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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21st Century about…


“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.”

You should be shedding tears in desperate prayer for all the heartless injustices, cruelties & torturous crimes that are
being committed by the wicked every second of every hour of every day, and pray like a house on fire that you won’t be
found guilty of their sins, too, by participating in their delicacies they derive out of other people’s pain.
Sure, you are saved, all your sins are forgiven. But all the ones who will be lost because you were too busy entertaining
yourself instead of doing what you could to get them saved will one day make you cry. Why do you think I have to wipe
away so many tears from My children’s eyes? Because they fail to weep & pray in intercessory prayer for them now.
Because they fail to sow the seeds in weeping now. Because, if they would, joy would come in the morning, but great will
be the lamentation of those who fail to sow My seeds in this life, when this is what I would have wanted them to do. Great
will be the sorrow of those who fail Me and the lost who are searching for Me, when it would have been in their ability to
save them, but they would not, simply because they were too busy entertaining themselves... Can you see the atrocity of
this? Be not deceived into thinking that I will judge unrighteous judgment, for this is what My enemies on Earth say about
Me: "What kind of a God is this, who rewards his rich, spoiled, pampered & indulgent children with heaven for exploiting
the poor? For refusing to share their wealth? For not only standing by in cold indifference while others suffer & die, but
even being the perpetrators & cause of their suffering, more often than not?" Can you blame them for rejecting Me &
refusing to believe in the God of such a distorted picture of what is being portrayed as Christianity? Can you imagine how
much that hurts Me? Can you imagine how sick with anguish it makes Me? No, you cannot.
So, don’t be deceived by any means, into thinking, that all those lukewarm, selfish, self-indulgent so-called Christians will
go unpunished, and woe unto you, if you are going to be counted among them. Being spewed out of My mouth isn’t going
to be as glorious as they may picture heaven to be. Living in everlasting shame & contempt, while those they abused &
neglected will find comfort in My bosom won’t be all that glorious, either. Only My faithful ones, those who truly give their
lives in order for others to find Me will be rewarded richly.
The others will even lose that which they think they have. Poor, destitute & naked, not rich & adorned, as she pictures
herself to be. Oh, how Satan has deceived her into perceiving herself as a queen. His magic, fake mirror of false images
distorts grossly the reality of the way things really are & the way I see things. Soon that glass will be shattered, and there
will be great wondering, amazement, and the shock will be so great that there even will be half an hour of silence in all of
heaven. The awe of her exposure will be so great... nothing will move... only silence. Imagine the whole universe staring at
you for half an hour, pondering the shame you have brought upon My name by your bad behavior: This will be the fate of
the Laodecian church. The lukewarm Christians. Oh, be not counted among them, but get on fire & burn your life, like a
candle at both ends, & give, give your life unto them for Me! Please! I beg you, for your own sakes, for lost souls’ sakes, for
the sake of their eternal future and yours:
Choose ye THIS DAY whom ye shall serve, for soon it will be too late. As certain and as truly as My name is the name in
which every knee shall bow, as truly as My throne is established in righteous judgment, I swear by My holy name: I will not
let these injustices committed by My wayward children go unpunished. There will be no excuse. There will be no weaseling
out of the responsibility & the guilt by lamenting, "Oh, but we were deceived! Satan has sent his emissaries to join our
ranks & has deceived us. He has lured us away from the true path with his riches, with his splendor, with his lies &
temptations!" Nay, but I will say unto them: "But I have sent you My prophets, to whom you would not listen! I have given
you My Words, but you would not hear. You hardened your hearts every time You heard My voice in your conscience, you
chose the easy way, the selfish way every time.
Oh, yes, you gave a little bit of your money to your church, and you will be rewarded if this money was used to support
missionaries who helped others to find Me. But what is that, compared to what you could have given, compared to what
you could have done? You called Me, ‘Lord, Lord...’ every Sunday in your church, but I wasn’t your Lord. I was not your
God. The god you trusted in was the god of this world, the god of money, the god of mammon, the gods of pleasure, your
own bellies, your own luxuries. For if I would have been your God, you would have sacrificed these things unto Me, you
would have laid them on the altar, in order to help others to find Me, those, who knew Me not, those who were waiting,
starving & freezing for My Word, for My gospel from your hands. Instead you tried to pay Me off with a little here & a little
there... just enough to stop your conscience from burning like a prick in your sides. Just enough to deceive you into
thinking that you were so good, so much better than those godless, ignorant, uncultivated non-Christians, those heathen,
those pagans. YOU have turned My creation into hell; they didn’t! You have exploited the poorer nations of this Earth; they
didn’t. You professed to have known better, claimed to possess the exclusive truth; they didn’t. Well, it turns out you
missed an important part of that simple truth of Mine: Love!"

Most church Christians are so suspicious of the Devil in every spiritual matter, they reject the gifts of the Spirit altogether!

Nothing makes you as sick of lukewarmness, as being handed or fed a good mouthful of it yourself by someone else, and I
sure hope it’s gonna make you hate it!
It’s a problem when people read the Word but only pick out whatever they like or appeals to them & sort of ignore the
heavy-duty stuff, or say that won’t apply to them.
There comes a time in every life, when they see where they erred & failed to see the truth.
In the end, there are going to be 2 in the field, one with My true anointing, one without...
When I return, there will be shiners & shamers. Keep in mind what you’ll want to be on that day, & keep working toward
that goal: becoming a shiner for Me. It’s nothing you can work up in the flesh, but it can be achieved by faithfulness to Me.

I don’t want you to be part of that System, or “established” to the point where you think you have to watch out for your
reputation. I want you to burn free & be liberated from clichés of prestige & worrying about being accepted. It’s
lukewarmness & man-pleasing & everything I abhor.

One of the greatest proofs of your love you can give Me is to share Me with others. Not like the jealous, prudish, selfish &
possessive church Christians who hardly ever mention Me, much less share Me with anyone else. No wonder they don’t
believe in sharing. They don’t even share their faith.

The churches get people saved & then tell’em they can stay living right where they are, the same way they always have,
just “try to be a good sample”...

Most of the churches antagonize you, reject you and despise you. But why is that? Is it because they are more righteous
than you? They may think that, but that's only because they are deluded & deceived. In reality, they are the fornicators &
adulterers, whoring and compromising with the System.
They did not "come out from among them," nor did they ever "forsake all that they have" so that they could be My disciple,
nor do they know what this means, that "all who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution"! To whom do those
Scriptures apply? Who are the just that live by faith? Who are the called out ones, hated by all nations for My name's sake?

