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Oracle JDBC Drivers release production Readme.txt ========================================================== What Is New In This Release ?

----------------------------Universal Connection Pool In this release the Oracle Implicit Connection Cache feature is deprecated. Users are strongly encouraged to use the new Universal Connection Pool instead. The UCP has all of the features of the ICC, plus much more. The UCP is available in a separate jar file, ucp.jar. Column Security When a table is XDS (eXtensible Data Security) enabled, some objects (or rows) may be invisible to the user depending on the security constraints. Moreover, an object (or row) can be visible but some of its attributes (or columns) may not be. Starting in 11gR2, the JDBC drivers support these new security attributes and let you determine whether a particular column has some security attributes and whether a column value is null because it's hidden or because it's actually null. Secure Lob Additional support for the Oracle Database 11.1 Secure LOB feature. Lob data-in-locator Starting with database 10.2 the data may be stored in the locator itself for small lobs which are stored in the row in the database. This occurs only if the data is 3898 bytes or less. Reading this data is supported by the jdbc driver only for database version 10.2. For database versions starting with 11.1 use lob prefetch. Lob prefetch Improves the performance of some LOB read operations by fetching the initial bytes or chars of the LOB along with the locator. For very small LOBs, less than a few thousand bytes, the entire LOB value may be fetched. This improves the performance of reads on very small lobs and reads of the initial bytes or chars on all LOBS. Supportted for database version starting with 11.1. Lob prefetch supplants data-in-locator and disables it when used. Network Connection Pool The network connection pool allows multiple java.sql.Connection objects to share a limited number of network level channels. Each Connection is associated with a single database session. The Connection object communicates with the session over a network channel. When the network connection pool is enabled, network channels are shared among multiple Connection/session pairs. In some situations this can reduce the resources consumed on both the client and server and improve performance and scalability. XMLType Queue Support in AQ Oracle Database 11gR1 JDBC introduced high performance access to Oracle Advanced Queueing. This release extends this support by providing high performance access to queues that use SQL XMLType. Notification Grouping in AQ and DCN Notification Grouping is a new feature of JDBC Notification which

was included in Database 11gR1 and which includes AQ Notification as well as Database Change Notification. You can now ask the database to group notifications for example every 60 seconds. When using Notification Grouping, you are given the option to either get only the last notification or a summary of them. TimeZone Patching Improved support for time zones that are not directly supported by the client Java environment. Reduced Memory Footprint In 10gR1 we rearchitected the drivers to improve performance at the cost of increasing memory footprint, especially when using the (highly recommended!) statement cache. We achieved our goal of improving performance, but the increase in memory footprint has sometimes proved problematic. The 11gR1 release retained the performance improvements and reduced the memory footprint for most users. The 11gR2 release provides some tuning options for that subset of users that need them. This is users with large numbers of connections and large statement caches. See the JavaDoc for oracle.jdbc.OracleConnection.CONNECTION_PROPERTY_USE_THREADLOCAL_BUFFER_ CACHE and CONNECTION_PROPERTY_MAX_CACHED_BUFFER_SIZE for details. Don't worry about this unless you are running out of heap. Driver Versions --------------These are the driver versions in the 11R2 release: - JDBC Thin Driver 11R2 100% Java client-side JDBC driver for use in client applications, middle-tier servers and applets. - JDBC OCI Driver 11R2 Client-side JDBC driver for use on a machine where OCI 11R2 is installed. - JDBC Thin Server-side Driver 11R2 JDBC driver for use in Java program in the database to access remote Oracle databases. - JDBC Server-side Internal Driver 11R2 Server-side JDBC driver for use by Java Stored procedures. This driver used to be called the "JDBC Kprb Driver". For complete documentation, please refer to "JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference". Contents Of This Release -----------------------For all platforms: [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib contains: - ojdbc5.jar Classes for use with JDK 1.5. It contains the JDBC driver

