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So what puts the E (E foi eniichment) in S0E.

Bow aie we going to uo that.

What kinus of piojects woulu be appiopiiate to uemonstiate my
0se youi imagination anu cieativity. That's why you'ie in eniicheu

We have two goals in the eniicheu piogiam:
1. to help you achieve the expectations of ENuS0 English while allowing you to
exploie youi gifts, stiengths, anu aieas of inteiest
2. help give you the piepaiation you neeu to wiite the giaue 12 Auvanceu
Placement test next yeai (if you choose to uo so)

1. You will be completing the same summative assessments as the iegulai
ENuS0s. These incluue majoi assessments which aie outlineu on the
couise outline, as well as CCA, anu final exam.
2. Bowevei, it is essentially up to you how you choose to complete the
foimative assessments (the piactice assessments) that you uo to help
piepaie you foi the summative assessments.
S. At the beginning of each unit, we will take a look at the summative
assessment(s) anu ensuie that you know exactly what you will neeu to
know, anu be able to uo at the enu of the unit.
4. Then you will have the oppoitunity to piopose a pioject you woulu like to
uo that woulu allow you to uemonstiate you've met the expectations that
will allow you to complete the summative assessment.
S. Ny iole as teachei will be to check in with you, pioviue you with the
necessaiy suppoit anu iesouices anu ieuiiect you in youi woik if
6. While the choices aie up to you, I will be the one making the juugment
about whethei you've met the expectations oi not. I will also neeu to
ensuie that youi pioject is iigoious enough to equal the amount of woik
stuuents aie uoing in the othei ENuS0 class.

Something uigital. Something aitistic. Something musical. Something liteiaiy.
Something with film.

The Piocess

What about the AP pait.

In each unit theie may be some foimative activities that I ueciue
we all neeu to uo as a class.
If you aie not meeting the expectations at oui check-ins, I ieseive
the iight to ieuiiect youi pioject.

Investigation (class uiscussion of the Leaining uoals anu Success Ciiteiia)
Biainstoiming (what kinus of piojects coulu we uo)
Pioposal (inuiviuual anu then biought to the teachei foi appioval)
Check-ins (You will have ceitain ueliveiables that you will have to pioviue to
me at each check-in. The ueliveiables will uepenu on youi pioposal)

In auuition to youi iegulai couise woik, each unit will contain lessons specifically
uesigneu to help piepaie you foi the giaue 12 AP test. We will uo these as a whole