Even My very own people, if they don't stay close to Me, can stumble, and become the very opposite of what they were
supposed to be, and become My very enemies!
Anyone who doesn't stay close to Me can turn into an old bottle, and they can move from the arena into the grandstands,
turn from martyr into persecutor, if they don't watch out!
As soon as any person or group of "chosen ones" came to the conclusion that they were anything of themselves, they lost
it, and became just one more curse instead of a blessing.
Don't allow yourself to become a persecutor, instead of the persecuted. The line between potentially becoming either a
Cain or an Abel is very thin.
People who take it for granted that naturally, they're the "righteous ones" aren't aware of the danger of how easily they can
fall and turn into My very enemies if they don't watch out. That's why so many of My people wind up doing more harm than
good at times, because they simply don't stay desperate enough to make sure that whatever they do is because of Me and
through Me, instead of some of their own holiness and righteousness or goodness that they think they have.
The danger comes in when you think of yourself or your particular group as the only right ones and righteous ones. Then
I'll often allow you to make some mistake or blunder to remind you it's not you, but I that makes you anything, and I may
even allow somebody else to walk around with the anointing that had been ordained for you, just to show you it's still Mine
to give, to whoever I choose, yea, even to My former enemies, if need be. Look at Paul - a classic case of persecutor
turning into the persecuted, which, of course, is the version that's more to be desired than the other way around!

I want to give My disciples a life lived in fullness and abundance, but some Christians tend to take this to the extreme & go
overboard on this & actually tend towar downright covetousness & greed. That was not what I had meant, and the church
will have to pay for this by destroying its name - besmirching My name and the name of Christianity and branding Me and
My followers in general as something that I am not, never was, and certainly didn't intend for My church to be.

Sandcastle Christians build their houses on the shifting sands of disobedience.

Show the world a house built on the rock of actually doing what I say!

A lot of people are allowing the Devil to steal away from them many an opportunity for them to see & glorify Me in things
that they are afraid of & think are evil, and many an opportunity to use these things as a witness. Some people's concept &
discernment of what is good & what is evil is slightly distorted.
in My eyes, the reluctance of wealthy Christians to share their wealth with the poorer nations of the world, & to really make
a difference, is more evil than what some of them point their finger at & shout about. They who know their Father's will and
did it not will be beaten with more stripes than those who knew it not.
Christianity only makes sense if you put Me in the middle of it as the sum of all hope for any positive outcome of the whole
thing. Christians are generally lacking to make the difference they could & should, which is sad, and a lot of it is due to
compromise with the world.
Just because someone isn't a Christian doesn't necessarily mean they're further away from the truth than some Christians.
Just because someone isn't a Christian doesn't mean one cannot be a fighter for truth and for a just and righteous cause,
against the evil in this world, much of which is perpetrated by those who claim to know Me. But if they would read and
believe My Word & take it to heart, they would know that just claiming to know Me doesn't do the trick, but the way they
treat each of the least of My brethren determines how much of a Christian they really are.
Don't worry about accomplishment & achievement. What's more important, is - as I told My disciples - that your
righteousness exceeds that of the Scribes & Pharisees, that your sample is a better one than that of phony & hypocritical
church Christians, that your faith is something more real & living than false & dead religion!

You can only be a prophet who calls out others to "come out from among them," if you have been "called out" yourself,
first, and have obeyed the call, and have exited from the whorish System. It's like what I told My followers about the
Pharisees: what they tell you, this do, but don't do as they do, for they may say it, but they do it not!
You can't really follow them, because there is nowhere to follow.
Which body do you want to follow: the dying corpse of the old pharisaical church, or the vibrant, new & young body of My
called-out ones?

It's the act of receiving and drinking in that makes a true believer out of you, an act way too difficult for someone too full of
themselves to sit still and listen, too self-sufficient to be needing anybody's advice or help.
They're the type of believers like Cain, who get angry at anyone insinuating that they can't do it on their own. They've got
to do it their way. They make their sacrifices to Me in their own way, they sacrifice what they deem worthy of being a
sacrifice: not that which I would really like, but some self-created effort of their own hand, some product of their hands and
sweat they can take pride in and show off before Me and the whole world: "behold what I have accomplished!"
They want admiration for what they've already accomplished, they want the praise & applause of the people, like Saul,
instead of obeying & hearkening. They already know it all, so "What could that old prophet tell me, that I don't already
know, anyway?"
There have - throughout history - none been so blind and deceived as those who thought themselves to be enlightened
and able to see. After all, those who claim to have already found the truth are the ones who oppose & try to drown out My
true voices, not those who are still seeking & groping around in the dark.
It's much more comfortable for them to concoct their own "truth." It makes a lot more sense to them than My humiliating
truth, which always says the exact opposite of what their pride and their flesh, their carnal mind tells them.
Those who refuse to drink in, to wholeheartedly receive My truth, are they who have heard My Word & received the seed,
but then the Enemy distorts it in their mind & turns it into some gospel of their own, one which won't oppose him, but will
live in peaceful coexistence with all he stands for, and thus, will always sooner or later begin to work against Me.

You have a higher calling than just to tickle other believers' ears & make them feel more comfy with their compromising
existence of acceptance of half-truths & deceptions & following the Whore of false religion and spirituality down to

Even though they claim to know My name, and they claim to know Me and claim that they're part of Me, they are not, for
they have despised and rejected Me for this world. They've gone the way of compromise, the way of the flesh. They have
not had eyes for the spirit, all they could see was the carnal, they never clung to My Word, the Source of life.
They find themselves fighting against God, and haven't become aware of it. They think they're in the right. Their own cause
is all the cause they need, their own right, their own truth the only one that counts to them.

The majority of American Christians are Americans primarily, and Christians secondarily, which isn't being much of a
Christian at all, because either you follow in My footsteps as a pilgrim and stranger in this world, or you might as well
forget about the whole thing and stop pretending you're something you're not. Being proud of your country and at the
same time professing to be a Christian is hypocrisy, because it's like claiming to be fighting for one side while advertising
the Enemy at the same time. It's treason.
If you're a nationalist, you worship the flesh, you're bound to carnal ties, and you've been duped by the Enemy to fall into
the pride of life, instead of having been freed by My truth and My Spirit to be someone who is not of this world, and You
can't be a true and sincere Christian and a flag-waving nationalist of any of the wicked nations of this world at the same
time! You're either advertising this world, or Me, the Alternative to this world, you can't do both. You can't advertise God
and Mammon. You can't serve 2 masters.