classes, except classes for NLS support in Oracle Object and Collection types. - ojdbc5_g.jar Same as ojdbc5.jar, except that classes were compiled with "javac -g" and contain tracing code. - ojdbc5dms.jar Same as ojdbc5.jar, except that it contains instrumentation to support DMS and limited java.util.logging calls. - ojdbc5dms_g.jar Same as ojdbc5_g.jar, except that it contains instrumentation to support DMS. - ojdbc6.jar Classes for use with JDK 1.6. It contains the JDBC driver classes except classes for NLS support in Oracle Object and Collection types. - ojdbc6_g.jar Same as ojdbc6.jar except compiled with "javac -g" and contains tracing code. - ojdbc6dms.jar Same as ojdbc6.jar, except that it contains instrumentation to support DMS and limited java.util.logging calls. - ojdbc6dms_g.jar Same as ojdbc6_g.jar except that it contains instrumentation to support DMS. Note: The dms versions of the jar files are the same as standard jar files, except that they contain additional code to support Oracle Dynamic Monitoring Service. They contain a limited amount of tracing code. These can only be used when dms.jar is in the classpath. dms.jar is provided as part of Oracle Application Server releases. As a result the dms versions of the jar files can only be used in an Oracle Application Server environment. [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/doc/javadoc.tar contains the JDBC Javadoc for the public API of the public classes of Oracle JDBC. This JavaDoc is the primary reference for Oracle JDBC API extensions. The Oracle JDBC Development Guide contains high level discussion of Oracle extensions. The details are in this JavaDoc. The JavaDoc is every bit as authorative as the Dev Guide. [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/demo/demo.tar contains sample JDBC programs. [ORACLE_HOME]/jlib/orai18n.jar NLS classes for use with JDK 1.5, and 1.6. It contains classes for NLS support in Oracle Object and Collection types. This jar file replaces the old nls_charset jar/zip files. In Oracle 10g R1 it was duplicated in [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib. We have removed the duplicate copy and you should now get it from its proper location. For the Windows platform:

[ORACLE_HOME]\bin directory contains ocijdbc11.dll and heteroxa11.dll, which are the libraries used by the JDBC OCI driver. For non-Windows platforms: [ORACLE_HOME]/lib directory contains,, and, which are the shared libraries used by the JDBC OCI driver. NLS Extension Jar File (for client-side only) --------------------------------------------The JDBC Server-side Internal Driver provides complete NLS support. It does not require any NLS extension jar file. Discussions in this section only apply to the Oracle JDBC Thin and JDBC OCI drivers. The basic jar files (ojdbc5.jar and ojdbc6.jar) contain all the necessary classes to provide complete NLS support for: - Oracle Character sets for CHAR/VARCHAR/LONGVARCHAR/CLOB type data that is not retrieved or inserted as a data member of an Oracle Object or Collection type. - NLS support for CHAR/VARCHAR data members of Objects and Collections for a few commonly used character sets. These character sets are: US7ASCII, WE8DEC, WE8ISO8859P1, WE8MSWIN1252, and UTF8. Users must include the NLS extension jar file ([ORACLE_HOME]/jlib/orai18n.jar) in their CLASSPATH if utilization of other character sets in CHAR/VARCHAR data members of Objects/Collections is desired. The new orai18n.jar replaces the nls_charset*.* files in the 9i and older releases. The file orai18n.jar contains many important character-related files. Most of these files are essential to globalization support. Instead of extracting only the character-set files your application uses, it is safest to follow this three-step process: 1. Unpack orai18n.jar into a temporary directory. 2. Delete the character-set files that your application does not use. Do not delete any territory, collation sequence, or mapping files. 3. Create a new orai18n.jar file from the temporary directory and add the altered file to your CLASSPATH. See the JDBC Developers Guide for more information. In addition, users can also include internationalized Jdbc error message files selectively. The message files are included in the oracle/jdbc/driver/Messages_*.properties files in ojdbc5*.jar and ojdbc6*.jar. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Installation -----------Please do not try to put multiple versions of the Oracle JDBC drivers

in your CLASSPATH. The Oracle installer installs the JDBC Drivers in the [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc directory. Setting Up Your Environment --------------------------On Windows platforms: - Add [ORACLE_HOME]\jdbc\lib\ojdbc5.jar to your CLASSPATH if you use JDK 1.5 or [ORACLE_HOME]\jdbc\lib\ojdbc6.jar if you use JDK 1.6. - Add [ORACLE_HOME]\jlib\orai18n.jar to your CLASSPATH if needed. - Add [ORACLE_HOME]\bin to your PATH if you are using the JDBC OCI driver. On Solaris/Digital Unix: - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar to your CLASSPATH if you use JDK 1.5 or [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib/ojdbc6.jar if you use JDK 1.6 - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jlib/orai18n.jar to your CLASSPATH if needed. - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you use the JDBC OCI driver. On HP/UX: - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar to your CLASSPATH if you use JDK 1.5 or [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib/ojdbc6.jar if you use JDK 1.6 - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jlib/orai18n.jar to your CLASSPATH if needed. - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib to your SHLIB_PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you use the JDBC OCI driver. On AIX: - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar to your CLASSPATH if you use JDK 1.5 or [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib/ojdbc6.jar if you use JDK 1.6 - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jlib/orai18n.jar to your CLASSPATH if needed. - Add [ORACLE_HOME]/jdbc/lib to your LIBPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you use the JDBC OCI driver. Some Useful Hints In Using the JDBC Drivers ------------------------------------------Please refer to "JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference" for details regarding usage of Oracle's JDBC Drivers. This section only offers useful hints. These hints are not meant to be exhaustive. These are a few simple things that you should do in your JDBC program: 1. Import the necessary JDBC classes in your programs that use JDBC. For example: import java.sql.*; import java.math.*; // if needed To use OracleDataSource, you need to do: import oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource; 2. Create an OracleDataSource instance. OracleDataSource ods = new OracleDataSource(); 3. set the desired properties if you don't want to use the

