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Friday, November 26, 2010

20101127 - Evaluative Research (Winsett, NATCO)

Evaluative Research
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Rebecca P. Winsett, PhD, Associate Professor, University of ennessee-Memphis, Memphis, TN; Professor, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN, NAT ! "esearch ommittee o- hair

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Evaluation of the impact of a ne# pro$ram is an important aspect of many or$ani%ations& 'indin$ that implementin$ a ne# #ay to evaluate donors or #hether or not addin$ a return to #or( pro$ram is successful may )e e*amples of pro$ram evaluation& There is a design methodology called evaluative research that can help $uide you as you desi$n studies for future pu)lication& As stated in +eiss ,+eiss, -../0, evaluation is the 1systematic assessment of the operation and2or the outcomes of a pro$ram or policy, compared to a set of e*plicit or implicit standards, as a means of contri)utin$ to the improvement of the pro$ram or policy1 ,p$ 30&

Elements of Evaluation
T#o 4uestions that you may as( a)out a pro$ram may include if the pro$ram has the intended effect ,+hat are the outcomes50 or is the pro$ram )ein$ delivered as it #as ori$inally constructed ,+hat services are )ein$ delivered50& In these t#o 4uestions, you may have several ways to evaluate the impact (the outcomes) and its e ectiveness (process)& Outcomes re er to the results o the program& +ere the services successful5 6id those in a smo(in$ cessation pro$ram stop smo(in$5 6id those #ho attended an education pro$ram increase (no#led$e5

http:++,ichael-eap..log,+2010+11+20101127-evaluative-!e ea!ch-/in,l


Michael Yeap...PhD Candidate: 20101127 - Evaluative Re ea!ch "#in ett$ %&'C()

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2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p resear!+ "et+o/ (:ibbs) 2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p reporting ((o5a 6tate Uni$)... 2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p resear!+ "et+o/ ((o5a 6tate... 2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p 2 a >0alitati$e resear!+ (?... 2010112& @ 4o!0s :ro0p resear!+ "et+o/ology (Up4ro... 2010112& 2 4o!0s :ro0p resear!+ "et+o/ology (Wi,ip... 20101122 2 Aan/ling -o""on 'as,s 7or iP+one 2 part... 20101121 2 -o""on 'as,s 7or iP+one 20101121 2 Usability & esign :0i/elines 7or iP+on... 20101121 @ Apple8 iP+one A0"an (nter7a!e :0i/eline... Prototype o7 Mobile Learning PortalBpls !riti!ise3... 20101120 2 6tart eCperiential.."obile apps & M2Lea... 20101120 2 'e!+*a/ar: Mobile 5eb /esign: plat7or" ... Mobile Learning portal [prototype] WAP Blog & )1 !lone 20101114 2 ?oo8 9nline -ollaborati$e Learning... /D ay 1< #o$ 2010 Proposal3Wor, e7ense 6e"inar 2010110= 2 'ri7ono$a8 ..Aoar/ing -ontent in Mobile... 5riting & s0b"itting Eo0rnal Paper...7ire2n27orget... Usability (nspe!tion -riteria 7or e2Learning Porta... Paper 7or Eo0rnal: Usability (nspe!tion -riteria 7... iE)' 2010

Was attitude about organ donor awareness changed as a result of your program? Methods to measure outcomes are not too distant from those you would find in traditional research methodology. Measuring group differences or pre/post-testing are examples of ways to measure outcomes. Process refers to the internal working of the program itself. Understanding the operations of the program and how it can be improved. Designing the evaluation of the process of the program requires thoughtful planning of what you want to examine. Examples may include monitoring staff time during the program to show cost savings or collecting surveys from different levels of staff to tease out problems with work efficiency. Qualitative studies can also be included. Each type of evaluation whether outcome or process must be systematically developed to ensure the effects of the program are truly effects rather than opinion.

Source http !!www.natco".org!research!files!Evaluative#esearch$%%%.pdf

Weiss& '. (. )"**+,. Evaluation: Methods for studying programs and policies )-nd ed.,. Upper Saddle #iver& ./ 0rentice (all.
Poste/ by Mi!+ael o7 MMU at <:4= PM Labels: e$al0ation resear!+8 resear!+ "et+o/8 Weiss8 Winsett

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http:++,ichael-eap..log,+2010+11+20101127-evaluative-!e ea!ch-/in,l


Michael Yeap...PhD Candidate: 20101127 - Evaluative e!ea"ch #$in!ett% &'(C)*

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Michael Yeap...PhD Candidate: 20101127 - Evaluative e!ea"ch #$in!ett% &'(C)*

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