Some are just not interested in finding out what I have to say to shut up long enough to listen. The "god" they
communicate with is just an extension of their egos, something they wish for Me to be. That happens to a lot of self-
righteous people. That's why I said in My Word that I would have to say to a lot of people who claim to have been doing
this and that in My name, "I never knew you." They never knew Me, and I never knew them. All they thought they knew was
a figment of their imaginations, an extension of their own desires & what they figured I ought to be. Very few - in
comparison - actually really want to know Me. I'm too scary, too strange, too different for most of them. That's why there
are millions of Christians who reject the true prophets. They just use Me as a label they associate with, but they don't really
have much of a clue Who I really am.

It’s hard to trust sometimes, that a God of Love would ask you to do such irrational things, or would use such
unconventional methods, but that’s why only those with great faith can really trust Me - and My Word, for that matter. Some
people consider the Abraham/Isaac episode an atrocity that doesn’t really belong in My Word. They didn’t really get the
point. But when you can trust Me for anything, that’s what I’d call faith.
Having asked him to make that sacrifice, and his willingness to follow through with it, altered everything and made him see
clearly, and put everything in the proper perspective. These manifestations of faith are there to bring home a point. And by
the result you can tell that it was My voice and My hand in it, after all, no matter whether all the voices in the world are
going to pipe up, ‘It was wrong of God to ask that of you or to tell you that!’ Or, ‘that was not the voice of God at all!’, just
because it doesn’t make sense to them or eludes the capacity of their faith.
The Enemy is not fighting them as hard, because they’re not nearly as big a threat to his cause as any of you are, who
embrace My full truth. The Enemy knows why he can freely let them loose on the world, because they’re not only working
for Me and My cause, but unknowingly also for his, which is what happens to a good many sincere Christians.

The whole church system is still based on the sermon principle, while I’m building My true Church on the principle of
becoming a living sample of the truth, just as I was a living sample, and all My true saints were samples of My love and
truth, more than just sermons.
There are enough teachers, preachers and speakers delivering sermons, but way too few guides who truly show the way
by walking therein themselves first...

I'm what you've been looking for, not any group of people, not any church. But when some people find Me, they don't
fully embrace Me... They want Me on a safe, mental pedestal where they think they've "got Me" where they want Me, but I
won't get too close to do anything beyond their control...
They want to be in control... exactly what Satan promised in return for disobedience: "Ye shall be as gods." In other words:
"You can be in control yourselves! You don't have to follow and obey this God that you don't really know what He's up
When it comes down to it they really only want to do their own thing. But they figure they better make some kind of a deal
with Me, some peace treaty, in which they pretend to be on My side, so that I won't do anything that might cross their
plans, and so that they can have somebody to blame when their plans don't work out.

Some people take themselves too seriously, especially in the field of religious service. Pride has a heyday there, which is
why envy and jealousy - spiritual jealousy - are rampant in the churches, and why I can often rather use simple-minded
folks who are not so stuck on themselves.

The sterile, pseudo-spiritual Pharisaical church Christians think that by staying out of the dirt and never stooping to the
depths of getting your hands dirty with some mundane task, much less any such dirty affairs as sex, they stay spiritually
clean. What they don't realize is that the worst rot possible is coming from within themselves. They may keep covering up
their mess with an outer garment of apparent cleanliness, distract from their own spiritual stench by constantly pointing at
the sins of others, or even making sins out of acts which are none in My eyes, but they can't deceive Me, nor anyone else
who sees things as they are in the Spirit. They're like naughty children who constantly run away from their parents when
Mama wants to put on a fresh diaper.
Covering up and pretending the mess isn't there and pointing fingers at others won't help. Cleaning up is what life is
largely all about.

Of how much guilt do you believe My sacrifice was capable of cleansing you?
Some folks prefer to still take some of the load on their own shoulders.
They insist on carrying part of the burden themselves, they are addicted to the flesh to the extent that they need and want
to do part of the works in their own energy and strength.
They cling to the lies of the Devil that they're not good enough, that they must first obtain some level of goodness before
they are worthy of receiving all My gifts to the full.
But it's not goodness that would "earn" them My blessings, but faith. Faith and humility. The faith to receive, and the
humility to accept it, that there's nothing you can do on your own to make you any more worthy.

They cling to the letter of the law, rather than to the spirit. They're living on the fringes, and not from the true center. They
don't allow Me to become their True Center. All they want is the fringes, the skeleton, the frame that holds the construction
together: a form of godliness without the power thereof. A facade, really. That's what the church system is all about: pretty
buildings that look nice and fancy on the outside, "pretty" Christians that look nice and "clean" and "proper" on the
outside, but you dare not look inside.

They're the type of people who made sure the Romans had Me crucified. Without ever getting their own hands dirty, yet
they were the ones guilty of My blood. Pilate made it pretty plain to them that he refused to take that responsibility when he
washed his hands before them, and he was more righteous in My eyes than they were.
This is hard for you to grasp, but there are unbelievers who are more righteous in My eyes than some Christians.
It is the true law, the "moral law" that's written in every man's heart; the law of love, and the degree to which every man
obeys it, that determines how righteous he is, not all those ridiculous little rules and laws they come up with themselves.
You will only be judged and rewarded by the amount of love you had for others, you will be judged by the Law of Love, not
any man-made rules about adultery and fornication. The amount of love is what counts. The amount of love you give is
what will count toward your degree of righteousness; and the lack of love you display and manifest will be on the other
side of the balance.
Are you making people feel loved? Are you making it easy for them to love? Or are you putting heavy burdens on them,
that in the final analyses spell out nothing else than: "thou shalt not love"? Which is precisely what those hypocrites are
doing by forbidding to marry, which is and remains a doctrine of devils, whether the person has been married before or
not, and whether the person has decided to become a priest or not. Forbidding anyone to marry, to give them a chance to
manifest that bond of love between two people that it might result in fruit that I have ordained, is a doctrine of devils, who
gleefully rejoice at the deception they have wrought in those self-righteous hearts, that made love for yet two more people
impossible (see 1Tim.4:1-5).
That's what I would call sin! To put a stop to all that love that I could be pouring from one person into another and back
and forth through their loving union - made impossible by some outrageous and preposterous law of man, concocted by
the Devil himself: "Thou shalt not love! It's against our rules!"
What bondage! What cruelty! What guilt those self-righteous servants of Satan heap upon themselves, deceiving
themselves into believing that they're actually doing Me service with their hypocrisy, their spiritual crimes, their lack of
love and the self-righteous hatred they sow!
As I said "Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees," I say "woe" unto them!
If I remain the Same, yesterday, today and forever, you can be assured that I have not changed in this aspect! Just as I
condemned the self-righteous Pharisees of My days, so do I condemn those of today, even if they call themselves
"Christians." They are the ones of whom I said," Depart from Me, I never knew you!" They never knew Me, and I never knew
them! Their hearts are far from Me, although their lips may praise Me, but their praise is dead - killed by their works, which
are not works of love, but works of self-righteousness, of pride, and thus, of hatred.
They justify their hatred, their killing of the innocents and poor by relying on Me, thus besmirching My name before the
world, making Me a God unworthy of anyone's faith, only worthy to be mocked, despised and rejected. They are the ones
who crucify Me afresh every day. For not only do they reject My sacrifice for themselves by insisting on leaning on their
own righteousness for the "preserving of their salvation" (as if any such thing were possible), but they also rob salvation
from others, leave them in eternal insecurity. Satan rejoices in them as his greatest feat yet, ever! The perfect deception!
The perfect "Christian" cloak, for the perfect satanic and diabolical plot!