default properties. Different connection URLs should be used for different JDBC drivers. ods.setUser("my_user"); ods.setPassword("my_password"); For the JDBC OCI Driver: To make a bequeath connection, set URL as: ods.setURL("jdbc:oracle:oci:@"); To make a remote connection, set URL as: ods.setURL("jdbc:oracle:oci:@<database>"); where <database> is either a TNSEntryName or a SQL*net name-value pair defined in tnsnames.ora. For the JDBC Thin Driver, or Server-side Thin Driver: ods.setURL("jdbc:oracle:thin:@<database>"); where <database> is either a string of the form //<host>:<port>/<service_name>, or a SQL*net name-value pair, or a TNSEntryName. For the JDBC Server-side Internal Driver: ods.setURL("jdbc:oracle:kprb:"); Note that the trailing ':' is necessary. When you use the Server-side Internal Driver, you always connect to the database you are executing in. You can also do this: Connection conn = new oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver().defaultConnection(); 4. Open a connection to the database with getConnection() methods defined in OracleDataSource class. Connection conn = ods.getConnection(); ----------------------------------------------------------------------Java Stored Procedures ---------------------Examples for callins and instance methods using Oracle Object Types can be found in: [ORACLE_HOME]/javavm/demo/ After you unzip the file, you will find the examples under: [ORACLE_HOME]/javavm/demo/examples/jsp Known Problems/Limitations Fixed in This Release -----------------------------------------------BUG-8343138

java.lang.ArrayEndexOutOfBoundsException: 2048 during owb repo installation BUG-8304386 Scrollable ResultSet does not have error handling and throws NullPointerException BUG-8252445 TIMESTAMP inserted into TIMESTAMPTZ could be wrong in the Thin driver. BUG-8225653 Irish/Ireland (ga_IE) not suported in JDBC. BUG-8215177 Performance issue in with TIMESTAMPTZ. BUG-8206371 SQLException: BUG-7836895 JDBC returning garbled characters BUG-7706602 Wrong type # returned for an XMLTYPE column. BUG-7704823 pe: eoostmt.c faile to compile in javavm_main_hpux.ia64_081230 BUG-7651637 Method isBeforeFirst() working incorrectly after upgrade to 10.x and 11.x BUG-7627150 Access to SecureFile lobs will break with JDBC Thin if SSL or encryption/checksumming is turned on. BUG-7585931 TIMESTAMPTZ constructor could overwrite provided parameter. BUG-7581389 Protocol violation error when using getGeneratedKeys and CURSOR_SHARING=SIMILAR BUG-7578881 Autocommit set to false after global transaction is ended BUG-7576651 The following exception "java.sql.SQLException: Kernel column order not supported" occurs while selecting data from a database. BUG-7554059 getRow() doesn't return the correct rowcount. BUG-7553583 Before this fix, if a temporary lob is obtained from an out paramter of a CallableStatement wherethere is no in parameter set for the same index, a second execution of the statment causes the first temp lob to be freed.

BUG-7528681 Error when SQL contains q' literals using { and } as the delimiters. BUG-7503269 ORA-1460 calling setPLSQLIndexTable with parameter elemMaxLen set to zero BUG-7481206 Unsupported timezones in the database could lead to JDBC leaving open, orphaned cursors. BUG-7460022 ClassCastException from ARRAY.toARRAY when CustomDatum is passed BUG-7449648 internal error using oracle.sql.ArrayDescriptor.getbasename with synonym BUG-7431931 Added JDBC support for Norwegian BokmC%l BUG-7427651 Conversion of BC date via would lose a year. BUG-7424490 ArrayOutOfBoundsException while reading TIMESTAMP type. BUG-7422965 Insert via a synonym would fail. BUG-7418148 Issue of empty and null stream for PreaparedLtatment.setXXXStream BUG-7413658 Corrects OCI-21500 errors which might occur when freeTemporary is called on a BLOB or CLOB instance which was obtained from and STRUCT or ARRAY. BUG-7407996 Whenever an XA operation is attempted on a closed JDBC connection, the XA exception sent is of type RMERR instead of RMFAIL. BUG-7382521 Refreshing the pooled connection cache to remove invalid connections could close and reopen perfectly valid physical connections. BUG-7381439 spin while trying to close a resultset BUG-7365373 wasNull() not working for ADTs BUG-7365036 oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPTZ.toTime returns the wrong value. This is most visible when calling getTime on a scrollable result set. BUG-7360273

