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Human beings are social creatures. It is in our nature to interact with each other.

From the moment of our birth we become subject of social relationships. And as we grow and discover the world, it is but inevitable to have social interaction with other people. Socialization is an inescapable truth of life. Certainl , no man, completel independent and isolated from others, can win the game of life. An integral part of socialization is the wa we communicate with other people. !ffective communication is important in order to establish social relationships. "hether we#re having simple pleasantries or e$pressing our opinion regarding significant matters in the wor%place& whether we#re sharing stories with our friends or voicing our grievances to the government& whether we#re writing a letter to a loved one or writing a report to a superior, effective communication is necessar to put our message across. "ith the advent of globalization, effective communication should be given priorit . 'o longer are our interaction confined to people who spea% our language. (hrough technological advances, we are now capable of reaching out to different people spea%ing different languages. And as the political, economic and cultural boundaries of the world become increasingl blurred due to globalization, the importance of finding a common language becomes a necessit . (he !nglish language, universall recognized as the global language, provides the medium through which people of different nationalit , race and ethnicit can effectivel communicate. In this time and age learning the !nglish language is essential if we are to cope with the development brought about b globalization. )olitical, economic and cultural e$changes between and among nations and their citizens are predominantl made through the !nglish language. (hus, in order to effectivel communicate our political and economic interests we must learn to spea% the global language. As a professional in the medical field, effectivel communicating with m colleagues and, most speciall our patients is ver important. *iscommunication due to language barrier could spell the difference between life and death in certain cases. And as a nurse who hopes to e$ercise m profession abroad, the !nglish language is an important tool I can use in order to efficientl perform m duties. A good command of the !nglish language would ensure that I understand what m patients want and, similarl , I could rela what is best for them from a medical perspective.

(he )hilippines has been a witness to several significant changes, both political and economic, in the past +, ears. (hese compelling events has helped shape our countr -s immediate histor . Although the long term effects of these events are et to be seen, the pro$imate impact on our societ has been positivel promising. In the past two decades, the Filipino people have shown increasing political awareness. (his was brought about b the ouster of former )resident .oseph !strada and the collective e$perience under the Arro o administration. (he renewed interest in politics has led to a more critical populace. 'o longer are the Filipino people mere passive observers in the political field. (here is now a prevalent urge to participate in political matters. (he ambivalence of the past is replaced b active pursuit of honest governance free from corruption. (his shift in attitude is manifested in the policies of the present administration. (here is an honest effort to eliminate corrupt officials from the ran%s of public servants. (o be sure, there are still corrupt government officials ta%ing advantage of their position and power, but their number have been graduall declining. (hese political shift has led to economic developments. An honest administration has encouraged investors, both local and foreign, to invest their capital in the )hilippines. (he flow of capital has strengthened e$isting industries and even established new ones. (he most apparent proof of economic development could be the sudden upswing of the call center industr . (went ears ago there are few, if there are an , call center establishments in the )hilippines. (oda , the )hilippines is one of the leading business process outsourcing destination. (his industr has created millions of jobs and has improved the living standards of millions of families. Aside from the call center industr , there has been a stead improvement of the e$port/ import establishments and even the previousl neglected agricultural sector has e$perienced significant growth.