Personal witnessing has always been more effective than the mass witnessing and preaching of the churches. I operate
one-on-one, and you must really adopt that style, too.
"Preacher Syndrome," that urge to stand before a crowd and talk or sing: the kind of "show business" that Christianity has
developed into is a cliché you've got to get rid of. That's one way in which pride and vanity become the hidden incentives
behind a lot of people's "good deeds."

Too many of My supposed followers, too many so-called Christians don't act as I would, as I did toward them that are
without. They don't beckon them to come in, and so they're committing a greater sin than those they judge! They're
heaping greater guilt on themselves by pushing away from Me those who I love and who I long to come unto Me.

"Whoso doeth the will of God," which is, to give to others, instead of selfishly taking from them, "the same abideth
forever." It's the eternal modus operandi, the one I have ordained from the beginning, the one from which mankind has
strayed, the one you must find the way back to and show others as well.
There are those who are supposed to be going My way and supposedly doing things My way, but have been tricked into
doing things the old carnal and selfish way again. That's why it doesn't matter what you call yourself or pretend to be, but
what you do. Your actions will prove whether you're truly one of Mine or not. You can call yourself whatever you like, you
can be part of whatever church or movement you like, and hide behind the backs of others, but when it comes down to it,
what will determine whether you're really doing things according to My way and My will or not, is your actions.
You can say whatever you want, but it won't make any difference until you do what you say.

Your attitude should be more one of anticipation than one of having already entered into rest and enjoying your rewards.
For this would be a false attitude, based on the deception many of My children live in, in this world, that they think they're
just about in heaven already, and they can really lord it out over the rest of the world... Almost acting as if this earthly
kingdom of theirs were My eternal one.
Be thankful for every less-than-perfect day to remind you that this world is not your home, for too many of My believers
seem to have forgotten that, and seem to think that this is all the home they'll ever need... They know they'll have to leave it
someday when they'll die, and so they try to "bribe" Me with alms, and they try to reserve themselves a fancy spot in
heaven with their money. But when it comes to heavenly rewards, I can't judge anyone by how much they give, but by how
much they've got left and still could have given.

Just keep seeing the truth through it all, and that's what can be the difference between you and church Christians with all
their highly sophisticated technical equipment to keep their show-business Churchianity on the road: your simply saying it
the way it is, saying what's essential, without all the other big ado about it.

Some people let their egos stand in the way of what I really want to do, but they don't realize it. They think their program is
Mine. That's what happens when I have become nothing else but an extension of their own ideas of Me in their minds, but
they're not really in touch with the real Me, they don't really have the real thing, and consequently, the work cannot take off,
because people just fail to see My Spirit at work, but merely see a bunch of guys running around in their own steam... the
same as they see anywhere else: in politics, in the churches...

Just as I said to those who listened to Me during My time on earth, "Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Scribes
and Pharisees...," I say to you now that unless your love exceeds that of the lifeless, loveless goers-through-the-motions,
it will be of no avail!
I will resurrect My dead church, but I need those who will wake them up!
If the salt of the earth should lose its flavor, what is it going to be good for? If you don't make a difference anymore, and
add some spice to that lifeless, tasteless System, then what good is it?
You're not going to touch or change anybody's life, unless you can show clearly by your behavior and the light in your
eyes that you're different and truly have something else to offer than the lifeless rut they've got!
One of the worst things you could possibly do to Me is to conform to the way others are doing things, thinking you've got
to please them and live up to their expectations...
They're doing their job, and I will bless them and reward them for that. But you've got a different job!

"Many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the Kingdom of
Heaven. But the children of the Kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness" (Matth.8:11,12). The children of the
Kingdom often take the Kingdom for granted and despise it, while those who yearn for it from afar treasure it.
Didn't I come to establish a new Kingdom and do away with and abolish the old? What then if those of the new kingdom
are deceived into thinking that the old is still valid, as many Christians do and practically worship the Jews? They worship
the flesh...

Just as it was the Jews, the "children of the kingdom" of then, who persecuted Me and had Me killed, so it is the "children
of the kingdom" of today who most seek to harm you.
They never knew Me, and I never knew them. While many from the east and west, from other religions and cultures, readily
receive you and Me.
Just as "He is not a Jew who is one outwardly" (Rom.2:28, 29), so he is not a Christian that is one outwardly only, and not
as he should be, inwardly, worshiping in spirit and in truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.
The old church has always mocked and persecuted the new one.
The large gist of those who call themselves My people are continuing to lead the world astray into the worship of
Mammon, the ways of self, the glory of the flesh and the worship of the things they create with their own hands...
My Spirit and My grace, and the Father's love are a lot more all-embracing and all-encompassing than many so-called
Christians and even sincere Christians would give Him credit for. Their philosophy remains one of separation and shutting
others out, while My call has always been, "Come!" Whoever is athirst, let him come and drink of the waters of life freely!