Performance improvement in XA BUG-7356957 Re-work setCharacterStream() BUG-7346587 Methods for bulk loading of TypeDescriptors such as getTypeDescriptorsFromList create badly formed descriptors for ARRAY types with primitive element types. Creation of ARRAY objects fail with NullPointerExceptions in setConnection method. BUG-7340408 getTime() on a TIMESTAMPLTZ column could return the wrong value. BUG-7331329 When using ojdbc6.jar with JDK6, ResultSetMetaData for columns of NCHAR, NVARCHAR, or NCLOB are now identified with the new JDBC 4.0 N* types BUG-7304027 Consistent behavior of getBoolean. BUG-7288889 Driver does not store the correct internal data buffer sizes. This can be a problem in low memory conditions as the driver can attempt to use buffers that are larger than would otherwise be necessary. Is not a problem except when in very low memory conditions. Fix also add a new connection property oracle.jdbc.maxCachedBufferSize which limits the size of the data buffers that are cached for reuse. It is better to manage the data buffer size by setting fetch size appropriately for each statement, but if that is not feasible, setting maxCachedBufferSize can reduce memory footprint at the expense of reduced performance for statements that require buffers larger than the max. BUG-7284982 XAResource might not free up space correctly from internal list. BUG-7280437 delete obsolete Catlan message file BUG-7271988 Error in behavior of PreparedStatement.setBytes in batching corrected. BUG-7271519 Out of range Oracle date datatypes could be inserted into the database. BUG-7249052 It was possible to construct invalid Oracle DATE values. BUG-7248917 Completes implementation of new JDBC4.0 methods in UpdatableResultSet BUG-7243157 Raise an appropriate error when attempting to use a date with year exceeding 9999.

BUG-7236518 An INSERT with returned generated keys would fail when the target object was a view and an OCI connection was use. BUG-7230912 Adding ojdbc5.jar or ojdbc6.jar to the bootclasspath results in a NullPointerException. BUG-7206547 Certain errors generate a default SQLSTATE code of 99999 instead a more specific code. BUG-7204773 SetObject with types.Numeric on string throws NumberFormatException BUG-7193728 XA exceptions are obscure. The user can't retrieve the error message from the database. BUG-7190386 ANYDATA.stringValue() throws NullPointerException when it is created standalone. BUG-7189306 Preformance degration while inserting Timestamp type BUG-7171343 Selected UROWID not printable from ROWID.stringValue(). BUG-7167966 The setXXXStream position argument would accept 0 as a position. This is contrary to the JDBC spec which states that 1 is the first position. The JDBC spec requires that these methods raise an exception if the position is 0. See the JavaDoc for the connection property that restores the old, incorrect behavior. BUG-7157850 Blob.position(Blob, long) does not work when Blob is retrieved from Rowset BUG-7157670 JDBC 4.0 methods in OracleSerialClob &amp; OracleSerialBlob not working properly BUG-7154611 Wrong timestamps when the default locale is set to Thai or similar. BUG-7154221 ArrayOutOfBoundsException while fetching a type of OPAQUE BUG-7149854 Wrong data inserted when using a batch. BUG-7145669 With a result set of TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE, calling get bytes on a blob col umn gets invalid column type error.

BUG-7139205 after OracleCachedRowset.setTimestamp(int,timestamp,calendar), execute() fails BUG-7138794 after OracleCachedRowset.setBytes is called, execute() gets ClassCastException BUG-7125637 JDBC driver does not support OCI_ATTR_DRIVER_NAME. BUG-7120672 Not able to connect from 11.2 to 11.1 or earlier versions BUG-7120523 OracleCachedRowset.updateXXXStream/updateClob/updateBlob do not work BUG-7119903 OracleCachedRowset.getNClob does not work BUG-7115140 Clob.getCharacterStream(long pos, long length) does not work BUG-7115040 clob.getSubstring does not work well on clob returned by OracleCachedRowSet BUG-7112447 Executing a statement with 8 or more paramters returning auto-generated keys throws ArrayIndexOutOfBounds. Do not use named parameters with simple integer parameter names, e.g. :1, :2, :3. This limitation will be addressed in a future release. BUG-7110777 setBinaryStream throws JAVA.SQL.SQLRECOVERABLEEXCEPTION: IO EXCEPTION afte r applying patch 6669350 BUG-7110696 JDBC App hangs when using setAsciiStream BUG-7030404 Timeout of JDBC implicit conneciton cache causes deadlock BUG-7030220 The method getFunctionParameters in JDBC4.0 was renamed to getFunctionColumns in the final spec. The obsolete method implementation was inadvertantly left in oracle.jdbc.OracleDatabaseMetaData. This fix removes it. BUG-7030194 Missing updateAscii/Binary/NCharacterStream methods without length parameter in updatable ResultSet. BUG-7028633 TIMESTAMPLTZ problems with resultsets. BUG-7028625 DST problems with TIMEZONETZ around DST switchover.

