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Formal Curriculum and Hidden curriculum had played a crucial role to mould and prepare myself to meet the

challenges in my real world. Besides that,they did open the door for the development of my ability and skills that I needed to cope with the environment presumably.. My personal school e perience bound to disclose many e amples of hidden curriculum. First and foremost, my standard one teacher , Miss !ahimah was my first role model. "he did make a lot of changes in my life. I always became a victim because my house was in a rural area which was #$ kilometres from my school and my father always sent me to school. Her words are still remaining vividly in my mind. "he has advised me several times on punctuality and the importance of time management. My mind%s eye began to open when I listened to her meaningful e periences. &hus, I tried to turn into a new leaf little by little. . 'ater I told my parent%s that I would go to school on my own and I re(uested them to guide me on getting bus form my living place.l. )t first ,my parents were worried on how to send seven years old girl by bus but later my parents managed to accept the fact of life. )t first I felt like the school life was full of e treme suffering especially mental tortures. It was because my parents failed to make me reali*e the reality of life. . )lthough rules and regulations designed by school are annoying but in the long run we can reali*e the true meaning of it later. +ow I%m working as a teacher in school and used to go to classroom half an hour earlier before the lesson and I reinforce my students to follow the same method which my teachers instilled in me. ,hilst, I always make ade(uate preparations for my classroom before entering the classroom .It is because I was canned by my teacher numerous times for not completing and hand in my homework in right earnest.&hat is still lingering in my mind and I always try to make early preparation for my students before a week no matter how busy I am. -ne of the unwritten rules and regulations in hidden curriculum that need to be taken into account is .ress code which is very important if you want to make a good first impression. ,hen I was in a secondary school , my teacher always stressed that /0rooming plays an important role in professional dress. 1ou should always appear neat, and practice proper hygiene. 1our hair should be well groomed2. "ometimes my teacher would look at me up and down if the uniform that I was wearing looked dirty. &hose days, It was a mental torture for me because every day a lot of rules and regulations. In addition, I reali*ed appearance is the first thing that people see. ,hen you dress professionally, you send a message to others that you are a capable of and a confident person.

Hidden curriculum permeates all aspects of school life, although hidden curriculums have both positive and negative effects but to me it gives a lot of positive impacts. -ne of them would be /cooperative learning2. Basically I was from convent secondary school in which it has only one gender in classroom. In my class there are forty students and all of them from different backgrounds. My teacher always gave us a topic to discuss for fifteen minutes whenever we have discussions. ,e share our views and ideas with our friends and at the same each and every one of us had the feeling of satisfaction that we gained sufficient information from our friends. For the reason that, we are learning from each other as the saying goes /knowledge is power and it is become more powerful when you share with others2. )t the same time, it also enables me to improve my communication skills which can help me in all aspects of my life. &he ability to be able to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended, is a vital life skill. -n top of that, I had learned that engaging in face to face communication with a group of friends is one of the best ways of getting our message across and more information using non3verbal signals, gesturers, and facial e pression, body language even our appearance. "ome people are well educated but once they open their mouth, we know how well they are educated for the reason that, education not only includes theory that we learned in our classroom but it is beyond than that. ,hat am I trying to say is politeness .Being polite is a matter of eti(uette.It%s about respect, and considering people%s feelings, culture, values. ,hen I was in standard one I was scolded and by my teacher for calling her /4h2. My parents warned me that I shouldn%t call people by using such e pression. 'ater I was counselled by my teacher named of Miss &an ,hy I shouldn%t call people by using such word and what are the conse(uences that I will face in future. I%m really indebted to my teacher for doing so. "he had made me a true educated person in a way how to talk to people in different kind of situation and how to respond them politely. More importantly, I managed to improve my communicative competence through this hidden curriculum. )bove all, Hidden curriculum helps me a lot in improving my knowledge, skill, and attitude in order to empower myself in solving my problems to attain the my future goals that I have aspired. .)lthough we are educated but when we are about to face challenges ,we don%t know what to do. &hat was the main reason when we are in secondary school, teacher used to give us problem solving tasks such as giving a difficult situation and asking us how do you