There is a deep chasm between those belonging to the top, the officially recognized church, accepted by the System,
which has become an integrated part of the System and even one of its major symbols and perpetrators of its evils, and
those who belong to the bottom, the downtrodden, despised and persecuted church: the ones may have their time of
"reign" and enjoyment in this life, but the others will have theirs in the life to come, when those who reign now will have to
pay the consequences for having chosen to look down upon My truly chosen...
With their lukewarm, sickening ways of worship, their sickening love for the System, their dreadful desire to always be on
top along with the winners, and refusing to walk the path I walked, the path of the apparent loser, their clinging to this
world's riches and their positions in the Devil's matrix, they’re really not amounting to much more than a bunch of traitors
at heart, spiritually, because in reality, they're following him and his lies, instead of My unadulterated truth.
As I told you about rivers: the further downstream you get, the harder it is to maintain it clean, and as far downstream as
the church has gotten, you can sure see a lot of pollution in it.
The short-sighted will always prefer their place among the ranks of the mighty, the apparent winners. Only a few and only
the wise will choose a place among the despised and downtrodden minority, but will find Me there among them...

When you've got this bunch of worldly believers hailing Me like their superstar and absolute hero, while at the same time
acting as if all they're interested in lies in this temporary world, it doesn't jibe. That's what's wrong with the church system.
They think I'm some kind of a cool Dude who can enhance their quality of life both in this world and in the one to come,
bliss here and now and forever, have their cake and eat it, too. They totally ignore all the information about the price that
there is to pay, and thus give a totally wrong picture of what it's supposed to mean to be My disciple...
I admit, the deception is very tempting. Who wouldn't choose the comfortable way? The flesh automatically chooses that
which feels good and is pleasurable... Nobody suffers voluntarily. But what price are you willing to pay for your
comfortable life-style? Who and what are you going to betray?
Set your affections on things above, seek to derive your pleasure and satisfaction from the very Source of life, from Me.

With each Christian Family living their own individual lives in their own individual houses and homes, one most certainly
misses the union that ought to be there in Christianity, as found in the Book of Acts.
The Enemy advertises the self as an entity worthy of attention that quasi amounts to worship, in order to satisfy it and
make it "happy," and even availing yourself of Me, My Word and My truth - although only a fragment and watered-down
version of it - in order to achieve that goal, which amounts to supermarket style religion: picking out certain pleasant
truths, and leaving aside the more unpleasant ones, just serving yourself of the goodies My Word has to offer, and
neglecting the convicting truths that would spur you on to change, sacrifice and action.
The Devil just allows them a tiny little bit of My truth and mixes it with a lot of his own poison of selfishness, and his lie of
the nationalistic version of the "greater cause."
Some folks are just self-oriented, even if they are saved, and in that aspect, they're not really living their salvation, not
really making it work for them nor others in this life, but can actually act counter-productively in relation to My Cause.

There have been many who pretended to be advertising and working for Me, but in the end really only put the emphasis on
their own thing, their own church, or their own name, their own TV program, etc.

I allow a lot of "irrational" things My enemies don't understand. Why do I seemingly bless those Christians so much, when
they're so out of it, so selfish, so cruel to their fellowmen, so concerned about their own things? Well, I do apply My rod of
correction in due time, but they're also all I've got. Who else will listen to Me? Who else will come and spend time with Me?
I'm even thankful for that one hour on Sunday mornings.
Sure, it's peanuts, compared to what they could and probably should be offering Me, but I'm still so grateful for whatever I
can get, that I still gladly provide for them, protect and bless them, just as I have provided for you and blessed you...

Give people the benefit of the doubt, that even if they did something you wouldn't have done, the end result might still be
better than having done nothing at all.
Recognize their style, even if it may be different from yours.
I don't mind you using yours. But please also allow others to use theirs. Be encouraging of their style of doing things,
even if it's different from yours and the way you would have done it. Otherwise you're back to the same problem of narrow-
mindedness that the churches & Pharisees refuse to face.
In order to get on the prophetic channel you have to go one step higher than the usual level of inspiration that you are on
when you write a letter to someone.
That's what people don't realize about Paul's epistles: As devout a man of God that he was, and as full of My Spirit he may
have been, most of his writings were not direct prophecy. So, a lot of those churches, who take everything he ever wrote
as the pure and direct Word of God, are actually making the very mistake Paul warned his followers of: not to become
Paulites, followers of Paul, or of Apollos, or of Peter, etc., but followers of Me.
They don't seek Me for My new and living words, they're building their lives on the writings of a man - however divinely
inspired he may have been - who lived 2000 years ago, oblivious to the fact that the same God who inspired him 2000
years ago is still alive and talking today.
That's why their faith is practically dead, a hollow shell, compared to what it could and should be.
They aren't even aware of the fact that I'm still speaking today, but feeding nearly entirely off the food I gave millennia ago.
You're building on a new and clean foundation, free of the leaven of the Parisees.
Relying on their own strength of the flesh, their own justice and so-called righteousness, they put themselves miles above
others, taking the right to exterminate them, totally ignoring all I ever stood for.
Through their self-righteousness they kill the whole Spirit of what My teachings are supposed to be all about.
It's what leads other peoples and nations of the earth to detest that image of Christianity that America is conveying to the
world. It's simply appalling when any one nation or group of people is so utterly incapable of recognizing their own faults,
constantly self-righteously pointing their finger at others.
No responsibility is ever taken. How are they ever going to learn and grow and mature spiritually as a movement or a

I always took every opportunity I got. If they let Me preach in a Synagogue, I would do it, but of course, they usually
regretted it afterwards, since I didn't always exactly preach according to their liking.
So, it's not as if I'm telling you, "Stay away from church people!" But I need you to be aware of the "leaven of the Scribes
and Pharisees," and the differences between the gospel of bondage they're preaching, and yours, of true liberty.
Your natural tendency is to shun the condemnation they're trying to heap on you, but on the other hand, you need to allow
them to make their decisions, and let them come forward with their accusations in order to expose themselves. If you're
trying shield yourself from their self-righteous attacks, then the truth about them won't come out. The difference between
you and them will not be manifest.
It’s pretty hard to recognize sometimes. Even My disciples didn't have a clue what I meant with "the leaven of the Scribes
and Pharisees" (Mt.16). They thought I was talking about bread. Only as time went by and history unfolded before their
eyes, the Pharisees saw to it that I was crucified, and later they witnessed the stoning of Steven, the rage of Saul, before
he was converted, etc., then they got the point, and realized the difference, between the dead and empty religion of the
Pharisees, and the powerful, new way of life I had brought into the world.
All I'm asking you is to preach the Word.
No big, fancy, wonder-group or wonder-church with light shining from everybody's faces, that would make it so easy to
just drag people there by the dozen.
Stop seeking that which attracts the wrong kind of attention! A lot of those guys are into Christianity because it's being
made so darn easy for them. "Join the in-crowd!" "Here, in our cool American church, we're all so happy together, and
you'd be a fool not to want to join us, because we're the kings of the world, and we're all happy and dance and sing and
love Jesus!" "You can have heaven here and now and later, too!"
That bread is baked through and through with the leaven of the Scribes and Pharisees. It looks very yummy and inviting.
So much bigger, sweeter and more tasty than what you've got, that relatively lean and flat loaf of bread baked without any
of the leaven of inflated egos and "better than thou" self-righteousness.