BUG-7019862 Using defineColumnType to define a CHAR or VARCHAR column as BINARY, VARBINAR Y, or LONGVARBINARY results in the incorrect interpretation of the value when us ing the Thin driver. BUG-7017170 Jdbc-oci goes into a spin while reading stream BUG-7009957 Applies to dev branch onlue. BUG-7009875 Improve handling of error when year exceeds 9999. BUG-7009796 Calling getString or getNString on a BLOB column may return null although the data isn't null. BUG-7009536 getNClob throws an exception for a scrollable result set. BUG-7004166 getTIMESTAMP throws an exception when column is a DATE in scrollable resulset . BUG-6998442 OCI-21710 error with JDBC OCI and proxy authentication BUG-6997621 Methods such as getTime or getInt wouldn't work on CHAR data in scrollable re sultset. BUG-6994043 Calling getURL on a null character value on a scrollable or updateable result set throws an exception rather than returning null. BUG-6991804 Calling getBytes() from a scrollable resultset throws an exception. BUG-6991207 .floatValue, .doubleValue &amp; .bigDecimalValue in BINARY_FLOAT .doubleValue, .bigDecimalValue in BINARY_DOUBLE BUG-6989806 Multi-threaded program using Jdbc-OCI driver using LOB feature could end up in unexpected errors without this fix. BUG-6988302 ORA-01460 while executing a query with defineColumnType BUG-6987800 Calling getURL on an updateable result set causes an exception. BUG-6977990 Wrong value TIMESTAMPLTZ when the retrieved timestamp is in the DST overlap for the session timezone. BUG-6924460

OracleXADataSource does not support user/password to be specified in URL BUG-6919246 Calling getCursor and closing the returned ResultSet but not closing the parent statement results in a memory leak. BUG-6907759 Jdbc Thin driver doesn't populate the program name in the listener. BUG-6902740 Buffer sizes for InputStreams and Readers will adapt to the size of user read calls for sizes over about 32k BUG-6899821 data corruption for setBytes and setBinaryStream in kprb driver for blob columns BUG-6892983 Updateable Resultset(RESULTSET.CONCUR_UPDATABLE) causes bad use of bind va rs BUG-6889743 Scrollable ResultSet returns truncated char data BUG-6887548 Execute plsql functions through jdbc, return zero without error message BUG-6883730 Potential memory access error in native code in low memory situation. BUG-6882024 A PreparedStatement with no bind values used with addBatch only inserts one r ow. BUG-6880991 Use SSL for encryption and RADIUS for authentication isn't possible because o f this bug. BUG-6870832 TIMESTAMPLTZ out by one hour near DST changeover. BUG-6857474 Cannot close sniped connection, Oracle processes are not cleaned up BUG-6855076 When using Oracle JDBC XA connections, the JDBC driver incorrectly returns XAER_RMERR when the connection is killed using the command 'ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION'. The expected correct result should be XAER_RMFAIL. BUG-6845838 Wrong data returned when type declared as Anydata BUG-6838596 When a statement returns a cursor, canceling the statement does

not cancel execution of a query that is retrieving the value of the cursor. BUG-6826205 A DMS Noun is used after the Noun has been destroyed. BUG-6806207 Select :bnd fails if bnd is bound null first BUG-6799742 The fields in the MANIFEST.MF file were not in the recommended format. BUG-6764986 Four JDBC internal calls to methods with public APIs appear in the trace log even when configured for public calls only. BUG-6761190 Statement.Cancel() does not work with PreparedStatement.executeBatch() BUG-6758976 Wrong results could be obtained when a query involving a view or synonym was issued via JDBC. BUG-6753667 XMLType queues are not supported in the JDBC thin driver. BUG-6750400 Statement DMS Noun name is the SQL string. BUG-6749708 JDBC Thin connections do not convert non-ASCII characters BUG-6749302 Timestamps incorrect around DST changeover time. BUG-6730535 JDBC would raise an error as a result of falsely identifying DML as containing a RETURNING clause. BUG-6679278 Wrong values inserted when using INTERVALDS. BUG-6670871 The thin driver doesn't return the right database version. BUG-6669350 Setting connection cache attributes must be in certain order BUG-6668623 JDBC driver consumes large amounts of memory. Application uses Oracle JDBC implicit statement cache, has many open connections, and only a very few connections are in use at any one time. All other connections are unused and all statements in those connections are closed. BUG-6661592 DatabaseMetaData.getColumns returned the schema the target table rather then the schema of a synonym.

