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Education plays a vital role in any countrys economy.

Education is the backbone of every human as it gives them the ability to be creative and potential to enhance their skills. Education can expose insight talent of every student. Some students are who easily adapt to the situation and quickly learn in school and try to retain on the top. However some students where they face disability while learning and so they feel like left out and this could psychologically affect their body system. Schools, Universities or officials must look into this matter and revise its policies. A reading disability is a condition in which a sufferer displays difficulty reading resulting primarily from neurological factors.,Wikipedia Students with reading disabilities may not be as quick as those students who learn things much quickly and at the end these students who have infirmities will have to mug things up and may not understand the concept. Thus it will eventually not allow the students to exercise their skills and creativity. Some students might not even be good in mugging and may fail at the end which could cause them depression and chances of suicide rate to go up as well. In middle schools, apparently students are enrolled way above the capacity of a teacher who is not flexible in teaching a large class. it is apparent that inadequate teacher training in reading, large classes, limited resources, and the increasing number of students with special reading needs who require explicit and intensive reading instruction overwhelm many teachers. (Mercer, C.D., Campbell, K.U., Miller, M.D., Mercer, K.D., & Lane, H.B. [2000] ). To overcome such issues, administration should strike a balance of reading that is they should make it loud and clear voice passage until they become fluent in it. Parents have to also play a key role in such situation, rather than putting burden on their children. Ive witness myself that many parents try put excess burden on their child by sending them for tuitions and making them study above their capacity level. In this generation, where education have become a competition, families have increased students learning time more than fourteen hours and eventually their leisure time has gone down which can affect children physical ability. If leisure hours are not encouraged, then students may face risk level which could affect their lives. Parents need to strike a balance by engaging children in other physical activities which can improve their lifestyle and will allow children to learn smoothly. Students should be given enormous time who face disabilities. School must ensure that students are not left out and have all the resources to obtain information and retain knowledge. Priorities must be given to physical disability students and there should be no ambiguity for students. Even during the exams students who face frailty must be given extra time to complete their papers and if faculty or examiner must ensure that the student has acknowledge the question and there is no ambiguity in it. Students must be given accommodation and privilege for their assignment and it builds internal confidence for every student and if they are not given such treatment then the students confidence would be shattered and it would be crucial for them to recover,[Teaching Students with Reading Difficulties and Disabilities, Saskatchewan Learning]. In order to provide education to students proper facilities must be given and there should be no inequality between those students.

Students should be clearly indicated and the purpose of the assignment and should be given enormous time to write it down. Some students who have physical disabilities must be given extra attention and if they are cannot write then someone on their behalf should write it that is the student can speak and dictate the writer including those students who have dyslexia should be inform what is the idea behind this assignment. Students must be given proper accommodation for their assignments and exam as this would reflect students goal orientation and give them boost in their upcoming life as it will cater job opportunities and give them career ladder where they would like to be from now. It gives these students a hope to accelerate in higher role and students are optimistic on it as well. Nowadays, even marriages are committed with those who have earned a better and higher education. Women empowerment has allowed girls to go for further education and for better job opportunities. Moreover, the intensity of competition have risen over the years and its high time where even those students who have disabilities should be encourage and allocated sufficient time and resources to enhance their performances. Students need to excel in their life and they need to be trained and educated as its a vehicle to success. If they cannot understand the basic concept how could they excel then? Moreover, education represents background, culture and identity of a person. Education becomes a facilitator for students and its the only asset which cannot be taken away from a person. Therefore, students should be provided healthy education with a balance of other activities as it keeps them physically active and in good shape to perform. Some students may be demotivated by reading so teachers should use visual techniques and tools while engaging with students and its highly recommended that teacher should always keep a two way communication to ensure whether the student has understood or not. Teacher should also engage constantly interact with students to ensure whether they are mentally present or not. Schools must see that there arent any biases with any student and should comply with them. Administration should use technology as a tool to provide a better standard for students. Technology can keep students updated and its a good way to keep them active and encourage them. Some students by nature are disabled and they should not be discouraged, in fact teachers should boost them by giving students incentives and help them in every phase. Schools must create provision for these precious students and give them an edge to perform. Furthermore, initiative should be safeguarding that there should be no hindrance for student who are disable. Officials must provide students with better facilities as it assists and help students to maximize their abilities and as a result students will be more productive. (Item-level Effects of the Readaloud Accommodation for Students with Reading Disabilities, Sara E. Bolt, Martha L. Thurlow,[September 2006] However, if students are not provided with these facilities work becomes hard for these poor students and even more time consuming to complete assignments and exams even if the work is not that hard. Students will be making an extra effort even for the easiest of things. Teachers must completely comply and give full time to students as they will be able to complete more tasks in a given appropriate time.

Due to globalization it will be crucial for students to compete with the real world because in reality normal students would complete these tasks quickly but those disable students without help will take more time to complete the task and this will keep them one step behind the normal student. Students did not opt to be disabled and so schools must ensure that students get a chance to deliver as they equally deserve with those students who are normal. Moreover, students are mentally not disable; its only that they cannot read and they only need proper time and training. During the exams even if the examiner could read them out they can comprehend it and this will improve their communication. If schools cannot provide proper training and education to students who are disabled this will show a discrimination with them and as a result students may get depress and they are severe chances where students could be isolated and may stop interacting or communicating with anyone and likely even attempt of suicide could be made. Schools must be ethical and moral with students who are disabled as its God gift to them and these poor students had no other choice. [Assisting Students with Disabilities, Marty Beech, PH.D. [2010] Students should not be discriminated by any other students as peer pressure also affects their lifestyle. Teachers should carefully see that students are not disappointed and or disturb by any act as it would be hard for them to get out of such trauma. Students should not keep any personal grudges with students who are disabled and teachers must ensure that there are no such incidents to occur. It is the right of students who are disabled to be treated fair and equally with those students who are normal and teachers should give equal time to these students and confirm whether the students query have been answered or not. At the end of the day, one has to be mindful of the fact that people who are born with disabilities are considered as being special children, and this is on the basis of the fact that if theres one disability on the other hand the same individual would be gifted with a talent which makes them unique in a herd of able people. Last but not the least education should not be considered as being a privilege it is a right of every single individual in the world. Education is one of the most powerful tools which could enable any society and tribe in growing into a leading nation. The same could be said about the disabled individual, it is essential to bring out the successful confident person in them. Education is one of the means through which awareness could be created and at the same time that same individual would set forth on the road of success. Overall, confidence building is the essence of any teaching institute and for disabled individuals there should be special attention teachers, who are warm and at the same time hold a strong vision for a disable child; they have a vital role to play which in so many instances can also have an upper hand as compared to parents. As these teachers are the same people who transform as the role models of disabled individuals particularly children. Disabled children get to befriend individuals who are able and with this their learning cycle could get the boost that is much needed for any individual- be it able or disable.

Education at the end is a necessity that should be granted to every person, and it would be considered ignorant of any person or society to not grant any person this particular right. References Mercer, C.D., Campbell, K.U., Miller, M.D., Mercer, K.D., & Lane, H.B. (2000). Effects of a reading fluency intervention for middle schoolers with specific learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 15,179189.

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