The Devil has many church Christians distracted with his war games in which they're pretending to be fighting evil, or
duped into fighting for him, while they think they're fighting on My side.
He knows he doesn't have to worry about those lukewarm church people; he's practically got them in the sack. He couldn't
stop them from becoming Christians, but he was sure successful at stopping them from ever being anything like
revolutionary Christians.
They just did what they have always done: clear the heathen temples of their idols, put a few crosses in them and convert
them into "Christian temples," never ever paying heed to the fact that I don't dwell in temples made with hands, but that
the Father seeks to be worshiped in spirit and truth.
They just took the heathen idols out of their part of the System, replaced them with Christian symbols and idols, and called
it "Christianity," all the while never having to leave their comfortable situation in the System.
They have their "presidential prayer teams" praying for the troops who are slaughtering the innocents by the tens of
thousands. No wonder the world is getting sick of Christianity. If that's Christianity, I don't want to have anything to do with
it, and I don't. They're going to have to reap the repercussions and consequences of their actions themselves, and they
will have to bear My "Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity, for I never knew you."

Teaching people to defend only their own, individual "territory," their own personality, is good and needed, but the Devil
isn't nearly as scared of this rather selfish approach as he is of one honest soul winner, who is not interested in fixing up
and improving himself, but lays down his life in order for others to be saved.
Success-type Christians don't get their hands dirty like that. It doesn't look good.
The art of spiritual self-defense on an individual level cannot be compared to the universal spiritual warfare.
You may look miserable, lying there in the trenches, in the mud, dirty, stinking and uncomfortable, fighting life-and-death
combat on the dark battle fields of this world, compared to the nice and shiny practice of spiritual self-defense of those
sheltered people in their ivory towers, in their clean white (spiritual) judo suits.
But when it comes down to handing out the medals to the ones who will have been instrumental in winning the global and
universal war for Me, you can imagine, which type of warfare will have had the greater impact.
Not being aware of the greater spiritual warfare can become a dangerous illusion and deception: you think that just
because you get a grip over your personal problems and the evil manifested in your own life, the world is going to be a
better place from now on, and the Devil isn't really up to anything else, like taking over the world, preparing the world for
his own world order, and the final implementation of his mark.
All the attention is drawn toward overcoming personal problems - which is all good and has its place - but there is no
focus whatsoever on the evil the Devil is perpetrating in the rest of the world. The attitude behind that is, "Let the rest of
the world go to hell, as long as we can save ourselves."
All those good works look nice, but what are all those good works compared to one immortal soul snatched away from the
claws of the Devil?
What are all those nice and spiritually groomed Christians trained in the art of self-defense going to do against the flood of
evil that is sweeping the rest of the world? What are they doing in order to really establish My Kingdom on earth, apart
from fixing up their own individual little kingdoms?
When it comes to truly offering the world an alternative to its Godless and ruthless System, then the truth does look
somewhat different than the picture these people portray, and their picture differs largely from the one not only I see, but
also the reality of billions of other people, who might not be able to afford their 4-step self-improvement programs,
however divinely inspired they may be.

Being a Christian is all about Me. It's not about how good or bad your fellow Christians are, but it's about the Christ, the
One Who came to clean up everything, no matter how big the mess is that everyone else made, including out of this mess
called Christianity today.

The churches are such a dilemma and such a farce because they just don't have the love! They've been trying to do My
work without love! And how can you do My work - the work for the One Who is Love - without love? How can you do good
without goodness in your heart? How can a loveless tree bring forth fruits of love?

You know that this isn't the way things are supposed to be. You may not know what to do about it, any other than coming
to Me in desperation, but that's at least something... It's something for Me to work with, for starters.
At least I can convey My view to you, at least you're crying out to Me for help... anything but sink into the morass of the
self-satisfied complacency of the pseudo-Christian System junkies.

Most Christians say, “We shall not see any sorrow. God’s going to whisk us into Heaven before the Tribulation comes.”
But My children need to pass through the Tribulation in order to be cleansed and purified from their sins, from their many
lacks and ways in which they are failing to love Me truthfully, genuinely and sincerely.
Part of loving Me is manifested in loving the truth, and not settling for any comfortable half-truth and compromise with the
truth, such as the easy-way-out Pre-Tribulation-Rapture doctrine.
They want Me to whisk them out of this world and into Heaven before the Tribulation that would make them clean and pure
and white for Me. They want the easy way out; they don’t want to go the full length of the path for Me.
They deny others the right to their Salvation and the security of eternal Salvation, because they couldn’t bear the thought
that they should be so much less than special to have to share Heaven with all those other seemingly less deserving than
They shut themselves and their followers off to the voices of truth and wisdom, so that their own voices will be heard, and
their own “truths” will be proclaimed instead. They want to establish their own rule, instead of allowing My Holy Spirit to
rule over them.
And they reject truths of My Gospel, such as forsaking all, having all things in common, and going into all the world to
preach the Gospel out of obviously selfish reasons, coming up with cheap excuses why I possibly couldn’t demand such
sacrifices of them in this day and age.

People who put Me in boxes and portray Me as a moody God Who would one day consider someone saved and on another
day condemn them back to hell if they don’t behave accordingly or don’t keep the rules, they don’t have any idea how off
they are, and how they are distorting the picture of Who I really am in people’s minds, and what amount of damage they’re
doing by creating this false image of Me.
The world doesn’t need another group of people who preach that picture of a harsh, unforgiving and rigid God, but they
need to see Me as I really am: a merciful, forgiving, ever-pardoning God Whose heart is broken over the atrocities
committed unto man by those who claim to be on My side, when nothing could be further from the truth.
They have never known Me, and thus I have never known them. They don’t know Who I am. And accordingly, they portray
and convey a false picture of Me to the world, and that’s the idol I want you to tear down and destroy: the false image of Me
that others have created for the world.