solve the problem if you were in his or position and it will enable us to think in different angles and eventually come out with a solution. ,hen I was in school, I didn%t know why do teachers giving this to me but later I reali*ed the importance of it. )part from that, as a school student we need to abide by the school rules. "chools have strict rules about standing for national anthem. It is one of the ways to teach the students how to show respect. &he state flag is a symbolic representation and if the student is able to respect it sincerely, the student will grow up as a respectful person, giving people their due respect. If the school is not able to teach and instil respect in the students, I would think the school has failed in its mission. Moreover, when it comes formal curriculum it plays e(ual role as hidden curriculum. For a e ample history sub5ects that we learn from the primary to secondary in classroom help us to know that everything we have and use today has it%s genes in our past. From the simplest of things, such as electricity, lamp to more sophisticated things such as cell phones. &ake the telephone for an e ample. It6s so easy to be used. But yet, it took centuries to build up to, and to perfect. In the 78$$6s, people didnt have telephones, but rather telegrams. &o use one, however, you would need to learn Morse Code.)s I said before, everything has a history. 'earning the history of other countries, even you own, is important. Many people who are successful in life learned from their mistakes. "o for our country to be successful, we must learn from the mistakes of not 5ust our country6s past, but also the past of others as well. History is not only good for carving a great nation, but also allows students to discover the roots of their country. In addition to that, 0eography sub5ects which stipulated in course , help students who study about our planet, its climatic conditions, the various land forms on the planet and the different natural occurrences. It incorporates a wide knowledge base. It includes the spatial analysis of human and natural phenomena, the e ploration of earth sciences and the relationship between nature and human life. &he study of geography includes the analysis of social, economic and environmental processes that affect the nature. )s a student I have a basic knowledge of all about this in depth because geographical conditions of a region influence its culture. &hey have a deep impact on the social and cultural norms of the people and influence the culture and civili*ation of the region. &he geography of a region has a direct effect on the art forms, the literature, the food habits and the celebrations of the people that inhabit it. &his makes it important to study geography. 1ou can catch a glimpse of world

culture and heritage by browsing through different cultures of the world.Moreover, studying geography helps us appreciate the diversity in the life forms on 4arth. It e poses us to various ecology issues and environmental science concerns. It helps us understand how nature influences our life. It lets us know how cultures take shape. It enables us to know how civili*ations are born. It helps us understand the interaction between the natural components and human beings. &he study of geography gives us an occasion to observe and analyse the close association between the natural environment and human life. Besides that, the study of mathematics in formal curriculum in school is essential for us for we use maths every day. 'et me give you some (uick e amples of why you must know math in your daily life to count up the answers to things like how much of an ingredient to add when you6re cooking, how much money you have in your bank account, how big a rug will you need for your bedroom, and what si*e tires should you put on your car math.It does help you decide if something is a good idea 3 when you know how to calculate the odds or percentage of something, you can decide if it is a good risk or not.,ithout a good understanding of basic maths ,you can%t create good art, can compare prices and get the best deals and so forth. -n top of that, math is used to predict the future. Moreover, today the lu ury life that we are having is given by science. "cience sub5ects helps us to create new inventions for the coming generations .+ot only that if we have any problems with our electrical appliances it will enable us to do by our own without bring it to electrical shopper for repairing because some topics help us to give insight on it.) greatest invention invented by scientist makes our live easy and comfortable. It has enabled man to entertain himself in many ways. &elevision, radio, video and the cinema are all popular means of entertainment. . For e ample, the computer has made life even easier for us. &he press, the means of communication, etc. have all improved because of science and its gifts to us. -n top of that, 4nglish language which is a compulsory language in our Formal curriculum help every young generation to learn world 'anguage or in other words 4nglish language which gives us a valid passport to travel every corner of the world .-ut of all the languages in the world, 4nglish is considered as the international language. &here are some reasons why 4nglish is so important and many people attempt to learn it. I6d like to share the reasons in my point of view. First of all, if you have an e cellent 4nglish language proficiency skill , you have an opportunity to shine in the society. &he ne t fact to be shared with you is finding a

5ob in this competitive society. 4very boss is looking for (ualified, talented, smart and confident employees. For e ample if you apply for a high class 5ob and when you go for the interview, do you know what kind of employees are going to be hired up9 -bviously, the (ualified, talented, smart and confident employees with fluent 4nglish. ,hy 4nglish is so important to find a 5ob9 It is because we already know that people deal with others in 4nglish language especially in the business world, scientific world and other. "o what my point here is that you can6t get a pretty good 5ob or a promotion without knowing proper 4nglish. How do we communicate with others people in foreign countries who do not speak our mother tongue9 &he answer is using 4nglish because everyone knows at least a little 4nglish. In conclusions , )fter the completion of my form si , I left secondary school with sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that I%m fit into the world and prepared to face whatever challenges it is.