BUG-6658080 The connection property "" isn't properly handled. BUG-6655200 When using PKCS12 wallets, Oracle's PKI provider needs to be used. If it's en abled statically through, it also needs to be instantiated in t he Java code otherwise it won't be used. This is a bug, it should be instanti ated by the driver not the user code. BUG-6654960 The AQ notification event doesn't handle character strings correctly if orai1 8n.jar isn't in the classpath. BUG-6638862 Setting connection cache attributes must be in certain order BUG-6632928 This fix makes OracleConnection.getEncryptionAlgorithmName return the cipher used when the connection is using SSL. BUG-6632613 TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA and TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA ciphers can now be used with the JDCB thin driver. BUG-6629144 Exception when input string contains unicode replacement character BUG-6611596 end(SUCCESS) when a transaction is in suspend mode was not working properly it is fixed by this fix. BUG-6611225 Memory leak because of T4C8TTIuds BUG-6601831 JDBC OCI driver errors with ORA-01459 during standard batching call BUG-6599470 Call to UpdateCharacterStream fails with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError BUG-6598195 Missing nanoseconds on a timestamp returned by getTIMESTAMP, get TIMESTAMPLTZ etc. BUG-6531778 Some SQL92 escape function were not implemented. This fix adds all functions that it is feasible to implement. BUG-6525017 Appears as an exception when serializing an instance of an oracle.sql.Datum subclass. BUG-6522973 NullPointerException while using OCI driver from checkError

BUG-6522392 Column size returned for NCHAR/NVARCHAR2 is doubled when using DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() BUG-6496226 Use of the stream obtained from java.sql.Blob.setBinaryStream and CLob.setCha racterStream and setAsciiStream is slow when the buffers written to the strea m are megabyts in size. BUG-6491743 Exception while using savepoints with a pooled connection BUG-6474141 large memory used for null columns BUG-6459503 The FUNCTION_TYPE column is not present in the ResultSet returned by DatabaseMetadata.getFunctions. BUG-6454501 Support language KAZAKH BUG-6453298 SQLException is thrown when user.language is set to "sr" BUG-6445341 DMS version of JDBC method Namespace.setAttribute throws a NullPointerException when communicating with the database. BUG-6443045 ORA-00600 when a Struct with null attributes bound BUG-6441084 ResultSetMetaData.GetColumnTypeName for TIMESTAMPTZ and TIMESTAMPLTZ is no t descriptive BUG-6431772 JDBC 4.0: multiple frees on a Blob/Clob causes SQLException. BUG-6407808 The driver no longer raise events on PooledConnections. BUG-6406402 setTypeMap alters its argument, adding two additional entries. This fix alters the driver behavior so that it copies the argument rather than capturing it. Some code may no longer work. The new behavior is fully conformant with the JDBC specification and the user code will have to be changed. This will happen when the user code calls setTypeMap and the alters the map, expecting that the driver will see the change or when the user code calls getTypeMap and then alters the map. BUG-6396398 getClientInfo throws a SQLException rather than returning null. BUG-6396242 ArrayOutOfBoundsException while using Jdbc with a big batch. BUG-6394952 Jdbc does not let user close the connection when the connection

hits ORA-3113 BUG-6373844 Unsupported features in JDBC 4.0 do not throw SQLFeatureNotSupportedException BUG-6365731 JDBC doesn't set user password correctly if it consists a question mark (?) BUG-6362104 JDBC driver throws MalformedObjectException or InstanceAlreadyExistsException when loading. BUG-6342068 The user input is passed to the server without checking its validity. BUG-6338825 Unable to catch oracle.ons.SubscriptionException when ONS is down BUG-6312064 Binding a Time value to the database in an insert used to set the Date component as 01-Jan-1900 in 9i since, the method java.sql.Time().getTime() does not trim the date component. However, during re-architecture of Jdbc in 10g this behavior was changed and the date component was not reset. This caused a regression for 9i customers . Resetting the value to 01-Jan-1900 by default would cause a regression for the 10g users who have been using the flag for over 4 years until now. So a new connection flag oracle.jdbc.use1900AsYearForTime was introduced which would force the driver to set the date component in the Time to 01-Jan-1900. The default value of this flag is false. BUG-6281527 Null inserted through CachedRowset cannot be deleted without re-select BUG-6279736 Cancel does not work while connecting to 9.2 database when thin driver is used. BUG-6275369 Jdbc thin does not close the socket on a IOException BUG-6267844 ResultSet getAsciiStream returns incorrect characters for UTF8 database BUG-6241715 NullPointerException while trying to obtain a connection from connection cache BUG-6238601 OracleDataSource.setLoginTimeout does not affect ImplicitConnectionCache BUG-6216279 Bad timestamp value insertion.