The main purpose of My Word is not just to instill some fleeting feeling and emotion of inspiration, like the folks in church
on Sundays are craving, but the main purpose of the truth is to ignite in others a faith that they can build their lives on.
The feeling isn’t the goal, but the goal is the life you can build from the working relationship and the trust that it
That’s marriage. That’s being My bride. That’s more than just being a visitor on Sundays and giving Me an occasional call
just to let Me know what you need. That’s receiving My seeds in you and allowing them to bring forth fruit in you from Me
with time. That’s being family.
So, you’re not “cool.” Relax, you’re not the only one! It’s not the end of the world! You’ll survive not being “cool” or “in,”
or “hip!” It’s bad enough that all those churchy Christian singers are trying so hard to be “hip” and “friends” with the
world. So, you’re not a “friend” of the world, and maybe they label you as “nutcase” or weirdo!” That’s the way it should
You wouldn’t want to be an accepted part of their world! Not by My standards, anyway. And as wonderful as some of those
Christian singers may be, the kind of signal they’re flashing out to the world is a deceptive one. It’s a message that
conveys the notion that it’s okay to be hip and cool with the world and the System, and yet be My disciple at the same time.
“You can be a star in this world, and a servant of God at the same time!” “You can serve God and Mammon, after all!”

Never before was the way that leads to destruction and hell so broad and wide, and never before did so many walk in it!
Even a lot of “saved” people are walking down that same road to destruction, and to the perdition of all their works! The
only thing they’ll save out of it will be their naked souls, but so as if through fire.

Many have left My straight but rugged, wild and narrow path for the seemingly more sophisticated broadway to destruction
that the large majority of the world is going.
What’s really behind it is faith in this present world, rather than the better one to come, and love for this present world, that
causes the Demases to forsake Me and My Cause and My people… the desire to have it all here and now, instead of
suffering a bit now in order to reign later. And the lie of the churches is, of course, the ultimate and very tempting
compromise: “You can have both: fame and fortune here and now and in the afterlife!” “You can be a star, both, in this life
and in Heaven.”
Well, but I’m going to be the One to decide who is really going to go over as a “star” and who will “shine like the
firmament” in My Kingdom, and those compromisers that look so appealing and so “together” certainly won’t be among
My true stars who gave it all up in order to lead many to righteousness.
You can’t lead many to righteousness by singing exclusively to those who think they’re so righteous already. You certainly
won’t become a star in Heaven by being a star among the lukewarm church of Laodicea, and reaping their applause! It’s
easy to become “partakers of her sin,” and it happens more subtly than many realize. In fact, they don’t.

Unfortunately, sometimes, in the effort of setting out on this enterprise to give love to others, the immediate and
apparently more pressing task of obtaining what one needs in order to survive takes over the good intentions, and
occupies much more time and space than the actual giving of love… The surrounding machinery becomes much bigger
than its core and original purpose, often to such an extent that it can hardly be found anymore.
Thus is the curse of organized religion, and why people simply aren’t attracted to it; because what most of them are
looking for is love, not organization. Now, if you manage to somehow organize your task of giving love to the world, that’s
great. But realistically, what it looks like in most people’s lives is that the love gets buried beneath a pile of organizational
efforts to the point where only remnants of that love remain seen.

There is a difference between the official, recognized and lukewarm version of Christianity, and the white-hot Real Thing!

If you’re genuinely following My path, you’ll never have a big fan crowd.
That’s what’s so deceptive about show-business type of Christianity. They make it look like you can be one of My true
disciples and yet a superstar at the same time. A lot of the things they say sound very anointed and right on, and possibly,
people’s lives are changed and genuinely touched through some of them. But ultimately, the way they lead others is just
another dead end street up Mammon’s road, another case of man worship and indulgence in the flesh, temple worship and
the creation of a new idol: yet another, even more cunningly disguised counterfeit of the Real Thing.

The world is not in need of another few drops in a bucket, but it needs a raging river and lakes to swim in.
The world needs a lot more than what the churches have to give!

A definite, literal interpretation of the Scripture (when they would all prefer to keep it in the theoretical, symbolic or
spiritual realm), would mean that they would have to implement Scriptures and apply them literally, which would require
drastic changes of their selfish life-style, since it would implicate that Christians are supposed to do more than just live
selfish lives and go to church every once in a while…
They’re hostile toward evangelical types who have enough fire to do something about their faith and go out to promote it,
those full of the Holy Ghost.
Just like the Pharisees of all ages, they persecute and fight against a small group and minority of believers that they brand
as culprits, and wind up fighting against Me in the process and sticking their finger in My eye.

The gifts of My Spirit are for those who want to put My Word into practice, who want to put My will into action, and live it,
they’re for My “Action People.” Those who want to be more than just the “sermon” type of Christian who goes to church
once a week to listen to the preacher and call that “service to God.”

“Love your enemies” is the message, and a fairly important one, because this is what will truly make you stand apart as
true Christians, as opposed to those who sanction killing their supposed enemies (many of which have never done them
any harm), by the tens of thousands in far-away countries.

My Spirit sank down into the lowest regions of society and brought to life what formerly had no life, and caused those to
sing and shout My praises who did not know Me, as opposed to those who sit in their pews on Sundays and do pretend to
know Me, but praise Me with their lips only, while their hearts are far from Me.
Christianity hasn’t done a fair job at representing Me for the last three quarters of its existence, with few exceptions here
and then.
And especially during this time, the age of temptation, which is heading for that final “hour of temptation” I have
announced in My Book of Revelation, it has been especially hard for My followers to remain separated and white-hot
revolutionary witnesses and uncompromising fighters for Me.
The church has never had such an arsenal of temptations to fight against. The Devil is really giving it his all in this day and
age. The Early Church didn’t have a fraction of all that to deal with that My children are having to deal with today.

