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DRILLING After various methods to locate potential oil wells performed, there is none but one method to confirm

the findings which is drilling. When a potential location is identified, the related company will have to settle several legal matters which will include things like drilling boundaries and environmental considerations. Other than that, there are also site preparations that need to be done before the actual work begins. Following the site preparations, the

construction of the drilling rig begins. Basically, a drilling rig is a machine-basedstructure which consists of several important systems which are assembled together to ensure the smooth running of the drilling operation. hose systems are! ". #oisting system $. %otating system &. 'irculating system (. )ower system *. Blowout prevention system

#oisting system is mainly for lifting and moving heavy e+uipments around the drilling rig. he muscle of the drilling rig is the rotating system. he rotating system is mostly all about its turntable and kelly drive. he turntable is driven by a motor and conse+uently, the coupling of turntable and kelly produce tor+ue to rotate the drill bit when it tries to cut through rocks. While cutting through rocks, there will be debris of rocks and mud ahead of the drill bit. hus, the circulating system clears the drill bit path by pumping debris and mud up through the drill string and on to the surface. ,f the rotating system is considered as the muscle of the drilling rig, the power system would be the heart. )ower system comprises generators and engines which would provide re+uired power and tor+ue by every other system. -ast but not least is the blowout prevention system. his system is

very crucial in ensuring safety during the drilling process. he BO) .Blow Out )reventer/ is for sealing high-pressured drill lines and releasing the pressure from time to time.

0rilling processes can be simplified into the following steps!

". )lace the drill bit, collar and drill pipe in the hole $. Attach the kelly and turntable and begin drilling &. 0uring drilling, circulate mud through the pipe and remove rock cuttings out of the way of the drill bit (. Add new sections of drill pipe as the hole gets deeper *. %emove collar, bit and drill pipe when pre-set depth is reached 1. 'oncrete is poured into the hole to form casing and left to hardened 2. 34plosion is set off at pre-set depth to break the concrete casing to allow oil to flow up the pipe .perforation/ 5. he top of the casing is cemented and the tubing is connected with a valve-based device called 6'hristmas tree7