BUG-6208793 Behavioural difference in isBeforeFirst between thin and oci when fetched as cursors BUG-6203316 NullPointerException in oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSQLException. BUG-6200206 Convertion from AL16UTF16 to UTF16 is surrogate character sensitive. BUG-6145041 When an array which is not String[] nor char[] is bound using setPlsqlIndexTa ble with the type as VARCHAR. SQLException(Internal error) is thrown instead of proper error. BUG-6132499 JDBC incorrectly classifies we8dec,we8iso8859p1,we8mswin1252 for conversion BUG-6109228 setQueryTimeout doesn't work with PreparedStatement.executeBatch BUG-6084197 Char data gets truncated to 2k by Jdbc client, even when the server sends > 2k BUG-6068533 Error code 0 masking real error code when getting connection. BUG-6068467 isTemprary() would return TRUE on an freed LOB locator. BUG-6027586 Application servers are unable to load multiple versions of the JDBC drivers and multiple versions of dependent jars such as xdb.jar. BUG-6018198 Calling CLOB.setString(long, String) to update a CLOB stored as SecureFile hangs in the OCI driver. BUG-5976201 NullPointerException while using Statement which is updatable BUG-5940568 A SQL string like "{ call spLengthTest(?, ?) }" shows improper truncation of a varchar OUT argument with length beyond 4000 when the escaped form is used, but correct behavior when the Oracle specific PL/SQL block like "begin spLengthTest(?, ?); end;" is used. BUG-5904762 Excessive network usage and this rdbms resources during commit. BUG-5701494 If a result set contains a TIMESTAMPLTZ column followed by a LONG column, reading the LONG column gets an error.

BUG-5609480 getUpdateCount returns wrong values with batching BUG-5502145 OracleStatement which is scrollable &amp; updatable acts weirdly when mulitple statements are executed. BUG-5154482 Unable to connect to the Oracle database using special german character s (+00DF) BUG-4689310 Proxy authentication fails with thin driver when the password is specified seperately BUG-4464146 JDBC drivers do not check "jdbc" for JDBC url from user BUG-4408817 DatabaseMetaData.getSearchStringEscape returns the wrong value. BUG-4390875 THIN driver throw NullPointerException for OracleResultSet.getString() of invalid characters in AL32UTF8 database. BUG-4325229 KPRB driver insert 32766 or more characters using OraclePreparedStatement.setString() into a database LONG column. Data truncation occur when database character set is ZHT32TRIS. BUG-4322830 getTimestamp of a TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE value yields the wrong result. The returned Timestamp will print the same year, month, day, hour, minute, second, but most likely represents the wrong millisecond value. Timestamps are in the UTC time zone so if the TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE value is in some other time zone, the Timestamp value will print the same values but will actually represent a different instant in time. BUG-4183785 Some oracle/net classes are duplicated in driver jars and NET jars like netcf g.jar BUG-3303679 Bogus and misleading message on failed connection. BUG-2696213 Synonyms for package or procedure names are now followed in DatabaseMetaData getProcedureColumns if the names do not include wildcards. See the javadoc for details. BUG-2475998 Query used for DatabaseMetaData.getColumns is very slow when setIncludeSynonyms is true. BUG-2304318 Need to know if next() failed due to max_rows