Most Christians don’t realize all the significant changes between the Old and the New Testament. They ignore the fact that I
was having conversations during My lifetime with such deceased saints as Moses and Elijah, as recorded in the Gospels,
and according to their standards, I would have had to be labeled a “necromancer.”
They’re afraid of the spirit world, just as they are afraid of astrology, sex, or anything else that doesn’t fit within the narrow
frame of their mindset which restricts My communications with mankind to the Bible only. They’re afraid of virtually
anything except the most horrible thing of all, war, which on the other hand they condone and justify and claim that it may
be okay and justifiable to kill thousands, nay, millions, for a supposedly “righteous” cause or their supposedly “Christian”
They won’t allow sex outside the frame of marriage, they won’t allow people to be free from the fear of hell, but insist they
can lose their salvation anytime they sin; they won’t allow people to find out more about their fellowmen via tools such as
astrology, but they do allow and condone for a Christian to go to war and kill thousands of innocent people for their
government, as long as it sails under any pretense of Christendom.
They deny their people access to the spirit world, deny them the gifts of the Spirit, including miracles,; they deny them
much of the knowledge about the Endtime, and deny them the privilege to live by faith like My original disciples, but they
sanction and condone their going to war to blatantly defy My commandment not to kill, but to love your enemies.
They deny their followers the freedom from the burden of the ten commandments and the Mosaic Law, which I came to
fulfill and thereby bring a new Law, the Law of Love, but at the same time they claim that it’s perfectly alright to continually
break the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” in their innumerable wars in the name of Western enlightenment and
They claim that it is righteous to break the commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” but it would be unpardonable to break the
commandment, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” What hypocrisy, what a sick religion, and no wonder most of the rational
world doesn’t want to have anything to do with it!
Just as the Jews have gone astray and have become a people that opposes Me and fights Me and hates Me, and have
continuously resisted My prophets, so the churches have become not fighters for My Cause as much as fighters against
My Cause on a large scale, by giving the world a false sample of what Christendom is supposed to be like, of what I am
truly like, and by resisting My new prophets and messengers throughout every era since the Early Church.
Most churches, which are part of the System, and don’t even try to offer a way out of it, because they don’t even see a
need for any way out of it.
They are lovers of the world, not lovers of Mine. They would condemn the practice of “Loving Jesus” as perverse or
obscene, while they all the while go a-whoring after other gods, the gods of this world, and they commit non-stop spiritual
fornication and adultery with this world.
Where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty, and they don’t have liberty. They are slaves to the System and slaves of the
Devil’s lies, just like everybody else. All they have is a pretense of freedom.

I warned My disciples to beware of the leaven of the Scribes and Pharisees… “A form of godliness without the power
You’ve got to maintain yourselves pure of their influences, and that’s why I do not recommend listening to their music
excessively and consuming their brackish waters.
Every now and then there will be an exceptionally anointed and dedicated believer among them, but in general, the
description I gave 2000 years ago is still appropriate: lukewarm.
Money plays a big role in their lives, and preserving their living standard, so in their sample they’re actually defying My
message that you cannot serve God and Mammon, and that he that saveth his life shall lose it.

These people try to make it seem as if, “Look, the path that Jesus was talking about doesn’t always have to be that narrow
road… It can also be that huge highway we have built and we’re riding down all together, and we’re having so much fun…”
They think it’s some kind of “progress,” and they’ve converted My path into a comfortable, sociable road that’s easily
traveled, just as easily and comfortably as the System’s. And it causes you to wonder… “Lord, could it be?”
But you and I know that theirs is not the real thing!
If they would really have the real thing, they would recognize My voice when they hear it. And some do, but then they try to
get Me to tug along on their conventional way, their usual way, because they simply don’t have the courage and faith to let
go of Conventional Road and follow Me up Revolutionary Road.
Some will be saved as if through fire, and their works will not stand before Me. They could have chosen the Real Thing
when they got a glimpse of it! They could have recognized Me in it and they could have sought to get more of it. But they
didn’t really want it. It was too scary for them, and the other road looked much more inviting and comfortable… And on
they travel on their usual, run-off-the-mill Conventional Road, pretty much the same way as everybody else, never really
making a difference for Me, no matter how much they may try to tell themselves that they are.
It’s okay to sympathize with them, show your approval to some extent, but then it’s time again to follow Me and let the
dead bury their dead.
Sometimes I let you walk a piece of the way with them just to let you know that their way is not where it’s at, to let you see
the flaws in it, and where the differences are between what they’ve got and the Real Thing.
A bold and convinced individual professing his love for Me might go further to inspire another individual to reach out to
Me than all the choirs and worship bands in the world.

In many cases Christians who believe in Evolution are really hypocrites, and not true believers at all, because their lives
are guided by and geared toward the teachings of Evolution and “the survival of the fittest,” rather than My teachings of
“Blessed are the meek and merciful.”
Fakes may be tastier and more attractive than the truth momentarily, but they fail to satisfy in the long run, and sooner or
later people will develop a taste and hunger for the Real Thing.
That’s why many people become Christians after having lived a life of atheism.
The problem is, the only version of Christianity they largely have available is largely just another fake in itself, and it takes
another while for them to get sick of that lie, and develop a hunger for the even deeper and more pure truth – the truth and
nothing but the truth, no lies mixed in with it.

A lot of people have the attitude that whatever path they have found must be the right one, just because they have found it,
and they cling so tightly to that, which is really nothing more than an extension of their own selves in many cases, instead
of truly and wholeheartedly clinging to Me.
They try to get anybody to subscribe to and support their program, and they think they themselves are the center, instead
of letting Me be the true Center of their lives, that’s why they hardly ever recognize it when someone is in their midst that
has truly made Me the center and most important Factor in their lives.
They usually only counter it with envy and resistance when they see it, because they know that there is something there
that they haven’t got themselves; they haven’t been willing to let go to that extent, they haven’t gone as far for Me or to
touch Me and lay all else aside…
They say it’s their church or their thing that’s the real thing, but as long as there is still a whole lot of System or ego
attached to it, it cannot be the Real Thing, because only I am the Real Thing, and the degree to which you become the real
thing, too, is determined by how much your life truly revolves around Me, and by how much you allow Me to really run and
rule and control your life, by how much time you spend with Me in a real, living relationship and really touch Me.
People put all this emphasis on their fellowship with each other, but in many cases it’s sad, because it’s really only a
substitute for a relationship with Me they could and ought to have. Only once that relationship with Me is established and
real, and you have regular fellowship with Me, does fellowship with each other also really start making sense and become
edifying and lifting up for anyone.
“without Me you can do nothing” even applies to fellowship. Without having touched and known Me personally, there isn’t
much you can give or do to make anybody else really feel better, inspired or uplifted and strengthened, because all that the
contact with you will do for them is present a confrontation with another ego, just another wandering star adrift in this
world with nothing much to give, who just wants their own light to be seen and admired a little bit.
Whereas if you really and truly shine with My light you have something to give, and you radiate a light and warmth that
truly makes others feel good, and gives them something. You’ve got to have the fire of the Holy Spirit they can warm
themselves by.
And if that’s lacking, if that’s missing, what good is it? What is it worth? If it’s not Me you’ve got to give to people, to what
avail is it? If it’s not My light you shine forth, isn’t it just another version of the darkness?