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Mechatronics engineer/ Projectist Miguel Alejandro Montao Mange

Paseo pirmides del pueblito, 05, Int. 56 76980, Corregidora, Quertaro

0 Years of experience

Phone Number: (442) 254-6898 Mobil Number: (442) (o44) 112-3804 E-mail:
I have worked in the organization of camps for children, which requires the ability to adapt quickly to changes in children, and where security is the most important. Also, I worked as sales manager of electronic products, where the administration, knowledge of the products and good service are necessary to reach the customer effectively. I have served as music teacher in a school for children, where the teaching techniques and processes are essential for the correct learning of the child. Also I worked as manager of distribution of a magazine, where punctuality, quality and services are necessary to satisfy customer needs in a timely manner. In short I have skills in adaptation, taking of decision, mass control (people), management, service techniques, speech fluency, knowledge in creating effective processes, perception of the punctuality and quality, as well as extensive knowledge in marketing and advertising.

Qualities - Leader - Optimist - Honest - Creative

Personal objectives:
I want a stable family, and position myself in a high economic / social rank that allows me to influence people's decisions and make that things happens.

Work objectives:
I want to grow with the company, acquiring experience, knowledge and develop skills which underpin the direction of my life as an engineer and let me get to the top of modern engineering as a Projectist

Skills / Capabilities
Leadership: Staff / Masses Skills: Management and Leadership teams. Achievements: As a good student always I have taken the leader position so I had Competences - Communication

to adapt quickly to every type of collaborator. Since homework and finals projects to competitions in mathematics and physics we - Taking of decision - Leadership have achieved the best marks and positions.

Communication: Processes / Information Skills: Effective communication. Achievements: I managed to organize camps for more than 80 people, where
clear and effective communication, along with processes of development activities, is very important for the safety and satisfaction of the campers.

- Work team - Empathy - Autonomy - Self-esteem - Reflection - Social responsibility

Organization: Staff / Work / Objectives Skills: Control, management and clear vision. Achievements: As an entrepreneur, former distribution manager and former
sales manager, I managed the logistics of events, the appropriate positions for workers and the organization of shipping packages, merchandise and store management.

Miguel Alejandro Montao Mange Academic Formation

1998-2004 Certificate Elementary school Independence School Elementary school knowledge Certificate Middle school Alfonso Garca School Middle school knowledge Technician Internal Combustion Machines CETIS No. 100 School in internal combustion machines Mechatronics Engineer 4th semester TecMilenio University

0 Years of experience

2004-2007 2007-2010


Professional experience
Charge: Function:

Pea Grande
Counselor Counselor, guide and animator of the group of children in my charge. Development of camp activities and responsible for security and formation of children during the camp.

I have created 2 business:


Space D Store

Charge: Sales Manager Function: Manager, administrator and salesman in the store. Customer

service, responsible for warranties and exchanges. Under my charge the area of maintenance.

Charge: Function:

Colegio Internacional Postmoderno

Music Teacher Responsible for the education of children in a transversal system.

An advertising on Facebook enterprise.

Charge: Function:

La CombiNay Magazine
Distribution Manager Responsible for the effective delivery of 12 000 magazines, using strategies of mobility in the area of distribution, making an impact on as many potential customers as possible. An enterprise of distribution of muffins cooked by myself.

English: Advanced French: Basic Spanish: Native

AutoCAD. Basic Microsoft Office. Intermediate Photoshop. Basic

Other Data
- Willing to travel - Knowledge in mechanics - Artistic skills - Passion for challenges - Dedicated