sa maliit ito& Nan/ nan/0ari an/ insi.ente$ an/ motorsi*lo an/ si0an/ lumampas sa lane n0a at hin.i an/ *otse<& In fact$ the .ama/e on the motorc0cle 3as at the rear left si.e or =li*oran/ *ali3an/ baha/i<& If the car too* the ri/ht of 3a0 of the motorc0cle$ the .ama/e on the #ehicles 3oul. ha#e been frontal collision& The e#i.ence ho3e#er 3ill re#eal that consi.erin/ the .ama/es to the #ehicle 8.ri#er@s si.e on the part of the car an. rear left si.e on the part of the motorc0cle$ clearl0$ it 3as the .ri#er of the motorc0cle 3hich s3er#e. an. miscalculate. his .ri#in/& '4&'A&'(& 5oreo#er$ as the .ri#er of the motorc0cle 3as literall0 =learnin/ to .ri#e> as in fact he is not allo3e. b0 la3$ to .ri#e$ he cannot .be eBpecte. to .ri#e 3ith care an. pru.ence an. 3ith utmost .ili/ence an. 3as therefore the one to be criminall0 responsible for the mishap& (& Chile it is true that the police report state. that I 3as the one 3ho alle/e.l0 s3er#e. an. occupie. the lane of the motorc0cle$ the phys !"# e$ %en!e & ## 'e$e"# (the'& se& 5oreo#er$ the police officer 3as not at the scene of the inci.ent& He came onl0 after the police station 3as informe. of the #ehicular

Pa/e '(& acci.ent& Hence$ his anal0sis not onl0 ran counter to the material an. herein complainant in the In fact

ph0sical e#i.ence$ but li*e3ise the same is hearsa0 information relati#e to the actual inci.ent 3as merel0 rela0e. to him b0 latter@s #ain attempt to me to ma*e a criminal case of Rec*less Impru.ence& !uch is not onl0 untruthful an. ille/al but also immoral& on 4A !eptember 4')($ m0 mother calle. the police officer to reDuest the issuance of the necessar0 blotter$ inci.ent report an. a s*etch& The police officer refuse. to issue in m0 fa#or claimin/ that there 3as alrea.0 an amicable settlement& Ho3e#er$ upon recei#in/ the subpoena$ I .isco#ere. that the complainant 3as issue. the police report$ albeit belate.l0 because the same 3as not reall0 ma.e on !eptember ) or imme.iatel0 thereafter but much later& +& All tol.$ .espite the fact that I .i. not ha#e an0 criminal liabilit0 for the .ama/e sustaine. b0 the motorc0cle 8an. the .ri#er an. his mother *no3s this< as 3ell as the in1uries sustaine. b0 the complainant$ I coul. not fin. it in m0 heart not to help or at least some financial assistance .espite the fact that I am merel0 a stu.ent& From m0 o3n sa#in/s from m0 allo3ance$ I /a#e the complainant the follo3in/ amounts$ #i7+&)& On ') !eptember 4')($ I /a#e the total amount of Four Thousan. Ei/ht Nint0%Nine 8Php +$ E??&''<$ for ER fee$ 2%ra0 fee$ ambulance fee$ Doctor@s salar0 an. /asoline eBpense$ a cop0 of 3hich is hereto attache. as Annexes C t( C-)& +&4& On '4 !eptember 4')($ I /a#e another amount in the sum of Fi#e 8Php ,''&''< Pesos$ a cop0 of 3hich is hereto attache. as Annex C-*> +&(& On 'F October 4')($ I /a#e another amount in the sum of Fi#e Thousan. 8Php ,$'''&''< Pesos$ a cop0 of 3hich is hereto attache. as Annex C-+ ,& True to m0 commitment in our =5ala0an/ ;asun.uan>$ I$ on se#eral times$ #isite. the complainant =bac*> in the hospital but I stoppe. 3hen I sense. I 3as bein/ harasse. b0 his relati#es$ 3ho 3ere more mone0 for pa0ment of other eBpenses outsi.e me.ical bills$ 3hen our a/reement 3as I

Pa/e '+& 3ill onl0 4,G of his hospital eBpenses& Instea. the0 3ante. me to pa0 the full bill& Hence$ this complaint is a concoction an. mere afterthou/ht an. scheme to .eman. more mone0s from me& The truth of the matter is I ha#e no responsibilit0 nor le/al obli/ation to ans3er an. pa0 all his me.ical eBpenses& If I en.ea#ore. to #olunteer 4,G of his bills$ it 3as onl0 to commiserate for his .ri#er@s lac* of foresi/ht an. s*ill in .ri#in/ the motorc0cle$ 3hen he shoul. not ha#e .one so& A& 5ention must be ma.e that in #ie3 of this .e#elopment an. complainant@s unfoun.e. action in brin/in/ up this harassment complaint a/ainst me$ I ha#e file. a case of Rec*less Impru.ence a/ainst the .ri#er of the motorc0cle so that he 3oul. be the one to ans3er for the .ama/es$ the car I 3as .ri#in/ sustaine. as 3ell as to co#er the hospital eBpenses his bac* 8herein complainant< incurre.& Attache. is a cop0 of the criminal complaint I file. hereto mar*e. as AnneB =D> hereof& F& That all these inci.ents 3ere 3itnesse. b0 Al0sa Cer#antes 3ho 3as also m0 companion at the time of the inci.ent& Attache. is her Affi.a#it to corroborate an. substantiate m0 alle/ations&

JUAN ENRIQUE T, PASCUAL Affiant !"H!CRIHED AND !CORN to before me this IIII .a0 of Januar0 4')+$ affiant eBhibitin/ to me his Non%Professional Dri#er@s icense$ issue. in IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII an. eBpirin/ on IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII&&


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