BUG-556502 scale parameter doesn't work as expected Known Problems/Limitations In This Release -----------------------------------------The following is a list of known problems/limitations: * Calling getSTRUCT() on ADT data in a ScrollableResultSet may result in a NullpointerException. * Programs can fail to open 16 or more connections using our client-side drivers at any one time. This is not a limitation caused by the JDBC drivers. It is most likely that the limit of per-process file descriptors is exceeded. The solution is to increase the limit. * The Server-side Internal Driver has the following limitation: - LONG and LONG RAW types are limited 32512 bytes for parameters of PL/SQL procedures. BUG-5965340 - In a chain of SQLExceptions, only the first one in the chain will have a getSQLState value. - Batch updates with Oracle 8 Object, REF and Collection data types are not supported. * The JDBC OCI driver on an SSL connection hangs when the Java Virtual Machine is running in green threads mode. A work-around is to run the Java Virtual Machine in native threads mode. * Date-time format, currency symbol and decimal symbols are always presented in American convention. * The utility dbms_java.set_output or dbms_java.set_stream that is used for redirecting the System.out.println() in JSPs to stdout SHOULD NOT be used when JDBC tracing is turned on. This is because the current implementation of dbms_java.set_output and set_stream uses JDBC to write the output to stdout. The result would be an infinite loop. * The JDBC OCI and Thin drivers do not read CHAR data via binary streams correctly. In other word, using getBinaryStream() to retrieve CHAR data may yield incorrect results. A work-around is to use either getCHAR() or getAsciiStream() instead. The other alternative is to use getUnicodeStream() although the method is deprecated. * There is a limitation for Triggers implemented in Java and Object Types. Triggers implemented as Java methods cannot have OUT arguments of Oracle 8 Object or Collection type. This means the Java methods used to implement triggers cannot have arguments of the following types: java.sql.Struct java.sql.Array oracle.sql.STRUCT oracle.sql.ARRAY oracle.jdbc2.Struct oracle.jdbc2.Array any class implementing oracle.jdbc2.SQLData or

oracle.sql.CustomDatum * The scrollable result set implementation has the following limitation: - setFetchDirection() on ScrollableResultSet does not do anything. - refreshRow() on ScrollableResultSet does not support all combinations of sensitivity and concurrency. The following table depicts the supported combinations. Support Type Concurrency ------------------------------------------------------no TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY CONCUR_READ_ONLY no TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY CONCUR_UPDATABLE no TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE CONCUR_READ_ONLY yes TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE CONCUR_UPDATABLE yes TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE CONCUR_READ_ONLY yes TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE CONCUR_UPDATABLE * Limitation on using PreparedStatements to create triggers. Since :foo is recognized by the drivers as a SQL parameter, it is not possible to use :in and :out in SQL that defines a trigger when using a PreparedStatement. The workaround is to use a Statement instead. BUG-9467659 Error code ORA-17360 for "Invalid LOB prefetch size" changed to ORA-17267 and ORA-17361 "Year out of range" changed to ORA-17268 to conform to numbering conventions. These codes were added in BUG-8295873 Dequeue failed with SQLException when corrid and dequeue condition combined BUG-8236689 Excessive cpu consumption by Java stored proc when updating row BUG-8206596 Wrong TIMESTAMPTZ inserted by setTimestamp BUG-7833945 Intermittently mgw reports ora-21500 while in t2cconnection.freetemporary BUG-7829722 JDBC Thin intermittently inserts corrupt number values in unsupported configuration BUG-7653491 stress soa - aq jms topic enqueue sql consuming significant database time BUG-7529748 OCI performance problem BUG-7431899 the servererror trigger is not fired when insert null using OracleXAConnection

BUG-7357124 ResultSet.getRowId fails to read VARCHAR2 with scrollable result set BUG-7357118 ResultSet.getRAW fails to read VARCHAR2 with scrollable result set BUG-7357103 ResultSet.getTIMESTAMPTZ fails to read data from scrollable result set BUG-7354593 ResultSet.getDate fails to read date stored in VARCHAR2 BUG-7351254 ResultSet.getNumber fails to read number stored in VARCHAR2 BUG-7331353 ResultSet.getAsciiStream has problem when read from NVARCHAR2 or NCHAR BUG-7165350 getOraclePlsqlIndexTable()/stringValue() causes a NullPointerException BUG-7010112 getXXXStream/getBytes/getString fail to read BFILE BUG-6902846 JDBC KPRB driver does not raise error for violation to deferred constraint BUG-6748410 JDBC is slow when CallableStatement has many out parameters BUG-6668732 ORA-22922: nonexistent lob value - JDBC driver verion 11. There are a number of closely related bugs. All have to do with moving temporary LOBs around without really doing anything with them. If you actually modify the LOB the error won't occur. BUG-6658636 Exception when inserting into a remote table via insertRow method BUG-6470838 Need to fix compatibility issues with locale selection for db sessions. BUG-6193695 Question marks returned after select failover wiith utf8 d/b & national charsets BUG-6127810 java.sql.SQLException: ora-22922: nonexistent lob value BUG-5976230 executeBatch on statement fails to close updatable ResultSet

BUG-5478959 addBatch missing lines using Java PreparedStatement class for stored proc BUG-5127111 Parameter type conflict error for setChar on in out parameter BUG-4176026 getCharacterStream() 1m byte(333334 chars) from long and got 333416 chars BUG-4092459 Incomplete/incorrect login timeout support for getConnection